Preparing in Place

I’ve pasted below, verbatim, an essay I posted in this space on 11 November 2011. The current essay bears the same title as the one from way back when. First, though, consistent with my recent strategy, I’ve added a few introductory words and an embedded song. And, in this case, I’ve added a few links before everything else.

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I’m scheduled to deliver a webinar at 1:00 p.m. Eastern on Wednesday, 27 January 2016: The Twin Sides of the Fossil-Fuel Coin: How Net Energy Decline Interacts with Abrupt Climate Change

Please note that I’ve deleted the long, often-updated climate-change summary and update from the regular posts and put it within a tab at the top of the page. It can be read in three parts, and comments are no longer allowed. Big thanks to Niels van der Wolk for his work on this revision.

A beloved friend recently mentioned the horrors of collapse for people living in rural areas. A city dweller with excellent skills in both thought and argumentation, she has great faith in her neighbors within a city harboring more than a million people.

On the other hand, I am aware of no evidence to support the notion of the city as a refuge from complete collapse of civilization. As omnicidal examples of the predicament, cities and their occupants will not be spared the ravages of their own demise any more than they are being spared the ravages of their persistence.

I trust few people with my life. Although people accustomed to delivery of water, food, fuel, and other conveniences can be found throughout the over-developed world, those who feel entitled to such deliveries are most likely to be found at the apex of imperialism, the overcrowded cities where human life depends upon conquest for the sake of convenience.

Who is more self-reliant, the urbanite or the country dweller? Who is nearer potable water and food? Who is better suited to face the rigors of outdoor life, and up-close death?

Cities are horrible enough already with their disparities in monetary wealth and justice. These disparities increase every year. It’s difficult for me to imagine rapid dissipation of these disparities when money no longer matters and justice no longer involves a police state focused on maintaining injustices.

I’m well aware that takers can be found nearly everywhere in the civilized world. In my experience, leavers are largely restricted to rural areas. Within a living arrangement that encourages sociopathy, such as industrial civilization, the dysfunction is naturally greatest where the herds are maximally concentrated.

I’m not suggesting clean country living will insulate rural dwellers from completion of the ongoing decline in industrial civilization. Nor will rural folks persist long after habitat for humans vanishes from Earth. But some deaths are more palatable than others, at least in advance. In theory. In my mind.

If I’m to die at the point of a gun — and thanks for the frequent recommendation, but I have no such aspirations or inclinations — I’d prefer my own gun to that of a neighbor. On this point I agree with Antonin Artaud in his 1925 book On Suicide:

If I commit suicide, it will not be to destroy myself, but to put myself back together again. Suicide will be for me only one means of violently reconquering myself, of brutally invading my being, of anticipating the unpredictable approaches of God (sic). By suicide, I reintroduce my design in nature, I shall for the first time give things the shape of my will.

I did not argue with my friend. With friends, I try and often fail to opt for kindness over correctness. And I could be wrong, as has happened many times before. If I’m right, may her delusion serve her well. While it can. Until it can’t.

There are various ways to ready oneself for the trip down the peak-oil curve, as well as for climate chaos. Most importantly, as I’ve indicated many times, is psychological readiness. If you are mentally prepared for a future radically different from the past you’ve known, you’re well on your way to thriving in the years ahead.

Also, as I’ve indicated many times, there are a couple general approaches one can pursue along the path of climate change and simultaneous collapses of the industrial economy and the living planet. You can hit the road, or you can mitigate in place. Either way, you’ll need to secure clean water and healthy food, maintain body temperature, and create and maintain a decent human community.

I recommend a life of travel for most people, although I’ve taken a different route for personal reasons. Either way, an adventure-filled life awaits. On the road, you’ll need quick wits, good interpersonal skills, and astonishing amounts of creativity, compassion, and courage. Ditto for mitigating in place. In this post, I’ll address the primary concerns associated with mitigating in place, with a particular focus on me and the mud hut (my favorite subject and my favorite location, respectively).

If you’re staying put, I suggest you pay attention to the 3 Rs of the future. No, not the educational ones from years gone by. And it’s far too late for the three Rs targeting reduced consumption in a nation build on consumption, two of which we have ignored because there is no financial profit in reducing and reusing. Recycling — the only one of these three relevant actions fascist Amerika promotes — is like an apology after a punch in the face. We punch the planet in the face with every cultural act, and then we apologize by sorting plastic and aluminum into separate bins.

The three Rs of interest in this post are relocalization, resilience, and redundancy. We’re headed for a severely constrained future with respect to transport of materials and humans. The days of the 12,000-mile supply chain are nearly behind us. Forget about cheap plastic crap from China, expensive watches from Switzerland, and decent hand tools from the Sears Roebuck catalog: We’re going to have to make do with what we’ve got in the very local area. Before the supply chain breaks, we should work toward building a resilient set of living arrangements steeped in redundancy. After the supply chain breaks, it’ll be a little late to start digging a well and learning how to grow food.

Here at the mud hut, we pay serious attention to multiple sources of water (two solar pumps, hand pump, rainwater harvesting from two rooftops, and the nearby river), food (wildcrafting, orchard, gardens, goats for milk and cheese, eggs from ducks and chickens, and in the future, hunting relatively large-bodied animals), body temperature (well-insulated, passive-solar house, multiple awnings, proper clothing, and abundant water and firewood), and human community (abundance in this category exceeds my patience to explain again, but search the archives for a few hints). I’ve no doubt we’re missing some things that will ease our lives in our post-carbon future. Some of these items will remain unknown, even to us, until it’s too late. I’m already missing a few things, even before the impending big crash leads to “lights out.” (As Dmitry Orlov uncharacteristically suggests, the day draws near. As “Tyler Durden” characteristically suggests, the day is near enough to be seen by a blind man.) And as I’ve mentioned a few hundred times, skyrocketing greenhouse gas emissions, along with wholesale destruction of the living planet, will seal our fate as a species unless we crash this luxury ship, and soon.

I know you’ve read this one before, but I’d love to have a solar ice-maker to cool our drinks and our bodies. But if the industrial economy reaches its overdue end within a few weeks, I won’t. And I suspect we’ll muddle through, until we don’t. I’d love to have more time to convince my human community to climb aboard the collapse train. But if the industrial economy reaches its overdue end within a few weeks, I won’t. And I suspect we’ll muddle through, until we don’t. I’d love to make a few more trips to discuss the dire nature of our predicaments with people who are aware and interested. But if the industrial economy reaches its overdue end within a few weeks, I won’t. And I suspect I’ll muddle through, although I’ll miss trips tentatively scheduled to Australia, New Zealand, Scotland, New England, and various places nearer the mud hut.

Closer to home, and closer to my heart, I’d love to have time for my parents — and the thousands of other winter immigrants descending on this area — to make the return trip to their northern homes. But if the industrial economy reaches its overdue end within a few weeks, or even within a few months, they won’t. And I have no idea how we’ll muddle through.

All things being equal, I’d rather have the solar ice-maker in a community fully on-board with collapse. All things being equal, I’d rather make a multitude of excursions to exotic places. All things being equal, I’d rather my parents experience collapse in their own home. But all things are not equal and, more than all these things, I’d rather have a planet marked by much more abundance and far fewer extinctions than we’re currently witnessing.

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  • What’s the location of the witches?

  • It turned out that Global industrial civilization didn`t brake down within a few weeks or months of this writing . And that was what ? 5 or so years back ? That will take some sort of a cataclysmic change or event. Even as of now there are only a few and far in between who know about collapse etc and the rest are just going about their daily life and muddle thru . That keeps the system in place . Until there is no cataclysmic event some sort nothing will happen except what we are seeing right now in slow slow motion . And even than the initial effects will first hit at places far away from here in the wealthy north . Even that will not make a difference for us here for a long long time . I guess we should get ready that we are in this for the long haul .. well thats Ok

  • The Purse-seine, by Robinson Jeffers, 1937

    …….I cannot tell you
    How beautiful the scene is, and a little terrible,
    then, when the crowded fish
    Know they are caught, and wildly beat from one wall
    to the other of their closing destiny the
    Water to a pool of flame, each beautiful slender body
    sheeted with flame, like a live rocket
    A comet’s tail wake of clear yellow flame; while outside
    the narrowing
    Floats and cordage of the net great sea-lions come up
    to watch, sighing in the dark; the vast walls
    of night
    Stand erect to the stars.

    Lately I was looking from a night mountain-top
    On a wide city, the colored splendor, galaxies of light:
    how could I help but recall the seine-net
    Gathering the luminous fish? I cannot tell you how
    beautiful the city appeared, and a little terrible.
    I thought, We have geared the machines and locked all together
    into inter-dependence; we have built the great cities; now
    There is no escape. We have gathered vast populations incapable
    of free survival, insulated
    From the strong earth, each person in himself helpless, on all
    dependent. The circle is closed, and the net
    Is being hauled in…….

  • Funny That there is sometimes information in the MSN which sums it all up simply

  • I don’t do facebook.

    Mark Zuckerberg said that facebook users are dumbfucks.

  • Faceybooger; “It’s all about me!”

  • Yesterday in the supermarket I overheard a young woman asking the grocer if there was something going on with strawberries since she could not find any. Never mind it is December in Ontario. I get a palpable sense of dread in supermarkets and large shopping plazas and know with absolute certainty I am going to hell in a handbasket.

  • In some dark melancholy way, I’m “lucky”… in the sense, that except for a handful of friends and acquaintances, I’m now the last of the line. Nothing vested in any kids, grandkids (for whom the “Bell will Toll” according to the professional “can kickers”…). At this point I defer Suicide for the daily viewing of a species firmly wired for its own particular Apocalyptic end. So I take George Carlin’s advice and watch it for the entertainment value.

    As for suitable songs for the Titanic’s Band to play, I’d recommend Pink Floyd’s “Sorrow”. When the dominoes have fallen I sincerely hope that my hand “does not falter”…

  • I rarely watch any television these days and rarely comment anywhere other than on NBL, but yesterday was at a friend’s home and the abysmal reporting prompted me to make a comment on TDB, on the Kevin Hester thread.

    ‘We know how to get a stack of thumbs-down on TDB or get a comment moderated out of existence: just mention a unpalatable fundamental truths.

    I rarely watch television these days but yesterday, at a friend’s home, witnessed reports celebrating meltdown of the planet via increased consumer spending.

    Of course the television reports did not mention the accelerating meltdown of the planet due to overconsumption, not even when covering fires raging across Australia (where temperatures have been 12oC above normal). The propaganda presented by the mainstream media just focused on how wonderful it was that people were able to consume more and that some were able to acquire more fiat money. And it has to be that way because that is exactly how the system has been set up: to promote and reward the rampant consumption which eventually completely destroys the habitability of the Earth.

    We are thus now witnessing the complete failure of the political system, which is still geared to converting fossil fuels into carbon dioxide and is still committed to overheating the Earth at a rate faster than experienced any time in the past 600 million years.

    The Greens (or anyone else) may pretend they are working to protect the environment by making slight tweaks to the system but suggesting that saving humanity or anything else by tweaking the fundamentally dysfunctional system is a lie, or as James Hansen put it, fraud.’

    The sun is now at its highest in the sky at it’s rather dry across much of the country, but clearly nothing compared to south Australia. Nevertheless, I have noticed several fruit trees looking rather sick (and possibly dying). So much for preparing for the future.

    I attended a bridge evening and it came up in conversation that someone’s relative had been involved in environmental assessments for coal mining operations but the bottom had dropped out of that market and the person was now involved in housing development. That’s where the money is at the moment. Melbourne will supposedly double in population over the coming decade. Keep packing ’em in.

  • @ Mark Austin

    Having spent most of my life as a hyper obsessive news junkie, it’s probably only been over the last several years that I’ve come to accept a few disconcerting facts about my presumed awareness.

    First, what makes me believe that I’ve the ability to effectively connect the myriad of highly classified dots, when neither I, nor anyone here, has a clue as to who is actually behind the most profound geo-political decisions?

    Who plays a greater role in world events: Elected officials, the World Bank/IMF, Wall Street, the U.N., the Rothschild/Bilderberg, the military industrial complex, or a covert network(s) of elites we know virtually nothing about?

    Who was honestly behind 9/11?

    What makes us believe we have the ability to know who the grand puppeteers are, or whether “they” even exist?

    Isn’t our individual belief that we’ve somehow the power of intellect to accurately discern the quagmire of disinformation, exactly the same fallacious hubris we tend to accuse “others” of committing?

    All we have to base our opinions on is the information that is made available. What about all the information that neither is, nor has ever been made available?

    Are we not at best, just intuitively forming grossly incomplete narratives about what we have been led to believe?

    So, what does that make us? Truth seekers, or just lay pretenders, where each of us is living in our own idiosyncratic pretentious bubble that serves us all equally in allowing each of us to imagine we know more than we ever will.

    You accredited Guy for conveying the threat of 400 nuclear containment pools to our collective attention, when in fact, he as well as the rest of us, had somehow completely failed to take this rather obvious fact into account decades before we should have. Even the story you tell of Guy bringing this to light is barely true.

    These stories we spin are but parlor games we’re playing with ourselves.

  • Unsurprisingly, the stampede continues to accelerate:

    ‘Surging migration flows continue to break all previous records with net migration increasing more than threefold over the last two years.

    The latest figures from Statistics NZ show there was a record net migration gain of 63,659 people in the year to November compared with a net gain of just 48,836 in the year to November 2014 and just 19,478 in the year to November 2013.’

  • About moving to the Southern Hemisphere . . .
    I thought we were safe here at 3 degrees S. equator
    at 10,000 feet in the Andes Mountains in the Eastern
    “cordillera.” The trade winds move from east to west,
    and we’re on the other side of the continental divide.
    Well, this past summer we had a famous scientist visit
    us from Arizona with an “IdentiFinder.”

    The device drew Alerts for neutron and gamma ray bursts;
    radioactive cesium, iodine, strontium, etc. As a result
    of this finding, I wrote a brief article on the subject.
    ( Only the top 3/4th of the article pertains . . . )

    Friends who have visited the Galapagos Islands
    (1,600 miles off the coast) tell me that all manor
    of marine life are washing up onshore, to the
    shock of both locals and tourists alike.

    I am beginning to think that there is NO PLACE on the
    planet that is safe from Fukushima, and the other
    “soon-to-be Fukushimas” that will follow. To say
    nothing of the effects of continuing chemtrails,
    methane gas release, etc. I, too, am “mourning . . .
    to the bemusement of the one or two people who
    actually take notice . . . ”

    Greg Caton
    Azuay, ECUADOR

  • Dear Guy, You will face judgment in my late-stage head-shitter utopia-fantasy-tribunal.

  • I know I’m on the beach of doom when I see a comment such as “A wildly hopeful link, but perhaps informative…” ;)

    Good to be here!

  • DANIEL – beautifully written above. Real life is so much more complex and full of factors that we could never ever cover them all entirely in a comment, much less limited to English language. I feel the energy in the way you say it as much as your specific words.

    My appreciation of what each person contributes, including Guy in the past, leaves out volumes of context, additional details & contradictions. Undoubtedly anything I say is a bit too one dimensional. So DANIEL Thank you for adding texture and insight in every line you wrote. I understand…that mostly I don’t.

    ED – THANK YOU for your very well constructed points on the previous page. I completely agree with everything you presented. In past research I saw exactly how all your points correspond to well known facts. Remember when they killed the red-line trolley in L.A. to promote the suburban car culture??

    ARTLEADS – Interesting how communities could be re-condensed (back to hilltop castle towns in Tuscany!)in the aftermath of a population reduction, however, I fully realize I was only talking about a sub-category to possibilities if an induced pandemic did get launched by 2017-18. Otherwise, any type of agenda would be too hard to implement if time goes onward toward unmitigated abrupt climate change.

    I very much doubt the few with enough power, reasons & foresight will induce DE-population far enough in advance of other forms of collapse, which sadly, are even more painful to those caught in great waves of displacement, starvation, riots and all sorts of regular types of warfare. Then again I’m sure someone will point out how Nuclear war is fun. Duality in every possible thing that could happen. Ho Ho Ho

    MARK URBAN’s paper Predicting extinction in a changing world reminds me of Guy’s work synthesizing many reports into his “Monster” essay.

    URBAN “There is great interest in understanding how species might respond to our changing climate, but predictions have varied greatly. Urban looked at over 130 studies to identify the level of risk that climate change poses to species and the specific traits and characteristics that contribute to risk (see the Perspective by Hille Ris Lambers). If climate changes proceed as expected, one in six species could face extinction. Several regions, including South America, Australia, and New Zealand, face the greatest risk. Understanding these patterns will help us to prepare for, and hopefully prevent, climate-related loss of biodiversity. (Related Resources in Science Magazine)

    Perspective ECOLOGY Extinction risks from climate change
    Janneke Hille Ris Lambers
    Science 1 May 2015: 501-502.

    We critically need to know how climate change will influence species extinction rates in order to inform international policy decisions about the biological costs of failing to curb climate change and to implement specific conservation strategies to protect the most threatened species. Current predictions about extinction risks vary widely, suggesting that anywhere from 0 to 54% of species could become extinct from climate change (1–4). Studies differ in particular assumptions, methods, species, and regions and thus do not encompass the full range of our current understanding. As a result, we currently lack consistent, global estimates of species extinctions attributable to future climate change.

    To provide a more comprehensive and consistent analysis of predicted extinction risks from climate change, I performed a meta-analysis of 131 published predictions (table S1). I focused on multispecies studies so as to exclude potential biases in single-species studies.

    GREG CANTON – Please continue to keep us updated on the radiation.

  • It has not unusual for 40 degree plus temps here in southern Australia,especially in a larger El Nino events, but this year is extreme!! Yesterday it was 40 Degrees and tomorrow it is 22 dgrees this is a massive disparity, the norm for the past few months.All the Italian and Greek neighbors here in the inner west of Sydney are even talking how strange the weather is??.WoW..I should post a letter in each letter box in our street directing all questions about the weather to N.B.L. It certainly helped me!
    Better get this mud hut up on the 10 acres we bought this year….finally got the plans into council…$20,000 associated costs to submit a development application and construction cert..(shit,sounds like robbery from simple folk),We bought a good caravan for 10,000(because the council required that, i hate caravans), no money left now.The council,slapped me on the knuckles for dropping a container on the land in march, and staying there over winter for weekends, roasting myself by the outdoor fire ,gazing at the stars and listening to the frogs.Apparently i was breaking the law.
    But, my wife and i know we cant go any quicker ,as we are doing this without the Banks or any form of Debt,we save a bit, and do some more work,So our attitude is.. OK, we are living within our means,so keep going keep saving,take the kids up there to enjoy when we can,sit by the creek and have lunch, watch the eagles soar, listen to the frogs and talk to the kangaroos
    Even if our efforts are futile for this mud hut and it crashes before we get there,it doesn’t matter.. it give me a focus..this is good..if i start worrying too much about if we have enough beans stored away,i am pretty certain i am getting into fear mode,and if this starts happening i know i need to enjoy more time with my wife and kids and do what is in front of us.
    The reality for most people is undoubtedly much worse, ,How privileged are we to think we can escape..
    I know i am trapped,trapped by the system,i am lucky to be trapped with loved ones and insight from this community and others.But not so trapped that i cannot pull back and be available to myself and to others.Not so trapped that i would not want to believe in a way out… perhaps this is my delusion.
    Well, if i am dammed if i do and dammed if i dont, i will DO (with a bit of delusion allowed)
    P.S i have totally given up sugar for about 6 months now,this helps with delusions of Gradeur. Learning what is is to be hungry, is what it is to be human.
    Really enjoy your posts Guy,and all contributors to the blog.God stuff keep it up

  • Who do u call when the murderer wears a badge?

    This applies to ALL wealthy inconsiderate individuals.

  • The Evolving Revolution, by Slomo

    All, 100%, of revolutions fail.
    All revolutions become what they fought against.

    When you hear Deep Green Resistance, McKibben or Klein, talk revolution, momentum, etc. etc., you have to wonder what the hell they are really talking about. They are in fact talking about a Bernie Sanders type socialism. Sanders socialism is a tweak of the system or “socialism lite”. It is evolution, not revolution – although you can’t blame Americans for thinking otherwise.

    Of course, much like the COP21 promises, these goals are expected to evolve until big, bad, evil capitalism “goes away” from sheer force of social altruism.

    Now, you may – or not – wonder how can I be so sure we are super-ultra-maxi-fucked? The answer is extremely simple. War planners hope to stay in Afghanistan for another 50 years to undermine the extractive effectiveness of China and Russia. Energy, water and minerals. Yes, it will get worse.

    For the uninitiated, watch Abby Martin’s epochal interview with a retired Bush administration colonel. The best interview I can remember.

    The Opposition:

    We used to need drugs to addle our minds, now all we need is public discourse. Ugo Bardi thinks we’ll forego the nation-state in favour of social urban fantasies.

    Here’s some kind of grass roots uprising site that hopes to stand up to the multi-trillion dollar defense industry. Great, all these guys need is another target. The first thing you’ll notice on this site is the hobbit-elf playing with his rainbow-ponies and unicorns. As real as real gets.

  • When Dreams Go To Pot, Or Was It From Pot?

    As near as I can tell the revolutionaries want legally binding carbon limits and something called carbon justice – like we’ve seen so much of that lately. So everybody will pay more for energy so that they can give it away to poor countries in Africa. This will pay for the power corporate plantation owners need to survive. You can’t kill capitalism and replace it with the pixie dust goodness in our hearts. Power is always taken, never given. Power is money and money is organized hierarchy. It is the height of the hierarchal structure that needs reduction, its societal breadth needs expansion. This is done with a new world e-currency based on carbon dividends.

    Instead of 190 aspirations, we need action now. If we unite the world’s currencies, we can just maybe began to save life on earth. We are facing the biggest economic crash in all history and we are going to need a new world electronic currency to sort it all out.

    This currency will be open and honest, meaning no hiding money anywhere. This reduces nation-state currency asymmetries and tax efficiencies. This allows nations to phase in national tax structures within the new world e-currency. The only way for the new currency to work is if it is 100% open and honest so that no one can cheat. It’s almost as if we hadn’t ever really followed the idea of globalism forward to its logical conclusion. In other words, they took a good idea and fucked it to death, as organizations are wont to do.

    I think we somehow need to combine the unifying efficiency of a world currency based inversely to carbon energy emissions. This can be done by phasing in a new world e-currency based on James Hansen’s 100% private carbon tax dividends, 100% for you – 0% for government. We can restructure next year’s economic collapse into something new for the benefit of all. Most people would rather drink and fuck themselves to death rather than face change, so i’m not overly optimistic.

    We can use this money to buy 100% organic local food and carbon price meat out of production worldwide simultaneously. What pisses me off is that the whole world is frozen in fear as we await the economic collapse. Last year my wife whizzed by a buck in the night less than half a foot by her car.

    Anyhow, I know i’m crazy and this is my new year’s dream, just like every year. but, if I didn’t have this dream, I couldn’t face the study of collapse. In other words, I need denial to survive, just like anyone else. I relied on the power of my bullshit to save me all my life, I can’t believe they fail me.

  • The essay Guy reposted is deep.

    Some would say it is NSFW.

    I say it is required reading.

    See you in the camps (Questionable “Scientific” Papers – 3).

  • @Robin Datta ….. Ditto !!! Not just Those who use facebook but also those who listen to the creator of facebook and can`t distinct I.E> Lacking common sense and have a unreasonable fear for using it. As i am concerned i take useful information wherever i can get it and draw useful logical conclusions according the validity (or not ) of the presented evidence facts etc Not basing it on unreasonable fear
    @ Daniel .. So what ?! Did you get cold feet ?! Or some sort of a sudden realization of the sort enlightenment . I am sure there is a safe place for you to go back to maybe to the fold of the catholic church yeah thats a safe place to be for you ..
    @ Emilez
    These kind of drunken ravings i am getting sometimes from smashed friends Fridays and saturday nights i guess you have a more severe alcohol problem and you keep on drinking also sundays .. There is help AA is there for you with Jesus who loves you

  • @ Greg Canton
    Damn i forgot about you . So you have finally discovered a new customer base here at NBL and peddling useless vitamins against neutrons .. Well that`s maybe safer for you than trying to push useless Cancer Drugs which got you to jail the last time .. There is always a sucker!? .. Sure . Better Luck for you this time

  • The only global currency that might have any effect at this point is one that can bribe the Methane Monster. Wrecking industrial civilisation ain’t gonna stop Metano Monstruo.

  • This is gorgeous! Only Love Remains!

  • Going down to Columbus Ga this evening to the best free hushpuppies slaw and Fried shrimp joint in Amurica!

    Oh, BTW, the is gorgeous writing too by a dear friend of mine. (please click on the original article to.)

  • Only love remains? Still working on that and feel that I have made progress if acceptance and less anger can be considered progress. Sometimes I see surprises/things/people on the tubes that stun me.

  • Yeah, Columbus GA! Was there when I returned from Korea in November 1976 till June of 1977 (got out 7-7-77). Was offerred the option of Batchelor Officers’ Quarters or off-post housing, and I took the latter. Was one of the two Flight Surgeons on post. Got my first license to practice medicine in Georgia. Mulled over going to Jump school (right there at Fort Benning!) and Ranger school, but since just about every doc was champing at the bit to get the hell out of the Army, I thought that it was the proper thing to do, and forgot about Jump school and Ranger School.

  • Happy Winter Solstice. My type a mud hut is my live aboard sail boat. Now in a Jupiter Fla marina. I will be working at for a few months before sailing far south.

    Fundamentally I suppose we should burn all books. Blow up ancient ruins. Forbid any subject because we will never have accurate enough evidence. Without perfect total knowledge we should not attempt to sort through any data or ideas because it all contains mistakes.

    The Harbor master is sure the Earth was created in 7 days. End of story.

    I was at the Fort Pierce Nuclear plant the other day. Turns out we don’t know how electricity is conducted. Don’t know how oil is refined. Don’t know how WiFi signals are transmitted. Not even allowed to discuss technology because our info might not include every possible detail.

    Many people, including myself, were worried about Nuclear plant safety for decades. “I” only thank Guy because nobody listens to all us stupid nuclear people who said it for ages. Last year at the NNSA somebody said, “did you see the professor on you tube who is finally getting the point across to a few people?” Turned out I remembered Guy from when I returned to UofA in 96 to take graduate classes. “I” liked Guy and was so glad someone ‘public’ was making some progress on getting the old message out about chain-reaction events (multiple plant meltdowns) taking out entire regions. Article today about advanced cyber hacks on the power grid. Some people are interested in trying to figuring out hidden agendas, plans & maneuvers in a world where we are fairly sure technology does exist along with some groups who do have more power than others. Obviously it is all “research” rather than certainty.

    Secret developments will never have evidence until long after they are common knowledge. There is a fun list of former conspiracies on the internet which are now all rather matter-of-fact daily life stuff. Some people dare to explore in advance. Others insist nothing is ever real enough. Even evolution and Climate Change is a hoax according to many.

    Global Select Committee on Cyber Security

    The worldwide web wasn’t really designed, as such – it grew out of itself and so privacy was never really a massive consideration. In part as a result, it exists on different levels. There is the indexed and therefore searchable regular internet with which we are all familiar, there is the regular i­­­nternet accessed via an anonymising browser or sites built specifically for anonymised browsers (such as .onion sites), and then there’s the Darknet – or Deepnet – a virtual private world of connected sites that are hard to access by accident. The last two are obviously much more opaque and harder to track, monitor, measure or market to. Some people refer to the whole area of non-standard browsing as Darknet and this is the way it has been presented in mainstream media too.

    Teachers, whistle blowers, activists, children, police and security personnel and journalists to name but a few of the legitimate and non-criminal or deviant groups of users who also make use of the anonymity provided by services like Tor.

    Tor- also known as “The Onion Router” is one of the browsers we refer to when we talk about anonymised browsing. Originally conceived (and paid for) for the US Navy, it was designed for secure military communications and when its broader adoption happened it was a browser of choice for net users who wanted to be protected from corporate invasion of their privacy. It works as a series of servers around the globe that bounce the user around, making them much harder to track or monitor.

  • Robert.

    Yes, the empire’s capacity to destroy itself far outweighs any ‘green’ group’s capacity to destroy it, or to even slow it down slightly. Pity about the biosphere.

    CO2 numbers continue to be interesting.

    Since the CO2Now site was updated there have been two sets of figures published.

    On the daily update link

    for 19th Dec 2014 398.50
    19th Dec 2015 402.16

    for 20th Dec 2014 399.57
    20th Dec 2015 403.17

    And on the Scripps site 20th Dec 2015 402.91.

    Worth keeping an eye on over the next 3 months.

    Meanwhile, Brent oil hovers just above $36 a barrel, which is clearly an unsustainable level for a large number of reasons. But it will spur plenty of travelling over the ‘festive season’.

  • For all’a y’all…
    shoulda checked the odds of this with my London bookie,
    but who’da guessed?
    For Dredd…

    OK, Shep, I’m back in the USA for the moment…thanks for the h/t…

  • Collecting back-up info for the radio show with Guy & Mike tomorrow.

    King Tide floods in Miami are becoming a tourist attraction!

    Always something new – 14,000 year old ancient Indian skeletons found in Vero re-write North American settlement history.

    Regional nuclear conflict threats are sharply on the rise from 0.5% to 6.4% in past 2 decades.

    Information about the government’s response to Nuclear grid hacks is often protected and sometimes classified; many are never even reported to the government by the energy companies.

    These intrusions have not caused the kind of cascading blackouts that are feared by the intelligence community. But so many attackers have stowed away in the systems that run the U.S. electric grid that experts say they likely have the capability to strike at will.

    And that’s what worries Wallace and other cybersecurity experts most.

    “If the geopolitical situation changes and Iran wants to target these facilities, if they have this kind of information it will make it a lot easier,” said Robert M. Lee, a former U.S. Air Force cyberwarfare operations officer.

    In 2012 and 2013, in well-publicized attacks, Russian hackers successfully sent and received encrypted commands to U.S. public utilities and power generators; some private firms concluded this was an effort to position interlopers to act in the event of a political crisis. And the Department of Homeland Security announced about a year ago that a separate hacking campaign, believed by some private firms to have Russian origins, had injected software with malware that allowed the attackers to spy on U.S. energy companies.

    “You want to be stealth,” said Lillian Ablon, a cybersecurity expert at the RAND Corporation. “That’s the ultimate power, because when you need to do something you are already in place.”

    The hackers have gained access to an aging, outdated power system. Many of the substations and equipment that move power across the U.S. are decrepit and were never built with network security in mind; hooking them up to the Internet over the last decade has given hackers new backdoors in. Distant wind farms, home solar panels, smart meters and other networked devices must be remotely monitored and controlled, which opens up the broader system to fresh points of attack.

  • We’re Doomed. Now What?


    “Today, as every hour brings new alarms of war and climate disaster, we might wish we could take Nietzsche’s place. He had to cope only with the death of God, after all, while we must come to terms with the death of our world. Peril lurks on every side, from the delusions of hope to the fury of reaction, from the despondency of hopelessness to the promise of destruction.

    We stand today on a precipice of annihilation that Nietzsche could not have even imagined. There is little reason to hope that we’ll be able to slow down global warming before we pass a tipping point. We’re already one degree Celsius above preindustrial temperatures and there’s another half a degree baked in. The West Antarctic ice sheet is collapsing, Greenland is melting, permafrost across the world is liquefying, and methane has been detected leaking from sea floors and Siberian craters: it’s probably already too late to stop these feedbacks, which means it’s probably already too late to stop apocalyptic planetary warming. Meanwhile the world slides into hate-filled, bloody havoc, like the last act of a particularly ugly Shakespearean tragedy.”


  • OK, Seemore rocks has gone full retard and is now promoting Trump and featuring Alex Jones videos………the end is neigh.

  • @ Tim

    PM Drip, Jennifer L. Prekeges, MS, CNMT, speculates
    on the wonders of Hormesis.

  • No Better Place to Meet Yourself
    by Moussa Ag Assarid

    Moussa Ag Assarid (MAA): I don’t know my age. I was born in the Sahara desert, with no papers. I was born in a nomadic camp of Touaregs, between Timbuktu and Gao, in the north of Mali. […]

    J: What do they do for a living?
    MAA: We shepherd camels, goats, sheep, cows and donkeys in a kingdom of infinite and of silence…

    J: Is the desert really so silent?
    (MAA): If you are on your own in that silence you hear your heart beat. There is no better place to meet yourself.

    J: What memories do you have of your childhood in the desert?
    MAA: I wake up with the Sun. The goats of my father are there. They give us milk and meat, and we take them were there is water and grass. My great-grandfather did it, and my grandfather, and my father, and me. There was nothing else in the world than that, and I was very happy!

    J: Really? It doesn’t sound very exciting.
    MAA: It is. At the age of seven you can go alone away from the camp, and for this you are taught the important things—to smell the air, to listen, to see carefully, to orient with the Sun and the stars…and to be guided by the camel if you get lost. He will take you where there is water.

    J: To know that is valuable, no doubt.
    MAA: Everything is simple and profound there. There are very few things, and each one has enormous value.

    J: So that world and this one are very different.
    MAA: There, every little thing gives happiness. Every touch is valuable. We feel great joy just by touching each other, being together. There, nobody dreams of becoming, because everybody already is.

    J: What shocked you most on your first trip to Europe?
    MAA: I saw people running in the airport. In the desert you only run if a sandstorm is approaching! It scared me, of course.

    J: They were going after their baggage, ha ha.
    MAA: Yes, that was it. […]

    J: What do you dislike the most here?
    MAA: Many people here have everything, and it is still not enough for them. They complain. In [the modern world] many people complain all the time! They chain themselves to a bank; many people are anxious to have things, to have possessions. People are in a rush. In the desert there are no traffic jams, and do you know why? Because there nobody is interested in getting ahead of other people!

    J: Tell me about a moment of deep happiness for you in the desert.
    MAA: It happens every day, two hours before sunset. The heat decreases, there is still no cold air, and men and animals slowly return to the camp, and their profiles are painted against a sky that is pink, blue, red, yellow, green.

    J: That sounds fascinating.
    MAA: It’s a magical moment… We all get into the tents and we boil tea. Sitting in silence we listen to the sound of the boiling water… We all are immersed in calmness: with the heartbeats tuned to the rhythm of the boiling water, potta potta potta…

    J: How peaceful.
    MAA: Yes…here you have watches; there, we have time.


    About the Author: Moussa Ag Assarid is the oldest of thirteen children in a nomadic Touareg family. Born in northern Mali in 1975, he moved to France in 1999 to study Management at the University of Montpellier. The above is excerpted from an interview with Víctor Amela.

  • Hey, Guy McPherson (buddy), how’s this for a “fuck it” – fuck excellence, let your hair down a party hardy! (No disrespect intended!)

  • Hey Apneaman- I’m not trying to be PC police, but going “full retard”? Really? Are you 12 years old? Know what I’m saying?

    p.s. The math requirement for posting is sort of elitist. These folks would agree:

  • I never remembered roman numerals.

    The Saudi-Jews drop guns out of planes onto terrorists for mo’ money.

    This is called The American Way Of Life – non-negotiable.

    2day – American General admits to sharing intelligence to save Assad.

    If we don’t stop arms and junk sales life on earth will die.

    Bunkers don’t last forever, mass extinction does.

    Even our green dreams are sold as prosperity.

    And little olive babies wash upon the shores of the Acropolis.

    cuppa good cheer today

  • Hey Robert Callaghan- I’m not trying to be PC police, but “Saudi-Jews”? Really? Are you 12 years old? Know what I’m saying?

    Let’s get it together people.

  • Gilligan’s Last Ship Of Fools

    I used to hope American’s would over-throw their government.

    Alvin Toffler once wrote a follow-up to Future Shock where people would just live in hotels and fly around the world without national citizenship. We chose the worst nuclear reactors possible and combined them with the worst international European currency system possible, and then when it all goes to rat shit. We give up and hunker down like a bunch of sucky babies.

    You can’t over-throw the world with a bunch of stupid talk, you have to truthfully come up with an honest plan. It doesn’t matter if it will work, it only has to be audacious enough. The resilience narrative has stalled. There are billions of people staring into the headlights. We are frozen in fear.

    We got phones so smart they can almost tell us when and where to go to have a shit. We got armies of nerds trying be the next start-up or killer app. We write trillions of words and don’t say shit. Our imaginations are not collective.

  • since I live in Canada and it snows a lot,

    I wrote a winter 2015 song called, “I Love El Niño”

    here are the words:

    I Love El Niño

    Oh yes I do

    I Love El Niño

    My heart is true

    I Love El Niño

    I love you true

    El Niño I love you

    Here’s how you sing it.

  • Methane emissions in Arctic during cold season

    Methane Emissions in Arctic Cold Season Higher Than Expected

    A new study finds that, contrary to previous assumptions, the Arctic tundra releases at least as much methane during its cold season as it does during summer.


    A team comprising ecologists Walter Oechel (SDSU and Open University) and Donatella Zona (SDSU and the University of Sheffield) and scientists from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), Harvard University, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and the University of Montana, found that far more methane is escaping from Arctic tundra during the cold months—when the soil surface is frozen (generally from September through May)—as well as from upland tundra, than prevailing assumptions and climate modelers previously believed. In fact, they found that at least half of the annual methane emissions occur in the cold months, and that drier, upland tundra can be a larger emitter of methane than wet tundra. The finding challenges critical assumptions in current global climate models. The results are published today in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

    [lots more]

  • “you have watches: there you have time”…great line.

  • Forecast highs for NE PA on xmas eve = 70F

    Imagine the crocus’ will bloom :)

    Happy holidays.

  • Daily CO2 update:

    21st Dec 2015 403.89
    21w4 Dec 2014 398.74

    Up 5.15ppm.


    “Several cities in the East will likely see their warmest Christmas Eve or Christmas Day on record, adding to the more than 2,600 daily record high temperatures that have been tied or broken across the Lower 48 in the first 19 days of the month”

    Nothing new to this crowd!

  • Has the pope been reading here on NBL?
    “Pope Francis told crowds in St. Peter’s Square that this Christmas might be the last one for humanity”

    Satish- Lovely interview and a great glimpse into nomadic life. But 13 kids? Either childhood mortality is very high there, or their way of life wasn’t sustainable in the long run after all. Still it was moving and profound. Thank you. :)

    Is Zark gone? If you’re out there, give us some sort of sign. Maybe a big Z shaped contrail in the sky? Where ever you are, in whatever form, best wishes. ;)

    I’ve heard that maximum planetary tilt of winter lasts for 3 days, then the journey back toward the sun for the northern hemisphere begins, and with it the beginning of winter … always a paradox in my mind. Holy days of darkness. Happy Solstice to all!
    And remember, as Ed Abbey says, ” To the intelligent man or woman, life appears infinitely mysterious. But the stupid have an answer for every question.”


  • Geoffrey Chia On doomsteaddiner writes COP21 was a FRAUD! and he asserts We are on track for 8 to 10 degrees Celsius and than he goes on Calling Guy
    “a prophet of doom and the titular head of a nihilistic death cult.” Nevertheless with his 8-10c prediction what is he I am asking ?! and than he goes on basically repeating The same message what Guy advise is in the first place
    “My message to everyone? Try to live for as long as you can, aim for the best quality of life you can, and do so without trampling over others. Understanding our imminent demise should, if anything, enhance our appreciation for life and motivate us to derive whatever joy we can, while we can, perhaps by engaging in random acts of kindness now and then. Stay away from those who choose to wallow in the mire of abject hopelessness and misery. Avoid those who prefer to curse the darkness rather than light a candle.”

    Sure Dude using your own estimate 8-10c will be just toasty in those pockets of survival like this Janitor is promoting it form University oTTawa In nuclear submarines and before i forgot there is the space station MR space cadet for you where you can celebrate life and laughter its going to be fun …

  • This is the same Geoffrey Chia who used to post here after he invited me to establish a homestead for him in the southern hemisphere. The same Geoffrey Chia who libeled somebody in this space, and I called him on it. He never contributed to this space after that. Seems the cardiologist has thin skin.

  • Infanttyrone Says:
    December 21st, 2015 at 3:02 pm

    For Dredd…

    Quicksilver be knowin’ in the wind.

    Gotta see what we saw (On The Origin of the Sea-level Seesaw).

  • ‘I’ve heard that maximum planetary tilt of winter lasts for 3 days, then the journey back toward the sun for the northern hemisphere begins, and with it the beginning of winter … always a paradox in my mind. Holy days of darkness. Happy Solstice to all!’

    Not really. It’s just an illusion that results from the inability of the human eye to detect miniscule change. However, the ‘died on the cross and was resurrected after 3 days’ Christian narrative was almost certainly a revamp of the much older pseudo death and rebirth of the Sun in the southern sky when viewed from northern locations.

    Northern winter is normally considered to be December, January and February, isn’t it? It certainly was where I grew up.

    The apparent temperature paradox is best explained by the fact that large things that are warm take a long time to cool. And cooling continues past the solstice even though the amount of incoming energy has started to increase.

    I am now completely over the institutionalized insanity of performing midwinter celebrations near the height of summer. Sadly, the availability of cheaply-made Chinese goods and the ability of nations to borrow in order to live beyond their means has resulted in a veritable flood of inappropriate consumer junk; retail staff now wear reindeer horns and Santa hats in the weeks before Christmas -most of which will end up in the rubbish bin in a few days, presumably.

    Of course institutionalized insanity helps keep the masses trapped in the Matrix, so as matters get worse we must expect attempts to impose greater institutionalized insanity on us.

    About a decade ago Kenneth Deffeyes suggested that Christmas 2005 would be the last traditional Christmas for Americans because, according to his calculations, half the world’s oil had been used up and we would be on the downslope.

    However, from what I have seen and heard, over the past decade the culture of insanity has expanded rather than shrinking. That is certainly true around here.

    That said, maybe we really are at the economic inflexion point this time.

    I too was wondering about Z.

  • .
    Hey Wren … happy Solstice to you too, and to everybody.
    babajingo … thanks for the Bob. And, well, you know.
    ugotstahwonder … I’m with you and unloosening the bolt.

    I think fukushima has worn my skin thin too. I shall not seek additional strain. As someone already said here recently; I shall retire into bedlam. Merry Christmas everyone, says the pope.

    Peace and Love All.

  • Guy
    just heard on your live NBL show you are kinda “officially” a radical Eco-terrorist!
    I am jelly
    Merry Merry

  • by the by
    just you General Nut here

  • This one i have Posted under his article at doomsteaddiner i am just posting it here as well since i am positive it wont stand a chance there being posted to long before it is censured

    Let me see this closely ! Ok 8-10 C Temperature rise is not enough for this Douche-bag to call it quits ?! What Planet is he talking about ? MORON ! And than He calls GuY Mcpherson a “Prophet of doom and the titular head of a Nihilistic death cult ” and than he proceeds With a good advise what is nothing else but Guys message of pursuing life of excellence . Since probably he feels that the 8-10 C temperature rise will still be survivable for some certain pockets of people .. That`s His His death cult message “yeah yeah yeah … 8+ billion people by than dead but there must be a few hundred survivals maybe the space station and some nuclear submarines will provide the habitat for them . Oh that`s a message of hope that makes this douche-bag really different from Guys message.

  • Space stations and nuclear submarines do not provide all habitat: everything from food to toilet paper has to be imported! Not until they have their own complete ecosystems can they be considered habitats.

    From my first Christmas in ‘mericuh, 1973 till I retired in 2009, as a heathen, I worked every Christmas so that the Christians could have the time off. The only two exceptions were in 1978, when I was in the US Navy, in transti between duty stations, and in 1990 when I was in the US Army en route to Bushdaaddy’s war. Merry Christmas to all & sundry, but sorry I am no longer allowed to work to let the Christians off.

  • Kevin writes:

    Boozy sings:

    Egg Nog Recipe:

    Tale one Kevin Anderson, add one James Hansen, mix, problem solved.

  • “Space stations and nuclear submarines do not provide all habitat: everything from food to toilet paper has to be imported! Not until they have their own complete ecosystems can they be considered habitats.”

    Given the likelihood that future supply chains to them would be broken, why aren’t they conceived of as self-sufficient and self-perpetuating islands, with the lion’s share of fossil fuels to run them as sub civilizations?

  • Islands get air with associated particulates and water, oceanic and rain. They are part of Spaceship Earth. External supply chains to ships isolated from Spaceship Earth, will require persennel on Spaceship Earth, which in turn will require functioning biological ecosystems on Spaceship Earth to maintain the personnel who maihtain the supply chains. Including water and air.

    Every “sub” civilisations will need a fully functioning ecosystem just as any regular civilisation.

  • Someone earlier posted that Pope Francis told a crowd that this would be the last Christmas for humanity. I went to the site and that is not quite what he said, though what he did say was still pretty doomerish. This is the full quote:

    ” “We are close to Christmas. There will be lights, there will be parties, bright trees, even Nativity scenes – all decked out – while the world continues to wage war,” he said earlier in December.

    “The Pontiff, who turned 79 on Thursday, elaborated on his views this weekend, telling a crowd, “While the world starves, burns, and descends further into chaos, we should realise that this year’s Christmas celebrations for those who choose to celebrate it may be their last“.

    ““Unless the path to peace is recognised, we must weep for those innocent victims who grow by the day, and ask God for forgiveness. As Jesus and God weeps, I do too“.”

    My reading is that he is predicting that war will break out and large numbers of people will be killed. It won’t be extinction, there will be people left behind to mourn them. And he could be referring to the ongoing massacre of Christians in Syria and Iraq, which for obvious reasons has been a concern of the Vatican.

    There is a danger of the U.S. government/ deep state attempts to take down the Putin regime in Russia getting out of hand, and escalating into a full war. This has been the case now for a couple of years. This would mean there is some danger of nuclear war, the greatest since the early 1980s.

    A full scale war between the great powers has always been the wildcard in predictions about the future of humanity, and has been so since the last one ended in 1945. Beevor’s history of World War 2 describes in some details plans drawn up by Churchill and Stalin that year to attack each other (Churchill was talked out of it, which usually happened when he had crazy ideas, Stalin was dissuaded by the American willingness to use nuclear weapons). So this danger has been a constant feature of our lives, but the Pope was correct if he was alluding it to being greater this year than normal.

  • Doing the full Victorian English traditional Christmas thing in the southern hemisphere and the tropics has always puzzled me. But in the Northeast US, the temperature has been in the 50s and 60s Fahrenheit (upper teens Celsius) this year. Time for different traditions!

  • “Every “sub” civilisations will need a fully functioning ecosystem just as any regular civilisation.”

    In an economic collapse, a grid failure, an unprecedented natural disaster, etc., nuclear facilities will need energy to keep from blowing up. There might not be the means to renew the energy supply from outside. There will need to be food, water and medicine. No backup there either. A central government (if it was responsible) would try to see that the conditions for maintaining food, water, energy, education, medicine supply are met within the relevant geographic area, however big that would need to be, whatever the geographical assets or liabilities, whatever the political difficulties. There are countless well schooled and well paid people in the government who should be figuring this out. I’m far from knowing how they would do that, but suggest that they start thinking it through any time now.

  • @Artleads, Mark Austin thought it through and his response was to GTFO of Dodge.

  • ‘…..In the meantime, the Ukraine is in full-blown collapse—all five glorious stages of it—setting the stage for a Ukrainian Nightmare Before Christmas, or shortly after……’

  • Lidia,

    Mark is a hero in my book. He has gone way beyond the call of duty. Time for him to come in from the cold. Those whose turn it is to play, need to wake TF up. They might not, though. I grant you that.

  • kevin moore Says:
    December 22nd, 2015 at 12:59 pm

    ‘I’ve heard that maximum planetary tilt of winter lasts for 3 days, then the journey back toward the sun for the northern hemisphere begins, and with it the beginning of winter … always a paradox in my mind. Holy days of darkness. Happy Solstice to all!’

    Season’s Greetings.

    The axial tilt was understood by ancients who used in in their calendars (A Savvy Ecocosmological Earth Calendar – 2 ).

    Another non-intuituve ongoing dynamic that is changing the axial location, and sea level along with it, is global warming induced melting of Antarctica:

  • Season’s Mantra

    Kevin Anderson + James Hansen = Success

    10% annual emissions cuts for 50 years

    Bill McKibben + Naomi Klein = Failure

    No greener economic pastures from renewables

  • Morning and mud in the north east and warmer here than it was in late October. It is already evidenced that large scale abrupt climate change is affecting even larger parts of the planet visibly….to any that bother to look. There is a general sense of dis Ease in the air.

    One thing i do know is that like the issue of methane and the credibility factor of proof…the credibility factor of a summer depopulation event will be questioned and it is all about personal choice at this point.

    Each of us in our own way will process this not necessarily new but spoken out loud information differently.

    I know for myself it has made me pause. Think. Feel Thank you Mark for being so very brave.. that must have been a huge decision personally. I remember when the DC tour was cancelled… I am not even as shocked as i should be…just more confirmation of what was suspected all along.

    For those that celebrate winter solstice or wishes and make memories with those you love.

    Catch you all around.. we will be talking about this today I am sure in the NTHELove group on facebook.

  • Today’s post is a gift from Patrick Frost. Accept it here.

  • Hi, I’m at a Christmas Eve party and just got shown how the radio show is on all sorts of sites. Seemorerocks, please do not be too alarmed. Bioweapons not that likely to be used, but more so than Nuclear war. The Sept meeting in D.C. with Pope & Xi Jingping is a part of the Pope’s Christmas warning message…but it is always wise for us to remember it might be the last one. Live well and safe wishes to all.