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  • I think you have influenced more than 5 people. Maybe as many as 500. Most people are incapable of changing their circumstances or their misconceptions. The dominant culture has a vice-like grip.

    Collapse is like waves of an incoming tide, sometimes reaching further, sometimes not reaching as far, and it will take a while longer for Industrial Civilisation to destroy itself, even as it destroys its own foundations and makes everything that matters worse by the day.

  • Great Q&A.

    Guy nails it.

    More bad science papers for exactly the reasons Guy exposed (Questionable “Scientific” Papers – 2).

  • I see your impact and influence coming from my perspective as positive and life changing. I also see your impact on deniers as spinning heads of cognitive dissonance.

  • Why are Q&As always more revealing than the presentation?

    I am so fucking sick of the endlessly repeating Robert Jenson and Naomi Klein who tell us that capitalism is the cause of our problems.

    What they imply, and do NOT say, is that socialism will save us.

    Socialism = carbon taxes go to government first, corporations 2nd.

    Capitalism = carbon taxes go to corporations first, government 2nd.

    James Hansen says carbon taxes must go 100% to people, and

    0% to government and corporations.

    The fact that this cannot be heard above the cacophonic media din of a green energy jobs boom, tells me more than anything that we are incapable of solving anything as fundamental as our energy dependence.

    Without a dramatic and huge economic contraction and massive energy demand destruction, there will be no viable future. The truth is that we must face lots and lots of severe pain, or not have a future at all. Try selling that idea, and see how far you get.

    But, don’t worry folks, because after COP21, you’ll be told by Joe Romn, Robert Jensen, Naomi Klein and Bill McKibben that every time you hear a bell ring, another angel gets a green job.

  • I can’t fucking wait to be condescendingly admonished by Klein et al for not building solar-wind installations in places like Miami, Manila or Dhaka. This is just too fucking stupid to believe.

  • Professor, I love your spirit of truth! Thanks so much for being a great teacher.

  • Why do they hate me?

    Why Solar Power Is Now Free from collapse

  • I loves the Eisenstein hair.The Q and A videos are favorites.The jaw dropping shock when someone realizes what your saying. In my cruising through this life I meet lots of people who seem to know something is up but refuse to acknowledge it. I hang out in Hartmann’s chat room quit a bit and he knows but chooses to cling to hope with every fiber of his being. I’m hoping he isn’t attached to the outcome.As for cherry trees my garden lasted till second week in November lol at least a month longer than normal and started a month sooner.
    I need a lot of water to keep my garden green in summer.

  • @LWA

    Right, my guitar won’t let me down for shure.

    Too many people eat that apple and forget what Aristotle said, something about how educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all. That tree of knowledge can have a nasty kick to it if you don’t open your heart too.

    Yeah, auto-brain-fuck is a wide spread sports among the sheeps. You nail it down once again:

    Intelligence + Heart = Wisdom

    I enjoyed the Gabriel songs you sent! “Solsbury Hill” is one of my all time favorites. “The chamber of 32 doors” got truely outstanding, inspiring lyrics. Peter Gabriel is a special, visionary guy and quite versatile indeed. I love his stage shows together with Genesis. Phil Collins did a good job too with Genesis, but Gabriel is much more spooky, more strange, more alien, more “insane”, more spiritual, his style is just awesome.

    Here’s a gift for all NBL contributors:

  • Uhm, Peter Green is incredible for shure, but it was this song I wanted:

  • for all you gabriel/ genesis fans out there…if you ever get the chance to see a tribute band called, ”the musical box’…’canadian by the way…don’t miss them…i’ve seen them twice now…they look like them… sound like them…maybe better.,.. even down to gabriel banter between songs…they did ”the lamb”’ in its entirety, when i saw them 2 years ago. you just can’t hear how great those bass parts are on the albums. too low in the mix. gabriel himself, praised it. all you ghetto boys, move over…you’re on my card-board.

  • ..
    November marked a record month for China in terms of the pace of its liquidation of foreign exchange reserves. The People’s Bank of China reported on Monday, December 7 that foreign exchange reserves, which mostly consist of U.S. Treasury debt, dwindled by another $87 billion in November. This constitutes a stunning 2.5% drop in one month.

    Since peaking at $3.99 trillion in June 2014, China’s central bank has sold off more than half a trillion dollars of (mostly) U.S. treasuries, accounting for 14% of its entire stockpile. At this rate China’s foreign exchange holdings will be liquidated within nine years. While there is no reason to assume the current rate will continue for that long, it does illustrate how fast the debt and currency markets are moving, hinting at possible instability ahead.

  • I knew I was living in a society of liars, in the company of too many people willing to “look the other way.”
    It only took listening to a few truth-tellers to confirm.
    So once again I say thank you for having the personal integrity to shine the spotlight on a corrupt system.
    The evidence is overwhelming and soon everyone will be acknowledging abrupt climate change.
    It would be just plain wrong to leave this planet which has so well nurtured and cared for us without living each day full of gratitude, loving and caring for our Earthship, and for each other, our fellow travellers.

  • Tuesday, December 8, 2015
    Strong winds and High Waves hit Arctic Ocean

    Strong winds and high waves are hitting the Arctic Ocean from both the Atkantic [sic] Ocean and the Pacific Ocean.

    Above image shows waves as high as 12.36 m or 40.5 ft near Greenland on December 8, 2015.

    The image on the right shows cyclonic winds with speeds as high as 142 km/h or 88 mph near Greenland on December 8, 2015.

    The situation looks set to get even worse. The image further down on the right shows that waves as high as 14.04 m or 46.1 ft are forecast to hit the Bering Strait on December 13, 2015.

    The video below, created with Climate Reanalyzer images, shows strong winds over the period from December 5 to 15, 2015. The video illustrates how cyclonic winds are hitting the Arctic Ocean both from the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean.

    As warming continues, this situation can be expected to get worse, with extreme weather events hitting the Arctic Ocean with ever greater intensity.

    Strong winds can dramatically speed up the currents that are moving sea ice out of the Arctic Ocean into the Atlantic Ocean. The Naval Research Laboratory animation below shows how strong winds are pushing the sea ice out of the Arctic Ocean along the edge of Greenland into the Atlantic Ocean.

    The Naval Research Laboratory animation below illustrates that the thicker sea ice has hardly grown recently, while large amounts of thick sea ice also get pushed out of the Arctic Ocean along the edge of Greenland into the Atlantic Ocean.

    This danger is that the sea ice will [be] in a very bad shape when the melting season starts again next year.

  • Since you mentioned in the video that you took the Meyers Briggs MBTI…

    … and scored as a bizarre thinking type.

    … and since I had the audacity to claim that we were significantly similar, at least in scientific/evidential orientation.

    I am not endorsing Jungian Psychology, but proceeding by using the MBTI as a heuristic tool.

    I took the test in 1973 when it was a rage at the U. of Florida.

    It has since morphed into the Meyers Briggs Foundation in Gainesville, FL with massive international outreach.

    My first bout with the thinking/feeling category showed me as a 19 thinking versus 0 feeling.

    Since the testers had never seen a ZERO feeling they asked my friends; “Is he alright?”

    They were genuinely concerned about me.

    The testers/scorers, who were from the graduate psychology dept at UF, asked me to take the test again because I was off the charts for thinking/feeling & partly because there were 6 questions that I could not (would not) answer.

    My second bout showed 21 thinking versus 0 feeling with 4 questions unanswered.

    I have been both accused & complimented by friend & foe with this line; “You are the most left brained person in Christendom.”

    How I suffer.

    It appears that suffer too.

    Ain’t it wonderful?

  • paul russell said: “The evidence is overwhelming and soon everyone will be acknowledging abrupt climate change.”
    no paul, most will die not knowing, thinking it is “bad luck”.

    floods in UK: “Bad luck is a sentiment keenly felt in the city. Michael Johnson moved to this street from a flood zone in Morpeth, Northumberland, last October after being reassured by the council and estate agents, he says, that the flood defences meant there would not be a repeat of the 2005 floods.

    “I was confident after asking around that it definitely wouldn’t happen again,” he said on the front door of his property, from which 9,000 litres (1980 gallons) of flood water were pumped on Monday. He now wants to sell his £300,000 three-floor Victorian terrance house, but fears he would not be able to sell it for above £180,000.

    Johnson said: “The problem is who’s going to buy a house that’s been flooded twice in 10 years? Even if I make it into a palace. I feel as if I’m probably stuck here. The only options are to go away and rent it or just stay and hope it doesn’t happen again – but they’re getting devalued and who fills the gap?”

    there is a lot in this article that says it all. more and more places hit repeatedly until them cannot rise. they will think until the last second that it is only a mattter of better flood defences. that is how their brain is wired. wired. wired. wired…

    what will happen if the atmosphere is filled with methane. Is the sky going to catch fire?

    I read today that the cadavers on the streets in Syria are infecting the living with a flesh eating bacteria resistant to antibiotics that is not necessarily lethal but leaves the skin broken and extremely vulnerable.

  • The sound of the fabric of society ripping apart becomes ever more audible as the global economic system slowly rips itself apart and rips the planet apart.

    However, for the maniacs in control, saving the financial system remains the top priority.

    Even as the wheels fall off. Or maybe because the wheels are falling off.

    So where from here (WTI $37.62, Brent $40.25) for the lifeblood of the global industrial system?

    Which all confirms we are utterly screwed whichever way we turn.

  • I’ve just dragged a tv down to the beach. Running the extension cord from the generator which is up next to the jeep was a bit of a bitch – kept getting caught in the bushes. But better this way – who wants to hear a generator when you are focusing on Grief. Capital G.

    Lost someone over the weekend. Many thoughts circle.

    A friend had surgery last week – he’s ok.

    Someone very, very close is having surgery tomorrow – far from here, from me.

    So now I am heading toward the nearest campfire I can see – many other fires back there, slowly disappearing into the dark – each fire a sultry coal, a dark heart of warmth on the beach of doom, gently serenaded by the rustling surf. I wonder who will be sitting at this first fire? Will it be apneaman, zarquon, datta, spezio, cuntagious?

    I meet the first person, extend my invitation. Then I move to the next fire, and spend a little more time roving and inviting everyone on this beach, everyone staring into their own fire, LWA, Mark Austin, Shep, Teresa, Nemesis, E. Farber, Callaghan, Lidia, Artleads, Chefurka, to come to my fire. I’ve built it bigger tonight to cast more warmth.

    And to each of them I say the same thing. I am showing GriefWalker on my tv over there. I’d like to, from the bottom of my heart, invite you to take the walk with me – 70 minutes n 12 seconds of your time. I want us to all have the experience, share it, talk about it, commiserate, elevate, excel into … something, a more focused approach, a better vocabulary with which to enunciate the incomprehensible.

    I don’t know. It’s an impulse – I have acted upon it. Out of love.


    let’s talk

  • Wow, that was a really good video. The +3.7C in 18(now 12) months scenario does not appear to be happening though. And despite various droughts like the one in California, world grain harvests are at record levels. I heard a pretty doomy scientist being interviewed in Paris today saying that at 2C grain yields decline 40%, so record grain harvests mean we must not be there yet.

    I heard a recent Van Jones talk on the radio; no mention of the instant collapse of ind-civ Guy implies he suggested was near in 2007. Lots of talk about Ferguson, prisons, and the need to get going on wind and solar energy. But he did have some real urgency in his voice when he said we are cooking the planet.

    Looks like we’re just going to have to wait until a dust bowl type drought permanently sits itself down on one of the world’s major grain growing regions. That, in my mind, would be a strong sign of the beginning of the end. Keep an eye on grain harvests for a sure sign of the end. Civilizations began as a result of agricultural surpluses, they will go away without them.

  • Gerald, it’s all in the questions. If they would have asked you about Israel, Zionism and the Holocaust, I sure you would have still set a new record, only at the other end of the spectrum.

  • To all Facist apologists/deniers on NBL.

    “…in raising these questions to the German government was to reveal to the general public not one but rather two scandals: not just the blatant payment by the German state of pensions to the Spanish fascists but also another, less visible: that of the continuing refusal of the German state to compensate the Greek victims of Nazi atrocities.”

  • .

    I’m sitting down beside you on the log in front of your fire and stretching my blanket across both our backs in order to keep off the chill. Our fronts are toasty though, because your fire is just perfect. Then, I’m putting one arm around you, squeezing you closer, and making eye contact while forming a compassionate smile that wordlessly says, ‘I’m sorry about your weekend loss.’ A quote I always sort of liked was, ‘Grief is the price we pay for love.’ I’m also sending out positive thoughts for your loved one’s surgery tomorrow.

    I enjoyed the video, it was very well done. I might need to sit with it and process it a bit, that’s usually how my brain works. One thought, based on how it concluded, is this. I can understand the concept of acceptance; I have worked quite a bit developing acceptance in my life. Ideas like accepting the good with the bad, darkness serving the light, loving people’s imperfections, accepting my own imperfections, terrible experiences sometimes opening doors to great opportunities for learning and experience … all the many ways one can define ideas of acceptance.

    However, in the context of the things we often discuss on this site, and relating that back to what was said at the end of the video (about loving the things that do not serve us), I find I do have a hang up. I struggle to find peace with the thought that some very rich, very insulated, very unaffected people are willingly and consciously putting so many resources into actions that seem to be taking all the rest of us down. I’m not talking about blaming them for causing our predicament, per say. I’m talking about their acting against and actively blocking any attempts (now and in the past) to try and alter our course.

    That is what I struggle with. Not that we are going extinct, not ‘woes me we’re all going to die.’ It’s the selfishness and lack of caring I see from those who have so much of the power and control that bothers me still. I can rationalize why they would hang onto their good thing, but I just struggle to be at peace with this particular ‘thing that doesn’t serve me.’ It seems easier to be at peace about negative things that are a natural consequence of life, which is what I saw presented in the video. I guess it’s the intentional actions of some to willingly cause others grief for their own advantage that is something I find difficult to weave into my blanket of acceptance. Yes, this grieves me.

    So, that’s something I thought about after watching your video. Now I suppose I owe Rusty ten dollars for still having a little dark spot of ugliness in me, and now he gets to throw a log on the fire and send sparks up into my eyes. So, there it is, fascists and assholes kind of piss me off. I can actually accept going extinct and dying, even painfully. I accept suffering, and even willingly dive into it sometimes. But, I do have trouble being ok with about a million or so powerful people causing intentional harm to others, and seeing them not give a damn about it. I guess maybe I should check into a monastery and try and get ok with that.

    This post is long already, but a shout out to Nemesis for the tunes. A shout out to digi too for being a Gabriel/Genesis fan, and about ”the musical box”. When they came through town, I was too broke to go. Sorry about your cardboard, there was a big party happening on mine. You’re invited too though. babajingo, you will be hearing from me when I think of something intelligent to say (actually, when I get a longer moment.)

    As I stand up to let someone else sit with you WoodWose, I will insist on a lingering full on standing hug. And I’m leaving you my blanket for your back to stay cozy warm. Thanks for hauling all that gear down here so we could all watch your video with you. I’ll be back to check on you soon.

  • Harrumphty Darrumpty sat on a Parisian wall:

    Harrumpty Darrumpty had a greeat fall

    All the many kings’ yes-men

    And all the many kings’ henchmen

    And all the assorted other emmeffs

    Couldn’t do Jack s**t to save their sweet bippies from El Monstruo Metano.

  • Posted this on a local blog. hopefully I can post it here ????????????????????
    Robert Atack –
    8 December 2015 at 7:05 pm
    The last time the environment went from about 280 ppm CO2 to 400 ppm CO2 it took something like 10,000 years, during that 10,000 year transition, most of life would have gone extinct. The oceans would have been stagnant dead zones, there would have been at least 60% less oxygen in the atmosphere, the oceans would be something like 26 meters higher, and the global average temp would have been 6 degrees above the 1880 yard stick ‘we’ use as the start of our end.
    CH4 which some say is 150 times stronger a Green House Gas than CO2 has risen from an 800,000 year average of point 7 ppm to nearly 2.ppm in the last 30 years, and is currently growing exponentially. There is something like 50 million years worth trapped under the fast melting sub sea ice and tundra, there could be the equivalent of over 80 times more CO2 worth of CH4 than humans have emitted in the last 200 years, with a 50 giggaton burst ‘any day now’ being predicted for over 14 months, tick tick on that one … 50 GT is equal to about 2 times the amount we have added to the environment.
    Link for Weka –
    Reducing emissions now will not be felt until after the affect of the current atmospheric loading has passed, and is in decline. CO2 hangs around the atmosphere for about 1,000 years .
    The Cop21 goal now of staying below +2c is admitting we have failed.
    The only way we could have avoided +6 is if we had stayed below +.5 … ops.
    We are fucked, our leaders are all clowns, and we foolishly think changing them every few years is going to change something, for the better.
    We get the idiots we have as leaders, because they are a byproduct of us. At this late stage in our coming extinction, it wouldn’t matter if we had Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa (who was actually a bitch), Gandhi, Hugo Chávez, and Robert Kennedy, running the show.
    The bullet has left the barrel, passed through our politicians heads, with no resistance, and is coming to get your children.
    We are in denial.
    Sadly bailing like a drowning mad person will not help.
    Oh I forgot we now have Paula, god save the little children.

  • In the Q&A, I thought Guy’s story about the personality test was amusing, but I thought it was too bad he dismissed it as having labeled him a “psychopath”, which I don’t think could ever be the serious diagnostic case (rather, a problem with the doofus interpreter). If (as I assume), he got labeled an INTJ, that’s about one percent of the population. More commentary on INTJs in the context of collapse can be found here:

    and then, of course, on the infamous RE’s “Doomstead Diner” poll:
    DD readers taking the survey identified as INFJ (17.39%), INFP (11.96%), INTJ (the majority at 22.83%) and INTP (15.22%). Each of the non-“IN-“types weighed in at 5.5% or less (a very significant distinction).

    This was the first page I found on Google describing this personality type:

    INTJs live in the world of ideas and strategic planning. They value intelligence, knowledge, and competence, and typically have high standards in these regards, which they continuously strive to fulfill. To a somewhat lesser extent, they have similar expectations of others.

    With Introverted Intuition dominating their personality, INTJs focus their energy on observing the world, and generating ideas and possibilities. Their mind constantly gathers information and makes associations about it. They are tremendously insightful and usually are very quick to understandnew ideas. However, their primary interest is not understanding a concept, but rather applying that concept in a useful way. Unlike the INTP, they do not follow an idea as far as they possibly can, seeking only to understand it fully. INTJs are driven to come to conclusions about ideas. Their need for closure and organization usually requires that they take some action.

    INTJ’s tremendous value and need for systems and organization, combined with their natural insightfulness, makes them excellent scientists. An INTJ scientist gives a gift to society by putting their ideas into a useful form for others to follow. It is not easy for the INTJ to express their internal images, insights, and abstractions. The internal form of the INTJ’s thoughts and concepts is highly individualized, and is not readily translatable into a form that others will understand. However, the INTJ is driven to translate their ideas into a plan or system that is usually readily explainable, rather than to do a direct translation of their thoughts. They usually don’t see the value of a direct transaction, and will also have difficulty expressing their ideas, which are non-linear. However, their extreme respect of knowledge and intelligence will motivate them to explain themselves to another person who they feel is deserving of the effort.

    INTJs are natural leaders, although they usually choose to remain in the background until they see a real need to take over the lead. When they are in leadership roles, they are quite effective, because they are able to objectively see the reality of a situation, and are adaptable enough to change things which aren’t working well. They are the supreme strategists – always scanning available ideas and concepts and weighing them against their current strategy, to plan for every conceivable contingency.

    INTJs spend a lot of time inside their own minds, and may have little interest in the other people’s thoughts or feelings. Unless their Feeling side is developed, they may have problems giving other people the level of intimacy that is needed. Unless their Sensing side is developed, they may have a tendency to ignore details which are necessary for implementing their ideas.

    The INTJ’s interest in dealing with the world is to make decisions, express judgments, and put everything that they encounter into an understandable and rational system. Consequently, they are quick to express judgments. Often they have very evolved intuitions, and are convinced that they are right about things. Unless they complement their intuitive understanding with a well-developed ability to express their insights, they may find themselves frequently misunderstood. In these cases, INTJs tend to blame misunderstandings on the limitations of the other party, rather than on their own difficulty in expressing themselves. This tendency may cause the INTJ to dismiss others input too quickly, and to become generally arrogant and elitist.

    INTJs are ambitious, self-confident, deliberate, long-range thinkers. Many INTJs end up in engineering or scientific pursuits, although some find enough challenge within the business world in areas which involve organizing and strategic planning. They dislike messiness and inefficiency, and anything that is muddled or unclear. They value clarity and efficiency, and will put enormous amounts of energy and time into consolidating their insights into structured patterns.

    Other people may have a difficult time understanding an INTJ. They may see them as aloof and reserved. Indeed, the INTJ is not overly demonstrative of their affections, and is likely to not give as much praise or positive support as others may need or desire. That doesn’t mean that he or she doesn’t truly have affection or regard for others, they simply do not typically feel the need to express it. Others may falsely perceive the INTJ as being rigid and set in their ways. Nothing could be further from the truth, because the INTJ is committed to always finding the objective best strategy to implement their ideas. The INTJ is usually quite open to hearing an alternative way of doing something.

    When under a great deal of stress, the INTJ may become obsessed with mindless repetitive, Sensate activities, such as over-drinking. They may also tend to become absorbed with minutia and details that they would not normally consider important to their overall goal.

    INTJs need to remember to express themselves sufficiently, so as to avoid difficulties with people misunderstandings. In the absence of properly developing their communication abilities, they may become abrupt and short with people, and isolationists.

    INTJs have a tremendous amount of ability to accomplish great things. They have insight into the Big Picture, and are driven to synthesize their concepts into solid plans of action. Their reasoning skills gives them the means to accomplish that. INTJs are most always highly competent people, and will not have a problem meeting their career or education goals. They have the capability to make great strides in these arenas. On a personal level, the INTJ who practices tolerances and puts effort into effectively communicating their insights to others has everything in his or her power to lead a rich and rewarding life.

    It doesn’t say anything about having a lack of empathy or being a psychopath.

    While some “social science” can fall into the dimension of woo, there are still pockets of objective analysis. Anyone reading this may or may not feel that personality typing is useful, but.. there are personality differences nonetheless. Guy acknowledged as much, when talking about different ways of apprehending information.

  • @Woodwose, you quoted Brother Blue in the last thread, and I imagine you must be at the same point in the “Die Wise” book that I am.

    Looking forward to viewing the clip you provided, mindful of the fact that the generator is so far away I can’t hear it in the slightest!

  • Excellent documentary, “Cowspiracy”, linked from a recent Chris Hedges column, as he is now mentioning veganism in each writing. It would be interesting to verify (my next search) whether animal agriculture really is the leading GHG emitter, even more than transportation. I suspect that the charts we have previously been seeing leave out a lot of the inputs and unreported side effects.

    Also, a lot of insights into “Safe” Environmentalism, as practiced by the established, bureaucratic organizations.

  • Wester…most of what you have posted here has just annoyed the fuck out of me.
    However, the John Trudell videos speak to me in a very significant way and I thank you for the introduction.
    I have thus far only been able to view bits of them, but will devote more data available.
    Little bird,good to hear from you again. Should you need time apart from the tribe in future, please leave a note on the fridge or such, so we do not worry. Was starting to have visions of half completed works of art and as many empty gin bottles as there are empty Scotch whisky bottles around here.
    Early summer here is thus far kind but fickle, slept under just a sheet December 2nd which was hellish early for that but have had good rain and cooler temps since.
    All the best to my fellow doomers.

  • Wester- thanks for the John Trudell videos. RIP John Trudell!!!

    LWA- something intelligent? Hahaha. Okay, professor. But I’m easy to impress.

  • Wester, you introduced me to John Trudell in this space months ago. Good to hear him again with his incisive Native wisdom cutting through the many layers of modern stories like a hot knife cuts through butter.

    We look for root causes for how we ended up where we are. I don’t know if there’s any one root cause but there are several milestones on the road that led us here. The loss of connection with land is one of the more significant ones. Of everything I have read and heard, only native and indigenous thought has been clear and emphatic about the significance of passing this particular milestone. Supplanted from land, cultures quickly become cancerous.

    Not to worry, I take solace in the fact that at least we lived in very healthy balance for hundreds of thousands of years. The really cancerous stage, after all, began only a few hundred years ago. By some measures, that’s a rather quick death. We just get to witness it in super slow motion.


    Sitting idly in front of a fire ensconced in a warm blanket, I stare into eye of the fire through my wineglass and start masturbating. lol.



    If you seriously think 7 billion people are going to stop eating meat and wasting food to save life on earth, then you ARE delusional.



    Livestock = 70,000,000,000 pop.

    Livestock = 97% of all land vertebrate biomass

    Livestock = 45% of all the planet’s land use

    Livestock = 80% of all rainforest deforestation

    Livestock = 51% of all GHG

    Livestock = 65% of all NO3, (NO3 = 296 X > C02)

    Livestock = 50,000,000,000,000 gal(/year

    Major Green NGOs Will Not Tell You The #1 Cause Of Mass Extinction



    What This Means:
    The energy extractive industry is far less important than what we eat.

    Effective sustainable world renewable energy transition is impractical, if not physically impossible to achieve.


    They are not what you think they are.

    Money and power is more important than honesty.

    endzmeans = meanzendz

  • revised:


    Livestock = 70,000,000,000 pop.

    Livestock = 97% of all land vertebrate biomass

    Livestock = 45% of all the planet’s land use

    Livestock = 80% of all rainforest deforestation

    Livestock = 51% of all GHG

    Livestock = 65% of all NO3, (NO3 = 296 X > C02)

    Livestock = 50,000,000,000,000 gal(/year H20

    Major Green NGOs Will Not Tell You The #1 Cause Of Mass Extinction



    What This Means:
    The energy extractive industry is far less important than what we eat.

    Effective sustainable world renewable energy transition is impractical, if not physically impossible to achieve.


    They are not what you think they are.

    Money and power is more important than honesty.

    endzmeans = meanzendz

  • my name is BeezleyBillyBub and I approve Guy’s message of intellectual dishonesty honestly disintellectually by heart

    me and my wife have a secret turtle rescue ranger signal where we thump our hearts twice and salute open handed to the sky

    good day to all

  • Loved the Q & A Guy. Your honesty (and mastery of the subject) is disarming.

    Wednesday, 9 December 2015

    Fukushima radiation in the US

    Official data shows U.S. hit with huge spike of ‘most dangerous’ radiation from Fukushima

    Levels far exceeded federal regulatory limits
    •Alpha particles nearly 1,000 times normal; Includes plutonium
    •Gov’t workers in “fear of radiation”

  • Future is Now


    [Tom’s irrelevant interpretation: the “1, 2, 3, 4” = Horsemen of Apocalypse
    & the background “radiation noise” and electronic “screaming” speak for itself]

  • When I Hear About God,

    Do I feel nothing?
    Or angry?

    Or do I feel loved?

    When I Hear About God’s Absolute Love
    For all His Creation,

    Do I feel betrayed?
    Or forgotten?

    When I feel the stormwinds shake the house,
    And the floodwaters are all around me,
    Do I know fear?
    Or do I fear nothing?

    Or do I know Peace,
    More pure than purest water,
    More gentle than a fawn,
    More complete than the most Perfect sunrise?

    “I love God.” She said to me.
    And She serves the One She loves.

  • Meat is not even an issue. Globally it represents less than 20%. In the west it is less than 10%. The solution is to have the livestock go out into the fields and harvest them themselves which is how it was done for thousands of years. The biggest problem is feedlots which rely on combines to harvest and raise unhealthy animals. Pasture raised and finished products produce the most healthy diet humans can eat.

    Feedlots exist so a handful of individuals can rake in fortunes.

  • .
    Robert, thanks for the hearty chuckle first thing this morning. I sleepily started reading your campfire sentence, thought, ‘oh, this will be nice.’, and then … wham! You caught me completely off guard, I sure wasn’t expecting that. Haha, don’t anybody be using Robert’s blanket to keep their back warm tonight at the fire!

    What’s with all the sexual innuendo lately? It all has a certain edginess to it. You ok?

    Ever see this movie?


  • The gravity of sea level is getting around.

    This aware group at NBL can spread it even more (The Gravity of Sea Level Change – 2).

  • Hey Guy, I have asked before, what part of the narrative(arguably the worst) are you leaving out?

  • @Woodwoose

    I appreciate you invitation to the Fire and enjoy to sit beside you for a moment in time. I love the Fire, because it cleansens, it burns away all unnecessary things. The Fire unites Life and Death. And I like Death. I like Death as my lifelong teacher. Death teaches to let go. Death takes away all unnecessary things, just like the Fire does. Death will close even the dirtiest mouths, Death will take away all the funny power and all the money of the socalled “elite” and therefore I like Death. Death teaches the Freedom that Empire can’t give, despite all it’s lies, despite all it’s auto-brain-fuck, despite all it’s funny power. I am happy, because I always trusted in the Teachings of Death. I am happy, I took the right path, the path to Freedom and Wisdom.

    Thank you for your invitation. Thank you for sharing your grief. I know what grief feels like, I lost many, many good people along the way. But I don’t grief anymore, I have learned to accept all the wise teachings of Death. Finally, Death teached me the wisdom to LIVE my very own vision, my very own way.

    I will go back to my own Fire now, meditating, celebrating my own musical Fire inside. I am happy with little, I am happy with freedom and I am happy to realize that there are people out there like you, like all those who feel related, kindred like LWA, like Tom, like mo flow, like shep, like Mark Austin, like digixplor (Hell, yeah, you can find real Gold in the Ghetto!) and alike. My love and respect flies out to those who REALLY realized Deathlife, Love and Freedom, within. I spread my wings now and FLY away, away, away…

    I am gone, I am free.

    My One Desire

    I don’t care for all the wealth in the whole wide world
    Or to be a king with a kingdom, crowned with gold and jewels

    No I don’t want fame or fortune, people trembling at my name
    To command the oceans and the moon, the thunder and the rain

    I’ll tell you what it is I need to turn this spark into a fire
    Come close and hold me tighter still, it’s you my one desire

    I don’t need a magic power to live forever throughout time
    Or be a genius more creative than all of History’s greatest minds

    I don’t dream of all the pleasures Heaven holds for me
    With a hand up above my head, a sword of fire and soft white wings

    I’ll tell you what it is I need to turn this spark into a fire
    Come close and hold me tighter still it’s you my one desire

    I’ll tell you what it is I need to turn this spark into a fire
    Come close and hold me tighter still, it’s you my one desire

    It’s you my one desire
    It’s you my one desire
    It’s you my one desire
    It’s you my one desire.

    – Mink DeVille

  • Jef,
    Thanks for the link. I posted a comment earlier this year attempting to explain why the ‘livestock are responsible for 51% of GHG’ figure quoted by Callaghan was bullshit,and it made no difference,so I wasn’t going to
    do it again. I also read the comments to see if anyone mentioned the role of termites,and RedBaron at comment 36 does. Very good link and comments

  • Woodwose- beautiful campfire image, thank you.

    44south- this made me think of you:

    ….”If you have spent most of your life sitting in an office chair, in an office, with the thermostat set somewhere between 21 and 23°C, then you may not possess the layers of vascularized brown fat and the powerful cardiovascular and digestive systems to perform manual labor in -minus 40°C, powered by hot tea and all the animal fat you can get your hands on. Nor would you possess the powerful sweat glands, the quick-tanning skin and the almost complete indifference to biting insects to perform even more manual labor during the short but hot summers. If you find body odor offensive and like air fresheners and potpourri bowls, then it’s hard to imagine you being happy scraping out and dressing a rancid bear skin, naked (because you value your only set of clothes) and smothered head to toe in bear fat to keep warm. Lastly, if you are a gluten-free lactose-intolerant vegan who thinks that fur is a crime, then it may be hard to imagine you being content with cabbage, turnips and rye bread as staples and potatoes as a treat, supplemented by whatever animal you manage to catch or trap.

    But I am not concerned about lack of potential cadres for this experiment. For every 10,000 or so people, I figure there must be a couple who would make it, and that’s more than enough. They may be hard to spot at the moment, because selection pressures within contemporary society are based on requirements for success within that society, not for failure of that society and success without it. And so a kid who disappears into the woods in search of something to kill instead of doing his homework is currently considered a problem child, whereas he is actually a solution child—one who will bring in what’s for dinner while his “successful” peers whine pathetically over the dead batteries in their highly educational electronic playthings and quiver from withdrawal symptoms due to lack of the refrigerated sugary beverage to which they are addicted. The problem child might even have some superpowers—like being able to see fish through murky water. To be fair, the successful, well-adjusted children have some superpowers too—like remembering exactly what you promised to buy them and when you promised it.

    What’s much more concerning is that the candidates will lack any knowledge of the naturelike technologies they will need to survive. There are a huge number of skills involved even in the seemingly simple task of constructing a log cabin. To start with, you need to know how to pick a site that has good enough drainage but is also sheltered, that is shielded from to the prevailing winds in the winter but open to the prevailing winds in the summer, that gets winter sun but is shaded from summer sun, and that isn’t likely to get buried in a snowdrift.

    Then you need to know what kinds of trees to harvest, and when to do it (on a full moon, before the sap is up). The logs have to be cut to certain lengths and sit a certain amount of time before they can be used. Bark has to be removed, without using industrial methods such as steaming, but there are other tricks. Then the logs have to be joined, without using any metal fasteners. The quality of the joints has to be such that all water drains out, not in, or the structure will rot. The roof has to be built strong but light, and thatched, and thatching is yet another skill set to be acquired in a hurry. What if you can’t find enough straight, round sticks to use as rafters? There is no milled lumber within a few thousand of miles of you, and you have no time to make your own. And so you produce the lumber you need by starting with a straight-grained log and breaking it up by “chinking.” Never tried chinking a log? Well, learn quick, because winter is coming!

    And then there is the stove, which you will need to keep the cabin warm, to cook food, to wash inside of and to sleep on top of. In that climate, the best stoves feature an arched combustion chamber in the back of the flue, with solid fill over the arch and a bed for the whole family over the fill. The arch and the base of the flue have to be built of fire-resistant bricks that resist spalling, so brickmaking must also be part of the curriculum. It is a massive masonry structure, and its thermal mass makes it possible to fire it just twice a day—in the morning and in the evening—to keep the bed at a constant temperature of 25°C even when it’s -40°C outside. The stove needs to have a niche for the all-important samovar, with a flue opening to keep the smoke from the samovar out of the cabin. You will need plenty of hot water to make tea—herb tea, using the herbs you didn’t forget to plant, pick and dry during summer, which will provide you with all the vitamins you’ll need to avoid scurvy and other types of avitaminosis.

    The list of naturelike technologies goes on and on, too long to list. And somehow people need to arrive on the land knowing all of this—or their chances of making it dwindle. Yes, it’s possible to impart this knowledge through books, although what one needs to succeed is not a paper book but a talking one, who can also directly show how it’s done. But if someone goes off into the forest and practices for a year or two in a benign environment—equipped with lots of extra, unnaturelike technology, such as a satellite phone with which to call in a helicopter rescue if it comes to that, then that someone stands a good chance of becoming a good talking book. And so there may be a use for older people after all!

    This is what it will probably take to survive the future we’ve guaranteed ourselves on any one patch of land. But I would be remiss if I didn’t mention an alternative: while there will be a dearth of places that will be survivable year-round, it is likely that many more opportunities will exist where lifestyles that are either nomadic (wandering from place to place) or migratory (with semipermanent seasonal camps) will still be possible. These lifestyles come with their own naturelike technology suites—which are much more challenging than the ones required for a settled lifestyle, simply because a mobile, portable technology is more demanding than a fixed installation.
    Doing away with the a fixed abode confers numerous advantages: you become free to move and to flee danger; you are prevented, by your circumstances, by wasting your energies on accumulating possessions beyond those you absolutely need and use all the time; you get a chance to construct your own shelter to suit the situation. These are all practical considerations, but there is more to being nomadic than being practical. Nomadism, you see, is not just a good adaptation for uncertain times. It is also godly and sublime….”

    Best wishes to all here on the beach.

  • He word-o-boarded his way West with walls of Words—

    Did his dissertation on: “The Unpacking of Thirty Pieces of

    Silver In Rejuvenation of Judas In The Age of Empire: Multi-

    modal Mule Dung Deploying Sesquipedalian Stink Bombs In

    Ideological Warfare”

    He invented of the Wink-Wink, Nod-Nod Code for covering

    The Commander’s flank in theater—stupid Wall Street ‘white’

    boys couldn’t detect the Commander’s coded wink-wink, Nod-

    Nod communication with Black folk!

    He apologizes for ‘signature’ strikes on Afghan grandmothers,

    incinerated while gardening okra with grandchildren; He

    Apologizes for ‘signature’ strikes on wedding parties blown

    to bits on joyous occasions; He apologizes for Egyptian youth

    losing eyes, lives and relative freedom in Bomb Gates-guided


    He apologizes for 15-22 thousand Palestinians slaughtered in white

    phosphorus-shrouded weapons-testing. He apologizes for Somali

    Fishermen whacked during the Commander’s first days, and for

    Ghost detainees haunting Gitmo 8 yrs after the Commander closed it…

    He apologizes for Occupy pepper-spray, baton blows and plastic

    cuffs cutting of circulation; He apologizes for Ferguson, Chicago,

    Baltimore Black youth caught in cumulus clouds of teargas, reign of

    rubber-coated bullets, between Panzer Divisions deployed against them

    Class struggle is flaring up like Nigerian oil wells; empire’s bases

    Infest the world like buzzing beehives pollinating wars foreign and

    Domestic. And there is no shame in the Slutty Professor’s game—

    getting his black site groove on: Limbo with the Golda-plated Iron

    Lady, waiting on wings of a Predator drone…

  • @ Guy-

    Your comment about the low empathy score on the MBTI was endearing. Empathy is overrated! I wish there had been a follow-up question asking your MBTI type. NT no doubt. But as for the other two components, I can’t presume. Mine is INTJ.

    Have you noticed that no personality test questions are about our feelings, or empathy, or compassion for animals? It’s only ever about people. My empathy for humans is quite low and conditional, but I have extreme empathy for animals, birds, even snakes, though I have a debilitating snake phobia. I rescue spiders from the shower.

    The point I want to make here is that the literature and research of empathy and psychopathy is misleading.

    First, a definition of empathy from Wikipedia:

    Empathy is the capacity to understand or feel what another being (a human or non-human animal) is experiencing from within the other being’s frame of reference, i.e., the capacity to place oneself in another’s position.

    The number one trait that defines a psychopath is absence of conscience. But when you consider two other basic traits of the psychopath—lack of fear and anxiety—I’d like to know how anyone could form a conscience without those two emotions.

    Robert Hare claims that psychopaths are “profoundly lacking in empathy.” But how can be true? Empathy is the ability to get inside another human, and psychopaths can take that ability to an extreme. What matters is what you do with the information.

    Psychopaths are keen on self-gratification, there is a narcissist inside each of them. They are utterly lacking in personal responsibility and accountability. They make excellent actors/actresses. They use their empathy to manipulate and harm, deriving pleasure from the pain they inflict on others.

    David Lykken in his book, The Antisocial Personalities, claims that psychopaths have a “failure of empathy.” But at least Lykken also discusses a “circle of empathy” as being relevant, which circle includes animals. Seems to me that Lykken conflates lack of empathy with lack of remorse.

    The 5 factor model of personality fails to capture the psychopath’s profile. MBTI was constructed as a business tool, it doesn’t identify dysfunctional personalities. I prefer David Keirsey’s revision of Myers-Briggs, he repaired some significant problems. My hunch is that ESFP and ESTP make the best seeds for psychopathy.

    Kibeom Lee and Michael C. Ashton’s book, The H Factor of Personality, proposes adding a new dimension to the 5-factor model, that of honesty-humility. This directly relates to antisocial personalities.

    I recently read Kevin Dutton’s book The Wisdom of Psychopaths. He is a research psychologist at Magdalen College, University of Oxford. Good book. Consider these points from Dutton’s book, which help to sort out some of this empathy confusion:

    “Psychopaths, rather than having an impairment in recognizing the emotions of others, indeed have a talent for it.”

    “Psychopaths enhanced ability to recognize emotion in others might go some way toward explaining their superior persuasion and manipulation shills . . . as does their enhanced ability to fake emotion.”

    Tibetan monks (in work by Paul Ekman) have an “enhanced, almost preternatural ability to read microexpressions.” These monks share their extreme talent of empathy with psychopaths.

    There is more to be said about empathy and autism, but this post is already long.

  • @ 18,000days

    You asked a couple threads back:

    “If suicide were to be achievable by a simple act of will, and anyone could guarantee to pass painlessly into non-existence without (further) trauma either to oneself or to significant others, what would the population of the world be? How many of us would even make it into double-figures?

    Now that’s a very thought-provoking question.

    It’s questions like these that really strike at our masquerading pretense for why we’re even keeping on; remove all guilt of hurting/letting down others, how would that change not only our opinion of suicide, but why we’re choosing to remain passive slaves to a self-destructive economic system as well?

    Such queries make us question our sense of identity and purpose in this life, especially for those who have come to accept that all we’re waiting for at this point, are for the waves of extinction to finally crash through our particular ‘reality tunnel’.

    Why is life worth living, seriously? We enjoy eating. We enjoy sex. We enjoy the company of others. We enjoy exploring new things. We enjoy learning, relaxing, providing service, music, sports, entertainment……..

    We simply enjoy being alive.

    The list of what we enjoy is as long as our imaginations, but what happens when one loses the desire of most things? What happens when knowledge overrides pleasure, when enjoyment becomes tainted with relentless guilt? When the dreams are proven fantasies, when we know no promises will be kept? When we can’t drown out the cries of the world suffering under us? When we can no longer justify taking more, because we know we’ve already taken too much? When we realize that every day from here on out, we will witness only greater death?

    What then?

    When all the past indoctrinated reasons for living have run their course, when we’ve asked so many questions, we realize we don’t know the answer to anything, nor will we ever?

    What then?

    I wonder if the stigma of failure has been so imprinted in our minds, that we mostly live in fear of what others think of us. For how many of us here, see complete destitution as something worse than death itself? How many people would rather die, than have everyone they know look down at them as being an abject failure?

    But then again, how much of why the concept of suicide is perceived as a taboo, is because it becomes an immoral act if committed by parents?

    I think suicide is such a taboo subject, because it essentially reveals us to be the liars we are.

    People who just no longer want to live, challenges the essence of all motivation. It is as dreadful and awe inspiring as the universe itself. The ability to decide to end existence is as great if not greater than creating existence, which might explain why all of industrial society is founded on the denial of death.

    But then again, what is life outside the concept of growth?

    The fetish of growth has been impregnated into our subconscious along with everything else. Our very existence is because of growth. None of us would be here today, if it wasn’t for endless growth. Once one becomes familiar with the myriad roots of ecological overshoot, we recognize that we are all products of a suicidal cultural, in fact, if civilization wasn’t passively suicidal, we wouldn’t even exist.

    In my opinion, growth itself is THE act of self-preservation. Suicide is perceived as a moral offense because that’s exactly what it is; it fundamentally challenges the unconscious daily acts of self-preservation.

    Someone deciding that their life in no longer worth living undermines everyone else’s reasons for living the lie. Suicide is the ultimate cognitive dissonant act because it challenges our very existence.

    For those mired in obligations and responsibility, suicide is simply a freedom many can’t morally afford. So, it must be perceived in a negative light, not unlike the fear of “otherness”, it’s the reason why we must demonize all threats to our sense of security.

    Anything that seriously challenges our perception of ourselves and our reality has always been seen as a negative.

    Why are most people’s reactions to the concept of suicide almost identical to the fervently devout defending their beliefs about whatever they hold dear?

    To re-ask your question 18,000 days, if we knew that no one would think less of us, and everyone one we knew thought of suicide as a perfectly acceptable way to end one’s life for any reason, how many of us would just opt out the moment we had to endure chronic suffering…………………I suspect, most everyone.

    The first forty years of life are pretty amazing, the following decades, not so much. Our bodies begin to fail and nature keeps reminding us that if we truly lived in harmony with our environment, we wouldn’t live much longer than sixty….and nor would we probably want to.

    By the time one reaches forty, we’ve seen a great many patterns repeat themselves. We’ve gained enough perspective from our youthful ambitions to understand that life isn’t nearly what our culture led us to believe. So many veils have been lifted by the time we reach “middle age”, most of the “essence of living” has been supplanted by meaningless routines and obligations in sustaining the lie. A lie we were fed as children, because that’s what our parents were fed; a lie that is repeated in every aspect of an endless growth paradigm. The lie is all we know. Even the wisest and most “enlightened” among us, must still perpetuate the lie if they wish to stave off destitution. In this, the choice to end one’s life might be the closest we ever come to experiencing the/an “ultimate truth”……no wonder it’s so rarely discussed.

    Thanks for question

  • After Warmest Autumn on Record, December Mildness Sweeps Across U.S.

    The national average of 56.8°F was a full 3.3°F above the 20th-century average and 0.2°F above the previous record of 56.6°F (Sep-Nov 1963).

    While this is strictly speaking of the CONUS, could this be an indication that warming of 2°C, globally, will soon be apparent only in the rear-view mirror? Won’t it be exciting to see what kind of cataclysmic weather events ensue?

    Perhaps of greater(?) interest, from the same article, “It’s not only been warm, wet, and windy, but also very dark. [referring to the Pacific Northwest.] On Monday, the amount of solar energy penetrating through the clouds over Seattle was the least for any date in almost nine years, according to Mark Albright and Cliff Mass (University of Washington).” Hooray, we’re “saved.” The increasing cloud cover and associated “precipitation events” will “cool” the Earth. Glad tidings and toasts all around. I mean, we are so very, very “fucked,” and not in the “good way.” :(

    @ Tom Says:
    December 9th, 2015 at 8:19 am

    Future is Now

    I’d never have guessed such from you, good on ya’ mate, and thanks, keep them “surprises” coming! I LIKED it! :) The intense and “fuzzy” bass-beat were simultaneously evocative of the human impact on the biosphere as well as what is in store for “our” species. Have you ever heard this ensemble? Their works are “eclectic,” to say the least, i.e. more “far-ranging” than what this one link MAY imply. I always found it “intriguing” that my parents “liked” The Beatles but couldn’t in any way, shape or form “appreciate” The Rolling Stones, EL&P, Jethro Tull (I’m sorry, no “human” can do THAT with a flute), Led Zeppelin, Chic Corea and Return to Forever, Isao Tomita (betcha’ never heard Debussy like this), Frank Zappa, and the list goes on and on. DAMN!! That was fun… and a bit of melancholy. One life is not nearly enough, yet, that’s ALL any of us get. Me thinks there’s a cruel “joke” in there, somewhere.

  • TK was genius he figured all this out at around twenty!

  • @ Daniel Says:
    December 9th, 2015 at 5:16 pm

    That comment was absolutely brilliant and cuts to the chase, post haste. Good on ya’, dude. (Yeah, I know, mixed metaphor. Too bad, so sad, whadda’ ya’ gonna’ do?) Nonetheless, that comment exposes the very core of “our” predicament. I attempted, feebly, in my earlier comment (still in moderation at this juncture) to communicate the same “sense,” though “relatively speaking,” that you so eloquently have stated. “Living” can-be/IS the most “wonderful” thing ever, as experienced by a particular participant. It also may be the cruelest “joke,” ever, as perceived by other participants. What’s a body to do? Perhaps the “To be or not to be” soliloquy from “Hamlet” can provide some “guidance,” but perhaps I’m being “optimistic.” (After all, I’m not really a “fan” of the Bard. In fact, he’s a nincompoop!) I once read somewhere, and have gradually understood, that “one lifetime is not enough,” by the time one learns what is truly “important” the jig is up. (Unless, of course, one happens to be a sociopathic and narcissistic jackass. But even then…) Once again, great comment.

  • Two things Guy said resonated with me:

    1.Happiness apparently so much our right today is an illusion but joy is the real state of being available to all of us. I can honestly say except in my boyhood I’ve never really been happy but have experienced joy all my life especially through music.

    Beethoven’s ode to joy:

    O friends, no more of these sounds!
    Let us sing more cheerful songs,
    More songs full of joy!
    Joy, bright spark of divinity,
    Daughter of Elysium,
    Fire-inspired we tread
    Within thy sanctuary.
    Thy magic power re-unites
    All that custom has divided,
    All men become brothers,
    Under the sway of thy gentle wings.
    Whoever has created
    An abiding friendship,
    Or has won
    A true and loving wife,
    All who can call at least one soul theirs,
    Join our song of praise;
    But those who cannot must creep tearfully
    Away from our circle.
    All creatures drink of joy
    At natures breast.
    Just and unjust
    Alike taste of her gift;
    She gave us kisses and the fruit of the vine,
    A tried friend to the end.
    Even the worm can feel contentment,
    And the cherub stands before God!
    Gladly, like the heavenly bodies
    Which He sent on their courses
    Through the splendor of the firmament;
    Thus, brothers, you should run your race,
    Like a hero going to victory!
    You millions, I embrace you.
    This kiss is for all the world!
    Brothers, above the starry canopy
    There must dwell a loving father.
    Do you fall in worship, you millions?
    World, do you know your creator?
    Seek Him in the heavens;
    Above the stars must he dwell.

    2. There’s a difference between teaching and teaching so that your audience learns what you are saying. Feedback and communication seem to be the way here.Also the learner must feel valued and respected in this process and not talked down to or merely lectured.

  • Last post! This is a much better than the above can recommend it :-)

  • .
    Colin, I’m glad you picked Romantic Warrior. Best Return to Forever album ever. Cheers. Ya! Jass (as it was called before it morphed into Jazz.) Ah, to be 16 again with dad’s blue notes. Damn you entropy!

  • @WoodWose

    I’m sitting down beside you on the log in front of your fire and stretching my blanket across both our backs in order to keep off the chill. Our fronts are toasty though, because your fire is just perfect.

    LWA said it so beautifully, My thanks too for your invite to the fire. I watched all of Griefwalker. Stephen Jenkinson at 15:02 was inspirational. The 39:22 Garden story is so meaningful. And I too doubt I would remain a Zen Budda Agnostic in a fox hole. Maybe the spirits of Sabine & Satish & Old Growth Forest watch us too.

    My nuclear fires are down to embers tonight. Tomorrow is my last day working on the D.C. beach of doom. D day for a final download from the defense industry. Although I must turn in my security clearance badge and codes on Friday, I got a very nice offer to participate in a radio interview about serious dangers our world faces.

    Scarlett O’Hara wanted to stay in the garden even as Civil War Atlanta was set fire. To some it does not matter if Nero is fiddling and planning to burn your region very specifically. But I just learned there are many young people who do want to know possible ways to dodge the very worst soon to come. Some only want football scores & shopping tips, but Dr. Guy McPherson is a serious source for impending extinction level events. Man-made & human caused Nuclear War, Bio-war and induced microwave frequency cellular weapons – Are about EXTINCTION warnings: Both climate & Military feedback loops are OUT OF CONTROL.

    Jet planes do fly on autopilot, however, there is also a real human pilot involved in take-off and landing. Likewise, you receive electricity and many things delivered to your grocery stores because networks of people work to supply you. There is a medium amount of control providing you this internet, goods & services hourly around the globe. No one is in total control. But nuclear power stations, Military & space satellites are under control to a certain extant. It only took a tiny Army covert operation to test mild bacterium spread flu in the NYC subway as I posted in complete detail on NBL recently.

    Maybe it was unpleasant for a kind artist or gardener to know anything in advance about the first atomic bomb before it was dropped on Hiroshima, however, a few people in Japan might have benefited from advance knowledge of that fateful day in August. So my final report is for students of Dr. Guy McPherson who do want to know what is in development. That first atomic test at Trinity has lead to 17,562 nukes today. The world was altered after that first atomic bomb, and it will continue to be altered by carbon & methane and pandemics & plans by presidents & popes who have had meetings & Rand report reasons why they should use epidemiological methods for population reduction, before their terms are done.

    NBL is a record of every aspect of extinction, genocide & 911 style complicity. Nobody is in control overall, which is why it was easy for a small group of Army scientist to release vials in the NYC subway and record people brushing off the bacterium dust. 293 other cases are now on record. Daniel Elsburg worked for the Rand Corp prior to revealing the Pentagon papers. 2016-17 Pre-meditated attacks on C.A.P. Cities (Contagion Action Plan)is important to the survival of some readers who do not comment here.

    5.6 billion approved for 2016 advanced genetic, molecular viral contagions takes even less people to administer than a nuclear launch. For now I assure you, Cars are real. Electricity is real. The Pentagon, Beijing & the Kremlin are equally real.

    TOM, Kevin Moore, Dredd, Callanghan and others THANK YOU for the serious data & reports you post. I can only fill-in a DoD perspective.

    Shep, Milendia, Caroline, Babajingo, every experience here is part of the truly big picture of life in the NTE era… We are all here with Wren & Woodwoose on the beach. Cherfka, Robin Datta & Mo Flow – the mysteries of deeper existence I learn from contributors like you. Nemesis go get em! Glad I once knew Guy & Lidia in person too!! I’ll be in Florida by this next week. Time to watch the tides change.

  • Laurie Brown on “The Signal” CBC2 radio surprised me. quote-ish – “so what if all humans disappeared, NYC 1 week, 1 year, etc. and I am thinking “Indian Point! Indian Point!” And then she says 100 years, Indian point is leaking radiation. 1000 years, it is still leaking radiation. 10,000 years it is still leaking radiation. 20,000 years, we are in a glaciation and it has been scraped clean. Nature will remain. segue.

    I don’t try to look at how we differ, I just treasure that my thoughts and others at least partially converge. Play list one hour off for me. Song that followed=

    The Dø – Nature Will Remain (Shake Shook Shaken 2014). it’s o.k.

    I drove because after work I was off to work, plan was to be sitting with the guy in the hospital, but no, he improved enough to not be hospitalized. However being at Daybreak for supper I got to hear it when the news was given that Yvonne passed today. That is about the 8th individual I have lived in the same house(s) with helping to care for to pass in maybe 4 years, 5 of them with the trisomy-21 or Downs dementia. Downs dementia is not the savage slow cruelty of watching individuals with cerebellar ataxias pass (aspiration pneumonia usually) or the even worse status epilepticus brain fever dénouement of tuberous sclerosis – but it does have its own cruelty with a twist on the standard Alzheimers. Alzheimers does possibly have a chromosome 21 segment overamplication – well some of my best friends have an extra chromosome #21, or #5.

    Downs dementia hits younger and often faster – my friends go from asking the same question 50 to 100 times a day, you point to the prop with date or picture or graphic to answer after the 5th or 10th asking. A few months pass and then they cease talking. Cease.

  • Even though COP21 is akin to trying to close the barn doors after the horses are gone, which we all know, and the farm’s been foreclosed, all the same; never underestimate a bunch of Buddhist leaders with good intentions:

    Someone linked it a while ago but I meant to remark that they were notably calling for a target of 1.5C extra global heating rather than 2C as was the general assumption going in to the Paris talks/business expo event. I think some other world religious groups, multi-faith and others, also came out with similar statements.

    Of course it’s a token effort at this point with abrupt change well underway but the news today is:

    At least it indicates that many people are aware that 2C is not realistic.

  • Sorry- I meant to post this on the last thread entitled “Power Outage”

  • Thanks Guy,you clearly have influenced me.From the moment i heard you speak, i heard the voices in my brain that have been going on since i was a boy, your phrases spoke truth to me about civilisation and climate and many things it was music to my ears.
    I love the jazz musicians like Parker,Dexter,Sonny and Coltrane,Or the voices of today like Kenny Barron the great pianist, their music doesn’t lie,they have done the work and they are what they do and they do it for love, and for myself a musician and an artist these greats dont lie, like words that hold the truth so does the music.
    When i was 16 in the early seventies, i took myself to a tropical island and lived with a mentor where we read Thoreau and produced pottery for the love of it,ate from the ocean and grew papaya and sweet potatoes.This was all corrupted with the notion i must now grow up and be an adult and earn money. Back in the city and wanting out from the lies again, that i began my quest for the truth in music,still holds up today.
    It was 15 months ago years ago when I fist heard you speak i was living in fear, i heard you speak on youtube and my wife and i had saved some money, and we purchased 10 acres in the hills 2.5hrs Sydney and we started storing food.Today we dont store food, we go up there from the city once a month and enjoy the kangaroos and the frogs , we take the kids and we listen to the sounds.We have dreams of a straw-bail house …we could not afford to pay the mad pries the rich bankers and real estate agents would love to squeeze out of us,before this market comes tumbling down.
    Thanks Guy for speaking your truth and the scientific truth .You have helped me not to run in fear or live in false hope.
    Have i ever shed a tear in empathy…?I shed a tear for my daughter when she was following my eyes so gracefully at her end of year ballet performance,she was smiling at me because i was there.

  • Mark Austin: thanks for being brave enough to risk punishment for revealing what you can. i don’t know what your next step will be but want to wish you all the best and hope you’ll continue to comment here with your perspective and insider knowledge that so rarely gets out to the public.

    Colin: everywhere i encounter your comments (we visit a lot of the same sites) you ALWAYS “nail it” with your contributions. Thanks for the link to a group i hadn’t heard. Apparently our tastes range from classic rock (and probably classical too) to psychedelic, and through punk to any and everything beyond. Wide open to the whole experience.
    It’s probably one of the reasons i’m “waiting til the end of the movie” of humanity and civilization, rather than jumping off the planet early.

    As usual, all the comments here are gifts from you wonderful people and i appreciate you (and them) all. Nice to hear from the remarkable women in our midst – a perspective closed-minded males seldom encounter.

    Climate outlook may be worse than feared, global study suggests

    As world leaders hold climate talks in Paris, research shows that land surface temperatures may rise by an average of almost 8C by 2100, if significant efforts are not made to counteract climate change.

    Such a rise would have a devastating impact on life on Earth. It would place billions of people at risk from extreme temperatures, flooding, regional drought, and food shortages.

    The study calculated the likely effect of increasing atmospheric levels of greenhouse gases above pre-industrialisation amounts. It finds that if emissions continue to grow at current rates, with no significant action taken by society, then by 2100 global land temperatures will have increased by 7.9C, compared with 1750.

    This finding lies at the very uppermost range of temperature rise as calculated by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. It also breaches the United Nations’ safe limit of 2C, beyond which the UN says dangerous climate change can be expected. [more]

  • David Highham, with apologies for forgetting

    source: worldwatch institute

    google: livestock cause 51% of greenhouse gases

    Boil first, then reduce.

    Major Green NGOs, like Greenpeace etc., refuse to tell their donors that eating meat is responsible for at least 51% of GHGs. Eating meat is the #1 cause of climate change.

    Major Green NGOs, like Greenpeace etc., refuse to tell their donors that we cannot change the whole world to green energy AND reduce emissions.

    The public is being lied to full-spectrum on climate change.

    Guy lost his job and is telling his truth.

    I am not the sharpest tool in the shed, but wake the fuck up!

    50% of Forest Bird species will go extinct in 50 years.

    60% of Flower species will go extinct in 50 years.

    50% of Mega Cities will go extinct in 50 years.

    90% of Soil will go extinct in 50 years.

    40% of Humanis will not have enough water in 15 years.

    100% – Ocean Acidification doubles by 2050,

    200% – Ocean Acidification triples by 2100.

    99% of Rhinos gone since 1914.

    97% of Tigers gone since 1914.

    90% of Lions gone since 1993.

    90% of Sea Turtles gone since 1980.

    90% of Monarch Butterflies gone since 1995.

    90% of Big Ocean Fish gone since 1950.

    80% of Antarctic Krill gone since 1975.

    80% of Western Gorillas gone since 1955.

    60% of Forest Elephants gone since 1970.

    50% of Great Barrier Reef gone since 1985.

    80% of Western Gorillas gone since 1955.

    40% of Giraffes gone since 2000.

    30% of Marine Birds gone since 1995.

    70% of Marine Birds gone since 1950.

    28% of Land Animals gone since 1970.

    28% of All Marine Animals gone since 1970.

  • Oh I forgot, just because someone won’t tell you the truth, doesn’t mean they’re lying. lol. like I said, I’m obviously not playing with a full deck.


    About a month after China admitted to falsifying coal emissions, a report comes out saying China’s coal emissions are way down proving we can reduce emissions AND have economic growth. If anybody believes in China’s economic data, then they are either running a pension fund, or they are mental.


    Take 2 lies, mix well, and bake the fucking shit out of it.


    When you find data saying chocolate production is down 5%, you write a headline saying chocolate production is up 5%.

  • Under The Troll Bridge

    How To Serve Humanity from DarkFuturology

  • hey nemesis, that mink deville’s pretty cool…kind of a l.cohen/n.cave styling…sorry to see he croaked…long may he live!

  • yeah, it may be true we’re killing off other species, but look on the bright side: More room to bury our dead.

  • Top Climate Expert: Crisis is Worse Than We Think & Scientists Are Self-Censoring to Downplay Risk

    [hat-tip davidlwindt @ robertscribblers comment section]

    Comment by jonny mnemonic of jjfh blog after reading the above:

    And yeah, everybody’s downplaying the danger. I guess that’s to keep people calm. (WHILE WE DIE!) Scientists are supposed to look at reality as it is, face the facts. I don’t see a whole lot of that going on out there, but Guy McPherson comes the closest.

  • Robert – i completely spaced that you posted the same link above!
    Great job, and thanks for being so nuts!

  • Thanks Nemesis for a great Fleetwood Mac track.

    digixplor – the Musical Box are playing Vancouver (the Commodore Ballroom! – didn’t know it was still there) in February i think.

    LWA – thanks so much for those words – made me go all goosebumpy.
    Yes, we now know that the 1% are basically plundering the biosphere and us to maintain a set of values that I think most of us can’t even begin to understand – it makes me shake my head whenever I try to understand them.
    In reading Jenkinson’s book right now (Die Wise) and watching him in the vids I think his main “message” is not so much (just) a revamping of our health care system but rather the cultivation of a focus within the individual and the society of orchestrating (as much as you can) a good death. He talks about how the way people die in our death-phobic society is traumatizing all those who witness it – family, children, care workers – and that is undermining so many personal bulwarks. In other words, when we see people go into death terrified (and semi-conscious) it sets the rest of us up to be terrified of death – which he argues is not a given in other societies (read indigenous) and this death-phobia is not a sign of societal health.
    I was down on the beach last night at midnight (truly not metaphorically) after attending a documentary on Haida Gwaii at the university cinema with my son. It was not cold.
    So I am imagining you now on that beach (Ross Bay) – and we are in a long standing hug. It is gravel shingle there so the waves thump in and then there is that amazing sound as the stones all settle back into place as the wave recedes. I’ve got a little fire going but your blanket is welcome.

    The person close to me who was scheduled for surgery found out when they got there that the op had been cancelled. No beds. Hotel the night before, weeks and months of anticipation. Go home. We’ll call you.


    Thanks LWA.

    Hi Lidia – yes, Stephen gave B. Blue’s real name but I used the “street name” he mentioned. Amazing book so far. Jenkinson is a poet.

    Henry – thanks for posting the link to Cowspiracy – WOW – haven’t watched it all yet, but will.

    Nemesis – thanks for those words of yours and of his. Yes, getting simpler and simpler – whether we like it or not – but i like it. I am beginning to see Grief as a treasure that we carry with us (it feeds the fire) and it gilds our days with a fragile and tender beauty. I’ll pop over to your fire and check in on you in the coming days.

    Wren – brilliant! I’ve copied and saved that one. I just finished listening to a great book i read some time ago – Deep Survival by Gonzalez. Not so much a how-to as a how-come. Why some survive and some don’t. If you get the chance it is a good read.

    Daniel – wow, such a great response to 18,000days’ incisive question – and so many brilliant questions of your own.

    Mark Austin – thanks, you constantly surprise us. Good luck with your transition to …… something simpler (?). I am well into the one i started in July.

    I would suggest that most of us here are now no longer “doomers” – the point is moot. We are now exiles on the beach orchestrating our future survival struggle/surrender/exit.

    Hopefully with true grit.

    And by the way there are too many damn fires on this beach now – quit burning all the wood ;-)

    I discovered this song/artist early this year. Love it.

  • I guess this is what it was like between October 1939 and May 1940…..knowing something nasty was coming but not knowing when and not seeing much activity because most of the activity was well hidden.

    Some indicators:

    RBNZ dropped the ‘official’ rate from 2.75% to 2.50%

    NZ dollar crept up (despite rate cut) because most other nations are more fucked than NZ.

    Canada signalled negative interest rates.

    Oil prices continue to slide ($36.73, $39.70)

    Needless to say, politicians continue to lie and continue to ruin everything they touch, and are praised by the corporate media for doing so: most people don’t notice anything.

  • Robert Callaghan,
    The Worldwatch Institute analysis is incorrect. Have a read of the link Jef posted. In addition,’Nature’is a very high quality science journal. An analysis published in it last year of GHG emissions
    showed that agriculture was responsible for about 15%,and livestock was
    responsible for about half of that 15% ,thus 7.5%,which is similar to the analysis in the
    Sceptical Science article.
    I appreciate the compilation of various statistics that you post,but you no doubt appreciate that it is important to post correct statistics.

  • .
    Wow WoodWose. You just gave me WAY more than goosebumps just now. The only time I’ve ever heard that sound you described as ”that amazing sound as the stones all settle back into place as the wave recedes” is when I stood on that beach in Ross Bay with my buddy, the beach not too far from the cemetery … where the big effluent pipe takes all the blech out to the continental shelf and dumps it.

    OMG, that sound of the pebbles AFTER the wave … never heard it before, never heard it since, and that was twenty years ago. You just took me back there … to that exact spot.

    The synchronicity here is that the friend who I was visiting, the one who took me to that beach … is my all time best friend who just dropped dead unexpectedly and far too young from a brain hemorrhage this August. I mentioned it here. He lived near Ross Bay Cemetery while he was at UVic, and I used to go out and visit him.

    He took me to that beach. We stood and listened to those pebbles, and discussed them … my musician’s ears were fascinated by that truly one of a kind sound. I’d never heard it before.

    Ross Bay, your death and grieving topic, you standing there thinking of me, the friend I stood there with just now dying a few months back. That sound, that truly unique sound of the pebbles just after the wave … the fact that you mentioned it.

    You just blew my mind just now. You have totally, totally blown my mind.

    Rest in peace Tim old buddy, rest in peace.

    Tears in my eyes now. Wow Woodwose, just wow. And in a very good way too. Thanks! You’re magic, did you know that? Just … wow. Holy shit. Truly holy.

  • @ Robert Callaghan, It was clearly suspect and simple the idea that just turning all ourselves to vegantarians will save the planet . I guess this idea can be laid to rest and added to renewables, electric cars and the likes. Nice try thou

  • wester, thanks for the links to the recently deceased john trudell! here’s another one i just listened to and was deeply moved by and related to:

  • I hope no one thinks that I am a defender of industrial agriculture because
    of my comments above. Industrial civilisation is an obscenity which has
    unavoidable systemic flaws that guarantee it will collapse. Most of those flaws originate in industrial agriculture,and the worst obscenity of all is
    industrial livestock production.
    The energy bonanza of fossil fuels combining with a culture that has a rapacious approach to the planet has brought us to this point of no return.
    Not all cultures had this rapacious approach,as Wester,Satish,oldgrowthforest,Guy,and others here know.
    Read,for example.about Colin Turnbull’s experiences with the Mbuti Pygmies,related in ‘The Forest People’and the dances they had ,some of which were dedicated solely to the forest they lived in. Turnbull was moved to the point of tears when he realized that their way of viewing the world was in a realm that he would not have thought possible from the mind-cramping English childhood he endured.
    Others will claim that those cultures were merely pre-cancerous tumours,
    and that they too would have destroyed the planet if they had access to
    that fossil energy treasure trove. Are they correct? I don’t think so,
    but we will never know. The juggernaut of industrial civilisation has
    exterminated most of those cultures,and the coming changes means that the few remaining will probably not survive.

  • This one goes out to the all the children. It’s the parents fault. DOH!

  • kevin: i’m beginning to think that we’re on the brink of war, what with the pressure U.S./Nato putting on Russia in Ukraine, how the U.S. fights Russia using Turkey as a proxy; but now Turkey is having trouble with both Iraq and Greece – it just looks like it’ll take one mistake or whatever to tip us right into WW III; in fact it could be BECAUSE the world economy is in the dust bin and the dollar (among others) is heading toward collapse, as is global banking (and they’ll do anything to preserve that).

    In addition to that we have on-going environmental degradation; drought; floods; super-storms – all impacting food production. Disease is sneaking up on us; volcanic action and earthquakes are ticking up again; Greenland is losing ice mass at a ridiculous rate; the weather is bizarre on the east coast of the U.S. where we’re looking at 67 degrees in mid-December and it’s dry (here in PA) while the Pacific Northwest is being inundated with record rainfall, with more to come (via the Aleutian Low). Washington state’s governor just declared a state of emergency and Portland Oregon is under water.

    i don’t know how much longer this can keep up before something snaps and we have nuclear missiles flying or food production goes into steep decline or both in addition to the other problems and more emerging every day.

    Thanks for your thoughts.

  • Robert Callaghan,
    My 1.58 pm comment was poorly phrased. My criticism was about the Worldwatch Institute report,which was incorrect. I realize that you accepted the report in good faith,and didn’t intend to mislead by posting incorrect statistics.My apologies for my poor phrasing,and thanks again for your valuable comments.

  • COP21 isn’t shit until Guy is invited at least to discuss it. Funny as it goes on the people attending think it’s fucked up.

  • Cop 21 why we have to screw you, please bend over.
    warning DARK

  • thnx dh – i hate homework

    there are 2 types, scientists and bullshitters, which is not to say scientists aren’t the best bullshitters, unless they’re irish.

    all my life we were told water came from comets

    now they figured out it was always inside earth like some giant fucking drop

    who needs weed when you got science

    Our species has more chance of going through the eye of a needle into heaven than surviving the next <50 years

    What scares me is the precollapse, everybody talks of the ecology of economies and human institutions while ignoring cascading system dysfunction like the 08 credit freeze

    next year seems a highly confluential nexus of events

    a cascading collapse of hubris

    strong like computer, dumb like ape

  • if you like fiction read history

    collapse is not a process

    there is no model for it

    the mass shootings will exponentiate

    we have to outlaw ammunition

    we kill for control of disruption

    if we had chosen thorium over uranium

    those many years ago, oh well

  • for my third and maybe final post of the day, Imagonna tell you a secret.

    the reason irish people have a hyperbolic belief in bullshit is because if you were locked up with the same people over long winters with no tv radio or news, then you had goddamn better get good at it.

  • Seems I’ve a doppelganger Down Under (Dec. 10), though we draw from the same currents and he didn’t say anything I wouldn’t have been unhappy to take credit for. I suppose confusion comes in any and all forms these days. I’ll use this alias for now, since that probably is an actual name, and I’d give that priority.

    Woodwose — It was very good, (Cowspiracy) though they’ve taken down that link. (And I even learned a little Italian, as I compulsively do read subtitles.) I thought they might have been more lenient, happy to spread their message, but of course it is their right. Hope others can find it elsewhere.

    Fits with my mantra of “Cows, Coal, Cars” — All must be despatched. Interesting case of “goes around, comes around” though. We raise the animals to kill them for food, and in doing so, kill ourselves. A very tight loop, that.

  • Double negative above. See how confused I am? I suppose I just hadn’t posted enough lately for our new friend to spot my handle. Not yet time to move on, but dropping in and always finding a high level of conversation and sharing does present problems of time usage. I do this more when on vacations, and miss a beautiful tropical sunset, or a walk on a beach. See how much it affects me, my wish to understand what is coming, through the voices here?