Radio Curious Interview

McPherson was interviewed for Radio Curious. The interview was conducted via telephone on Monday, 14 September 2015. The result is described and can be heard here.


Upon request for Nature Bats Last on the Progressive Radio Network, I provided an explanation for those looking to introduce abrupt climate change. It’s below.

We are in the midst of abrupt climate change, which will soon obliterate habitat on this planet for our species. This event has precedence in Earth’s history, and it’s irreversible at time frames that matter for humans. Civilization is a heat engine, and the planet is about to overheat. Our species, like all others, will go extinct. It’s later than you think. I’m not suggesting we “give up” in the face of certain death. I am, however, indicating that birth is a sexually transmitted disease that is lethal in every case. We all die. What matters now is how we choose to live. That’s always been the case, although we often lose track of the urgency.

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  • I am, however, indicating that birth is a sexually transmitted disease that is lethal in every case.

    Well, then life itself must be a desease?! But that would indicate that humankind is doing a good job killing life on Earth?!

    In fact, life itself is and always has been lethal. Everything that has been born must die. Btw: Not only humans procreate in a sexual manner, but most animals as well^^ Only prokaryotes don’t have sex:

    I love sex and I love life as well, because I am no nihilist.

  • Life is my friend and death is my friend as well- both depend on eachother, both create eachother, both are two sides of the very same coin, like breathing in, breathing out. There is no evolution without sex and birth and death. In fact, sexuality and death create the huge variety of life on earth.

    What is life for you, Mr. McPherson? Friend of foe? What is death for you, Mr. McPherson? Friend or foe?

  • from a blogger at Scribbler

    ominous & deadly news from empitical researcher Igor Semiletov


    Hot air melting the Arctic

    15 September 2015 Yana Pchelíntseva, specially for RIR

    Around 700 new ‘methane holes’ found in the Arctic shelf by Russian scientists show how fast these emissions are heating up the region.

    Given the scale of hot air emissions, it is likely the permafrost has been severely degraded, and the thaw irreversible.

  • In fact:

    When birth is a desease in your opinion, then you must be a desease as well, Mr. McPherson, because your have risen from birth^^ Excuse me, Sir, allow me that question please:

    Are you a desease, Mr. McPherson?

  • For Curious:

    Joke: a thing that someone says to cause amusement or laughter

  • I love sex and life and I AM a nihilist-go figure?
    confusing shit

  • Doomer Porn?

    As in … guy screws girl.
    Then they screw again.
    Then they screw again and again and again.
    Pretty soon there are 7 billion people on the planet.
    Then everything goes extinct.
    Cue credits and corny 70’s music with wa-wa guitar.

    Doomer Porn.

    Perhaps we should have asked the earth to provide us with a safety word.


    I was surprised to hear that some of the biggest releases of arctic methane recently have occurred during the winter. Is that an indication that this is mantle methane from the undersea arctic ridge releasing?

    Has anyone ever done any analysis on how an increase in planetary temperature might affect the rate of mantle convection? I would think it must speed it up as solid moves toward liquid and things get slighter softer, but how much? Would it be a significant amount? Is it, or will it, result in more geologic activity?

    I’ve never come across that discussion from the perspective of a warming earth. Does anyone know about any research or speculation on this subject, or has it been determined to be not relevant?

  • Dramatically conflicting claims about Arctic sea ice extent.

    For the last three days the Danish Meteorological Inst. graph has shown a severe downward spike for the 2015 line.

    Chactic Interactive shows the 2015 line on a sea ice gaining slightly upward slope.

    Charctic also states a slight numerical increase in extent for the last three days.

  • You go to work in your technological cells, drive there in your transportation cells and go home to your domicile cell. We are the RNA of a new technological complex adaptive system. We use our new tools to grow like a cancer. Our technological infrastructure is composed mostly of cement and metal put in motion and form by fossil fuels and are toxic to the ecosystem where human RNA must draw nutrition to survive. The scale of the technological complex adaptive system is far larger than the cellular ecosystem and feeds upon long-sequestered hydrocarbons whose sudden metabolic burning is resulting in massive destabilization of the ecosystem. If you destroy the ecosystem, you destroy humans and if you destroy humans you destroy one of the three essential components of the technological system. It is unfortunate that humans can protect themselves within the infrastructure of the technological complex adaptive system and maintain a false sense of security. Those organisms that are not sheltered within technology will go extinct even faster which will decrease drastically the nutritional flow to humans. Eventually the technological cells of various morphologies will be cut-off from essential nutrients and will cease movement. It’s apparent that more growth, more dividends, and more cancer infrastructure is the answer to our problems (sarcasm).

  • @LWA

    I highly apreciate your thoughtful comments at

    For Dr. Guy McPherson:

    Well, I know quite well what a joke is^^ Let me set things straight here:

    I bet you don’t consider yourself as a desease and I don’t consider that you are a desease as well. But if you are no desease then birth can’t be a desease.

    About your comment to me:

    Do you want to imply that your statement about birth as a desease is just a joke?

  • @Curious; if you break the word down, Dis-ease aka not as ease. I would say if you are AT ease living in this arrangement, then there is something quite wrong with the information provided to you. I’ve been ill at ease most of my 39 years and I assume quite a few other people are around here too.

  • curious killed schrodingers’s cat.

  • @Jim

    Well, I am not at ease with empire for shure. But I am at ease with Nature and therefore I am at ease with birth and death, life and death are both natural. Not life is the enemy, not death is the enemy, but greed, ignorance and hatred is the enemy.

    But anyway, I’d really like to see an answer to my questions from Dr. Guy McPherson, because he is important to me, therefore I’d like to understand his viewpoint clearly…

  • Words of wisdom especially for narcissists.

    “I would say if you are AT ease living in this arrangement, then there is something quite wrong with the information provided to you.”

    I do not take it lightly that many innocent children will soon become very frightened & terrified at regularly occurring horrors.

    There is a reliable WW2 story about a full Merican colonel who continually berated his dutiful troops during training about facing their upcoming combat with unbridled courage & bravery.

    When combat & deadly artillery blasts & screaming bullets started for REAL, the brave-heart colonel became so fearful that he turned into a shaking heap & was completely immobilized.

    The brave-heart colonel was promptly hospitalized in the rear.

  • @kevin moore Says:
    “…Those who run the system are criminals and have loaded the dice, tilted the playing field, rigged the deal, manipulated and lied to ensure they win every time”

    Are you saying that you gave it 100% to the bitter end or threw in the towel like paul kingsnorth?

  • I don’t know how big LiveAid was in the US in the 1980s, but it was huge here in the UK.
    Thinking back it’s incredible really how for example the song, “feed the world” reflects a purely mankind centric thinking
    Its also amazing how the people want to help people in other countries without realising their own country is a shithole.

  • Separating empire from nature…
    I can’t do that.
    It will happen with or w/o me

  • Separating empire from nature…
    I can’t do that.
    It will happen with or w/o me

    Nature will separate herself from empire absolutely for shure, she can do it and she will do it (remember: NATURE BATS LAST). Nature lived without empire for millions and trillions of years and soon she will live without empire again. But anyway:

    If we can’t separate Nature from empire, then what is the NBL (Nature bats last!-) blog good for?

  • Curious, your comments seem curiously stupid. Please do not post again today. If you continue to lack a sense of humor, please do not post again. Ever.

  • LWA Says:
    September 16th, 2015 at 7:44 am

    I was surprised to hear that some of the biggest releases of arctic methane recently have occurred during the winter. Is that an indication that this is mantle methane from the undersea arctic ridge releasing?

    The oversimplifications on this subject confuse many:

    No one can yet say with certainty how the methane release in the Arctic will develop with global warming, either in the ocean or on the land. This research is still in its in­fancy.”

    (The Methane Hydrate / Clathrate Controversy).

    People are more scientistic about it than scientific.

    The Gulf of Mexico has mass deposits of it, the water there is very, very warm (compared to the Arctic is is hot), yet it is not venting madly.

    I can’t figure out why some make a big deal of Moana Loa readings of CO2 yet ignore the relatively quite readings of atmospheric methane there (The Methane Hydrate / Clathrate Controversy – 2).

    The CO2 will do us in a heart beat if not abated. No methane needed.

    So, focusing on the fuzzier logic of methane clathrate with scientistic circles is background noise by comparison.

    Dr. Shakhova and her colleagues are doing a good job, but there needs to be a hundred people working as hard as they are to get a non-shreaky dialogue going (more Arctic methane research funding rather than Arctic oil drilling !!).

  • Life is a terminal condition. Natural, but terminal nevertheless. And that ain’t a joke. Nothin’ t’laff ’bout. The cause of death is birth. This has been explicitly stated since Vedic times.

    Those who have worked in Emergency Medicine have heard it sooner than later. Just as several other similar observations: Every turkey has a terminal event. Never carry the coffin alone. What’s the cause of lung cancer? Lungs. Life wounds all heels. Don’t pet the sweaty things. When is diarrhea hereditary? When it runs in your jeans. What’s the difference between an oral thermometer and a rectal thermometer? The taste. What’s the difference between a hematologist and a urologist? The hematologist pricks your finger. When deciding what to do for a difficult patient, preface each thought with “Your honor”.

  • @LWA:

    I was not able to respond to your previous posts on TVT’s thread on religion, so I would like to thank you here for your posts, LWA. I am quite surprised by your comments. You have a truly wonderful mind. Thank you. It’s more than refreshing for me to see what you have to say here at NBL. I don’t post much, and often when I do post I do talk about indigenous cultures. But I’m only using culture as a tool to discuss reality that transcends culture.

    Thanks for being here. I haven’t had such a good day at NBL in a really, really long time as I had reading your comments.


  • We are being overwhelmed by problems that are sneaking up on us (because most aren’t paying attention, especially those who could supposedly “make a difference” – ie. “do something” about any of it). These problems are the result of the technological civilization we’ve evolved into and are MOSTLY the result of our by-products, waste or pollution (pick your term). We have Fukushima (after already experiencing Three Mile Island and Chernobyl) which cannot be “fixed” or “contained” and BY ITSELF is an extinction level event.

    There’s CO2, which Dredd notes in his well crafted essay at his link, has already caused enough global warming to cause the ice sheets, ice caps, glaciers and such to melt, and has thrown off the once predictable climate (so that it will become increasingly hard to produce enough food to feed the masses of humanity – not to mention all the other species). Another by-product of the CO2 emission continuation is that now we have increasing methane (CH4) pluming, which is a worse “greenhouse” gas in terms of its effect on climate (as well as other factors).

    All of these “problems” associated with our industrial civilization are becoming too much to deal with for humanity, and there will be more. Sea level change is on-going (see Dredd’s excellent posts on this topic), hydrogen sulfide is becoming a problem in more and more places, while a warming ocean, over-fishing and acidification are taking out most marine species.

    The list of problems facing life continues to grow. It’s becoming ever more obvious that there’s no way out and that by around 2020 things will become so dire that everyone will “know.” Watch for massive economic and ecological chaos sometime in the near future as things continue get worse.

  • Gerald says: “I do not take it lightly that many innocent children will soon become very frightened & terrified at regularly occurring horrors.”

    Soon? Children all over the world are already frightened and terrified by regularly occurring horrors (see Africa, the Middle East, a million other places, etc.). I’m assuming you mean many MORE innocent children…

    Curious: To answer your question, I believe that yes, humans are a cancer-like disease on the face of the planet. Or a virus. But perhaps I am splitting hairs. Then again, you didn’t ask me so it doesn’t really matter what I think…

    Robin: Thanks for all the jokes! Ha!

  • Thank you, Tom, for your many great posts.

  • ‘Cindy Lane Says:
    September 16th, 2015 at 8:50 am
    @kevin moore Says:
    “…Those who run the system are criminals and have loaded the dice, tilted the playing field, rigged the deal, manipulated and lied to ensure they win every time”

    Are you saying that you gave it 100% to the bitter end or threw in the towel like paul kingsnorth?’

    A decade ago I devoted a huge amount of time and a considerable amount of money to attempting to waken people around me to the disastrous course ‘we’ were on, and attempting to influence ‘planning’ at central government and local government levels. I sought and pursued every opportunity.

    I now recognise that most people living in industrial societies are too dim-witted and trapped in the narrative of industrial empire to see what is right in front of them or accept the truth about the system; that will be the case until they ‘lose everything’, at which point they will still be dim-witted, but will recognise they were lied to.

    I now recognise that bureaucrats and politicians are scientifically and financially illiterate professional liars who are working on behalf of money-lenders, corporations and opportunists. They will lie to the bitter end because lying is all they know.

    I have not thrown in the towel, but now select my battles carefully and keep quiet most of the time. Having suffered severe illness recently (and still not recovered, perhaps never will) has slowed me down immensely. Nevertheless, a couple of weeks ago, at a Grey Power meeting, I very publicly asked Liam Hodgetts, NPDC Policy Team Leader, why he had come to the meeting to lie to the attendees about the future of the district, knowing full well that the ‘plans’ he presented were mathematically impossible (reiterating what I had pointed out to him at two meeting earlier in the year). And after the meeting I queried him as to why he was so keen to destroy his own children’s future. He ‘ran’, of course, as they all do.

    I am still in the process of compiling formal complaints to Audit NZ and the Ombudsman with respect to the corrupt, Orwellian goings-on at NPDC which are progressively destroying the district in every way possible, but am in no hurry, since I believe Audit NZ and the Office of the Ombudsman are both captured organisations, geared to inaction and ineffectiveness with respect to anything that actually matters. Each week that passes, the global situation gets worse and the local situation gets worse, and at some stage the culture of denial of reality which pervades NZ (and every other industrial nation) must start to crack.

    I said several months ago: “We will have many answers in September.”

    Well, we have. The ice in the Arctic Sea, though declining dramatically, did not decline to a record low, and now is reforming.

    The financial markets took severe hits but have been propped up via central bank money-printing. Of course, we will have to wait another 6 weeks to see whether or not there will be an October surprise.

    The machine staggers on for the moment, and may stagger on for another 12 months.

    And as long as it does stagger on, I quietly work in my garden, slowly increasing its productivity and reducing its maintenance requirements.

    So no, I haven’t given up. I just don’t expend energy where it results in no return.

  • Dear serious commenters and not curious !
    It is my understanding that it took three, successive, congressional committees six years to settle on the imagery of the Great Seal of the United States.
    Taking the wholistic approach means you don’t leave parts out. Like if you see a coin you don’t just look at one side-like we the people looking at the Great Seal.
    It is high time we “turn the coin back over” and look at the vision side of the Great Seal. The Pyramid of Life sits on the Land. If there is any such thing as human right it is surely to a piece of land, a place on the Planet, a place in the Sun and even just a chance at proving up independence-for every family.
    For of course if everybody took care of themselves on the Land, that would take care of everyone and the Land.
    And down in the bottom layer of that Pyramid, in the Soil is a certain number that means a certain word which is this nation’s very word-in-the-beginning!
    Independence is right, left is the opposite as with good old money. So it’s the old economic or financial solvency versus the new ecological solvency with the Pyramid of Life, at the level of the Individual. That one may be free at last to be and do, who and what one is born to be and do, not told.
    It is the universal solution for our crisis-ridden world, an idea whose time has come and everybody’s carrying it around in their pocket or purse. Because it’s printed on every dollar bill! It’s right on the money! And it is most practical, appropriate and doable.
    Making independence fast, cheap and easy now.
    But now one more thing, because we all now face certain death, so forget all this and just take hold of Love that’s it

  • like many, I try to “choose my battles”. but the trees are right in front of me, all the time, screeming. my son went back to vancouver after his summer stay and arrived there just in time to live through the beginning of the Great Pacific Wrath (which is not pacific and just beginning)

  • OGF: thank you – i always read your comments too and appreciate your wisdom.

    NOTE TO GUY: The President is looking for YOU (and Carolyn too)

    Obama Seeks Psychological Help with Climate Change

    [opens with]
    President Obama is seeking psychological advice about climate change.

    Yesterday, he issued an executive order instructing federal agencies to use behavioral science when developing programs to address rising temperatures and other policies.

    Why not give him a call!?

  • Tom Says:
    September 16th, 2015 at 12:49 pm
    Tom Says:
    September 16th, 2015 at 3:40 pm
    What Tom said !

  • Hello Guy, While I do agree with you that the melting permafrost has become a significant source of methane, billions of cows on this planet are no insignificant source of methane. Simply eating more vegetarian meals would make a huge difference to our climate crisis. Eating less meat wouldn’t require the creation or spending of huge amounts of fiat money; it wouldn’t require any additional mindless consumption sprees; and it’s so much healthier. Isn’t it quite amazing that a vegetarian in a Hummer produces fewer carbon emissions than a meat eater in a Toyota Prius? Yet nobody talks about the real cost/contribution of meat consumption to our changing climate. Thanks.

  • There is an ongoing blog discussion about the ultimate technofix for our dying planet at Scribbler now.

    It’s the New Apollo Project out of MIT.

    Most importantly, there is no mention whatsoever about financing this supreme tecnofix through the all powerful BIg Fed & bankster compound interest.

    Talk about the continually expanding economy!

    Herman Daly’s observation in spades that technofixes are routinely mentalistic attempts to build more houses with more hammers, but not use more resources.

  • “Gerald Spezio Says: September 16th, 2015 at 7:46 am;
    Dramatically conflicting claims about Arctic sea ice extent….”

    I, too, would like to know which figures are accurate.

    Certainly, I didn’t expect the sea ice extent to stabilize on September 9th. I figured we wouldn’t hit bottom until seven to ten days after that. Especially since, according to NASA, we’ve just had the hottest June, July and August on record ever (see Scribbler).

    Can anybody account for this?

  • @twimc

    It always puzzled me how, Wallis Simpson, a poor girl from the hills of Pennsylvania came to be married to King Edward VIII of England.

    Wallis was thrice married and served under men, auto mechanics to ambassadors, with reckless abandon. Wallis was hired as agent for US Naval Intelligence.

    The Prince of Wales served high society with reckless abandon. The Price was also pro-German and, once King, not expected to sign the mobilization papers for WWII.

    King George V died in 1936, and the Prince was now King.

    The Anglo/Zionist bankers were not amused.

    But, Wallis came through … and good King Edward VIII abdicated.

  • Aug 26, 2007 Guy wrote: “Reason is the basis for understanding the material world. As such, it serves as the foundation upon which conservation biology can be understood and practiced. We can willingly conserve nature and its parts only through description and understanding rooted in reality. Mysticism has proven an insufficient foundation for conserving nature. Ultimately, it doubtless will prove inadequate for saving humanity as well.
    It is not at all clear that humanity can be saved (or, for that matter, is worth saving). Evolution drives us to breed, drives to procreate, and drives us to accumulate resources. Evolution always pushes us toward the brink, and culture piles on, hurling us into the abyss. Nietzsche was correct about our lack of free will — as Gray points out in Straw Dogs — free will is an illusion. It’s not merely the foam on the beer: it’s the last bubble of foam, the one that just popped. It’s no surprise, then, that we are sleepwalking into the future, or that the future is a lethal cliff.
    I’ll write more about the cliff next time.”

    If only i could turn back time to return to your class at UofA. Guy, only you know today how much planning and work I put into the Washington D.C. presentation before it got shot down. Now I’m reading all your articles and comments from the past. So sorry that even the near term future we planned has gone in the wrong direction. Many thanks again for everything you have been at times in my life over the decades. Most “likely” this is the last decade and the internet will no longer be public long before then.

  • david

    Ah, The Guardian, formerly a newspaper but now a stalwart of empire and a propaganda machine.

    ‘Had Hitler not begun a world war that led to his suicide, he would have lived to see the day when Europe’s problem was not food shortage but surpluses. Science provided food so quickly and bountifully that Hitlerian ideas of struggle lost a good deal of their resonance – which has helped us to forget what the second world war was actually about.’

    The more I delve, the more lies of empire I uncover, and it becomes difficult to ascertain what the truth is. I guess the truth lies somewhere between the mainstream narrative and this:

    As for food surpluses, we all know they have been achieved on the back of totally unsustainable practices, and before long there won’t be any surpluses.

  • Thanks for the paragraph guy.

  • @Tom, “Why not give him a call!?”

    Because authority’s need to “understand” climate change doesn’t just mean understanding how to manipulate people who are cognizant of being subject to it, who are afraid of it, who deny it, etc.

    It does NOT mean “understanding” that society must power down, or that hundreds of millions will die relatively soon, or that all the nukes will go Fukushima.. those are the sorts of things government is impervious to ‘understanding’.

  • Sorry.. I what I really meant to write was that “authority’s need to understand climate change [from a psychological pov] CAN ONLY MEAN understanding how to manipulate, etc.” Apologies for the incoherence.

    @Mark, are you out of detention???

    Thanks for dredging up that very concise citation from Guy. I couldn’t agree more. But don’t beat yourself up. To what degree is there a “wrong direction” when there was never any other? In the “right direction” you and I would not be here. :-)

  • @kevin moore,

    Yes I know where you are coming from. My area of interest now is working out what is wrong with people.

  • GHOSTWHEEL- I believe the differences in sea ice extent data come from the various methodologies used to determine the extent. From DMI Ocean and Ice Services: “The total sea ice extent can differ slightly from other sea ice extent estimates. Possible differences between this sea ice extent estimate and others are most likely caused by differences in algorithms and definitions.”

    CINDY LANE- thanks for linking to that Paul Kingsnorth essay. So great!!

  • Lidia: Thanks for your realistic response. i agree with your description of empire, but thought that Guy’s book on grief therapy (Extinction Dialogs: Living With Death in Mind) might help Obama and his team deal with what’s ahead. Might be worth a shot to call anyway.

    Arctic research ship probes frigid depths and 4th-lowest sea ice extent on record


    Through Sept. 11 of this year, the Arctic — which serves a crucial role as the Northern Hemisphere’s refrigerator — lost an area of sea ice nearly equal to the states of Texas, California, Montana and New Mexico combined. This led to the fourth-lowest sea ice extent on record since satellite data began in 1979, continuing the long-term decline in summertime ice cover throughout the Arctic.

    [further down]

    The research mission, known as “Arctic Mix,” is being led by the Scripps Institution of Oceanography and University of Washington’s Applied Physics Lab. So far, scientists have been surprised by the strength of ocean mixing they have observed in ice-free areas of the Beaufort Sea.

    The ship is sailing through waters that scientists at the NSIDC called “a striking feature” of this melt season, with large regions of water with less than 70% ice cover. This is unusual for the Beaufort Sea, where multi-year ice used to remain in relative abundance through each melt season.

    “Our instruments are seeing billows of turbulence that look just like a wave breaking on the beach, but much larger,” said Jennifer MacKinnon, chief scientist aboard the Sikuliaq, in a press release sent from the ship.

    “As a result, heat is being mixed up towards the surface, and the remaining ice, at a remarkable rate,” she said.

    [check out the graphs and read the rest if interested]


    Thursday, 17 September 2015

    Corporate crime against Humanity: Exxon knew about climate change from 1977

    Exxon Researched Climate Change in 1977 [underscores Lidia’s point]

    Leaked 1977 Memo Reveals ExxonMobil Knew They’d Cause Climate Change 38 YEARS AGO


    The Daily Kos reports that senior company scientist James F. Black told executives that “in the first place, there is general scientific agreement that the most likely manner in which mankind is influencing the global climate is through carbon dioxide release from the burning of fossil fuels.”

    Another report, from 1982, “marked ‘not to be distributed externally,’ the company’s environmental affairs office wrote that preventing global warming would require sharp cuts in fossil fuel use. Failure to do so, the document said, could result in ‘some potentially catastrophic events’ that ‘might not be reversible.’” However, Exxon hid this information from the public and fought for years to keep it confirmed.

    This represents one of the biggest cases of what should be considered criminal negligence on behalf of the public at large. Exxon-Mobil, one of the world’s biggest polluters, has spent countless dollars fighting the truth that they themselves discovered more than thirty years ago. The Guardian reported that Exxon has given “more than $2.3m to members of Congress and a corporate lobbying group that deny climate change and block efforts to fight climate change – eight years after pledging to stop its funding of climate denial.”

    The blatant disregard for the very fate of our planet and, potentially, human civilization as we know it in favor of greed and short-term profit margins is just mind-blowing. These men must be brought to justice for the harm that they have caused and continue to cause every day. The fact that they and the rest of their fossil fuel cronies receive some $7 billion in tax breaks every year to pollute our atmosphere and extort the American consumer makes their crime so much worse. It unfortunately comes as no surprise, but it is a damning indictment of the greed and selfishness of American fossil fuel companies.

  • A nice photo here:

    The content of the article confirms what I have been saying about corruption/ineptitude/lack of systems in NZ (mirroring the rest of the western world, of course).

  • @Guy McPherson

    Our senses of humor seem to be quite different :-) But anyway, thanks for your frank and timesaving answer.

  • kevin, the two pieces by Yalie “historian” Timothy Synder published in the NYT & the Guardian are blatently preposterous & glaring historical frauds.

    The effectiveness of Zionist propaganda reigns almost without opposition.

    Stevie Spielberg’s carefull orchestrated imagery is soundly established in the Goyims’ brains.

    The PBS rendition of the Holy Holocaust religion has done its job.

    The identity with Weimar is uncanny.

    Most toiling innocent pilgrims will never know the truth.

    It’s the Hitler Zombie, the Holy Holocaust with gas chambers & ovens, German anti-science …

    Not Jewish chosenness, not Zionist murder & land theft, not the Gaza Concentration Camp & routine Israeli butchery …

    All from a Yalie historical scholar …

    Here is the diametric opposite to Zionist propagandist Synder’s outright fraud from forthright Israeli scholar, Gilad Atzmon.

    From Rabbi Yosef to Marx | Dissident Voice

  • .
    just sittin’ on this runaway train, staring out the window, with a cat on my lap.

  • How Humans Cause Mass Extinctions

    “A pretty no-nonsense delineation of the present situation. Speaking plainly about a couple of the root causes of the ever accelerating 6th Mass Extinction: unsustainable over consumption and the population bomb. Meanwhile the vast majority of humans ensconced in the life-extinguishing system of death that is Industrial Civilization, can’t wait to have more babies and buy more shit that they don’t need. Without much of a fight as Chris Hedges has said, ” we have surrendered our lives to corporate forces that ultimately serve systems of death.” And we now must reap what we’ve sown.” -OSJ

  • @Curious and @oldgrowthforest
    Thanks for acknowledging my input on your discussion from the other day.

    Thanks for your kind words, they are much appreciated. :)

    Don’t get kicked out of class, you’ll miss the slide show!

    (sorry for the re-post, I initially posted it to the wrong thread.) :(

  • [rant]

    I’m perennially bemused by the number of people here who have all the facts at their disposal, yet still think it’s useful:

    – to brand other victims of the system as criminals simply because circumstance threw them up to a higher node in the social tree;
    – to deny the underpinning role that material circumstances have had in the evolution of social structures including the soft technologies of culture, politics, economics etc. as well as the development of classical technologies;
    – to ignore the role of evolutionary psychology in human social behaviour;
    – to dismiss the role that the laws of physics and derivatives such as MPP have had in shaping our social behaviour as a species;
    – to deny the role that energy capture has in shaping culture;
    – to imagine that group behaviour operates to the same rules as individual behaviour;
    – to imagine that politics or culture have anything helpful to say about how this whole adventure will turn out; and
    – to keep on fighting, resisting, separating, denigrating and blaming.

    It beggars my imagination that anyone can do all the the required personal work – integrating all the interwoven information about what’s happening and what human beings are really like, doing all the bone-shaking grief and Shadow work required to bring one’s emotions under some degree of conscious control – and after that NOT come to the conclusion that the towel has been thrown in long ago (indeed was never ours to keep or throw in to begin with), accept that fact along with all the others, and get on with living out their allotted span in the most graceful fashion they can muster.

    The only conclusion I can come to is that those posting here are little different from the great unwashed, and have in fact NOT done the hard work that is required to come to terms with NTHE.


    Have a good evening, everyone.

  • Keep getting a suggested link from Google, so I checked it out….

    What pathetic blather; and from a “pension economist”, whatever the hell that is. The author quotes Gernot Wagner, the “lead senior economist” for the Environmental Defense Fund, who “estimates there’s a 10% chance of a catastrophic outcome”. WOW, now that’s an ignorant statement!

    The author’s premise seems to be that scientists taking a more extreme view (um, that would be telling the TRUTH), might be hurting their cause “exaggerating the likelihood of extreme outcomes not only give deniers ammunition, it undermines convincing—even if not entirely certain—science.”

    The article includes such pearls of wisdom as this:

    “It’s tempting to shout from the rooftops that this is a disaster waiting to happen, because the downside is so scary—even if it will only impact our grandchildren.”

    — and this:

    “People can understand this [the cost of “the solution”: cap & trade and renewables], and be willing to pay now to protect themselves—even if total disaster is unlikely and not imminent.”

    So this sponsored link comes to us from QUARTZ, self described here: “Quartz is a digitally native news outlet, born in 2012, for business people in the new global economy.” Nuff said. Neocon shit for neocon shitheads.

    OK, so I’m no fan of economists, in fact, I really can’t stand them one iota. I’m thinking the best use for economists — especially pension economists — might just be to grind them up and turn them into cat food.

  • kevin moore Says:
    September 16th, 2015 at 2:10 pm

    “I said several months ago: “We will have many answers in September.”

    Well, we have. The ice in the Arctic Sea, though declining dramatically, did not decline to a record low, and now is reforming.

    The financial markets took severe hits but have been propped up via central bank money-printing. Of course, we will have to wait another 6 weeks to see whether or not there will be an October surprise.

    The machine staggers on for the moment, and may stagger on for another 12 months.

    And as long as it does stagger on, I quietly work in my garden, slowly increasing its productivity and reducing its maintenance requirements.

    So no, I haven’t given up. I just don’t expend energy where it results in no return.”

    Why only another 12 months? Why not 24? 36?……… The markets can be propped up forever, even if daily life turns into utter destructive chaos. The earth’s ecosystem? It cannot be faked, you can’t print lower levels of CO2,…. Oh sure, you can lie about this stuff, but the material reality will still be out there.

  • Gerald has taken a lot of flack for pointing out, in a very direct manner, who runs the world, and how vicious those people are.

    Unfortunately, there is much evidence Gerald has been correct.

    Over the past decade I have come to realise that there are two histories, the one that the people in control want everyone to believe, and the real one -that a tiny minority, composed mostly of money-lending Jews, have manipulated governments and populations for their own purposes.

    I wondered for a long time why the Nazis followed the course they did. This speech, from over 50 years ago, goes a long way to explaining that and several other matters.

  • Regarding the Radio Curious interview, Guy does a better job than just about anyone explaining self-reinforcing feedback loops. For something so seemingly obvious — it’s a rather difficult concept to get across to folks. It’s a blind spot is suppose, like our inability to understand the exponential function, as per Albert Bartlett. Alas, we humans, with our propensity towards procrastination and short-term thinking, apparently aren’t evolutionarily equipped to process such concepts.

    Oh well… carry on.

  • Jeff S.

    ‘Why only another 12 months? Why not 24? 36?……… The markets can be propped up forever, even if daily life turns into utter destructive chaos. The earth’s ecosystem? It cannot be faked, you can’t print lower levels of CO2,…. Oh sure, you can lie about this stuff, but the material reality will still be out there.’

    Firstly there is the work done by ASPO over a decade ago, which indicated the peaking of conventional oil extraction before 2010, with unconventional oil propping up the system until around 2015, after which ASPO forecast global extraction to decline.

    Tverberg, Murphy and others looked at the matter more recently and suggested a steep global decline in available liquid fuels commencing around 2015. Jeffery Brown developed the Land-Export model and pointed out that increasing domestic consumption impacts severely on exports, causing an even more rapid fall in globally tradable oil than geological depletion would suggest. In practice, oil consumption has fallen in many locations as the general populaces of numerous nations have become impoverished, part of the reason for the collapse in oil prices witnessed over the past year or so.

    The issuing of ‘junk bonds’ (high risk, high interest) enabled frackers to increase US oil and condensate extraction between 2010 and 2015, which has countered the on-going depletion of conventional wells in the short term: however, most fracked wells have extraordinarily high depletion rates -extraction falling by 80% in the first three years. Plummeting oil prices has resulted in most frackers losing money. Many months ago it was reported that frackers had spent in one year something like $100 billion more than they had earned, and several companies have already defaulted on junk bonds.

    Meanwhile, companies poured billions into Athabasca extraction processes that have always been environmentally uneconomic but are now financially uneconomic: what works at $100 a barrel doesn’t work at all well at under $50 a barrel.

    There can be no substantial rise in energy prices because such a rise would crush already struggling global trade and bring the system down. Yet current prices also bring the system down, with the cost extraction exceeding the value of oil extracted in numerous locations. As we all at NBL know, every aspect of the system is a no-win game long term, simply propped up by governments in the short term for short term reasons.

    Then there is the matter of interest rates. These have been held at historically low levels for many years, and in numerous countries negative interest rates apply. Europe in now dependent on printing money to doesn’t have to buy energy it cannot afford at prices energy suppliers cannot sustain.

    I agree, money-printing will continue, and markets will continue to be rigged. But nothing can counter the global decline in net energy.

  • For the love of God, can we PLEASE STOP WITH THE ANTI-JEWISH, PRO-NAZI BULLSHIT ON HERE???? How do you not see that blaming an entire ethnicity for the actions of a few people within that ethnicity is fucked up?? Do you honestly think that herding Jewish children into gas chambers was somehow justified? Or are you one of those assholes that pretend it didn’t happen? Why do you hone in on “the Jews” for “running everything” when clearly- CLEARLY- there are people from every race, creed, ethnicity and religion that do horrible things? And why do you ignore the positives? For instance, what about the high percentage of Jewish people that took part in the civil rights movement of the 60s (and seem to also continue to participate in social movements at a high rate)?


    Sorry for the 3rd post, I just can’t help myself. Even in spite of my own personal policy not to respond to these douche bags.

  • .

    I can relate. For some reason the other day I clicked on one of those utube links that appears in the player after you finish watching a video. It was some expert or another from NASA debunking the danger of CO2 emissions.

    After a drawn out and very complicated display of technical calculations, he wrapped up with the conclusion that CO2 had about doubled in our atmosphere. Then he went on to say how this wasn’t a problem at all because we have much higher levels of CO2 than that inside the international space station, and that the humans on board can still breathe fine. He then said submarines have even higher levels of CO2 than that, like 8000 ppm, and the crews on board those subs can still breathe that air … for up to six months even. That was his presentation, his whole point.

    Who the fuck ever said the problem would have anything to do with asphyxiation?

    I couldn’t believe it … debunking something that isn’t even an issue. What an ass.


    Economist cat vittles … I love it. However, my cat probably wouldn’t eat it. Maybe economists could be useful as sandbags for our more frequent floods (after grinding them up of course.)

    I winced when the dufus from your article criticized people for being alarmed about something that was only going to affect their grandchildren. [sarcasm]That’s right buddy … fuck those noisy little grandchildren anyway, hey? [/sarcasm] What a cannibal.

  • LWA,
    A local geologist here who has written a book on the geology of Australia occasionally writes letters to the editor of a local newspaper
    explaining that the atmospheric CO2 levels are not a problem.
    One of his arguments was to quote the CO2 levels of the breath we exhale
    (I forget how many thousand ppm it is),using that level to argue that the current atmospheric CO2 levels are well below any dangerous level.
    Truly bizarre.
    I had a decades-long friendship with another geologist here which I terminated because of his persistent climate denialism.
    The situation in Australia is that an Australian geology professor,Ian
    Plimer, wrote a book,’Heaven and Earth’,and another geology professor,
    Bob Carter,wrote a book (I can’t remember its title at present),
    Both argue that atmospheric CO2 is benign and actually beneficial.
    Carter receives funding from the Heartland institute,and I’m not sure about Plimer.Plimer is retired and specialized in mining geology.
    Carter is now retired,and specialized in marine geology. Neither have
    published anything related to climate science. Both Plimer and Carter
    have done a lot of public speaking and have been an important factor here in the public dismissal of concern about climate disruption.
    The average person thinks that they are getting correct information when they go to a lecture by a geology professor. There influence is now subsiding a bit, but as I know from arguments with my geologist former friend,often the argument would descend to absurd levels,such as
    ‘Plimer is an excellent geologist,so he must be right.’

  • Don’t u just love verbal vomit (what a descriptive phrase, just heard it today on NPR – I think?).

  • @twimc

    Auschwitz had its own soccer stadium, its own library, its own photo lab, its own symphony, its own hospital, and no gas chambers until after WW II.

    The word “holocaust” was rarely heard before early 1970s.

    When Solzhenitsyn related that sixty-six million “real Russians” have been murdered since the Bolshevik Revolution at the hands of communist revolutionaries, well, civilization better listen.

  • Kevin, what’s next? Crop circles? I told you last month you were getting worse and now you have jumped on the jew hating bandwagon. You’re not spending nearly enough time in that garden.

    G Spazio, I think you’ve been bitter all your life because your people got their ass whooped during and after the war. Sadly, you will probably carry that hate to your grave.

    BBC: “The Savage Peace

    This documentary focuses on the extrajudicial and organized violence carried out against minorities after World War II, chiefly among them the 10,000,000+ German civilians who were expelled from Eastern Europe after the war and the at least 2,000,000 who fled under pressure from the Soviet advance. Similar events were experienced by Finnish, Polish, Ukrainian, Caucasian, and other minorities in the course of expulsion. The controversial subject of Soviet war rape is explored. Although the Red Cross estimated at least 2,000,000 deaths among German expellees, the more substantial estimate is around 400,000.

  • I find it fascinating that so many people are prepared to totally ignore the really big elephant in the room, and accuse anyone who offers alternatives to the mainstream narrative, or even undeniable facts, as meriting abuse.

    Indeed, it has been my experience throughout life has been that those who refuse to look at evidence frequently resort to abuse of those who do.

    Questioning the mainstream narrative amounts to heresy, which is one of the reasons the scumbags in control are able to maintain control.

    There must be some deep psychological stuff worthy of discussion here for those who can be bothered. I can’t be.

  • Kirk… My grateful thanks for the Hitler reacts to climate change clip which may just be the funniest thing I have ever seen.

    I didn’t think I had any laughter left in me, but five seconds in I was laughing out loud and by the “just shoot me” line I had tears of mirth running down my cheeks!
    Just fucking brilliant and a great antidote to the black is bitter mood I have been in lately.

    RIP Daniel Keighley, musical director and promoter of the Sweetwaters music festivals of the 1980s.I did a couple of years with them as a carpenter and stand in security. The latter giving me one of those million dollar moments that you remember for ever, involving a patched gang member with a running chainsaw who parted 15000 concert goers like Moses parting the Red Sea. Surfice to say it ended well.
    But Christ I feel old, Daniel was two years younger than me.

  • Friday, September 18, 2015
    Arctic Sea Ice Collapse Threatens – Update 9


    In 2015, ocean heat has been melting the sea ice from underneath. So, even while the currently lower temperatures of the air may have resulted in a slight increase in extent over the past week, the added ice is very thin. Ocean heat first of all goes into melting the thickest sea ice, i.e. the parts that are meters below the surface. This because the water at surface level is colder than the water underneath the surface. This explains why much of the water surface will remain covered by (very thin) ice as air temperatures are now falling (compared to air temperatures over the past few months).


    In conclusion, while the sea ice appears to have survived the 2015 melting season without collapsing, the threat that this will occur in the coming years is ominous. Lack of multi-year sea ice makes that sea ice is in a very vulnerable situation. Total collapse of sea ice is therefore more likely to happen in the coming years. Every time ocean heat will arrive in the Arctic Ocean at its fullest strength in future, this heat will no longer be able to be fully absorbed by the process of melting thick sea ice, so what’s left of the sea ice will melt very quickly.

    There is a strengthening El Niño, while more open water increases the chance that storms will develop that will push the last remnants of the sea ice out of the Arctic Ocean, as discussed in earlier posts such as this one. Storms can also mix warm surface waters all the way down to the seafloor, as discussed in this earlier post. Cyclones that emerge with greater force due to high sea surface temperatures further increase this danger.


    The U.S. West dries up: Satellite view of soil moisture content, 14 September 2015

    (NASA) – At the end of summer 2015, the western United States continues to face a deep, ongoing drought. Conditions were particularly severe in California, Oregon, and Washington, where below-average precipitation has had a large, lasting effect on water supplies.

    [check out the map for your state – in PA it’s dryin’ up too, slowly]

  • Let’s see if I got the comments right.
    Hunter-gatherers were super-peaceful proto-hippies until Jews came along.
    Technophilia is a computer thing and NOT a flint-knapping thing.
    Sea ice and methane are all that matters.
    Our feelings about NTME are more important than NTME.
    This place is a narcissistic, bi-polar, ego-maniacal paradise.
    I love it!

    Infrastructure Doom! 25 Million Miles Of New Roads In 15 Years Spell Death For Life On Earth from collapse

  • First degree murder is based on state of mind, knowledge about what will happen if certain things are not abated.

    Get depraved heart murder?

  • The bi-polar thing was inappropriate.
    Please substitute it with quad-polar.

  • These comments are on a wide array of topics, some of which are interesting to me and some are not. It is very difficult to follow the various threads of a particular discussion.

    This site does offer a threaded discussion forum which is designed to handle these types of posts. For some reason, the forum is moribund.

    Please consider using the discussion forum, particularly for those of you who are posing interesting news links, etc.

    NBL Forum

  • IF ONLY, the US had been blockaded by someone… anyone.

    “The collapse of the Soviet Union, in conjunction with a corresponding tightening of the five-decades-long US blockade, meant that Cuba could no longer import sufficient food or oil. The country responded to the shortage of petroleum-based pesticides and fertilizers by becoming the world’s leader in organic agriculture. It responded to the shortage of fuel by becoming a leader in urban agriculture to diminish the need to transport food great distances to markets. As a result, more than 80 percent of the country’s agricultural production is now organic.”

    “According to Cuban permaculturalist Roberto Pérez, Cuba established the foundation for a more ecologically sustainable society more than fifty years ago “when the revolution gained sovereignty over the resources of the country, especially the land and the minerals, this was the base for sustainability. You cannot think about sustainability if your resources are in the hands of a foreign country or in private hands. Even without knowing, we were creating the basis for sustainability.”

    Want to read more?

    Shud’ve moved to Cuba long ago…except for SLR. Maybe they have some peaks to survive on?

  • keeping track of ‘things’ sure gets old. gravity is a drag. hunters and gatherers here we come.

  • ‘Indeed, it has been my experience throughout life has been that those who refuse to look at evidence frequently resort to abuse of those who do. ‘

    kevin, i think it’s a 2 way street. i avoid sheeple, especially ‘conservatives’, a lot in part because i get so frustrated with them, i can’t think of any honest way to relate to them without resorting to blunt, vulgar, offensive language. so instead i surrender, try to accept that our species is hopelessly flawed (and doomed), silently despair, and try to enjoy life’s little pleasures while i can.

  • Shud have read the entire article before I send the article on Cuba from CounterPunch.

    There is much more about the turn to Capitalism and the comparison of the Socialist way vs the Kapital way. Should be required reading.

    I am sending to my sister who is a US MSM taught and therefore ignorant person in a ton of areas. It is truly sad the way we are stained in this country. BTW, the article talks about the virtual absence of violent crime in Cuba and the fact that many people ‘own” their business, essentially because of the collapse of Socialism and the US blockage which had the effect of inventive thinking due to necessity.

    Great reading!!

  • The Counterpunch article on Cuba is indeed fantastic reading. As I read into the second half, I got a very strange sensation. It was one I remembered dimly from bygone days, but had not felt in quite a while. It took me a while to recognize it. Then I realized – this is what hope feels like. Imagine that!

    Then I was gifted with a pointer to the Canadian LEAP Manifesto. For the first time in years I actually signed something like this.

    Between those two, my rock-ribbed cynicism is taking quite a beating today. and I love the feeling!


  • 44 south

    Thanks for the notice. I had not heard that Daniel had died. Hadn’t seen him for about 3 years, and busy doing other things.

    1983/4 Sweetwaters -yes, those were the days! Before NZ got fully corporatized and looted.

    Regarding Jewish control of the world: there is much evidence that people who call themselves Jews are actually largely descended from peasants living in what is now southwest Russia, and that Jewishness is more a state of mind than a race. As with most matters, we are unlikely to discover the whole truth.

    A largely unknown incident suggests ‘Jews’ had gained control of the USA many decades ago (if not a century ago): media blackout, blackmail, cover-up, ‘the families still want answers’….all the usual stuff.

  • it is beyond strange that a tiny jewish theocracy established by trickery and violence after ww2 can attack it’s seemingly much more powerful benefactor/’ally’ with complete and utter impunity. i’ve never gotten too far into jewish bankers ruling the world conspiracy claims, but that one simple fact imo speaks volumes. along with the fact that israel to this day is guilty of genocidal war crimes against palestinians, and the u.s. corporate media and political establishment can do nothing but sing it’s praises, support it’s policies, and demonize it’s victims.


  • @Apneaman, many thanks for posting “The Savage Peace” I tried to find that docu awhile back and was unable to. Very happy to have this link. The German Expulsion, which was the greatest ethnic cleansing in history, was long silenced and is little known. Maybe if better known it will help to put the migration from Syria (and many more to come) in a wider perspective. There is a recent sober and careful history about the German expulsion by R.M. Douglas with the ironic title “Orderly and Humane” It was published in 2012 by Yale U Press.

    @Kevin Moore. Your post inspired me to pull my Norman Finkelstein books off the bookshelf for another look. He has done considerable research on the post WWII Israeli-Palastinian conflict. I was hoping he had done some research into the WWI connection, but I found nothing. Finkelstein has been maligned for his views against Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians. He can belabor points and get a bit carried away, but is worth reading. Have read, “Beyond Chutzpah: On the Misuse of Anti-Semitism and the Abuse of History”; and “The Holocaust Industry: Reflections on the Exploitation of Jewish Suffering”

    Here is a docu about him:

  • @Babajingo: thank you for typing my thoughts — pretty much word-for-word, BTW, and I quote:


    Now I’m not so much into the whole love of God thing, but the sentiment was spot-on. I don’t care if folks love God, or Toads (among of my favorites), or even the mighty Ten-Legged One (a water tower in “Godless” a middle school novel), but for crying out loud could we leave the Jew-bashing to some other pro-Nazi, skinhead site and not here? Please?

    If we could just concentrate for a few minutes a day on issues relating to Abrupt Climate Change, NTHE and all the related issues about stuff like methane, CO2, sea ice extent & volume, fossil fuel use, and even deep emotional stuff like dealing with loss and grief, wouldn’t that be just nifty? Come on, kids, grow up and give it a try.

  • @Kevin

    Why did President Johnson betray the U.S.S. Liberty?

    How could Johnson let the Israelis get away with attacking America and then kiss their asses into the bargain?

    I think Israel had LBJ by the nuts for his role in the JFK assassination.


    How to make sense of this? The health care makes the most sense to me. The agriculture is the most puzzling. I’ve found a way to grow produce that is super personal. It’s also super imperfect sometimes and the opposite at others. I doubt that this way could be taught. I can’t see it being practical in Cuba. It’s anarchic. Can anarchy only thrive in a corrupt, over developed culture?

  • “Why did President Johnson betray the U.S.S. Liberty? How could Johnson let the Israelis get away with attacking America and then kiss their asses into the bargain? I think Israel had LBJ by the nuts for his role in the JFK assassination.”

    My research into the case of the USS Liberty is that the Israelis had LBJ’s permission to attack the ship. By this analysis, Johnson and his cabinet wanted a pretext to invade Egypt. Only the arrival of a Soviet listening ship blew the scam.

    Not speaking for Kevin M. He may or may not have a different read on this aspect of the event.

    History is mystery; your milage may vary….

  • @BVinVT, I just take all this to be the natural reaction of individuals under stress, although it does unfortunately clutter the board with “hot button” topics which have ample (many would say too much) bandwidth elsewhere on the Internet. I don’t care so much what beliefs people hold but am concerned that such volatile issues are going to turn people off to Guy’s message. Too easy to dismiss us all out of hand as “a bunch of holocaust deniers”, etc. If people are truly interested in pursuing these side themes, perhaps a thread on the NBL Forum would be more appropriate?

    Now, that said, I’ve come to be objectively intrigued by the notion of human biodiversity, a field of study that will never(?) achieve standing because of its inconvenient racialist overtones.

    But here are a few things to think about: human evolution does not just |stop| at the moment of certain cultural self-awarenesses and abstractions (“we are human and everything else is not”, or “we are spiritual”, “evolved” or what-have-you), nor at the point of literature and our beginning to write everything down “in stone” in order to fix it in time for ourselves. Nor does it stop at the “Enlightenment”, nor at the modern industrial era, nor at any other time. Nothing is fixed in time, including the definition of humanity. Human individuals express different genetic traits just like any other breeding (not cloned) animal. The relatively new field of epigenetics traces genetic changes wrought by environmental context, even of an individual’s progenitors, and the process of speciation and sub-speciation continues undeterred by our awareness/approval of it or lack thereof.

    Having just come back from the Tunbridge World’s Fair, I now know more than I did yesterday about pig breeding and what physical characteristics are sought and obtained over just one or two generations.

    People who want to believe in what I might call—in a modern sense—”basic human equality” really have a hard case to make for it. A valid *political* trope as far as it goes, it really doesn’t address our real physical and social world, which operates in a hierarchical fashion our of current necessity. Another Fair snapshot was a booth hosted by the Republican Party (yes, there are a couple-dozen Republicans in VT): they had a coin-in-jar “poll”, and the candidate with the most loot was (drum roll)… Donald Trump! People hem and haw over the ascendancy of this character, pretending not to understand the rich subliminal communication he transmits as a potential “leader”.. he’s a classic Big Man who exudes power just by exuding his lack of fucks for anyone else on the stage. It’s the sort of visceral popularity that is impervious to logic, because it does not operate on conscious, logical, channels.

    I have no problem believing Nazis carried out the holocaust, just as I have no problem believing Israel’s Palestinian genocide and the US’s irrational support and tolerance of their criminal behavior. But, however folks may think humans *were* (whether humans were ever like that or not is irrelevant), this is how humans *are now*, of necessity. What you see is what you get. There is no more room on the planet. There’ll be no more equality borne of abundance, because abundance has evaporated. Like rats in the overcrowding experiments of the 1960s-70s (carried out in part, if I am not mistaken, out of social concern for humans having to grow up in housing projects and the like), people will act contextually to existential stress with various destructive and seemingly-psychotic mechanisms, most of which won’t be pleasant (eg., Rwanda, Cambodia, etc.). Which is the “true” rat? The rat that lives harmoniously when times are fat, or the rat who cannibalizes its young or attacks others when times are hard? Both. Both are the true rat.

    I know I have societal status for a limited number of reasons: enough abstract “wealth” (as is currently commonly understood) to have my head above water for now, serendipitous membership in a currently-privileged ethnic group, a certain facility with language. Any of those things could backfire and render me a target. I’m vastly physically inferior to younger folks and folks who have, out of necessity or temperament, followed athletic careers or pastimes. Skills I bring to the table are either obsolete or not yet valued. I don’t have a firearm for defense. As it stands today, I’m definitely somebody’s definition of a “useless eater”. In fact, I’m my own definition of a “useless eater”! ;-)

    As the global refugee crises continue to unfold and worsen, and as we begin to see these crises also unfold internally to the US, how much will the old crises (killing fields, holocaust, Native American extermination) actually concern us? I’m not saying they *don’t* matter, but that they *won’t* matter, as people fight for their own lives and the superior command of their own group over resources under what will be increasingly lawless or fascistic conditions the world over. Democracy is a parlor game we can play when the wolf isn’t at the door. Does anyone think the Sunni/Shia rift is over religion? It’s over resources, as are all religious and, indeed, human contentions.

    There are too many rats in this cage of a world.

  • [I should say, the US’s *apparently*-irrational support…]

  • lidia,

    It’s not that what has occurred matters. It’s who the people here are that matters. It’s what we do now that matters.

    It says something about us, about everything we say to each other, that it becomes an issue at all.

    I want to tell you that I do not make a point of discussing culture. It is just that I see the perspectives on this site so extremely culturally slanted and limited!

    I am not a great deal American Indian by race, only about one-eighth. I had an unusual childhood in that I was exposed to traditional culture from birth through my adulthood through generations of elders. However, I was educated in California in the late 50s through the early 70s. I have lived in America along with everyone else, acquired an education, held responsible managerial and paraprofessional positions in the fields of medicine and law.

    What matters is now and the relationship now, and how people treat each other now. And for whatever reason, the people here do what the people here do. And from my perspective, a lot of it is quite limited and culturally and racially biased in the extreme. That’s just my perspective, and I have lived in both worlds my entire life and have existed in mainstream America as a Caucasian if I so chose as long as I chose. Sometimes people see me and can tell I’m Native American, but the largest majority of the time, no, because I’m not dark.

    The way we communicate with each other with words here virtually requires violence for some reason, and it is the people and the choices we make in every moment.

    mea culpa, mea culpa

  • And because the conversation is so biased, it becomes virtually religious in nature, like tvt’s recent essay. Personally, I love religion, many of them. I love Buddhism, technically not a religion, but so many parallels within Buddhism to the best of traditional religions. I love the language, and the parables, and moral and philosophical and cosmological aspects. I love how religion addresses human suffering and human destructiveness.

    Do I like organized religion? Not at all. I never step foot in a church. Do I think religion is The Problem? No. From what I can tell, this culture does Science, with a capital “S,” exactly like it used to do religion, like psychotic and psychopathic fundamentalists. Hate the Catholic church? Hey, they weren’t the building nuclear power plants and weaponry and all the poison on that front. Talk to the scientists about that stuff. Should I make a list about all the ills this site is dedicated to and go through it and list the scientific and academic fields that are one hundred percent responsible for destroying the entire planet in the last 65 years?

    But hating on religion is a shadow projection that is acceptable and even required in some circles.

    Kindness is so weak, isn’t it? It makes it difficult for me to even discuss what counts, because I can barely get through the personal prejudices and the bigotry that is directed toward any number of traditional values that many, many very good and intelligent people have found beneficial in their lives.

    For example, I have written in the past about a doctor I shared an office with for a couple of years. He was an outstanding provider in a specialty field, perinatology. He was beyond brilliant as a practitioner, and well respected.

    No one can debate his science-based education and career! It is one of the most demanding possible. This doctor was also a devout Jew. Period. And a student of Kabbalah.

    Now. Do you think I have more respect for what anyone on this site says about religion, people who clearly actually know little about the subject as evidenced by their wildly general and superficial comments and essays, or do I respect someone like my friend and roommate the gifted, kind, compassionate, dedicated to human suffering, near-saintly doctor?

    God, no. And I think that doctor is much smarter than anyone I ever seen post here, and certainly including myself. And he’s deeply religious.

    So getting through all the prejudices that are brought to this site just to talk about anything is pretty much impossible for me. So, the only times I really feel compelled to write at all pretty much is when I’m just so outraged by the mean and stupid that I feel like I just can’t help myself.

    however, I’ve been doing much better at that lately, and without it, there isn’t much to say here. That’s about all this group inspires in me most of the time, because of who you are. I have lots more to me than being pissed off about racism, and other places don’t bring it out in me nearly so much.

  • Hi Kevin
    Our Judeo-Christian elites have and continue to commit war crimes, yet we do not condemn ordinary English, French or American people many who cannot stop them. Yes, Jewish elites have committed crimes too and the the Zionist neocons of Warshington continue to support israel in its war crimes as well as their own: the invasion of Iraq, the destruction of Libya. Yet, the vast majority of jewish people have nothing to do with this and are innocent,they merely wish to live out their lives like the rest of us. Therefore Hitler’s nazi Germany was wrong to persecute the Jewish people, it was their zionist elites in America who caused the trouble.A whole people should not be condemned for its criminal elites.

  • tvt

    ‘i’ve never gotten too far into jewish bankers ruling the world conspiracy claims,’

    They are not conspiracy claims: they are conspiracy facts. Money-lenders, mostly of Jewish (or southwest Russian) ancestry did conspire to take over the world. And they largely succeeded.

    Reposting this, since the message, although sent many times, still has not been universally received:

    Phil Morrison

    ‘I think Israel had LBJ by the nuts for his role in the JFK assassination’

    Very likely. Plus a whole lot of other unmentionable stuff.


    Thanks for the link.


    ‘I told you last month you were getting worse and now you have jumped on the jew hating bandwagon’

    It’s a pity that you cannot distinguish between seeking truth and hating. Also, you need to distinguish between hating a group of people and despising the leaders of a group of people who have misled and manipulated that group of people.

    The world is full of ignorant, stupid, stubborn people. And people who jump to erroneous conclusions.

    Thanks for the link: it confirms and extends the narratives previously posted concerning the murder, rape, starvation torture and other abuse of Germans by the Americans, British, French, Poles and Russians over several years following the ‘cessation of hostilities’.


    It might occur to one day that the corrupt, suicidal, omnicidal system that is driving humans and multiple other species to extinction has been, and is being, driven by the financial system, which just happens to be largely controlled by Jews. Or it may never occur to you.

  • @ogf, I have respect for much of what you say, but there is violence in your words, as well. I don’t know if you are referring to me, but I’m not “hating on” religion. I’m personally non-plussed by it and curious to see what benefits there are in believing things one knows not to be true. I can easily understand why “spiritual” people might want to denigrate “scientific” people as having their own irrational beliefs in the saving graces of technology, for example, and while that has a large element of truth, it is also the pot calling the kettle black.

    I am with Paul C. Do you not notice your own prejudices? Do you not notice in your own comments the tiresome need to be different and superior? I notice it in mine.

    I think it’s wonderful that you respect your doctor friend. I’m sure I’d find things to respect about him, as well, just not his irrational beliefs. I think your bringing him into this discussion as a kind of hostage is inappropriate, though. It’s as though you are saying, “how can religion be bad if good people are religious”? It’s a non sequitur.

    I guess I am just not very interested, nor have I ever been, in what makes people irrationally feel better about themselves. While I see this as common and natural, I don’t find it particularly worthy of great interest, much less exaltation. Like masturbation, while it has no objectively useful purpose it makes people feel better, but I really feel better off myself not investigating all the particulars.

    You say that religions “address human suffering and human destructiveness”. But they don’t, do they? They just render lip-service, while turning a blind eye at best and exacerbating the situation at worst. Certain Buddhists, you know, are quite concerned about NTE because it means the end of the pipeline of souls they think they’ll resurrect into. I can’t do anything in the face of this notion but laugh. That will probably offend you, but I can’t help it. I don’t go seeking out religious people in order to be unkind to them; their cockamamie ideas keep beating a path to my door and insinuating themselves into otherwise-serious discussions.

    But that arrogantly assumes that there ARE serious discussions.. and I am gradually disabusing myself of that notion as well.

    So I’ll guess we’ll have to just tolerate this ongoing group masturbation, each one ultimately alone in their own thoughts.

  • Kevin, you are most welcome. I learned of Daniels passing quite by chance via “the panel”,having long lost contact with fellow crew members.
    Thanks also for a lesson on my own presumption and arrogance, given my surprise at your knowing him.
    It seems we have more than just our English birth and bitterness over the destruction of family in common.

    Spring, which felt imminent just a few days ago, now threatens snow once more. Another garden bed weeded today ahead of the rain. Life in the slow death of a thousand cuts goes on.


    Yeah, isn’t there a law against saying bad things about good people.

    The tendency for otherwise logical folks to base beliefs on emotion is why we are so gullible. Repeat that only a terrible person would doubt the official story and soon doubters speak in whispers.

    Then it’s a small step to outlaw doubt and the lie becomes the official *truth*.

  • @Lidia

    Can you speak to the violence in your own words? Can you own it? What purpose is it serving for you? What is its value for your self-image?

  • History should rule BUT history is rewritten for rulers.

    It is said that, “Necessity is the Mother of invention”. May be, but that doesn’t mean the invention is necessary, and rare that it is.”

    Also, money is THE problem. Elites are bullies and Foundation frauds. No one group has a complete hold on anything in this world. They have to have partners in their crimes. All humans are taught, and, given the chance, ALL try to accumulate, by any means necessary, as much as possible because the system demands it. If the individuals on this site were billionaires do u think they would be here?

    BTW, War is hell and the aftermath is even worse, on both sides. What do u think PTSD, revenge motivated, and crazed sex starved soldiers are going to do. Many turn into despicable individuals. They are pissed! DOH!

  • the LEAP Manifesto thing is wildly naive. We have one way and one way only of generating jobs so people can get the money they need in order to not DIE! and that is all built on extracting resources. The one and only reason Canada is as modern and has a high quality standard of living is due to resource extraction.

    Everyone please stop with the “oh we will just transition to a better way of living” BS.