Presentation in Miami Beach

The presentation embedded below was delivered in Miami Beach, Florida on 6 December 2015. Unlike my previous presentations, it focuses on the loss of global dimming when industrial civilization reaches its overdue end. Thanks to Pauline Panagiotou Schneider for shooting and editing the video.

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  • Does anyone know Mark Austin’s handle here on NBL?

  • Guy says

    “I’m asking a favor, too. Please suppress your inner asshole. Keep in within you. Don’t let it show. Thanks.”

    But he also has been saying for years to “live a life of excellence.”

    What if expressing my inner self was part of my life of excellence plan?

    Great, now I have to start over again.

  • greg, Mark Austin’s handle here is Mark Austin. Apneaman, I didn’t think that one all the way through, did I? Sorry.

  • On Monday Dec 28 TEPCO planned to release the less contaminated groundwater from the five wells into sea after a purification process.

    However, the water from four of the wells was discovered to have high levels of tritium–a radioactive substance that is hard to remove–at levels higher than 1,500 becquerels per liter, which means the water cannot be released into sea.

    To compound the problem, the seaside walls have also significantly raised groundwater levels, forcing the utility to pump a lot more groundwater than it originally planned.

    TEPCO has been forced to temporarily transfer large amounts of the groundwater into highly contaminated reactor buildings, where it could become contaminated to an even further degree by being exposed to melted nuclear fuel.

    The utility said it suspects the high levels of radiation found in the groundwater from the wells is due to the water being exposed to highly contaminated soil near the plant’s coastal embankment.

    To reduce the amount of contaminated water at the plant, TEPCO began operations in September to pump up the groundwater in wells constructed around the reactor buildings to release it into the sea after a purification process. (Tritium levels yesterday at 1,500 becqerals per liter not safe for release into the ocean.)

  • I’ve see her youtube video, but I did not know this nice lady even had her own site. There ya go.

    Connecting the Dots: from Methane to NTHE

  • As I explained in detail I have birth defects (along with many other children born out west, from the 1960s Nevada Proving Grounds above ground atomic tests.)

    I am as stupid as it gets compared to Steven Hawking, yet Steven Hawking does manage to communicate with technological assistance.

    COLIN is correct. Nobody here should write with-out proof reading.

    ANYONE can write memos to the Secretary of State(at the NNSA documents are prepared with help from an entire group) We also have entire division in the gvt that is paid to work against our Non-proliferation unit. The NRC supports both sides. Plenty of infighting between building more plants – vs – decommissioning.

    I specifically said the entire team (not just myself) meet with Chief Justices of the Supreme Court, I was lowest on totem pole, but it was interesting to be included. I try to listen. (my mistake typing a 1 rather than 0 = 2002)

    The more recent case where corporations were ruled to be equal to “persons” is an on going danger. The 2002 “S” biotech corp ruling continues to unfold as new laws pertaining to genetic splicing. This matters to people who do actual work that will result in further impacts on the Earth, unless you care to help take some action against us.

    I NEVER NEVER said that: “does installations at nuclear power plants” I have written extensively (and probably badly with apology explaining my handicaps long ago) about reviewing safety measures, contracts, team analysis of waste transport. Dr. Robin Datta is an extreme bully to handicapped people. Yes removal of nuclear waste is demeaning janitor work. So is picking up litter on public beaches.

    SHEP – Robin Datta is a bully to handicapped people & poor workers.
    What do you do to physically get out and help or assist with forms of protest against much worse actions than not proof-reading correctly??

    and works with DARPA and neuroscientists at the Max Planck Institute among numerous other amazing skills (I sit quietly for hours doing COMPUTER CODING & CONTRACT WORK from the funding provided we provided to them from DARPA & NIH. Reading and SLOWLY scanning codes actually takes less effort than trying to write a perfectly composed comment!) ho ho ho

    Obviously, I missed my errors because I was too dependent upon 14 years of staff reviews & assistance. Try to put yourself in the mind set and environment of any Washington D.C. worker to see how we are controlled and taught to write in their systems language.

    GLOUCON X, ETYEREPETERE are nothing but mean critics. Rather than explain myself it is time to question you for not even listening to exactly what was said. Better off not to speak coherently than be a destructive evil soul. Since both of you are such amazingly talented persons can’t you even imagine for one day what it is like to be a hearing impaired D.C. worker? Can either of you provide anything helpful rather than pick on handicapped people for not meeting your highest levels of excellence?

    Have either of you ever volunteered in a national Park???? As Babajingo once pointed out, Humanity is in a mess because people like me make mistakes…but also most people like you are nothing but hurtful regarding your own comprehension & communication skills.

    Selfish, rude, harm to animals plants & people = a root cause to all the damage we do to everything.

  • There are some real nasty people commenting here. Have u no self-respect.
    U remind me of the killers and rapists on ID T-V. Sickos. Pathetic. Just like typical sociopathic/racist/rapist/capitalist/political shits. Nothing but bullies behind a keyboard

  • And, By the Bye, ANYONE who would not recognize that the 2012 date mentioned by Mark WASN’T a typo is utterly stupid.

  • I also like this feisty version from Canadian country artist Terri Clark. I hope you find it uplifting too Mark Austin.

  • .
    @Mark, you said …

    “Selfish, rude, harm to animals plants & people = a root cause to all the damage we do to everything.”

    That’s an observation I’ve made several times now at this site too, Mark. That the grumpy sour black holes who can’t maintain some dignity in the face of opposition or oppression (if they ever even could maintain their collective dignities in the first place) how these people are failing to see how the toxicity of a nasty disposition is the very precipice dangling over and preceding all that is cruel and evil and destructive in the world, in almost every single case. It’s like a lot of hot air from a few air heads who can’t even recognize their own complicity in the very darkness that ails us, due to their own mishandled, ill projected and bitter characters.

    It’s been sort of a chuckle to watch some of the kinder, gentler posters step back recently and let the sour grapes flood back into the vacuum of silence, which is pretty much always how that sort of energy flows. It’s been fascinating to note how ‘they’, the dark ones, aren’t really any more interesting to read than anyone else is here. So, I don’t know what all the moaning and complaining is for, about how the site is being wrecked by certain people, and so on and so forth. Talk about cry babies. Boring cry babies, too. Maybe there *are* a few paid trolls here, who knows, it could very well be. Seems like it, anyway.

    It was particularly comical to see someone recently, one of the complainers, in the very same post where they ranted on about racism and it’s incumbent exclusion, then proceed to hang out their own ‘no coloreds allowed’ sign on this and some other blog that only they themselves wished to be privy to. “Private club man, get the fuck out!” It was the ultimate in hypocrisy … or maybe it was a complete and total lack of self awareness, I don’t know. Either way, ignorance is no defense, as some would say. It was absurd, to say the least. Maybe it was good for the chuckle it elicited, I don’t know though, maybe not. It was pretty rude and entitled, not to mention exclusionary and bigoted … and of course, silly too. It was certainly harsh and uninviting. Chasing people away from Guy’s message is actually what I’d call it.

    Hey, you do know boys, don’t you, that this whole … “hey man, I don’t give a fuck what you think about what I say ‘cause I don’t feel nothin’” routine is really just a social methodology that was foisted upon you by empire, don’t you? The whole tough guy, “I don’t have any feelings and am proud not to feel, it’s manly to not feel” routine, the one that all boys push onto each other from youth onward using harshness and teasing; it’s just a sociological way to get you to shut off your feelings starting from a very early age. You do know that don’t you? Or do you?

    It’s implemented in our culture because only men without feelings can go kill all the gooks and their babies, or saw down every last tree in the forest. Men really are the weaker of the two sexes, that’s what time has certainly borne out. It’s that whole jock thing … the bullying and the teasing and all that sort of useless domineering BS … hey, just like the psychos in power, lol! It’s really quite repugnant to see it when it rears its head, since it’s a pretty elementary sociological scam to be able to identify and repair in yourself. I can only roll my eyes when I see it arising, especially here at NBL, where so many posters presume to be so intelligent and well informed about ‘things.’

    Things such as root causes and all that (ie: wetiko disease.) Is that what you meant there I think Mark? Maybe? That’s what I think I heard you say, and if so, I agree.

    Anyway, cheers Mark, illegitimis non carborundum I’d rather wile away my hours reading you than I would spend time reading dickhead from over there in the peanut gallery (who doesn’t share much anyway, except for his anger and hatred.) I also liked your very subtle reference to picking up litter on a public beach. I don’t know if you meant it the way I took it or not, but you really did make me laugh with that one. Touché ‘Public’, being the main point there I think, but the litter crack was also great too, lol. ! :)

    So, get it together boys, or don’t I guess. However, that testosterone fueled bunker guy tripe is nothing but empire seeping out of your washed brains, do realize that. So, maybe it’s time to evolve a little past acting 15 years old now, no? You know, if you guys dispense of Mark, then their will be next to nobody posting here anymore. That’s about what it’s come to, so think about it for a minute, if you can muster the effort. It’s a community for pete’s sake, not an old boys club for cavemen. Unless, of course, you would prefer this site to remain at the fifty or so people who do come here, if even that many are here. It doesn’t seem like you can really afford to be so elitist at this stage of the game, can you, when the whole point is to maybe try and get the word out? So, lighten up. At least stop acting like errant children. Seriously, when a dude blows a gasket over a CAPTCHA timeout, maybe it’s time to take a break and go out for a walk in nature or something. Quit lashing out like a child.

    Peace and love all. I shall again retire to bedlam.

    P.S. Sorry there were no citations for my opinions here, but, citing some other Joe for something I could have just as easily said myself is something I don’t find very impressive anyway. I actually prefer to see that people can assimilate data and can paraphrase things using their own words, rather than seeing people hide behind other people’s opinions like a wussy. I like hearing what people have to say, not what some authority they happen to appeal to has to say. What’s going on in YOUR head is what really counts to me; but … different strokes for different folks and all that I suppose.

    Of course Guy needs to cite something like his monster research essay. However, this blog’s commenting area seems a lot less formal than that, where people might even just be expressing how they feel about the whole NTE thing sometimes, and maybe only referencing something purely for context. God forbid we should feel anything about what’s going on, right, and desire to express ourselves? Football players would cringe, I’m know. Luckily though, this isn’t a gladiator sports forum. At least most of the time it isn’t, or, at least it didn’t used to be. At least, it doesn’t have to be. Hmmm, choices even.

    Remember, little baby Jesus is watching; with his little baby Jesus pot pipe soother and his little baby Jesus 100 lot sheet of blotter acid baby Einstein toy. Oh, and his James Taylor CD too, of course.

    You’ve, an oldy but a goody.

    Something an oldy but a goody.

    Carry on. Don’t mind me. :)

  • Shep, I’ve listened to the radio interview a second time and am picking up on the idea that Mark cares and wants to spread sound knowledge. Much of what he says is richer than what he writes, and as he relaxes, he uses terms and phrases that give away that he does know what he is talking about. He needs to flesh out his writing with more data and facts.

    It’s awfully hard for me, however, to simply take someones word. With climate change, I had the data and the observable evidence. But Mark seems like a nice guy and Guy and Mike recognize a special quality in him, so that’s good enough to make me look at his offerings with much more interest.

    I apologize for being a wise ass and doing to you, Mark, what others always seem to do to me when I have something new to offer…hang in there and thanks for trying.

  • “U.S. Supreme court chief Justice William Renquist joined our team for a walk around the Tidal Basin in the spring of 2012 to help us make a very senesitive decision on releasing that info being bemanded by the Freedom of Information act.”

    Accepting the 2002 date only makes this passage slightly less absurd to those of us with knowledge and powers of observation. The idea that the 78 year old Chief Justice with a history of hospitalization for severe back pain and two years away from a fatal cancer diagnosis is going to conduct business with Mark’s super secret team while strolling among the tourists at the Tidal Basin is nearly as implausible as the walk around with the seven years dead Justice.

    Btw Mark, since you thought it was so important that we know about this, at least have the courtesy to tell us if the bemanded info was released.

    Mark Austin Says: December 26th, 2015 at 5:36 pm –WILLIAM REHNQUIST was alive and ruled upon the 2002 & Supreme Court case. Do your homework, William Rehnquist was most certainly alive and ruled on Syngenta after deliberations in 2002.

    And the hits just keep on coming! We have yet another problem. If the implausible springtime walk around with the aging Justice was to discuss this case, then you need to tell us about the time machine, because the case was not heard until October and not ruled on until November of that year.

    If you’re in a hole…stop digging.

    Btw, asking questions is one of the pillars of living an excellent life. Be suspicious of anyone who says otherwise. Accept no limits on asking questions–EVER! To do so is a betrayal of the intellect. This site wouldn’t even be here if Guy had refrained from asking questions about mainstream climate science.

  • Gloucon X, your obedient servant, Sir.

    “Btw, asking questions is one of the pillars of living an excellent life. Be suspicious of anyone who says otherwise. Accept no limits on asking questions–EVER! To do so is a betrayal of the intellect. This site wouldn’t even be here if Guy had refrained from asking questions about mainstream climate science.”

  • Mark Austin: Thank you very much for providing this information. I hope you continue to post here & I hope you stay safe & sane. I might suggest that you avoid engaging the detractors. Arguing on the internets is rarely a useful or satisfying pursuit. Kind of like fighting for peace or fucking for virginity.

    Merry Christmas doomers!

  • @Tim

    Mark, rather suspicious you carrying water for Tepco criminals.

    Fukushima ground water is exponentially more contaminated with tritium than the advertised 1500 Bq/L.

    Why flog otherwise?

  • Just posted by Scribbler.

    COWABUNGA, HOLY MOLY, & HOT DAMN – Climate HELL is coming to the North Pole.

    A bizarro low pressure system off Greenland/Iceland is sucking warm air from the south.

    These winds will bring with them extraordinarily warm temperatures for the High Arctic region during Winter time. By Wednesday, the North Pole is expected to see temperatures in the range of 1-2 degrees Celsius or 41-42 degrees C above average (73-75 degrees Fahrenheit above the normal daily temperature of -40 F for a typical Winter day).

  • 2012 a typo instead of 2002: understandable and acceptable.

    Clearing trash, garbage, waste anywhere: highly commendable!

    Whether or not DARPA’s unclassified paper trash might contain overly speculative materials would be known to those that have access to the stuff.

  • A catalogue of disasters, past, present and anticipated, due to climate change:

    Prominent on the Russia Today website: QUESTION MORE

  • Mark Austin says: “As Babajingo once pointed out, Humanity is in a mess because people like me make mistakes…”

    Um… what?? I never said that. I am your friend, Mark, not your enemy. I support your work and your attempts to give us information. I thought I made that clear. I don’t really understand your comment, especially since I’m one of the people trying to defend you. WTF?

    LWA, thanks once again for your insights. “Hey, you do know boys, don’t you, that this whole … “hey man, I don’t give a fuck what you think about what I say ‘cause I don’t feel nothin’” routine is really just a social methodology that was foisted upon you by empire, don’t you?”

  • LWA, I finally got around to reading your post…Well Done! Hey, did you know where the term ‘bedlam’ came from? It’s slang from the old days for, St. Mary of Bethlehem Hospital for the Insane, in London. Probably, the term works as well for your house as in mine!

    Mark, again, Thanks! Thanks for rattling my cage and yanking my chain! I obviously deserved it.

  • It’s been 2 hours since I learned about the coming 72-75 degrees F above normal at the North Pole.

    Probably as big an event as Semiletov observing the one km methane plumes in 2011.

    This is big alright, & I am still reeling.

    We are on the way out & sooner than anyone expected.

    Lots of big time suffering realsoon.

  • LWA, thanks once again for your insights. “Hey, you do know boys, don’t you, that this whole … “hey man, I don’t give a fuck what you think about what I say ‘cause I don’t feel nothin’” routine is really just a social methodology that was foisted upon you by empire, don’t you?”

    I savored that too.

  • LWA ~

    I truly loved your post. thank you.

    peace and love to you!

  • Gloucon X ~

    yes, questions are a wonderful thing, if handled properly.

    “then you need to tell us about the time machine, because the case was not heard until October and not ruled on until November of that year.”

    you do know that the cases are batted around, discussed and debated for months before they make a final decision on whether or not to even hear the case?

  • Been chatter at Arctic Sea ices about the weather – possible monumental low pressure cell(s) and stacked south to north. Scribbler has posted a descriptive analysis.

    To the bunch of bloody wankers boosting up the castigation level here. HAVE YOU NO SHAME, NO YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW HOW TO BLUSH. .

    After working a couple decades with the mentally challenged – I found some of the comments with slang for varieties of infant hypothyroidism – hypoT4 not quite offensive. I sat next to “A” yesterday at Christmas dinner- he was born with a too low level of thyroxine. He;s my friend.

    Been a few decades since prior working at the state lab testing for PKU, galactosemia, MSUD and hypoT4 in newborns. Trust me, there are a few places of employment where you would be fired for cause in a heartbeat due to language like that.

    Mildest way to change you rectal orifice ways is cognitive behaviour therapy

    Last decade I devoured a book about CBT specifically geared for the mentally challenged and also picked one psycholgists brain who was successful at times with CBT with blind and/or mute mentally challenged individuals. The funny thing is no one is too limited cognitively to learn, but there are many homo sapiens who are too smart to learn.

    I have little tolerance for smart mouthed castigaters and their aversive conditioning ways. Aversive conditioning is one of the least effective ways to make changes – at best maybe a big ego trip, At the other end of the spectrum of aversive conditioning is some of the most evil things done by humanity.

    If you don’t want to pay money for getting help, I can tell you that the 12 step programs do utilize CBT along with another one of the most effective mind-muscle excercises in learning how to understand your emotions. Atheist and agnostics and sceptics quite welcome.

    Another option of course is to continue to keep repeating the same behaviour and get the same results. And you will probably wake up feeling crappy every day also.

    In the end, this is a site about living lives of excellence.

  • .
    Kirk, thanks for further defining ‘bedlam’ for me. The dictionary indeed has two definitions: ‘a scene of uproar and confusion’ and also, ‘an institution for the care of mentally ill people.’

    I thought it meant the first definition, and yet the latter does seem a much more apt description for my home. Thanks for tuning me up about just what in the Dickens I was even saying there! ;)

    Don’t sweat it people. Just remember: disagree with and question the assertions, don’t attack the person … that’s maybe what we’re looking for here. Of course asking questions is good. So is pointing out and correcting inadvertent errors. Disagreement and debate is healthy as well. And accuracy is important for Guy’s cause too, it’s very true.

    However, hurling abuse at individuals and their person, no matter how fun it may seem, is probably not so useful in most circumstances.

    That advice, and 2 cents, will get you … two cents.

    Cheerio … its time now for a bit of that scotch that I was given as some sort of well meant pagan yule gift. I guess if you got it, drink it … right? After all, like Scarlet O’Hara said, ‘Tomorrow may not be another day.’ (Or something like that. Didn’t she say that?)

    Actually, Scarlet makes for a pretty good example at the end of that movie when she said:

    “I’ll think of it *tomorrow*, at Tara. I can stand it then. *Tomorrow*, I’ll think of some way to get him back. After all, tomorrow is another day.

    So, there is Tara (hmmm, Terra … earth), and it’s burnt to the ground and all hell has broken loose around her everywhere, and she can still be in denial about it all and say, ‘oh well, there’s always tomorrow, I’ll fix it all tomorrow!’ She was in denial through that whole movie, wasn’t she, as if she had forever? Until poor old Ret the cad couldn’t even put up with her any longer.

    It’s sort of like our collective civilization maybe in a way, and now we’ll all be ’gone with the wind’ too … just like poor old Scarlet!

    Or, maybe I just misunderstood that movie entirely. You know … what with the bedlam and all, lol! But, I digress.

    Cheers … and now for the drinking! (Oops, already started!) :)

    (I think Guy is right in thinking that about all we have left is the love. Everything else seems to be disappearing faster than the arctic sea ice, and also this scotch.)

  • mo flow Says: Gloucon X ~ you do know that the cases are batted around, discussed and debated for months before they make a final decision on whether or not to even hear the case?

    Yes I know that, and it Is certainly is encouraging the see that you are curious about the extent of my knowledge. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your could build on that spark of curiosity and ask some questions of the person who brought up this entire mess?

    I’ll get you started:

    Why did your friend think it was so important for you (the rest of NBL’s readers) to know about his meeting with Chief Justice Rehnquist and the 2002 Syngenta case? What did the case have to do with TFOA?

    Here’s few more: What or who was “our team”? What department or agency did they work for? What was the decision that Rehnquist helped them make? What was Mark Austin’s job at the time?

    What could be so important that the Secret Service would let the aging Chief Justice stroll around a tourist infested area in broad daylight only seven months after 9/11?

    Thanks mo flow, you’re off to a great start with your questioning skills. I have confidence you can succeed in finding the answers to these questions where others have failed.

  • @Mark Austin

    Keep the good work comin! Love and much respect to you!


    Fuck the bullies (yeeez, you know who you are) :-)

  • Melt from below (Watch The Ice Shelves – 2, 2015).

    Divided by climate change (Will This Float Your Boat, 2011).

  • [more people jumpin’ on the ol’ bandwagon]

    It’s the End of the World — How Do You Feel?


    Terry Root often goes to sleep at night wondering how she’ll be able to get up the next morning and do it all over again. Then the sun comes up and she forces herself out of bed. She might go for a run to release the pent-up anxiety. Sometimes she cries. Or she’ll commiserate with colleagues, sharing in and validating each other’s angst. What keeps Terry up at night aren’t the usual ailments; it’s not a tyrant boss or broken heart.

    The diagnosis: global warming.

    A senior fellow at Stanford’s Woods Institute for the Environment, Root has spent the past two decades unraveling the thread between climate change and the eventual mass extinctions of countless species of plants, animals — and, yes, humans. “That’s a tough, tough thing to cope with,” Root says in a weary, jagged voice. There’s more. When the gray-haired bird watcher shares her End of Days findings, she’s often met with personal attacks; naysayers hurl their disagreement and disdain, complete with name-calling and threats from politicians. But the absolute worst part of her job? We’re not listening. “It’s harder than hell to carry that,” says Root. [more]

  • China is building 6 new nuclear plants per year until 2030.
    China will build 400 new nuclear plants by 2050.
    India will have the first commercial thorium reactor by 2022.

    Not all nuclear power is bad.
    Not all nuclear power is good.

    Not using nuclear power will cause even more GHG emissions.
    Yet, we do not have enough trained personnel to shut down the ones we got now.

    What this means is that there is absolutely nothing you can do to change anything. Yes, you can create awareness to some degree, but that is all. If you expect to change anything, then you are being delusional. If all the world stopped eating meat, we could stop climate heating almost immediately. That will not happen either.

  • “I note here too that there is great danger; that the colonial enterprise is to the modern world what Roman imperialism was to the ancient world: the prelude to Disaster and the forerunner of Catastrophe. Come, now! The Indians massacred, the Moslem world drained of itself, the Chinese world defiled and perverted; the Negro world disqualified; mighty voices stilled forever; homes scattered to the wind; all this wreckage, all this waste, humanity reduced to a monologue, and you think that all that does not have a price? The truth is that this policy cannot but bring about the ruin of Europe itself, and that Europe, if it is not careful, will perish from the void it has created around itself.”
    – Aimé Césaire, Discourse on Colonialism

    “The hour of the Barbarian is at hand. The modern barbarian. The American hour. Violence, excess, waste, mercantilism, bluff, gregariousness, stupidity, vulgarity, disorder.”
    – Aimé Césaire, Discourse on Colonialism

  • **What or who was “our team”? What department or agency did they work for? What was the decision that Rehnquist helped them make? What was Mark Austin’s job at the time?**

    As Mulder said – the truth is out there.

    Start here.

  • For the first time in a very long time, I watched Guy’s presentation video and listened to the radio show. I was blown over by Mark’s assertion of bio-weapon readiness and the question of why and when the trigger gets pulled. It seems to me to be completely backwards to pull the trigger after collapse, so a classified consideration must have been given to the cost-benefit of a pre-collapse triggering of bio-depopulation. Mark says you would need a thousand people to shut down 100 plants. I assume he meant one plant at a time, so pre-collapse trigger readiness would include multiple readiness teams around the world to shut down some 400 plants. This means immunity from the event is a given.

    Okay, now that we’ve established the possibility of a pre-collapse triggering of bio-depopulation and nuclear shut-down readiness, we must consider the benefit to the planet. Personally, I think it’s fucking great, and I say bring it on, but being 58 years old, it’s easy for me to say, and completely unfair for the young. But, life is not fair. So instead of the current sacrifice zones we now accept, we would have something more akin to survival zones.

    If we do not initiate massive bio-depopulation, ALL life on earth is finished, no one gives a fuck if bacteria survives, I mean all life as we know and understand it to be i.e. megafauna etc.

    This is so crazy, it kind of makes sense. Likely the only reason for event scheduling is that nothing will happen until as many plants as possible are ready for safe shut down.

    I do not accept that our overlords would not want the whole planet for themselves. The only thing holding them back would be concern for their own comfort and safety. We would have to kill enough people to make the earth, but not enough to cause our overlords discomfort or inconvenience, or maybe just not having enough people to talk about.

    I am slightly concerned that the fate of all life on earth hinges on such slight considerations from such evil mutherfuckers. The bio-weapon depopulation event has been on my mind since the 1980s… so pull the fucking trigger already. Stay calm and carry on dying.

  • So – the lovefest gang has been waiting in the wings — back-channeling to coordinate their *attack* on the *bullies* — no doubt General Mike is in the shadows as private Curious (Nemisis) and lieutenant LWA gather their troops to storm the mountain of *bullydom* to save the world from bad stuff.

    Rage on Crusaders.

  • @Robert Callaghan

    If we do not initiate massive bio-depopulation, ALL life on earth is finished, no one gives a fuck if bacteria survives, I mean all life as we know and understand it to be i.e. megafauna etc.

    Are you workin for the “elite” government? You sound exactly the same…^^

  • Guy,

    Seems to me that with all the feedback loops we will most certainly enter a time when warming CAN/WILL go so ballistic that your 2030 date will seem very optimistic? Maybe NTHE can occur, say, in 2025 now, or even earlier? Have u considered this senario?

    Not that it really matters!

  • @Robert Callaghan

    Anyone who votes for “massive bio-depopulation” should go ahead, make some good example and start with himself.

  • Who’s nemesis is Nemesis’? I just love pissin people off.

  • The part I love the best is that now that the U.S. sent all their jobs to China leaving 5% of the world’s population to use 25% of the energy, there’s every reason to depopulate the U.S.

    Who would miss them? World terrorism would stop. All they make are bullets, movies about bullets and loans for bullets. Their elites already committed national treason, why not world treason. The funny thing is that treason is always rationalized as the bad means to a good end. I know this because I wasted my life watching James Bond movies and I know you will make your escape right after my egomaniacal speech.

    P.S. – The Protest Marching Song: hey hey, ho ho, the 2 post rule has got to go.

  • @Robert Callaghan


    I just love pissin people off.

    I see… Why don’t go those, who vote for bio mass-depopulation, just go ahead, show some example and start with themselves ?!

    Who’s nemesis is Nemesis’?

  • Why don’t go those? are you as hungover as I am?
    I’m not going anywhere, but you are more than welcome to.
    so na na nana na yourself stupid poo poo head.

  • @Tom “[more people jumpin’ on the ol’ bandwagon]

    It’s the End of the World — How Do You Feel?

    I believe a great many people know something seriously wrong. They see how the weather has changed radically in their life times. They sense something is amiss when we’re having “1000 year floods” and “1000 year droughts” every other year. They register the killer heatwaves and monster hurricanes/typhoons wreaking havoc on populations around the world. They hear the voices of respected scientist like James Hansen warning how dire the situation is.

    They’re also doing their best to tuck this knowledge away in the back of their minds. But it’s getting harder with every passing day. At some point in the near future the floodgates will brake and mass panic will ensue.

  • @Robert Callaghan

    so na na nana na yourself stupid poo poo head.

    Ah, ok, I see. Thanks for the “conversation” anyway :-)

    … after all:

    Am I wondering now about the mess the planet is in?

    No, not really 8-)

  • Phew, this is an observation first & a complaint second.

    Yesterday, I posted a world shattering claim about an above freezing event predicted for this Wednesday at the North Pole, aka 70 plus degrees F above normal.

    … 70 plus degrees F above normal at the North Pole!

    The ghastly mind boggling details are at scribbler’s site.

    Not one specific comment yet; although shep discussed moving the NTHE timeline forward.

    Please …

    I can’t think about anything else.

    Don’t “feel” bullied.

  • Nemisis, I don’t know or give a fuck about you, so you can fucking drop dead right now for all I fucking care you stupid fuck. How can you so self-righteously ask someone to kill themselves because you disagree with their opinion? You’re a fucking retarded dim wit.

  • @Gerald

    Yoh, Hell is comin for breakfast^^ So what? I died a million times already. We got around +15° Celsius in Germany right now, that’s just about 15° Celsius too much, harr harr.

    I say:

    FUCK IT, Hell is no punishment, it’s just training. I had a whole life to get used to Hell, Empire was Hell for me all my life and we gotta die anyway, so fuck it. It’s Karma, physics. I am neither afraid of Hell, nor am I afraid of Death anymore. I just feel sorry for all the victims, those, who did not earn billions of funny money, but have to suffer nevertheless.

  • Hello, everyone. I like what Mark had to say on that interview. Had no idea he has a disability. So, well, thought I’d bring up that that worked with people with disabilities …. actually, for 23 years…. the last 13 was with adults, helping them become employed and helping them on the job. I was a “job coach”…or Employment Advisor (they kept wanting us to call our selves “specialist, but, I didn’t think I did such a special job getting them jobs… I wanted to be better at it.. employers…uuhhhgggg)…. So, I loved doing this job, at least until the state gov kept adding paper work on top of paper work. I loved writing my notes, telling the stories about the victories and obstacles that people faced. I was picked on a bit ( in a good way) cause I wrote so much, but, it was all pertinent and helped explain what needed to be explained. However, by the time I left, the state gov had us turning in about 80 pages or more of paper work by the end of each month, for billing. They also wanted us to be so redundant as to write on the NY state Dept of Labor site, … and enter multiple points of data and notes onto of all that… it was all about billing… billing and more billing. I do not work there anymore… Although, the people I worked with are great and we are still friends.
    Anyway… I haven’t posted much on here… but, I have to say, I am very much moved by Guy’s message. He states to be with those you love and do what you love,… so, I am doing so now… have to work out some kinks.

  • @Mr. Callaghan

    Calm down with your funny “f” words, it’s just lame and boring.

  • Challenging those who make extraordinary claims and pointing out the inconsistencies with their story is now the classified as bullying and blamed on their indoctrination by “Empire” and not being born female. Somehow, bright siding, PC and exploitive feminism are never held up as manipulative tools of empire. Throwing “only love remains” at others is now held up like a crucifix to ward off the uncomfortable and disagreeable. It’s now a weapon of choice for some and it’s original intent has been rendered meaningless. Only love remains? I think not. I still see the core American value of win at any cost remains.

  • This whole thread reminds me of the last few days of Occupy.

    “No! Don’t say Fuck the Police!”

    “No! Don’t say fuck capitalism!”

    “No! Don’t say fuck!”

    The pithy intellectuals die debating semantics.

    The expert class of hubris polishes their framed degrees.

    Blub, blub, blub said the sinking sailor.

    I really though this was the bottom, said the other sailor.

    Not yet.

  • Gerald.

    ’70 plus degrees F above normal at the North Pole!

    The ghastly mind boggling details are at scribbler’s site.

    Not one specific comment yet; although shep discussed moving the NTHE timeline forward.

    Please …’

    I think many of us have become immune to ‘predictions’ because so many have failed to eventuate. This has been particularly true for weather events. Scribbler may well be right. He may well be wrong too. I particularly think back to the predictions for a big increase in damaging hurricanes that were made after Katrina, and much more recently predictions for an ice-free Arctic in September 2015 that were made around March 2015. Yes, the ice cover did reach a low minimum, but not super-exceptionally so.

    Right now the ice cover is low for the time of year.

    A short-term weather event, as described by Scribbler, is unlikely to make much difference. But several similar events obviously would.

    I was in discussion yesterday with a friend and the topic of oil prices arose. Predictions of high prices in a post-peak-oil world were wrong (at least in the short term), and I suggested that we now have no idea what prices will do, and in 2016 they could be anything between $15 a barrel and $150 a barrel.

    Although the march off the environmental cliff is accelerating, the huge thermal mass involved and continuous heat losses to space mean the process will be drawn out.

    ‘I can’t think about anything else.’

    Lucky you. I have many other matters to think about, matters which will impact me personally in the next few hours or days.

  • Whenever I start to entertain a slight doubt that our collective end is indeed nigh and something might possibly be done, a quick overview of all the intramural squabbling quickly brings me back to my senses. Love may be all that remains, but it obviously doesn’t remain everywhere. RC with his trailer and mushroom supply could well make the final stand, a notion that has always been close to my own heart.

    Where exactly are you?

  • @Robert Callaghan

    The 2 post rule would become only obsolete when there would be an option to comment on Posts directly like a thread so you would not have to go and find looking comments on specific posts they would be all there right under the particular post being addressed . Like every self respecting blog does it these days

  • @EtyerePetyere
    The 2 post rule would become only obsolete when there would be an option to comment on Posts directly like a thread so you would not have to go and find looking comments on specific posts they would be all there right under the particular post being addressed . Like every self respecting blog does it these days

    I agree. However, that approach was tried a while back. Folks hated it and staged a revolt. Guy changed it back to the current setup less than a day later.

  • I get up in the morning and I have a quick giggle, Still breathing.Go to the door to look at nature and pet duck comes running making a high pitched cuddling whine .I rub it’s head and neck and feed the duck and giggle again as ducks are funny.Smaller birds come flying in from the nearby bushes to get some easy food.
    A lot of different stages of grief in the forum. Depopulate the Planet yes or no,well I’m an idiot and I pretty sure we are headed for 10 degree jump with cleansing radiation and only simple life forms will make it through.Life of excellence , not sure I’m buying that but I did win the life lotto.Shit I’m giggling again.I’m gonna go give the duck more food.

  • Some very interesting data and thoughts on Peak Oil.

    ‘All oil producers are losing money at current prices but companies and countries are producing at high rates. Indebted conventional and unconventional players need cash flow to service debt so they are producing at high rates. OPEC is producing at high rates to maintain or gain market share. Everyone is acting rationally from their own perspective but from a high level, it looks like they have all lost their minds.’

    (According to the author the break-even point for US shale oil is $65-70 a barrel; currently WTI $36.83, Brent $36.)

  • @Rusty

    I like your comment, yes, ducks are funny :-)

  • Truth never arrives in the right form for those who don’t want to see it. There is no right form for truth, and it comes on its own terms. Our job as human beings is to use all that we have available to us to make the most sacred choices possible for ourselves and others. The ridiculous demand for homogenized, pasturized, perfectly labeled and cited facts rather than respect for the a sincere individual imparting both facts and truth as best as possible is, in fact, part of the problem. The listener has more responsibility than that when it comes to truth, and all of our problems are indeed due to the fact that most people can’t tell the difference.

    Screw the punctuation and grammar perfection and all the rest of the cultural ideology, even in language. That culture has already failed. More of the same isn’t going to make anything work any better.

  • .
    @Apneaman, you don’t get to simply rewrite history like that. The point that was made was not made to discourage dissent or squash questioning. The point that was made was to keep the questioning from devolving into personal attacks, which don’t shed any light at all on the issues in question, ever.

    What does calling someone a retard have to do with questioning their information?

    Nothing, admit it … absolutely nothing.

    What does telling someone their sentence structure couldn’t get past the sixth grade have to do with refuting any of their claims?

    Again, nothing. Crickets. These are just intimidation tactics, and nothing more.

    If you can’t see the difference here, then maybe you do actually have a serious social problem. It’s not about being PC. It’s about being aware of one’s own behavior, and when one has departed from debate and instead resorted to insulting the other contributor on a personal level.

    However, I also have experience in realizing how getting these sorts of distinctions across to some people is usually quite futile; they often simply can’t make the distinction. For some people, that is what you do when you disagree with someone; you call them a retard, place them beneath you in your personal mental hierarchy, and then kill their children and burn down their houses, or maybe enslave them and then take their oil. But it always starts with demeaning them on a personal level. There’s your American way for you.

    Calling someone a retard doesn’t reveal any information about the subject at hand whatsoever. It’s just a chance for morons to clink glasses and chuckle the way school boys often do with their immature peers. And yes, it *is* men who lobotomize their feelings at a young age in our culture, and it *is* a mental illness. Sorry if you can’t connect the dots or make any sense out of that concept either, and instead refer to it as some lame appeal for political correctness or an appeal to feminism. It’s more just a simple fact stemming from our culture.

    Again, as was mentioned above, attack the points and the assertions, not the person. It’s really not that hard of a concept to wrap your head around, is it? This all didn’t unfold the way you are now revising it to appear. Go back and read all the moronic things that were said about Mark, and ask your self what any of those personal insults had to do with refuting any of Marks statements or claims.

    I’m sure you’ll see what I mean after a review of the conduct that was displayed.

    Thank you, and have a pleasant tomorrow, if you get one.

    Oh, and Bob S. … whatever. You’re so obviously a paid troll who’s just here to distract. The jig’s up, but nice try though, lol. Your military metaphor was not so good either. I would have preferred the metaphor of an orgy instead. :)


    I’m starting to get you now, I think. If not a life of excellence for you, then maybe at least a life of eggscellence? I’m laughing with you today too. So much love left to be felt before I die a probably painful death. What’s not to enjoy, right? Quack, quack.

    Peace all. Personally, it’s time I got naked and went for a swim. Quack, quack.

  • Welcome Wanda and thanks for your comment.

    I read Scribbler’s post last night and couldn’t think of much else through a toss and turn night; of course it’s getting chill again in Pacific NW so 3 cats and 2 dogs (along with partner)in bed didn’t help… that’s not a complaint: our mammalian cuddle puddle is the best part of the day :)

    Scribbler’s analogy was that a 70+ above average temp in arctic is similar to a 120 degree day in NE mid-winter. That’s a shocking concept, but I guess entirely possible in the midst of abrupt climate chaos…the warmest I ever experienced was a 117 degree day in Phoenix in mid-summer and that was beyond brutal, but was expected at least.

    “Things” such as this artic heat blast seeem to be happening at an ever more rapid pace and I no longer have any hope or expectation that anything, including collapse of IC or everyone going vegetarian, will prevent a massive biosphere die-off in the very near term. The cake’s baked…

    So, just hanging out through most days, being thankful for the comforts I do have, trying to contribute a little back into the world as best I can, and trying to prepare for death…it’s coming.

  • Kevin, whatever is confirmed in the next 48 hours will be the evidence.

    Whether it’s 69 or 76 above normal, either will suffice.

    Anomaly is not an adequate term to decribe it.

    Such a gigantic off-the-chart departure from normal/average is not even in the original data set – it’s an outlier from Pluto?

    W/o knowing the original data set, I would not even call it in terms of standard deviations.

    Just plain way out there & crazy as can be.

    So, I would not refer to it as “short term.”

    I view it as an indication of highly probable (as certain as any predictive claim) “long term” climate disruption & a clear dagger in the heart of mammalian life.

    Hell is here.

    The hurricane force storm battering causing 6000 English homes to be abandoned is confirmation aplenty.

    It is not far fetched to claim that a 70 plus degree F above normal at the North Pole in December is THE BIGGEST CLIMATE DISRUPTION IN HISTORY.

  • God damn, Callaghan!You brilliant son-of-a-bitch! Yes, bring it on. I’m for it, just lay me down, kind of sweaty and feeling those chills running up and down, sort of like a ‘shroom rapture only instead of waking up, you just drift of to Never-Never Land!

    We can’t let the shit eating maggots in Washington know that their plague is what we want, or they might change their minds. Imagine, seeing it coming on TV. The only precautions I would make, would be to try to survive long enough to help ease my loved ones through the Door. That’d be easy with masks and gloves. As an RN, I could help lots of peeps. OK then, fuck it! I’m ready! I’ve never supported a war in my entire life, so I think God may actually let me in!

    So, Mark has given us some real hope for some kind of mercy. Albeit, the government’s intentions would not be merciful, but I’ll take what I can get. Mark did mention in the interview that the biomassacre (my term) ‘may be a good thing’. I’m not sure what he meant by that, but what he may be pointing to is the chance to avoid the alternative…which would be mass riots, starvation, rape, cannibalism, an apocalyptic nightmare with all the suffering that that entails, going on for years.

    I’m for avoiding that magnitude of suffering, not only for myself, but for all the poor souls trapped in this situation!

    The only thing that I would like to add to the whole picture is kind of selfish but it would be soooooo gratifying, whether I knew the final outcome or not, it would be this: That the rich psychopaths will wait to start making their perfect world until it’s too late to finally save themselves. Let the world keep heating and fry their asses! (I’m never going to let go if my personal hope that mankind is wiped out in its entirety!) Then, in a couple million years, a very short time geologically, the Earth will begin to evolve a whole new spectrum of wonderful LIFE!

    Maybe somewhere within the Reality of the Universal Mind, will be the means for those who loved our Mother to return, in Spirit, and walk Her gardens in peace.

  • .

    ”Such a gigantic off-the-chart departure from normal/average is not even in the original data set – it’s an outlier from Pluto?”

    Yes, alarming isn’t it. Something similar happened last year too. It was still winter and minus 20 C here not to far from the Canada/US border. Yet, some of the remote weather stations up in the Canadian Arctic Circle were getting regular temperatures of up to +15 C and even +20 C on many, many days so very, very early in the arctic spring.

    When I saw that last year, I knew things were getting really crazy. Pluto crazy.

    I did see your posts about the temps. Forgive me though; I just thought it all sort of figured was all.

    I know … I should probably be more upset. But, for some reason, I’m just not. The laws of physics know what they’re doing. We’re just an insignificant afterthought. Mother knows best about how to eradicate this problem she is having with us.

    Now, for my very, very, very long and naked swim. Quit staring at my little white ass.

    :D :D :D

    P.S. Kirk, I think we have a similar dream about a similar outcome.

  • For some people, that is what you do when you disagree with someone; you call them a retard, place them beneath you in your personal mental hierarchy, and then kill their children and burn down their houses, or maybe enslave them and then take their oil. But it always starts with demeaning them on a personal level. There’s your American way for you.

    I’d just call it:

    The NTE way :-)

  • Hey oldgrowth. good to hear from you again.

    Peace brother.

  • New feature for similar group fingerprinting (New Type of SLC Detection Model – 13).

    I would lose the “humans are vagina spit-balls? routine Dr. McPherson.

  • Tom Says:
    December 28th, 2015 at 4:59 am

    Great link. Thanks.

  • LWA Says:
    December 28th, 2015 at 3:11 pm
    Hey oldgrowth. good to hear from you again.

    Peace brother.


    It’s Sister. And I thank you both for all that you say!

  • .
    Peace brother.


    It’s Sister.

    Oops. Thanks for correcting me Artleads.
    My humblest apologies to you, oldgrowthforest.
    Good to hear from you again, sister. ;)

    Thanks to you too Artleads (he says from way out in the waves.)

    Sorry for over posting today. I’m good for a few weeks again now I guess.

  • @ LWA, picture this, you’re in London, 1792, you walks into a pub and asks,

    “I says ole mate, you seen old Roger bouts?”

    Your pal responds, “Roger ain’t been ear, kind o queer, that.”

    The end of the bar shouts, “Ain’t ye eard? Theys scoops em off to bedlum, they does, a cupla days ago.”

    A visitor from America asks, “Oh no, do you mean, St. Mary’s of Bethlehem Hospital for the Insane?”

    And the whole crowd lowers their heads and mumbles, “shit”.


    The Origin of the Word, Shit

    In colonial times, manure was shipped far and wide to assist in the rabid expansion of population. If the bales of manure weren’t stowed properly, they broke apart and made an unholy mess! Soon, bales of manure were stamped, SHIT, in large letters meaning, SHIP HIGH IN TRANSIT!

  • Not sure why I am bothering to comment. Anyway … I’ve listened to others who have reported on machinations such as Mark Austin has reported and it’s always the same spectrum of reactions that I have. Is this person sane and credible? What might be their motives whether true or untrue? Does it make any difference to me at this point in my own awareness? What can I do about it, if so? How much lower can my opinion of some of those among us go? Is there anything as yet redeeming in what otherwise appears to be the lowest of the low? I just don’t know, but I think it is indeed possible, what he says, and it just adds another layer of sadness and the sense of futility to my already full of such sentiments frame-work. In short, whatever, or, just another fuck it!

  • I know the origin of the word, FUCK! Can anyone help with this? I don’t want to make this a full posting. That would be three, and that would be awfully cheeky of me. Anyway, if you’re ever going to be able to find a sound placement among good people, using polite conversation, you’re going to have to learn to tolerate the word, “fuck”. This, or someone’s going to say, as you stomp away into the night, “What the fucks wrong with that fucking fuck?”

  • Gerald.

    In my previous post I managed to lose part of a sentence. Sorry.

    I wish Americans had not been so backward in the 1960s/70s and had done what most of the rest of the world did: adopt Celsius. Fahrenheit numbers above freezing always sounds so much more; those below freezing are positive until it gets really cold. All so stupid and confusing compared to Celsius.

    40oC above normal is certainly highly abnormal. But what does it mean in real terms? Plus 25 instead of minus 15? Plus 20 instead of minus 20? Plus 15 instead of minus 25? Plus 5 instead of minus 35?

    This particular predicted event relates to the air temperature but A change in temperature of 0.4oC at what altitude? And I will remind everyone that air is approximately one-thousandth as dense as water and has a very low thermal mass compared to water. I therefore believe that, astonishing as this event may be, it will have little on the ice cover, especially now that no light or heat from the Sun are reaching the North Pole. A change in Arctic sea water temperature of 0.4oc would arguably be more significant than a change in air temperature of 40oC because of the thermal mass factor and the long term implications.

    Anyway, we’ll know how significant the predicted event is in a few days.

    I am following the apparent jump in the rate of annual increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide with interest. As previously mentioned, it is far too early to say anything significant is happening because atmospheric CO2 is affected by absorption into the oceans, but the last couple of day’s figures have also been up ‘too much’.

    One thing is certain; governments will continue to make everything that matters rapidly worse, whatever environmental catastrophes they are faced with over the coming months and years.

    By the way, it’s sunny and warm across much of NZ, and in many places soil moisture deficiencies are developing.

  • only to an elitist…”picking up litter on public beaches is demeaning work”…typical american attitude

  • “picking up litter on public beaches is demeaning work”
    – actually, commendable work!

    Life could not have existed on this planet for billions of years without closed cycles: one microbe’s wastes is another microbe’s food. Even into the macroscopic realm with dung beetles, earthworms, maggots, hyaenas, vultures, etc.

    What is in the non-burn/unclassified trash at DARPA is quite another matter.

    For those less acquainted with the language, there may be more than one meaning to a word. And shep, it did not refer to you.

  • @cuntagious
    People are creatures of habit .. Civilization made them so . Takes a bit get them used to change ..It would be a challenge .. A fitting one .. Everybody in here is all about how bad civilization is was but than they just want to stick with their old rotten ways .. I am grateful for changes like this error captcha thing was fixed real fast .. That`s great i can live with this as it is . I just know it would be way better the other way look at youtube their comment threads are fabulous you can also send just personal comments what other people can’t even see but if you make a regular comment it will be lined up with the post you have made the comment on or just a comment it will be lined up in sequence as it was posted if google does it this way it is the best . Well anyway its ok

  • @Tim

    Good get, Bob S.

  • Guy-
    I saw in your presentation a chart of global average temperatures indicating ice ages and Jurassic Park periods. I think this is exactly the right approach. I would prefer to be able to track progress against an absolute target, rather than all the various baselines that values seem to be reported against.

    I see on the NOAA site that for 2014 (obviously, 2015 data not available yet) “… global land and ocean surfaces … The annually-averaged temperature was 0.69°C above the 20th century average of 13.9°C …” – which my calculator tells me is 14.59 C.

    NASA shows 2014 as 0.75 C above the 1951-1980 average (which would then be 13.84 C) and 1880 as -0.20 against that average, so 13.64).

    Your chart seems to indicate a fudge factor of a further -0.20 C to take us back to 1750, which would be 13.44 C. Is that our actual baseline? And thus our 2 C target is an absolute value of 15.44 C. Is that correct?

  • PS on Guy’s next presentation I want to see him with new hairstyle maybe a silver mullet
    @LWA don’t worry about death so much . Live life well you are alive.

  • @ LWA — As self-appointed blog historian, put this one in your archives. It may prevent you from rewriting history too. Enjoy your swim. I hope it’s cold water, because you really do need to wake up.

    @Apneaman – Kudos!

    Mark Austin Says: December 27th, 2015 at 11:56 am:
    I NEVER NEVER said that: “does installations at nuclear power plants.”

    Mark Austin Says: December 13th, 2015 at 1:36 am:
    On a sub-contract, this winter I will be overseeing a small installation at the Fort Pierce FPL nuclear plant.

    This is part of one of MA’s muddled comments from the “Why I Write” post. Check it out. It was about this time that I started paying attention to MA’s ramblings.

  • I’m an idiot an I’m guessing I am smarter than most in this forum .What I can tell you that might be helpful is “Death is coming for you”.. enjoy the wait.

  • Something light, hopefully soothing:

  • Mark Austin helped fund “The Energy Encounter” an educational facility adjacent to the St. Lucie Nuclear Power Plant on South Hutchinson Island between Ft. Pierce and Stuart. We are installing an outdoor Manatee mangrove swim area. Endangered manatees like the warm outflow water. Volunteers appreciated.

    Mark asked me to read NBL and say thanks from him to LWA, Kirk & Tom.
    Easy to read hostility in the way Gloucon asks questions. Mark wanted to reply but I will tell him to forget it.

    I visited Mark in Costa Rica. My daughter & I helped him pick-up real litter on a real beach. Oh yeah, when we visited Mark in D.C. the best place to park is by the Jefferson Memorial. Wheelchair access for those who need it. He’s laughing now and wants me to add that he doesn’t know if the devil wore Prada in 2002. All his best to the rest of you.

  • Precision in language is overrated. Language itself is a poor form of communication. The nature of language and its capacity to transmit messages and information has been explored in this space before. It’s inferior to natural methods such as telepathy, the awareness and knowledge of which has been in decline since the invention of language.

    Great comments, LWA, OldGrowthForest, and others.

    Looks like manly men are never in short supply in modern times…

    Manly man slaps Mother Nature in the face, digs holes in the Mother, and sells a military spec phone he proudly calls “Brute”…

  • @Satish Musunuru – Your posts are extremely inferior and poor. Could you please use telepathy from now on? Thanks.

  • BOB S. – You posted Austin’s Linked-in profile here on NBL in the past. Mark replied admitting to being a “Cut-Out” for an agency keeping tabs on web sites. The ABC TV employee number provided on Linked-in matches a former actor on General Hospital who looks like Mark Austin.

    Is Mark “Austin” monitoring us here? Astute TV and movie viewers may have noticed that the CIA’s image in popular media has spanned this entire range, with a decided shift to more positive portrayals in recent years. But what very few people know is that the Central Intelligence Agency has been actively engaged in shaping the content of SOCIAL MEDIA sites, especially since it established an entertainment industry liaison program in the mid-1990s.

    The cover ID of MARK AUSTIN has been used by more than one CIA operative. Facebook, Twitter & other profiles are created to add credibility to their fake cover stories. The CIA admits all field assets have artificial profiles. “helps their agents to have cover stories.”

    A key to verifying an artificial profile is inactivity. All of the profiles created for MARK AUSTIN show low activity. A real person would have updated his Linked-in at least once since 2010.

    In New York there was a full-scale investigation of the relationship between the CIA and the film and television industries. Numerous interviews with the CIA’s public affairs staff, operations officers, and historians, as well as with Hollywood technical consultants, producers, and screenwriters who have worked with several branches of the Agency.

    Using actors both the NSA & CIA are direct players in the role of infiltrating controversial web-sites. In particular, An investigation delves into the NSA and other Intelligence gathering agencies and their officers’ involvement in causing distractions to political & media figures.

    Examples include: In the Company of Spies, Alias, The Recruit, The Sum of All Fears, Enemy of the State, Syriana, The Good Shepherd, and more. Research reveals the significant influence that the CIA now wields in Hollywood and raises important and troubling questions about the ethics and legality of a government agency using popular media to manipulate public perceptions. (If Austin does have actual bio warfare plans the Homeland Security network will “retire” him – forever.)

  • Warning to MARK AUSTIN we also found you in the L.A. Times: CIA ACTORS recently, a plethora of news articles have surfaced that highlight this not so deep cover relationship inside the CIA as this rabbit hole never ends. The coalescing of intelligence agencies, secret societies and Hollywood in reality is more sensational than any incestuous cult or a pulp crime fiction writer could dream up.

    CIA General Counsel John Rizzo has recently published a book titled, Company Man: Thirty Years of Controversy and Crisis in the CIA, which is an amazing admission of this scandalous affair between intelligence and the film industry. The L.A. Times comments:

    “The CIA has long had a special relationship with the entertainment industry, devoting considerable attention to fostering relationships with Hollywood players, executives, directors and even a few big-name actors,” John Rizzo, the former acting CIA general counsel, wrote in his new book, “Company Man: Thirty Years of Crisis and Controversy in the CIA….

    The CIA also recruits actors to give more visibility to propaganda projects abroad, such as a documentary secretly produced by the agency, Rizzo said. And the agency sometimes takes advantage of the door-opening cachet that people related to celebrities enjoy. An actor who met a world leader, for example, might be asked for details about that meeting.

  • A tap on the shoulder from a university professor. A call from an unknown number leaving a vague voicemail message. Finding yourself strapped to a polygraph machine in a windowless room in Langley, VA, being told you might be lying when you’re not …

    No mystery to solve here: This is classic CIA recruitment. Except these days you can also apply online.

    “Coming to work at the CIA is not like coming to work at a technical company or a big retail chain,” says Ron Patrick, the CIA’s head of recruitment. “You are serving your country. You are serving your family, your friends.” When it comes to deciding to interview at the CIA, or hiring a particular candidate, he explains, the choices aren’t made lightly.

    A 29-year veteran of the CIA, Patrick has overseen the recruitment of some of the agency’s—and the world’s—best spies, as well as equally critical analysts and support staff.

  • RE: “bio-weapon readiness”
    The only way you might be shocked by this setup and situation is if you were not on the receiving end, like say soldiers in Tuskeegee, or North American indigenous persons receiving blankets from some NGO for the cold winter.

    Or maybe if you were a “U.S.” Marshall Islander and got randomly nuked for kicks by rednecks in Washington.

    Biowepons? What international treaty has the US gov not ever broken? Except perhaps international investor treaties masquerading as “trade” agreements?

    Again, ask any indigenous person about your sacred treaties and human rights humbug.


    Just finished up a reunion with my lovely mum. Turns out she’s fully white supremacist, corpo apologist, unrepentant disciple of white jesus. And, as Upton Sinclair might understand, completely oblivious to the carnage and murderous waste that living in the bubble requires and externalizes.

    Concepts like “my country is a pack of dehumanized mad killers led by a bloodthirsty utterly blind, amoral and soul-less bourgeoisie”, or “Governments Lie”, as Howard Zinn used to always say, then you might be actually surprised that a pack of overfed white supremacist yahoos somewhere between Virginia and Maryland might be fine with psychotic levels of wholesale genocide.

    Just like they did all over North America. Just like they did all over Australia. And Africa. And South America.


    FIRST THEY CAME FOR THE druggies who tried to make their fantasy economy away from the bigger killers, but I did not speak out, because I’m white with powder cocaine. Then they came for the immigrants, flooded by Clinton’s subsidized corn and dragged screaming by ICE from their homes, and I did not speak out, because I’m sitting here waiting for my Mexican cook to bring me my pasta special. Then they came for the poverty-dizzied young from zip codes like Bed-Stuy and the Bronx, fed into the for-profit prison pipeline, and I did not speak out, because where do you start? It’s a national operation run by Wall Street. Then one day the Earth came for me, the ocean turned to acid sweeping through the streets, and I cannot protect my family, because America is declared a permanent emergency, and the cops and soldiers are the same guy, jailing us in our upstairs apartment, and no-one is left to speak for me because permits to speak in public are rationed by Chase Bank.

    –Rev Billy

  • Gloucon X Says:
    @Satish Musunuru – Your posts are extremely inferior and poor. Could you please use telepathy from now on? Thanks.

    I did but apparently you didn’t get the memo.


    Friends, I feel it’s time to light some sage and clear up the energy here on the beach of doom. Allow me to offer you a meditation:

  • I am Daniel D. Roberts, Assistant Director of the FBI’s Criminal Justice Information Services Division, or CJIS, located in Clarksburg, West Virginia. I have served in the FBI for over 22 years, but have only held my current position since June 2009.

    The CJIS Division maintains oversight of two major background assessment programs. The more commonly known National Instant Criminal Background Check System assesses a person’s eligibility to possess a firearm or explosive. The lesser known program, the Bioterrorism Risk Assessment Group, or BRAG, is similar in mission. BRAG’s role is to enhance national security and public safety by providing the timely and accurate determination of an individual’s eligibility to use, possess, or transfer select agents and toxins. Candidates are evaluated for access to select agents and toxins against criteria delineated within the Public Health Security and Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response Act of 2002, and against prohibitive categories defining a restricted person within the USA Patriot Act.

    Pursuant to the Bioterrorism Act, the Attorney General of the United States is charged with using criminal, immigration, national security, and other electronic databases to determine whether an entity or an individual is a restricted person. The Attorney General delegated this authority to the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation in January 2003. The BRAG began conducting security risk assessments, or SRAs, in collaboration with officials from the Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of Agriculture in April 2003.

    SRAs are conducted on entities (except federal, state, or local government agencies, including public accredited academic institutions), any individual who owns or controls the entity, responsible officials, and alternate responsible officials managing entity operations every three years. SRAs are conducted no less frequently than once every five years on individuals requiring access to select agents and toxins. A typical SRA takes about one month to complete.

    The SRA is different than a full background investigation such as those conducted for security clearances, and complies with the requirements of the Bioterrorism Act.

    The SRA commences when BRAG receives a candidate’s form FD-961 and two legible fingerprint cards. The fingerprint cards are processed by the FBI’s Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System and flagged to identify the record as belonging to an individual who underwent an SRA. The FD-961 data supplied by the candidate in response to questions directly concerning each prohibitor is then entered into BRAG’s stand-alone bioterrorism database maintained by CJIS. The candidate’s case is subsequently assigned to a BRAG personnel security specialist for research.

    Upon completion of all database searches, the candidate’s status is determined and the results submitted to the sponsoring agency. The sponsor provides, in writing, the decision indicating denial or approval of access to the candidate.

    If access is denied, the candidate is advised of the specific prohibiting factor applied to them. Candidates may appeal the decision via their sponsor within 30 days of notification of denial. The sponsor will forward a statement of factual basis for the appeal and supporting documentation provided by the candidate to the FBI for reconsideration. The FBI will review the candidate’s documentation and research the appropriate databases. The FBI will either overturn the results of the original SRA, or sustain the original determination of status. The sponsor is again advised of the results and in turn, notifies the candidate in writing of the decision.

    Since the inception of the program, the BRAG has completed 32,742 SRAs. Two hundred and eight individuals have been restricted.

    The CJIS Division, in close coordination with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, is continually scrutinizing and evaluating the SRA process. Efforts are ongoing to automate the work flow, and improve information sharing capabilities.

  • Fuck NTE, what’s life worth without Lemmy anyway-
    R.I.P., Mr. Kilmister.

  • “The world’s going to end up with everybody sitting in their room punching keyboards”. — Lemmy

  • He was a genius, maybe even the reinkarnation of Christ, born on 24th of December…

    Son, stay away from Heroin and Cocaine, take Speed!

    – Lemmy