Long Live Those Who Will

by T. Ripton

This isn’t a last-ditch effort from a dying girl attempting to placate her own woes or worries. This essay is written in celebration. I say this unlike most all others have ever said or meant it before: in the most non-religious sense but … It’s time to leave the dead to bury the dead.

Long live those who insist upon dancing, especially while the rest pretend they’ve no choice but to toil. Long live the actual thinkers, who highlight the human brain (and the mind) as worth more than a salary and energy as worth more than some meaningless task at hand. Long live those who couldn’t ever be bought. Long live whoever’s out there that is actually alive.

Long live those who could never express all of what’s inside them with just these meager languages to work with but try endlessly anyway, almost as if someone might care or relate ?. Long live those whose understanding of things like love, joy, empathy, expression, passion, connection, communication, and strength stretch so far beyond the boundaries of modern understanding … acceptance, that people think they are either crazy or headed there. Long live the actual realists.

Long live those who smell shit when they step in it. Long live the ones skating on silver linings in a world laden with stinky shit; still genuinely as happy as they ever should’ve been and always have been. Long live those that carry even sadness with grace, somehow more like a skewed reflection of only happiness itself. Long live the simultaneous, and the stable throughout change. Long live those that can handle the tough shit and face anything forever shining. Long live the beacon in the dark. Long live those who fuel their own fire.

Long live the ones full of more than hope. Long live those full of all the everythings. Long live those who are so much more vast than their physical body, yet do not feel trapped within the bounds of their tangible form. Long live the truly beautiful. Long live those who haven’t a need to break free for they see only open space everywhere they look. Long live those who are always transcending.

Long live those that both hear and listen. Long live those who think before, during, and after they speak. Long live those with no excuses and nothing to live up to.

Long live the ones who don’t humor delusion.

Long live the peaceful until necessary. Long live those who recognize more than time and place. Long live those who remain fully intact to the point of pristine (without a crack) even after constant attempts at being broken in two, after having to break others in the process, and even after eventual physical decomposition itself. Long live those that don’t fear transition … death, because they know they really need only now to live forever. Long live those who inevitably already will.


T. Ripton is 27 years old and lives in Nebraska. The youngest of five children, she is originally from northern Maine but her mother entered the military when she was young so she grew up all around. She loves to write, read, draw, laugh … and a lot of other stuff. She’s had a sweet boyfriend for about 8 years and an awesome dog she’s been loving for about 5. She has 10 nieces and nephews and yes, she tends to agree with Guy McPherson’s outlook for humanity.

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  • MeagerOffering: Oy vey, keep it short, please. It’s Friday night. I got through about two paragraphs from your link.

    Please don’t “dare” Guy to publish things. I don’t know what his criteria are for moderating discussion, but he basically lets anyone comment here, believe me.

    You just sound insane, my friend.

  • Re Paris shootings – Hey, I’m no fan of death metal or football either but I’m sure I could have thought of a better target – like a parliament building, or a multi-national, or a big bank for instance? Some people just have no imagination! My first thought was that it is the most expedient cost-effective way of revoking the Schengen agreement; TPTB have been gnawing at it for ages. There may be relevance to COP21 also – whereby the border was also due to be closed for a month? I was trying to get online through the night but I could only access mainstream news sites – very worrying. Some sort of controls were obviously in place and it can only get worse. http://robinwestenra.blogspot.co.nz/2015/11/events-in-paris-summary.html Je ne suis pas Charlie Hebdo!

    Mark Austin – re increased UV radiation. Yes, it is obvious here in France too, a blisteringly hot sun even in mid-November. An aged great grandma at my neighbouring farm commented: “le soleil est plus notre ami, elle est devenue cruelle” – trans: ‘the sun is no longer our friend, she has become cruel!’ there’s no better way to say it.

    Apneaman – I am also a Pastafarian! I like the idea of choosing my own heaven. Do download our ‘Loose Canon’ to learn more: http://www.venganza.org/

    Milendia – and other tree people – Good to hear from you! A brief update: I am getting a tree expert down early next week so will be able to report further then but he tells me that chestnut blight is endemic to the area now, so much so that the authorities do not have the resources to impose felling or to actively monitor. I am advised to make sure that the five hundred or so trees bordering the small public road are not at risk of falling in the short term though. Otherwise, there is no pressure to fell, other than an unwritten responsibility to other land owners to act responsibly to prevent the spread of the disease. So, that matter will not become my immediate problem, and it will be one that my friend will be able to cope with when the time comes. A clear fell will bring in a massive amount of excess firewood (there’s already enough for about fifty years!) and she will receive a proportion of the value of the felled timber also. She could cope with that, but I couldn’t if I were still around; it would to too awful to witness and to live amongst. The problems with the hunters will be solved though as there will be no habitat left for anything worth hunting.

    18000days – A nice piece of sax playing, (standard blues pentatonic), thanks. There is no tritone in River Man though, trust me. Nick Drake uses suspensions extensively (4th and 9ths with open fifths) and he often slips from major to minor, it was his trademark, that and his unique tuning. I had a surprise 51st birthday present from my then-partner, she took me to a concert by Keith James. This guy devotes his life to the music of Nick Drake and travels the UK giving concerts. This particular concert was in a dilapidated Methodist chapel that had been taken over by a bunch of hippies who ran an ‘alternative centre’ there. It was laid out like a shabby restaurant with tables surrounding the player, eveyone brought their own food and drink. The only lighting was from the candles on the tables and some side lights, it was the most intimate gig I have ever been to. Above our heads were two enormous flying angels made out of stretched paper and bamboo that had been used in a street festival many years earlier and had become covered in cobwebs; they twirled slowly from the rising heat from the candles casting shadows like a kaleidoscope – all totally surreal. Keith James sounded exactly like Nick Drake, if you shut your eyes it was impossible to tell the difference. One of life’s little magic moments to savour, there have been many thankfully.

    I’m going to a concert given by my friend’s choir next Saturday, it will probably be my last. Here is a clip of the concert they gave last year. The music and language is Occitan. Occitania was a medieval kingdom that stretched from Northern Italy, across France to Northern Spain in a broad crescent. The language and music is alive and well today with cultural roots running deep. This area is steeped in The Cathars, The Crusades and The Knights’ Templar. You will hear it in the music even though you won’t understand the words – they represent the struggles of oppressed peoples and of resilience. An appropriate theme for reflection considering the events of the last twenty four hours?


  • Just out of curiosity, does anybody know how many Iraqis died in October due to “terrorism, violence or armed conflict”?


    But nobody cares when it’s them.

  • Zarquon- p.s. It’s the EAGLES of Death Metal. It’s not actual death metal…

  • babajingo said – ‘p.s; It’s the EAGLES of Death Metal. It’s not actual death metal…’

    Thank you, it makes all the difference!

    P.S. There were NO French Occitanian collaborators in WWII. They were very active in the resistance movement though.

  • @Zarquon:

    “A nice piece of sax playing, (standard blues pentatonic), thanks.”

    I wouldn’t personally describe what Sonny played as “standard blues pentatonic”. That may be the foundation, but I don’t think anyone is going to be confusing “Blue Seven” with “Rock Around The Clock”? I may be wrong on that count!

    “There is no tritone in River Man though, trust me.”

    You must understand that a priori to trusting you, I have to trust the evidence of my own sensory apparatus, in this case, ears: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=idcaRTg4-fM
    1.37-1.46, 3.37-3.46, and 4.04 on out, tell me I’m not hearing an F sharp, from both the guitar and the strings, over a chord with a C root?

    Yeah, I hear that the Catholic inquisition was set up more or less specifically to crush the Cathar ‘heresy’, and that, later, the nazis studied the inquisition’s anything-but-christian methods quite closely. I got to take a hike around Occitania a few years back, up to Montsegur and all that, so I know a little bit about what went on around there in the 12th century and why… Plus ca change, eh?

  • 18000days – River Man, yes, quite so with the F# on the outro, apologies, your ears are fine!

    I’ll give Sonny another listen when my internet connection improves. Meanwhile try this for a nice bit of sax – my kinda gal!:

    ‘Plus ca change, eh?’ – Oui, absolument!

  • phew! Thanks…

    I don’t think Sonny’d get away with that particular shade of nail varnish… ;)

  • “You must understand that a priori to trusting you, I have to trust the evidence of my own sensory apparatus” a rare gem of wisdom on the internet, thanks.