A TV Program I Like

by Alton C. Thompson

When I want to relax, I often watch (when it’s on) Blue Bloods on the ION television station.  This is a police program, and I like it for three reasons:

  1. Although a police program, most of the violence associated with its episodes is implicit rather than explicit.
  2. The cast of actors is excellent—including Tom Selleck, Donnie Wahlberg, Bridget Moynahan, and Len Cariou.
  3. The scripts are excellent—by which I mean especially that the values demonstrated by the central characters are admirable.

Despite the above, I have a problem with the program—a problem that is universal, even with the best of programs.  The characters in the program are primarily oriented to the here-and-now.  In doing so, they convey the message that it’s only the here-and-now that has significance.

This is not to say that the here-and-now has no significance—for I wholly embrace Guy’s “Passionately pursue a life of excellence” (in the here-and-now) advice.  But programs such as Blue Bloods, because its characters have just such an orientation, give the impression that tomorrow will be much like today, the day after tomorrow much like tomorrow, etc.

That’s an utterly false impression, as readers of Guy’s site know full well!   I am in entire agreement with Guy that “our days are numbered,” and use my The End is Near to present my reasons for believing this.

The questions that I have regarding the likelihood that our species will be extinct within a few decades—even a few years—are:

  1. Should I keep this “knowledge” to myself; or, rather
  2. Should I make an effort to inform others about it?

What I, at least, have concluded—for myself—is that I should make no effort to inform others.  My reasons:

  1. Telling others about this would be disturbing news, and because of that fact might cause some of those who learn about this probability to engage in violent activity—including against themselves (a possibility that Guy himself has recognized).
  2. In addition to possible negative consequences to informing others about our probable extinction soon, I see little positive about doing so. After all, our doom appears to be inevitable:  I see no reason whatsoever to believe otherwise.

Regarding this latter point, although some, in knowing about this lack of a human future, might follow Guy’s advice, and start living a very positive life, I fear that in balance the effects might be more negative than positive.

A factor that might, however, affect how one reacts to the “news” that our species has no future is level of education:  Those with a high level of education might react more positively to this “news” than those with a low such level.

Now if that’s the case—and I suspect that it is—the “moral” is that one should take care in who one informs about this.

The saying that “discretion is the better part of valor” may be relevant here—the “discretion” part in particular, at least!


McPherson will be interviewed on This is Hell, a radio program broadcast from Chicago, Illinois, on Saturday, 16 January at 10:10 a.m. Eastern. Catch details about connecting to this 40-minute live radio interview at their website.

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  • Alton,

    I watch it at times too and see flaws in it as well.

    As far as not telling someone something because [insert your own why here] I consider that surplusage.

    Like Maya Angelou said “The bird does not sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song.”

    The Common Good – 11

  • Disliked this article. About a tv show? That caters to and glorifies the establishment? C’mon. And you didn’t even discuss or disparage that?

    Not what I expect to see on NBL. Disappointing.

  • I turned off the TV. Problem solved.

  • I love watching The Walking Dead because it is a wonderful fantasy of humans surviving the 400+ melting down nuclear power plants…
    And zombies. Cannot resist zombies.

  • Extinction means Death. The wisest teachers of mankind all say “die, before you die, prepare yourself for dying”. It is an open message, everybody can listen to it, if he is willing to listen and to learn from it. People learn about death when they are 4, 5, 6 years old. Everybody knows about Death, even the children. But many people suppress that reality, they want to stay within their momentary form of existence forever, they are not willing to transform, to go with the flow, they suppress their knowledge of death. People who suppress death, will suppress NTE as well. Suppression of death is one of the main reasons of the mess modern world is in right now, IMO. Modern man will supress death as long as he is willing and able to suppress. Everybody has his own Karma, his own conditioning and to me it seems nearly impossible to change anyone elses Karma, anyone elses conditioning.

    1. Should I keep this “knowledge” to myself; or, rather
    2. Should I make an effort to inform others about it?

    Everyone who is really interested, can gather all informations about the global situation, if he is willing to. All informations are available anyway (thanks to Doctor Guy McPherson and others). If there is no way at all to avoid extinction, to avoid death, well, then everyone will learn about death/extinction sooner or later anyway. When death knocks on the door, then suppression will be over anyway. I think, everybody has the right to have his very own Karma, that’s the law of Nature.

    Once I thought I must teach people about climate change, death, extinction. I am trying to get away from that thought, because I couldn’t change just one human being, I couldn’t change the Karma of just one human being during my whole lifetime. And that’s ok, isn’t it? Those who are willing to search and find the truth, will find it with or without me and those who are not willing to search and find the truth are closed anyway, I can’t do anything about it anyway.

    So I can relax and let the river of life and death flow just like it wants to flow. Life is a teacher, death is a teacher, Nature is a teacher. Every single minute of our life can be a teacher. The world, the Cosmos is full of teachers, so I am quite dispensible as a teacher or enlightener, muhahaha :D

  • “Apart from the shaky logic, the interesting feature of Gelernter’s piece is how extreme it is. It is faith-based from top to bottom: the whole argument is a hymn to technology that will solve all problems as it has always done in the past. In the spectrum of the current visions of the future, it stands at the opposite end of Guy McPherson’s “near-term human extinction,” (NTE). Both imply that you should do nothing to prepare for the future. Both allow no “plan B,” in case the future turns out not to be the one assumed to be.” http://cassandralegacy.blogspot.com/2016/01/climate-change-and-horse-manure.html

  • Both imply that you should do nothing to prepare for the future. Both allow no “plan B,” in case the future turns out not to be the one assumed to be.

    There might be a plan B to avoid extinction, I don’t know, I am no scientist. But there is no plan B to avoid Death, no plan B to avoid transformation. This is, what it’s all about, IMO:

    Transformation- with or without extinction.

    Within Nature, even extincion, even death is a kind of plan B, isn’t it? Within Nature it’s all about transformation, even for the cost of death, even for the cost of extinction, if necessary.

  • “Everybody knows about Death, even the children.” But does anyone know about life? What is life anyway? Is it some electrochemical impulses in your brain tissue? “Life is hard and then you die.” Or, in rare cases: life is easy and then you die.

    I am the first to admit that my posts are idiotic. But then, if yours aren’t much better, your posts are idiotic too.

    I recommend “Physics and Philosophy” by Sir James Jeans. Although written before 1943, this is a very good book, although Jeans makes some mistakes. The key question is this: Is there an universe out there or not?

    “But all we have ever actually had, or ever can have for certain, are experiences in the mind. All the rest is deduced – modelled. It is important to remember, when considering how we know about those ‘objects out there’, that our physical body is one of them. The five physical senses are parts of the model by which we are supposed, in our Western culture, to receive information concerning the other objects”. (– Prof Arthur Ellison, the City University of London, Computing & Control Engineering Journal, Aug. 1993)

    “You cannot make real cakes out of metaphysical flour”. – Mary Midgley

    Guy’s “near-term human extinction,” (NTE), involves the idea that “time is real”. Is time real? “Space and time and spacetime are not properties of the world we live in but concepts we have invented to help us organize classical events.”, says Physics Professor Mermin. Thus NTE cannot be real.

  • Alton likes to watch “when its on.”

    If you start watching when it’s not on, you may have an even bigger problem worthy of your insight & attention.

    If you are doing product placement for ION tv &/or “Bluebloods,” your “essay” has a degree of coherence.

    I sure hope that my petty crit is not too “disturbing.”

    I pray that it doesn’t provoke you to violence against yourself, especially if you want to continue “writing.”

  • I need TV when I’ve got TRex

  • “Nothing is as it seems,nor is it otherwise”

    It is all ultimately inexplicable, perhaps we should just enjoy the moment while we can.
    “Let’s dance”… RIP David.

  • “To A Jnani, All is Entertainment.” -Maharaj

    While, I’m completely over wasting my remaining moments on cop/lawyer/emergency room pablum, I won’t begrudge a man who does. Why not enjoy the show while the world burns?!I sure did enjoy that star studded parade of vapidity that is the golden globes last night. :-)

    Not sure I agree with the assertion that education level has any impact on how people react the the news that we’re fucked tho. It could be argued that those with more education and thus more thoroughly inculcated and invested in the present ecocidal set of living arrangements would react more negatively (a.k.a denial) to knowing that all the years and energy they spent on getting an education was all for naught. Indigenous peoples know what time it is, and they’ve generally not spent a ton of time in the white mans universities, they’re out there keepin it gangsta putting their bodies on the line for our great mother. Much more than I can say for most ‘educated’ “climate justice activists” :-)

    Agreed with Pauline. I fucking love the Walking Dead. WE ARE THE ZOMBIES!

  • I quit watching TV shortly after I returned from Bushdaddy’s war. Don’t have a TV set now for about seven years, since I gave the last ore away. Don’t watch movies because they don’t want me to watch them. When they want me to watch them, they will pay me to watch them, not charge me to watch them.

    “The key question is this: Is there an universe out there or not?”

    Hubbout “is there an “out there””?

  • A very sensuous, experienced, & worldly lady said; “If you want to watch, I’ll REALLY turn it on.”

    … and she did.

  • .
    Hubbout “is there an “out there””?

    Subjectively, sure, why not.

  • Just finished watching Voyage To The Bottom of The Sea, 1961 film. The world was saved with a nuclear missile. But not before earth got to a toasty 174 degrees Fahrenheit.
    We have came a long way scientifically baby!
    Bring on the geo-engineering!!

  • Rupturing of the economic system will come long before human extinction. And with it will come the biggest societal dislocations in human history. Anger, depression, suicide, violence.

    Shanghai was down 5.33% yesterday, following on from previous dramatic falls and fairly insignificant rises.


    And what we are witnessing with respect to energy is unprecedented. Oil around $31.


    Rupturing of the global economic system could conceivably come in a matter of months. Or even weeks.

    On the other hand, every meltdown to date has been ‘corrected’ via frantic money-printing and manipulation, so we must expect more of those until nothing works.

    Few seem to be aware or even interested.

    Is it worth attempting the awaken the sleepers?

    We already know the answer.

    P.S. Windows 10 nearly ‘killed’ my PC, and I spent an hour recovering what I could.

  • kevin moore said “Rupturing of the global economic system could conceivably come in a matter of months. Or even weeks.”

    sure could. or is it can? http://robinwestenra.blogspot.ca/2016/01/the-global-economy-is-stopping-atlantic.html

  • My guess is that anyone hearing the news and actually believing it is true are probably not the same folks who would react violently, at least not until the truth can no longer be denied, and then, all bets are off anyway. Numbskulls are generally 360° numbskulls and denial is their homeland. Besides, I’m not completely opposed to violence waged against those doing the most violence against humankind and all life on earth, frankly, but there aren’t enough of those folks to be an army of contention, and they’re outgunned anyway.

  • Wireless technology is making us sick. Worldwide. A war with silent weapons. Wake up!

  • Alton raises a significant question–one that parallels with another, its twin with which many of us are–or have been–engaged. This is the question of committing to action(s) to alter the heat engine trajectory long underway; either via protests, marches, petitions, social media posting or personal life changes or educational efforts via public of small group presentations and discussions. I am troubled, I guess, by myriad efforts of all sorts being launched by special interest groups (350.org–co2 emissions, Sierra Club-preservation of wilderness, et al being two I know) not coordinating and seldom telling the whole story including dire details. Personal and changing uses of my few remaining years are to explore a bit how to have, on the “action” agenda, some sort of usefully broad discussion on our situation and, at the same time, continue to bring to some sort of close my life as a person and artist (sort of central, I think, to my personhood). I’ve studied for years the story of our disastrous current trajectory, but no longer feel I can do much about it and no longer need to scare the hell out of people being holier than them with my apocalyptic pronouncements. The information is there. I’ll engage with those who wish to engage about it all. Thanks, Alton, for sharing.

  • Whether or not you believe in Earthly visitation by alien beings, it’s undeniable that UFOs have, at the least, become an essential part of modern day folklore. And in a bevy of stories that have added on to that treasure trove of fantastic tales, there’s one document that, according to Atlas Obscura, has become the most popular FBI file requested on line. (BLUE BEAM international satellite holographic ‘Event” will probably capitalize on the idea of using UFO images)

    It is all planned to counter-act economic & environmental collapse riots with shock & awe shows. Per the small youtube examples I provided of the technology on public display…a massive network is now in development. It will be conducted on 5G cellular microwave signals.

    The FBI document is simply called “Guy Hottel,” named after an agent in an FBI field office. It’s publicly available on the FBI Vault website.

    The FBI denies that it’s related to the A51 case. (or that they even seriously investigated it.) Finally, the GUY H memo does not prove the existence of reverse-engineering, therefore the Bureau’s files have redacted all information to verify the “bluebook” case #312 = Blue Beam project idea being first written down by scientists who were working on a ‘morphic field’ Tesla energy test 1997 at Nevada Groom Lake AFB.

  • It blows my mind that some of you here don’t know that non-human et have played a huge role here on Earth for a very long time.

    The main players are into control. I’m just wondering whether they will let it all go up in flames, or whether they will intercede before that point. My guess? They will enhance the flames.

  • Knock Knock?

    Who’s there?


    Death Who


  • LMAO

    Petroleum scientists blame reindeer for mysterious tundra sinkholes

    “Now, scientists at Tyumen State Oil and Gas University have a theory that reindeer overgrazing of the vegetation can explain the sinkholes. The university is a partner with Gazprom.”


    Sorry kids, Christmas is canceled. We had to cull Santa’s reindeer herd to save the planet. Farewell, Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, and Blitzen. And a special goodbye to Rudolf – guide them swiftly to the elysian fields our dear ungulate.

  • Oldspeak,

    I was thinking along similar lines as I was reading that part of the essay:

    “Not sure I agree with the assertion that education level has any impact on how people react the the news that we’re fucked tho. It could be argued that those with more education and thus more thoroughly inculcated and invested in the present ecocidal set of living arrangements would react more negatively (a.k.a denial) to knowing that all the years and energy they spent on getting an education was all for naught. Indigenous peoples know what time it is, and they’ve generally not spent a ton of time in the white mans universities, they’re out there keepin it gangsta putting their bodies on the line for our great mother. Much more than I can say for most ‘educated’ “climate justice activists” :-)”

    Denial of our predicament along with a rabid belief in “human ingenuity” are quite prevalent among the denizens of Silicon Valley. Perhaps, it’s slightly less common in areas where Steve Jobs is not God, and where Technology is not the savior we’ve all been waiting for. The overwhelming majority of graduates of the world’s most elite universities, the most educated of all peoples, the creme de la creme end up as servitors of Empire. It makes sense when we consider that it is Empire itself that has set up the modern educational system. It’s by design.

    John Taylor Gatto has something to say about it here. More here including zombies and economic collapse :)

    I’d take the word of an indigenous person over that of the most learned of men produced by the assembly line of the modern school and university system.

  • Mark,

    Just trying another thought experiment. And thanks for giving us all some clarity on what the boys in DC are up to.

    On one hand there is your water “capture” (terminology of art, apparently, but is it appropriate?) for the hemp plants. On the other hand there is project Blue Beam. You are in some sense also a connector between those seemingly contradictory program styles. Can you do something with that?

    Can you arrange an even small meeting between representatives of both project areas? Never mind that one dwarfs the other. Sitting at the same table just once–preferably in a small space so as to produce some sense of intimacy–will surely move the needle of cooperation at least a tiny bit? What do you think? Each side (assuming that’s how it works) will take on at least a tiny and symbolic part of what the other is doing. So the blue beam office might also capture water and grow hemp? One gallon of water and one hemp plant? Anything at all? The hemp people could supply the gallon of water and the single hemp plant? I’m exaggerating, but I’m sure you see what I’m TRYING to express. :-)

  • People have one thing on their mind for the most part…CASH FLOW!

    Even our esteemed host talks frequently about his situation regarding it.

    No one is going to voluntarily jeopardize their potential to generate that most important life giving necessity and if they do they will soon regret it or if they say they would they are full of $#!T.

    Death by some future terrible thing that is happening right now is interesting but incredible hardship, struggle, destitution, and death from no cash flow is absolute and immediate.

    “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it!” Upton Sinclair

  • david bowie…r.i.p. chauncey gardener…i like to watch.

  • Jef; shid man, you crazy.

    You sound like a crass & vulgar materialist, who “buys” into the twisted & sick money bags theory of social causation.

    People toil for cash flow after being directed to the way up by the spirits.

    A spiritual (very special & often dressed in fancy clothes) person gets up in the morning with “only one thing on their MIND” – SPIRITUAL FLOW.

    Sheldon Adelson & Haim Saban are exercising their Gawd & Supreme Court given right to watch spiritual lawyerfish sing & dance to Havnah Nagila.

    Hilary sings Havnah Nagila best, but Crews & Rubio are better dancers.

    All love Gawd, but Crews loves Gawd best.

    If you want to advance your career, you must get with the most spiritual people who can direct the cash flow.

    Everything comes from mind & spirits – then cometh the vulgar cash flow.

  • @Ray Batman

    “ I am the first to admit that my posts are idiotic. But then, if yours aren’t much better, your posts are idiotic too.”

    I beg your pardon, Sir Batman, but I never said that your comments are “idiotic”, so please don’t call mine “idiotic”. I am too tolerant, to call anyones worldview “idiotic”. I’ve met a lot of strange people with many different worldviews during my lifetime, I used LSD for a while too long ago. So I am respectful to all different views as long as they don’t hurt other people.

    To me, your statement that everything we percieve is just hallucination, appears just somewhat strange and funny to me. But I didn’t offend you in any way, I didn’t attack you in any ad hominem way, did I? After all, you worldview is just your own worldview, not mine, you have to live with it, not me and therefore I have no problem with your worldview.


    Aliens? UFOs? Fine, bring em on, sounds very interesting and extremely EXOTIC. I am more afraid of some human beings than of Aliens.


    Why are the human descriptions of Aliens mostly extremely ugly and EVIL? Those ALiens suck out just everything that gets in their way! Hahaha!, I got my own (psychological) theory about that, yes, I do :-) The high tide of Alien movies were during the Mc Carthy era, so maybe all those ALiens are just ugly, evil communists that want to rape our clean, white hosewifes and steal our planet.

    I have only seen two hollywood movies, where the Aliens are friendly, loving characters. One was “E.T.” and the other was a movie with David Bowie.

    R.I.P., David Bowie! Yeah, Sound and Vision!

  • The only TV show I watch is Man In The High Castle. That and reruns of Godard’s 1960’s movies.

    Japan is down 5% today. As I keep tweeting over and over:

    *Should I keep this “knowledge” to myself; or, rather
    *Should I make an effort to inform others about it?

    Why not? Why the hell not? It’s not like the complete evaporation of legitimacy for practically all human, and especially western and culturally euro based institutions is not reason for total celebration across the planet day in and day out. With fireworks and cookouts.

    I do not keep quiet. For the first time in 25 years, TPTB are in full retreat. Couldn’t win an actual argument to save their lives. Because it’s all cultic suicidal bunkum at this point. And people are starting to realize it.

    *Telling others about this would be disturbing news,
    Oh – come off it now. Disturbing news? If I gave you 1/2 of the news about how I was acculturated…i mean the real actual uncensored news of it…I mean, acculturated as a male, and an american colonial invader, you all would probably start screaming, shaking your fist, attacking me with pitchforks, and/or go stark raving mad.

    **People might engage in violence against themselves?

    Like living and trying to survive in this culture is not violence against yourself?

    I mean, animals are your cousins, your family, they are YOU – yourself. How do we treat them? Like slaves. Like furniture. Like commodities to buy and sell.

    And the air? And the water? That’s YOU. They’re you. And how are they treated? Like infinite garbage dumps.

    And the earth? Like a dam idiotic game of monopoly with little fences around everything, ridiculous pieces of paper that say “this mine”, “muh stuff”, ad nauseum…And what happens when you don’t play along? Grim little men in sick uniforms come to perpetrate extreme violence against you. Ask Laquan McDonald and Eric Garner and Sandra Bland and Trayvon Martin about it.

    And don’t even talk about the perverse sickness of being socialized male, and hetero sexual, and brain-dead eternally-in-denial-red- blooded-american. You know. Pretending like this country and others are “normal” or something.

    THAT is a horror and sickness I can’t even barely begin to explain.
    I’ll be long dead before I will ever be able to come to terms with the violence – esp. psychological – perpetrated against me. Self-mutilation in order to accommodate this culture, this society.

    And i am way, way overprivileged compared to some of my friends who had real institutional state approved violence brought systematically against them from birth. More than a few of them are already gone. The least I can do for them is to remember what Audre Lorde wrote in her diary on December 9, 1985″

    “I am going to write fire until it comes out my ears, my eyes, my noseholes—everywhere. Until it’s every breath I breathe.”

    or as my Siamese acquaintance said last night:

    “don’t let other Buddhists suppress your anger if they’ve done you wrong, it’s not everyday show kindness…sometimes unleash rage on them.”

    I mean, I have a lot of sympathy. Just not much for rich lily melanated westerners who care more about the feelings of people that look exactly like them, that is, compared to some poor schlub down in a stinkhole making i-phones and hard drives. Who is having his body metaphorically thrown up against a wall every day, his soul crushed, his children’s futures going up in flames and his one and only life sucked out of him systematically by what seems like a pack of vampires surrounded by soldiers with M-16s and H-bombs.

    And I do not pretend to “know” anything for certain. That’s too religious in my book. All I know is that I know pretty much zippo nothing.

    If all the cars and the planes and the trucks and the steamers and the massacres of the animals and the rape of the earth stopped tonight, and oil was outlawed, and justice rolled down like a mighty stream, who’s to say that in the time interval before impact that some technology might yet be made real or that negative feedbacks could take hold, or half the US and all australia could go back to indigenous governance? Who the hell knows? I don’t.

    Thank you for your consideration.
    Cheers and good day.

  • … or half the US and all australia could go back to indigenous governance?

    Hahaha, it’s much too late to go back to indigenous governance. And Empire will NEVER accept indigenous governance, the business of Empire is to rape and destroy all free people on this planet, they’d NEVER accept indigenous governance. Empire wants to RULE the planet or go down with it, they are not interested in any other alternatives, it’s just:

    Rule or die.

    Therefore we will have to go through the Fall of Empire and maybe even extinction. It is all about transformation. A system that don’t want to transform, prefers extinction. Nature doesn’t allow any standstill, it’s that simple and I like it :-)

  • ARTLEADS – I will write you privately soon. Last year you have had specific small scale Nuclear safety ideas that we put into effect. I am keeping in close touch with Steve at the NNSA about progress on the tax breaks to property owners who can safely store extra diesel fuel tanks in the 2 mile radius of about 60 Nuclear power plants that were applicable under regional/zone case study 1. I also ordered truck loads of Biochar from Biogen to spread on the land around several Federal jurisdiction radioactive waste sites.

    My help with the manatee pool in the outflow of the Ft. Pierce nuke plant is from my heart. The massive international funding for project Blue Beam is way above my pay grade. On weekends Jim & I are down in the mud. Today it is back up with global satellites and 3D printers to the ISS deep space platform construction. The best I can do here is make people aware that Blue Beam is only a space show…so they don’t freak out too much.

    The best SPFX creators from Skywalker/Star Wars are under NASA Software program contract.

    Another MARK AUSTIN is one of the most fameous Star Wars Lucas film designers. (Google MARK AUSTIN Star Wars) The Cape Canaveral portion of the International Blue tech signal should be full of lovely images and soothing songs. Gentle stuff to calm mass populations. A very big “thing” is very likely to change all levels of human existence as biological events unfold. Near extinction can be somewhat controlled and implemented in stages with palliative care.

    For now lower fuel prices encourage more consumption and reduce the incentives to improve energy efficiency. They also make it harder for renewables to compete.

    There are already signs of this happening. In the US, vehicle sales hit record levels in 2015 – and ever more people are choosing fuel-guzzling SUVs and trucks instead of conventional cars. In the UK, British Airways has dropped a £340 million project to produce aviation fuel from household waste, citing lower oil prices as one reason. And Canadian mining company Iamgold has shelved plans to power one of its mines in West Africa with solar instead of oil.

    Some argue that the fall in gas prices will lower emissions, by encouraging a switch from coal to gas for generating electricity. Cheap shale gas, they say, is what drove the reduction in the emissions in the US in recent years. But the economic recession was the main factor behind reduction in US emissions, according to economist Klaus Hubacek of the University of Maryland – cheap gas played only a minor role.
    Renewables delay

    And while cheap gas may indeed decrease emissions in the short term if it replaces coal there are two big catches. The first is that it will delay the switch to renewables, meaning higher emissions in the long run. Renewables would account for a larger share of US energy were it not for cheap gas. All of Russia, China and Saudi Arabia are being severely economically impacted by plans that will also destroy U.S. Treasury bond values. The NOAA predicted heat haves of 2016 are heating up all Military-INDUSTRIAL complex plans to counter measure. The largest trillion dollar private consortium can Geo-effectively alter Earth in methods & ways that nice people here on NBL have not yet included on our way to NTE.

  • Bloomberg Carbon Clock about to hit 403 PPM:


    (disregarding the exponential methane releases)

    Tell people you love them!

  • I notice it’s always white American men making the claims of super competency and omnipotence of other white (evil) American men. Of course. There is simply no way the Russians or Chinese could be the last ones standing. More deep rooted culturally ingrained American exceptionalism that cannot be shaken. A delusional form of self flattery. In spite of throwing unlimited money at every problem, nothing works. The empire is corrupt and incompetent. It’s a top down project.

    Washington Quietly Lifts Sanctions on Russian Rockets

    “Washington, who leveled widespread sanctions against Russia in an increasingly tenuous bid to isolate and undermine the stability of Moscow, has found itself humiliated and backtracking as it lifts bans on Russia’s RD-180 rocket engines.

    And even as Washington does so, the US media finds itself still painting Russia as a villain even as the US finds itself forced to buy rockets from a nation it claims invaded Crimea, is fostering a “hybrid war” in eastern Ukraine, and is bombing US-backed “rebels” in Syria. It is worth mentioning that Russia’s RD-180 rocket engines, possessing unparalleled performance US firms have yet to match, will be used to launch payloads into Earth orbit for the US Department of Defense.”

    First appeared: http://journal-neo.org/2016/01/07/washington-quietly-lifts-sanctions-on-russian-rockets/”

    No space for US without Russian rockets


    I wonder if those Russians have installed killswitch backdoors in them?

    After 36 Years, Nuclear Plant in Tennessee Nears Completion


  • 350.hahaha

    Preliminary monthly average for CO2, as measured at the Mauna Loa Observatory, for December 2015: 401.85 ppm.

    This is a full 3.0 ppm above the December 2014 monthly average, which was 398.85 ppm.

    The year-on-year increase from 2013 to 2014 was 2.04 ppm (398.85 in December 2014 vs. 396.81 in December 2013).

    It is almost as if the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere is increasing in an ‘abrupt’ fashion. Shocking.

    The faster we go, the rounder we get…

    This interview with Dr. Kevin Anderson is worth watching. He tries to put a happy spin on COP21 at the beginning, but makes some very good points, as well. His comments about techno-utopian solutions and the fact that the delusional CO2 targets in the COP21 agreement contain the implicit (but not explicit) assumption that we will be pulling CO2 out of the air using BECCS (Biomass Energy Carbon Capture and Storage). His comments very much mimic the colorful posts of our very own trailer park grass cutter.

    He also mentions that the authors of the COP21 agreement failed to use the words ‘fossil fuels’ anywhere in the report. Oopsie.

    The video has under 200 views right not.

    Oh well. Fuck it.

  • islandraider, the ongoing clicking Bloomberg carbon clock above shows 402.98.

    So, the January average could be higher still – significantly above 403.

    … a more than 4. ppm increase from Dec. 2014 average of 398.85 – in ONLY 13 months.

    May/June numbers will, almost surely, indicate VERY near term in-your- face disruptions, horrors, & outright terrors unto death.

    ABRUPT & then some.

    Mix in just a piddling two Gigatons of methane = a heating blanket of destruction & death.

    Five piddling Gigatons of methane (not in the least far-fetched) would put the numbers at 800. plus CO2 equivalent.

  • ‘Preliminary monthly average for CO2, as measured at the Mauna Loa Observatory, for December 2015: 401.85 ppm.

    This is a full 3.0 ppm above the December 2014 monthly average, which was 398.85 ppm.’

    Yes, I’ve been watching that too. 5 months from now we’ll have a better idea about just how bad it is.

    By then we will also see more effects of the economic turmoil.

    For the record, WTI $30.54 and Brent $30.85 at the moment.


    ‘The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) has advised clients to brace for a “cataclysmic year” and a global deflationary crisis, warning that the major stock markets could fall by a fifth and oil may reach $US16 a barrel.

    The bank’s credit team said markets are flashing the same stress alerts as they did before the Lehman crisis in 2008.’


    But who should we believe, with lies and manipulation now endemic (or is that pandemic?).

  • Nemesis:

    David Bowie: “The truth, of course, is that there is no ‘journey.’ We are arriving and departing all at the same time.”

  • .
    Sorry for posting this, never say never I guess.

    Kudos to the couple of comments which questioned the assertion that education makes people smarter. Face the truth, mass education was instituted to make people less smart. Search back several hundred years and you will find the early arguments in favor of the mass ‘educating’ of children centered around ingenious and subtle methods for behavior control, and not at all about elevating the ‘smartness’ of the people.

    Mass education is all about, and I mean SOLELY about, convincing the human mind at a very young age of ONE simple thing; that it knows nothing until it becomes filled by someone else, filled by some external authority, one who DOES know something. Trust anyone but yourself, that’s the whole goal behind mass education; it’s brainwashing. Forget about the chunks of ‘things’ you learn about while there. Those ‘things’ are all irrelevant and completely beside the point of the basic, hidden premise behind ‘education.’

    Who is it that DOES supposedly know these somethings? Why the authorities know these somethings of course … you’re so very well intentioned slave masters; they are the ones who ‘know’ the stuff you’re told to think at school. It’s not about the information, it’s about learning who the information flows from, and the bottom line is … NOT YOU!

    Aha, I get it now. We devolved from the dissemination of true knowledge, and fell into mind control somewhere along the way since Plato, or maybe before that even. I get it.

    Take the mind of a willful child, one that *does* know considerably more about right from wrong than most educated people, and convince them to not trust themselves anymore, but to instead trust their dear leaders, and the news channel, and the police, and the clergy, and their boss, and the scientists who says reindeer make the clathrates melt. And, and, and, … trust anyone but yourself, and you have made a good zombie, a ‘yes sir’ person, one who’s no longer capable of thinking for her or his self anymore.

    Education as some sort of a tool for training skills into people is a minor byproduct of the mass education system, and even that function was invented to ‘specialize’ workers, which in itself was just a response to highly knowledgeable skilled workers posing a threat to men with great power. It made much more sense to obfuscate critical knowledge by breaking it apart into many smaller tasks so that no ‘educated’ person would ever hold the power of knowing how the entire system functioned, or how it was brought together to function in its entirety. It’s similar to the purpose behind a social bureaucracy. It’s exactly about training people to not know.

    Education isn’t about knowledge; it’s about having your brain shaped. It’s about learning to trust others to tell you what’s what after you’ve been convinced you are not smart enough to do that for yourself. It’s about an insidious psychology being foisted onto the masses, complete with the illusion that they’re being made smarter through the process. It’s about steering people into an unhealthy and destructive belief system; the belief that YOU don’t know anything, and that I DO, so THINK AND DO WHAT I TELL YOU!

    And it works beautifully for achieving its intended result; it stupefies.

    When I entered ‘higher education’ at mid life, it quickly exposed itself to be the farce that it is. I had to go home at nights and teach myself (something the brightest students are often incapable of by the way, ‘What? But who will instruct me?’), I had to teach myself how to write good computer code and to do good systems analysis. The school? It was nothing more than jumping through mindless automaton hoops in order to prove to authorities that I would, in every case, always defer to them. I watched this methodology implemented through some of the most arduous cases of often fabricated systemic stupidity that a human might ever fear artificially encountering. It was dumb.

    Now scientists in Russia are telling us reindeer grazing causes methane blow holes? (Or, more importantly, that they have a ‘theory’ for coming to such a conclusion?) The people will eat this authority speak up and chew on it like reindeer chewing their cud. And it all started with the people being educated in a way that shuts off their own sonar and sense of knowing, and replaces it with the empty hollow words of some distant and headless ‘authority.’

    Education doesn’t enlighten, it forms specific mental behaviors in people, very bad ones.

    However, humanity is so far gone down this path that what I’ve written here won’t make any ‘sense’ to the educated among us, because they long ago turned off their ability to ‘sense’ anyway; they are steeped in deference to another. However, don’t let me tell you anything. The key would be to think all this through for yourself, if you can. I realize it’s all very counter intuitive, but it is possible to see through it all; through the mechanisms behind the true and foul purpose of mass education.

    The educated are more capable of understanding the news?

    I would say the educated are not very capable of understanding much. My years spent getting a ‘higher education’ where the most wasteful years of my life yet. Garbage in, garbage out. It’s not about what you ‘know’, and everything to do with HOW you think. Don’t let a goo’d education wreck that for you. They progress it all along very subtly and slowly, you know, so that you don’t even notice what’s happening to your mind. Garbage in garbage out; and just because some one ‘else’ said so. But what did YOU think. Do you even KNOW what you think anymore? Not likely, if you’re well educated, if the programming took.

    Fifty indigenous men gather and agree that each one of them has observed the same destruction of their environment for themselves and also identified a cause. They go to a leader, and that information flows from the many to the one, who can then maybe organize a response through their communication and leadership skills.

    Fifty western minded men gather at the TV set to be told, ‘Don’t worry, all is well, the reindeer are the cause of this; some really smart scientists have said so.’ They organize no proper response, because they have been told something, and so they defer to that authority. The information has flowed from the one to the many.

    See the distinct difference here?

    Education. Hrrrrmph. Hopefully you at least got laid while you were there. And hopefully legitimately too; the old fashioned way without the assistance of Rohypnol.

  • .

    My comments on education were not a directed at you or your essay specifically. You just inspired me to write a comment on education, that was all.

    Thanks you for sharing your thoughts with everyone, I’m happy to see you share your thoughts like that.


  • I believe the purpose of education (from the mid-1800s on) was to give the children of peasants enough information and skills to make them useful to the empire whilst denying them the information and skills that would make them dangerous to the empire.

    At the time when mechanisation and mass production were increasing rapidly it was important that workers could keep count and record tallies, read and follow instructions, make adjustments to machines to optimise quantity and quality, accurately report ‘difficulties’ etc., without ever questioning their status within the system.

    As well as needing sufficiently educated factory workers, carpenters, metal workers, railway workers etc., by the 1950s the empire needed a lot of technical people to expand chemical industries into new fields and technical people to develop new gadgets. (The phase I lived through.)

    We (students of serious subjects like chemistry and physics) used to think that courses in hotel catering and management were a joke, but with oil now so cheap it seems that credit-funded tourism will soon be all that’s left…..until it all goes kaput.

  • @ Apneaman Says:
    January 12th, 2016 at 11:45 am

    Yep, for MOST “humans” in the developed(?) (or developing) countries, IT’S ALL about the mother-fuckin’ money, all other priorities rescinded.

    @ LWA Says:
    January 12th, 2016 at 1:51 pm

    When I entered ‘higher education’ at mid life, it quickly exposed itself to be the farce that it is. I had to go home at nights and teach myself (something the brightest students are often incapable of by the way, ‘What? But who will instruct me?’), I had to teach myself how to write good computer code and to do good systems analysis. The school? It was nothing more than jumping through mindless automaton hoops in order to prove to authorities that I would, in every case, always defer to them. I watched this methodology implemented through some of the most arduous cases of often fabricated systemic stupidity that a human might ever fear artificially encountering. It was dumb.

    Education doesn’t enlighten, it forms specific mental behaviors in people, very bad ones.

    First, when you say that you “…had to teach myself how to write good computer code and to do good systems analysis,” isn’t THAT, in essence, “education?” Regardless, I also have to ask, did you do that SOLELY on your own, by trial and error, or perhaps more probably, were you reading books, written by others, that gave you clues with which you could THEN experiment and learn, thus becoming “educated” in some sense? Moreover, while your grammar leaves something to be desired, I’d also ask, “How do you KNOW that you’ve written ‘good computer code’ [sic] or do ‘good systems analysis’ [sic]?” In other words, have you been able to do ANY comparisons of your work as it MAY relate to what others have done?

    Note, I am NOT, in any “absolute” sense, denigrating what you’ve written. I, too, went back to college in “mid life” (at age 32), after a couple of earlier, abortive attempts, and similar to your observation, found that “higher education” (as well as K-12) was more about “programming behavior” than “passing on knowledge” or “developing a capacity of reason.” However, that is NOT to say that I did not learn more than a little of potential use. By way of “example,” may I ask, how many computer-languages do you know? How much “systems analysis” have you done and in how many operating systems? How much physics/chemistry/mathematics do you KNOW? Have you ever “programmed” a robot/CNC-machine and do you KNOW the difference between “accuracy” and “precision?” Do you KNOW what constitutes “spaghetti code?”

    I am NOT trying to “pick on you” OR “expose your [potential] faults,” I’m merely trying to ascertain just how “deeply and thoroughly” you have “thought” about the perspectives you’ve stated.

  • @ kevin moore Says:
    January 12th, 2016 at 3:40 pm

    I believe the purpose of education (from the mid-1800s on) was to give the children of peasants enough information and skills to make them useful to the empire whilst denying them the information and skills that would make them dangerous to the empire.

    I wholeheartedly concur and think you have hit the nail on the head in the most succinct form possible. The ONLY “exception” that I would make is that “belief” is NOT required, there is more than sufficient “evidence” to make that perspective the most obvious assessment (see, Occam’s Razor or, if you’re a “true masochist,” Bayesian probabilities).

  • @ Nemesis thanks for the YouTube videos about The Red Book. Long suckers, though! Yeah, I can’t see purchasing The Red Book and it probably makes more sense for me to go for some interpretive version, but that’s not as interesting, although more palatable. I just checked it out at the public library (while there, it wasn’t available to check out literally). Mostly, I was just impressed with his skills at visual art and noted how rich in symbols the renderings were. Otherwise, it did not appear something I had the time or inclination to tackle.

    Your last post on the last article tweaked me, too, but I would replace ‘Empire’ with psychopaths. When I was working as a corporate law attorney directly reporting to someone with psychopathic tendencies and otherwise terribly alienated within an otherwise hate-filled organization, I got a deep, introspective view into the ‘madness’ of the psychopath and their annihilating-of-humanity tendencies.

    I was just thinking about how, at that point, I felt if ‘they’ and the rest of us could just see where ‘their’ leadership was taking us, we could break the spell. But, now, like you, I realize that instead of that ardent and reflexive yearning for a collective epiphany, I have instead embraced acceptance of the utter destruction that will ultimately be wrought by ‘it’ and didn’t even notice the point at which I turned that corner. Anyway, your last post was like an echo of my own inner most personal reflections today, so I felt compelled to note that, as it was striking.

    Regarding the ugliness of aliens, no, that is not a universal or singular description of them. There are several different sorts described, not all of which are ugly. The tall Nordic blonds, for example, are noted as striking as opposed to ugly. Then there are those said to look just like us. But, yes, the reptilians, the mantis, the greys do not sound particularly appealing, agreed.

    I’ve been toying with the notion that receptivity to the idea of aliens or lack thereof might be a litmus test. Specifically, I think it may be indicative of how invested a person is in ‘ego’ which has often been noted as a potential bar to spiritual development. I think the reason is plain – if you can’t tolerate even the idea that there might be species more advanced than humans, you might be suffering an egoic sort of block.

    Cattle mutilations alone ‘ought’ to create doubt about the possibility that they are real. Earthfiles.com covers them extensively and there are no explanations ‘of this world’ for those occurrences. They are also very creepy, defying the notion that belief in aliens is a ‘desire based’ endeavor.


  • TOM to know that we, as a population of 7 billion people, can have such a rapid and global effect on so many signals that are being recorded in the geological deposits accumulating at present (of which climate change is but one) is important and goes beyond pure scientific debate. To observe that some of these signals have already peaked, for example radionuclides from fallout, black carbon and fuel ash particles, shows that there is also an opportunity to change the track of some, though not all of the trends, we have set in place.

    The Anthropocene is like a geological accounting ledger, showing what humans have added and taken away from our environment. Some of what we’ve added has been harmful, some neutral. Understanding the difference could help future generations keep our ledger better balanced.

    But there’s also a slightly chilling aspect to naming this epoch after humanity. Does the Anthropocene only end when humanity has met its demise? Not necessarily, said Waters. Other factors could become more powerful than human forcing. A supervolcano might erupt, covering the planet in ash. A meteorite might smash into San Francisco, causing global megafires. Less dramatically, Earth’s cyclical climate changes would eventually usher in a new ice age, which Waters explained might “significantly inhibit our continued global influence.” But “it is possible our geoengineering of the planet may defer or cancel that expected glaciation.”

    “Ultimately,” Waters said, “processes that greatly reduce human population are most likely to bring the Anthropocene to a close.” In other words, our reign will not end until there are far fewer humans on the planet.

  • @Tim

    Big Pharma Death Clock


  • Manatee Mangrove natural area ready by Feb 6th

  • jeez Colin, did you learn your social skills at Miss Manner’s School for Martians?

    it is possible to actually address people here as if they were humans, just like you are (hopefully) – no matter how different they may seem.

    your tone is so insufferably arrogant that when you try to actually, maybe sort of, sound polite it only gets worse.

    just fucking chill out, in an absolute sense, and give someone else just an ounce of real consideration as a human being before you get all high and mighty, and maybe try to actually understand you are actually addressing, you know, a real person.

    like at a friendly dinner party or something. have you ever been to one of those? if you act like that with other people face to face, probably not, at least not more than once.

    I am addressing you directly, and I’m not just merely trying to ascertain just how “deeply and thoroughly” you have “thought” about the reality that other people here are actually real people behind the screens here, and not just figures of imaginary dialog in your head.

    I really want to know how deeply and thoroughly you have thought of this!

    I cannot for the life of me fathom the perspectives you’ve stated, the way you have stated them, if you actually intended to ask a real person your questions.

    btw, if my comments are in any way offensive or have a mean spirited bite, it is because I intended to write them that way, not because of any other reason. I am really not interested in seeing people talked to like they are idiotic recalcitrant six year olds, unless you come out and do it directly because you really think they ARE idiotic recalcitrant six year olds.

    but I don’t think you are one of those. just someone who is somewhat of an insufferable ass from time to time.

    no worries. it takes one to know one.

    ~ mo

  • Stopping deforestation and reforesting wherever possible is certainly to be encouraged,but it is deluded optimism to think that it will stop CO2 levels rising while we burn fossil fuels. Most climax forests are not carbon sinks. Try this thought experiment.Think of the planet before it was
    deforested by humans. If all those forests were carbon sinks,there would have been a significant annual decrease in atmospheric CO2 levels. This is not reflected in the fossil record.


  • .

    I’ll skip the nonsense and the comp. sci. examination and skip straight to your question, which, as you say, is all you were really asking anyway.

    I’m merely trying to ascertain just how “deeply and thoroughly” you have “thought” about the perspectives you’ve stated.

    My answer is: very deeply and thoroughly.

    Put a boy through education, and he’ll drop that bomb on whoever you tell him to. It teaches you to seek validity from others rather than from yourself. No wonder all westerners show off with material possessions and are so easily swayed by status and wealth. It’s all about what others think, with no sense of true self left in anybody at all after it’s all said and done, after ‘the education’ that is.

    Sorry about my bad grammar, I’m sure you can muddle through it though. It is the internet after all.

  • LWA, you said it very well, not that long ago…

    That’s an observation I’ve made several times now at this site too, Mark. That the grumpy sour black holes who can’t maintain some dignity in the face of opposition or oppression (if they ever even could maintain their collective dignities in the first place) how these people are failing to see how the toxicity of a nasty disposition is the very precipice dangling over and preceding all that is cruel and evil and destructive in the world, in almost every single case. It’s like a lot of hot air from a few air heads who can’t even recognize their own complicity in the very darkness that ails us, due to their own mishandled, ill projected and bitter characters.

    It’s been sort of a chuckle to watch some of the kinder, gentler posters step back recently and let the sour grapes flood back into the vacuum of silence, which is pretty much always how that sort of energy flows. It’s been fascinating to note how ‘they’, the dark ones, aren’t really any more interesting to read than anyone else is here. So, I don’t know what all the moaning and complaining is for, about how the site is being wrecked by certain people, and so on and so forth. Talk about cry babies. Boring cry babies, too. Maybe there *are* a few paid trolls here, who knows, it could very well be. Seems like it, anyway.


    Daniel Quinn pointed out long ago how civilized man thinks there’s just one right way to live and one right way to think, and how his own way is that one right way, the rest be damned. This is precisely the reason why all the pleas of the indigenous peoples of the world have been falling on deaf ears for centuries. And this is precisely why we face extinction: we simply don’t listen! We’ve forgotten how to listen.

    We, the commenters here, no doubt, constitute a microcosm of the world at large, and despite our being in the know about certain facts about the material world, we hold some of the same mainstream cultural stories that anyone elsewhere holds. One of those stories is about the supremacy of our way, and of our epistemology.

    When asked the question, “how do you know what you know?”, the modern man is quick to point out empiricism and Science. He fails to realize the arbitrariness of that answer. It’s not unlike a rabid fundamentalist’s answer to the same question. But the arbitrariness is not even the actual issue here. The issue is modern man claiming that Science is the ONLY way, the one right way to seek answers to any and all questions that arise from the human experience.

    When asked the same question, “how do you know what you know?”, an indigenous person would come up with a story. However arbitrary that story sounds to the modern man, the indigenous person doesn’t claim his story is the only story in town. The indigenous person is well aware that every tribe has its own story, its own epistemology, and there’s no one right way that works for all. If presented with Science as our story, an indigenous person might go, “oh OK, fascinating!”, and go about his way. There’s some humility right there. Confidence in one’s own story but no arrogance and no denouncement of anyone else’s story.

    I’ve seen the “one right way” mindset play out here on the beach of doom many times over the last year. When confidence in one’s own story is absent, one resorts to disparaging others’ stories. The disparaging happens here a lot too. Somehow, those who believe in the one right way feel a deep need to beat over everyone else’s head with it. But then, that is the history of civilization itself. That’s what we have been doing for a long time. Killing off every other way. Nabbing native children and throwing them in boarding schools, erasing local languages and substituting them with the language of Empire, obliterating local economies with centralized corporate commercial economies, smothering indigenous spirituality with organized centrally administered religion, replacing diverse ethnic nutritious foods with profitable cash crops, replacing age-old herbal medicine with chemical pharma, the list goes on… and why? The one right way.

    The indigenous person almost never changes his creation story. It’s handed over from generation to generation practically unaltered, almost verbatim. It’s sacred. This isn’t to say stories don’t change at all… as tribes adapt to changing conditions in the world around them, stories adapt too. Any alterations are done with much care and foresight. Modern man’s stories change all the time… depending on the time in modern history, and depending on the question, answers have come from kings, priests, politicians, corporate leaders, Scientists, and all manner of experts. Modern man has outsourced his critical thinking faculties to so-called experts. Science is in fashion presently and today’s unquestioned expert is the Scientist.

    If we think it’s only through modern Science that we know anything is amiss with the climate, we need to hear what the Kogi and every other native person has been telling us. If anything, Scientists keep falling short on predicting the course of climate change, despite being equipped with fancy super computers. How many times have we seen lately, “…changes unfolding at a much higher pace than Scientists have predicted…”? We’re just playing catch-up. We have no insight into the processes we have set into motion. And what has caused this in the first place? The abuse of Science! Technology itself. Think dams, power plants, offshore platforms, mining, chemicals… the bitter fruits of Science.

    Science has overreached from its original domain of the Physical Sciences into nearly every aspect of the human experience. Science is not the problem, it’s the modern man’s abuse of Science that’s the problem, an overuse of Science, an overreach of Science into spheres of life where it’s not applicable… it’s Scientism that is the problem. Scientism is rampant. It says there’s one right way to know the answer to anything and everything. To the exclusion of every other way.

    That’s a bit of what we see around here on NBL… the one right way to think! The one right worldview. Apparently, not even staring at NTE in the face shakes off our stories… which is why I think stories are more powerful than the men who carry them around in their heads. There are no human beings anymore. Just matchstick men. Paint them blue and they look blue. Paint them green and they look green.

  • Thank You Satish.

  • There’s a roadmap to where we’ve been and where we’re going in these United States in the guise of what happened to the most advanced culture here, when climate change came calling on the Anasazi in the middle of the 12th century, just as they had peaked as a society and were on the downswing. If you haven’t been to Chaco Canyon, I urge a visit to get a glimpse of their capabilities, building the tallest structures of any indians in the USA. Oddly enough, some of the larger structures were used mainly for storage, which means like us-they had too much stuff.

    What came after the punishing drought without end was fairly widespread violence and cannibalism, using weaponry that was very crude compared to our later-day standards of violence, and the scattering of the survivors here and there across the southwest and into Mexico.

    A few good books to read on the subject are Anasazi America by David Stuart and House Of Rain by Craig Childs to get you up to speed on what went down…

    Now, to update things for current day conditions, what if the Anasazi had been able to book one way flights from Albuquerque International Airport to someplace more hospitable, in a climate vein?

  • Robert Scribbler has a new on point piece about spiking CO2 & spiking methane in the Arctic.

    As I stated before, RS always gives us terrific hard data from all sources in his excellent compendiums.

    He may be a literary fellow, but he writes great science w/o distortion.

    He has proven it again & again, as in McPherson.

    But RS openly denigrates HIS own glaring hard facts in the exchange of the first 6 comments.

    Truly bizarre & a strong indication that Robert is blinding himself from facing the ugly “truth” of NTE.

    NOT wanting NTE does not falsify the hard data – ugly as it is.

    RS utterly & openly refuses to make the mandatory inference that the recent LOCAL spike to 2963 ppb (2.9 ppm) in Arctic methane is “most probabilistically” caused by an abrupt methane burp FROM EXISTING ARCTIC STORES …

    … Just as observational empirical researchers Semiletov & Shakhova predicted.

    The difference between Mauna Loa at 1860 plus ppb methane & the Arctic at 2960 plus cannot be sluffed off with claims that there are many variables in the causal chain!

    Later in comments Robert reiterates his personal flabby relativism in the face of overwhelming empirical facts.

    RS’s position is painfully similar to establishment political appointee Gavin Schmidt’s cavalier rejection of Semiletov & Shakhova’s hard won, documented, & largely confirmed empirical observations & predictions.

    RS is an example of truly bonkers anti-empirical denialism in-your-face by a demonstrated long term terrific fact gatherer.

    If the facts don’t speak for our inquiry, what does?

    Here the facts are not in dispute.

    Robert is disputing & denigrating the demanded/required honest inference(s) from the empirical facts.

    We are not writing fiction or a fable or a “story.”

    We are observing our increasingly probable NEAR TERM extinction.

    Feynman’s axiom applies most emphatically in these deadly times;

    “Be careful not to fool yourself because you are the easiest one to fool.”

    Satish, if we are NOT doing science here ( telling the truth as best we can), what are we doing?

    Just telling conflicting stories … as in opinion???

  • “Our model entails a Platonic picture of the mind, where much of the intelligence of the individual is the consequence of preexisting ideas in some mind-sphere”. – Brian Josephson, Nobel laureate in Physics

  • @Satish Musunuru

    Thanks a lot for your wise rant about modern science and it’s ugly abuse just for the sake of funny money and “control” over Nature and other fellow human beings. We’ll see, who is in control in the long run.

    @Rin tin incognito

    What came after the punishing drought without end was fairly widespread violence and cannibalism…

    Sounds like modern society will have to prepare for cannibalism sooner or later, yam yam. Will it help to know, “what if the Anasazi had been able to book one way flights from Albuquerque International Airport to someplace more hospitable, in a climate vein” ? I am not shure, if it will help, but anyway, I am happy to have not procreated within the Endtimes of Empire, that’s absolutely for shure.

    For the ugly situation of modern man (NTE), it doesn’t matter much, if the Anasazi once would have done this or that, does it? Too many indigenous tribes had been violently wiped off the face of the earth and now modern man will just have to follow. In the face of Death/NTE (knock, knock) it doesn’t matter much, what others would have done some centuries ago, does it? Those people are long gone and we will be gone soon as well. The Laws of Nature are farely simple, IMO.

  • Thomas Harrington, a scholar at Trinity College, has written one of the best pieces of on point political expose that I have read in a lifetime of intellectual inquiry.

    Harrington takes PBS & “Frontline” to the woodshed for a well deserved thrashing.

    The terse exchange between film maker Singh & PBS executive Fannings, is worth thousands of insightful political essays – a genuine Rosetta Stone in simple English.

    It is a tight summation of much of our discussions on this blog about education, power, political intrigue, who dictates what to whom, & denial of painful harsh truth.

    As good as it gets.

    at Counterpunch; Are US Relations With Israel a Proprietary Matter? The People at PBS’ Frontline Seem to Think So

  • Btw:

    The anti-terror propaganda in the media gets hotter and hotter here in Europe. The media spreads the message of ANGST as if there were muslim terrorists around every corner. The extreme right wing parties gain momentum in Poland, France, Germany. Here in Germany groups like PEGIDA spread ugly propaganda and violence against refugees. There have been many, many violent attacks against refugees recently here in Germany.

    Yeah, the socalled “Elite” seems to prepare themselves for some very ugly times to come. Like I said some weeks ago:

    They know (since one or two decades) what’s comin, I can smell their fear, whooouuu 8-)

  • “Just telling conflicting stories … as in opinion???”

    Gerald, that’s a good question. just what are we doing here?

    I’ve known of the science since I was old enough to think. I grew up in a stew of science, and was right with Hansen from the beginning of his work, and his earliest efforts to get the word out.

    but when I saw the Kogi documentary, when it very first came out in the early ’90s, it shook me to my core. they knew. they knew it as clearly, factually, and soulfully even more than Hansen. way more. because they were living it. as in food, shelter and LIFE living it.

    they could point in precise detail, everywhere in their physical world and experience, as to what was happening. they knew that it was the climate, and they pointed out exactly what had changed, how fast it had changed, and how it was getting worse, very quickly.

    they wanted to get the message out pronto. and make it crystal clear what their message was and what the consequences would be if their message was not acted upon, immediately.

    they delivered the message with great respect to “younger brother,” as just another one of Nature’s creations worthy of such respect.

    conflicting stories? just opinions? you can spin it that way if you want to.

    that was so obviously NOT what was going on there, with the Kogi.

    they knew what harmony meant. what it meant in the deepest way to actually live in harmony with Earth and with ALL their fellow beings.

    it wasn’t about “conflict,” at all.

    only harmony. in every possible way.

  • Being in denial is like being asleep. Let them rest til the day comes when the cognitively dissonant are jarred awake from their stupor.
    Those who care to know will find their way.

  • Satish,

    Something like this ?



    She doesn’t do any acoustic material that I’m aware of but here’s something from history about y’all’s neck of the woods. Maybe there’s something in there about how the way we see things affects our stories and our science?


    They say that in 1842 on a plantation in Alabama
    The slaves unearthed a huge skeleton,
    the bones of a giant whale,
    a leviathan,
    from the time when all the world was covered with water
    from the Andes to the Himalayas
    and even Alabama was deep down under.
    And the slaves looked at the huge bones and they said:

    These must be the bones of a fallen angel
    These must be the bones of a fallen angel

    Out on the ocean, out of the water
    We look for signs of him
    He looks like a giant snow hill, a fountain
    Then he disappears. He’s a speck on the horizon

    We see him only in parts
    The flash of a tail, his beating heart.
    He’s in pieces and parts.

    It’s easier for a camel to slide through the eye of a needle
    Than to find a whale who hides at the bottom of the ocean
    It’s easier to sail around the world in a coffee cup
    Than to see a whale when he comes rising up

    We see him only in parts
    A fountain, fins, a speck on the horizon
    Giant teeth, an open mouth
    Look out, look out, look out, look out

    So hit an elephant with a dart
    and he just reaches around and pulls it out with his trunk
    But hit a whale in the hear and the whole ocean turns red,
    It turns red.

    We see him only in parts
    The flash of a tail, his beating heart
    He’s in pieces and parts

    So get hit in your head
    And there may be a few things you can’t recall at all
    But you get hit in your heart
    And you’re in pieces and parts
    Pieces and parts.


    What “Frontline” is deathly afraid of.

    Why almost all bamboozled gringos & grunts hate Arabs.



    New evidence reveals humans on Indonesian island 60,000 years earlier than previously thought.


  • Paul Russel; not a day goes by that I don’t recite your very wise & very concise advice both outwardly or sub vocally.

    “When nothing matters, everything matters that much more.”

  • “We are not writing fiction or a fable or a “story.”

    We are observing our increasingly probable NEAR TERM extinction.”

    ok, again, the ones who were telling the traditional “stories” ~ and they were indeed aware that these were stories, however important and sacred, observed “us” (white western civ us) and our behaviors for a while, maybe for a hundred years or so, and they said to us (politely, but pointedly) “hey, you guys are pretty fucked up. if you keep this up, you are royally going to be screwed, and you will royally screw everything else on this Earth with you.”

    these indigenous peoples saw this about us through their powers of observation. it wasn’t a mystery to them. they saw us as unbalanced, and heading for a very certain outcome.

    so why are you acting like this is somehow new, what is going on with this observation on NBL, Gerald? like somehow white western science “we” has finally caught on to some oh so mysterious facts about reality, when many other humans were completely clear on our reality centuries before we were?

    it seems to me that right along with “observing our increasingly probable NEAR TERM extinction” we might want to observe things about ourselves that made us such clueless twits to begin with. I think arrogance, lately, is right at the very top of my list of observations.

    we reek of it so hard.

    the arrogance reeks so hard and so badly we now seek to use our tools of western civ science to somehow “scientifically prove” to ourselves that our insane behavior is bred into us, via thermodynamics, dopamine, or some such crap. I thought for a while these ideas could have some genuine explanatory power, but I’ve come around to very different conclusions in the last year.

    the truth is, we are just so damn in love with ourselves and our precious attitudes, we can’t let go.

    our arrogance itself is the ultimate dumb monkey trap. that’s not any kind of thermodynamics at work. just plain cultural stupidity that will be ripped out of our skulls by the simple power of unanswerable Earth physics throwing us right into the fires of Mount Doom.

    it seems to me that the indigenous had the very finely developed intuition that their position was actually precariously balanced. in one form or another, they knew they were travelers on the back of a slippery turtle’s shell, hovering in space. everything then became a question of staying in balance.

    our shameless lack of concern for harmony and balance was instantly visible to these peoples, as like someone jumping up and down in a canoe ~ “hey!! don’t do that! are you crazy? you’ll kill us all.”

    just because we didn’t listen doesn’t mean we can fool ourselves with oh so cute, convenient and clever excuses like thermodynamics, DNA and dopamine hits.

    we didn’t listen. that is actually the end of the explanation. all that is necessary. nothing different will happen to us than that which happens to teenagers who want to party hard, and drive fast. they don’t listen. the only relevant physics at work in that situation is the car crash at the end.

  • and of course, thanks Satish, for making just the same point above. my long post is just me saying, “yes, I completely agree.” :)

  • .
    Gerald, completely beyond your chosen ability to not see it, your extreme ‘reasoning’ IS just another opinion, an intellectual story to fool yourself with. Possibly the slyest one humans have fooled themselves with yet.

    Here’s a story.

    It’s like you’re the one jumping up and down in the canoe, and when your friend is dead from falling overboard and drowning, you’re arrogantly exclaiming, ‘NO … scientifically my friend has perished because of lack of oxygen to the brain due to aspirating on water which inhibited the uptake of oxygen into his bloodstream … bla, bla, bla, bla.’

    … and you continue jumping up and down, and up and down, and more people are falling into the water …

    No Gerald, your friend died because you jumped up and down in the canoe. Period.

  • .
    Now this is reasonable, make sure you stay for the ending.

  • stay calm and carry on…silly rascals.

  • marsupial misogyny?

  • Well said, mo flow… brilliant exposition!


    infanttyrone, yes, those “experts” :)



    Satish, if we are NOT doing science here ( telling the truth as best we can), what are we doing?

    Just telling conflicting stories … as in opinion???

    “The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald

    It’s not that hard, Gerald…

    Step 1 – Let those who want to talk about “woo” do their thing while you do yours.

  • yeah gerald…you’ll be a fossil soon enough…quit acting like one.

  • The Kevin Anderson video is the real business.

    Part 2 and Part 3 too.
    If you didn’t check it, go back and look.


    mo – that’s it. You got it.

  • so much thanks to you, Wester.

    so much.

  • I wanted to extend my recent absence from the comments section indefinitely, but I have chime in with a huge bravo to mo! And thanks to Tom (as always), Wester (with big hugs), Satish and LWA.

    Desdemona Despair features a story about the mass die-off of murres here in Alaska. http://www.desdemonadespair.net/2016/01/in-pitiful-animal-die-offs-across-globe.html

  • david higham, a very good lesson.
    I fell for the loving interpretation in the first vid.
    Ain’t it sweet.
    It is so easy to bamboozle the (us0 innocents.

  • It is never to late to reconnect to Nature. We are Nature too. We can always re- connect to the Kosmos, to ourselves. It is never to late to reconnect to ourselves, no, not even in the face of Death/NTE. To me, this is the Essence of Re- ligion, it’s original meaning:

    Re- connection, re- communion with Nature, with the Kosmos, that means re- connection to ourselves.

    Modern man seems to have forgotten, where he comes from, where he is right now and where he is heading to. The indigineous people know it, spiritual people know it:

    There is a cosmic inter-connection that goes through all times and all spaces. You can call it whatever you like, names don’t matter much. I am not talking about miracles, super-energies, super-power or something. I am talking about the cosmic Essence:

    Look at a tree, it has it’s own life, but it is a part of you as well, you are sharing the same Cosmic Essence with that tree, otherwise you couldn’t percieve that tree. We can see the stars, because we share the Cosmic Essence with the stars, with the galaxies, with the voids, black holes and supernovae out there in the unimaginable vastness of space. Look at Nature, the bear and the eagle and the snake and the lion and the sheep and plants and oceans and mountains:

    All that and much more has it’s own life, but is also part of ourselves, within, because we all share the same unspeakable Cosmic Essence, that moves in spirals.

    When we reconnect to this cosmic source, where all reality and all un- reality, every- thing and no- thing, science and religion, atheism and theism, life and death, light and darkness come from, then we find real Peace within, real Joy, we find an infinite, eternal Home within. Then we can say:

    YES, whatever may come, may it be Life or may it be Death, I am always at Home.

    Uhm, btw, if any scientist doesn’t like the idea to reconnect to Nature, if any scientist thinks that it is just stupid, naive thinking of some stupid, naive indigenous people, then that’s OK. To be connected to Nature isn’t a scientific law or formula, it just means to be connected to your very own Nature, to yourself (well, just in case, you define yourself as Nature too).

    Does anyone think, that grieving, mourning can’t be a natural expression of animals?! Hahaha, well then, no wonder that modern man handles Animals and Nature in general exactly the way he does 8-) :

    Nooo, animals don’t grief, don’t mourn, it’s just chemical reactions in the brain, like a robot. To think that animals can feel or grief is just an illusion, stupid thinking of barbaric indigenous people. We can do whatever we like to Animals and Mother Nature (humans too?) in general, they don’t feel anything at all, it’s all just chemical reactions in the brain. We can do whatever we like to unfeeling Animals and unfeeling Mother Nature and make real, good, funny money out of it! THAT makes sense, SCIENTIFIC SENSE, THAT is CIVILISATION.”

    Hahaha, go on with that type of thinking, but please don’t be surprised, if you end up in some real desaster. See you and your descendants at the NTE party!- CAN YOU FEEL IT?! :-)


  • I’m certain that one misinterpretation by an ordinary person that was broadcast on tabloid headlines carries more weight than all the biologists and animal behaviorists, like Irene Pepperberg, who actually know something about animals, and for the record it is well established that animals grieve and experience other emotions that they share with humans.

    Google ‘studies on animal emotions’ and you’ll get 21,700,000 results.

    What a patently intellectually dishonest response to the subject of animal cognition and emotion, to post a link to a single story of the caliber that was linked about a single wild animal. And you want people to believe that such an argument is meaningful or, gasp, scientific?

    Right. And evil does have its own kind of competence. A dreadful, horrible, and heartbreaking competence. Anyone who doesn’t think so has never studied psychology and the many-layered gifts that psychopaths have in place of empathy, a conscience, or any sense of responsibility for the damage they do. Cunning is intelligent, but its also despicable. Some people can’t tell the difference.

  • ..
    david higham, a very good lesson.
    I didn’t fall for the scientific interpretation in the reactionary second links.
    It was a desperate and pathetic attempt to uphold mankind’s separation from nature.
    Something empire and Gerald need to keep up at all costs.
    It is so easy to bamboozle the sick ones.

    You’re a psychopath Gerald, and you ruin this forum with your trolling.

  • I posted the three links to show that there are different ways of interpreting the same incident. Not many scientists these days would claim that many animals do not have the capacity to grieve. I have posted the
    link below previously. Safina is a biologist,and I will be reading his book
    ‘Beyond Words’ in a few days. Sounds to be well worth reading.http://www.nybooks.com/articles/archives/2015/oct/08/amazing-inner-lives-animals/

  • I see nothing here or anywhere else that is going to prevent this graph getting steeper.


    The waiting game continues, with the bankruptcy of frackers, tar-sands-extractors and oil companies, the meltdown of the Ponzi global financial system, and World War Three all postponed.

  • I see nothing here or anywhere else that is going to prevent this graph getting steeper.

    Well, please don’t be surprised that you don’t see anything here on this blog that prevents graphs getting steeper, this is the NTE– Blog 8-)

  • I would also say that in the case above,and having lived among kangaroos
    for 39 years,and observing their behaviour daily,( The mob here have become
    surprisingly accustomed to us,and we regularly walk within two metres of the more docile individuals,and one joey smelt Joanna’s hand a couple of days ago when she reached out to it), that the third link of the three that
    I posted above is correct. Was the male grieving as well? I don’t know.

  • Nemesis ~ I love so much of what you say here, but dude, you are on a very short leash. I will blast you if you get even slightly out of control here again. thanks for your heartfelt consideration.

    ~ mo

  • .
    David, I had no problem with you posting your articles, in fact it was an excellent display of how the perception of science as an authority can be so easily co-opted by empire and used for ill purposes.

    ‘No connection to see here folks. Just a brutal display of the evil, scary and vile nature that we’re so much different from in our somehow magical uniqueness. Fear the brutal and evil nature, and don’t you dare ever see in it a reflection of yourself!’

    I have no quarrel with you David, or with you posting your articles.

    My issue was mainly with Gerald’s compulsive trolling.


  • Sorry for the third post,just to clarify my last comment,in our observations here,it is not common for the females to be attacked,the males are very aggresive to other males and we have occasionally seen females get
    tangled up in their fights. We have never seen a female killed by a male,but the males are much larger and I can understand how it would be
    possible for a female to be killed. Of course,I do not know how this female died.

  • Kiwi Kevin, I just clicked your Scripps/Keeling site & was flabbergasted.

    Anomalous spike or not – it rings my bell loud & clear.

    Jan.13, 2015 shows 404.81 or almost a full 5 ppb above Dec 2014 at 398.85.

    Our 2 recent posts above were concerned about 3 to 4 ppm.

    Geez, these numbers are close enough to call it very close to 6 ppm above Dec. 2014.

    Bloomberg running counter clock gives 403.11.

    Add 3 ppm methane & the Arctic is at 700 plus or minus ppm CO2e.

    2016 is our year of the big reckoning.

  • Newest piece on global temps gone bonkers at Scribbler will knock your head off.

    “According to today’s report from Japan’s Meteorological Agency, global temperatures jumped by a ridiculous 0.36 degrees Celsius from the period of December 2014 — the previous hottest December in the global climate record — through December 2015 — the new hottest December by one heck of a long shot.

    To put such an amazing year-on-year monthly jump in global temperatures into context, the average decadal rate of global temperature increase has been in the range of 0.15 C every ten years for the past three and a half decades. It’s as if you lumped 20 years of human forced warming all into one 12 month differential.”

  • A Terrifying Jump in Global Temperatures — December of 2015 at 1.4 C Above 1890

    Terrifying to those who cannot or will not face the irreconcilable acceptance of near-term extinction

    ” It is never to late to reconnect to ourselves”

    That is a standard load of male bovine faecal material; it’s like saying “it is never too late for water to become wet”.

    “where he is heading to”

    Where does the space inside a clay pot “head to” when the pot breaks?

    “you are sharing the same Cosmic Essence” “Cosmic Essence, that moves in spirals.”

    Yet more loads. There ain’t any cosmic essence. Oneself has no parts, is not shareable, is immutable, does not move.

    “to be connected to your very own Nature”

    That’s dvaita, dualism, not advaita, non-dualism.

    “I see nothing here or anywhere else that is going to prevent this graph getting steeper.”

    Right again, Kevin. However, the NTE deniers are an even more rabid bunch than the climate change deniers.