The Same Every Day

I receive hundreds of messages every day. And a few telephone calls. All demanding my immediate response.

Every message is an emergency, for the sender. It is assumed that I will be the alert firefighter from my former lifetime, ever-ready to meet the next challenge with zest. And, since it’s the first time you’ve seen a fire, I must act as though it were the first emergency ever!

Just to be clear: I do have a life. Please don’t tell anyone. I’m trying to keep it a secret.

Then there are the never-ending attacks. And hate mail. And death threats promises. Too little time to sleep. Too little time to eat. No time to hike in the wilderness.

Not for income. I have none. Certainly not for power. Certainly not for prestige. Long ago, I gave up each of those.

Inexplicably, I’m not motivated by the usual suspects. Rather, I’m motivated by evidence. It’ll have to suffice, despite the poor pay.

I am not complaining. After all, I am allowed to provide service, thus satisfying what others have called my servant’s heart. With no effort on my part, I get to be a white man in a culture that conveys enormous privilege to every white man. And, unlike most people who look like me, I recognize the enormity of the privilege. Unlike most people who look like me, I try not to benefit from the privilege.

With this essay, I am not complaining. Rather, I’m taking advantage of another opportunity for social criticism. Most members of society intensely dislike these minor efforts of mine. But I can’t seem to help myself. I’m reminded of a line from George Orwell: “The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it.”

That’s my so-called life, such as it is. Every day, people ask some variation of the same few questions, as exemplified below.

Have you seen this story/video/podcast/interview?

My response: Yes. When it was first released, a few days ago. I’ve received a message similar to yours twenty times since then. And thanks for passing it along.

What’s your reaction to this story [link to story usually attached]?

My partial response: Civilization is an omnicidal heat engine. Nearly everybody I know loves it, even though it’s killing practically all life on Earth, including us. And shortly after it’s gone, we’ll all die. What’s not to love?

These questions are being asked for the first time, of course. And being answered for the hundredth time. This all reminds me of a line I used in my classrooms, a few sessions into the semester. I always waited until we knew each other well enough to insure my words could be heard with the intended humor. “I’m sure you’ve heard there’s no such thing as a stupid question. The question you just asked belies that old canard.

Sometimes my sense of busy-ness overwhelms my sense of humanity. I’m not proud of myself when it happens.

Sometimes my impatience is displayed with people unwilling to use an online search engine. I’m not particularly proud of myself when this happens, either. Being human is a difficult trick, especially when it involves humaneness.

What’s the matter with civilization?

Thanks for asking. Most people won’t even question this set of living arrangements. Ever.

The short answer: What’s not the matter with civilization?

The longer answer: Civilization enables human-population overshoot to continue. Ditto for fouling the air and spoiling the water. And washing away the soil. And furthering the Sixth Great Extinction. So that a few will have much. What’s not to love? (Yes, I repeat myself.)

Do you really believe forces within the United States government — or any other government in the “first world” — would purposely harm members of its citizenry?

Are you unfamiliar with history? Does the term, “false flag” mean anything to you? Are you familiar with psychopathy? Are you aware that the people pulling the strings of empire don’t care about you and me?

Do you really question the official narrative in the wake of the latest terrorist attack?

Who do you think created the “terrorists” and funded their attacks? Who do you think benefits from a fearful populace? Perhaps you’re unacquainted with the term, “follow the money.”

Why do you question the official narrative promulgated by the mainstream media?

Do you not understand the power and money behind the official narrative?

Do you honestly believe our own government would kill citizens of this country?

Are you completely ignorant? Insane? Stupid? Naive? Except as pawns in the infinite-growth paradigm, you and I don’t matter to the people in power. We are cannon fodder, useful only to further the power of others, and used primarily to that end.

Don’t you believe wars are fought to defend the innocent people in “first world” nations?

Do you not understand the difference between war and conquest? Do you not understand why the most lethal group of people in the history of the world might not be interested in pursuing peace? Who do you think benefits from a fearful populace? Who do you think benefits from military action?

Imagine, for example, a de-population scenario involving all, or nearly all, inhabitants of North America. Horrifying, you say, and therefore implausible. Or is it?

It’s implausible for those who believe the official narrative put out by the corporate government and its corporate press. But if you believe the official narrative from, for example, Pearl Harbor, the collapse of the Soviet Union, the assassination of John F. Kennedy, or the events of 11 September 2001, then I suspect you’re the type of drone the corporations love. You may as well return to your television instead of reading the remainder of this essay.

Here’s what the United States government knew about abrupt climate change in 2003, based on a document I used for teaching courses for several years after it was published: “As famine, disease, and weather-related disasters strike due to the abrupt climate change, many countries’ needs will exceed their carrying capacity. This will create a sense of desperation, which is likely to lead to offensive aggression in order to reclaim balance.”

We know, based on secret 1948 report on covert biowarfare, that the United States “is particularly vulnerable” to covert germ attack because enemy agents “are present already in this country [and] there is no control exercised over the movements of people.” Although this report emphasized the threat to America, the report called for offensive capability: “Biological agents would appear to be well adapted to subversive use since very small amounts of such agents can be effective” … “A significant portion of the human population within selected target areas may be killed or incapacitated.”

We also know that the United States government planned “a wholesale slaughter of much of the planet’s population.” That was 1956, and the proposed killer tech was nuclear weapons. They were aimed at the Soviet Union, but there’s no reason to believe contemporary “leaders” value Americans more than other consumers.

We also know, based on a report from 27 December 2015, “a US military defense laboratory at Dugway Proving Grounds mailed anthrax to South Korea at least fifteen times prior to the previously acknowledged March, 2015 delivery.” South Korea is allegedly one of our allies. The government lied about mailing anthrax and at least one other biological weapon to South Korea.

We know the system teeters on the brink. When money doesn’t matter, the rules will change. To start, the powerful will lose their power. We know industrial civilization benefits a few humans at the expense of many humans and non-human life on Earth. Available evidence indicates habitat for humans will be eliminated when the house of cards finally falls. If those pulling the strings of empire know what we know, why would they not attempt to eliminate a large proportion of the human population on this continent?

Ethics? Surely you jest.

Let’s take this scenario a step further along the path of the four horsemen. The proverbial powers-that-be know what we know, and a lot more. They will be able to determine, faster than you and me, when collapse has been triggered. Rather than allowing events to play out by themselves — hence allowing a vast majority of the people on the continent to die soon thereafter from dehydration, starvation, and suicide — perhaps these wealthy CEOs would prefer to kill a lot of people directly and swiftly to preserve a few spots for themselves. Ultimately, they’ll die, of course. Ultimately the nuclear facilities will melt down and the dust will choke their lungs and the food will run out and the wells will run dry. But these are the kind of people who are willing to spend squillions to survive a few days longer. These are the kind of people who knowingly wound and kill dozens of other people for a few extra digits in the bank account. These are the kind of people whose sense of entitlement exceeds their sense of fairness. They’ll take without giving. They’ll kill without compunction.

Why would they not? They know the consequences of their behavior. They know others die so that they can live richly. Taking a few more steps along the path of FUJIGM* is instinctual. It’s how they arrived at their lofty positions within civilization.

Lest you believe they’re worried about the catastrophic meltdown of nuclear facilities, fear not. Death via lethal mutations will require a few generations to fully manifest. These people are motivated to persist a few more years. They’re not particularly concerned about future generations. After all, they’ve already killed their own children.

In many ways, every day is the same for them, too. Maybe they’ll appreciate an opportunity to take their murderous games up another notch.

This scenario requires only general awareness, a few facts, and elementary logic. As a result, it’s well beyond the comprehension of the typical American.

“Aren’t you scared of what will happen?”

No. But my life is such a mess I welcome death. I need the rest.

So far, killing this messenger is merely figurative. But many truth-tellers have been murdered for relaying messages. I should be so lucky.

I’m not kidding. One of the consequences of walking away from enormous privilege, at least for me, is no longer having an interest in hanging onto a tortured life. Tortured by knowledge. And perhaps wisdom, contrary to the voices of my critics.

I’m familiar with Oscar Wilde’s line: “If you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh, otherwise they’ll kill you.” I use humor at every opportunity. But my sense of humor is hardly applicable to everybody, and — Stage 6 aside, much less Stage 7 — I no longer care. I’m firmly in the camp of Giordano Bruno, as I explained more than eight years ago:

I am reminded of the Catholic Church’s treatment of my long-time hero, Giordano Bruno, which gave Galileo reason to recant in the face of astronomical truth. Trapped and captured by the Inquisition, Bruno was periodically interrogated during eight years of torture-laden imprisonment. Refusing to abandon the Copernican view that Earth orbits the sun instead of the converse Aristotelean (and, more importantly at the time, Catholic) view, Bruno was tongue-tied (literally) and burned alive in February of 1600. Legend, which is seldom true but which nicely embellishes a good story, has him spending his last words assailing the Church because its fear of the truth exceeded his fear of death.

I don’t fear the Church, not even when today’s version of the Church is the police state. Beyond my reputation for truth-telling about civilization and its results, I have nothing at stake (pun intended).

Back to the daily grind, then. Apparently I love it more than I’m letting on. Why else would I forge on, forgoing the pursuit of happiness? It’s unclear to what extent I’m capable of that pursuit. And so far I’ve been quite unimpressed with the fleeting happiness I’ve managed to corral. But, at least so far, I am not complaining.


*FUJIGM: Fuck U Jack, I’ve Got Mine

Unless you’re irritated because I responded to you abruptly, or not at all, this essay is not targeted at you. Please don’t take it personally. And remember: I am not complaining.

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  • Hello Guy,

    I discovered you about 6 months ago when trying to get back in touch with the science i learned in 8th grade and the evidence-based beliefs I have held ever since regarding the destruction of our planet by man. In an effort to gain some security in my life (money in the bank), I decided in college to go the “practical” route into business (as I thought I wasn’t passionate enough to do anything else) so that I could get a base amount of money in my account before doing something I finally discovered I was passionate about after about 15 years or so. Coincidentally, I’ve reach that point at just about the 15 year mark of my career in Corporate Finance. I now want to live my life based on my true beliefs that we are destroying the planet faster and faster and it is very unlikely that it can be stopped (like a runaway train). I think capitalism for all the good it has done in economic terms has destroyed the “golden goose” that is earth. Even though i believe this, I still want to try to do some good and meaningful work towards healing the planet but still need to make a least a living wage doing it. I’ve thought about getting a tiny home to cut my expenses to the most minimal amount and I’ve recently been interested in learning about sustainable organic farming and thinking of enrolling in a 6 month intensive program at the University of Vermont to learn all aspects of the business. I’m not sure this is the correct path but I feel it is more in-line with my values and beliefs regarding the earth than continuing in Corporate America.

    Any help or direction you can give to me based on your vast experience in this area, would be much appreciated.

    It is not often we find like-minded individuals as it relates to the severity of the problem with climate change as we are labeled “extreme” even though we are just following the evidence. Regardless, I think you are a hero for being so vocal and would appreciate any insight you may be able to give someone who’s been struggling with how to make such a large life move.

    Thanks for your time and hope to hear from you when you get a break from enjoying the rest of your time here on our beautiful wondrous earth.

    Michael Brezin

  • Guy, I read your essay very carefully.

    It saddens me when you write that your life is a mess & you welcome death as a rest.

    Speaking for myself, & w/o being pretentious or maudlin, I claim that pursuing the truth makes me happy more than anything else.

    Forgoing pursuing the truth would make me welcome death, as in Bruno.

    I am proud of everything that I say.

  • @ Guy
    That`s the unfortunate situation of the kind of celebrity who cant isolate himself from the fan`s and even than it needs only one crazed individual to finish the job of the many other crazies like in the case of John Lennon . I mean think about it ! Death threats ?! Just because of a message, some information being conveyed ? How deranged someone must be to come out with something like that . Except of course You are some Muzzulman crazy .. But we got used to that by now. and since they are medievalists or represent a medievalist mindset we know we cant do shit about it except bomb em back to well maybe it would be better for them back to the stone age that would be a good starting point for them an archaic revival some sort -but i digress . Anyway it is unfortunate that people cant distinct what kind of a reaction they can expect back from guy .. Add to the little meaningless request of the folks who just starting here and don`t know yet to the most outlandish people with their conspiracy theories which already borderline madness and think that Guy is all being exposed to this + The medievalists the climate medievalists who think that Guy is the threat to their precious way of life (and their fucking childrens ) than you know he has it not easy .

  • “The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it.”

    And, the truth is so clear to a reasonable person.

  • Cowgirl Apocalypse New Year’s Poem, 2015

    Let us step into peace,
    with demons to release-
    holding hard and tight,
    after soul’s darkest night.
    Lift them up, with a shout.
    Give them up, instead of out.
    Anchors that hold matter down and back,
    catapult the spirit high and fast.
    Free at last!

  • “Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to loose.” ~Janus Joplin

  • Janis sang it but …

    Me And Bobby Mcgee lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

  • Mark, a monumental statement; “I now want to live my life based on my true beliefs.”

    What were you doing before – precisely?

  • @Doctor and Teacher Guy McPherson

    Man, I can’t describe in words, how good it feels that there are still people like you out there, who speak out the truth. Speaking out the truth is hurtful for those who live through lies their whole life and so they get angry and attack you. It is just their very own bad Karma, they just can’t stand the truth, because they built their whole life on lies. This is why I only have 2 – 3 real friends left. But I never regret that I followed the path of truth and justice. I am so happy that I did follow the truth. What’s life worth without using eyes, ears, mouth, mind? Nothing.

    But my life is such a mess I welcome death. I need the rest.

    Man, living my whole life in the hell of Empire, I can’t see any difference between life and death anymore anyway, muhahaha. TRUTH & HONESTY will live forever !

    All my RESPECT to you, Doctor Guy! May the force always be with you.

  • Dear Guy,

    Thank you for the truth…

  • The remedy for this Would be only to tone down the message . just a little bit . Guy could just say : “Yes yes there is some hope for some pockets of people to survive” That would take the edge off of it .. And all these little people would be so satisfied and relieved . They would be loving Guy Since they all would think that they would be the ones (and their fucking children) who would survive nevertheless oout of the 7.5 billion a few hundred or a thousand what kind of odds are those . But they would Love Guy for that .. Even That Douchebag RE from Doomsteaddiner would love Guy . Since that`s his idea of his own survival will be in that tiny pocket . I don`t get it he is a wreck his health his circumstances finances etc just someone one would think would care so little of survival but not , he insist of survival .. Well i guess life is still in the future for him so cling to it by any means .. . Well i guess someone needs to live yet before he dies since the question is not .. If there is life after death but if there is life before death . and if you have never really lived you cant die .. so you cling to message to hope .. Even if it is a little ..

    “An American Prayer / Hour For Magic / Freedom Exists / A Feast Of Friends”
    Jim Morrison

    “O great creator of being

    Grant us one more hour to
    Perform our art
    & perfect our lives

    The moths & atheists are doubly divine
    & dying

    We live, we die
    & death not ends it

    Journey we more into the
    Cling to life
    Our passion’d flower

    Cling to Cunts & cocks
    Of despair

    We got our final vision
    By clap

    Columbus groin got
    Filled w/ green death

    (I touched her thigh
    & death smiled)

    We have assembled inside this ancient
    & insane theatre

    To propagate our lust for life
    & flee the swarming wisdom
    Of the streets

    The barns are stormed

    The windows kept

    & only one of all the rest

    To dance & save us

    W/ the divine mockery
    Of words

  • J.S.Bach: Komm, süsser Tod (Come, Sweet Death)

  • confirmation at scribbler

    Leo van Lierop, December 30, 2015

    Earth wind map pinned the temperature on the pole at 33.9°F or 1.1°C.,80.00,1500/loc=180.000,90.000

  • The sense of (unintentional?) irony generated by the first comment in the lineup is almost overwhelming.

  • Guy – As always your essay above is written with excellence. Beautiful & sad.

    Mark Austin received serious warnings from China and other sources shared privately with Guy. I did tell him it’s better to say I’m an idiot than end up dead like Karen Silkwood. I want to survive not die because of this deadly project. I feel a bit guilty…but then again they say it’s like putting your pets to sleep when there are in pain – if and when – things get worse.

    LWA, Babajingo & friends – The rest is for you who can read and not dismiss just in case I make a typo. You know all of this below contains additional factors. Much too complex to explain in a comment, where I might make a misplaced comma mistake. LOVE to OLD GROWTH FOREST & Sabine & ARTLEADS & SHEP.

    General Douglas MacArthur wanted to invade Japan, yet the first atomic bomb was supposed to save soldiers lives. I really should not try to explain years of Think Tank group research in this public format. In that sense I am an “idiot” to risk treason publishable by death. Heck, I’d like to survive as long as possible. I have a really nice life for now.

    If the cooling systems in nuclear plants continue to overheat in 2016 and then 2017 continues to break heat records we are very well aware Earth would be entering a tipping point. The MSM & economics do not like you alarming people. Still, I’m trying to save some young people sharing the #1 plan of action for population control when collapse gets really hot.

    Please remember, D-day, was a complex secret invasion. Patton was used to stage a distraction. Hollywood style prop tanks & facades. Some of the best ‘directors’ help stage future events. An Induced Pandemic killing almost everyone is a dead serious ONE TIME ONLY event. When FIFTY thousand people were involved in the first time enrichment of uranium & building the Hanford plant for the Manhattan project it was kept secret. But maybe someone should have committed treason to stop them from building the first atomic bomb. Even after the first atomic explosion test at the New Mexico Trinity site almost nobody knew it was leading to Hiroshima – changing the arms & energy race.

    All agents are connected to the CIA under the Homeland Security umbrella. ‘ARGO’ hostile territories like you if you are from L.A. – dead if you are from D.C. If you worked on something as big as the Manhattan Project and said anything you would be a traitor. This is serious. Small 9,521 units will have more impact than D-day or creating the first atomic bomb. Nuke Professional is just a place to look since it is very hard to post here. I know we need to get others who have the most recent documents to confirm. I will work with SEEMOREROCKS who seems to understand that a one time ELE attack is very serious. Sorry if it does not get delivered with sunshine in my voice. We can only kill billions once. A one minute call to warn a few. Get out of the USA. Go far south by next year. Do not stay if blackouts and disruptions become common breaking down the B.S. financial system.

    “Biogenetics offered us the most efficient and fastest way to kill the billions that must soon die if the abrupt crisis escalates. Best candidate for eliminating 90 percent of the world’s population is airborne Ebola (Ebola Reston), because it is both highly lethal and it kills in days.” Award winning scientist, Dr. Eric Pianka (University of Texas evolutionary ecologist)created solutions for reducing the world’s population. “We’ve got airborne diseases with 90 percent mortality in humans genetically spliced with Aids, Anthrax, H1N1 and 5 other virulent microbes.”

    2016-2017 DUGWAY Proving grounds Utah viral testing agenda.

    1. TOTAL BLACKOUT, know the difference between a heatwave power failures -vs- when the plug has been pulled for good. SSB radio communications can discern if it is a national scale event. (We strongly advocated against the use of EMPs) If EMP’s are used then you will know from the stalled vehicles.

    2. Nine thousand prepared in the USA along with other fundamentalist eager to be hands of Apocalypse “pouring the vials out upon the land, seas & rivers” Water treatment plants will be poisoned more clinically. Over 10k vial packs manufactured in Houston. Big reason an Ebola victims was rapidly transported to Emory Atlanta. CDC. Dr. Perl was thinking about also being a whistle blower on the vials before they left Houston for replication. Now I am beginning to see why it is not worth asking others and the public to do their own deep research. The smartest and fittest will take it serious and survive outside the worst zones. Now I see why the standard consumers are not bright enough to take actual extinction very serious beyond a talk show debate. What children are you going to sell books to after you get the wipe-out deadly proof???

    233 million are projected to die in 72 hours. Fast for the youngest & oldest. Other fatal diseases will spread from decaying bodies. Possibly some vaccinated doctors can provide medical care.

    Survivors should immediately proceed toward their nearest nuclear power stations. Teams of at least ten per plant are already trained to manage the consequences of WMD’s. Survivors please assist the nuclear professionals (cook, clean, play guitar)

    Mostly likely 200 reactors in other countries will explode without proper care in first 2 weeks. Take potassium iodine. Ozone will be full of ionizing radiation. Chemical engineers must secure storage tanks of Boron Tricholoride, Hydrogen Cyanide, Nitric & Slfuric acid, Tungsten Hexafluoride, Ethylene Oxide & Methylamine Phosgene.

    Toxic substances will create dead zones. Is there any other course of action we can take beside instant de-pop? Society likes instant applications. Almost impossible to seek cooperation toward taking any other measure during violent weather destabilization.

    This is entirely connected to full acceptance of climate change.

    If you want to plant doubt about a project The CIA has learned that the general public are the best dis-info agents because they work to turn facts & truth into doubt, conspiracy, and give equal time to denial.

    The public will eagerly destroy evidence. Expose a project and let the public do the work of denying it. USA citizens are better than the CIA at screaming lies. We learned to give them enough truth and they will bury it in an avalanche of denial. Invade Poland by walking in backwards. Let them shred the facts…so we can carry on not worrying about secrets. If you plan to kill Billions let Obama address the nation. Understandably people distrust so much that they could not adjust fast enough to us using the opposite tactic of semi-disclosure.

    Your only proof will be for the non-idiot survivors. Vaccinations for the most indispensable have already been given to everyone who knows they need immunity against an “accident” release of the most virulent contagion ever created. I repeat Dr. P: “We’ve got airborne diseases with 90 percent mortality in humans genetically spliced with Aids, Anthrax, H1N1 and 5 other virulent contagions” Big reason the Ebola victim was rapidly transported to Emory Hosp Atlanta-CDC.

    In the Houston case Epidemiologist “Perl” was thinking about also being a whistle blower on the vials before they left Houston for replication. Now I am beginning to see why it is not worth asking others to do their own deep research. The smartest and fittest will take it serious and survive outside the worst zones. Standard consumers are not bright enough to take actual extinction very serious beyond a talk show debates where the original statement said it was connected to climate change to begin with.

    SHEP -Can you imagine why fundamental types are armed & recruited? By tonight I will have info who is tracking the 9 thousand selected. D GELLER is trying to keep track since all the sleeper cells have been assisted in going completely off the radar. Sort of hard to control them and their WMDs awaiting release. NOT

  • @Gerald

    Thx for the nullschool, I had to slap it right into the face of some socalled “professional meteorologists” here in Germany, who deny the drama in the arctic. Watch out:,1377.150.html#msg67615

  • Every thing important happens in America. Even the apocalypse. Here in Canada, I get to watch. Is it time for me to make the popcorn?

  • Mark – you’re a fear mongering koo-koo bird. You haven’t revealed anything new. You can’t seem to compose 3 sentences that are coherent (yet you wrote a novel) – you say you were nervous on the radio, yet your education and experience is in tv and communication – you were an actor for cripes sake! Everything about you leads to WTF??? –

    And don’t make us laugh with the references to China threats – now you’re name dropping Karen Silkwood, Snowden, and Assage like you’re one of the club. And what’s with the Islamaphobia?? Why that’s WingNut Daily stuff. So what’s a sane man to do but lol.

    This is freakin hilarious – only thing keeping it afloat are a few once credible folks lending their support.

    At least that’s how I’m seeing things.

  • @Andrew Taylor

    In Empire you are never wrong with tons of popcorn, muhahaha :-)

  • ‘Are you completely ignorant? Insane? Stupid? Naive?’

    Most people living in industrialised societies are: they have been carefully trained to be that way. Rejecting truth is a reflex action, based on extensive conditioning.

    For much of my life I could not understand why people responded to television advertisements or political party slogans the way they did. Then I realized people are ignorant, stupid, naïve, or insane.

    To not be that way is to be one of a very tiny minority.

  • Guy wrote:
    I receive hundreds of messages every day. And a few telephone calls. All demanding my immediate response.

    Do you need a new wardrobe item to augment the ‘two types of people’ T-shirt?


    @ Daniel (Analyst in Residence at the Batshit Basilica?)

    If you haven’t seen the long YT clip that you can get with “Steven Greer Nov. 12, 2015” as your search string, feel encouraged to check it out.

    Save you a trip.

  • Guy, humanity isn’t the asteroid, it’s the turd in the punch bowl of life. There are few redeeming factors, you are one. Whatever happens, whatever, (whoever), comes to stake, never forget who you are and what you’ve stood for.

  • Yeah, it is swing-time, WATCH OUT, sistren and brethren:

  • .
    “One of the consequences of walking away from enormous privilege, at least for me, is no longer having an interest in hanging onto a tortured life.”

    “Whosoever shall seek to save his life shall lose it; and whosoever shall lose his life shall preserve it.” (the other Buddha)

    “But my life is such a mess I welcome death. I need the rest.”

    Although it may never go away, you may find you do get used to that feeling after awhile. Felt it every day myself now for about 25 years, it’s sort of like a yearning to go home. Still, no luck though. I even tried once, but they just sent me back post haste.

    I really liked your essay today Guy … loved it actually. I myself think you’re doing just fine. You are a good one. I am sorry to hear you get so many calls though. Just keep swimming, I suppose. Thanks once again for today’s essay.

  • @ Bob S. – As you have noticed ‘coherence’ is a huge no-no in the fog bound, web-based, fantasy zones of fear-mongering. Coherence is the one thing you’ll never stumble upon in that territory.

    However, DIY industrial- scale incoherence seems to be one of America’s last home brew products as we vigorously go about re-inventing ( bull-sh*tting )ourselves everyday.

    On the other hand, coherence is essential when seriously marshaling evidence and logical argument in order to make a serious case about something… for example something like Anthropogenic Climate Disruption, a subject that can certainly arouse fear.

    There’s a big distinction, here…I think. Coming to grips w/ fear is NOT fear-mongering. The difference can confuse us here in TV/ Screen land.

    NBL does not peddle ‘fear’ to internet couch potatoes as a thrilling antidote to tedium.

    But… ( analogy warning !!! :) What if you build a Mud Hut complete w/ an open door policy and soon there’s a crowd constantly perched on your front porch? Some of them can entertain themselves pretty well so you don’t have to spend all your time laughing at their jokes , or refreshing their drinks. You might even have to crawl thru a back window once in a while to enter your own home unnoticed but , oh well…

    Sh*t…Time goes by , and sure enough… a coupla’ circuit riding door-to-door salesmen w/ glittery lariats show up to start working the crowds, trying to cut the gullible ones off from the main herd and drive ’em on down to the XXX Hob-Goblin Ranch, a little further on down the road, ya’ see, way on yonder over the hill where nothing seems real etc.

    So long, little doggies. ( end -of-analogy )

  • “One of the consequences of walking away from enormous privilege, at least for me, is no longer having an interest in hanging onto a tortured life.

    Doctor Guy McPherson, you just exachanged material privileges for the immaterial privilege of TRUTH. There is no bigger privileg than Truth and the Courage to walk Upright. You can never run away from yourself. You got Friends here, people like me, who went exactly through the same Hell like you, who died a thousand times. Trust me:

    One day all your suffering will turn into pure light of freedom and consciousness, you will remember my words.

    Peace to you.

  • Heres what I know wrt our elected officials having been married to the sister of a prominent US congressman. I have attended many many political events as family, behind the scenes access, retreats, small dinners, drinking sessions, with numerous politicos from local, state, and national including high ranking senators.

    First off if you really want to piss them off and get them to scream in your face, spittle flying, try and remind them that they work for the people. They do not in any way look at it that way. I can’t count how many times and how many ways they disparage the average citizen. At best they believe they are doing what THEY think is best for the masses. At worst they believe that the masses are a ignorant, dangerous externality that needs to be managed.

    They also are generally very well informed. I consider myself an extreme autodidact with well above average research skills, have been since 8th grade. There was nothing that I could talk about that my bro inlaw didn’t have total knowlege plus some.

    Point is they understand that the instant that it is understood that there is no shinning future for the masses to project themselves into it will be mass pandemonium. The Occupy movements have done nothing but confirm this for them.

    They firmly believe they need to stay ahead of this situation or run the risk of collapse in the worst possible way which they all have been well briefed on.

    In this light I can certainly see where what Mark talks about can be very real.

  • If they are really interested in their very own wellbeing, they should just look back in time and ask themselves, what has brought us and them into that mess:

    Greed, hatred, ignorance.

    They will never achieve any wellbeing for themselves, if they don’t overcome greed, hatred and ignorance. Thruth is simple, they don’t need military, secret services, money, propaganda, bio hazards ect. Truth never hides from man, but man hides from truth. They have to realize, that they have only one way to avoid great suffering for themselves too and great suffering for their relatives too:

    Realize, that everything is interconnected. What they do to others, they do to themselves in the long run. They can learn that by just looking back in history. What goes around, always comes around, it’s that simple, dear Elite. We will have to work together, the whole planet will have to work together, may it be in Life or may it be in Death, pursue a life of excellence (thank you, Doctor McPherson). They are the bosses here or there, but the big boss over all is the Cosmic Spirit, the Big Boss everywhere, all the time. I call it Cosmic Spirit, but you can call it Truth, Reality, the Laws of Nature, Dharma, Karma, Physics or whatever. Names are just names.

  • “Then there are the never-ending attacks. And hate mail. And death threats promises.”

    It pisses me off that you’re receiving hate (e)mail. However, I’d consider it badge of honor. Your’e making *some* people very uncomfortable by speaking the truth. Deep down they know you’re right, but they’re not ready to hear it. It’s too much of a buzz kill. But the Endocene doesn’t care. It will bring homo callidus kicking and screaming to its near term demise.

    The longer answer: Civilization enables human-population overshoot to continue. Ditto for fouling the air and spoiling the water. And washing away the soil. And furthering the Sixth Great Extinction.”

    This is why climate change ultimately doesn’t matter. We’d foul up the earth beyond repair sooner or later. Climate change Just means ‘sooner’ rather than later. Extinction will happen on our watch which is appropriate as we’re most of the blame.

    No. But my life is such a mess I welcome death. I need the rest.

    I’m right there with you mate.

  • Yikes 223 million at once. Smell that smell.

  • @Gerald, the guy’s name is Michael, not Mark.

  • Hi everyone, I’ve got a slightly different slant on the future. I’m working back from the lifeforms we are least likely to kill off by our fossil fuel based “civilization”, like tardigrades and algae and spending myself in interesting ways in order to get more species a chance at a future. My reasoning is that the more coal, tar sands and fracked gas we stop being extracted and burnt, the more species we may fail to send extinct.

    I’m 55 and have been arrested 3 times in the last 2 years in anti fossil fuel protest. supports a lot of grass roots activism. The last time I devised a lock on for railway tracks and in 3 hours I allegedly stopped 14 coal trains. Like Guy M, I really don’t care much for my own safety, except that if I got killed I would be of less use to others. The strangest thing was that when I got to court, the first thing the magistrate said was, “Everyone agrees with you.., and if they don’t, they should.”

    So be brave, people, as Guy is. Spend yourself in some way to improve the outcome of the future. Don’t expect it for your own children, or even your own species, just act positively for the world. If anyone knows a better way to help the world apart from just stopping the damage, well, go ahead and try it. That’s my thing and it gives me some sense of atonement. Give up on yourselves, give up on civilisation, but never give up on life because we shouldn’t be so arrogant as to think we know all the tricks the biosphere.

  • trainspeedhump my guess is that only simple organisms make it through this one lol even guy i’m guessing hopes more make it through.After all the nuclear meltdowns unless your genes are radiation friendly or maybe if your dad knows someone he can get you through oops sorry that’s a job.i’m guessing less than 1% but i’m an idiot and you can hope that i’m a real idiots idiot.
    As far as people wanting immediate response I think that is caused by hope and people to lazy to imagine probable futures.When the arctic ice is gone it will force them to see the future. Being a doomer is very freeing and allows me to be focused with my attentions.I’m no longer attached to as many outcomes.

  • The beer I just opened was made, or should I say crafted as the new age speak now seems to demand 15 miles from my home purchased as a rebuke of mass production, a small step yes but one of many I have taken over the past twenty some odd years, and right now as I type single handed I hold my glass toward the south upright and say Dr Mac..Cheers for all you do!

  • PS STOP standing in front of trains you idiot … unless you like doing it.
    Ohh and FUCK IT! Non of this matters and it never did .. unless you want it to.
    I’m kinda simple .If it makes me giggle or makes my senses strain with interest I like it.

  • It’s the old cliche-joke of the earnest bloke encouraging the depressed fellow to go see Dr Goldstein, “the best shrink one could ever chat with.”

    Of course depressed dude reveals himself as Dr G, himself…

    Went through my own decade-strife(family issues), which meant walking away from my own kin, in a foreign country. I’ve seen once half of a HUGE family exploit the rest. Even blood will do these things to each other. Indeed, they likely get more opportunities due to stubborn trust.

    Used to do long triathlons, so I once knew a bit on I’m trying to recollect that feel.

    Upon discovering your research/meesage Dr McPherson, it gave me a reason to sit up, & start keepin score again. Thank you for the inspiring truth.

    I’ve long lamented & disdained tech, as a proud, untrainable dinosaur. But thank God for the info I could get from alternative media, & Utube lectures.

    All the things I sensed were askew, 2 or 3 decades back, I’ve been able to get a handle on(somewhat, at least).

    Guy McPherson, Derrick Jensen, Hedges, Chomsky, Richard Wolff, Stephen Jenkinson, Stephen Cohen.

    This is a quick list of people I’ve watched/listened to, who have stated clearly for justice, ideas I’d long grappled with, but couldn’t clearly state & comprehend, in full.

    I believe most of us are just simple beings, yearning for a sense of understanding. There are a FEW who are burdened with the knowledge, conscience & general wherewithal, who can deliver. I’m sure many such gifted people choose to quietly opt out.

    Perhaps you are tired Dr McPherson; but you’ve walked a very noble path.

  • WTI and Brent Crude are both at USD $36 with 14 cents different….WTF

    Does this mean the Texas oil masters have lost their capacity to jig some difference? Or s it a sign of something much bigger…war? or steep USA decline, which could lead to War…or actually bigger war than is going on at present.

    I hope those readers are ok in their respective localles.

    Happy New Year. (A year is some arbitrary time thingy, based on the position of the Sun in our solar system, but when it all gets down, we don’t know where ‘here’ is, nor anywhere. aI liked the TV series LOST for that reason, but also because Jack was always out of breath, being the physical hero/leader, but I never saw him run) just sain…. ;)

  • Just in case anyone thought thins were OK downunder…

    ‘Great Ocean Road fires: 116 houses lost’

    Video embedded. “The Great Ocean Road fires have taken 116 houses in the latest tally with that number possibly rising, and emergency services have been praised for their early evacuation efforts”

    I heard on the radio several days ago that the RFS believes this fire will keep burning for the rest of Summer in South Australia. That is a long time.

  • The math below to prove I’m human is getting easier.

    I’m not complaining either…

  • Dr. McPherson wrote: “Civilization is an omnicidal heat engine. Nearly everybody I know loves it, even though it’s killing practically all life on Earth, including us. And shortly after it’s gone, we’ll all die. What’s not to love?

    It is the result of demented group think (Etiology of Social Dementia – 12).

    Think about it (The Damaged Global Climate System – 5).

  • Happy Everything on Fire And Make Total Destroy in 2016…

    Best advice from my grandparents generation:
    A US grunt soldier from WW2 said, Life is Like A War.
    Take a rest whenever you can.

    Words that served me well for sticking around to piss everybody off.
    Take a gig at a low-end uni in America, or in the less psychosified 3rd world. Practice bell hook’s Teaching to Transgress, Ivan Illich’s De-schooling Society, Freire’s Pedagogy of the Oppressed, or Peter McLaren’s new Pedagogy of Insurrection. Take the checks and cash them. Piss off the admins and students with conserv parents if not everybody else in the whole world. Give em all a cold shower. Get fired. Rinse. Repeat yearly, or on a semester or term basis. It’s not a bad life. Really. :-) hahaha

    Happy Everything on Fire And Make Total Destroy in 2016…

  • Old, long, but good. I always remember this one whenever the Mississippi river gets high.

  • @kevin moore: “For much of my life I could not understand why people responded to television advertisements or political party slogans the way they did. Then I realized people are ignorant, stupid, naïve, or insane.”

    I used to think that too, but recently I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s just simple greed that motivates people. Whenever I talk to people about the state of the world, I generally get the same response; “but what can I do about it?”, so then I go on to point out some practical actions that it’s possible to take, i.e. stop actually paying for the ongoing destruction via your shopping habits (local shops rather than corporate giants), keep as little money in a bank as you can, ride a bike rather than drive a car; these are all simple actions that anyone can take, yet the only response I ever receive to these practical actions is rejection. “I’m too old to change”, “It’s easier to drive the car”, so on. So I have come to the reluctant understanding that you can’t even just call the masses generally insane, because even when you inform people about the situation, and offer them practical solutions to mitigating their personal role in ecocide, they will still do absolutely nothing about it. I think this is a reflection of that there are 2 basic modes of living on planet Earth, fear-based and love-based. Everything about our culture promotes fear, and money promotes the idea of fear based on scarcity, so this attitude of inaction in the face of a global emergency comes back to the fear-based paradigm.

    @LWA, the yearning to go home, I understand that extremely well. I’ve spent some time recently reading around near-death experiences, and the one constant seems to be the reluctance to come back to physical existence. I vary between thinking that planet Earth is a school, a lunatic asylum and a prison; the fact that we seem to be compelled to come here, despite what we want, and the work of Dolores Cannon, suggests to me the former. I do think that at some level we choose to come here (a level of being that we clearly forget as soon as we incarnate!), and Cannon’s work suggests that we came here to try to heal a failing biosphere. In my darker moments, I think we’ve failed, yet even if that is the case, perhaps it’s better to go down fighting for ideas like beauty, integrity, simple truth, than to throw in the towel. There is some science out there suggesting that what we think becomes our reality (I’m thinking of Lynne McTaggart’s work on intention –, along with the work of others such as Cambridge professor Rupert Sheldrake); if enough people can see through the stories that our culture and mass media promulgate, and work toward a shared story of co-operation, rather than competition, perhaps there is still a sliver of hope. I know most will point to the nuclear plants around the world as being the ultimate nail in our ecosphere’s coffin, yet I’m also aware that we aren’t the only technological lifeform interacting with this planet, as hidden as that reality may be; if you spend any time studying the UFO field, you learn that a consistent thread that runs through many UFO events is their interest in nuclear sites on planet Earth. I’m aware that a lot of people think the UFO phemoneon is simply fantasy, but if you spend a little time researching it, you’ll find plenty of very credible people (including many astronauts – wanting to talk publically about their experiences. The Disclosure Project is a good start for that; many people don’t know that Roswell was the world’s first nuclear base, and the most famous UK case, Rendlesham Forest (an event that happened at the largest NATO base in the UK, and one which the US Colonel who was in charge of the base openly discusses, along with a fair number of other US servicemen), was also a nuclear base. A consistent message from those who’ve communicated with these people from other places is “Stop fucking up your planet, humans”, so if ever we do get to the stage where we have the collective wisdom to do just that, the idea that we might get some help from outside isn’t entirely unprecedented.

    In regard to Mark Austin’s piece here, I note that he quoted the reports from the Pope saying that this would be our last Christmas. I researched that a little, and he never actually said this. It’s the standard internet game of musical chairs where one blog just references another as the source, with no genuine source at all. That puts everything else that Mark has said in to question to my mind.

    And finally, to the good professor; thank you for your work. I came over this site for the first time a few months ago, while learning about the 6th mass extinction, and while your work certainly hasn’t cheered me up, I have great respect for those to whom truth is more important that status. To comfort the afflicted, and afflict the comfortable, amen to that, Dr. McPherson.

  • Dear Guy McPherson,

    Thank you for your message that we should lead lives of excellence. After a period of NTHE-depression, I’m now much happier and more appreciative of life than I used to be. For example, perhaps tonight I’ll see the last fireworks that I’ll ever see in my life, so I’m going to enjoy the spectacle immensely.

    You’re the best teacher I’ve ever had. Thanks again.


  • As the law of Mensa applies in ability I understand that problem. It happens as knowledge increases yet to find balance you have to find that positive, for you perhaps the edification from others that both validate and absolve your views from critical thinking. It is understandable to try and find a point of blame; gives satisfaction but ask yourself why? This is the old method to create new idea’s and views in ancient Greek times. To know is not as to believe yet to conclude is not to know but merely to believe too. To act on what we believe is what defines us in goodness and in evil yet who is to say what is evil and what is good? Was the intent seeded in goodness with an evil outcome? The nature of people is primarily neutral but emotional convictions determine it’s growth by reasoning. A book or manifesto is merely the extension of ones contemplation and desire to find public support in ones quest for perceived truth. In that manner I think it wise to leave behind that hurts and look towards goodness and focus your talents on what you like & love. Don’t feed paranoid idea’s because of the above for there is no end in that unless you want wisdom and philosophical enlightenment with the risk of becoming Slavoj Žiže (Zizek): going really insane.

  • Dear Guy, just before waking this morning, I had this dream. You were in it and it was clearly sparked by your most recent essay. I went Something like this:

    I am at lecture/presentation, maybe a workshop of some kind – typically room, folks (not a lot) in chairs. You (Guy) may have already spoken, but were now sitting as one of the small audience. I come up behind you and put my hand on your shoulders in what is meant to be a gentle, comforting way. You lean your head back and rest it lightly on my chest. I say quietly to you: ‘I think I understand that bit about welcoming death – the rest and respite it brings. I feel that way sometime, and for me there’s a huge difference between ‘welcoming’ death and hastening or actively causing it.’

    We leave the room and are walking (maybe on a campus?) together and I’m eager to share more of my thoughts with you. I say something to the effect: ‘Given that birth is a death sentence anyway, and death is an inevitability, why not welcome it…what’s the alternative – resistance? That’s futile.’

    I’m aware that you are very tall in comparison with me; I’m looking up at you as I speak, but you’re looking (quite resolutely stiffly forward). I’m just under 5ft8, and have several tall friends who make a point of looking down or stooping a bit as we talk, so I’m not sure how into the conversation you are, and say something like: ‘You could talk down at me…’ – meaning ‘look down’ and converse. You mumble something unintelligible – maybe ‘stupid, insane’ I’m not sure if you’re ‘criticizing’ my ideas, but I don’t feel that and keep talking.

    I say: ‘What’s the opposite of welcoming, of hospitality? Hostility, right? And since death is going to show up in any case, might as well make him welcome. Can’t slam or barricade the door when death comes knocking, so might as well invite him in…’

    Then we are on a well-lit subway platform (others there, but not crowded), and a short two-car train (also brightly lit) comes roaring into the station. Doors open and you dash quickly this way and that looking for the ‘best’ door to go through, and I follow you into the first car, where you continue to dash around (almost like a playful, excited, somewhat unruly kid, who is finding the whole trip a fun adventure). The subway car is not full at all and the few people in it are fairly diverse. At first you slide in next to a couple of folks, then quickly change your mind and move over to an empty seat opposite, which I’m glad of because now we can sit together.

    A window above your seat is open and (again like big kid living in the moment) you stand up and stick your head near it (not out the window, that would be stupid and dangerous) to feel the rush of air.

    You settle down with a newspaper in your hands, and then proceed to tear off a small corner of one page and hand it to me. I take the scrap of paper and, to your evident surprise and delight, put it in my mouth and start to chew it. At which point you move in to give me a big, wet, full kiss with some tongue, which, as a gay man, I enjoy. I’m a little nervous about how other passengers might react to this public display of affection, but when I look around no one is bothered and one person has a small smile, as if to say ‘No problem for me, amigos’.

    Feeling coy and a bit playful now, I look at you, and try to come up with some new words to an old song. I sing: ‘Don’t share the news with me…people will say we’re in love.’

    Thanks for the essay.

  • @Paul

    Most of the spiritual terminology/vernacular is so loaded that I find it unhelpful to use especially with those lucky enough to have no exposure to it (wink)- that I try to steer clear of it as best I can.

    You said:

    “According to Advaita teacher Roger Castillo:

    “Enlightenment is simply continuous, unbroken peace of mind, regardless of the circumstances.” ”

    Depends what he means by “mind”?

    this local mind is often perturbed (though less and less over time) with sorrow, frustration etc.. but there is no stickiness to it.

    If what he means by “mind” is the totality – ones actual nature – then this unbroken “peace” is already the case- for you have never been touched fundamentally by the parade of phenomena.

    But this is all very difficult to speak of coherently..

    If I was pushed for a definition of “enlightenment” I would say that it is the eradication of existential fear and its effects from the life leaving you sane ,safe and secure in your own life.

    This is the difficulty. Trying to speak of something which is fundamentally a subtraction in nature. (And its not a subtraction that you do- it is done to you- if you get me). Nothing new is added- no bliss or omniscience (unless these are already the case) (wink)

    Hence I don’t think it helps to make it a goal – because it isn’t what i ‘think’ it is. Its non-linear – discontinuous – if you will.

    The goal- if there is one- is simply to be free of misery and suffering
    The means – looking at yourself directly

    By this I simply mean the effort to bring the beam of your attention in direct contact with the extremely subtle feeling of “youness”- what you call “me” – prior to thoughts,sensations etc..

    No understanding- no matter how beautiful or erudite can bring an end to misery. One has to move beyond the word and make contact with reality directly. Its not hard to do and anyone that tries will succeed.

    It is the contact with reality that does the work of restoring sanity to human life. The result is that the neurotic mechanisms (what you call reactivity) that came into being to protect me from my own life as a result of this context of fear- simply begin to fall away as they no longer have any raison d’etre.

    Assessing my progress is an effect of this fear of life- this disease..after all where would I go or get to? My suggestion if you wish to assess progress is to look at the relationship to your own life. Oftentimes we don’t even notice when things just don’t turn up anymore – dissatisfaction, anxiety, aggression, the whole sense of life being a problem that needs to be solved

  • This is a Gem so it needs repeating

    Bob S. Says:
    December 30th, 2015 at 1:17 pm
    Mark – you’re a fear mongering koo-koo bird. You haven’t revealed anything new. You can’t seem to compose 3 sentences that are coherent (yet you wrote a novel) – you say you were nervous on the radio, yet your education and experience is in tv and communication – you were an actor for cripes sake! Everything about you leads to WTF??? –

    And don’t make us laugh with the references to China threats – now you’re name dropping Karen Silkwood, Snowden, and Assage like you’re one of the club. And what’s with the Islamaphobia?? Why that’s WingNut Daily stuff. So what’s a sane man to do but lol.

    This is freakin hilarious – only thing keeping it afloat are a few once credible folks lending their support.

    At least that’s how I’m seeing things.

  • No good deed…

    Yes, I do think that Civilization would have been a good idea.

    The fact that you piss so many people off is only an indication that you’re hitting much closer to home than they would like…

    Keep up the good work Guy, the news may be bad, but at least we can schedule a suitable celebration.

  • “Life is a sky-dive: out of a cunt, into the grave.” – Faina Ranevskaya

  • Would you rather be one of these?

  • “Life is a sky-dive: out of a cunt, into the grave.

    Not all life comes from a “cunt”, right? Some life comes from eggs for example ;-) Anyway, to me that quote sounds like life is extremely easy, schnipp, schnapp, fin. Is it really that easy? Then why all the noise here, there and everywhere?

    If your life, my life or anyone elses life really came from nothing and goes to nothing, could that not happen again then? Maybe countless times? I can’t help it, but that quote of Mrs. Ranevskaya sounds to good, to easy to be true^^

  • … some say, that a cunt is a grave already and a grave is a cunt… What, if that is true?

  • Do you see the little sticker on that guy in the video Kirk Hamilton posted? YinYang, that’s the way I see it.

  • For the western, rational, civilized mind Death looks like something permanent, but you will not find anything permanent in the whole Universe.

  • Outstanding comments above!


    That was a very rich and touching (no pun intended) dream!I picked up joy, a sort of breakthrough.


    Re Mark and bio extermination of Americans:

    I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss it. If you were to look at planetary survival and see whose lifestyle and customs most got in the way, whose would it be? (Rhetorical question).

    Then I think of B9K9 who used to post here more often. His idea was to make ourselves useful to TPTB. We don’t know of whom they comprises, much less how to oppose them.

    A little thought exercise could be useful: Try to think like the TPTB. We see that history has been the epic, cosmic fuck up of all time. No bloody way in hell can it keep going. The clock must be reset, the slate wiped clean so as to start again. You need to get rid of the restless surge, calm things down, restore tranquility of sorts. The meek must inherit the earth.

    The manly men of all ages (they know who they are) will be conscripted to ward of the evil terrorists. No fucking excuses. No nonsense about poor eyesight, wobbly teeth, arthritis. Put up or shut TF up.

    The “White man” would have a new role: devolve power to the “white woman.” She alone knows where all the keys and bank accounts are kept. She alone knows the intimate details about the “white” men that run the world. Hand over the reins to the “white” women or face severe consequences.

    End of Thought Experiment

    So I don’t see resigning to death. Rage against the dying of the light, preferably. Wester’s recommendation on possible new gigs point in a generally correct direction, IMO.

    TPTB “bioremediation” agenda is not wholly without virtue, though rather drastic. To work best, it would have to come on suddenly and unexpectedly–like anytime now. It wouldn’t be something that most could expect or even imagine.

    Recommendation for Americans: Learn to find consensus. Real soon, before TPTB has no other choice than to impose it on you. The constant warring and sparring must come to an end. There must be organization and order, or TPTB must impose it on you. In FEMA camps, in mass graves, whatever works best.

  • Sad thought. The loss of all the beautiful parts of culture.A 100 million or so years from now gonna take an infinite number of monkeys (or what ever evolves)a long time to write another Shakespeare.
    Crispy cool blue sky day .. think I’ll go fishing

  • Mostly offline this Christmas – online now only for couple of hours. I am sure 2016 will be “interesting” in the Chinese sense. Walked home last week at midnight – wrote this the next day:

    Full moon midnight
    – minus 17
    railway tracks – black ribs spaced by snow
    rhythm of boots
    hoarfrost rimes all trees
    styrofoam crunch & squeak of snow underfoot
    moon overhead
    crystalline everything
    christmas lights
    stars forever
    and suddenly a moose – female –
    nibbling buds on winter branches across the road
    “freeze, watch, don’t disturb her”
    gracious grace
    enormous, ancient, reaching ten feet up into the boughs

    – some things still make sense.

    Dec 25, 2015

  • .

    Thanks so much for your wonderful post; I enjoyed reading it very much. I too only came to this site several months ago, maybe three or four months ago I guess. While I enjoyed, and also have an interest in, all of the topics you discussed, one thing you mentioned touches on one of my most valued topics since being unceremoniously returned to my body after trying to exit so many years ago. That topic is the concept of the love based / fear based paradigm. That is so fundamental and key to our experience here, and it’s also the root of the curriculum at the ‘school’ we all find ourselves in, as you so aptly interpreted it. Although, lunatic asylum is what it winds up being as well, and even a prison too sometimes, when one finds themselves surrounded by so many people who just simply aren’t ‘getting it.’

    That’s the main reason why I engage (ha ha, foolishly I know, but it’s just a choice), why I engage people who hassle Mark. You see, it’s not even about whether Mark is correct or not, none of that even matters one bit. What matters to me is how people behave toward one another. You can debate without denigrating a person with insults is the point I’m making. That’s the only bottom line there really is on this plane of existence; how you treat other life. However, my perspective is so off the beaten path because of my radical experience that most people interpret what I’m trying to get across through their own lens, and then the exercise winds up being mostly pointless anyway. I’m often guilty of not just stepping back and letting people have their own experience of it all, without my interfering. That’s another school lesson too; learning to allow, which is the root of tolerance and acceptance. See, we never stop learning or being given more experiences to learn from, no matter who we are or what we’ve seen.

    Back to the point though, it truly is the fear and lack based paradigms that have propelled us down this path we’re on. I’m convinced some bad apples even understand this fully, and promoted ideas of worry and concern, recognizing that people can be exploited best when they are living in fear. I sometimes suspect this was the Romans, yet I have no clue as to why such a situation would have come about. It’s like how some people just want a nice game of cards, and then some low vibration bonehead has to come along and cheat. Then you get to apply the concept of acceptance by thanking the cheater just for being there to give you the experience of it all I guess, and that’s when existence twists all up like a paradoxical pretzel and you just have to say, ‘wow, how completely bizarre this all is!’

    But, back to the fear thing. As you’ve probably encountered while reading up on NDE’s … although my experience was not exactly an NDE, it was a different thing but similar … it had the same effect on me; it erased the fear of death and dying, and even of suffering to a large degree. After all, ever since that experience, what do I care if I die tomorrow or not, or if I can extend my life with a large retirement account or not, or if my friend dies tonight, or if I suffer this afternoon? It’s all insignificant, really. And it was also after this ‘adjustment’ to my perception that I started to get to fool around with your other concept too; the one about our intentions and our demeanor playing a large role in shaping our environment, either collectively or individually. By the way, it’s that collective intention and group mental entrainment that presents the biggest hurdle here; there’s a definite collective subconscious affecting where the flow will or won’t go here in our little bubble. It’s that collective bit that leaves me shrugging my shoulders sometimes and saying, ‘this is all just pointless, just let me off this foolish ride would you please, isn’t it over yet?’

    I really don’t know what hope there ever was that people would overcome their fear of death without having the sort of direct experience with it that I did (and many others have too.) I really don’t know what the point of it all is, really. With that overarching fear of dying so prominent in people’s collective consciousnesses, people will hoard money, hoard food, acquire land and resources, want more than they need, fight their neighbors for the same things that could be shared, and basically create the exact experience we now find ourselves having. So ya, interesting shit, but also so very confusing in the end. To me it seems as though this was all pretty inevitable based on the parameters of the experience, so what was the point of it all anyway? (Anyone non materialists care to speculate?)

    So ya, thanks again for you post solivagant. I really did enjoy your insights. Who knows, maybe this has all been just a game for the amusement of those UFO people. No doubt they would be concerned if we blow up the workings from the inside out. Hey, nobody likes to have their toy broken, do they?

    “Oh no … they’ve dreamed up radiation! Now what do we do?”

    P.S. They point I’m relaying here isn’t to stop caring and fall listlessly into death. The point ‘would’ have been to loosen up the bolt just enough in order to have a jolly good time being here creating and co-existing with everyone and everything. I’m certainly not advocating anyone invite death, I’m just saying don’t fear it is all. Hell, they’ll probably just send you back anyway with a good scolding for being a cheese ball if you check out before your time. They’ll ask you why you didn’t want to be there for the big show, since it’s supposedly going to be so damn exciting.

    So far, I haven’t found it very exciting. I’ve found it rather heartbreaking. Maybe that was the point though. So many questions still.

    Human consciousness raising experiment #223 results: EPIC FAIL.

    Reset game.

    Adjust game parameters to matriarchy setting for next run (that is if we can ever get all this radiation cleaned up.)

    P.P.S. The materialists will have a heyday with this post, I’m sure. Whatever … fuck it. Don’t get all bent out of shape just on account of little old me. lol. :)

    Peace and love solivagant.

    Fear, Fear, she’s the mother of Violence,
    Don’t make any sense to watch the way she breed.
    Fear, she’s the mother of Violence,
    Making me tense to watch the way she feed.
    The only way you know she’s there
    Is the subtle flavor in the air.
    Getting hard to breathe,
    Getting hard to believe in anything at all
    But Fear.


  • Another year: the same crap as last yea but somewhat more crap than last year overall.

    There used to be an expression which was commonly used three or four or five decades ago: ‘Only in America’.

    ‘Only in America’ summed up all the stupidity that was rampant in the USA at the time, but which was rarely witnessed elsewhere in the world (because other nations didn’t have the same access to ultra-cheap oil and resources and the global reserve currency status, and were generally struggling to make a living or attempting to ward of attacks by America); poodles died pink and wearing jeweled dog collars and booties; UFO spotting conventions and all the trappings of consumer products to buy (and wear); miraculous healings of cripples and blind people ‘by the power of Jesus’ in mega-churches and stadiums, channeled through lavishly dressed charlatans; monster trucks driving over rows of cars……because it’s fun (Carlin), etcetera, etcetera. (I watched ‘The King and I’ again recently).

    We don’t hear ‘Only in America’ much these days (hardly at all, in fact) because America has managed to export stupidity to a lot of the rest of the world (including NZ, of course). However, some of the comments I have read recently about the secret plans of TPTB reminded me of ‘Only In America’.

    In my opinion the TPTB themselves couldn’t organize a piss-up (drinking session) in a brewery, and gross incompetence is the norm. It is merely the deference to authority (based on greed or fear) of the semi-competent group that forms the core of industrialised societies that holds it all together. Thus, the key to perpetuation of the present dysfunctional system seems to be the maintenance of the TINA (there is no alternative) narrative, normalization of the completely absurd, and the discrediting of truth-tellers….until it all does collapse.

  • kevin, the insanity has been spreading for decades… but you already knew that. :)

    John Hammond: I don’t think you’re giving us our due credit. Our scientists have done things which nobody’s ever done before…

    Dr. Ian Malcolm: Yeah, yeah, but your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could that they didn’t stop to think if they should.

  • Ooops, previous comment was supposed to have…

  • @LWA,

    Thanks for your kind words. It’s often been my experience, when bringing up the UFO subject, that people have generally no knowledge of it, are trained by the media to dismiss it as “conspiracy theory”, and shout at the messenger because it relates information that is outside of their mental box, and is therefore bothersome. Typical human behaviour, when addressing a subject a person knows nothing about, seems to be to reject the message, rather than learn about it. The phrase “Don’t shoot the messenger” came about because that’s precisely what a Roman emperor would do, if a messenger returned with news of a Roman defeat, kill the messenger. Seems humans, in general, haven’t gotten any more rational in the past 2000 years!

    So respect for not rejecting an unusual message out of hand. The origin of our species is very relevant to our collective story, and if you look to the creation myths of most indigenous societies, they very often point to the stars. I learnt recently that an Australian aboriginal myth recounts the creation of the great barrier reef; they have kept a dance going for over 10,000 years that tells this story, of how the seas suddenly rose, and the reef was created. Western science is just beginning to realise this is indeed true; I wonder how many other “myths” from aboriginal people will turn out to be true, should science ever find the courage to truly investigate them. There are so many out of place historical artefacts that a very brief investigation shows high technology in the distant past (for example,, and the first mention of geoengineering I’ve ever seen was in Sitchin’s translations of the Sumerian cuneiform tablets (detailing how the annunaki came here hundreds of thousands of years ago to mine gold, in order to inject it into their home planet’s atmosphere, as they too had discovered that civilisation is a heat engine).

    I entirely agree with you that it’s the nature of our interactions with one another that is key. I was among the ranks of climate change deniers until a few months ago, while even having a girlfriend who attended the Danish COP meeting. Even at this level of intimacy between humans, she never actually sat me down and said, here, look at this data, and please respond. I think this is because we’re so programmed to treat each other combatively, that even the idea that you could sit someone down with some information, invite them to look at it and then draw a rational conclusion is ridiculous; instead, we must just denigrate each others’ beliefs, while banging on and on about our own. We seem to have forgotten that old line about having 2 ears and 1 mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak. You’re either with us, or you’re with terrorists.

    And I agree some more with you when you say that it’s our collective intention that creates our reality, to at least some extent. This is why I view the television as the most pernicious machine that has ever been invented; we are natural story-tellers, and until the advent of the TV, the stories we mostly told were to each other, handed down generation to generation. Now, our stories come from the 6 companies who own 90% of the world’s media (Murdoch owns the most widely read newspaper on half of the world’s continents), and clearly the stories they wish to tell are of psychopathy and death. I don’t think there’s even been a culture so fearful of death as the one we have today, and that seems to me to be just the flip side of of our fear of nature. We’ve been so thoroughly brainwashed into believing that we are somehow external to nature (“God gave dominion over the Earth”), that we have become biophobic, and fear of death is the most obvious symptom of that.

    I share your frustrations at the nature of our collective beliefs. I can only say that collapse is intrinsic to the nature of fiat money (both the mathematics of an exponentially increasing money supply on a finite planet, and the entire history of the ~400 previous experiments with fiat money at interest being my proofs to that), and when it collapses yet again – as I think we’re very close to now, looking at the general commodity price collapses, the shipping rate collapses and the ridiculous “run to safety” investment in the USD – the sleeping masses are going to be slapped around the head with the sudden reality that infinite growth is the paradigm of an immature species, and destined always to fail. One thing I will say for humans is that we seem to wait until the very last moment before taking action, and that dire circumstances can sometimes bring out the best in people – I recall the fuel crises we’ve had in the UK, when people actually started to help their neighbours who were running out of food.

    And to finish off my generalised agreement with most everything you say, LWA, I too have found it heartbreaking to watch. I’ve tried over the years to educate people about some of these matters, and have generally met with complete resistance; and even while watching such mainstream organisations as the WWF note that we’ve lost 50% of Earth’s species over 40 years, the response seems to be “mehh, what’s on TV?” I wish it were possible to shake people from their collective slumber, yet those who are running this show are extremely well versed in the manipulation of human perception, and thus human action. I do believe that there is a reason for us to be here, and while it may be possible to learn something about patience, forgiveness and humility in the face of planetary destruction and the heartbreak that entails for anyone with a functioning heart and mind, I hope the story turns in to something else, more based around love than fear, after the collapse.

    And Solsbury Hill, by Peter Gabriel, back at ya :)

  • Why Earth may be exceptional, and life exceptionally rare in the universe.

  • …….With all that behind us, what is in store for 2016?

    We don’t know: as frequent and not so frequent readers know, we do not pretend to be able to predict the future and we don’t try (despite endless allegations that we constantly predict the collapse of everything): we leave the predicting to the “smartest people in the room” who year after year have been dead wrong. We merely observe and try to find what is entertaining, amusing, surprising or grotesque in an increasingly sad world.

  • Solivagant – daring of you to discuss ufos! People here don’t like it, I can tell you from my own experience on the forums when I tried to discuss crop circles about a year ago. All of that was lost and I don’t believe ever recovered when the site was compromised a while back. Just as well as it was ugly! The issue, and I understand it, is those who oppose it believe it will harm the very serious and scientific presentation Guy is making. However, I don’t believe that is an informed point of view. As you have noted, most simply don’t want to ‘go there’. It’s a scary looking ‘rabbit hole’ to be sure and, at large, it has been successfully relegated to the lunatic fringe. And yet, when I first felt deeply within my consciousness that something was very wrong, in part as a result of working in a psychopathically tinged corporate law department, I found myself embarking upon a metaphysical journey as a result of taking a night school class in intuition which then led to a series of other classes in a very casual setting which was perfect for me at that time. I did past life regression and was amazed by not only my stories but those of others. Anyway, as I continued to educate myself, I found the topic of aliens coming up often and while I never felt drawn to it, myself, I felt it would compromise my integrity on the journey I was on not to give it some due consideration. That attention or interest has waxed and waned over the past 15 years, but I don’t regret it, as it is woven into the fabric of life itself if you are a seeker, no doubt about it. In some sense, all roads lead to it, I find. My sense is that we have lost so very much of what was learned by our species about who we are as the result of the industrial revolution and all it spawned that has distracted us so thoroughly from the deeper questions of our existence. I do believe there is a correlation between this loss and the threatened loss of our home here. We’ve strayed too far from that which gave us life and in fact have come to shun it entirely. Perhaps we are, in some sense, therefore, no longer worthy of this existence.

  • I like Janis Joplin’s take on Freedom…as another responder said..
    Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to loose..

  • Happy New Year Guy! I hope you find more happiness and some contentment! After all your job is done you’ve alerted those that want to know, you can’t do more really? Have you considered applying for a position with say Greenpeace? They don’t spell it out as you do but deep down they feel the same reality.Try and get more dosh in before the end, let’s die with a champagne toast in our hands. I know, people like me have helped to f up our World, but I want to go out with some joy at the least! :-( :-)

  • Intentionality is as summarised in Jonathan Livingston Seagull: “The secret, Chiang says, is to “begin by knowing that you have already arrived.””

    That is not the knowing as in inputs of the five sesnes and memories built from them. It is an awareness that precedes the “I” and makes possible the “I” and thereby the “not-I”. The knowing of intentionality is not the knowing as in the sense of knower-knowing- known, it is awareness without any “ofs”. And that is also the only freedom.

  • Thanks, Guy. The only thing i’d predict for 2016 is a wave of predictions over the next few days. I haven’t been here much, the discussion takes too many turns to the absurd for me to handle, ruining good posts, but i’m glad the place is being kept up, especially the climate chaos summary article.

  • According to Boyd Graves first attempt to lower the population was manufactured HIV spread across africa. Botswana currently has 35% infection i.e. HELL.

    Charlie Sheen shags 5000 including porn stars, gets called on it by Burt Reynolds Brit women shocked (i.e. dont like the idea of consequences for behaving evil), pays off “amoral friends 10 million bucks to keep quiet while he continues his meme: “my fuck is more important than your life”, fucks new friends for 25 grand a time, male massages and anally transmits herpes now the poster boy hero for the cure. Lambskin condoms – learn something new every day.

  • Guy is motivated by evidence.

    Dane Wiggington has already hit the ball out of the park posting an article in October 2015 detailing a US Senate document proving IRREFUTABLY chemtrails are in existence.

  • ugotstahwonder, I hadn’t realised that the UFO subject had been discussed here, as a relative newbie to the site. I have experienced that people will generally attack a message which is outside of their reality box, which is why I tend to stick to the very well documented cases. Richard Dolan’s work, for example, relies exclusively on government documents; the Disclosure Project (which is itself covered on RT, but of course not by the British Brainwashing Corporation, Corporate News Network, etc. – is full of military witnesses, airline pilots and FAA officials; and it’s not difficult to find quotes like this one, from the guy who used to run Lockheed Martin’s skunkworks division – “We already have the means to travel among the stars, but these technologies are locked up in black projects and it would take an act of God to ever get them out to benefit humanity…. Anything you can imagine, we already know how to do.” ( As you say, the story of where we come from is very relevant to the story of where we’re going, and to write off huge chunks of our history because it’s too challenging to consider seems to be very much the same logic that people use to deny climate change to my mind. I’d be rather unsurprised to discover it’s indeed some of the same PR companies that work on climate change denial as are involved in UFO denial.

  • Solivagant – EVERYBODY runs to scientific proof of the material existence of ufos, IMO. To me that’s about 10% of what makes them interesting. 90% of it is in consciousness which is also where the real “proof” lies. That’s part of what we’ve forgotten about ourselves as well in over-emphasizing the material world, which, again, leads us to our downfall. I have no interest in selling ANYONE on ufos, but feel a sense of horror as to what the inability to discuss them, the stories about them, what it does to the imagination, the soul, etc., I’ve also seen the all too familiar barbarism of human beings toward those who, as you say, are “outside of their reality box”. We have collectively forced serious stagnation of growth upon ourselves as a species and, as you say, perhaps this has been deliberately sought for us by some faction wishing to retain power for itself (ENTIRELY likely and probable, imo). Einstein said imagination was more important than intelligence. I have to agree with him!

  • Einstein said it better, no surprise. Quote: imagination is more important than KNOWLEDGE (emphasis added, my mistake I said he referred to intelligence, wrongly). For knowledge is limited to what we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.

  • Happy New Year professor to you and your wife.

    Thank you for your works!

  • UFOs, where should they come from? Our galaxy alone is about 100 000 lightyears wide and no sign of any habitable planets. The main problem is Distance. If any civilisation would have tried to build spaceships that can reach lightspeed, they would have destroid their own planet for ressources far sooner than they would have been able to build that kinda spaceship (our own civilisation proofs it right now). And simple scientific, materialistic science easily proofs 100% that it’s impossible to build spaceships that could reach lightspeed. The faster you ride, the more mass you gain. To reach lightspeed, you would need more energy than there is in the whole universe and your mass would be literally infinite at lightspeed. And even if some alien civilisation could make miracles and build such a miraculous spaceship, they would need several thousand, if not hundreds of thousands of years to reach planet earth. So, it’s pure fantasy, like so much of those technical dreams of modern man, it’s just another techno-myth.

  • GLOUCON X fun fun fun WELCOME to the PARTY! Red & Blue pills galore:

    My team at the Office of Biblical Enactment (Seas Division) was responsible for viral distribution for the Southeast Region. As you know, the vial pouring rituals we taught were conducted in fluent Aramaic to convince even the most ardent Christian fanatic that we were legitimate angels of the Lord. BOB S. rushing the rest of your memo to SATISH.

    RAPTURE READY – LIDIA’S sister sent us after samples of her chemo hair. Truth be told we are turning that old VT reactor into a cloning plant. Ready to release a hundred Lidia’s in the spring!!!

    John A Joslin – Yezzum we gots em rabbit holes all over the Hob Goblin Ranch.

    JEF – is minding old uncle John Mc Cain, don’t get let him get all spittin mad. Madder hatter tea party…Alice we told you there’s nothing but rats and snakes down dem holes.

    SOLIVAGANT – Come sit down by Shirley Mc Clain. For the Pope and Queen we condense everything into twitters. Full translation of the speech is not party talk. Can you tweet that?

    GERALD – I’m a free radical now. Don’t have to monitor those pesky Empire radical’s no more. Wonder if those 5 agencies will send in another clown. As long as no one tells the worst truth. Do not fear the Pentagon, all they do is make pizza. Yep, that’s the really big secret billions no trillions spent on pizza and not one General or CEO got hit by those 9-11jets. No accident. No plan. They only kill people on Austin pay grade. Nothing to fear unless you eat pizza here. Have a slice?

    NEMESIS – What is that in the punch bowl? Smell that smell. Big girls don’t cry…But it is my party and I will cry if I want to,,,you’ll cry too when there’s a hundred meltdowns and and there’s nothing we can do.

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    Lunatic’s run the asylum entirely by Intelligent Design. The only reason for our illegal ancient alien activities is to monkey with DNA. Stop by DARPA & play. (DATTA is watching the trash can) Honestly we have got to get Botox Robots on Mars in time for the Dogon Safari. They don’t fly by all that often. It’s a cosmic party. Ants on Earth not included. Void were prohibited. Fusion power not included.

    CINDY LANE – you get a candy cane. We have a double version of everything. A real moon landing and a fake one in Hollywood just in case things did not work out. Real CONTRAIL’s full of artificial ingredients. Unfortunately the truth is out that Pantheon of Pentagon defense contractors make nothing but pizza. But if they ever even once tried to produce anything, don’t you suppose they would try Chemtrail’s somewhere? Maybe on a few plans in Cambodia? Too bad the truth about spraying agent orange in Vietnam is a hoax. Oh yeah Solar Radiation Management is the correct term, unless you want to get kicked out of this party. Arizona Senator Johnson would like to talk to you about “what on earth are they spraying?” Hollywood and the CIA a very connected in producing documentaries. Not as many jets as they say but oh dear we have a Capatch value that adds up to quite a sum.

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    Dr. Guy McPherson our captain enters the room. A rush of adrenaline. A hush falls over the doom. Sorry folks the party is over. 2016 we knock down the house of Trump cards. Ship of fools, Mayan’s take your masks off. The Doomsday clock is truly stuck…can anyone hear…is Sabine out in her English Garden praying for just one more year?? Does Horton hear a who…little cindy loo who…someday the entire radioactive earth will be left to just you. -0

  • @Jungle Jim

    What is that in the punch bowl? Smell that smell. Big girls don’t cry…But it is my party and I will cry if I want to,,,you’ll cry too when there’s a hundred meltdowns and and there’s nothing we can do.

    Uhm, when did I say that you should not cry? To cry is a real natural expression. I cry from time to time, because crying relaxes inner tensions. To cry is a honorable expression, just like laughing. Believe it or not:

    I had many reasons to cry my whole life, lost my mother (suicide) at the age of four, lost my father (suicide) at the age of fifteen, lost one of my brothers at the age of 20 (lost another brother 2 years ago), lost many, many good friends during the five years of my drug habit, loosing my ex-girlfriend who is drinking herself to death downstairs. Hahaha, yeah, I got many reasons to cry. But in the long run I just got used to Hell, got used to Death and Dying, I just can’t cry every day my whole life, my body just would run out of water, would dry up, hahaha :-)

  • You know, when I cry, then I don’t cry for those who died, for those I have lost or for those who will die (my crying wouldn’t help them anyway^^), but I cry for myself, to relax my body and my soul, to express myself.

    Cry, if you feel like crying.

  • Well, I wouldn’t disagree that consciousness plays a large part in the UFO phenomenon. Even the US military has history of investigating this subject, with their work on remote viewing. However, that’s so far beyond what’s acceptable discussion even within UFO circles a lot of the time that I tend to focus on the physical manifestations of it. I agree with Greer (founder of the Disclosure Project) that the primary reason for the secrecy is technological; it’s very clear that the part of the phenomenon that is happening in physical reality isn’t using oil-based technology, so one of the big questions that would arise is, just what is that technology? As Nemesis points out, using our current limited understanding of physics, this sort of travel isn’t possible, so we’re talking a whole new ball game. To imagine that we know everything there is to know about physics is just standard human hubris. I think Tesla was on to some of these ideas back towards the end of the 19th century, so this has been hidden a very long time; and it’s no co-incidence that it was oil/banking interests that were responsible for the suppression of his work. Which is indeed another reason that I think this discussion is relevant to climate change – the technology to replace the burning of fossil fuels for energy was available over 100 years ago now, but has been hidden because it’s more profitable for oil companies to kill the planet. Perhaps the “act of God” that Rich refers to in relation to the release of these technologies will be the wholesale collapse of the economic system. I recall Eddie George, former head of the Bank of England, noting that during the financial crisis of 2008, we got within minutes of the banks systemically failing, i.e. no cash machine working around the globe. It does look very much like we’re about to enter the final stage of the collapse of the newest version of fiat money, and I imagine that when systemic failure does hit the financial industry at a global level, we’re going to be forced to address the abject failure of our current set of living arrangements, as Guy puts it, and see where we go from there. Either we grow as a species, and realise that we’re far more than simple physical beings, and that what and how we think is just as important as what we physically do, or we exit stage left collectively. I see from this discussion that there are a few of us able to comprehend that “There are more things in heaven and earth, than are dreamt of in our [Western materialistic,reductionist] philosophy”, and while I can’t imagine that the coming years aren’t going to see reductions in the human population due to the ongoing collapse of our biosphere, I don’t entirely discount the possibility that a wiser, more compassionate civilisation might arise from the ashes.

  • @solivagent

    … that the primary reason for the secrecy is technological…

    I see. If it’s a secret, how can you know anything about it?

    As Nemesis points out, using our current limited understanding of physics, this sort of travel isn’t possible, so we’re talking a whole new ball game. To imagine that we know everything there is to know about physics is just standard human hubris.

    We are far from knowing everything for shure. But we know some things, don’t we? We know how physics work quite well, just look at all the technology man built because of that knowledge. All that technology just wouldn’t work without real knowledge of physics. See, Einstein was RIGHT. You know why? Modern technology proofs it every single day. There would be no space travel, no moonlanding, no satelites ect ect ect without real knowledge of physics. Our modern civilisation is built upon real techological physics. Modern technology is maybe 200 years old and we are almost finished already. Scientific knowledge is a hubris, a double-edged sword. It gives you some matrial comfort and later it makes many people believe that “anything is possible”- isn’t exactly that called “The American Dream”? It’s all about technological superpower, omnipotence, just to overcome the nasty dependence on our body of flesh and blood:

    Animal suffering, hunger, thirst, desease ect :-) If there are alien civilisations out there, then they’d have to deal with exactly the same hubris of technology, the dream of superpowers, the american dream of omnipotence. And they’d have to pay exactly the same price for that dream:


    There are more things in heaven and earth, than are dreamt of in our [Western materialistic,reductionist] philosophy”…

    Exactly. And therefore, if you want to travel the Universe at long distances, you will have to turn inside, no other way.

  • WE are the real Aliens. Aliens on our very own Mother-Planet, alien to Nature, alien to the Laws of Nature, alien to the immaterial realities, alien to the Cosmic Reality, living in Dreams of “possibilities”, dreams of “anything is possible if you just had the right technology, the right technique to conquer, control and exploit Mother Nature”, dreams of superpowers, dreams of omnipotence, dreams, dreams, dreams. But what about real Reality? Most of humankind are far from that.

  • Yeah, conquering the Universe, stick the Stars & Stripes on far away planets and there just go on with exploitation, with dreams of technological omnipotence. Remember Star Trek? Everything is possible:

    Light speed, unlimited space travel, time travel, dematerialisation, materialisation, beaming ect ect, everything is possible in the Universe of Dreams. In the 80s they dreamed of all of that, they even dreamed of terraforming other planets like mars and shit, they’d just had to check it out within the right time frame, just leave planet Earth after massive exploitation and destruction, just before you go down with it. What’s left of that dream. To be exact:

    Absolutely nothing. Muhahahahaha !

  • Wanna see me smiling at all those funny dreams?! :

  • Hi Ugots,

    Good to see you posting! I’m stealing your Einstein quote for reposting elsewhere. :-)

    Glorious 2016 to you and all here.

  • Re From Doomsteaddiner has a really good rant summing up the year and trends remarkably he even mentions methane releases but tones it down saying it is tectonic plates or some sort of geological cause , But otherwise it is a really nice summary of the year and the trends . I really have to give it to him Now .. Congratulations

  • @dave thompson

    Whooohoo! That’s the best message of 2016 so far. It’s a REAL chance for long-distance-spacetravel and REAL teaching and learning about life, death and the Cosmic Mind. It’s ancient knowledge, 100 000 of years of shamanic real knowledge and experience. What’s modern mind, modern knowledge compared to it? Nearly nothing.

    I wish everyone on that dark, beautiful beach here an experience-rich, instructive and evolutionary year 2016, whatever may come. Sorry for several posts, I keep quite for the rest of the day.

  • “The problem is not to find the answer, it’s to face the answer”
    ― Terence McKenna

    Here is where you are helping all of us, Guy.

  • I saw that UFO with my own two eyes. “You calling me a liar?”

    Why Science Tells Us Not to Rely on Eyewitness Accounts
    Eyewitness testimony is fickle and, all too often, shockingly inaccurate

    Eyewitness Memory is Unreliable

  • Over at Robert Scribbler’s blog, he’s been doing yeoman’s work covering the bizarre warming in the Arctic circle. The other day it got above freezing, which is about 50 degrees above average! Haven’t seen anything about this on the national news. Although they have been covering the recent tornadoes and flooding in middle America, albeit without linking it to global warming.

    From where I sit, above zero temperatures in the dead of winter in the Arctic seems an ominous augury worthy of coverage. I suppose it’s all about keeping up appearances. Don’t want to worry folks during the festive Holiday season.