Power Outage

I’ve pasted below, verbatim, an essay I posted in this space on 9 June 2009. The current essay bears the same title as the one from way back when. First, though, consistent with my recent strategy, I’ve added a few introductory words and an embedded song.

I was so earnest. Really, my entire life. Born into captivity, like everybody else, I labored and saved for the proverbial rainy day.

The day has arrived. Here in the Chihuahuan Desert, the rain is plentiful. Abrupt climate change is full of surprises. The shallow aquifer needs little recharge, but it’s getting a lot.

The house of cards remains intact, more or less. A gale is blowing, though. And even the most heinously unsustainable version of civilization cannot be sustained forever, extreme violence notwithstanding.

And that’s what is required, as I’ve pointed out repeatedly, to maintain an empire in decline: obedience at home, oppression abroad, and wholesale destruction of the living planet. Violence to the power of three.

There’s more, too: Even abject violence and decades of indoctrination can’t quell entropy. The militarized state of “higher” education, the apex of which I was a part for far too long, ultimately will rot from the inside. The bond market is a mess. Financial shenanigans are widely recognized and reported to the disinterested citizenry. Fossil fuels remain finite.

What we have, as always is here and now with the ones we’re with. With the ones we love.

Contrary to the situation way back when, we know a lot about abrupt climate change. We understand global dimming and its impact on global-average temperature of Earth. The evidence continues to mount, but already the case is clear for historic and current global-average rises in temperature at a rapid clip.

Shortly after the power goes out for the last time, as it surely will, habitat for many species will vanish. There remains little doubt humans will make that least auspicious of lists.

Contrary to the wishful thinking expressed in the essay below, I no longer harbor hope for our species beyond a few more years. Maybe less. I’m hope-free, and find the experience simultaneously joyous and sad. Notwithstanding my near-complete lack of free will — I’m an animal, after all — it’s certainly a foreign set of feelings relative to the cage into which I was born.

But I do work to terminate the omnicide of civilization. I’m not sufficiently naive to wish for civilization to solve the myriad, insoluble predicaments rooted in civilization.

I’ve been spending most of my time at the mud hut. Issues with the Internet connection, along with a steady diet of manual labor, have precluded regular postings here. But difficulties with the off-grid solar system inspired this particular post. If all goes according to plan, both issues will be resolved shortly.

We received a batch of day-old chicks during the middle of the week, and we put them under a heat lamp 24 hours a day. By Friday night, the combination of the heat lamp and the massive electrical use by the power tools I was using to build a goat shed had drawn down the batteries on the solar system. We noticed when the power went out at about 11:00 p.m.

About that goat shed: It will hold two milk goats, starting this summer. Stunningly, given my lack of skills with all things non-academic, I built it myself. It’s fully insulated, the same size as the office I’ve occupied at the university for 15 years, and protected from predators. It has a poultry-netting sub-floor beneath the dirt floor, just in case we want to use the pen for a second flock of chickens (which is a good idea, especially when younger chickens are about to be introduced into an existing flock). The pen has an east-facing window and a west-opening Dutch door. Obviously, I’m as proud as a new mother. But I digress.

Back to the Friday-night power failure: It took us a while to figure out we couldn’t solve the problem without more sunlight hitting the solar panels. By that time, it was approaching midnight under a moon that was nearly full on a beautiful summer night. Since the six-year-old was sleeping soundly, and the adults were all fully awake, the next step was obvious: time to eat.

As we know, man cannot live on bread alone. Occasionally, there must be a beverage.

So, we ate, drank, kibitzed, and communed in the light of the monster moon at the edge of our breezeway. Several hours later, drunk on conversation within and about nature, I collapsed in a satiated heap of fatigue produced by a long day of honest work. The incident reminded me that electrical power is a nice luxury — we’ll all have a difficult time without it, for sure — but the absence of electricity, at least temporarily, has its own rewards.

As regular readers are aware by now, I’m Mr. Silver Lining, the ultimate optimist.

Meanwhile, a dear friend and colleague sent me a note about a forthcoming documentary film. Blind Spot will be shown by Sustainable Tucson this week (it can be viewed free of charge here).

According to the film, we have put ourselves at a crossroad, which offers two paths with dire consequences. If we continue to burn fossil fuels, we face imminent ecological collapse. If we cease burning fossil fuels, the industrial economy will collapse. The film then goes on to offer a choice: your money or your life. As if we you and I have the opportunity to make that decision. As if we have free will. As if, even if we chose economic collapse to save the planet and our species, the world’s politicians will go along. As if.

As should be clear by now, industrial humans — or at least our “leaders” — have chosen not door number one (ecological collapse) and not door number two (economic collapse), but both of the above.

Later this week, I’m headed out for a personal research excursion. I’ll be visiting the heart of the Renaissance, peering straight into the birthplace of western civilization: Florence, Italy. And also to Venice and Rome. I’d like to see where it all got started, before it all comes down.

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  • I live near the “Duncan” area on Vancouver Island where you did a speech and I think most people here think it will be the new southern California here after warming.Most of the species here seem to need a time with freezing winter.they ask me to ask you “how are the salmon doing in the Colorado river. I have to tell them there is no Colorado river anymore.
    McBride knew the delta was suffering, but he was surprised when he visited it for the first time. “I spent two weeks walking the most parched, barren earth you can imagine,” he recalls. “It’s sad to see the mighty Colorado River come to a dribble and end some 50 miles north of the sea.”
    I think i’ll go plant a tree and hope or maybe a cactus?
    PS am I suppose to say “first”?

  • @Rusty

    I think it is always a good idea to plant trees- NO, I never said that it’s a bad idea, I just said that it will not stop global heating. So, just go and plant trees. That’s much better than hunting ridiculous money. Enjoy what you do, believe in what you do and plant trees, it’s cool.

    Like Doctor Guy Mc Pherson says:

    If you are doomed when you do and if you are doomed when you don’t, then DO.

  • I did remember commenting at the original post about the “sheltered life”, and so I hunted it down:

    Robin Datta Says:
    June 11th, 2009 at 1:30 am
    It is good to know that someone had a sheltered life:
    – the office I’ve occupied at the university for 15 years, and protected from predators –

    Actually, as we now know, there had been a helluva lot of (academic) predation at that time. Since then, by all accounts that life has been subject to much predation. It was also interesting to see the names of some of the old-time commentors. Wonder where they have all gone.

  • Here on southern Vancouver Island it is rainy and windy but still quite warm, a balmy 8C. Spoke with a neighbour last week – he was hunting up around Great Slave Lake and visiting friends in Northern Alberta – said the farmers up there are talking of selling their land if they don’t get enough rain and snow this winter. Said the hunters got nothing and saw nothing. Said the farmers told him there is a wolf pack in the area numbering some 30 individuals, they are taking 2 moose a week and the alpha male leading the pack is huge (someone got a glimpse).
    Best time to visit Venice is in winter – you can walk all over the place undisturbed by crowds. Florence is a lovely city – there is a park up the hill over the river that is worth a visit – and of course the Uffizi. I planned three days in Rome but left after two (gave me an extra day in Florence followed by my week in Venice) as I found it just too crowded and noisy. Quite something to walk around those ruins though. I headed over to the Coliseum – but I chose not to go in (didn’t want to be in a place with that many ghosts) so I sat on a little grassy area a short distance away with a beer and watched the world go by. I’ve been watching the “I, Claudius? series again of late – poor quality youtube videos but what a great story – how the mighty fall. Caligula/Trump?
    As the COP21 farce winds down it is easy to reach the conclusion that this is just a photo op for all the “world leaders” to put on a brave face that something was achieved, and then the slide can begin. They will pat each other on the back then go home and make their (personal) preparations for collapse.
    I have felt for a long time that our religion (sic) should be the planting of trees: a child is born plant a tree, a birthday is celebrated plant a tree, a marriage plant a tree, a divorce plant a f’g tree, etc. And our sacrament (sic) should be clear, clean water – and the cleansing of water, wherever it is found, would be the central (and only) “religious” duty of all. Trees & Water, Trees & Water, Trees & Water…

    “The mind must be opened like a door. The key is silence.”

  • First and foremost—a burning question for Guy: what happened to the chicks under the heat lamp after the power failure?
    OT (kind of)
    Crying is supposed to be good for you? Sometimes my tears get blocked. This helped get them flowing (but it doesn’t feel like it was a cleansing/healing cry). For those who love birds and feel the need to cry:

  • Specific detailed plans for the OMNICIDE OF CIVILIZATION.

    The research described in this report was prepared for the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD). The research was conducted in the RAND National Defense Research Institute, a federally funded research and development center sponsored by the OSD, the Joint Staff, the Unified Combatant Commands, the Department of the Navy, the Marine Corps, the defense agencies, and the defense Intelligence Community.

    This report is part of the RAND Corporation technical report series. RAND technical reports may include research findings on a specific topic that is limited in scope or intended for a narrow audience; present discussions of the methodology employed in research; provide literature reviews, survey instruments, modeling exercises, guidelines for practitioners and research professionals, and supporting documentation; or deliver preliminary findings. All RAND reports undergo rigorous peer review to ensure that they meet high standards for research quality and objectivity.

    Permission is given to duplicate this electronic document for personal use only, as long as it is unaltered and complete. Copies may not be duplicated for commercial purposes. Unauthorized posting of RAND PDFs to a non-RAND Web site is prohibited. RAND PDFs are protected under copyright law.

    I have found a way to extract portions of the classified RAND Biowar strategic plan “Population value & control Analytic” by sending segments to a security cleared secondary source then having an I.T. assistant hack the scrambling encryption.

    For the first time this week Chinese troops are training here in the USA at Dugway Proving grounds and several other Army bases.

    Multi-national corporations have no concern for any specific country. Planning for induced Pandemic, Petro-dollar shift & environmental impacts requires the co-operation of most major military forces. Global resources – including a Human work force will be selected and required if stage 1 events are activated. ALEC, The Atlantic Council & Rand are providing detailed emergency procedure plans for 2017 operation.

    The world wide Military-Industral complex has a network of massive powers and supercomputers that are interconnected in a scale far beyond Russia, China, USA & others targeting each other. In the near-future a cohesive series of events and maneuvers will give a smaller global industrial group a preferred measure of control over all systems. The constantly updated reports insist the M.T.P move forward before other chaotic classes of humanity become too unstable. The profit motives to maintain current levels of consumer economies will be the primary lag point to move swiftly enough to alter world population levels into manageable quadrants. Land & Ocean species depletion & atmospheric alterations are of great concern to those who do have a 21 point plan of action to shift stewardship by magnitudes of order.


    Thanks a lot for all the informations you deliver! It’s very interesting to see all the “goods” THEY are planning for US. But:

    All I can see here is just the usual BAU of the socalled “Elite”. Some here on NBL say, there is no free will anyway, we are all just meat robots, no good and bad anyway, they say, everything is predetermined anyway. Well, if this is so, why not just lay back and relax? If there is no good and no bad, then we can’t say that the RAND suckerz are the bad guys and we at NBL are the good guys, right? If there’s no good and no bad, then they are just like us and we are just like them. If there’s no free will, then they just do what they have to do because everything is determined anyway.

    Another thing is: If Doctor Guy Mc Pherson and some others are right and NTE is inescapable anyway, then those RAND suckers are just planning for what is already underway anyway, right? Well, then, what a huge waste of time those RAND suckers are exercising, hahaha. They should better go and plant some trees instead and enjoy Life as long as they and their children can 8-)

    Anyway, Sir Austin, thanks a lot for the information, the information about what THEY are planning for US. Please don’t mind the irony of my words ;-)

  • International agencies, combined with UNEP and the United Nations population agencies, can induce population reductions to conserve resources, and the environment for improved sustainability & quality.

    Such a comprehensive & Cohesive “Regime” could control the development, administration, conservation, and distribution of all natural resources, renewable or nonrenewable, at least insofar as international implications exist. Thus the Regime could have the power to control pollution not only in the atmosphere and oceans, but also in such freshwater bodies as rivers and lakes that cross international boundaries or that discharge into the oceans. The Regime might also be a logical central agency for regulating all international trade, perhaps including assistance from DCs to LDCs, and including all food on the international market.” — John P. Holdren, Obama’s science advisor, Ecoscience

    “The Planetary Regime might be given responsibility for determining the optimum population for the world and for each region and for arbitrating various countries’ shares within their regional limits. Control of population size might remain the responsibility of each government, but the Regime would have some power to enforce the agreed limits.” — John P. Holdren, Obama’s science advisor, Ecoscience.

    “To date, there has been no serious attempt in Western countries to use laws to control excessive population growth, although there exists ample authority under which population growth could be regulated.” — John P. Holdren, Obama’s science advisor 1997.

    “The resultant ideal sustainable population is hence more than 500 million but less than one billion.” — Club of Rome, Goals for Mankind

    “In order to stabilize world population, we must eliminate 350,000 people per day. It is a horrible thing to say, but it is just as bad not to say it.” — Jacques Cousteau, 1991 explorer and UNESCO courier

    “If I were reincarnated I would wish to be returned to earth as a killer virus to lower human population levels.” — Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, leader of the World Wildlife Fund

    “A total population of 250-300 million people, a 95% decline from present levels, would be ideal” — Ted Turner, founder of CNN.

    “And advanced forms of biological warfare that can “target” specific genotypes may transform biological warfare from the realm of terror to a politically useful tool.” — The Project for a New American Century, Rebuilding America’s Defenses, p. 60, Dick Cheney and Paul Wolfowitz.

    The above quotes are a small list to help prove that planning for the potential depopulation has been in the works every day for decades. This is not a conspiracy. It is only a possible plan of action which can take place with swift biological selection.

  • “If I were reincarnated I would wish to be returned to earth as a killer virus to lower human population levels.”

    — Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, leader of the World Wildlife Fund

    Aaah, I see^^ Well, Prince Phillip procreated FOUR children:


    Uhm, Dear Prince, the question might be allowed (as I did not procreate):

    Why didn’t you start to lower the population by NOT procreating, but procreated four children instead?!

  • Hi NEMESIS Some of what I’m sharing is helping me convince myself that I made the right decision to take an early retirement & walk away from Empire. Things are crazier now in D.C. than 14 years ago. Hindsight will be in 2020 when nothing major has happened. I will look like chicken little…ha! But that’s okay. I have a record of the plans I did report in advance before they were MSM.

    Naturally I’m having last minute mixed feelings about having so much information inside the system, but I can’t really report most of it anyway…Maybe I will be less restricted to say more from Fla or Costa Rica…but then I lose the credibility of being an actual insider. Humans were just as crazy before the past World Wars. Only difference now is much higher levels of technology involved. Like the on-going progress drilling all the way through the crust of the Earth. The Methane consuming microbes they hope to extract from the mantel layer might help reduce atmospheric Methane once the microbes are genetically enhanced. Yet wouldn’t it make more sense to reduce fracking & agriculture methane sources first? Sort of like insisting on a cure for cancer but refusing to stop smoking 3 packs a day. POWER OUTAGE and a total info blackout will occur if a pandemic is induced. While we do have power NBL is a place for some caring people to have a better idea of what to prepare for if there is a great dying in darkness prior to runaway greenhouse effects later on. I think they want to do it just because they can. A one time chance to use global technological systems before their control toys are dismantled anyway by natural Earth events. Also don’t forget I’m reporting about a tiny portion of people who currently have immense powers. I’ve had much contact with them and they truly do think they can alter NTE with their own forms of control. Not necessarily correct but I’m just saying.

    ARTLEADS helped give me good reasons & last minute encouragement to make a final download of superpowers plans on a few web sites. What the heck, we might get an actual asteroid out of the blue anyway!!

    All my very best. LOVE reading everyone here.

  • @Mark Austin

    Hi NEMESIS Some of what I’m sharing is helping me convince myself that I made the right decision to take an early retirement & walk away from Empire.

    Hi there! Yeah, I see and feel it and I highly appreciate that. See, for me personally it is hard to imagine, why people stay within Empire and go on to back it up every single day. You know that I am a Ghetto kid, so for for me it’s hard to understand that anyway. I never wanted big money, I never wanted a house, a big car and all that shit. To me Freedom and Truth is the most important in my Life (I’d be long dead without it). You can’t buy Freedom, you can’t buy Truth, no matter, how much money you got. Therefore I highly appreciate your decision. Yes, I understand, it is not easy to leave Empire behind for those, who have had good jobs like you or Doctor Mc Pherson. But it is really the BEST you can do, because you are leaving exploitation, lies, opression, brainwash, Samsara, you are leaving THIS:


    And therefore I got great respect for you.

  • Speaking Truth To Power

    You are being lied to all the time.

    You are told solar power is like 90% cheaper, and they are, but only because 75% of the world’s solar panels are made in China without regards to safety, environment, exchange rates or wages.

    You are told that we can have 100% renewable energy by 2050. You are not told that after 20 years of trying we have increased renewable power from 1% up to 3% of TOTAL fossil energy use. Vaclav Smil, who is a real energy expert tells us it will take generations to transition to 100% renewable energy.

    You can read what I’m talking about here:

    The Green Energy Trap from collapse

    After 20 years of trying to reduce CO2, it has gone from 360 ppm to 400 ppm. Most of our major mega cities lie directly in the path of eminent and severe flood drought and weather extremes, and our plan is to power them with flimsy solar panels and wind mills. If this is not stupid, nothing is. In just 10 years water demand will exceed supply by 40%.

    Next week, we’ll sign an agreement that won’t stop us going over 2°C, when we are already suffering the ill effects of less than a 1°C rise. Yes, we welcome the few million refugees we have now, but that will change when billions start coming. We spend $1 trillion bucks per year in tax money to kill civilians, destroy whole countries and protect Saudi billionaire fuckwits, all for the oil we pretend we will leave in the ground. The last time I checked, there are still disposable pens and lighters everywhere, so all this talk of resiliency, adaptation and mitigation is just that, talk. We are just a few decades away from the biggest snuff video in history, enjoy the sho.

    I got kicked off of reddit-collapse again. I guess some don’t find my verbal fecal spray appealing.

  • Do you know why they call the Paris Climate talks COP21?

    Because we’ve been at it 20 years and the only year emissions didn’t go up was after the financial crash of 2008.

    This year’s El Nino will initiate a planetary heat equilibrium state jump to a much warmer planet. Next summer will be very hot and we’ll see a very large rise in arctic methane emissions which will further destroy the northern jet stream, and very likely lead to major crop losses. 2 out 7 people who live on earth are malnourished now, in 10 years it should double, it will likely be worse because nothing is linear, everything is exponentiating. Total humanitarian collapse is very similar to doubling a grain of wheat for each of the 64 squares on a chessboard. Things look good now, but they won’t in 30 years.

  • ‘Contrary to the wishful thinking expressed in the essay below, I no longer harbor hope for our species beyond a few more years. Maybe less.’

    Still celebrating planet-fucking:


    Supported by TSB Community Trust

  • After skimming through this blog and reading this particular article, I have come to the conclusion that since humans are bound to go extinct anyway, why should this blog or any other doom website exist at all. If we’re all going to die soon, we may as well enjoy our last days under the illusion of normalcy, not pretending that we’re happy by leaving the comfortable world and moving into a wooded area so we can gaze at the decaying trees and cry ourselves to sleep. This blog serves as nothing but to ruin and upset people; it’s all hopeless anyway, so why should anyone know about it, why should teenagers who are being pressured into thinking about their future constantly, know about it, why should parents whose child just turned two, know about it; there is nothing liberating about any of this. You are only putting chains on people, these chains strangling people with fear and despair as they are forced to watch the future of their children, friends and family disappear as everyone either rips each other apart, or dines on cyanide and die in solidarity with one-another.

    I understand that we were all destined to die, but if the Near-Term is truly it, then personally, I feel this blog serves no purpose. A warning, to me, is only helpful if someone can actually do something about it, and this is nothing like a terminal disease because at least with that, one can use it to live out their last days and create a legacy for themselves, what fucking legacy exists on a dead planet that will soon be consumed by a dead sun that will soon be ripped apart by a dead universe.

  • .
    Thanks for the touching video. I sure love those little critters.

    Spring is here, (Actually, winter just hasn’t come this year.)
    The grass is ris’, (Ha, wherever it’s not dead from drought.)
    I wonder where the birdies is? (Ya, I flippin’ wonder, hey?)


    Around +5C in southern Alberta all this week.
    Supposed to be around +10C by Wednesday.
    December in Canada hey?
    The weatherman on TV acts like it’s normal.
    He actually even acts like it’s good.
    I guess he needs his job.

    @Robin Datta
    While one could certainly infer that people have fled this blog because it’s become full of a bunch of mindless twits like me, and I won’t say that isn’t a distinct possibility. Could it also be that new information was coming at a rapid pace a few years back, whereas now everything is more or less established fact, and things are just plodding along incrementally? Maybe there just aren’t as many profound and shocking revelations to marvel at. I wonder … not that it matters what I wonder.

    I’m trying to be more invisible here lately, but I do still come and read everything. Who knows, I sure don’t … not much anyway. Cheers Robin for being, unlike me, an old timer here.


    I would like to extend a partial apology to you.
    People who listen to Floyd are not fuck munchers.
    Thanks for donating Money to Guy’s blog.

    ♪♫ ….. ♪♫

    I wonder if you should save up your thoughts and just post one or two big long essays each day. I find you interesting sometimes, but I’m also a pretty tolerant dude, someone who takes most things in stride. I can see how others might bristle at your continualness. I wouldn’t want to think people are leaving in frustration.

    I’m a ghetto kid too, and a bastard child as well … one who wasn’t surrounded by much love at all as a kid, none in fact. My parents and grandparents tried to manufacture so many accidents with me that my psyche was cooked before I was even five. I know what it’s like to scratch out a life on next to nothing, not really even succeed at it, and yet be pointed at as if I’m no different from, say, Don the entitled dick Trump. Maybe just chill a bit brother. Smoke a doob or something. Think about that idea of doing one big diarrhea post, instead of so many small farts. ???

    You sound suicidal again today. Peace brother human, but I do wish you’d tough it out like you were Spock on some grand adventure or something. Whatever you choose, you’re in some of my thoughts today. Go hug your trees.

    I sure dig you. Where the heck is wren? Miss her. Hope she’s ok.

    And finally (bloody hell, is he done yet?!) …

    I’ve been mulling over this courtship thing. What happens when we hook up and it’s all you smiting the foolish people, and me smiting the mean people? Wouldn’t that just end with 7 billion dead people less two … you and me. Then we’d probably turn to each other and say, ‘Hey, maybe you’re a fool too’ … and, ‘Ya, well maybe you’re a meany as well.’ At that point we’d end up throttling each other by the throat. and that would be that … the end of all human life on earth.

    Oh … wait a minute! Never mind. As you were; forget I even said anything. ;)

    Guy said in his essay …

    ” As regular readers are aware by now, I’m Mr. Silver Lining, the ultimate optimist.”

    I’m not disagreeing, not one bit, I totally get where he’s coming from. However, in the larger scheme of things, that did give me a little chuckle. Guy’s such a card, I do dig him muchly. :)

    Personally, I’ve decided today is a fricken’ stupid day … for no particular reason at all. :/

  • Wise word from Mad Max feminist-ally:

    And Rick Rick Sanchez:

  • LWA- You sure know how to turn a girl on…

  • @Liam Lynch – Another way to think of it is this: if you had a terminal illness would you want your doctor to be truthful with you or would you rather she feed you a load of lies because she didn’t feel you could handle the truth like an adult? Personally, I prefer the truth, however grim. If you prefer fairy tails and bullshit what draws you to this space given it’s such a monumental buzzkill? Why waste your time here when you can be looking a silicon enhanced tits, listening pop music with pitch-corrected vocals and attending Donald Trump rallies? Do tell.

  • “ARTLEADS helped give me good reasons & last minute encouragement to make a final download of superpowers plans on a few web sites. ”


    Just clarifying that I’m in no way interested in downloads of superpower plans. They represent somebody else’s story, not mine. As I keep repeating, such plans emerge where there is a vacuum of vision. In my own inadequate way, I’m trying to fill that vacuum of vision with something seemingly more life affirming, something to do with loving the land…

    Since you, more than any other of us, are in touch with powerful people, I’d be intrigued if you were able, through those contacts, to help with such causes as more sustainable and cohesive land use planning as a remedy for many ills.

  • Liam, one other thing to keep in mind: If, Guy’s (and others’) honest assessment of our situation causes someone to decide not to procreate, that alone makes this blog worth while, as it’s one less sentient being born into untold suffering. This isn’t academic.

  • Just In time to the rescue
    First MSR Thorium Reactor Scheduled for 2021

  • .

    There’s also the notion that even though there’s probably no altering the extinction of our species, be that sooner or just real sooner, much could still be done to avoid completely destroying the biosphere for other forms of life down the road. For instance, don’t build any more nuclear power stations in some futile attempt to keep growth going. It’s futile anyway, so just don’t. Not that most humans show a lot of willingness to make sacrifices for future bugs and mouses and birdlets and the like. Hell, they won’t even change for their own children, or for that matter, even themselves. Still, if we keep on plowing ahead mindlessly, we could very well turn the place into a completely lifeless rock. And yes, ‘don’t have kids’ is another good reason to know.

    I think it’s always good to ‘know’ what’s up. Keep people oblivious, and they’ll most likely torch the place right to the ground. It seems you are taking a fairly human centric point of view here. Things can always be made worse. Here’s a chance to do something right for biological life by ceasing and desisting now.

    @EtyerePetyere … from your article.

    Mass production of nuclear power plants is possible with ThorCon technology.

    [sarc] Lovely, can’t wait. [/sarc]

    Not sure if you think this is a good thing, or a bad thing. To me? Bad thing. More crap, more growth, more destruction, more unseen consequences. When have humans ever done anything with technology except just fuck things up even more?

    Thanks Canada. Let me guess, this must have been a Harper era initiative. Groovy.


    LWA- You sure know how to turn a girl on…

    Please don’t think I was calling you mean, or threatening to throttle you or anything like that. No, no, no. I was just reflecting on your not suffering fools lightly on this blog, and on my penchant for shazaming people who aren’t kind on this blog. I thought, ha ha … what a pair! I guess I was just letting my mind wander a bit. Soon, I was romanticizing some sort of goofy Isis and Osiris scenario with me being torn asunder by crocodiles, and you resurrecting me after retrieving just my penis and all that. You know, just daydreaming a little. You are pretty dreamy after all.

    Maybe I’m just over thinking all of this. :)

    Also, sometimes I shouldn’t be taken literally or seriously. You know, like the bible.

    And, maybe this cush is also a little too strong. I’ll lodge a formal complaint with my advisor. :(


  • Liam, “… , what fucking legacy exists on a dead planet …”

    … none … no legacies for anyone.

    Yes, precisely … that is why you had best make the most of it.

  • LWA- This is an example of context being lost through text (I’ll blame your weed “advisor”). I was being sarcastic, as if human extinction and then our subsequent strangling of one another was turning me on… another one of my stupid jokes. At the same time, after reading your post about “us”- i.e. the meanness/foolishness thing, I realized what a fucking asshole I’ve been in this space. I do come across as mean. But you know what? I attribute it to “confirmation bias.” Bhagavan Das (sp?) calls it surrounding yourself with “co-conspirators of your reality.” I think in all of our daily lives, we surround ourselves with people and ideas that we agree with (and in some cases we’ve isolated ourselves physically and emotionally because there’s no one we identify with). And this website is a different kind of community. This is a community full of people who are obviously completely different in every possible way on a social level (i.e. generally I avoid Holocaust deniers and bullies), but we all share this weird belief – I refuse to call it “knowledge” because what the fuck do I know?? – so we’re sort of all stuck in a little corner of the interwebs yelling at each other when we really want to yell at the rest of the world. It’s just a theory, though. And since I have no free will it’s not even my theory.

    In 1993 I decided not to have kids because I took a Global Environmental Issues class in college and my thesis was on overpopulation. I thought I was crazy because I came to the conclusion that we would be extinct in my lifetime. Even my scientist friends told me I was overreacting. One said that because we’re human, we see our lifetimes as a long period of time, but in reality “quick” is a relative term. “If we go extinct in 10,000 years, that would be considered very quick in the grand scheme of things,” my very smart scientist buddy told me. And he’s right. Back then (I was 21), I thought 10 years was a long time. Hahahaha. Imagine that! But when I came across Guy McPherson many years later, I realized that even if I’m not right, at least I’m not TOTALLY crazy because there are others who think the same thing.

    So we’re all here because we’ve come to similar conclusions (I assume). And the fact that we fight all the time really sucks (some people on here are mature enough not to fight at all but apparently I’m not one of them). Every social justice group I’ve been involved with (http://www.womeninblack.org/old/en/about, http://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/NELA_peace/info are examples if you’re curious) has had the same dynamic which really is so weird considering those were all supposedly about getting along, peace, etc. Maybe they just prove that it’s impossible for humanity to resolve our differences? And even here, Guy’s motto is “only love remains.” Perhaps that’s just more wishful thinking.

    The point is, LWA, you helped me. So don’t apologize. I will recommit to being nicer in this space. Although I make no promises : )

    Zarquon- Nobody is here to tell you what to do, but please hang in as long as you can. Here is my musical gift for you. I’m hoping you’re still around to listen. It’s super corny, but now that he’s gone it seems more poignant. Be well, my friend.

  • Guy –
    Have you seen this?


    Referring to an article in “Paleoceanography”.

    “…examines a shift from a glacial to an interglacial climate that began about 630,000 years ago. Their research demonstrates that, although this transition developed over seven centuries, the initial shift required only 50 years … One of the most astonishing things about our results is the abruptness of the warming in sea surface temperatures … Of the 13 degree Fahrenheit total change, a shift of 7 to 9 degrees occurred almost immediately right at the beginning … The warming associated with the major climatic shift was accompanied by simultaneous releases of methane … This particular episode of climate change is closely associated with instability that caused the release of methane from gas hydrates at the ocean floor …”

  • .

    First off, I’ve always bloody LOVED that John Denver song.

    Second, I think I actually DID take your sarcastic ‘turn a girl on’ post exactly how you meant it to come across. I just wanted to be sure. We obviously share a very dark sense of humor, and a penchant for sarcastic humor too. When you’re a humorist who always liked to make people laugh rather that frustrate them, and you become a doomer, what the hell else is going to happen? Doom humor.

    Third, (why am I counting here, I don’t really know ‘?’), but third, I was the one who got worried that I had offended you by including my penchant for eschewing meanness in my joke, and realized that you might have thought I was calling YOU mean, when I really actually didn’t mean it that way. Although, it’s interesting that it prompted some self reflection for you. However, I wince now that you thought I was calling you mean. I don’t think you are mean. I actually think your scolding of Nemesis for way over posting was spot on … it really was getting over the top.

    Guy has asked for restraint, and yet he shows his uber tolerance by allowing all those posts through, even though I know he has been moderating Nemesis. Being on the moderated ‘naughty list’ is supposed to be a kind warning. And yet, in the end, Guy never ever censors anything, even over posts. What a cool character Guy is, bravo!

    Anyway, I’m babbling, and now I’ve even over posted myself for today.

    I just wanted you to know my meanness reference was in fact not referring to you, and that I did get your joke, and that your post yesterday to Nemesis was actually socially spot on in my books, at least in its intent it was. Be kind to yourself, your not an asshole in my books. I might be the asshole for cracking jokes on a doom site.

    Fourthly (fourthly? … damn that herbal advisor!), fourthly, thanks for a great post. I loved this last post of yours. It is weird how we are all so different, yet collected here by a similar focus. Your post was very cool indeed. And Zarquon … please go hug every tree in your forest for quite a few minutes each. That ought to keep you with us for awhile.

    Thanks baba. XOXO.

  • Hello LWA and thanks for your kind thoughts. You are truly the official diplomat of this site, and it is much appreciated.

    I continue to deal with the dichotomy of despising my own species in a theoretical sense, although I love my friends dearly, and I’ve come to love some of you here very much too. Thank you all for being here.
    For Zarquon and all our other fellow edge dwellers, a quote from one our posters long lost:
    “The prospect of my demise is a meditation and a gift
    and I struggle to embrace it.
    So, now it is true, more than ever,
    caminante, no hay camino, se hace camino al andar,
    and the next moment is transformed as I sip my coffee and listen to the rain fall.
    The cat bumps my leg and I am going to die with some 7 billion others.
    I will push my small boat from the shore and grasp the tiller and pull in the main sheet. The luffing sail fills with wind and I glide from the shore.
    My foot on the hard certainty of the beach becomes a memory only.
    There is no road for this particular journey and the destination was always inevitable. But, I got to be here, for a while.”


  • @ WoodWose Did you notice that the hummingbirds have not left ?! they are still hanging around here In Squamish . I have never ever seen them around here after early fall now it is December i think i saw them 2 days ago again

  • EtyerePetyere

    Good luck with the rain and wind.

    There are two kinds and one stays the winter.

    “The Rufous is by far the most common species in our area. They arrive with the first flowers of the spring, breed here, and depart by mid summer.
    The Anna’s Hummingbird is much more elusive. The Anna’s male has a fuchsia-pink gorget and a green back. Both males and females have white over the eye, and no hint of cinnamon. Anna’s have only been in BC for around 60 years. This native of California has gradually moved north, expanding its traditional range. Anna’s reached Vancouver Island in the mid 1940’s, and a breeding record was confirmed in 1958. Since then, Anna’s have been steadily increasing on Vancouver Island, especially during the past 5 years.” Quoted from:


    Enjoy them – emissaries from another world. My cousin has a feeder outside his main window and they are there all day ever day every few minutes – feeder to Gary Oak, Gary Oak to feeder. They chase each other away and sometime three at once are zooming around. The wasps gang up on them too, but the wasps are gone now – well, I saw one droopy one at the drops on the underside of the feeder.
    We came to Canada (Alberta) when I was a child. Two years after arriving dad took us through into BC. As usual I was up a good hour before everyone else and slipped out of the tent into stunning heat and sunshine (somewhere near Cultus Lake, I think). I wandered over near a tall hedge and froze when what I took to be the sound of the world’s largest bee sounded RIGHT NEXT TO MY EAR.
    I turned and looked straight into the face AND EYES of a hummingbird. We looked into each other’s eyes. I have always regarded them as emissaries from another world. Blessed creatures.

    And, on those tiny, frenetic wings, the Rufous hummingbirds of this past summer have flown all the way – 2000 miles – to Mexico – and will return in the spring.

    My favorite sentence from the article I linked:
    “A Hummingbird nest is about the size of an eggcup, and is made of moss, lichen and spider web.”

    EtyerePetyere, you might put out a feeder – don’t let it run out they will rely on you (and use no red dye – just water and sugar). You might also register your sighting with the Prof. Hentze at U. Vic (at bottom of article) since you probably have, at least at this point, the most northerly population of hummingbirds in BC. (That we know of).

  • Quote i just read:

    “If you can see what that one person has walked through, from their earliest time, from all their growing up time, through everything they wanted to believe in that didn’t believe in them, through everything that couldn’t last, through every heartbreak that got them to tonight, you’d fall down on your knees in awe, and there’d never be another stranger.”

    Brother Blue via Stephen Jenkinson

    Yea, I know.

  • @LWA

    yet be pointed at as if I’m no different from, say, Don the entitled dick Trump.

    You nailed it down. Trump has much prettier hair than I have. Fuck Trump and all those who say we are all the same.

    Have fun with NTE and shit, or not, I don’t carry and I don’t care anymore, I have to go back to my guitar, makes much more sense to me.

    Hail MUSIC!

  • Liam, legacies …

    material debris & detrius

    massive glory holes from coal, tar sands, & copper mining

    rusting super ships & super planes

    skyscrapers, bridges, dams, trucks, cars

    suburbia & prisons

    gigantic sports stadiums, as in Coliseum

    shopping centers, pavement, roads

    Great wall

    Aparteid wall

    concrete foundations

    granite & marble gravestones w/ markings

    bones, skulls, teeth

    But no ideas telling how it all came to be & pass on.

  • Guy’s post reminds me of an Arcade Fire song (Neighborhood #3 (Power Out))

    Updated: Warmer water under Antarctica ice shelves has been there a long time (Databases Galore – 12).

  • The GOP Clown Car Rolls On

    On the campaign trail with the most dishonest, bumbling and underqualified pack of presidential candidates in history

    By Matt Taibbi November 17, 2015



    View from a great writer who sees the election for the huge farse it is — I LOL with tears through the whole article.

  • as always: entropy rules the day.

  • Woodwose, If I were to meet up with murdering preverted bastids like the Bushwackers, Dick Cheney, Netanyahu, Steven Spielberg, Samantha Power, Hilarious, Victoria Nuland, Paul Wolfowitz, Donald Rumsfeld … I would fall into a crouch & aim powerful crippling kicks to their fookin crotches & hineys – again & again …

    Love, affection, & compassionate understanding are delivered in strange ways to strange people depending on the conditions & contingencies.

  • To all u Trump and Hitler fascist, racist fans, here’s a twofer for u.


    Is Trump similar to Hitler? Are there parallels? In the 1930’s Germany was hurting and despondent I am told from the disaster called WWI. Hitler rallied the troops so to speak, denounced certain sects and set people against each people, made some feel superior, some despised?


    Yep he is a fascist. Just read an article by Henry Giroux that confirms it.

    This is so elemental, it’s plain stupid.

    You know Germany is about the same size as Alabama but the racist/fascist history is identical.

    According to George Wallace, when he lost an election, “I’m going to out-n***er them the next time.” Same Bully shit with most politicians of today.

    And yes I’m voting for Trump because he hasten MY march to justice!!!!!

  • the rhyme of history marches on towards oblivion…led by the usual suspects.

  • Monsanto to Be Put on Trial for “Crimes against Nature and Humanity” at The Hague


    [a) i doubt Monsanto will show up to defend itself, b) that there will be any financial repercussions on the corporation (or, if there are, it will amount to a slap on the wrist, and c) this action, like any other at this point, is too little too late (the damage is done and can’t be reversed) as we go over the cliff. Now let’s go after the war-mongers!]

  • Thank you Woodwose for the hummingbird info. I have seen the small emissaries here in NW Washington this winter and wondered about them. I didn’t recall seeing them during the past two winters which seemed to have longer periods of freezing temps.

    Several posts (LWA & babajingo) inspire thoughts on what it is to be in relation to others on a blog such as this. Other than a few sporadic posts here, I’ve never participated in an online forum. I find the whole concept of electronic observation & surveillance so freakish that I avoid it all with vigor: No facebook, twitter, or any of those kinds of social mash-ups. At some point I must have joined linkedin since I still get the occassional invite which I anxiously ignore and really should try to remember my password so I can delete all traces of that as well…

    So, how do I imagine I come across here? Erm, maybe kind of foolish (with ufo posts); maybe aloof and un-friendly (with little ability to banter). I’ve always been a weirdo and outsider. I didn’t fit in with the rural folks I grew up around, and I didn’t fit in with the urban folks I thought would be more my kind. In my bedroom in Alaska, I imagined the glory of being a punk rocker in a big city, but when I made manifest that reality I felt as alone as ever. Thrashing to Black Flag by myself in a crowded club. It’s been pretty much the same thing in any other social setting I’ve ever found myself in.

    If I’m honest, I both relish and cultivate my oddballness. I like to stand apart. I feel most myself in communion with animals, most usually a cat. But if I were able, it might feel better to be a part of a clan or tribe where each depended on the other. Where the roles were defined and there was a kind of universal order. I guess that is the appeal of religion and other such cults. I’ve always had a kind of immunity to that way of being. I suppose it could be viewed as a genetic mutation or defect.

    Now, my evolution as a doomer has led to most social relationships feeling kind of phoney and incomplete. I’ve worked hard at dropping off the map of all that constitutes a modern connected life and my social circles dwindle steadily day by day. Thus, the ‘relationship’ I have to this site and the people who post here feels both very lonely and also fullfilling. I don’t feel as though I fit in here either, but it’s all so anonymous that it doesn’t really matter.

    As for the entity that calls itself “El Sea”, the monikor is probably off-putting as well with no reference to actual name or gender. Partly, it was an attempt to maintain anonymity, but I was also trying to be clever since it’s just a phonetic joke involving my actual initals which are “LC”.

    I try to imagine what it would be like to be at a big party with everyone who posts here. I would nurse a drink in the corner, eye the clock for a time when I could exit without being too rude, and observe the various cliques, maybe making eye contact and gabbing with a few.

    If I were more computor savvy, this is where I would post a music vid: “Final Day” by Young Marble Giants

    Sending a human hug your way Zarquon…

  • heaven…heaven is a place…a place where nothing… nothing ever happens…when this kiss is over, it will start again…

  • I have updated my blog. There’s some hot new information about certain events that happened in 1945. However, a timely topic. To the Batpoles, Robin!


  • Sorry for the third post. This on behalf of El Sea so she can dance in the corner at our party : )

  • Recent restatement of what most of us already know:

    ‘We all like to know what’s happening in the world, and for good reason… understanding our surroundings is essential to survival. We instinctively seek information… we need information. There is, however, a problem that we face:

    ‘No matter how much “news” you consume, you won’t really know what’s going on in the world.

    We can’t know, because ‘the news’ is half illusion, provided by government-dependent corporations that are paid to keep you watching and to keep you joined to the status quo.’


  • Thanks techno wizard ;)

  • Mass production, consumerism, preventing runaway heating, breathable air and maintenance of Global Dimming: quite a ‘challenge’.


  • Thank you for continuing to re-post old entries in your “ships log”.

    Earthlings need to see that you call yourself “Mr Silver Lining the Optimist”, etc !

  • Hummingbird christmas in Squamish ?

    And 50 degree days …,

    with yuletide carols by

    spring peepers…

    at 8000 feet in the Rockies…

  • @el sea… In case you want to learn to fish:

    1.At utube, right-click on the ‘cog’-shaped icon in the bottom right of the video and a menu will appear.

    2.Left-click on ‘Copy video URL’ in the menu.

    3.Then you should be able to navigate back here by your usual route, which hopefully doesn’t involve any right-clicking?

    4.When you get here, left-click in the text-box to get the cursor, then right-click, then left-click on ‘paste’, from the menu that appears.

    P.S. You can probably get a more spectacular final result by instead left-clicking on ‘Copy embed code’ in step one. I’m not adventurous enough to know..

    Fwiw, my behaviour at that putative party would be pretty much indistinguishable from yours. 99% of my pompous verbalising is virtual and/or two-dimensional..

    I suspect that one of Guy’s favourite words is ‘myriad’, but I imagine he doesn’t find much opportunity to deploy it at his local grocery store… That’s assuming he still has any need to patronise his local grocery store?… ;)

    @ray batman:
    Your blog is fascinating, but, unless I am dyslexic, or whatever the equivalent word is for someone who misreads numbers, you are (repeatedly) missing a 3x….

    3x3x3 does not equal 81

  • Just watching Al Gore’s ‘Inconvenient Truth’ again 10 years later and that part where he gets on the lift to keep astride the graph of CO2 to warming got me again as it did then. We are going to FFRRYY! Nothing is going to stop it. Meanwhile, it’s all bullshit, although traumatic and cognitive dissonance producing bullshit to be sure, until then. To all those on the East Coast of the US, like me, enjoy this balmy Winter! Why not?

  • .

    Wren! :)

    I read those words you posted, then listened to that John Denver song.
    Twas too much. I wept. I think I’ve needed to for awhile now.
    Thanks you two.


    That was a great quote you posted. I’ve saved it. Wow.

    @18000days and El Sea

    Fwiw, my behaviour at that putative party would be pretty much indistinguishable from yours. 99% of my pompous verbalising is virtual and/or two-dimensional..

    Ha, me too … except in very exceptional circumstances. You should see me at bars when I play music. I’m totally at home on stage. But, off stage, I have a few dysfunctional techniques for basically avoiding people without looking like I’m avoiding people. Mostly, I flit to and fro from group to group like there are people to see and things to be done. I don’t really settle anywhere. I’m a freak, really.

    On this blog, though … what a mouthpiece I am, hey?

    That party would be funny. A bunch of wallflowers nervously glancing about. A whole crowd of people lining the walls, smiling nervously and checking their watches!

    Though you may disappear,
    You’re not forgotten here …


    Dammit Nemesis, get back here! Loved the Elton John though.


  • @ 18000days

    Yes, 3x3x3 does not equal 81 but 3x3x3x3 does. I have corrected that error, thanks. Can you find other errors?

  • Yes, plant trees, before they are outlawed and only genetically-modified, corporate-owned trees are permitted.

    Guy’s scenario is positively cheery and, yes, hopeful, compared with what’s coming.

  • The Paris Agreement Will See the Planet Burn”: Former Bolivian Climate Negotiator Pablo Solón:

    “There is an official document from the UNFCCC that says, OK, after receiving the contribution of emission cuts of all of the countries, where are we now? And that official document says, we are going to be, around, increasing the temperature between 2.7 to 3.9 degrees Celsius. So that is a almost twice what we had to limit because the target was we shouldn’t go beyond an increase of two degrees Celsius.

    And now to be speaking about four degrees or five degrees Celsius is, to put it in other terms, to burn the planet. So the Paris agreement is an agreement that will see the planet burn. I think this is a really bad agreement. And we are here in the show to try to sell the world a good outcome that is going to kill humans and life as we know it.

    …I think that the terrorist attacks are being used to undermine the climate mobilization and are going to be used in order to have a bad agreement…

    One of the key things, for example, that is not being discussed at the negotiations at all is to put a limit to fossil fuel extractions. So this is — there is not one single leader, one single country that has put text to be negotiated that says you have to leave 80 percent of fossil fuels under the ground. And if you don’t leave fossil fuels under the ground, how are you going to limit greenhouse gas emissions that come mainly from fossil fuel extraction? So you don’t have the real key topics being discussed. And on the other hand, you have an ambiance of fear being created in order that the at the end you say, OK, this is the best we can do, let’s accept it, it was fine.”


  • Wester.

    For some reason your comment triggered the memory of a piece of NZ/Australian culture, perhaps not known elsewhere.

    Whatever emerges from the Paris ‘climate negotiations’ will be a Claytons climate deal to ‘save the planet’ when the negotiators are not actually trying to save the planet, a deal to ‘limit future temperature rises’ when the negotiators are not actually trying to limit future temperature rises. (Okay, we now know it’s too late for even drastic emissions cuts to have much effect.)

    ‘Claytons is the brand name of a non-alcoholic, non-carbonated beverage coloured and packaged to resemble bottled whisky. It was the subject of a major marketing campaign in Australia and New Zealand in the 1970s and 1980s, promoting it as “the drink you have when you’re not having a drink” at a time when alcohol was being targeted as a major factor in the road death toll.’



    I see that WTI is now under $40 a barrel but Canada and other high-cost extractors still haven’t gone kaput. Amazing.

  • “disinterested citizenry” should be “uninterested citizenry”. Common error

  • A comment I made yesterday failed to appear after hitting “Submit Comment”. This pissed me off, until I thought, “Relax, it isn’t the end of the world!”

    That thought ignited my facetiousness and I immediately thought, “Oh, but it IS the end of the world!”

    After a brief laugh, I thought, “Oh well, fuck it!”

    I don’t relate well to other’s emotions, which is why I can’t read most of the stuff posted here, and so nor can I stand to read anything written by the endlessly long winded, Chris Hedges, except for this:



    If you are young, you don’t have much time to prepare your life.

    Make small sensible daily preps as well as you are able.

    Keep the long view.

    Next year, one of two Yiddish Nazis will control the white house.

    It’s exponential war and poverty from now on,

    There is a long way to go before mass extinction, prepare.

    Peace out. xoxoxo

  • I am very lucky, it seems no matter how bad life gets, I can still walk in the woods and come out alive and well. Thanks god, whatever the fuck you are. I will bravely face the nothingness until the last second of my life. Peace.

  • I remember 25 years ago in Toronto pulling a locked toolbox out of the fridge with a big knife in it so I could eat in peace.

  • .
    Nice blog today Dredd. You could add one more thing to that topic, something pulled from Robert and dave’s apocalyptic capitalism links (it was worth reading twice, thanks guys!) It’s about the TPP trade deal.

    ”The TPP permits corporations to ignore nonbinding climate accords made at conferences such as the one in Paris, and it allows them, in secret trade tribunals, to defy environmental regulations imposed by individual states.”

    Well, that just makes it all a big joke, doesn’t it? What’s the point of even having environmental laws aimed at big business when you have an international trade deal that simply unbinds them from those laws? Why even have lawmakers or governments anymore? Oh right, to pay and organize the police and military.

    So, they all signed this TPP trade deal first, and then went to Paris, knowing that whatever they signed there would be completely irrelevant anyway. They knew this! The part noting how “ TPP permits corporations to ignore nonbinding climate accords” answers my question from a few days ago as to why Obama suddenly insisted that any deal made in Paris be “nonbinding.” Ah, it all comes clear now. Although, nonbinding kind of means, well, nonbinding anyway doesn’t it.

    Do you hear that Canadians? Justin Trudeau is all biggiddy-big on Paris like some kind of hero, but he sees no problem with the TPP. Now does everyone see how the shell game really works? You can say whatever you want when you know there’s a loophole. I hope he had a nice holiday in Paris.

    If I believed in him, I’d say Satan has won. I guess the farce really is with us. Clench your buttocks, it’s going to be a bumpy ride!

  • @LWA

    Hey there, thanks for “Wallflower”, fits absolutely perfect. Yeah, Paris is a joke and they know it. Here some rather iritating news from Exxon Mobil:

    7.12.2015 – ExxonMobil Warns of ‘Catastrophic’ 7°F to 12°F Global Warming Without Government Action

    It’s a Through-The-Looking-Glass world. The Washington Post reports Sunday that ExxonMobil has a far saner view of global warming than the national Republican party.
    Fred Hiatt, the paper’s centrist editorial page editor, drops this bombshell:
    With no government action, Exxon experts told us during a visit to The Post last week, average temperatures are likely to rise by a catastrophic (my word, not theirs) 5 degrees
    Celsius, with rises of 6, 7 or even more quite possible…


    They are starting to panic, just like I said in the last threat on NBL:

    I can smell their fear, their Paranoia, their PANIC 3:-)

    If I believed in him, I’d say Satan has won. I guess the farce really is with us.

    Satan is within all of us. He is the INTELLIGENCE within all of us. Intelligence can be a very good thing, as long as you don’t try to fuck with intelligence and start the kinda sports I call “auto-brain-fuck”, wich means simply lying/fucking against ones own intelligence for profit.

    Thanks again for “Wallflowers”. Man, I have to go back to my guitar, I am badly behind my rehearsal program. I can’t stop NTE anyway, I got no power to change anyones Karma at all. All I can do is taking care of my own Karma.


  • Addendum to my last post:

    Hail Lucy, the Ultimate Brain Fucker 8-)

  • I still remember all the ‘silly’ talk about oil being far too cheap at $100 a barrel and how a car tank full of petrol had an energy value equivalent to 6 weeks hard labour for a human, and how the price of a barrel of oil needed to be more like $500 or even $1,000 a barrel to better reflect its true valued and ensure it was used more wisely.

    8th Dec 2015 07.50am NZ time

    WTI $37.61, Brent $40.70



  • .

    Your guitar won’t ever let you down Nemesis. Your band mates and the industry might, but never your guitar.

    Satan is within all of us. He is the INTELLIGENCE within all of us. Intelligence can be a very good thing, as long as you don’t try to fuck with intelligence and start the kinda sports I call “auto-brain-fuck”, wich means simply lying/fucking against ones own intelligence for profit.

    I hear you dude. We seem to have a lot of the same insights. Too many people eat that apple and forget what Aristotle said, something about how educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all. That tree of knowledge can have a nasty kick to it if you don’t open your heart too.

    I’m glad Wallflower spoke to you. Gabriel is my all time favorite artist and my biggest musical influence by far. Wasn’t it you who said music has saved your life on occasion? Well, Gabriel alone has saved mine a few times. There’s a reason he has the last name Gabriel (the messenger?) To think that way back in Genesis he was considered crazier than a loon. He scared people. Not because he was all ‘tough guy scary’ like a metal guy, no … it was because people thought he was insane. He would have triangles shaved in the front of his head, or sometimes a reverse Mohawk with a strip shaved down the center of his head. And he came across as so unstable. Go figure that decades later he would be revered as a completely unique and highly transcendent artist. Ya, I just love the guy. To me, miles above where anyone else has ever been … lyrically, compositionally, vocally, spiritually … ya, just wow man, like … wow.

    Anyway, keep up the good fight Nemesis. Your moniker is certainly well chosen. Peace, love and respect.

    And, that’s two for me for today. Some will breathe a sigh of relief, I’m sure. :)

    P.S. If Zarquon doesn’t show up soon, this is for him.

    This one’s for the rest of us.

    And, one more for Nemesis. I used to just think I understood this song, and then it happened to me too.

    Also for Nemesis, an oldy but a goody.


  • All the media hype about welcoming immigrants from Iraq & Syria.


    Why doesn’t anybody want them to return home?

    Why is there absolutely NO TALK about Iraq & Syria recovering from orchestrated devastation & the displaced population being able to return to their home countries?


    Because the Jewish State of Israel doesn’t want them to return.

    Israel wants all ARABS GONE FOREVER, so land grabbing Israel can steal the land & occupy it with Zionist Jewish settlers, as in Palestine.

    The Iraq & Syrian land theft is an almost exact repeat of the Zionists land theft in Palestine in 1947-1948.

    Zionism’s goal is a Greater Israel from the Nile to the Euphrates.

    Zionism’s constant wail; “This land is mine.”

    Zionist Israel demands more rapacious land theft, & they are getting it as we watch.

  • Peter Gabriel fans, yes. For me his is the voice i would have if i was a “singer”. Amazing guy.
    High school for me – and when he left Genesis I was heartbroken. Then followed him on his solo albums and was amazed/shocked/thrilled how political he became.
    Here from his first solo album (and yes, when we first heard it we knew what he was talking about – in fact on the album there is a brief preamble in which somebody is talking about “many cities will be flooded”).

    “Here Comes The Flood”

    When the night shows
    the signals grow on radios
    All the strange things
    they come and go, as early warnings
    Stranded starfish have no place to hide
    still waiting for the swollen Easter tide
    There’s no point in direction we cannot
    even choose a side.

    I took the old track
    the hollow shoulder, across the waters
    On the tall cliffs
    they were getting older, sons and daughters
    Jaded on the world was riding high
    Waves of steel hurled metal at the sky
    and as the nail sunk in the cloud, the rain
    was warm and soaked the crowd.

    Lord, here comes the flood
    We’ll say goodbye to flesh and blood
    If again the seas are silent
    and any still alive
    It’ll be those who gave their island to survive
    Drink up, dreamers, you’re running dry.

    When the flood calls
    You have no home, you have no warmth
    In the thunder crash
    You’re a thousand minds, within a flash
    Don’t be afraid to cry at what you see
    The actors gone, there’s only you and me
    And if we break before the dawn, they’ll
    use up what we used to be.

    Lord, here comes the flood
    We’ll say goodbye to flesh and blood
    If again the seas are silent
    and any still alive
    It’ll be those who gave their island to survive
    Drink up, dreamers, you’re running dry.

    Peter Gabriel

    and on a lighter note from Peter:

    Climbing up on Solsbury hill.
    I could see the city light.
    Wind was blowing, time stood still.
    Eagle flew out of the night.

    He was something to observe.
    Came in close I heard a voice.
    Standing stretching every nerve.
    I had to listen, I had no choice.

    I could not the believe the information.
    I just had to trust imagination.
    My heart goin’ BOOM BOOM BOOM.
    Son, he said, grab your things I’ve come to take you home.

    To keep in silence I resigned.
    My friends would think I was a nut.
    Turning water into wine.
    Open doors would soon be shut.

    So I went from day to day.
    Though my life was in a rut.
    Til’ I thought of what I’d say.
    Which connection I should cut.

    I was feeling part of the scenery.
    I walked right out of the machinery.
    My heart goin’ BOOM BOOM BOOM.

    Son, he said, grab your things I’ve come to take you home.

    When illusion spins her net
    I’m never where I wanna be.
    And liberty she pirouette
    When I think that I am free.

    Watch my empty silhouette.
    Who close their eyes but still can see.
    No one taught them etiquette
    I will show another me

    Today i don’t need a replacement,
    I’ll tell them what the smile on my face meant,
    My heart goin’ BOOM BOOM BOOM.

    Hey! I said: you can keep my things, they’ve come to take me home.
    I’ll soon be home

    Peter Gabriel

    Which connection(s) i should cut – indeed. Dr. Guy, was it an eagle that led you to “walk right out of the machinery”? I suspect so.

    “Drink up, dreamers, you’re running dry.”

    ooh, creepy, the number thingy wants “one – 1 = …….. how apropos.

  • .
    Well, nobody’s posting much today. So … a third for me. Let’s make it a concert. Let’s get me fired.

    High school for me too when Gabriel split from Genesis. But, was a huge Genesis fan before that too, huge. LOVE the flood song.

    In Solsbury Hill, my fav line is: “To keep in silence I resigned. My friends would think I was a nut, Turning water into wine. Open doors would soon be shut.” I can attest: when you actually learn to warp reality, people are NOT impressed when you demonstrate it, as you assume they would be. It really only frightens them. They’ll even institutionalize you if you don’t hide it away. So, to keep in silence is really the best idea. Little tip for budding shamans out there … no sense getting burned at the stake just for showing off, lol! So, shhhhhhh. ;)

    I’ll submit San Jacinto, since the native/Columbus thing gets debated here a lot. Do read along with the lyrics, as he’s a man of subtleties. Note the sarcasm in the middle.

    One could really post favorite Gabriel solo and Gabriel Genesis ‘commentaries on empire and civilization’ till the end of the world came. As it is, this is going to get me in deep ca-ca here. So sorry. Report me to Fema. It would be nice to display “The Grande Parade of Lifeless Packaging” also, to reflect on the sheeple world. But, I’ll stick to just one more.

    Gabriel really actually is like the Dr. McPherson of music. Really, it’s true!

    (lyrics are below the song)


    Thick cloud – steam rising – hissing stone on sweat lodge fire
    Around me – buffalo robe – sage in bundle – rub on skin
    Outside – cold air – stand, wait for rising sun
    Red paint – eagle feathers – coyote calling – it has begun
    Something moving in – I taste it in my mouth and in my heart
    It feels like dying – slow – letting go of life

    Medicine man lead me up through town – Indian ground – so far down
    Cut up land – each house – a pool – kids wearing water wings – drink in cool
    Follow dry river bed – watch Scout and Guides make pow-wow signs
    Past Geronimo’s disco – Sit ‘n’ Bull steakhouse – white men dream
    A rattle in the old man’s sack – look at mountain top – keep climbing up
    Way above us the desert snow – white wind blow

    I hold the line – the line of strength that pulls me through the fear
    San Jacinto – I hold the line
    San Jacinto – the poison bite and darkness take my sight – I hold the line
    And the tears roll down my swollen cheek – think I’m losing it – getting weaker
    I hold the line – I hold the line
    San Jacinto – yellow eagle flies down from the sun – from the sun

    We will walk – on the land
    We will breathe – of the air
    We will drink – from the stream
    We will live – hold the line

  • LWA Says:
    December 7th, 2015 at 9:52 am

    Nice blog today Dredd.
    Thanks LWA.

  • I know, weather is not climate. However I have never seen a pair of Canadian geese cross Pembina Highway before and most assuredly not a week into December. And the Red River of the North is having a slow thaw here in Winnipeg. And our “rock star” entomologist Taz Stuart says to be on the look out for bees.

    My gut says no, I won’t see any bees, but then again, who really knows.

  • Yes Mark Austin Dream On

  • @Tim

    The Russian Air Force lost 20,000 planes in the first six months of WWII. A healthy percentage of their transport, bomber, and fighter pilots were women.

    Just saying, in view of recent executive order.

  • Now they can take a picture of doom. Smile, you’re on clathrate camera.

    New Camera Measures Greenhouse Gases

    “As a result, knowledge of a vicious circle is emerging. Greenhouse gas emissions from humans burning fossil fuels lead to higher temperatures, which in turn lead to increased natural methane emissions and even more warming.
    “We’re not talking about hypotheses anymore. The evidence is growing and the results of the detailed studies are surprisingly clear,” says Dr. David Bastviken, professor at Tema Environmental Change at Linköping University.”


  • @LWA Still angry I see .Might have something that will make you happy .We can both jump off the planet …. you first

  • Can’t help noticing how language changes.

    What was referred to as a vicious cycle is now referred to as a vicious circle.

    Do vicious ellipses, vicious triangles and vicious squares exist?

  • .


    Uh, without making some kind of specific reference, you’ve sort of lost me. I remember offering you an olive branch earlier. Maybe you confused it for something to smoke instead? That could maybe explain your confusion.

    I’ll let the site’s ladies comment on your video, the one that overlooks the fact that in much of the world, and even much of America, it will be the man who will decide how many children a woman will have. The knucklehead in your video seems a little uninformed. He certainly made no appeal to men regarding their role in reproduction. And by the way, that fellow in the video is actually the one who seems angry, not to mention misogynistic. Have you reached out to him about his anger?

    Regarding your testosterone fueled super fun sounding gladiator sports jumping challenge; sorry, I’m actually already not on this planet, in case you didn’t catch that. I jumped ship long ago. I’m just a concerned neighbor now, one with a really, really good wi-fi connection, that’s all. So, you’ll have to look for another play date, sorry.

    If you really want to discuss this ‘anger’ thing seriously, please point out what post(s) make(s) you think I’m angry. Give me some specific citations and make a case for yourself; then maybe I can figure out where you’re getting confused, and try to alleviate what is your obvious concern for me (which I do appreciate, by the way.)

    You know, sometimes when I do a commentary, it’s just to point things out, or to connect dots for readers, or to share what my observations are. It’s not necessarily because a particular topic has enraged me. I thought someone else already explained that concept to you in the previous thread? Don’t sweat it though; I have a short memory too sometimes.

    I guess I’m maybe just not getting you Rusty. But, you do seem pretty funny. Your video wasn’t though. Seriously, that video was tasteless and ill informed. It was pathetic, actually. Is that obnoxious fellow nearly from Duncan too? Is he some friend of yours, or maybe a relative?

    Do have yourself a good day Rusty. And again, thanks for your concern. But really, just worry about yourself, ok? It seems you might already have your hands full with that, which is something I really don’t want to visualize. ;)

  • LWA- Thanks for all the Peter Gabriel stuff! He’s come to the Hollywood Bowl a couple of times and kicked serious ass. One time he played with an orchestra and my friend played cello (but wasn’t familiar with Peter Gabriel at all before that!). Another time he played “So” in its entirety in one of the sets. Either that or I’m remembering concerts that never happened. Which is also possible. These happened a few years ago. I also made a movie set to his “Passion” album/Last Temptation soundtrack.

    It’s interesting that I watched Rusty’s comedian clip and thought it was funny, then after reading your response realized how right you are about the misogyny. Wasn’t even really paying attention to the fact that he was blaming women, ultimately, for the overpopulation problem. I suppose I looked at it in the context of the yuppie “hybrid driver with the baby seat” so it seemed less egregious (although that isn’t acceptable either I realize). I think I’m numb to misogyny a lot of the time, otherwise I’d be pissed off all the time. Have to shrug it off at some point, and realize that men who feel that way are really just angry at all their male privilege being stripped away and feel threatened by women. Or… a woman really hurt him at some point and he can’t forgive any of us? Here’s one for all those guys:

  • @babajingo Stanhope humor is dark very dark. Every self righteous hypocritical group gets hit shit gets on everything but funny.

    @LWA Ahh i’m not worried ahh I don’t give a fuck.Just telling the way I see it You seemed angry at anyone with hope.If it helps “I’m sorry” ok i’ll jump first …and NO! I don’t need a push!

  • Okay that was hilarious. I’m back on the Doug Stanhope train. He sounded like Guy McPherson’s angrier alter ego. This guy really is in the fuck it stage.

    5th post. Very, VERY hypocritical of me.

  • “The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. We are governed, our minds molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of”.http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/zerohedge/feed/~3/Ljy8wQOmU0E/story01.htm

  • .
    Rusty … what are you saying sorry for? I thought what I wrote was funny? You poke, I poke, I thought this was some sort of game? I thought you’d laugh? :(

    babajingo … thanks. I’ve never heard Phosphorescent before, and I will certainly be checking them out. I really liked that, like a lot. Great instrumentation, great groove … yum! :)

    Now I’m posted up for weeks, since Gerald showed me how you can post on credit, just like the bankers! ;)

    Power to the patriarchy! Fuck the matriarchy! Smash their windows and eat their babies ‘fight club style’ … yay!

  • I’ve posted anew. Catch the latest here.

  • Some Power outage for them PU truck driving oil sands and fracking douchebags
    Suicide rate in Alberta up 30% in wake of mass oilpatch layoffs

  • “If no one is in control, then our side is winning.” T. McKenna


    Well, Trump said that he doesn’t care if he is referred to as Hitler. Told you so.

    I guess he thinks the German leaders in the 30’s and 40’s were righteous all along. Just GOOD people trying their best to help the German people out of chaos.

    Same could be said about ALL so-called leaders, so remember class, NO ONE IS IN CONTROL AND WE ARE WINNING.

  • Satish- Ha! Thanks for the link. Hilarious.

    “Newborn Loses Faith In Humanity After Record 6 Days”

  • LWA- If you like Phosphorescent (he’s actually just one guy, not sure why he goes by “Phosphorescent” but whatever…) you should check out the “Live at St. Pancras Church” version of his album Muchacho. Super gorgeous!

    Also, given all our back and forth, feel free to email me “on the side” so everyone else doesn’t have to deal with our blabbing haha: ginny420@gmail.com

  • “Same could be said about ALL so-called leaders, so remember class, NO ONE IS IN CONTROL AND WE ARE WINNING.”

    I don’t exactly see it as winning. Must disagree with TM there.

    My sense of it is that individuals simultaneously are and aren’t capable of changing the world.

    The saying goes you have to know where you’ve been in order to know where your’re going. But what about knowing where you ARE? I see no evidence that we know where we are, much less have some clue about where we’re heading.

    Searching around for some sense of where we are, it seems like a huge mashup. Good and bad, smart and silly, industrial and pre-industrial all scrunched up together. No clearly good side, no clearly bad. Something like cooking, with the requirement to apportion the ingredients harmoniously. We’re not apportioning those ingredients harmoniously now.

    The inability to think like everyone may be a major obstacle, since it’s what “everyone” brings to the mix, and not the individual, that seems relevant.