The Seventh Stage: A Documentary Film

Ivey Cone created a documentary film dedicated to the seventh stage of Elisabeth Kübler-Ross’s five stages of grief. I wrote about the seventh stage early October 2015. The film relies upon the disparate perspectives of ten people with respect to the seventh stage, and it is embedded below.

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  • I guess that makes two of us that can’t find sleep tonite.

  • I remember when Guy said dark humour was the new last stage of grief.

    I wrote back saying that the seventh stage must be a real screamer.

    There’s no way I’m gonna be ready for the eighth, and final?, stage.

    But I just rewrote my SF story and since I’m so into me, fuck it!,

    here it is:

    Science Fiction:

    The First Climate Model Is Over 10,000 Years Old

    Two hunter-gatherers, named Brun and Glick, were sitting by the fire drinking Grog one night after a long day of hunting, when after accidently burning his finger, Glick asked Brun, “Do you think that fire could ever burn up the whole world one day?”

    Brun answered, “No way! Just look at these entrails here, they predict that the world is way too large for us to ever burn it all up.”

    Glick, between licking and blowing on his sore finger, muttered, “Well, at least that’s good news.”

    After passing out from too much Grog, Brun and Glick died in their sleep as the fire burned out of control. Thus causing the very first man made forest fire. The End.

    p.s. love funny Korpell and hottie Morningstar

    How The IPCC Is Fucking Us Over from collapse

  • these stages of grief sound awfully similar to a runaway number of positive feedback loops.

  • Fuck it, you could run a doom comedy club

  • I think fuck it for me has meant giving up on trying to appease those who are ignorant as to the state of the planet by back peddling on my assessment or giving into the demands of a more shallow and/or aggressive world view that it seems many to most hold with regard to their Capitalism driven life styles. It’s meant having the courage to step back from the crowd and critically assess it as well as myself and to stop doing things as just another lemming within society which never went well for me besides. It’s meant paring back and doing what I need to do, not what i’m told I need to do, but what I really need to do for myself and in relation to my world view, as in stopping the waste that goes along with buying into this culture and is damaging to the planet. To stop giving a shit what others think and feel what is the correct path for me with eyes open and that’s not really fuck it at all, it’s rather a new beginning. The fuck it part is acknowledging that I can’t stop this runaway train, even if I throw myself beneath its wheels, but I can live a life of reverence to the truth and I can afford the risk of modifying my behavior accordingly so that I don’t ‘go out’ clueless and blind.

  • @Guy et al

    Thank you very much for that inspiring documentary, including all those beautiful people and their wise comments. I know that we are all interconnected in this doomer-steamboat. Inter-connected through our Love and Grief for Mother Earth, interconnected through our willingness to use and not to ignore what Nature has given to us: Eyes, ears, mind, a feeling heart and all those wonderful senses that make us living beings.

    As you know, the venerable Buddha once was a Prince of the Shakya- caste, living in a wealthy palace, before he left that privileged condition and became a wandering Samaṇa. He could have spent his life as a privileged man, enoying his wealth and just have a good time. But one fine day he went out together with his advisor to the villages he had never seen before. He was just curious what he might see there. And what he saw was the bitter reality of Age, Desease and Death. We can imagine what those villages might have looked like 2500 years ago. It wasn’t any different from what you can see today in Bombay, Kalkutta or else: Deepest misery of the bottommost caste. But the Buddha learned one invaluable thing there: Nacked reality as it is, dirty, painful and almost completely hopeless. And he did not turn away from that truth and went back to his palace, but instead he realized it in it’s deepest meaning:

    Nobody, not even a wealthy, privileged prince can escape Age, Desease and Death.

    So, after he saw the painful reality, he just said “Fuck it” to his former life, to all his wealth, to his palace and anything else. He then became a wandering, houseless and homeless Samaṇa, to dive deeper into that reality, to find reality beyond the visible, permanetly dying world:


    My way was a bit different, I grew up in a ghetto, no palace, no wealth. But all in all I came to the same conclusions as the Buddha. It was a constant struggle with Empire as we know it. Look at the following picture:

    There is the Buddha, a mysterious Nath daemon and there is Mara ( ). Mara represents DEATH (Yama) in it’s essence. It also is metaphor for the entirety of conditioned existence. It also represents worldly power and human dependency from that power. Mara represents the EMPIRE, the FORCE of this world. And he sticks his spiky indexfinger right towards Buddha like a sharp, deadly knife, like saying:

    WHAT?! YOU stupid little NOTHING, you are the same little bullshit of nothingness like anybody else ! You dare to think that there is any escape from misery, ignorance, greed, hatred!? YOU dare to think that there is any freedom, any relief from that!? HAHAHA, come down from your imaginary tower of spiritual DREAMS or I will kick your arse, loser !!! I AM THE KING, YAMA, THE EMPIRE, DEATH and you are less than NOTHING !!!

    Yeah, that’s exactly the spiky, sharp indexfinger of Empire, including my family, my teachers in school, the priests ect ect ect, that pointed to me all my life like wanting to kill, like wanting to stab me like I were nothing, a loser. And I always said to that finger “FUCK IT!”, hahaha. But you know what? I don’t say that anymore to that finger. Instead, I developed deep compassion for the Empire, for my family, for the politicians, the priests and all those who say “YOU have to be obedient, YOU have to give up your spiritual, stupid phantasies of freedom and redemption!“. Death is not my enemy, but Death, Yama became part of me completely. I had a dream, a vision several years ago:

    Yama crawled into my back, he was a huge, black bird with huge black wings and he crawled into my back, into myself completely and then he exclaimed with a frightening, dark voice into space:

    Whoever moves, whoever turns back, will be DEAD!

    Yama was my teacher all my life from earliest childhood on, he visited me in my dreams and in my visions as a black silhouette and finally I became him and he became me. And I know now, I realized that I am finally FREE, I found anything I ever wanted:

    Real freedom, Redemption, Nirvana. I never, never regret that I was faithful to myself.

    You too were not afraid of that spiky finger of Empire, you too went your very own way to freedom, Doctor Guy McPherson, and therefore you got my deepest respect.


  • Why does Apneaman’s chagrin & despair give me comfort & make me smile?

    “NTE will be a god damn mercy.”

    No offense to anyone – I purposely left out Apneaman’s first chagrin.

    Besides I can, as instructed; “Use the word, chagrin, in a sentence.”

    Twice … & more coming.

    Cut to 1952 & some scrubbed clean all white skinned youngsters facing front in Bahstin, Mass. – THE Commonwealth???

    Every freakin morning we suffered a full dose of the Lord’s prayer (sitting), Holy Bible reading (sitting again?), & Pledge with right hand-on-heart.

    Heart was on the left side – not the middle.

    I am not sure of the order of the sacred rituals, but I think it was prayer, Bible, & Pledge – close enough.

    It’s not critical with NTE getting real close.

    Cathlicks didn’t hafta mumble the last part like the gawddamn stupid Protestants – I can’t memba zackly – “power & glory?”

    There are rules, Man.

    After the tail end Protestant part everybody said, “Amen.”

    Jewish kids with bewildered looks on their faces were graciously allowed to remain silent about the whole Lord’s prayer mumble.

    The came the Bible reading, & most of the time it was the Gaddamn 21st psalm again.

    I’m psychologizing, but I really think the “slower” kids picked the 21st because it was an easier read.

    We was all tracked into neat groups – faster, fast, slow, slower, & real slow.

    Poor slower readers had a hellacious time with the Bible reading, & some mean smaht bastids would snigger when they fugged up.

    Sometimes some smaht arse would pick a way-out-there convoluted Psalm, & I wouldn’t have the foggiest, but I never said anything.

    Cathlicks didn’t read the Bible – only smaht priests & stupid Protestants read the Bible, right?

    I can’t memba the whole end part thing, but; yea, valley of death, thy rod & staff, comfort, no fear, all making for big comfort when the big shid rains down later, etc.

    Fugg you, boogey-man I ain’t afreared a nuthin …

    And the big shid rained down alright.

    I done been conditioned big time, so “NTE will be a god damn mercy.”

    And I am trying not be afeared too much.

    So far it’s not too bad – yet.

    Grazi, grazi, to ALL, for all the good karma with all the wisdom, love & kisses to comfort me & assuage my chagrin (Gotcha again) & despair.

    Apneaman, you are so smaht – you fill me w/love, make me smile, & assuage my …

    Fugg, shid, pizz, wop, dago, Irish-potato-head, kike, nigrah, rag head, assassin, death, hump, fock, etc.

    Onward, no fear, Excelsior …

  • Here is my Fuckit List at the moment. Some I have achieved, some are works in progress.

    Fuck it to fear;
    Fuck it to anger;
    Fuck it to despair;
    Fuck it to depression;
    Fuck it to sadness;
    Fuck it to happiness;
    Fuck it to elation;
    Fuck it to bliss;
    Fuck it to struggle;
    Fuck it to striving;
    Fuck it to inaction;
    Fuck it to fighting;
    Fuck it to cowardice;
    Fuck it to courage;
    Fuck it to opposition;
    Fuck it to hanging on;
    Fuck it to letting go;
    Fuck it to judgement;
    Fuck it to discrimination;
    Fuck it to discernment;
    Fuck it to being in control;
    Fuck it to being controlled;
    Fuck it to feeling inferior;
    Fuck it to feeling superior;
    Fuck it to following;
    Fuck it to leading;
    Fuck it to absolutism;
    Fuck it to relativism;
    Fuck it to all beliefs, from the most superficial to the most profound.

  • Oh, how could I have forgotten?
    Fuck it especially to hope.

  • My materialistic belief in the objective reality of breakfast (my need, Shirley) remains inviolate & foundational until there ain’t none – “mange bene.”

    … and coffee, coffee, coffee …

    Membah the Fuggs & Johnnie Pissoff & coffee, coffee, coffee?

    and membah in Saturday Night Fever when Dago greaser Tony Manero says to Stephanie; “Let’s get some coor-fee?”

    and nice woikin class goil, Stephanie, who was using her gizmo on the way up; says; “I doan drink coor-fee – I drink tea.”

    The belly … Yeah.

  • “A strange and alien kind of beauty…”:

    The mode of communication of [octopi]: they become their linguistic intent. This repertoire of blushes, dots, stripes, traveling fields, color changes. And, then, because they are soft-bodied they can quickly reveal and conceal all parts of their body very quickly. So if you watch an octopus in communication its surface texture is changing, its color is changing, and it is hiding, and revealing—it’s dancing, and it’s a dance of pure meaning, perceived visually by the object of its intention, which is other octopi.

    So, compare this for a moment to our method of communication. We use rapidly modulated small mouth noises. As primates we have incredible ability to make small mouth noises. We can do this for up to six hours at a stretch without tiring. No other thing we can do approaches the level of variation with low energy investment that the small mouth noises do. A person using a deaf-and-dumb language is exhausted after forty-five minutes. But a problem with the small mouth noises mode of communication is: I have a thought, I look in a dictionary that I have created out of my life experience, I map the thought onto the dictionary, I make the requisite small mouth noises, they cross physical space, they enter your ear, you look in your dictionary, which is different from my dictionary, but if we speak what we call ‘the same language’ it will be close enough that you will ‘sort of’ understand what I mean. Now if I don’t say to you, ‘what do I mean?’ you and I will go gaily off in the assumption that we understand each other.

    But if I say to you “do you understand what I meant then” you say “yes, you meant that you don’t want to sit with Harry and Sally because their pending divorce makes you uncom”—I say “no, that’s not that I meant: I meant—” So there’s misunderstanding because the dictionaries are not matched. Now notice what’s happening with the octopi. There is no dictionary. Both parties are seeing the same thing because my body is my meaning. I become my meaning. And you behold the meaning I have become. I am like a naked thought. Not even a naked nervous-system. More naked than that. I am a naked thought, in aqueous space, unfolding in time. I maintain this is why octopi eject clouds of ink: it’s so they can have private thoughts. Because if you can be seen you can be understood. Well this is a perfect model, condoned by nature, for the kind of transformation we want to lead our culture toward.

    And I don’t think it’s that outlandish. Our previous animal totems were chosen unconsciously and were rather unfortunate, I think: I take the totem of the 19th century to be, um, the horse, expressed as the steam engine. And the totemic animal of the 20th century is the raptor, the bird of prey, expressed as supersonic fighter aircraft, which is just, you know, the leanest, meanest machine you can get together these days. But these mammalian and avian images are too close to the rapacious heart of the primate inside us; embracing an image of the soul like that of the octopi is permission for a strange and alien kind of beauty to be let into our lives. Terence McKenna

    Perhaps the concealing cloud of black ink that an octopus can eject is the octopus equivalent of “f… it – I’m outta here!”.

  • Just in.


    Muslim mental illness, Islamophobia, Christian crusades, truth & mercy, revenge, & preverted doomsdayers – all irrevocably linked.

    Zionist Israeli peeyar yuppies guffawing their asses off.

    Sigmund Freud, Dan Pipes, & Sam Huntington predicted the FINAL “Clash of Civilizations” & now we got it good & plenty.

    It’s more of the old light & darkness theme/game.

    Will that prevert doomer McPherson be picked up, interrogated, & tortured?

    Mayhem, murder, & mad dog Muslim assassins are caused by mental illness.

    You can tell mental illness from twisted thoughts, preverted ideologies, & crazy preverted religious ideas.

    Murdering Muslim sumbitch preverts everwheres, Mama.

    “You better git yo gun, Johnny.”

  • Rule #1 – there are no rules.

    The Green Energy Trap from collapse


    Hey folks, anyone seen my passport? I just had it. Perhaps I dropped it on my last murderous spree? Maybe I gave it to Joe. Oh, Joe went all bang and shit.
    Don’t bother returning. In fact, burn it.
    FUCK IT!

  • @Gerald Spezio – Please answer my question (November 22nd, 2015 at 11:40 am).


    Fuck It! means never having to say you’re sorry.


    Daily Dose Of F*ck It Moments – Join in!!!
    When was your ‘Fuck It! Moment’?
    Susan Sanger wants to hear from you. Go ahead, make her day!

  • When eyes have been opened to the horrors of the systems humans live by, it’s like watching a movie with yourself in it. It’s like looking through a window, pulling back a curtain and watching what’s on the other side. And then…you try to tell others, but they can’t see because their minds are in the groove of a different record being played. You do things that will not cause suffering to other humans and other species as much as you can. You try to purchase things only that you need, things that were made to last at least 50 years and beyond many of which were produced at the beginning of the industrial age and are secondhand. You stop eating off of the food menu that entails the suffering and captivity of millions of other species bondage. You don’t hope for riches because you know that in getting them it takes away from someone else usually through violence. You start to enjoy the simple things in life or appreciating a spider that is still alive outside your door even though winter is setting in and you marvel at their resistance. You start to see other beings as your brothers and sisters. You come to realize that even though you are more aware and that you are trying to make an impact, that you are still caught in a trap. Caught in a trap because no matter how hard you try, you are still in the system in one way or another and this causes great pain and anguish. You still need to drive to work which means the suffering of other beings. You still go to the store to purchase your food, which means the suffering of other beings. You use electricity, which means suffering of other beings. You use footwear that has synthetic materials, which means the suffering of other beings, etc., ….You see your Mother, the Earth, being ravished and you are powerless to save her all by yourself. Your grief is immeasureable. How can you get out? You can’t, so you must work with what you can. Maybe, your life is a testimony to others who haven’t quite got it yet. What scares me is that the less materially advantaged countries are now trying to emulate what North America is doing, which means that they have bought into the album and are now in the groove. They have bought into the sham but they can’t help it because right now as I type, boatloads of junk are being sent over just in time to “celebrate” the biggest holiday fiasco in December. The human mind, illogical enough that we will destroy ourselves for a few trinkets…

  • Z, I dunit already on the preceding thread, like a good boy.

    I faced front for years & years, so I answer questions when asked.

    Who wants to get left behind, hey?

    Yabut it could be a hasbara set up?

    This the first time in 8 years on the net that I posted any criticism of Israel & was not promptly & summarily attacked for vicious antisemitism, Freudian hatred of Jews, & routinely accused of debilitating mental illness.

    Something is wrong heeyah.

    If I post again Guy & Caroline will whack my pee pee, & I’m just trying to make it to doomsday.

    Yabut, maybe I can plead exception, as a “chosen” blogger with special “entitlements” for all my long sufferings.

    My answer again, & MEA CULPA;

    Z, it’s rather simple, & I would consider it so obvious that your question is innocuous.

    But you asked, as in hasbara defense & routine antisemitism attack?

    Israel bought the U.S. government on the open mahket.

    Sen. Lindsey Graham is Jewish Zionist poster boy.

    The Zionist Israel firsters are proceeding with Zionism’s Oded Yinon Plan.

    Israel’s tortured & bloodied Muslim enemies are falling like dominoes, as we watch.

    Israel is a rapacious expansionist state founded on fundamentalist narcissistic Judaism; & like a narcissistic human, they will do anything to achieve their ends – lying, hatred, self centerness, & fraud are endemic.

    The carefully planned clash of civilizations is in process, & Zionist Israel marches forward.

    Much of the establishment analysis is such Freudian flap-doodle.

    Kevin MacDonald’s thesis that Zionism is an evolved cultural strategy to control the Middle East & eventually, the planet – for the triumph of narcissistic Judaism is being confirmed, as we watch.

    You don’t (can’t, won’t, afraid to?) observe the ongoing Israeli land theft in Palestine, concentration camps for the Palestinians, phony gassing & burning stories, Jewish suffering & more Jewish suffering, butchery of Muslim children, constant lying intrigue, torture, mayhem & murder – out of cultured Isra-hell?

    You need me to tell you?

    The sickest culture ever devised by mankind, Zionism, is winning hands down by control from the top.

    Hilarious is pol poster girl, & Cruz & Rube-io cheerfully & openly let their Israeli stripes hang out.

    Like the ff colossus, the pathological narcissistic Zionist Israeli land grabbing, murdering, & lying machinations will continue until they can’t.

    Whatever you do doan knock the Holy Holohoax with its mythical gas chambers & ovens – Oh Gawd, the horrific monstosity of it all.

    W/o the monstrous lying gas chamber & ovens hoax, Israel would be exposed as the most lying fundamentalist fraud ever.

    Why do think the sinister Zionist Israeli cabal gianed control of both the legislature & judiciary, & proceeded to make it a “crime” to question the Holy foundational gas chambers & ovens hoax in Germany, France, Austria, Belgium, Poland, etc?

    If Zionist Israeli land theft, butchery, lying, & murder doesn’t offend you, you suffer from severe anti-semantism.

    Narcissistic Israeli madness, money grubbing, & all round lying grab-ass will proceed, as we observe.

    There is always the Samson Option, too.

    Yes, accepting NTE can be the ultimate liberating experience, i.e. don’t be afraid of the lying bastids.

  • Great documentary.
    Thanks to all!

  • Where were we before we were born? In fact WHO were we before we arrived into the conscious state? The answers (will probably) come immediately upon our demise, but you (as an individual) won’t be around to appreciate them. You just have to remember right now, and throughout “your life,” that it’s all happening at once – you’re, in effect THE WHOLE UNIVERSE, however your measly consciousness (in the normal state of affairs) is much too constrained and distracted to fathom that.

    i appreciate all the great comments regarding this stage of grief.

  • I still want to care for and love the people in my life. Fuck it does not fit in my life, yet.

  • Surely the meme of the times is ‘Fuck the Next Generation’.

    Use up fossil fuels as quickly as possible producing masses of garbage, moving people unnecessarily from one place to another, and keeping the dumbed-down masses in the ‘developed world’ temporarily comfortable and amused.

    Chop down the forests and jungles that provide recycling services and convert them into stuff and smoke.

    Destabilise the chemistry of the atmosphere and oceans as quickly as possible in order that a tiny minority can have more stuff and more computer digits.

    Expand the toxic industrialised ‘food’ system to provide short-term profits for corporations.

    Describe the rapid poisoning and destruction of everything that matters as progress.

  • Hey, speaking of corporations, kevin, check this out:

    CEOs of 78 companies and more than 2,000 academics sign letters calling on world heads to do more to limit global warming


    (The Guardian) – More than 2,000 academics from over 80 countries – including linguist Noam Chomsky, climate scientist Michael E Mann, philosopher Peter Singer, and historian Naomi Oreskes – have called on world leaders to do more to limit global warming to a 1.5C rise.

    In an open letter, they write that leaders meeting in Paris at a crunch UN climate summit next week should “be mustering planet-wide mobilisation, at all societal levels” and call for citizens around the world to hold their leaders to account on the issue.

    The world has already warmed by 1C above pre-industrial levels. Holding warming to 1.5C would be a far greater challenge than the 2C that leaders at previous climate talks have agreed to limit rises to. Current emissions pledges tabled ahead of the Paris summit would see warming of around 2.7-3C.

    They say that such a rise is: “profoundly shocking, given that any sacrifice involved in making those reductions is far overshadowed by the catastrophes we are likely to face if we do not.”

    Separately, the CEOs from 78 companies collectively worth over $2tn – among them Nestlé, Accenture, HSBC, Lloyd’s, Microsoft, BT Group, PepsiCo, Siemens, SOHO China, UniLever, PwC, Marks & Spencer and the Mahindra Group – have pledged their support to governments to implement ambitious targets. [more]

    [While it’s laudable on it’s face, it’s complete BULLSHIT that they waited for so long, don’t limit THEIR CORPORATIONS in grabbing as much as they can (see for example the CEO of Nestle, who’s been basically stealing CA’s water DURING A PROLONGED DROUGHT!), and are only doing this because their businesses will fail down the road (due to a lack of customers probably). Also 1.5 degrees C is far too high.]

  • Fuck-it does NOT mean to quit caring or loving anyone.
    Fuck-it does NOT mean fuck them-THE NEXT GEN
    Fact is:
    They ARE fucked
    We are fucked

  • David Wasdell, interviewed on Alex Smith
    The Message
    6c is already in the pipe but only if we don`t do anything about it

  • For Gerald Spezio

  • I love Fuki Cafe! Thanks sooooo very much, all of you!

  • Looks like Russia decided to say, FUCK IT! and go ahead and burn up all the oil now. Thanks Russia! Shit, let’s get it over with! LOL!

    SHEP<<<In response to a recent post of yours regarding gun ownership I want to share this ad. It's easy to acquire a revolver. It must be sent to your local gun shop where the background check is done…this offering is of sufficient power for your needs, relatively cheap but very reliable.

    For me, I've decided to cut my wrist when the time comes. I want to go out slowly and consciously. Feel the pulse at the base of the thumb, over the left edge of your left wrist. Feel how close to the surface the artery is…you could sever it with your teeth, if you had to.

  • I haven’t watched the video. I only watch a few .as I only have a small download allowance.
    ‘Feeding Godzilla’,on Indonesia and forest clearance there.I have placed a comment there as well,if anyone is interested.

  • Tom.

    ‘CEOs of 78 companies and more than 2,000 academics sign letters calling on world heads to do more to limit global warming’

    Since they are doing NOTHING to limit global warming, how about they start by doing LESS to PROMOTE global warming.

    Actually, that is no good as a starting point, since not promoting warming contravenes the ‘rules: they’d have to start by rewriting the rules [of banking and commerce]. No chance of that, of course.


    ‘We are fucked’

    I guess it depends how old you are. The reason I am fucked is not global warming, species extinction or energy depletion etc: it is illness and age.

    On the other hand, ALL young people will be fucked by environmental collapse and energy depletion (and very likely overt fascism between now and complete collapse).

  • Get it while you can – before NTE.

    I am posted up until Wednesday, 9:34 PM.

    Apneaman, Holden Caulfield was a smaht little pissant, & he knew the movies were “all phony.”

    Holden tried to warn all innocent pilgrims about Bollywood shuck & jive & hoaxster bastids like lying scumbag Spielberg.

    If only the pilgrims would listen because Holden was right; “The movies will kill ya – they really will.”

    And Quentin Tarantino was such a nice Italian boy before he sold his head to earn his bread.

    My Mum & big sistah read the print off all the slick color movie magazines in 1947-’53.

    My big sistah wanted to be a Cathlick sistah, but she got married to a sailor from Texas.

    Maybe it was the movie magazines.

    The slick movie zines were always in the bathroom or piled just outside the doah on the flowah.

    I would read all about Jeanne Crain, Anne Baxter, Dorothy Lamour, & Lana Turner.

    There were all kinds of great pitchas of lady stars’ big knockers, too.

    The great pitchas of knockers made me crazy before my time.

    My Mum & big sistah knew all about the movie stars – everything.

    Mummah was always repeating, maybe 20 times, how “that” Lila Leeds got caught smoking MARIJUANA with Robert Mitchum.

    Mummah always raised her voice real high, when she said “that” or “marijuana.”

    If you smoked marijuana in 1950, you went crazy as a loon or much worse.

    Here is THE famous pitcha of sinful marijuana smoking in big bucks Bollywood, lascivious sexual indiscretion(s), pestilence, corruption, & goddamn lawyerfish in expensive suits.

    The faces in the pitcha tell deep truths about life in Merica, heaven, hell, legal representation, & brain damage from the movies.

    Click on the first pitcha on the top left – it’s the famous one.

    Oh Gawd, “that” Lila Leeds is some lady …

    Laughing at human buffoonery is good.

    View post on

  • This time there won’t be any happy ending to The Chuck Berry song. There’s no getting off the train now.

  • I expect the rest of the film could be filled up with clips of Ceo’s and Generals and war mongering politicians, as “fuck it” is their favorite line when questioned:

    “But sir, don’t you think we slow down and proceed with caution since this is a risky deep water drill?:

    BP CEO: “Fuck it, I’m paid to produce profits now, so fuck those dolphins and sea turtles.”

    “But sirs, don’t you think we should put those back-up diesel generators above the known tsunami level?

    GE and Tepco Ceo’s in the 1960’s: “Fuck it, I’m paid to produce profits now, we’ll be long dead by the time a tsunami that big occurs.”

    “But sirs, don’t you think dropping cluster bombs across a vast area will kill a lot of innocent civilians”:

    Presidents, Congressmen, Generals, Bankers: “Fuck it, we only drop them on non-white people, commies, the enemies of Israel, and people who get in the way of greater profits. So shut up and full speed ahead!”

    I could go on with the atrocities against the ecology and people,and you could have yourself the longest documentary in film history, but I think the point has been made.

  • In the spirit of gallows humor…

    Doomers for Trump

    Since we all know that at this point the only way to preserve even a modicum of life on our dear planet Earth in the long term is to rid Gaia of what ails her, I hereby announce a new constituency for Donald Trump. Whilst none of the candidates in this election, the next election (or any election in any country) can “save” us, we should be getting behind the one candidate that can truly do the job we need to do: Donald Trump. By electing Trump, we will most likely hasten the conditions that need to be in place to ensure the maximum benefit for life on Planet Earth. The only chance anyone has of surviving this place is if human beings depart as quickly and quietly as possible. Of course, under Trump it will be quickly but not quietly. I think we can all agree that’s better than any alternative. So let’s do it: let’s vote Donald Trump in! Nobody can further the demise of human beings, and thus give other species a chance, better than that candidate. Who’s with me?? U-S-A! U-S-A!

    Donald Trump
    “Let’s get on with it!”

  • OK now my head’s spinning!
    Can someone with a big screen and skills check out the “nodisinfo” site and give me an opinion on the dead are dummies theory.
    It’s linked from near the end of mons angelorum comments.

    I’m going to bed!

  • Importante:

    There is a lot talking about Mother Earth as being a victim of human behaviour on NBL going on- and I do highly appreciate that. But it’s just a rather small part of the universal truth^^ MOTHER EARTH in a universal sense can never be the victim of human behaviour, only human beings themselves can be the victim of their own actions (KARMA). Mother Earth is indeed a loving and caring entity and she can be hurt in some sense. But from a higher perspective, she is the Mother of ALL beings, she is even the Mother of those who rape and exploit her (for their very own bad Karma). Do you think, Mother Earth is helpless ?! Hahaha, no way :-) Here you see Mother Earth from a higher perspective:

    Can you hear HER saying “FUCK IT!” ?! Whoever wants to fuck with Mother Earth will be fucked according to his desires, Mister funny Trump and company^^

    Now, everybody, get over it and take extremely carefully care of YOURSELF, take care of you very own Karma, whatever you do.

    Mother Earth

    Mother Earth is waitin’ for you, yes she is.
    She is big and she’s round,
    And it’s cold way down in the ground.

    You may not be happy all the time,
    You may never be that way,
    Mother Earth is waitin’ for you,
    For that debt you’ve got to pay.

    Don’t care how big you are,
    I don’t care what you were,
    When it all is up,
    You’ve got to go back to Mother Earth.

    You could be blasé with life,
    Only make love to foreign girls,
    You may have a little jet, baby,
    And fly all around the world,

    Don’t care how big you are,
    I don’t care what you were,
    When it all is up,
    You’ve got to go back to Mother Earth.
    She is waitin’ for you. Yea.

    When it all is up,
    You got to go back,
    Way back to Mother Earth, yes.

    I feel so bad, oh, all I can do is sing these blues, yea.
    When it all is up,
    You’ve got to go back to Mother Earth.
    Oh baby you hear what I say?

    – Eric Burdon

  • Tom said – CEOs of 78 companies and more than 2,000 academics sign letters calling on world heads to do more to limit global warming

    That’ll do the trick then?

    Scientist Statement
    World Scientists’ Warning to Humanity (1992)

    Some 1,700 of the world’s leading scientists, including the majority of Nobel laureates in the sciences, issued this appeal in November 1992. The World Scientists’ Warning to Humanity was written and spearheaded by the late Henry Kendall, former chair of UCS’s board of directors.

    and they’re still chugging away…

  • I think we have to remember that the Kubler-Ross thing is a simplification? At the risk of putting a further downer on an already unbearable situation, I think it should be considered in combination with the Sisyphus myth, or if you like, imagine you are about to move into an apartment on the top floor of a five-storey block. You can’t just march up the stairs with your entire collection of tat, haul it through the door, and have a housewarming party, unless your collection of tat is unusually miniscule?

    No, you have to struggle up the stairs several times, each time carrying a small proportion of your chattels, and some of those ascents are likely to be harder than others. If you are ‘lucky’, the fates will cut your chord after you’ve completed your move, but they are just as likely to do the deed while you are stuck somewhere between floors two and three with a grand piano?

    And during those ascents, (and descents) there are bound to be plenty of opportunities for both gallows humour, and ‘fuck it’.

    Just because you’ve already seen that fifth floor apartment many times, it doesn’t mean you are technically ‘there’ yet?

    2cents, ymmv, etc….

  • Donald Trump?

    Donald Trump on waterboarding: ‘Even if it doesn’t work they deserve it’

    A quote:
    “The Republican frontrunner then added “… and if it doesn’t work, they deserve it anyway for what they do to us”.”

    The quality of candidature for USA presidential candidates seems to be at a bottom of the barrel. The USA has begun to listen to the warmongering upfront, no real pretense now. A state in the process of going mad, as we watch real-time.

    The decent stage to Totalitarian/Oligarchy/Neo-Feudalism or whatever oppressive state comes after the burp which will be named WWIII.

    C’mon folks…lets be positive. In USA at least we all know now it is plainly if you vote the guy in, you are choosing to have that culture, and the dark security forces, illuminati etc blah blah can’t be blamed anymore !
    Just so we are clear.

    Oh, we in Afraidia, though moderately ‘sounding’ at present, are not far behind the USA.
    Just sayin… ;(

  • GS – Thank you for your lesson in obfuscation. What is the ‘Samson Option?’.


    Dedicated to Paul Cherfurka et al – and the interconnectedness of all things:

  • Oh shit — Turkey just shot down a Russian jet!

  • Just to back up previous Afradian warmongering…

    ‘Scott Morrison rebukes ex-defence minister Kevin Andrews’ calls for ground troops in Syria’

    The moderate tells the conservative hatemonger… yes, read this…

    ‘Mohammed Haneef sues ex-immigration minister Kevin Andrews for defamation’

    and we have these…ackhem.. errr…statesmen(+#@**!!!)…running out of ideas for a sane and honourable way to live.

    The actual truth is that with the framing of the world wide investment process, yearly so much credits has to be invested(venture capital) or the value of savings is eroded, and after Sept 11 2001, maybe earlier, 1971 (after gold standard temp suspension by Nixon, end of Vietnam war for Allies) and peak oil 2005-6(says Guy) and the increased efficiency of machanised production, the big end have no other industry that can be relied on to deliver a return in the sweet zone than arms, and nuclear weapons, and nuclear reactor technology.

    Do most of humanity need any of this stuff?

    That’s a debate we just can’t seem to get on prime time.

    Here is what is on a morning commercial tv station midweek here in Afraidia…

    ‘Exclusive Clips Australia’s top model
    November 24, 2015: Miranda Kerr is back in Oz for Christmas.’

    adds adds adds… fashion… Christmas…happy families…pretty glamour people, in your own home. What more do we need…?

    “My skin feels invigorated…”
    Not knocking Miranda, just to be clear.

    Well, I guess it is just choice isn’t it. Choose to watch screens, or choose to live.

    Best of luck species.

  • @Zarquon

    Thanks a lot for “Dem Bones Dem Bones Dem Dry Bones”, you are a genius^^

    Hail Triton!, harr harr 8-)

  • Bob S; – ‘Oh shit — Turkey just shot down a Russian jet!’

    Turkey shoot – perfect timing for thanksgiving!

  • Sorry for my fourth post – please indulge me, time is running out.

    @Nemesis – if you want an example of genius and tritones you won’t do better than Prokofiev’s Violin Concerto No.1. This performance, with Itzhak Perlman and Gennardy Rozhdestvensky conducting, is my definition of ‘peak music’. It never got any better after hearing this concert. It pushes the ability of a violinist to its absolute maximum. You will hear tritones throughout, but especially in the 2nd movement. Being played is the most-valuable Stradivarius in existence.

    The concerto was written in 1917 during the Russian revolution and reflects this. Prokofiev was also writing three ballets at the same time.

    Prokofiev wrote his first composition at the age of five. His mother notated it. It is the F-lydian mode – the devils interval by definition (all white notes starting on ‘F’).

  • @Zarquon

    Excellent piece of Music, Outstanding performance- for an infinite Augenblick it conjured a bittersweet smile on my face, yes, indeed, it comforts me, finally :-)

    Thank you, Zarquon.

  • excellence anyway! Gerald…don’t stop now!

  • Kirk,

    I was thrilled over Ivey Cone, too. Fantastic. I will watch it over and over.

    Now I’m excited because of u, to know I might acquire another toy to play with, maybe roulette style, but the wrist thing sounds good too.

    BTW, I am on a e-mail list of my high school class of ’59. (approx. 100 graduated) They are all so sugary about our days at the feet of our silky smooth propagandists. I send a comment about “Paris” that should have caused quite a stir but not a damn soul responded because it was an article that mirrored their fucked-up allegiances and glorified pompous attitudes. Apparently, they were all flummoxed.

    What a creepy group.

  • It has gotten ugly and it will get uglier. What small part of Homo-S is likable, the compassion, the empathy, the kindnesses, are being bombarded with the evil, sick and violent tendencies all too prevalent in mankind.

    If you held any hope of some sort of “kumbaya”, forget that shit. Humans are not a pretty bunch when they are riled. Steep that with bigoted propaganda, and you get mass-mess. That what we have and there’s more to come.
    Hold on to your cats, Fuckers.

  • If we all descend into WW3, can we use clean bombs to ensure our 2C degree goal is attainable?

    Will nuclear war exacerbate El Nino?

    Are we spiralling into a George Carlin-type scenario?

    What’s stage 7 again?

  • ya’ll don’t get excited…things may look imminent, but we still have a long wait…think glacial…

  • Arctic Ocean Shows New Record Low Sea Ice
    Arctic News
    by Albert Kallio

    Both the sea ice thickness and sea ice area have fallen to new record lows for this time of the year (22.11.2015), even surpassing all of the worst previous years.

    Immense thrust of fast moving sea ice is pushing through at the full width of the Fram Strait between Norway and Greenland. This amounts to huge transport of latent coldness out of the Arctic Ocean to North Atlantic, while the constantly forming new sea ice (as temperatures are below 0°C) is generating heat to keep the surface air temperatures higher across the Arctic Ocean. Thus, heat is constantly being added to the Arctic Ocean while heat is taken away from the North Atlantic Ocean.

  • Inasmuch as the conversation is swerving all over the place, I’d just like to say that one thing that pleases me about this site is the complete lack of ads in the sidebar.

  • Arkansas

    And I was actually considering Arkansas for retirement, haha!

  • I am not sure if my last try posted.

    mt; this surely answers your first paragraph.
    Z, … sampson option? = “The roadmap to freedom is on the internet.”

    I cannot think of a better intellectual gift for the upcoming winter solstice than John Weir’s short piece about unrestrained inquiry & real freedom.

    “Do not block the way of inquiry.”

    John Weir is an intelligent, perceptive & decent man.

    His words are both kind & wise.

    No greater lesson in my entire life

    Weir makes a simple plea for Bayesian updates & unfettered historical research as new information is uncovered.

    If I can research the extinction of my species, I can most assuredly research the “un-researchable” Holocaust.

    Paradoxically, the massive multi-million dollar Holocaust EDUCATION establihment directs us to study, learn, & even worship at The Holocaust’s profound infallible truths.

    When I started researching the Holocaust Story/Myth more than nine years ago, I experienced genuine guilt for even considering such sacred territory as an outright deliberate hoax.

    I have a B.A. in Modern European history with senior seminar on “Germany between the wars” & Adolph Hitler’s rise to power.

    Much of what I was taught as gospel about National Socialism & Adolph Hitler was ergregiously false, & the pompous professor knew it full well.

    an excerpt;

    Since revisionists have been inept at getting the mass of people to believe the obvious or even test their beliefs by taking the time to examine what revisionists have to say, I feel only pity for those sitting back hoping revisionists free them from the guilt and fear inducing story of the Holocaust which is warping culture, religion, and politics today.

    Germans do not deserve the destruction heaped upon them during the war or the burden of guilt draped upon them for twelve years of Nazi government. A dozen years in the first half of the last century does not constitute the bulk of German history. Nor does it define the German character. Regrettably, for as long as people find government pronouncements credible despite that institutions long history of lying,


    Holocaust revisionism, for the time being, will have to be a personal vision quest. Each of us will have to take the journey from belief to disbelief alone. Germans, Jews, Americans, everyone! Revisionists are not going to force governments, or anyone dining out on the Holocaust story, to admit the Holocaust is, in most of its particulars, a lie. Salvation from this emotional conditioning – this brain washing – lies not in the power of revisionists, but within yourselves.

    The roadmap to freedom is on the internet. Revisionist websites are packed with the tools break the mental chains that bind you to liars and thieves who have preyed upon your credulity for so long. Take them up. Freedom beckons.

    There is no question that the Holocaust is used for political purposes by a wide range of governments and other institutions. It is not simply another historical event like invention of the telephone or the light bulb, or the relocation of the French from Canada to Louisiana. Unlike these events, it is being used to influence behavior. Belief in it is enforced by law in a growing number of countries.

    There is also no question that the Holocaust myth, in most of its essential claims, is a fiction. The evidence is piled and heaped on shelves all around me. It inhabits my computer hard drive. The research is scattered in a growing number of places on the Internet and in a growing number of languages. The facts lie in archives, libraries, and in rotting Nazi concentration camps.

    If you are satisfied with what you believe, then don’t fear testing it with new information. If you are dissatisfied, start reading and build a better model of the world around you

  • 1975 /katy lied /…when black Friday comes… i’ll stand down by the door… and catch the grey men when they jump from the fourteenth floor..when black Friday comes i’ll collect everything I’m owed …and before my friends find out i’ll be on the road …when black Friday falls …you know its got to be… don’t let it fall on me…go down to muswell road…gonna strike all the big red words from my little black book…gonna do just what I please… gonna wear no socks and shoes, with nothing to do but feed all the kangaroos…when black Friday comes, i’ll be on that hill …you know I will … I’m gonna dig myself a hole. …gonna lay down in it, till I satisfy my soul , gonna let the world pass by … the archbishop wont sanctify me…and if he don’t come a-cross, I’m gonna let it roll…when black Friday comes I’m gonna stake my claim, I guess i’ll change my name…when black Friday comes, i’ll be on that wheel…you know I will…skunk baxter on guitar…best eveh!

  • steely dan…

  • In the famous history of science book, THE CRIME OF GALILEO, author Georgio de Santillana makes a critical point about the people, who most vehemently hounded & persecuted Galileo.

    It was Galileo’s academic colleagues, much more than the Roman Catholic Church, who were most threatened by Galileo’s revolution.

    Although the Church ultimately tried & convicted Galileo, it was his fellow academics who pushed hardest to silence Galileo.

    Most people know the Roman Church’s part, but nothing about the vengeful assault from Galileo’s own academic colleagues.

    It was the comfortable academics who had everything to lose, & nothing to gain.

    If Aristotle went; they were exposed as petty synchophants & mincing pompous fools – & they knew it.

    Guy, your roller coaster career in academe rings so true here.

    from; John Weir’s “The Holocaust as Myth – Betrayal of the Public Trust”

    ***The Holocaust is a deeply anchored belief even in people who know very little about it.

    We can see that not only does disbelief in the Holocaust myth threaten modern Jewish identity as shaped by political Zionism, but for others
    it brings into question the credibility of those in authority who told everyone it was true: the state, the churches, the schools, and media of every kind.

    These sources are the same sources that people trust and depend on every day for information.

    If these trusted authorities are wrong about the Holocaust, what else are they wrong about?

    What other dishonesties are they promoting?***
    Aye, that is the big rub, & why the Zionist Israeli Holohoaxers are panicked by any & all calls for open discussion.

    Zionist Israel is founded on the flagrant lies of the Holocaust Myth far more than the spurious claims of a divine gift from Abraham.

    This land … belongs to the native Palestinians, & any other claim is fundamentalist religious nonsense.

    W/o its foundational myth, the entire Zionist Israeli fraud would collapse.

    Many of the Holocaust’s most passionate defenders are progressive establishment academics, whose lives & careers have continually advanced & perpetuated the naked hoax.

    The Zionist Religion is cornered by their own blatant lies & deceit, & it’s too late to turn back.

    The barrel of the lethal gun loaded with the Holohoaxers own lies points right back at their devious heart.

    I’ll repeat it again for emphasis; “If these trusted authorities are wrong about the Holocaust, what else are they wrong about?”
    What other dishonesties are they promoting?***

    Climate change denial & denial of open discussion of the Holocaust are one & the same.

  • Highway 61 stagecoach company (Stage Seven WW III Blues).

  • I am really sad to see the majority of posts above devolve into a circle jerk of mutual masturbation and/or cat fights from the usual suspects who think every brain fart in their addled minds deserves our attention.

    I remember hearing in 1992 and when back for a visit to Mobile in 2010 about “the old man in the wheelchair (m.s.) who kept saying, “Get serious about what your are here for” He was talking about life and death, for that was what the rooms I hung out in a few times a week for an hour was all about. Damn straight, we could have fun there, but we knew that tomorrow was a gift.

    I was really hoping someone had some good leads into the loss of main electrical power, into those 3 reactors in Ukraine. That is stuff that grabs my attention. And after 8 hours of very physical and mentla work with lots of positive affirmations to mentally challenged individuals (and co-workers from around the world), redirecting to wash hands, etc. etc. and I come to this forum seeking some info from a like mind and just let me tell you, I think there are people with an I.Q of 50 smarter than some of you about what is real and also a whole lot more mature.

    I guess I’ll just call up my “Lucky” friends at Nukewatch. John or somebody else should have something about it on counterpunch tomorrow.

    To the people who put in one great post, kudos. Ivey Kone rocks, always a pleasure to see or read. My arthritis is acting up, a little harsh for this post, but a person is obliged to point out when things are going downhill.

  • I have to disagree with those that think our Mother can shake this off. This meaning the cancer she has. How do we know for sure that She won’t end up barren, so full of toxins that She cannot right herself. Just like humans we have parasites that live within us, some are good and keep us in balance like the good bacteria and our whole system is always keeping us in homeostasis. Until…it can’t and then disease takes over. We don’t know for sure if Mother Earth can revert back to sustaining life on Earth. Any kind of life. People just assume, but we don’t know. All of our guesses are just hypothesis. Maybe She will just become another barren devoid Planet. We are cancer, we became cancer, we are just like cells that mutated. This is my hypothesis…

  • @ Teresa Yes, James lovelock has said this before that Gaia the living planet is now old and she may not successfully recover from us once we’re all gone.

  • Hi Jay, thanks for the info, but in Her case age has nothing to do with it…

  • Well, She kept right on truckin’ after all those effin’ cyanobacteria effed up her atmosphere with all their O2 shit. We don’t know what will happen next, but it’s not all about us, is it? She’ll come up with something cool – look what she has come up with since the Oxygen Catastrophe. Think we can outdo the Cyano Boys? Not effin’ likely.

  • Not to mention that She has all the time in the world…

  • Inside the cave, the tour guide points to a stalactite, “And here we have a formation that has been growing drip by drip for well over 100,000 years.” When the tour moves on a laggard child enters the forbidden zone and pushes against stalactite which crashes to the cave floor. We are the child and the stalactite is the ecosystem. It will likely reform drip by drip after we’re gone.

  • If we keep adding stages to dealing with impending death, maybe we can postpone death indefinitely. Let’s not stop at 7 stages. How about 70 or 700 or 70,000? Who has time to die when there are so many stages to pass through first?

  • I mentioned this issue a couple of weeks ago. The mainstream economists,
    Krugman,etc., when it is proved to them that it is impossible to continue
    economic growth forever,resort to the claim that future economic growth
    will not require material resources. Dreamland stuff.

  • As far as I have heard, there is a hypothesis about what kind of life could and couldn’t reemerge on the earth if life was knocked back to its simplest forms and had to start all over again. The hypothesis points to how long there is until the sun starts expanding as it dies, which would first burn off the earths atmosphere and water, and then eventually swallow it entirely. The theory goes that there isn’t enough time left before the sun begins this process to ever evolve life back into complex forms again, based on how long we know that it took for complex life to evolve to complex states in the earth’s past history.

    In a nutshell, there isn’t enough time to reform complex life again (from simple forms back to complex forms like us) before the sun expands and the game is over here permanently on this planet. Some people aren’t aware that the sun will do this some millions of years in the relatively near future. I don’t remember the exact numbers for the timelines, but they are out there if you care to research the concept.

    Mother earth wasn’t ever going to be here forever. Some have proposed that there simply might not be enough time left to reform back into complex life again if we knock it back too far. [sarc] Nice job there humans. [/sarc] :(

  • I posted this: Again reminding that methane effect + actual CO2 comes in at around 650 ppm CO2. The cars need to stop. The busses need to stop. The plane flights need to stop. All the coal fired plants need to stop. Anybody wanting profit to impress their wife or their mum or whoever needs to stop. The factory farmed meat eating needs to stop. The whole business needs to stop. But muh stuff……..tho……

    My friend with kids tells me: “You are having a nervous breakdown”…
    Uhm..yeah…sure…I had my nervous breakdown like 3 years ago. Now everyone else is projecting their nervous breakdown onto me.

    My other friend in NYC is carrying on like I am NIMBY or something. Like peeps in NYC tea parties have valid claims to make about anything.

    I’ve made my position quite clear that we need to be living like poor Cambodians. Now. Starting tonight. But muh psychological projection tho…..

    And I still have my reasons to hate Counterpunch no matter how many links to them get posted. I always recommend Dissident Voice over that mess. Or Countercurrents. Althogh Countercurrents is now horrified at all the Hindu anti-meat eating in India even though their columns regularly call for some kind of action, any action, god help us all, to prevent runaway climate change.
    ANd I am sure that the earth will be fine in a few thousand circles of the sun. Deep time operates on scales humans can barely fathom. Other things will come along. And maybe they’ll get a better handle on the Dark Matter and Dark Energy and the multiverse and the Gravitatinal Waves from the dawn of the Universe and the Quantum wildness. Let’s just hope we don’t turn into fossilized carbon in amounts they can did up and burn like a pack of drooling monkeys.

    Further, and again, We humans – *are* not cancer – are not *like* cancer.
    But our stupid political systems, financial religion, heirarchies and patriarchies are pathological obscenities. And again, if you are off on the tangent that all humans are cancer cells, I suggest you quit your paying gig and get out and see the world before it’s fully radioactive burnt up and gone.

    Cheers and Good Day

  • I have to disagree with those that think our Mother can shake this off. This meaning the cancer she has… Just like humans we have parasites that live within us, some are good and keep us in balance like the good bacteria and our whole system is always keeping us in homeostasis… Maybe She will just become another barren devoid Planet. We are cancer, we became cancer, we are just like cells that mutated. This is my hypothesis…

    You don’t understand that “Mother” isn’t reduced to the tiny imagination, the poky timeframe of some rather funny bipeds somewhere out there in the milkyway :-) “Mother” is a universal principle throughout the whole KOSMOS. Maybe some greedy, cancerlike capitalists are able to kill this planet we live on (btw: I am no cancerlike capitalist, not everyone is a cancerlike capitalist at all^^). But what then? Universal MOTHER lives on, MOTHER can’t die, will not die, never. Our planet is just a blue dot in the Universe. And this Universe is completely based upon the principle of “Mother” and “Father”, two complementary principles, this Universe emerged from those two complementary principles:

    Plus/Minus, Father/Mother, Man/Woman, Day/Night, Life/Death, Light/Darkness, Health/Desease, Good/Evil, Matter/Antimatter, Luminent Matter/Dark-Matter, Galaxy Clusters/Voids, Time/Eternity, Tonal/Nagual, Yin/Yang and so on and so on, you can expand this complementary principle infinitely, where ever you go throughout the whole Universe :-)

    No, MOTHER will never die. EXTINCTION-EVOLUTION IS A UNIVERSAL PRINCIPLE throughout the whole Universe, Extinction is a necessity for Evolution, there is NO EVOLUTION WITHOUT EXTINCTION (btw there have been already 5 major extinction events on the planet, without any human responsibility at all, MOTHER IS NO SISSY, muhahaha^^):

  • Sorry, I forgot the final sum up of my last comment:

    Mother says:

    FUCK IT! And that’s what I say:

    FUCK IT!

    Muhahaha 8-)

  • Dedicated to Zarquon:

    They were striving for power and have been tricked by a Trickster

    They killed the first One and found themselves fucking with the second One

    Hahaha, the best Laugh is the Last One


  • Nemesis,
    ‘There is no evolution without extinction’,in upper case letters.
    A pedantic comment that will no doubt be ignored by most, but that statement is not correct. There are many examples I could give,but populations of birds or mammals can become geographically isolated for some reason,neither become extinct,and over long periods of time,develop in different ways,(specializing in a particular food source ,for example,or sexual selection in one population causing the population to develop different ways) and those populations gradually become different species.

    I think Guy must be driven insane at times at some of the nonsense that
    appears on his website.

  • @David Higham

    If you don’t like “Extinction”, just call it DEATH.

    There is no Life without Death, is there?^^

    Anyway, this Planet Earth might die, but the KOSMOS goes on. I am not bound to Earth, I am bound to the KOSMOS :-)

    I think Guy must be driven insane at times at some of the nonsense that appears on his website.”

    So, if you don’t like my comments, I am proud to present my message within two simple words:

    Fuck it.

  • @David Higham

    Apart from that I am shure that Guy McPherson won’t go insane about my comments, he feels the same like I do, he is no loser, no sissy, he got COCHONES, COSMIC COCHONES :-)

  • Dedicated to TRITON:

    The world is too much with us; late and soon,
    Getting and spending, we lay waste our powers;—
    Little we see in Nature that is ours;
    We have given our hearts away, a sordid boon!
    This Sea that bares her bosom to the moon;
    The winds that will be howling at all hours,
    And are up-gathered now like sleeping flowers;
    For this, for everything, we are out of tune;
    It moves us not. Great God! I’d rather be
    A Pagan suckled in a creed outworn;
    So might I, standing on this pleasant lea,
    Have glimpses that would make me less forlorn;
    Have sight of Proteus rising from the sea;
    Or hear old Triton blow his wreathèd horn.

    – William Wordsworth

  • @LWA

    There is plenty of time. The Sun is just at middle age, with ~5 billion years still to go before it inflates to crisp the planet. Life arose within one billion years of the accretion of the Earth from the solar nebula, and humans arrived about 4 billion years later. So there is still plenty of time for life to re-arise, even if by some miracle we were able to sterilize the entire planet down to the microbial life that apparently lives several kilometers down in the Earth’s crust. Life seems inevitable. At the very least it’s hard to stop – even by over-brained, bipedal animals with a God-conceit.

  • The finches of the Galapagos Islands is probably the most well known example of geographical isolation of populations leading to the development
    of different species,in that case the main selection criterion being the food source,as the differing main food source on the various islands led to
    the development of greatly different specialised beak structures.

  • Paul,
    We should check this out ,as I know that I read somewhere that the early stages of the ‘Death Cycle ‘ of the sun would render the planet uninhabitable in 500 million years. I’m mainly concerned about it because
    I’m not sure whether to buy the next lot of bananas green or not.

  • @david higham

    You don’t seem to get the message of Guy McPherson right:

    EXTINCTION, DEATH. You can complain about it, you can make comments about it, you can feel sad about green bananas, if you like, but you can’t stop it. So climb the 7th stage and say:

    Fuck it.

    Dedicated to this thread, the 7th stage:

  • Just to avoid any copyright issues:

    The picture linked in my last comment is taken from Ingmar Bergman’s “The Seventh Seal“.

  • Nemesis,
    I’m not sure what to make of your comment.My initial response to you was just to point out that the statement you made about evolution was
    My comment about bananas to Paul was just a silly joke,as I am sure he
    I am way over-posting. Apologies and good night.(It’s 9 pm here)

  • @david higham



  • The Pied Piper Of Doom

    I fucking love this song so damn much

    Vaclav Smil explains the energy efficiency trap, the intense dependency of renewable energy on fossil power production and how much complexity our hi-tech green energy fantasies will face, as well as how incredibly difficult, long and complex energy transitions actually are for humanity. Because of these factors, he says the energy transition to renewables will takes generations, not just decades.

    In “After The Age Of Cheap Oil” two Finnish energy experts tell us that in a world of scarce oil, every ounce of it we possess will have to meet essential needs, i.e. food-shelter etc., before those of alternative energy.

    To close down a 1 megawatt fossil fuel plant we require 10 megawatts of solar and wind power just because they don’t run all the time. This does not include the massive battery and smart-grid infrastructure solar and wind require. We refuse to even harden existing grids against solar flares, let alone smarten non-existent grids that will take decades and trillions to build.

    Vaclav Smil is Canadian. So is Naomi Klein. Naomi Klein spent her whole life relying on nuclear power. Vaclav Smil says comparing wind power in a small windy country like Denmark — with its international smart-grid right next to German markets — to vast countries like Canada and the U.S. — who have no smart-grids — is ridiculously misleading. This is what Naomi Klein does, I call it lying.

    Klein extols the green energy virtues of Germany, where 50% of their renewable energy comes from burning trees imported from all over the world. Then they use this renewable energy to build cars for world export. Cars run on roads made from oil. German diesel cars burn palm oil and soy oil imported from Brazil and Indonesia, then they lie about their emissions. There is nothing green about Germany. This is lying dressed up as fantasy.

    Green energy is low-density energy in that it is spread out over large geographical areas, i.e. – there is not enough land in South Korea for a 100% energy transition to solar and wind power. There are a dozen mega-cities facing certain near-term severe storm-drought-flood damage and are impractical for wind and solar power. Too many foggy windless days in China and the Typhoon or Monsoon season in places like Japan and India, never mind building a solar farm in Miami. It’s laughably stupid.

    What this means is that the resource intensity per unit of intermittent energy production is unsustainably high in the face of rapid climate change stressors. Not to mention that solar and wind products have a planned life-cycle obsolescence of 30 years. Recycling their component alloys cost more than mining for them in the first place because recycling them uses more energy. Each time component minerals are recycled they lose their qualitative usefulness in our high-standard hi-tech world.

    We are set to double energy demand in 50 years exactly when all resource production becomes more difficult to afford because of low-ore grades and high energy costs combined with water and food shortages in the face of ever increasing climate stressors, i.e. – new fossil fuel sources demand more water than ever before exactly when we are facing water shortages due to climate stressors.

    The energy trap is leading us into a complexity trap where the confluence of crises overwhelms human society. Or, put another way, most of us never knew shortages of energy, food and water, or even shortages of anything. The last time we had just an energy shortage was in 1973 and that’s how we ended up with Ronald Reagan’s contra freedom fighters and Soldier of Fortune magazine. Don’t be fooled by temporary gluts from capital misallocation.

    Without severe demand destruction, there is no energy future. But, nobody wants to destroy energy demand 80% in 50 years when at the same time all forecasts point to a 100% increase in energy demand in those same 50 years. It’s like stealing candy from a capitalist baby. Nobody wants to hear it except for people who don’t understand what that really means. Especially those who oppose austerity. We are incapable of resolving energy -political, -economic and -ecological dynamics. But relax, it’ll be years before peak human slavery, peak civilization and peak cannibalism.

    100 years ago cars were the latest greatest thing, and millions of blacks in Africa were killed to control the rubber plantations for all the tires cars needed.

    100 years later swiping video screens is the latest greatest thing. and millions of blacks were killed in Africa for the conflict minerals all our smartphones need.

    20 years from now eating will be the latest greatest thing and millions of blacks will be killed in Africa as China and the U.S. battle for control of the black slave farms rich people need to eat. The farm land we are fighting to save in Africa is not for the Africans, it’s for the rich foreign government and corporate landowners in China and the U.S..

    There will be no green hobbit shire with dancing rainbow ponies and unicorns.

    Next year, we’ll do it all again. Same story, different metaphors.

    Green is the new brown. Devolutionary Transition indeed.

    It’s all here:

  • 10 Million Years to recover from a mass extinction event.

    The human dead outnumber the living between 2O and 50 : 1 (estimates vary depending on criteria)

    Without death it would be very crowded and very messy!

    I sometimes feel embarrassed for Guy carrying the emotional burden of all the superfluous waffle on NBL, (including my own), it is, after all, his valued professional reputation on the line and his nuts in the mangle. But, at other times I imagine him seeing it as a greater part of the whole experience and letting go of any sense of failure must be a great relief? It is therefore perhaps naive to expect everybody to behave and react similarly under such tortuous and unique circumstances? Personally, I see the whole panoply of comment and behaviour as symptomatic of the entire NTE experience. Any late-comers to the show will be reading a very different message from that when NBL first kicked off. The site, the message, the comments and the mental stability of the contributors have evolved entirely as one would expect. I don’t feel sorry for late-comers, where the fuck have they been all this time?! But, you ain’t seen nothing yet, just wait until we enter the ‘freak out’ stage. Sorry, I don’t expect to be around.

  • Wednesday, 25 November 2015

    Cutting through the bullshit

    Someone, in the midst of the pre-COP21 bullshit speaks the truth and tells it as it is

    Will Paris Climate Talks Be Too Little, Too Late?

    Dahr Jamail


    During the first week of December, delegations from nearly 200 countries will convene in Paris for the 21st Conference of the Parties (COP21) climate conference. It has been billed, like the last several, as the most important climate meeting ever. The goal, like that of past COPs, is to have governments commit to taking steps to cut carbon dioxide emissions in order to limit planetary warming to within 2 degrees Celsius above the preindustrial temperature baseline.

    Yet this is a politically agreed-upon limit. It is not based on science.

    Climate Disruption DispatchesRenowned climate scientist James Hansen and multiple other scientists have already shown that a planetary temperature increase of 1 degree Celsius above preindustrial baseline temperatures is enough to cause runaway climate feedback loops, extreme weather events and a disastrous sea level rise.

    Furthermore, the UK meteorological office has shown that this year’s global temperature average has already surpassed that 1 degree Celsius level.

    Well in advance of the Paris talks, the UN announced that the amount of carbon dioxide already in the atmosphere has locked in another 2.7 degrees Celsius warming at a minimum, even if countries move forward with the pledges they make to cut emissions. Hence, even the 2 degree Celsius goal is already unattainable. However, similar to the way in which national elections in the United States continue to maintain the illusion that this country is a democracy, and “We the People” truly have legitimate representation in Washington, DC, illusions must be maintained at the COP21.

    Thus, the faux goal of 2 degrees Celsius continues to be discussed. Meanwhile, the planet burns. [more; link to original article follows]

  • Since I only get 2 posts per day, I might as well waste it.

    Navigating The Charts Of Doom

    Navigating The Charts Of Doom from collapse

  • GS – The difference between the climate change denial industry and your assertions is that one offers a purported solution and you don’t! Either spell it out or STFU!


    In 2001 I read Jeremy Leggett’s book ‘The Carbon War’ in which he details the behind-the-scenes political shenanigans and machinations of big business interests on influencing government policy circa Kyoto. It covered other pivotal points also. It was a good book and influenced me greatly. Leggett now has an update and it is available in electronic form for free: with further updates monthly including during and after COP21 – He will be there in Paris as he has been at all the other major conferences.

    It’s tilting at windmills of course, by touting all the usual tired old ‘soft solutions’, but it will no doubt be of historic interest to some?

    Here he is talking his book last March:


    I realised I am still wrestling with my own personal ‘Fuck It!’ as unlike Paul Chefurka’s list, I appear to retain a modicum of decorum. When I was posting the links for the various Paris atrocities referring to Europe’s first suicide bomber – I nearly made a joke about Parisien haute couture – ‘Does my bomb look big in this?’ But I thought better of it in case I offended someone’s sensitivities. Rest assured, I’m working on it.

  • Quoting Gerald Spezio:

    Climate change denial & denial of open discussion of the Holocaust are one & the same.

    My comment to his comment:


    I thought we were DEAD anyway, DOOMED anyway. So I just say to climate change denial AND Holocaust denial:

    F u c k i t.


    Isn’t it rather boring to pile up endless doom news? I mean, DOOMED is DOOMED anyway, isn’t it? Can there be any 1/4, 2/4, 3/4 Doom at all? Doom is Doom, Death is Death. Piling up doom news is like dying not once or twice, but a thousand times, hahahahaha :-D It’s like a doctor who analyzes a corpse and then says “Yeeez, this guy is dead” and then the doctor passes the corpse to another doctor and this doctor analyzes the corpse and says “Yeeeez, this guy is dead” and then passes the corpse to the next doctor ad infinitum, bwahaha…

    There is a neat little story:

    Once there was man who had seven sons and the seven sons said:

    Father, tell us a tale!

    And the father begun:

    Once there was a man who had seven sons and the seven sons said:

    Father, tell us a tale!/i>

    And the father begun:

    Once there was a man…………

    Sometimes I got the impression, that there is some masochistic, morbid fun in piling up doom news, isn’t it? :-)

  • They say ‘don’t feed the trolls’ but sometimes, I think they’re kinda cute.

    Here is my special present for Gerald:

    ‘This was definitely not supposed to happen. It seems that an Israeli military man with the rank of colonel was “caught with IS pants down.” By that I mean he was captured amid a gaggle of so-called IS–or Islamic State or ISIS or DAESH depending on your preference–terrorists, by soldiers of the Iraqi army. Under interrogation by the Iraqi intelligence he apparently said a lot regarding the role of Netanyahu’s IDF in supporting IS.’ continues…..

    So GS, in return, please tell us what we should now be doing about it?

  • From Darrell Scott’s The Day Before Thanksgiving:

    “It’s the day before Thanksgiving I’m not feeling
    much of thanks
    Just a low-grade desperation leaves me reeling in
    the ranks
    Just when I think I’m getting somewhere it’s
    somewhere further to fall
    It’s the day before Thanksgiving that is all

    I don’t believe the pilgrims sat with Indians for a
    A self-proclaimed holy sailor does not break bread
    with his beast
    But then again he had a musket and the Indian
    had a knife
    And the musket man could make him eat for life

    I don’t believe this country’s manifestering destiny
    Someone just cooked it up and it is fed to you and me
    They tell us who to love in war and never ask for
    And they cannot stand us thinking for ourselves”

  • Nice Italian boy, Quentin Tarantino, is working on a new screenplay for distribution in the Holy Land.

    He will be using hypertext, Freudian fantasy, & poetic license as creative artistic devices.

    The fantasy film’s title is “Ali’s Inglouriuos Brown Trash Rock.”

    It’s about jailed Palestinian children turning on their sadistic Israeli jailers after cyber space aliens give them super-Muslim powers.

    The Palestinian teen-agers beat the sobbing terrified cowardly Israeli soldier boys to lifeless pulps with the Israelis’ own bloody baseball bats.

    While bashing countless simpering Israeli heads to a pulp, the pathologically prejudiced Palestinians scream; “Deir Yassin, Deir Yassin, Jew boy, Jew boy, panties, panties, Nakba, Nakba …”

    The film ends with a simple sentence emblazoned on the screen;


    Getting your jollies is worth whatever you pay for it, maybe?

    Ahht is a mental thing, Man – you do anything with it, Man.

  • @Generalfeldmarshall Gerald Spezio

    The fantasy film’s title is “Ali’s Inglouriuos Brown Trash Rock.

    I see, “brown” trash, like those shitty uniforms of the Nazis^^:

    Anyway, like you said:


    All films will be gone soon^^ The title of REALITY is much more simple and much more interesting… com on, brownie, do you know the reality title that is on it’s way?…. say it, darling :-) Tip:

    It begins with N and ends with E^^

    So, just get over it and say to brown, sick, stupid, crank Nazi shit:

    FOCK IT!

    … did you know that the stupid Nazis wanted to rule for 1000 years (“Tausendjähriges Reich”)? They reigned for 12 years and then they have been pulverized, bwahahaha, yeeeez, history ain’t got any sense of humor at all :-D

  • @Generalfeldmarshall Gerald Spezio

    You are just in the wrong blog, this one here is about NTE, brown trash and the Gröfaz (“Grösster Führer aller Zeiten”, harr harr) can be found here:

  • Gerald, no one gives a shit about your jew hating obsession. It’s almost all you talk about. I don’t fucking care. No one cares. Shut the fuck up already!

  • Thanks for the video Ivey and Guy! I appreciate hearing AND seeing the different points of view/reflections (even a poem!) from those who shared what “fuck it” means to them. It’s extremely helpful to connect in more ways than just cyber words that are devoid of facial expressions and voice intonations.

    I wish my “fuck it” feeling/stage would include not getting so irritated and depressed by disrespectful people as evidenced here at NBL. This is one of the few places where one can go to find connection with others re the demise of life on the planet. When it fills up with bizarre venom—– in addition to blatant disrespect for the blog host (and other posters who are courteous and abide by the rules)—–it’s most disheartening. I would imagine that is why many drop away . . . . . and say, fuck it.

    In keeping with the Darrell Scott song above—-something to think about:

    Second and last post of the day.
    Take care all.

  • Yes, yes, a blog about NTE … battered & bloody PALESTINE … in process near-term genocide & NTE … ongoing vicious Israeli murdering… massive human suffering of innocent civilians … hundreds of thousands homeless … destruction & rubble everywhere in Gaza … cold hungry children … no food, no water, no medicine …

    Yes, NTE in PALESTINE now …

    You could look it up on the internet, Man – w/ gruesome pitchas …

    search; destruction of Gaza, hell-on-earth in Gaza, Israeli genocide in the Gaza Concentration Camp

    … and happy Thanksgiving to all.

  • Oh great and wise Chief and members of the Tribal Council.
    I “man who lives in bus” propose that he called “nemesis” be immediately put to death. And hereby place my token in the black pot.
    I miss the words of the wise women of the tribe and tire of the constant bruhaha.

    Seriously Guy,if this current thread is indicative of the future of NBL, you can shut her down any time you like.