Long Live Those Who Will

by T. Ripton

This isn’t a last-ditch effort from a dying girl attempting to placate her own woes or worries. This essay is written in celebration. I say this unlike most all others have ever said or meant it before: in the most non-religious sense but … It’s time to leave the dead to bury the dead.

Long live those who insist upon dancing, especially while the rest pretend they’ve no choice but to toil. Long live the actual thinkers, who highlight the human brain (and the mind) as worth more than a salary and energy as worth more than some meaningless task at hand. Long live those who couldn’t ever be bought. Long live whoever’s out there that is actually alive.

Long live those who could never express all of what’s inside them with just these meager languages to work with but try endlessly anyway, almost as if someone might care or relate ?. Long live those whose understanding of things like love, joy, empathy, expression, passion, connection, communication, and strength stretch so far beyond the boundaries of modern understanding … acceptance, that people think they are either crazy or headed there. Long live the actual realists.

Long live those who smell shit when they step in it. Long live the ones skating on silver linings in a world laden with stinky shit; still genuinely as happy as they ever should’ve been and always have been. Long live those that carry even sadness with grace, somehow more like a skewed reflection of only happiness itself. Long live the simultaneous, and the stable throughout change. Long live those that can handle the tough shit and face anything forever shining. Long live the beacon in the dark. Long live those who fuel their own fire.

Long live the ones full of more than hope. Long live those full of all the everythings. Long live those who are so much more vast than their physical body, yet do not feel trapped within the bounds of their tangible form. Long live the truly beautiful. Long live those who haven’t a need to break free for they see only open space everywhere they look. Long live those who are always transcending.

Long live those that both hear and listen. Long live those who think before, during, and after they speak. Long live those with no excuses and nothing to live up to.

Long live the ones who don’t humor delusion.

Long live the peaceful until necessary. Long live those who recognize more than time and place. Long live those who remain fully intact to the point of pristine (without a crack) even after constant attempts at being broken in two, after having to break others in the process, and even after eventual physical decomposition itself. Long live those that don’t fear transition … death, because they know they really need only now to live forever. Long live those who inevitably already will.


T. Ripton is 27 years old and lives in Nebraska. The youngest of five children, she is originally from northern Maine but her mother entered the military when she was young so she grew up all around. She loves to write, read, draw, laugh … and a lot of other stuff. She’s had a sweet boyfriend for about 8 years and an awesome dog she’s been loving for about 5. She has 10 nieces and nephews and yes, she tends to agree with Guy McPherson’s outlook for humanity.

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  • Your essay made my eyes tear up and my soul sing. I loved it.
    Long live those that want to be the best human they can and thank you.

  • It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” -Jiddu Krishnamurti

    Of all the enemies to public liberty war is, perhaps, the most to be dreaded, because it comprises and develops the germ of every other.

    War is the parent of armies; from these proceed debts and taxes; and armies, and debts, and taxes are the known instruments for bringing the many under the domination of the few. In war, too, the discretionary power of the Executive is extended; its influence in dealing out offices, honors, and emoluments is multiplied: and all the means of seducing the minds, are added to those of subduing the force, of the people.

    The same malignant aspect in republicanism may be traced in the inequality of fortunes, and the opportunities of fraud, growing out of a state of war, and in the degeneracy of manners and of morals, engendered by both.

    No nation could preserve its freedom in the midst of continual warfare.

    Those truths are well established.” – James Madison

  • Dear T R,

    you seem wise beyond your years. May you have a good life in the way you already know you should.

    Your insight about the “meagreness of language(s)” is profound and important, an insight that many people would never have, even if they could live for a thousand years.

    A point where I would differ is that, IMO, no “task at hand” is meaningless.

    Take good care of yourself, and all the beings and places you meet and are part of, while you still can.

  • It’s time to leave the dead to bury the dead.

    I died a million times, just to go on living. I’ve seen many, many good friends dying, but I am still here, can’t help it. We do see the Death of others often, but we will never see our own Death, so leave the dead to bury the dead.

    Long live those who couldn’t ever be bought.

    Yeah, hahaha, that’s me 8-)

    Thank you for your wonderful, uplifting essay, it’s another reason for me to still live on. Live up, Lady T. Ripton!


  • Awesomely wonderful.

  • What beautiful, heart-felt, heart-spoken words. On this November 11th, when so much of the world is drowning their feelings in the passions of war and death, I needed this reminder of what it feels like to be fully human and alive.

    Oh, to be able to see, hear, feel and write as well as you!

    Thank you Ms. Ripton, from the bottom of my heart.

  • Second what Nemesis and Sabine say above T. Ripton!
    Beautiful, uplifting post on this “doomer blog”! Take THAT R.S.!! ?
    Looking forward to sharing this with my daughter.

    Lidia (and others) I tried to respond to your post (s) on previous thread but gave up after many attempts (and correct math!) only to get “404”. Perhaps my post was too long?
    In any case, thanks for your thoughts, very much appreciated.

  • Eloquent – thank you for sharing Guy…

  • Thank you professor McPherson for your wise teachings. Can’t we saturate by dumping the right stuff? Perhaps peat.

  • Always remembering that before we can have literature, love, & kisses; we all must eat & drink.

    Nature’s laws determine everything, including human love, hatred, co-operation, life, & death.


    I particularly appreciated T’s aphorism;

    “Long live the ones who don’t humor delusion.”

    Long live the ones who oppose delusion with simple honesty & truth.

    Long live the ones who take arms against a sea of vicious deliberate lies, hatreds, & delusions.

    Long live those who refuse to suffer liars & propagandists gladly.

    … and gladly call out those malicious delusion-ists who distort their fellows’ judgment & capacity to know what is true.

    I had read tough no nonsense historian David Irving’s brain bending article just before I read T’s literary piece, & it conditioned my subsequent behavior.

    So much to learn & unlearn … so little time.


  • Thanks T. Ripton for your great words. :)
    I was totally feeling the love from this group,
    … and then Gerald posted and ended that feeling.

    Actually though, apart from him killing the love, Gerald for once said something that I can agree with.

    Always remembering that before we can have literature, love, & kisses; we all must eat & drink.


    Nature’s laws determine everything, including human love, hatred, co-operation, life, & death.

    [And] T’s aphorism; “Long live the ones who don’t humor delusion.”


    Phew, that was easy for once.

    Thanks again T Ripton, and, actually, I am still feeling the love, even after Gerald. :/~

  • Dedicated to Mr. Gerald Spezio:

    I die of Thirst beside the Fountaine

    Beside the blaze I’m shivering in flames
    Naked as a worm, dressed like a president
    I laugh in tears and hope in despair
    I cheer up in sad hopelessness
    I’m joyful and no pleasure’s anywhere
    I’m powerful and lack all force and strength
    Warmly welcomed, always turned away.

    I’m sure of nothing but what is uncertain
    Find nothing obscure but the obvious
    Doubt nothing but the certainties
    Knowledge to me is mere accident
    I keep winning and remain the loser
    At dawn I say “I bid you good night”
    Lying down I’m afraid of falling
    I’m so rich I haven’t a penny
    I await an inheritance and am no one’s heir
    Warmly welcomed, always turned away.

    I never work and yet I labor
    To acquire goods I don’t even want
    Kind words irritate me most
    He who speaks true deceives me worst
    A friend is someone who makes me think
    A white swan is a black crow
    The people who harm me think they help
    Lies and truth today I see they’re one
    I remember everything, my mind’s a blank
    Warmly welcomed, always turned away.

    Merciful Prince may it please you to know
    I understand much and have no wit or learning
    I’m biased against all laws impartially
    What’s next to do? Redeem my pawned goods again!
    Warmly welcomed, always turned away.

    – François Villon

  • Long live the human capacity to seek the truth no matter what.

    Long live beautiful courageous Sylvia Stoldz; a German Lawyer, who is now serving 20 months in a German jail for what you hear her so eloquently say in this video.

    The High Court openly said; “Evidence is superfluous in a unique crime.”

    In German w/ English subtitles – you may have to click for English subtitles.


  • Guy, each day I receive and skim the “Inside Climate News” “Today’s Climate” list of a collection of articles from the wider press, giving the impression that Climate Chaos is beginning to crowd out other issues in the public’s mental space.

    I used to arrive early at parties, while the hosts were still setting up. They didn’t exactly get nasty with me, but they looked at me kinda funny, since I was out of their expectational zone.

    You are the “guy” who arrived early at the party, drawing the likely conclusions from the data (which other people, sans Scientific Method thinking, never learned to process.) Except, your conclusion being “You’re all gonna die!”, doesn’t make for great party chit-chat.

    By the time they get around to discussing it, it will be in the most inane, non-referential mode possible, and you’ll wish maybe you’d never got them started on it.

    And, what’s more, “This ain’t no party, this ain’t no disco, this ain’t no foolin’ around… (read the rest)”


    As I commend the essayist, fellow Maine-iac, I think “long live” applies to my father, in his 90s, and I hope to follow his example. Not so sure I can offer my kids the same. Maybe their ticket is only for halfway through the show?

    And, if I’m two continents away when it blows, well, then, Jesus was right, if not entirely accurate. Piles of dead are commonplace throughout human history, and few of them get buried. (Was just catching up on the Crusades history. Now THERE’S a bit of “Christian” work!)

    Just had a cab ride last night from a guy with 8 kids, age 9-32, from 4 ladies. At 47, a proud Papa. It’s the Latin way. As he, his children and neighbors cling to ever-smaller slices of an overpacked city. How do you tell people — anywhere — that THEY are excess population? You don’t. You just don’t.

    “We” (whoever that is) seem to be expendable/replaceable on so many fronts. I wonder what form Denial took in those centuries past? Probably fanatically ignorant religiosity. Oh. Not so ancient, is it? With that in mind, Guy is only citing the obvious from but another angle. And bumping his tousled head against that wall of Denial.

  • 2 post rule—-any way to easily moderate (ban) those who break it as above? This lovely post should not be tarnished . . . .

  • Guy,

    I appreciate your sacrifice for the common good.
    Question: Have you noticed that many people act like renewables will/can be a one-to-one exchange? Will there be a one-to-one exchange or do renewables change how humans interact?

  • I saw elsewhere (on Scribbler) a sentence that grabbed me.

    “This is due to the fact that greenhouse gasses have their greatest warming impact during times of darkness or when the sun is at a low angle.”

    I am loath to sign up to comment on new sites. Would anyone have some links to sites that would support that? Been a few decades, buy I can utilize a little calculus with my physics. I have googled it (duckduckgo) but to no avail.

    12C two days ago, people wearing shorts. (I know it’s weather and not climate, but still odd for Winterpeg.)

    peace out, look up while you still can.

  • T. Rippon – thank you for your kind, poignant words, they struck many deep chords within me.

    I can agree with all of your ‘long lives…’ and can tick all the boxes. However, I’m unaware of your circumstances but I still expect you will out-live me? I have about three or four weeks of reserves left. I’m just tired now, so, so bloody tired.

    I am leaving my estate here in France to a good friend who will continue my good work and she will love it as I have. She will also take good care of my remaining cat. I have left a long list of instructions for her to make the most of my experiences. I have typed this short list of reasons below as many people who know me will be shocked and will ask ‘why?’. She is unaware of it at the moment and is also unaware of the immediacy. She is also unaware that I comment on this blog.

    I am fifty nine, an only child, no surviving relatives, no partner or children. I live in a self-built wooden cabin of under 200sq ft. I do not have a bathroom so I don’t clean it myself! I have an outside sawdust privy, some solar power, a well that I dug myself, I don’t have a fridge. I cook on a small wood stove which also keeps me warm, I cut and haul my own firewood. I haven’t flown for thirty eight years. I limit my car mileage to under 5000km per year. I don’t buy crap or eat junk food. I try to be nice to people and protect animals. I have played the piano since I was five. I have an immaculately restored 1888 Bechstein in my cabin, it is my only luxury, the white keys are mammoth ivory.

    We all have our very different reasons for living, and very different reasons for dying.


    If Anyone Asks Why?…

    My knees hurt continuously and my fingers are now seizing up (osteo-arthritis). I can see a time when I will not be able to continue my work here, nor play music, to the standard I have come to enjoy

    My demise will result in a greater benefit to others

    I’ve run out of savings and have no moral incentive to acquire more. I didn’t expect us to live this long anyway so am grateful for having been able to bask in this last glorious summer

    All my trees are dying and need to be cut down. I do not have the physical nor the emotional strength to cope with this *(see my last comment in the previous thread)*

    I’ve proved what I set out to prove – to live a very simple life and to be happy doing so. No alternative has any equivalent appeal

    I’m bereft of people nearby to play interesting music with

    I’m drained by the continuous anticipation of an inevitable global economic crash

    We’re going extinct soon anyway, as is pretty much everything else – sadly

    No one seems aware of this, or wants to find out, so I feel marginalised, and always have done. Therefore, I’ve been lonely for like-minds

    Unlike most people, I have never successfully found a way to deny reality

    I can’t face another long dark Winter

    Sixty sounds far too old for me, my parents weren’t exactly the best advert for old age

    I have never been comfortable with the prospect of dying of natural causes, it always seemed so horribly inconvenient

    I’ve made some sense of it all at last but my conclusions aren’t very nice and predictably tend towards social alienation

    People’s false belief systems have been increasingly exasperating and I’m tired of being tired

    My dreams are consistently nicer than reality and waking up from them is upsetting

    It will be a political statement expressing the triumph of logic over emotion

    The sadness through my live has accumulated rather than dispersed

    There are not enough good people left to care

    Becoming nothing has great appeal, it will remove the never-ending sense of yearning

    Summary: Bits of it were quite nice but, overall, I found it all rather confusing


    This ain’t no disco, it ain’t no country club either!

  • ‘we’ are getting a bollocking on Scribblers blog at the moment
    robertscribbler / November 11, 2015
    I think the message now is that all actions have an impact and that we should act in the best possible way as swiftly as possible to prevent as much harm as possible. McPherson sings a sirine song of futility. He wrongly thinks that no actions make a difference. He is an incarnation of the apathy of our times — this belief and cynicism that first all actions have to be perfect in order to be effective (Nirvana fallacy) and second that all action is futile anyway (Nihilist fallacy) so why act at all?

    All who invest in non action, in non-response, the Kochs, the oil, gas, and coal companies, any who now profit from future harm must greatly enjoy this message which masquerades as ecology but is instead simple decadence. There is no call to action, just an appeal to keep doing the terrible things that got us here in the first place.

    I think we’ve seen enough of this nonsense.

  • Cursed are those who live to do Oil-Qaeda’s will (The Harm Oil-Qaeda Has Done).

  • @Zarquon, wow. When I read about the clear-cutting near to you, I felt the blow myself. I can barely imagine how sad and terrifying it must be where you are. We are just getting to know our own woodland and recognize its decline but won’t be faced with a drama of that magnitude at least on the mechanical score.

    In Italy, we lived near a chestnut zone, and each fall there was a “sagra” to do with mushrooms and roasting chestnuts and chestnut desserts and flatbreads, like castagnaccio flavored with raisins and rosemary. They also held lumberjack competitions. Not that long ago, wheat was a luxury and the peasants mainly used chestnut flour as their staple. Vivo d’Orcia was the name of the town. Their trees are probably are threatened as well, by this disease, which would tear the heart out of the community. I’m not prone to thinking that humidity favors the blight, because Vivo d’Orcia, anyway, is a very humid place indeed.

    If at some point you leave off commenting here, you’ll surely be missed. I enjoy your contributions and wish you Godspeed in all your future journeys and endeavors.

  • If the Many-Worlds Interpretation of Quantum Physics is true and something bad happens to us in this world, we can think “oh, there is another world where something good happens to us.” In that case non action is best.

    If the Many-Worlds Interpretation of Quantum Physics is false, determinism is true and there is no mental causation, only physical causation. In that case whatever we do, we only obey the Big Bang, and we cannot act “in the best possible way” because there is only one way to act.

  • Zarquon…while I can relate to much of what you write in your “reasons”,and think many of us will be where you’re at soon enough, I must offer this advice.
    Take a shower. In my experience nothing combats depression like cleaning, oneself, ones dishes or ones home.
    Sell your dying trees as firewood, either do this yourself (physical activity also combats depression); or get a contractor in. This will solve your tree problem and give you funds.
    Lastly, if you don’t already,start smoking herb and eating magic mushrooms.
    At this point what have you got to lose?
    Your input here has been valued by me.

  • That was a great essay from a person so young.


    Thank you for the poignant revelations. Although a little older than you, I am not quite as far down the track as you are. However, empathise with your sentiments, especially:

    ‘I’m drained by the continuous anticipation of an inevitable global economic crash

    Unlike most people, I have never successfully found a way to deny reality

    People’s false belief systems have been increasingly exasperating and I’m tired of being tired

    My dreams are consistently nicer than reality and waking up from them is upsetting’

    I have spent many years promoting a world -one of rationality, truth, compassion, tenderness, cohesion, sustainability etc.- that will not come. Indeed, the harshness, triteness, preposterousness, deceptiveness and unsustainability the mainstream culture inflicts on us increase by the day. And the masses accept all that harsh, trite, preposterous, deception and unsustainability as normal.


    I was repeatedly prompted to upgrade to Windows 10 and eventually relented. I wish I had not. Although the system assured me everything was working, I lost sound completely.

    Sound is not essential, of course, and this glitch may be part of the ‘death’ sequence that drives me further away from technology and towards simpler living.

  • @ Zarquon: The Bechstein is a sign of a problem. According to peer-reviewed scientific studies, artists are more prone to depression than normal people.

  • .
    Zarquon, I value your input here too. Stay and chat. Have a shower, shroom out, and then stay and chat. You’re almost like some sort of doppelganger to me in a way. I play piano too, since about the same age; I have a hard time finding the right people to play with; I lost a dear country home when a neighbor logged the mountainside that our place backed onto. And oddly, like your cat, the dog that lived there with me died of old age just previous to the forest being cut … like you and your cat and the hunters. My folks bailed out of that place, and my life took an urban route forever more. Life never, ever got that good again. Not like that, anyway. :(

    I almost bailed at one point during that transition. Why don’t you shower, smoke some, drop a little, and stay and chat. I like that idea of personally selling the firewood. You can take your sweet time, be in compliance, and get out there and pour your heart out to those trees in witness to them. I had to kill a farm cat with distemper once. I was glad I did it myself instead of passing it off for someone else to do. Maybe you need to be the one to feel for those trees as they meet the inevitable. If it’s your own operation, you could probably stall and drag your feet for a long time going slow. It’s probably somewhat your right how you market those trees, at least for awhile. Just be super slow about it.

    Wow, says Lidia … and Godspeed. You’d be missed. Stay.

    Gerald, I’m being sarcastic and teasing you. You know I love you too ! :)

  • Thanks to T. Ripton for her anthem of an essay. Great job.

    Zarquan: I feel what you’re saying and am heading that way. Though I don’t have the physical problems you described, my wife does and I’m a functioning depressed soul (for as long as I can remember). All the best, sir. Go with your head held high and a smile on your face. We’ll all be along shortly . . . The song below is dedicated to you. I’ve supplied the lyrics.

    To Robert Scribbler: I gave up trying to show him where all his reports are leading, to no avail. He’s so enamored of humanity’s ability to by-pass natural limits that he believes, like R E from doomstead diner, that “we will overcome.” It’s nonsense, of course and he shows his ignorance of Guy’s writing in the above quote. Guy never said to throw in the towel and we’ll find out before long who the REALIST is (hint: it ain’t Robert Scribbler and his techno-fantasy solutions). He doesn’t even understand that all his “renewables” rely on fossil fuels! I was banned there quite a few times for pointing it out. I don’t bother commenting there any longer – though he’s got a good crew with some of his commenters – i’ll read what he has to say (he does good research), but know that he’s somewhat delusional in thinking that we can find a solution to an extinction event (and we have MULTIPLE ones happening at the same time).

    Traction in the Rain (D. Crosby)

    It’s hard enough, I know
    To find the strength to go
    Back to where it all began
    It’s hard enough to gain
    Any traction in the rain
    You know it’s hard for me to understand

    Hard to find a way
    To get through another city day
    Without thinking about
    Gettin’ out

    Now the strangest thing I’ve seen
    Was a T-shirt turning green
    In envy of a turtle dove
    The dove’s lady was the cause
    Or maybe it was the olive branch she held in her claws
    Or maybe he could see they were in love

    You know it’s hard for me to find a way
    To get through another city day
    Without thinking about
    Gettin’ out

  • Long live those who speak truth to power. Long live those who unlock the underprivileged and unconnected from steerage so they can smell the rose as our ship sinks. Long live those who speak truth to youth.
    Long live Dr Jim Salinger NZ’s leading climate change scientists who in response to my question two days ago ” When are we going to start admitting we are in a time of abrupt climate change” answered with a definitive NOW.

  • Zarquon,

    While I rarely post here anymore, and nor can I claim to have read what you’ve written up to your last post, I thought I might offer a word or two on where depression meets NTE, and you having decided to exit this mortal coil.

    First and foremost, congratulations on achieving what I have come to consider to be one of the highest achievements we humans can muster: brutal honesty where it matters most.

    As well, don’t let anyone tell you, you are “depressed”. In my opinion, we are so far beyond compartmentalizing “depression” we need a new word to describe the unbearable weight of being conscientious in 2015. It is in itself, an unprecedented phenomenon.

    Anyone who is going to frame your choice to end your life as being an issue of depression is just straight projecting their limited lived experiences onto your life. Don’t be mired in what other people think about anything….especially death, though I suspect you probably haven’t cared much about what people have thought of your life choices up to this point, so for gawd’s sake don’t start now.

    While the above essay is inspired and thoughtful, let’s not pretend it wasn’t written by someone in their mid-twenties, and let’s not pretend we don’t know exactly what that means. I am no less than three worldviews removed from how I once looked at the all that is.

    If you’ve had a good life—and it seems you’ve comparatively had a good run—and your body and health is now failing you, and your intellectual and emotional state has reached a point where you simply no longer care to keep keeping on, then by all means, enjoy the letting go with an open and peaceful mind.

    There is absolutely no reason why you should feel obligated or pressured to live longer than you desire. You don’t owe anyone a reason for why you no longer wish to be counted among the living.

    Frankly, humanity would have created a far better place had we all lived as you have and had the humility and modesty to accept life for what it is, not what we wish it were, or still hope it to be. Anyone who has the courage to admit their true state of affairs, and can take an honest assessment of their current life and decides that their time is up, has my complete support, because I can see no better way of facing death than that…….especially now!

    In fact, if we lived in the same state, I might offer to lend you some help in achieving your goal. You are a brave soul for being so candid. Please know that I will make sure to read whatever you have to share here over the next couple months if you feel so inclined to walk us through your last days.

    My only advice, and please forgive me for offering it, but in spite of all the sadness that surrounds you and us all, if you have any doubt about taking your life, then you are probably making the wrong decision. But, if you have come to this juncture clear headed and resolved, then by all means find the most painless way possible.

    Thank you for your honesty.

  • LWA and Babajingo~ Have you done your Bridal registry yet so people will know what to buy you for your new married life together? Waipio Valley bridal registry has great offerings of coconut bowls, black sand, spectacular views of myriad waterfalls, and miles of mud. Everything you need, and all free!!!

    I’m in California for a month to sort and send out my worldly belongings as I move back to Hawaii after 10 years on the mainland. Living in Waipio Valley the last two months overwhelmed me with such vast feelings of love and gratitude; I felt I was reunited at long last with my true lover. Amazing to feel so deeply romantic and head-over-heels in love with this particular magical place in nature. I feel so fortunate, privileged, and grateful.

    But here on the mainland, such despair and frustration and irritation felt towards my dear friends as they speak of their stress and harassment around money and jobs, time and traffic jams and bills. I want to tell them to just STOP IT! I want them to give it up, this mainstream life, to pursue their happiness and own lives of excellence, enjoy this magic world, and QUIT WASTING OUR PRECIOUS, LIMITED TIME!! All the hippies I tripped with and with whom I explored Nature and reality, my tribe that practiced non-violence and got arrested for protesting against Diablo nuclear power plant, who broke the rules and changed our lives to rebel against the soulessness of straight society–all gone. For some, having kids ground them down, and for all of them, now they are hooked in, stressed, working working working for money while hating their jobs. I see more than ever the evils of capitalism and all the lives hollowed out to make others rich with their labor…this whole system SUCKS.I want to yell at them to open their eyes and listen to me, set themselves free from the lies of this culture and the belief that they have no choice and there’s still plenty of time. What happened? I thought they were like me! I didn’t think we were just playing around, and would revert to being regular straight people with jobs and kids and cars and years where their free time was MAYBE a few hours a month when they could read a novel, or walk in nature, or make art.

    No one wants to talk with me about NTE. It still surprises me. They love me and think they “know” what I know, sure, they’re environmentally aware and recycle and hate war. And/but they see me as being on the fringe and eccentric, too far out on the edge, radical as always. Like what I “know” is just my opinion, a preference in how to see the world. They know I went to Europe with Guy as his helper, they know I think its all crashing down, they love me– but they don’t want to talk about it, they don’t want to think about it. I get that they’re scared and feel helpless, and can’t and won’t conceive of a future for their kids that is no future. Spending time with them (my best friends!) all feels so fake and full of lies. I want to at least tell their kids the truth, but I don’t, because, what? I don’t want to be impolite? Mustn’t scare the children? Criminy.

    Thank you to everyone here for being willing to face NTE, thank you Guy for providing this space so we can connect and talk about it, thanks for this beach where I can rant to you all about my disappointment and sadness and sense of betrayal.

    So. A wedding. On the black sands of the beach of doom. We can gather the poisonous plants, the centipedes, the empty skulls of hunted pigs, eat mushrooms, and drum, dance, love, and despair ourselves on over to the final big adventure, where we all are headed, the true deep mystery of Death.

  • I admire your equanimity.
    I’m not there yet but I do a practice preparatory for my death. This is because I would rather be mindfully awake for the experience at the time, if possible, an not in a mindless panic.

  • Kevin Hester… Jim Salinger may be a top climate scientist who has fought the denialist BS to his cost.
    But he did us no favours by going on RNZ National to warn…”if nothing is done to reduce carbon emissions by 2050,there may be no Skiing Industry in N.Z. by 2100!!!”

    It is precisely that sort of comment that robs any sense of urgency from the minds of the public and ensures the machine grinds on.
    Our fate is sealed but how we get there could be so different if only they would wake up.
    Thanks Daniel for including the last paragraph in your comment above. Timing is everything. In death as in life.

  • The wedding sounds thrilling…

    True story: when my husband and I got married in Italy, some of his old bandmates were hired to play. I left the music completely up to them.

    The first slow dance, you know, where the new husband and wife are the only ones on the dance floor?

    … instrumental version of “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door”.

    I don’t believe they understood the English words or the meaning (Italians are generally very superstitious about mentions of death). They just liked the tune!! I wonder how many other weddings have featured that tune.. probably zero!

    So I vote for that as the beach wedding theme song, unless someone has a better idea!

    Thanks, Daniel, for pointing out that a writer’s age makes a distinct difference in how they perceive the world. A while back I referenced stages of life seen through the lens of Eastern religion: (wiki) “some texts of Hinduism outline four āśramas, or stages of life as individual’s dharma. These are:(1) brahmacārya, the life of preparation as a student, (2) gṛhastha, the life of the householder with family and other social roles, (3) vānprastha or aranyaka, the life of the forest-dweller, transitioning from worldly occupations to reflection and renunciation, and (4) sannyāsa, the life of giving away all property, becoming a recluse and devotion to moksa, spiritual matters.” I know I am in the “return to the forest” stage. Zarquon appears to have lived that phase to its completion and is some ways into the ultimate phase.

    @Dr.Epiphany: “Spending time with them (my best friends!) all feels so fake and full of lies.”

    I hear you loud and clear. I have come to shun my old friends from the big city, and have only casual friendships in my new rural town. We do socialize with one other reader of NBL, and have met a couple of others, but even there, there seems to be a limit on what one can say. It really is eye-opening how much A Future, any story of a future, matters in terms of socialization possibilities.

    When you deny A Future along the lines that people have come to expect, you really are shutting down their party, turning up those awful lights signaling that it’s closing time: showing the filth on the floor, the flab and the streaked makeup. Chasing the mystery and allure back into the shadows behind the naugahyde banquettes.

    So drink up, it’s last call! And then we’ll see each other at the wedding.. that’s something to look forward to, at least!

  • Where to begin?? First off, thanks to T. Ripton for a fine essay, but also, as a result of writing it, you’ve managed to pull a few of the old NBL clan out of the woodwork, to post comments.
    Thanks to Zarquon for opening your heart here on the beach of doom.
    And to Daniel, for his wise words.
    And to Dr Epiphany for reminding me again of just how lovely the Waipio Valley is.
    And of course, thanks to Guy for continuing to tell the truth, and for providing a venue for us to gather at.

  • Long live T. Ripton and all who praised the essay.
    Zarquon, all objects of awareness are dependent on awareness.

  • Math and Music to me are One. The Universe is Music, Poetry, Expression, Evolution. Music is dying notes within time. Only the death of one note enables another note to live. It is a stream of notes, all one big song, many songs, a symphonie, the playing of a cosmic child, of many cosmic childs. Death is not the end, it is just one end among myriads of endings. To realize that death is not the ultimate end can be extremely liberating, but it can also be extremely frightening. Dying is like an LSD trip and it depends on us ALONE, what the trip will bring. The Kosmos of the Kosmos is Al(l)- One. Some will see God, others will see Buddha, others will see Einstein or Marylin Monroe, it depends on ones Karma/Vipaka. It is like falling to sleep and starting to dream, it is the Bardo. It depends on our Karma/Vipaka, what we dream. It depends on our desires and on our anxieties. The Bardo is everywhere, anytime, infinite.

    I learned a formula in music- theory:

    C7/5- = Gb7/5-

    Music, written in mathematical language. There are much more formulas like this. Anyway, this one says, that the most distant two chords within the circle of fifth are actually One and the very same chord. There is another formula that shows that major and minor are One also. Actually, ALL chords are interconnected to eachother most intimately like One big net. There is no real difference between any chord and any other chord, any note and any other note, it’s just our very own interpretation, our very own perception within our mind that choses differentiation, we make our own Song within ourselves literally, musically. The same goes for tension and release, one of the most important principles in music. Any tension, any release is just a subjective interpretation within ourselves, tension and release are One, they are the same- in fact, C7/5- and Gb7/5- are One big dominant seventh chord, there are two tritones in it (“Diabolo in Musica”, the sound of a police sirene eg), so there is much, much tension it, but at the same time they are just the release and resting place for another dominant seventh chord.

    We all are like dreaming children, dreaming musicians, magicians. The Kosmos itself is like a dreaming child. It is exactly like in the poem from Tagore, “At the Seashore”. There is Death and there is Life, the ocean, high tide, low tide, being awake, sleeping, dreaming, infinite, like a Song and another Song and another one. Death and Life don’t just happen to us from somewhere “outside”. There is no outside, there is no hiding place, no real exit, everything, everyone, any past, present, future is within ourselves, musically. Que linda la Musica!

    Your own frequency, tone, mathematical equation and vibration says it all, and you can’t tinker with that.

  • Moderation, I am so sorry, the last comment shouldn’t be here, but here:

    What I Believe, Redux

    My bad fault.

  • I Wonder Where I Put It

    I Wonder Where I Put It,
    The elixir of old,
    That kept my system singing–
    Maybe the first-aid kit?

    They call it hope and faith,
    Our system’s daily offerings.
    Perhaps it’s wishful thinking,
    Are we helplessly just fools?

    So rally ‘round solutions,
    The latest techno fix
    For habitat’s destruction,
    Our habit’s deadly mix.

    So where do we place it,
    ‘Midst evidence coming in?
    A kind of intoxication
    Reality won’t fit.

    I don’t know where I lost it,
    That soothing daily brew.
    If you can maybe find it, reality aboard,
    My thanks–I’ll gladly give to you.

  • Gotta take care of my child and pets, no bowing out for me (yet). Bumper sticker on a car: “no future” ! More people know about NTE than one might gather but aren’t processing it publicly or I gather are even conscious they do know. I recently practised a little NTE gallows humour on a job site. It went over OK which surprised me, although construction workers do seem to be able to handle the reality of living in a physical and limited world more than the usual desk driver (disclosure I am a construction worker) They are a more skeptical lot as a whole, and I think more intuitively understanding of the reality of living in this physical world, IMO. Long live the vulgarians! Anyway, speaking of difficult topics such as NTE, I discussed mutual self-destruction with a companion as suffering becomes increasingly physical. When my asthma medicine becomes unavailable, perhaps low oxygen may induce a comfortable, fuzzy brain state with which I can die in some kind of peace. Anyway, cheers to you all and thanks. I follow this site as often as I can, and although it is painful and difficult, I am learning exponentially (good thing, eh?). If I donate to the site, I will view it as equivilent to tuition with the exception that I am actually learning something! Wrapping my brain around the harder, more philosophical concepts and scientific facts expressed here and wishing I had more of my own wisdom to impart. The Onion stated that the 2 main different ways of viewing climate change were that it was either non-existent or irreversible. Pain masks humor. Pain makes it humorous? Oh yeah, humor masks the pain. right — Peace

  • Zarquon – it is impossible to read your comment without wanting to hop on a plane, fly over there and “rescue” you. I don’t know how I would do that, by the way. And I know everyone will say I’m “projecting” my “issues” or whatever, but PLEASE DON’T KILL YOURSELF!! I don’t know why I think it matters that you hang on, and I know it is selfish of me to impose my view (not that it will matter to you anyway) but there’s something greatly disturbing about a group of people who read a suicide note and then simply say, “It’s your decision, do what you will.” Maybe this is why Guy’s always being accused of leading a death cult?? There simply has to be another way. THERE HAS TO BE ANOTHER WAY!!!! PLEASE!! Here is my email. It’s the only way I know to communicate with you if you want to:


    Please feel free to send me a note, anytime, even if it’s just to have another person listening to you vent or to express yourself. I know I can’t save you, but I just have to tell you that it matters to me that you live. Whoever you may be. I don’t know why, it just does.

    Dr. Epiphany- hit me up. I live in Cali. Let’s get together while you’re here.

  • Oh yeah. Forgot I came on here to post an article…


    It’s long, it’s a little “woo woo” or whatever some of you call it, and it’s from Tikkun, so the anti-Jewish contingency on here will think it’s bullshit, but for everyone else- enjoy.

  • thanks all

  • It is Remembrance Day in Canada, and in other far-flung corners of Empire and Commonwealth. I spent this afternoon in a choral Remembrance Day service. Where I live there are army and navy bases nearby and many uniforms on the streets this morning – heading to the cenotaph.
    The venue for the choral service was Christ Church Cathedral – Anglican, stone, neo-Gothic. An amazing space in which to hear choral music.
    But the service didn’t begin with the choir, it began with the Last Post which when played in that stone vault caused the hairs on the back of my neck to stand up.
    There was no homily, there were no prayers, no talking really, almost no applause between the selections – just the choir singing and the audience witnessing.
    I gazed upward into the stained glass windows and thought of the thousands of years of technological development of learning to transform sand into glass. I looked up at the stone pillars and reflected on the sacred geometric patterns of the stone vault that surrounded me – thousands of years of patient toil learning to cut and stack stone. I looked at the large cross on the altar and reflected on the thousands of years of metallurgy that led to its construction.
    And in the air, the sacred geometry of the voices of the choir – a web of sublime sound echoing off the vaulted stone, the late afternoon sun shining through the coloured glass.
    And the memory of so many dead soldiers.
    During the fading of the last notes of the Last Post at the beginning of the service I had a thought/feeling that all the empty spaces in the cathedral were filled with the ghosts of the fallen.
    In the final minutes of the choral concert, I marvelled at the eloquence and perfection of the voices of the choir. I then had the thought/feeling that our thousands of years of technological and artistic development have led us to the beauty and the wonder of sublime choral music in a sun pierced cathedral on an autumn afternoon… and to NTHE.
    And I thought of all those soldiers (and civilians, and horses).
    “Lest we forget.” “They will not be forgotten.” Etc.
    And I realized we’ve learned nothing. That NTE is barreling toward us and we are still squabbling over invisible lines. That they all died in vain.
    Then I walked in the park under fading summer leaves, crunching them underfoot, and then came home and read T. Ripton’s marvellous chorale. And then I read more – the words of all of you baring yourselves, opening your chests and letting the words flow out.
    And I am grateful. And I won’t forget the old soldiers.
    And I am grateful for you, here on the beach of despair.
    And at our campfires all are welcome – of any age.
    Thank you T. Ripton for echoing and sustaining the long tradition of sacred geometry, of joy, of life, of weaving poetry and magic out of thin air.


  • Zarquon.
    I have no words right now.
    I am imagining holding your two hands in my two hands.
    I hope you take a moment and imagine the same.

  • Beautiful song WoodWose. But as you lament we cannot ever return to the garden, we killed it and we await our punishment which will be shared by all the species that the garden planet nurtured. The Hippies were onto something but they’re now despised in the killer empire.

  • Zarquon – you might want to read that NDE linked by mo flow in conversation with artleads at the end of the last post before you ‘go’. It might be worth contemplating what more you could stand to learn while in this body. I’ve heard that theory the experiencer espouses to have been told – that it’s harder to learn stuff you still need to learn once you are on the ‘other side’.

  • IMO, no time like the time we’re in for learning, besides! Don’t waste this privileged ride!

  • @GeraldSpezio Of course I would agree, this is not to imply otherwise. No problems here.

    @Zarquon I appreciate your words. It is no offense to me that some parts were found to be a bit confusing, I’m just glad that at least some of it could speak to you in any way at all. I wish the best for you now and in the future. Much love!

    @Daniel “While the above essay is inspired and thoughtful, let’s not pretend it wasn’t written by someone in their mid-twenties, and let’s not pretend we don’t know exactly what that means. I am no less than three worldviews removed from how I once looked at the all that is”

    Wowza. Alright:

    …and let us not pretend that I wasn’t asked to write an optional bio of whatever I saw fit to accompany this essay. Let’s not act as though I don’t realize how often most people dismiss my thoughts, motives, actions, and goals because of my age… calling into question what is genuine for what they view as a side effect of youth; something temporary because it happens to have left them personally or perhaps was never there at all.

    I could have chosen NOT to include my age, or my name, or even my gender. I thought about it. Then it could have been written by someone older than you for all you would have known, and maybe then it would be slightly less easy for you to dismiss it outright (in a sense to my face) by commenting just to another individual on a this thread while referring to me only in the 3rd person like I am not sitting right here. I’m sitting RIGHT here.

    I am aware that people change over time (believe it or not) and can agree with that reality. Perhaps you can apply that to your own feelings here as well though, for coupled with reflection they too may change over time. Of course I would never presume to know exactly how, when, or why…more than I can say for you. While people change always and as well as all else, there is still no one path and YOU are NOT ahead on it. Not by one world view, and definitely not by three. You DON’T “know exactly what that means” when talking about what I’ve written and that is very clear.

    Perhaps I can learn better some of these common courtesies be I lucky enough to age as gracefully as you, Daniel. So while I’m sure your words are honest, let’s not pretend they don’t seriously lack inspiration and thought. Thank you for your honesty. I’m not upset nor do I desire an apology (though I wouldn’t assume you were extending one), just in case you thought that was fueling my post. I only meant what I’ve said and I’ve said it all. I wish you the best, as well.

    @Randle Brashear @dredd @sabine @wendy :) :) :) :) :)

    Thank you to everyone who commented at all. I appreciate all the interest and of course, all your kind words!

  • @Sabine i also meant to say to you that you’re right

    “A point where I would differ is that, IMO, no “task at hand” is meaningless.”

    I actually completely agree! It would have been better, and more what I was aiming for. worded differently. ‘Meaningless’ was/is not a good fit although at a glance it would have a similar feel to most readers as what I was intending. Good catch!

  • Dear Zarquon,

    You are quite a Mensch for sharing what you did here. I respect your choice in the same way that Daniel does and I do agree that facing what we’re facing here honestly, and deciding to leave it all behind, is not depression (if that is what you’re feeling) of the usual clinical kind.
    Daniel explained this much better than I ever could.

    Problems like arthritis wear you out, physically, mentally and spiritually. I know only too well because I have suffered from rheumatoid arthritis ever since my late 50s. But you’d be surprised what you can do (without meds) to deal with the symptoms of arthritic conditions.
    I have tried and tested ways to keep pain to a minimum, even to be pain-free for weeks on end. For me, looking after myself as I do, the symptoms still appear like attacks once in a while (stress is a major factor) but several plant remedies can really help. I come out of suffering (such attacks) as if newly-born. And then I’m so glad to be alive.

    You say you still have one cat and that you like looking after animals. Please carry on a little longer with that. It’s worthwhile but you need to look after yourself. Don’t go just yet.

    If you sign yourself into the forum here, you could contact me via a personal message. I could help you with your symptoms, I’m sure of it.

    As you can see, you are greatly valued by all these very different people here. In other words: you’re a valuable human being. So, maybe, hang on a little longer.
    Planning to go when you choose to is good, I’ll be doing the same but not just yet. I really want to see the spring flowers in my garden once again. That’s what I do, take it from season to season.


    you say your wife suffers too. Feel free to contact me, you never know…

  • Sabine: thank you for your generous offer.

    Idea of slow climate change in the past is flawed, researchers say

    It isn’t the rate of climate change that’s changed, but our view of time.

    Climate scientists have mostly been operating under the assumption that climate change in the past happened at a much slower pace than the changes being witnessed today. But researchers in Germany say that assumption is false.

    Though the scarcity of proper geologic records inhibits the study of climate changes over short periods of prehistoric time, it’s a mistake to assume the absence of rapid change. Accelerated climate change in the past, scientists from the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg argue, may be invisible, but it’s not absent.

    As explained in new paper on the subject, published in the journal Nature Communications, the issue is perspective.

    . . .

    In viewing change across long expanses of time, scientists see gradual change. But as Eichenseer and his colleagues point out, change is not constant. Just as today climate change happens in spurts — slower rates of change followed by higher rates of change followed by periods of stasis — so too did past instances of climate change.

    Their analysis of ancient climate change records revealed this warped perspective. The longer the period of climate change studied, the slower the rate of change appeared to be. Yet, scientists point out, researchers acknowledge the ability of ancient climatic change to precipitate mass extinction events. [more]

  • I can see that you guys are really going to miss each other when this site goes down. Perhaps one of you should start a new doomer site in preparation of this.

    As for free will, I guess any moderation of posts is self-determined.

    I just created my own incoherently accurate shitstorm over at reddit/collapse. Although I did get banned again when I foolishly wrote something while very high called, “How to shoot workers for fun and profit”. Can’t say I blame them. I think this is the only site I’m never banned from. It’s funny how a little weed makes writing inspirational, but a little mushrooms make writing incomprehensible.


    Protracted Collapse.

    Yes, cities use just-in-time delivery to maintain 3 days supply of food and anarchy is just 4 missed meals away. But I suspect collapse won’t be so sudden. Humans can adapt to extremely extreme conditions in a slow boil the frog kinda way, i.e., you got this far, didn’t you?

  • Zarquon,

    I second what 44 south, LWA, babajingo and ugotstahwonder said to you. There’s only one legitimate piece of counsel worth listening to from people, whether they know you well or not. And that is: Whatever you do, please don’t take advice from people who don’t know you very well, especially when it’s a matter of life or death.

    (There’s no contradiction above, I checked!)


    mo flow, you framed it very well… I think, ultimately, the ONE is playing a game with ONEself. “Leela” (Divine Game)

    The trouble starts when one looks around and asks “but why all the suffering and pain?”. It falls to us to reckon with why the ONE would endure such suffering. It appears to me that suffering is just the flip side of joy and the ONE can’t have one without the other. To know joy, the ONE must suffer. But then, why do some people seem to have most of the joy and some most of the suffering? It doesn’t seem like a just game, however divine it might be.

    And then I wonder if perhaps there is something to the whole reincarnation thing. We may not understand it now, or in this lifetime, but ultimately, it will come out fair and square, to mathematical precision. That, we call Karma.


    Some excellent comments by Nemesis, djl, Caroline, Mark Austin, Sabine and others in the last few threads.

    One observation: those who said there’s no free will were quite certain of it. They were vehement in their arguments. And those who said there is a free will staked their position on a sliding scale, a continuum, a bit unsure, a bit reluctant to declare their position.

    Nemesis said, “The hardcore-materialistic statement of “no free will” is based on cosmic, universal determinism. Modern quantum physics prooved that extreme determinism wrong. Since Einstein already we don’t live in a Newton- Universe, a cosmic machine anymore.”

    djl said, ““No free will” is an absolute, declaring no degree of free will whatsoever. “Free will” isn’t really absolute, and allows for various degrees or perspectives of free will. Yet another reason I advocate the latter.”

    If we let go of our fixation with absolutes, we’d realize that we don’t have to reach a conclusion on the free-will debate tonight. It seems unsafe to leave it at that, the uncertainty chafes at our psyches prodding us to be more definitive. That’s modern scientific man, scared of ambiguity and doubt, seeking solace in a world of guarantees and predictability. This is rather new in human history. The addiction to absolutes, hard data, and formulas has been on the rise only within the last few thousand years and really more like in the last 500 years. The addiction to a world of objective reality goes along with it.

    Consider the fence. A fence was an unknown thing, a foreign concept to the Native American when the settler came along planting one. To the native, it was rather confusing. He looked at it from far away and wondered why anyone would divide a land that way? What about the animals that need to go from one side to another? What about mass migrations? Those were some of the questions that came up for the native.

    On the other hand, the fence meant something altogether different to the settler: security, privacy, certainty, and ownership… the first two very legitimate needs of humans everywhere but the others not so much (peculiar to modern man). Either way, the fence represents very different things to these different peoples. It “means” different things. And it’s the meaning that is oftentimes more important than the thing itself.

    Then comes along a scientist. He takes one look at the native and another at the settler. “It appears to me that you look at the situation quite differently misters! Let’s see if we can do something about it.” The scientist walks up to the fence and pulls a few things out of his thing bag and goes about measuring the height of the fence posts, the thickness of the barbed wire, the tension in it, the spacing of the knots, the spacing of the fence posts, the color of the paint on the posts, etc. “There, we can all agree on certain things now… welcome to the world of objective reality. Truly a triumph of modern Science”

    Objective reality is reduced reality. It focuses on things and not what the things mean. Human beings have always and will always live in a world suffused with meaning. To the extent that we deny it, to the extent that we take refuge in measurable quantities, to the extent that we employ empiricism to describe our lived experience, to the extent that we disallow others to express their reality in the way they choose, we become more machine-like. In fact, where we stand today, some sections of the population have/are separated from their humanity to a degree not ever before seen in our history.

    When Ray Kurzweil said the singularity is near, he was referring to the merger of man and machine. I used to think that singularity would be achieved, if it ever would, by making machines more human-like. Little did I know that it could also be achieved by making man more machine-like. It turns out it’s much easier to turn man into machine than the other way around. Kurzweil was right. The singularity is near. Welcome to the world of machine men where the next generation of humans, at least in the West, will be focusing on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) education, and learn computer programming in 1st grade.

    “So get over whatever strange meanings you two have attached to this fence. It’s just a thing. That’s all that matters. That’s how we build consensus here on out. What? The animals? Don’t get so emotional, man”

    So here we are in a world suffused with symbolism but we go to great lengths to deny it. This is the age of separation and reductionism.

    Is it any wonder that those of us who subscribe to a materialistic worldview, one where objective reality rules, one where Science has taken over all aspects of lived experience, are most likely to deny the existence of free will? Machine men see the creation around them as a vast machine in itself, the working of which is determined by the laws of thermodynamics, energy gradients, formulas and other such very definitive, tangible, and measurable aspects. What humans are capable of perceiving is vastly more grand than that. And a lot more interesting. A lot more wondrous.

    Looks like in the age of extremes, the ONE has fragmented ONEself into an ever more number of pieces, bits, ideas, and worldviews.

    There’s my worldview. My subjective reality. Thank you!

    I used to be a machine man. I used to work with them and live with them. That’s how I know so much about machine men. There was this one time when I helped develop a formula to calculate her share of rent for a friend who was going to live with 3 other roommates. I went about it in a very scientific way, measuring square footage of all the rooms, private as well as common areas, attaching weights to different areas based on their usability (a square foot of patio space is less usable than a square foot of private bedroom space so it gets a lower weight), etc. The Excel spreadsheet looked great. I was so pleased with my method. Then I proudly presented it to my friend and her roommates. You had to see their looks of disbelief. I, of course, thought they didn’t really get it and were in awe of my superior intelligence. It took me a while to realize they thought I was nuts. And it took me much longer to realize they were more interested in humanity, not machines! They were all psychology majors :)


    “Look, up in the sky…”
    “It’s a bird, it’s a plane…”
    “No, it’s a Trident II D5 nuclear capable missile!”


    Looks like the sociopaths in charge are getting ready to go at each other’s throats. The rest of us, the dying and suffering humans, plants and animals, the mountains, the rivers and the oceans are collateral damage.

    How do billionaire sociopaths fight?

    “I’m going to destroy Android because it’s a stolen product. I’m willing to go thermonuclear war on this.” – Steve Jobs, 2010

    The elites are in a hot race for what’s left of the planet. They are thirsty for resources.

    What a grand and elaborate divine game that’s coming to a head on this here planet Earth! Man-made fiction, man-made anything, doesn’t even come close. But fiction and everything else is part of that game. So much depends on what we focus on. And so much depends on what wants to get focused on by us.

    Tonight, the spirits of the stories above were just too strong. They wanted to be focused on. I obliged. All up until 4 AM. Goodnight!

  • Thursday, November 12, 2015

    Inside Science Minds

    My 1975 ‘Cooling World’ Story Doesn’t Make Today’s Climate Scientists Wrong


    It’s time for deniers of human-caused global warming to stop using an old magazine story as ammunition against the consensus of today’s climate scientists.

    “The central fact is that, after three quarters of a century of extraordinarily mild conditions, the Earth seems to be cooling down. Meteorologists disagree about the cause and extent of the cooling trend, as well as over its specific impact on local weather conditions. But they are almost unanimous in the view that the trend will reduce agricultural productivity for the rest of the century.” – Newsweek: April 28, 1975

    That’s an excerpt from a story I wrote about climate science that appeared almost 40 years ago. Titled “The Cooling World,” it was remarkably popular; in fact it might be the only decades-old magazine story about science ever carried onto the set of a late-night TV talk show. Now, as the author of that story, after decades of scientific advances, let me say this: while the hypotheses described in that original story seemed right at the time, climate scientists now know that they were seriously incomplete. Our climate is warming — not cooling, as the original story suggested.


  • Everybody – thank you so much for your comments; they are embarrassingly overwhelming but I will endeavour to address every one of them soon. Meanwhile, I need to resolve the immediate problem with my trees. Also meanwhile, please focus your concerns towards T.Ripton who perhaps doesn’t have the luxury of my ‘choice’ – lordy, there’s that word again! I hope we hear some more from her. I had also hoped to hear a word from Milendia, our resident tree spirit. I hope she is OK, please consider her also.

    Some of you mis-read my sentence ‘I do not have a bathroom so I don’t clean it myself!’ – you missed the ‘it’. I can assure you that I do keep clean and I do have a shower. The ‘bathroom cleaning’ reference harked back to an earlier spat several threads back. It was just my attempt at humour.

  • When I first figured this business out around 2012, I’ll admit that I was unapologetically, willfully smashed drunk every day for about 4 months straight. Had to sober up since then. But dam if that wasn’t fun for a while.

  • There is first-order “real” and there is what our senses present to our brains. Regarding free will and consciousness, all you really have is second-order real presented to you by your field-of-vision (plus other immediate senses). Everything in your brain beyond your field-of-vision is third-order real in that your brain makes an approximation of what’s out there (beyond your field-of-vision) based upon memory, experience and probability. “You” never decide what is served-up by the subconscious in that area beyond your field-of-vision. The subconscious may actually candy-coat the imagined analog world for your viewing pleasure.

    Third-order reality is based upon the past, and we’ve actually had a great run, consuming everything in site and turning it into fun and sunshine. That’s what most people imagine will occur far into the future. The real first-order reality will serve-up some great surprises in the future that will be perceived immediately by the brain through the senses (second-order reality) and that will not coincide with the world that has been built on past experience (third order reality). A malignant cancer only lives once.

  • A malignant cancer only lives once.

    Well, I heard that quite often. If humankind is a malignant cancer in general, then why bother about NTE? Because of the other species among humans? Well, wouldn’t it be the best choice then to commit suicide in order to heal the cancer? Btw: The term “cancer”, “vermins” ect was used by the Nazis also (Eugenics):


    Do you have children or friends/relatives who have children? If so, do you tell them that they are malignant cancer? Like this?:

    ” Well, sorry, your future has been sold by some greedy materialists and liers like Exxon Mobile ect and now I have to tell you that you and I and everybody else is just malignant cancer, bad luck for you, but it was all determined, there is no free will, so Exxon Co couldn’t do any better.”

    Man, no matter what, but I am so happy that I did not procreate in that dying, greedy, strange, decadent system. I have seen all that shit comin some decades ago. I am happy that my children will not be among the victims of western ignorance, decadence and consumerism. Believe it or not, but there are victims and there are evil doers. Exxon Mobile and Co. had some real good time, a real nice party for quite a while- and now all the children of this world, who will pay the most for that decadent party, are just as guilty as anybody else, are just cancer just as anybody else?! Hahaha, that’s exactly the same shit I heard all my life:

    ” We are all the same, king and beggar, we are all sinners. So grab what you can get, eat, drink, tomorrow you will be dead anyway.”

    That’s the song of the herd, mäh mäh. No. That’s not my song. The herd together with the leaders always preached that everything will be fine with growth, with gdp, with progress, with justice, with the planet ect. And the system always punished me for arguing against that shit. And now they say:

    ” Uhm, bad luck, we were wrong- but anyway, we are all sinners, we are all in it, we are all cancer.”

    Hahaha- NO, it’s not that easy, but it’s just the same ignorant way of thinking that brought humankind into that mess 8-)

    Do you think, Lady T. Ripton is cancer too? I don’t think so. And I am no cancer as well, I think for myself and I know that the system always hated people who can think for themselves, it will do so until the very end, not one day longer 8-)

  • Thought provoking, excellent comments—-thanks for prompting them T. Ripton!

    Wester: I can relate to your post above! Tried to tell you how funny your post was on previous thread but kept getting “404”—-thanks for the laugh.


    Re: dead and dying trees—–
    all the magnificent oak trees are dying on the land where I live (and throughout the world, most trees); from oak wilt, pollution and various diseases/pests that thrive amidst AGW . . . .
    Just over 100 years ago this land was a huge complex of oak woodland, savanna, sedge meadows, prairies. Now fragmented, poisoned, this once diverse land/life is left to die like a butterfly whose wings have been pulled off by a sociopath.

    I understand how overwhelming this is. Being a single parent who lives with physical pain (HATE arthritis!!!), emotional pain/grief from the losses over the years (the list seems to grow daily)—–all of these things add to the unbearable (at times) pain that comes with being a witness to this massive dying of life on earth.

    Since I don’t/won’t wield a chain saw I haven’t a clue what I’m going to do with these dead oaks! Hiring “tree experts” to remove them costs thousands of dollars. One of these days I may just get bonked in the head by a big limb and that will be that! Seriously, it is dangerous out there and getting killed by dying trees is no laughing matter . . . it’s not even safe for the cavity nesting birds as a tree fell that housed a woodpecker nest last summer.

    Yesterday there was yet another severe weather outbreak in the upper midwest of the U.S. Highlighting the fact that extreme weather is not extreme anymore——it’s all around, all the time. November grey— wind (60 mph gusts)—- bleak—-trees devoid of leaves—–no birdsong—– apocalyptic day. I As I look out the window now there are 2 more oaks on the ground (wish I could post pictures) from the wind storm.

    I understand feeling so damn tired of the struggles, the pain, the darkness of humanity which seems to be increasing exponentially. An example: on top of the apocalyptic weather yesterday I saw a hummer (yes a hummer, symbol of homo rapien arrogance to the nth degree) with a Ben Carson bumper sticker on it that said: “BenCarson 2016: Heal, Inspire, Revive” Then came home to find another oak tree on the ground!

    Selfishly I want voices such as yours around for as long as possible. The person who owns that Hummer with the f&*king batshit (not to diss bats that I love) crazy bumper sticker will probably be one of the last standing and most likely doesn’t give a f*#k about the trees dying or anything else except ego food.
    This is who the earth is going to be stuck with???

    No, no, no!!!

    Again—- seriously—-like Babajingo and Sabine I wish I could make it better. Yet I relate to what Daniel expressed as well. Those who allow themselves to feel the loss/grief over damage humans have inflicted on the planet and yet are still tenderly loving the earth . . . we need each other. We do. I do. But this is my perception and I agree with what Satish says above as well.

    Peace out all . . .

    p.s. R.C. you are too much! But correct when you say, “I can see that you guys are really going to miss each other when this site goes down”

    and Daniel, so glad you continue to check in now and then, really value your posts.

  • Damn!! Another sadness—– just learned “Zen cowboy” Chuck Pyle died a few days ago?
    R.I.P. Chuck;

  • I started to post Daniel’s last paragraph as a profound quote, & compliment Daniel for being a wise & kind man.

    But after re-reading his entire piece, I realized that singling out any passage would be a crime against the wisdom & depth of the whole piece.

    But, I would be so respectful to suggest replacing “brutal” with kindly & direct, as in McPherson, Richard Feynman, David Irving, Shakhova. Beckwith …

    What some see as anger, I see as loving-respectful-kindness; as in grabbing & pulling an unaware child back from speeding traffic.

    What could be called human kindness more than teaching a child to seek the truth?

    Especially a child who asked any question.

    The kindest, most respectful, even loving … sharing we can experience with our fellows is our honesty – in all our interactions, no exceptions.

    “Thou canst not be false to any man.”

    Historian David Irving is a great example – a toiling honest scholar.

    Our most distinguishing quality as sapient human beings is our honesty; as the unbridled honesty of a child, who always blurts out what he sees.

    “The emperor/empire & their “stories” are naked,” if one looks.

    I know that it sounds pretentious, but it’s the best that I/we have.

    You must look for the answer to your questions.

    I never say that I’m spiritual, but it’s easy to claim to be honest & truthful.

    Daniel, you are one intelligent, decent, & wise person.

    Zarquon, I was expecting that someone would post as you have, so Daniel’s last paragraph really caught me as the doomer’s Rosetta Stone question.

  • Addendum to my last comment:

    I drive a bycicle for 30 years now, while my family drives mercedes. They always said to me:

    ” NO, there is no climate change, it’s all communist propaganda, there are no problems with the planet, there is no injustice, everthing is fine. And if there is a problem with the climate or with the planet etc, then GOD or some technical experts will push a button and all problems will be solved. You are just LAZY, that’s why you argue against the system, you are a troublemaker, you don’t work much and earn much money and raise a family and buy a house and drive a nice car like we do, so you will end up as a down-and-out, a loser. If anybody doesn’t make it, then it’s just all his own fault. We have to consume as much as we can, so that the poor people in Africas ect will have something to eat, economy always has to grow in order to feed the hungry of this planet. So just enjoy life like we do.”

    Hahaha- now, WHO is the loser now? How will they tell their children what the future will bring soon? When there is no water to drink, no food to eat, no nothing?! What is all their work, all their money, all their fancy cars and houses and consumer shit worth then? Nothing^^ Who is the loser now? WHO is fu….. up then? Am I f….. up? I am old, I have no children, I did not procreate WILLINGLY, because of my FREE troublemaker-will. I did not work much, did not earn money, cars, houses and shit because I DID NOT WANT TO, muhahaha. I ain’t got nothing to lose, but they and their children have. Now, who is screwed? We are all in it, all sinners, cancer?! Well, fine, I ain’t nothing to loose, so may come whatever may come, I just enjoy the music, with or without free will.

  • I had a SHOCK when I read robert’s words : «I can see that you guys are really going to miss each other when this site goes down.» This community being my only one left, I also dread that day very much. Much more than any words can describe and I do not have existing words either to thank Guy McPherson. And I do not have the capacity to start another site which, would not be NBL anyway (mothafucka). Maybe if NBL dies, I would spend my days in the archives, which must take months if not years to read. Just this morning I went through (again) the climate-change summary on seemorerocks. That is all one needs to read on the subject, really.
    Then Zarquon, dear Zarquon, who knows I am a tree, wondered how I was doing. Touché! I am not sure there is a «solution» for your trees and I also think a lot about you. Sometimes, the rot is so advanced, the trees cannot even make firewood.
    Talking about dying web sites and trees, my queen ozonista, Gail Zawacki, almost stopped posting on her site after she had said everything there is to say about the trees and much more. Nothing lives for ever. Death by a thousand cuts.
    You do not even want to see the trees around here, in Montreal, where we usually have 19 days of below 0 temp in November. Not one yet. Everybody is happy because the winter is late. Not me. This is what I find the most difficult. This is the one realisation that is causing me incredible suffering. To know that the trees are not going to survive me is the thought that I cannot fathom, I cannot accept. It is hurting so much. I hope it is not true.
    My son is a young adult white male who is burning part of his self-attributed coal making youtube short pieces because for many of the young ones, that is where the last bits of (fictitious) life/action are, as long as we have electricity. I told him that if he wanted to have repeated views (which OF COURSE he wants), he had to teach something that sheeple would want to come back to. As he has been teaching relaxation classes and been aware of NTHE since many years, he is inviting humans to burn more coal to relax with him to ease the pain of the impending end. How sweet! https://youtu.be/I2dl-UJC6XA
    I do not think Daniel meant at all to demean your age T Ripton, it is not what I understood. And I also commend you for your essay and the incredible comments it is generating.
    I write something thinking about you, talking to you, NBLers, everyday, that I keep in a document on my desktop and go back to regularly, adding, erasing, rereading and going from one day to the next. I do not post all those ramblings but you sure ALL (ALL!) help me a lot to live and make living tolerable. Even if I think we should all be dead.
    Agree with what Caroline just said, and sorry for the lenght of my message that I will make even longer with this citation from I do not remmember who : Hopelessness is not quite the same thing as despair. There is a difference. Despair is laziness, lack of intellect. One is not even willing to look for the reason for the despair. It is a total flop. But hopelessness is very intelligent. You keep looking. You flip page after page saying «That’s hopeless, that’s hopeless». You are still very vigorous, hopelessly vigorous. You’re still looking for hope, but each time you have to say, «Oh, no. Yuck!». Hopelessness keeps going, it is very vigorous, very inspiring.
    I am the cat on your lap

  • Testing…

    I enjoy you’re musicological ramblings, (even in the wrong thread) being myself a tritone junkie.

    tension and release-

    The world, individually, collectively, or biospherically, probably doesn’t end with a bang or * a whimper? I suspect that it ends just like “Second Balcony Jump” on a Dexter Gordon album called “Go”. It tickles me every time I hear it. It’s on U-tube, if anyone is interested. Of course if you were * interested, interested enough to u-tube it, it’s probably because you know the tune already, and thus don’t need to u-tube it?

    *My first attempts at using html tags, or whatever they are called? It might* work… nowhere near clever enough to embed a video and* italics in one post…

  • Endless Collapse
    Or, How I’ll Lose It

    Middle Class gone.
    Food & Energy going.
    A billion spoiled kids watching videos all day.
    Take away the farmer’s fields, farms are too important to own.
    Ship those lazy kids out to work the fields organically.
    Design wildlife corridors with no humans allowed.
    Grow food within the cities.
    Create a world e-currency based inversely to carbon energy.
    Carbon price soil and organic food, take away private ownership.
    Food water energy are human rights, the rest is just bullshit.
    Carbon price organic food, clean water and clean energy against carbon energy. Distribute water, food and carbon energy tax dividends 100% to private citizens with no share for governments & corporations.
    Start water distillation programs.
    Legalize drugs, tax them to pay for healthcare.
    Regulate market throughputs worldwide eliminating competition.
    This can all be phased in over some 10 years if we want it.
    But if I write code all day and play video games all night, WGAF.
    If you think this sounds crazy, wait til your kids intern the fields for the very rich and obscene. One way or another, it will happen.

    None Of The Above
    this is why doom is certain
    they hate it when you say “certain”
    before collapse is the long emergency of 2008
    some 2016, but WGAF, get ready weekly now.


  • ~5 min. video in Italian (with some subtitles) that’s noble imho


    Robert, I don’t think that’s going to happen. Though I do appreciate some of your ideas, it’s more likely that we’ll keep doing what we’re doing until such time as the biosphere degrades (and the weather ramps up) to the point that we can’t grow enough food (~ 2020?) causing societies to revolt and governments to collapse, WWIII, the grid to fail and mass die-off of humanity follows all the other species we’re destroying. It’s not going to be a Hollywood ending, and there’s no solution to this predicament.

  • Nemesis on a bicycle, you are the most venerable one. Honor to the ones who do not fight in wars. NBL veterans who shared so much in the face of what is soon to come.

    Do we know the way, Jose? 436 days lost at sea. A pale blue dot losing it’s ozone in an ocean of oxygen depleting chemicals. Did this planet that comic forces made you really not matter? It matters to Sabine? Why not the ONE??? any 1

    from ARTLEADS to ZARQUON and every name here from A to Z. I read you all in reverence. Speechless. My time is nearly done. A tiny ship, I am a fool. 14 years dealing with nuclear projects – LWA – I will be less radioactive. Oceans to keep me cool. Sailing toward 44 SOUTH.

    Dr. Epiphany I loved your post above. Everyone here is a harmony – like those little ones singing & shouting in “Horton Hears a Who.”

    The 2009 past comments of Cathy C, Terry & Robin are still alive in these electrons. Till the day the Web goes Dark. Once upon a time there was someone here called Kill Switch. Milendia you will flash through my mind when & if it ever happens. Yes we all die someday, but even with limited freewill it did not have to happen this exact way.

    The blue kachina dances on the Hopi mesa. The spirit of my half-breed grandmother might be there. The mask & veils of reality are lifted. What if the illusion is that this was NOT a ILLUSION? A holographic universe where the data did matter? In the end this “Self-aware substructure” is where we humbly face the truth & reality of Guy. Dr. Mc Pherson 1 + 0 =

  • @ kevin moore Says:
    November 11th, 2015 at 1:05 pm

    I was repeatedly prompted to upgrade to Windows 10 and eventually relented. I wish I had not.

    Have you considered abandoning MS-OShit entirely? Perhaps, being an apparently reasonable individual, you may find PC-omfort in one of the myriad flavors of Linux. Most of the “popular” ones install, configure and run much like the Windows systems you already know. Check DistroWatch.com for more info at your discretion. I don’t recommend “pure” Unix unless, of course, you really want to get your “hands” dirty and learn how a computer “truly” works, i.e. steep learning curve ahead.

  • Thanks to T. Ripton for a fine essay. Thanks to all who do heroic deeds of justice and kindness, large and small. Thanks to Guy and the many commenters at NBL for their challenging and inspirational words.

  • As Long As There’s Music

  • @ 4:58 Paul Beckwith says CH4 is 150 times stronger than CO2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p2ckkxEnWpA&feature=youtu.be
    back in May 30

  • Thank you for the write-up, T. Ripton. You’re living proof that age has little to do with wisdom and maturity.

    The National Geographic piece with Bill Nye is a classic example of what Gerald calls “yuppie deception”. This program is targeted toward a specific audience. It’s the same audience that the print version has catered to for decades, running stories of endangered species in Papua New Guinea on one page and advertisements for Land Rover 4-wheel drives and Canon SLRs on the next. It’s an audience mostly made up of mostly urban, mostly self-proclaimed liberal professionals who have a certain level of disposable income. We can see them at Peet’s Coffee in San Francisco and Whole Foods in Berkeley.

    The strategy seems to have been: talk about the emerging crises, go where most mainstream media sources have never gone, present an extreme and dire diagnosis of the situation at hand, settle on a more moderate interpretation of it and propose solutions that are personally satisfying (buying electric cars!)

    Yuppies like moderation. They are as used to psychological comforts as they are used to material comforts. There are numerous publications and media channels that cater to providing that middle-of-the-road, don’t-rock-the-boat interpretation of facts to this class of people. And they make good money doing that.

    The program attempts to show Guy as a former regular, but one who has gone off the deep end, retired to a mud house and stocked up on doomsday supplies. It presents him as someone separate and different and unlike the average member of the target audience. It sets the stage for what’s to come next. Solutions. Yuppies like to believe we have technological solutions. Eventually the overall message is: you might run into this guy who is proposing near term human extinction. We have done the work for you and have scoped him out so you don’t have to. Keep calm and carry on. And if your conscience is still not at ease, buy an electric car and install solar panels.

    The fact that money was spent on such a program is proof that awareness of the possibility of NTE is rising and that such a trend is a cause for concern for certain people in charge of managing yuppie opinion. The airing of this program is an act of desperation.

  • I’d hate Guy to throw teddy out of the pram again because of me raising this thorny subject, but I think the matter of “chemical ice nucleation for weather modification” deserves consideration – whatever it is? I’m reminded of the Arctic ice melt this late summer and of the sudden unexpected reversal. There was Wadhams getting his suit cleaned to go on Oprah, when all of a sudden – Izzy Wizzy Let’s Get Busy – ‘poof!’ all the ice is magicked back again and everyone can keep shopping. From the pics I saw a few weeks back, the ice looked to me like it had been pumped out of a giant Mr Slushy machine? But what do I know, I’m not a scientist.



    I’m mindful (‘Mindfulness’ was something I practised before I even knew it had a word), of NBL gaining even more of a reputation as a ‘death cult’ so I will be circumspect with further revelations. I would hate Guy’s detractors to crow about him chalking up his first suicide. Therefore, I will simply drop quietly off the radar at some stage with no fuss or fanfare, and trust you will respect this.


    I was genuinely moved to tears by the wonderful insightful comments many of you made. However, my autistic tendencies slapped me in the face when I realised the only comment that raised a significant degree of excitement was the one regarding tritones – the so-called ‘Devil’s Interval’ in music, and my thoughts have kept returning to it. I have long been fascinated by harmony, I studied it at the RCM as a kid. The weirdest thing about the devil’s interval is if I play it as a diminished 5th and then play it as an augmented 4th, it sounds different in my mind although they are exactly the same two notes. The effect is even the same when I read the notated interval/s from the page – I feel the different effects in my mind – a4/d5 – with absolutely no sound involved. (You can’t imagine harmony as pitch, you can only feel it. All you ‘hear’ is the leading, or melody note; it is a trick of the brain that fills in the gaps). Another way I think of the devil’s interval is of the knight’s move in chess, it can only move to it’s opposite colour square in eight combinations. In classical harmony, one is taught to avoid the devil’s interval but that was enough to get me intrigued as has done so ever since. It is a common device in jazz improvisation (in tandem with a minor seventh) to modulate keys. There are many ways to harmonise the devil’s interval and once you do, with one or more added notes, the inversions then become infinite. There’s some good tricks you can play by adding the suspended 4th and minor 9th too; you can press all sorts of buttons to get the dopamine flowing. You’ll know doubt recognise it used extensively in ‘The Gnome’ from Mussorgsky’s ‘Pictures At An Exhibition’? The devil’s interval is part and parcel of the Locrian Mode from which much Eastern European ‘gypsy’ folk music is derived, it’s great to dip into and I do so frequently. I play stacks of it on piano accordion and it always blows my skirt up – and it always gets people dancing! Tis the devil I tell ye!

    Taking a brief diversion into the land of Woo, the nearest I have ever experienced to what might be called a ‘deep religious experience’ was when I wandered into Salisbury Cathedral many years ago and heard a rehearsal of Ligeti’s Lux Aeterna (eternal light). I was so unexpectedly overwhelmed I thought I was going to collapse and had to hang on to the back of a chair. Ligeti uses the overlayed devil’s interval to extremes in this, ironic really, as he was deeply religious! Rather than thinking of the devil’s interval (and other closed intervals) as ‘dissonance’ Ligeti called in ‘micropolyphony’. For those of you who meditate, perhaps consider this ten minutes of ethereal music to take you some place else. You may recognise it from its use from Kubrick’s 2001, A Space Odyssey? A good sound system, no distractions, and let your mind wander…

  • Hansen et al.: RIP


    This is a month old, but worth the read. The responses to Hansen’s paper seem to be legitimate. Anyone see flaws here?

    No matter, the degradation continues apace.

  • The perfect clip for a Death Cult on the Beach Of Doom….

    “When will it be, when will it be…..?”

  • Thom Hartmann’s guest Nov. 10th on Conversations With Great Minds was Michael Mann. At about the 23 minute mark, Hartmann asks Mann what he thinks of Dr. Guy McPherson’s “bleak view” on global warming, and includes a brief clip from a prior show. Mann said he disagrees, but that McPherson’s view should not be dismissed out of hand, that we have to keep in mind worst case scenarios. Mann goes on to say he doesn’t think we’ve passed a tipping point beyond our capacity to adapt.


  • Thanks for beating me to it Rita.

    See also (i linked to the same article through seemorerocks and saw)

    McKibben’s Divestment Tour – Brought to You by Wall Street | Part XI: 2 Degrees of Credendum


    “Conclusion: We have the United Nations, scientists, governments, global media, corporations, educational facilities, etc. etc. all echoing the three syllable term, the “2ºC target.” This term has been unremittingly reverberated throughout the echo chambers of corporate and so-called progressive media in tandem with the non-profit industrial complex. This constant reiteration did not reflect the 2ºC terminology, rather, it constructed it. Misleading statements, videos, interviews and both academic and scientific papers carefully and deliberately tone down any sense of immediate urgency, lending further “target” legitimacy to the 2ºC target, to which we acquiesce. Remember that the chosen word “target” is defined as “a goal to be achieved,” which strikes a chord, even if only on a subconscious level – which is far more powerful.

    It has become normalized. The spectacle, comprised of a single number united with a single letter (with a little circle between them), must be considered a feat in 21st century hegemony – a creation by those whose interests are served by the spectacle; a pasquinade for the impoverished and those not yet born. The 2ºC discourse must be considered perhaps the most deadly game of psychological warfare ever played on human society. Using simple language and steadfast repetition, the acceptance by civil society of this so-called “two-degree target” represents an unsurpassed feat in modern psy-ops.”


  • Rita, Tom—do you think Mann would ever be able to say that we’ve passed a tipping point beyond our capacity to adapt? I wonder . . . and I also wonder what it would take (specific markers) for him to believe that.
    Tom–excellent link/article from wrong kind of green, thanks!!

    I am so sick of the semantics used, “bleak view” as yet another example. How about just “view”? How about Guy’s assessment of the science presented? Bleak makes it sound as if it’s just an emotional response. It’s diminishing.


    Thank you for your insightful observations about the N.G. piece. I believe you are spot on when you say the show is an example of “yuppie deception”.

    I was disappointed by the portrayal of Guy you describe: “The program attempts to show Guy as a former regular, but one who has gone off the deep end, retired to a mud house and stocked up on doomsday supplies. It presents him as someone separate and different and unlike the average member of the target audience. It sets the stage for what’s to come next. Solutions.”

    I found those scenes condescending bordering on cruel. They diminished Guy’s intelligence and what I believe to be his prescient bold take on our predicament. The reality of the science is not funny to me.

    Thanks also for pointing out the fact that main stream media (looking at you NY Times!!) employs the crazy making, destructive juxtaposition of dire stories next to ads that encourage everyone to aspire to be part of the 1% land of wondrous consumerism:

    “running stories of endangered species in Papua New Guinea on one page and advertisements for Land Rover 4-wheel drives and Canon SLRs on the next”

    The segment on electric cars was beyond the pale ($100,00 car . . really??) Sickening. The script and scenes about driving a Tesla were those that would appeal to a 4 year old. And Arnold S. as shrink? I’m at a loss for words.

    It doesn’t seem to me that the airing of the program was one of desperation. I don’t think MSM is there yet regarding the reality of collapse. I’m not even sure what that would look like . . . (i.e. MSM going desperate).

  • @Zarquon:

    Thanks for more thoughts on tritones. For those like me, not having great harmonic ears, that Ligeti is a bit dense and ethereal and subtle, (I realise that was the point of it) but on the off-chance that there are any uninitiated ears wanting/needing some nursery-slope in-your-face melodic tritones- The last two notes in most of the phrases that make up the opening sax theme (after the bass intro) are a tritone apart, and after the theme, some variations…

    Harmonically, there’s definitely some tritones going on here and there in “River Man” by Nick Drake.

    I guess the whole appeal of tritones is their ambiguity- as listeners, we lose our bearings, we are thrown off-balance, we might be moving somewhere, either close by or very distant, we might be staying put.. W(here)tf are we? How far are we going?
    Some listeners find that disturbing. For others that feeling is the whole point of listening to music. Whether there is a correlation- inverse or otherwise- between any given person digging getting that feeling from music and appreciating getting it in ‘real’ life, I don’t know..

    Btw, on the off-chance that anyone cares, when I said I suspect the world ends like “Second Balcony Jump”, I meant that it ends like “Second Balcony Jump” ends, not meaning to imply that the world ends like five choruses or whatever of sax and piano solo…

  • “This week is probably the last time you or me or anyone now alive on planet Earth will ever see concentrations of CO2 lower than 400 ppm.”


  • Some lawyerfish & peeyar yuppies on the thirtieth floor;

    “It doesn’t have to be true. You don’t need evidence. Call it a target, a freakin guidepost, or a nuance …”

    “Get it on Poprah – the stupid schmucks will swallow the whole stinking fish.”


  • @infanttyrone

    Yeah, Janis Joplin, she practized what she preached, incredible power woman, rare Blues- and Rocktalent, I am addicted to her!


    … the words of all of you baring yourselves, opening your chests and letting the words flow out.

    Yes, it’s a choir and all voices are important, the yeah-yeahs and the booh-whoos, the music of the Kosmos.

    @Satish Musunuru

    Thank you very much for your inspiring comment!

    We may not understand it now, or in this lifetime, but ultimately, it will come out fair and square, to mathematical precision. That, we call Karma.


    Dexter Gordon is a giant! Any jump, any ending is just for the fun of a new beginning, that’s what music taught me.

    @Mark Austin

    We are ONE, actually^^… nevertheless, some may get 1+0 = 10, hahaha.

    @Zarquon and 18000days

    Thank you so much for your outstanding inspiring comments about the Tritone! It’s the Blues, the Blues is the medicine, the medicine is the Blues. It is Pan, it is Duende:



  • NBL is a great place to start one’s day, as there are always plenty of thoughtful comments to digest.
    Satish, regarding National Geographic. I was recently house sitting at a place that had volumes upon volumes of old National Geographic magazines. In earlier times, prior to “waking up” in 2005, I would have considered these magazines to be a treasure trove of genuine information. Nowadays, not so much.

    Zarquon, thank you for providing the video link, which caused huge belly laughs at this end. Especially at the 4:01 mark when Rowan Atkinson asks, “Have you brought the picnic basket?” Priceless!!
    In light of your previous posts with regards to your situation, I’m happy to see that you can still find some humour every now and again. As Guy has mentioned, gallows humour is stage number six of grief.

    By the way Guy, have YOU brought the picnic basket?” :-)

  • For all poetry lovers,

    first and foremost for wren (who might still be reading here, I hope)


    This is a lyrical essay by Shelley, lost for nearly 200 years but rediscovered in 2006.

    The Bodleian Library in Oxford has it on display at the moment and made it available online.

    It’s called ‘Poetical Essay on the Existing State of Things’, and it’s still as topical as ever.

  • Long live T. Ripton, NBL, and all participants (pat too).

    (Weekend Rebel Science Excursion – 53)

  • I just thought, that this just fits here like anywhere else:


    GREATER POOP: Are you really serious or what?
    MAL-2: Sometimes I take humor seriously. Sometimes I take seriousness humorously. Either way it is irrelevant.

    GP: Maybe you are just crazy.
    M2: Indeed! But do not reject these teaching as false because I am crazy. The reason that I am crazy is because they are true.

    GP: Is Eris true?
    M2: Everything is true.
    GP: Even false things?
    M2: Even false things are true.
    GP: How can that be?
    M2: I don’t know man, I didn’t do it.

    GP: Why do you deal with so many negatives?
    M2: To dissolve them.
    GP: Will you develop that point?
    M2: No.

    GP: Is there an essential meaning behind POEE?
    M2: There is a Zen Story about a student who asked a Master to explain the meaning of Buddhism. The Master’s reply was “Three pounds of flax.”
    GP: Is that the answer to my question?
    M2: No, of course not. That is just illustrative. The answer to your question is FIVE TONS OF FLAX!



    Thank you so much for the Essay by Shelley!

  • Big celebrities but NO humor at all in the PBS environmental series 1997. Yet, I would have loved it if National Geo would have used the sharpest few minutes from Guys presentations. For those who have never seen Guy’s e sober and serious lecture then unfortunately the drinking & smoking just looks dumb.

    UV radiation is ultra strong again today. Obviously the giant attack happening right now in Paris will detract from NASA news about the growing northern ozone hole mirroring the Antarctic hole. Any chance todays the Paris mass murder will alter the Paris climate summit. A week ago I posted here that plans of this sort were in the works. Why not sound the alarm? I’ll just look crazy like Guy with Bill Nuy.

    The official mantra of ozone layer recovery is a lie. Without the ozone layer, there would be no terrestrial life on Earth. The sun feels increasingly hot on your skin because it is. Even the backs of whales are being sunburned. UV readings are skyrocketing around the globe and the damage is mounting at blinding speed. Many have begun to notice the intense UV radiation as the protective layers of the atmosphere continue to be shredded by illegal flourocarbons. Shipped from China to A/C companies in Brazil. recently on TV news.

    The Canadian government has long since been refusing to let their scientists communicate with media. In the US, “gag orders” have been placed on all NWS and NOAA personnel. Nearly all current information is controlled. Finding the truth is an ever more difficult endeavor. A rapidly growing mountain of scientific data makes the lethal consequences of chlorofluorocarbons all too clear. Despite the Montreal protocol many countries continue to manufacture ozone depleting chemicals. NASA tracks evidence around the globe. Is industrial pollution similar to biological warfare?

    Ozone destruction is our greatest and most immediate threat short of nuclear disaster ionizing the atmosphere. – See more at: http://nukeprofessional.blogspot.com/2015/11/alaska-bears-just-keel-over-and-die

  • Mass. woman can wear spaghetti strainer in license photo
    Lindsay Miller is member of Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster

    “BOSTON —A Massachusetts woman has won a legal battle to wear a colander on her head in her state driver’s license photo.

    Lindsay Miller is a Pastafarian, who are known as members of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

    Pastafarians believe the FSM, as it is called, to be a powerful force.

    The secular religion views the existence of a Flying Spaghetti Monster to be just as probable as the existence of the Christian God, according to an online post by the American Humanist Association, which assisted in Miller’s dispute with the Registry of Motor Vehicles.”



  • Death and Destruction everywhere, that’s what I saw my whole Life. Please, anybody:

    Where is the place without Death? I never found it. There is no such place.

    Terror in Paris, martial law nationwide:


  • @T. Ripton- Thank you for sharing your perspective in a beautiful and inspiring essay. Long live fools who amuse themselves making silly rhymes. Winking at Ben the Donkey, and all y’all rhyming on the Beach of Doom.

    The Science Guy vs Guy
    by Cowgirl Apocalypse

    The Science Guy seems like a chump-
    finding salvation in trash at the dump.
    Beneath dirty diapers and an old garden hose-
    down where it’s funky, so please hold your nose-
    lies hope, in a mouldering lump.

    Hope turns to a gas, when it finally expires-
    creating thick fog, spread by climate deniers-
    who work for Big Oil, in a slick, deadly game-
    shamelessly greenwashing more-of-the-same,
    using likable, “science-y” liars.

    Cut to the Mud Hut, in dramatic contrast-
    starring an earnest and low-budget cast:
    Professor Guy, thoughtful and soulfully sad.
    He’s talking extinction. It’s really that bad.
    Might as well smoke what we’ve got, because Nature Bats Last.

  • Zarquon, thank you for your vulnerable sharing. I’ve enjoyed your contribution here, and would miss your point-of-view and awakeness. It seems like the trees and creatures in your world might enjoy your company- perhaps they depend on you in some way, that you are not aware of. Please take care.

  • I had a tasty Cuban Wednesday night. I also had a sandwich today. Once you discover the things in life you really love, Guy’s advice is the ultimate wisdom to be cherished.

    Call it a super-Noah Complex, but there are some species I’d like to take along more than two of.

    Shed your old, tired ethics, your limits set by judging and comparing to others, or the height of your prison walls, and hew yourself to the animal heritage we have tried to push under our civilized feet.

    “…in Wildness is the preservation of the world.”

  • Been reading for a few years and believe that, if you believe the crap that you’ve been fed and that you can’t see what’s being sprayed above your heads and poured into your water isn’t being drunk…then you’re probably being paid to get on here and be the good little actors you are being paid to be.

    You are part of controlled opposition…the sobbing yet fake hegelian dialect…manipulating the masses – or at least trying to. It’s climate change, folks! Yeah…but there’s more to this story than you’re willing to talk about.

    I dare you to read and absorb the information found on this link: http://www.waynemadsenreport.com/forum/21/219

    Got Kelly Greenhill and her Weapons of Mass Migration much?

    Let’s see if Guy has the juevos to publish this. Can you risk it, Guy?

  • I have posted partial audio from my latest conversation with Reese Jones. It’s atop the page. Please scroll to the bottom of the post for additional information.

    MeagerOffering, you’re late for the batshit crazy discussion. I’m bored with it after deconstructing your favorite subject here.