Six Paths to Near-term Human Extinction

Loss of habitat for human animals could result from at least six different factors rooted in civilization. Some are nearer than others. Half fall under the broad category of abrupt climate change. Two of the remaining three fall under the heading of ionizing radiation, hence lethal mutations.

I’m doubtless missing a few factors. In addition, I’m not mentioning the interactions between them, which surely will accelerate the process by which humans exit the planetary stage. But, as always, any number can play.

The usual initial response to the notion that Homo sapiens will become extinct is swift denial. As with every other species on the planet, lack of habitat will doom us, too. I welcome rational evidence to the contrary. In contrast, I expect irrational commentary free from the shackles of evidence (if not in this space, then certainly elsewhere). In general, denial-based commentary will exhibit ignorance of biology and ecology, despite the importance of these disciplines to understanding extinction.

If the following factors prove insufficient to convince you, I recommend visiting the nearest shopping mall. There, observe human behavior for an hour or two. If that’s not sufficiently convincing, you must have become part of the zombie hordes within industrial civilization. We have met the enemy, and … well, you know.

1. Abrupt climate change resulting from the loss of global dimming when civilization falls. I’ve spoken about this issue recently, and my presentations in the near future will continue to pound this drum.

2. Abrupt climate change resulting from firing the clathrate gun (item 1 on this list). I’ve written and spoken repeatedly about this topic.

3. Abrupt climate change resulting from moistening of the upper troposphere (item 39 on this list). As the planet warms, the most-abundant greenhouse gas becomes more abundant, thus further warming the planet.

4. Overt, rather than the ongoing covert version of World War leading to use of nuclear weapons. We can duck, but there’s no cover. So much for “duck and cover.”

5. Meltdown of the world’s nuclear power facilities. Fukushima was a harbinger. Many people, all of them more knowledgeable about the subject than me, believe Fukushima is an extinction-level event for our species.

6. Driving to extinction many other species. At some point, we become the species driven to extinction by industrial civilization. We will die without a living planet to sustain us.

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  • Thank you Guy for providing us with your website. I sincerely appreciate the truth, no matter how grim. Most of us who work in the health care field are fairly grounded in reality. As a nurse I have cared for the elderly and been at the bedside of many dying patients. For the past few years I have been working in a locked adult psychiatric unit. Our residents range in scope from schizophrenia to brain injury with behaviors. Many of them are heavily medicated with psychotropic meds to help with dramatic impulse control behaviors, hallucinations, delusions and seizures. It is a challenging, but rewarding job and like most health care workers who see the same patients day after day, you develop a keen affection for them, despite the diagnosis, which they did not ask for. Simply put, what do I do when the lights go out? When the medication runs out. I am torn between staying, like a captain who goes down with the ship, and going home to my stocked basement and taking care of family. These patients I care for, many do not have anyone who even comes to visit them. Sadly, the staff is it. I know that I will not be the only one facing these types of choices.

  • Dr. McPherson wrote:

    The usual initial response to the notion that Homo sapiens will become extinct is swift denial. As with every other species on the planet, lack of habitat will doom us, too. I welcome rational evidence to the contrary.

    There isn’t any.

    It is axiomatic that life that depends on habitat is going to die out when the habitat is destroyed.

  • @Bob S. & Gerald

    From the previous thread: “like 3000 years of wisdom went down the shitter in a bad Simpson episode.”

    Sure did!

    EUREKA! Rocks are ALIVE! YEP!

    “The distinction between organic and inorganic is a conceptual prejudice. …the evidence gathered in the development of quantum mechanics indicates that subatomic “particles” constantly appear to be making decisions! More than that, the decisions they seem to make
    are based on decisions made elsewhere. Subatomic particles seem to know instantaneously what decisions are made elsewhere and elsewhere can be as far away as another Galaxy! How can a subatomic particle over here know what decision another particle over there has made AT THE SAME TIME THE PARTICLE OVER THERE MAKES IT? ALL the evidence belies the fact that quantum particles are actually particles.

    So maybe, just maybe there is something besides classical physics. DOH!

  • The Aliens, They’re All Dead

    “For decades we’ve been pondering our place in the universe and tried to theorize why we’ve uncovered no evidence for extraterrestrial intelligences. With all the stars and planets in our galaxy and all the water and prebiotic chemicals that are known to exist, there must be other intelligent lifeforms. But there’s no sign of them. This problem is known as the “Fermi Paradox.”

    Chopra and Lineweaver suggest their new research provides some answer to this paradox and call it the “Gaian Bottleneck.” If life isn’t given a chance to stabilize its biosphere, then it’s doomed.

    Earth was given this opportunity, and life emerged from the Gaian Bottleneck to help form the life-giving oasis we take for granted today. Earth and its complex interplay of feedback cycles created what can be seen as a superorganism, where all life on its biosphere has a role to play in its evolution. (This is known as the “Gaia Hypothesis”, a relatively controversial idea formulated by James Lovelock and Lynn Margulis in the 1970s.)

    But now we have an intelligent lifeform that emerged as a dominant force, interrupting and exploiting our planet’s natural cycles. Humanity has inadvertently created a new bottleneck — let’s call it the “Industrial Bottleneck” — by causing irreversible changes to our delicate biosphere. Now, we’re seeing rapid impacts on our civilization as the balance in our climate is knocked off-kilter by the inexorable rise of greenhouse gases from industrial processes and energy needs.”

  • I read The Forest People (Simon & Schuster 1962) over the Christmas shopping/eating festival – apologies I don’t remember who here recommended it but i thank you.

    It is a remarkable account of time spent in the Ituri forest with the pygmies that have lived there for thousands of years. The anthropologist Colin Turnbull lived with them over a number of years and got to know them well. His account of their dual existence – as deeply embedded subsistence hunter gatherers and true human beings is lyrical and deeply compassionate. His descriptions of the close kinship they enjoyed, the complex annual patterns of song, foraging and sharing that they live were particularly moving.

    I call it a dual existence because at that time they would emerge from the forest periodically to interact with the local “civilized” culture of the other African peoples they encountered. These “bantu” (as the pygmies referred to them) almost always regarded the pygmies as their personal possessions and coerced them into trade relations (pygmies would hunt and provide fresh bush meat in exchange for crops grown in the ‘bantu’ villages). This relationship was patriarchal and laced with veiled threats toward the pygmies – some of the local tribes even having practiced cannibalism from time to time.

    However, the pygmies themselves saw advantage in allowing the relationship to continue and didn’t take it too, too seriously (they could always slip back into the forest if push came to shove). They also constantly raided the gardens of the villagers stealing whatever they wanted (their ability to move in the bush and disappear being legendary).

    It is a good read and I had a thought that perhaps as the proverbial hits the inevitable peoples deep within the forests (the Amazon and the Congo particularly) might stand a chance of surviving the nightmare that approaches. Once again I thought of Dr. McPherson’s thoughts that if our culture collapses quickly there is more of a chance for other species – including those species of human beings not directly connected to “us” (nuclear fallout notwithstanding).

    I read the book in a few days and again want to thank whoever recommended it.
    Then i wondered how things were there today. I knew that their has been fairly consistent internecine conflict all over that area for years. So I looked up the Mbuti of the Congo and discovered that they are being hunted by various military groups for bush meat:
    Sinafasi Makelo came to New York this week to participate in the second session of the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, and to raise awareness of the suffering of his people, the Mbuti (also known as Pygmies) of the northeastern region of the Democratic Republic of Congo. His foremost concern is to call attention to the alleged acts of cannibalism committed by army and rebel soldiers in the war-torn Ituri province. He described hunting parties setting out in the dense forests to hunt down and eat Mbuti – with some fighters believing that the flesh gives them magic powers – and called for the United Nations to establish a tribunal to try perpetrators for cannibalism and other “crimes against humanity”.

    Some were being kept and made to provide meat for the armed groups – if they failed to bring meat they were sometimes eaten themselves, sometimes made to watch as their kin were butchered and eaten, some forced to eat their own kind. And so on, etc.

    The inherent beauty, simplicity and close kinship bonds of the Mbuti really impressed me and touched my heart. The denouement to their story is representative of yet another floor collapsing as the ever-yawning maw of grief swallows another tentative platform of sanity upon which I had been standing.

    The first album by Deep Forest included a number of their enchanting songs and magical voices (though I can’t say I like the later ‘dance versions’ on the album). At the beginning of the album a voiceover says: “Deep in the jungle there are living some little people – maybe they are our past. And maybe they are our future” – I hope so.

    I hope some slip deeper into the gown of the Mother, the forest. I hope they flee soon.

    I’ve added a section to my “poem” Bush Meat

    Bush Meat

    There is a bear
    Out there
    On the ice
    Searching for food,
    Slowly dying.
    He was once the king of the realm,
    Majestic, primal, beautiful
    – And I am supposed to
    Listen to
    And vote for

    There is a bear
    In there
    With her cubs
    Spring has come early
    Slowly drying the forest.
    She lived once surrounded by food,
    Plenty, harvest, variety
    – And I am supposed to
    Stand aside
    And invest in

    There is a tiger,
    Over there,
    In the jungle,
    Looking for life
    Chased and hunted.
    She was once queen of her matrix
    Superb, camouflaged, mysterious
    – And I am supposed to
    Stand silent
    As our numbers prodigiously increase.

    There is a gorilla,
    Deep inside
    The cathedral of leaves
    Surrounded by young
    Exhausted, running
    She was once safe matriarch of her tribe
    Such power, such peace,
    Majestic, secretive, shy.
    And now the murderers
    And rapists
    Hunt her for
    Bush meat.

    There is a tiny woman
    Breathing quietly amid the leaves
    Heart pounding
    Mind seared by the sight of her family
    Butchered and eaten by heartless giants.
    She cries for their loss but dare not sing
    the death songs for the departed.
    She slips into the gown of the mother
    and hopes.

    There is a beetle
    In there
    Gnawing on the
    We have betrayed,
    For profit.
    And I hear
    The sound
    Of a billion tiny

  • Kiwi Kevin, I just learned about methane releases near N. Island N.Z. from Guy’s direction above to methane self-reinforcing feedbacks #2.

    New ominous data for me.

  • Most sobering rendition of the human extinction scenarios Guy. I’ve been following your dire predictions for about a year now and tried to find as many holes in your arguments as possible, but with only limited success. Your interpretation of the effects of methane is the most shaky element in the feedback loops which make up the bulk of your arguments. Although you may be correct, the phenomenon has hardly been proven and needs a lot more research to place it near the top of your list as an immediate threat to our existence. Another questionable scenario concerns the possible Global Dimming effects on the Earth’s climates, if and when industrial civilization stops. A 3-4 degree C implication of the severity of that event seems a little over the top considering the relatively small amount of research that has been done in that regard. The actual effects are much more speculative than not.

    Your predictions however of a possible nuclear war event is probably the closest terminal catastrophe that awaits us and your assessment of that event is probably underestimated. With the possibility of hundreds of Fukushima reactor events spewing their lethal showers across the globe a consequence of even a limited nuclear war, we would indeed be without much duck and cover items under which we could escape. Your list of possible events spelling doom for all does not include biological agents which are probably as lethal in the short term as a full scale nuclear war.

    Your premonitions of doom should be taken as seriously as anyone’s, if not more so. For that reason, even if our single exchange resulted in negative tones, I wholly sympathize with your abandonment of the educational system at a relatively young age as it mirrored my own in almost the same circumstances, and with very similar results. I do not have the credentials nor the facility by which you impart your conclusions, but in general, although your blog suggests a very negative outcome for the human species, my only wish is that there would be hundreds more blogs or sites similar to yours so that perhaps a wake-up call could be heard by enough people to try and somewhat mitigate a very negative future for our lot.

    Unlike you however, I conclude that hope is the only factor which most people can aspire to and that it should be encouraged as much as possible. We have the capacity for change, and we not underestimate that quality, no matter how much the true reality of an impending catastrophe lurks.

  • WoodWose, I have been recommending Colin Turbull’s definitive work, “The Mountain People,” for 30 years.

    Real empirical ethnography w/o Freudian philosophical ideation.

    I suggested it here more than once, as well as over the net.

    I spoke with Turnbull face to face in 1987 when he was studying the Merican legal extortion racket.

    He was THE quintessential magisterially impressive impeccably spoken English gentleman. He stood about 6 feet 4 inches tall.

    He graciously commended my similar observations/conclusions about the perverse &pretentious legal monopoly.

    His inferences in TMP from the devastation of the suffering Ik are now uncannily predictive.

    Corroboration of the ecosystem/human belly/hypothesis of real materialist social science.

    He sure called it & damn close to the letter.

    All hard nosed empiricists can do now is keep watching the greatest drama unfold.

  • Well, to say that the chances of human extinction are “non-trivial” would be putting it mildly. From a coldly logical point of view, it currently seems almost inevitable. Anything that might change it now would likely appear “rational” only in retrospect – like an ET intervention. But hope is apparently hard-wired as a useful survival mechanism, and we’re not all dead yet. Sometimes the rational, scientific perspective can also be wielded like a brook-no-interference fundamentalist club, `a la Gerald. In any event, the collective we is certainly rushing blindly towards the edge.

  • WoodWose ~ really enjoying your last several contributions here. thanks!

    Shep ~ ain’t it a loverly sound? ssssswwwwwwwoooooooooosshhhhhh.

    down and around and away it goes. 3000 years of stinky.

  • izzy, science by definition demands continual interference, conscientious attack, more attack, & hard nosed empirical evidence.

    “All theories are not only permitted but required.”

    But also in simple vernacular terms; no lying, no cheating, no deception, no deceit, no doctoring the data, & no nonsense, as in peeyar & lawyering.

    Feynman; “Experiment trumps all.”

    Percy Bridgmen; “Science is trying your damndest no-holds-barred to tell the truth.”

    Guy, you have called me an ignoramus in print more than once because I disagreed w/you about the debatable Jevons Paradox, Khazzoms Bazzoms, & your “destructive” flying as a bad example & paradoxical behavior.

    I haven’t mentioned those criticisms in a long time because they are largely irrelevant, especially now.

    Your recent epithet of jerk yesterday based on what simple on point statements that I made did surprise me.

    Too defensive & angry for your work that I completely endorse everywhere.

    I have always responded to your occasional epithets thusly; “You can call me anything, Guy but I will always cover your intelligent scientific back – no holds barred.

    … Because you are right.

    I called Roger Nelson’s outright crackpotism as I see it.

    You are anything but a jerk, but posting anything about psychokinesis is bizarre for a scientist.

    I openly told you my very negative views of disgusting Andrew Harvey -a contemptible charlatan & supreme “jerk.”

    I would never hesitate to call you out for new age woo such as Nelson.

    If posting faruska’s essay is not “endorsement,” what is it?

    Would you teach her & Nutcase Nelson to children as worthwhile knowledge?

    You clearly didn’t include any disclaimer or qualification.

    I took your wise advice 2 years ago, & I have “tried to” practice being in hospice since.

    I am hesitant to use the term jerk; but that sumbitch phony mentalist Nelson makes me fuggin crazy

    As you know practicing hospice ain’t so easy.

    I would even consider dying with you because you are one honest man – what’s a few warts when you’re trying your arse off?

  • Gerald Spezio, I’m promoting a discussion here. With a few exceptions, it’s generally civil.

    Posting alternative views is not promoting those views. As I indicated, I allow some of your evil, Nazi-inspired nonsense on this website. But I certainly don’t agree with it, much less endorse it.

  • Here’s a E.T. tidbit for you Izzy. Several years ago I read a transcript of a conversation on a now defunct website in which an individual did basically a Q&A session over one week which was ostensibly a “mini disclosure” to a certain social group to see what the reaction would be to a Public UFO Disclosure. The Brookings Institute in the early 60’s gave a study result which indicated the “Public” wouldn’t take it too well… (I’m still of that opinion if true).

    This individual said there were currently four different species ( the “Grey’s weren’t counted, whom he said were Engineered Life Forms) who had taken more of an interest in us since the turn of the last century (when Earth started to “light-up” in certain radio frequencies) and a direct quote from this individual concerning their level of concern for us as a species, was straight and to the point…”None of them give a flying shit about us”.

    Basically we are just “background noise”, no more worthy of attention than the proverbial anthill that you walk by without noticing. His major concern that if a “Disclosure” was made publicly, invariably someone would want the politicians to “do something about it”. At that point we might became an “irritation” worth doing something about.

    IMHO, any other species that has put us under observation for even (mostly) the last hundred or so years, is well aware that we don’t need any “outside help” to bring on our own demise…

  • Sorry for the Dupe post Guy…

  • Via Arctic Sea Ice Forum sub-subsection Aerosols and frequent poster “ALSR”

    I have not slogged through it yet to get my albeit limited knowledge wrapped around the effect (or is it affect) on albedo, but I will slog. It is an opensource article.

    I can’t rigorously defend the clathrate or global dimming yet. I still keep reading. My own viewpoint is over 95% that they both will have a huge effect and in less than a decade. The 4 other factors form a complete rigorous gestalt in my inductive-pattern deduction orientated headspace.

    But I’m a funny guy. An econ prof and an anthro prof were talking about interesting learners, and one says, “I got one who has to tear down the whole subject matter and rebuild it from scratch.” “Yeah, and mine when he makes a false turn his ideas are interesting.” Yeah, it was me, the guy who only got one epsilon-delta proof in a test in 3 semesters of calculus. I really avoid deductive reasoning, probably some sort of learning disability which I make up with inductive reasoning and pattern deduction to weed out the false positives of inductive logic.

    But going in a more Baconian inductive manner, all I have to do is combine the six, factor out my decades long pessimism and factor out my “future event appears real = fear” bias and voila; I am at the same pained facial expression that Dr. Natalia Shakhova has in her youtube post a couple years ago.

    BTW above, Dr. Dale Henning the anthro-archaeolog prof I got to ride with in his pickup truck to the weeklong dig really pushed Turnbull and the The Forest People book on us. Quite the guy Turnbull.

    What is there to do but look back and remember those who taught us well, teach others, and (for me) work someplace where I can support vulnerable individuals.

  • I have heard of PEAR and some of the experiments underway there. I hadn’t read much about Roger Nelson. doing a cursory search so far, all I see is that he is doing experiments with RNGs to study what is called “field consciousness.”

    Nelson seems clear about reporting on his methods and his data. anyone would be free to refute these results by trying to replicate the experiments, or coming up with other ways towards falsification (there could be plenty of possibilities that direction I am sure).

    other than that, I didn’t see a single thing (quick search though) where his methods or his data were being challenged in any serious way.

    Gerald, if you can come with something along those lines, you are free to share!

    just getting your panties in a bunch over the mere word “psychokinesis” isn’t terribly scientific minded. it only appears fundamentalist minded.

    if there is such a thing as PK, and we wanted to discover anything about it scientifically, it seems like someone such as Nelson could be on the right track.

    personally I am certain there is psychokinesis. the scientific investigation necessary to firmly establish such a fact could take hundreds of years. alas.

  • “Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau urged Leonardo DiCaprio to tone down his “inflammatory rhetoric” on climate change saying it was not helping those who have lost their oil-industry jobs.

    The movie star had told the World Economic Forum in the Swiss mountain town of Davos on Wednesday that corporate greed was causing climate change and “enough is enough.”

    At a dinner later in the day, Trudeau, elected in October as the head of a Liberal government, took the 41-year-old actor to task.

    “I pointed out that both Alberta and Canada have new governments over the past year that are committed to action on climate change…and that there are families suffering, out of work, who need to be supported, and inflammatory rhetoric doesn’t necessarily help those families or help Canada,” Trudeau said as he recounted his remarks to reporters on Friday.”

    Some folks want climate change to be handled “properly.”

    (Canada’s Trudeau to DiCaprio: Your climate remarks don’t help).

    Trudeau is a dipshit in this case.

  • Guy, your accusation that I would willingly & by implication fraudulently/deceptively advance “evil Nazi-inspired nonsense” is both false & cruel.

    I know that you disagree with my position

    My position is tolerably well-stated in my response two years ago (Nov. 2014) to Judith Haran’s primary thread about her visit to Auschwitz.

    I majored in modern European history (20th century Germany & Russia)as both undergrad & grad.

    I switched to anthropology as a broader discipline in grad school.

    I never wavered in my learned establishment history about the horrors of German National Socialism & Adolf Hitler is the personification of evil for 40 years.

    I only began studying 20th century Germany in 2005, & I have never been the same.

  • Mr.McPherson,
    i followed your blog for some time now and i heard you again and again about all this positive Feedback Loops the ecosystem is throwing at the living planet.
    If you don’t, or anyone else, mind to try to explain to me what could trigger negative Feedback Loops ?
    I don’t want to fall in line with this “Hopium” crowd, but if you are so dead certain with the way the positive Feedback Loops will play out, i atleast want to examine what could trigger the opposite.
    Sorry if i sound ignorant, but i’m just a german technician who stumbled on your work by pure chance and i can’t find any Websites, that can explain to me what triggered the current iceage.

  • We are now living with the consequences of decades of ignorance, denial, lies, manipulation, and apathy.


    (When I started thinking seriously about all this atmospheric CO2 was 350 to 360ppm.)

  • “current iceage”

  • mrogness, based on your brief discussion of your penchant for induction, you will be ecstatic with “Probability Theory – The logic of science” by no nonsense physicist Edwin T. Jaynes.

    I only carry ten books while I am in hospice.

    “Probability Theory” is one of them.

    Edwin T. Jaynes is the most wonderful scientific man.

    Jaynes takes Hume’s excessive skepticism to the woodshed & beats it to well deserved death.

  • Woodwose and Shep,

    You provided two types of information, “positive,” and ghastly. But they come together in some way. America has special forces (or some such) in nearly every African nation, and yet they allow the slaughter of the large animals, and the humans that they categorize as closest to them/ If there was ever something tio go to war to stop, that continued slaughter would be it.

  • **they allow the slaughter of the large animals…**
    **…If there was ever something tio go to war to stop, that continued slaughter would be it.**

    Since humans are large animals, going to war to stop the slaughter of large animals could prove problematic.

  • We had our first “super”market in 1985 or so, pretty fast 30 years, the same that the climate lag has according to prof. Thompson, some ride is coming AC/DC sums it up for me.

  • Earth’s climate sensitivity to carbon dioxide — or atmospheric carbon dioxide’s capacity to affect temperature change — has been underestimated, according to new NASA study.

  • Gerald says:
    “I majored in modern European history (20th century Germany & Russia)as both undergrad & grad… I only began studying 20th century Germany in 2005, & I have never been the same.”

    This doesn’t even make sense. If you don’t understand how your previous comments can be construed as pro-Nazi, you are not only a bigot, you are an imbecile. I’m not about to waste my time digging through all the comment sections of yore to find all the examples of your anti-Semitic, racist and ignorant bullshit. Besides, anyone who’s been here awhile already knows for themselves.

    It’s a joke that you consider Guy’s comments “cruel.” Unless by “cruel” you mean “accurate.” Although given your ignorance, that could very well be the case.

  • Gerald ~ mind the two post rule please.

    every comment after 10:21am to WoodWose belongs in the basement thread.

  • I don’t believe being critical of Israel equates to being pro-Nazi. Raising the N word is akin to using the H word. It is spin – it is painting your opponent as evil and unworthy of consideration.

    Claims of gas chambers and death camps is rebutted by many historians and investigators who can’t be characterized as *pro-Nazi* but simply pro-truth.

    That TPTB have gone so far out of their way to insure no discussion of the issue is possible speaks volumes — truth welcomes open discussion – when you have to pass a law to forbid discussion of important issues — well, you know.

    I too am a critic of Israel and have spent some time examining the claims of WW2 death camps and gas chambers and have found the entire story to be at best a gross misinterpretation and exaggeration.

    I too find actions of the world’s most moral army to be especially ugly and despicable (the sniper t-shirt one shot two kills is especially revealing}– and seeing folks set up lawn chairs and sip drinks while watching and cheering as their military incinerates the women and children of Gaza.

    I too find Netinyahoo to be perhaps the most publicly smug and despicable murdering lying psychopath among the up and coming despicable murdering lying psychopaths we so enjoy worshiping.

    So – am I *pro-Nazi* or just some old guy who yearns to know the truth?
    Guess that depends which end of the fish fry you find yourself on.

  • I always knew that Pastafarians worshipped the one true deity. And now there is proof!!

    Dark ‘noodles’ may lurk in the Milky Way
    Invisible structures shaped like noodles, lasagna sheets, or hazelnuts could be floating around in our galaxy radically challenging our understanding of gas conditions in the Milky Way.\

    May you be touched by His Noodly Appendage and know peace forever and ever….Ramen.

  • The aliens are silent because they’re dead

    “Life on other planets would likely be brief and become extinct very quickly, say astrobiologists from The Australian National University (ANU).
    In research aiming to understand how life might develop, the scientists realised new life would commonly die out due to runaway heating or cooling on their fledgling planets.

    Read more at:

  • First of all, praise be to the Flying Spaghetti Monster. I converted from the Church of the SubGenius long ago (all my respect to Bob Dobbs).

    Secondly- no, Bob S., criticizing Israel is not the equivalent to being pro-Nazi. Consistently sounding like the author of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion does, however.

    There is so much evidence about what happened in the Holocaust that I genuinely feel like deniers are saying the sky is green. I could get into a big argument about the fact that the sky is blue, but it seems truly silly to even get into it.

    Just the vitriol spewed by people like Gerald himself proves that genocide is not only possible, but welcomed by many a hater.

    And I once again waste my two posts on Gerald Spezio.

  • mrogness… his mention of Natalia Shakova’s facial expression in the interview/video… yes, I have NEVER forgotten it…
    I showed my office mate the minute I saw it… just so happens, he is Russian… I showed him and others, on the job, much in the way of climate change… My office mate took this well, sometimes, others did not or didn’t understand the seriousness …. Her expression is one of the most important things that has shaped my understanding of where we are…Guy’s site and his overall way of expressing information, is another.

  • To me, denying the magnitude of Nazi evil inflicted on the Jews is as crazy as denying the magnitude of Zionist evil inflicted on the Palestinians.

    Evil is evil. What I see of Zionist attacks on children fills me with utter disgust. Zionists certainly do not appear to study their own scriptures, if they did they would know that their god punishes Israel for such ungodliness.

    “You never know when you’ll hear that bang on the door in the middle of the night.”

  • Twit – Sat night.
    It’s too late JamesGRickards , yr capitalism and yr precious pentagon have destroyed the planet. Yr $ is worthless. Run for your life.

  • WoodWose,
    I recommended ‘The Forest people’.Among other recent tragedies
    are the Penan,who lived within the Malaysian rainforests without destroying
    them for tens of thousands of years. The last Penan was relocated from the
    forests in the 1990s.(I can’t remember the exact year )
    Two books which describe this(and other related subjects),including unbelievably cruel and boorishly callous quotes about it from Malaysian government representatives are
    ‘The Wayfinders’ and ‘Light at the edge of the world’ by Wade Davis.
    Try to find the original 2001 edition of the latter book,as it includes
    photographs taken by Davis. The second edition does not.
    ‘One River’ by Davis is excellent as well,also his ‘Into the Silence’,
    though on a completely different subject.

  • @ Gerald

    While I tend to agree with Guy in his response to you, I am inclined to give you the benefit of doubt, given I have barely looked into any of the evidence supporting the notion that the Holocaust was a hoax, nor am I going to, since such a notion runs contrary to my own limited experience. I had the pleasure of speaking at depth with a WW2 Luftwaffe pilot before he passed away many years ago and just that one experience leads me to believe that much of what you’re saying is hopelessly biased for whatever reason.

    However, I am annoyed when people strongly hold uninformed opinions on any subject, and if I’m honest, I must admit I know very little about the subject either way, not unlike many here who hold strong opinions about the UFO phenomena without having any understanding of the body of evidence. I suspect that all of us here are carrying around any number of reactive opinions on subjects we know little about.

    I do share your opinion where it concerns Israel’s apartheid and the war crimes that country has been perpetrating on the Muslim world for decades.

    You seem to be very well read and aside from your seeming visceral anti-Semitism, I enjoy and agree with most of your comments.

    So, for the edification of those here who have not invested any time into what you believe justifies the notion that the holocaust was fabricated, would you please list your top ten reasons for why you believe the Holocaust either didn’t happen, or what I suspect might be closer to the truth, how it may have been greatly overstated for political reasons……because that is something I can very much imagine having occurred.

  • @Tim

    Many more people died in Ike’s Concentration
    Camps than died in Hitler’s Concentration Camps.

  • @Daniel

    Ernst Zundel was tried in a Canadian Court in 1988 for publishing booklet, “Did Six Million Really Die.” Zundel’s booklet contested the “official” Holocaust story.

    Mark Weber testified as a witness at Zundel trial. Weber summarized the trial in some detail, which summary may be found on the web site below.

    From testimony:

    German General Pohl was in charge of German concentration camps, and he wrote, “The total number of those who died of all causes in all the German concentration and labor camps between 1933 and 1945 was 200,000 to 250,000.”

  • Hi Guy,
    I get great comfort from listening to you because I trust what you are saying. I really enjoy how you incorporate humour into your discussions.

    I have a couple questions:
    – is climate change happening in exactly the way you predicted in terms of speed and order of events.

    – are you preparing for near term human extinction in terms of storing food, water etc. by so you can survive as long as possible. Do you have any advice on how to prepare for extinction, do we prepare a home emergency kit or just accept our fate.

    – I don’ t understand why government, media isn’t being more honest about the reality of near term human extinction.

    What benefit is there and why are media, government, corporations etc. prolonging society’s denial about climate change and human extinction if our fate is already determined in the very near future?

  • Hi Guy,
    I get great comfort from listening to you because I trust what you are saying. I really enjoy how you incorporate humour into your discussions.

    I have a couple questions:
    – is climate change happening in exactly the way you predicted in terms of speed and order of events.

    – are you preparing for near term human extinction in terms of storing food, water etc. by so you can survive as long as possible. Do you have any advice on how to prepare for extinction, do we prepare a home emergency kit or just accept our fate.

    – I don’t understand why government,corporations, media etc.aren’t being more honest about the reality of near term human extinction. What possible benefit is there to prolonging society’s denial about climate change and human extinction if our fate is already determined in the very near future?

  • Evil is evil is evil. Some always pop up and try to say evil is not evil. The Universe knows who u are because the Universe knows everything perfectly.

    Hear now a the great Aussie John Pilger describes evil:

    It seems Americanism smothers the entire surface of the earth like huge oil spills in sparkling waters that are hushed.

  • prepare for extinction…that’s funny.

  • digixplor Says:
    “prepare for extinction…that’s funny.”

    I guess I’m missing the humor . . . . . sure Guy is funny —-quite frequently—– but isn’t part of the purpose of this blog to “prepare for extinction”?
    I don’t think Carolyn (and Daniel) are trying to be funny in this piece:

    @Lisa—–thanks for your post/questions, I share your sentiments. Your last question is a good one that many have attempted to answer here and elsewhere . . .

  • Lisa asks:

    – is climate change happening in exactly the way you predicted in terms of speed and order of events.

    It is happening much faster than I expected in 2007, when I committed to moving here. It is happening slightly faster than I expected a year ago.

    – are you preparing for near term human extinction in terms of storing food, water etc. by so you can survive as long as possible. Do you have any advice on how to prepare for extinction, do we prepare a home emergency kit or just accept our fate.

    The mud hut was established in light of collapse of industrial civilization and relatively slow climate change. Considering ongoing weather events, I suspect this will be one of the last places on Earth to harbor habitat for humans (i.e., humans might actually be living here in a decade or so).

    – I don’t understand why government,corporations, media etc.aren’t being more honest about the reality of near term human extinction. What possible benefit is there to prolonging society’s denial about climate change and human extinction if our fate is already determined in the very near future?

    Follow the money. It’s always about the money.

  • Can anyone explains how Fukushima might be an extinction event for humans? Also, how soon could this happen? I assume folks are referring to the pools of radioactive material seeping into the ground and then into the ocean. The ocean currents then dispersing radioactivity everywhere, including into the jet streams and onto land masses. Is this the scenario?

  • moderation note for digixplor ~

    mind the two post rule. you’ve already been warned, multiple times. you’ve proved incapable of minding in the past.

    from here on out your overposts will simply be deleted, and possibly posts going further back than that. I have zero patience for this level of disrespect for the simplest rule that you violate for no reason other than your pointless blathering.

    ~ mo

  • “Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. This is your Captain speaking. We apologize for the recent turbulence, but the sky seems to be a bit more active these days.

    I would like to thank you all for choosing to fly with us on Fossil Fuel Express. Myself and the whole Fossil Fuel Express family hope you’ve had a pleasant flight and will choose to fly with us again if there is a next time. We’ve left the Holocene behind and will soon be on our final approach to the Anthropocene, your final destination.

    We wish you all the best and may your Extinction Event be a pleasant one.

    Captain out.”

  • excuse me, stewardess… I think these nuts are off.

  • I removed your latest comment, digixplor. Please don’t be an asshole, to the minimal extent you have control over yourself.

  • Guy.

    ‘Considering ongoing weather events, I suspect this will be one of the last places on Earth to harbor habitat for humans.’

    English is sometimes very precise and sometimes very vague or utterly confusing. Words and phrases can have two or more meanings, and can even have opposite meanings!

    That sentence could mean you think where you are living will be continue to be habitable longer than most other locations on Earth.

    That sentence could also mean you think where you are living will be one of the first to become uninhabitable for humans….as in the last place [of a long list of places] I’d want to live.

    Lisa’s comment: ‘I don’t understand why government, corporations, media etc. aren’t being more honest about the reality of near term human extinction.’

    Yes, it’s always about money.

    But surely it’s also about hubris, power, social control, and fantasies the scumbags at the top seem to have which are centred on surviving financial-economic-environmental meltdown in bolt holes. Such fantasies probably include delusions about processes being linear. All the people in power I have ever met or communicated with have been scientifically illiterate and many of them utterly psychotic. And some of the psychopaths at the top may even have fantasies about winning a nuclear war (though there is a lot of evidence that most of the rhetoric churned out by politicians and the media is for domestic consumption and is simply to keep the masses believing in empire.


    In my experience governments are not honest about anything. Either government ‘information’ is plain wrong, or there are hidden agendas. It’s much the same for the media.

    “If you don’t read a newspaper you are uninformed. If you do read a newspaper you are misinformed” -Mark Twain (over a century ago).

    “I had learned that no newspaper ever reported any incident accurately” -Eric Blair (George Orwell, 70+ years ago).


    Too little too late, but it is slightly encouraging that planetary meltdown is now being widely reported and at long last a few more people are waking up to the fact that they are living in a global death camp with invisible fences.

  • Plastic now pollutes every corner of Earth
    From supermarket bags to CDs, man-made waste has contaminated the entire globe, and become a marker of a new geological epoch

    “Humans have made enough plastic since the second world war to coat the Earth entirely in clingfilm, an international study has revealed. This ability to plaster the planet in plastic is alarming, say scientists – for it confirms that human activities are now having a pernicious impact on our world.”


  • “6. Driving to extinction many other species. At some point, we become the species driven to extinction by industrial civilization. We will die without a living planet to sustain us.”

    I could use some help with tautologism of various kinds. Large animals include human beings, but the term “animal” is understood to distinguish humans from other creatures that fit into the set called animals.

    Woodwose’s case with the Pygmies looks at this distinction in an instructive way.

    “I call it a dual existence because at that time they would emerge from the forest periodically to interact with the local ‘civilized’ culture of the other African peoples they encountered. These ‘bantu’ (as the pygmies referred to them) almost always regarded the pygmies as their personal possessions and coerced them into trade relations (pygmies would hunt and provide fresh bush meat in exchange for crops grown in the ‘bantu’ villages). This relationship was patriarchal and laced with veiled threats toward the pygmies – some of the local tribes even having practiced cannibalism from time to time.”

    Do the bantu, then, see the Pygmies as a class of “animals” who can speak? How does their thinking go? Pygmies live in the forest like other animals, and don’t distinguish themselves from them the way we do? So we can hunt them and eat them like we do other animals?

    It’s often stated how one group needs to dehumanize another in order to inflict atrocities on them. The Nazis and the Jews. The “Zionists” and the Palestinians. The Hutu and the Tutsis, First Wold and Third World.

    So what would happen if we ignore (minimize) sectarian differences in humans? If human sects can’t agree on their common interests, they get no prize. The other side to that would be to focus on species (especially large animals that are harder to miss), since their preservation is in the common interest of all sects. As Guy’s quote suggests, the welfare of other species is the best prerequisite for human welfare. So instead of fighting against human sects, we should be fighting against the destruction of other species, and perhaps none more urgently than the large animals of Africa.

  • @Lisa. When the crash happens, I plan to stay at home, come hell or high water. The only reason I would ‘bug out’ is if we are driven from our home. Anyway, we’re all city folk and would die from exposure right away.

    Since I plan on staying put in a residential neighborhood, I do have a few survival resources. They are mainly to lessen the shock for family members who will remain unable to understand or accept our plight until collapse actually occurs. A six months supply of freeze dried food for one person cost me about $2300. That’s all the food I’ll have except for what’s in our fridge and pantry. There will be at least six or more of us so I expect our food supplies to be depleted in less than a month. By then, most of us will be over the initial shock and possibly even emotionally prepared for death. After the first week, the old folks among us will most likely stop eating in order to save food for the young.

    I don’t know where you live but here, we have a shallow well system for watering plants. There are four well points set about 30 feet deep connected to an electric pump. In case of collapse, I have installed a valve to isolate the electric pump and fittings to connect a hand pump that I have all set and ready to go. Also I have a Berkey water filter for filtering drinking water. The hand pump will easily supply water for drinking, bathing and flushing toilets. Water is the most important concern, for me. If I were you, I would stockpile enough water for each person for about two weeks. Even if you have little food, the water can help you stay indoors where you’ll be safer, initially. I seriously suggest getting a lot of plastic bags to eliminate waste in. They can at least be tied shut and hidden or buried outside.

    Most people are completely unfamiliar with firearms. If such is your case, I highly suggest bear spray.You can order it via Walmart. I have six cans and plan to get more.

    Since maintaining a safe body temperature is of prime importance, I’m saving for a small, approximately 300 watt solar system to run a ceiling fan in one room our house. The system will have a battery to run the fan at night. I may get a secondary system to provide a few luxuries like lighting and video games for the children. I plan to have plenty of books on hand because I think collapse will be extremely boring. But you will need to stay on your toes and keep your bear spray or pocket pistol handy in case of a raid.

    I did purchase a 1700 lin. ft. roll of barbed wire from Home Depot for $80 in case I need a quick perimeter to help keep crazies out.

    That’s about it for me and I only did that to help my loved ones cope with the initial emotional trauma of collapse. If I was alone, I would find a family willing to take me in as a armed protector willing to work for no food, only water and a bed.

    I think, even a few days worth of supplies is very important to have on hand to give yourself a chance to think in relative peace, where you are separated from the people that are panicing, at least for awhile. When that ‘awhile’ is used up, which it will be. Another consideration will come to mind. The thought of suicide is one issue that all collapse-aware individuals will be thinking about NOW, not then. As for me, I plan to starve, but if I can’t handle it, I will cut a wrist.

    If I were you, I would study up. There’s a good number of videos on utube.

    Anyway, bless you and let us know how you’re doing.

  • The Anthropocene started with acricultural monoculture-driven deforestation, soil degradation and biodiversity loss with species extinction; the Thanatocene started with access to buried sunshine in the form of fossil fuels, with energy slaves doing our bidding to greatly accelerate all these processes. Soil conservation and restoration, protection of endangered species and the environment are all ways to treat the symptoms, wthout addressing the underlying disease process.

    The process became terminal with development of intelligence, if we accept one version of the answers to Fermi’s paradox.

  • David Higham & Gerald S. – thanks again for the Forest People recommendation. Like Jane Goodall & Wade Davis, Turnbull seems to have been a human being first and a “scientist” second. See end of this post.


    3 paragraphs from Stephen Jenkinson’s book – not an answer but …

    “We live in a time when most of us have to get the news of our dying from someone else, usually a specialist, ironically, in health care. But how can our dying be “news” when everybody already knows they are going to die. We are not tutored in the ways of dying, nor in what it asks of us, nor in what it could mean. And so our dying is a stranger to us, brought to the doorstep of our ordered lives and introduced to us as our lifelong companion and faithful accompagnateur unto our last breath, and in that way more faithful than any friend or family member can be or will be, by … an angel. When an angel comes to call, very little of your life is untouched. From that moment on, if you work hard at it, your life will never be the same. That is the great labour of the thing, to let your life be changed utterly by the news of your death when all and everything around you is counselling steady as she goes, business as usual, as normal a life as possible under the circumstances. Whatever of your former life is left standing is probably the part that is most what you were born to learn about and be faithful to. Whatever of your life that is still standing is probably you. That is what the news of your death could mean: It could mean the beginning, unadorned, common, and singular, of your one true life and its work.

    This doesn’t make anything easier. This doesn’t banish executioners, not at all. Terminal cancer is a true executioner, certainly, as are sudden accidents, heart attacks, political assassins, and famines. These are things we die of, things over which we have little or no say. They answer the question, “How do we die?” They tell us nothing about why. Cancer may be your executioner, but the news of your dying is your angel, or could be if you are willing. You fight your executioner by chemotherapy and radiation and good nutrition, and properly so, but you wrestle the angel of your dying by grief and wonder and sorrow and somehow in spite of any example or counsel around you by choosing the meaning for your dying time. By the manner of how you live your dying you will start answering the question, “Why do we die?” And that is how we will change what dying has come to mean to us.

    If you wrestle death, your labour makes a proper place for it. If you fight death, there is no place for it. Death is defeat, the end of life. Demonize death and you turn life into a factory-farm canola field: flat, hollowless, no place for mysterious things of substance to gather. But come to your death as an angel to wrestle instead of an executioner to fight or flee from and you turn your dying into a question instead of an edict: What shall my life mean? What shall my time of dying be for? What is it going to be like, that cottage of darkness? If you work hard in your dying days, the answer could be: “Not like anything you’ve known”. Dying turns into something you live. The trick here is that to be able to ask questions like that you have to know, somewhere in your bones, that you will die. When the time comes, you have to know that you are dying. That shift from the future tense to the present is a chasm that many people these day never cross, never even see.”
    (Die Wise by Stephen Jenkinson p 115-116)

    And so many other stories:

    Forcing “development” or “progress” on tribal people does not make them happier or healthier. In fact, the effects are disastrous. The most important factor by far for tribal peoples’ well-being is whether their land rights are respected.

  • @ lisa

    You state:

    “I don’t understand why government,corporations, media etc.aren’t being more honest about the reality of near term human extinction. What possible benefit is there to prolonging society’s denial about climate change and human extinction if our fate is already determined in the very near future?”

    When Guy responds by saying “follow the money”, I believe he is deliberately keeping it short, not for the sake of brevity, but because he doesn’t want to be rude, given that your question is difficult for any student of history to take seriously, though I believe you are being genuine in asking it.

    But since the answer to your question is rather self-evident, allow me to offer you some equally self-evident advice.

    First of all, do you believe government/corporations/media have ever been honest?

    If your answer is yes, then you have also answered your question above, just not in the way you were hoping. And our reliance on “hope” becomes ever more apparent the longer we consider it.

    If you believe that said institutions have been telling you “the truth” up to this point, then you have unfortunately been very naïve, and you are in for one hell of a rude awaking if and when you ever decide to delve into all the disturbing homework you have somehow been avoiding.

    Your inability to “understand”, stems from a far deeper misunderstanding as to the truer nature of capitalism’s socio-economic dilemma, which has literally been in effect for centuries.

    In short, industrial civilization is driven by a pro-growth mantra; virtually every aspect of our reality is driven by our economy. And that economy is capitalism, and capitalism only exists as long as markets continue to grow. How/why/where they grow is irrelevant. All that matters is that there are ever more people, capable of purchasing ever more products. And people are only inclined to have more children and buy ever more material possessions if they believe the future looks bright.

    The question is not whether the future is or isn’t bright, all that matters is that we believe it is. And that’s where government/corporations/media come into play. It has always been their/our sole imperative to promote a growing economy, because all of their/our bottom lines are completely dependent on citizens/consumers maintaining confidence in “the system”. For if we don’t, as soon as citizens lose their consumer confidence, the whole system more or less collapses given that the entire structure of our economy is nothing more than one planetary Ponzi scheme designed to enrich a few at the expense of most of life on earth.

    And we can only remain optimistic if we remain uninformed/apathetic about what is actually occurring, which is/has been ecological destruction, unto overshoot, unto extinction. It’s a process that has been at play from anywhere between the last 150 years to the last 10,000 if not more.

    However, it’s a relatively easy task to keep people in the dark, because the vast majority of humanity is inherently incurious, especially where it involves disquieting information that runs contrary to our ambition of one day being considered among the respected wealthy few.

    In other words, if you truly want an answer to your question, go into the bathroom, turn on the light, look in the mirror and seriously ask yourself, how is it that you came to believe government/corporations/media have ever told you the truth?

    And if you’re honest, you’ll realize you’ve wanted to believe they were telling you the truth. And it’s the core elements of that very “wanting” that have driven billions of people to drive all the rest of life into extinction.

  • It’s likely those in positions of power don’t truly believe we’ll go extinct in the near term. While they’re certainly aware of the risks Guy pointed out, they – like most folks – believe we’ll figure something out, because, we always have. In short, they’ve been beguiled by technology.

    The idea that this could be IT is too much for most people, even really smart ones like Naomi Klein and Bill Gates, to take on board. Instead they hold out hope for a technological miracle (combined with a rapid change in human behavior) to save the day. Good luck with that!

  • Woodwose,
    Please reread Gerald’s comment. The book he mentions is ‘The Mountain People’, also by Turnbull but a quite depressing read,about a tribe that is relocated and whose societal structure breaks down.

  • Gerald Spezio – I very much like your comments. I would very much like to know your list of essential books. I generally like your thinking and read your comments carefully. Cheers.

  • Oh no, another german lover.

  • “If the Future Isn’t Somehow Primitive, There Won’t Be a Future.”

    and a lot of blabbing about sustainable technocivilisation here from the usual suspects Only Guy the Culture of makebelieve guy and another one making some sense only
    Cross of the moment

  • Although it has been mentioned previously,the six points in the essay do not mention the enormous amount of CO2 that will be released when the peat deposits of northern latitudes oxidise ,which seems probable.
    Also, the forests killed by the bark beetle will no longer be a carbon store,and add significant CO2 as they decompose and burn.

  • @Tim

    A game called “Knockout & Polar Bear” is all the rage in the Hood and on Hip Hop media. I doubt many on NBL ever heard of this game. You certainly won’t hear about the game in MSM.

    The game has a group of older teens selecting
    a Polar Bear (older white person) and knocking
    s/he out with one punch.

    Law enforcement is on top of this game big time. OTOH the MSM won’t touch the story, until the Khazar Cat Bastards have confiscated all the guns.

  • “What possible benefit is there to prolonging society’s denial about climate change and human extinction if our fate is already determined in the very near future?”

    It’s that “very near future” part that remains easy to deny, because, as of yet, no group of important scientists have published or made public conclusive evidence of nte by 2030. In fact, not one peer reviewed paper has been published which states conclusively that climate change will cause nte by 2030 or by any other date. So how can you possibly expect “society” to do so?

  • Oswald Spengler’s civilization model postulates that any civilization is a superorganism with a limited and predictable lifespan. The final stage of each culture is, in his word use, a “civilization”. According to Spengler, the Western world is ending and we are witnessing the last season—”winter time”—of Faustian Civilization. Advances in technology are pathological signs of decline in culture. The Faustian Civilization concentrates on space and time (e.g. exploration of space, climate in 2100, NTHE). The Classical Greek-Roman Civilization concentrated on “here and now”.

  • Shep – ” oh no,another german lover”

    No Shep, if anything I’m a Russian lover. I consider Putin to be the finest political leader of the world, and perhaps the greatest hope the world has. However at the same time, I’ve been reading NBL pretty much since its inception, and totally agree with Guy’s assessment about near term extinction. I despise Nazisim – be it german, Ukrainian, American etc. I hate lies and being lied to, and being Canadian I’ve grown up under the lies and propaganda of the west. The Russians destroyed the Nazis in WW2 – at tremendous sacrifice. Would love to know your nuanced decription and label of what Israel has and is doing to the Palestinians. Of course I don’t think you are going to use the word “nazi”. I used to believe that America was a good country, and that Nato was keeping the world safe, and that 9/11 was an immense crime etc. Also that 6 million Jews were murdered in Nazi concentration camps. But, more and more I am finding out that everything the Empire tells me – is a lie. One big reason why I like Gerald’s thinking. Perhaps you can prove to Gerald that he is wrong. When I read Guy, he makes sense and I have grear respect for him. Perhaps you can educate Gerld to the truth about Germany/Nazism.
    easy to be dismissive without any support of your position. I don’t read NBL to be convinced of this prospect. I was convinced long ago. I’ve been reading the blog for many years and I continually read the latest upgrades to the “essay”, and in fact also reread the essay – though it takes considerable time. Mainly I rread the blog because there are so many Excellent commenters. I learn a lot. I do not feel I can teach anyone here so I seldom if ever comment. There is enough stupidity in the world without me adding to it. Others may feel differently and they are free to post. And I am free to pass over their comments. I read everything by Ulvfugl and I try to rread everything by Gerald. There are also many others I greatly admire.

  • Bills,

    Let me quote Guy, to Gerald: “As I indicated, I allow some of your evil, Nazi-inspired nonsense on this website. But I certainly don’t agree with it, much less endorse it.”

    There are other Germans here that think Hitler was a ‘good’ man and stand up for German Nationalism. Thought u were part of that crowd. My mistake. As I said above: All evil is evil.

    Love Putin.

  • Breathless Bulletin from the cybernoid bunker :

    ‘…The game has a group of older teens selecting
    a Polar Bear (older white person) and knocking
    s/he out with one punch.’

    Undoubtedly a pain in the ass/chops for the metaphorical Polar Bear. Understandably very difficult for the vic to be grateful for the restraint shown by the assailants.( As in could’a been worse.) Takes time to gain perspective.

    And, then again, maybe there was no restraint? Shocking . Had ancient paleface dude been all about restraint right up until this fateful encounter?? Whoa …Strike that question from the record. Oh yeah…I forgot, that’s got nothing to do with it!!! Roving, fun-loving , imaginative & bored youngsters have no business making assumptions about Polar Bear People.

    Should the young miscreants have gang-laughed the luckless codger instead ?

    Vocally showered the senior citizen w/ loud & witty derision ?

    Think of all the constructive alternatives to…gasp… swift unthinking violence (disclosure: Polar Bear’s heretofore trusty ,go-to ,all- purpose panacea. Hell, that’s how he made it to his golden years !)

    Teens could have said,” Can we do anything for you ? Do ya’ need anything from the store?’

    Worst part about the slugging scenario ( swift punch and all… ) is that Polar Bear Man never gets to blurt out : …”Hey whaddaya’ doing, I got nutti’n to do w/ anything, What’d I do? You don’t even know me. ”

    Yes.. That can be seen as the tragic part of the entire scenario.

    Lack of dialogue when going gets unexpectedly tough.

    Thanks for the tip. I’ll FILE it under things not likely to happen in 25 lifetimes , but ya’ never know … and Oooooohh it’s so exciting , though…. category. The shoebox under the sofa.

    Right along aside rumored plans to cool the Arctic by constructing 10, 000 floating nuclear power stations above the 15th parallel and stringing extension cords to 30 million portable air-conditioners supplied by Sam’s Club…blah, blah, blah.

    Not laughing about gratuitous violence , just debunking actual chances of retirees getting it in the neck while power walking in the ( gasp )hood !!

    So Glad to hear ‘Law Enforcement’ is clandestinely on it already !! – smiling in Detroit, JJoslin

    ps- To be honest you do run into a couple 13 yr.olds who yell ‘ gimme your bike …’ at you before breaking out in giggles & scampering down the block .( frequency: About every 4 or 5 years or so , I’d expect. : )

  • Twelve Paths to Long Term Human Extinction (LTE):

    We admitted we were powerless over alcohol – that our lives had become unmanageable.

    Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.

    Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood Him.

    Made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves.

    Admitted to God, to ourselves and to another human being the exact nature of our wrongs.

    Were entirely ready to have God remove all these defects of character.

    Humbly asked Him to remove our shortcomings.

    Made a list of all persons we had harmed, and became willing to make amends to them all.

    Made direct amends to such people wherever possible, except when to do so would injure them or others.

    Continued to take personal inventory and when we were wrong promptly admitted it.

    Sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with God as we understood Him, praying only for knowledge of

    His will for us and the power to carry that out.

    Having had a spiritual awakening as the result of these steps, we tried to carry this message to alcoholics and to practice these principles in all our affairs.”

    Is that twelve?

    Revert to the Six if this is too long to read.

    Or, get constant (The Ghost-Water Constant).

  • Latest daily CO2: 404.15ppm.

    Atmospheric CO2 does fluctuate but such a value is nevertheless extraordinary and ominous.

    Yesterday I suggested to L (L is involved in promotion of BAU) that we will witness a seasonal peak of at least 407ppm four months from now, and could well witness daily values in excess of 408ppm in May. And I pointed out the acceleration in the annual rate of climb -now around 5 times what it was when Keeling commenced measuring. That all portends accelerating planetary meltdown, as indicated by the Arctic ice cover, which is continuing to track 2 standard deviations below ‘normal’ and is the lowest on record for the time of year.

    That led to discussion of the effect of an ice-free Arctic: the latent heat of phase change would no longer apply and all absorbed heat would cause a rise in temperature; nor would much solar radiation be reflected. An ice-free Arctic implies a sudden increase in the rate of warming.

    Current data suggest we are not far from an ice-free Arctic, if only for a matter of a few weeks each year at first.

    The 7 metre rise in sea level associated with the melting of the ice on Greenland will take somewhat longer. Counter-intuitively, warmer waters generate more snowfall.

    The local economy continues to circle the drain, oil and dairying being the most notable victims at the moment.

    Other matters touched on were the fall in markets and the collapse of the Baltic Dry Index, which suggest there will be no recovery of oil or dairying in the foreseeable future.

    We didn’t get round to discussing the Ponzi nature of the financial system.

    Towards the bottom of this page

    is a nice depiction of NZ Government debt, up around six-fold in 6 years.

    I suggested to L that she would witness:

    1. Collapse of current economic arrangements before 2020, with a major disruption before the end of 2016.

    2. Accelerating planetary meltdown.

    I didn’t raise the matter of NTHE.

  • “Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.”

    Sanity or otherwise is of the mind. The mind is insentient, but is a reflecting medium that reflects a tiny bit of the universal consciousness as individual awareness, as the surface of the water in a bucket left out in the sunshine reflets a small sun.

    “Sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with God”

    The wave improves its contact with the ocean when it subsides.

  • @Tim

    Right on schedule, people.

  • Things are getting a bit gloomy around here.

    Let me cheer you all up with a comical offering: a selection of evidences against any kind of constructive collective consciousness occurring at any time, now or in the future. These episodes also challenge Guy’s idea that humans somehow have a “choice”. How can you have a “choice” when you can barely even tie your shoes?

    One or two threads back folks made mention of ignorance and anti-science. Here’s some real, non-made-up stuff from just 24 hrs of a thread called “Say What?” on another forum I visited recently, where people were asked to recount “wtf?”-type moments:

    When I explained the plot of the book I was reading (The Martian) to someone, she asked me if it was based on a true story. No hint of sarcasm or trolling, just an honest question.

    We were at the beach a couple of years ago, and a 20-something guy and girl who may have been a couple were chatting on the towel next to ours. She said she wondered why the sun was so strong during the day but got progressively weaker in the afternoon. The guy explained that it came up in the morning, then got weaker because it shone all day and the heat got used up.

    A few years ago, a co-worker saw me reading American Gods and asked me what it was about. When I explained the plot, he asked if it was a non-fiction book. Yes, a guy really did travel across the US with Odin, and I’m reading his autobiography.

    Years ago, when I was a freshman in college someone in my freshman orientation group said poor people weren’t real, liberals just made them up. I then asked her who she thought lived in homeless shelters then.

    …every year I teach The Odyssey one student always has to ask if it’s non-fiction. I try not to make them feel dumb, but it’s like, “Really, you’re asking me if the cyclops and the sirens and Scylla are real?”

    My brother in law once had a coworker comment to him that she didn’t understand how they transported cars on the big car carriers without them rolling off. He explained to her that they put special sticky tires on at the factory, then changed them to regular tires at the dealership.

    I can’t count the number of times, while on Civil War encampment, I have been asked why there are no bullet holes in the monuments.

    Or why all the battles were fought in national parks…

    I had a roommate who watched the Blair witch project with me, and then asked if the people in the movie had ever been found.

    had some young patrons at the library who were convinced Blair Witch was real. I think I blew their mind when I told them that I had seen the actors that morning on The Today Show.

    We read A Tale of Two Cities my freshman year of high school. One of the girls in my class refused to believe that the French Revolution really happened. Because you can’t just go around chopping people’s heads off.

    We were talking about sex ed in junior high, and HIV came up. Someone asked why they couldn’t find anything to kill the virus, as though it were immortal/invulnerable. The teacher replied that the virus can be killed with bleach, etc., but it was hard to kill within the body. The girl who’d asked the original question countered with, “Well, then, why doesn’t everybody with it just drink a bunch of bleach?”

    My SiL had a version of this conversation about vinegar with a coworker.

    She’s a nurse…

    Friends of ours were encamped near Gettysburg when a “ghost hunter” night patrol ran into their camp shouting “Are you real?”
    One of the guys swore he yelled back “No, we’re Memorex!”

    One of my coworkers, up until a few years ago, thought tigers were female lions. He was in his 30’s at the time.

    i had a co-worker ask what language they spoke in England. Still my personal favorite.

    A few years ago a neighbour came round complaining that our pipes were flooding his living room. We live on a steep hill and his place is a good many feet higher than ours. Since he worked for a construction company (owned by his father) and was notoriously belligerent, I settled for showing him that all our pipes are on the opposite side of the property from him. But I did pity the people he was designing offices for.

    I work with someone who learned from me that platypuses are real. She is over 50. This was last year.

    Years ago at a museum where I worked, a mother who was there with her kid’s group, asked in all seriousness, “I always forget, was the War of 1812 before or after the Revolution?” Ironically, she was there with her kids’ homeschooling group….but at least she was asking.

    My husband reported a conversation between two of his colleagues, discussing the tsunami in Japan. One of them was baffled as to how it could have happened, as she didn’t realise Japan had a coastline.

    …in an online chicken forum (yes they exist).

    When people were discussing what they did with excess eggs one lady told the story of how she took a dozen eggs to her mother-in-law. She could tell when she gifted them that the MIL was less than pleased, but she was polite. Later she learned that the MIL had thrown them in the trash after she left.

    When asked why her response was “I don’t want something that came out of a chicken’s butt. I only eat eggs that come from a factory.”

    ..young woman once asked me what I did for a living, so I told her I was a taxonomist. She wanted to know if it was hard on me, being a vegetarian and all.

    I had a coworker that didn’t know that pickles (plain ol’ dill pickles) had once been cucumbers. He thought there were pickle trees.

    My brother thought New England was a state well into his 20s. Also thought that limes were unripe lemons.

    When my best friend from college went to grad school at a pretty much exclusively white and Christian college, one of the women there seriously wanted to know if Jews had tails. Apparently, she’d heard this from somebody and was just curious — wasn’t trying to be mean or anything, was just that clueless.

    My Mom’s been asked quite seriously if she had horns. Granted, this happened 50 years ago, but still.

    A conversation with my 50-something sister upon my return from a trip to Washington DC:
    Sis: Did you go to the National Mall?
    Me: Of course. Spent the whole day there.
    Sis: Wow? How many floors does it have? What stores are there? Were there any sales? What did you buy?
    Me: Umm… The National Mall is not a shopping mall.
    Sis: It’s not? Then what is it?
    Me: A park-like space full of statues and monuments honouring American presidents like Washington and Lincoln, plus a bunch of war memorials.
    Sis: That doesn’t sound right! Are you sure you went to the right National Mall? You know, the one in the middle of Washington.

    My roommate my freshman year had to read a novel set in ancient Greece where homosexuality was mentioned. We were talking about the book, and she said she liked it except for the stuff that wasn’t real. I assumed she meant the Gods and said something about how praying to different gods for different things seemed more efficient to me, but she said no, the part where the guys were in love with each other. It took me a second, but I explained that some people actually are homosexual and pointed out a couple that we knew. “But I thought that was all made up!”

    I was talking to my neighbour/employer about random things, and the topic of mall Santas came up. We’re both Jewish- she’s Orthodox from birth, I’m a raised-Catholic-agnostic-turned-agnostic-Jewish-convert (not Orthodox). She was saying how creepy it was people will put their kids in a strange man’s lap and I agreed it was weird if you looked at it from the outside. I compared the Santa thing to Elijah (opening the door at the seder, having an empty seat at a bris, etc). Her response? “Yeah, but Elijah was a real person!”

    After explaining “The Walking Dead” to my mom, she asked if it was non-fiction :/

    And a former colleague (who had a M.Sc. and was an over-all intelligent, well-traveled guy) thought that maraschino cherries were real, as in, they grew on maraschino cherry trees and were simply picked when ripe and bottled. He was shocked when everyone laughed at him, then swore he’d never eat another after I told him how they were made.

    I recently acquired a chiming mantle clock. We’d never had a chiming clock before (my grandfather clock hasn’t run in years).

    My son: Why does it always chime differently?
    Me: Well, at the quarter hour, it does this, then the half–
    Son interrupts: Yeah, I know that! But at the hour, it chimes a bunch after the tune is done!
    Me: Um, it chimes the number of the hour…
    Son: Whoa! So at 12 it chimes 12 times??!?

    Son is 22.

    I was at a gathering once and an older woman said something about Virginia not being part of the confederacy. I reminded her that Richmond, VA was the capital of the confederacy. Her response was something on the line of she’d lived there all of her life and it had never been that capital while she was alive. No… that’s because you aren’t old enough to have been alive during the Civil War.

    My mum was once with an American tourist who said she thought that building the Tower of London under a flight path had been a really bad idea.

    Woman looking at chart w picture of baby in utero, early pregnancy w look of confusion. “Any questions?” “Um yeah. You listened to my baby down here…” “Yup, you are ____ weeks (early second trimester) so your uterus is about the size of a small grapefruit. So that’s where baby is.” “And not up here (pointing to her umbilicus).” “Nope, baby won’t be up there for another month or a little more.” “But I don’t GET it!” “What?” “How is the baby’s cord attached to my belly button then???!?” I have had variations of this conversation many, many times.

    Phone call. “I broke a glass and I think some of the glass went into my cereal.” “OK.” “And then I ate my cereal.” “OK.” “(wailing tone) Is my baby’s throat cut???!???” Took some explaining to reassure her that the tube to her stomach doesn’t feed directly into baby’s throat. Unfortunately, I have had variations of this conversation many times as well (but not all that involve eating shards of glass).

    SJ had someone ask him if Independence Day was a true story.
    You know, the movie with Will Smith and the aliens?

    Yesterday my trainee at work remarked that pickles taste “kind of like salty cucumbers”. She was completely amazed when I confirmed that yep, that’s pretty much what they are.

    I worked retail for 25 years, and the most “WTF?” thing anyone ever asked me was, “How long is this 3 day sale?”
    Me: blank stare “3 days.”

    I was at the Biodome in Montreal once when a Father was telling his child “look son, a beaver!” yes a beaver, up in a tree, covered in quills. Also said while standing in front of a plaque that talked about porcupines.

    On the same visit a mom was looking at a Scarlet Ibis in the trees, and saying “look, a flamingo!” to her daughter. This ones little girl wasn’t fooled and told her mom “no Mom flamingo’s are pink.. this bird is orange!” but her mom insisted it was a flamingo.

    I get that people can mistake animals but there are signs everywhere describing the animals! I also hate it when parents argue with their children and insist they are right, the kids look so crushed.

    My parents live down the street from a zoo in Florida and people are always standing in front of the Scarlet Ibis sign saying “Look, baby flamingos!” to their kids.

    I went to the zoo once with my cousin, her two sons, and her (not yet, but would be a few years later) wasband. I wanted to melt into a horrified puddle when he explained to the boys, loudly so everyone around us could take in his great wisdom, that Eve was tempted by the snake in the Garden of Eden, and that’s why, to this day, all ladies are afraid of snakes.

    when I worked at a museum in Estes Park near Rocky Mountain Nat. Park, there were elk everywhere in town, including the museum grounds.

    Overheard more than once, “So at what altitude do the deer turn into elk?”

    In college I started dating a guy who seemed reasonably nice, handsome, and intelligent. Until he was dropping me off at my apartment and we were standing in the living room opposite the window. He went to kiss me goodnight but then got distracted and kept looking at the window. I asked him what was up and he replied, “He’s either looking at us or looking out the window.” I was flummoxed. There were two parking lots in between my building an the next closest apartment building, and you really couldn’t discern what anyone was doing from that far, especially from that side of the living room. Conclusion: he was seeing his own reflection. It ended quickly.

    a dental hygienist i once met didn’t even know what new england was. she was a san francisco bay area native.

    I had a roommate in college who, while showing me photos of her senior class trip to the U.K., passed me a city scene and told me it was taken in “downtown Scotland”.

    when I worked at Petsmart. One very busy Saturday, a really obnoxious lady pushed her way to the head of the line and loudly informed me that she was in a hurry and she needed some crickets for her “skank”.

    We homeschooled because of some of the stuff the neighbor kids brought home in their lesson packs.
    No, the railroads are not all public property (in the US.)
    Native Americans were not delighted to go to reservations and learn to cook like white people.
    Chewing on a pencil will not give you lead poisoning, either.

    When I was in Mexico we were shown around Chichen-Itza by a local Mayan guide. It turned out he had the the same kind of Macaw as my family did as a pet. He was really astounded to hear that our bird spoke English and not Mayan. He thought all Macaws would speak Mayan because they are from the area.

    Friends of mine took some tourists out in a small boat to look for whales. “How far above sea level are we here?”

    My history teachers told me some really weird things, such as:

    -The holocaust is a myth, the camps were actually barracks for soldiers. All the photos were edited to make Americans turn against the innocent Germans.

    -All Native Americans were cannibals and reservations are to protect us for being eaten by them.

    -JFK was killed by Lenin.

    -Bill Clinton was a dictator and tried to have all Republicans assassinated.

    It wasn’t even the same teacher saying all of this!

    Overheard in line at the craft store, “My dog is a purebred pitbull cross.”

    In University a prof asked why we no longer see the short necked giraffe. A classmate who is now an elementary teacher suggested it had something to do with Noah’s Ark. We were in 3rd year.

    When I was at Disneyland watching the parade, a float went by with Pinnochio and Geppetto, and a lady near us excitedly told her kids it was Pinocchio and Einstein.

    I had a friend point out a friend-of-a-friend who apparently believed that there was no such thing as languages other than English. From what I was told, this guy genuinely believed that when people were speaking a language other than English, they were just making nonsensical sounds in an attempt to humiliate him.

    Think about that for a little while. Think about how he lived to adulthood, holding onto this crazy idea. What did he think was going on in French class? Or at the United Nations? What about the subtitles in movies? Or the fact that there were words to describe other languages? Apparently this was all a conspiracy. To humiliate one man. Himself.

    And now consider this other fact: this guy was a Baltimore City police officer

    My 1st year in college we were obliged to stay in the dorms, 2 to a 12×12 room. The desks were at the head of the beds and were supplied with outlets on the wall.
    My new roomie said she needed to get some supplies for the room and came back with those plastic plugs you put in the outlets to baby-proof them. She said she picked up some for me, too, When I asked what “we” needed them for, she looked astonished and said, “Well you don’t want the electricity leaking out of the outlets onto your head all night, do you?” I assured her I would keep the outlets full with appliance plugs but thanked her for her kindness.

    So, in all of this, was there ever really hope?

  • “You might ask, though, why don’t they just fix the infrastructure problem, why don’t they just build more reservoirs and plants? After all, California is a coastal state. It’s got a whole ocean right there, water all around ya.” – Sarah Palin

    Dumb and Dumberer version 1.2

  • bills,

    You are Canadian but what about ur father and mother and ur grandparents etc? u think H****r was a good guy? That’s all that matters.

  • In the spirit (whatever that is…)of the Times, the Doomsday Clock is being reset today!

    Ladies and Gentlemen Place your bets…

  • Bill and Melinda Gates – hard at work giving their . . wait, what?

    Gates Foundation is spearheading the neoliberal plunder of African agriculture

    The Gates Foundation – widely assumed to be ‘doing good’, is imposing a neoliberal model of development and corporate domination that’s opening up Africa’s agriculture to land and seed-grabbing global agribusiness, writes Colin Todhunter. In the process it is foreclosing on the real solutions – enhancing food security, food sovereignty and the move to agroecological farming.

  • It ain’t easy to be surrounded by the unknown. Words are louder than deeds in many cases yet to become, is known; so how is the unknown to be mastered other than by personal encounter, to counter that what is unknown to become that desired instrument for the good deeds that can bring stability to planetary systems beneficial to all, a choice to some unliking change, a risk, but a must if indeed they, unknown themselves wish to reap nobility rather than ignorance and envy for self with a measure of justification by illiterate assumptions. Go to Church Billy boy.

  • @Tom, if Bill & Melinda Gates wanted to truly do something to alleviate human, as well as non-human, suffering they’d promote and fund family planning the world over. Make it so every single person has access to affordable birth control. Instead it’s just growth, growth, growth. As Guys pointed out- follow the money. In this case, more people to buy Microsoft products.

  • Good point cuntagious (though we know that conclusion is in error).

    Mark Austin: what do you think of this?

    The CIA, Weather Warfare, and Climate Terrorism

  • Hey Doc check this out :
    “Weather Channel meteorologist killed in parking garage.”
    It kind of makes me wonder how you can have a fatal car crash in a parking garage. ” At a “High rate of speed”. His car broke through a wall and landed at ” W’s ” place.
    I have been hearing a lot about Climate Scientists getting harassed and even whacked under suspicious or bizarre circumstances. This is the first time I heard of a weather guy going down like this. Makes me wonder If he knew something was up or was going to blow the whistle on someone. I think you are right Doc. I pray (oops, that’s not scientific) that people will wake up and see what’s about to happen. You are doing a great job Guy. I will always wish you well.
    Your friend and student.

  • Way up the thread, someone characterizes one potential scenario where they help their family accept “the crash” and die together “at home”. Is “the crash” when the electricity stops? It seems like wind, waves, fire, and more will shut things down piecewise. Blackouts and brownouts could be intermittent and propagate in various spatial/temporal patterns. Are others going to stay home; and are some planning to go nomad?

    I think Guy said some time back that the inner land masses in the northern hemisphere would probably be most stable in the climate shifts; although, he had already mistakenly started his family permaculture project in the south-west (probably the first area to loose all water). Will some people start migrating ahead of “the crash”? Where is a good place to watch the parade? (Omaha, along the Mississippi, somewhere in Alberta or Saskatchewan?) Projections of sea-level rise indicate that the coastal cities will sink into the sea, but what about towns and cities along the great lakes and the rivers? Will they still have all that funky R&B sound in Memphis with the horn sections, or will a new wave drown them out?

    Up-thread, (Cutting your wrists?; ouch; You surprised me; since you have a gun available. However; I was curious for a long time about the guy in The Cider House Rules that cut himself many times under his robe before people around him noticed the pool of blood already formed.) Starving doesn’t sound too fun either. I heard from someone working in hospice care that at the end of life they think that dehydration brings on a mild euphoria. Maybe that makes up for the tough phase with no food. Anyway, hospice teams might be important in your communities.

    Regarding another up-thread idea: Maybe those Pygmies will ride it out the longest since they know best how to forage the forest. But, it sounds like all their forest and forage will also turn to desert and ocean. Who has the best insights about the time-course of human population? Population is still growing, so we might think about the peak, the first half-life, (fast, slow, and episodic processes), a zero-point.

  • Holy negative oil prices, Batman!

    Keiser Report: Deflating oil market (Episode 867)

  • The lowest ice cover ever recorded at this time of year

    and the highest atmospheric CO2 concentration ever recorded for this time of year

    do not necessarily guarantee the lowest ever Arctic ice cover in August-September of 2016. But they surely increase the likelihood.

    It seems that the next 200 days could well be the most ‘interesting’ in all of human history up to this point of time, with the global economic system staggering into the biggest crisis of all time and the global environmental predicament likely to move into a new phase.

    The natives are restless but are not yet ready to revolt.

  • Powerful people are terrible at making decisions together

    “Corporate boards, the US Congress, and global gatherings like the just-wrapped World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, are all built on a simple theory of problem solving: Get enough smart and powerful people in a room and they’ll figure it out.

    This may be misguided. The very traits that compel people toward leadership roles can be obstacles when it comes to collaboration. The result, according to a new study, is that high-powered individuals working in a group can be less creative and effective than a lower-wattage

    Conclusion (from the study)
    Our research posed the question of how leaders’ power affects their ability to work with other leaders. The answer we found was disheartening. When individuals with power are assembled to work as a group on difficult issues, their power had a negative effect on their group’s collective performance. Groups comprised of more high power individuals, be they students given temporary power or executives endowed with actual organizational power, performed worse than groups comprised of neutral or low power individuals – particularly on tasks that required more coordination among members. And, these detrimental effects of power on group performance are explained in part by members of these groups experiencing higher levels of status conflict, being less focused on the task at hand and sharing information less effectively with each other compared to other groups. In contrast, for group tasks that required little to no coordination, groups of high power individuals performed better than other groups. It thus appears that group processes are the major cause for failure when high power individuals must work together in groups.

  • My latest post in this space includes an social-criticism-style essay and an interview with Press TV about foreign policy. Catch it all here.

  • “It thus appears that group processes are the major cause for failure when high power individuals must work together in groups.”

    The other side of the coin is how little faith we have in the unwashed service workers, the old timer farmers and ranchers, etc. to work effectively in groups. They tend not to be properly informed, since there are no expectations that they can decipher the information. They are simply forgotten and excluded. I also suspect that this ignored population works better through pictures…that they lean toward the right brain (although that may just be my wishful thinking.) And, unfortunately, the movers and shapers function primarily through the left brain and through abstraction.