Change is Bad

Nearly everybody complaining about the system — however defined — is doing so from within the system. They refuse to abandon the dominant paradigm even as it abuses them. They call for reform of a system incapable of reform. They refuse to change course while bemoaning a system that will not change course.

Why will the system not change course? Because the vast majority of people within the system are unwilling to change. “Change is good,” they say. But talk is cheap and their actions speak volumes.

In the United States, self-identified Democrats and self-identified Republicans provide superb examples. The masses ignore the fact that the two parties are pushing virtually identical agendas. The two dominant parties represent the twin cheeks of the corporate ass. Nearly everybody I know keeps kissing one cheek while disparaging the other. Such division benefits a few at the expense of the many. The many remain typically clueless.

Next up: Hope and Change, the sequel. What shall we call it, to confuse the masses? Socialism, perhaps. That’ll surely befuddle the typical American, who claims to hate capitalism while practicing and promoting it every day. Or maybe we’ll select a woman in the name of “progress” and a post-racial post-gender society. Regardless of the outcome, American Empire and its close partner Israel will continue to murder brown children and scores of non-human species. Freedom isn’t free, although the primary costs remain ignored by the citizenry.

The masses claim they’re not anti-science. Rather, they’re pro-myth. That’s my take-home message from a populace dominated by faithful citizens, instead of thoughtful ones. As a result of rampant indifference to reason as a guide to living, Americans are easily manipulated. There’s a reason nearly a third of the advertising dollars in the world are spent on the 4.5% of the world’s human population occupying the U.S.A. (the United States of Advertising). In sharp contrast to the country into which I was born, other industrialized nations have citizens capable of thinking skeptically. Perhaps not many. But certainly some.

Americans are the product of decades of “dumbing down.” The cultural indoctrination has produced a populace largely incapable of using reason as a guide to living. Because most Americans cannot use reason, they don’t. It’s the perfect cultural stew for the two outcomes now obviously on display: (1) scum has risen to the top, and (2) abuse requested from the masses has been granted by the scum.

The masters of oligarchy care about we, the people, only as laborers, consumers, and cannon fodder. Buy more crap you don’t need. Stay on your hamster wheel. Obey, don’t think. Breed. Feed the beast, not your children. Above all, do not question anything except the brands you consume. Which brand of cheap beer? Which brand of cheap gasoline? Which brand of cheap life? Most importantly to the drones on their hamster wheels, paper or plastic?

These are the “depths” typical Americans are willing to plumb. We’ll question everything, except what really matters.

What really matters? War vs. conquest. Changing lives while we die. Oppression vs. freedom. The costs of “progress.” Obedience vs. slavery. The consequences of imperialism. What we fear. The costs of economic “growth.” Above all, at least for me, empathy. That’s my short list, created with little thought. As always, any number can play.

Instead of changing, people embedded within the dominant paradigm prefer to disparage others. “China is horrible,” they proclaim. “They’re burning all that coal, polluting the air.” Or maybe it’s Brazil this week. Or India, using all those “resources” we need here in the homeland.

When you’re dead, you don’t know you’re dead. It affects other people, though. It’s the same when you’re a patriarch. And, contrary to popular belief, one need not be male to be guilty of patriarchal behavior.

Asking questions is difficult, especially when rewards result from placating the scum atop the stew. An entire life spent soaking in the cultural milieu provides little opportunity to rise above the stew and take a look around. And because there is no reward for asking questions, the questions remain unasked. The populace remains contented. The citizenry becomes the system. The machine marches on.

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  • And if there’s any doubt, a quick tour of Facebook will confirm the thesis.

  • Céline: “So many vaginas, stomachs, cocks, snouts, and flies you don’t know what to do with them … shovelsfull! But hearts? Very rare! In the last five hundred million years too many cocks and gastric tubes to count. But hearts? Only on your fingers!”

  • nice one shep.

  • A lot of interesting discussion of late here about language, consciousness, woowoo and pseudowoowoo. Here’s more woowoo – or is it consciousness(?):


    Being a transcript of the actual words of the OakSeer (DuirRood) as told in the hazel grove beyond ShoutingWater, west of HerMane Ridge.
    The capital O denotes a sound made in the center of the chest – “Mmmm”. It means “we”, “the people”, “us”, “the human beings”. OO means “back”, “return”, “eventuates back to here” and usually involves an arm gesture suggesting gathering.

    The highly condensed syntax is challenging and it was a project of many days to decipher the code. I have capitalized some proper nouns – the names of animate things, like birds, trees, etc. as well as words that denote common nouns; for example, “Shimmer” meaning a rainbow.

    The Oakseer had a deep and sonorous voice and there was a pronounced though subtle rhythm to his recitation. What follows is the “raw data” transcribed from my recordings to the best of my ability.

    “Everways seed, Onceways rootlet Never earth ad sky, only rainbow. Singing Rain, Wind ad Shimmer, Movement ice by Stonelight.

    Seeking Skyhills by Wingflickers,

    O growleaves, ad leafgrowing grow Movements ad StillnessDancers,
    Touching Rivers by Skylove

    Ad Shimmerrain so O see

    Oriver: Leafwindrivers.

    Hereways rootlet, Onceways seed

    Ni O seed to seekmate outside Movement.

    Rootlet O sang Gifts by Gems
Ni born O ado killseek

    Ad O Skylove movements growing to seasons Traces.

    Flock growing daywise ad thundering,

    Ni flock growing nightwise ad burrowing

    Ad rootlet to steal seeds by Movement

    Ad inO,

    Rootlet-rooting to steal seeds by Dreamer, Heart ad Belly steal Bone ad Gem ad Mountaindust ad nightshreds.

    O rootlet-rooting, stonefall ad rivergone gift by skydreaming.

    Flock returning to Womb rooting whole Ad stay growing, leafing, singing

    No more skydreaming, ni dreamflying In WoseWood ad drink Gifts ad Words.

    OutsideO trailing nightwise rivers in night Ad fruited rooted steal Movement.

    Ni when smile to sing Movement ad Gifts

    Ad Bones ad Glimmers outsideO rootlet-rooting to killrun

    Earthdreaming Songs

Yu seed darkwing twohoof yu

    Bite by Mouthstones.

    Ad nightwise OutsideO rootlet-rooting seed Bloodstones

    To bloodscream by GemGifts allsonglines.

    Nightwise skulleyes rootlet-rooting to dawning by

    Skin by AllWomb

    Ad outsideoutside dawn stealers climbed by OWombs By nightwise OutsideO.

    Ad O, leafsingers, leafeaters, shed wombward in MossMovement by AllWomb.

    O hug Leafwindrivers leafing.

    O ot – (a breath) ad earthdreams u urdreams u skydreams u raindreams.

    O flee yis nightwise OutsideO.

    Ad O sing by Sol by AllSkySingingSinger OO to touch songlineless Pups

    Ad leafrivering O OO by Songlines

    Throo Dreamlines to Skylines,

    OO to Onetrees, Onewater, Onebreath ad Shimmerdreams.

    Du yadd om singen, Giftsinger, Skyeater, Leaftalker.”

  • To a very small extent I have stepped back from the dominant culture and moved to Rakino Island where there is neither electricity nor shops.Naturally being addicted to industrial/ urban culture this junkie must commute back and forward to ‘civilisation’ to obtain the drugs that I am addicted to. Alcohol,industrial food, shiny knicknacks et al.
    When I arrive at the peer in downtown Auckland I am always taken aback by the hamsters hurrying to and fro with tense expressions on their drawn faces scuttling past each other, many of them navigating apparently via the screens they have positioned directly in front of their faces.
    I watch with dismay as the #FeeltheBerne believers promote their man in Washington, yes the very same Burn that has never not signed a military appropriations bill.
    I’m not criticising those folk, I’m just pointing out that there is no ” Change”.
    The USA is terrorist nation #1 is run by a military industrial complex determined to incinerate the biosphere and everything on it, mark my words, there will be no Change.

  • Hey Doc: Why do you blame Israel for Americas sins ? Ok they are the only “Democratic” country in the Middle East and therefore an ally of America. I don’t understand. Please elaborate.

  • Robert Scribbler’s last sentence is more than “instructive,” especially in the light of THE hard facts of the last 48 hours.

    robertscribbler / January 15, 2016

    “So we should be very clear about this point. Hitting 1.4 C in a single month is pretty amazingly bad. But we are still probably in the range of 5-20 years to hitting near 1.5 C in the annual average. The reason is that though the human forcing is ridiculously strong, natural variability can still wag the tail a bit. And we are at the top end of a record El Niño in some measures. We’ve hit the crest of the natural variability wave and we’re doing it with CO2 in the range of 404 ppm and CO2e in the range of 485 ppm. Sadly, over the next decade, I fear we will start to begin to understand the true meaning of extreme events. Hitting solidly in the range of 1 to 1.5 C will start to bring some of the catastrophic impacts into line. It’s nothing like 2 or 3 or 4. But this is starting to get serious.”


  • John Lynch, there are two likely arrangements involving the U.S. and Israel: (1) Israel is the 51st, and wealthiest state in the U.S., or (2) Israel owns the U.S. government. This “ally” is perhaps the most important one “we” have.

  • I’ve been reading this website for a long time, but have never commented.
    I imagine a lot of readers are familiar with I’ve learned a lot from his website. Please contribute:

  • bad, is change i can believe in.

  • Wherever we live. we wake up each morning knowing that everything that matters is being made rapidly worse by corporations and their criminal political lackeys.

    However, an important turning point has been reached: the levels of ignorance, stupidity, greed, ill-health, criminality, inefficiency, ineffectiveness and general Ponziness got so high the system is now breaking down.

    Oil is back below $30 a barrel. WTI $29.51, Brent $29.28.

    All major share markets are in erratic decline, and the Dow has just fallen 2.76% to below 16,000

    The Baltic Dry Index hit a record low yesterday.

    Most of the overpriced housing markets are flat or in decline.

  • I am a reader , not a comment writer her on NBL. This essay spoke to me so intensely. You wrote so eloquently what I feel but do not have the writing skills to express.

    I just wanted to say thank you for writing it
    and the David Bowie link. Righteous. Peace to all. B-eagle

  • P.S. the lyrics were posted incorrectly on that David Bowie video. Still a great song though! Ch-ch-ch-changes! B-eagle

  • “The masses claim they’re not anti-science. Rather, they’re pro-myth.”

    Are all stories & myths worthy of our attention & respect?

    Is it possible to tell shid from Shinola shoe polish?

    Guy McPherson’s story is essentially identical to James Hansen’s story.

    The Kogi People’s story is very similar to both McPherson & Hansen.

    Limbaugh, Alex Jones, Trumpet, Cruz, Hillarious, Victoria Nuland, Matt Ridley, Lord Monckton, Larry Summers, & Alan Greenspan tell stories.

    Our President just told us a story that our economy was strong & vibrant.

    Is Obama’s story true?

    Which stories are most reliable, most evidenced, or most truthful is the question that all concerned persons must answer.

    Guy, Hansen, & many conscientious “scientists” told us that there could be an abrupt spike in global temperature & a spike in Arctic methane release.

    Hard facts create oughts, although we all know that there are NO absolute guarantees.

    Which story “should” you tell to yourself, your questioning friends, children, or students?

    Which story best informs us about the future?

  • digixplor ~ mind the two post rule. thank you.

  • Gerald ~ great points.

    “Which stories are most reliable, most evidenced, or most truthful is the question that all concerned persons must answer.”

    totally right on. my thoughts here would be, exactly how do we make “the reliability test”? where is it decided what is “most truthful”?

    empire would have us believe that “reliable and truthful” is exactly what they are all about. and many things have been coopted by empire.

    “Which story best informs us about the future?”

    here I would be more careful. you are effectively saying there is “one best.” there can be several stories that are more truthful and informative than others, in the sense that you mean. these stories can in fact look very different in key ways. the Kogi’s story is presented very differently than Guy’s or Hansen’s.

  • Your accusation that we Americans “cannot use reason” and that we are “incapable of using reason as a guide to living” is off base. Reason is just a tool and we use it day and night to reach the conclusions we favor, which we’ve deduced from our original premise or the current paradigm, as you call it. But rational thought has become suicidal. In some respects it always has been.

    Rational thought drives us to certainty, an absurdity incapable of embracing our many uncertainties, contradictions and the paradox of living on earth half animal, half spiritual, a dream life we sculpt to make sense of death and our passions. Your paradigm that civilization is a heat engine rings true although you fail to mention that we need heat to keep us warm and fire our passions, whether they be for war or liberty. Greed stuffs our hot faces to celebrate the happy fascism we live under and charity warms our hearts to connect with our neighbors to carry out our ideals for harmonious living.

    Rational thought is also suicidal because once let loose it squabbles over its logic and forgets whatever purpose it was employed to serve. Our paradigm has always been to devour the earth and those most rooted to it here in the Americas, brought to us by the European invasions to establish a monolithic heat engine of fiery monotheism and the burning desire to escape the squalor and prisons of the Old World and go delirious over the natural abundance of the New World.

    This delirium is our paradigm, not the heat engine of civilization, even though it dooms us in your eyes, about which you can be a bit smug, as when you dismissed the Evangelical lady as deluded, despite her efforts to awaken climate deniers to the Biblical mandate to watch over the earth, too late in your eyes and sponsoring false hope, but, hey, that’s what Christianity is about regardless of its inability of save us from damnation.

    The trouble is we live in a secular society with only rational thought to fall back on and it’s never enough and so we cling to the happy delusions of more is better and orgasms for the masses. No one will counter these pleasures and no one of intellectual status, including yourself, it seems, would dare to place the suicidal inevitability of rational thought on the terrorist list.

  • “The masses claim they’re not anti-science. Rather, they’re pro-myth.” But there also are the myths that scientists have told us, including the myth that Science is the only valid form of knowledge. When I was growing up I read many popular science books with the title of “The Story of …” (and in one case, “The Romance of …”), only to learn years later that the “stories” had changed. And what of the myth of “Progress”, which scientists readily adhered to as they focused their efforts on “Research and Development”, often ignoring the consequences of their work not only on human life but also on the life-support systems that sustain us all.

  • Oh, and by the way, for all its romance, NATURE IS DEADLY.

  • The view from my trusty hamster wheel is sobering.

    My failing state ..’Michigan’.. is officially throwing up its hands in despair today because we can’t figure out a way to stop slowly killing the residents of 30,000 households mainly occupied by brown children living w/ their parents in the city of Flint.

    In a vain effort to contain the damage ( the public relations kind largely elbowing aside the human variety up to this week… ) inflicted by almost 19 months of providing lead contaminated drinking water to the hapless population of Flint via a half-baked water privatization scheme dreamed up by the charming governor’s appointed ‘Emergency Manager’… the same governor has ‘called up’ 30 National Guard troops to try to hand out lots of water bottles.

    Assuming they get to sleep on 12-hr. shifts the 15 ‘troops’ were gamely set to hand out water bottles to 100,000 residents for at least 6 months to a year … or longer , but today the levee of public indifference gave way a little and the idiotic ‘rescue plan’ was washed away by a flood of logical outrage . Main thing was , news of the ongoing atrocity had finally made it out-of-town. Uh-oh… sh*t got out, and now every school child knows to give Michigan a wide berth

    So, the belatedly panicked governor begged the Feds to come in … at which point FEMA replied , they were going to make an “expeditious” assessment of the situation .

    Knowing enough not to hope , but maybe that word means ASAP ?

    The kids of Flint are at the mercy of FEMA & our consciences, I guess.

    My experience working w/ power line crews on Long Island for about a month in the blizzardy aftermath of 2012’s hurricane ‘Sandy’ leads me to be wary of FEMA, w/o even mentioning their lousy record of achievement wracked up in New Orleans.

    A lot of people crewing those 10,000 ( really !! … ) utility ‘bucket trucks roaming the 115 mile long reaches of a massively ruined power-line infrastructure on the big New York island knew even then we were tip-toeing into the age of ACD ( Anthropogenic etc. )consequences.

    Kind of a look/see @ what’s coming , maybe we thought ; shocked that it was us , not Bangladeshis, maybe too. And that’s the shaky link to the Flint water crisis.

    It’s the big all of a sudden , oh sh*t Snafu, huge scale of the ‘surprise ‘ mess we got ourselves into this time … that could be a harbinger of other breakdown events coming down the pike.

    But all the King’s men , the resourceful linemen & women and the big trucks driving from half the states of the union, and 3 Canadian provinces PLUS the rest flown in from Oregon & California ( true ) 6-trucks at a time on Galaxy 5c Starlifters or Globemasters or whatever they called those humongous planes … just barely patched together Long Island in time to hold the civiization of the place together . Just barely. And that was only ONE little old , big mess .

    Mostly physical storm damage caused by ACD on a ridiculously big scale.

    The Flint children damaged now by concurrent Anthropogenic Social Disruption , I think.

    Linked though. -JJ ( Detroit )

  • Excess waste, junk, filth & toxic cesspools..can we prop it all up somehow, to hide the carpet underneath?

    This is how current society, & especially media, seem to me now.

  • Nearly everybody complaining about the system — however defined — is doing so from within the system. They refuse to abandon the dominant paradigm even as it abuses them. They call for reform of a system incapable of reform. They refuse to change course while bemoaning a system that will not change course.

    Truer words have never been spoken.

    “Or maybe we’ll select a woman in the name of “progress”… And, contrary to popular belief, one need not be male to be guilty of patriarchal behavior.”</i?

    Get ready for patriarchy with ovaries.

  • “the paradox of living on earth half animal, half spiritual”

    What lives on earth is entirely animal, and insentient. Everything spiritual comes in bottles. There ain’t any pair o’ docs. The Self of all selves ain’t spiritual, ain’t animal, and ain’t constrained to living or non-living on earth, in bottles or elsewhere.

    “the Biblical mandate to watch over the earth”

    Most folks with a Christian background are unaware of it, but the first commandment in the Torah is “Be fruitful and multiply and replinesh the earth”.

  • what lives on earth is entirely spiritual, and nonmaterial. everything “physical” is entirely in our imaginations.

    fixed it for ya! :)

  • Is it a floor wax, or a dessert topping? Chicken or egg?

    Following mo’s & Paul’s comments at the end of the previous thread, I offer the following chart:

    Does anyone think it to be a coincidence that the fastest, most abrupt part of the transition to “modernity” (very roughly.. 1450-1950) also happens to be the “elbow” in the hockey-stick population graph? I’m tempted to argue that in the centuries before the 1400s technology changed fairly slowly, and aside from more-miniaturized computer gadgets there’s not much new on the scene since the 1950s, when we set up all the nukes.

    Has technology merely permitted human population growth, or is human population growth the driver for technological and, by extension, physical expansion? If you have enough fruit such that it falls from the trees, or fish you can gather with a woven basket, you don’t need to develop hunting tools. If you need to hunt, but there are enough game animals, then you don’t need intensive agriculture. If you need intensive agriculture, but your population is steady, you don’t need to go on raids for territory. If you need to gain territory via conflict, you need even more surplus resources to support that effort, and thus governments and taxation and so on down the line.

    Arguably, the period where we most greatly “lapsed”, or rushed away the fastest from subsistency to modernity just happens to be the period where the slope on the population curve was changing the fastest. It’s possible this is not a matter of new-found greed or cleverness or technology or ideology pulling, but an imperceptible increase in little human mouths pushing for more extractive efficiency, and “nature” selecting for the success of that efficiency. Reaching the asymptote of infinite population, though, there’s no more efficiency, no more “modernity” to be had at any price (the least ramification of which is that anyone still looking for that “singularity” stuff is going to be sorely disappointed).

    What is unconvincing to me about the stories of some “indigenists” (not my term, somebody just used it here just recently, I think) is the strong Pre-Lapsarian vibe: as though there were a perfect point in time, and if we could have just stayed THERE, just gone back to THAT, and not have SINNED, then all would be ok with the world. But because something EXTRANEOUS to “REAL humanity” (could it beee… SATAN?!?)… intervened, we are doomed to look back with regret at that perfect time, until we are re-united with all that is Good and harmonious in some non-physical space formerly known as Heaven.

    As though the current situation did not have its own, albeit dark, harmony.

    [I hope that questioning the utility of this warmed-over bible stuff not be viewed as somehow supporting or being in favor of the regretful processes that got us into our current troubles, whether one chooses to define them as “technology”, “scientism”, or just natural human cleverness and evolution run amok.]

    As for Guy’s interesting post, yep.. change *is* bad! But that’s all that’s guaranteed in life, so change ahoy! As Steve Ludlum and Kunstler put it (not sure who coined the phrase) we are headed for “conservation by other means”.

    Now, what’s ironic about “the patriarchy” is that—in my opinion, which I probably stated before—it’s just another Technology that allowed/allows its adopters to increase their genetic bio-mass. Two interesting current patriarchal flash-points are being couched tastefully in the media as mere political disturbances, politics being what humans fiddle with out of larger processes they mostly can’t grasp or don’t want to acknowledge. The first is the mass exodus from MENA, not only the product of war and climate change but the huge population spike there in just the last few decades, and the Bundy/Hammond stand-off (prolific Mormons desperately seeking further land-grab strategies).

    If “the patriarchy” hadn’t WORKED as a gambit for so long, 90% of us wouldn’t be here. We can dislike cars, but there are painfully few people here who don’t use them to get themselves where they want to go. We can dislike patriarchy, but it got us central heat, antibiotics, and the Internet where we are all happy to spend time reading and yacking. It seems a little ungrateful to be kicking the tires on the thing at this late date…!*

    Camille Paglia said that if women were in charge we’d still be living in grass huts. IIRC she was attacked for that by certain feminists, but only because living in grass huts sounded to them like a bad thing!


    *for the earnest among you, this is meant as a joke.

  • Mo, my dear.. did you really conjure me up along with yourself?
    And to what end..?

    The plot thickens!!

  • Lidia,
    Have you read ‘A Short History of Progress ‘ by Ronald Wright?
    Resonates with your comment. That is where the term ‘Progress Trap’

  • Very fine little (?) comment, Mo. Perfect.


    You are always quite a thinker, but seem to have outdone yourself above. Very interesting, despite the parts I didn’t quite get.

    I’m not sure, though, that you’re being fair with regard to indigenous people. In terms of being at one with the surrounding world, they WERE the best among humanity. The fact that conditions changed, probably leading many of the indigenous to take up agriculture and begin civilization means that humans forgot and devalued much that was maintained by the indigenous who remained. At crisis points during civilization, the means or pressures to further devalue and forget these treasures only grew. It may be a mistake to draw some judgmental line between the values of the indigenous and those of civilization. Wasn’t it the former indigenous who developed civilization?

    Maybe women in charge would be more like the indigenous. Maybe they would be closer to those truths honored by indigenes. But again, the clear judgmental line between such a world and what now prevails would be uncalled for.

    Maybe it could be said that the human family, still extremely young and inexperienced, made a wrong turn that led, like the first lie, to an ever increasing web of wrong turns. Like many young individuals, the species is very hard headed and stubborn…until they run out of rope…and, oops, are we ever in trouble now!!!!!?????

    My suggestion is that we are a young, and possibly short-lived species, somewhat smarter (in our male dominated manifestation) than we have a right to be. With extremely poor values, based on a massive forgetting of the balance Mo talks about. Propped up by abundant energy, slaves of one sort or another.


    So it seems we are saying it’s social organization, environmental condition, location (as per Jared Dimond’s “Guns, Germs and Steel”), stories, cultural geography, generational habituation and resulting genetic disposition, that determine who we are? We are products of space (place) and time?


    “As though the current situation did not have its own, albeit dark, harmony.”

    Speaking just for me, I tend to see it that way. So I tend to be more fascinated, and less angry at the present, than a more “rational” and less nihilistic person would be…


    So we know where our thinking and behavior leads. Why in hell wouldn’t we want to change? That is merely a practical perspective; it is not about pointing fingers or casting blame. I’m not aware that we have the luxury for that.

  • But changing doesn’t at all mean going back to being the aborigines we were. This “dark harmony” is where we are, and (IMO) what we must work with and work through. There is need to learn from (and be at one with) everything and everyone. No firm judgmental and divisive lines required.

  • “as though there were a perfect point in time”

    People interpret however they want – or can. But these (seemingly endless) characterizations and conclusions drawn from other people’s work, reading and interpretations seem to be rationalizations for privilege. More, more and more. On it goes. And evidence, as far as i can tell, of certain psychological phenomenon.

    Population growth goes hand in hand with carbon fossil energy. Not some joy cooked up by the fascist pigs who hunted Galileo for sport.

    Patriarchy is pure horesh*t. Undiluted and poison. A straight path to the gallows. If you are a lady who is hooked on it, like so many I know, all I can recommend is Dworkin’s Right Wing Women, and therapy.

    If you don’t have any capacity to recognize Africans or Australians or Indigenous Americans or Chinese or Indonesians or Polynesians or whoever as actual humans – on an even par with us lovely, oh so smart Euro Americans, then why not say it out loud – in public? Instead of trapsing around back insulting people like Caleen Sisk or Wazyatawin or Russel Means and such.

    I mean, my old gone-with-the-wind hillybilly grandma had no problem saying “half-breeds” out loud with her own mouth in polite company. And my old mum just adores telling the never ending story of her token church congregation member-with-melanin who tell her she’s not a horse laughing racist.

    I mean, even as we sink below the waterline, the last – and I mean the very, very last thing that any of us white colonial genocidal world-destroying slavers is going to admit to ourselves is that we don’t smell like summer roses and old spice aftershave.

    And the “indegenists” – all those men, women and children – er, i mean, ignoble savages – the ones we invaded, terrorized raped, slaughtered, bombed, burned alive, and stole everything from kinda deserved it, didn’t they?

    Happy Saturday.

  • Found this comment recently: pretty funny. hint (Oongawah = Sh*t.

    There’s an old joke about a Christian missionary somewhere in Kenya. As he delivers his speech designed to convert the people of the small village to Christianity, he is greeted by an enthusiastic response:

    —Oongawah! Oongawah!

    —Christ is our only Savior.

    —Oongawah! Oongawah!

    —Through Him and only through Him may you find eternal life.

    —Oongawah! Oongawah!

    —You must reject those false Gods and embrace only Jesus.

    —Oongawah! Oongawah!

    Proud of his success in the village, the missionary asks the Chief for directions to the next village.

    —Pass carefully through the Forest of Sleeping Tigers. Cross bridge over River of Ravenous Fish. Walk through Field of Frolicking Elephants—be sure not to step in the oongawah.

    I recalled this joke while listening to Obama’s farewell “State of the Onion” speech.

    —So I hope we can work together this year on bipartisan priorities like criminal justice reform, and helping people who are battling prescription drug abuse. We just might surprise the cynics again.

    —Oongawah. Oongawah.

    —And I’ll keep pushing for progress on the work that still needs doing. Fixing a broken immigration system. Protecting our kids from gun violence. Equal pay for equal work, paid leave, raising the minimum wage. All these things still matter to hardworking families; they are still the right thing to do; and I will not let up until they get done.

    —Oongawah. Oongawah.

    —What was true then can be true now. Our unique strengths as a nation — our optimism and work ethic, our spirit of discovery and innovation, our diversity and commitment to the rule of law — these things give us everything we need to ensure prosperity and security for generations to come.

    —Oongawah. Oongawah.

    —Let me start with the economy, and a basic fact: the United States of America, right now, has the strongest, most durable economy in the world. We’re in the middle of the longest streak of private-sector job creation in history. More than 14 million new jobs; the strongest two years of job growth since the ’90s; an unemployment rate cut in half. Our auto industry just had its best year ever. Manufacturing has created nearly 900,000 new jobs in the past six years. And we’ve done all this while cutting our deficits by almost three-quarters.

    —Oongawah. Oongawah.

    An hour of oongawah. Pure oongawah. Nothing but oongawah.

    Obama is full of oongawah. His Affordable Care Act is oongawah. His foreign policy is oongawah. His educational policy implemented by that master of oongawah, Arnie Duncan, is unadulterated oongawah. Timothy Geithner, John Kerry—oongawah.

    Samantha Power, Victoria Nuland, Hillary Clinton—the three witches of The State Department: supercalifragisticexpialidocious oongawah.

    American politics is oongawah. American exceptionalism is oongawah. American history/mythology, pure oongawah.

    American religion and American gods are oongawah.

    Hail oongawah, full of oongawah, oongawah be with you.

  • It is VERY necessary – and practically verboten in most media (and ALL MSM) – to recognize and speak about the undying link (a kind of covenant) between USA and Israel, and the resultant foreign policies and actions – actions directly linked, through incessant oil wars, to the ravages of climate chaos, now and on the horizon. I grateful for anyone who says it – even though it amounts to stating the obvious, there are none so blind…or maybe…none so dumb as those who will not speak.

    That said, I’d hate to see the UK, ever eager to jump into the murderous fray of war-for-profit, left of the shit list.

    Or my own country, Canada, only too ready to kill vast tracks of exquisitely lovely Boreal forests and all creatures great and small living therein, in a mad quest to squeeze the last drops of oil from tar-soaked sands, and pipe it dangerously across this wide land, east or west, running roughshod (as empire and capitalism invariably do)over territories claimed and lived in by descendant of the people who were here first – and who, to their credit, are doing all they can to stand strong and get in the way of pro(re)gress.

    USA/Israel are clearly main players – instigators, funders and beneficiaries of the deadly march of empire, AND (it should go without say, at this point) so many other nations participate or enable or turn a blind eye or (mostly) profit as well.

  • Here is the full transcript in modern English of the DuirRood’s words:

    “Before the time of the Onceways, the time of the Everways,

    (we were) neither female nor male, only One.

    Eating water, air and rainbows, Flesh clear like crystal.

    Soaring through clouds like birds,
    We sang and our songs sustained The living and unliving things, Marking trails of colours
    And light so that we could find Our way: songlines.

    Before the time of the Hereways, the time of the Onceways.

    But we began to lust after other food.

    At first, we ate the fruit of the trees

    But this made us more hungry

    And our flesh colour slowly changed to many hues.

    Some grew brighter and stronger

    But some grew darker and secretive
    And began to tear pieces of the earth

    (‘darker’ here refers to character rather than skin colour since the Greenuns fear white skin most of all)

    And devour (it),
Began to tear pieces of the sky,

    The hills and valleys, consuming rock and tree
    And sand and shade.

    We became heavier and lost the power of flight.

    Some retreated to the woods, becoming green And there they live, living, creating, talking,

    No longer able to fly, but still content
In Greenhalls and (to) draw sustenance from fruit and leaf.

    Others followed dark paths into darkness
    And finally became devourers of flesh.

    No longer content to eat earth and fruit
    And stone and fish they began to chase The fleet-footed animals

    Who began to fear the two-legs who
    Tore with teeth.

    And the dark ones began to make weapons
    To wage war on life wherever (they found it).

    Dark empty holes began to appear in

    The gown of the MotherGoddess

    And strange new diseases arose from the “cave shelters” of the dark ones.

    And we, the leaf eaters, the leaf speakers Retreated deeper into the gown of the Mother.

    We keep the songlines alive.

    We kill nothing that walks or crawls or flies or swims.

    We fear these dark ones on the outside.

    And we hope for the day when One.Who.Sings.In.Eternity

    Returns to claim the wayward children and lead us all back

    From the Hereways, through the Onceways to the Everways,

    Back to FirstTree, FirstWater, FirstBreath and the Rainbow Days.”

    (I have not been able to determine if these phrases (FirstTree, etc.) refer to places or times or beings – or all three).

    “Thus have I spoken: LifeSpeaker, DreamTeacher, LeafGrower.”

  • Good Morning NBL!

    A classic song for the day. Have a good one!

    If link doesn’t work, it was “Cows With Guns ” by Dana Lyons.

    Peace. Fight for bovine Freedom! B-eagle8

  • You disparage ass kissing unfairly. Happens to be one of my favorite parts of my lovely wife’s body.

  • Hi Wester,
    so strange to hear you talk about Right Wing Women here on NBL… I was the translator of that book in French…

    otherwise, I am not doing fine at all and probably/surely will never feel ok ever again.

    lately, burned my self allocated share of coal watching the 6 episodes of THE SLUM by Al Jazzeera. weeks later, I am still dreaming about that nightmare.

    also exponentially loosing my savings in the present crash.

    I painted the word FRAGILE in big orange fluorescent letters on my winter coat and it is creating a lot of verbal and non-verbal communication with human beings everywhere I go who try to get in touch. nobody seems indifferent. they mostly reply: me too. to date, I did not get any negative reaction. it instantly touches something very deep in the meat robots and gives me some true or false, useful or not, sense of connectedness.

    love always in this exponential unraveling

  • Chump change is about all the culture can handle, as Guy pointed out.

    Do the SLC models need a change (The Gravity of Sea Level Change – 3)?

  • Cows with Guns!

    “Cass you are the most beautiful lady in da woild.”

    “Atomic Baby, where you stayin?”

  • “I am not doing fine at all and probably/surely will never feel ok ever again.”

    Me too, Milendia; but I am mucking on as best I can & smiling & laughing as much as I can on the way down & the final big way out.

  • The monumental gravity of the ongoing & worsening Aliso Canyon blowout in spades.

  • “This “dark harmony” is where we are, and (IMO) what we must work with and work through.”

    The journey never ends. There was never, and will never be, a perfect time. I’ve been proposing that being a hunter gatherer today (which I think is recommended) isn’t the same as being a hunter gatherer 10,000 year ago. For me, it’s about basic principles: you listen to your world and what it’s telling you, you use what you have and try to sustain it, you work in small groups, you respect the land (urban or not, but then we now live in an entirely urban age).

  • “My suggestion is that we are a young, and possibly short-lived species”

    “We” ain’t a species. The body-mind complex is a species, along with other such meat robots. The witnessing consciousness, the Self of all selves, is beginningless (anaadi) and endless (ananta), implying changelessness (achalam). Unconstrained by time and space, its reflections will cease when brains cease and with them the reflecting media (minds) cease.

  • @Wester: as usual, your comment is exhilarating, but your reading comprehension is poor. My final paragraph in brackets was directed at you, really… because you repeatedly conflate the OBSERVATION of a process with ENTHUSIASTIC SUPPORT FOR that process.

    You set up a Straw man (woman) image of me expressly to fuel your scenery-chewing, and I’m getting tired of it. Where have I “insult[ed] people like Caleen Sisk or Wazyatawin or Russel Means and such”? I have done no such thing… Only in your fevered brain!! .. and where do you get off insinuating I think Chinese and Indonesians are not human? This is a truly vile libel!

    What I meant by “indigenists” was not “Indigenous” people, but the group of commenters here at NBL who view pre-industrial humans as some sort of superior creature. Again, another NBL commenter used this term to describe this cohort—I didn’t invent it— and you completely miss my argument. I’m saying that no group of humans is innately “superior”… that success or failure occurs at each turn depending on circumstances.

    You talk about who “deserves” what.. nobody fucking DESERVES anything, don’t you get it? Just as with physical characteristics developed over time, behavioral innovations or cultural gambits (patriarchy, religion, money, agriculture) WORK UNTIL THEY DON’T. That’s the whole story. All of the incremental steps that got us from the trees to the concrete jungle seemed like a good idea at the time, because they worked to increase human biomass. I’m sorry you view that statement of fact as a cop-out. No creature on earth that I know of has ever worked in the aggregate to reduce its genetic legacy over time. That would be an obviously fatal characteristic… so population reduction eventually ends up happening by other means: predation, war, starvation.

    From the trees to the concrete jungle: I don’t understand how it is useful either to lionize people or to demonize them by dint of where and when they happened to born along that spectrum in time and space. The colonizer who killed the last dodo or passenger pigeon is “bad”, but the “indigenous” who killed the last giant sloth or woolly mammoth were…”living in harmony with nature”??

    “The ..last thing that any of us white .. slavers is going to admit .. is that we don’t smell like summer roses and old spice aftershave.” Bullshit, Wester. I do see it and I do admit it, but it doesn’t matter because you aren’t even listening. You want to turn the ecological into the political (so does Guy), and you don’t see the limitations to that in terms of what they call “explanatory power”.

    milendia, I love your jacket story, thanks for sharing it. Personally, I don’t know how people around here would react.. not sure if I would be ready to engage with them. I think many are on the edge of nervous breakdown.. I have people telling me spontaneously how many thousands of dollars in debt they are.. what can I say to that? As a person retired from self-employment without a pension, I worry about my savings, too. Do you have any friends or neighbors who are supportive? I’ve met a couple of young people who “know the score”, even though they are not quite as doomerish as I am, and we’ve been just starting to share some resources and skills. Whether what we do matters or not in the long run, it’s a relief simply not having to pretend everything is ok. Sending you warm regards and hoping you keep checking in every so often as I value your comments highly.

  • Here is a Great Film, NOT PERFECT !! but it reveals much of the hucum foisted on the people of the world. Lot’s of history. It is important to review information from many eclectic sources.

    Also here is a new series based on the evidence compiled by Dr. Judy Wood on 911, and it’s important link to FREE ENERGY TECH that literally turned a large portion of the WTC complex to DUST. IRREFUTABLE


  • @david higham: Thanks, I will check that out. I remember as a kid thinking, and even saying to people, that there wasn’t any such thing as “progress”. I just had this very convinced gut feeling on that score: that were were chasing our own tails in futile nonsense.

  • Lidia ~

    “dark harmony” is doublespeak. nothing more. an anguished, despairing suicide is not in “dark harmony” with the law of gravity before they hit the cement. they are just suicidal, for their own psychological reasons.

    these psychological reasons have nothing to do with the actual definition of harmony and balance. your attempt to define this otherwise is merely abuse of language on your part. doublespeak.

    your watered-down bible & satan thing is your own deal, from your own personal psychology. nothing I am talking about has any connection to any of that, whatsoever.

    “pre-industrial humans as some sort of superior creature.”

    not “some sort of.” just superior as in more sustainable. the astounding amount of cultural knowledge and heritage, stories and myths, that was dedicated solely to the matter of sustainability, and warning against human hubris, is there for all to see Lidia. please feel free to think you can pretend this does not exist. it is there, for the record.

    the fact that so many of the indigenous have politely told “us” to our face that we are completely fucked up is also there for the world to see. that assessment has been made for the record, for a long, long time.

    “You talk about who “deserves” what.. nobody fucking DESERVES anything, don’t you get it?”

    only in the sense that those who choose destructive paths “deserve” destructive outcomes. you seem incapable of grasping the reality that we were actually warned politely. with respect. no one was saying “you guys deserve to go to hell!”

    they were just clearly pointing out that we were going to hell. right here on Earth. nowhere else.

  • @Woody

    Lots of tritium at the WTC on 9/11.

    Had to be from nuclear reactions.

  • I have read prehistory population estimates for 10,000 BC ranging from 1 to 10 million. That’s not a lot of stone tipped spears spread out over the whole planet. Yet it was enough for mammoth burgers to be NOT sustainable.

    Humans responsible for demise of gigantic ancient mammals
    Early humans were the dominant cause of the extinction of a variety of species of giant beasts, new research has revealed.

    “Known collectively as megafauna, most of the largest mammals ever to roam the earth were wiped out over the last 80,000 years, and were all extinct by 10,000 years ago.”

    I wonder if there was all sorts of guilt/blame/self hate over the destruction of the mega resource or if they simply moved on to the next one just like all apes do?

    I figure there must have been tens of millions of dollars worth of higher education passed through this site and yet, I still only have to take one sock off to count the number of folks who understand what an evolutionary dead end is.

    The only thing naked apes do that is sustainable is bullshit and moralize. That’s an evolutionary by product as well.

  • “The only thing parents do is bullshit and moralize.”

    amazingly (or not) this is exactly what millions of heedless arrogant teens say every day, all around the world. especially to their peers, when they are looking for some kind of social affirmation.

    too funny how the collective human psyche plays out so predictably, in whatever collective evolutionary stage it is in.

    the adults speak and act like adults. the teens speak and act like teens. the infantile go cheer at Trump rallies.

    “I still only have to take one sock off to count the number of folks who understand what an evolutionary dead end is.”

    I know, I know! don’t worry, Apneaman, it wasn’t your fault, for heaven’s sake. it wasn’t anybody’s fault, man! our DNA made us do it! dopamine hits.

    and they were killers, too. didn’t you read the latest research?

    relax. smoke another one. you’re off the hook for your behavior. we all are.

    life is good. I wonder if Dad will get me another car?

  • Apneaman,

    Have you missed everything Guy has written about tribal people? Like how “we” lived in relative balance with nature till the dawn of civilization, which statistically occupies a tiny blip of our timeline on earth? Did you miss Ulvfugl’s pointing out that Africa, for one, maintained its megafauna?

    “The only thing naked apes do that is sustainable is bullshit and moralize.”

    To whom do you refer? Please give names. There are plenty of choice labels to fling around.

  • “With the 2007 UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, indigenous cultural survival is now a matter of human rights. As noted at Earth Ministry in Seattle, whose Interfaith Earth Day on April 21 is devoted to discussing how indigenous rights have encountered indignant wrongs from the coal and oil exporters, the devastating impacts of fossil fuel megaprojects on Native American culture remind us of “our shared responsibility to protect Mother Earth”.

    Warren Buffett’s financial and political clout, from Wall Street to the White House, has created a hubris in the “bomb train” magnate matched only by his partner in crime, Bill Gates. As Buffett and Gates rake in millions from shipping Tar Sands bitumen and Bakken Shale crude, however, a storm is brewing in the Pacific Northwest, where the Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians (ATNI) are fighting Buffett’s Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad (BNSF)–which hopes to cash in big on Crude Zones in Washington State.

    In May 2013, ATNI adopted a resolution opposing transport and export of fossil fuels in the Pacific Northwest. On April 7, 2015, Swinomish Indian Tribal Community, an ATNI member tribe, filed suit in U.S. District Court in Seattle to stop Buffett’s oil trains from crossing their reservation at Padilla Bay. Meanwhile, another ATNI member tribe, Quinault Indian Nation, filed an appeal to stop a major oil train terminal on the Washington coast at Gray’s Harbor.

    On January 8, 2015, Lummi Nation, also an ATNI member tribe, requested that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers reject an application by BNSF and SSA Marine to develop a major coal export terminal at Cherry Point–home to an ancient Lummi village and burial ground, as well as prolific Salish Sea crab and salmon fishery, that benefits many Coast Salish First Nations in Washington and British Columbia. As Washington tribes fight Buffett and the fossil fuel exporters, sowers of interracial discord are already on the fossil-fueled payroll.”


    Oh, but wait, the indigenous people would have extracted all that oil and coal themselves if we and our sociopaths didn’t get there first, or if they were only more intelligent, or if they had the right technology, or if they knew about thermodynamics and energy flows, or if they knew about the universal urge of every species to increase their genetic biomass…

    I’m not surprised by the energy exuded by modern civilization’s indefatigable apologists. If there’s anything we are good at bringing to the table, it’s our never-ending energy. What we’re putting that energy into remains an afterthought.


    I thought we beat the “megafauna extinction” beast to death last year here on the beach of doom. Interesting to see it popping up again. It’s that energy, I tell you.

    The word “hypothesis” appears more times than the word “megafauna” in the entry above. Go figure!

  • With the national Day of Obeisance to the system (April 15, this year = April 18) approaching, it is worth noting that some of us have taken heart enough to resist the most foul aspect of the Empire, the wholesale massacre of millions of innocents (from Korea to Vietnam to today’s atrocities) with weapons purchased from the funds of well-meaning Democrats, liberals, peace activists, feminists, anti-imperialists etc etc.

    “I simply wish to refuse allegiance to the State, to withdraw and stand aloof from it effectually. I do not care to trace the course of my dollar, if I could, till it buys a man, or a musket to shoot one with — the dollar is innocent — but I am concerned to trace the effects of my allegiance. In fact, I quietly declare war with the State…” — Guess Who?

    Yes, it is too late. The question remains: Will we leave this world as men and women? Or as victims on our knees, waiting for the headshot??

    It is easier to point fingers, than to look in the mirror. Have you the heart that can act on what you see before you?

  • @Tim

    Wikipedia is a well-known source of misinformation,
    and is often referenced by trolls.

    Who bad is Wikipedia? Sharyl Attkisson
    tells us from the following TED Conference.

  • Hope flirts with me I flirt with hope but we don’t have a strong relationship as i’m seeing doom right now. Still enjoying the fuck out of this life.

  • moderator note:

    Phil ~

    no one is trolling in this thread. I am not exactly sure what you are referring to, but the definition of trolling in my book is attempting to stir up shit purely for the sake of stirring up shit.

    if you are not doing that, and you actually have a deeper point to make, then you can ignore this note. if you are engaging in this behavior, watch it.

    I or Guy will be the only determination as to what constitutes trolling on this website.

    ~ mo

  • It’s All About the Cheese

    “Life happened. If there were some awesome cognition in the universe, I’m sure it would consider life an amusing incident. But such a God, in order to think, would also have to be the product of such an amusing incident. So let’s just consider ourselves an incidence of replication, reproducing molecules that further elaborated themselves into reproducing cells and then into reproducing organisms. We are and forever will be unknown in the galaxy, occupying a thin watery layer of just the right mix of precursor molecules just the right distance from a star. Our ancestors have been thoughtlessly slaughtering and eating each other for several billions of years as a matter of course. It’s all seems as meaningless as the circulating currents in the seas and atmosphere, we’re like little spinning tops just throwing off heat on the way to our next meals. All of the evolution leads nowhere except, as I’ve tried to convey on this blog, to a different scale of the same thing – technological evolution, competition, degrading resources, throwing off heat and mutually assured destruction (MAD). And the destruction is most assuredly assured if we take just a few more steps down the path of technological competition.”

  • ” Our ancestors have been thoughtlessly slaughtering and eating each other for several billions of years as a matter of course. It’s all seems as meaningless as the circulating currents in the seas and atmosphere, we’re like little spinning tops just throwing off heat on the way to our next meals.”


    I know this doesn’t refer to race, although it is gross, hateful, over the top. And it does sound like the mischaracterization of non-acculturated Africans that I have read. Almost the exact terminology is used on racist blogs to “confirm” the inferiority of blacks. The difference here is that what once was used as a badge of superiority is now used as an excuse for gross, hateful, sick behavior by white privilege to avoid responsibility. Maybe you haven’t considered this possibility. Wester talks about it repeatedly, and although I’m a racist and sexist bastard, I don’t see it as pointing fingers at me. More as an opportunity to learn and grow. You talk about your black girlfriend , Apneaman. But that was a poor example to prove anything. You simply don’t show much insight about western privilege and sense of entitlement.

  • The $4.5 trillion asset manager BlackRock Inc. said last year climate change is a serious financial concern, and other institutional investors like AXA SA, Aviva PLC and the California Public Employees’ Retirement System have established similar stances, as have European investment giants Munich Re Group and Swiss Re AG.

    Alex Bernhardt, the U.S. head of responsible investment for Mercer LLC, the global consulting firm with about $9 trillion in assets under advisement, said the WEF report emphasized that climate change is a “catalytic issue” becoming more important within corporate boardrooms. $769 Billion Swiss bank Davos meeting packets received. Gold embossed pages outline IMF TA for next week: “Atmosphere Regulation” altering jet stream with Em Miro-signals to flash freeze (cut vortex holes) to induce stratospheric cooling channels down to troposphere. Sonic Microwaves to force North Atlantic current. Bio-defense is a major corporate bid to the Pentagon & Beijing. They only get one chance to test SRM and Raytheon technologies. Climate control is going viral. Ultra sophisticated tech guarantees it will be a blast when the industrial complex uses every measure in development.

    Good news: Decommissioning Crystal River phase 1 only took 6 years to complete cooling pond to cask & containment. Waste ready for removal. Unfortunately China Nuclear has a series of water platform reactors in construction for operation by 2020. Looks like we will have over 500 Fukishima’s ready just in time for pre-NTE global wars & de-pop.

  • “An entire life spent soaking in the cultural milieu provides little opportunity to rise above the stew and take a look around. And because there is no reward for asking questions, the questions remain unasked.”

    The head chef is known by the term: Plutocracy. The stew keeps plutocrats healthy and in power. When you live in a plutocracy you will only be rewarded for asking questions that help plutocrats. So if you ask questions like: What can I do to help strengthen the stew? You will be rewarded. Everyone from mindless pop stars, to New Age gurus, to cluster bomb makers help strengthen the stew and are amply rewarded.

    Now,if you lived on a different planet, one not run by plutocrats, questions like: How can we live in a way that cherishes thriving ecosystems for the benefit of all? might get a hearing, and it would at least be possible that you would be welcomed as a part of a heroic brotherhood/sisterhood dedicated to serving such a society.

    Too bad for us that such a planet exists only in science fiction books.

  • “If there were some awesome cognition in the universe, I’m sure it would consider life an amusing incident.”

    There is only one “awesome cognition in the universe” and it is manifest in each and every instance of reflected cognition. The reflecting medium can be wetware – the insentient functioning of a insentient configuration of neurons that is called the “mind”. Each such reflecting meduim appears sentient because the sentience is borrowed from the “awesome cognition in the universe”. The reflecting medium can also be hardware. The reflections are many and varied; the sentience is the same everywhere.

    A scientific investigation to the exclusion of “woo” is quite valid, but science is a study of the studied, never of the studier.

  • How Big Oil Conquered the World

    From farm to pharmaceutical, diesel truck to dinner plate, pipeline to plastic product, it is impossible to think of an area of our modern-day lives that is not affected by the oil industry. The story of oil is the story of the modern world. And this is the story of those who helped shape that world, and how the oil-igarchy they created is on the verge of monopolizing life itself.

    The backers of Big Oil were instrumental in creating and expanding the non-profit industrial complex, through which they have had outsize influence on civil society, including education, health and of course, public transportation, not to mention modern culture.

    I write about the non-profit industrial complex and its association with one of the more liberal cities that plays host to many NGOs here –

  • I find this discussion of ‘proper’ reflection of children upon the input of their parents intriguing, because as someone who did not have children, but who has observed the impetus of some I was close to while growing up who DID, and wondering about their children, now adults, joining the military, I ponder cause and effect a bit. I wonder why people have children also, which sounds fasciscious, but is not meant to be; rather, my inquiry relates to the fact that to spawn without specific purpose or intent brings children into an abyss of sorts which they then must figure out for themselves. I think the people I have observed have done it out of a biological imperative and a sense that ‘it’s what you do’ and not wanting to be left out of this in a ‘keeping up with the jonses’ fashion. But, I do see how this lack of true intention only ‘passes the baton’ in some sense to the children to figure it out.

    Without good cues from parents, children might seek the military option as it affords some structure which they have lacked. It also might appear a way to gain insight into the larger world which their parents failed to give them. I weep for them, the women because of the risk of being raped and otherwise exposure to an extreme form a patriarchy and for both at the potential loss of limb, if not life, which has been glamorized by our culture as ‘heroic’ although, to be honest I personally don’t see much heroism in engaging in the military acts of our world today.

    In ‘casual’ conversation with doomers who have offspring and are hopeful of having grandchildren, I have posed the question of whether this can constitute a loving act, knowing what we know about the present into the future and have received one frustrated response that they will just have to ‘struggle through it’ as they themselves had to do and I believe this is representative of the thought, or lack thereof, that goes on with many who refuse to see population as a problem. They want to experience the ‘love’ of family, but they don’t want to be responsible for what that love entails in any active way outside the emotional response it elicits.

    I don’t wish to judge, but I see this as part of the makings of the disastrous consequences we are in now and for the foreseeable future. Is it any wonder children disrespect their parents at some point. Isn’t it even, perhaps, necessary, if they are to continue to progress in life?

  • **I figure there must have been tens of millions of dollars worth of higher education passed through this site and yet, I still only have to take one sock off to count the number of folks who understand what an evolutionary dead end is.**

    But they can go on forever about the patriarchy, sexism, racism, homophobia, trigger warnings, and micro-agressions. They can make 2 hr videos about bullies and haters. Much higher education today strives to destroy young peoples ability to think for themselves and turns out mobs of professional victims. Why *compete* – just whine your way to the top!

  • Changing the sea level change software models would not be bad (The Gravity of Sea Level Change – 4).

    There is an additional 11.32 feet of sea level rise that seems to have been hidden from the models.

    Probably because it is not caused by ice melt, it is a ghost function of gravity.

  • Hard data of Arctic methane at 2963 was a shock.

    A few days later comes hard data that the rate of global heating has more than doubled in one year …

    Geological time IS compressing.

    Intellectual issues other than those stemming directly from these hard predictive numbers are so much wind.

    We are far beyond maxent.

    We have strong predictive information/data about rates of climate change, climate disruption, & extinction causing events.

    Just imagine what powerful predictive information about NTE that we will have by this August – by this April?

    Small slices of hard data give predictive power.

    All we can do is watch the ghastly calamities that our profligate & wasteful industrial indulgences hath wrought.

    How to avoid the worst of it won’t be easy.

    “Cheating the hangman” is a well known cultural meme.

    How to cheat/avoid the hangman of hell-on-earth that is surely coming?

    Hamlet’s soliloquy & escape from the big heat machine is at our door.

    If you aren’t bummed, you can’t be paying attention.


  • Guy, you forgot the second half of the phrase, which I think illustrates your point: Change is good; you go first!

    I agree that with respect to how the empire works, there is no difference between the political parties in the U.S. However, if you are not a straight, white male, or have not attached your self to a rich one who can and will get you the birth control methods and abortions you need, you can bet your sweet bippy that should a Republican take the Presidency and start appointing Supreme Court Justices, all of your currently held reproductive rights and gay marriage rights will be rolled back. It’s just a question of how soon that happens. We may not have long, but I don’t want whatever time we have left to be even more miserable for my brothers and sisters than is strictly necessary. (Not to mention that I hate to see any more unwanted babies born into this doomed world.)

  • Much higher education today strives to destroy young peoples ability to think for themselves and turns out mobs of professional victims. Why *compete* – just whine your way to the top!

    I got much compassion for the top. The top will be gone as well, all those “tough and smart” robots, machinelike, busy soldiers of money-success, who made it to the funny top (no, never through whining, but through greed, hatred, ignorance, slavery, exploitation), victims of their very own Karma, victims of their very own “success”, hahaha. Yes, there will be some whining at the funny top soon as well, I am quite shure. They will get some real higher education, teached by Mother Nature :-) Have fun at the funny top! And please, mr. money-maker at the top, don’t whine too much about your loss- much possessions, much loss, dead easy, end of story. For any further details just refer to your victims, they can tell you, what hard and cold Reality implies.

  • Btw, about competition:

    I learned this about competition in Empire- school the other day:

    Eat, until you will be eaten.

  • Wouldn’t it be nice if the markets crash spectacularly tomorrow on MLK’s b’day. Don’t know how it is now but in the beginning, NO ONE WHITE, especially in ALABAMA, would recognized the holiday.

  • @Tim

    Your Radiation This Week.

    Getting dire, people.

  • ‘Geological time IS compressing.’

    That’s an unusual way to put it Gerald, but there is irrefutable evidence the rate at which industrial humans are destroying their own futures is increasing dramatically. The annual increase in atmospheric CO2 is now almost 5 times the rate in the late 1950s.

    ‘Annual mean carbon dioxide level measured at Mauna Loa, Hawaii, grew by 3.17 ppm (parts per million) in 2015, a higher growth rate than in any year since the record started in 1959.’

    This kind of change is very bad. This kind of change is catastrophically bad.

    The current rate of increase in atmospheric CO2 could well be associated with El Nino conditions and a lower rate of annual increase than is occurring now is possible later in the year However, the dramatic warming of the Arctic region suggests otherwise.


    Whereas ruination of geochemical systems takes many decades, financial systems can melt down in months or weeks.

    Brent dropping to below $29 a barrel will spur consumption whilst bringing forward economic mayhem and climate mayhem.

    We may have a better idea where things are headed financially 12 hours from now (Shanghai was down 3.55% on Friday and is all set for a government-sponsored surge or further collapse.)

  • Sometimes, I just want to blame all the death and destruction on the Chinese since their culture invented black powder which has led to many an empire and much horrific suffering. On other days, I like to lay the blame on the medieval muslims and their golden age of science. Algebra, algorithms, alchemy (precursor to modern chemistry) etc, lead to the Renaissance which lead to the so called scientific revolution which lead to the modern world and the American empire which is probably going to end the apes. You simply do not get the modern world and all it’s destructiveness without those non white peoples inventing all that bad shit. I think I’ll spread it around and see if I cannot conjure up some Chinese and Muslim guilt in them folks. Spread the shame and self hate around a little you know? It’s good to share.

    The Fates of Nations: A Biological Theory of History – Review

  • Hey Doc: I would like to suggest how to make your message more effective. I saw this link :
    posted by Phil Morrison on this page and it seems clear that the CPM on a Geiger counter is considered a HAZMAT RESPONSE CONDITION above 100 Clicks Per Minute. This graph has many major American Cities over 1000 CPM . 20 is considered normal. 21-50 is high. I bet Pre-Industrial is less than 20. Post Fukushima today is way off the charts. I don’t know what it was in the 1970’s. If you added this to your NTHE presentation it would certainly show the incompetence/corruption/apathy of the establishment.


  • Apneaman,
    Have you tried to read ‘The Fates of Nations’? A truly vile author,smug in his entitlement,and dripping with condescension for those less well off than himself.
    From page 43:
    ‘In either language,the poor have large families because they want large families. Providing the poor with birth control devices will not result in fewer children’
    From page 42:
    ‘The wealthy,on the other hand,must plan for each child to be able to compete for niche-space in a world of wealth. Traditions for the wealthy
    requires each child be supported for more years,that it be given more things,that it have a larger home, perhaps even that it be provided the horrendous costs of Harvard or Heidelberg. When the Darwinian cost-accounting is done in a wealthy family,the stark fact is that the certain and successful rearing of a child,fully equipped to become itself a parent in its parents world,requires a very heavy investment.’

    Page after page in a similar vein.I found it hard to believe that it was
    written in 1980. I was sickened and infuriated after the first couple of chapters,and left it. I doubt if I will ever go back.

  • People who like “pseudo-profound” quotes are not so smart, says science

    “By maturing, we self-actualize.”
    “We dream, we vibrate, we are reborn.”
    “Choice is the driver of purpose.”

    If you found yourself rolling your eyes at the above quotes, congratulations: Your cynicism may be a sign of intelligence…

    Researchers led by Gordon Pennycook from the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada, claim to have proven that people who buy into pseudo-profound quotes are less intelligent. .,.

    Those more receptive to bullshit are less reflective, lower in cognitive ability (i.e., verbal and fluid intelligence, numeracy), are more prone to ontological confusions and conspiratorial ideation, are more likely to hold religious and paranormal beliefs, and are more likely to endorse complementary and alternative medicine.

  • Hurricane impact on Greenland glaciers and ice shelves (The Evolution of Models – 20).

    Proverbial sea change.

  • From Real Climate:

    The obvious error is that they thought it was news that aerosol emissions have partially cancelled out some of the warming one would expect with greenhouse gas emissions. Now if this was the 1980s they might have had a point, but the fact that aerosols are an important climate forcing, have a net cooling effect on climate and, in part, arise from the same industrial activities that produce greenhouse gases, has been part of mainstream science for 30 years.

    As bad as that was, WUWT went one better. Apparently, not only is there a cancellation between aerosols and greenhouse gases, it is perfect(!) and that is why there hasn’t been any climate change(!). This is of course much stupider and relies on a complete lack of reading comprehension combined with a predisposition to think that the bloggers at WUWT are much smarter than everyone else. That they end up demonstrating the opposite is an appropriate karma.

  • The mighty techno industrial ape about to be brought down by a cute rodent.

    The power grid’s greatest enemy has four legs and a bushy tail
    CyberSquirrel1 aims to show that it’s not hackers we should be afraid of – it’s squirrels

  • 1. “I greatly admire your passion to ascertain the truth — a passion that has come to dominate all else in your thinking. You have shown with irresistible lucidity how inseparably the aggressive and destructive instincts are bound up in the human psyche with those of love and the lust for life.”

    2. “Beauty is in the ideal of perfect harmony which is in the Universal Being; Truth the perfect comprehension of the Universal Mind.”

    3. “if there is a reality independent of man, there is also a Truth relative to this reality; and in the same way the negation of the first engenders a negation of the existence of the latter.”

    4. “In science we go through the discipline of eliminating the personal limitations of our individual minds and thus reach that comprehension of Truth which is in the mind of the Universal Man.”

    5. “There is the reality of paper, infinitely different from the reality of literature. For the kind of mind possessed by the moth which eats that paper literature is absolutely non-existent, yet for Man’s mind literature has a greater value of Truth than the paper itself.”

    6. “The problem begins whether Truth is independent of our consciousness.”

    7. “As long as I have any choice in the matter, I shall live only in a country where civil liberty, tolerance and equality of all citizens before the law prevail.”

    8. “It seems to be a universal fact that minorities, especially when their Individuals are recognizable because of physical differences, are treated by majorities among whom they live as an inferior class. The tragic part of such a fate, however, lies not only in the automatically realized disadvantage suffered by these minorities in economic and social relations, but also in the fact that those who meet such treatment themselves for the most part acquiesce in the prejudiced estimate because of the suggestive influence of the majority, and come to regard people like themselves as inferior. This second and more important aspect of the evil can be met through closer union and conscious educational enlightenment among the minority, and so emancipation of the soul of the minority can be attained.”


    eight quotes. none are from either New Age bullshit generators, or civil rights leaders. they are all only from two individuals, three quotes from one and five from the other. one won the Nobel in Literature, the other the Nobel in Science.

    massive props to anyone who can correctly attribute each quote to its author without reference to the internet.

    props to anyone who can correctly attribute each quote to either the writer or the scientist, without bothering with the actual name, or the internet.


    Bob S. ~ I am quickly becoming much less receptive to your bullshit trolling. I don’t care if you reference your bullshit with a link to whatever idiocy you choose to issue forth, solely for the purpose of stirring up shit. if you keep it up, I will for sure see about getting you banned from this space.


    correction: the quotes are split three/five, not four/four as I had first posted.

  • In 2009 the POTUS Barack Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize.

    Bullshit is bullshit even when it wins a prize.

    Also, you have no idea my intentions posting here.

    So, if you don’t like what I say, and wanna be a little dictator about it, then ban me.

  • .
    Not to mention that Bob’s illustrious research team leader is but a child moving through one of empires schools on his way to a career at Starbucks. Bob forgets that anyone can make a ‘claim’; a claim such as saying my ass is a large as the moon. However, a ‘claim’ is merely that; just a claim.

    Bob forgets too that there are also climate change bullshit generators out there that produce random rhetoric sounding little different from Guy’s rhetoric. That doesn’t make Guy’s words any less accurate.

    I am amused though to see Bob defer his ‘knowing’ to a grade chasing child half way through an Arts degree. That’s very telling of Bob’s level of intelligence.

    Chuckles can be heard emanating from over here in the observation gallery. Another dose of nonsense from Bob the fool. Good one Bob, got any more trolling for us today?

  • Bob ~

    it is obvious the Nobel committee can occasionally get things wrong, just as obviously as humans are not perfect.

    I could also be wrong here. the fact you did not bother to mention, even ever so briefly, your true, non-trolling intentions with your post has not given me any reason at all to believe I am wrong.

    you are right, though. I can’t know your exact intentions, down to every last nuance of thought and motivation that goes into your posts.

    so I guess in the future you are going to have to be even more extra careful to make sure you aren’t trolling.

  • and as proof that humans are not perfect, I have made a correction to my post above.

  • You Die in the Manner of Your Living
    Paul Dolman interviews Stephen Jenkinson about death and dying and the manner of how one dies.

  • It is encouraging to see the Dow fall below 16,000 (15,988, down 2.39% yesterday).

    Yes, everything is manipulated. And the Dow is not a measure of economic activity. Nevertheless, it has such a high profile and has been elevated to unworthy status, seeing it fall dramatically twice in 5 months must surely send a clear message that mainstream is unravelling.


    Oil remains officially around $29 a barrel, though much lower prices are being achieved in many locations.

    Another country bites the dust:


    Climate disaster: a few more weeks of waiting before we see more devastating data, I suspect.

  • Dedicated to Bob S. and everyone else:

    How does it feel, to face Reality within? Alone, All-One, You and the Universe, facing Death one fine day in the not too distant future…

    It struck him that in moments of crisis one is never fighting against an external enemy, but always against one’s own body… On the battlefield, in the torture chamber, on a sinking ship, the issues that you are fighting for are always forgotten, because the body swells up until it fills the universe, and even when you are not paralysed by fright or screaming with pain, life is a moment-to-moment struggle against hunger or cold or sleeplessness, against a sour stomach or an aching tooth.

    ― George Orwell, 1984

    Prepare for the day you will be Alone, You, Reality, Death and the Universe.

    No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.

    ― Gautama Buddha

  • @Tim

    Psychopedia Blossom:

  • Twits ahora:
    When normal is raping and murder the planet and reifying a white supremacist system, don’t effing complain when you’re blocked from doing it

    East Bay Sux. SF Sux. Peninsula Sux. Marin Sux. Y’all on some nasty stuff. ‪#‎OccupiedIndigenousLand‬

    People complaining about “being stuck” on the bridge and not being able to burn carbon to continue the murder of the planet. ‪#‎StuffIt‬

    When U rally gotta jones 2 burn as much carbon as possible & kill as much life on earth as U can.

  • Is the epoch of habitability on Earth drawing to a close?

    [more and more are noticing that Guy is correct]

    Chairman of World Economic Forum warns refugee crisis could be precursor to something much bigger – ‘Imagine 1 billion inhabitants, imagine they all move north’

    As the crash in commodities prices spreads economic woe across the developing world, Europe could face a wave of migration that will eclipse today’s refugee crisis, says Klaus Schwab, executive chairman of the World Economic Forum.

    “Look how many countries in Africa, for example, depend on the income from oil exports,” Schwab said in an interview ahead of the WEF’s 46th annual meeting, in the Swiss resort of Davos. “Now imagine 1 billion inhabitants, imagine they all move north.”

    Whereas much of the discussion about commodities has focused on the economic and market impact, Schwab said he’s concerned that it will also spur “a substantial social breakdown.”

    [this is what kevin has been saying, it’s not just the economics, it’s also the human reaction to these changing (for the worse) conditions]

  • due to glitches in the opening minutes of this video, u should skip ahead to the 5:55 mark to listen to dr. william pepper talk about how he came to know dr. martin luther king jr., and what he has learned about his assassination. at the 15 minute mark he gets emotional in recalling how dr. king came to the decision to publicly oppose the vietnam war. more interesting and mostly unknown history. by the way, i think the headline of this video used to say something like ‘the government killed mlk’. now, strangely, it’s become gibberish:

  • Comment from my farmer buddy upcountry, somewhere in SE Asia
    from today Jan 19m 2016

    “That water isn’t even going to last until [Lunar New Year]. It never would have. What point is there to talk about saving water when most of it had been wasted in 2015 knowing that El Nino had already arrived?

    OK, reality check. Most reservoirs are at very low levels and temperatures are far above average which exacerbates the whole situation. Water management projects – even if they were to start now at record pace – can’t bring more rain nor get back water we have wasted last year.

    Fact is that this year many farmers will quit farming, harvests will be hit hard, many areas will be without running tap water or on rationing schemes and officials will continue to look clueless while pretending to be rain makers and time travellers.”

    Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence. – John Adams

  • King and Ecology

    [Excerpts from

    King did not live to witness the groundswell of 20 million Americans participating in Earth Day 1970. He never saw the pictures of earth from space or heard Marvin Gaye and Joni Mitchell singing environmental anthems on mainstream radio. But despite the fact that he was killed before the popular emergence of environmental thought and perception, we can see in King’s work early indications of ecological consciousness and environmental concerns. “The cities are gasping in polluted air and enduring contaminated water,” King warned in 1967, in a statement that foreshadowed the environmental justice movement of the following decades.

    King’s sacred view of nature, based in African American tradition, aligns with African and other indigenous traditions, mystical traditions, and much of the eco-spiritual thinking that would later develop. “Although God is beyond nature he is also immanent in it,” King wrote. “Probably many of us who have been so urbanized and modernized need at times to get back to the simple rural life and commune with nature… We fail to find God because we are too conditioned to seeing man-made skyscrapers, electric lights, aeroplanes, and subways.”

    Along with protesting the alienation of the industrial world, King voiced opposition to the ecological threat posed by nuclear testing and the specter of nuclear war: “We’ve played havoc with the destiny of the world,” he said in his last months. “Somewhere we must make it clear that we are concerned about the survival of the world.”

    In King’s view, the best hope for the future involved building mass, direct-action movements for justice. This would require connecting not only people, but issues and movements as well, expanding to encompass the planet itself. In a television interview from July 1967, King said, “It would be foolhardy for me to work for integrated schools or integrated lunch counters and not be concerned about the survival of the world in which to be integrated.”

    King’s statements on ecology and the environment, made before the explosion of ecological thinking, are not a detailed program, but rather hints and glimpses—significant ones nonetheless. Although the ecological and cosmological themes in his work were never fully developed, King’s vision was ahead of its time in linking cosmology, social justice, and ecological consciousness.

    The ecological and cosmological teachings of Dr. King have much to offer us as we work for positive transformation in our times. But honoring King’s cosmology of connection means not only recovering his ecological dimensions, but also engaging his critiques of militarism, poverty, and structural racism. As King told us, “justice is indivisible,” because ultimately, “we are tied together.”


    He was also a cosmological thinker with a deep interest in the universe. As early as the Montgomery Bus Boycott in 1956, King said, “The fact that this new age is emerging reveals something basic about the universe. It tells us something about the core and heartbeat of the cosmos.” As I studied King’s words, it also became clear that his vision was essentially one of connectedness. Along with his well-known worldview of prophetic Christianity, interconnection and interdependence were central to his thinking, and consistent themes in his rhetoric. King saw reality as an interlacing network of relationships, viewed the nations and peoples of the planet as one, and linked various social injustices, saying, “All of these problems are tied together.” “One cannot be concerned just with civil rights. It is very nice to drink milk at an unsegregated lunch counter—but not when there’s Strontium 90 in it.”

  • I’ve posted a gues essay, links to two interviews, and information about today’s live radio interview. Catch it all here.

  • Robin, those are just excerpts from Drew Dellinger’s article. I doubt the author is aware of recent findings that would lead one to believe in a high possibility of NTHE.

    It’s just interesting to see King’s “ecological” side. His warnings decades ago went unheeded, we learn now.

  • @Satish Musunuru

    Thank you for the information about Martin Luther King’s thinking and feeling! I find some inspiring similarities to my own thinking and feeling in your quote, I didn’t know of until now.

    Respect to Martin Luther King

  • The Coddling of the American Mind

    Something strange is happening at America’s colleges and universities. A movement is arising, undirected and driven largely by students, to scrub campuses clean of words, ideas, and subjects that might cause discomfort or give offense…

    According to the most-basic tenets of psychology, helping people with anxiety disorders avoid the things they fear is misguided.

    The tyranny of Safe Spaces

    The idea that students should be safe from the ‘violence’ meted out by an uncomfortable idea or a colonial-era statue, that students are, in effect, too vulnerable to reckon with dodgy ideas past and present, undermines the entire purpose of academic inquiry. The modern university, springing from the truth-seeking Enlightenment tradition, simply cannot survive if certain ideas are off the table. And the sense of entitlement the Safe Space cultivates directly stunts students’ intellectual growth.

  • Troll-hunters are the real menace to the internet

    You might not like what people say on the internet, or how they say it, but tough. If I went into a bookshop and tore up all the tomes I find annoying or offensive, half the shop would be in ruins – but I don’t do that because a) people would think I was mad, and b) I recognise that freedom of speech means being surrounded by, and sometimes subjected to, ideas or outlooks that make you feel uncomfortable, even nauseous. That’s actually one of the best things about free speech – it stops you becoming intellectually complacent or smugly dogmatic by opening your eyes and ears to other, sometimes outlandish ways of thinking.