On Being a Doomer

On 4 September 2008, as the final academic year of my academic life was barely under way, I wrote an essay for this space bearing the same title as the current essay. It’s pasted below, verbatim, after a few contemporary words provide an update and context. I’ve added a song, too, immediately above the essay from 2008.

Nietzsche and Schopenhauer remain high on the list among my favorite doomers. The list is lacking living people. Perhaps dead heroes are the best kind, as the saying goes.

Schopenhauer was famous for his critique of Kant’s drivel. Apparently I agree with Schopenhauer. Schopenhauer also was among the first philosophers to contend the universe is irrational at its core. I suppose my agreement on that point depends upon the definition and demonstration of irrational.

Schopenhauer’s collection of essays in Studies in Pessimism remain among his most-quoted works. I include a couple relevant quotes below. They appear quite timely, and therefore timeless.

“The greatest wisdom is to make the enjoyment of the present the supreme object of life; because that is the only reality, all else being merely the play of thought. On the other hand, such a course might just as well be called the greatest folly: for that which in the next moment exists no more, and vanishes utterly, like a dream, can never be worth a serious effort.”

“A man never is happy, but spends his whole life in striving after something which he thinks will make him so; he seldom attains his goal, and when he does, it is only to be disappointed; he is mostly shipwrecked in the end, and comes into harbor with mast and rigging gone. And then, it is all one whether he has been happy or miserable; for his life was never anything more than a present moment always vanishing; and now it is over.”

I admit I’m a doomer. But I don’t think that’s a bad thing. To be a doomer is to recognize the tragedy of the human experience.

History provides some excellent company. Nietzsche and Schopenhauer are among my favorites. At the opposite end of the spectrum are those hopelessly optimistic writers and thinkers who don their rose-colored-glasses and conclude we can always find a way to advance civilization: Lester Brown, Paul Hawken, Amory Lovins, and many, many others in positions of power.

Of course, power doesn’t come to those who deal in reality (e.g., Nietzsche, Schopenhauer). Not only does no good deed go unpunished, but no bad act is unrewarded. Consider this anecdote from renowned ecologist and AAAS Fellow Charles Hall, a professor at the State University of New York:

Hall has worked on ecological issues his entire career, and has been rewarded in the usual sense. He has received grant funds totaling millions of dollars and has published hundreds of papers. At the same time, he has spent his spare time working on energy issues, and has published more than 200 papers in this arena. But he has landed a total of $800 in grant funds to work on these issues, and he is perhaps the only person to be denied tenure from an Ivy-League university the very week one of his papers landed on the cover of Science (the paper was titled, Energy and the U.S. Economy: A Biophysical Perspective).

Obviously, Hall is not the only person who has been marginalized for his work on important issues. But his is a telling contemporary example of the type of infamy M. King Hubbert earned in his day, and a reminder how Cassandras (i.e., realists) are treated in any empire (at least as far back as Socrates).

Optimists, however foolish, earn external rewards. Realists are not so fortunate. On the other hand, realists get to deal in reality, and therefore face with honor the toughest judge: the mirror.

Yes, I’m a doomer. And damned proud of the company I keep, too.

I’m quoted in this week’s Chico News & Review. Catch it here.


Apparently I survived the cutting-room floor for a hit piece on me, courtesy of the unlikely duo of Rupert Murdoch and Bill Nye. Deniers of abrupt climate change rejoice! I’ll be featured in a televised episode of National Geographic on 1 November 2015. Footage includes Bill Nye at the mud hut. Details can be found here. Commercial for the show is a click away.

EXPLORER: Bill Nye's Global Meltdown from Castle Pictures on Vimeo.

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  • GUY
    Gonna guess NYE/RUPERT present you and your conclusions as fringe lunatic. After 45 minutes of how bad it is, Nye will propose BS solution. Justa guess.

  • Hurricane Patricia Races, UNSOLVED MYSTERIES Secrets of the Super Storms http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X9Q6qn-T3Nk

  • Seymour Hersh exposed the lying as well as the hard to believe murdering horror of My Lai.

    Then Major Colin Powell originally investigated My Lai. He concluded that all the claims of murdered defenseless civilians were a “pack of lies.”

    Hersh does it again by exposing the lying false flag propaganda about dedicated President Assad of Syria trying to protect his people from Israeli state expansion.

    A culture of systematic deceit always runs the risk of exposure.


  • Hey Guy, I see by the video clip, that they’ve labeled you as an alarmist. GO FIGURE!!! I guess they don’t know how to say the word, realist. After all, if they used that word, then Bill wouldn’t be able to follow up with the bit about the Tesla car. No point in having Teslas, if there isn’t going to be anyone around to drive them.
    I would be curious to know, when Bill was interviewing you at the Mud Hut, whether he accepted the reality of NTE, and having done so, then decided to edit that out of the piece as it would be too bleak for a TV audience, OR, he rejected the idea outright?
    After all, if millions of people watch the show, and come to the realization that we’re all going to be going extinct in the not too distant future, then all those viewers might just decide to say “FUCK IT”, quit their jobs, and spend their remaining days, doing the things they love. Now wouldn’t that put a monkey wrench into the works of industrial civilization.

  • Thanks for raising the issue of Nye’s take on abrupt climate change, paul marcotte. Among the first words out of his mouth when he arrived: “I don’t think humans will go extinct because of climate change. At least, not in the near future.”

    A couple hours before he departed, he was calling my 2030 date conservative. Apparently that perspective is too alarming for Nat Geo.

    I greatly enjoyed interacting with Bill Nye. He is funny, bright, and very professional. I’m quite saddened upon seeing the commercial touting “solutions.” But that’s often my response to humans. You’d think I’d have them figured out by now.

  • This Schopenhauer stuff is very much like certain Buddhist beliefs (or, beliefs of certain Buddhists). Maybe he cribbed it from them? Something to look into.

    I know there is a Dream Yoga component which considers both the past and future as purely dream states because they cannot be accessed from the present other than from within our minds. Then they think the present is another form of dream state, so really, you have nothing to hang your hat on. A lot of Buddhists seem to go around hatless, anyway. Ceasing to dream is actually a good thing, because dreaming is viewed as a form of, or symptom of, attachment.

    I probably got this wrong in some way, but thought it was worth noting the connection. I hope someone with more knowledge of this sort of Buddhism can elaborate.

    The fact that the NG trailer talks about “believers” is already a bad sign.

  • It is older than the U.S.eh? by a few centuries.

    It is the busiest.

    The greatest hurricane of Pacific/Atlantic history threatens, but will not destroy it.

    However, a quiet, but rising “universal” sea will.

    The Extinction of Manzanillo

    Doom is just another word for nothing left to lose.

  • If a good man like scientist Bill Nye will play along with such reprehensible fraud & foul distortion, it just makes our descent that much worse.

    If Guy labels it a “hit job,” I can only imagine the worst.

    Schopenhauer wasn’t pessimistic enough.

    What has happened to the most important question we can ask: “IS IT TRUE!”

    … and how can we tell?

    Why aren’t young people trained to use scientific epistemology about the rampant use of distorting propaganda & conflicting claims about reality?

    Postmodern “intellectuals” will cavalierly say; “Truth – there isn’t any.”

    Debates about reality, can we know anything?, & the ubiquitous Pontius Pilate quote are rampant.

    Lying Netanyahu’s recent “gaming” history shows the depth of the propaganda & deceit.

    This is lying about lying – phew!

    Trying to link the starving & suffering caged Palestinians to the Holy Holohoax is more desperate outright pathological lying.


    But Netty has really put his foot in it this time because he has broken the most sacred commandment – “DO NOT QUESTION ANY PART OF THE HOLY HOLOHOAX!”

    Zionist/Israeli “stories” & don’t have anything to do with truth – it’s just more schtick.

    It proves that Netty & his bloodthirsty murdering Likud party are pathological liars.

    They will lie & lie again, if it suits their Zionist land grabbing & murdering politics.

    My Way News – Netanyahu causes uproar by linking Palestinians to Holocaust

  • .
    Guy, what’s up with the hysterical posts from lunatics?
    Just sitting on this runaway train, staring out the window, with a cat on my lap.

  • You may remember my issues with Nye and De Grasse Tyson over GMO’s. A secondary and no less important one is the near fanatical, unquestioning worship of science and technology and their unexamined premise that the same technology that got us into this mess will somehow get us out. It smacks of unadulterated hopium.

    No one, not Neal or Bill, dare admit that we just might be to far gone to prevent the inevitable and unstoppable unfolding of our two century long industrial profligacy.

    I am reprinting here my remarks I sent you last year concerning my reaction to Cosmos. Some here may not have read it. It pretty well sums up my take on the unfounded optimism of Neil deGrasse Tyson (and I presume Bill Nye):

    The way Neil deGrasse Tyson latest Cosmos opened with the cautionary tale of a planet in the throes of runaway greenhouse, I thought we were in for a sobering episode. Many scientists have given up on any strategy for saving civilization. They already believe we are circling the drain and there isn’t a damn thing anyone can do about it. Then I remembered I was watching the Main Stream Media and Fox. A startling “reality show” of this kind would never be allowed on the air, at least not on that venue.
    Of course the program said nothing of the kind — quite the opposite. In fact Neil’s outlook concerning our hopes for pulling all nine Billion of us out of our self-induced crapper is sheer Pollyanna. I almost threw up at his ending for so many reasons it would be hard and nauseating to make a complete list.
    Watching the ending shots.under the swelling saccharine music amid all the Greening of Amerika cities I thought I was in Orlando Florida! Pure Disney Imagineers. I half expected to see Jiminy Cricket hopping from one terraformed rooftop to another singing “When you wish upon a star.”

    In my estimation, Neil is really wrong on this one. Even if you agree with him, he should have gone into a little more detail as to just how formidable our disastrous outlook is. Neil seems oblivious to the fact that technology can cut two ways. Many do not buy that the same technology that condemned us can be turned around and used to save us–at least without some pretty draconian sacrifices that NO one is willing or able to make. He ignores the growing scientific opinion that we have already passed the climate point of no return and we will be very lucky if we can escape the extinction of all higher life forms on the planet. Our pernicious civilization has bought the proverbial one way ticket to Palookaville– or Venus!

    Just because today is a lot like yesterday doesn’t mean tomorrow will be anything like to

  • Nye can only say YES, Nye knows it is BS “solutions”. How could he, and other intelligent beings, not think that. Pretty simple now that you have connected the dots so clearly. Even a dumbass like me gets it.

  • Him being amazed That bimbo showing him that stupid Tesla car with no engine how clueless he is or if he is not clueless than he is also a great actor pretending being astounded about something needing no recognition whatsoever maybe disapproval

  • Here is the Cosmos episode referenced in my comments. See especially the place where the hopium is thickest 40:17


  • Whereas it is easy for the mainstream media to keep silent (lie) about the connexion between industrial activity and overheating of the planet, it is not so easy for the mainstream media to keep silent about the effects of overheating.


    On the other hand, since it will be mostly brown people who will suffer in the short term, the connexion between industrial activity and planetary overheating will be downplayed, in favour of business-as-usual, for quite a while longer.

    Only when a major environmental catastrophes regularly affect tens of millions of rich white people will the political narrative change. Such events still seem a long way off.

    Yes, we are increasingly doomed.

  • Is This the Last Year Below 400?

    October 21, 2015 Rob Monroe 

    Leader of Keeling Curve measurement says temporary bump from El Niño could push atmospheric CO2 levels above symbolic threshold for good

    The Mauna Loa CO2 record is a saw-tooth pattern, with CO2 concentrations typically falling from May through September, and rising over the rest of the year. This cycle is caused by the natural exchanges of CO2 with vegetation and soils. Each year, the values are higher than the year before, as CO2 continues to pile up in the atmosphere from fossil fuel burning. This year, as expected, we hit the annual low point back in September and CO2 concentrations are starting up again. The lowest point this year was well below 400 parts per million (ppm). The lowest daily minimum this year was 395.83 ppm and the average for the month of September, was around 397.1 ppm. By sometime in the next month or two, CO2 will again rise above 400 ppm. Will daily values at Mauna Loa ever fall below 400 ppm again in our lifetimes? I’m prepared to project that they won’t, making the current values the last time the Mauna Loa record will produce numbers in the 300s.

    The background for my forecast:

    In recent years, CO2 has been increasing by around 2.2 ppm, per year. Barring anything unusual, we would therefore expect next year’s September value to be around 399.3 ppm, just barely below 400 ppm, and we’d expect the lowest daily minima to be around 398 ppm or so. But we seem now to be on the verge of the largest El Niño event since 1997. This is significant because CO2 tends to rise much faster during and just following El Niño events. From September 1997 to September 1998, for example, CO2 rose by a whopping 3.7 ppm. If this El Niño is comparable, the rise from September 2015 to September 2016 could easily be 4.4 ppm, allowing for an El Niño boost and allowing that fossil-fuel emissions rates globally are larger now than in 1998. Taking these factors into account, a reasonable forecast for next year’s September minimum is around 402 ppm, with the lowest daily minima also over 400 ppm.

    The El Niño growth spurt in atmospheric CO2 is mostly caused by drought in the tropics. Rainfall that normally falls over tropical landmasses shifts to the oceans during El Niño events. This slows the normal growth of tropical forests and increases forest fires. Indonesia suffered severe fires during the 1997 event and, from recent news, is already being hit hard this year.

    The loss of carbon from tropical forests in El Niño years is temporary as the forests tend to regrow in normal years, building back their biomass and sucking CO2 out of the air in the process. But the eventual recovery from this El Niño won’t bring us back below 400 ppm, because its impact will be dwarfed by the global consumption of fossil fuels, pushing CO2 levels ever higher.

    ­ – Ralph Keeling


  • I just saw Jackson Browne play a concert in Tulsa last week. You can imagine my disappointment that he didn’t play that song.

  • .
    I’ve had a question simmering away ever since I fist came here, and I still can’t seem to think up a good answer for it. Here it is, at least in the best wording that comes to me at the moment.

    If near term extinction is unavoidable at this point (which I think it is), then what does it really matter if the masses are aware of our impending doom or not?

    What’s the hand wringing for about people not getting the gruesome message? It’s not like anything can be done about it at this point anyway, so what does it matter who knows and who doesn’t? The more I think about it, the more I think mass awareness might just make things even more uncomfortable for us all long before things have to become uncomfortable.

    I can see the point in having a community like this for all the people who’ve come to the conclusion on their own, or for those who are searching out an answer for themselves, but I guess I just don’t see what the big deal is about making everyone around the world aware of NTE, especially if nothing can be done now to avert it anyway.

    Then there’s the idea that evolution is doing a good thing by eradicating the planetary overpopulation of humans. For possibly the first time in our existence, why not just let the earth do her thing and get on with ridding herself of us? Shhhhh, don’t interfere.

    Does anyone have a good answer to what the point of alerting the masses to our predicament is? Cause I don’t really get that aspect of things. Who cares who knows about it, and maybe it’s better for us all if everybody doesn’t know. Knowing would probably just unleash unnecessary mayhem anyway.

    I’m just not getting that aspect of things, when it’s not going to make any difference anyway. I highly doubt the whole world is all going to commit suicide voluntarily to benevolently try and save some remaining portion of nature. So what’s the point in sounding the alarm? I seem to be missing something here.


    I’ll clarify that I don’t see a problem with telling people per say, I guess I just don’t see what the big deal is when people don’t want to listen, or want to refute it. What does it matter anymore? It might even just make things worse, and things can always get worse.

    Can someone explain this to me, why anyone really even needs to know at this point? What would it achieve anyway, beyond just mass panic and strife?

  • People, People – Let the Mystery Be!

    And, for all the Yakkity Yaks out there:

  • LWA, do you want the lies of patriarchy to continue, and to extend to you? Would you rather have access to evidence, or not? Do you believe some people should be denied access to evidence? Which bits of evidence? Who decides?

  • LWA says, “The more I think about it, the more I think mass awareness might just make things even more uncomfortable for us all long before things have to become uncomfortable.”

    I think things should become uncomfortable for everyone as soon as possible. Two reasons :

    a) The sooner things become uncomfortable, the sooner people will revolt (in some way).

    2) If people are uncomfortable, maybe they’ll try to “make amends” (in some way) to the rest of Nature, before they’re obliterated.

  • @Guy … thanks for helping me understand.

    LWA, do you want the lies of patriarchy to continue,


    and to extend to you?


    Would you rather have access to evidence, or not?

    Access, please.

    Do you believe some people should be denied access to evidence?


    Which bits of evidence?

    Any they desire to know.

    Who decides?

    They should decide for themselves what they want to know, but information should be available to them should they seek to know.

    Thanks Guy, I think I understand now. It’s about being allowed to tell people who want to know. I guess I was addressing people who don’t want to know, and see no point in trying to convince them against their will.

    Thanks, I think I get it now. It’s about access to the information, which I agree is a problem.

  • I would have been much, MUCH more surprised if the show had presented Guy’s position as their final conclusion. That doesn’t sell advertising. Also, they only booked him on a “real” science show to use him as a counterpoint in the scientific community. But they can’t put him on their hit show “Doomsday Preppers” because people might think he seems reasonable and rational, and that’s not how they want to portray that point of view. Better to put him on a show where he seems fringe than on a show where he makes sense to people. Heaven forbid somebody think he’s onto something. No commercial outlet in the entertainment business (certainly not Fox!!) wants to get in the business of sounding this particular alarm. Even in the fantasy “disaster” pics, humans still solve all the problems in the end. Guy’s storyline doesn’t follow Joseph Campbell’s “Hero’s Journey” template and therefore isn’t worthwhile to Hollywood. And make no mistake, the Nat Geo Channel is pure Hollywood.

  • LWA, at least you are honest enough to openly say it.

    Should you reflect more, you may revise your position.

    I could sum it up with a well known phrase from Shakespeare;

    “To thine own self be true. And it must follow as the night the day. Thou canst not be false to any man.”

    Whether one is Christian or not – the well-worn Christian axiom has much merit also; “Ye shall know the truth & the truth shall set you free.”

    Physicist Percy Bridgeman, the father of operationism in physics, coined a simple definition of science without any florid fan fare;

    “Doing your damdest to tell the truth no holds barred.”

    My contempt is directed at anyone who would willfully & deliberately distort the “truth” for any reason to manipulate the lives of “the other.”

    Most emphatically, I cannot condone any kind of lying or willful distortion in response to a sincere query by an innocent trusting child.

    I can’t think of any reason to lie to a child.

    I can’t justify denying honest & reliable information about anything to anybody for any reason.

    I consider Steven Spielberg’s deliberate, fraudulent, & willful historical distortions about gassed & burned Jews to be among the most pernicious & despicable Crimes in human history.

    I have asked myself – would I cut monster Spielberg’s lying throat in order to stop his vicious distortions of innocent people’s brains?

    Dante put liars way down in the 8th ring of hell where they burned & screamed for eternity.

    Spielberg deserves worse.

  • “If near term extinction is unavoidable at this point (which I think it is), then what does it really matter if the masses are aware of our impending doom or not?”

    There is no need to convert others, and as did the medieval church, to burn at the stake those who do not acquiesce. However no one should be able to later ask “Why didn’t you tell me?”: the message should be spread far and wide. And there will still be persons who think the car driven by a maniac is headed to the cliff, even though it is is now past the cliff. The 32 feet/second/second accleration due to gravity in geological time will translate into a couple of decades.

    I believe it was Schopenhauer who said “You can do what you will, but you can’t will what you will” (about free will). I will do what I will (will=finished product, installed as “MY” will), but the factors that go into forming “my” will may be beyond my awareness and my control.

    The metaphor of a Cosmic Dream is one of several descriptive Vedic (pre-Buddhistic) world-views that were continued into Buddhism. There is a Dreamer -the one without a second-, but the Dreamer identifies with every being in the Dream, and so each of them has a sense of “”I” am”, unlike a human dream, in which the dreamer identifies only with the one being that represents itself. Realisation is waking up in the dream as happens in a lucid dream on the human scale.

  • RD, your phrasing of a very critical Schopenhauer quote is seriously garbled & distorted.

    An accurate translation from German;

    “We want what we will, but we don’t will what we want.”

    Marvin Harris used Schopenhauer’s early phrase as a historical precursor against what Harris called the accepted BUT un-examined premise that mind & thought deserve priority over behavior when “doing” social science.

    Harris called the ideation that Schopenhauer derides with his phrase, as well as claims of “free will” – as the “mother error.”

  • I’m with you Guy. You’re one of a handful telling the truth and the FIRST I heard it from. Thank you for your work, example and integrity.

    Looks like it’s starting to sink in:

    Americans Have Never Been So Sure About Climate Change—Even Republicans
    Look at the massive shift among Republicans on the issue this year.



    Maybe it’s the pope. Or the freakish year in extreme climate records. It might even be explained by the United Nations climate talks and the bright lights of the presidential election cycle. Whatever the cause, U.S. views on climate change are shifting—fast.

    Three-quarters of Americans now accept the scientific consensus on climate change, the highest level in four years of surveys conducted by the University of Texas at Austin. The biggest shocker is what’s happening inside the GOP. In a remarkable turnabout, 59 percent of Republicans now say climate change is happening, up from 47 percent just six months ago.

    [Wait til they find out it’s too late though . . .]

  • .

    Just to be clear, I was in no way advocating lying to people or hiding the truth from them to perpetuation some false sense of calm. I was just questioning my own shift away from shaking people by the shoulders to try and get them to listen, like I used to back when I thought something could maybe be done to achieve a different outcome. Once I factored in peak oil, peak growth, overpopulation, the sad truth about humans, etc, well … you know the drill.

    Of course I join in with everyone here (I assume everyone here) in having a great disdain for those who would support manufacturing a lie just to keep people in the dark about NTE for their own selfish convenience. Again, I was just pondering my own shift toward not fretting about convincing people who have made up their minds against the possibility of such a thing ever happening. Like I said, it was different for me back when I thought waking people up might have led to a different outcome.

    A revolution? If it doesn’t change the final outcome anyway, then to me that’s just vengeance, and not really my style. The thought that people might act differently toward what remains of nature? Hmmm, my observations of humanity would have me thinking that people would more likely just throw the idea of conservation and protection right out the window entirely. I’m guess I’m cynical towards all but a very small percentage of the statistical population in that regard. People are pretty messed up, fearful, and therefore selfish.

    I think I’m beginning to reconcile myself to just being somewhat of a silent witness to it all, but one who will definitely still speak about what I know truthfully if asked. I certainly won’t be lying to anyone on purpose, that’s for sure. But, trying to shake people awake and ending up not changing their opinion anyway is becoming less and less important to me the more I realize there is no changing the outcome anyway, and that there maybe never even was that possibility, that maybe this is just natures plan … evolution. I certainly won’t be lying to anyone who asks. But, I’ve also never had a desire to go 4X4’ing through some animals home and destroying it, and I think the kind of person who is inclined to behave that way isn’t likely to drastically alter their behavior no matter what they know or don’t know. People are just like that it seems, and their attitudes usually change very little over even a whole lifetime.

    So … no lies … that isn’t what I meant … ok?

    @Robin Datta … thanks for your posts, I always enjoy them. People might try and label me a ‘something or other’, when really I don’t prescribe to any one belief system in particular, nor do I reject reason and science either. Rather, I usually just have my own experiences and insights, and then am fascinated whenever I find them reflected in some philosophical body or another, be that Vedic, Buddhist, Taoist, Occult, science … or whatever and from wherever. I rarely ‘take lessons’ from books, I more just ‘compare’ things to my own experiences. For example, just because I’ve discovered the technology of meditation and found a few Dali Lama insights to be notable, it doesn’t mean that I’m a card carrying Buddhist. I don’t think I’d ever be a card carrying anything, frankly.

    I’ve just lived a very abnormal life is all, so I’ve always sought out some very abnormal explanations for some very abnormal things, often from far outside of mainstream thinking. So, thanks again for your insights, I always find them fascinating. Not too many people ever talk about the dreamer and the dreamed the way you do, and talk about seeing the self as being a separate individual ‘I’, or as seeing the self in everything and everyone, where there is no separate ‘I’ to consider. That’s interesting stuff for sure, and reminds of an old friend I used to converse with. Again, thanks for always being willing to talk about it. I’m glad you don’t feel silenced.

    No worries about a big dowry or anything like that. I’ll settle for some pieces of plastic retrieved from the ocean. Also, a few slices of cheese maybe … and a goat. Actually, don’t even worry about the goat if it’s too much trouble … you can just fashion me something similar out of small sticks if you like (as long as the sticks are from the ground and weren’t taken from a living tree.)

    See? Easy! :)

    Sorry everyone for the third post. I’m done now, like dinner is sometimes (when my will wills it that is, which is sometimes. Other times, not so much.)

  • Is anyone familiar with the works of Colin Feltham? I haven’t previously heard of him, but I stumbled upon the below blurb. The book sounds interesting and, given the topic of this thread, apropos.

    Keeping Ourselves in the Dark Colin Feltham

    Keeping Ourselves in the Dark , psychotherapist cum “anthropathologist” Colin Feltham mounts a freewheeling inquiry into the myriad superstitions, illusions, maladies, and derangements that bedevil us. Rejecting rose-tinted clichés and niceties on all fronts, Feltham affirms the pessimist’s verdict: Every glass is empty, and there is nothing to be done. Our search for “meaning,” much less “enlightenment,” was doomed from the start. Our most earnest questions are posed before the entropic churn of an indifferent universe, an abyss that only yawns back. So be it.

    Feltham’s assessment of the human predicament may be bleak, but he isn’t ready to throw in the towel just yet. Raising a glass in death’s antechamber, he instead brings his refreshingly undisciplined insight to bear on a dizzying range of subjects – from depressive realism to fringe ecology, from the madness of religion to the folly of psychotherapy, from the mystery of existence to the vicissitudes of the Danish tax code. While asking impertinent questions concerning the raft of social anxieties, absurdities, anomalies, and taboos that vex and perplex us, Feltham even struggles to understand brighter views.

    In a gallows tour sustained by conversational buoyancy and threaded with provocative (and often disarmingly funny) digressions, Feltham rests his pronouncement that while much of life is dark, and indeed hopeless, it can at least be interesting. There are yet choices to be made. And unless we bail out early, we are left to find ways to survive and retain our sanity. If you do not count yourself among the cheery-minded billions, if you can’t bring yourself to swallow the blue pill, if you scoff at the propaganda of religion and positive psychology, if you re not “lovin’ it” as much as you’re entreated to, enter this portal of ironic Zapffean consolation now.

  • Wester,

    This for real ?
    Some of your former students ?
    At any rate, if it’s real, enjoy it while it lasts.


  • If I do what I will won’t that influence what I then will? Why is this an issue?

    I tell people what my conscience (or agenda) dictates at the time. Every situation is different. In my experience, it doesn’t matter what you say about NTE. In a very limited number of cases, it might shake somebody up for the moment, then they revert to thinking what they are programmed to think already. It works best to wait on the right time and place to share something. You can get a sense of what people are ready to hear. There are plenty of clues. Not doing harm is always a goal.

    Terrence Mckenna said something that I was vaguely starting to think myself. Nothing can change unless everybody is involved in the change. Something like that, I think. I don’t quite believe that individuals can see a big picture about humankind in isolation of everybody else.

    As to pontificating on the nature of the universe…

  • Good article! I always enjoy reading your stuff.

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    FOR SCOTT & anyone else


  • Can someone explain this to me, why anyone really even needs to know at this point?
    My ‘mission’ has been to point out how bad things are going to be, so people think about NOT having that next child.

  • New Dates Link Humans to Australia’s Megafauna Extinctions


  • I can’t think of a more thankless task than trying to convince anyone of the obvious. Doomers are born, not ‘made’.

  • Aboriginal female hunters aided by dingoes


    ‘The Invaders’ sees dogs as key to modern humans’ success

    “Ancient humans drove Neandertals to extinction around 40,000 years ago with the help of dogs soon after canines diverged from their wolf ancestors, anthropologist Pat Shipman proposes in her new book, The Invaders. Using fossil and genetic studies to build her case, Shipman argues that European Homo sapiens used the first dogs to track and corral big game for spear-wielding hunters. Unable to compete, Neandertals and several other meat-eating animals died out.”


  • Good to be here, people! Mr McPherson, I’ve lots of things to tell you. Right now, I can say I’m ready, WE are ready. Lights out, whenever you want. No more recruiting. Anyway, I can give you interesting advices; you could not imagine how big is the trouble I’m having right now, but anyone can ask me about practical issues. I will reply, no doubt.

    PS.- Don’t fight your problems. Pulverize them Americans were good at that in the past, that I know. You can make it.

  • LWA- You are incorrect. We actually need to grab everyone by the throat, strangle them until they admit that NTHE is truth, then take their money, Twitter passwords and iPhones. That’s the only way anything will get done around here!!**

    **Obviously, this is a joke. But sometimes, around here, I feel like I need to clarify.

    I actually completely understood your first question about this, and my answer is quite different than Guy’s- for one thing, the fact that this is his blog makes his mission totally different. He is here to educate. Personally, I am not here to educate anyone. And by “here” I mean the Universe in general and this forum in particular. I make comments, sure, but that’s merely for my own narcissistic tendencies. And I read other comments because I’m trying desperately to do anything besides work. That’s how I somehow get caught up arguing with people for no reason (e.g. five responses in and I’m like “Fuck! I’m on deadline! Who cares about free will?!?!”)

    I’m not really learning anything new on the climate change front as the conclusion is already the conclusion- it’s just a matter of time. As Guy mentioned recently when he decided to step back, the evidence is there for people who want to see it. What more is there to do? The cool thing is, when I talk to some people about it, they’re actually interested. Then they can go off down their own rabbit hole if they want. And sometimes they tell me about stuff they found that I didn’t know about. Just like what happens on here every day. But no- trying desperately to convince? There’s no point. Personally, I’m ready to jump on the next plane to DrEpiphany’s beach retreat in Hawaii. No, DrEpiphany, I haven’t forgotten about that…

    Regarding my dowry—I don’t know WHAT gave you the impression that by “putting together a dowry” I meant that it was in any way substantial. Plus, I’ve already procrastinated that project. And Jesus, you’re already too demanding. We need couples therapy. Hahahahahaha! : ) Anyway, I love you to the moon and back (isn’t that something engaged couples say?)

    Ugotstahwonder: Your phrase is really a t-shirt idea- “Doomers are born, not made”

    Apropos of nothing, Stevie Ray Vaughan was playing on my Pandora station while I was typing this so I looked up a cool video of one of his shows in Austin. It’s pretty badass, if anyone is into this kind of thing!


  • LWA

    Surely the answer to your question comes in three parts.

    1. We do not know exactly what will occur in the future, or at what point the Earth will become largely uninhabitable for humans and most other vertebrates, but we do know that continuing on the present path eliminates any possibility of nature ameliorating the situation and brings forwards the point at which the Earth becomes largely uninhabitable.

    2. The amount of suffering increases with population, so continuing to add to the population overshoot adds to the overall level of suffering, both now and in the future.

    3. Lying to the general populace by those in power in order to make practically every aspect of human existence worse, increase the overall level of suffering, and bring about extinction of most vertebrate species must surely by the most reprehensible behaviour imaginable.

  • Hi, Kevin, remember me? I’m waiting for Guy. I’ll spend a short time here. Every time more poverty in european cities. I don’t like this; already missing pure air, after 1 day here.

  • Friday, October 23, 2015
    September 2015 Sea Surface Warmest On Record
    Arctic Sea Ice Extent Growth Seals Off Arctic Ocean



    Arctic sea ice increased rapidly in October 2015, after reaching its annual minimum in September. As the image below shows, the growing sea ice extent has effectively sealed off the Arctic Ocean from the atmosphere, resulting in less evaporation and heat transfer from the ocean to the atmosphere.


    Thick sea ice used to extend meters below the sea surface in the Arctic, where it could consumed massive amounts of ocean heat through melting this ice into water. As such, thick sea ice acted as a buffer. Over the years, Arctic sea ice thickness has declined most dramatically. This means that the buffer that used to consume massive amounts of ocean heat carried by sea currents into the Arctic Ocean, has now largely gone.

    Meanwhile, especially from 2012, huge amounts of freshwater have run off Greenland, with the accumulated freshwater now covering a huge part of the North Atlantic, acting as a lid that prevents ocean heat to evaporate from the North Atlantic.

    Freshwater tends to stay on top of more salty water, even though the temperature of the freshwater is low, which makes this water more dense. The result of this stratification is less evaporation in the North Atlantic, and less transfer of ocean heat to the atmosphere, and thus lower air temperatures than would have been the case without this colder surface water.

    NOAA analysis shows that the global sea surface in September 2015 was the warmest on record, at 0.81°C (1.46°F) above the 20th century average of 16.2°C (61.1°F). On the Northern Hemisphere, the anomaly was 1.07°C (1.93°F).

    Of all the excess heat resulting from people’s emissions, 93.4% goes into oceans. Accordingly, the temperature of oceans has risen substantially over the years and – without action – the situation only looks set to get worse.

    The Threat

    As ocean temperatures continue to rise, especially in the North Atlantic, the Gulf Stream will keep carrying ever warmer water from the North Atlantic into the Arctic Ocean. Without the buffer of thick sea ice to consume the increasing amount of ocean heat, the threat is that ocean heat will increasingly reach the seafloor and unleash huge methane eruptions from destabilizing clathrates. Such large methane eruptions will then warm the atmosphere at first in hotspots over the Arctic and eventually around the globe, while also causing huge temperature swings and extreme weather events, contributing to increasing depletion of fresh water and food supply, as further illustrated by the image below, from an earlier post. [more]

  • LWA is right. There is absolutely no point telling the great unwashed anything. Only like-minded will listen. Being a doomer means giving up hope. Try it, it’s liberating. Everybody knows the end is near, they just don’t give a fuck, but there are many who wonder and they are the ones you will reach, if you keep trying. You will not change the world, there’s only a small chance that those few who listen will act. We are not preaching to the heathens, we are warning those who want to listen. I say a lot of crazy shit just to provoke reaction (oddly enough this is the one place I’m not viciously attacked) but on hitting people over the head with a barrage of facts is something I’m a bit of a stickler about.

    Guy’s problem is his short time-line for extinction. It’s too crazy for normal people to contemplate and only attracts crazies like us people who comment here. So what if we are not gone by 2030. Life won’t be just peachy keen until that date. What it means is that the shit will hit the fan long before then, like maybe even next year.

    Indonesia And The End Of Life On Earth from collapse

  • http://www.planetizen.com/node/81722/making-case-planning

    [i]”Planners—working together with the media—must do a better job of telling the story of planning. I know that doesn’t sound simple. What’s simple about density bonuses, conditional use permits, or environmental review processes? That’s why I think we should start with more fundamental concepts, like land, home, water, air, and economy.”[/i]

    I have no training in planning, but seem to be more focused on it than anything else. I have worked and written on planning issues. My lack of professional status frees me, being a visual artist, to think of planning without constraints or fetters. I’ve been using the term “land use planning,” or just “land use,” instead of “planning.” Everything humans do and organize depends on the use of land to do it. So land use for me encompasses every human effect on land, from the smallest to the largest. In practical terms, the largest scale for land use is the entire globe.

    As to planners looking at the globe as a planning unit, there’s this:

    Thanks a lot Robert C. I file your reports. The one group I have no qualms about informing about NTE, rubbing their noses in it if I can, are “planners.” In my book, they are more responsible for this mess than any other group.

  • What if I could only cherry pick one single reason to explain how I know The End Of Life On Earth is 100% certain.


  • H. G. Wells died on 13th August 1946 despairing at the future of mankind. He had lived to see many of the policies of the ‘New Republic’ actually applied by the National Socialists in Germany. Ideological principles in which he had so long trusted had in fact brought his own civilisation to the brink of destruction. In his last work Mind at the End of its Tether, he declared his conviction that the human race had now played out its purpose and would soon come to an end.

    Our world of self-delusion…will perish amidst its evasions and fatuities. It is like a convoy lost in darkness on an unknown rocky coast, with quarrelling pirates in the chartroom and savages clambering up the sides of the ships to plunder and do evil as the whim may take them


  • From previous thread…

    Bryan, I’d forgotten about that particular Larkin gem. It is one of his most beloved works, which means people acknowledge its truth whether they want to or not. He makes unromantic realism palatable to the unthinking.

    In this one, another piece of great craftsmanship, he refers to our use of religion, philosophy, and everyday distractions to mask awareness of our inevitable death:

  • Robert Atack said, “My ‘mission’ has been to point out how bad things are going to be, so people think about NOT having that next child.”

    The most humane mission of all… The problem is that most people do not “think,” nor do they particularly care. Even in the doomer/NTHE groups I lurk in occasionally, having babies is congratulated, with the sometimes clearly expressed sentiment that short, painful lives can have moments of “beauty.” What do I call this? Malignant narcissism.

    “If children were brought into the world by an act of pure reason alone, would the human race continue to exist? Would not a man rather have so much sympathy with the coming generation as to spare it the burden of existence, or at any rate not take it upon himself to impose that burden upon it in cold blood?”

    ― Arthur Schopenhauer, Studies in Pessimism: The Essays

  • @herewego

    EPA confirms radiation sensors in major U.S. cities have been turned off.

    more on Rense.com

  • “Those who are able to see beyond the shadows and lies of their culture will never be understood, let alone believed, by the masses.” – Plato

  • @ Kevin

    You state:

    “I put it to you that ordinary folk have had little or no choice, in the real sense of the word, and they still have little or no choice. All the evidence indicates that the overconsumption of fossil fuels (along with overconsumption of practically everything else) has been a ‘choice’ fostered on ordinary people by exploiters and other scumbags at the top of the social pyramid.”

    Kevin, I agree with everything you say about the corruptive nature of the ruling elite, going back as far as you wish. I am not in need of a history lesson.

    What appears to be the primary difference between our perspectives, is that it seems you make a distinction between the idea of who you consider “us” and “them” to be, as if you see the ruling elite as some other species. That somehow power was originally ordained and not cultivated and has solely been inherited throughout the centuries. Whereas, I see the hierarchy of a ruling class as nothing more than the inevitable result of any large population of people living together, where those through either luck, imagination, cruelty, avarice, ambition or any number of unsavory human characteristics rise up through the ranks and classically take more than their share.

    While you are mainly focused on the elites, all I see is the history of sycophants.

    You say “…..they still have little or no choice.”

    If a human is to survive, it must choose to survive. Life is nothing but a series of choices. For those in servitude, they have far less options, but they have to make all the same critical choices to stay alive. It’s the thousands/millions/billions of people choosing to not only stay alive, but seeking to thrive as the primary force behind our ecological dilemma, not the subsequent existence of generations of elites who inevitably rise to the surface like scum.

    Let’s say there never were any elites. Doubtful civilization would have emerged as it has, but lets say we people somehow found a way to live together in growing numbers without the existence of a ruling class.

    Do we suddenly stop being curious little monkeys? Do we stop inventing?

    You want to blame the elites, personally, if I had to offer up a better candidate for blameworthiness, I would say……..some Roman engineer or Al Jazari for having invented the crankshaft. How dare they seek advantage through energy conservation! Who was the first person to smelt metal? What was their motive?

    If only they had the forethought to think through how their invention would eventually lead humanity to NTE through a parade of gears, pistons, steam and combustion engines that would follow.

    Do you imagine that regardless of the existence of elites, humanity would have never discovered that all that black goo oozing up from the ground, is incredibly energy intensive? And that it burns more “efficient” than all the other energy options?

    Though the elites are, as they have always been, guilty of unspeakable barbarity, malice and genocide, they however are not responsible for human curiosity, ingenuity, intelligence, problem solving and pattern recognition.

    Do you believe the concept of comparative advantage ceases to exist in the absence of elites?

    Do you believe humanity wouldn’t seek comparative advantage over each other in the absence of elites?

    And there are just a few other aspects the elites aren’t responsible for such as our biological imperative, and the necessity to secure ever more energy for an ever growing region of ever growing families.

    Has there always been those willing to take advantage of people? Of course there has. Have people always been gullible and easily manipulated? You bet.

    The difference in our perspectives doesn’t schism from the existence of elites manipulating and coercing the “average person”, that’s pretty self-evident, but whether if such influence could have ever been avoided throughout the course of civilization, industrial, mercantile or otherwise. And more importantly, whether or not ‘blame’ is merited because whoever “they” have been exist outside of “us”, or whether “they” are “us”.

    Again, I do not deny the barbarity perpetrated by the ruling class, I just see a ruling class as a tragic inevitability of civilization itself.

    While you are focused on the deeds of the ruling elite, I am only interested in their origins, lest we forget, Andrew Carnegie was once a telegraph messenger and John D. Rockefeller’s father was a traveling salesman.

  • If you do it: “BAD” …

    If they do i: “GOOD” ..

    The Elite Are The Most Paranoid Preppers Of All

  • Daniel.

    I think we are in broad agreement.

    Dawkins (and others) examined the ratio of liars to truth-tellers (lying to telling the truth) and hypothesised that a low level of lying could be tolerated, even expected, in any society. Lying usually results in advantage provided it is not overdone.

    So yes, throughout history, liars and have tended to establish themselves near to the top of the pyramid.

    However, present times are very different from previous times, aren’t they? Lying now -especially lying about energy and the environment- results in disadvantage to everyone (including the liars). Lying now results in faster destruction of the liars children.

    This is the very point I took up with Liam Hogdgetts, NPDC Policy and Strategy Manager, several weeks ago, when he lied to a meeting: “The part I don’t understand, Liam, is why you are so keen to destroy your own children’s future.”

    He had no answer, of course, and ‘ran’.

  • “The part I don’t understand, Liam, is why you are so keen to destroy your own children’s future.” He had no answer, of course, and ‘ran’.

    Of course he ran, to him you were speaking in an unrecognized language. On a planet ruled by the paradigm that the profit of corporations is the sole human concern, terms like “our children’s future” or “healthy ecosystems” simply do not compute.

    Shareholder owned corporations are forbidden by law to consider any activity (such as saving ecosystems) that does not increase shareholder value –growth of profits.

    And in case you haven’t noticed, we live on a planet that is owned and run by such corporations. Which means we live on a planet where no other consideration (such as care for ecosystems) other than endless economic growth is possible.

    A corporate owned planet is one where human thought and culture and has been narrowed to a single dominant monomaniacal idea: the highest human value for an individual is to obsessively seek a staggeringly obscene accumulation of individual wealth as exemplified by our billionaire class.

    This idea is the engine of ecological destruction, but it is the only actionable goal and idea allowed on a corporate owned planet.
    Its values are taught to all members of a corporate owned planet, so of course its captains can come from any economic status.

    Obviously, the destruction caused to ecosystems by such a ruling idea will be endless and enormous, and likely fatal to all habitats. But strangely, many who claim to be concerned with saving ecosystems have for decades not seemed to have noticed that such a thing is impossible on a corporate owned planet.

    Giving the institution of the for-profit corporation total control over our planet guarantees its destruction.

  • Gloucon X,

    I found myself agreeing, but then I lack a good understanding of just about everything.

    alSO WE HAVE IN THE LAST FEW POSTS a) A CONCERN FOR WHY THE PLANET BECAME CORPORATE OWNED (cap error), what were the determining causes, and b) the observation that things ARE this way. I tend to hang out with b, because as Dredd has previously pointed out (fun link on the super rich BTW Dredd), society of any kind is governed by entrancement (a story?) of one sort or another. And corporatocracy might be the trance which governs us today. It shouldn’t be super hard to put two and two together, and deduce that this trance is dooming us. But so complete, addictive, hypnotizing and reinforced is this trance that waking up from it is extremely hard to do. Being able to recognize that it IS a trance would be a wonderful first step. And I see a major need for trance breakers as well as trance replacers too. Your post seems to be in the first category.

  • Wow, good reading and links this evening, and fewer nutballs than usual.

  • Excising my 2 day post limit.

  • Fun stuff from John Steppling’s article yesterday:

    Adorno saw in Hegel what he called an ‘identification with the aggressor’. This is the ruse of reason…As Gebauer and Wolf say, the final separation of man from nature only occurs with science…This is the legacy of Enlightenment, then, where, as Frederic Schwartz puts it; “It is a state of myth in which a form of enlightenment adheres…”

    [me: see cancer cells, RNA, no free will, etc]

    What Schwartz posits is closely linked to what Adorno was suggesting in his criticism of Hegel; that the ruse of reason was always domination. [Walter] Benjamin understood the problem of the politics of optics when he wrote…“The Copernican revolution in the conception of history is this: the ‘past’ has been considered the fixed point, the task of the present as that of leading knowledge carefully and hesitantly to this firm ground…The idea of progress then, if one takes the Nazi case as an example, is really a return to an imaginary past, a nostalgia for symbol, a regressive mythology. And in such mythology, change cannot occur. One is bound by the iron dictates of mythic history. A history that absorbs imagery consistent with authoritarianism, and Patriarchy.

    …The total surrender is, if you follow Freud, the death instinct.
    [me: Kubler-Ross, Stage 5?]

    [Scientific] Anthropology has a distinct colonial origin, and method, the entire idea of a ‘field’ of study is probably linked, as Edward Casey suggests, to property and possession, too. Mastery is implied throughout. The subject is reduced to an imitation, or duplication of abstract nature, lifeless and self-isolated…

    Allow me a longer quote from Robert Hullot-Kentor:
    “What once occurred in ancient Greece at an altar stone to which an unblemished white ox had been led; where it was made to bow and raise its head in following the movement of a basket of feed lowered and raised under its nostrils; the pious affirmation affirmation completed in the slash of the blade under its throat; the terrifying and arousing scream of the women masking the sound of the animal‘s groan; the men sharing in the blessing of the propitiatory splash of blood in substitution for the penalty demanded by their own guilt; the carcass split out over the flames guarded by the priests; the inadequacy of the sacrifice that always demands the next sacrifice now occurs across a countertop in the silence of the systemimmanent equality of exchange, in the however sublimated splash of coin and appropriated profit, while, in following the movement of groceries across the bar-code scanner, someone is being cheated.”

    …The secret theatre of the self, as Joyce McDougall calls it, is actually an historical theatre, and one operated by forces not just of our individual past, our childhood psychic formation, but also the forces of post industrial Capitalism and western Imperialism. The adaptation to a role learned in childhood is really a coerced adaptation, and more pernicious is the script having been written by a total system of exploitation and sadism, of domination and class hierarchies. This is an increasingly uncanny mental theatre. The daily life of a populace that is under enormous duress is both theatre and film…I suspect the reification of daily life has reached a stage (sic) in which the sense of emotional disconnect could justifiably be called insanity…Mass delusion in which the plots in this private theatre of the mind are now psychotic…The average citizen has internalized the form of sacrifice, of exchange value, even if only unconsciously, and hence despite ambivalence will project outward various forms of sacrifical justification….

    Gebauer wrote “the goal of…adaptation in human beings was to escape the terrors of nature which represented a threat to the gradually developing self…the fear of transforming back into nature ‘from which it had estranged itself with so huge an effort and which therefore struck such terror into the self’ [Finally:] Adorno and Horkheimer: “Man’s domination over himself, which grounds his selfhood, is almost always the destruction of the subject in whose service it is undertaken.”

  • Infantry, that cited article, 2 years old now, is a dis-info piece produced by a multi-millionaire named M i c h a e lP i r s c h, fronting as Cartalucci, the English language mythmaker for the murderous military. No such event ever occurred. It would be a nice idea though if the self named anti-government protesters were in fact democratic republicans and not blood thirsty soldiers, killers, torturers, slavers and fascists – trying in this fallacious story to dress themselves as legitimate.

    In the actual situation, a cop defending the government house, wielding a baton instead of a gun, on orders from the first female elected PM, was shot point blank in the chest with weapons provided by the mil, and he died several hours later leaving a fatherless 5 year old boy.

    I ripped RT and Global Research new bung-oles over that one. Which gets me labeled as mental for trying to be honest instead of weaving fairy tales. And your boy the author up there has been trying to intimidate and fit me up for over 2 years with some BS that could get me personally Xd in a circumstance that may or may not be rather more precarious than yours. So imagine how I might feel about it. Or, like most everyone else, don’t. Just don’t.

    Actually the ruse worked brilliantly. I saw that article reposted hundred of times everywhere in English media by those who wanted to believe. Mostly by suckers who wanted desperately to be suckered. (Names withheld as you probably know them).

    I mean, ‘well meaning’ idiots up there in the bubble need any and every imaginable excuse to keep profits appropriated from SE Asian slaves(no stutter) – flowing effortlessly to lovely genocided lands in the imperial center. And therefore, if it was true, then they can breathe easy and don’t have to engage the situation or actually DO anything. Plausible deniability. Again. I entertain no such fantasies. Imagine how I feel about it. Or don’t. I have more than enough material to write a book on it, but I won’t. Thank you for your concern and interest though, and with sincerity send you best wishes. And thanks also to the good doctor for allowing a space to relate my own unrelated wretched and miserable story.

    And in the case of Hurricane Patricia, my anarchist friend in Mexico tells me that some citizens were bringing their pets with them to storm shelters, and in some cases were actually turned away. As the animals are not allowed. To be saved. Only homo-insanitus on the Ark this time you know. And don’t worry that Patricia, the strongest storm in recorded history(?)is gone. We/They’ll make more. Lots more.

  • @babajingo

    If you liked ‘utopia’ be sure to check out ‘black mirror’ – 6 episodes over 2 seasons of dystopian goodness..

  • Guy, we made it, Romulus is working! 2 days left in the city and vanishing forever!!!!! Remember me?

  • What makes a doomer? This was discussed about thirteen years ago on the energyresources Yahoo group. The conclusion arrived at was that doomers aren’t born, they are created. Most of those hard-core proponents of NTHE even back then (myself included) had suffered horribly in various ways in their lives. This suffering allowed them to become realists by only being able to see the truth. They/we all had become immune to bullshit from the results of our experiences.

    I’m posting below these responses to past comments on the last thread as they also relate to this current topic. Also, I didn’t want them to disappear down the memory hole of old threads as is oft to happen…

    @infanttyrone / Paul Cherfuka – It is a complete waste of time debating when the gluttons ‘should’ or ‘could’ have been ‘neutralised’. We can debate that until the end of time. My personal feeling is that NTHE was a done deal when prokaryotes morphed/evolved into eukaryotes – so what? My contention is therefore: When do we become culpable? I would postulate that culpability arises one pico-second after becoming aware that gluttons run the show. Anyone and everyone who becomes aware and does nothing to put the glutton’s heads on poles is culpable. I do not consider it matters or not if this action prevents or stalls NTHE, it is the correct action because it would or could have been the correct action. It is righting a wrong; a form of atonement. I do not want to lay on my death bed knowing I did not do enough.

    There is a pithy anecdote in the protest movement: If your friends are still talking to you. If your partner is not considering divorce. If your boss is not threatening you with the sack. If your garden is well maintained. If your bank manager has not cut off your line of credit. If your children still remember who you are. If your house is not in chaos. And if your health is not suffering – you are not doing enough!

    @Robin Datta / Robert Atack / Re: raising awareness of NTHE – Guy has already stated, sometimes directly, sometimes indirectly, that the ultimate purpose of his work is to bring about the End Of Empire; in other words, to hard-crash civilisation. As I understand it, it is his conjecture that a critical mass of awareness will be raised and collapse will then hopefully come about. This is to be primarily of benefit to the non-human people that have suffered enough already at the hands of the psychopaths and their sheeple. It is to give some of them a fighting chance which they wouldn’t otherwise have if we humans stay around until the bitter end. You could call it ‘damage limitation’?

    Further – If I went to my doctor with a minor complaint and she told me – ‘sorry, it’s serious, you have only got two weeks to live; I’ve known for six months but I didn’t think it would make any difference telling you’! Can you imagine how I would react? How would you react?

    @Woodwose – I found Cormac McCarthy’s The Road frustrating although an accurate depiction of the future in many ways. I could only identify with the wife who walked out into the night; the only sane rational voice in the entire piece. As for all the ‘fire in the belly’ nonsense? Well, I can’t see it achieved anything other than prolonging their suffering? I was alerted to the appearance of the dog at the end who seemed in remarkable condition considering. It could only have been eating human flesh to survive and I wondered if its new owners would allow it to continue in the same vein. They didn’t seem unduly concerned about it. I would have been.


    For Gerald Spezio – Don’t Mention The War!


    Every year around this time I am humbled by seeing the massive flocks of common cranes gathering overhead to fly south for the winter. It is an amazing sight, and sound. There are literally thousands sometimes. Other flocks converge from the east and west and they spend up to half an hour arranging themselves into formation. Swirling, swirling, swirling until, in an instant, they form a perfect ‘V’-shape – and then they are gone. Something hideous within tells me I will not be hearing their return next year.


    Radiation Sensors in Major U.S. Cities Turned Off By EPA


  • Never mind how crazy I am, just look at the facts

    Alternative Energy Requires Cheap Oil from collapse

  • Brilliant Green
    A new book argues that not only are plants intelligent and sentient, but that we should consider their rights, especially in the midst of the Sixth Mass Extinction


  • Schopenhauer’s: “On the other hand, such a course (enjoying the present) might just as well be called the greatest folly: for that which in the next moment exists no more, and vanishes utterly, like a dream, can never be worth a serious effort.”

    I disagree. I say that to produce “that which in the next moment exists no more” is the greatest achievement of man, provided it is humane, compassionate, beautiful. A live performance of any kind, the Samaritan binding wounds by the roadside, treating our fellow humans with kindness…all these acts, in themselves, vanish utterly on their completion. Their effects reverberate…for a time…until they, too, become no more than a dream.

  • “Most people deny climate chaos. Most people deny our energy trap. Most people deny our imminent, ongoing mass extinction. Most people only see lions and tigers on the television or at the zoo. There are more Siberian tigers in zoos than there are in the actual wilderness.”

    This seems to be what it takes to participate in our collective trance. The trance assures us that life is normal, and this sense of normalcy is reinforced in myriad ways, through “language” especially? I think we are programmed to think in linear, straightforward, progress-oriented terms (I suppose that this is what Wester is saying). And what is actually happening (extinction) is out of step with the meme of normalcy. This might be a case for collective therapy, if collective therapists could be found. Also, this normalcy bias might depend on the abundance of fossil energy (soon to change) that undergirds our trance.

    “Most people are totally fucking clueless about reality.”


    “If you think we are going to stop eating meat and stop wasting food just to save all life on earth, then you are so totally fucking delusional that you probably think Naomi Klein is great.”

    I don’t think this can be assumed. It’s one thing to observe what is happening, and another to make such conclusions about it. I don’t think people are driven to eat meat in abundance just because it’s in their genes to do so. AFAIK, Hindus, many millions of people, don’t eat meat at all. Many worship cows, and preserve their lives thereby.

    As to Naomi Klein, I’m not depending on her to make much difference one way or another. I daresay she doesn’t advocate cutting down the rainforests to produce fuel. And she may be bonkers to think “renewables” can be made without that kind of destruction. She’ll soon enough run up against that contradiction. She won’t get far if the economic system crashes as soon as some smart people are saying it will. Also, I’m not sure if shaking up the oil paradigm (despite the inherent contradictions involved) isn’t tantamount to softening the ground for breaking out of our trance… Still, the severe criticism of her is probably very useful.

  • Scientific estimations / predictions are all over the place.

    “Your” scientist does not have as much leeway on some issues as they may think they have.


    (New Type of SLC Detection Model – 9)

  • Wester, scholar Kevin MacDonald’s discussion of the Frankfort School is the antithesis of your psychoanalytic & aesthetic analysis.

    Indeed, much of your Freudian & aesthetic analysis is pure mentalism & literary babbble designed to keep one from knowing anything.
    I was taught it as gospel.

    Many college trained “social scientists” may know Adorno’s “Authortarian Personality” but still know very little about the Frankfort School.

    I was taught as a European history graduate student that Adorno’s Freudian fluff is definite historical analysis – the Rosetta Stone of historical scholarship.

    Few establishment historians today would even dare to say that the Frankfort School was a Zionist/Jewish cult with a clearly evidenced Zionist agenda.

    If you are interested in scholarly historical depth, you may be edified by MacDonald’s clearly stated analysis about top down “Jewish Freudian intellectual scholarship.”

    From The Culture of Critique, Chapter 5
    From http://www.kevinmacdonald.net

    The Frankfurt School of Social Research and the Pathologization of Gentile Group Allegiances


    Hatred and [the] spirit of sacrifice . . . are nourished by the image of enslaved ancestors rather than that of liberated grandchildren. (Illuminations, Walter Benjamin 1968, 262)
    To write poetry after Auschwitz is barbaric. (T. W. Adorno 1967, 34)

    Chapters 2–4 reviewed several strands of theory and research by Jewish social scientists that appear to have been influenced by specifically Jewish political interests. This theme is continued in the present chapter with a review of The Authoritarian Personality.

    This classic work in social psychology was sponsored by the Department of Scientific Research of the American Jewish Committee (hereafter, AJCommittee) in a series entitled Studies in Prejudice. Studies in Prejudice was closely connected with the so-called Frankfort School of predominantly Jewish intellectuals associated with the Institute for Social Research originating during the Weimar period in Germany.

    The first generation of the Frankfurt School were all Jews by ethnic background and the Institute of Social Research itself was funded by a Jewish millionaire, Felix Weil (Wiggershaus 1994, 13). Weil’s efforts as a “patron of the left” were extraordinarily successful: By the early 1930s the University of Frankfurt had became a bastion of the academic left and “the place where all the thinking of interest in the area of social theory was concentrated” (Wiggershaus 1994, 112).

    During this period sociology was referred to as a “Jewish science,” and the NATIONAL SOCIALISTS came to view Frankfurt itself as a “New Jerusalem on the Franconian Jordan” (Wiggershaus 1994, 112–113).


  • Hate to do this….You have all, well most of yous, have been placed on a list. Be warned, this does affect your PERMANENT records. Further admonishment to come.

  • Just started listening to the latest installment of Radio Ecoshock. This week’s topic is Permaculture. I only lasted some ten minutes before I had to turn it off. It’s all hopium. Believe me, I’m all for trying to do anything possible to slow or stop our planetary slow motion trainwreck… but seriously?!?!?! The featured guest, Albert Bates, seems to think that if we all live with permaculture that we’re going to bring the CO2 levels and ocean acidification back to safe levels in the near term. How is that possible? All hopium aside, I commend his actions for living a greener life than I am.

  • Enough of the philosophy already, it’s just a different class of woo!

  • And in the words of Deep Thought Himself…

  • Alex Smith likes it both ways, doom ‘n gloom and peace and love. He is a media technophile, no different from Klein and McKibben. When swings into gloom, his voice sounds like this…

  • Sacred Media Cows

  • I agree that much of what passes for “philosophy” is literary speculation, guesswork, & linguistic gibberish w/o any hope of intellectual or scientific redemption.

    Much contemporary philosophy is outright brain damage & debilitating fog, most especially because adherents openly profess to know something.

    Sixty years ago hard nosed empiricist, Hans Reichenbach, took the entire discipline to the woodshed.

    Since I am a real practicing doomer preparing for my upcoming suicide, I gave almost all my worldly possessions away, including my extensive scientific library – except for a few invaluable books of brilliance & true genius.

    Reichenbach’s magnificent, “Rise of Scientific Philosophy,” is beside me as I peck.

    Even at this late date you could be edified a bit before we are all gone – it is chock full of wisdom.

    “The Rise of Scientific Philosophy”
    Hans Reichenbach
    University of California Press, 1951

    This book represents a new approach to philosophy. It treats philosophy as not a collection of systems, but as a study of problems.

    It recognizes in traditional philosophical systems the historical function of having asked questions rather than having given solutions.

    Speculative philosophers offered answers at a time when science had not yet provided the means to give true answers. Their search for certainty and for moral directives led them to accept pseudo-solutions.

    Plato, Descartes, Spinoza, Kant, and many others are cited to illustrate the rationalist fallacy: reason, unaided by observation, was regarded as a source of knowledge, revealing the physical world and “moral truth.”

    The empiricists could not disprove this thesis, for they could not give a valid account of mathematical knowledge.

    Mathematical discoveries in the early nineteenth century cleared the way for modern scientific philosophy. Its advance was furthered by discoveries in modern physics, chemistry, biology, and psychology. These findings have made possible a new conception of the universe and of the atom. The work of scientists thus altered philosophy completely and brought into being a philosopher with a new attitude and training.

    Instead of dictating so-called laws of reason to the scientist, this modern philosopher proceeds by analyzing scientific methods and results. He finds answers to the age-old questions of space, time, causality, and life; of the human observer and the external world.

    He tells us how to find our way through this world without resorting to unjustifiable beliefs or assuming a supernatural origin for moral standards. Philosophy thus is no longer a battleground of contradictory opinions, but a science discovering truth step by step.

    Professor Reichenbach, known for his many contributions to logic and the philosophy of science, addresses this book to a wider audience. He writes for those who do not have the leisure or preparation to read in the fields of mathematics, symbolic logic, or physics.

    Besides showing the principal foundations of the new philosophy, he has been careful to provide the necessary factual background. He has written a philosophical study, not a mere popularization. It contains within its chapters all the necessary scientific material in an understandable form–and, therefore, conveys all the information indispensable to a modern world-view.

    Hans Reichenbach was Professor of Philosophy at the University of California, Los Angeles.

  • mt: can’t wait

    Excellent comments folks. Thanks for the input.

    Good study of our immediate future:


    Retailers react to growing homeless population with exasperation — and empathy


    The response to the spread of the city’s homeless population from its better-known concentration in downtown’s Skid Row to places such as Sylmar is an inherently conflicted grab bag of public and private activities that blend humanitarian and self-interested motives.

    Several churches conduct food banks. A Los Angeles Police Department “transient” car patrols the area to get to know the homeless and work with residents and business owners to solve health and safety problems. Outreach counselors from homeless agencies offer services, which are most often declined.

    The homeless people form their own society, splitting into groups, staking out turf, some disappearing in the day, others sitting and panhandling or just watching life go by. One even died in front of the shopping center’s thrift store.

    “They help each other, Bernard said. “And they steal from each other, too.”

  • When Callaghan’s singing cow finishes, you can click on the same video box, & view smiling Brother Kapner at his vitriolic best.

  • .
    Actually Gerald, the videos that load up in the video box after the current video finishes are tailored specifically to you based partially on what the current video was, and partially on your own recent viewing habits (which are tracked by utube.)

    For example, I got two more cow videos (based on supposedly liking the current silly cow video), a ‘best beer commercial’ (based on the current cow video being in the ‘crazy commercial’ category), and also a Saudi Arabia video … because I had recently watched the informative video that was posted here exposing the despicableness of the brutal and sick Saudi regime. (Thanks for that one, by the way.)

    So, now we know what you’ve been watching. ;)

    Enough of the philosophy already, it’s just a different class of woo!

    Any neuron fired within a human brain is woo, no classification necessary.

    Mensa question from the social cues category:

    Does someone rolling their eyes at you mean that you’ve pissed them off ?

    (For context, imagine that you’ve just claimed omniscience … )

  • We here at “RUMORS and ACCUSATIONS” of “The Hit-man News Team,” have uncovered an anonymous and unverified, leaked video. One which clearly shows one Dr. Guy R. McPherson being friendly to a goat. “RUMOR” has it, he plans to murder said goat. We have also witnessed him digging in the ground. Perhaps to bury something-something ILLEGAL? Who knows what this malcontent may do?
    He has been seen rubbing elbows with the nearly rich and almost famous, one Bill Nye, science guy, for example. It is therefore assumed Dr. McPherson wields great power.
    Anyone seeing or hearing from this man, should take caution.

  • LWA, your contention; “Any neuron fired within a human brain is woo, no classification necessary,” exposes you as a unmitigated superficial twit – all too willing to spout outright meaningless nonsense to sincere people who try hard to understand our world & think that there are real & dire problems concerning truth & falsehood in our collapsing world.

    Hard material & physical scientific evidence supporting claims of global heating, greenhouse effect, climate disruption, & NTE are just woo???

    If a neuron fired in your brain in order for you to make & type a your “all is woo” nonsense statement, then your statement MUST be woo as well.

    If all is woo, how could YOU possibly claim to know woo from serious intellectual effort (non woo?)?

    You may want to consider the logical implications of your cavalier “PHILOSOPHICAL” typing.

  • At this point, it’s all about the diminishing food and water, ridiculous storms, flooding, hail, wind, sinkholes everywhere, increasingly violent police and citizenry, bankrupt financial institutions and foreign policies,
    totally corrupted government that cannot be reformed, a dying biosphere, economic, environmental and social collapse all (and much more) in the midst of abrupt climate change.

    The rate of things getting worse will “quicken” to the point that soon it will all be overwhelming.

    Fruits and Vegetables Reaching An Alarming State of Nutrient Depletion



    What if our food has been getting less and less nutritious? What if modern intensive farming methods — many of which solved malnutrition problems when they were first introduced — have affected the mineral and vitamin content of what we eat? Could having a constant supply of varied produce and introducing genetically modified foods be compromising nature’s goodness?

    Whether it be vegan, low carb, paleo, or any other diet, the quest for the healthiest method of eating shows no sign of abating, yet all have considerable controversy. We know more than ever about what food does to the body and the importance of antioxidants, healthy fats and a low glycaemic index.

    Things have changed so much since the wisdom of our ancestors was lost or ignored. Wild dandelions, once a springtime treat for Native Americans, have seven times more phytonutrients than spinach, which we consider a “superfood.” A purple potato native to Peru has 28 times more cancer-fighting anthocyanins than common russet potatoes. One species of apple has a staggering 100 times more phytonutrients than the Golden Delicious displayed in our supermarkets.

  • related:

    They Profit, We Die: Toxic Agriculture and the Poisoning of Soils, Human Health and the Environment



    Our food system is in big trouble. It’s in big trouble because the global agritech/agribusiness sector is poisoning it, us and the environment with its pesticides, herbicides, GMOs and various other chemical inputs. The Rockefeller clan exported the petrochemical intensive ‘green revolution’ around the world with the aim of ripping up indigenous agriculture to cement its hegemony over global agriculture and to help the US create food deficit regions and thus use agriculture as a tool of foreign policy.

    This was only made possible and continues to be made possible because of lavish funds, slick PR, compliant politicians and scientists and the undermining and capture of regulatory and policy decision-making bodies that supposedly serve the public interest. [more]

  • You know what? I have recently discovered that this blog, this very chat, is not at all (except in a metaphorical way)related to baseball. Man, do I feel stupid.
    (3RD post-sorry-i amuse me sometimes in a schizophrenic way)

  • Gerald, and all this from a guy who can’t even make a simple observation about how utube is functioning? You do seem well read, maybe overly so, but I seriously question your ability to observe.

    I can assure you, I don’t take you very seriously either. :)

  • “I can assure you, I don’t take you very seriously either.”

    You’re in good company. Nobody takes Gerald seriously.

  • “The situation is dire and calls for comprehensive and effective action, as discussed at the Climate Plan.
    Malcolm Light comments


    The following comments refer to Figure 224 below. All historical floating ice appears to have been lost in the Arctic by September 2015 so we can assume that the 5+ year old ice pack has largely gone by this time. The 5+ year old ice pack was only predicted to melt back by 2021.7 consequently this year’s volume of ice melting has occurred 6 years earlier than the previous prediction. The previous estimate of the final loss of 1 year Arctic floating ice from polynomial data was 2037.7 which now corrects to 2031.7, 16 years in the future.

    Previous estimates of when the average atmospheric global temperature anomaly increase would reach 6°C was 2034.7, by which time massive global extinction would be proceeding. The new corrected time for this event is 2034.7 – 6 = 2028.7 which is 13 years in the future. During the major Permian Extinction event, which was caused by a massive methane build-up in the atmosphere, the mean surface atmospheric temperature increased by 5°C over 13 years. As the present mean global surface atmospheric temperature is already greater than 1°C hotter than the mean, we will be looking at at least a 6°C temperature increase by 2028 with its associated global extinction event. This is a frightening correlation between the new predicted 6°C average global surface atmospheric temperature rise and what is known to have occurred during the major Permian extinction event, both of which were caused by a massive buildup of methane in the atmosphere. We are clearly in for a very rough-hot ride in the next decade as the terminal global extinction event approaches.

    Malcolm P.R. Light (Dr)
    Earth Scientist”

  • @Wester

    Thanks for the perspective on the Thailand ‘not-so-news’.
    The story seemed too good to be true, but sometimes weird things happeni\, so it made sense to check it with you.

    @arquon (sorry, keyboard won’t do the first letter of your name today [?])

    I don’t think I was involved in a serious debate. Maybe an exchange of viewpoints or something like that.

  • We are an emotionally primitive species. Cold hard facts that we’re done fail to move us. What does? An example:

  • Notice if you will that not a word in the fluff came out of my mouth except for a couple of throwaways. Nice of you to attribute all that Jew business to me. As if religious orientation has anything to do with it. Am thoroughly familiar with the critiques of the Frankfurt School. Hell, I was born in Frankfort Kentucky so I’m one to know. So lay off me and/or Steppling, and/or the several other personages mentioned explicitly besides the Frankfurt boys and critique the individual sentences, the statements and the claims, as it is supposed to be done.

    Tossing broad brushes and appending insulting adjectives to nouns accomplishes exactly zero nada and zip except as Exculpatory evidence in favor of the defendant. No retractions applicable or necessary.

    And I do not have 15 years to read every clickbait offered that’s supposed to refute one paragraph from Adorno and Horkheimer. Deal with the words on the page, not your personal disgust for the men and their ebil genius agenda that has exactly what? to do with that single paragraph? Really. Come on.

    And being Jewish is not any problem in my world, at all, unless you are on stolen land genociding the indigenous population. Then we have problems.

    Especially and if you, the accuser are sitting on stolen genocided land telling me how terrible them jews are and declining at all, as Steppling’s article suggests, that you take a good look in a mirror.

    But we already concluded not long back that Dr. Amos Wilson’s thesis is correct: That Euros and their bastard N Amerikan, Aussie, Kiwi and S Afrikan Euro-wannabes DO NOT look at themselves in the mirror, less those who force that on them get compared to jews that, what?, need to go to the gas chambers? Fine. If that’s all you got, come with it. Thanks again for your support.

    And in today’s news: How Science is Perverted to Build Fascism:
    A Marxist Critique of E.O. Wilson http://tomweston.net/rosent.htm :

    “For twenty-five years Harvard biologist Edward O. Wilson has put forward the idea that it is human nature to be fascist…

    In the 1970s he updated the old social Darwinist ideology that human societies are shaped by the biological nature of humans. Just as the nature of ants creates colonies of queens, drones, workers, and slaves, the nature of humans creates racism, sexism, patriotism, wars, religion, and class exploitation. Wilson used this “revelation” to argue that efforts to fight against racism, sexism, and imperialism go against human nature and are thus exceedingly difficult, and to claim that communism is unscientific and cannot work. Wilson proudly says of himself, “At my core, I am a social conservative, a loyalist. I cherish traditional institutions, the more venerable and ritual-laden the better.”

    Wilson put these arguments into Sociobiology: The New Synthesis, published in 1975 by Harvard University Press and widely promoted by the popular media. Many natural and social scientists exposed human sociobiology as an unscientific attempt to defend the capitalist status quo as natural and unchangeable.

    Humans create our nature through our history, our labor, and through our interaction with each other and with our environment. Although our brain is a product of evolution, there is no such thing as a fixed human nature. Before the invention of agriculture, our human ancestors lived for tens of thousands of years in small communal societies that had no state, private wealth, or contracts.

    There is no genetic basis for tribalism, racism, sexism, or other features of present societies. These ideologies and behaviors in the world today reflect the class interests of capitalist rulers, and millions of workers throughout the world have fought against them.

    We can develop a scientific outlook toward human nature, only if we have no ideological need to justify or perpetuate any aspect of class exploitation and social inequality.

    Wilson wants to use “consilience” to whip the rest of the academic world into line for the ruling class. His sharpest ideological attacks are directed at Marxists.

    Italian communist leader Antonio Gramsci, writing about the rise of fascism in Italy during the 1920s, called those who played a major role in helping the ruling class build ideological support for fascism “organic intellectuals.” E.O. Wilson is an organic intellectual, a “loyalist” who has dedicated his career to assisting the growth of fascism in the United States. Marxists led the anti-fascist struggle to defeat the eugenics movement that was the “crown jewel” of fascist pseudo-science during the first half of this century. Today we must organize to defeat Wilson’s attempts to make “sociobiological consilience” the academic centerpiece of a new period of fascism.”


    I know. You all hate you some dam commies and lefties and money-less anarchists. If all you got is a neo-Calvinist declaration on the innate depravity of humanity, and no free will etc. Then I guess Calvin, that religion nut job witch burner was wrong and you scientific guys are 100% correct. It has to be so, doesn’t it?

    I am not trying to say that Science or the Scientific method or reason or logic or anything else is wrong and we need to go back to magical thinking.
    I’m saying that it might be, as Steppling’s article implies, a flavor of Enlightenment thought, especially when combined with Capitalism, and Industrialism and reinforced with social “consensus” that could be problematic. I mean, fascism was about making the trains run on time as well as the merger of corporate and state power was it not?

    “There are very few people who are going to look into the mirror and say, ‘That person I see is a savage monster;’ instead, they make up some construction that justifies what they do.”
    Noam Chomsky

    That’s my problem. It took me nearly 40+ years to figure it out.
    I guess I am the only human being alive in the world with this problem.
    Glad I finally got around to starting to deal with it.

  • Monday, 26 October 2015
    Environmental emergency in Indonesia from fires
    Indonesia set to evacuate kids in worst haze hit areas
    Six navy ships and other vessels ready to help if cities are rendered unliveable by toxic haze



    A massive operation, both on land and at sea, is under way to prepare for what appears to be an imminent evacuation of thousands of babies and children from their homes in parts of Sumatra and Kalimantan.

    This, as forest fires, which produce the toxic haze, continue to burn unabated despite the extensive firefighting resources dedicated to putting them out.

    Indonesia yesterday put six navy ships on high alert off the waters of the two regions, which have been the worst hit by thick smoke from forest and peatland fires this year.

    Together with a fleet of vessels from state-owned shipping firm PT Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia, they form the last resort in the event that cities need to be evacuated after being rendered unliveable owing to high levels of air pollution.

    “We are doing this by way of a military operation for the sake of humanity,” said Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs Luhut Pandjaitan.

  • There could be all kinds of reasons for all the differentiation in this one universe, but only one really stands out.

    Ontological immaturity !

    There is only one… all else is schizophrenic fracturing of identity.

    Being a doomer is just one way to cope with not catching your tail yet.

    Swallowing or regurgitating its tail, who knows which it was originally intended to be, the uroborus is definitely confused, even if it pretends to be everything. Perhaps the idea is its forgotten it is what it eats, or regurgitates, or breathes in and out?

    Probably a Hindu origin then if that’s so.

    Is the Uroborus a doomer?

    You bet ya.

    Beauty holds the most power for the adolescent, and thus our world descends into the search for the true beauty we already are, and when we view this through the lens of the Uroborus symbol, there is little doubt we are done, unless we wake to the totality of the one.

    Being a doomer is one step on that path perhaps, because doomers at least are feeling the weight, just before they pass away.

  • a simple thought

    just a thought

  • I’ve posted anew. Catch my latest thoughts here.

  • At this juncture, I find myself “agreeing” with this fellow. Even though I’d have to be a whole lot smarter to be able to justify my POV. Some of his talks are very long. I do some drawing while I listen. I have no interest in his psychedelic ideas right now. Just glad I did my abortive mess best to participate through the years, for which I’m grateful.

  • Grateful for your work as ever, Guy. This post, though, epitomises to me the way that your own philosophical perspective gets muddled with your witnessing-to-the-facts, and sold here and elsewhere as the blatantly obvious implication of NTE. Not to me, with respect. You promote, if I read you right, the idea that any inherent meaning within the cosmos is evidently utterly disproved by death. NTE and the death of an individual seem, to me, to weigh in about equal as supports for that conclusion. Its an old conversation, if one with a short future! But hey, its your platform, say what you like – I’ll keep coming back. Mat