Presentation in Seattle, Washington

I’ve embedded below video from a presentation I delivered in the Royal Room in Seattle, Washington. Topic was abrupt climate change and the event transpired on 17 June 2015. Sorry for the delay in posting here: editing took longer than expected. As a result, some of the information does not reflect my latest thinking on the topic, which is concisely demonstrated in this essay from July 2015.

Climate Talk Seattle from Dan Warter (DCS Films) on Vimeo.


The National Geographic television show was better than expected. It covered the five stages of grief. Ultimately Bill Nye returned to Stage 3, bargaining. It can viewed, at least in the United States for $1.99, at this link. It might be available here, too.


Apparently I survived the cutting-room floor for a hit piece on me and my work, courtesy of the unlikely duo of Rupert Murdoch and Bill Nye. Deniers of abrupt climate change rejoice! I’ll be featured in a televised episode of National Geographic on 1 November 2015. Footage includes Bill Nye at the mud hut. Details can be found here. Commercial for the show is a click away, and the New York Times provides the analysis I’ve come to expect from the mouthpiece of empire.

EXPLORER: Bill Nye's Global Meltdown from Castle Pictures on Vimeo.

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  • The first four minutes of this (which must be from a decade or so ago):

  • .
    I probably don’t have to ask, but could someone please post a link to the Bill Nye national geocrapic show if it ever becomes available on the internet? I lost all those fancy cable channels when I refused to ‘upgrade’ to the much more expensive digital cable they tried to push onto everyone back a few years ago. They tried to force everyone onto the new digital tech by holding the channel content hostage. However, I didn’t have a TV that could take any advantage of the technology anyway, and I didn’t really care about the merits of ‘digital cable’, so I called their bluff and accepted the loss of the 100+ channels that I used to get with my old regular cable subscription. That’s pretty much when I just stopped watching the hypnovision altogether (not that I was ever a huge fan of TV in the first place.)

    I’m sure the show will be available on the web somewhere eventually. Hopefully someone will post a link when it does.

    As a side note, when I used to get national geographic magazine I noticed that it was slowly becoming full of more and more multi-page pharmaceutical company adverts, and lots of energy company adverts as well. I thought this was very disappointing, since it would typically keep them from running articles that might adversely affect their sources of advertising revenue, should they conflict with any of the propaganda put out by these industries. It made me wonder just how biased the articles and choice of content were becoming.

    Anyway, someone please post a link to the show with Guy if one ever becomes available. I’d like to enjoy having a good chuckle at Bill Nye along with everyone else too! ;)

  • Kevin, I will never chuckle at this truly obscene distortion of sacred science.

    Guy is doing science. Billy boy is throwing pepper in innocent citizens’ eyes. He shoulda been a lawyerfish.

    UNSTOPPABLE, Harnessing science to change the world, is Bill Nye’s obscenely optimistic pie-in-the-sky brain damage.

    The book should be titled; CELEBRITY, The Whorehouse Theory of Science by Doctor Billy Pangloss.

    It is filled with visions & more visions, smiles & more smiles, & you-guessed-it – empowerment.

    “If I had known they were going to do this, I
    would have become a shoemaker.”
    –Albert Einstein, after the United States
    dropped atomic bombs on Japan.

    Here is a pornographic marketing blurb at Amazon hawking Nye’s Pollyanna prescriptions for the son-to-be-realized salvation by creative technofixes – thanks to scientific curiosity & engineering vision.

    Bill Nye crystallizes and expands the message for which he is best known and beloved. That message is that with a combination of optimism and scientific curiosity, all obstacles become opportunities, and the possibilities of our world become limitless. With a scientist’s thirst for knowledge and an engineer’s vision of what can be, Bill Nye sees today’s environmental issues not as insurmountable, depressing problems but as chances for our society to rise to the challenge and create a cleaner, healthier, smarter world. We need not accept that transportation consumes half our energy, and that two-thirds of the energy you put into your car is immediately thrown away out the tailpipe. We need not accept that dangerous emissions are the price we must pay for a vibrant economy and a comfortable life. Above all, we need not accept that we will leave our children a planet that is dirty, overheated, and depleted of resources. As Bill shares his vision, he debunks some of the most persistent myths and misunderstandings about global warming. When you are done reading, you’ll be enlightened and empowered. Chances are, you’ll be smiling, too, ready to join Bill and change the world.In Unstoppable: Harnessing Science to Change the World, the New York Times bestselling author of Undeniable: Evolution and the Science of Creation and former host of “Bill Nye the Science Guy” issues a new challenge to today’s generation: to make a cleaner, more efficient, and happier world.


    Guy, setting you up as the fall guy & comedic foil for this not-so-slick Fox News obscenity shows the convoluted depths of both Nye & Murdoch’s mercenary depravity.

    Obscene & pornographic are very fitting.

  • “Is it the end of the world again?”

    The difference between religious doomers and scientific doomers is what?

    I mean, in the minds of “the believers.”

    “What you don’t know you believe” (The Pillars of Knowledge: Faith and Trust?).

    The science of knowledge (epistemology) is interesting.

    Especially in the

  • .

    I know more people who have a ‘faith’ that science and the brilliance of our human intellects will ‘save us’ than I know of those who actually truly believe in the philosophies of Jibbers Crabst. I often wonder which has actually become the bigger religion amongst humans.

    Do you suppose a tree sees any advantage to our findings using the CERN project as we proceed to destroy the very biosphere that supports all life on the planet, including our own? Knowing all about these tiny little particles hasn’t really helped us much at all.

    Einstein believed with the fear generated out of his intellect that the Germans were close to developing an atomic weapon, and pushed for the government to pursue the Manhattan project. He was wrong, Germany had no atomic weapon. Einstein was sure the US would just shelve the bomb when they found out Germany didn’t have such a weapon. That was a very intellectually myopic assumption, despite all of his abstract brilliance. Now we have nuclear reactors that could likely be the biggest threat to life on the planet out of anything we’ve ever done with our supposed intellects. Thanks for that Albert.

    To me, mankind’s love affair with his intellect is equivalent to the delusions of any of the other intellectually derived religions he’s ever come up with. It’s all pretty much been for naught, thinking in general that is. Today’s world is currently mesmerized by a religious faith in its intellectual technology and abilities … even the fundy’s in the southern US drive around in technologically derived cars, they don’t fly places on magic carpets or float around on Jesus kites.

    The trees are probably saying to each other …

    ”Hey look, the funny little monkeys are arguing about Kant and Hume again while they boil up their clever little toxic chemical soups and do their amazingly complicated lateral drilling … how ‘bout we drop some acorns on their heads and see if we can’t wake them up!”

    Stand far enough back and you’ll see that our minds lie to us on many levels.

    Our brains would seem to be the main problem, regardless of how we use them.

  • Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)

    I woke up with the power out
    Not really something to shout about
    Ice has covered up my parents hands
    Don’t have any dreams, don’t have any plans

    I went out into the night
    I went out to find some light
    Kids are swingin’ from the power lines
    Nobody’s home, so nobody minds

    I woke up on the darkest night
    Neighbors all were shoutin’ that they found the light
    “We found the light!”
    Shadows jumpin’ all over my walls
    Some of them big, some of them small

    I went out into the night
    I went out to pick a fight with anyone
    Light a candle for the kids
    Jesus Christ don’t keep it hid!

    Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!

    Ice has covered up my parents hands
    Don’t have any dreams, don’t have any plans
    Growin’ up in some strange storm
    Nobody’s cold, nobody’s warm

    I went out into the night
    I went out to find some light
    Kids are dyin’ out in the snow,
    Look at them go, look at them go!

    Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!
    Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!

    And the power’s out
    In the heart of man
    Take it from your heart
    Put it in your hand

    What’s the plan? What’s the plan?

    Is it a dream? Is it a lie?
    I think I’ll let you deceide
    Just light a candle for the kids
    Jesus Christ don’t keep it hid!

    ‘Cause nothin’s hid
    From us kids
    You ain’t foolin’ nobody
    With the lights out!

    Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!

    And the power’s out
    In the heart of man
    Take it from your heart
    Put it in your hand

    And there’s something wrong
    In the heart of man
    Take it from your heart
    Put it in your hand

    Where’d you go?!

  • “Six degrees C may be a tipping point,” said Nye near the end of his CC show.
    The scary part is that most citizens believe this babble.

    you sir, are a depressing ALARMIST! Bill told me so.

    Arnold provided what?
    I’m confused.

  • Grieving: cyclone Chapala has just scoured a path of destruction across the unique gem of an island that is Socotra. Much damage done.


  • When I was 59,I made a decision. I just couldn’t eat animal flesh any more. Now I am 66, and I feel good that no animal has been murdered since then to provide for my desire for meat.

    And I decided to meditate every day for 50 minutes. This was a decision I made because I could see myself sinking into a depressive state. It seems to help. I feel pretty good. Not happy, because how could anyone be happy in this disintegrating world?

    My racing mind mostly dominated my meditation sessions in the first 3 or 4 years. But lately, I have experienced a serene feeling during meditation.

    We might be going down, but you have control over how you deal with it.
    Consider meditation in these times. But you have to have a strong belief that it will help you handle life, and you have to know that it takes time, at least a few years.

    We have a few years left, don’t we?

  • Guy, Thank you for your words in “Only Love Remains”. I just became aware of you and want to wish you well on your journey and “calling”. Whether or not your prediction is accurate is immaterial to me…reality is a tricky substance. lol Existential suffering and finding the “meaning”.
    We must, I must learn to find fulfillment in seeking out truth, learning to interpret that truth and deciding what to do with that truth….will we help our fellow man even in his final breath. Some of the greater minds than mine are paraphrased .. “Nature is self-correcting. If man destroys this planet and our existence is totally erased. Then it was an interesting experiment.”

  • Yes, we have. One word: Lasers.

    “The Alamo – Lucy project which will use a 13.56 MHZ beat, Radio – Laser system to form hydroxyls and destroy atmospheric methane in the Arctic eruption clouds. The Alamo – Lucy project will be presented at the American Meteorological Society Congress in New Orleans on Wednesday, January 13, 2016.”

    (breathed a sigh of relief)

  • Meditation is one of those things that I now look at very differently compared to in the years past. They told me I should focus on a mantra and repeat it. They told me I should stare at a point on the wall in front of me. They told me to use my will power to keep out any and all thoughts out of my mind.

    None of those approaches ever worked for me. It was frustrating.

    I now realize that most of what I was “taught” use the questionable assumptions that one must be diligent, focused, strong-willed and disciplined in their practice of meditation. These are the same attributes that the dominant paradigm has prized in man as it encouraged him and exhorted him to build canals, dams, factories, cities and civilization itself. These attributes that we’re told we need to work hard to inculcate in our personalities have long helped do the work of civilization.

    To me, meditation is something quite different. It’s about mindfulness. It’s about being present with whatever is in my consciousness. It’s not about pushing thoughts away so I can go back to focusing on a mantra or attempting to keep them all out in a show of mental strength. It’s not about a fight with the Universe, or with the creation around us. It’s about respect.

    Why would I want to turn away a thought that is powerful enough to enter my consciousness? Am I not disrespecting myself when I, without a second thought, try to banish it from my mind in an attempt to win the completely artificial war on my own mind? There’s really nothing wrong with random thoughts entering my mind ceaselessly. If anything, it should be a cause for wonder. What if I instead say to myself, “Oh, I wonder why this thought entered my consciousness.” If I respect myself enough, if I respect my mind enough, I would respect a thought that is powerful enough to enter my mind and my consciousness. Behold the spirit of this idea, thought, story, feeling, or whatever is in my consciousness at this moment. What a powerful spirit it must be! And so I entertain it. I allow it to exist. I wonder about it. I play with it. I respect it. I try to be mindful of its presence. I don’t have to do anything about it other than realize it’s there. And when it fades away, oh, behold, a more powerful spirit here comes, one that was just a little more powerful in the here-now than the one before, for the former was displaced by the current this very moment. So I hold the new thought with awe, respect and curiosity. Wonder what it’s trying to tell me. Wonder if I am listening right or listening at all.

    Andrew said, “This was a decision I made because I could see myself sinking into a depressive state. It seems to help. I feel pretty good. Not happy, because how could anyone be happy in this disintegrating world?”

    I wonder about that too: how could anyone be happy in this disintegrating world? I’m depressed. Anyone who sees what’s going on, anyone who’s alive to what one sees would naturally be in a depressed state of mind. One could almost say, “if you are not depressed, you are missing something, you’re not really in touch with what’s transpiring around you, you’re blind to the immense suffering of innumerable beings!”

    So, there, those are the thoughts that have entered my consciousness a little while ago as I read Andrew’s comment and wondered about what he said!

  • Great presentation, Guy.

    Hope all is well for everyone, lifers and new folk here.

    Here is a new link that shows how farming in Afraidia is getting along.

    We really could go extinct and the farming could continue.

    ‘Rippa robot takes farms forward to the future’

    I don’t know if many here go to movies, but I saw ‘Interstellar’ when it came out, and took some friends to see it to discuss some of its implications.

    I get that Dr Mann, number 4, (the materialist) was in the end a selfish gutless person who represented neo-liberal self interest. The other Dr Emunds who was no 12,( the spiritualist) who had the love connection with dreamy Anne Hathaway’s character, well he was the one who proved to have the habitable world. But he died, he accepted that he wold die there.
    Well, I don’t really get why he didn’t cryo-sleep like Dr Man…
    But what I actually want to ask everyone here id do you guys feel naming him Dr Mann is a slight on Michael Man, who guy refers here to?

    I wouldn’t know what goes on there in North America at a national press conversation level, even though we in Afraidia got every bit of violent film, tv, porn and computer game you guys did.

    I got when I saw the movie that naming him Mann was a great pun, on the selfless/selfish conundrum, but it only occurred to me recently the other thing.

    Love and Gravity

    Any one got any to add?


  • Our minds apparently secrete on the order of 50,000 thoughts every day. Trying to stop that process would be as futile as trying to stop your pancreas from secreting insulin, and every bit as useful.

    The “problem” – if there is one – is not the thoughts. It is our reactions to them. It’s as though each thought pulls in its wake a little bundle of emotion, attachment and belief. Those burdens are what actually cause our suffering. However, because they each come attached to a thought, we blame the thoughts for our discomfort. It is not so. That misplaced blame is itself a thought, and our reaction to it is a result of our beliefs about thinking.

    My practice is to simply observe the thoughts as the arise, linger and depart, without doing anything in particular about them. I find a visual metaphor for this process that I learned some years ago to be very helpful.

    In meditation I see myself standing on a street corner, and my thoughts are the cars on the the street. Each one appears, drives up and stops at the corner in front of me. At that point I have two choices – I can sand still and watch until they drive away, or I can hop in and let the thought take me for a ride. If I stand there and simply watch until the thought-car drives away, I notice that another one appears immediately, giving me another opportunity to practice “just watching” rather than engaging.

    Sometimes I succumb to temptation. I am curious about what the thought looks like from the inside, and where it might be going. So I get in, either deliberately or mindlessly, and it takes me away. This is how the unpracticed mind behaves – it’s always hopping in for the ride, since this is how we have been trained to react to thoughts. Fortunately, I have found that after a bit of practice I now quickly recognize what I’ve done. I can open the door and alight without too much drama, and go back to just calmly watching them drive by.

    Not being attached to thoughts – or even to the process of thinking itself – gives my mind the freedom to secrete its thought-hormones without giving their potentially toxic burdens a place to land.

  • The psychological problem with Billy “not close and no cigar” Nigh is not limited to his plastic, evidence-free propaganda.

    Some once-serious scientists at NASA are also caving under the psychological pressures of reality too (Weekend Rebel Science Excursion – 52).

    (Like General Wesley Clark has done concerning concentration camps in the

    Stay away from emotional reactions to their demise and collapse into myth and deception.

    Stick with the evidence.

  • unfortunately, I think we still have a LONG road of misery ahead of us.

  • baby boo dj; I hope that you will allow me to be seriously pedagogical – only because I consider your simple phrase to be so critical.

    “Whether or not your prediction is accurate is immaterial to me … reality is a tricky substance.”

    “Objective reality” is all we have & some of us don’t consider it so tricky that we can’t know it well enough to intelligently proceed.

    The last 500 years of human/scientific inquiry has given us a very acceptable handle on understanding it, including objective reality at the quantum level.

    It s NOT in dispute that most mammalian life form are at stake.

    Guy’s logical “inferences” & “predictions” from the hard empirical & experimental facts are what we are “testing” as we proceed & observe what occurs in our physical world.

    It is NOT in dispute that deadly methane is being released in the Arctic.

    Whether or not enough methane will be released to cause NTE, abruptly or long term, is another testable (quantifiable) inference/prediction.

    Mediators, preverts, scientists, & intelligent citizen/observers can “listen” to these scientific thoughts, inferences, & logical conclusions, as they see fit.


    The most probabilistic predictions are the best conscientious scientists can do.

    The critical qualification of successful scientific inquiry is “having” truthful & accurate empirical facts about what is occurring in our observable sense data world in order to make logical inferences & predictions.

    If Zionist Rupert Murdoch & his hired yuppie minions decide to keep innocent viewers bamboozled with deliberate & consciously distorted facts, the bewildered innocent public can never know what is happening.

    Indeed, they may well believe what Rupert Baby tells them, as we tragically observe with the wrong-reverend-Billy’s outright whoring in the name of sacred science – the most despicible crime.

    A very simple & workable vernacular definition of sacred science; NO LYING, NO CHEATING, NO NONSENSE.

    Nobody knows better than Rupert Baby & his professional propagandists that “most of our worst mistakes came from a faulty premise & proneness to delusion.”

    The ongoing Zionist Israeli propaganda colossus of which Fox News is a giant part has overwhelmingly & convincingly demonstrated the massive pursuasive power of sinister, manipulative, & false propaganda.

    In order to buy & control the “representative” government, it is imperative to buy & own the mass media.

    Stevie Spielberg & his Bollywood propaganda films are the most sinister & successful distorting propaganda in history.

    Spielberg has deliberately deceived & willfully bamboozled billions of innocent pilgrims, who believe & passionately defend the greatest hoax ever perpetrated.

    Billionaire Stevie is building a new 300 million dollar yacht – his old 200 million dollar toy is woefully inadequate.

    In a culture of deception & deceit hoaxing the public is the life blood of the peeyar deception game.

    Hoaxing innocent pilgrims is anything but new.

    Nye’s willful & manipulative hoaxing of his fellow citizens at Nat Geo in the name of science is as foul as it gets.

    “The greatest hoax of the twentieth century.”

  • Psychological problems cause brain-lock (The Extinction of Houston).

  • Elegy To A Lost Love

    Since you left I have lived my life as though
    Acting a role with someone else’s lines
    Ad-libbing through another tragedy,
    Bedroom farce, film noir…
    So now at last, I hang up my costume
    Tired and weary
    Once more, time to move on

    Maybe I will find you again one day
    Somewhere over the rainbow
    But it’s no longer amusing
    When people call me The Tin Man
    Because as far as I’m concerned
    I feel more-like the man behind the curtain
    I’m told it’s self-protection, or denial
    But there is always another victim
    I don’t deny that

    I have lost count of how many times I see you
    Until, like quicksilver, you vanish in an instant
    A face in a crowd, on a bus, in a car
    Sometimes I reach out
    And for a fleeting second it is you
    Until something breaks the spell
    Like a misplaced nuance or inflection or expression
    Or fragrance or stumble or pause or rebuke

    It’s odd, the things I remember most:
    The tiny hairs on the back of that slender neck
    The sensual curve of your waist
    And of how my arms would fall around you
    At just the right height
    The exquisite cleft in your upper lip
    Cupid’s bow if ever there were

    Your trademark shrug of nonchalant resignation
    Devil-may-care, Bonhomie, Joie de Vivre –
    Call it what you will
    And you did!
    But then there was always
    The sulk that smouldered behind those big brown eyes
    “That’s the Scorpio in her” they would say
    But, of course, I always knew
    There was much more to it than that

    I turned my back on you once
    And you didn’t forgive me for seven years
    But it was worth the wait
    If only for a moment
    So we both laughed and cried when you said
    “We have the rest of our lives now don’t we?”
    But what a cruel twist of fate lie in wait for us
    Just around the next corner

    And your clothes would always be such a perfect fit
    You could look good wearing a sack
    And I always wondered what you last wore
    But it didn’t fit very well on that occasion
    What with your broken bones and twisted, swollen body
    So I’m glad I never found out because,
    Death didn’t suit you I suppose

    And all these years later
    I would hear your namesake
    The wife of a rock star or someone in a soap opera
    And even now, my throat tightens
    As I prepare for the cliqués
    Like clockwork they begin
    “Wasn’t that the name of the girl your best friend used to live with?,
    The pretty one who was hit by a car?”

    Then they tell me how much better-suited we seemed,
    How much more we had in common
    And I think to myself
    “How bloody ironic!”
    Because we still do
    You see, I died with you on that day,
    It’s just that I couldn’t tell anyone

    So I draw a breath
    And, trying very hard to avoid eye contact, quietly reply
    “Yes, it’s a shame that…”
    “Oh well, some things were never meant to be”
    And I change the subject…again

    So as I become at one with The Outsider
    I feel even more compelled to affirm
    Our acerbic dismissal of an afterlife
    Because, as I search the dusty corners of Pandora’s box
    It would be so deliciously easy
    To join you

  • Top Buddhists sign landmark statement on climate change to global leaders

    Translation: Fifteen sock puppets write their name on a piece of paper.

    Hurrah, we’re saved!

  • Z;

    I’ve written the same eulogy many times before.

    Almost all relationships crash and burn but the few that outlast eternity are far more than special & improbable.

  • Satish, I consider your technique to focus on, cultivate, & stimulate your awareness of most events occurring in the world rather than blocking them out with meditation to be a very clear headed & rational technique.

    You phrased your position very well, but your short essay would approach perfection were you to jettison any mention of “spirits.”

    I once responded to a meditating Gurdjieffian friend, who was always claiming to be “emptying his mind,” with a simple reposte;

    “What a dramatic difference – here you are trying to empty yours, & I’m always trying to fill mine up.”

  • Presidential Hopeful Ted Cruz calls Climate Change a Religion…. and his religion is —

    “Neither their silver nor their gold will be able to save them on the day of the LORD’s wrath. In the fire of His jealousy the whole earth will be consumed, for He will make a sudden end of all who live on the earth”….. — Zephaniah 1:18

  • This website provides links to other websites that have the Bill Nye National Geographic episode. All of the links on the website do not work, but some of them do. At least the vidbull link works, because I tried that one.

  • The group of commenters makes for a very interesting collection of characters; so bright, yet so blind. The inability to recognize alternatives to NHTE seems related to the lack of abstract evaluation of certain inherited anti-social traits & behaviors. If one where simply a descendant of forebears purposely bred for subservience & docility, can they be blamed for their resulting instinctive domesticity?

    As to the main point, what is to prevent the advent of genetically engineered Morlocks to serve their Eloi masters? NHTE? What if it’s survived by enough individuals to launch a resource poor society that still has sufficient material to advance science along its current path? In other words, if Morlocs were designed for around 85, and the finance/consumption model was no longer utilized, it would free remaining resources to be devoted to science (eg mfg & powering computers for research & design).

    Why would this be such a unique model? After all, isn’t this the exact way society was ordered before the advent of fossil fuels? Hell, before 1984, Orwell made the observation that the poor were purposely kept hungry, malnourished and weak to prevent any effective opposition.

    It seems like there is a lot of wishing and hoping go on around here, mostly based on some kind of envy & hatred. But what if Nye is right, that science can continue to advance? He/we know that there aren’t sufficient resources to have 7b+ enjoy any level of continuation of BAU, but what if it’s not necessary – nor desired – by those who see the trajectory?

  • ‘unfortunately, I think we still have a LONG road of misery ahead of us’

    It sure seems that way.

    However, China has decided to do more speed-up energetic and environmental catastrophe: ‘China ended its one-child policy in the hope that it could alleviate some of its tremendous demographic challenges, which it fears will increasingly drag down economic growth rates.’

  • Rupert’s perverted science sell out, jive ass Hopester Billy, is a sicko & a dead give away.

    Yabut, the tragic yuppie farce of the Nat Geo channel gets worse, if you want some real new age punishment.

    llustrating Nat Geo’s sick in-your-face yuppie hucksterism gone bonkers …

    One viddy shows down & out red neck new agers, Tony & Amelia, living the simple life, walking in the corn fields, growing sweet potatoes, scavenging, no-bread-Man, & bartering to keep on truckin in groovy community.

    You can dig dropouts Tony & Amelia’s ever so humble humble off grid new age action here.

    Then, at the very same Nat Geo site click to Nat Geo’s around the world travel vids – Africa, Rio, South America, Paris, Asia, seeing nature…

    The third world poor are just waiting for laughing & loving yuppies to visit.

    You’ll have to fly though & burn tons of fuel, so have plenty of ready cash – you can’t barter this one, yuppers

    Tony & Amelia can’t play yuppies-in-the-sky because they are bummed out & dead broke. Besides, the potatoes need constant attention & Mama ain’t got no shoes.

    Paradoxical marketing from the ME generation yuppies at Nat Geo.

    Take your pick; miserable & poor or way up there & supremely yuppie.
    Choose your future of your own free will.

    How Billy Hopester can be a part of this outright depravity speaks volumes.

    It is entirely possible that the Nat Geo yuppie orchestrators don’t see their own presented glaring paradox because it’s all just yuppie sportfucking.

  • Man Guy. Were you speaking to a room full of corpses?! What a bad audience. Hardly any laughter or feedback throughout your presentation. :P

  • I fell off my chair laughing at the short life video and your sound effects, then the standing ovation comment. Pure brilliance!* Your sense of humour is perfect.

  • Guy,

    I watched the Nat Geo video (at the alternate link) and my initial reaction is that Bill Nye & Co., taking into account the corporate environment that he’s working within and his background as an engineer, pulled off a pretty good trick. Yes, more time with you to more fully develop your (our) point of view for the masses might have been desirable, but then again strong medicine has to be started with small doses to avoid unfortunate reactions.

    Meanwhile two things: I felt that a lot of the choice of material included tended -overtly and covertly- to reinforce the general thrust of NTE without you coming off as some screaming lunatic up in the hills. Indeed you came off as serious, sensible, concerned & dignified. To walk away from any exposure on TV leaving that kind of impression is a feat in itself. And the second point: Having been on “TeeVee” itself. Until you have been -at least in North America- you don’t exist. Now you are on the map, and as conditions worsen, which they will be doing with breathtaking speed I would expect more and bigger media exposure.

    So, all in all actually I think it was quite positive.

  • Wish I could watch the show but alas! Haven’t had a TV in quite some time and didn’t want to download software in order to watch it (sorry!!). Something tells me I don’t really need to watch it in order to know what went on. However, next time I’m at a friend’s house I’ll try to VOD it. I agree with drciber- exposure will probably bring more eyeballs to the site, particularly the climate change essay, which is of course a good thing. Free publicity can’t hurt.

  • drciber, who are you to suggest such benevolent elitist paternalism? “… but then again strong medicine has to be started with small doses to avoid unfortunate reactions.”

    The truth about the health of OUR mother earth should be doled out in the proper bits & pieces by the planet’s betters to its lesser mortals indrciber due course???

    Why can’t Guy or anybody just tell the truth in his mother tongue about mother earth?

    The basic truthful information about our planetary peril is readily & easily available on the miraculous internet.

  • B9K9,

    Yes, what if? But if you saw the show (I did), Nye doesn’t even try to make a case–perhaps if the show were more than one hour.

  • Dahr Jamail is doing his bit to promote discussion of reality.

    ‘non-linear abrupt climate disruption’, but he is apparently not yet at the too-late-to-implement-mitigation stage

    ‘What happened in South Carolina, which is now the sixth 1,000-year flooding event to happen in the United States since 2010, provides a clue about the nonlinear abrupt climate disruption the planet is now experiencing.’

    ‘In the atmosphere, methane is a greenhouse gas that, on a relatively short-term timescale, is far more destructive than carbon dioxide. When it comes to heating the planet, methane is 23 times as powerful as carbon dioxide per molecule on a 100-year timescale, and 105 times more potent on a 20-year timescale – and the Arctic permafrost, onshore and off, is packed with the stuff.’

  • When you mentioned the possibility that the Earth could become Venus-like as a result of AGW, it suddenly occurred to me to consider what might be the true purpose behind the efforts of human space flight. It is to gain experience on how to work and survive in the most hostile environments just in case the worst really does happen.

    And this doesn’t have to mean the plutocratic elite would flee to another planet, they may be trying to prepare for staying here but under conditions that may require spacesuits in order work outside of enclosed habitats due high wetbulb temps. I think it’s a sure thing that they will at least attempt something this, knowing, as we all do, that our planet’s owners are both completely self-absorbed and completely insane. And they’ve had plenty of time to consider this, recall the final scene in Dr. Strangelove(1964):

    Dr. Strangelove: It would not be difficult, Mein Führer! Nuclear reactors could, heh…I’m sorry, Mr. President. Nuclear reactors could provide power almost indefinitely. Greenhouses could maintain plant life. Animals could be bred and slaughtered. A quick survey would have to be made of all the available mine sites in the country, but I would guess that dwelling space for several hundred thousands of our people could easily be provided.

    President Muffley: But look here doctor, wouldn’t this nucleus of survivors be so grief-stricken and anguished that they’d, well, envy the dead and not want to go on living?

    Dr. Strangelove: No, sir…excuse me…When they go down into the mine, everyone would still be alive. There would be no shocking memories, and the prevailing emotion will be one of nostalgia for those left behind, combined with a spirit of bold curiosity for the adventure ahead![involuntarily gives the Nazi salute and forces it down with his other hand]Ahhh!

    You see, we are already grief-stricken and anguished, but our psychopathic elite quickly forgets its crimes and sees mass destruction as an opportunity for ever greater adventures.

  • Cute show, really. Ignore the equivocating. This isn’t going to reach everybody, but I believe climate doom just got its big break. Having Are-naald as co-host was genius. He’s the terminator for fucks sake!

    Before too long, folks won’t need to hear this message coming from
    their t.v. because the house will be coming down upon their heads.

    Personally, I believe all this hand-wringing over climate will be superseded by climate induced nuclear war, and like the culminating climate disaster, that could happen in as little as 18 months, or sooner. Then, after 10 years or so of nuclear winter, the heating begins anew, only more strongly as the various mechanisms of global dimming are forever eliminated. Then, with lingering radwaste, fallout, and the ozone blown off, the planet proceeds to play catch-up with Venus.

    Ain’t it a great time to be alive?!

  • I don’t try to block out what is happening in the world by meditating. I use meditation to help my mind live in the present moment. And a mind in the present moment can see what is happening right here in the small space in which we interact, and the huge space of global interactions.

    Some people don’t like anything other than political and materialistic interpretations of reality. No problem. But may I be allowed to to see things differently? Which is how I do. Fuck religion. But spirit is some thing else. And so is experience.

  • I’ve grabbed the National geo movie and put it on my face book

  • Gerald said:

    You phrased your position very well, but your short essay would approach perfection were you to jettison any mention of “spirits.”


    Gerald, there’s not a whole lot of hidden agenda behind my use of the word “spirit”. I realize the word is overloaded with many connotations and it particularly rubs Science-minded folk the wrong way. But I use it in a very simple sense.

    Think of it this way…pretty much everything that’s worth thinking about, or talking about has a spirit. Spirit is about momentum, it’s about the power to be perceived, and it’s really the motive force behind whatever enters consciousness. For something to enter your consciousness, for something to displace what’s already in your consciousness and make room for itself in your mind’s eye, it needs to have a certain amount of strength, a little bit of power, some momentum, an electric charge or at a bare minimum in a scientific sense, the power to ruffle a couple of neurons! That power is what I call spirit!

    As a corollary, if a thought, an idea, a story didn’t have spirit, or isn’t spirit, it would not enter your consciousness.

    Perhaps the word “spirit” doesn’t hold the right meaning for you. It’s just a word, just a term, easily replaced by a different word that essentially means similar things. But the fact that you’re bothered by the word “spirit” in itself speaks to the power of that word (or shall we say the word has spirit? :)) It entered your consciousness and was powerful enough to bother you. Let’s give it the respect it seems to have earned!

    Consider capitalism. What a spirit! Most here would say it’s a mean spirit, an ugly one, and bad for most of us. I’d agree. But keeping that aside, consider its power. What a spirit it must be if it can hold innumerable men’s imagination in thrall and commandeer their life force and put it all in its own service. Consider all the fertile minds that have fallen under its sway and spread its gospel far and wide. Capitalism has been quite the ascendant spirit over the last few centuries. No matter how much we hate it, we concede it its power over generations of civilized men.

    I sometimes wonder if the human spirit is a mere substrate, a base layer that simply nourishes other spirits. We start out as a blank slate and take on story after story that then come to define us, that provide us an identity and that give our life meaning and purpose. Like the software of a robot that controls all the hardware, the spirits, the stories, really the spirits of stories take charge of man and take him places and make him live his life. What is he without those spirits? What is the Universe other than a Universe of spirits? It’s obvious to us here on the beach of doom how so many out there walk around with all sorts of stories in their heads that have little connection to what’s unfolding. Aren’t those stories more powerful than the people whose hearts and minds they have taken over? Those stories are powerful spirits. So powerful that people are willing to die in their defense.

    Indigenous peoples all over don’t seem to have an issue with thinking of the world as a spirit world. But the modern Scientific man does have trouble relating to this somewhat animistic conception of the Universe. The divide is understandable considering that Science emphasizes the quantitative and measurable aspects of the creation around us while the world of spirit is far richer and mostly qualitative and hence beyond the reach of Science. That brings us to Science itself… oh, what a spirit! The spirit of Science is rather peculiar in that it seeks to disqualify the very idea of spirit! And the spirit of Science has been quite an ascendant spirit over the last few centuries.

    So there’s a story of spirits for you, Gerald! Let the spirit of that story enter your consciousness. And play with it for a while!

  • I’ve now managed to see it, and the Bill Nye ‘documentary’ reminds of Groundhog Day. No matter how much CO2 is added, no matter no matter how fast temperatures rise, no matter how acidic the oceans, no matter how much deforestation, the ‘answer’ is always the same: maintain industrial civilisation via solar panels, windmills and electric cars -the corporate ‘solutions’, just as presented by Al Gore a decade ago and every mainstream outlet since.

    It has to be that way because this planet is run by corporations, for the short-term benefit of corporations.

  • B9K9 Says:
    November 2nd, 2015 at 1:00 pm

    The group of commenters makes for a very interesting collection of characters; so bright, yet so blind.

    Your mind is very deep space, a.k.a. an evidence-free zone (Agnotology: The Surge17).

    Your best bet is to run for congress and join in the pabulum bliss of your peers (Only Big Government, Mega-Rich People Can Stop Climate Change Apocalypse).

  • At least 13 islands have done the Atlantis thingy already.

    (The Extinction of Chesapeake Bay Islands)

  • drciber–

    I concur. I thought ample and legitimate reasons for depression were given and I thought the coverage of Guy was well done. Guy told us Bill Nye was even more conservative with his assessment of NTHE than Guy has been after spending some time at the mud hut. I suspect that, off the record, Bill Nye shares much of this website’s prognosis. But that point of view simply cannot be allowed to be seen as the final word on such a widely viewed program. Given the current political and social climate, what more could you reasonably expect?

  • Guy can be seen in National Geographic Explorer Bill Nyes Global Meltdown here

  • Satish,

    I loved your post on spirits so much that I copied it to Kuku. :-)

  • Guy, my last two posts disappeared.

    Gentlepersons, Please …

    Billy-the-Hopester-Guy has sold out science to deliver false hope to the mystified “masses.”

    I can only psychologize about his reasons.

    I do not know how much money bags Murdoch pays Billy Hopester for his not-so-slick yuppie deceptions.

    Rupert Murdoch bought Nat Geo for 725 million, & he doesn’t plan to edify his consumers any more than he does with Faux News.

    Rupert Baby “owns” the Nat Geo brand.

    Remember how Bill Moyers sold his brain & made big bucks huckstering Joe Campbell’s nonsensical literary blather about the “enlightening” (insert bamboozling for clarity) power of myth.

    Myth & bullshit everywhere, & they are GOOD for you.

    Just what the myth makers at the top were selling as justification for marketing imperial mayhem & murder.

    The whole disgusting hype is a dead give away.

    It’s bad alright, but we can “mitigate” it all by changing our thinking.

    Listen up, Larry Summers.

    If you want some bummer new age punishment, try a dose of Murdoch’s Nat Geo’s sick in-your-face yuppie hucksterism gone bonkers …

    One viddy shows down & out red neck new agers, Tony & Amelia, living the simple life, walking in the corn fields, growing sweet potatoes, scavenging, no-bread-Man, & bartering to keep on truckin in groovy community.

    You can dig dropouts Tony & Amelia’s ever so humble off grid new age action here.

    Then, at the very same Nat Geo site click to Nat Geo’s around the world travel vids – Africa, Rio, South America, Paris, Asia, seeing nature…

    The third world poor are just waiting for laughing & loving yuppies to visit.

    You’ll have to fly though & burn tons of fuel, so have plenty of ready cash – you can’t barter this one, yuppers

    Tony & Amelia can’t play yuppies-in-the-sky because they are bummed out & dead broke. Besides, the potatoes need constant attention & Mama ain’t got no shoes.

    Paradoxical marketing from the ME generation yuppies at Nat Geo.

    Take your pick; miserable & poor or way up there & supremely yuppie.

    Choose your own future of your own free will.

    How the Bill Nye that I thought I knew can be a part of this depravity speaks volumes about what conditions behavior.

    It is entirely possible that the Nat Geo yuppie orchestrators don’t see their own presented glaring paradox because it’s all just yuppie sportfucking.

    drciber, who are you to suggest such benevolent elitist paternalism? “… but then again strong medicine has to be started with small doses to avoid unfortunate reactions.”

    The truth about the health of OUR mother earth must be controlled from the TOP & doled out in the proper bits & pieces by the planet’s betters to its “children” in due course for their OWN GOOD???

    Why can’t Guy or anybody just tell the truth in his mother tongue about mother earth?

    Should we censor honest & truthful scientific info on the net as too dangerous for the “masses?”

  • “A lot of clinically depressed scientists” – then cut to the commercial. That’s disgustingly gauche and grade d ableist BS. My mom is clinically depressed and it is quite horrific and no off the cuff joke to lighten the mood. (And as with all hits from the right wing, it’s probably sad to say, projection.)

    Having Schwarzenegger, Mr. “Hydrogen economy”, Mr. “Frederick Hayek and Milton Friedman saved my life” in this schtick is over the top and grotesque to the point of pathology. This one guy arguably contributed more towards the apocalypse than anyone still living.

    I did Richard Heinberg’s whole course, as well as Nate Hagen’s at the Oil Drum. I understand very well the specifics of the EROI equation. Nye is supposed to be an engineer and can’t grok that much? Should have gone to see Heinberg in Santa Rosa after New Mexico. Didn’t Nye even look at The Party’s Over?

    Jacobs, again, is getting his bread buttered in Academia, on stolen genocided land, and “teaching” kids who can afford the Leland Standford tuition. He’s obviously not on about getting his bread unbuttered. I spent time up there around Mt. View, etc. I think it’s hell. Anyway. Jacobs works in hell, employed by the devil, and he can save us. Even Kunstler, that thick headed racist bastard understands that Jacobs is FOS.

    Nye and Murdoch could have gone for Bennet Brabson, or Michael Mann, or Peter Ward, or David Battisti or even Waddamas or Beckwith. But Jacobs looks so cute on TeeVee. And we can “power the entire US vehicle fleet on renewables.” The freeways stay!….wheeeee……

    Jacobs has “Plans to convert the entire US to wind water and solar.” That’s a jooooke buddy. Even DOE says “renewables” are at best, when the sun shines just right, and you can’t hear the body of Matt Simmons spinning in his grave- around 10%. Jacobs and his wonderboys are going to save us, if we just do what? Give him a lot of money? OK. As Aretha Franklin once said: Saaave Me.

    Incidentally, all the offshore, wind and solar BS will require mined ores from Africa and probably North Korea. So racist dog barking white dementia imperialism will have to continue indefinitely with Jacobs’, Leland Stanford’s (and Nye’s?) plans.

    Here’s a novel idea. Why not let the Africans and Koreans keep their minerals and let’s all North American Gringos start living like upcountry Cambodians or Lao mountain villagers? I guess Schwarzenegger will terminate me if we go that far.

    Nye points out the 6 degree mark, but doesn’t touch any part of Mark Lynas’ chapter on 6 degrees from his indispensable book. The one with spontaneously generated hypersonic methane fireballs rocketing out of the sky and Super Hurricanes that wipe out all life for hundreds of kilometers inland. This is after all, a nice family values Republican party teevee show.

    I’m all about doing stuff. Yes. Ride the bike, cut out the dead animals, stop flying, stop driving, get your mind together. But again, Nye won’t for any amount of money touch this or go this far from the Barry Vogel interview:

    “So we need everybody to stop burning fossil fuels right now. We need to give up on the idea of economic growth, or even a steady state economy. We need to bring this whole thing down to the level of the early 1700s in terms of our technology. And we need to do that…this week.”

    As yet I have not heard anything close as this to a sane pronouncement about a vision for life on the planet in 2050.

    Anyway, at least the Doctor was on teevee. And as we all know in Amerika, you don’t exist until you are on teevee. Cheers.

  • Wester, all is forgiven. Bless you.

    At the tail end of the vid Billy looks straight into the camera & unabashedly delivers Murdoch’s message; THREE FREAKIN DEGREES IS ACCEPTABLE & SURVIVABLE.

    Not one degree, not even two degrees, but NOW it’s three degrees!

    Billy is completely serious – at three degrees creative genius technofixes of science & technology cut in & deliver the life saving goods, heating is magically reversed, & all gasping pilgrims(some?) are saved from perdition, as Alice in wonderland taught us.

    Billy’s deception is surely cruel dishonest manipulation.

    It is NOT a stretch to call it criminal.

    You are a foul lying bastard, Billy.

  • Satish, I wrote this about 2 years ago on this blog.

    I was taught Max Weber’s THE PROTESTANT ETHIC & THE SPIRIT OF CAPITALISM as infallible gospel – a mandatory thesis for understanding all of later Western Civilization & its capitalist foundation.

    The Weber thesis was considered standard gospel by most all establishment historians in 1963 – 64.

    The Weber thesis holds that capitalism is caused by spirits.

    Weber was a classic ideationist. He “knew” that ideas in people’s heads cause everything.

    Most importantly, nothing causes ideationists all causative ideas – ideas “arise” spontaneously like maggots of old.

    These mystical ideas then “take over” & proceed to run human societies.

    Therefore, different ideas produce different societies, QED.

    Maxie sought to find the irrational in his own ridiculous rationalism.

    World renowned “sociologist,” spiritualist, & believing rationalist Max Weber in his own words.

    “The peculiarity of this philosophy of avarice appears to be the ideal of the honest man of recognized credit, and above all the IDEA of a duty of the individual toward the increase of his capital, which is assumed as an end in itself.

    “Truly what is here preached is not simply a means of making one’s way in the world, but a peculiar ethic. The infraction of its rules is treated not as foolishness but as forgetfulness of duty. That is the essence of the matter. It is not mere business astuteness, that sort of thing is common enough, it is an ethos. This is the quality which interests us.

    “What was the background of IDEAS which could account for the sort of activity apparently directed toward profit alone as a calling toward which the individual feels himself to have an ethical obligation?

    “For it was this IDEA which gave the way of life of the new entrepreneur its ethical foundation and justification.

    “Rationalism is an historical concept which covers a whole world of different things. It will be our task to find out whose intellectual child the particular concrete form of rational thought was, from which the idea of a calling and the devotion to labor in the calling has grown, which is, as we have seen, so irrational from the standpoint of purely eudaemonistic self-interest, but which has been and still is one of the most characteristic elements of our capitalistic culture.

    “We are here particularly interested in the origin of precisely the irrational element which lies in this, as in every conception of a calling.”

    Max Weber, “The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism.” 1905, Chapter 2

    The Witches of the Free Market as a title was rejected by Weber’s German publisher, for being too spiritual & scientifically indefensible.

  • Satish,

    You pretty much described the two basic forms of meditation practice as taught by Buddhists and other earlier traditions.

    Observing your thoughts is called Vipassana, which means “insight” or “clear seeing” from Pali ( spoken language of the Buddha, subsequently written ). This was taught by the Buddha as the path to enlightenment. The practice is to sit very still and observe just whatever is most prominent in your awareness as it comes and goes; your breath, thoughts, pain etc.

    The other form of meditation is called Samatha in Pali. This is where you try to focus on one object and exclude all else. It is useful for developing concentration, a certain degree of which is necessary to advance in Vipassana. It can be used to develop various abilities also but this is not the path to Nibbana, the end of craving ( Sanskrit is Nirvana ).

    I’d say the sequence you followed in your practice is a good path.

    A radical concept ( taught by very traditional Buddhist teachers ) is that Nibbana, true enlightenment, is accessible to all humans in this very life. In fact, there is an example in recent times of a person attaining this level in one month of intensive practice under guidance in the Mahasi tradition. The person was a Westerner, a physics Phd candidate, who subsequently finished his Phd ( and then became a monk ). Not to say that it’s easy to advance that far or fast, but it’s not harder than say training for sports as far as I know. Anyone who is not seriously ill can do the practice.

    Anyway, more degree of mindfulness in one or more individuals is a general benefit for all, including themselves of course.

  • my neighbor is a nut-case…he cuts his grass three times a week…and blows leaves the other five…I’m listening to it right now. he makes enough noise pollution for fifteen men. one day I’m going to tell him to put that shit down and relax…maybe do a little reading for a change. I guess alternatively, he could be selling crack. I’m a lucky man.

  • I meant to say, “is accessible to all humans in this life not starving or living in war zones.”

  • I have noticed that crack-heads do have a very small carbon footprint, though…

  • the thread should change soon, so i’ll throw in this that everyone can ignore:

    Rising Deaths Among White Middle-Aged Americans Could Exceed AIDS Toll in US

    Alarming trend among less-educated 45- to 54-year-olds largely thought to be a result of more suicides and the misuse of drugs and alcohol.

    A sharp rise in death rates among white middle-aged Americans has claimed nearly as many lives in the past 15 years as the spread of Aids in the US, researchers have said.

    The alarming trend, overlooked until now, has hit less-educated 45- to 54-year-olds the hardest, with no other groups in the US as affected and no similar declines seen in other rich countries.

    Though not fully understood, the increased deaths are largely thought to be a result of more suicides and the misuse of drugs and alcohol, driven by easier access to powerful prescription painkillers, cheaper high quality heroin and greater financial stresses.

    The turnaround reverses decades of falling mortality rates achieved through better medical care and lifestyle choices that continue to improve public health in other groups in the US and in other nations around the world.

    [further down]

    She and Deaton warn that middle-aged Americans who are turning to drink and drugs are set to suffer more health problems than their elders unless the downwards trend can be halted.

    [bwah-haaaa-haaaaar! Weh-ye doan nye-da bye-no pie-etch-dye da-node-iss ‘at! a-haw-haw! yer a hoot-dare missy! Sides ‘at, ivan if’n-twer-da lah-ten up some, ‘aid still owl DAH, woon-AY? Ah-HAW-HAW – en you git Pyed fer ‘at-derr?! OOO-eee, ya’ll are funny up-air gnat ah-vree tar!]

    (NKJV)Revelation 9:6 says “During those days people will seek death but will not find it; they will long to die, but death will elude them.”

  • The puppet show continues until it doesn’t.

    ‘Prices have taken another dive in the latest Global Dairy Trade auction.

    In the the second consecutive fall, prices dropped 7.4 percent in the overnight auction to $US2,569 a tonne.

    Whole milk powder, the key commodity underpinning Fonterra’s farmgate milk price, fell 8 percent to $US2453 a tonne.

    That is well below the break-even range for farmers, who need about $US3000 per tonne or more.

    All products put up for auction dropped in price, and the volume for sale was lower than the last auction a fortnight ago.’

  • Tom.

    Here in a semi-rural provincial town (it wouldn’t rate as a city anywhere else in the world) I see increasing numbers of people with ‘waists’ in the 1 metre to 2 metre range struggling to get from vehicles to supermarket shelves and back again.

    Addictive, low-nutritional-value ‘food’, corporate-controlled media and government, and cheap fuel. A deadly combination.

  • @digixplor

    My neighbor is not a nut-case. He is disgusting and revolting and possibly a sociopath. He is a retired coal miner with great benefits and hefty retirement. He is also an accused rapist who got off the charge by a famous or infamous lawyer (the label depends on the case at the time).

    For nearly two decades I have lived next to this obese man who spends a good deal of his life atop a full-sized backhoe that he operates about 20 feet from my yard. He uses it to dig ground for any and all purposes, move rocks in the stream, carry wood from one place to another, fell trees, smooth his gravel driveway. The noise & vibration from that contraption is simply outrageous. He could write a book: 101 Backyard Uses for a Backhoe.

    The rest of the time he uses the most powerful and noisiest equipment known. He and/or his wife use a blower to remove leaves from their deck/patio, a dreadfully noisy riding mower and riding rake (takes them 2 hours to clear their 1 acre yard), and a Harley–he can’t ride it, he only starts it up to make noise. They also use an ATV, a big diesel truck, two gas generators, a gas chainsaw, a boat, and an RV. They burn coal in their woodstove.

    Some years ago, he attempted to load his ATV up to his diesel truck on a ramp that was too steep. The ATV fell back on him. His doctor said if it were not for his huge belly he’d be dead. He only lost an eye.

    So his outrageous noise continues on a almost a daily basis. These are not people who care one whit about reading, so there is no hope of suggesting such a thing. Perhaps one day he will die from obesity and smoking. But you know what they say, “only the good die young.” Hope is a useless thing.

  • David- thanks for the link to the show! Glad I got to watch it for myself. Besides the hokeyness of the Arnold stuff, it’s frustrating to watch Bill Nye ignore the fact that it’s not just a matter of stopping CO2 emissions from here on out- it’s also a matter of taking into consideration the impact of what we’ve already done (and will obviously continue to do for at least the foreseeable future). I did appreciate the tar sands and fracking segments, since I think for the average viewer it was pretty informative. It may be too late to prevent our demise, but in the meantime we can try to stop those technologies from poisoning more living beings. I suppose I’m in favor of implementing the plan to get us off fossil fuels, if only because we should probably go down fighting, even if it’s a lost cause. At least then we can say we did SOMETHING. I did notice that nowhere among the “list of things we can do as individuals” to prevent further catastrophe was “don’t have children, or limit yourself to one.” Not that I’m surprised, but it does magnify the Pollyannaish approach of “ride your bike to save the world,” and re-enforces the belief that this isn’t an actual emergency. Not to mention the emphasis on CO2 emissions alone, which grossly oversimplifies the problem (in my opinion). The methane issue was also played down, even though it’s in many ways more important. But whatever. Happy extinction everyone!

    p.s. I thought Guy did a great job. It didn’t come across as a hit piece to me, as he seemed like the only one reacting in the manner that a sane, rational individual would in these circumstances. Of course, I’m obviously biased since I’m on board with his thinking. Although I think we’ve probably got a little more time than he thinks we have.


    “3) Environmental organizations should endorse the most environmentally accurate stations and encourage their supporters to watch these stations.”

    This seems like the most practical of the three for now. Part of the problem, though, is that the climate crisis cannot be averted (if then) other than by the collapse of industrial civilization (and all the myths that support it). Such a change is so monumental as to rival the climate crisis itself.

    Apparently–and if you can call this a solution–the Ponzi scheme global economic system that keeps us warm and cozy (in the west) is likely to collapse before we (westerners) feel the worst effects of climate change! It is not the climatologists’ job to prepare us for this. Our civilization is built on a linear, compartmentalized view of the world, and this precludes holistic, systems thinking that would be useful for treating the myriad of interrelated crises. (For instance, the numerous global nuclear plants depend on the industrial system to keep them from exploding. How do you get around that?)

    Of all the disciplines that could be helping (but are not) planning seems to me the most egregious. Examine the roster of daily articles on planetizen. Unlike this article, which points out a major crisis that demands major change, planetizen articles proceed with blissful unconcern of either impending economic collapse or impending climate catastrophe. (In fact, the melting of so much snow, the loss of so many species, the acidification of the oceans, growing inequality, permanent war, and so very much more, already constitutes a perhaps terminal catastrophe.)

    But what some dismissively term as “hopium” will have its say. And although I’m not selling hope, I enjoy attempting to be rational. From listening to a great many smart people, I’ve come up with an action framework that makes some sense to me:

    Global industrial society has been progressing up the ladder of increasing EROEI (Energy Returned On Energy Invested), but that had depended on increasing the supply of cheap energy, which also enables our spectacular consumption. That supply, which is coincidentally the cause of climate change, has dwindled, and with that dwindling will likely come economic collapse.

    To me, a rational framework for planning would be to plan on a systematic descent down the EROEI ladder. And while no one is saying how far down the ladder there will be rungs to climb down, I don’t see what reasonable choice there is other than suicide.

    The first step down the EROEI ladder would need to be very far sighted, for that’s where there still is relatively abundant fossil fuel energy to do an incredible amount of indispensable work. Some planning steps that come to mind are as follows:

    – Cluster (break up) communities, mostly into populations of around 200, into pedestrian hubs. These hubs must account for the needs of the hub–food, water, health, work–whether they are entirely available locally or not. This does not require demolition of existing buildings, or expensive new construction.

    – Public transportation must be ubiquitous. That’s where much of the dwindling, limited, rationed amounts of fossil fuels should be applied.

    – The lion’s share of industrial resources should go to managing or dismantling nuclear facilities over an indefinite future period.

    The irony is that putting these (or similar) measures into place now helps to improve the economy under the current economic rules. It makes for denser, better planned, pedestrian oriented communities. So, depending how you see it, things can get better before they get worse. (The truth is that they are getting steadily worse, but that is a slightly different issue.)

    There won’t be energy to drive around everywhere. Electric cars need fossil fuels to build. But that’s the least of the reasons why “alternative energy” will go away. With each downward step on the EROEI ladder, the more resourceful and independent hubs would need to be. But I find I can’t think that far ahead. Something very unusual needs to be done very soon. If that is done, any future that there be is not something we here now can even imagine,

    Make it so that people in cities don’t need cars. That’s a good start. Demolish nothing. Build only with what is available from the dump. Think through where everything you use comes from. Follow the golden rule. Preserve all knowledge. Prioritize indigenous knowledge…

  • For concrete, climate change may mean a shorter lifespan

    Two Northeastern engineers warn that a key building material is less solid than we think

  • In the National Geographic clip you had the Terminator playing the authority figure as the psychiatrist, Nye as the crazy loon running around with his head cut off, and Guy as someone on the extreme end of the distribution, drowning his sorrows with whiskey and cigarettes. And then voila, the answer we’ve all been waiting for “science and technology” (brought to you by our corporate sponsors). The fear immunization for those watching was complete and artfully done. Mission accomplished. Everyone go back to consuming, nothing to worry about.

  • Artleads,
    ‘Global industrial society has been progressing up the ladder of increasing EROEI…’
    Unfortunately,you have it the wrong way around. The oil industry has had
    declining EROEI since it started, The first oil wells had an EROEI of about
    100:!,because the oil was easy to extract,and each energy unit used to obtain the oil was rewarded with 100 energy units which were released when
    that oil was burnt. Some of the conventional oil wells are now down to about 4:1 (from memory) and the tar sands down to about 1.8:1.
    Probably most here know that the EROEI of corn based ethanol is the main reason that that industry is institutionalised insanity.
    Charles Hall and Kent Klitgaard in a table on P.313 of ‘Energy and the Wealth of nations’ list the EROEI of corn based ethanol as 0.8-1.6:1.
    They list sugar cane based ethanol EROEI as 0.8-1.7:1,though some other studies give a better result than that.
    We have to also remember that the EROI analyses of biofuels do not take into account the ecological devastation that is caused by those industries,nor the soil structure decline and erosion which mean that they are destined to end at some stage,the only question is when.

  • Gerald Spezio This probably pointless but I’ll give it one shot anyhow: Quoting you, “suggest such benevolent elitist paternalism?” “The truth about the health of OUR mother earth should be doled out in the proper bits & pieces by the planet’s betters to its lesser mortals indrciber due course”… are you serious or are you off your meds?

    The “small dose” I’m referring to is the initial exposure of people -who have never heard of Guy or what he is saying- NOT some limitation on how he goes about saying it. I’d also tend toward the position that -if anything- we are the Earth’s, not the other way around.

    A patient in a lot of pain comes into your medical office and you quickly conclude that not only does he/she have an aggressive deadly cancer, but additionally has received NO medication whatsoever. So by your reasoning you shoot him up with enough morphine that he can’t feel the pain anymore, but congratulations, he drops dead right in front of you because you stopped his heart with the painkiller. Brilliant.

  • Wester Says: Having Schwarzenegger, Mr. “Hydrogen economy”, Mr. “Frederick Hayek and Milton Friedman saved my life” in this schtick is over the top and grotesque to the point of pathology. This one guy arguably contributed more towards the apocalypse than anyone still living.

    Absolutely correct!

    He’s the biggest phony on Earth, look who he was a sales-geek for in the 1990’s?

  • National Geographic offers science for the masses, so it’s naturally going to be a little light on science. Bill Nye is working on getting people to recognize climate change is happening — which is no easy task. It strikes me as unfair to blast a program that is not designed for anyone at the Nature Bats Last Site. Give credit where credit is due, it’s not many programs that will air any clip of Guy McPherson, let alone repeat the 2030 extinction prediction.

    So what that Guy’s clip wasn’t the ACCEPTANCE clip the DESPAIR wasn’t Nye suggesting that with just the right political moves and speedy technological breakthroughs all will be well. Of course GALLOWS HUMOR is also a stage, right alongside with FUCK IT, I HAVE OTHER THINGS TO DO.

    Let Go Or Be Dragged.

  • David H

    I see what you’re saying. I was thinking that growth of “real income” only started declining around the 1970s. I may be mixing up two different things.

    Another blow to my understanding:

    I would not have built these things in the first place; it was the 1960s concrete-building boom which convinced me that Hell had been let loose. But neither would I want to spend scarce energy and landfill space by demolishing them. I didn’t realize how foolish also was the building technique of the time.

  • Two people I have known for many years have told me they had an experience where they went out of their body.

    One of these people was reportedly being smothered by an adopted father, and the other person was into deep meditation. Both of these people I trust totally.

    I have had experiences that are not possible in our physical reality.

    The people here are mostly not willing to open their minds to other dimensions.

    So be it.

  • @Andrew Taylor – My neighbour’s sister-in-law knows someone at her work who has got a goldfish that is the reincarnation of Elvis Presley. It’s true I tell you!

  • Artleads

    The manufacture of calcium oxide, a key component of cement and concrete, results in massive quantities of carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere, both in the decomposition of calcium carbonate and from the whatever is used to heat the limestone to decomposition temperature.

    Reaction of calcium oxide with silica generates calcium silicate, which is the essence of concrete.

    However, nature will not be outdone by humans, and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere immediately attacks concrete which is exposed to weather, gradually converting the calcium silicate of cement/concrete back into calcium carbonate.

    It does not stop there. Calcium carbonate, which is rather insoluble, is further attacked by carbon dioxide in rain and gets converted into calcium hydrogen carbonate (calcium bicarbonate) which is a lot more soluble in water. Hence, the cement in concrete slowly dissolves in rain, leaving sand and pebbles, which, having lost their binding agent, gradually break free and fall away.

    As the linked article indicated, steel reinforcing deep inside concrete slowly gets attacked under moist conditions and reverts to iron oxide-hydroxide, which has little strength.

    Needless to say, burning fossil fuels and raising the CO2 content of the atmosphere and oceans speeds up breakdown of cement/concrete, though the effect of 400ppm CO2 versus 280ppm CO2 is negligible compared to the planetary overheating aspect.

    The combination of melting of ice on land masses and thermal expansion of the oceans will be increasingly ‘interesting’ as time goes by.

    Interestingly, the biggest population centres in NZ are very vulnerable to sea level rise, which is why bureaucrats continue to downplay or totally ignore the issue. ’60cm by the end of the century’. Or 6 metres. Or 60 metres.

  • My latest post is dedicated specifically to the National Geographic program. It’s here, and it’ll stay atop the page only a day.