The Seventh Stage

I entered the sixth stage of Elisabeth Kübler-Ross’ five stages of grief about a year ago. I spend much of my time in this stage, identified by me as gallows humor.

In the spirit of personal growth, I’m moving on. From this point, I intend to spend much of my time in the seventh stage of Elisabeth Kübler-Ross’ five stages of grief: Fuck it.

The seventh stage has nothing to do with inaction. Rather, it has to do with letting go of expectations that actions will produce desired results. At its apex, it’s letting go of desire. It’s my version of the Zen expression, “let go or be dragged.”

As a result of my new-found enlightenment, I’m posting less. And I’m no longer providing a weekly climate-change update for EXtinction Radio. I’m not going away but I’ve become remiss in updating my long, oft-updated climate change summary and update. I continue to make additions now and then, when I’m sufficiently inspired.

I have plenty of material, and it continues to accumulate. But the picture is clear, as I explained in an essay a couple months ago.

As I’ve indicated, I’ll be working less and grieving more as industrial civilization grinds the planet into lifeless dust. At the same time, the support of former colleagues and friends continues to slip away. In addition, my personal journey along the path of radicalism becomes increasingly expensive in every way. Despite the prolonged period during which I’ve carried the message, despite my own attempts to let go of personal, emotional baggage, I remain shattered. Sadly, I’ve left family and friends in a similar state, despite my fumbled intentions to the contrary.

This brief essay is too maudlin. Too macabre. Far too self-indulgent. And yet, it’s too little and also too late.

Too often, while asking others to be gentle, I’ve been too harsh. Too often, I’ve responded with anger, bitterness, or inappropriate humor in delivering the surreal evidence that nobody wants to hear. Too often, my personal flaws have interfered with my ability to deliver important messages to unwelcome ears.

I suspect my detractors will celebrate as my presence continues to fade from the easily distracted public eye. Accustomed to criticism, I’ll make a gallant effort to hover above the fray. I doubt I’ll be successful.

I am the pebble I’ve thrown into a still pool. Relative to my primary message, the messenger no longer matters: The ripples will persist after the pebble sinks to the bottom. With a bit of luck, I’ve hit bottom.

Among my regrets are the discomfort and pain I’ve caused those few people who have supported me and my work. First and most important on this list is my wife and best friend of more than three decades. I’m not easy to love, and nobody likes my message. Still, too little love remains alongside the shards I leave behind. I apologize, while recognizing the apology is insufficient in light of the damage I’ve done.

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  • Guy,
    Thanks for being so honest with your analysis of our dim hopes. You are certainly one of the very few scientists who tell it as it appears by putting real numbers on the timing of our demise. Not that I like it, but still…there is some comfort in knowing how much longer my retirement savings have to last. I agree…fuck it.

  • I posted on the previous thread at just the wrong moment, so have taken the liberty of reposting here.

    Some early October 2015 observations.

    Arctic Sea ice: in March the abnormally low ice cover portended a record low later in the year: it didn’t occur, and the current ice cover is around two standard deviations from ‘normal’.

    Carbon dioxide. At 398ppm has passed the seasonal minimum and is headed for 405 to 406ppm next northern spring.

    California drought. In March many of us wondered whether California would make it through the summer as a functioning entity. It did. Now the big questions centre around the effect the massive El Nino will have over coming months -bearing in mind most of California’s rain used to arrive between November and April.

    Shemitah. A lot of people were utterly convinced something very big would happen in September which would bring down the financial system. Sure, there was much wobbling, but TPTB have kept the tower from collapsing for the moment.

    Oil prices. Well down from the plateau of 2010 to 2014 (below half) for over a year, and commensurate shrinking of profits, job losses and reduced exploration but no nation or major corporation has gone bust yet. The bother in Syria is the supposed reason for Brent currently trading above $50.

    Ponzi finance. Repeated hints by the Fed that historically interest rates may be raised have all resulted in no change. Negative interest rates throughout the western world appear be a lot more likely.

    NZ. TransPacific Partnership has been endorsed by NZ fascist government, even as the general economy shows many signs of slow implosion. Auckland house prices continue to rise towards an average of $1 million as economic/environmental ‘refugees’ flood in. General poverty rates continue tor rise. El Nino may well result in extreme drought for many eastern regions.

    Australia. Extraordinarily high temperatures and an extraordinary range across states has occurred long before summer arrives.

    It is difficult to make accurate predictions. However, we can be sure that everything that matters will be worse next week, and will be considerably worse next year.

    The puppet show, brought to us by corrupt politicians and the corporate media continues till it doesn’t.

    By the way Guy, the Daily News building in which we did your 2012 interview now displays a ‘For Tender and redevelopment’ sign, as the local death-by-a-thousand-cuts continues.

  • Dear Guy,

    I’m very touched by your forthright disclosure and humility. Your writing (the way you write as well)is an inspiration.

    A new Maya Angelou stamp has this to say:

    “A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer; it sings because it has a song.”

    So now it’s your song I’ll be listening for.

  • Guy, thanks for the superb essay. There are many notable sentiments, one of which, I believe, merits immediate repetition:

    ‘The seventh stage has nothing to do with inaction. Rather, it has to do with letting go of expectations that actions will produce desired results.’

    I reached the ‘beyond depression’ stage around 5 years ago, picked up a little, then went through another round which was close to ‘fuck it’ 3 years ago. And then emerged from that, into the phase of pointing out to others that officialdom was all a ridiculous ‘puppet show’.

    Being so far ahead of the crowd, even the reasonably well informed crowd, is a tremendous burden.

    You are lucky to have a wife.

    Many of us struggle on alone.

  • The “waiting for the asteroid” can be indubitably tough.

  • never shut the door behind you see you on the other side
    don’t look back because everything looks the same except the door
    it’s sad but you feel the thrill of letting go
    free from emptiness
    it hurts less time to time
    the calm before the storm

    your strength-weakness, weakness-strength got us here
    the truth late
    warts and all

    – enjoy ‘n care

  • sometimes there is no off switch
    for some I would thank god

  • I meant to say
    the truth not late

  • I think the fuck-it stage is an excellent place to be. Too bad that, “fuck-it” isn’t the first phrase most babies say!

    “Hey! Lets cut down those trees and sell ’em!” “Awwww, fuck-it, they’re pretty…”

    God damn, I want a BMW soooooo bad! Fuck-it! I don’t care what people think.

    Don’t listen to her, she’s uneducated. Fuck-it, she may not have been to college but she’s still the smartest person I know.

    The fuck-it stage is often the best. I think it can also be called the stage where true freedom is found and can be the start of the best part of your life!

    Just an idea…Sell everything and move to Argentina! Teach in a school down there, Guy, in a place that’s likely to stay nice and cool…for awhile, anyway.

    Hey, how do you say fuck-it in Spanish?

  • When I get tired of hearing myself say “fuck it”, I head for the hills. Gives me perspective. Yep. We’ve destroyed the planet, and it’s almost impossible to find anything in nature that hasn’t been altered in some way by human hands. But the trajectory we are on will not be changed by whether I am happy or sad, whether I pay attention to the “news” or spend my time watching an osprey catch a fish.

  • Excellent! Follow your inspiration (however dark it may seem at first — many tunnels of past accumulations (“sanskaras”) to thread our individual ways through.)

    You’ve taken on a unique mission (its uniqueness somehow illuminated by the lengths that others, bearing the same knowledge, have gone to to avoid joining you in). They remain hidden in their bureaucratic hidey-holes. Those sharing this dim fellowship are to be commended for rare courage.

    Each day I now comb through the grimy debris of Industrial Civilization with a sharpened perspective, thanks to spending these thee years with you — a Unified Gloom Theory, if you will, that puts everything I see into one big bag, maybe allowing me to draw a tie around its neck and dispose of it, as I am about to do with tomorrow’s garbage pickup. (The things that we are permitted to “throw away”! As long as they go in that black plastic bag! I’m thinking about going out back for a rotted fencepost!)

    Maybe that bag will just grow smaller, as I distance myself from it, and live on into other interests that I value more. Yes, face the Truth, and then you get to live your life, this one that we have now.

    First there is a mountain, then…

  • I’ve been saying fuck it since I learned how fucked we are. So fuck it. And to those who still don’t “get it,” fuck them too. There’s too little time to give many fucks anyway, so fuck it. Every day is a good day. And fuck thinking that it has to be any other way. It doesn’t. (I sense that the wisest among us has been saying fuck it for a long time.) The only difference I will make that truly matters is how I lived today.
    And old sage from Kansas City, Bob H., said: “After many years I’ve finally gotten it all down to something so simple even I can understand. ‘Do your best, and fuck the rest.'”
    Fucking right you are, Bob.

  • A nod, a wink and a tip of the hat, Guy. You fucking rock.

  • Paul says: A nod, a wink and a tip of the hat, Guy. You fucking rock.
    Second that! In fact all these posts fucking rock!!

    The reactions/expressions in response to Guy’s sharing are why I still so deeply value this site—and R.C. is downright tender!

    Guy, please try not to be so hard on yourself. I can relate to many things you express and have traveled a path with some similarities. Not sure how much you struggle with forgiveness of self. I know I do and it’s so damn hard.

    Kirk—you crack me up!! Honest to god your posts make my stomach hurt from laughing on a regular basis. Laughter (when not at the expense of others) is vital for health, yes?

    Don–as bizarre as it is I too often think of NTE as a way of framing my diminishing retirement account in a more positive light. Yikes.

    Thanks to all.

  • I really don’t know what to write, other than I remember my grandmother, a person who had so much ‘shit’ dumped on her throughout life and yet managed to emerge from that load of crap by asking such questions as “Oh! and how was your day? and meant it to be just that, a beautiful day that existed in a spirit that could not be daunted, disturbed or bothered. She lived her life by brushing aside every effort that was made to make her realize that there was trouble in the world. No problemo for Ida. She loved the word REALLY, as if she enjoyed its emphasizing qualities.

    I will never again meet a spirit so free, so open, and so refreshingly resilient. Fortunately my father had inherited her nonchalance, a irritation for which my mother never forgave him.
    One thing on this blog which has consistently shined by its absence is the mentioning of blogger’s children. Hardly anyone ever mentions them, as if they do not exist. Do they? I have children, 3 of them, and I cannot share my feelings with them in any meaningful way. Do I tell them its the end of the world? Do I believe that myself? I don’t think I do. I don’t know at which stage I am in my grief, but I grieve for them, I grieve for depriving them of what I sense is the truth, but which would demoralize them even further. My ‘children’ have been evicted from their dwellings more often than I care to think about. The bane of human life it seems.

    We may soon be evicted by Gaia itself, …. but do I tell them that this is their future, or do I dare think it might not be?

    We are ever so close to a terminally self-inflicting extinction event by fighting one another with nuclear weapons. In the final analysis, the bullet which emerges from our Russian-Roulette gun chamber could be from several sources, and maybe even a combination of them… i.e., climate apocalypse, nuclear war, acid oceans, unbreathable air, a red-hot spike in temperatures from an absence of Global Dimming umbrellas, cyber malfunctions, nuclear reactor meltdowns… The list is far too long….. As Guy readily suggests …. maybe FUCK IT sounds just about right!

  • Guy,

    We are wrecking this astonishingly beautiful and precious world. We’ve been doing it for a long time. The pace is increasing. Horrendous suffering and early death will be our likely fate. We will also exterminate most of the other forms of life on our precious world. You were one of the first to understand this and you soon came to understand just how difficult it is to cope with such knowledge. That process of discovery, along with your efforts to pass that understanding on to others, have cost you dearly. How could they not?

    But—on the other side of the balance sheet, your courage and fortitude have touched many. I would like to give just one small example. The following is an introduction I gave when you came to visit us. I would humbly ask you to remember all the good you have done while on this journey. And to remind you that teaching, by whatever form you find available, has been and will always be your joy, passion and love. Please try to find some way to get back to it. Thank you Guy.

    Introduction to Dr. Guy McPherson’s Lecture and/Discussion
    September 26, 2010
    Bloomingdale, Michigan

    Hello everyone. Welcome to Bloomingdale. I’m John Stassek. Public speaking used to scare the crap out of me. And then last fall, I became a substitute school bus driver. I’m still a bit nervous up here, but with a little patience on your part, I should be able to get through this introduction just fine. Just stay seated, keep your hands to yourselves, and don’t throw any paper wads!

    Very seldom do we have the opportunity that tonight’s program is offering: You’ll be listening to and then later speaking with one of the most thoughtful, witty and intelligent people you’ll ever meet. What follows may be a life-changing experience for some of you. At the very least, we’re going to give you something to think about. But our main goal this evening is simply to offer you some good, practical ideas for building a more durable life and community. Hopefully, by the end of the program, you’ll understand just what the heck that means, and why it is going to become so very important.

    You may have noticed our town has been celebrating its annual October Fest today. Most of the activity has wound down. We missed the outhouse parade and race, but we still have some good music, food and a beer tent going on across the street until midnight. Tonight’s program is scheduled to last for two and a half hours, so please feel free to get up and take a break if you feel the need. I suppose you could even take a quick trip to the beer tent ——-if you feel the need.

    Our program is sponsored by Transition Van Buren Allegan, and by our local mulling it over transition group. It’s taking place because of our great honor and fortune in having Dr. Guy McPherson with us for the weekend. Dr. McPherson is professor emeritus from the University of Arizona, where for the past twenty years taught and did research in the fields of conservation of natural resources, ecology and stirring the pot. I’ll explain later. In a few minutes he’ll start his lecture, which will run for an hour. We’ll take a short break and then go into our discussion. Our program should end by 9 or shortly thereafter.

    Tomorrow morning, we’ll have a hearty breakfast at the Conservation Club and then meet back here in Bloomingdale by the depot at 10. We’re going on a leisurely two hour “walk and talk” hike along the Kal-Haven Trail. It should be a nice, informal discussion.

    Our program tonight has a simple, and yet very serious message. Climate Change and Energy Decline, or call them Global Warming and Peak Oil, are the two greatest threats humanity has ever faced. I’m glad Guy will be telling you about them. Seems like I’ve often crashed and burned whenever I’ve tried to explain what they mean to someone. Even my very own brother thought I was nuts and needed to seek medical care. Luckily for me, my wife Debby soon came to understand and share my concerns, and we’ve met others who feel the same way. That’s the best part of transitions. It’s an uphill battle, struggling to raise awareness and build resilience. But we are working on something bigger and more important than we’ve ever worked on before. With friends and loved ones who understand and care. For the sake of our kids–and their kids–and their kids. When it comes to motivation, it just doesn’t get any better than that.

    Mike Ruppert has an interesting way of looking at the world, and I agree with him. He says it’s almost like we are all on the Titanic, and she’s just struck the iceberg. There are three kinds of people on board.

    The first group is the largest, and does not yet understand the situation we’re in. They are asleep and unaware, or not overly concerned. They may be in denial; denying the overwhelming evidence that the earth is warming, it’s being caused by human activity, and it’s doing great harm to our planet. They may deny the fact that fossil fuels are a finite resource, and we’ve used up the cheap and easy to get to sources. Or they may honestly and sincerely believe that our ability to adapt, our ingenuity, our intellect and technology will help us preserve much of our present way of life and prevent catastrophic collapse and die-off. They have not yet seen the scale and magnitude of what’s coming.

    People in the second group have seen this scale and magnitude all too clearly, and are terrified by what they see. Overwhelmed by fear or depression, they have trouble dealing with everyday life. They’re probably right, but even if they are, it’s a mentally destructive way of coping. I know, because this was my group before I learned about transitions,. I guess this explains my brother’s reaction.

    And finally there are the folks in he third group, who say, “We can see what’s coming. We under-stand. We don’t know how, but we want to help. Teach us how to build a lifeboat. Please show us what to do.”

    Most of you are in that third group. That’s good, because Guy knows how to build a lifeboat, and he’s going to teach us. For everyone else, please keep an open mind. You may find it’s a good skill to know someday. And please let’s keep our discussion polite and reasonable. We have a lot to learn and we just can’t afford to waste our time on debate. If you can understand and accept that, we’ll have a good, productive program. If you can’t, I may have to ask you to leave.

    Okay. We’re about to meet Guy McPherson. Normally, at this point in the introduction, I would tell you a little bit about his life history, accomplishments and that sort of thing. But we have a handout in back with one of his essays and his web site, where you can learn about all this. For tonight’s purposes I believe there are only two things you really need to know about Guy.
    I’ll use an example to explain the first. In August of 2007, he gave the keynote address to a group of public health students at a university conference. It was a large gathering of students, faculty, and administration. His speech was titled The End of Civilization and the Extinction of Humanity. About a minute into his speech, he said the following, and I quote:
    “Edward Abbey, the iconoclastic author from Tucson, was fond of saying society is like a stew: if you don’t stir it up every now and then, the scum rises to the top. Clearly, we’ve needed a lot more stirring since we lost Cactus Ed’s voice in 1989 “Speaking of scum rising to the top, my dean keeps asking me to quit stirring the pot.” End quote.

    The dean to his department was sitting in the front row. The hour long speech was interrupted many times by applause, standing ovations, and laughter but the dean remained seated the entire time, never smiling but only glared up at Guy. I sure wish I could have been there to see that! Not very tactful, but I guess it shows you can’t stir the pot and be tactful at the same time. The entire speech is a remarkable blend of hard hitting logic, wisdom and wit. You’ll be treated to much of the same in his lecture. Guy clearly sees what’s coming. And he’s going to tell you, straight on, what he sees. You won’t hear platitudes, and you will be stunned. Stirring the pot has that effect. He does not enjoy telling folks their world is about to be turned upside down and their way of life is coming to an end. But he believes—no, check that—he is convinced it’s the only path a sane, caring and aware human being can take.

    The second thing you need to know about Guy is he refused to take any money to be with us this weekend. Not a single cent. Deb will probably cook him a meal. And I’m going to buy him a beer or two after our program. Or 5 or 10. I don’t know much about his drinking habits yet. But I hope you get my point.

    From these two observations, I hope you are beginning to gain a sense of appreciation for just how lucky we are to be here tonight. Driven by a strong sense of honor, duty and responsibility, Guy has the courage and conviction to say what he knows must to be said, even though it has already cost him dearly. And he is willing to come and help folks who need his help, for just that very reason alone.

    I believe we are in for a treat tonight. And I believe we will remember Dr. Guy McPherson, and his words, for the rest of our lives!

    And Guy, I truly mean what I said. You deserve a lot of credit for all you’ve done and for all your sacrifice. But, here’s the thing. It may have been a mistake on my part, but you’ll remember I told everyone they could go get a beer if they wanted one, and they’re starting to look thirsty to me. I hope you can keep them interested for the next hour or you may find yourself talking to an empty room. In other words, don’t get cocky, kid! —————————It is my great honor in presenting Doctor Guy McPherson!

  • i think i’ve been in the ‘fuck it’ stage of grief (over more things than our impending ‘doom’) for a good while. beat u to it, guy! considering that we may have years/ decades ahead of us yet, it seems the most appropriate stage to wallow in. makes life less stressful, so u can leave a better looking corpse behind (i think i’ve just now entered the gallows humor stage, my stage 7)

    smoke ’em if u got ’em! might make this stuff a lot funnier.

    ‘I remain shattered.’

    u’re a very high functioning shattered. your videos, writings, and wide travels indicate that. iow, u’re still a lucky guy imho (this time the ‘h’ does stand for humble).

    ‘Too often, my personal flaws have interfered with my ability to deliver important messages to unwelcome ears.’

    we don’t choose to be flawed, obviously. don’t be so hard on yourself.

    i know, u’re hurting, apparently going through some tough/turbulent stuff in your personal life. been there, done that, oh so glad it’s behind me. not easy to go through, and probably no short cuts. i hope u make it through to the other side, a better wiser man.

    loved katie goodman singing fuck this shit!!! (i sparked a good one earlier, so i’m in a proper mind frame to appreciate fucking shit!)

    kevin moore, i only got a little way through your comment of 2;31 when i said ‘fuck this shit’ and moved on to the next comment.

    ‘The “waiting for the asteroid” can be indubitably tough’

    more gallows humor, anyone?:

    ‘The fuck-it stage is often the best. I think it can also be called the stage where true freedom is found and can be the start of the best part of your life!’

    hi, kirk. dug your comment. smoke ’em if u got ’em!

  • Guy states that it’s time to say, “FUCK IT”
    The truth is so clear, you can’t buck it.
    Although family and friends,
    Try to ignore the trends,
    In time,
    They’ll realize, they can’t duck it.

    (thanks to Benjamin the Donkey for the inspiration)

  • ‘I have children, 3 of them, and I cannot share my feelings with them in any meaningful way. Do I tell them its the end of the world? Do I believe that myself?’

    whether u believe it or not, it sounds as though u’re a convinced ‘doomer’. barring a miracle, teotwawki is unavoidable and relatively imminent. u might just share with them the fact u’re a ‘doomer’, and go from there. i think that’s the lesser of the evils u face in this case. it’s hard to be honest sometimes, but oh what a web we weave when we deceive! (i know that’s not original, but fuck it!)

    John Stassek is still around?! cool. thanks for sharing your guy story.

  • Oh Guy,

    The heartless cretins running this world and their minions doing their bidding and your picking on YOU? no, no no.

    Enjoy each day to the best of your ability. I have to tell myself that constantly. I look for things to appreciate and it really makes a difference. I am making efforts to save other species in the off chance some of them survive.

    Chin up Guy.

  • Guy, for what it’s worth (and I know it’s not worth much), a lot of us are in a similar boat (speaking of boats, John Stassek says you know how to build a life boat. Didn’t know that existed in our current situation). We all have different issues/problems but I think everyone here can relate to what you’re feeling even if it always feels like you’re going through it alone. We are in an impossible predicament and we each have our individual personal bullshit to deal with. I’m also at a major crossroads life-wise. Never had more uncertainty or less security than I do right now. I’ve made some really stupid, impulsive decisions that have led me here. But whatever.

    I can’t tell you how many times in the past few months that I’ve been in some crowded public space and all I wanted to do is scream at the top of my lungs like a crazy person. Not to scream words, mind you, but just to vent my frustrations.

    Please hang in there. We need you.

  • The only way there is hope is with geo-engineering. Get on board.

  • “Hey, how do you say fuck-it in Spanish?”

    Does anybody know? Although I’m given to profanity, I don’t know. “Chinga le?” Anybody?

    Wonderful comment, Kirk. Thanks a lot!

  • Guy, you’ve been the main person responsible for opening my eyes to the state of this planet I call home; Mother Gaia. I have considered you my teacher and, without getting maudlin, something of a hero. I have followed your work, your doings, etc. for a few years now. What I’ve learned compelled me to learn more.
    I have made huge, life-changing decisions. I’ve moved across the continent. I’ve sought to leave behind negative, soul-sucking influences and begin a new life among pagan friends in the Puget Sound. I came here to learn to be an herbalist at the age of 51. Nature Bat’s Last has been a huge influence on me. Knowing what’s what about NTHE motivated me to start LIVING my life as if I was in my last days. I have much to thank you for Professor.
    I don’t claim to know you well, or what you’ve gone through, but I wanted to tell you I appreciate you and your work. Whatever your decisions, I wish you peace and as much happiness as possible.
    So thank you, Guy, for your work and for being who you are. We are all our own worst critic – and I say this as an expert critic with 7 years sobriety.
    ITMW, I wish you Brightest Blessings

  • Guy,
    I’m prefacing this comment with my apologies if this rings hollow or is offensive. Let me give it a try. I admire your courage and aliveness very much. So here goes: I think gallows humor is still the anger stage of grief. I think the
    “Fuck it” stage is also anger, but louder. And I think you, like all of us, need to be heard and welcomed around the fire. Judging from all the comments here, you are being heard, and loved, really. I am very grateful to you because I like truth too. So I would ask, if anger is only a stage of grief, what is acceptance–the so called final stage? What does it mean? One might as well expect a verbal answer to what is enlightenment IMO. It’s probably beyond words. Spoken here like the Zen Buddhist I am…..not a fully “arrived” one but definitely on the path. So, I too am very angry when I see people sucking this planet to death and violating just about everything that is good and beautiful. ( I work against the Taiji, Japan dolphin drive hunts. What takes place in Taiji seems to be the perfect logo -or perfect storm for decimation, cruelty, and blindness that seems to grip the human race pretty hard. Our oceans are dying. I love dolphins….Love them. They will go too.) But I refuse to stay in the fuck it stage. Or the gallows humor stage.
    ( Remember, I know I don’t know what the fuck it stage for you truly is) I’m in the “stay on target” stage. I don’t want to give up a state of active love due to the cretans that are destroying our planet. I refuse. They can’t have that too. They don’t deserve it. Maybe they will evolve. But I think that love is all that is real anyway. If I’m wrong, the universe can sue me. And it is also ironic that I am one of the cretans, which is not lost on me. But I will stay true to my learning from one of my more grueling Zen Retreats: How is life fulfilled? ( for me) To be as aware as possible in any given moment in the context of care for self and others…..that’s all I can come up with-it’s all I need. It’s a balancing act that goes on 24/7. There is nothing else for me. Except of course my gaping faults and imperfections! Guy, thank you. You are NOT alone. In your words “Only love remains” ( and only love truly exists)

  • I’ve been ruminating about Guy’s brief words all day, & I couldn’t say anything.

    Ah ha … this is the way the world ends.

  • The Virgin Terry,
    “What a web we weave when we deceive!”… Who doesn’t deceive? Everyone does. To avoid deceiving we must know the truth, but then truth is more often than not in the eye of the beholder. (that’s not original either). To be deceitful one must know that something is true and then give a rendition that isn’t true. In the case of climate change, I don’t know enough about methane clathrates nor are aware of the measurable effects of CO2 emissions to be able to deceive anyone.

    From my experience, truths however tend to become less truthful as time goes on. In fact time is the worst enemy of any truth, and so the notion that we are doomed is well beyond our capability to determine with absolute certainty. Telling my children therefore that they are doomed is still much more speculative than not. I think if I knew without doubt that NTHE was inevitable that I would inform them of this condition, which implies that I have yet to accept that I am on that page.

    I also wrote that my ‘children’ have been evicted many times, which to my knowledge is an international condition dictated and practiced by the rest of us. That is one of the reasons I have a hard time with the notion that ‘Only Love Remains’, as I feel love has been missing from the human condition ever since Adam left his former forest haunts to explore the garden of Eden….

  • Hello Guy, I think you lost it. Just live and be. Do you realize that you are still at Stage Two “Anger”? Find the core of our problems and start there. It’s like peeling back layers of an onion. You know when you are at the core — the weight comes off your shoulders and your heart is singing. Trust that there will be something new under the sun. And if there won’t, then it might be the insects next, as George Carlin used to say. And that’s okay. Enjoy what is.

  • From a deep historical point of view I would say that the long centuries of Christian domination produced a self-lobotomy from which the Western world never recovered. No one openly questioned the Bible for more than 1000 years until Spinoza bravely did in 1670.

    While Europe has largely shed this horrible legacy, we’re still fighting it here in America where a large percentage of people have been rendered completely incapable intelligent thought. About 47% of Americans are end-times Christians who believe Jesus will return within the next 40 years.
    This meant that intelligent action required to deal with a crisis like global warming was impossible in the US. There really was no chance, with that high a percentage of the population drugged by religion into a state of suicidal insanity. Their religious dogma teaches them that life on this planet never mattered at all, only heaven does. When the worst comes, these maniacs will react with joy. Mentally they are already in a semi zombie-like state. It’s a fixation, a brainwashed state where new information in completed blocked out.

    So we shouldn’t feel bad that we were born into a madhouse. The odds victory against such a tide of stupidity were overwhelmingly against us. We never had a chance. None at all.

  • @ paul marcotte: Yes! (I think that’s about as good as anyone can do with that particular rhyme!) :D

  • Exactly what are the people in Guy’s audiences supposed to do with the information that they may have six weeks to two decades to live? If Guy is right the worst effects of AGW will be undeniable to all within a year or two anyway. What difference will having a year or two headsup mean to anyone?

    Guy’s statement that civilization could end any day is no different than saying a nuclear war could happen any day, both are true, but what can one do with that knowledge?

  • Removing humans from Chernobyl has allowed wildlife to return, researchers say. Nuclear accidents are good for environment.

    “singing while having a fatal illness” – how tragic. But, according to MDs, cancer is the best way to die.

  • Seventh stage. I got Luekemia 11 years ago. Death is no big deal! You need to listen to Alan Watts. Reality is beyond psycho babble. Reality is poetry. Death is what we are. Life is just an illusion for the living. I wrote a short story about that. “When you die you have no memory; so you never existed.” Nor did anything else that ever was.

    I liked your baby goats. I would rather eat them than anything else–but milk isn’t bad either. In the real world these are the issues at hand.

    Life-death. Issues americans can’t process very well. Glad I grew up in East Africa. In the real world. No commercial culture or cities. Just nature and the bush.

  • ‘The “waiting for the asteroid” can be indubitably tough’

    Indeed, but not quite as tough as waiting for the last jangle of keys in the cell door?

    Any guesses for Eighth Stage?

  • TUC Radio – Peter Waddams on catastrophic loss of sea ice, methane, and politicians guaranteed to not doing anything about any of it.

    [audio src="" /]

    Bennet Brabson Professor Emeritus, Physics of Climate Change at my alama matter Indiana University, Keynote address to the Great Lakes Regional Conference of the Citizens Climate Lobby. “We are heading for 9 million people on the planet and a disappearing ecosystem to support them”

    [audio src="" /]

    On a lighter note, I am surrounded by crazy people in an open air insane asylum. Well, maybe that’s not so light.

  • Humans are an out-cropping of nature. They live and die by its laws. Extinction is nothing to get sentimental about. We were designed to kill our selves off by natural selection. Many species will survive and create a complex new biosphere beyond what has come before. It is how it works. If your P emeritus has any meaning you should know that. I am an ARTIST and i find i grasp reality better than scientist often do. They are a bit myopic–to say the least. Why? No IDEA!

  • Gloucon X,

    If you knew there’d be a nuclear war today or tomorrow, you have time to kiss your ass goodbye (and maybe write a sonnet or prepare a meal that’s to die for).

    If you know you’ve got as much as 6-1000 weeks or so, by comparison, you’ve got all the time in the world.

    Me…I’m crossing my fingers and wondering if Thomas Pynchon has one more book left in him. In the meantime, I’m going to get scuba-certified and explore some interesting places, such as Yonaguni.

    Get down…get funky?

    People prepping for a financial collapse scenario will generally act as though they might come through the process with a bit of luck if they play their cards right.

    People preparing for climate collapse don’t have to fret about whether they’ll get lucky. The life-canvas you can work with stretches to infinity once you accept that in the traditional sense it is bounded.

    Or you can just dance and shake your bones.

  • Guy,
    You just inspired me to go outside with my morning cup of joe, a cigarette, the glorious morning sky, with swallows spiraling, sun shining through the thin cirrostratus, and at the top of my lungs yell, “FUCK IT!”
    Most therapeutic. Just what the doctor ordered.
    Thanks man.

  • I have plenty of material, and it continues to accumulate. But the picture is clear, as I explained in an essay a couple months ago.” – Guy

    Yes, and you have provided much of the clarity, even though such messages are bound to draw noise.

    I am trying more and more just to stick to the clear, solid, and simple facts without much if any interpretation (Calling All Cars: The Case of the “Missing Six” – 2).

  • Caroline Says:
    October 6th, 2015 at 5:28 pm


    Use meters instead of millimeters.

  • Ekoostik Hookah w/ Bob Weir SO FINE!!! Perfect on this lovely autumn day. Serves as a counterbalance to the antagonists showing up here . . . yes indeed.
    Thanks infanttyrone! Favorite Pynchon book?

    on the flip side of joy but just as important:
    Guy, have you read this? Carolyn posted it the other day.

  • Zarquan: maybe actual death is the eighth stage.

  • david higham,
    Thanks for chuckling at the Hogs & Bison bit.

    Glad you enjoyed Bobby and the Hookah.
    There’s an interesting clip below. Part 1 of 2. You can find the 2nd on YT.

    Although what I remember of the ‘lost time’ or ‘haunting’ section toward the end of Mason & Dixon was impressive (and so far I like pretty much everything I’ve read, including the “Care & Feeding of the Bomarc missile” tech writing he did for Boeing), I still would have to pick Gravity’s Rainbow as the one book to be on a deserted island with. The Russian alphabet section of GR and what I think of as the ‘toothpaste pages’ where Roger and Jessica are out walking and then pass and enter a church service in progress are some of the best writing I’ve encountered (yet…in almost 65 years).

    But Bleeding Edge ought to get a prize of some sort for bringing the device called a ‘vircator’ out of its closet. Now, all I have to do is figure out who I know that can reliably build one (assuming the components are within my budget).

    Last week it was Dead/Floyd…this we we’re serving it’s Led/Dead

    Based in Austin, but they do tour…words by Robert Hunter…there are many live versions of various quality on YT…and, yes, she can Lutherize it live…chills & goosebumps good…not possessed OF genius…possessed BY genius.

  • THIS WEEK, sorry…this was not a post

  • Ancient Yoga Sutras of Patanjali are the foundation of “eight limb yoga”. The seventh stage is Dhyana (Sanskrit: ध्यान) which literally means “contemplation, reflection” and “profound, abstract meditation”.

    For Guy,the seventh stage is gallows humor, i.e. “letting go of expectations that actions will produce desired results. At its apex, it’s letting go of desire”. That’s Patanjali’s seventh stage! Guy has now entered Patanjali’s mysterious seventh stage.

    “maybe actual death is the eighth stage. ” Interesting idea! Patanjali’s eigth and final stage, samadhi (Sanskrit: समाधि) literally means “putting together, joining, combining with, union, harmonious whole, trance”. Samadhi is oneness with the subject of meditation. There is no distinction, during the eighth limb of yoga, between the actor of meditation, the act of meditation and the subject of meditation. Samadhi is that spiritual state when one’s mind is so absorbed in whatever it is contemplating on, that the mind loses the sense of its own identity. The thinker, the thought process and the thought fuse with the subject of thought. There is only oneness, samadhi.

    Erwin Schrödinger wrote about this in the Epilogue of “What Is Life”.

  • I was gonna say… ahhh, FUCK IT!

  • In keeping with the thread..enjoy!

  • As others have observed, saying “fuck it” is really just another facet of anger/depression masquerading as acceptance. Telling yourself you’ve reached acceptance (or another stage) is actually a clear indication that you haven’t really reached acceptance at all.

    However, for those interested in seeing a true expression of acceptance, Richard Schaefer’s comment that ‘life is an illusion for the living’ squarely hits the mark. When you start to live life with that intimate knowledge, only then you will have finally reached the stage of peace & understanding.

    That means letting go of expectations and gaining the realization that everyone is trapped in the same dynamic. No one has any answers; some cannot handle that truth and turn to imaginary friends and ritualistic practices in a vain attempt at ascribing meaning.

    There isn’t any meaning – we are just ants going about our daily business. If you separate yourself from ant life and see it for what it is, then you’ll finally be able to calmly enjoy yourself and experience whatever your chemical soup projects before it too is washed away forever.

  • Samadhi is useful at a particular stage of preparedness (adhikaritva). For realisation, nothing is necessary and nothing is adequate, “a href=””> as described in the upanishads.

  • ‘I’ll be working less and grieving more as industrial civilization grinds the planet into lifeless dust.’

    Many of us were waiting for a big event or a combination of small factors to cause industrial civilisation to suffer such a setback that everything got reassessed. Monstrous hurricanes and typhoons, smashed infrastructure, mega-droughts, unprecedented forest fires…..nothing has yet dented the narrative of industrial empire or the consensus trance.

    I think it was Carolyn Baker who said several years ago: “They’re not suffering enough yet.” (Privileged white people, that is, and those in ‘developing nations’ who profit from ‘development’.)

    Derrick Jensen wrote that industrial civilisation is insane, and most people living in industrial societies are insane and unreachable. Those of us who attempted to promote sane living arrangements have proven Jensen right, and the monster just keeps trundling along, incrementally destroying everything that matters as is goes.

    Despite the non-occurrence of a single narrative-changing event or narrative-changing combination of factors, we know that such an event or combination will come soon (before 2020): a system that is founded on squandering energy and resources, and is founded on fraud, lies, misrepresentation and manipulation, has to collapse as a consequence of its own inherent flaws. Additionally, the energy necessary to maintain current arrangements simply will not be available in the future: we’re on the downslope of Hubbert’s Peak, and it gets a lot steeper from here on.

    The ‘problem’ for anyone who is awake to reality is to devise strategies that allow them to endure the insanity of industrial empire whilst disengaging from it as much as possible, knowing that those who ‘govern’ are insane and unreachable, and that most of the general populace haven’t got a clues what is happening or why, and won’t believe you if you tell them.

    Now awaiting the series of environmental catastrophes that the northern winter and southern summer will bring. Now awaiting the economic and social catastrophes that continuation (reinforcement) of current financial-economic arrangements will bring.

  • .
    Just sitting on this runaway train, staring out the window, with a cat on my lap.

  • .
    @ B9K9: yes, nothing is everything.
    I really don’t care about much these days – but, funny, I can still get triggered into an extreme emotional reaction over something that I know, intellectually, doesn’t matter.
    Living good is living simply.
    I have no expectations.
    I give and give and give – and I have no thought of what may become of my giving – I just give…
    I do enjoy the misery of the priviledged. I do enjoy the small victories of the down-trodden. I know, I’m sick. I’ve got a cancer called “born in America, raised on T.V. and Chef-Boy-R-Dee.”
    I can’t wait for it all to be over. To scatter these rented subatomic particles across the great expanse of cold, empty, space. None too quickly let the stink fall so that they may travel far lest I be forgotten sooner than those who have stunk more.
    please, do not have children.

  • Fuck it is a synonym for apathy. Come on Guy, practice what you preach and pursue a life of excellence. Being apathetic is hardly doing that. Besides, everybody looks forward to seeing your monster climate essay updates and the videos of your live appearances.

    I think part of your problem with apathy is that you are not reaching enough people with your message. How about trying to get on the Bill Mahr show? He’s had climate scientists on in the past.

    Maybe you need people around you to give you more encouragement and lift your spirits. I urge all of you in this blog to give Guy all the encouragement you can.

  • Thx kevin moore I wish that I was smart enough to write all that (clear vision), what you say Oct 7th 2:04 pm And Prof. take a brake then come back like the Phoenix on fire with Love, there must be an 8th stage, a dragged out encore, if not, Thanks from the bottom of my heart for the vital info. and incredible support! And real love to everyone here posting and your people, go in peace, go out dancing

  • Raymond, your thesaurus is not working. And apparently this short essay was too long for you to comprehend.

  • Suzanne- thank you so so much for working to help the dolphins. I love you for that.

    I must be at the fuck it stage because I’ve lost count of what the hell stage I’m at or in or on.
    Trying to escape the cerebral, and occupy the holy physical, all the while trying to tell the difference between the two. Mckenna suggested singing your way out of a bad headspace. Dancing helps too:

  • Well this was all coming in this video CLIMATE CHANGE NOW IRREVERSIBLE – Dr. Guy McPherson – April 2015
    at around minute 1. he says “Human extinction cill commence and this is the message he was carrying until now ” and ” No more data is going to convince any body anymore ” so this of Guy stepping back is just the most logical step one could take at this point .. Whoever wanted to know knows now. the rest ?!… Fuck Em ! they either dont care dont want to know . Or just tooo dumb to get it FUCK`Em Guy is now not just a guy, he became “The Dude”or “Tha Dude” … good for him

  • @BTD/- Thanks for your encouragement

    @ Diarmuid Galvin. If I ever need a good belly laugh, I will refer to the video you supplied.

    @Pat “Living good is living simply.”
    I try to practice this every day.

  • @ Paul Marcotte this tops it for belly laughs ?

  • For what it’s worth, my mental map of the territory is of trudging up a mountain path that spirals ever higher, while passing areas called things like denial, anger, bargaining, etc. I might be in the acceptance area and, as I ascend, re-enter the anger area. The difference is that I have been through the other segments and therefore experience the anger area differently. Maybe once I’ve seen all the areas, I have a sense of the absurd humor of the entire shebang.

    A little gallows humor from surgeons I know: “All bleeding stops.”

  • World War Zero

    In his book “Our Plundered Planet,” published in 1948, Fairfield Osborne, writing about his reflections at the end of World War II in 1945, said:

    “It seemed to me, during those days, that mankind was involved in two major conflicts – not only in the one that was in every headline, on every radio, in the minds, in the hearts and in the sufferings of people the world over. The other war, the silent war, eventually the most deadly war, was one in which man has indulged for a long time, blindly and unknowingly. This other world-wide war, still continuing, is bringing more widespread distress to the human race than any that has resulted from armed conflict. It contains potentialities of ultimate disaster even than would follow the misuse of atomic power. This other war is man’s conflict with nature.”

    I used this quote in an article that I naively wrote back in 1990, entitled “Earth, Our Home: Reflections on Earth Day 1970-1990,” finishing the article as follows:

    “And so on this 20th anniversary of the first Earth Day, after a year of startling changes with world politics that have the potential to end the East-West conflict, I propose that we engage in ‘environmental disarmament’ and end our conflict with nature, learning to protect, nurture and enjoy the Earth as our home, in the manner that it and we deserve.”

    Fuck it!

  • “I urge all of you in this blog to give Guy all the encouragement you can.”

    In the spirit of Raymond’s exhortation,

    Guy, I strongly encourage you to follow the path you’re on. Given how humanity got into this “coffin corner” predicament, the direction we’re heading and the highly probable outcome, yours is one of the sanest responses I can imagine.

  • @twimc

    Life is a test.

    Life tests us, just as we test each other.

    We either meet the challenge, or fucking fail.

    Either way, it ain’t over til it’s over.

  • infanttyrone Says: I’m going to get scuba-certified and explore some interesting places, such as Yonaguni.

    Sounds like fun. So some people need to hear that the end of the world is at hand before they take the time to do the things they always wanted to do like scuba diving, writing poetry, or taking the time to look at the birds in their yard. So it’s kinda like Guy is actually spreading joy through doom.

  • Silent Spring by Rachel Carson

    It is done and re-released into the wild. This electronic book comes via Distributed Proofreaders Canada and via the life plus 50 exemtion freed from the shackles of copyright in Canada. Oher books are found at

    We shall see whether or not the crop of writers who died in 1965 and then the crop of 1966 will continue to appear – TPPA might cease this and a hiatus of twenty years might ensue via the pernicious tentacles of life plus 70. For me, that gets translated into life plus infinity. Proofreading and formatting old books is possibly relaxation.

    Books Yes in the northern CA radio station podcase of Guy’s talk “JFK and the Unspeakable” was mentioned in a strong light. Of course I was introduced to James W. Douglass via his theological writings on non-violence and the activities of GroundZero. I still have a piece of reproduced art that Shelley D. sent me.

    Reading Douglass’ Unspeakable I lurched into a an even more dystopian view of US, hard to believe after my 6 years with homeless vets and then voluntary poverty living with the mentally challenged in Mobile Alabama.

    At work, the African Canadian citizens I work with keep asking me about Trump. I talk about how Paul Wellstone’s plane fell out of the sky with his wife and child when he was polling ahead of shrub bush. No, not voting on October 19th either. Hope you all have a happy thanksgiving on Monday or whenever you should choose to celebebrate it. I will be the one who brings the beans with almost too much habaneros.

  • Thanks for writing it down, Guy McPherson. It is all a house of cards and we did a shoddy job, overall- we have built a tower of Babel! So surreal to watch our logic coil in on itself. It makes no sense that it (these makeshift systems) should’ve gone this far, but it has. We are near the end of the road, but I’m starting to doubt that we have any redeeming qualities. I often wonder what other people think about that. Anyway, have you heard this one? If so, here’s an encore, if not, enjoy!

    “The devil ain’t a legend, the devil’s real
    In the empty way he touched me, where I hardly feel
    In the empty hole inside me, the nothing that’ll ride me
    Down into my grave, it does not heal
    Nothing is as something, it’ll suck you dry
    As the whisper you can hardly hear that tells you why.”

  • Badlands,

    Great to hear from you. Hope [sic] the allergy thing is under control or at least manageable.

    The Dev’l you say…
    Can’t dance much to this but hope you get a kick ‘n’ hoot out of it.

    Inspector McGruff meets The Minister of Megaphones?

    OK, maybe that wasn’t something to boogie around the living room with the kids to…try this.
    Gloucon X,
    You’re onto something…joy through doom…while it lasts.
    I was going to do the scuba thing anyway, but now it’s going to be sooner and I’m going to be more something (conscious? appreciative?) about it.
    At least now, after listening to some Terrence McKenna clips in which he describes the modes of communication of octopi, I know that I also want to check them out.
    If it wasn’t Mike Tyson, then it was some other boxer (Foreman?) who said there is nothing like a fist in your face to give a heightened clarity to your immediate situation. Looks like doom’ll do that too.

  • The Earth will not be lifeless for quite some time to come. Tardigrades are very hardy creatures.

    Anyhow, life is not perpetual, not for plants, animals, people or planets. Only 300M years were left even in a best case scenario, that puts the Earth in its sensence, the equivalent of a person being 90+.

    We’re all just Dust in the Wind.

    In the meantime, you struggle to live as long as you can, because the purpose of life is just to live.

    See You on the Other Side Guy.


  • infanttyrone,

    Thanks. Swimming in the sea with its creatures is a great joy, as is simply visiting the shore creatures and the shells. It’s good to hear that some are taking the time to enjoy what beauty remains and can still be found even in a brief moment of observation.

    There’s a silly trio of hens and one white duck living across the street, which they act like they own. Today, for the first time, they were on my side of the street and I was happy to greet them as I came out the door this morning. One is decked out in quite gorgeous speckled gold feathers. I didn’t have the heart to tell them that none of us would see Christmas due to civilization collapse.

    Despite a record hot summer, habitat here seems to be flourishing. The flowers attract many flying visitors. There are jays and warblers in the large oaks and maples which look to me to be putting out healthy leaves. It’s not at all the apocalyptic landscape that many here frequently report. And I live in a large city!

    Anyway, best wishes to you, and to everyone who reads this.

  • Guy,

    I’ve read most of your postings here for awhile, but I haven’t left a comment before. I appreciate you for teaching me about the predicament we’re in. This knowledge is terribly heavy, but I would rather process this grief than be oblivious. My only preparations for whatever comes are psychological. That seems like the only sensible course for me. In the meanwhile, I hope that knowing makes me a better person – more real and kinder. So for what it’s worth, thank you. You have done good things for me.


  • Tom says – “maybe actual death is the eighth stage?

    Hmmmm, seeing as we are talking about ‘stages of grief’ I’m not sure how you can grieve if you’re dead? I’ll leave that one to the theologians.

    However, not all conform to the Kubler-Ross model anyway. About 10% of those hearing of a terminal diagnosis never attain acceptance. Many require extensive psychological counseling right up until the very end. It depends on the individual in the same way we all know how people react differently to alcohol, and hallucinogenic drugs, for instance.

    ‘Fuck It’ therefore has different meanings for different people: Some may sell up and travel the world? Some may binge their faces off? Some may find god? Some may lose god? Some may sit in the corner and dribble incoherently? Some may settle old scores? We live in an Equal-Opportunities Fuck-It Society. You get the picture…

    So, from personal individual Fuck It we go to collective Fuck It. This is where it will get interesting.

    We are living in a unique moment in the history of our world whereby everyone currently alive (apart from the very ill and very old) will be dying around the same time, probably within a few weeks of each other, and probably quite soon.

    So, when the collective penny drops, my guess is that the eighth stage will be ‘Freak Out’! Make of that what you will.

    BTW Guy, Excellent choice with the Katie Goodman ditty and I like this one too:

    Much better for a NBL theme tune I reckon?

  • test (can’t seem to get past 404 page not found warning)

    “Let us think the unthinkable, let us do the undoable, let us prepare to grapple with the ineffable itself, and see if we may not eff it after all.” — Douglas Adams (‘Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency’, 1987)

  • More than 9 billion people are expected to live on Earth by 2050, up from 7 billion today. Asia’s fast-growing cities will absorb much of this growth, with three in four people living in urban centres. Billions of people will rise out of energy poverty. As living standards improve for many across the world and more people buy their first refrigerators, computers or cars, energy use will rise. – Shell

  • Thank you Guy for that essay and for all you have shared over the years.

    I too have reached the fuck it stage. I have given up on expectations and planning too much into the future. Since I have discovered your work and nthe my life has been much more real. Despite all the grief, I have just recently felt so calm and happy from just enjoying the normal everyday things – my husband, my animals, the sunshine, the autumn leaves, landscape, properly prepared fresh food etc.

    It very much feels like the calm before the storm and I am well aware that any day now I am going to wake up and know that everything good about my life is gone. This is already happening for so many people around the world and our turn is coming. Without your shared knowledge I would still be caught up with this civilisation shit. I can now just say fuck it to everything that just doesn’t matter anymore and try to enjoy what is left of what does matter.

    Take care of yourself and thank you so much again. Fiona

  • @ RE … Buddy ? what now ? What are you doing here ?! I thought you have debunked NTHE . Which means Humans gone . Humans are not tardigrades now you are talking about surviving tardigrades .. What happened ?! ..WHAT HAPPENED RE ?! you have decided it is more comfy in the NHTE circles ?!’ But not 100% yet so you settled for tardigrades survival . ?!

  • I’ve posted an old essay with a new introduction. Catch it here.

  • I’ve never been quite comfortable with the Kubler-Ross model, and reading the comments in this thread (all excellent this time, as is the essay), I’ve come to realize why.

    First, denial, anger, bargaining, and depression are responses to grief, not anger. People don’t move from one to the other in sequence like a journey. All four are used to handle a loss or a prospective loss. People will rely more on one or the other based on their personalities and the circumstances.

    Second, I think the concept of acceptance is a cop-out. A better concept would be adjustment. You find strategies to deal with the consequences of the loss, even if your life is permanently limited by it. And I don’t think this is really possible with a “everyone is going to die!” situation (I realize extinction is actually “no one is going to be born!”). Everyone just dies. That is the adjustment.

  • Well,
    after working my way through your work and after all the latest development in the ongoing refugeecrises in my country of Germany(as if humans migrating would be a somehow new concept) i have to say it’s not just that we are ruining the planet, we didn’t even evolve beyond the stage of any other creature crawling the earth.
    The open hatred and opposition against fellow human beings who try to make a better living for them and their offspring is mindblowing.
    It is as if the Age of reason is drowning in a sea of decadence and newly errected fences.
    Humanity will not leave this planet with love and compashion but in a sea of blood and Anger.

  • “@ RE … Buddy ? what now ? What are you doing here ?! I thought you have debunked NTHE . Which means Humans gone . Humans are not tardigrades now you are talking about surviving tardigrades .. What happened ?!”-ETP

    I dropped in to give Guy a Farewell Sayonara post in the commentariat. :)

    The Tardigrade comment was a response to Guy’s statement:

    ” I’ll be working less and grieving more as industrial civilization grinds the planet into lifeless dust.”

    It won’t be lifeless dust on any kind of near term timeline, many forms of life can continue onward even at 50C AGT. That is nothing to a Tardigrade. Whether Homo Sap can survive such a change in AGT is another question entirely.

    The rest was merely an attempt to lighten him up from the constant grieving bizness. Everything dies at some point. Get over it and live another day! :)

    “On a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone goes to Zero”


  • @RE Anything two generation out is irrelevant nobodi will be running around ever grieving what happens when the sun explodes and takes the earth with him after a zillion years or countless generation ….. Ok maybe 3 for some obsessive breeder who tries to find salvation in propagating his pathetic retarded genes . That means nobody cares and nobody grieves further than 3 generation into the future . This here is about the immediacy of ceasing to exist into oblivion . That’s the real shit . Nothing, no event no occurrence comes even close to the moment of total annihilation a moment to treasure for all eternity . Suicide the most extraordinary thing one can do with his or her own life .. Extinction of a species here the human is the most extraordinary thing can happen in the existence of a species . To contemplate anything else is blabber .. Tardigrades whatnot some bacteria living of co2 or methane 6 miles underground or feeding of radioactive shit is uninteresting. This is the real shit buddy the real moment “The END”

    “This is the end, beautiful friend
    This is the end, my only friend, the end
    Of our elaborate plans, the end
    Of everything that stands, the end
    No safety or surprise, the end
    I’ll never look into your eyes, again

    Can you picture what will be, so limitless and free
    Desperately in need, of some, stranger’s hand
    In a, desperate land ”

    But you RE rather settled for tardigrades what a piti thats why the song reserved for you a few more lines

    “This is the end, my only friend, the end
    It hurts to set you free
    But you’ll never follow me
    The end of laughter and soft lies
    The end of nights we tried to die
    This is the end”

    I myself i am here for that kicks the real deal; the end . Nothing beats that no other experience can do that for you i figured you still got to see some other stuff before you can work yourself the courage up to stare in the face of “The End ”

  • It seems to me that, in the realm of consciousness, the ‘fuck it’ stage is a gift. It allows me to experience death while alive, by allowing me to let go, detach, from patterns that created potentially senseless, purposeless repetition of feelings, ruminations and judgments, as well as the ‘get back on the horse’ mindset. In some sense, it is a rebirth of consciousness, the culmination of awakening.

  • “Tardigrades whatnot some bacteria living of co2 or methane 6 miles underground or feeding of radioactive shit is uninteresting. This is the real shit buddy the real moment “The END”” ETP

    It’s not uninteresting to me.

    You seem to be more concerned with current complexity rather than life itself. If tardigrades can survive, then further evolution is possible, it is not “The End”.

    Far as life is concerned (not sentience), the end only comes when the last microbial life form buys its ticket to the Great Beyond.

    Far as Homo Sap is concerned, it may or may not be possible to survive the changes that are coming. Nobody can know this with certainty. If you want to live though, you make the effort to do so.

  • Cowgirl Apocalypse Limerick #3
    (with a tip of the ten-gallon-hat to Benjamin the Donkey)

    Release the hammer. This isn’t a nail.
    Taking on water means, “It’s time to bail!”
    Standing up, yelling “Fuck it!”
    -and not grabbing a bucket-
    means you’ll have to be saved by a whale.

    Applying a little Stage 6, to the Stage 7 Blues…
    Love to you all, especially Guy. Hang in there, brother.

  • The radioactive sunset tonight in Sacramento is spectacular.

  • RE Says:
    October 8th, 2015 at 6:25 pm

    That`s such a limited perception . 1st there is no such thing as nothing . this whole thing ‘IS” the big IS/ness existing in eternity . 2nd everything lives and is alive at all times every atom quark ion tachyon has consciousness , memory a metabolism how would they go around without anyway . Tardigrades just one different rung in this but so is chalk and sandstone and granite they all behave intelligently and doing their things in the great circle and exchange of matter energy all that is is always and forever . Now there is a great moment approaching where this is going to give way to some other rather unfathomable stuff why because this shit run its course . Terminator tries to hold you back with the tardigrades i am looking forward hyperspace ..that simple

  • While we are on a roll with my favorite expletive, I just have to take the opportunity to say:

    *****I fucking love you, Guy McPherson!*****