The Wave Crashes

Herman Hesse opens his 1919 novel Demian with the following few lines.

I wanted only to try to live in accord with the promptings which came from my true self. Why was that so difficult?

And then, about three-quarters of the way into the book, Hesse struggles anew and in greater detail with his own question.

I did not exist to write poems, to preach or to paint, neither I nor anyone else. All of that was incidental. Each man had only one genuine vocation — to find the way to himself. He might end up as a poet or madman, as prophet or criminal — that was not his affair, ultimately it was an arbitrary one — and live it out wholly and resolutely within himself. Everything else was only a would-be existence, an attempt at evasion, a flight back to the ideals of the masses, conformity and fear of one’s own inwardness.

In sharp contrast to Hesse’s perspective, it seems I should’ve been using the flow chart shown below throughout my life within the dominant culture. Shifting the blame is necessary to “succeed” in this culture.

Flow chart dont fuck with it

There’s no better place to be than atop the wave. The adrenaline surges. The view is spectacular. It’s as if you’re on top of the world.

Most people are safely behind the wave, seeing nothing special and doing nothing spectacular. There is no danger. The view, while nothing worthy of an award-winning image, is adequate. Behind the wave, life is good. But not great.

Greatness is found atop the wave. Few people spend time there.

Ahead of the wave, people are crushed on the rocky shore. When the wave is intellectual, an idea is crushed instead of a surfer. And sometimes the shattered idea is joined by an ill-fated dream.

I found myself ahead of the wave countless times during my life on campus. A typical scenario had a few faculty members coming up with a complaint or a fresh idea. We’d develop a five-minute case, schedule a meeting with the dean or department head, and sally forth.

The day and time would arrive. I’d lead the way into the office of the targeted administrator. Everybody else would magically, suddenly fall silent or disappear.

Ditto for my failed attempt to escape American Empire. If you were thinking I’d learn from my mistakes, you’d be mistaken. And, as it turns out, there is no escape. The empire is relentless and unending. Until it ends.

And ditto, again, for my ongoing attempts to break the bonds of patriachy. The dominant culture has a powerful grip. Breaking free means letting go.

Rinse and repeat for concluding and reporting the case for abrupt climate change. I’m a very slow learner.

On 6 August 2010, I posted the following essay, verbatim, in this space. As revealed by the essay, I was having doubts about my decision to leave campus. More than six years later, the doubt has been long confirmed. The essay’s title: “Cleaning Up.”

My office, that is. I was asked to move out of my office the same month one of my articles graced the cover of the premier journal in my field Although faculty members are fleeing my department like fleas from a drowning dog, the interim department head needs my office. It’s the only faculty office in the building without a window, and I’m pretty sure nobody wants the space except the department head’s graduate students. But that’s none of my business.

And this essay isn’t about bitterness, anyway. It’s about the decisions we make in light of an ambiguous future. One of the costs of making moral choices is breaking the strong emotional ties to a prior life. My own future, if I have one, is necessarily rooted in the past. So I’ll start there, recognizing the inherent self-absorption of my approach. Which is nothing new for my regular readers.

For the better part of a decade, I was the model professor, if only from the standpoint of university administrators. I taught more courses than I was asked, completed more published research than nearly all my peers, and had an active record of service to various mainstream professional entities.

Then, realizing I had an obligation to the citizens paying me, I woke up and starting doing work of some import. As with most of the students in my classrooms, the citizens didn’t appreciate me, at least not upon initial inspection. Learning is difficult, especially when unlearning is required along the way.

I maintained abundant activity of high quality in the three expected arenas of instruction, scholarship, and service, and I added one more delicacy to my overflowing plate: social criticism. I began to write for the general public, most frequently in the form of guest commentaries in various newspapers. My first opinion piece was an accident: When the university president refused to answer the letters I sent directly to him, I sent one of the letters to the local morning daily paper, thinking they might pursue it as a news story. They published it as a guest commentary. That very day, the president of the university responded to my earlier letters. And not kindly, either.

I was hooked. For the next decade, my opinion pieces focused on various aspects of faith-based junk science, including creationism, illiteracy, denial of global climate change, and denial of limits to growth. Since most of my colleagues were (and are) swimming in the main stream, my approach allowed me to simultaneously offend my colleagues and the general public. In addition to writing for the taxpayers, I extended my service commitment to facilities of incarceration at the request of a new and soon-to-be dear friend.

In response to my newly discovered commitment to relevancy, and although I’d been the lowest-paid faculty member at my rank in the entire college for a decade, the administration soon ramped up the pressure. It wasn’t long before I was viewed as a pariah on campus, and the dean of my college went so far as to libel me. Soon enough, I was banned from teaching in my home department and my scholarship and service were routinely denigrated.

But my students were learning to think, an aspiration reputedly revered but actually despised at all the large, research-oriented institutions with which I am familiar. Real education makes people dangerous. They might go so far as to question the obedience-at-home, oppression-abroad mentality requisite to propping up an empire. My Socratic approach was successful according to the only metric that mattered to me: real learning. The kind that sticks in your craw after you’ve fed at the trough of knowledge. The kind that gives a person the ability, courage, confidence, and desire to question the answers. The kind that changes lives, one life at a time.

Imagine the bittersweet nature of my departure. Recognizing the costs of imperialism, no longer could I tolerate living at the apex of empire, a large city. Recognizing the moral imperative of living outside the main stream, I left the easy, civilized life for a turn at self-reliance in a small community. Recognizing I was doing good work, and doing it well, was insufficient grounds to keep doing it.

I’m not sure I’d do it again, considering the contrary choice of my best friend. I certainly understand why, given a choice, many people would rather die than live outside the industrial economy. I understand, too, why most people who spend time at the mud hut depart with a renewed commitment to civilized living. After all, culture has convinced most people they have a personal investment in maintaining the industrial economy, rather than bringing it down. And it’s clear to most of my visitors that this new life of mine is tough on the mind and even tougher on the body.

Judging from the overwhelmingly negative response to my departure from the hallowed halls, I chose the perfect age to change life pursuits. All people older than my 49 years (now 50, if you’re keeping score) claim they don’t have the energy, at their advanced age, to do what I’ve done. All people younger that I claim they don’t have the money to do what I’ve done (as if they could not join others, as I have done, by necessity and choice).

Although apparently I made the right choice at the right time, getting out of the industrial economy shortly before it reaches its overdue terminus — and there is no unburning this bridge, even if I wanted to — I have lost a majority of influence I might have had (as well as a majority of the ego-stoking limelight). Suddenly those three letters behind my name have lost their power. Because I am no longer active in the academy, I am not asked to deliver seminars at other institutions. I no longer teach classes through the honors college, which was willing to put up with my wacky ideas after my home department wasn’t. I’ve moved too far away to serve populations in facilities of incarceration. And, from a strictly personal perspective, I miss the inmates and honors students with whom I was fortunate to work. I think about them and their wisdom every single day as I move endless tons of dirt, plant trees in the orchard, and make innumerable other preparations for thriving in the post-carbon era.

At the most specific level, few people face the choice I had. The proverbial brass ring of academia — the tenured faculty position — is a rare find. Once ensconced in the easy life of the ivory tower, particularly at the level of full professor — or any other position for that matter, inside or outside academia — few people would consider the implications of their lives for other humans and the entire living planet. At a more general level, I am hard-pressed to come up with any other person who would leave a high-pay, low-work job for any reason, much less morality. It occurs to me that forfeiting the easy life of tenured professor for the challenge of living outside the mainstream is the wackiest idea I’ve had yet.

Clearing the final shelf of books, I turned to the last pages of my most comprehensive piece of social criticism, Letters to a Young Academic. The words seem a fitting finale to the chapter I’ve closed:

I launch this paper boat with a final bit of advice about the life of the mind: Never take it for granted, for it could be snatched away tomorrow. The life of an academician is challenging, to be sure. It demands stamina of the mind and occasionally of the body. It requires personal sacrifice for the common good, a profession on full public display, and a predisposition to swim upstream against a strong cultural current. It is not for the faint of heart or the feeble of mind.

But the rewards are supreme. You are allowed to live a life of leisure, in the historical sense: You choose the work you do. Through the lives of your students, you experience life and death and the wonderful emotional roller coaster of youth. As such, you can choose to remain forever young, if only vicariously. You have opportunities to serve as a mentor. And, if you are worthy and fortunate, somebody might endow you with that noblest of distinctions by calling you “teacher.”


I was interviewed by gardener and organic original Alan LePage on Sunday morning, 15 November 2015. I joined the show at the 90-minute mark, and the episode is archived here.

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  • Imagine

    Imagine all people as one
    Whose food has run out, so there’s none;
    Although you may deem
    This dream too extreme,
    We soon will be all dead and done.

    Imagine the shit hits the fan—
    I wonder if you really can:
    All the folks dead and still,
    So there’s no more to kill
    In battles of clan versus clan.

    Imagine no one to deny
    A future where all of us die:
    You might disagree,
    But soon we will see
    That everyone’s going bye-bye.

    Imagine the people you knew
    All dead—it’s not hard to do:
    We’ll finally find peace
    When at last our lives cease,
    Including, of course, me and you.

  • awesome. yup, being early is as bad as being late. thank you. right there with you. it’s still better to be free of all that bullshit. monks unite. first blue whale washes up on the Oregon coast in a hundred years. 78 feet long. apparently starved to death. french security disabled 48 hours before paris attacks. false flag flying?…those stoners couldn’t have pulled that off without state help.

  • Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.

    William Shakespeare

    All the rest are poor bastards!


  • Here’s my flow chart, if it ain’t fixed, fuck it.

    Nial Ferguson claims the ISIS attacks are how civilizations fall.

    WW3 has begun. Kill a few white folks and the world loses it.

    Our answer is to kill even more brownies, innocent guilty alike.

    We created ISIS and now we want to kill our paid killers.

    Who wins? Oil and arms. Who loses? COP21 and humanity.

    We’ve nearly killed the earth, now we’ll kill its people.

    We will proclaim success at COP21 while killing for oil.

    We will talk about “renewable” energy behind the iron security ring.

    While the endless lies we tell ourselves seals our fate.

    See Jane kill. Kill Jane kill.

    Mother Nature on bended knee encircled by master baiters.

    Hunter/gatherers used to circle their prey and endlessly taunt it.

    We prey on life itself and humanity.

    We are killers not stewards.

    Billions will die because of our greed.

    The killing has just begun. The misanthropocene.

    Being rich has taught us nothing.

    Our thin veneer is not gentle as we believe.

    The vicious vortex of our violence tauntingly encircles us.

    I despair.

    We fucked up good.

    So, let the dice fly. Snake eyes, we all lose.

  • At university, I watched in horror as the grand plans of my ambitious friends dissolved. It took them about a minute, on walking into the corporate recruitment fair, to see that the careers they had pictured – working for Oxfam, becoming a photographer, defending the living world – paid about one fiftieth of what they might earn in the City. They all swore that they would leave to follow their dreams after two or three years of making money. Need I remark that none did? They soon adjusted their morality to their circumstances. One, a firebrand who wanted to nationalise the banks and overthrow capitalism, plunged first into banking, then into politics. Claire Perry now sits on the front bench of the Conservative Party.

    Flinch once, at the beginning of your career, and they will have you for life. The world is wrecked by clever young people making apparently sensible choices. George Monbiot

  • Most will be caught in the undertow.

    CIA Director Delivers Some Blunt Talk About….Climate Change

    Stock Prices of Weapons Manufacturers Soaring Since Paris Attack

  • Real education makes people dangerous.” – Guy McPherson

    Yes, because it uncovers the dangers those with an establishment approved education like to cover up.

    It is one of the golden trances.

  • I rmember reading ‘Demian’ once, about 13 years ago. It was one of those books that just sort of mysteriously materialised, out of nowhere, as if to say: “read me”. I hadn’t bought it in a secondhand shop, or the anarchist bookshop, which were where I sourced most of my reading material at the time. So I hadn’t sought it out consciously at all, since I wasn’t reading much fiction at that time anyway, if any. I don’t remember any of the content now. I guess it’s all in my head somewhere, like in ‘Fahrenheit 451’?
    This following I wrote down yesterday, before Nemesis’ radical constuctivism link, 44 south’s comment about the internet, or Apneaman’s link to Adam Curtis video, probably inspired by something I wasn’t quite sure whether or not Daniel was implying about post 9/11 (and ongoing) mental states:

    Concepts like ‘Truth’ and ‘Reality’ becoming fugitive to the point of irrelevance, in a huge ‘involuntary’ mutual Asch experiment?

    Every source of information potentially spurious, requiring futile meta-research into the source of the sources?

    Approaching the point where every word one utters seems to need parenthesis?

    Never quite sure whether one is ‘target’ or ‘collateral damage’ in an attack which may, or may not be happening, using technology which may, or may not exist, perpetrated by an assailant who may, or may not exist?

    All of this feverish compulsive mental activity taking place within an ‘external’ milieu of such mind-numbing banality, one cannot help but suspect that it is nothing but a compensatory fantasy?

    All of which is probably so close to what TPTB, assuming they have any preference in the matter, would like people like me to be thinking at this point, that I curse myself for not being quite dumb (smart?) enough to accept official narratives, unexamined, in the first place.
    Operant conditioning?
    Trading tritones with Nemesis ‘n’ Zarquon led me to refamiliarise myself with the Albigensian crusade, which led to me discovering the concept of ‘paratge’, which I never encountered before. ‘Paratge’ is untranslateable but sort of like ‘excellence for Cathars’, and for that reason, conspicuous by it’s absence in the conduct of a crew of venal resource-grabbers sporting either cardinals’ robes, or latterly, a red white ‘n’ blue rag on a pole.
    Check it out if you are into excellence, virtue/quality, as in Zen & the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, and such…

  • “Violence is not a solution to problems, but alcohol is.”

    – Peräsmies

    (Peräsmies was a Finnish underground comic strip. He was a middle-aged, severely alcoholic homeless man living in a landfill, whose only superpower was the ability to fart supernaturally hard. He gained this power as a result of consuming a can of radioactive pea soup. Peräsmies used farting primarily as a rocket engine, which enabled him to fly like Superman.)

  • Assertions to look inward as though there are “inward sources of wisdom” are double-talking nonsense.

    Most importantly, “looking inward” leads to know-nothing mystification & passivity.

    Worse still, the imbibing spiritual pilgrims routinely & pretentiously profess to know what is happening.

    Observe pompous literary academics & muddled-headed French philosophers claiming; “all is human “discourse.”

    … And teaching it to the innocent young in prohibitively expensive “universities.”

    Poor Heisenberg has been milked to death.

    Intelligent people should/must avoid such nonsensical misdirection.

    There is no scientific alternative to putting one’s energy into understanding what social & environmental forces conditioned who we are & what is happening.

    We are a product of these “knowable” social & environmental forces.

    Our own extinction process is objective reality in spades, & since we are part of it, we can observe it.

    We came out of the material world, & all of us will go back into it.

    We are going now.

    In very simple terms how a species gets energy from its sustaining ecosystem conditions all the rest.

    Intellectual & verbal explanations/justifications from establishment professors of economics are preposterously false.

    In a nutshell – compound interest & a continually expanding economy are monumentally contradictory to the Second Law.

    We flaunted nature’s most rigid law, & we will/must suffer the deadly consequences.

    If one wants to be “spiritual” as the consequences worsen, go right ahead – it appears harmless.

    Viewing the universe as an oscillating system, we are now, very much like lemmings, playing out a ridiculously tiny moment in the oscillation.

    The deadly extinction process is observable to perceptive humans – thanks to “clever” & objective scientific inquiry.

    The dictatorial social system’s continual ongoing massive exploitation of material resources is devastating our life sustaining planetary material base – as we watch.

    The CO2 end/waste product from our ingenious tools & machines is ending our capacity to continue spewing CO2 into the atmospheric commons.

    We are the virus/parasite & the living host planet has had enough.

    Gaia is an acceptable metaphor/analogy.

    The Second Law of Thermodynamics has determined our total demise.

    There will not be any survivors to the observable, quantifiable, & ongoing heat escalation & eventual heat death.

    Species extinction in the near future is as predictably certain as anything can be..

    Prepare for your upcoming death as best you can.

    Advice that living now is the best & only defense is wise.

    The Arctic approaches implosion/explosion – objective observed temperature anomalies of 36 degrees F are in process.

    October was the hottest month ever observed, & deadly heating can only escalate.

    Heat & more heat = Hell on earth.

    Powerful empirical evidence for living now at Robert Scribbler today

    “Most ominous, however, is the massive bloom of heat over the Arctic spiking into the range of 36 degrees Fahrenheit (20 degrees Celsius) above average. This heat spike, directly over a section of the Arctic that some have noted could become a hotbed of oceanic and permafrost methane and CO2 feedback to human heating of the globe, is yet one more plainly visible burst of what is called polar amplification. A kind of tilting of heat toward the poles as the Earth warms up. An unevenly rapid heating of the regions that contain most of the world’s ice capable of raising sea levels. An ominous warming of a zone that contains a great portion of the world’s vast carbon stores. Extreme warming where we want to see it least.”

  • BRB, I just gotta go out and buy one more plastic item. Then I will be happy—truly happy. Just wait and see.

  • “Learning is difficult, especially when unlearning is required along the way”…… And, if you are worthy and fortunate, somebody might endow you with that noblest of distinctions by calling you “teacher.” Listen “teacher” McPherson,cut the crap and get on with it already. You are an important, caring person of great strength in many of our lives. I for one would have most likely never have known WTF is going on without you.

  • “Prepare for your upcoming death as best you can.”

    For many of us that preparation involves being still and looking inward. Nobody’s going to force anyone else to introspect if they don’t want to.

  • Carry the fire….

    Tis better the devil you know
    Than the one with the fire below
    Cos dust goes to dust
    So cum shit or cum bust
    We’ll just carry on with the show

    ‘Caution – Wearer no longer gives a fuck!’
    (T-shirt slogan)

  • Callaghan, Helen Thomas exposes the two corrupt leading mouthpieces of the Merican/Israeli terrorism bamboozle.

    Brennan & Napolitano are top careerist whores on the Israeli terrorist team.

    Supreme mystifier, master murderer, & monster terrorist John Brennan says Al Qaeda fighters are sicko preverts motivated by twisted Muslim religious “spirits.”

    Brennan just made the identical analysis of ISIS as motivated by twisted spirits.

    None of these crazy spiritualist Muslims ever NOTICED their mothers, wives, & children butchered by Merican MILITANTS working for Israel’s ongoing theft of the native Palestinian’s homeland.

    According to John Boy, you posta conclude that the bloodthirsty murder & genocide of millions of innocent Muslims in Irag, Libya, & Syria, has NOTHING to do with it.

    Brennan justifies massive Israeli/American terrorism with mystical double talk – it’s all caused by mystical religious spirits.

    It’s a spiritual thing, MAN.

    These double-talking lying careerist bastards are running the country, & they have real deadly weapons & unbridled power!

    If you don’t see the murdering Zionist Israel connection(S); you will always be mystified.

  • I am sitting in front of my bedroom window at 11:30. The day is supposed to be sunny but the sky is covered in contrails and all sorts of clouds produced by airplanes. Long traces. Veil. I wonder if part of it is methane. I know that I will never know.

    I am translating a document for a customer that is all about sustainable development and indigenous rights. And a jet is crossing the sky right this moment. fly, fly, fly.

    the cloud on your lap

    pat: I so regret I had children, in one sense. but what did I know

  • “Write drunk, edit sober.” — Earnest Hemingway

    I usually get the first part right,
    too bad about that.

  • “Work is the curse of the drinking clases”
    Oscar Wilde

  • So u want to mourn France?

    Ask Robert Fisk, one of the greatest journalists of all time:

    “Whenever the West is attacked and our innocents are killed, we usually wipe the memory bank. Thus, when reporters told us that the 129 dead in Paris represented the worst atrocity in France since the Second World War, they failed to mention the 1961 Paris massacre of up to 200 Algerians participating in an illegal march against France’s savage colonial war in Algeria. Most were murdered by the French police, many were tortured in the Palais des Sports and their bodies thrown into the Seine. The French only admit 40 dead. The police officer in charge was Maurice Papon, who worked for Petain’s collaborationist Vichy police in the Second World War, deporting more than a thousand Jews to their deaths.

  • The wave crashes (In The Wave Strike) and includes yet another worthy essence in this the sixth mass extinction (Extinction: Peace).

  • Nice flow chart, Guy. :-)


    I left in love, in laughter, and in truth and wherever truth, love and laughter abide, I am there in spirit.
    Bill Hicks
    BtD- Great to see you back, with another brilliant offering.

  • I talked with mike k about “Demian” recently and now you come up with the same^^

    I wanted only to try to live in accord with the promptings which came from my true self. Why was that so difficult?

    Yes, that’s what I meditate all my life. And I got punished for it, just like Hesse and just like you, Mr. McPherson. I got punished for it in the morning, at noon and in the evening, at school, at home, at any job. Every time I used my mind, everytime I doubted, every time I used my intelligence, my eyes, my ears, every time I spoke out The Obvious I got punished, punished by my parents, punished by the teachers, punished by my family, punished by the empire, punished by the police, punished by the priests, muhahaha. So I just thought I might be some kind of a Devil (that’s what I was told as a kid, that my father is the Devil), a Daemon, a troublemaker. The more I got punished, the more I raised uncomfortable questions, the more I became devilish, the more I became a troublemaker, an anarchist. They ultimately lost the fight to beat out the Devil, the Daemon that’s within me, that I am, harr harr^^

    When Adam and Eve grabbed the apple of consciousness, the apple of wisdom and freedom, they were told by God that they will be punished, that they will be thrown out of paradise and that they will die, vanish forever. And the Devil said:

    I doubt.

    That’s me. I doubt, I always doubted. They told me “When we die, then we will go to heaven” and I doubted. They said “We will all die and nothing of us will remain” and I doubted again. They said “There is a God in heaven” and I doubted. They said “There is no God in heaven” and I doubted again, hahaha.

    It is hard and painful to overcome the obstacles others through in your way and it is even harder to overcome the obstacles that are within yourself.

    Burn it, burn it all, go on, go further and further, breathe in, breathe out again and finally you will end up at the top of the wave, right beside Mr. McPherson, hahaha. We are that wave, we are the beach and the ocean and the sky above and everything else… oh, what a hellisheavenly ride that is, the Mariage of Heaven and Hell…

    About CO2 emissions, global warming on one hand and global dimming/cooling on the other hand:

    One day while walking through the wilderness a man stumbled upon a vicious tiger. He ran but soon came to the edge of a high cliff. Desperate to save himself, he climbed down a vine and dangled over the fatal precipice. As he hung there, two mice appeared from a hole in the cliff and began gnawing on the vine. Suddenly, he noticed on the vine a plump wild strawberry. He plucked it and popped it in his mouth. It was incredibly delicious!

  • At the 91.18 minute mark

    The Curse of The Golden Turnip with Dr. McPherson

    “We flaunted nature’s most rigid law, & we will/must suffer the deadly consequences.”

    Flaunting it would’ve been laudable. Flouting it might be another matter.

  • .
    Guy, I’ve written here before about my midlife crisis away from music and into corporate computer science. I graduated at mid life with a 4.0 gpa at the clear top of my class. However, I barely lasted ten years in the corporate world before I quit in complete moral disgust. It wasn’t just that my job was always to program people into unemployment so that shareholders could enjoy some artificial growth through what was in fact just contraction; it was also my shock and surprise to see how the flunky’s of corporate life are mostly completely incompetent in their fields as well.

    I had no idea that the name of the game was to not do any work, and then to blame others for why things weren’t getting done. The fact that I actually could program my way out of a wet paper bag meant that I was always in trouble for getting shit done, when apparently, I wasn’t supposed to be.

    I just hadn’t understood that corporate work was supposed to progress like your flowchart. Nobody ever told me the name of the game was riding the gravy train!

    Walking away from that comp sci career has left me poor and quite insignificant now, but I don’t think I could have ever remained in that corporate environment … I was always making exactly the opposite choices of my ‘peers’ and wrecking their little shell games by actually getting shit done. What an education that all was.

    So, this is me now … no production or even a soundman; just four guys (who just recently met) jammed into a house packed full of folks, some tequila, and a few too many joints. You could call it the ‘anti gravy train’ I suppose … also known as fuck it … maybe. I have no regrets (apart from maybe there being no soundman onboard the spaceship the night this video was shot and leaked into permanence; it’s actually bad karma to capture angels you know … they are meant to remain as fleeting little moments!)

    Meaningless hedonistic karma …

  • I wish I had known the following a lot earlier in life. I could have avoided a lot of anguish and expense.

    ‘Insanity in individuals is something rare – but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule.’

    Friedrich Nietzsche
    German philosopher (1844 – 1900)

  • Why The Status Quo Is Doomed, Part 1


    We’re like the passengers on the Titanic 10 minutes after the mighty ship struck the iceberg: there is virtually no evidence to those on deck or those snug in their warm cabins that everything they reckoned was safe and secure was doomed to perish.

    Only those who witnessed the damage below the waterline and who knew the limitations of the ship’s design grasped that the loss of the ship was inevitable and could not be reversed.

    The current world-system (call it whatever you like–cartel-crony neoliberal-state capitalism, etc.) is as doomed as the Titanic, for the same reasons: the design of the system is the source of its failure.


    Guy: thank you for making your life-changing decision, else i probably would not have heard of you and thereby missed your excellent explanation for all the “dots” that i had accumulated throughout my life but never “connected.”

    Daniel: thanks for that 2012 Dr. Judy Wood link on the last thread. My wife COULD NOT believe it and right away started saying Dr. Wood came off as a crank, a wacko, and a loony. Nice to know i’m in good company. (ba-dum TSHH)

  • According to the following item there will almost certainly be some big crashing waves and severe drought in the western US:

    This morning NOAA released its data for the Pacific Ocean temperatures for the week of November 9th. We hit a record – the current El Nino is the strongest in recorded history.

    Before 2015 the largest recorded weekly reading of El Nino occurred during the week of November 26 in 1997. We passed that milestone last week. The data from 1997 – The El Nino index set a record of 2.8: (Link to data)


    As of last week the Pacific Ocean in region 3.4 (where El Nino is measured) hit a new record of 3.0: (Link)


    So another weather record has been set. What does it mean? In the very short term it means that there will be some hellacious weather in the US Pacific West/Texas in the next 90 days. It also means there will be a drought in Australia and Indonesia. Other parts of the globe will feel the consequences of the mega Nino.

    However, there is another consequence of this year’s El Nino that is virtually a sure thing to happen within the next half year. A very rapid change in El Nino water temperatures will follow – in nine months we will have gone 180 degrees in the opposite direction and we will be dealing with a very strong La Nina.

    The following plots the changes from El Nino (red) to La Nina (blue). Note the rapid change that occurred from November of 1997 to the fall of 1998. A very big La Nina followed the record El Nino:

    The numbers:


    A chart of the 1998 event:


    This chart from today’s NOAA report is a synopsis of the computer forecasts for the for the collapsing El Nino and soon-to-be La Nina.

    What will the coming La Nina bring us? If history is the gauge, then we should be preparing for a record hurricane season in the summer/fall of 2016, and a return to the crushing droughts in the Pacific West. This is what NOAA reports for the hurricane season of 1998:

  • Correction of my last comment:

    It is hard and painful to overcome the obstacles others throw in your way and it is even harder to overcome the obstacles that are within yourself.

    It is in the midst of November, a much too warm, harsh wind is blowing and it really feels like spring outdoors here in Germany, hahaha (btw, there are some prophecies about cherry blossom in winter). And all those people shopping, all those cars out there are still riding on as nothing were wrong, hahaha. Two years ago, when there was the first winter ever that failed completely during my whole life, I said to my neighbours:

    Wtf, it must be climate change.

    They doubted, they actually thought that I am a fool and set up a “Plan for clearing snow (in front of our house)” in the staircase the next winter. And I said again:

    This year winter will fail again, you won’t have to clear any snow in front of the house, through your plans away.

    And the winter failed again. Now, today I said to my neighbours, that winter will also fail this year again. They looked me in the eye like doubting, but kept silent…

    I always found myself nacked, surrounded by Death from earliest childhood on. And that’s what I thought, that’s what I felt, that’s what I knew always:

    We will die- anyway.

    And that’s what I am told today by my family “We will all die anyway, enjoy life.”. But nobody has to tell me that we will all die, because it is the most familiar, most real enlightenment I ever had, all my life. But I am STILL here, I had to go on LIVING with Death in mind. YES, wtf, we all die, but I am STILL living after all these years of Death and dying, damned. For me, personally, Death was always late, it never took me away. All the good friends I have lost, my mother, my father, my brothers, I was always left behind, Death did not want me, ignored me, but was always there to teach me, to stay in doubt, to go further, to let loose. Death even penetrated my deepest dreams, my most inner Self, but he never killed me, wtf, where is REAL Death ?! It is always with me, but I never found it.

    Nacked. I lost Life and I lost Death and found myself and the rest, a wanderer through infinity.

    Well versed in the Buddha way,
    I go the non-Way
    Without abandoning my
    Ordinary person’s affairs.
    The conditioned and
    All are flowers in the sky.
    Nameless and formless,
    I leave birth-and-death.

    Layman P’ang (740-808)


    Hell is not punishment,
    it’s training.

    Shunryu Suzuki

  • The Evil Empire: ” Ignorance and Indoctrination of Westerners Kills Millions ”

    By Andre Vltchek

    ” Again and again it is clearly demonstrated that Western culture, which the paramount psychologist Carl Jung used to call “pathology”, couldn’t be trusted.

    This “culture” had already mercilessly slaughtered several hundreds of millions of people in all corners of the world; it enslaved entire continents, and plundered all that had any value, whether it was located above or under the surface of earth.

    Inhabitants of Europe, the United States, as well as rulers of the client states, showed chilling indifference towards the suffering of their victims. ”

    ” But this is not how a common European was instructed to see the world.

    The common European and North American is much more submissive to the regime, than a common inhabitant of any other part of the world. He or she learns what is required to be learned, listens attentively what the media/propaganda people digest and serve. Debates are almost always within the permitted framework.

    A common citizen of a Western country devours hours of bizarre entertainment daily (including “news entertainment”). They watch dozens of propaganda films and clips, every year. He or she can hardly make any distinction between reality and fiction, anymore. Such a citizen is willing to sacrifice billions of men, women and children all over the world just for their own material benefits and wellbeing.

    All he or she knows, all he or she feels is (somehow abstractly) is that they are somehow “superior” to the rest of humanity; that their culture is exceptional and predestined to rule the world. All heor she senses is that he or she has the right to consume and to use all the natural resources of the world, and that their government can decide which country outside the Western realm should be allow to stand and which would be forced to fall.

    Millions of human lives lost in the Middle East, tens of millions of men, women and children murdered by imperialism in Africa? Who cares? Who bloody cares? Westerner eats, copulates, sometimes works and then he either tries to enjoy his life, or he fights for much better benefits… for himself, or for herself. Rest of the world is there to provide or to subsidize such benefits; that is all.

    The dumber they, the Westerners, are, the more self-assured and arrogant their worldview. You see people like this in a pub, but you also see them controlling all international organizations, even the UN agencies. Those big, beefy, tall Germans, Scandinavians, North Americans, Brits – speaking with air of a stone superiority to those “agile Asians, clumsy Africans and insecure Arabs”! Telling them what to do, how to run their societies. Absolutely no shame! You would never hear them lamenting: “We fucked up the world. We raped the planet. We are still doing it…” Never.

    No apologies, no remorse, no grand plan for how to reverse the flow, how to return at least some part of what had been stolen and how to stop murdering. ”

    You gently challenged the Empire’s indoctrination and matrix of reality,Guy. Most of us would rather die drinking beer watching TV, than be educated to see the reality which you have shown. We have implant conditioning: once reality begins to intrude it gives us unbearable psychic pain and distress and we quickly take another blue pill! Thank thank God Money we can do that!

  • Excellent catch^^

    RED and Dread, dig it.

  • LWA- “Nobody ever told me the name of the game was riding the gravy train!”

    Did you just not have that album?

  • LWA- Okay, I just clicked on your link. My joke was behind the curve… but that’s a killer rendition!!

  • The poor golden turnip is now an in shock turnip. I sort of feel bad for his listeners.Caller My wife and I are planning to retire in 20 to 30 years .. Guy weeelll I don’t see any way humans will be alive on this planet by 2030.You shocked the turnip and I giggled and now I must denounce and reject myself!

  • In between power outages (blowing a very strong gale in the PNW today, raining sideways) I got to hear Lidia’s voice (on Guy’s recent Vermont interview) and listen to LWA play a wonderful song. Very cool! LWA, if I recall correctly that would be you, standing on the right, behind the keyboards in the deep, dark shadows. Very nice work! Enjoyed your vocals, too. From your shadow image on the video, it appears you might be better described as Skinny White Ass (SWA). Seriously, though, thanks very much for sharing the music. It is kinda fun to get glimpses, like that, into the lives of real life NBL’ers.

    Also, thanks BtD! I really miss the more frequent limericks. For those seeking gift ideas for all your doomer friends, don’t forget BtD’s great novel, ‘Limericks of DOOM’! Five freaking stars!

  • Coral Bleaching at Molokini Crater

  • I’m 66 and very healthy for my age. I eat a healthy vegetarian diet, and work at keeping fit by maintaining a regular workout schedule. So I figure I might make 90 (or I could die before finishing this post). 25 years or so takes me to 2040, which if Guy is right, I will then be able to witness the last act of the human destruction of most of life here,including ours.

    Part of me would like to last long enough to see it happen. Out of all the humans that ever lived, should we consider ourselves to be honored to be among those alive at the end?

    If it unfolds such that I am alive then, the real challenge on a personal level will be choosing the right time to exit, a time just as things are getting nasty. By the age of 90, my physical ability will be very limited, so knowing when to pull the plug, and having the ability to do it in skillful, non-violent manner will be the most important thing for me.

  • When I think of waves these days, I think about the effects of waves (new and improved what with more open water) in the Arctic, smashing up new ice, heat turn over, and my “favourite” coastal erosion of Arctic ocean coastline.

    But what has my curiosity aroused is the new “rogue” el nino. The graph today on Scribbler that also was shown by Beckwith just arrested my brain. Should be some interesting back and forth in climate sites about how high it will peak, but also (of more interest to me) will it be a normal oscillation of nino to nina, or something completely different coming out of the box, with a shortening in time or intensity of the nina. Maybe Dr. Jennifer Francis will find and explain a second new disruption to atmospheric dynamics, who knows?

    After the new “normal” of drunken meandering jet streams, what if we have a drunken meandering el nino who won’t listen to the bartender yelling “Last Call” and is too large for the weather police. Or what if the el nino and that blob off Californina and north go carnal and birth a child el nino process in the Atlantic.

  • The Baltic Dry Index staged a recovery mid-year, hopefully rising amid promises of stability in China and an ‘escape’ velocity USA. All that centrally-planned hope and hype faith has been eviscerated on the altar of economic reality. With no ability to directly manipulate the Baltic Dry Index to ‘pretend’ everything is awesome, it remains among the best ‘real’ indicators of the state of the global economy… and it’s in the toilet…

  • We are all a bunch of ego maniacs until we land on our backsides from some of the decisions that we make. Ever look back on something and say “What the hell was I thinking?”. There’s no rhyme or reason for some of the roads we decide to take, just the games and stories that we play with ourselves in acting out our lives. We only know what we have been taught by those we have indirectly or directly taught us. We build on it, sometimes we question it and then, sometimes we decide to take a completely different path for reasons known only to our calculating subconscious mind. Sometimes our “fall from grace” can be within a professional setting, a family, between friends, but however the fall comes, it’s because of something we believed that was holding our story together for whatever reasons we wanted that particular story. Getting kicked out of the “pack” is a lonely road. It makes us look at ourselves, which in itself is mystifying. Sometimes it makes us regret certain decisions because of the now “suffering” we face, until we realize that some of the “suffering” is in our own minds. Everyone suffers something. I was reading an article some time ago about the idea of having a choice to put your life’s troubles in a hat and then pick someone’s else’s…most people wouldn’t do it because we would find it easier to deal with what we are dealing with. We are working on it. We are a work, hopefully in progress… The hardest part in going forward is forgiving yourself for any perceived screw ups that you believe you made. It’s life, we aren’t just perhaps 50 years away from death but just one breath. That’s the only wake up call anyone needs to start living.

  • Let me re frame one sentence: “Sometimes our “fall from grace” can be within a professional setting, a family, between friends, but however the fall comes, it’s because of something we believed that was holding our story together for whatever reasons we wanted that particular story”. Meaning either others don’t like your story because it upsets their stories, or you have decided to change your story and others can’t deal with it because then it upsets their own particular part in your story which they were very comfortable in.

  • Teresa – beautiful! And, for me, sychronistic. I’m up in the wee hours, with yet another early morning wakefulness, which is where my personal journey that led here began, almost 15 years ago now, and contemplating, yet some more, the very ‘thing’ you speak of, my human condition at this time and how it actually relates to others, as opposed to some story, or stories, more likely, that we are or have been telling ourselves. And, not entirely bereft by the idea that many of my ‘relationships’ have ended and even actively pushing for the end of some although in the culture at large that might appear insane as they are or were very formative sorts of stories and the sort ‘we’ imagine continuing to take on, right up until death, as in ‘family’ relations. But, in the contemplation of such ‘loss’, I see the potential for rebirth, at least of the story I am living, and possibly ‘beyond’. I mean, it truly is a ‘new frontier’, the sort that makes me wonder if I might be ‘certifiably’ insane by the cultural standards (at least as might apply at the point of any attempted certification. Anyway, it’s like a launch pad, this part of the journey, I feel from your writing you must also, in some sense of your own, be on. Thanks for sharing that, it made me feel less alone in these wee hours. Have a good ‘launch’, if I am correct!

  • The heat is rising here in Afraidia, wildfires are starting very early in the summer season.

    ‘Firefighters ready to defend properties as South Australia faces another day of extreme weather’

    “Extreme pre-summer temperatures continue in SA
    Temperatures have exceeded 40 degrees Celsius in many parts of the state, including Adelaide where the mercury soared above 40 C by mid-afternoon….
    “On Thursday, temperatures will exceed 40 C in the north and east of South Australia ahead of a cool change,” meteorologist Matt Collopy said.”

    ‘South Australia heatwave triggers severe bushfire warnings’

    “South Australia is set to swelter as temperatures rise across the state and emergency services go on high alert.

    Temperatures in Adelaide will hit 34C and 38C on Tuesday and Wednesday, and will go even higher in some country centres.
    Coober Pedy and Marla, in South Australia’s north, are set to cop the worst of the hot blast, with temperatures reaching 43C and 45C degrees on Wednesday and Thursday.
    A severe bushfire risk has been declared in two South Australian districts.
    Very hazardous fire weather conditions are forecast for the northwest pastoral and the west coast and locals are advised to activate their bushfire survival plans.”

    It remains to be seen what the peak summer tempts are going to be here in Afraidia, which is Mid January 2016.

    Like my mum used to do, a few damp facecloths, some cold water in buckets, and a fan. One needs carbon fuel to run the fan however.

    Keep u all posted….eerrr…internetted.

  • Oh…just track the heat.

    Summary Wed 18; Thur;19 Fri;20 Sat;21 Sun;22 Mon;23 Tue; Wed 24.

    Maximum 43°C 45°C 36°C 30°C 33°C 35°C 40°C
    Minimum 23°C 26°C 22°C 15°C 16°C 17°C 20°C
    Chance of Rain 5% 5% 5% 5% 5% 5% 20%
    Rain Amount < 1mm < 1mm < 1mm < 1mm < 1mm < 1mm < 1mm
    UV Index Extreme Extreme Extreme Extreme "

    Some sound to go with it too.

    Icehouse – Great Southern Land

    No matter how Afraid people get here, Afraid of each other, Nature, and…well…life itself, the land is something special.
    Just sayin…;)

  • From The Great White Con website:

    About The Great White Con

    On Sunday September 8th 2013 the Mail on Sunday (and the Mail Online) published an article about Arctic sea ice which we feel was “economical with the truth“.
    According to the Mail:

    A chilly Arctic summer has left nearly a million more square miles of ocean covered with ice than at the same time last year – an increase of 60 per cent.

    On the same day The Telegraph Online published a similar article.

    We think that’s all part of the “Great White Con”.

    Here we set out to put the record straight.

    I’ve mentioned this anomaly before and didn’t get any takers so I’ll try again…

    Both the volume and the surface cover of Arctic sea ice were on target to become record lows this year – but it didn’t happen and something weird happened in early-mid August to adjust the trend.

    Check this out: and see the third graph from the top:
    DMI Arctic sea ice volume
    original source:

    You’ll see the curve for 2015 (black line) is headed for a new minimum, or close second, and then it changes direction in early August. To my mind this doesn’t happen naturally in complex systems unless you have a major outside event such as a volcano or an earthquake etc which, as far as I am aware, didn’t happen? So what did happen? Don’t forget, this occurred at a time of record high sea and air surface temperatures.

    You will notice the 2015 curve between the 2011 and 2012 datasets; the two previous lowest minimums. You will also notice that a similar ‘weirdness’ happened in 2013 and 2014, but not to the same extent. The curves for 2011 and 2012 appear ‘natural’. After that, your guess is as good as mine.

    My guess is that either:

    The data is being fucked with?
    The ice is being fucked with?

    Can someone with scientific credentials get this over to Paul Beckwith for his comments before he increases his frequent-flyer miles or has another child, or both!

    “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.” Upton Sinclair

  • Wow, got unbanished from reddit already. dunno wut2say

    Every day I wake up and try to scare the piss outta grown children.

    Next I will contrast earth’s political-economic heat engine collapse.

    Then whip it into a doomer delight of cascading ecological collapse.

    And Viola, Bon Apetirf

    There’s No Such Thing As ISIS

    Zoo On Netflix
    Predatory Mega Fauna Bite Back

  • Write Dunk Eddit Sober

  • A controlled study has confirmed that alcohol increases creativity. (Jarosz et al., 2012: “Uncorking the Muse: Alcohol Intoxication Facilitates Creative Problem Solving”).

  • Now Zarquon don’t pick on Paul Beckwith(for flying) . . that man rocks!!! Besides, who else pronounces Guy’s (G–ee, hard G) name in a way that is guaranteed to make you smile? Love that!!!
    Seriously, he is amazing. He presents the worst of news in a way that is actually digestible, accessible and at times (of all things) funny. Heck, he’s used oversized chess boards and cats chasing cat food as backdrops for imparting the latest science. Wish he were my doctor as I imagine he could deliver a horrid prognosis in a way that wouldn’t make me walk away like a defeated zombie.
    Congratulations on your new web site Paul! And please keep doing what you’re doing.

  • @mrogness says: “Should be some interesting back and forth in climate sites about how high it will peak, but also (of more interest to me) will it be a normal oscillation of nino to nina, or something completely different coming out of the box, with a shortening in time or intensity of the nina. Maybe Dr. Jennifer Francis will find and explain a second new disruption to atmospheric dynamics, who knows?”

    Wondering about all that myself . . . can someone ask Dr. Francis? Or Paul B.? Yes, yes I know it makes no difference in the face of NTE but I am still curious.
    From what I gather, all bets/predications are off since this is uncharted territory.

    @Theresa, great post! Well said.

    @ Ozman—thanks for the update from Afraidia. It’s interesting (albeit pulse rate increasing) to get real time reports from people in different parts of the world regarding the affects of AGW and habitat destruction.
    Many people are dying from falling trees in the U.S. ( The winds are roaring as I type . . . . sky darker than I’ve ever recalled . . . . . very ominous. These gale force windy days becoming commonplace.

    Take care . . all of us . . . . . and be kind (as far as I know most here aren’t starving yet— making kindness easier).

  • back to the bat cave robbin! the riddler has been drinking again! hey Guy, if it’s no imposition, I’d like to come and help you on the mud hut…I’m going to start walking now! so I guess i’ll see you in may. you have plenty of time to stop me. I assure you I’m harmless.

  • Since I wasn’t “looking inward” for my true self, I looked back at the TRUE NEWS/true history & the bloody Israeli butchery of THOUSANDS of captive Palestinians in the Gaza Concentration Camp.

    ON YOUR OWN – check out the Israeli massacres of DEFENSELESS PALESTINIAN WOMEN & CHILDREN calculatingly orchestrated during the Yuletide shopping gorge in 2008, including grisly photos.

    Paris is true horror, but the Gaza Massacres are is phantasmagorical horror, especially the NUMBERS

    The kindly cultured Israelis used supersonic jets, bombs, snipers, Tanks, 155 mm cannons …

    4500 Palestinians were murdered in cold blood, including women & children

    TEN THOUSAND innocents wounded & maimed

    Israel’s vicious butchery in Gaza continued in the summer of 2014 with 2500 Palestinians murdered & thousands more maimed.

    No reporters were ALLOWED at both MASSACRES with essentially NO coverage, so most fat & happy Gringos don’t have a clue.

    BUT watch out for “hidden” misdirection from undercover Israeli websites.

    Implementing its Dahiya doctrine of disproportionate force, Israel deliberately attacked entire civilian areas in Gaza, targeting homes, schools, hospitals and mosques in an attempt to inflict as much human suffering as possible. The Commission appointed by UN Human Rights Council and many reputable human rights organisations have documented how Israel contravened international law and repeatedly carried out war crimes.

    Gaza remains under siege as Israel implements against it a policy described by Israeli historian Ilan Pappe as “incremental genocide.” Israel’s often deadly attacks on Palestinians continue. Most of the water has been contaminated and deemed unfit for human consumption, food and basic supplies remain scarce, and as Palestinian organisations have noted, Gaza is approaching an irreversible breaking point.

    SEARCH for photos (evidence of true history) – GAZA MASSACRES

  • Andrew taylor…it’s simple…5 in the chamber for zombies…one for me!

  • to be “spiritual” or to have “faith” means to live without fear or fear of death…for me anyway…there really is nothing to fear but fear itself. i understand perspectives might change… upon arrival.

  • Accusations that the Israelis gassed thousands of captive Palestinians & then burned all the thousands of dead Palestinian bodies so there wouldn’t be a shred of material or physical evidence are FALSE.

    The Israelis just murdered the defenseless Palestinians with the most sophisticated conventional weaponry – big regular bombs, white phosphorus bombs, incendiary bombs, machine guns, rapid firing cannons, long range 155 mm cannons, snipers on the surrounding hillsides …

    Propaganda claims that the cultured Israelis used poison gas on the defenseless Palestinians are false disgusting propaganda.

    There is absolutely no evidence that the Israelis used poison gas anywhere on defenseless captive Palestinian civilians, including women & children, in any part of the two massive massacres of civilians – “Operation Cast Lead” in 2008 & “Operation Protective Edge” in 2014.

    The total death toll of both Israeli massacres was 8,000 to 9,000 tops with about 15,000 wounded & maimed, including more than 2000 children.

    Claims that the Israelis murdered hundreds of thousands of innocent Palestinian civilians in cold blood are patently false vicious propaganda.

    It is established fact that all the butchered Palestinians were murdered & massacred with conventional deadly weapons, as were used in the recent Paris Massacres.

    It is true that the Israeli conventional weapons were much more massive & much more effective, especially when one compares the actual numbers of murdered civilians.

  • .

    Thanks for grooving on our minimalist and unauthorized music video. That’s the new little group that has manifested since following NBL’s advice to keep on keeping on after my withdrawal from the scene awhile back. We were definitely kickin’ it old school that night. Smokin’ Steve’s little underground ‘speak easy’ sort takes me back to playing music as a teenager in my buddy’s basement again.

    Friend’s mom (calling down the stairs): “Boys, what’s all that noise about down there?”

    Friend: “Nothing mother, it’s just the TV turned up loud.”

    Friend’s mom: “And what’s that awful smell?”

    Friend: “Nothing mother, we’re just burning some rope, that’s all?”

    I don’t think my buddy’s mom was any fool. I think she was just tolerant. Thanks for that Mrs. S.

    P.S. babajingo, I liked the perspective of that site you linked us to the other day. Whether or not it was ever possible to raise the mass consciousness of the entire human species, it always was our only hope. In recent years, I’ve begun to think that the raising of consciousness is maybe just an experience destined for a few lonely individuals. That then begs the even bigger question of … “why, for what purpose does this mechanism of mind even exist in the first place… to what end?” It’s a mystery, one that can lead to some interesting speculations.

    Thanks again for the link to the site. The Beatles knew it: All you need is love …


    Thanks for your kind words about the video. Yes, that was me in the shadows behind the keys. Smokin’ Steve’s Blues Underground keeps things pretty simplistic with his two ‘Radio Shack disco lights’ and his single strip of LED’s around the drum riser. It’s relatively low carbon music in that regard. Funny though how he always manages to dish out a better time than some of the local clubs provide with their dozens of surly drunk complainers and tough guys projecting their alpha vibes onto everyone’s good time. Power to the matriarchy! Thanks again for taking the time to comment.

    @everyone else

    Thanks as well to everyone else who checked out the vid. I know you went and looked because of the rising view count. Hell, there’s no way the band even has 113 collective friends … lol! ;)


    Loved your comments. Sometimes the biggest impediment to personal change and transformation is everyone else trying to stuff us back into the boxes we previously inhabited. Change scares people.

  • Yes, and these “stories” we tell ourselves and the stories we are in, happen not only on a personal level but collectively on a global scale. We are the product of the stories we have been told. Our societies are created stories and we live within systems of those creations. We, on a personal and individual level can only change ourselves. We cannot change others unless they want to change or have some realization within their own stories. Society usually changes with a collective decision it seems, according to the majority. It starts out with certain people laying the groundwork, many of whom are persecuted for their ideas. Notice how through the centuries ideas or ways that were once thought wrong are somehow right according to what people or someone in “authority” has decided it is. What was truly wrong and truly vicious in past societies we now look at with horror and wonder how it was allowed to be. To look inside our minds is I believe only for those who have courage. To stand alone knowing that others don’t see what you do is like living in your own world. I am not at all religious. I was raised in the Catholic faith as a child and have read some of the Bible. I don’t belong to any religious organization. Sometimes things that were just words pop into my head now and then. You know this Jesus guy said some powerful things. One that comes to mind is “Forgive them for they know not what they do”. We are all caught up in perceptions according to our belief systems. When I see how beautiful this planet is and all the other species that live according to the natural laws I wonder how our species ever allowed itself to get out of sync…

  • hey lwa, great song, one of my faves. love the edge on those guitars!

  • ‘When I see how beautiful this planet is and all the other species that live according to the natural laws I wonder how our species ever allowed itself to get out of sync…’

  • Ozman,
    People here are no more afraid than anyone else on the planet.You really are a fuckwit.

  • @Zarquon, Beckwith has had a kid recently? I haven’t watched all his vids.. I hope not.. Holeee fuuuuck. Poor sod.

    @Caroline, yes PB’s sense of humor is unique. I feel so bad about your trees. Damage isn’t quite so obviously wholesale here as of yet, but I’m only a couple of hours’ drive away from milendia. Being far away it’s unlikely you’ll visit but I’d just like to say you would be welcome.

    @Mark Austin, from a previous thread (and Yes, I know these are not things you approve of, but are merely relating):

    Photoelectric skin generates its own energy. Rather simple, like plants producing chlorophyll.

    Generates its own energy TO DO WHAT? Recreating the wheel in this fashion can only ever be a net loss, as the plants we eat already do this. Do we actually *lack* human power for some reason? If you need to supply energy to some piece of tech like a radio, you can do it with a goddam crank. Unless it has to do with petroleum being cheaper than food (10 calories petroleum => 1 calorie food)? I knew we had jumped the shark when I started to see paper office products like folders being replaced with plastic. Like with clothing.. Quicker cheaper and dirtier to go straight from petroleum to end product without going through any bothersome organic intermediary.

    ART of SCIENCE graphene works like origami.
    Again, to do what? Is this going to feed/pacify people while reducing their population? Is it going to reverse global warming? If not, who cares?

    Satellite phones do not require the Earth based cell tower network. Tesla-sats run on their own solar collectors for long time frames. The satellites deliver direct “signal” energy.
    How many of these are there, and for how long will they be operational? Relying on these sorts of things is a weak link, imo. We’re talking about the entire world being the war “theatre”, and rather soon.

    The lifespan of satellites is what? 5-15 years? Then what? Are your factories for chip fabrication and all the other specialized bits and bobs going to be operating? Right now they’re almost all in China.. Hilarious that we outsourced our military shit to a likely enemy.. see what I am talking about when I say nobody is looking at the human aspect? [But this all fits in with my theory that none of this is happening for reasons that are rational within a conceivable human social/organizational framework.]

    Private satellite phone networks go successively bankrupt as a matter of course. Charges for retail users are something like $10/minute even now. Like any other system requiring fossil-fuel inputs of any kind, these are systems that (outside of gov) will not survive the double-whammy of resource (real) and funding (abstract fiat money) constraints at various levels. Some combination of govs and supra-national entities may or may not be able to further it along for a bit, for the immediate soothing and of TPTB, but not for the purposes of supporting human life and economic activity the way we currently conceive of it, and not as a substitute for thorough understanding and ongoing communication with real value.

    Again, what will be the planned superstructure response be in low-tech terms? IS THERE a planned response for a low-tech scenario? CAN there be one? That is what it interests me to know.

    Ferromagnetic materials are complex structures on the macro-, micro- and nanoscale self re-charge. Being able to create new metamaterials, engineered to have properties not usually found in natural materials, improves non-human operated control systems.
    To do what? Control what? I don’t see there being any “control”, in a meaningful long-term sense, “long-term” being as short-term as a year or two or three from the point of when things start to go obviously (obvious to 40-60% of constituents) and painfully pear-shaped.

    The Ronald Reagan center in D.C. is well equipped with nano sensors, stretchable electrodes that are to be further used in robotics & nanomanipulators, tiny machines that can move things around with nanometer precision. To do what? Who gives a flying fuck what happens at the “Ronald Reagan Center”? The whole kit and kaboodle there just as irrelevant and expendable as the WTC, wouldn’t you say?

    Stretchable A.I. connected electrodes allow for highly flexible electronics and sensors to be incorporated into synthetic skin, plants and most types of animal flesh, such as in Cyberbots and soldiers who have grafted artificial limbs that respond to their thought directives with full functionality. In application we could even visualize such flexible electrodes and sensors being used in (REDACTED for security)

    Bwa ha ha ha ha! Right now we have billions of potential soldiers whose “limbs respond to their thought directives with full functionality” or close to it. And it has cost *zippo* (in terms of any DoD budget, anyway).

    This is the problem of allowing autistic males who have never left adolescense influence policy, and the entire reason we are in such a deep poison/tech mess (as opposed to the “mere” feasts and famines of previous overshoots). [But seeing that that is how we, or how a sub-species of us, have evolved, this un-naturalness is itself somehow “natural”. I still find it laughable and absurd.]

    @Guy re. anger. Off and on, I’ve been working backwards through the NBL podcasts and yesterday came across one from August of this year wherein you all read bits from a letter from AfriZen acknowledging his Past Anger and Recent Acceptance. So I don’t think I was far wrong in pegging his theme song as aggressive: he basically admits as much. Anyway, it was a good heartfelt letter and I appreciated your sharing it on the “air”.

    I think the show has gotten better and better with time, and I concur with the contributors who say that just the opportunity to participate (or in my case, tune in) helps keep one sane in an insane set of living arrangements. Thanks for keepin’ on.

  • Graphic forcing can be useful if cohesively done (The Evolution of Models – 16).

  • was supposed to read “soothing and divertissement” of TPTB… Can’t underestimate the power of divertissement. ;-)

  • IT WOULD BE NICE IF THIS Blog would be so organized that one could make a comment right after the comment-ors post you are commenting on sort of a cascading comment thread like you-tube has it . Now you have to go thru the whole blog trying to find responses and stuff according names or keywords trying to find it thru word searches in the thread it is extremely inconvenient and tedious . I also like to have the links be opened in a different window . any self respecting blog has already a long time adopted these features

  • It’ll all be fixed soon enough, Peter. Trust me.

    EtyerePetyere Says:
    November 18th, 2015 at 2:53 pm

    IT WOULD BE NICE IF THIS Blog would be so organized that

  • From the testimony of a Penan nomad to the U.N. General Assembly in 1992:

    ‘The (Malaysian) government says that it is bringing us development.But the only development we see is dusty logging roads and relocation camps. For us,their so-called progress means only starvation,dependence,the destruction of our culture,and the demoralisation of our people.The government says it is creating jobs for our people. Why do we need jobs? My
    father and grandfather did not have to ask the government for jobs.They were never unemployed. They lived from the land and from the forest. It was a good life. We were never hungry or in need…In ten years all the jobs will be gone and the forest that has sustained us for thousands of years will be gone with them.’

  • In the previous thread, I asked rhetorically why the terrorist attack in France was deemed so much more important than the one that occurred the day before in Lebanon (not to mention the horrific attack just a few weeks early in Turkey). Today in our local paper, two individuals brilliantly explained just [i]why[/i] this is. It’s a piece Guy McPherson himself could have written. Here’s the link:

  • @LWA

    Love your rendition of “Have a cigar”! I can feel it! “Maybe” too late to stop NTE, but it’s never too late to spread the message of Music. To me Music is medicine, it saved my life a thousand times. Rock on, give us more of it!

    @Guy McPherson

    16. what are your thoughts on sectarianism?

    I’ve been accused of having Buddhist tendencies. I take these accusations as compliments. I’m a fan of moderation.

    17. Any final thoughts or recommendations for media?

    It’s later than most people believe. It’s time to throw off the shackles of culture. It’s time to live.

    Love you for that^^ Buddha never was a buddhist, like Jesus never was a christian, hahaha. I know you know that too 8-) Yeah, what’s left in the face of Death? To throw away the shackles of culture, to LIVE. Live up, Mr. McPherson!

    My ignorant family was right saying “We will all die anyway, enjoy life (there is no climate change, no injustice blabla…)”. All I do is hoping that they can take their own saying really SERIOUSLY, muhahaha. It is easy to imagine Death sometime in the distant future, but it’s hard to face it 24h hours a day. Anyway, it’s the most effective meditation I ever learned. Those who follow the path of Buddha have always been experts in facing, meditating Death. Those who realize Death in every second become One with Deathlife. Yeah, it’s neither about Death or Life nor is it about Death against Life, but it’s about Deathlife (or Lifedeath). It’s not a line, starting from A and ending at Z, it’s not a cyrcle either, it is a multidimensional, infinite, ever evolving, ever creative spiral with no absolute beginning and no absolute ending, here and now (I just call it “Music”):

    And no, I am no Buddhist for sure, I am no Christian ect either, I follow my own path.

  • @ Lidia Says:
    November 18th, 2015 at 2:34 pm

    Why did you devolve into such an exhibition of myopia? You been drinkin’? Following Callaghan’s (Hemingway’s) advice? (Of course, with little to no “edit feature” on this blog, that would be problematic, as is often apparent.) That’s not “like you,” I was surprised… after a fashion since, really, not much “surprises” me any more. Nonetheless, if you ever “find” yourself in the general area of Cleveland, OH, I’d bet BIG money “we” could have one hell-of-a conversation. I doubt I’ll be in VT anytime in the foreseeable future and doubly doubt I’d be “welcome.” But such discourse certainly won’t happen “here.”

    BTW, thanks, Zarquon, I’m going to get a 2-week supply of T-shirts printed with “CAUTION… Wearer no longer gives a F#@K!” Then in small print, “Now go shit and fall back in it, you’ll smell better.”

  • “[But this all fits in with my theory that none of this is happening for reasons that are rational within a conceivable human social/organizational framework.]”

    Looks like the adolescent trance has run amok. But I say that if nature abhors the vacuum that the adolescent try to fill, then shame on sober people who don’t challenge them for the space.

  • Cuntagious:

    Thank you so much for the perfect article to thrown into the laps of my high school class members of ’59 to stir them up a little bit. Probably infuriate them. I will be banned but it will be worth every cent of it. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you…

    Those quantum packets keep on coming.

  • To all the “leaders”, the Con, the secret services, the military-industrial complex, the corporate business, the Wall Street, especially The Deniers and whoever likes being in power, having CHOICE:

    You better take the red and dread pill and wake up.

    Hellelujah, come to NBL, visit The Beach of Doom and see the wave crashing, harr harr.

    The Architect

    “ So God created man in his own image…And there was evening, and there was morning — the sixth day.” –Genesis 1:27;31″

    The Architect is God as we see him in the creation stories of Genesis (there are two creation stories). This God has some particular characteristics. He created earth in six days, then took a break, then commenced taking leisurely evening walks in the Garden of Eden. And, well, that is about it for God. He is apparently content do this forever and ever, amen. Oh,except for one more thing. He put up a couple of special trees and told the humans not to eat their fruit. They were the forbidden fruits of the Trees of Knowledge and of Life. And so it is with our Architect. He created the Matrix and now sits back in his comfy chair watching everything unfold on his TV sets. Just like our early Genesis God, the Architect cautioned his charges against too much knowledge. Both Gods say, “Here is a perfect world for you to live in. Just don’t start thinking too hard about why you’re here, or where the rain comes from, or basically how any of this works…

    And, of course, there is the serpent…

    Now the sneaking serpent walks
    In mild humility,
    And the just man rages in the wilds
    Where lions roam.

    Rintrah roars, and shakes his fires in the burden’d air;
    Hungry clouds swag on the deep.

    William Blake, The Marriage of Heaven and Hell

  • WASHINGTON, Nov. 18 (UPI) A third development flight test of the B61-12 nuclear gravity bomb has been conducted by the U.S. National Nuclear Security Administration and the Air Force. The test of the nuclear explosives was conducted at the Tonopah Test Range in Nevada as part of a life-extension program for the weapon using hardware designed by Sandia National Laboratory and Los Alamos National Laboratory, manufactured by the National Security Enterprise Plants, and mated to the tail-kit assembly section designed by Boeing.

    ARTLEADS – Yes, some non autistic, common sense, NBL oriented, Land Use caring, Grown-up person should be in charge of the bomb boys & girls wrapped in Graphene. However the above reported nuclear project is NNSA which is an Autonomous agency with-in the Dept of Energy where the Safety and Consequence Management team is not allowed to have oversight.

    LIDIA – Let’s both repeat this to anyone here concerned about rapid extinction factors. Nobody, not even the elite, has a comprehensive or serious care about sensible control.

    Everything I listed before is verifiable. I was only worried that I list something that might not be found with a simple search. I was surprised a few years back about the Direct Energy weapons. Microwave beams & HOLOSONIC tech is really mentally invasive. Maybe some people want to know what is in development and per your original question what plans there are for temporary control during stage one of potentially planned events. Photovoletric powered HSS might last years but as far as I can tell I am only trying to give you some specific on short term control plans in major metro regions. CHINA already owns large portions of our grain belt. They are “partners” in extensive amounts of USA infrastructure. Xi Jingping is probably only concerned with maintaining a healthy lifestyle for extended family and loyal staff. Bio-gen release, if conducted, would increase arable land space and reduce populations. The Regan Center is a prototypical test space for cyber, thermal & Audiospotlight conductivity. No commentary from me as to why multi-millions are spent on A.I. or Ferromagnetic limbs. I am only sharing a small selection of the developments that you can verify. Do you suppose that DARPA and CERN and other places are working on things with zero transparency??? And If I told you anything you could not easily fact check then wouldn’t I be in equal trouble? Maybe a few people are even surprised today to learn from major news sources that we conducted 3 Nuclear Gravity Bomb tests in Nevada. If you ask then be prepared for scary answers right out of the blue. Does anyone really want to know the next thing they might fire at you? Does it help your plans knowing that there are 447 Nuclear plants or over five thousand Synthetic virus labs worldwide? What are the odds another live anthrax mistake will be made? My retirement part is Friday Dec 11th. I’m loading my car on the Autotrain the very next day. Your right that the Regan Center will not matter when things come into play. Also I gave the warning about Paris right here on NBL a full week in advance. Check my past dated comments here for your full verifiable proof. I was not joking when I warned ahead of events that Paris climate conference security shut down measures were being shuffled around by people who supposedly do not work for the CIA. False flags & Operation Jade Helm rehearsals I warned about all summer. World War is part of the Pentagon Climate change package. I’m nobody. Just a mole with ears.

    2017 Stay away from the big capitol cities. Enjoy your time with loved ones. Argue about anything you want or listen & learn. People with really deadly powers are diabolical, dangerous & possibly dementedly delusional enough to think of global war systems as a business plan. Nothing about this point in time on Earth is usual. Certainly not for the inter-connected ultra elite. “Events” will shock & awe even their mother nature. Sure it’s not nice to fool with nature but these kids were born with a whole other nature in mind. Now let’s run a Taco bell commercial. Everything is up for sale $$$$ Turkey too.

  • After ‘The Age Of Oil’ will come ‘The Age of Turmoil’

  • Nemesis Says:
    “ One day while walking through the wilderness a man stumbled upon a vicious tiger. He ran but soon came to the edge of a high cliff. Desperate to save himself, he climbed down a vine and dangled over the fatal precipice. As he hung there, two mice appeared from a hole in the cliff and began gnawing on the vine. Suddenly, he noticed on the vine a plump wild strawberry. He plucked it and popped it in his mouth. It was incredibly delicious!”

    The bloke was a fucking twat! He should have eaten the mice and then had the strawberry for dessert! Win/Win?

    It reminds me of an apocryphal aphorism from the hyper-inflationary period of Weimar Germany – “It’s better to have a prostitute in the house than a dead baby”.

    When I first read that phrase I immediately thought “hang on a minute, it’s better to have neither surely”? But then, on thinking about it some more I deduced it would be much better to have both! You could turn the baby into a nice nourishing stew with one less mouth to feed and also have a steady tax-free income. Win/Win!

    Most people are unable to think logically, let alone act on it.

    Our morals and ethics are relative to our ability to appropriate energy flows.
    see ‘Foragers, Farmers and Fossil Fuels’ How Human Values Evolve – Ian Morris

    I am inspired by Guy’s flow chart. I’ll endeavour to write another one based on Katie Goodman’s little ditty here:
    Did You Fuck It Up?, I Didn’t Fuck It Up, Now It’s Fucked Up! We’re fucked!
    C ‘mon, let it all out, you know you feel it….


    I’m sure Paul Beckwith is a really nice guy but he would have more credibility in my eyes if he didn’t keep banging on about high-tech solutions as a macabre epilogue to every one of his presentations and essays. It’s fucked – get over it!

  • Not much funding printed for a low tech response. Yearly basic training for first responders. Humans are an important resource for mass marketing. Consumer profit points derived from mass product consumption is the only factor I’ve ever seen any administration consider in plans involving “after market scenarios.” FEMA camps for triage in the after math. There will be a need for useful workers. Chinese container ships continue to deliver the cheap plastic coffins. I’ve lost count. The coffins are in the tens of millions. So many stacked along rail lines for CDC distribution we no longer hide them in Georgia. An alarmed citizens group used to document the shipyards of double capacity coffins on youtube.

    Oil, Coal & all the CEOs of Energy systems manufactured from fossil fuels receive huge subsidies. They learned from the losses that the Tobacco industry suffered not to let any opposition to their industry go too far. “A tragedy in Paris could happen to mess up that meeting” Also “Why risk any sort a binding action at all?” Dinosaur blood T. Rex Tillerson also said: “They will adapt”

    Programs to care for citizens in event of collapse? Honestly can we even afford those after nearly a Trillion is spent on military oriented projects? Ultra security systems and continuity of Government is highest priority. “Let them eat cake” remains the most common joke when FEMA camps run out of cans.

  • Zarquon to Paul Beckwith “it’s fucked – get over it”. Here I am, awake again in these wee hours, looking for something to expand upon my ‘this point in the process is like a launch pad’ theory which went over like a lead balloon as most things I write here do, but fuck it, I feel like persisting.

    I suppose I am in the ‘fuck it’ stage too. And, not to pick on you, Zarquon, but maybe this is something you could stand to learn before you ‘go’ as I earlier suggested you consider in relation to the NDE experiencer’s experience in which it was related that it is harder to learn stuff we still need to learn once we are on the ‘other side’. Maybe what I will relate here is merely ‘creative’ and therefore not scientific and of little interest to most here, therefore, but ‘fuck it’ I am up and at it, so here goes nothing!

    There is a lot overlooked in that admonishment. First and foremost, getting over the fact that ‘it’s fucked’ is death, basically. I don’t think you or anyone else here has ‘gotten over that it’s fucked’, but rather, are trying to face that fact, rather than retreat from it. I submit “trying” is all anyone still alive can do. Only death can really get us ‘over it’ and convince us, personally, it really and truly it is fucked. This is why the endless cognitive dissonance.

    I say this point in the journey is a launch bad, because we are in some sense continuing to live while knowing we are already ‘dead’. And, becoming ‘dead’ to the lives we once led as incomplete pictures relative to this ‘new knowledge’. For me, this has brought a fearless sort of life review and in keeping with the editing meme here, a willingness to ‘kill my darlings’ and to some real extent everyone else’s while doing this review. Recognizing the complexity of the truth and each of us in our own very personal relationship to it, the ways in which we fail one another and have, brings a spontaneous urge to re-examine what is real within my experience of myself and of others. The past can be relived and mined in the mind and that is what I feel compelled to do at this time.

    What we witness in others, such as Paul Beckwith, is their attachment to life along their own personal lines, such is the ‘stuff,’ of the drama of our lives, as in why love failed, perhaps, despite deep feeling and attraction and continual haunting over that failed relationship. An example from my own ruminations this morning, only.

    What I think I want to say is, we must remember to be human while being oh so smart about this NTHE thing, because there is much to learn here, now, while being human.

    I think it’s time to end this entry now. Maybe I will write again on this, if I have the energy. It is deep work related stuff.

  • @ugotstahwonder – I did see your earlier suggestion about NDEs and dismissed the prospect of further consideration as you obviously missed my earlier musings on them in regard to the research of Susan Blackmore – see her update also.

    You say ‘we must remember to be human’ – well of course, we can’t really help it, but I assume you mean we must adhere to the current set of rules we have given ourselves. Please read the aforementioned book by Ian Morris and perhaps ‘The Moral Animal’ by Robert Wright also, for enlightenment. Perhaps the famous 1974 essay by Garrett Hardin entitled ‘Lifeboat Ethics’ too?

    Rules, ethics, morals, scruples, principles and standards change continuously according to the needs of the Zeitgeist. If you believe they were carved on tablets of stone, that’s your problem.

    If you want to do something useful to take your mind off your misery, go and kill a few psychopaths!

    “Those are my principles, and if you don’t like them… well, I have others.” – Groucho Marx

  • You can often get good comments to stick by switching between browsers.

    Kevin Anderson rips IPCC a new one!

    How To Lie About Total Complete Collapse from collapse

  • weird…beautiful spring day here in Atlanta ga.

  • Sorry for the second post today

    How To Fuck 7 Billion People from collapse

  • I was tickled by this, from the Wikipedia Nietzsche page:

    ” Gast was one of the very few friends Nietzsche allowed to criticize him. In responding most enthusiastically to Zarathustra, Gast did feel it necessary to point out that what were described as “superfluous” people were in fact quite necessary. He went on to list the number of people Epicurus, for example, had to rely on even to supply his simple diet of goat cheese.”

    Loosely related musical material:

    ..and, for the sake of balance, here’s a quote from the late 19th/early20th century German literary giant yet to make it into this thread:

    And life? Life itself? Was it perhaps only an infection, a sickening of matter? Was that which one might call the original procreation of matter only a disease, a growth produced by morbid stimulation of the immaterial? The first step toward evil, toward desire and death, was taken precisely then, when there took place that first increase in the density of the spiritual, that pathologically luxuriant morbid growth, produced by the irritant of some unknown infiltration; this, in part pleasurable, in part a motion of self-defense, was the primeval stage of matter, the transition from the insubstantial to the substance. This was the Fall.
    THOMAS MANN, The Magic Mountain

    …and, lowering the tone considerably, A stanza of doggerel, explaining why my name doesn’t change every day.

    1000days and your programmin’s done!
    6000days and you’ll soon have some fun!
    12000days- that fun’s sure gettin’ near……
    18000?- why the fuck you still here?

    This also shields me from (not) getting virtual birthday wishes from mathematical NBLsters…
    ” I’m going to get a 2-week supply of T-shirts printed with “CAUTION… Wearer no longer gives a F#@K!” ”

    A 2-week supply of T-shirts? What does that even mean?

    “go and kill a few psychopaths!”

    Gast did feel it necessary to point out that what were described as “superfluous” people were in fact quite necessary.

  • Just posted at scribbler by redskylite.

    Keeping with the get-on-with-it theme by ugo & Z, Subsea Pingos about to go BINGO.

    The science & philosophy of Bingo(s).

    Z, “Rules, ethics, morals, scruples, principles and standards change continuously according to the needs of the Zeitgeist. If you believe they were carved on tablets of stone, that’s your problem.”

    I would suggest; Zeitgeist is too spiritual as the ORIGIN &conditioner of behavior, as in “Origin of Species.”

    All intellectual & verbal inquiry must answer this question; WHAT CONDITIONS BOTH BEHAVIOR & IDEAS?

    SO, as the material base of our ecosystem goes, so goes ethics.

    ugo, your words are as intelligent & profound as anything I ever read here or anywhere.
    You are real smaahht. Did you get good maahks in school?

    “I say this point in the journey is a launch bad, because we are in some sense continuing to live while knowing we are already ‘dead’. And, becoming ‘dead’ to the lives we once led as incomplete pictures relative to this ‘new knowledge’.

    For me, this has brought a fearless sort of life review and in keeping with the editing meme here, a willingness to ‘kill my darlings’ and to some real extent everyone else’s while doing this review.

    Recognizing the complexity of the truth and each of us in our own very personal relationship to it, the ways in which we fail one another and have, brings a spontaneous urge to re-examine what is real within my experience of myself and of others. The past can be relived and mined in the mind and that is what I feel compelled to do at this time.”

    Z, very few people have studied Garrett Hardin more than I have.
    I could go on & on for days & days, but our days are short.
    I spoke with him by telephone several times for several hours, 1992 – 2000.
    He observed in agony how his “Tragedy of the Commons” had been “used & abused” as THE justification for privatization of everything in the unending growth economy.
    What conditions our ethics?
    Hardin died an unhappy & broken man.

  • More junk “science” showed up last week (Questionable “Scientific” Papers).

  • Zarquon – no, I didn’t mean ethics, morals and such although what I was referring to likely is along the path to those places, I suppose what I meant was simply ‘existence’ as it applies both to ourselves and to others. You did remind me why I stopped commenting here, however, so thanks. Basically, this site attracts a lot of people who are ‘hook, line and sinker’ sorts of intellectuals and/or scientists and who engage in competition and “winning” (poor Charlie Sheen doesn’t appear to be winning so much now) along these lines and thereby hope to drown out the introspective types, probably because they themselves are no fans of introspection. Of course you take fascinating stuff like NDEs and go right for the jugular to dismiss them, of course! I know better than to come out argumentative in this space. No point! I’m not trying to ‘win’, after all. Re killing psychos, I’m not a killer, but if I were I might have picked off a psycho or two, but only some of those who hide in plain sight as upstanding and powerful citizens!

  • BIOCHAR reduces carbon: $ happy note $ clean green funding safety approved off my desk with direct deposit to

    Production of Biochar as a by-product for resell directly for soil enhancement or further processed to fully activated carbon for filtration.

    ARTLEADS – Land Use. Tons of Biochar officially ordered for a number of nuke & energy project sites. Inspired by Sabine in her garden. All year I’ve been supporting radioactive reducing organic research and Federal funds specifically dedicated to landscape. Only one of our nuclear energy private corp contractors was opposed. If Guy had energy chemistry research or solutions to sell the mud hut could become a federal funded site. BAU loves visions of progress, solutions & cool green contracts. Biogen also has neurology labs, so the military application aspects of Biogen might be dangerous. I’m disclosing that because if LIDIA does look at the Biogendr web site she might spot the dark side of how their control parameters could be interpreted.

    Abrupt climate change is in the middle of listed factors that concern FEMA disaster management. Economic cyber attack & warfare rate higher on the abrupt impact list. Preparation is primarily by the Government, for the Government, for the highest ranking members. Some amount of control plans if things go down but mostly it is about re-building, repairs, re-activation of sub contracts. I think NBL is very important as yet again Guy’s message proves to be correct with actual 1c above baseline on record and .06 gets an official nod by NASA today if by Nuclear Gravity bomb accident we collapse IC tomorrow.

    Otherwise from all NATO country primary perspectives, there is no serious global threat to Industrial Civilization for hundreds of years. If you can stand to see their view point it involves constant adaptation. Technology. Temporal Geo-effective applications & resources extracted from Mars. I know it sounds impossible from the NBL perspective but synthetic, silicon, cyber-tel life forms are where all the big funds are directed. In a way habit for humanity and all Earth species are fuel for consumption toward the phase 4 goal. None of this includes myself. My ship has sailed. On my way back to being a volunteer park ranger. Keeping an eye on Halliburton jet fuel enhanced CONTRAILS streaking across the skies. Wondering if they will keep accelerated chemical warfare cool? Will manifest destiny make it to mars? Mining asteroids and clones of Bill Nye in hybrid cars?

  • Thomas Mann was a bourgoise through and through (like my family), he got a lot to lose, unlike his brother Heinrich Mann.

    I got over it once, twice and countless times. Good luck to those who got anything to lose, like the bourgois, the “elite” and alike. Shouldn’t they get over it as well? They will. My family was right, we will all gonna die, now go and enjoy life, as long as you can. There will be a coffin for everyone, don’t hurry, it doesn’t matter if it’s made of plastic or made of gold, harr harr 8-)

  • along the same lines as Gerald, above (and from the same comments section)

    Methane feeds subsea ice mounds off Siberia and may be the step before the dreaded methane blowout

    “Pingos are intensively discussed in the scientific community especially in the context of global climate warming scenarios. They may be the step before the methane blows out.” says Serov.

    [THAT’S what Shakova et al were talking about! hat-tip Ed-M]

  • I’ve figured it all out. After reading these brilliant displays here and researching mixed data for many years, it’s really simple. All that needs to be done is a worldwide cessation of burning fossil fuels, killing all cows, plugging up the methane burst,stop cutting down forest, close all that is nuclear, suck existing carbon from the sky, eat the radioactive waste, stop using the ocean as a waste dump,oh yeah, recycle!
    It’s all good.

  • Every species has a “leader” they trust. We are the only species that support leaders based on what what we believe we will get individually not because it benefits the whole “pack” (speaking in wolf). That’s why even though humans inhabit the earth in different areas we are ok with the fact that some humans have nothing while some in other areas are trying to keep their bank accounts fat so they will have an easy “retirement” when they get to an age when they want to “relax”. I think that’s where the human species went wrong. When they decided greed was the best way to ensure longevity. I think it started long before oil. Oil now makes the world go round.

  • We have proven we can’t live with our species or with any others. Sometimes I wonder if we even evolved on this planet. Why are we destroying our and every other species home? Maybe the methane burst will sort it all out.

  • am i being tested, or prepared
    or neither

  • W/o overt malice, Mark unabashedly claimed;

    “Chinese container ships continue to deliver the cheap plastic coffins. I’ve lost count. The coffins are in the tens of millions. So many stacked along rail lines for CDC distribution we no longer hide them in Georgia. An alarmed citizens group used to document the shipyards of double capacity coffins on youtube.”

    Apneaman countered w/ strong empirical evidence – material, physical, & quantifiable.

    Two dramatically different “stories”

    If we posta “live by stories,” we had better be damn careful about WHAT stories we live by.

    Agnotology; culturally induced ignorance.

    The most intriguing form of ignorance is deliberate misinformation/propaganda by some humans designed to make others ignorant.

    Ignorance as strategic ploy, or active construct

    The focus here is on ignorance or doubt or uncertainty – as something that is made, maintained, and manipulated by means of certain arts and sciences.

    The idea is one that easily lends itself to paranoia: namely, that certain people don’t want you to know certain things, or will actively work to organize doubt or uncertainty or misinformation to help maintain (your) ignorance.

    They know, and may or may not want you to know they know, but you are not to be privy to the secret.

    This is an idea insufficiently explored by philosophers, that ignorance should not be viewed as a simple omission or gap, but rather as an active production. Ignorance can be actively engineered part of a deliberate plan.

    The unscathed religious Israelis have their story about the Gaza Massacres.

    The battered, butchered, & starving Palestinians have their story.

    In order to proceed we must get the “objective story” right, right?

    The ghastly murders in Paris tell a story.

    Do (should, ought) the “CONFLICTING STORIES” about the Palestinian Massacres inform our conscientious judgement about the “objective causal chains” of the French Massacres?

    Is the history of Muslim Palestine a surreal & sordid history of Zionist Israeli invasion, ethnic cleansing, land theft, concentration camps, & continuing massacres of defenseless Palestinians, including women & children?


    Is the murderous history of bleeding & battered Palestine mandatory, THE NAKBA, mandatory for understanding the agonies/hatreds of living breathing Muslim observers?

    … and the present agonies of the French People?

    Historians posta ask; What happened & why

    Social science posta ask; Who did what to whom & why.

    Science can be defined as asking hard (hardest) questions & trying to answer them.

  • This is what carbon climate feedbacks look like! Atmospheric monitoring shows dramatic 2015 CO2 emissions record unfolding