Six Paths to Near-term Human Extinction

Loss of habitat for human animals could result from at least six different factors rooted in civilization. Some are nearer than others. Half fall under the broad category of abrupt climate change. Two of the remaining three fall under the heading of ionizing radiation, hence lethal mutations.

I’m doubtless missing a few factors. In addition, I’m not mentioning the interactions between them, which surely will accelerate the process by which humans exit the planetary stage. But, as always, any number can play.

The usual initial response to the notion that Homo sapiens will become extinct is swift denial. As with every other species on the planet, lack of habitat will doom us, too. I welcome rational evidence to the contrary. In contrast, I expect irrational commentary free from the shackles of evidence (if not in this space, then certainly elsewhere). In general, denial-based commentary will exhibit ignorance of biology and ecology, despite the importance of these disciplines to understanding extinction.

If the following factors prove insufficient to convince you, I recommend visiting the nearest shopping mall. There, observe human behavior for an hour or two. If that’s not sufficiently convincing, you must have become part of the zombie hordes within industrial civilization. We have met the enemy, and … well, you know.

1. Abrupt climate change resulting from the loss of global dimming when civilization falls. I’ve spoken about this issue recently, and my presentations in the near future will continue to pound this drum.

2. Abrupt climate change resulting from firing the clathrate gun (item 1 on this list). I’ve written and spoken repeatedly about this topic.

3. Abrupt climate change resulting from moistening of the upper troposphere (item 39 on this list). As the planet warms, the most-abundant greenhouse gas becomes more abundant, thus further warming the planet.

4. Overt, rather than the ongoing covert version of World War leading to use of nuclear weapons. We can duck, but there’s no cover. So much for “duck and cover.”

5. Meltdown of the world’s nuclear power facilities. Fukushima was a harbinger. Many people, all of them more knowledgeable about the subject than me, believe Fukushima is an extinction-level event for our species.

6. Driving to extinction many other species. At some point, we become the species driven to extinction by industrial civilization. We will die without a living planet to sustain us.

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  • ““Corporate boards, the US Congress, and global gatherings like the just-wrapped World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, are all built on a simple theory of problem solving: Get enough smart and powerful people in a room and they’ll figure it out.”

    I’m not sure they get together to solve problems. They don’t pay $70,000+ to figure out solutions to the world’s existential crises. They go there to form alliances, to network, to schmooze, to find business/political partners for their next idea or venture, and to gather valuable information that will be used to form their strategic plans. It’s an old boy’s club, not a platform where solutions for world hunger, poverty, malnutrition, climate change, etc. are worked out.

  • TOM – THANKS. That was an excellent EXTENSIVE link. Many support docs and good responses from the CIA. Unfortunately CVnews itself is not considered a serious site. I was surprised they let some of the project Sunshine info out. Nobel Prize winner Paul Crutzan’s team received a SRM contract as I mentioned last year here. Also the HAARP station is Gakona Alaska is private contract now. Almost everything is shifted to Corporate contracts. By law Corporations must create profits for Wall Street pension shares, etc. Laws that hinder the gvt are by-passed by public sector. Tech development and tests are very extensive. Example: “Aloha” corp space/satellite sea platform launch rather than NASA. Also all Analysis is under CIA/HS umbrella so the network is very extensive. Almost any info on the internet is permitted by metadata screening. Anything truly secret is quickly removed. Lot’s of dis-info because on one side we want public perception of “control” mixed with fear & things to fix. On the other side now that CIA is even in Readers Digest ads and College recruiting for part time work, it get’s complicated due to extensive media & corp funding. Bottom Line, my first decade was nothing compared to INTERNATINAL planning & meetings since 2012. Almost everyone is preparing for rapid events from WW3 to Biodefense.

  • If geo-engineering won’t work, and we’ve already crossed the Rubicon with regards to feedback loops, do you think it’s possible in one last desperate act to push the earth’s orbit further from the sun?

  • the US exporting of arms has never been more robust. The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute released a report this week in which it claims that the US has expanded its weapons business by greatly increasing its global arms sales amid rising imports by Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

    A favorite strategy of nations is to launch a military drill and then make it go live and attack their opponent. With the multitude of war games going on, this only has to happen one time to trigger World War III. Russia, for example, could become nervous about the goings on in Northern Saudi Arabia and launch a preemptive strike. There is so much potential for things to go wrong. One misstep and the world will be at war.

  • my roommate always said “prepare for the FEMA death camps.”

  • oops, i mean SAYS (sorry, sleepy)