The End of the Planetary Party for Homo sapiens

Humanism is a doctrine of salvation — the belief that humankind can take charge of its own destiny. Among Greens, this has become the ideal of humanity becoming the wise steward of the planet’s resources. But for anyone whose hopes are not centred on their own species the notion that human action can save themselves or the planet must be absurd. They know the upshot is not in human hands. They act as they do not out of the belief that they can succeed, but from an ancient instinct.

For much of their history and all of prehistory, humans did not see themselves as being any different from the other animals among which they lived. Hunter-gatherers saw their prey as equals, if not superiors, and animals were worshipped as divinities in many traditional cultures. They humanist sense of a gulf between ourselves and other animals is an aberration. It is the animist feeling of belonging with the rest of nature that is normal. Feeble as it may be today, the feeling of sharing a common destiny with other living things is embedded in the human psyche. Those who struggle to conserve what is left of the environment are moved by the love of living things, biophilia, the frail bond of feeling that ties humankind to the Earth.

The mass of mankind is ruled not by its intermittent moral sensations, still less by self-interest, but by the needs of the moment. It seems fated to wreck the balance of life on Earth — and thereby to be the agent of its own destruction. What could be more hopeless than placing the Earth in the charge of this exceptionally destructive species? It is not of becoming planet’s wise stewards that Earth-lovers dream, but of a time when humans have ceased to matter.

The preceding paragraphs are extracted from the opening chapter of John Gray’s 2002 book, Straw Dogs: Thoughts on Humans and Other Animals. In this space, I last quoted from Gray’s book in an essay posted in September 2007.

Consistent with my recent approach, I’m pasting below an essay from long ago. In this case, I posted the essay in this space on 14 December 2007. The title is identical to the one posted here today. This essay, and the date it was posted, indicate how long I’ve been writing about near-term human extinction. Although I reached this conclusion in 2002, I dared not discuss the idea for more than five years. The essay is followed by an embedded video clip created by Ivey Cone of Fuki Cafe.

Ross Gelbspan finally figured it out: we’ve reached the tipping point with respect to global climate change. Welcome to the party, Ross. You’re late, but you’re still way ahead of the lamestream media and the American public.

British ecologist James Lovelock scooped you on this story about a decade ago. And NASA scientist James Hansen just keeps saying we have a decade left to solve the our fossil-fuel addiction and the attendant emissions tragedy. He’s been saying it for two decades, though, which makes me wonder if he’s ready to admit we’ve passed the point of no return.

Tipping point? Point of no return? What does those terms mean, anyway?

In my opinion, which echoes Lovelock’s, habitat for our species will be gone by century’s end. I strongly suspect this outlook, like most prior predictions associated with global climate change, is hopelessly optimistic. It would not surprise me if our exit from the planetary stage were complete within three decades. Will we make it to 2100? I’d give us about a zero percent chance.

There is a very human face to this tragedy. Actually, there are about 6.5 billion human faces. Let’s look at one of them.

A dear friend is about eight months away from giving birth. Assuming her child is born on its doctor-determined “due date” of 10 August 2008, it will face a truly Hobbesian existence. S/he will need to survive the terrifying years of rapidly declining energy supplies and the consequent chaos. Perhaps we’ll power down with the tranquility of Buddhist monks. History, however, suggests otherwise. If s/he survives the peak-oil bottleneck, s/he will need some amazing survival skills early in life. Then s/he’d better move north — think way north — within a couple decades. On foot or horseback.

And you thought you were having a bad day?

If s/he manages to eke out an existence for the life expectancy we consider “normal,” s/he’ll be among the last humans on Earth.

Some people have suggested a few humans are bound to survive. But I don’t think we’re quite as special as cockroaches.

Most of the respondents to Gelbspan’s article fall into one of two categories. They either deny we’ve passed the global-warming tipping point, or they deny our inability to solve the problem. Many respondents in both camps chastise Gelbspan for taking away our collective hope, which they believe will cause people to become hedonists.

Hedonists? Americans? Hard to imagine, isn’t it?

Since Oil War II, we’ve been partying like the End Times are here. The fiesta couldn’t get much wilder for the biggest consumers in planetary history. We view the seven deadly sins as personal challenges to be conquered. Daily, preferably. Orgy is just another word for daily life in the Empire.

When will the adults show up? What will it take to end the party?

Increasingly desperate pleas of our dire situation aren’t helping. Guilt stopped working a couple of Popes ago. And we can’t seem to spend our way to a solution.

Seems we’ll have to run out of alcohol before we’ll admit we’re alcoholics. The day’s coming.


I’ll be interviewed by Doug Bennett for Unspun radio on Saturday, 3 October 2015. The show will air for an hour, starting at noon Eastern here. It’s a call-in show, so please ask questions when you connect with us at 530.337.1885.

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  • Shamanism as the road to enlightenment, you say?

    Rev. James Hagee is a magnificent showman/Shaman. Rev. Hagee talks to the Lawd Gawd in heaven.

    Rev, R.B. Suggins down at the Free Will Baptist Church near to Perry FL kin wash away your sinfulness what you done brought with you from being born in sin.

    Rev. Suggins kin do the washin away with jess one big dunkin, too.

  • @digi

    Sorry if viewing music as a tool, one that can be used to unlock stuffed away emotions in peoples hearts, allowing these suppressed emotions to escape, and thereby facilitating healing … is troubling to you. Yes, it’s a tool. I don’t recall saying it wasn’t special, or sacred, or wonderful. It’s just ceased to be such a mystery for me, that’s all. Sorry if that bothers you so much. Get over it.

    A poser now? Alrighty then. Do you have some more for me? Don’t be shy.

  • Maybe, youse guys could put the Second Law of Thermo to some music, & more people could dig it, Man.

    Make it have a good beat & something that you could dance to, Man!

  • Caroline says–Been trying to find the words to describe why Naomi Klein’s book/movie title has irritated me so much . . .

    You’ve probably read Elizabeth Kolbert’s review of Klein’s latest book. Kolbert provides plenty of reasons for being critical of Klein’s work. Klein and Kolbert exchange replies after that.

    My problem with Klein and her work has advanced from irritation to disrespect. Her work begins from a fixed ideological position. In addition, she refuses to discuss population, except to say it is not a problem. Worse, she leaves population out of mathematical equations. For me, that is sufficient grounds to disregard her work on climate change. I don’t plan to see the movie that she and her husband made.

    I saw this video by Paul Ehrlich and was delighted to learn that he, too, is irritated with Naomi Klein (starting around minute 7:30)

  • I just see you back peddling, pal. you should be more careful with your words.

  • Gerald…thank you for your concern, but I assure you I remain rational enough to discern the difference between breakfast and a dogshit sandwich. I also do not have a ponytail and despise much of what is “new age”.
    If you can overcome your natural antipathy toward this subject and actually read the essay, I would value your considered opinion.

    Sabine…I have previously mentioned that I often feel like I am living on a different planet, compared to you lot ” up there”. I see no plant stress here other than frost damage etc and natural signs of aging.
    I was once married to a German woman named Sabine, before she turned orange and flew off to Oregon, so I always read your comments with interest :).

  • @dippy

    Ok dipshit. Maybe you’re the poser, since you don’t seem to even know what that tool your wielding is even supposed to be used for. It’s not about you and your stinkin’ art, dude. It’s for healing. That’s what I do with it, for as many people as I can get myself in front of. You and your three friends and your ego about your mysterious art that you don’t even seem to understand. That’s what I was trying to discuss with you from the very start. But, I think I’ve just encountered a wannabe. Get stuffed.

    Have fun with your arrogance about your ignorance dude. Or, maybe lay off the crack.

  • @ Jef and to Gerald Spezio

    Yes, guys.. I totally get it and knew that some of you hecklers out there would be all over me in regards to jumping on a jet plane. I don’t have to explain myself to yahoo’s like yourself but I will anyway. Firstly, I had this trip to Europe planned for over a year. A dear friend who died from ALS and was a devout Catholic asked if I could take her husband and two daughters to Avila Spain for a sort of spiritual pilgrimage in honor of Judy’s memory. I really don’t enjoy traveling anymore and this was my first trip to Europe since 2003. I even lamented as to the carbon being belched outside my window as I sat there, knowing what my actions were doing. But I was really obligated to get my friends to Spain and France to honor Judy. Air travel accounts for approximately 16% of CO2 emissions. So, yes…. you are correct that I am part of the CO2 problem. But you know what? Don’t tell me that neither of you don’t drive a car, or use a washer and drier to wash your clothes or don’t use a refrigerator. ALL of us are causing this slow motion train wreck… so none of us are without guilt. Thankfully, now that I’m back in the States… I don’t have to see an airplane for a loooooong time.


  • Not the stupid shamanism of Jesus, Jehovah, Abraham, Moses, lusting priests eyeing the grocery boys, fat rebbes selling Jewish Chosen-ness & money changing …

    The real sacred shamanism about the pure spirits, big visions, & precious essences – what you get from two maybe three bouts with ayahuasca, peyote, ecstasy, & mescaline, Man.

    Redneck assholes drinking Jack Daniels ain’t never gonna see the true Lawd Gawd, but the stupid boozing bastids are still gonna say that they did.

    People is evin sayin that Rev. Hagee is swiggin Southern Comfort behind the rectory to get his visions of complete Israeli control of the Middle East.

    Mama said that much of it is foma, lies, & krep; if a smart person was to take a good hard look.

  • I tried to find out how much coal has to be burned to present a rock concert to 60 000 sheeple with much more than enough sound and light to mesmerize them. I do not know the answer but surely enough to “shamanistically” move energy, more so if you are on the stage. With that insane level of energy/power dispersion, it is easy to understand the hubris.

  • Hey milendia, you’ve hit on exactly why I don’t gig these days. Cheers! Guess what, everybody has hubris, even you.


    Well, I guess that’s that. I find less and less I’m able to talk about on this site every day I’m here. What’s the point in that? None.

    “Shamanism as the road to enlightenment, you say?”

    No. You say that, Gerald, apparently.

    Enlightenment is the way to enlightenment. Go figure. Shamanism is just its own voyage, another tool, with it’s own uses and insights. Nothing even quite as special as you seem to fantasize it even is, actually. What do (or did) you do for money Gerald? Something worthy in your mind and according to you?

    Anyone who confuses shamanism with a baptist preacher is so woefully ignorant on the subject, that I don’t even know what to say to that. Stupidity abounds.

    Personally, I guess I’ve had enough. Between digi and his deluded romanticism of art, to Bud and his tunnel vision square brain, to the Jew hating Gerald. Fuck, you know I can find all this in my own neighborhood without so much typing involved. No offense, but I really haven’t learned anything new here that I didn’t know already regarding where and even when our world is heading … by just looking around and using my own senses.

    To all those who I’ve touched minds with here in my short stay, thanks and much love. To the morons and even the jew hating morons … phhhht.

    What a fucking joke the human race is. Oh look, the gnomes brought home my unicorn, the one that got frightened away the other day by Bud. I’m riding her off into the sunset in search of higher vibrations. They are out there, you know. There were a few here too, but it’s hard to hear them through all the noise, and I think there’s too much mental policing going on here too, which just makes people fall silent about the best topics, and what’s the point in that? So, we only ever get to talk about Gerald’s hatred of Jews do we? Gimme a break. You are a sick man Gerald.

    Unit 5,947,244,002 over and out. Thanks for your hospitality Guy. Your one of the good ones, for sure.


  • Oh and milenda, how much CO2 did your son create flying to Montreal and then back again to Vancouver for his visit? Was that really necessary? Far less than a nice rock concert, which created far more benefit for far more people all at once. Talk about hubris.

  • Sorry, I meant the plane used far more, and the concert used far less. But, what the fuck ever.

  • LWA- before you go… do you wanna get married?

    Hahahaha! I wish you wouldn’t leave.

  • Not directed at anyone in particular…

    With so many people here giving each other grief about the amount of CO2 the other is responsible for (and it didn’t start today by any stretch), I think maybe we are witnessing the evolution of

    THE SLAP & TRADE (insults) SYSTEM

    I’d facetiously suggest settling these ‘affairs of honor’ in a more primitive manner (primitive is usually a good word here), but no doubt someone would get all huffy about all the smoke generated by antique firearms and we’d have a spirited debate about whether only clubs should be used instead (and only from already dead & fallen trees, natch) or would it be OK to use swords as long as they were crafted from recycled above-ground resources…oh well.

    Come back occasionally maybe…or not.
    This post is Guy’s POA to give you my email address if you ever ask.
    Sometimes you throw out an olive branch trying to get to someplace like Philadelphia and all you get is Pits-burg.

    I think that’s #2, if one over that, my apologies.

  • A lot of people seem to have forgotten (or never learned) Jevons Paradox and a more modern version, which Guy highlighted several years ago, the Kazoom-Brookes Postulate.

    More efficient use of a resource does not necessarily result in reduced consumption the resource, and can easily lead to increased consumption of the resource.

    One individual or group avoiding using a resource does not necessarily reduce the consumption of a resource and may well simply result in other individuals or groups using that resource.

    Commensurately, one individual or group not generating pollution does not necessarily reduce the overall level of pollution and may well simply provide other individuals or groups with increased opportunities to generate pollution.

    Only a universal prohibition of use of a particular resource, say oil, can lead to elimination of consumption and commensurate pollution, and the chance of universal prohibition is exactly zero.

    I was informed many years ago by an American friend that his father’s solution to pollution was to burn tyres (in other words exacerbate the pollution to the point it became utterly intolerable at the local level).

    I now recognise that the approach of ‘burning tyres’ is the only one that will put an end to the madness of industrial civilisation. Burning fossil fuels as quickly as possible, raising the CO2 level as quickly as possible will bring abut rapid depletion or essential resources and bring on such shocking environmental disasters that industrial civilisation will no longer be able to function.

    That said, there are considerable health benefits, and possibly short-term financial benefits, to be obtained by rejecting most of the narrative of industrial empire.

    In the present global financial-economic system, which is characterised by fraud and greed, nothing we do will prevent the inevitable ‘implosion’ which is underway. However, since war is peace and bad news is good news:

    I am increasingly scratching my head to make sense of anything.

  • LWA – please don’t go.
    This site is like a river, it’s keeps changing.
    I’ve enjoyed all your comments, your exchanges with old growth, the story of how you got your name.

    Hold your own power and ‘occupy’ this site on your own terms.

    Digix seems to project his own unhappiness, maybe why his salvia experience unfolded the way it did. You seem to project your own happiness :) .
    Words can be many things – a way to connect, literature, love letters, manifestos, etc. Same with music. Some want it to be just one thing, but it is not, and will not be contained. In the beginning was the Sound. Om. The organizing force of the universe.
    Carry on and best wishes no matter what.

  • Sabine and NLAP,
    Apart from the damage from the cyclones several years ago,the local
    forests here are in good health and are recovering well. (So far)
    You might be interested in a tree which has been flowering well here for the last month and should continue for several weeks. It is from South Africa.
    Schotia brachypetala. A beautiful tree which is a very prolific producer of
    nectar.It feeds a large population of nectar feeding birds while in flower.
    Even Spangled Drongos swoop around it ,then land to feed on the nectar.
    It is the only time we see them feed on nectar,and the bird books I have
    here all state that they are insectivorous.
    I mention it because it has another interesting feature.September and October are the driest months of the year here,but if we get a rain shower,the nectar in the flowers ,which face upwards ,ferments,and the
    lorikeets and other birds which continue to feed on the fermenting nectar,become inebriated,collect under the tree,staggering around ,occasionally fluttering but unable to fly. In a while, they are able to fly again,and are unharmed,as far as I know.
    This happens frequently enough that one of the common names for the tree
    in Australia is ‘Drunken Parrot Tree’

    I have been placing sprigs of Salvia divinorum in the tree in case the lorikeets wish to widen their experience,but so far they remain uninterested. (The last sentence is a joke)

    I had a laugh from your ‘Hoggs and Bison’ comment,and your comment above. Thanks.

  • ‘Huxley argued for going the inside route and quietly dosing the elites while others wanted a more egalitarian approach which is what won out in the end. A good argument can be made that Huxley’s approach might have been the wiser and more successful choice. Bring enlightenment to the power brokers and then let it “trickle down”…

    reminds me of one of the many fascinating alleys of research into the story surrounding the jfk assassination, involving one of his many lovers, mary meyers, an artistic intellectual married to a boorish cia agent. she reportedly had hallucinogenic experience, and if memory serves well, perhaps some connection to tim leary or other entheogen enthusiasts of like mind, who urged her to take advantage of her intimate relationship with jfk to turn him on. anyway, a year or so after kennedy was offed she also was murdered under highly suspicious circumstances (like many who had some inside knowledge of that sordid event)… one learns all sorts of weird shit delving deep into the nooks and crannies of history:

    jungle love, anyone?

    how about some radar love? dig the beat

    ‘Unenlightened people, and other animals, are not capable of having a sense of right and wrong and what to do about either.

    Especially those who blame “mother nature” or anything else for their own personal lack of enlightenment, understanding, and scientific perspective.

    They have no concept of personal shame or personal guilt.

    IOW they are psychopaths.’

    go fuck yourself, dredd, ream that asshole even bigger, until it’s all that’s left of u. oh, and have a nice extinction!

    don’t like what i said? blame mother nature for making me hate dumb fucks and making u a dumb fuck. if that doesn’t make u feel any better, repeat fuck yourself, asshole. your blog sucks too, shameless shill. hate on ‘oil queda’, feel superior as shit, hold yourself utterly blameless and self righteous… in the end, u’re just another flawed self deluded mortal fool… peace out, and, of course, fuck off.

  • ‘Unit 5,947,244,002 over and out. Thanks for your hospitality Guy. Your one of the good ones, for sure.

    :( -LWA

    please don’t go, lwa! (he’ll be back, wanna bet?)

    guy, i hope all the ad homs that have been slung here these past 24 isn’t getting u down. criticism sometimes brings out the worst in sheeple, and we gotta sling some arrows! it can entertain, can’t it, up to a point…

  • well…that went well. group hug?

  • El sea, just had to comment on your experience of the trees while shrooming as I just read something similar on a trip report on erowid and am now twice reminded of my own experience a couple of years ago in french Creek state park in Pennsylvania. So much sickness apparent in the dead and dying trees, but I wasn’t letting it get me down, just observing. There was some sort of bark fungus on lots of the smooth bark trees and one in particular drew me in because it was such a beautiful shade of aqua. As I stood looking at it from afar, I felt the distinct message from ‘it’ that I will never know what it is to be a tree and it resonated as something deep and profound. It felt like a critical awareness that had escaped me, until then.

  • LWA, maybe you feel like a break but please come back. There are more people here who appreciate what you have to say than those who don’t.

    Don’t let a few grumpy bad apples take you down. Like I said, you can’t be too offensive here.

    Hoping you will come back in due course.

  • As a musician who has spent most of his life around fellow musicians, I can easily count on one hand those who would have the Chutzpah to even think to go out on stage and attempt to play Rush.

    digixplor…….I’m going to give you 2015’s NBL facile string of comments award. Of course the year is far from over, so Gerald’s going to give you a good run, but your latest string of useless shite, is going to be hard to beat due to its staggeringly lack of humility.

    I literally grimaced at such a display of futile aggrandizement.

    Poser? Would someone please get digi’s address and mail him a mirror, poor chap can’t see where he stuck his head.

  • Lidia- thanks so much for the Muppet clip! Such a wonderful song. Makes it almost impossible to stay cynical (but I’m sure I’ll manage to!). My mother is a huge Muppets fan and they always make me think of her which is always lovely.

    Thanks again!

  • Naomi Klein claiming population is not a problem verges on the imbecilic.

  • .
    Ha ha, he’s back.
    I’ll start by saying that Neil Pert (the drummer from Rush), came into our club when he was doing his sabbatical after his wife and daughter died. He really liked our Rush tunes. He doesn’t hear other people play them very often. Our drummer is one of those fusion heads, like from infanttyrone’s video on this thread, and he nails Neil’s parts note for note, and he’s good. Neil couldn’t believe I can sing like Geddy Lee either … I do it falsetto, but it totally sounds like him. Limelight and Tom Sawyer? We kill it. Neil was such a sweet guy too. He’s no asshole. He wouldn’t jam with us though; he had to go find his camp site for the night.

    The whole band was formed from some of the best studio guys from around our parts, and our guitar player is the best David Gilmour impersonator there is. Sorry, but he blows that guy from Dead Floyd away on the Gilmour sound. We even have a sort of ‘school of rock’ thing going on around us here in town, and have inspired and helped a hand up to many a young musician; we’ve changed their lives sometimes. Because we help people, and aren’t dicks. There’s a place for us in this universe. So what if it’s not original music we play, the philharmonic doesn’t play originals. But, we’re all the studio musicians from our area, so we get together and play great music for people. That’s what we do, why not. Most of the guys in the band play ON most of the original pro albums that get produced in our area anyway. So, what do studio musicians do between studio gigs? Go to a killer club and melt people’s faces off, that’s what. And I play my silly energy games and make sure the vibe is always just perfect for us, complete with jams at people’s houses after the club closes and the whole nine yards … it just happens, like magic. I work hard to make that all go off just so. The boys appreciate it too. Am I crazy? Sure, but screw you, it’s working for us.

    At the edge of extinction, what the hell else should we do? Go to work for Shell? Not!


    This is going to be an epic long post. So, read it or don’t, I don’t care.

    Thanks for the kind words from all those who have given them. I guess I just reached a breaking point today. I think I do need to take a break from this place for awhile, and I will do that, but it’s not because of the pain of NTE. It’s because of people who, with so little time left to maybe ‘get it’, just aren’t getting it. And why are these always the types of people that seem to dominate the tone everywhere I go in this world?

    So, my parting words.

    Gerald, do you want to know what enlightenment is? It’s actually stupidly easy. Lose the hate. Take that person, or people who you hate the most, and just don’t. Boom, you’re enlightened. See? So simple. Even if they logically deserve it, even if they hit your dog with a stick last week … take that hatred, and just don’t. It’s so easy it’s dumb. It’s easy, but it’s hard. It sounds irrational, especially when the hate seems deserved. But this, over anything else was, in my view, the whole game to learn here. And boy did we ever fail collectively, didn’t we?

    Subtle examples?

    Milendia. Back when you shared your videos, I picked up on the fact that your son had visited you from Vancouver. Did I jump on you for emissions infractions, and point out that there are phones, or that your son could have kept his life local? Or bucked up and stayed where he was in Vancouver where his life is now? No. But I could have if I’d chosen to. So, what are you jumping on me for? You’re part of what’s wrong with humanity when you do that. What, did it feel fun to kick me? To point your finger at someone else rather than at yourself?

    Will I ever talk or open up here again about playing some gig after that, even to just some other random musician? No. Not knowing you’re out there ready to shoot me down. Lowest common denominator syndrome rears its head, and achieves its limiting effect again. Why not just drop the hate and judging? I didn’t single handedly destroy this world myself with my music, not even close. I could be wrong, but I think music was actually a far better pursuit than almost any job working for empire. Music has been around long before empire ever showed up, and I had to do something. You know the drill … it’s the age of empire. They won’t even let you just sleep under a bridge. So, give me a break. Give everyone a break. Drop the anger and hate.

    digiexplor. Why couldn’t we just talk about music? You say poteeto, I say potarto, so what man? But, from the get go, you were throwing out slag, after slag, after slag. I’ve done what you’re doing before man. I don’t find it productive or effective for me, but that’s just me and where I’m at with it. You live a different life, so … go live it. Don’t judge me. So we have different ways we think music can be utilized, so what? I tried to remain passive as long as I could … back and forth and back and forth. And you start calling me a ‘fuckin’ poser?’ Drop the animosity dude, what does that achieve? So what if we do it differently, who cares? Why the hate?

    Will I ever talk or open up here again about music at all after that? No, why would I? Lowest common denominator syndrome rears its head, and achieves its limiting effect again. Just drop the hate and judging. And, it won’t be because I’ve been corrected that I silence myself; it will be because who needs people piping in and saying stuff like that. It’s just easier to shut up. Don’t shut people down like that. It’s just hate and usually just people’s own issues coming out when people do that, but it has a big effect on the world around you. It limits it. It’s negativity. Don’t do that.

    Bud Nye. If people start yacking away about metaphysics, why come in and bust up their conversations by telling them how wrong they are? Can’t you just walk past? That’s what the @ symbol is for. It’s to say, “Hey you, you having that conversation, I’m into that too, let’s discuss it.” When the nay sayers all jump in and slag and slag and slag … it’s just hate. It just reduces the concepts that get shared until eventually all you have is just a bunch of useless nothing. Silence is all that this sort of behavior creates. And you can’t fool people into thinking you’re really interested, when really you’re not, and instead just want to correct them. You’re not them, how do you know what their reality is like? You don’t. And that’s the truth, you don’t know everything. You can’t, it’s just not possible. If you’re just going to disrupt … just don’t. It’s a form of hate and judging, and you just don’t know everything dude, you don’t. It’s a little late in the extinction to even care if there are psychics or not. Just let people see how far they can get. Don’t trip them. Randi’s admonition that psychics are ruining America is a little redundant now, don’t you think?

    Just stay out of it if you don’t like it. I see lot’s of shit here that I think is dumb, but I just let those people talk it out. Who goes around correcting everybody on everything when there’s nothing on this earth that is absolute anyway? When you see everything as love, you don’t judge stuff. You can discern for yourself, but don’t judge others. It’s pretty amazing to find out that sometimes it’s all just in your own head, and that it was really just about your own growth, and not about ‘them.’ If you want to talk about your views with someone here who thinks like you, then talk. I’ll leave you alone. Don’t be contrary. Have your own conversation. Everyone knows when they’re crossing that line in other people’s conversations. Don’t cross it. Have your own conversation with the people who share your views. We’ll probably read them, at a safe distance where we can just absorb it.

    Will I ever talk or open up here again about my unique abilities at all after that, or metaphysics, or the paranormal? No. Lowest common denominator syndrome rears its head, and achieves its limiting effect again. Just drop the hate and judging. You don’t know everything. You really don’t Bud, know one does. We really only just know our self, if even that.

    That’s what’s become pointless for me here I guess at this point, no different from most everywhere else on the planet, even the clubs I play in frankly. The haters intimidate and suppress, and the people who would want to talk and share just shut up. You get nothing then. Or worse, you get the ideas of all the grunts prevailing, or else they punch you if you speak. No wonder we’re in this mess. It doesn’t have to be that way.

    I can’t think of a conversation I’ve tried to have here where I didn’t just get an overwhelming amount of nay saying and smart ass remarks from rude, low vibration people, and then the conversation just stopped and turned into a shit fight. Yes, no, yes, no, yes, no. Give me a break. That’s why this world went for shit too; it’s because of hate, judgment, and misplaced opposition. Even if the people having the conversation seem wrong as hell from what might or might not be your limited perspective, if you see something and hate it, just stop, just don’t. That’s often just a problem in you, not a problem in that thing you hate. And hate leads to nowhere good, ever. Everyone knows that line between just talking and when your comments are just going to be unwelcome, right didxplor?

    If it’s not for you, then don’t do it. If you don’t think that way about things, then you don’t have to think that way, no one can force you. But, drop the hate, and the smart ass remarks. Especially the over the top ones from the peanut gallery that just denigrate people or their ideas. It’s just negativity. Have you ever been in a true brain storming session? No idea is suppressed. Who cares what other people want to talk about. Let them. If nobody likes the topic of someone’s post, no one will answer it. It’s so simple.

    I’ll demonstrate again using Milendia’s example, and I’ll use her specifically because she’s actually a person I wouldn’t have expected this from at all. You don’t like musicians and rock concerts? So, keep that to yourself. Maybe I don’t like people who fly in airplanes from Montreal to Vancouver. I don’t fly on planes. But, notice that I didn’t say anything, even though I could have back when you divulged that information? Your son is in school? Maybe I think schools are one of the most evil aspects of empire. But, you didn’t have to hear about my judgments, if I’d even actually had them. How did you make your living? Because I don’t work for any company or corporation, and maybe I think people who do are weak. I didn’t want to further empire directly like that, and for those reasons, so I just didn’t.

    But, I didn’t pipe in and start talking trash to Melindia, did I? I have compassion for anyone’s unavoidable complicity in this whole fix we find ourselves in. Particularly anyone who’s made it to this site, that’s for sure. Pointing the finger at each other, especially other people who gather on this site of all places, and saying you pollute more than him, ha ha, look at the shaman musician that everyone else is slagging, let me kick him too. Why behave that way? What does that achieve? Nothing … it’s just anger and hate.

    What is enlightenment? Just drop the hate, that’s enlightenment. It’s so fucking easy it’s stupid. Yet, very few people can seem to do it. Very, very, very few people. Some even like their hate so much they actually thrive on it, like Gerald seems to. I won’t even speak to any of that shit Gerald writes, it’s just hate, deserved or not. But, I just walk on by. I don’t battle him on it. It’s just his problem. Why fight? Yet, there’s Gerald, poking fun at other people’s conversations, until eventually people just won’t want to have certain conversations anymore, not if people are just going to be smart asses. It’s pretty pathetic behavior, really. Come on Gerald, get it together. What made you so mean? Never mind, I don’t need to know. But, just drop it. Just drop the hate.

    That’s what’s become pointless here for me, no different from everywhere else on the planet. The haters intimidate and suppress, and the people who might want to talk about something a little unusual just shut up. You get nothing then. You get our ugly world is what you get. The lowest common denominator.

    Are you all afraid of dying or something? Is that what makes people mean? Oh waa, just shut up and take it, what are you afraid of? Someone’s going to slit your throat down the road? Shut up and face it with some dignity. Think of all the dolphins whose brains we echo-locationed into mush. Just shut up and take your turn like they did. Someone’s going to rape your children some day here soon before they slit your throat for a can of beans that you don’t even have? So what? Shut up and take it. We cut open oysters and eat them alive. Shut up and take it. How does fighting now change that at all? It doesn’t. So, just drop the fear and the anger and the hate. It won’t help to keep it. I’m going to die. So, I new that when I was born, or shortly after anyway.

    When you start to fear, and hate, and blame, and point fingers, and say you, you, you, you … you are why I feel bad and life sucks. Well, then you get exactly what we’ve got, a world full of hate with everyone slagging the other guy. And why? Oh my goodness … because he’s played a musical concert, or has found better things he likes to do with music than write it, or likes to ponder the metaphysical because maybe his musical training on stage actually did develop in him an unexplained ability to feel what other people feel, and even what they think sometimes, and to anticipate another’s actions. It’s the musician bond; you actually kind of have to develop it, even if you never become aware of it. So what if James Randi never developed that? Who cares? Let the people talk about it if they want, you might learn something as you quietly read. Or, don’t read it. If you hate it, just shut up and let them talk. Don’t try to stop them. What’s that all about?

    Do you notice how there also seems to be those who start conversations, and there are those who just enter other people’s conversations and then shut them down with negativity. One leads to collaboration and learning things. The other leads to people not talking at all, except for maybe about the most droll, basic, lowest common denominator things that don’t have any real value anyway. Mostly though, it just leads to silence. I’ve seen that here. People who feel certain things are taboo to talk about. That’s just social policing you know. Don’t be a stooge for empire. It’s a bad habit they taught us, the social policing and suppressing of ideas.

    “Don’t talk about that or we’ll bully you till you stop.”

    Is that maybe what this site wants to be? Just rising temp counts and sea ice numbers? Fine then, I don’t dispute that I guess, sorry if it was my mistake. I just thought I saw people talking here, about all sorts of subjects, so I joined in. And what do I find? A lot of low vibration naysayers. These people often never say anything proactive, and they often rarely initiate or share themselves … for them it’s just, ‘nope.’ ‘No it isn’t.’ ‘Ha, ha.’ ‘Fuckin’ poser.’ Just stay out of it if that’s all you have to add to the conversation. Where does that behavior even lead? To silence, that’s where.

    There’s an old adage about enlightenment. It goes that there is nothing ever really happening ‘to you’ at all. It’s just your hate for the things that you judge that causes you all your grief and pain. It’s resistance. And that hate is what we see in our world, everywhere. And it’s here too, unfortunately. I had hoped it wouldn’t be. I personally can’t be around it myself, what’s the point? It stifles everything. There is a way to disagree, debate, and express differing points of view in positive ways. But, I don’t see it very often, even out in the world. I admit it is hard to do. Better to just zip it then. Let people talk. No harm in that. Why be contrary anyway? Instead, what I see is ‘CO2 pig’, ‘fuckin’ poser’, ‘hey, I’ll crack jokes about shamanism in my own posts without even addressing the person having the discussion, like I’m some sort of smart ass, but oh boy am I ever the class clown. My friends will sure laugh at that.’

    It’s all just hate.

    Anyway, who cares right? Or, just get off the hate maybe. There isn’t any time left to save the world, but it only takes 1 second to change yourself. Who knows, maybe how well you do at that makes a difference to what sort of salvia trip you’ll have when we all wink out here soon. I’ll tell you, all my mind expanding trips (and some were done on a lot of shit), have mostly just been really, really, nice. I’ve actually been at huge parties even … parties that never even really happened. I was actually just in a dark room alone, and then all my friends were laughing at me for saying what a great party was going on upstairs. I went and checked, and it was a just dark room. But, I’d drunk beer, met people, I remember faces and conversations I had to this day (it sort of got burned into my brain since it was so freaky.) Maybe after I wink out it’ll just be a big party. Or … just nothing. Who knows? Who cares? But, I wouldn’t want it to be ugly because I was all full of hate. Who knows how it will all be, why take the chance? Use these moments to get it together till we’re gone. That’s what my advice would be. What’s the harm in dropping fear and hate from your life even if we are just … gone?

    So, there’s not much time to pull your head out of your ass. Don’t miss the opportunity. Especially you Gerald, there’s not much time for you to drop the kind of extreme hate you hold in your heart … regardless of what the jews did or didn’t do. It’s all just in your head you know, like a big salvia trip. That choice is you’re life challenge I would say, to just drop your hatred of jews. That’s what I think. How is that hate helping you anyway? I don’t think it is. What’s the path to enlightenment? Just drop that hate.

    Anyway, tvt wins, I posted again. But, I am going to bug out for awhile. I’ll lurk probably. Gotta check the weather after all and this is the place for that. Maybe I’ll post again in the future, who knows. Although, maybe I’ve just about said everything I could ever think of to say in a hundred years anyway. Maybe I’m done, who knows.

    As I saddle up the old unicorn here, here’s a song to lighten the mood as I depart. I have a really bad cold and it’s been a pretty shitty day. So, here’s a special pick just for extinction. This is some real quality music comin’ your way now folks. Neil Pert would be proud, I’m sure.


  • LWA, you are right about this site. Despite the collective awareness, it’s the same old, same old – just a microcosm of the larger humanity or lack thereof. I’ve made the same mistake, thinking people aware enough and willing enough to embrace the difficult reality that is the basis for this place would be ‘special’ somehow, exhibit an extraordinary empathy, be more receptive to sharing whatever it might bring up for the other, be open to what the other finds useful, etc. But, as you so well stated with examples to back you up, it’s not, it’s nothing special at all. Same old hate and piggybacking on hate for whatever bang or fix that gives their diseased being. Enjoy your reprieve and rock on!

  • @LWA

    Bravo. Standing O. Nice to hear someone say it so loud and clear. Nothin’ more to say.

  • @ ugotstahwonder

    You said: “… As I stood looking at it from afar, I felt the distinct message from ‘it’ that I will never know what it is to be a tree and it resonated as something deep and profound. It felt like a critical awareness that had escaped me, until then.”

    Thanks for that imagery and also for your previous UFO comments. I had a similar encounter with a hallucinatory cactus forest in central mexico after taking peyote. Although there aren’t many large cacti in the region, I found myself surrounded by a kindly circle of saguaro cactus who managed to convey their ancient wisdom and beingness in a tender manner to my fleshy humanoid self. Towards the end of this encounter one of them took me in ‘his’ (it just felt sort of male) spiked arms and cradled me with what felt like unconditional love.

    @LWA: Others have said this much better, but I’m sorry for the hurt you have felt here and hope you’ll return. I have posted here very rarely for the very reasons you name but I’ve always really enjoyed reading all of your comments and you seem like a most talented and interesting person. Peace.

  • @ digixplor . Well at last you have received that much craved attention even if it wasn`t a much to welcoming or approving kind but at least some attention .. This recent nutcase shooter in oregon was also into getting attention

  • digixplor Says:
    October 2nd, 2015 at 11:37 am

    what the fuck are you talking about dredd? you have’nt moved on from our tiff a million posts ago? seriously, aren’t we all on the same team? are you all that immature?
    that’s why were on this sight right? we have slightly more in common than the average bear? lwa…and I haven’t done it my whole life?…I would wager I just have slightly higher standards than you.
    You think mass murder is innocent?

    Then you are a psychopath.

    End of story.

  • the virgin terry Says:
    October 2nd, 2015 at 6:35 pm

    go fuck yourself, dredd, ream that asshole even bigger, until it’s all that’s left of u. oh, and have a nice extinction!
    The psychopath of innocence.

    You get dumb and dumber …

    every day.

    That is what dorks who think mass murder is innocent evolve into.

    Long ago violence whore.

  • Study up on it virgin Madonna whores and its pimps (Madonna–whore complex).

  • hmmm, fascinating. I thought it was good advice. I never knew middle aged men seducing teenagers was a high vibration.

  • dredd, I think you’re starting to look like the psychopath…but I clearly know nothing.

  • dredd what kind of automaton are you…can’t you say anything yourself? do you have a mouth or a thought of your own? just hilarious.

  • and Daniel…as a musician who has spent most of his life around fellow musicians…I’ve never known ANY who would even want to play ‘rush’!…and I think if you asked neal peart he would say…”I’m really flattered…but why the fuck are you in a rush cover band?”…some real musicologists around here. I didn’t know that “art”,the act of creation, had become such a bad word. once again, thanks for the chuckles.

  • well…looky there lwa…a fan club! make you feel all warm and fuzzy?

  • Oh Gawd, how I suffer.

    Whad terrible suffering at the hands of twisted hateful preverts who mock my shared precious insights, shamanistic wisdom, titillating musicologies, & profound literary essences.

    May the true Lawd Gawd smite the evil fookers right in their sinful & hateful hineys/tookuses/bums/arses.

    I’m sick of this hateful abuse because it hurts my feelings & makes me big pissed off, as in Johnny-Pissoff.

    I’m really pissed-off now – you mean hateful fookers, haters, & sick preverts.

    So there, & I hope you suffer too & end up feeling like home made shid & get painful hemorrhoids too.

    I hate you.

  • Okay, chalk up one more good poster that GeraldSpezio and digixx have run off.
    I so wish Guy would just ban both of you.

    How much more puss do you have to spew on this site before you own it completely?
    Is that your goal?
    Regardless, I refuse to let you occupy any more space in my mind.
    Please read again Sabine’s excellent and most generous and diplomatic response.

    So from this point forward I will skip over any post that has either of your names on it, and I post this only for my own personal closure so do not respond.

  • Wren says, “I so wish Guy would just ban both of you.”

    I agree…..some blogs are excessively moderated (Archdruid is pretty far that way — almost just an echo chamber), while others are excessively loose…..

    NBL might be a bit far in THAT direction….

  • That’s three comments I’ve written and deleted.

    Maybe other should try the same.

  • in all lives some rain must fall. in all groups/families, there will be some who can’t get along with each other. there will be conflicts, disagreements, that are sometimes painful and destructive. a law of nature. a fact of life.

  • I love the Rainbow Connection. Always brings tears to my eyes. Not too many romantics left.

  • Gerald…there’s so many ass kissers around here, I think you and I should start our own hate blog. so wren, I guess you’re o.k. with that idiot dredd? sheesh.

  • El Sea, and others interested in the use of psychedelic drugs for consciousness expansion/evolution, and/or the devilish details behind/intertwined with the cia’s successful conspiracy to assassinate jfk, the link below contains the fascinating occult tale of mary meyers aborted (she was murdered by the cia, like her lover jfk) plot to ‘turn on’ the washington establishment, in order to promote peace/love rather than the status quo of war/pathological power seeking then (and now) prevalent. the juxtaposition of video/audio in this clip makes it harder to follow due to info-overload (at least it did with me, i had to repeatedly watch many small segments of this video to fully digest it), as is the chaotic manner of timothy leary’s writing recited by the jaded narrator in this video, whose monotone drone isn’t helpful. but if u can manage to focus on the content rather than the style, it is indeed a fascinating tale of attempted sedition/revolution aided by psychedelics, conceived by mary meyers, a gifted idealistic woman in the surreal position of being the turned on subversive wife of a cia psychopath and intimate of jfk, who she apparently turned on in more ways than one:

  • Thanks for the link tvt, I’ll take a look. I read “A Very Private Woman”, the bio of Mary Myers awhile back. I can’t recall the author but it was quite well done, although didn’t really speculate far beyond the known facts. She was a fascinating person and very likely turned on jfk (like you say in more ways than one). Someone was arrested for her murder but he certainly might have been a ‘patsy’ like oswald. If I recall, her private diary and journals were removed from her home only hours after her death and were possibly destroyed…strange days indeed.

  • tvt, El Sea…

    There is quite a bit of info about this subject in Leary’s autobiographical book, “Flashbacks”. I don’t remember the name Mary Meyers (hey the book was over 30 years ago), but I remember the idea that there was more than one woman involved with the “Everybody Must Get Stoned” program. Maybe there’s more about them in that bio of Mary Meyers.

    Also, about that time Herman Khan was expanding his mind. I recall an article in which he refers to “spasms of information” while under the influence.

  • thanks, el sea. i’ve delved in depth in the jfk assassination off and on for years and came across the psychedelic-meyer-leary-jfk-cia connection several times, but have never read the peter janney book i linked to in a comment above about it. i did just put a purchase order on it on amazon, so i will read it soon, dog willing. i suppose there are worse ways to fritter away one’s precious time awaiting teotwawki than learning some fascinating inside history not taught in school. do check out the video. as the second commenter listed below it wrote, ‘Reality is stranger than fiction’. the devil’s in the details.

    sad but true: society’s ruled by ruthless murderers. utopians like timothy leary and mary meyer using utopiates (a word used by leary to describe psychedelics use in the pursuit of social idealism) never stood a chance against them. at any rate, mary meyer’s courageous and largely unknown mission to ‘change/save the world’ enchanted me. i trust it may do the same for u.

    this time, i’m not being malicious/sarcastic in writing ‘have a nice extinction’. assuming dying can be a pleasant experience, as has been claimed. maybe it will be a portal to a better ‘place’. who knows? but we still have some living to do until then.

  • infanttyrone, thanks for turning me on to the leary autobio Flashbacks.

  • Virgin Terry- Thanks so much for that video about Mary. I know this is going to sound crazy, but that’s the kind of thing that makes me grateful that Guy isn’t more well known and that he isn’t influencing more people than he is. If he was having a massive impact on culture, he would probably be in danger. As long as he’s flying under the radar (to some extent) I don’t worry as much. Sad, but true. Or am I just paranoid??

  • i don’t think u’re being paranoid at all, baba. glad u enjoyed it.

  • thanks vt, for the energy and time in your essays and posts…that goes for everyone else here, as well.

  • Had a chance to view the Leary link last night tvt-thanks! It caused me to go back and briefly re-visit the book about Mary Myers. There is an important post-script that I had forgotten: Roy Crump, who was arrested for her murder, was aquitted due to the patchy and insubstantial evidence. Her murder had all the trappings of a professional hit and not a sloppy mugging gone bad. Crump might have slipped through the cracks in the judicial system like so many others save for the fierce advocacy of his attorney-a pioneering African American woman named Dovey Roundtree.

    She may have had plenty of flaws, as we all do, but Mary Myers was truely heroic and sadly her story remains mostly unheard. Her vision was a light in the darkness.

    Love the Leary term “Utopiates”. Another interesting read is “Island” by Aldous Huxley. It was his last novel and, although fictional, describes his ideal of a utopia where a just society is organized around the mind expanding forces of a ‘utopiate’.

    As Guy’s message expands outwards from the inital pebble drop in our holographic pond, I also worry about his safety. I do believe that history, if it were to retain any meaning in the face of extinction (which it does not) would judge him a hero.

  • el sea, thanks for the ISLAND reference, glad u dug the video.

    digixplor, thanx for the kind words.

    gotta go. don’t have much to say this evening. later.