Contributed Chapter: How to Save Humanity

I contributed a chapter, upon request, to a book titled, How to Save Humanity. My chapter was developed from my previous writing in this space. The book can be viewed and downloaded free by clicking here (but not by clicking on the icon below).

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  • Is Collapse Boring? Reading Between The Lines

    Is Collapse Boring? Reading Between The Lines. from collapse

  • So much is explained by the fact that I don’t fit the definition of being human. Yup, next summer is gonna be a scorcher.

    News At Seven

    Only 166 environmentalists killed last year shows lack of resolve.

    300 whales wash up ashore in Patagonia.

    4 billion people to lack fresh water in 10 years.

    $9 billion gone as Spain’s solar company Abengoa goes bankrupt.

    Canada welcomes refugees, for now.

    Sun rises in east, again. Pattern suspected.

  • “How To Save Humanity” – here’s how:

    Mr Mark is going to give away 99% of his fortune. Oh yeah! Turns out he is giving it to himself. Same old shit with these predators. Some fine sounding platitudes, plus, they keep having their precious babies and preen in the public eye about it all. Sick, sick, sick. It is no different, than the Kardashian mode. You know, come to think of it, ‘love’ is so damn selfish in so many ways. The ecstasy of money can only make you into a fool. I’d rather have lived and died on Easter Island. Fuck this world that man has created in the name of God.

  • @Guy McPherson

    From your article in the book you linked:

    Nobody is in charge of the system, which teeters on the brink. Only you are responsible for yourself.

    This statement is linked to an article at and there I read:

    People say that I am hard core about some of this stuff but I know because I have been to Davos, and I’ve sat with Bill Clinton and I’ve sat with Bill Gates and I’ve sat with Tony Blair and I’ve sat with Nancy Pelosi. I’ve sat with all these people who we think are in charge, and they don’t know what to do.

    Well, haaaahahaha, I think it’s partly really damned truth that “… they don’t know what to do” and I like that, because it means that Empire is ultimately at Terminus :-) Like I said yesterday in the former thread “ They are dead already, they just don’t realize it… yet.” BUT:

    To say that the caders of Empire don’t know what to do is only partly true, because on the other hand they know exactly what they do:

    Earning more and more money from fracking, from oil, from cole, from slavery, from the destruction of mother eart. THEY kill all the civil rights (remember NSA, CIA, BND and shit?) and THEY, the industrial-military complex ect, build the military apparatus bigger and bigger, THEY make blabla on climate conferences, THEY fucked up public consciousness by financing climate-denier campagnes for several decades, THEY go on with BAU. THEY are RESPONSIBLE for every single step they go forward on their happy way towards the Abyss. And YES:

    Only I am RESPONSIBLE for myself (like you said in the book), lucky me, I left Empire when I was 13. I don’t earn big money, I am no politician, no banker, no bourgeois, no lier, I have been a victim of Empire all my life, because I have always been a troublemaker who dismanteled their sick lies and therefore I have been punished all my life. And I like that, because it shows, THEY showed and let me FEEL 100% who I am and who they are.

    Have a nice trip, you and your descendants, Mr. Big Money! 8-)


  • Addendum to my last post:

    You said the TRUTH, Doctor Guy, when you said that only I am responsible for myself- and, yeah, well, the same goes for those who ruin the planet for big, ridiculous money, they are responsible for what they do just as I am responsible for what I do. I really like the LAW of KARMA, the Law of RESPONSIBILITY 8-)

    Respect to you, Doctor Guy, and thanks for another great post.

  • My previous posts weren’t any good, so I am trying to improve quality.

    Before worrying about the planet, we should first find out what matter is and what consciousness is. As you may know, consciousness has no place in the material universe and the laws of physics say that consciousness can do nothing. According to Alexandra David-Néel, tulpas are “magic formations generated by a powerful concentration of thought.” It is a materialized thought that has taken physical form and is usually regarded as synonymous to a thought form.

    So there is the answer. A Canadian team led by Prof Mir Faizal, at the Dept of Physics and Astronomy, at the University of Waterloo, in Ontario, Canada, has recently studied how the universe came into being and says: “Something did not come from nothing. The universe still is nothing, it’s just more elegantly ordered nothing.” Prof Mir added that the negative gravitational energy of the universe and the positive matter energy of the universe basically balanced out and created a zero sum.

    Thus there is no energy in the universe, so let’s forget COP21 and electric cars. Something did not come from nothing. The universe still is nothing, it is just a mathematically ordered thought form in your consciousness. As Prof Mir says, “If you mean God as a great mathematician, then yes!” Unfortunately that “God” is your enemy.

    The rest is explained below, in no particular order.

  • THAT Callaghan may be a gawddam prevert, but he is still very smahht.

    “Sun rises in east, again. Pattern suspected.”

    Science is determinism, & determinism & pattern analysis are always the focus of scientific inquiry.

    “Science is the attempt to make the chaotic diversity of sense experience correspond to a logically uniform system of thought.
    In this system single experiences must be correlated with the theoretic structure in such a way that the resulting coordination is both unique & convincing.”

    There is every reason to apply Einstein’s definition of scientific inquiry to human behavior & social organization, & then proceed with a scientific study of human culture.

    The nefarious claim that the “human sciences” are a separate & distinct field of inquiry from all-encompassing scientific inquiry is a fatal misdirection.

    If you are not doing science; what are you doing?

    We must always watch out for fellow humans, who would deliberately & consciously distort our objective scientific judgement with deliberate lies & falsehoods.

    Keep them barking up the wrong tree is THE simple & sinister controlling tool of malicious elitists who manipulate our brains & thoughts from the top of the social pyramid by controlling access to objective truthful information, aka, the truth.

    Dante; “God hates lying the most.”

    “The road to freedom is on the internet,” at least for the time being.

    Get it while you can.

  • Yesterday I listened to Radio Ecoshock interview with Kevin Anderson, Deputy Director of Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research. I’m not a fan of Grandpa Alex and his inability to connect the dots. But I had to take a long walk to fix the flat on my bike and it was the only thing to listen to on short notice.

    The main point I got was that 2° mark was what white folks in the US, Australia, NZ, Canada and developed Europe think they can get away with. Think they can defend against with resources and bulwarks and systems they have in place.

    It’s my humble opinion that any survival strategy entails everybody on the planet having to live like rural Cambodians, for example in Sre Ambel, Koh Kong province. But we all know that Euros would rather take all life on earth down with them than have to accommodate one word of slanderous gossip from an old raggedy church lady. Plus it would mean that the commies were right and that J Edgar Hoover and the Dulles brothers, (not to mention Adam Smith) were full on psychopathic death cult lunatics, and that the Mother has judged the precious one ring to rule them all: capitalism to be a failure.

    Oh no sir. We red blooded americans, as John Henrik Clarke and Dr. Amos Wilson correctly observed 25 years ago, would rather destroy everything on the planet if we can’t rule over it.

    So it has been decreed and so it will be.

    I also went back and checked the link on Dahr Jamail’s article to the UN related pronouncement that 2.7 degrees over now is baked into the equation (before 2100 as always….always 2100). I checked the 4 degree chapter in Mark Lynas’ book, and it says that all the glaciers in Switzerland and the Alps will be melted. All the rivers in Germany will run dry. All the loverly clean-as-a-white-protestant-on-sunday-morning hyro power will be cancelled across the board. The Sahara desert will have jumped the Mediterranean and cover half of Italy from Rome on down and all of Spain and Portugal. That’s what the hell you get for the doctrine of Terra Nulius and saying god and white-jesus want you to rape and enslave Africa.

    That’s, according to that report, baked in (to 2100 on the fantasy planet) if everything stops today. But it’s not and it won’t and we nice white folks have so many magic words we keep telling ourselves why we can’t possibly do that tonight or tomorrow or next year or before the next mid term election cycle and on and on until everybody is dead but a few white people.

    It almost makes you think, as my good commie friend up around Boston recently did, that the climate holocaust is a form of precognized genocide cooked up by eugenics minded white folks.

    Thank you. Have a Nice Day.

  • @Ray Batman

    About your blog at :

    EXCELLENT, excellent, excellent^^

    Hail Mephisto! together with the Falling Fifth, the Tritone, harr harr 8-) I swear: Faust never went to Heaven, it’s a devilish joke of Goethe, who’d never have allowed himself to correct the ending of the original Faust, never. Goethe just brain-fucked the white, christian bourgois.


    I checked the 4 degree chapter in Mark Lynas’ book, and it says that all the glaciers in Switzerland and the Alps will be melted. All the rivers in Germany will run dry. All the loverly clean-as-a-white-protestant-on-sunday-morning hyro power will be cancelled across the board. The Sahara desert will have jumped the Mediterranean and cover half of Italy from Rome on down and all of Spain and Portugal.

    It’s true for shure. We face the THIRD Winter in a row that will be NO Winter at all, a total failure of Winter! We will have up to 15°(!) Celsius this week in Germany. There will be no real Winter again this year down here in Germany. Down in the south of Germany there is already real bad drought for many months going on, water crisis is reality. But all the sheps are hoping for is a white Christmas and nice wintersports, haaaaaaahaha :-D , stupid herd.

    The Sahara is already jumping the Mediterranean for several years, if not decades, absolutely for shure. Greece, Spain, Italy ect are facing extremely harsh water problems. When the Alps run dry with no snow, no glaciers, Europe will run dry completely. Rome, the Empire is falling 8-)


    “But all the sheps are hoping for is a white Christmas and nice wintersports, haaaaaaahaha ? , stupid herd.”

    Why did u say that? That’s 180 degrees opposite of me.

  • @shep

    Uhm, dunno what’s 180° opposite of you, I am 360°. All I know is that WATER will be more important than white Christmas. The sheps want to consume, consume, consume and go on with the party. They give a SHIT about Mother Earth. When I see the run to the supermarkets for buying stupid christmas shit, I get sick. You don’t? The sheps are ignoring reality, they project all their hatred onto the refugees we are facing here in Europe, but they NEVER think about the causes.

  • ***CAUTION*** You are now entering a woo-free zone. Enter at your own risk.

    The Magic Button – A Thought Experiment at the edge of extinction…

    You are confronted with a magic button and a sign with the following text:

    ‘If you press this button, all that you perceive as problems in the world will disappear forever – but you will die instantly and painlessly’.

    Do you press the button?

    My Contention:

    Anyone who presses the button may have been part of the solution

    Anyone who hesitates to press the button is part of the problem

    Anyone who does not press the button is the problem!

    My Hypothesis: Non-button pressers are more likely to be: Parents, Religious or Psychopaths.


  • Wester,there are literally hundreds of millions of Chinese, Indians and other non white Asians living high carbon high consuming lifestyles. Is that Whitey’s fault? No. Given the chance they are just as rapicious as any Honkey ever was. Do white folks give them their appetite for shark fin soup, tiger testical medecine and all the rest of it? The rulers of the world no longer need high dollar working class/middle class white men, so they are disposable. The social critics have their various ten dollar theories, but it all boils down to “your services are no longer needed” we have found cheaper slaves. This is how psychopathic 001%ers operate. They have no politics, religion or racial bias – we are all sub human to them. They are the ultimate pragmatists. After I pay my rent, I live on roughly $3.50 cents a day Canadian. Do you think any of the new Asian middle class are lying awake at night mourning my lot in life? The white guilt narrative is getting tired. We guilty alright. Guilty of being born in a time when people with our skin colour happen to be ruling. The people who rule and use others are the people who can. They always have and always will. Fuck your guilt trip.

    This should make you happy.

    White, Middle-Age Suicide In America Skyrockets
    White, middle-age suicide spiked 40% in the last 10 years. Why?

  • @Nemesis

    Who are the “sheps” Do u mean “shops”

  • Not betting a knuckle or other body part on it, shep, but think Nemesis means “sheep”.

    But are the clones electric?. Baa!

  • @Zarquon

    You mean like those button-pushers of Empire? This reminds me of my family (parents, religious, psychopaths) who said:

    There is no anthropogenic climate change, there is no injustice, everything’s just fine. Just consume and make money, like we do. If there is a problem with the climate, then God will push a button and that problem will be solved.

    No joke, that’s exactly what they said.

    Now, for my part:

    I am still waiting for God to push that magic button, harr harr^^ Their God is just a carton comrad, MOTHER EARTH can never be controlled by pushing funny buttons. I never was a button-pusher like those funny caders of Empire and I never believed in their “Magick” of pushing buttons.

    Nother thing is: Like Doctor Guy (no, damned, for his own sake, he is not Doctor Faustus) said, there is no solution anymore, Empire is finished. Anyway, I don’t consider myself “religious”, I am no parent, I did not procreate, I am no psychopath. But I know for shure:

    The time for Empire to push magic buttons ran out. What are all their funny buttons worth, when there is no water, no food, when Mother Earth doesn’t sustain human life anymore? Nothing.

    Part of the problem? Solution to the problem? Well, those who exploit Mother Earth, those who enslaved humankind, those who lie day in, day out and prey to their God of money are the real problem. Solution? There is no solution against the RAGE of Mother Earth, who has been raped for too long:

    If you think, that pushing magic buttons is a solution, then push it.


    You are right in some way. It’s not about race all in all. When I say “those white, christian bourgois” for example, then I mean a psychological condition (not skin color in the first place) that says “I am supreme to all others, I am supreme to those stinking, muslim refugees” for example (like many say here in Germany)ect. White premacists are widely spread all over Europe. I got white supremacists within my own family who say “Niggers, Jews, Muslims are all the fuckin same, they are all criminals, monkeys who just want to steal our money”. But after all: MONEY does not care about skin color.


    When I say “sheps”, I mean those people who run after money and consumption all their life, I mean those people, whole feel superiour because they drive a SUV or Mercedes or BMW, but give shit about Mother Earth. I, as a bicycle rider and the trees have to breathe in their sick shit that comes out of their noble exhaust pipes every single day. And they think that’s FUNNY, they laugh at me and say “Stupid sucker, get out of my way!”. Yeah, those sheps give a fuck about Mother Earth and they don’t hesitate to say it loud. No joke, there are many, many people out there who say “I give a shit about climate change, I give a shit about injustice, it’s not my problem what happens in Syria and all over the world, I give a damned shit about anything as long as I am fine!”. That’s truly what say say right into my face. Yes, those people I call “sheps”. Well, it’s an insult against the animal sheps, but I just don’t know how to call those consumerherd differently.


    Hahaha, yeah, I just wrote the englisch word for “Schaf” the wrong way. You are right, I am talking about SHEEPS. Damned, I am still learning the english language :-D This is what I mean, baaaah:

  • Just a couple of note to pass on, probably this had been posted already but Paul Beckwith had an interesting interaction with David Suzuki at an Ottawa climate march last weekend that he posted about on his blog:

    “He (Suzuki) asked me (Beckwith) what I thought of Guy McPhersons view that its game over for humanity in 2030. I said that humans, acting in concert with the best science and technology can become the largest braking feedback in the entire climate system, but we have reached the wall and must act immediately. Thus, I could not agree with Guy. He thought that Guy was wrong to take hope from people.”

    And this today from Post Carbon Institute executive director Asher Miller:

    “It’s only day 3 of the meetings, but I’ve already come to one conclusion: As a society, we’re still stuck in the bargaining phase of Kübler-Ross’s Stages of Grief.”

    Nye, Beckwith, Suzuki and all of COP21 still fist fighting over the last Xbox at a black friday sale while the world burns…

  • I didn’t click the download icon ‘to save humanity’. It’s a nice overcast day, which means work outside won’t be accompanied by excessive heat and intense UV.

    After battling ‘the monster’ for decades and having got nowhere, I fully understand that if humanity could not save humanity when is would have been possible to save humanity back in the 1970s then there is no chance at all at this late stage of the game: governments and ‘captains of industry’ remain fully committed to rapid looting-and-polluting to feed rampant consumerism, as required by the rules of the game, and the dumbed-down masses remain firmly attached to their paradigm of entitlement.

    Financial-economic mayhem draws closer, with oil having slumped again (WTI $39.98, Brent $42.56).

    Transport of animal feed from the North Island to the South Island remains relatively cheap, allowing the empire to persist and maintain emissions:

  • About Mephistopheles and Doctor Faustus:

    I don’t know anyone who loves Mephisto, except ME. And I just don’t know why. Mephisto is a real, fair, honest, noble Gentleman and Doctor Faustus is a stupid fucker who represents EMPIRE at it’s very best 8-)

    Here is one of my favorite passages of Goethe’s Faust (if Doctor Guy allows it)- it’s about SCIENCE & RELIGION:


    I’d like to leave it, I must avow;
    I find these walls, these vaulted spaces
    Are anything but pleasant places.
    Tis all so cramped and close and mean;
    One sees no tree, no glimpse of green,
    And when the lecture-halls receive me,
    Seeing, hearing, and thinking leave me.


    All that depends on habitude.
    So from its mother’s breasts a child
    At first, reluctant, takes its food,
    But soon to seek them is beguiled.
    Thus, at the breasts of Wisdom clinging,
    Thou’lt find each day a greater rapture bringing.


    I’ll hang thereon with joy, and freely drain them;
    But tell me, pray, the proper means to gain them.


    Explain, before you further speak,
    The special faculty you seek.


    I crave the highest erudition;
    And fain would make my acquisition
    All that there is in Earth and Heaven,
    In Nature and in Science too.


    Here is the genuine path for you;
    Yet strict attention must be given.


    Body and soul thereon I’ll wreak;
    Yet, truly, I’ve some inclination
    On summer holidays to seek
    A little freedom and recreation.


    Use well your time! It flies so swiftly from us;
    But time through order may be won, I promise.
    So, Friend (my views to briefly sum),
    First, the collegium logicum.
    There will your mind be drilled and braced,
    As if in Spanish boots ’twere laced,
    And thus, to graver paces brought,
    ’Twill plod along the path of thought,
    Instead of shooting here and there,
    A will-o’-the-wisp in murky air.
    Days will be spent to bid you know,
    What once you did at a single blow,
    Like eating and drinking, free and strong,
    That one, two, three! thereto belong.
    Truly the fabric of mental fleece
    Resembles a weaver’s masterpiece,
    Where a thousand threads one treadle throws,
    Where fly the shuttles hither and thither.
    Unseen the threads are knit together.
    And an infinite combination grows.
    Then, the philosopher steps in
    And shows, no otherwise it could have been:
    The first was so, the second so,
    Therefore the third and fourth are so;
    Were not the first and second, then
    The third and fourth had never been.
    The scholars are everywhere believers,
    But never succeed in being weavers.
    He who would study organic existence,
    First drives out the soul with rigid persistence;
    Then the parts in his hand he may hold and class,
    But the spiritual link is lost, alas!
    Encheiresin natures, this Chemistry names,
    Nor knows how herself she banters and blames!


    I cannot understand you quite.


    Your mind will shortly be set aright,
    When you have learned, all things reducing,
    To classify them for your using.


    I feel as stupid, from all you’ve said,
    As if a mill-wheel whirled in my head!


    And after first and foremost duty Of
    Metaphysics learn the use and beauty!
    See that you most profoundly gain
    What does not suit the human brain!
    A splendid word to serve, you’ll find
    For what goes in or won’t go in your mind.
    But first, at least this half a year,
    To order rigidly adhere;
    Five hours a day, you understand,
    And when the clock strikes, be on hand!
    Prepare beforehand for your part
    With paragraphs all got by heart,
    So you can better watch, and look
    That naught is said but what is in the book:
    Yet in thy writing as unwearied be,
    As did the Holy Ghost dictate to thee!

    Amen. 3:-)

  • Nemesis

    For future reference

    Plural of sheep is sheep
    I know
    English b weird sometimes


  • Bill Nye, the lying science guy, explains why Israel has absolutely nothing to do with the mayhem , murder, & migration in Syria.

    Billy Boy says; “Syria’s destruction, death, & misery is caused by drought & climate change.”

    Always remember that lying propagandists use every trick & deception to meet their needs, science included.

    Billy has sold his objective science on the lucrative open market.

    You are a contemptible lying bastard, BILLY BOY.

    You have sold your head to get some yuppie bread.;_ylt=A86.J7quTl9WKykAkecPxQt.;_ylu=X3oDMTByNDZ0aWFxBGNvbG8DZ3ExBHBvcwM2BHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzcg–

  • @mt

    Thank you for the hint. Sheep, sheeps, baaahahaha. There is a strange sayin here in Germany:

    The Devil speaks English

    I don’t know why that is, but I will ask him for any future reference and CARRY ON for shure 8-)

  • Also, 7 is more than 2.
    Even in Germany.

  • .@goavs relays how …

    Beckwith and Suzuki banter that …

    ”… we have reached the wall and must act immediately. Thus, I [Beckwith] could not agree with Guy. He [Suzuki] thought that Guy was wrong to take hope from people.”

    To me, what I have factored into this equation all along, for years and years now, is that humans are simply NOT going to EVER get off their sorry asses and do anything to alter the course we are on. It also hasn’t helped that many entities have obfuscated the truth from people for many, many years now.

    People have been hearing about this for years and years now, and nothing was done about it. ‘Hope’ lets people delude themselves into thinking someone else is taking care of it, and then they just turn and carry on with BAU.

    For fuck sakes we needed to ‘act immediately’ decades ago, and even then there was likely little we could have done to avert the reality of today. If Beckwith and Suzuki can’t see the inertia that got us here, then no wonder they would say there is hope as long as we ‘act immediately.’ That’s the whole GD problem, and always was the problem … nobody is going to act, unless of course it’s to act with duplicity in order to keep us heading full speed into the ditch.

    I just lost a lot of respect for those two, not that I was full of respect for them in the first place. Maybe if people lost hope in the face of what is coming, maybe that’s exactly what it would take for them to wake up and make some hard choices (choices that most likely needed to be made decades ago, or even before that.)

    Give people hope, and they just go back to sleep. Hope means ‘somebody’s taking care of it, pass the gravy please.’

    Enjoy your hopeful day Paul and David. Sheesh.

    Goose, geese … so, one shoop?
    Mouse, mice … so, one shoupe?
    Duck, ducks … so, many sheeps?

    English was invented to obfuscate communication. I’m sure of it.
    Seriously … babble – on! :(

  • Pleaze, does anyone know, why sheeps don’t like Mephistopheles?^^ Tell me…

  • Muhahaha, sorry, WRONG again- SHEEP without S.

    So, why do sheep don’t like Mephistopheles? I don’t get it…

  • The planet is heating up, and has recognized humanity as a plague species causing a global fever. Getting rid of humanity is the prescribed cure, Global warming is the medication.
    We live in a heat orientated society—even keeping ourselves cool produces heat. We are burning the planet, and basking in the glow while congratulating ourselves on the wealth it has produced, and that the genius of our ‘technology’ will allow it to continue indefinetly.
    You cannot sustain a modern civilisation on solar panels and windmills, so let’s stop kidding ourselves. Germany (for instance) is producing a lot of ‘alternative energy’, Denmark they say, is on track to deliver 100% renewable— but that’s an illusion– they are ‘freewheeling’ on an existing (hydrocarbon based) infrastructure—as is everybody else offering ‘alternative energy’ solutions. Wind turbines are not maintaining Denmark’s roads and the classical architecture of Copenhagen. The heat engine brought us to where we are—without it we go back to where we came from. Prior to the industrial revolution, we made everything with muscle power alone. If you wanted to eat you grew your food, processed (or caught) it and ate it. If you wanted a ship—you grew it. We have forgotten that that simple rule limited our world population to 1 billion. We now have 7 billion, which means that without fossil fuel, 6 billion people don’t have a future.
    Renewable energy is just another way of believing we can freewheel our way into a prosperous infinity, with no change to our current way of life. That isn’t going to happen. Everything we use is a construct of hydrocarbon,
    As we’ve got things arranged right now, employment means heating things up in pursuit of trade and industry and employment. You cannot make any product or process in any functional way without application of heat. The alternative is to stop our heat processes, throw ourselves out of work en masse, starve and allow the planet to cool down. The real effects of climate change mitigation—the shutdown of industry will work fine provided that is inflicted on somebody else, preferably 5000 miles away. India at COP21 is saying ‘screw you’ on that one, and commissioning coal burning power plants like the was no tomorrow, Which there isn’t of course.
    If it’s implemented here, we will have mass insurrection and, without exaggeration, civil war. Only consistent sustain energy availability keeps the USA as a coherent whole. Remove it and it will secede into separate regions. The cracks are already there.
    We all want jobs, and demand a lifetime of employment with a pension at the end of it. The downsized environment that our future offers will barely keep you alive. We think that maybe we can have ‘no growth’—sorry, that doesn’t work either. 80 Million new people show up each year demanding to be fed and watered, while their parents insist on living into old age while consuming all that the planet has to offer.
    We think we can still have our comfortable lifestyle irrespective of carbon emission limits, degrowth or whatever. We can’t.

  • ^^I don’t get it…**

    That much is obvious. But please spare us your daffy delusions. Your OC need to ramble about things you know nothing about might be a symptom of something more serious, *Touched by an angel* my granny used to say.

  • “The planet is heating up” – what planet? There is no planet, just a thought form that The Minotaur, half man, half bull, thinks. He is a joker who has put a bull sticker on my door. We are all captives in his labyrinth. He is an old man with kingfisher wings and the head of a bull flying across the sky, carrying a bunch of keys.

  • Many great comments and links in the past hour.

    I gave up in PCI several years ago. Still get the updates though. Thanks goavs.

    ‘Nye, Beckwith, Suzuki and all of COP21 still fist fighting over the last Xbox at a black friday sale while the world burns’

    I gave up on Beckwith when he failed to respond to the methane multiplier question.

    Fraction Reserve Banking

    Interest on money created out of thin air


    GDP (Global Destruction Paradigm, Great Deception Ploy….)

    Trade ‘obligations’

    Corporate ‘responsibility’ to generate short-term profits


    Tax structures

    Fast-buck opportunists

    Hundreds of millions of Chinese factory workers dependent on perpetual consumption

    400.75ppm: some extra CO2 must absorbed by the oceans. Corals will just ‘love’ that.

  • *Touched by an angel* my granny used to say.

    If you think so. I feel more like being stung by the Climate here in Germany. It’s just 10° – 15° Celsius too hot here in fuckin Germany and that makes me really kinda easily spooked…

    … just an innocent thought of mine… is it, maybe, that, if one desires to fuck with him, he fucked one already 101 times even before ones own thought has been completed? Maybe Mephistopheles is just the Ultimate Fucker, some Cosmic Fucker, The Teacher and Master of ALL Fuckerz… and sheeps and alike just don’t like that…

  • the planet has been mistaken for a perpetual motion machine.

  • @Norman Pagett

    Wow. What a rant! And I could not agree more with you. Well said!

  • Wow a lot of people in differing stages in here. You were handed a death sentence when you entered life what you should have realized as soon as possible is to enjoy every second of it.A lot of people blaming others when they are among the elites of this world.Just throwing all the plastic crap in a pile that you own and you see your carbon footprint is immense.i’m going to giggle when we question Mann’s work realizing it isn’t his fault.You try grabbing the wheel and turning this ship.Getting angry at Beckwith ,Suzuki or Nye and their hope is just being stupid.

  • Today I suggested NBL to a good friend on FB. I wish I hadn’t, this is embarrassing. I did suggest the Climate Change Summary and Update, maybe that will be a redeeming factor. In the meantime I’m returning to FB to warn my friend to not waste a whole lot of time here and to stick with the main topics only.

  • All right, I did what I said I would and my FB friend says that she loves the Comments here and “thoroughly enjoys the diversity of thought” and thinks Nemesis is ‘funny’, of all people. Sheesh, maybe I’m just getting old…

  • Apeman, “The white guilt narrative is getting tired.”

    I could give a flying rat’s behind about your race or your religious predispositions.

    All I can assume is that you don’t read history and really can’t be bothered and could care less. That is mighty white o ya. So I can assume that you are living a white life in a white bread country on indigenous real estate stolen by white genociders, still partying on interest from African labor stolen by melanin-free slavers, unable to admit, much less allow yourself to “see” that James Watt among many others was financed by the slave plantations in Jamaica. Or that the overwhelming majority of gank in the air came from straight from lily white bastards following Adam Smith into the lower circles of Hell. Now you can sleep easy because of an Orientalist narrative about people of a different melanin disposition who are pretty much good at one thing, copycatting the people who overload their media systems with the joys of whitening cream, “aesthetic” “beauty” clinics and plastic surgery disasters.

    If you are guilt ridden and still partying down on genocide, well, I expect 1. rationalizations. 2. More rationalizations. 3. Fairy stories and tales of 1001 Orientalist nights 3. More rationalizations. 4. NO READING OF HISTORY BOOKS EVER…and especially not Eric Williams. 5. Rationalizations 6. Denial 7. Refusal to look in the mirror. 8. Fascism. 9. Fascism. 10. Rationalizations, Unreclaimed humaity and Fascism. 11. End of all life on earth

    Knowing what I know from being raised a fundamentalist bible thumping right wing racist hillbilly cracker, and what I know of the vast millions committed to that political formation until omnicidal species and planetary death, I really can’t see any other outcome.

    Thank you for your consideration and have a wonderful day.

  • Wester, I say you are full of yourself and full of shit BECAUSE I read history. Ever read the long and bloody history of oppression in China? The list of their inhumanity to each other is long and predates any white empires. Same everywhere. Check out Genghis & Co (imagine if they had fossil fueled tech) If you hate the US empire so much, how come you ran away to the other side of the world instead of staying home to right the wrongs of your ancestors? Wester the white guilt social justice warrior. Fuck you arrogant prick. You are the racist one as far as I’m concerned. You treat non whites like children suggesting that they are incapable of the intelligence to rule and oppress others. Kinda like a reverse white man’s burden. Morris Berman talks about how Americans suffer from reverse identity crisis. That is you. Not like the rest eh? That is your whole identity. Protecting all the little innocent non whites from your evil white brothers. Look, look at me, look at how I am nothing like them. I’m better. Just another spoiled entitled American bitching and moaning that the world is not the way it’s supposed to be according to all the books you read. Fuck off hero. You are so wrapped up in it you don’t even pay attention. I have been commenting here for over 3 years and have made it perfectly clear on many occasions that I am an atheist who lives in Canada and am a biological/big picture determinist. Oh and I have also mentioned that the love of my life is a black lady. None of that matters to you. You have your long time narrative and only those professing exactly the same count and everyone else is the enemy….(see automatic pilot rant for description). You remind me of the fundamentalist. You remind me of Robespierre.

  • Sorry, but I have to concur with Kirk that comments are not very stimulating today.

    People all over the world are starting to dream words akin to “Mene tekel upharsin” and the words are spilling over in black ink to the awake landscape.

    “Reality” is starting to break through to some. Just looking at the evolution of the articles on Counterpunch for the last decade – there are more frequent well documentated pieces that blow holes through the merde given out via the msm – example today

    Following the threads at the Arctic Sea ice forum over “aerosols” and “carbon cycle” may not be the tour de force of Guy’s monster essay, but the people who do read those, well, water wears away stone and it is a very steady drip of articles going in only one vector.

    One charm here for me was the people who posted about specific species, families, etc. of botany or zoology in their local environs and the changes. Many others view this and process it at some mental level also, whether or not it just vibrates internally below the conscious level or it is starting to colour their thoughts or maybe even enough to change behaviour.

    Look up while you still can.

  • I know most people don’t have the time or inclination to listen to audiobooks but when it comes to the matter of slavery there are some very pertinent observation here:

    In particular, slavery was commonplace throughout the world and throughout the ages -read Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe or Cervantes’ Don Quixote – and the British had a hell of a time trying to stamp it out, all way from the Balkans to Africa to Brazil to Polynesia, once they finally decided it was immoral.

    If I have it right, the natives who lived under Boer rule were treated a lot worse than those under British rule and tended to support the British in their war against the Boers to create an empire that was to stretch from Alexandria to the Cape.

    The British condoned slavery when it suited, of course: the most recent documented case I know of being in West Africa in the early 1940s.

    There is a popular narrative that espouses the notion that indigenous people were less inclined to aggression and control than Europeans but I believe the fundamental difference between European and other cultures was primarily a matter of better organisation and better weapons.

    1 machine = 100 slaves.

    1 machine = 1,000 slaves

    1 machine = 10,000 slaves

    1 machine = 100, 000 slaves


    The there is the matter of debt-slavery, of course, which the British were supreme masters of until toppled by the Americans.

  • Guy didn’t take hope from anyone that’s your choice. You know you have reached fuck it stage when you only look for fun or funny posts .. all the other ones .. what’s the point.. lol

  • Or, maybe you’ve reached some stage or another when you don’t feel the need to call other people stupid, or to hold yourself up as some kind of holier than thou fuck muncher who’s ‘made it somewhere’ that, according to your delusion, others haven’t.

    Thou dost project too much Rusty, take your meds.

    Now there’s a funny post for ya to read, hey?

    I’m sure laughin’, and I’m sure you are too !

    lol :)

  • Apneaman,

    Are you white? If so, what makes you white, and what does that signify for you?


    Thomas Sowell is widely reputed among black progressives as a kind of Ben Carson right winger. I only state what I know of others’ opinions. I won’t make time for either of them myself. Not to rule out giving a listen to brief comments and being open minded about them. But two hours plus is not warranted for either of these people, IMO.

  • kevin moore Says:
    After battling ‘the monster’ for decades and having got nowhere, I fully understand that if humanity could not save humanity when is would have been possible to save humanity back in the 1970s then there is no chance at all at this late stage of the game: governments and ‘captains of industry’ remain fully committed to rapid looting-and-polluting to feed rampant consumerism, as required by the rules of the game, and the dumbed-down masses remain firmly attached to their paradigm of entitlement.

    Kevin, well said and thanks. I admirer your battle against this outcome, and share your frustration that it didn’t succeed.

    Here in America, plutocrats had to give people something to distract them from the basic injustice, illegitimacy, and destructiveness of their system. All our institutions have been deployed to undertake that mission. They all emphasize competition, hierarchy, worship of wealth based on the silliest and most mindless and wasteful consumerism, replacing the concept of enough with the concept of never enough, and stridently encouraging hysterical support for endless war.

    For plutocrats, a planet where people focus and strive to create a society based on justice for all, including ecosystems, would be the worst of all possible worlds. So they decided that even a dead planet would be better than one like that, which would have no need for them, so that’s what they gave us.

    Many thanks too to the those who posted the other excellent comments on this thread.

  • My morning meditation.

    The ability to embrace and celebrate paradox is one of the defining marks of an aware adult. Human beings can seem by turns sacred, profane or utterly neutral, depending on my point of view and feelings at the moment. When I take a small step back, I realize that I/you/we/they embody all those qualities at once. That realization transforms the experience of living from a slog through misery, a free-fall through bliss or a detached anthropological exercise into a multi-dimensional miracle.

    For me, consciousness is our manifestation of the sacred; the destruction of the world is our expression of the profane; and our involuntary obedience to the laws of physics as embodied in our evolved animal selves reveals us to be simply another component of the unfolding of life on this planet.

    If I concentrate on just one of those three qualities however, I lose the fullness of what it means to show up as human in this world.

    If I allow myself to become mired in the profanity of humanity, I lose the desire to act positively in the world, and become gripped by anger and resistance.

    If I succumb to the temptations of dispassionate objectivity, I lose the self-hatred but also the joy, and risk being overwhelmed by the fatalism that underpins that worldview.

    If I retreat into the bliss of pure consciousness I risk losing the juice that comes from holding the pain of being, and the pain of all beings.

    Only by allowing all three qualities – sacred, profane and detached; attractive, resistant and neutral – to coexist in my awareness, while not allowing any one of them shut out the other two, can I realize the full breathtaking miracle of my, your, our humanity.


  • Thanks Paul. You beautifully and simply articulated what for me is the essence of the path to conscious, more peaceful and joyous living. Mostly I choose to be on this path but stumble and diverge from it when fear/anger/need to control emerge.
    I like to hold the mystery of life as well and am appreciative of the fact that there are things we will never fully grasp. It seems so hard for most humans to accept this—-that we are not all knowing. I find the mystery to be a relief. I’m with Iris D. on this one. Perhaps it lets me off the hook! ?
    “Something precious is lost if we rush headlong into the details of life without pausing for a moment to pay homage to the mystery of life and the gift of another day.” (Kent Nerburn)


  • nemesis

    Personally, I like SHEEPS more

  • Personally, I like SHEEPS more

    Yeah, love them Sheeps… might be a solution for human overpopulation… :-)

  • How Not To Save Humanity

    Sometimes I worry that I’m not perverted enough.

    Sex, Lies And Videotapes

    Climate Wet Dreams In The City Of Love from collapse

  • Interesting indeed Rusty, that you would infer anger from simple observation. I hold no anger toward, Nye, Beckwith, Suzuki etc… just find it curious how the vast majority of those most in the public sphere where it concerns the realities of climate change (and they often speak quite passionately about this) can never quite get over the hump of the bargaining stage and into acceptance, both of the overall situation as a predicament and of civilization as the root cause.

    Most here at NBL readily accept the utter futility of geoengineering, hope, and world “leaders” meeting to “fix” the problem, precisely because all of that falls away instantly when one accepts the reality of the situation as a predicament. That is all.

    Thanks for the comments LWA, I always look for your posts on this blog for a dose of sanity.


    World’s richest 10% produce 50% of CO2: Report

    LONDON: The richest 10 % of people produce half of the Earth’s carbon emissions, while the poorest half-most threatened by droughts and super stroms linked to climate change–contribute a mere 10%, British charity Oxfam said in a study released on Wednesday.

  • Following on the posts here & elsewhere of Beckwith’s taping of Dr. James Hansen’s basement presentation at COP21, the video linked below is an excerpt from a press conference at COP21 on December 2. Featured in the video are comments from Dr. Hansen. His frustration is pretty evident, as highlighted by the following comments:

    “This approach is the same old thing that was tried in Kyoto”

    “Why are we talking about doing the same thing again?”

    “I don’t like to use crude language… but this is half-assed and half-baked!”

    “All the ministers and heads of state… they are planning to clap each other on the back… we are really doing great… this is a very successful conference… really addressing the climate problem… if that’s what happens, then we are screwing the next generation & the following ones because we are being stupid and doing the same thing again that we did 18 years ago”

    “We can’t pretend we don’t know what is going to happen if we stay on this path… to pretend that what we are doing is having any effect… it might slow down the rate of growth, but that is not what is needed. Science tells us we need to actually reduce emissions rapidly.”

    He also touches on Jevon’s paradox, as well, as he criticizes the country by country approach to voluntary emissions reductions: as long as fossil fuels are cheap, (because they are not priced taking into account the true cost to society) even if you reduce the emissions in one place (like through individual countries doing cap & trade schemes), somebody else is still going to burn it (because it is cheap energy). He makes a strong case that the only way to address climate change is through a global fee on carbon. He also seems resigned that his very simple approach will not be adopted.

    Link below is the excerpt. If someone could find & link the entire press conference I would really like to see it. Link:

  • CAUTION – Work In Progress

    Doom Porn Comedy Club Opens from collapse

  • If we must kill for peace, when will the killing stop, if at all?

    Some bloggers advocate withdrawal & ostrichism.

    Some of us express disgust & contempt for the rampant hoaxing & fraud leading to the outright murder of innocents.

    What to do with our last days?

    Eliot Cohen wants MORE bloodshed FROM EVERYBODY for Israel’s state expansion.

    Eliot Cohen is Professor of Eternal & Total War for Israel

    Cohen’s mission-in-life is to achieve Israel’s total Control of the Middle East.

    Cohen is anything but an ostrich.

    Cohen sits at the pinnacles of Washington Power.

    Cohen advocates WW4 – “bloody & costly” TOTAL WAR against Israel’s Muslim enemies.

    American policy has been, “TOO TIMID.”

    Cohen predicts; “Defeating the Islamic State and “kindred movements” will require the U.S. to “kill a great many people.”

    “This war will probably go on for the rest of my life, and well into my children’s.” Although American political leaders seem reluctant “to explain just how high the stakes are,” Cohen lays them out in direct, unvarnished language.

    At issue, he insists, is the American way of life itself, not simply “in the sense of rock concerts and alcohol in restaurants, but the more fundamental rights of freedom of speech and religion, the equality of women, and, most essentially, the freedom from fear and freedom to think.”

    Defeating the Islamic State and “kindred movements” will require the U.S. to “kill a great many people.”

    To that end Washington needs “a long-range plan not to ‘contain’ but to crush” the enemy. Even with such a plan, victory will be a long way off and will require “a long, bloody, and costly process.”

    Beyond ISIS loom all those continually evolving “kindred movements” to which the United States will have to attend before it can declare the war itself well and truly won.

    Washington’s approach has been akin to treating cancer with a little bit of chemo one year and a one-shot course of radiation the next. Such gross malpractice aptly describes U.S. military policy throughout the Greater Middle East across several decades.

    While there may be many reasons why the Iraq War of 2003 to 2011 and the still longer Afghanistan War yielded such disappointing results, Washington’s timidity in conducting those campaigns deserves pride of place. That most Americans might bridle at the term “timidity” reflects the extent to which they have deluded themselves regarding the reality of war.

    Yes, we killed many tens of thousands of Iraqis and Afghans, but if winning World War IV requires, as Cohen writes, that we “break the back” of the enemy, then we obviously didn’t kill nearly enough.

    Tomgram: Andrew Bacevich, An Invitation to Collective Suicide | TomDispatch

  • @Gerald Spezio

    What do you think? Could the american civil rights movement maybe be some “evil jewish conspiracy” as well? That’s what the Neo Confederate say at least 8-) :

  • @Gerald Spezio

    Did you know that Saudi Arabia and Erdogan/Turkey massively support ISIS?

  • @Zarquon:
    “If you press this button, all that you perceive as problems in the world
    will disappear forever but you will die instantly and painlessly.”

    Leaving behind ‘everyone else’ on a problem free world?

    Are ‘problems’ an exclusively human phenomenon, or are other fauna (and flora?) subject to them?

    The problem is that for humans the entire content of the world is problems, or ‘challenges’, and always has been. ‘Life’ is, almost by definition, an endurance test in a barely hospitable environment. Any effective harshness-amelioration strategies just lead to people inventing problems, out of boredom, or to keep themselves ‘in shape’ to deal with future problems? I could provide examples, but I don’t think I need to?

    In that context, instantaneously solving someone’s problems could be just as cruel as gratuitously compounding them? Once again I could provide examples, but I don’t think I need to?

    My question, which is probably just a different phrasing of yours, would be something like:

    If suicide were to be achievable by a simple act of will, and anyone could guarantee to pass painlessly into non-existence without (further) trauma either to oneself or to significant others, what would the population of the world be? How many of us would even make it into double-figures?

  • 18000 days,

    “if suicide…”: only the sociopaths.

  • Good question 18000 days. This woman chose to exit and is catching hell for it afterward:

    It’s hard to say who would leave. My father always said he would shoot himself before going into a nursing home or suffering from terminal cancer. He died after a long, gruesome death from cancer. He was in denial until his last painful, horrid sounding, groaning breath.
    The denial was brutal on everyone —–the remnant ripples of denial are still present today and they are NOT pleasant. This is how I see denial of our dying planet—not helpful.

  • Suicide may not be necessary for some outcast & hapless pilgrims, especially Muslims.

    They will be conveniently homicided by their betters with better weapons.

    “Kill, kill, kill, for peace … get the gawddam families – that will teach the terrorist bastids.”

    Donald Trump’s diabolical advocacy of murdering the families of “the Muslim mad dogs” may be off-the-charts bonkers, but it surely isn’t new.

    The deliberate inhuman bombing & outright murder of millions of defenseless German Civilians by British & American air power in WW2 holds first place for deadly mass murder.

    Worse than Tokyo, Hiroshima & Nagasaki.

    The Inhuman Bombing Of Germany, 1940-1945

  • Fuck the machine.
    This is the machine.
    Fuck this.

    Fuck this culture.
    I am this culture.
    Fuck me.

    Ishmael said one thing I can’t forget,

    “This culture is not humanity.”

    John Zerzan said one thing I can’t forget,

    “As long as we have grammar, we won’t be free from God.”

    Art is.
    War is.
    Language is.
    Life is.
    Fuck this.

    They say it’s all about to end.


  • In reference to “How to Save Humanity”, it wouldn’t have hurt if we had had more shining souls like Mujica throughout our history; unfortunately, his type has always been squashed by the obvious powermongers, of course, and especially by those who play with ideas to bolster their desire to do nothing. Humanity has never stood a chance.

    “When people begin to philosophize, they seem to think it necessary to make themselves artificially stupid.”

    BERTRAND RUSSELL, Theory of Knowledge

    An atheist with few possessions…
    A childless freedom fighter who fought and was imprisoned for the welfare of others’ offspring…
    A grown man, desirous of positive change, who lived his ideals without self-labeling himself as “enlightened”…

  • 27 years since this:

    ‘Mathematical models have predicted for some years now that a buildup of carbon dioxide from the burning of fossil fuels such as coal and oil and other gases emitted by human activities into the atmosphere would cause the earth’s surface to warm by trapping infrared radiation from the sun, turning the entire earth into a kind of greenhouse.

    If the current pace of the buildup of these gases continues, the effect is likely to be a warming of 3 to 9 degrees Fahrenheit from the year 2025 to 2050, according to these projections. This rise in temperature is not expected to be uniform around the globe but to be greater in the higher latitudes, reaching as much as 20 degrees, and lower at the Equator’

  • I don’t know, if humankind can be saved. But yeah, Doctor McPherson, let’s try to save humanity and truth as long as possible:

    The crisis we are in, the planet is in, is about EQUALITY and JUSTICE in the first place. The problem is not socalled “overpopulation”, the problem is not even Civilisation as a whole. The real problems started with the industrial revolution combined with ruthless capitalism. At the time when the industrial revolution and hardcore capitalism began, the global population was around 1 Billion and the CO2 in the atmosphere was around 280ppm. Without this quantumleap of industrialization combined with making Big Money, the problems we face today wouldn’t exist.

    So it’s just not true, that humankind as a species is completely stupid, greedy and suicidal (some say, humankind like cancer). When we look at the numbers, we can see absolutely clearly, that the main resonsibility is the greed of a minority:

    World’s richest 10% produce 50% of CO2: Report

    LONDON: The richest 10 % of people produce half of the Earth’s carbon emissions, while the poorest half-most threatened by droughts and super stroms linked to climate change–contribute a mere 10%, British charity Oxfam said in a study released on Wednesday.”

    The highest birthrates are in the poorest countries and they nevertheless emit only 10% of the global emissions, while 10% of the global population emit 50%.

    The greed of a minority is the main reason of the crisis we are facing today. And this minority is willing to twist data, truth, justice, laws ect. They are willing to lie to the public for decades, they do their business behind closed doors for big money. They have been caught lying and denying over and over again. And they are willing to fight back against truth and justice. Like Exxon Mobile, who knew about the desastrous effects of CO2 already in the 80s, as internal correspondence clearly proofs, but they financed ongoing denier campagnes nevertheless:

    2.12.2015 – As NY State Probes Exxon, Oil Giant Targets the Journalists Who Exposed Climate Change Cover-Up

    I see that there are many young people here; as an old man, a little advice… Life can set us a lot of snares, a lot of bumps, we can fail a thousand times, in life, in love, in the social struggle, but if we search for it we’ll have the strength to get up again and start over. The most beautiful thing about the day is that it dawns. There is always a dawn after the night has passed. Don’t forget it, kids. The only losers are the ones who stop fighting.

    José Mujica

  • The Global Poor vs. the 10%: How Climate Inequality Hurts the Most Vulnerable and Least Responsible

  • Since Mujica can’t really be human, I believe in extraterrestrials now. And I’ll quit whining about my long commute.

    –shot six times by the bad guys
    –13 years in prison with 2 years “being confined to the bottom of an old, emptied horse-watering trough”
    –supported legalized abortion despite country’s Catholic influence
    –supported legalized marijuana
    –austere lifestyle with cool wife and 3-legged dog

    But hell, this is easier, ain’t it?

  • oh waita minute, i’m ever so very terribly slightly bored…

    James Hansen & Kevin Anderson Double-Tap COP21 from collapse

  • When I was 17 in the U.S. the last great mega concert was done in my neighborhood here in the south. I mostly stayed in an area called the back stage but wandered over to the big gig the night of July 4, 1970 where a large crowd was listening to none other than Jimi Hendrix.
    During these years, I was hopeful life would be easy, and beautiful. How stupid could I be. The killing of John Lennon in 1980 marked the end of this hopium era.
    Today once again I am in a hopium era, filled with just as much hate in the background as the Vietnam war and racial tension was for me. The motto then was “Hell No I Won’t Go”. But much has changed. And much has not. The greedy capitalists from my generation won and they have ruined the world as we see it today. I am ashamed I did not do more to try and stop this shit. The possible pending utopia clouded my vision.
    This current hopium era will end when the elite realize their children are doomed because of their foolish ways. My generation failed, what could have been stopped or a least slowed. We are three minutes to midnight, or doomsday, and unlike other times when the doomsday clock was set back, we have sealed our faith. Peace at last.

  • Mr Gunter,

    Are u from Atlanta? if so, where did you go to church and school.

  • I’m not a great fan of Michael Snyder but he could be on to something for those waiting for the financial crash:

    1. China: down more than 30 percent

    2. Saudi Arabia: down 26 percent

    3. Germany: down about 13 percent

    4. United Kingdom: down close to 12 percent

    5. Spain: down 15 percent

    6. Brazil: down more than 22 percent (13,000 points overall)

    7. Malaysia: down 17 percent

    8. Turkey: down 16 percent

    9. India: down close to 12 percent

    10. Chile: down 11 percent

    11. Columbia: down about 30 percent

    12. Peru: down more than 40 percent

    13. Bulgaria: down more than 20 percent

    14. Greece: down more than 30 percent

    15. Poland: down about 19 percent

    16. Malaysia: down 10 percent

    17. Egypt: down 32 percent

    18. Indonesia: down 18 percent

    19. Canada: down 12 percent

    20. Ukraine: down 45 percent

    21. Morocco: down 13 percent

    22. Ghana: down 17 percent

    23. Kenya: down 27 percent

    24. Australia: down 13 percent

    25. Nigeria: down more than 30 percent

    26. Taiwan: down 15 percent

    27. Thailand: down 20 percent

  • F. Gunter,

    Maybe a critical mass of us did that: take our foot off the gas in the mid 70s, and buy into the evil goo that took us through 2008. (I exaggerate for clarity.) There were lots of folks, though, who were smarter than us, and did not waver for a second.

    A critical mass of us screwed up, and some like myself–maybe everyone–could not see the whole picture, and performed below what was required of us. But aren’t we a networked species? Isn’t individualism our biggest problem? What with us circling the drain of IC, are we somewhat more awake and united? I think yes to the above.

    It takes some pressure off if we rely on the collective, and aren’t too hard on our individual selves.

  • A friend countered my Warming scenario by informing me that the Medieval Warm Period (900-1300) was warmer than today, and homosaps not only survived, but thrived.

    Here is his evidence…

    He is a Conservative who hates Al Gore, so I have not taken his views seriously. But now, my resolve is a bit shaken.

  • @rayross

    Your friend is telling denier bullshit, “the medieval warm period” is a typical denier “argument”:

  • Friday, December 4, 2015
    Ocean Heat Depth
    Ocean heat at the equator

    On November 24, 2015, equatorial waters at ≈100 m (328 ft) depth at 110-135°W were over 6°C (10.8°F) warmer than average in 1981-2000, as illustrated by above image. The animation below shows equatorial ocean heat over the past few months, illustrating that temperature anomalies greater than 6°C (10.8°F) occurred throughout this period at depths greater than 100 m (328 ft).

    The danger of ocean heat destablizing clathrates in the Arctic

    The danger is that ever warmer water will reach the seafloor of the Arctic Ocean and destabilize methane that is held there in sediments the form of free gas and hydrates.

    So, how comparable is the situation at the equator with the situation in the Arctic? How much heating of the Arctic Ocean has taken place over the past few years?

    The image on the right, produced with NOAA data, shows mean coastal sea surface temperatures of over 10°C (50°F) in some areas in the Arctic on August 22, 2007.

    In shallow waters, heat can more easily reach the bottom of the sea. In 2007, strong polynya activity caused more summertime open water in the Laptev Sea, in turn causing more vertical mixing of the water column during storms in late 2007, according to this study, and bottom water temperatures on the mid-shelf increased by more than 3°C (5.4°F) compared to the long-term mean.

    This study finds that drastic sea ice shrinkage causes increase in storm activities and deepening of the wind-wave-mixing layer down to depth ~50 m (164 ft) that enhance methane release from the water column to the atmosphere. Indeed, the danger is that heat will warm up sediments under the sea, containing methane in hydrates and as free gas, causing large amounts of this methane to escape rather abruptly into the atmosphere.

    [further down]

    Amount of methane ready for release

    Sediments underneath the Arctic Ocean hold vast amounts of methane. Just one part of the Arctic Ocean alone, the East Siberian Arctic Shelf (ESAS, rectangle on map below, from the methane page), holds up to 1700 Gt of methane. A sudden release of just 3% of this amount could add over 50 Gt of methane to the atmosphere, and experts consider such an amount to be ready for release at any time

    Total methane burden in the atmosphere now is 5 Gt. The 3 Gt that has been added since the 1750s accounts for almost half of all global warming. The amount of carbon stored in hydrates globally was in 1992 estimated to be 10,000 Gt (USGS), while a more recent estimate gives a figure of 63,400 Gt (Klauda & Sandler, 2005). The ESAS alone holds up to 1700 Gt of methane in the form of methane hydrates and free gas contained in sediments, of which 50 Gt is ready for abrupt release at any time.

    [near the end of the article]

    Warm water enters Arctic Ocean from Atlantic and Pacific Oceans

    What further makes the situation in the Arctic particularly dangerous is that waters are not merely warmed up from the top down by sunlight that is especially strong over the Arctic Ocean in summer on the Northern Hemisphere, but also by warm water that flows into the Arctic Ocean from rivers and by warm water that enters the Arctic Ocean through the Bering Strait and through the North Atlantic Ocean.


    Furthermore, there are feedbacks that can rapidly accelerate warming in the Arctic, such as albedo losses due to loss of sea ice and snow cover on land, and changes to the jet stream resulting in more extreme weather. These feedbacks, described in more details at this page, are depicted in the image below.


    In conclusion, as global warming continues, the risk increases that greater ocean heat will reach the seafloor of the Arctic Ocean. The 2015 El Niño has shown that ocean heat can accumulate in large quantities at a depth greater than 100 m (328 ft). Conditions in the Arctic and feedbacks make the situation there even more threatening.

  • kevin: i read Snyder among lots of others. Here’s another view

    Tuesday, December 01, 2015
    Look Out Below: the Real Economy Just Hit Stall Speed

    The real U.S. economy (as opposed to the stock market) is at stall speed, and is about to crash into recession. [lots more]

    [2016 may be “interesting” – so if you have money in the bank, take it out while you still can]

  • The Cure For What Ails You

  • Greetings from the last millenium:

    60’s ad- campaign from Humble Oil/Enco, now known as Exxon Mobile:

    Exxon Mobile is also in Germany, poisening our groundwater:

    Greetings from Shell too:

    View post on

  • Sorry for doublepost, but look carefully at that ad from the 60’s:

    Now tell me, who is responsible, who is the real LIER, the real brainfucker? They knew it already in the 60’s, but denied it for more than FIFTY YEARS.

  • .
    Tests of hundreds of samples of Pacific Ocean water confirmed that Japan’s Fukushima nuclear power plant continues to leak radioactive isotopes more than four years after its meltdown, said Ken Buesseler, marine radiochemist with the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.

    Trace amounts of cesium-134 have been detected within several hundred miles (km) of the Oregon, Washington and California coasts in recent months, as well as offshore from Canada’s Vancouver Island.

    Another isotope, cesium-137, a radioactive legacy of nuclear weapons tests conducted from the 1950s through the 1970s, was found at low levels in nearly every seawater sample tested by Woods Hole, a nonprofit research institution.

  • @pat

    Yeah, not to metion the radioactive waste and all the poiseneous armunition waste they have thrown into the oceans after WWII.

    Remember, who ended the civil rights movement at the end of the sixites by brute force, killing american students ect?:

    This is what they thought back then:

    But something appears to be wrong with that plan 3:-)

  • And then came 9/11, an ouverture to the global survaillance state, they KNOW that it will get REAL HOT on Mother Earth, muhahaha, the blabla shit at COP21 in Paris is just a show completely.

    Exxon Researched Climate Change in 1977 | FRONTLINE

  • One has to be no genius to connect the dots of 9/11:

    Halliburton, the Carlyle Group, Cheney, Bush, the saudi Bin Laden Clan, the war in Afghanistan during the cold war ect ect ect…

    WHO profits? Always the same fuckerz.

  • Candidate from hell trumpets; “Let’s zap the terrorist fuckers freakin families & really put the screws to the whole terrorist shithouse.”

    Blow the terrorist sumbitch’s babies, grandmothers, & cousins to Muslim heaven & Christian Kingdom come.

    Fock, we already knocked off 200,000 Muslim families in Iraq, so Syria should be another cakewalk.

    And then on to the gawddam Muslim terrorist families in Iran.

    Genocide of all sumbitch Muslims “From the Nile to the Euphrates …”

  • LOOK at what they’ve done to the revolution of the 60’s, to the american civil rights movement, to the american PEOPLE, to the whole world and then tell me:

    WHO is responsible? WHO is the real “cancer”?

    The Ghosts of the 60’s are still alive, I swear 8-)

  • HaHa, Sweetie! Namaste, baby!

    I’ve been concentrating on the best of the best writers out there since time is running out. Bertrand Russell was an active man (certainly never professed to be calmly detached, particularly enlightened, or worthy of Buddhistic titles). He knew the scoop.


    The great majority of men and women, in ordinary times, pass through life without ever contemplating or criticising, as a whole, either their own conditions or those of the world at large. They find themselves born into a certain place in society, and they accept what each day brings forth, without any effort of thought beyond what the immediate present requires. Almost as instinctively as the beasts of the field, they seek the satisfaction of the needs of the moment, without much forethought, and without considering that by sufficient effort the whole conditions of their lives could be changed. A certain percentage, guided by personal ambition, make the effort of thought and will which is necessary to place themselves among the more fortunate members of the community; but very few among these are seriously concerned to secure for all the advantages which they seek for themselves.

    It is only a few rare and exceptional men who have that kind of love toward mankind at large that makes them unable to endure patiently the general mass of evil and suffering, regardless of any relation it may have to their own lives. These few, driven by sympathetic pain, will seek, first in thought and then in action, for some way of escape, some new system of society by which life may become richer, more full of joy and less full of preventable evils than it is at present. But in the past such men have, as a rule, failed to interest the very victims of the injustices which they wished to remedy.”

    –Bertrand Russell, Proposed Roads to Freedom: Socialism, Anarchism, and Syndicalism (1920), Introduction

    Bertrand Russell (1872 – 1970) was a philosopher, mathematician, educational and sexual reformer, pacifist, prolific letter writer, author and columnist. Bertrand Russell was one of the most influential and widely known intellectual figures of the twentieth century. In 1950 he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature for his extensive contributions to world literature and for his “rationality and humanity, as a fearless champion of free speech and free thought in the West.”

  • Oops, I meant to address that to Bryan.

  • Nemesis: yep, “THEY WON” by shooting a bunch of unarmed kids who disagreed with the LAW AND ORDER crowd (the Wall Streeters, who had already co-opted the government by then, but the American sheeple didn’t realize it yet; the CHICKEN-SHIT NATIONAL GUARD; and the AMERICAN WAY of bullying everyone by whatever it takes, rather than listen to any other way besides greed and hegemony). Yes sir – they won and now here’s OUR (the entire world’s) prize:


  • Yes, Sir, they won back then, but they can’t win the Future. What goes up, must come down.

    A message to the Empire:

    I can smell you fear, your Paranoia, your Panic- Panic, like Pan- the faster you run, the sooner it will get you:

    THIS is what will be left to you, this is what you won in the long run:

  • About extinction, about Death:

    When I die, I will die with Truth in my mind, Truth in my flesh and in my bones.

  • Ongoing desperate immigration from Iraq, Syria, Libya, Jordan, & Palestine is NOT a problem.

    Yes, it’s tough on Muslim mothers & bewildered little children, but it’s all divinely ordained.

    The great Gawd of Zion wants it like this.

    Everything is proceeding beautifully & according to designed Zionist Plan.

    One million Iraqis are dead & buried, & five million more Iraqis have fled from the polluted rubble & hell-hole that is left after regime change.

    Three hundred thousand Syrians are dead & buried, & more than two million more battered Syrians are fleeing or have already fled.

    Clearing the problem Muslims out will make eventual Israeli takeover & subsequent settlements much easier.

    The more Muslims who are forced to immigrate – the less Muslims Israel will have to kick off the land, put in concentration camps, or murder.

    The captive Gaza Palestinians are a problem, but they can be annihilated in due course; & they are already severely weakened & crippled from lack of food, water, sanitation, & medicine.

    Israel is achieving its divinely inspired goal of clearing unlawful detainer Muslims from the Promised Land either by disguised genocide & forced immigration from devastated & destroyed societies.

    As Abraham & Exodus demand; “This land is Mine.”

    The goal of the Promised Land of Greater Israel from the Nile to the Euphrates is being realized before our very eyes.

    The chosen people of Israel are rejoicing; “We are getting rid of them!”

  • Just watched a film Stop Burning our Rain forests. Not 1 word about west coast rain forest.Well out hunting I have watched huge feller buncher excavator type machine drop 20 blocks of forest in 3 weeks.Nothing left but an open space.But we are elitist first world whites and we know how to do it. Blame them brown and black 3rd world people killing forest.Old growth is for terrorists.We don’t even keep our wood.It gets shipped out cut up shipped back,then we can buy it.
    I have read some where mini cooling period during middle ages caused by Europeans coming to north and south america with diseases that killed a lot of population off allowing forests to grow back.

  • The contrails conspiracy is not only garbage, it’s letting aviation off the hook too

    George Monbiot, The Guardian UK

    You spend years trying to get people to take an interest in aircraft emissions. Then at last the issue gets picked up – but in the most perverse way possible.

    The pollutants spread by planes are a major issue. They make a significant contribution to global warming, yet they are excluded from international negotiations, such as the conference taking place in Paris. As a result, aviation’s expansion is unchecked by concerns about climate change.

    Full article (with embedded links) here:


  • mini cooling period during middle ages

    Yeah, I heard about that not so long ago:

    Contributed Chapter: How to Save Humanity

    You can plant trees on every single inch on this planet, but it won’t stop global heating. Refer to Doctor Guy Mc Pherson about that. Forget about the middle ages, welcome to the 21st century.

  • @ Shep Atlanta is not sane enough for me

    The last Atlanta Pop Festival was held 90 miles south next to a small racetrack where the owner made and hid his moonshine on a cellar below.

  • Have the NBL SA left yet?