Which is Worse?

by Alton C. Thompson

To continue with the question posed by my title:

  1. Recognizing Problem X, but not recognizing the problem’s degree of seriousness, and making announcements of one’s knowledge/research findings that lull those who hear or read them into a sense of complacency.
  1. Recognizing Problem X, even recognizing its seriousness, but being unwilling to convey what one knows about the problem to others.
  1. Not recognizing Problem X.

The problem to which I am referring here is, of course, global warming (which some prefer to call “climate change”—and I once termed “trendular atmospheric depatterization (TAD),” but have since abandoned, as a term that is a tad cumbersome).  And what motivated this essay is my reaction to environmental organizations, along with weather reporting on television.

Let me begin here with some statements from environmental organizations:

KA‘ANAPALI, MAUI — In a galvanizing call-to-action, hundreds gathered yesterday outside of secret Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations to put out a global kahea (call) to stop the corporate assault on people and planet.  The TPP is part of the TPP-TISA-TTIP mega-treaty package, which aim to lock-in international rules designed for and by the largest corporations and banks.  At least four hundred people took part in a unified sounding of the pū (Hawaiian conch shell), setting a new world record that will be officially submitted to Guinness Records.  Event organizer Trinette Furtado said that in blowing the pū, “we are putting out a mighty kahea (call), past the shorelines of Maui, to connect with others standing up for their ‘āina (land) and people.

Friends of the Earth

The Obama administration recently gave conditional approval to Shell’s plans to drill in Arctic waters despite overwhelming risks to Arctic communities, wildlife and our climate.

It’s not too late. But we need to make our voices heard now.

After a public outcry, President Obama showed climate leadership in vetoing the Keystone XL pipeline bill. Now, we need to make sure he hears us again — loud and clear: No Arctic Drilling!

Ask President Obama and the Department of the Interior to show climate leadership and protect the Arctic by rescinding Shell’s Arctic drilling lease.

Greenpeace USA

On June 18th, Pope Francis joined the moral call in the released encyclical by saying:

“We know that technology based on the use of highly polluting fossil fuels … needs to be progressively replaced without delay”

Pope Francis is crystal clear that the current development model based on the intensive use of coal, oil and even natural gas, must end.  In its place we need renewable energy options and new modes of production and consumption that combat global warming.  This is precisely what a growing movement of students, faith communities, socially responsible investors and everyday citizens are calling on individuals and private and public institutions to do:  Divest their money from fossil fuels and invest it in climate solutions like wind, solar, and energy efficiency.

In the words of the Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines, “Investing in fossil fuel companies and in eco-destructive projects is synonymous with supporting the destruction of our future. Divestment provides the means to change this status quo–to shift towards a system that will prioritize the welfare of the people and of nature over the relentless pursuit of profit.”

Many leaders have responded, with institutions like the Unitarian Universalists, the United Church of Christ, The Church of England, the World Council of Churches and recently the World Lutheran Federation committing to fossil fuel divestment. In June, the University of Dayton became the first Catholic University to divest.

The tide is turning. Now it’s time to divest the Vatican.

Let’s ask Pope Francis to make divestment part of his moral argument.

Sign the petition


As indispensable to The Nature Conservancy’s success as our unifying mission, vision, goals and measures are our unique values—the distinguishing attributes that characterize how we conduct ourselves in our drive for tangible, lasting results.  These attributes are not mere platitudes but deeply held convictions universally manifested by all who represent The Nature Conservancy.

Integrity Beyond Reproach:
We will meet the highest ethical and professional standards in all of our organizational endeavors and, in doing so, we hold ourselves accountable to our mission and to the public.

  • Be honest at all times
  • Be accountable to each other, to the mission, to our donors, members, partners, and to the public (Read our Privacy Policy)
  • Earn trust by building relationships, being competent, and following through on all of our commitments

Respect for People, Communities, and Cultures:
Enduring conservation success depends on the active involvement of people and partners whose lives and livelihoods are linked to the natural systems we seek to conserve.  We respect the needs, values and traditions of local communities and cultures, and we forge relationships based on mutual benefit and trust.

  • Demonstrate respect by committing to local, on the ground involvement with people, communities and cultures, and with awareness and sensitivity to their economic realities
  • Treat our partners and colleagues with fairness and honesty
  • Work collaboratively with all sectors of society, including indigenous people, to develop practical conservation solutions.

Commitment to Diversity:
We recognize that conservation is best advanced by the leadership and contributions of men and women of diverse backgrounds, beliefs and cultures.  We will recruit and mentor staff to create an inclusive organization that reflects our global character.

  • Respect and be open to a variety of viewpoints and diversity of thought
  • Work in an environment that encourages each of us to achieve our potential and values the contributions of all
  • Expand and strengthen the diversity of our workforce, trustee base, and board

The Nature Conservancy

I chose the above quotations at random, and would therefore assume that each represents its “home” organization reasonably fairly.  In commenting on the quotations I would say:

  • Although each of the four organizations is an environmental one, none of the quotations makes reference to the most important environmental problem facing us today, global warming (except that global warming is implicit in “350.org” per se, and in the quotation’s reference to the pope’s encyclical).
  • I ask: Of what significance is it that “At least four hundred people took part in a unified sounding of the pū (Hawaiian conch shell) . . . .”?  Also, does not the fact that this sets “a new world record that will be officially submitted to Guinness Records” indicate that the values of those engaged in this “sounding” are basically the same as those against whom they were protesting?!  How is that good?!
  • Granted that drilling oil in the Arctic would be tragic. But how will letting “our voices heard now” about this matter help anything?  Is Guy McPherson wrong in declaring as probable that our species will be extinct by 2030 CE?  If you believe he is wrong, present me with a reasoned argument that demonstrates that he is!
  • If the Vatican has not divested, as requested by the .350.org organization (presumably it hasn’t), that makes Pope Francis a hypocrite—given that he has the authority to do so, I assume.
  • The Nature Conservancy trumpets its integrity; respect for people, communities, and cultures; and its commitment to diversity. The quotation gives no recognition, however, to the fact that our species is “going down the tubes;” given this, what is the value of their integrity, etc.?  (A rhetorical question, obviously!)

What we have, then, with these four quotations (and the organizations that created them?!) is:

  • Actions of an inconsequential nature.
  • A claim that it’s not “too late” to act—when it probably is!
  • An effort to change the actions of some others.

One gains no sense, from any of the above four quotations, that the organizations involved are aware of the seriousness of global warming—the (a) likelihood that it’s now too late to halt, or even slow down, global warming; the (b) likelihood that if geoengineering measures are initiated, their unintended consequences may be disastrous; and (c) the high probability that extinction appears to be what’s “in the cards” for us humans in a matter of decades, even years.

As to those who report the weather on television, I assume that most of them have degrees in Meteorology (and in their course work learned about global warming), and have done some “outside” reading in the global warming literature as well—enough such reading to know, e.g., that extinctions are occurring at t rapid rate now (i.e., we are now in a period of the “sixth extinction”).  Given that our continued existence as a species is dependent on the existence of other species (along with atmospheric conditions favorable to our continued survival), those who report on the weather on television should know not only that global warming is occurring, but threatens our continued existence as a species.

Yet here in Milwaukee (I live in a Milwaukee suburb), I don’t recall hearing a reporter of the weather ever—i.e., EVER!—making a reference to global warming—and I assume that the same is true in other parts of the country.

To return now to the three questions that I posed at the beginning of this essay:

  • I assume that virtually all environmental organizations recognize that global warming is occurring. None of them, however, seems to recognize the seriousness of the problem.  Is there a psychological explanation of this?  If they are in denial about this, why is that so?
  • Insofar as reporters of the weather are aware of the fact that global warming is occurring, and even (in some cases, at least) aware of its seriousness, in not reporting on global warming they make themselves intellectual prostitutes!

Because television stations are businesses, dependent on advertising for their existence, it’s possible that station managers have ordered their weather reporters not to mention global warming—fearing that doing so would result in them losing advertisers.  But if that’s the case—and a given weather reporter knows about global warming and still does not report about it—that reporter lacks in integrity—for anyone with integrity would quit such a job.

  • As a consequence of the mass media failing to report about global warming, a large portion of the population either (a) has not heard about global warming or (b) has heard about it, but (c) in some cases has become convinced that global warming is a “hoax.”

What we have, then, is a situation where:

  • Most environmental organizations lack an awareness of the seriousness of global warming.
  • People learn little or nothing about global warming from the mass media.
  • What one may learn about global warming (that it’s a scam) is wrong.

Needless to say, this is not a good situation to be in!  In a sense, though, none of this matters because it is reasonably clear that our species is on the road to extinction, and nothing can be done to prevent this from happening!  It’s just too late to do anything of significance.


McPherson’s message was promulgated by the Eugene Weeklyabout three weeks ago. Yesterday it was picked up by the Tucson equivalent. You can read the story here. As usual, the comments provide the most and best entertainment.

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  • Alton,

    A most excellent essay indeed !

    Tough question to answer (1?, 2?, or 3?), which means it is a very piercing question.

    All of those answers are real conditions, even among scientists.

    I found out about an issue, sea level rise change, just recently myself.

    But the big discovery was that far too many scientists were unaware of it.

    One solution is “an increasingly interdisciplinary perspective,” but that solution … “is advancing slowly.”

    (Weekend Rebel Science Excursion – 47).

    You concluded “Needless to say, this is not a good situation to be in! In a sense, though, none of this matters because it is reasonably clear that our species is on the road to extinction, and nothing can be done to prevent this from happening! It’s just too late to do anything of significance.”

    That is the best answer IMO.

  • Alton – thanks for that post; Dredd – i agree and second your reply.

    As if to underscore it all, here’s another nail in humanity’s coffin:


    The Point of No Return: Climate change nightmares are already here – ‘I used to think it was kind of hard to make things in the ocean go extinct. But this change we’re seeing is happening so fast it’s almost instantaneous.’


    Historians may look to 2015 as the year when shit really started hitting the fan. Some snapshots: In just the past few months, record-setting heat waves in Pakistan and India each killed more than 1,000 people. In Washington state’s Olympic National Park, the rainforest caught fire for the first time in living memory. London reached 98 degrees Fahrenheit during the hottest July day ever recorded in the U.K.; The Guardian briefly had to pause its live blog of the heat wave because its computer servers overheated. In California, suffering from its worst drought in a millennium, a 50-acre brush fire swelled seventyfold in a matter of hours, jumping across the I-15 freeway during rush-hour traffic. Then, a few days later, the region was pounded by intense, virtually unheard-of summer rains. Puerto Rico is under its strictest water rationing in history as a monster El Niño forms in the tropical Pacific Ocean, shifting weather patterns worldwide.

    On July 20th, James Hansen, the former NASA climatologist who brought climate change to the public’s attention in the summer of 1988, issued a bombshell: He and a team of climate scientists had identified a newly important feedback mechanism off the coast of Antarctica that suggests mean sea levels could rise 10 times faster than previously predicted: 10 feet by 2065. [read the rest if interested]

    song for the moment:

    Echoes, by Pink Floyd

    (metrolyrics dot com)

    Overhead the albatross hangs motionless upon the air
    And deep beneath the rolling waves
    In labyrinths of coral caves
    The echo of a distant tide
    Comes willowing across the sand
    And everything is green and submarine

    And no-one showed us to the land
    And no-one knows the where or whys
    But something stirs and something tries
    And starts to climb towards the light

    Strangers passing in the street
    By chance two separate glances meet
    And I am you and what I see is me
    And do I take you by the hand
    And lead you through the land
    And help me understand the best I can

    And no-one calls us to move on
    And no-one forces down our eyes
    And no-one speaks and no-one tries
    And no-one flies around the sun

    Cloudless everyday you fall upon my waking eyes
    Inviting and inciting me to rise
    And through the window in the wall
    Come streaming in on sunlight wings
    A million bright ambassadors of morning

    And no-one sings me lullabies
    And no-one makes me close my eyes
    And so I throw the windows wide
    And call to you across the sky

    Thank you all for being here now.

  • A direct quote from Jerry Mitrovica; “My future research will continue to focus on sea level changes – they are an elegant and precise indicator of climate change with far more information that people realize. For example, people who participated today may not know that when an ice sheet melts, sea level actually falls in the vicinity of that ice sheet – and rises by progressively larger amounts as you move further away.”

    Mitrovica is a humble empiricist/experimentalist with humble observational tide gauges, for Chrissake!

    The inverse square law is a significant part of what Al Bartlett meant when he wailed about our societal failure to understand the exponential function.

    Referring to Mitrovica’s simple words above for a simple explanation.

    The moon’s gravity “pulling,” on the fluid water gives a thorough grasp of this critical unchanging law & its relationship to fluid dynamics/tides.

    The moon’s gravitational “pull” on Greenland diminishes as Greenland loses mass as the ice melts.

    The melted/fluid mass of water, as with tides, is “pulled away” from the diminished mass – thereby lowering the sea level in that specific area – just like the tides.

    Also, Greenland losing mass causes (can cause) an upwelling from crust forces of the underlying land mass.

    Yes, these simple physical phenomena would promptly expose much of the shallower methane filled sea bed areas & subject them to increased heating & methane gas release.

    Delivering a well needed contemporary jibe to theoreticians/modelers; Schmidt, Archer, etc; I would emphasize that Newton formulated the universal law of gravitation from empirical observations & INDUCTION, as in the seminal work of empirical/experimental Arctic scientists Semiletov & Shakhova.

    The inverse square law is Newton’s fourth law – the law of universal gravitation.

    from Wikii;

    Newton’s law of universal gravitation states that any two bodies in the universe attract each other with a force that is directly proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them.[note 1]

    This is a general physical law derived from empirical observations by what Isaac Newton called induction.[2]

  • Courage is the choice and willingness to confront agony, pain, danger, uncertainty or intimidation.

  • Wet Bulb Temperatures:

    WBGT FROM DewPoint
    WBGT from Relative Humidity

    for Millibars = mb = hPA:
    National Weather Service Enter City comma State

  • For Millibars = mb = hPA:
    National Weather Service Enter City comma State

  • Speaking of abrupt climate change, the NSIDC site shows either a hack or a huge growth of Arctic sea ice extent over night:


    I have been tracking it and all changes have been smooth, not a radical 90 degree turn on the graph (Arctic Ice Extent: 2015 Struggles For First Place – 2).

    Anyone else get that picture?

  • I was on vacation in California last month and my first day there met a young Greenpeace activist. She recently received her degree in Environmental sciences. Apparently I was the first person she had met so far in the public that knew anything about Global Warming. They know there are a portion of the us that follow the topic and that there are ‘doomers’ (I think she said) who have given up hope. But they don’t want to give up hope. At least not yet. I suggested they need to get college students in every college/university around the world to go on a hunger or sit-down strike for anyone to really start to take it seriously. If college students can’t even speak up about things anymore then how could we expect the ruling class to care?

  • Martin, very few people know this simple historical FACT, & your recommended video eludes it altogether.


    War monger, Winston Churchill, bombed German cities for months, including Berlin, before Hitler was FORCED to retaliate.

    Hitler was completely shocked & outraged that Churchill & the British had resorted to bombing civilians.

    Everybody “knows” about the BLITZ from the “evil” Germans, but almost nobody knows about Churchill’s sinister bombings of German cities FIRST.

    from Wiki;
    The RAF flew its first strategic bombing raid on Germany at Mönchengladbach on 11 May 1940 and in September 1940, the Luftwaffe began targeting British cities in ‘The Blitz’.[16]

    From 1942 onward, the British bombing campaign against Germany became less restrictive and increasingly targeted industrial sites and eventually, civilian areas.[17][18] When the United States began flying bombing missions against Germany, it reinforced these efforts and controversial firebombings were carried out against Hamburg (1943), Dresden (1945), and other German cities.[19]

  • Hm.

    From 6.586 million sq km to 6.876 million sq km in one day….

    Yes, Dredd, this is strange.

    A hack, or someone perhaps pressed an “8” instead of a “4”, or the flying saucer people are finally coming to our rescue.

    I will go outside, scan the skies, and welcome our space brothers in peace. ;)

  • More like a complete reversal of about 130 degrees, including a growth of 290K sq km.

    Maybe, it came from heaven or some spiritualists in Paducah, KY.

    No other curve has this bizarre development.

    Computers or stoned out humans on a prank?

  • Having returned to consciousness, after enduring a spate of discomfort, I was compelled to dispatch the following email to the Publisher, cc’d to his editor, of the Tucson Weekly:

    Dear Mr. Hay,

    Please accept this email communication, though it’s unlikely you will ever see it. I have copied your Editor and would have copied Mr. Taylor but, of course, he is not listed in your contact “menu”.

    First, the title of Mr. Taylor’s article is inaccurate. If he had taken the time to speak with Dr. McPherson, the inaccuracy might have been easily corrected. Dr. McPherson does not make “predictions”. In fact, he is fervent in his assurance of the inquisitive, that he is sharing the unprecedented “scenarios”, not “predictions”, substantiated by exhaustive research.

    Second, yes, Dr. McPherson has been accused of “cherry-picking” data, in companion with the inordinate amount of information, misinformation and disinformation, of climate change. And, yes, he has pled “guilty”. What Mr. Taylor failed to research is the manner in which Dr. McPherson’s integrity and conscience, painfully, went into that self-conviction as well as his, repeated ad nauseum, outline of how and why.

    Third, Dr. McPherson is Professor Emeritus of the University of Arizona, with a Doctorate in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology. Considering his years of education, experience and wisdom, his assessment of the current mass extinction is not “without merit”. And, while not specifically educated in Climate Science, or Meteorology, he is certainly qualified. As a scientist he has assessed the related research and data as it applies to the evolution, or lack thereof, of the human species inhabiting this planet.

    And, there is no financially feasible process to reduce the, terminal, greenhouse gases in our atmosphere. (Feel free to consult NASA, the JPL, Lockheed, the Pentagon and the good folks at SpaceX for confirmation.) The “world” has done, and will do, nothing to stop them.

    Finally, perhaps Mr. Taylor should have relied upon sound journalistic integrity, and spoken with Dr. McPherson, before his article went out to the public. Then again, to be benevolent, maybe that wasn’t taught when he attended UO.


    JC Dolph

  • .
    Hunters and scientists say walrus migration patterns are veering from historical hunting grounds as temperatures warm and the ocean ice used by the animals to dive and rest recedes farther north. Village elders also tell biologists the wind is blowing in new directions. In 2013, a late-season icepack clustered around St. Lawrence Island, blocking hunters from the sea.

    “I think one of the biggest issues is that things have gotten so variable. It’s hard to really predict what’s going to happen,” said Jim MacCracken, Alaska walrus program supervisor for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

    Iver Campbell and other Yup’ik Eskimo hunters from two St. Lawrence Island communities harvested more than 1,100 walrus in 2003. But a decade later, hunters managed to take only 555 — a fraction of the ideal of one walrus per resident, per year. Things still aren’t looking any better for the 1,430 residents of the villages of Gambell and Savoonga. The recent spring take was 233 walrus, according to preliminary Fish and Wildlife figures.
    The children suffer.
    Looking forward to war, famine, and pestilence.
    Just sitting on this runaway train, staring out the window, with a cat on my lap.
    Sadly, this is what we’ve come to:
    The Voluntary Extinction Movement says:
    “…thou shalt not procreate.”

    The Church of Euthanasia says:
    “Save the planet, kill yourself.”
    Live simply, kill nothing. Eat only that which falls from the trees, sleep on the ground, drink from the river.

  • Alton, I think it’s difficult to recognize the seriousness of the situation when you believe you are God. God can manage everything, and this culture and all its language reflects a complete faith in human beings, especially white male human beings, and their abilities to know, to understand, to create (ingenuity), to master and subdue (ingenuity) the world, to move forward (Life goes on!), and numerous other magical powers.

    We have quite magical thinking and it dictates our perception of reality. It is deep in this culture, and can be seen in countless ways when you pay attention to how people perceive power. It’s all about human beings, all the time.

    Humans are competent to judge everything all the time, just listen to them. Look at all the times we express a judgment instead of a truly neutral observation, all the times we sum everything up and tell ourselves and everyone else How Things Are. And if someone comes up with a good statement as to How Things Are, others believe that agreeing with the approved god-level understanding of How Things Are is also intelligent. It is unconscious with us, knee-jerk, Pavlovian, and whole-heartedly embraced as a kind of intellectual greatness in this culture.

    This is not true in all cultures. Such responses and ways of seeing are not considered intelligent, god-like, or even sane in some cultures, but in ours it makes a person brilliant, sophisticated, better than those who aren’t so brilliant and sophisticated, we think.
    We also believe we are superior to those who do not possess our gifts. We might say that all people are the same, but we don’t really believe it.

    When your entire worldview has human beings as the reason for the universe, it’s more than hard to imagine that we won’t be able to overcome our self-inflicted problems, it’s inconceivable.

    My closest friend, who I mentioned in my last post, the one I had a serious falling out with, is an example. She has been a manager at a top law firm in Houston, Texas, for many years. She owns three different houses, two of which are rentals. She has sent money to the NRDC, Greenpeace, etc., for 30 years, while commuting 45 minutes each way to work from a nearby town, while having a typical American 2600+ sq home, every person in the family has their own car and cell phone, and she takes at least two vacations every year – one for world class skiing (or she used to, when there used to be snow), and one international vacation where she considers where she wants to retire with the million or so dollars plus her pension that she and her husband have worked for their entire lives.

    She also has devoted her work life to corporate legal monsters who are devoted to supporting the other corporate monster genociders. But because of her donations to NRDC, she will only say, “Yes, and I take that money and fight them!”

    She believes this. This woman has an IQ around 160. But she’s deeply entrenched in her culture, this culture, and she really cannot see reality any other way, not even after being like a sister to me for almost 40 years. Facts and truths that are contrary to her worldview just do not penetrate her basic reality framework, and her fundamental reality framework is that she is entitled. She really does not believe that her way of life is at all the issue. For her the issue is overpopulation and the Kochs, and once the system is taken over and the right people are in charge, problems like that can be addressed. Because the right humans do have answers, she believes.

    I have chosen a very different way. I have chosen a very humble life, especially in recent years, or I have accepted a very humble life while choosing other things, like sanity, decency, and simplifying my life as much as possible. It is a life I dreaded as a child, a life of continued poverty and especially a life of being viewed with contempt. But I don’t fear this way of life anymore, and I don’t fear the contempt from others. My own contempt for that way of life is stronger than ever, and things I once feared are embraced and welcomed now. I will manage. I have so far.

    I chose a life of service many years ago, in my early twenties. I chose a life of service because life any other way was too painful. Interacting with people on any other level in order to make money was deeply painful for me, because people are often unsatisfying. They aren’t cute, they aren’t smart, they aren’t nice, and they’re aggressive, they’re even aggressive intellectually, contemplating and having opinions about things that aren’t any of their business, foolish thoughts that aren’t good for them or anyone else.

    It’s strange that choosing a life of service, choosing a motive rather than an outcome, would fix the antipathy I felt toward other human beings for being so very inadequate and unfulfilling in most of the interactions I had with them, but somehow it did.

    Robert-shizel, I love your last post. I’m so glad you heard the raccoon. I’ve never put any pesticides or herbicides on my property. I keep most of it as it would be if I weren’t here at all. I have a little area that I mow because of the dogs. It is leftover lawn grass from long ago that has been taken over by the dandelions, chickweed, wild chamomile, r. acicularis, and the native grasses that grow five feet tall at times. I don’t think it would be accurate to say that I mow “the lawn.” I mow some of the greenery.

    I have let the land do what it will outside of my small garden area and a little open ground for the dogs. In the summer my property is covered with bees and dragonflies and butterflies and all kinds of pollinators. They come in through the open French doors and buzz around the house, checking it out, and the bees especially move inside if I have something brightly colored lying about; they think it might be a flower. The birds are everywhere with their offspring, and the chickadees call out daily. The juncos were quite prolific this year and produced more babies than I’ve ever seen before. They must have hatched six or seven eggs!

    There is also a feral rooster living in the woods between my neighbor’s property and mine. It looks to be a cinnamon queen, and he is bright orange in color with a flaming red comb. My neighbor tried to chase the rooster down and kill it with a rake, but the rooster got away and it’s smarter than ever. The rooster crows a lot, and sometimes I see his red, red comb and wattles moving through the wild green grasses and shrubs. It is a different red than the other reds in the woods, the dogwood berries, the ripening rosehips, the highbush cranberries and watermelon berries that are everywhere, and it stands out.

    The rooster has been living the wild life for about nine months, and I’ve rarely caught a good glimpse of him, he keeps hidden so well. I’m rooting for him that he makes it this year, too.

  • Well, that didn’t take long:


    Friday, August 7, 2015
    Record High Methane Levels

    As the top image shows, sea surface temperature anomalies in the Bering Strait on August 4, 2015, were as high as 8.7°C (15.6°F). Such high anomalies are caused by a combination of ocean heat, of heatwaves over Alaska and Siberia extending over the Bering Strait, and of warm river water run-off.

    As the image on the right shows, sea surface temperatures in the Bering Strait were as high as 20.5°C (69.1°F) on August 4, 2015.

    As warm water flows through the Bering Strait into the Arctic Ocean, it dives under the sea ice and becomes harder to detect by satellites that typically measure water temperatures at the surface, rather than below the surface.

    . . . .

    In other words, looking at sea surface temperatures alone may lead to underestimations of the temperatures of the water underneath the sea ice.

    The danger is that further decline of the sea ice will lead to rapid warming of the Arctic Ocean, while the presence of more open water will also increase the opportunity for strong storms to develop that can mix high sea surface temperatures all the way down to the seafloor, resulting in destabilization of sediments and triggering releases of methane that can be contained in such sediments in huge amounts.

    The image below shows that global mean methane levels as high as 1840 parts per billion (ppb) were recorded on August 4, 2015. Peak methane levels that day were as high as 2477 ppb.

    This peak level of 2477 ppb isn’t the highest recorded the year. As the image below shows and as discussed in a previous post, methane levels as high as 2845 ppb were recorded on April 25, 2015. Very worrying about the above image are the high levels of methane showing up over the Arctic Ocean.

    As above image also shows, the mean methane level of 1840 ppb is in line with expectations, as methane levels rise over the course of the year, to reach a maximum in September. This mean level of 1840 ppb is higher than any mean level since records began. [more]

    [compare that to what was posted in July of this year and in 2014]

    During July 8, 2015, 12-24 hrs, global mean atmospheric methane measured 1830 ppb at 469 mb. This is higher than the 1829 ppb reached on September 4-5, 2014 at the same atmospheric level as measured by the METOP 2-A satellite.

  • What the fuck are we going to do?

  • Kilgore trout…yeah…I always thought a genius i.q. would sniff out the true value of things. it ain’t so…they still have emotions…did ya hear about the woman in mensa who went to spy on her ex lover…decided to go down the frikin’ chimney…well, she forgot what a fat ass she had! had to tear the chimney down to get her out!…but to no avail. they’ll bird dog the money in a heart beat. it is all about conditioning.
    Gnome chompsky…dyspeptic.
    Kilgore trout…that’s where you laugh, rift raft.
    rift raft…man the life raffs!

  • Tom, this simple & purely tech/math post about methane release is not about me or my dog/cat.

    1840 ppb = 1.840 ppm

    1.84 X 86 = 158.24 COe

    158.24 + 400 ppm CO2 = 558.24 CO2e

    Adding 20ppm for other trace greenhouse gases = 578.24 ppm CO2e

    Ditto for 2477 ppb methane in the Arctic atmosphere

    2.477 X 86 = 213.02 ppm

    213.02 + 400 ppm CO2 + 20 = 633.02 ppm CO2e

    It can only get hotter – faster, especially in the Arctic.

  • Alton,
    Thanks for the essay.
    I read your questions to a friend of which is worse and she chose #2 while I chose #1. We started talking about why we thought differently and realized that we were each perceiving the question from a different perspective.

    I thought that “Recognizing Problem X, but not recognizing the problem’s degree of seriousness, and making announcements of one’s knowledge/research findings that lull those who hear or read them into a sense of complacency.” was worse because it informed others to basically not concern themselves, to go back to (or stay) asleep. I was seeing the question as something someone else was doing to the public..

    My friend chose ” Recognizing Problem X, even recognizing its seriousness, but being unwilling to convey what one knows about the problem to others.” as the worst because she was seeing the question as what would be the worst of the 3 for she herself to do.

    I posted a comment just as the last essay changed so I am reposting it below.


    Thank you for your comments and starting a discussion that I would be very please to see continued. Reading about how the reality and sadness of what we have set in motion affects the people here seems to be grounding some how.

    Some days it is just so damned hard to want to engage in life.
    When I discuss these things with my good friend (who is well aware of the subject) She always bring it back around to “These things are all true, but you still have to decide what your going to do each day when you get up in the morning.”

    So each day I decide. Some days it feel alright and other days I feel ridiculous to myself. Some days feel peaceful and other days l feel like I am walking through a field of dying victims during a battle.
    The cardinals and wrens, the insects and trees,the soil and steams and on and on.

    And the ones that cry loudest at these times are the ones that aren’t there – monarchs,toads,June bugs,bats -all gone from the piece of land since last summer.

    For anyone here familiar with Garrison Keillor –

    When I woke up this morning my first though was

    “Welcome to Lake We’ll Be Gone”

  • ARTLEADS said: “One of the deadly results of western civilization (WC) is splitting up knowledge areas, breaking them down into increasingly specialized and isolated units. Unfortunately, this is very much like the three blind men describing the elephant. It also has nothing to do with reality, where everything is interconnected. The people making decisions about the planet are not “trained” or “qualified” to do so.

    with your past permission I transferred your comment with Satish to NBL because it fits so well here with Alton’s article.

  • Weather is not climate. Outrage at weather presenters not discussing climate disruption is not justified. It would be a great idea if some aspect of climate disruption was briefly discussed after the weather forecast to inform people about the problem,but the time when that would have been useful is decades ago. All media outlets that are part of the Murdoch empire have had a decades-old policy of doing exactly the opposite:they have consistently minimised the problem,questioned the validity of climate science and the integrity of climatologists,and been a significant factor in the ignorance of a large percentage of the populace of the enormity of the manifold effects of climate disruption.

  • Looks like the NS&IDC graph has been corrected.

    The score for 6 Aug. is now 6.513 million sq km.

    It’s my fault. When I heard the flying saucer people arrive, I ran outside to greet them in nothing but my underwear, hairy pot belly hanging over the waistband, arms wide.

    Must have scared them away.

    Sorry, guys! :)

  • as most reading this probably already know, the ownership of corporate media in the usa is very concentrated. basically just 6 huge companies own and control the whole shebang. factor in on top of this that the cia is extremely influential and infiltrated into key positions of editorial control. long term observation shows that everyone employed by corporate media in postions of high visibility, such as tv reporters and meteorologists, are quite obviously carefully screened prior to employment, to ensure that all free thinking rational mavericks and those inclined to challenge and disobey ‘authority’ are not hired in the first place. no doubt, any who manage to slip through somehow, or somehow become radicalized later, are quickly removed from their positions. it’ll be a cold day in hell before one sees the sort of blunt honesty and radical opinion that’s dangerous to the status quo (bau) appearing in any high profile corporate media. otoh, if one seeks misinformation and pro-business propaganda, 24-7-365, corporate media’s where it’s at!

  • Gerald… I already know methane and associated shit is going to kill me…probably tomorrow…that’s exactly why I want to hear about your dog…believe me, I want to know the very second the comet is going to hit…and I have no doubt somebody here will tell me when to ”look up”. i love this site, and I believe whole-heartedly in Guys message …I may act like a clown…dog knows laughter is the best medicine…it has crossed my mind though that I’m not very funny. this place is great for information and I try to read everything…I’m sure you understand how difficult that is, but most of it is just pasted from other sources I’ve already seen. it’s the human aspect of all this that I find most interesting…you and a lot of people here have a fantastic ability to express yourselves through words. to me that will be one of our biggest losses. if you died before I heard more of your fantastic language I would truly be pissed at the end. I’m sorry if I’ve seemed casual or insulting to anyone here. rest assured I’ve been even harder on myself. my real name is Patrick St.Amour…I’ve got nothing to hide…I may be self deprecating, but I’m not a troll….maybe the lord of dance though.

  • The Post Carbon Institute is yet another organisation which is denial of reality when it comes to planetary overheating via anthropogenic emissions and is also in denial of reality with respect to transition from the fossil fuels to ‘renewables’.

    This is a pity because a decade ago Richard Heinberg and others did excellent work highlighting the effect the peaking of oil extraction would have on societies, and even pointed out the unsustainability of all current systems in the video ‘There’s no tomorrow’.

    Apparently, after declaring ‘there’s no tomorrow’, PCI have backtracked and decided there is a tomorrow.

    I am yet to be convinced we are in for runaway overheating that leads to a largely uninhabitable planet by 2030 but am completely convinced we are living in the terminal phase of industrial society and that many parts of the world are headed for environmental and social mayhem by 2020: the entire financial-political-economic system is geared to generate that result. And no one in power has any intention of changing the system, or allowing it to be changed.

  • I find myself becoming increasingly downcast about everything, i cant go for a walk in the park without thinking about what we have lost.I look at nature and i get a feeling that she despises me.Sometimes I wish i had been born stupid

  • The matter of the mass killing of civilians as a mean of winning war has been raised again.

    Since discovering the videos about the fire-bombing of Dresden under Churchill’s directive and of the murder of German soldiers who gave themselves up to American forces under Eisenhower’s directive, I have come across a video which suggests that more Germans were slaughtered after the end of the war than during it.

    Whilst the policy of retribution engaged in by the Russians is somewhat understandable -as we all know the treatment dealt out by the Germans in the East was truly appalling- the vengeful policies of the Americans at the end of the war almost defy comprehension and certainly constituted crimes of the highest order.

  • I’m in the same boat, Martin. I wonder why I continue to read and listen when anytime someone makes an optimistic statement, I feel like I know they are wrong or just rearranging deck chairs or fiddling while Rome burns. We is Fukushima’d!

  • Malcolm Light, RECENTLY SAID: I am writing to you about the new mean atmospheric methane content for 2014. Unfortunately it is dramatically higher than in 2013 and indicates that the rate of methane expulsion from the subsea Arctic methane hydrates has increased from 2.5 to 5 times. This has greatly speeded up the rate of global warming and we can expect planetary wide global extinction to occur between 8 and 16 years in the future (2023 – 2031). The poster (see below) summarises all the available information. The problem is the “All of the Above Energy Policy” put in place by President Obama and the United States administration is now producing giant pollution clouds that move north – east into the Atlantic, heating up the Gulf Stream, which had already increased its flow rate by three times since the 1940’s. This hot Gulf Stream makes its way to the Arctic where it is destabilizing the subsea methane hydrates at exponentially increasing rates. Five Nations (United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, United States, Australia and Canada) hold the position of the most extreme carbon footprints per person on Earth, but the US also has a giant carbon dioxide emission rate making them the greatest waster of fossil fuels on Earth and the greatest threat to humanity’s future existence. I would be grateful if you would pass this information on to all scientists and administration officials dealing with climate prediction and to the government. The imminent and precipitous nature of this global warming catastrophe requires instant reaction at all levels of society or we will all be dead.

    Yours sincerely, Malcolm. P.R. Light (Dr)

    So: “Instant reaction at all levels of society or we will all be dead”?

    Thus, it would seem quite likely that the population of the globe’s Number One heat-emitting nation will soon be taken out whilst the rest of the supposedly civilized world undoubtedly cheers. Hey, guys, it’s sure been nice knowing you. But, now it looks as though we are about to get quite thoroughly screwed!

    Please see: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10155788969965161&set=a.10150592349770161.675455.655795160&type=1

    As well as the August 7, 2015 edition of Arctic News

  • Alton’s question is explained, in large part, by Upton Sinclair’s observation that: “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it!”

    These organizations, and weather reporters, are engaged in trying to maintain their positions, from which they receive payment, status, or a sense of “doing something”. To continue, they must engage in a level of Denial. Otherwise, they would have to resign their positions.

    Even if privately they believe it’s too late, they are in the position of the lawyer representing a guilty client. They are not going to begin the defense by telling everyone “my client is guilty, but…”

    No, they are instead taking the PROFESSIONAL stance of believing their client deserves the best REPRESENTATION possible, even if he ultimately hangs. And we live in an era where “professionalism” is considered the highest goal in many lives.

    Unfortunately, in the case of climate chaos as described by Guy and others, in this instance, the lawyer hangs with the guilty client.

    Yes yes, at this point something “could still be done”. You could burn all the cars, blow up the gas stations, shoot the cows and plant fast-growing trees over all the pasturelands to sequester carbon, and turn all the thermostats permanently to 60 degrees. Oh, and turn off all the air conditioners. Cows, cars, and coal; that’s what’s killing us off. The very fabric of Industrial Civilization.

    Yes, that would be a “best remaining chance” of survival, could be 25% if done, could be more. And the Pope — crazy religious guy that he is, like “Brother Sun Sister Moon”s St Francis — might just be the one a few enviros subconsciously hope will be the authority figure to say so.

    Odds of either of the above happening? Well less than 10%, knowing human behavior, less than 10% to give us a 25% chance of continuing. Something on the order of those numbers, anyway. That’s uh, let’s see, .1 x .25. Equals .025. That’s a 2 and a half percent chance of human non-extinction. 97.5% OF Extinction, or thereabouts. Put THAT in your weather report.

  • @Dredd

    Are you still flogging sea level falls … for instance, around Greenland and even Scotland?

    Will the God of Atlantic Ocean Tides permit y’all dabbling in his waters?

  • Hi, a question for the NBL’ers, who seem to be freethinkers, good at natural observation and not stuck in false cultural paradigms.

    Why is the moon the same apparent size as the sun in the sky? Coincidence? The sun is 400 times bigger and 8 light years away. Also what are the mathematical odds of an eclipse? Is the moon natural?

  • A song about love

  • 8 light minutes away doh! Can’t edit the post.

  • @Cindy Lane
    Moon hasn’t got the same, but similar apparent size in the sky.
    It obviously has something to do with being roughly 400 times closer to Earth than the sun.
    Mathematical odds of a (total) solar eclipse – I don’t get what exactly do you mean by that. Solar eclipses happen somewhere over the Earth’s surface once in about 18 months on average.
    If you ask about the chance that solar eclipse will happen over the certain spot – there is 100% chance it will eventually happen. But it may take (if you want to be mathematically correct) an infinite amount of time. In real life, it will not take an infinite amount of time but certainly it may take thousands of years depending on the location.
    Look at this map: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Total_Solar_Eclipse_Paths-_1001-2000.gif
    I don’t want to be a pain in the a** but every object that exist in the universe is natural. Even man-made or alien-made objects are natural because we are all part of nature. I guess you are wondering whether the moon is an alien-made object… I think not, but it may have been or still is, a place where they have their bases or whatever.
    If that is true, maybe they’ll help us with the global warming?
    Or they’ll just quietly observe our demise like (most of) human scientists do?

  • Phil Morrison Says:
    August 8th, 2015 at 12:56 am


    Are you still flogging sea level falls … for instance, around Greenland and even Scotland?

    Will the God of Atlantic Ocean Tides permit y’all dabbling in his waters?
    You mean the now infamous “European Problem” in the scientific literature which scientists have been clueless about?

    They were not aware of gravity, some still aren’t, and BTW have you gotten up to speed yet?

    Throw away all your old textbooks, they are lying to you.

    I am reporting the reality of today’s scientific literature, telling the truth that way.

    Keep in touch with your innertubes self, check with Professor Mitrovica of Harvard University (Weekend Rebel Science Excursion – 47) at the Academy of Scientists via Sackler Colloquia.

    If you are going to flog something, at least make it current science.

  • @Cindy Lane,

    The Sun and Moon look to be about the same size? It seems to me that you might have recently been sneaking a peek at some of the ‘Flat Earth’ videos which can now be seen on You Tube, because they have pretty much been saying the same thing. But, I am apparently not enough of a free-thinker so as to actually entertain any similar thoughts. Still, those videos do nonetheless seem to pose more than just a few not so readily solved brain-teasers in respect to the actual nature of our world. So, it is undoubtedly just as well that I’m now probably much too old to ever really change my mind in respect to such matters. Or, that it could only be on such an apparently old fashioned decidedly round globe-like planet that I might forevermore prefer to stay!

  • Kilgore trout…tough crowd.
    Gnome chimpsky….pathologically academic
    rift raft…if only we were even more stupid.
    digixplor…cindy lane! that my friend is a very interesting observation…you get todays prize for thinking outside of the box…yes is that some kind of coincidence? is that the only way our system could work? what are the astronomical odds of that happening. awesomely mind bending.
    Kilgore trout…Neptune has them by the balls.
    rift raft…prince nomore
    Gnome chimpsky…aquaman.
    Kilgore trout…kid aquatic
    …..todays media recommendations…’The Martian’…though filled with more hopiated shit than elon musks space suit…this book is a science nerds wet dream……….
    ‘An honest liar’…..really good documentary, free live stream on netflack….explores peoples uncanny ability to debunk the truth. hopiated faith is a hard nut to crack………
    this ones for you KEVIN…’Mr. Robot’… shades of ‘fight club’…a well written spin on all of the ‘’conspiracies’’ and how to take down these putrid financial systems. unfortunately only on lame street cable…….

    Kilgore trout says…”Gerald….please write about anything but your dog…unless you had him for dinner.”

  • Phil says,

    Dredd Says:
    August 8th, 2015 at 4:08 am

    Phil Morrison Says:
    August 8th, 2015 at 12:56 am


    Are you still flogging sea level falls … for instance, around Greenland and even Scotland?

    Will the God of Atlantic Ocean Tides permit y’all dabbling in his waters?
    You mean the now infamous “European Problem” in the scientific literature which scientists have been clueless about?

    They were not aware of gravity, some still aren’t, and BTW have you gotten up to speed yet?

    Throw away all your old textbooks, they are lying to you.

    I am reporting the reality of today’s scientific literature, telling the truth that way.

    Keep in touch with your innertubes self, check with Professor Mitrovica of Harvard University (Weekend Rebel Science Excursion – 47) at the Academy of Scientists via Sackler Colloquia.

    If you are going to flog something, at least make it current science.


    Well, if you’re really serious about chucking bad science, like this computer driven drivel about sea level fall, try
    milesmathis.com. Miles takes Newton apart and puts him back together again with a compound gravity field, or Unified Field. The Standard Field is crippled beyond repair. String Theory is dead men walking.

    Make a new life and flog it to death.

  • Little Stevie Spielberg, supreme Israeli propagandist, WON”T make a documentary about the horrors of HELLSTROM, a real documented genocide.

    How many educated people know about the vicious “final solution” of the Morgenthau Plan to EXTERMINATE the German people & the German Nation?

    Why is this critical information being withheld from the public?

    at Youtube; The Morgenthau Plan – AKA The Jewish plan to rid the world of Germans.

  • Very few people know anything about Eisenhower’s monstrous death camps for “surrendered” German soldiers. Eisenhower changed all the rules by labeling the surrendered troops, “disarmed combatants,” & starving & murdering them like animals.

    at Youtube; Eisenhower’s Rhine-Meadows Death Camps – Documentary

  • Cindy- The sun is always in full eclipse from some vantage point.
    Sometimes that point is somewhere on the surface of the earth, most times not.
    So an eclipse is not really an ‘event’, rather a matter of perspective, 3 objects aligning, sun, moon, and observer.

    Plus there is no ‘dark side of the moon’, that is just another anthropocentric myth. There is a side that stays turned away from earth, a side that receives an amount of sunlight equal to the other. The only thing it does not receive is the light reflected back up on it from earth. The concept of sunrise is another myth, just a matter of perspective.

    Quiz- a half moon is overhead. What time is it?

  • I have been trying to figure out how much sea level rise co-relates with upwards of 650 ppm equivalent CO2 when the effect of recent methane is added, as claimed in previous video from Switzerland. http://www.pnas.org/content/110/4/1209.full.pdf Just a short search found Gavin L. Foster, Eelco J. Rohling University of Southampton, Australian National University. On page four there looks like a statistical representation of possible sea level, indicating anywhere from 17 up to 60m or so, with an average around 40m at 650ppm.

    Then I go here http://geology.com/sea-level-rise/ and plug in levels like 6m which is bad enough, then 17m, 40m or 60m and then the general situation looks pretty severe.

  • wren

    not an astronomer, but isn’t that different in different seasons? Don’t know.

  • mt- when I said ‘overhead’ I meant at the high point or zenith of its arc. The answer is that it’s either sunrise or sunset depending on which side of the moon is illuminated.

    I’ve been waking up at sunrise
    I’ve been following the light across my room
    I watch the night receive the room of my day
    Some people say the sky is just the sky
    But I say
    Why deny the obvious child?

  • kevin moore Says:
    August 7th, 2015 at 6:47 pm
    “The Post Carbon Institute is yet another organisation which is denial of reality when it comes to planetary overheating via anthropogenic emissions and is also in denial of reality with respect to transition from the fossil fuels to ‘renewables’.

    This is a pity because a decade ago Richard Heinberg and others did excellent work highlighting the effect the peaking of oil extraction would have on societies, and even pointed out the unsustainability of all current systems in the video ‘There’s no tomorrow’.”

    PCI now gets foundation funding. Hence, it doesn’t wanna rock the boat too hard, So certain writers have disappeared from its (web) pages, such as Ted Trainer and the like who repeatedly demonstrate the impossibility of running the current global industrial apparatus on “renewable” energy. NTE articles? That will ruin their funding chances for sure.

  • Listen to this video if you have about 1/2 hr or the interest [from seemorerocks today]. It concerns financial collapse in September. Starts a bit cheesy [“What you are about to see may scare you . . .” warning] then goes into a lot of interesting stuff [some may say nonsense, others prophetic]. Give it a listen and decide for yourself.

  • Martins top tips for survivsl;

    1. Go to the Park every day
    2. Get really drunk once a month
    3. Tell someone to fuck off once a week
    4. Help YOUR community once a week
    5, Go to the public Library once a day

  • sorry overposting

  • Happy (??) August Weekend Doomers! Pretty dire methane news of late.
    Is Malcolm Light right? Who IS M.L.??? From a few days ago he said:, “ we can expect planetary wide global extinction to occur between 8 and 16 years in the future (2023 – 2031)”.

    On a more upbeat note:

    Perseids meteor shower alert—–should be a good one, lose yourself in the night sky on nights of August 11, 12, 13 (although I saw quite a few last night)——exit earth for a time in the beauty of the night sky if you are fortunate to be away from significant light pollution . . . . . . .

  • @twimc

    Ike could have walked into Berlin and ended WWII.

    The ZOGs stopped Ike advancing, so Russians could capture Berlin.

    Then the Mass Extinction commenced full-time. Both sides.

  • Phil Morrison,

    You are full of shit and bad science.

  • Gerald: While I don’t really have a problem calling out Eisenhower or even Steven Spielberg for their personal transgressions (though I might not agree with the assessment), I have a HUGE problem with: “The Jewish plan to rid the world of Germans.” Really? The “Jewish” plan? I don’t know any Jewish people who know/knew of such a plan, much less who were in on it. It’s dangerous (and frankly lazy) to just categorize an entire group of people as mass murderers or wannabe mass murderers. After all, saying “Hitler and the rest of the Nazis” is very different than saying “the Germans” isn’t it? We make that distinction, so why lump all Jewish people together, as if they operate like a monolith?

    I know my opinion probably doesn’t matter to you (and there’s no reason why it should), and I don’t want to start a whole fight about it, but please just consider what I’m saying.

    Thanks for your time : )

  • It’s hard to wake up from a trance. And, as Dredd insists, we can’t simply do away with a trance, but need to replace it with another that serves us better.

    Those four organizations in the article are stuck with the fundamentals of the western-civilization (WC) trance. Below are a few of the WC issues that they are dealing with in a negative manner:

    – Assuming that the patriarchal and first world paradigm is normal, or that you can get anywhere different without challenging it.

    – Not treating WC as if it were obsolete. That would be like seeing it as a survivor of a neutron bomb (?) which wiped out most of the life but left the buildings standing. So we are left with the detritus of the old, including all the stories and epistemology. And we don’t know where to go from there.

    – It’s time for indigenous leadership. In some cases, that might just mean returning stolen land and electing them into leadership roles within the shell of WC political infrastructure. Or something entirely different. In my county, there’s a famous law suit over water rights. The Indians have the oldest rights and get the greatest water allotment. The Euros and Hispanos feel squeezed. But they/we *need* to be squeezed, since our water expectations were unreasonable to start with. This could be a small example of what can be done by supporting indigenous rights internationally.

    – Admitting what we don’t know is important. Ilinda, using an original post by Daniel about NW clearcutting of forests, had a lot to say on the subject. But I had to point out how my own ignorance (which I’m sure mirrors the masses’) ensures that the catastrophe cannot even sink in enough to register:

    “I think this kind of information has trouble sinking in. Even after reading the above (about the NW), I don’t have a crystal clear image where exactly this took place. Even though you wrote it very clearly. I think this is how the public feels as well. Catastrophic deforestation, so deadly to body and spirit, can’t stick in the mind, can’t even be grasped in its global scope.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that half the Amazon Rainforest has disappeared in the last 50 years. I don’t know. The public doesn’t know. We’re not even absolutely clear which South American countries are affected, or how they look on a map. Worse even, we have trouble finding Borneo and Congo on the map, and those are only two of many global sites of massive deforestation on the planet. I’m clearer about Borneo. less clear about Congo, as far as extent of Rainforest loss goes. For this information to be clear and to sink in it would need to be posted on all billboards everywhere, and to never be replaced. It would have to be the priority for all curriculum. Theoretically, it’s not impossible to do. But, not only is this information never presented clearly or appropriately, the scattered incoherent bits that we learn about get MASSIVELY drowned out by all the noise of IC, busy as always with crap…”

    – Diversity. I wrote about race somewhere else , but won’t load up this already-long comment with it. In short, perhaps the ideas of white and black was merely a ploy of the powerful to divide, conquer and control. It has no validity other than what we give it. We might as well consider ourselves members of the green race.

  • We have learned nothing, only how clever we think we are, it makes me weep

  • Since we are all just over-developed fish, I do wonder whether any of it actually matters. We haul fish out of the oceans and seas by the million tonne and eat them, yet think of ourselves as so, so much better than fish because our brains are bigger and our fins are capable of manipulating objects in ways no other species can. And those superb back fins that have evolved into feet. How many fish can dance the tango?


    Approximately 360 million years of evolution down the drain (discounting the portion that generated chordate life forms).

    As for all the discussion about the Moon and eclipses, everyone seems to have missed the main points:

    1. The Moon is thought to have been formed when a young Earth was impacted by a significant other planet in the intermediate stage of the formation of the Solar System.

    2. The presence of the Moon contributes to the wobble of the Earth’s orbit.

    3. The tides generated by the Moon may well have (almost certainly) contributed to the progression of life from the ancient seas onto the land; plant and animal life on the shoreline adapted to under water and out-of-water conditions.

    4. The Moon is receding from the Earth, and the apparent size being close to that of the Sun is purely a consequence of the time we happen to live in. In the past solar eclipses would have been more dramatic; far into in the future the Moon will fail to fully cover the face of the Sun.

    Climate instability.

    There has been much discussion here and elsewhere about the extraordinarily high temperatures recorded in the Northern Hemisphere. Here in Taranaki winter came early, with an Antarctic blast in April that coated the mountain in snow (which did not happen until August last year). There have been several major downpour events which have caused unprecedented flooding and infrastructure damage.

    Needless to say, the response of the fish-out-of-water to chilly conditions has been to turn on electric heaters, and the response to flooding has been to carry out rescue and repair work using petroleum-fuelled equipment -thereby exacerbating the carbon dioxide emissions predicament.

    Better luck next for evolution on a fossil-fuel-depleted planet?

  • Tom.

    I watched the video you linked. Much of what was said corresponds with warnings given by numerous other people ranging from Gerald Celente to Peter Schiff.

    Now I do find this whole number seven thing quite fascinating. As we all know, the bible is full of 7s, 7 this and 7 that and 7 times 7….

    For me this all comes back to our old ‘friend’ the Moon. The lunar cycle is 28 days, and for humans living naturally, human reproduction was geared to the lunar cycles. Even for humans not living in tune with nature, the reproductive cycle still trends towards the lunar cycle.

    The lunar cycle is divided into the four well-known phases. And to cap it all, the seven days of the week are designated Sun, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus and Saturn. (I hope I got those in the right order -should check, but near enough.).

    Whether the maniacs who are in control of the world’s finances and politics are caught up in ancient pseudo-religious numerology is open to debate. The fact is, they behave as though they are.

  • Jupiter and Mercury should be reversed, and you’ll have the correct order. Mercury is Wednesday, and it is easy to tell in Spanish especially where the word for day is Miercoles.

    Thursday would more appropriately be called “Thor’s day,” but Jupiter is the name of the corresponding planet.

  • Don`t Upgrade to windows 10 by any means it will bust up your computer

  • A long New Yorker article about financial analyst Martin Armstrong.
    He has gotten out of prison since the publication of this article.

    ” In a newsletter I’d got from him in the mail the day before, he’d written, “Pi is not the actual source of cyclical activity. It is merely a proof that TIME is subject to geometry.” Did he think there was Something Out There?

    He sighed. “At its core, a cycle is the mechanism by which energy is transmitted,” he explained. “Think of standing in the water at the beach, as a wave washes in. You can feel the wave, but the water isn’t moving. The energy passes through the water. Society is the same way.” Sometimes there’s a rogue wave—a big event, a major turn, a depression. It was his belief that the rogues were not random but, rather, entirely, if theoretically, preordained, like the concentric reverberations of a stone, or millions of stones, hitting the surface of a pond.

    Fair enough. But what creates the energy? What dictates the geometry? “There are going to be people who believe and those who don’t,” Armstrong said. “If it wasn’t that way, you wouldn’t have a cycle.”

    He said that he was working on a paper about Switzerland: the Habsburgs, William Tell, Hitler, secrecy, gold. The upshot was that capital, like water, goes where it encounters the least resistance. “Given a certain set of circumstances, people do the same thing over and over again,” he said. “There aren’t many options.” Soon a guard indicated that our time was up—Armstrong was due back in the dorm for the four-o’clock count.

    The next day, Armstrong called from Fort Dix to clarify his basic philosophy: it was the big bang that created the energy waves, setting in motion the cycles that govern the universe. As for pi, he had a theory, which he’d never shared with anyone, that its ubiquity had something to do with dark matter. ”


  • Kevin Moore says: “As we all know, the bible is full of 7s, 7 this and 7 that and 7 times 7….” Hahahahaha! Really? “As we all know?”

    What the hell is happening to this website?!?!

  • Dredd Says:
    August 8th, 2015 at 1:08 pm
    “Phil Morrison,

    You are full of shit and bad science.”

    Next you’re gonna tell the Pope that he’s Catholic. :-)

  • I think everyone should go to the park today, or whatever place you find of comfort from a world that makes no sense, i like my greek mythhology

    There are several different versions explaining the gift and curse of Cassandra; the most popular one is that God Apollo fell in love with her and granted her with the gift of prophecy. When Cassandra denied the God and his advances, he placed a curse on her, so that no one would believe her words or her predictions. He gave her a gift that would bring frustration and despair to her.

    In the tragedy Agamemnon, Cassandra appears to suggest the God to become hic consort but then breaks her promise, causing his wrath. Thus, Apollo left her the gift of prophecy but cursed her so that no one could or would believe her.

    According to the second version, Cassandra went to the Temple of Apollo in Troy and his little Temple Snakes licked her ears, allowing her to listen to the future. This theme is not unknown in Greek Mythology, as the snakes of Apollo have appeared in different myths and versions, allowing people to foresee the future and understand the language of animals.

    Cassandra and Troy

    Cassandra foresaw the destruction of Troy by the Greeks; when the Trojans found the big wooden horse outside the gates of their city Cassandra told them that Greeks will destroy them if they bring the horse in the city. The historical facts are not clear but the famous phrase “Beware of Danaos (Greeks) bearing gifts” belongs to her, although there are also different versions about this phrase as well, since it was stated by different persons in tragedy “Ajax” and Virgil’s “Aeneid”. No one in Troy believed her, and the horse was admitted in the city, with the known results for Troy.

    When Troy fell to the Greeks, Cassandra tried to find a shelter in Athena’s Temple, but she was brutally abducted by Ajax and was brought to Agamemnon as a concubine. Cassandra died in Mycenae, murdered along with Agamemnon by his wife Clytemnestra and her lover Aegisthus.

    The Cassandra Syndrome

    Based on the myth of Cassandra there is a modern syndrome and metaphor recognized by experts; the Cassandra syndrome or complex, which is applied in cases of valid alarms which are disbelieved. The syndrome applies mostly in psychology and politics or science, and it was named by the French Philosopher Gaston Bachelard in 1949.

  • the worlds not going to end, it will just go on quietly being shit

  • Thank you for your replies to my question about the moon.

    @Snowstormguy I didn’t want to use a word other than natural as certain words act as trigger words to shut people down, whereas in fact some myths do describe the moon as being dragged here from somewhere else! There are allegedly some strange anomalies with the moon which put it out of place and strangely unique in our solar system, such as size. A normal planetary moon as big as ours should be further away apparently, which would again point to our moon as being, let’s say, not what it appears to be.

    @BETA I like to listen to alternative perceptions, but I’ve not visited the flat earth arena because of the photos seen from the space station which show the earth as a sphere. They could be faked of course. When I saw the transformers movies I realised not just any photo but pretty much any video could be realistically faked now. In fact I often used to enjoy thinking that flying was faked. We would all load up onto a plane and then taking off/flying would in fact just be be some sort illusion, a Virtual Reality ride if you will, with special effects – when all the passengers were in fact stationary on the ground – a bit like a ride at the fun fair. Strangely a friend on an LSD trip later said he had precisely that experience/feeling – whilst driving his car. He imagined himself perfectly still with all the scenery, sounds, noise etc all going past on some sort of imaginary conveyor belt. I stay away from drugs my imagination is bad enough already.

    @digixplor there might be some more out of the box comments to be made depending on what box it is – pandora’s box feels like at the moment

    @Wren Quiz- a half moon is overhead. What time is it?
    10.54am GMT! Boom Boom! As for the dark side of the moon, moon rotation is another of the many moon anomalies compared to other moons in our solar sytem.

  • when you gaze long into the abyss the abyss gazes also into you

  • “>b?Which is Worse”

    Ok, I offer as being the worst: “1) Recognizing Problem X, but not recognizing the problem’s degree of seriousness, and making announcements of one’s knowledge/research findings that lull those who hear or read them into a sense of complacency.

    (The Gravity of Sea Level Change).

  • Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back ..

    dont read of Nietzsche in sentances

  • OGF – love the cock’n bull story
    Tom – gold hucksters fear play
    Spez – it’s not the jews, it’s the uber rich. Queen = German
    Cindy – when my moon’s in your eye like a big pizz pie
    Dredd – there’s a bump on the log in the hole in the bottom of the sea

    The moon may have caused life on earth.

    Jupiter protects the inner solar system from attacks, mostly.

    Gamma Ray Bursts prevent complex life forming in 90% of galaxies.

    Life on earth is in a goldilocks zone, within a galactic goldilocks zone, within a universal goldilocks zone.

    Telepathic communications with space aliens via my dog lead me to believe that we are just another way for bacteria and water to move around together. We may only use 10% of our brains, because a distributed bacterial intelligence uses the first 90%. I know this because I’ve been instructed to save and store my belly button lint in the medicine cabinet in the washroom for nosey guests to find. This is because the great bacterial diaspora like to migrate every 7 years.

    Thermodynamics of Forest Driven Bio-diversity from collapse

    P.S. – I filled in the food waste tube to prevent more racoon deaths. Rocky passed away with a baby bottle in his mouth.

  • It is believed that the moon first was formed from debris when the earth was struck by a stray body the size of Mars. At first the moon was much closer to the earth and this is borne out by palaeontological evidence. There are places where silt is deposited corresponding to the tides; this preserves a record of daily and monthly cycle of the tides. This has indicated that the lunar cycle at one time was 21 days.

    Tides on the earth expend energy in overcoming the viscosity of the solid and aqueous. This energy is removed from the momentum of the moon around the earth. As a result the moon slows and recedes from the earth at a rate of about 5 cm per year. This can be measured accurately by laser interferometry. A laser beam is reflected from the mirrors placed on the moon and combined with another portion of the beam that was split off and sent in the direction of a receiver. The distance of the moon can be measured to an accuracy of fractions of a centimetre by the change in phase of the light waves in the two beams.

    Where the source of light is larger than an occulting object, the zone or complete blockage of the light, also known as the penumbra forms a cone with its base at the occulting object. Within this cone there will be a total eclipse of the source of light. When this zone falls on the earth, a complete eclipse will be visible from the earth. The zone partial blockage or light is the pennumbra, and extends to infinity; it is the basis for the detection of exoplanets by occultation.

    The names of the days of the week is an Aryan tradition, carried over into Vedic customs:
    Names of the days of the week
    the Sun (Aditya, Ravi)
    the Moon (0’Soma, Indu)
    Mars (Mangala)
    Jupiter (Guru)
    Venus (Shukra)
    Saturn (Shani)

  • Tom, I don’t believe in coincidences any more than I believe in gold, except for money obsession and lucky number 7 and a high probability financial crises of debt as any zero hedge, automatic earth or naked capitalism reader can tell.

  • Radio journalist critical of government killed during live broadcast in Brazil


    A well-known radio journalist in Brazil who repeatedly denounced political corruption was gunned down Thursday in the middle of one of his broadcasts.

    Gleydson Carvalho was a dogged journalist who had received death threats on Facebook.

    Carvalho, police said, was in the middle of his broadcast in Camocim, in the state of Ceará, when two men showed up at the building to buy advertising space, according to the show’s technical operator, Ricardo Farias.

    The ad inquiry, police say, was a ruse. Once the men were allowed into the building, one of them forced his way into the Carvalho’s booth and ambushed him. [more, gruesome details]

    The Ol’ ‘Buying Ad Space’ Ruse . . . . (verrrrry clever, no?)


  • http://news.sky.com/story/1532336/typhoon-soudelor-hits-china-after-taiwan-deaths

    this is what nature can and WILL do to us, we need to realise how very small we are

  • It really wont matter until someone you love is floating down the street

  • The latest offering in this space comes from Grant Schreiber. It’s a lovely poem, and it can be read here.

    I guess we all need something to hold on to in a strong wind

  • digixplor – you are very funny, and may well have a sense of humor too.

    purely playful perturbations past permitted posts… peeuew!

  • Bernie Sanders in Seattle last night says exactly this “The planet will war by 5 to 10 degrees by the end of the century.”

    That seems pretty accurate. Cheers to him for actually saying it. But I also guess he doesn’t come close to realize that 10 degrees is certifiable non habitability for most life forms, or that 5 to 6 might as well be last stop end of the line for humans. And I guess he doesn’t grok the methane. Oh, and that glowing, loverly, end-o-century rhetoric, that sturdy old grandkid-friendly problem that pushes the next fifteen years back into what might as well be oblivion. Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rrNdiW6a83k

    He also said he’s going to make all public schools tuition free in the states. Raise minimum $7 starvation wage to $17 i think. And make the rich pay their fair share of taxes. Sounds much like Huey Long who was assassinated in 1935.

    I am old enough now to expect the screw. I was done by Clinton in 93. I was finished with him by 94. Then, after 8 years of serial abuse, it was easy for me to get done again by Obama. When Bernanke was reappointed, I started reading Bakunin and Malatesta.

  • The only thing a committed environmental activist can do now with intestinal fortitude and integrity is….take a walk and dance in the rain. Everything else is superfluous and vain. The days of pretense and moral superiority are over. Now each individual must plead guilty to and come to terms with ignorant complicity and surrender to the reality that life was never about us. The most profound offerings of human artistic expression and intellectual ingenuity are less meaningful than a rock. Revel in and be liberated by insignificance.