The Iron Cage

The paragraph below come from the final pages of Max Weber’s 1905 book, The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism:

The Puritan wanted to work in a calling; we are forced to do so. For when asceticism was carried out of monastic cells into everyday life, and began to dominate worldly morality, it did its part in building the tremendous cosmos of the modern economic order. This order is now bound to the technical and economic conditions of machine production which to-day determine the lives of all the individuals who are born into this mechanism, not only those directly concerned with economic acquisition, with irresistible force. Perhaps it will so determine them until the last ton of fossilized coal is burnt. In Baxter’s view the care for external goods should only lie on the shoulders of the “saint like a light cloak, which can be thrown aside at any moment.” But fate decreed that the cloak should become an iron cage.

Weber’s reference to capitalism as an “iron cage” has become famous among sociologists. There is no escape from the iron cage. Weber calls it capitalism, but it applies much more broadly. The iron cage is civilization. Quoting Tim Bennett, I refer to our fate as, “born into captivity.”

There is no escape from industrial civilization. Believe me, I’ve tried. I left behind the privileged life of scholarship at a major university several years ago. I developed a homestead and tried to throw off the shackles of culture. Pursuing agrarian anarchy while adhering to the principles of permaculture, I threw abundant money and hard work at a failed project.

The failure results not from lack of effort, nor from lack of money, nor from lack of help along the way, nor from the harsh environment. With respect to the latter issue, abrupt climate change has been generous with precipitation even though the region is bracketed by drought. The static water level remains 20 feet (6 meters) below ground, as it has for more than a century. We’ll not die here from lack of water, despite the unsupported beliefs and bizarre wishes of my detractors.

The failure results from the inability to escape abrupt climate change, a product of industrial civilization, as well as the inability to accept reality (an inability that likely also results from industrial civilization). Climate change is but one symptom among many resulting from this set of living arrangements, as I’ve explained (and see this essay from more than four years ago). The continuation of civilization is murderous, to humans and other organisms, and ultimately would kill us all. The termination of civilization will remove habitat for humans and most other complex organisms even faster.

The system teeters on the brink, even according to the International Monetary Fund and The Guardian (and see David Stockman’s overview from 22 December 2015 and this summary from 23 December 2015). With respect to the lifeblood of civilization, crude oil, and its home base: “Saudi Arabia is starting to come apart, and when its unscheduled rapid disassembly is a little farther along, the Industrial Age will come to an end.”

In other words, we’re damned if we do and damned if we don’t. Individual- and societal-level actions are far too little, far too late to save our species from its imminent demise. We can, of course, extend the run of the myriad non-human species we drive to extinction every day. We can, of course, improve the lives of those around us on a daily basis. And, particularly for those of us privileged to occupy the global north, we can pursue freedom in our own way. For now.

The pursuit of freedom doesn’t require much, either. It can be conducted even in the United States, among the most unfree, horrific examples of a totalitarian, surveillance, police state in history. The pursuit requires little money, far less than I’ve spent to develop the 2.7 acres I call the mud hut. Pursuing freedom may entail freedom from addictions such as electricity, automobiles, and myriad other luxuries we take for granted, all of which are costly in many ways. Living off grid, surrounded by the bounty of nature, is rewarding in ways beyond paychecks and “influence.” But off grid need not include an expensive house powered by expensive “renewable” energy.

Addictions abound. Freedom awaits. Even if there is no escape from the horrors of empire, even if there is no breaking free from the iron cage of civilization, even if there is no way out of the Alcatraz into which we are born, we can each walk away from the distractions that plague us and that — for many people — have come to define us.

If only for a short time. If only now. If only in our minds. Especially in our minds.

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  • Walking away from this socalled “empire” on a global scale would immediatly transform all global population centers into warzones.
    Society is always 3 meals apart from instant Revolution.
    Whithout cheap energy you just can’t keep them operational.
    Even if you don’t go all out Khmer Rouge and try to reason with the masses, they would just eat you instead.

    Happy new year Dr.McPherson

  • Iron Cage – Iron Age – Age of Iron – Kali Yuga

    A set of nesting concepts? One might say it’s all proceeding on schedule, with a highly stochastic component. You’re almost waxing philosophically, Professor.

  • We’re in a nightmare from which we cannot awaken.

    And McPherson is one of the few lucid dreamers in this horror show otherwise known as industrial civilization.

  • The Iron cage is highly outdated. First the social response behavior is now instant. The social status on wealth is based on Carl Marx in the “worker” professionalism as proven acceptable now. A more politicized arena based on personal convictions rather than acceptance of guidance by spiritualistic mentors. The older generation disconnect from accountability and prolonged continuation by self edification in both material and social position whether it be where raised or abroad. The continues expectation of return on investment and savings is also new besides the wipe-out values of pension funds regulated by all the above and more, so much more.

    The true misconception of religion is it’s ability to interpret according to accustomed problematic impending climactic changes and finding a sense of hope to convince the mass to expect salvation by either clouds coming from the sky, spaceships that will pick us up, a return of humans to superhuman; bypassing natural laws of physics, new earths and so on. The man of the hour just signed it for 2 billion to accept with another 2 following suit. The Malachian or Biblical references imply one of distance toward reality and once more can enable one to accept ones destiny whether it be driven by words or was anyhow gonna be as is. Yep you see better now and believe me when I say; you have no idea what they actually believe and will satisfy themselves with and thus I ponder always upon the depths of wickedness by the authors of old and the fantasies of the new extending merely that what has been told millions of times either with a twist toward progress or a return in obedience.

    Authentic revelation is therefore simply rendered void ever since the scope of value surpassed goals and is why hierarchy seems to be the road to salvation. In truth, we can do it as long as we get the focus by the right people knowledgeable enough to understand the situation of our race and make the changes. As long as religion will render it void we are stuck and beyond borders. Like that’s new info and am sure G-d foresaw that automotive response of the so called elect and enlightened as He seems to be the only one wondering why we build houses and return to them, kind of a tease if you really think about it. Perhaps it’s the point we have taken from the tree of life and now need to eat from it and live. The 4 faced beast guarding of high flying, low dominating, food developing and emotion takes over by shopping of our outstretched hand or were we in time…

    “Saint” Francis of Assisi being instructed in the little ruins of an old church. Upon these ruins I shall rebuild my church. Yeah, rich kid: He means I have to pursue ascetic behavior; wondering in the forest as a mad man for years and telling pope Innocent his ways. Pope thinks: hmm. And what happens, St. Pieter is erected to the disgust of a little friar who dedicated his life because he feared a single storm. Nice footing there too. Human ignorance bliss. Like Yeshua didn’t know that running into the temple lifting himself above all could get you killed. Why the heck did he not use the golden gate; the rich men of the day to discuss and try and edify, must be that gate I read about. Nope, he knew it all at age 30 and anybody against would find themselves outside of his glorious imagination.

    And so it has been going back from the Gnostic’s all the way back to ancient Greece and Egypt and certainly everywhere else too. Did they learn anything? God did, He doesn’t anymore use Words, see the last minor prophets, all so cryptic in symbolism that He totally distanced himself from communication with humans by using Words, ow boy they make a mess with My Words He must have been thinking.

    Did they learn anything? Nope, keep doing the same thing over and over but we do have now something else: politics and business oriented survivalists. Even the chance is small it’s the best one we ever will have anyhow. Ever listened to a double tongue in action? Have a look: what it means to Francis was, Just simplify religion, easy to follow rules. Go ahead Yeshua, try it out, they are simply insane as on the right hand side of the Lord of Hosts thinking he’s gonna rule all of his followers. Buddha creating a way into infinity laying gold bricks everywhere so he finds his way back even he should find the other side of infinity right where he came from, the complexity of people around him are infinite enough to last millions of years. It is better to worry about humanity than about your neighbor, well I guess that Hindu was just surrounded by wealth and forgot about the implications of other minds. Ahh why don’t we take only the good from everywhere and run with that in support of freedom instead of control and masochistic promises.

    Wisdom is lethal in the hands of a scholar as Paul of Tarsus convert who opposed his authoritative persons to find meaning to his life while leaving a wake of destruction right up to this day. Godly? Hardly as it would require a vast time of testing and learning of consequential circumstances with respect to already deployed theological teachings so the one doesn’t undo the other with the end result of achieving a perfect unbreakable self reinforcing social night-mare feedback. Kind of what the Lord of hosts is to God, a selfish and unbreakable force who will teach everyone the hard way of reality while our only real friend is God; it seems He sees in so many ways it makes me wonder if He Himself has not lost all track of the total neglect man had to deal with facing death as an end in relief: how far does He think in wisdom? Simplicity is by far the best and be gone with the single worship of a dictatorial leaders, we the people know All about that, yeah You might have the Power but it’s not Good I keep saying into the vastness of space. You selfish moron, You are sick indeed. Take a chill-pill and help us out here. No response yet even all I have is that light spectrum to remind me of the unseen UV becoming seen to our very eyes that He made a promise and uncoupled our brains.

    And so into the depths we can unwind our being, yet what matters is the ones we love and should be steadfast in that, not to want to control the uncontrollable but become smart beings with wisdom of how not to: because.

    Cheers mate :)

  • If you don’t like “The Iron Cage”, how about a highly rational and bureaucratically organized social order as “The Polar Night of Icy Darkness”…..

    But now that we’re above freezing in early January at the North Pole….

  • Shrivel Factor

    I’m filled with shame and indignation,
    at this thing I call ‘shrivelization’.
    We’re returning to dust
    while fulfilling our lust
    for the spoils of this terrorist nation.

    The richest nation here
    spawns the most evil things to fear.
    Not of sharing the gain,
    its brought mostly horror and pain.
    But, it’s OK if there’s plenty of beer!

    Most people will never see
    that there was a better way to be.
    They’ll devour the weak
    and nurture their mean streak,
    while shunning those who may disagree.

    So, the curse has been cast,
    it’s irrevocable and stuck fast!
    To have failed in this place,
    we must have rejected all Grace,
    We deserve to be judged for our past.

  • “The failure results from the inability to escape abrupt climate change, a product of industrial civilization, as well as the inability to accept reality”…

    No one knows what reality is. The universe is nothing but a simulation that the brain creates. The real reality is a mysterious, non-conceptualisable world that is not embedded in space and not in time either.

    Therefore abrupt climate change and industrial civilization are simulated events, not real events. Our minds and the universe are both simulations that end when the brain dies.

  • Review of Capitalism & Climate Change: The Science and Politics of Global Warming

    By David Klein, illustrated and edited by Stephanie McMillan
    An ebook available at Gumroad:

  • No one knows what reality is… The universe is nothing but a simulation that the brain creates Therefore abrupt climate change and industrial civilization are simulated events, not real events. Our minds and the universe are both simulations that end when the brain dies.

    Is this comment real? Is it for real? Uhm… no, I will not comment this, for goodness sake… I have to remember:

    Silence is golden.

  • .
    Addictions abound. Freedom awaits. Even if there is no escape from the horrors of empire, even if there is no breaking free from the iron cage of civilization, even if there is no way out of the Alcatraz into which we are born, we can each walk away from the distractions that plague us and that — for many people — have come to define us.
    If only for a short time. If only now. If only in our minds. Especially in our minds.

    I sure liked that. You have such a wonderful way with words Guy.

    I am certainly feeling uncertain about my certainty today.

    That word sounds sort of funny now. Stupid alien virus language.


  • @Ray Batman
    That means -One is God- and the question is’_ what wold you do if you could do anything ……I guess this just to keep things interesting

  • @ Nemesis
    “Die Wirklichkeit In Wirklichkeit ist nicht wirklich wirklich … aber Wirklich ist sie doch
    …..Humanic passt Immer”

    Shestore chain commercial in the 80 ties in austria

  • It surely is ‘all on’ for 2016.

    1. Arctic sea ice is more than 2 standard deviations below average and at the moment is trending to zero ice formation (though obviously that trend cannot continue in the middle of winter).

    Nevertheless, the implications for the future are more than serious.

    2. Atmospheric carbon dioxide is at record high (awaiting update) and about to commence its winter-spring surge.

    3. Atmospheric methane is at a record high.

    4. Climate chaos is increasing, and with it the cost of repair.

    5. Oil continues to ‘languish’ at around $37, which is below the cost of extraction/production in many locations.

    6. Europe is overrun with ‘migrants’ and anger is building amongst ‘the natives’.

    7. Russia and China continue to build military strength in preparation for the inevitable next round of conflict with ‘the western empire’.

    8. Most nations are borrowing themselves into oblivion, with fraud and manipulation being the only things holding the global financial system together.

    9. Housing bubbles continue to inflate in some location but many markets are off the boil.

    10. Even corporate America looks to be on very thin ice.

    11.The Saudis seem to be attempting to provoke confrontation with Iran. (Saudi Arabia does have around 28 million too many people.)

    12 Fukushima continues to leak.

    And there are dozens more negatives that are grinding away at the façade of normality.

  • Unreal reality, for real. Now that is a paradox.

    I promise I’m not the same person posting as Nemesis. I’m just (his/her/trans gen) naughty nutty buddy trying to be quiet at the back of the class. Silencing my head full of noise. Boy was that a bad field trip to Washington D.C. The Elite can’t stop building halls of mirrors. Beyond Baroque & Versailles.

  • 2016 Forecast Soon it’s going to happen and this time there is no where to hide in the world like Switzerland. Because it’s the biggest crash ever, the debt is the biggest ever it’s exponential. When the US dollar goes, so goes all currencies, it will effect everyone on the planet. The climate has the power now, the Fed’s power is bull-shit all the numbers are phony, maybe it takes nature a few more years to collapse most habitats, but we might be only days away from an economic landslide, it’s all ready started slow and will excellerate. My friend say ” So I’ve been sick a lot I might be dying, I look around and I think the whole world looks sick as well, Maybe it’s just the way it looks when you die. Everything goes with you, this could mean my life wasn’t real only an illusion”. What a weird feeling I told him but I don’t think we get off that easy, I think it’s real, Happy New Year lots of Love and the comments here are superb

  • @Mark Austin

    I am sitting right beside you, yes, shure. You answered EtyerePetyere with my thoughts, I am not joking:

    Now that is a paradox.

    That’s exactly what I wanted to answer to EtyerePetyere, but I didn’t, so you did it :-)

    Treat every moment as your last. It is not preparation … But right there in the imperfection is perfect reality.

    ― Shunryu Suzuki

  • World peace…nope
    End of IndCiv…nope
    No mo’ fracking…nope
    Financial meltdown…nope (yet)

    Take what you can from whatever good
    you encounter between now and the end of 2016…’cause…

    You’re not gonna get what you want for Christmas this year.

    For the ones who want to face down the asteroid.

  • “The pursuit of freedom doesn’t require much, either. It can be conducted even in the United States, the most unfree, horrific example of a totalitarian, surveillance, police state in history.”

    Surely you jest, professor. I can only assume you’re being hyperbolic. By any metric, there are a variety of places in the world that would take that crown. Places you can’t even stand out on the corner and say something bad about whatever dictator is running your country lest you be executed. Places where people tell their children not to tell anyone their beliefs because their parents will be taken away if they do. Places where soldiers come into villages, kill all the adults and kidnap the children so they can join the fight. Places where you fear your own thoughts will get you in trouble with the government. Places where everyone on NBL (especially you) would’ve been taken to a “re-education camp” long ago, or far worse. There are so many examples of places worse than America. You must know this.

    The problem with the United States isn’t that we’re “the most unfree, horrific example of a totalitarian, surveillance, police state in history” but that we perpetuate environmental destruction and human oppression throughout the world (and sometimes at home) so that most of our citizens can continue to live a life of privilege. And yes- I do mean most. When the true 1% makes $33,000 a year (i.e. worldwide statistics), most of the U.S. qualifies.

    You honestly think living in the U.S. is bad now? Just wait until someone comes and takes the mud hut. You’ll be looking back on these days with nostalgia. Or maybe not. Maybe you’re looking forward to that day LOL.

  • I have no inclination to learn the machinations of the interior of NSIDC I will trust jim hunt’s recent comment at Arctic Sea Ice forum of

    “”NSIDC daily Arctic sea ice extent has declined for 2 days in a row.

    The January 1st 2016 value of 12.732 million km² is the lowest for the first day of any year in their records that go back to 1979.””

    thread is,1377.150.html

    Jan 3 5 day averages of ice graphs on over the years on another thread are singularly – like nothing I have ever seen before, singularly is the only word to describe. 2016 is black in the one graph in more ways than just it’s colour.

    Yes, definitely Kali Yuga is the phrase of the day for me. Om ah hum hri …

  • The Daily Blog (NZ website) seems to be catching up fast (with a little help).

  • We should not pay too much attention to what appears to happen in the simulation. These events are not real. Even our minds and physical bodies are simulations because they are constructs of the brain which is also a simulation.

    The real you is outside space and outside time. Therefore you are eternal.

  • @Ray Batman

    We should not pay too much attention to what appears to happen in the simulation. These events are not real.

    Why does Doctor Mc Pherson and all the 1000s of comments on NBL spend so much time on unreal things? The deniers whould applaude your comment this way:

    ” Yes, Ray Batman, you are perfectly right, Dr. Mc Phersons devastating abrupt climate change and NTE isn’t real.”

    You say:

    The real you is outside space and outside time. Therefore you are eternal.

    You say that our bodies and minds are simulations of the brain wich is also a simulation. Then how can you know that your statement, your impression of some eternal “You/I” outside space and time isn’t a simulation too?

  • I don’t give 5 cents to the survival of modern man anymore. You know why? The vast majority of modern people in the rich, industrialized countries are auto-brain-fuckers par excellence. They cheat themselves and others 24h a day and they don’t even realize it.

    R.I.P., modern man.

  • ** A paper in the 28 December 2015 online issue of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences indicates Amazon forest could transition to savanna-like states in response to climate change. Savannas are simply described as grasslands with scattered trees or shrubs. The abstract of the paper suggests that, “in contrast to existing predictions of either stability or catastrophic biomass loss, the Amazon forest’s response to a drying regional climate is likely to be an immediate, graded, heterogeneous transition from high-biomass moist forests to transitional dry forests and woody savannah-like states.” **

    That full report is missing the depth of roots depending on water source and ecosystems, not only soil composition and drought as they are in that state now but how will they cope with change, will the roots go deeper, spread wider or simply die and become firewood. They have ongoing studies about that and perhaps they have found some new regions that has heterogeneous changes based on perhaps a hydro-dam cut-off besides meteorological data-sets. The Savannah like states are actually a result of drought driven forest fires and grass replaces trees, becoming even more vulnerable to fire. I guess that’s why they rate the risk at likely, bold statement, but the study has local specialists contributing.

  • @ Nemesis Says:
    January 4th, 2016 at 7:29 am

    “I don’t give 5 cents to the survival of modern man anymore. You know why? The vast majority of modern people in the rich, industrialized countries are auto-brain-fuckers par excellence. They cheat themselves and others 24h a day and they don’t even realize it.”

    During the summer of 2000, I told a few acquaintances that I was going to write a book titled, “Frauds ‘R Us: How Americans Are Cheating Themselves, Each Other and Everyone Else.” At the time, I did not think I had enough experience, globally, to say “Humans” vs. “Americans.” I even wrote the first few pages but the reactions (gapes of incredulity and/or outrage) of those few I told kept haunting me. Ultimately, this led to…

    Who will read this? Almost no one.
    What difference could it possibly make? None.
    Why, then, should I bother? I shouldn’t and didn’t.

    I’ve mentioned this a few places a few times since then which elicited the same reactions. Que sera, sera.

  • There is something that is bugging me. Have you ever contemplated the Eskimo Iglo? When the pools of blue melt-water rush down when it’s mass becomes to high it must create an enormous void as it seeps down the terra to the ocean. How much heat is stored and being transferred to the waters or is it that what triggers the opening in the first place kind of like a frequency up and down determined by shrinking below.

    The other issue is the boreal forest and as winter comes in the northern regions so far; there was white albedo snow falling. Yet as things get warmer the snow isn’t snow anymore and becomes precipitation instead. The snow functions also as an thermal insulation for tundra vegetation and roots of trees and even branches.

    With higher temperatures the groundwater level does fluctuate but am wondering how many years does it require to fully saturate prior to freeze as we have the big anomaly in the Arctic stretching more with the meandering Jet. The absence of snow might have big consequences as ecological adaptation might not function the same way as in warmer climates. Before snow fell pretty consistent like: climate autumn: dry. winter: cold, snow, colder, more snow. Spring: warmer, wet.

    Now and in future: autumn: wet. Winter: wet, cold, snow, melt, colder, snow….

  • Look up tide gauge station records from around the globe (Zone In On Sea Level Change).

  • “Even if there is no escape from the horrors of empire, even if there is no breaking free from the iron cage of civilization, even if there is no way out of the Alcatraz into which we are born, we can each walk away from the distractions that plague us and that — for many people — have come to define us.”

    The simplest road to complete freedom is to choose a direction that is orthogonal to the iron cage of civilization. That direction is inward.

    It’s no coincidence that Eckhart Tolle, Adyashanti and other modern interpreters of Advaita have suddenly become so popular. The liberation that comes from knowing the true Self has long been recognized, but has only recently been seen as an urgent form of self-defense as other avenues of escape have been progressively closed off.

  • Here is big poke in the bloody arse of all cheerful flying humans,

    Two big time Christian ministers deliver some great rationalizations about how flying on their private jets allows them to talk with Gawd as they fly.

    A great example of wordsmithing to justify reprehensible behavior.

  • Ted Cruz hearing subcommittee on climate change

    It is official climate change denial in the form of this hearing. The Admiral appears to be the token climatologist, and it includes the Dr Happer who was found to be one of the climate deniers for hire.

    It is so very hard to realize that the world is so not what it appears indeed. It is not so very long ago that the concept that we have abused our entire planet environment to the point past inhabitable was very hard for me to grasp. And in these past fifty years we have done so in a maddening race to oblivion.

    When faced with a video of events like this one, it is still very hard indeed to realize and believe it. It is the ultimate battle between good and evil indeed.

    God help us all….

  • @LWA in conversation on previous page: “If materialism holds no further possibilities or answers, and has determined the fatalistic outcome that it has, then what does it harm to explore any avenue available for alternative outcomes, either for the world or for individuals? This old and tired visceral reaction to metaphysics seems to be like saying, ‘we’re going to die, there’s nothing that can change it, so stop inquiring any further.’ Maybe this is exactly the time to discuss some other possibilities. It certainly can’t hurt, extinction is extinction.”

    First day on a new job without any time machine to double my break time, but I am going to risk a flip of the coin on keeping my cat “PAT” alive a little longer inside Schrodinger’s box.

    As Dr. Guy Mc Pherson points out in the Miami presentation the laws of thermal dynamics are not merely suggestions. However, I suppose it might be okay to suggest we try to break those laws. (At the risk of collapsing this galaxy???) The lottery ticket of “our” existence is amazing to ponder. Even at CERN it is suggested we are all brewing in the same quantum soup.

    Max Planck and a network of labs are constructing neuronal transduction signaling. A small part of my meaningless administrative support here will include conveying a little hope on how to re-format human existence. It is in direct contrast to to genetically spliced bioweapons. Yet the instant nuclear & microwave energy wave ways we can destroy Earth also gives us reasons to think outside the box.

    Cerebral cortex hybrid in a silicon based life-form…apply make-up and you might want to META-data metaphysically be “Nadines” soul mate? “Nadine” was activated this Monday morning time frame in Singapore. Nanyang Tech created the most human A.I. with complex emotions. She’s moody and a hot pooty depending on how you treat her. One of her conversations today involved communicating with Switzerland about Pandora’s box. Learn more if you are interested in Nanyang Technological University. Interconnected with MIT, DARPA,and Robin Datta minding the dumpster.

    ROBIN DATTA – Thank You for helping me mind my previous comments littered with mistakes. I would be NO where without “fathers” who try to keep their half-breed, half-mutant sons-of-guns corralled in service, despite their many reservations.

    Okay corral, So far this lab does not have any rabbit holes. I don’t know how they will keep my nose away from the looking glass? Already wondering what is behind door #2 on day ONE. Houston we have a problem, who paid us to place that illegal human in the codeX !?!

    If we learn lessons for our mistakes and horrors here we can move on in unique ways: Per PAUL CHERFUKA “The liberation that comes from knowing the true Self has long been recognized, but has only recently been seen as an urgent form of self-defense as other avenues of escape have been progressively closed off.” Maybe true self was never about being a meat robot. Maybe we can be composed of other things flowing from the fabric of reality, be it artificial or otherwise. Existence itself seems to exist. Students of Dr. Guy see reasons why the overshoot consumer capitalistic habit must go extinct. But spirit itself…always sharing a co-dimensional space with ARTLEADS and never disturbing him. May it please go on? Re-boot, begin again & again….

    In real life I wanted to give LIDIA a big kiss on that stormy August afternoon. But her big burly Roman husband proved to be quite the bodyguard. Virtual kisses from here and everywhere. Your serious agents of change have their human silly side. Joke it if they can’t take a cosmic Fuk up!!! xxx000xxx

  • infanttyrone, for the life of me, I had never heard of Carolyn Wonderland before. I now love Carolyn Wonderland. Thanks man.

  • Hello Guy,
    I am sad to hear that your project failed. Since I am about to start a very similar one, I would like to ask you how comes it has failed. What do you recommend on the basis of your experience to those who want to do a similar thing?

  • Do what you love, mariano. And don’t count on other humans for assistance. If you’d like to talk, please send me an email message and we’ll schedule a visit.

  • .

    Schrödinger’s kitty thought experiment was intended as a critique of the Copenhagen interpretation, and represented a reluctance to let go of an old and tired classical physics paradigm.

    I’d bolt from dad’s corral, take his boat, put a lifejacket on PAT, stuff her in the galley, and never look at kitty again. She’ll likely starve, but if you never look, there’ll be no information one way or the other. No information, no collapsed cat. This way you can effectively have your PAT and also eat her to, should things get rough at sea and the wave collapses get to big to contemplate. Man the poop deck, and do provide a poop deck for PAT too, lest you have a big mess, not that you’ll ever have look at it.

    If you don’t like an interpretation and what it implies, just make up ten more interpretations and claim nobody really knows what’s going on. It’s an old trick. The original Copenhagen interpretation was the best, however. The others were just a bunch of fuddies who didn’t want to loose their jobs in what was looking to become an outdated field. A hundred years later, and those boys still have their jobs. If you never observe or interact with the experiment again, you’ll never collapse your paycheck sort of thing I guess. Just don’t ask, shut up and calculate.

    Of course, this means you should at least still have fun at your new digs if dad has hidden the jib and blue nosed the rudder solid and all that. I used to look in waskly wabbit holes when I worked for the clobberment too. Food safety, coding codes like you do (you do, don’t you … write in codes sometimes, apart from just here?) That’s why I liked your story of searching forever for radiation on the west coast so no statement ever had to be given regarding fuke the nuke. I saw that too at glove gov, in the milk rabbit hole. If the milk everywhere causes unease, then just study it forever … who cares about any damn pathogen. Then you aren’t required to issue any statements to the public; it’s under review. Then everyone gets to keep their jobs at the milk bilk barn. It’s a nice trick. Like studying double slits forever (which I’ve done by the way, till I nearly went blind … gross, I know. I behave now.)

    Anyway Mark, do keep your sense of long leg bone. It’s one way, at least I believe, of painting both sides of the coin with the same picture; adjusting the bell of the probability distribution curve over whatever outcome you want, so to speak, with laughter. I do wish dad hadn’t put you out to pasture in the corral though. I’d hoped to hear from you next adrift on the high seas with PAT. Don’t be conCERNed though. GOD particle will maybe save you, and Nadine too. Or nor … which is the speed at which one travels in a canoe, if you catch my adrift.

    Aye matee, swash my buckle and all that. Do pat PAT for me, just don’t ever look. All will be well, or not (speed at which one travels in a canoe.) I probably should get bubbles to shoot the mailman for you, I’m starting to think (which is nice for a change.)

    Keep well my entangled brother. Give ‘em hell in the new superposition. Everyone else: sorry for this, and all that.

    P.S. I liked Paul’s comment today. I agree. All that’s left is door number one. I’ll try and open it, if I can. Nothin’ else left to do. If not, whatever, like Nemesis. No biggy. Keep it simple stupid. Noodle your instrument.

  • Some news(?) for any interested parties

    A new study finds that, contrary to previous assumptions, the Arctic tundra releases at least as much methane during its cold season as it does in summer

    A team comprising ecologists Walter Oechel (SDSU and Open University) and Donatella Zona (SDSU and the University of Sheffield) and scientists from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), Harvard University, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and the University of Montana, found that far more methane is escaping from Arctic tundra during the cold months—when the soil surface is frozen (generally from September through May)—as well as from upland tundra, than prevailing assumptions and climate modelers previously believed. In fact, they found that at least half of the annual methane emissions occur in the cold months, and that drier, upland tundra can be a larger emitter of methane than wet tundra. The finding challenges critical assumptions in current global climate models. The results are published today in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS).

    “Virtually all the climate models assume there’s no or very little emission of methane when the ground is frozen,” said Oechel, co-director of SDSU’s Center for Climate and Sustainability Studies. “That assumption is incorrect.”

    Sensitivity Study: Recent Past Predicts Future Warming

    Excerpt (last 2 paragraphs)…
    Because earlier studies do not account for what amounts to a net cooling effect for parts of the northern hemisphere, predictions for TCR and ECS have been lower than they should be. This means that Earth’s climate sensitivity to carbon dioxide — or atmospheric carbon dioxide’s capacity to affect temperature change — has been underestimated, according to the study. The result dovetails with a GISS study published last year that puts the TCR value at 3.0°F (1.7°C); the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which draws its TCR estimate from earlier research, places the estimate at 1.8°F (1.0°C).

    “If you’ve got a systematic underestimate of what the greenhouse gas-driven change would be, then you’re systematically underestimating what’s going to happen in the future when greenhouse gases are by far the dominant climate driver,” Schmidt said.

    There is much more information for digestion at both links than reflected in the excerpts.

  • California will see a lot more disease-carrying mosquitoes this year, experts say

    “Two types of nonnative mosquitoes that can transmit potentially fatal diseases have spread throughout California, and their populations could explode come spring.

    The mosquitoes’ expansion of territory was largely attributed to abnormally warm weather in the summer and fall.

    “It was quicker and more widespread than any of us could have anticipated,” said Chris Conlan, an ecologist with the San Diego County Vector Control Program.

    The yellow fever mosquito (Aedes aegypti) and Asian tiger mosquito (Aedes albopictus) can carry diseases linked to birth defects, painful illness and tens of thousands of deaths around the world each year.”

  • Apneaman,

    I forget what they were, but I recall having some differences with you sometime ago (this lifetime, maybe a few months ago?), but always glad to play the C.Wonderland card and serendipitously establish some common ground.

    She is from Houston, now based in Austin and esteemed highly by musicians and audiences here. If you ever get to Austin, highly recommend catching a live show if she’s in town. Otherwise, there’s a website called where you can select an artist and get emails about upcoming shows. I think her Facebook page has tour schedule info too. I think they’re in Dayton, Ohio on 5 February or so, so they aren’t always in Austin.

    For lyrics, Google “lyrics two trains running” Select the one that says Grateful Dead, even though they only played it twice. You’ll see theirs and also Paul Butterfield’s and Muddy Waters’ lyrics. Hey keyboard player is wicked fun…listen for the riff from Grieg’s Hall of the Mountain King.

    Google “lyrics golden stairs”. This is the best of a lot of live versions on YT, but it’s better if you read the lyrics through at least once before listening.

    Just for fun…not to connect the two thematically…listen to “She Wants to Know” again (probably don’t have to threaten you to get that done) and then try Lou Reed’s “Heroin” from Rock and Roll Animal or live from around the time of that album…and observe the similarity in the pattern of slow>fast>slow>fast tempo changes.

    That was my one excursion into musical analysis…mentioned it to her after a show one night…and she got what I meant and agreed with it. So, I’m 1-for-1 and hanging up my analyst’s hat and reverting to being strictly a fan.

    A third link would probably throw this into mo’s moderator area, so I’ll just say go to YT and search “wonderland palace king scene”. Dozens of versions of this Freddie King standard abound…I listened to around 20 clips looking for the best one to recommend to an old college girlfriend…I suspect Freddie King did ‘better’ (I know) versions than hers from time to time, but they aren’t on YT…I’ve looked.

    We got Iron Horses {check, 2x}, we got golden stairs [check], we got a palace (check)…iron cage on-topic pre-flight checklist complete. Ad astra witcha.

  • Apneaman,

    They don’t show up very well on my screen tonight, so in case they don’t on yours also…mouse hover over the two paragraphs with info about “lyrics” and clicking each will take you to a YT clip of that song.

    Well, if this is #2, I’ll maybe save you the trouble of looking for the Freddie King number…here ’tis…

    Palace of the King.

    bonus track…same Carolyn, different band…not appearing often these days…lyrics not available anyplace I’ve looked

    Lots more available on YT…like they say in the audiobook geometry texts, “the proof is trivial and left to the listener.”

  • Beware of any true self. It should be rejected outright as with any untrue self.

    “the laws of thermal dynamics”
    What are they?

    “try to break those laws”

  • So we build a bunch of coal power stations along the 70th parallel that are really good at bulking sulfates, low on co2 emission, into the atmosphere during summer, storing in kinetic for winter for all I care while we get rid of the coal power-stations in the northern hemisphere located south of the jets. How’s the math on that….W/m2 besides the thermohaline’s interconnected cooldown. Nobody seems to anyhow care where things get build anyhow. Perhaps it’s the antibiotic that will rid the planet of her fever, a quick fix, so we can wise up and realize our limits. Just wonder: what if? The natural forcing must be understood better so we don’t flat-line all the oscillations because we’re really good at being too confident. In that way we need critics in the academic world and not in the public domain so I guess as in the time of alchemist’s code of prioritization and suggestive dependencies in abstracts is a good method… Guess what L1 point satellite will return? Will NASA factor all the coolant additions between surface and hmm let’s say 100km up? Because all that really matters is this part we live and somehow breathable air seems to be forgotten…. like standing on a mountain top and filling your lungs going ahh fresh air with so much oxygen… where at 1hpa happens what to what. That’s where I’ve flipped out so many times during the years in panic and anxiety and I used to fear only when I beat up the wrong dude with lots of “bad” friends. How about that magnetosphere and it’s interaction with the ionosphere and density of the content of the thermosphere; seems to drive cooling and heating, what the heck is happening there, as airfields adjust their true north, we’re layering electronics based on density blasting across the skies while we don’t really yet understand if there is some impact as we shake and use up, destroy, ions floating in the unknownosphere: wifi, Ham, tv, radio, tomtom, etc; waves of the frequent turbulent and uncontrollable. The so called air ions don’t matter all that much; and when they do research humanity is cursed by a set of incompetent researchers that don’t even care about meteorological data, like that could alter air-ion counts… Perhaps electric vacuum cleaners will work as Nicolai Tesla suggested an unlimited atmospheric power harnessing while it too might have some function with limits as NASA detects ions blasting from the atmosphere of Mars and yet again we have to create: air ions as air filters now but notice electro-stress might be too much for biological entities…. Karma or ignorance? Imagination or reality as our neuroscientists measure what? Relocation testifies to stronger illnesses due to our endocrinology that is based on where born and raised, pure biology, the fail-safe of progress yet once more it lacks understanding of invasive species as when the rats entered the Inca domain… awaiting some prophetic init();

  • Poo, going to 3 posts, but mine are short. I feel I must strike while the iron is hot about web bots. I agree, you can’t put stock in them, although, ironically, that’s what they were developed for. Yet, viewing them through that lense might be informative as perhaps similar to the stock market, things are seldom literal and not exactly figurative either where the bots are concerned. They say timing is the most difficult piece in predictive work and the bots seem to be no exception. What I find, overall, in checking them out is more something akin to the concept of a biorhythm. The reports do help in understanding the complexity of the world today and how to view things within it in some sort of context. In this regard, I admit suspicion that Clif High who is obviously a rabid thinker isn’t adding his own more directly acquired knowledge to his interpretation of the reports. I allow for a reasonably good probability that he is doing so, but he is an intelligent and thoughtful man so that doesn’t completely turn me off. It’s like a world viewing aid from someone not trying specifically to influence the reader. It’s refreshing in that way.

  • “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”

    Political leaders, journalists, artists, engineers, scientists, military personnel, veterans, pilots, architects, medical professionals, families, and scholars around the world for Truth. Email me for links.

    You need to turn off the television. Wake up to the Truth of 9/11!

    On youtube:

    2013 9 11 Whistleblower Barbara Honegger Behind the Smoke Curtain Pentagon Attack

    Diane Roark Another NSA Whistleblower Steps Forward

    Incontrovertible – New 9/11 Documentary by Tony Rooke

    Ted Gunderson – The Great Conspiracy

    Do you want to wake up?

  • Bud Nye was bad, but it has become much worse.
    What a waste.

  • @Robin Datta

    The self is a self-telling story.

    Regardless of whether “self” is spelled with an upper or lower case “s”, no matter whether it is conceived of as the “true” or “false”, higher” or “lower” self, it is still a conception, and therefore a story.

    If we desire to move past stories and conceptions, having an intermediate waypoint at which the conception of the mundane self is seen through and discarded by Consciousness masquerading as a “higher Self” may be very useful.

    To complete the crossing of the chasm from self-story to Being, that intermediate identification and its story must also be discarded.

  • @Robin Datta

    Beware of any true self. It should be rejected outright as with any untrue self.

    Yes, always be aware of both sides of the coin. The truth is in the middle mostly. The same with “real – unreal”. To say “nothing is real” is an extreme viewpoint. The same with “anything is real”, it’s an extreme viewpoint too. If we say “anything is real”, we will shurely end up in a complete mess. And if we say “nothing is real”, we will end up in a complete mess too. Both extreme views will end up in a complete mess, in a self-contradiction, in an infinite regress. Some things are real, others are not real, it’s that simple.

    About the Self:

    There is an ongoing debate among the different Buddhist schools about the question “Is there any Self or not? Atman or Anatman?” for a very long time. This might help to clarify this question:

    No-self or Not-self?

    … So, instead of answering “no” to the question of whether or not there is a self — interconnected or separate, eternal or not — the Buddha felt that the question was misguided to begin with. Why? No matter how you define the line between “self” and “other,” the notion of self involves an element of self-identification and clinging, and thus suffering and stress. This holds as much for an interconnected self, which recognizes no “other,” as it does for a separate self. If one identifies with all of nature, one is pained by every felled tree. It also holds for an entirely “other” universe, in which the sense of alienation and futility would become so debilitating as to make the quest for happiness — one’s own or that of others — impossible. For these reasons, the Buddha advised paying no attention to such questions as “Do I exist?” or “Don’t I exist?” for however you answer them, they lead to suffering and stress.

    To avoid the suffering implicit in questions of “self” and “other,” he offered an alternative way of dividing up experience: the four Noble Truths of stress, its cause, its cessation, and the path to its cessation. Rather than viewing these truths as pertaining to self or other, he said, one should recognize them simply for what they are, in and of themselves, as they are directly experienced, and then perform the duty appropriate to each. Stress should be comprehended, its cause abandoned, its cessation realized, and the path to its cessation developed. These duties form the context in which the anatta doctrine is best understood. If you develop the path of virtue, concentration, and discernment to a state of calm well-being and use that calm state to look at experience in terms of the Noble Truths, the questions that occur to the mind are not “Is there a self? What is my self?” but rather “Am I suffering stress because I’m holding onto this particular phenomenon? Is it really me, myself, or mine? If it’s stressful but not really me or mine, why hold on?” These last questions merit straightforward answers, as they then help you to comprehend stress and to chip away at the attachment and clinging — the residual sense of self-identification — that cause it, until ultimately all traces of self-identification are gone and all that’s left is limitless freedom.

    In this sense, the anatta teaching is not a doctrine of no-self, but a not-self strategy for shedding suffering by letting go of its cause, leading to the highest, undying happiness. At that point, questions of self, no-self, and not-self fall aside. Once there’s the experience of such total freedom, where would there be any concern about what’s experiencing it, or whether or not it’s a self?

  • Don’t we live in an iron cage, because we cling to it in some sense?

    “Self/Atman” is a concept, “No-Self/Anatman” is a concept too. “Life after Death” is a concept, “No life after Death” is a concept too. I don’t say that concepts are useless, but sometimes we cling too much to concepts. A concept is like a useful map:

    It can lead to some aim, we need concepts to find a way, any way, but often we tend to confuse the map with the territory and this confusion leads to suffering. Mostly we live in a virtual world of concepts, emotions and thoughts and then we confuse the map with the territory. What is beyond concepts, emotions and thoughts? To find an answer to that questions, we have to go beyond any concepts, emotions and thoughts- but not by trying to stop thinking and feeling, but by not clinging to any concepts, emotions and thoughts. The mind of a real master is always a Beginners-Mind, always more like a pure child than like a wise old man.

    “In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert’s there are few.

    ― Shunryu Suzuki

  • Nothing is real because what we call reality is a virtual reality, a simulation, a construct of the brain. The brain separates this virtual reality from the Platonic world which is the real world.

  • Happy New Year Guy and blessings from the west of Ireland!
    That is all.

  • floods in the US: “The inundation has spewed tens of millions of gallons of untreated human waste, according to the sewer district’s website, on a path toward the Mississippi River and an unavoidable southward trek to the Gulf of Mexico.”
    “Even soggy sandbags, touted as last-ditch defenders against floodwaters, can’t be kept for reuse because the inundations turn them into mountains of smelly, polluted sacks ultimately destined for landfills, along with flood-ruined household wares like sodden flooring, furniture and appliances. Well over a million sandbags were put to use in Missouri and Illinois since Christmas Day, according to governmental figures.”

  • Shirley Chisholm: “Racism is so universal in this country, so widespread, and deep-seated, that it is almost invisible because it is so normal.”

    I would add: so is sexism.

    That Oregon creep who is $1 million behind in his taxes would not be getting away with S#*@T if he was’t WHITE and MALE.

  • Great radio/podcast today the 5th. I would love to see a debate between Guy and Katharine Hayhoe, that would be a hoot. I find it classic and quite amusing that Mrs.Hayhoe unfriended Guy on face book. Shows just how sincere those scientific love thy neighbor Christians are.

  • Hi.

    First time commenter, long time listener.

    I just want to say that NBL on PRN is one of the few places where the truth is told! Even shows like EcoShock, as good as it is, sometimes clings to a hope that is not only silly it’s downright delusional at times. However, I do have one question that I’ve been dying to ask.

    I get the criticisms leveled at people like Michael Mann and Naomi Kline, as they seem to pedal this idea that, if we can do xy and z then we can reverse climate change. I don’t however, get your criticism of Chris Hedges. He sees the state of the world in dire straits just like you do, whether it’s the systems we’ve lived under or the environment. If you ever have the time, whether here or on your show, can you explain your disdain for Mr. Hedges? I’m really eager to hear or to read what you have to say on the man. If you have already done so on a past show or a past essay, can you please direct me to those things?

    Thank you.

  • Current pace of environmental change is unprecedented in Earth’s history

    “Press release issued: 4 January 2016

    University of Bristol Cabot Institute researchers and their colleagues today published research that further documents the unprecedented rate of environmental change occurring today, compared to that which occurred during natural events in Earth’s history.”

  • .

    Some intriguing thoughts from you today. It reminds me of a line a mentor of mine used to throw out from time to time:

    “That’s just all or nothing thinking.

    I am also reminded of the wisdom in the old saying:

    “Moderation in all things (but yet also all things.)”

    solivagant touched on the concept at the end of the last thread as well, when pointing out that it’s not about the materialist paradigm being wrong or not useful; it’s that it can become harmful when viewed as an exclusive point of reference to the exclusion of all other points of view. All or nothing thinking. The other side of the coin can be seen in religious fundamentalists who may reject science completely, claiming (for example) that observation about climate change isn’t valid, because ‘they don’t believe in science at all.’ All or nothing thinking.

    Staunch materialists like Dawkins see no room for spirituality whatsoever; all or nothing.

    Staunch fundamentalists see no room for science, and may take metaphors from their bible literally or to the extreme; all or nothing.

    You’re either all in, or that must mean you’re all out.

    You’re either with us, or you’re with the terrorists.


    What I hear in your posts today is that it’s ok to have experiences, just don’t cling to them, or grow too attached to them, or loose yourself completely in them. Extremism and exclusivity is where suffering lies. It then becomes a choice in a way. Dive in and ride a 3D reality ride if you choose, but keep in mind that it’s just a ride. Drift away from materialism temporarily for a different perspective if you choose; but don’t get too lost there, as if nothing in 3D reality is worthy of experiencing either. All things in moderation; a balance. Maybe it’s about remaining fluid.

    Not, ‘there is really so ‘no me’ that why even be here’ OR ‘this me is ‘so real’ I’m gonna freak out now because this is all really flippin’ serious.’ Instead, a mindful balance somewhere in between the two, or maybe even both perspectives at chosen moments without allowing yourself to get stuck at any one particular point.

    Carlos Castaneda might have equated this to the ability to shift one’s assemblage point between multiple locations (perspectives, experiences) at will, realizing they are all just possibilities of experience, none necessarily better than the other. The point is to be fluid and not get stuck or attached to any one perspective or point of view.

    In a way, it’s like addiction. You don’t have to be a puritan and never take a drink. You don’t have to be an addict and drink yourself to death either. Moderation. Balance. All things. Both a drink sometimes, and also not a drink sometimes, rather than all drinking always, or no drinking ever. All or nothing thinking. Instead, a little bit of everything, without having complete attachment OR complete detachment. Just balance and fluidity. And acceptance.

    Nemesis, I can see why you are so relaxed about our collective future. It sure would be nice if it was better, but if this is the way it’s going to all go down, then whatever then, where’s my guitar. I am a spiritual being, but I am also manifested into 3D reality at the moment, groovy, spark that joint. That’s what you have me thinking about right now.

    Resistance to experiences is where suffering lies. Some philosophies have even posited that at the moment when you’re last judgment and dislike of anything disappears, that reality will melt away having just been a dream anyway. That the things we hate and can’t accept are just actually parts of us we hate and won’t accept; so just learn to be ok with it all, and that this is the path forward. Maybe these are exactly the experiences we came to have, instead of, as someone said yesterday, only having the boredom of flat lined perfection.

    Gerald is even providing an example for us today; first his porridge was too hot, and now he’s complaining it’s too cold. It all just is what it is, passing experiences. It’s in the clinging to, and in the resisting of, any one way where the suffering arises. It all just is, and it all just isn’t; all at the same darn time.

    Thanks Nemesis. I’m going to play a piano song for you today, not that you’ll hear it. But still, I will … just because. That’s what I’m going to choose to do today. I hope you like it, or maybe you won’t. Doesn’t matter, I’m doing it anyway. Enjoy simply noodling your guitar today. Peace bro., thanks for your thoughts. :)

  • Arctic ice cover is unusually low at the moment and the trend is extraordinarily divergent (tiny red line parallel to the x axis):

  • Diane, one thing I notice about Hedges is that he steadfastly will not speak about 911. Hedges always makes it a point to tell us he was the middle east bureau chief for the NY Times and he was present in NY on the day of 911, however when asked (go on utube)he gets cranky and very short on the subject of 911. Makes me think Hedges knows more then he is willing to divulge and perhaps was even told by the PTB to not talk about it. He certainly is outspoken enough on all other things controversy wise. Not speaking about 911, Hedges loses a lot of credibility, or it goes to show just what TPTB can do to shut up the media.

  • @ Apneaman Current pace of environmental change is unprecedented in Earth’s history “[P]ublished research that further documents the unprecedented rate of environmental change occurring today, compared to that which occurred during natural events in Earth’s history.”

    I’m in my 47th year on this planet. It floors me whenever I contemplate how much the climate has changed from when I was a kid. The scary thing is that serious change is just starting and, as Guy points out, it will be nonlinear. Try ‘adapting’ to that. Extinction here we come. Who-hoo!

  • @dave thompson

    Yes, you are right about that! You hit the nail on the head! He seems to pick and choose his controversial subject matter according to what, I guess, he feels most comfortable with. I had almost forgotten about his position about 911!

    Honestly, I didn’t see that particular interview where he gets cranky over 911. That sure doesn’t sound good, though.

    Also, I just remembered that he was proven to be a plagiarizer in some of his works!

    Well, thanks Dave! Even though I hope that NBL will get more into detail about Mr. Hedges, you’ve been a big help in clearing up a few things for me.

    Thanks again :D

  • in this he is evasive, the cranky one was a Q&A at a talk he did in Canada. Don’t get me wrong I like what Hedges has to say and his writing, his view on 911 is perplexing,however, Hedges has a second wife and young kids to worry about. I suspect Hedges was told under no uncertain circumstances to not talk about his views on the 911 fraud. Sorry about third posting.

  • The mighty Hedges? There are numerous organizations entirely devoted to 9/11, thousands of websites, hundreds of documentaries and dozens of books, (hell even T shirts) and I’m pretty sure many of those folks have kids and spouses too. A bunch of them are well paid professionals – engineers, architects, professors, etc with much to lose. Why would Hedges get singled out? If the truthers were correct that “they” planted thermite and brought two buildings down and killed thousands for the purpose of global domination why would they hesitate to kill one former MSM discredited/disgruntled (their spin) reporter who has many other powerful enemies? A risk they just won’t take?

  • Thinking about C. Hedges reminded me of a similar situation I know something about.

    Talking over the years to a friend who is a pretty well known stand-up comic , (and intelligent guy as well) who gets kinda’ cranky about 9-11 … I finally figured out why ( I think :) .

    Before he ever looked into the matter , he was ( and still is occasionally… ) pestered ( his words ) at gigs by fans who want(ed) him to ‘come out ‘ in favor of 9-11 truth etc.

    Turns out he has reacted to the ‘pestering ‘ by NEVER looking into a thing about 9-11. Defensive reaction is all. Call it unfortunate or what ever you want, but just a normal human thing, I’d say. I can see where Hedges could easily fit into the category. Just guessing but it makes some sense.

    One of the drivers of the irritation can be the higher profile person’s sensing of the desperation of the folks/fans who are constantly trying to ‘awaken ‘ them about 9-11 ( or anything for that matter ? ). Can seem pathetic .

    There’s a thought that it’s easier for public figures to publicly dissent than ‘regular folks … more bang for the buck , maybe. Comes off as offensive or not well thought thru, if you think about it.

    Like , maybe the show-biz guy or the public figure can do the heavy lifting for the rest of us , or something like that.

    Like the person wouldn’t mind being used ( for a good cause and all… ).
    Just one way something like that can go. Might not stay that way forever , but when people pop-up at every speaking /performance gig yelling at you to ‘say sump’in about 9-11…” it can self perpetuate, become a negative feed-back loop !!.

    Hell… in the case of my comedian pal… I’m pretty sure he’s close to putting in some discovery time into 9-11… but he’ll be damned if he’s gonna’ give in NOW to the ‘jerks’ whose screaming faces are cemented in his memory .

  • “There is an ongoing debate among the different Buddhist schools”

  • jungle jim: thanks for thinking about me. i’m still here, several times a day to read, listen, ponder and laugh at the comments after checking the latest from our host. Mostly i’m watching in silent horror as we crest the hill of the thrill ride through the house of mirrors that was industrial civilization in my lifetime.

    The global economic system is being exposed as the financial Tower of Babel it has always been, though well disguised til recently.

    The U.S. has continued down the same lost path of death and destruction its trod since its inception, trying to hold on to hegemony for another year.

    Meanwhile our precious environment dies ever faster from our misuse, degradation and pollution (that James states so well).

    A while back pat and i “made a bet” as to when the whole house of cards would collapse and i put a date of 2019 out there. It’s increasingly looking like no one will be able to deny the reality of our extinction even sooner than that. The masses (present company excepted) is counting on a future that will diverge before their plans come to fruition.

    Keep up the comments, links, ideas, emotions and forgiveness everyone. They and you are appreciated.

  • I have had it with Hedges for years. This is over his de-humanizing article “Black Block is the Cancer in Occupy”….Total BS. He never appologized or retracted anything. Never felt the need or had the inclination. David Graeber offered to debate him on the subject. Hedges would have none of it.

    Personally, when the Cincinnati police were on a killing spree of young African men in Over-The-Rhine neighborhood in Cincinnati, it was the Black Block Anarchists who, in conjunction with the local well-melanated militia, fought the pig police through the streets, and back into the slave catchin pig-quarters. Whereupon garbage bins were dragged up the front steps in front of the entrance and sumarily lit on fire.

    The killing stopped. For a while anyway.

    A better performance by punk white Anarcho crackers I have rarely witnessed in my short life. So if you got a beef with The Black Block, you gotta beed with me personally.

    And calling them A CANCER, (which is exactly what the hard core far right wing does in lockstep) thereby normalizing state sanctioned violence against people who usually have few resources or support, then you are part of the P-R-O-B-L-E-M in my book. Frankly, it felt like Hedges was personally responsible for driving a wedge through the middle of occupy and insuring its downfall.

    I mean…who could care about A CANCER getting rounded up, thrown in jail and viciously fined and terrorized by pig-police who routinely prey upon and execute citizens based exclusively on melanin?

    Hedges even went on to read a bunch of Anarcho books like Bakunin and Goldman, and he quoted them a lot after that, but never really signed off on Luigi Galleani’s by-any-means necessary.

    Hedges has said openly that he has bills to pay, and he’s got kids in the AMerican system. He’s a settler colonial white Euro invader who really doesn’t want to go as deep as he claims to in his talks.

    Therefore I call major BS.

    Have a lovely day.

  • I’m waiting for more than scientific reports. I’m waiting for that moment when I see all the people outside my house in a state of panic. Panic for reasons due to the result of climate change. Dying people will be part of it.

    I’m 66. Will I see that day? Maybe. Maybe not.

  • TOM – You write well and I always appreciate what you share. Often I see stuff that I know you or Kevin & so many others will do a better job explaining than me.

    Here is my bit of research on side effects connected to C.C:

    YOUTUBE record of Bill Gates sponsored a panel in Arizona State University’s Biotech department that took place on February 2, 2012, the inventor of genetically engineered edible vaccines joked about wiping out 25% of the population with a genetically engineered virus.

    Dr. Charles Arntzen, head of The Biodesign Institute for Infectious Diseases and Vaccinology, responded to a question pertaining to whether feeding the 8 billion people of the world was worth it, or whether population reduction should be pursued.

    The scientist quipped: “Has anybody seen ‘Contagion’? That’s the answer! Go out and use genetic engineering to create a better virus… 25 percent of the population is supposed to go in Contagion.”

    Arntzen was the first to pursue an edible vaccine for use in the developing world while at the Boyce Thompson Institute in 1996 under funding from the Rockefeller Foundation. His signature delivery vehicle is the banana. He noted the possibilities for its use in both poor countries as well as the wealthier Western world: “Children of developing countries may not be the only beneficiaries of this new technology. Says Arntzen: ‘American kids will also probably prefer being vaccinated by an edible vaccine rather than by a needle.'”

    Perhaps even more interesting is the fact that Dr. Arntzen — and perhaps some of his colleagues in the room — developed the first effective, stable and storable synthetic Ebola vaccine capable of being stockpiled under grants from the Department of Defense and Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases. According to a news report from Arizona State University: “If early efforts bear fruit, an Ebola vaccine could be stockpiled for use in the United States, should the country fall victim to a natural outbreak or a bioterrorism event in which a weaponized strain of the virus were unleashed on soldiers or the public.”

    Personally, I understand why de-pop needs to happen, however I still feel sick about even being slightly connected to it. For Dr. Eric R Pianka I think it is surely poor bedside manner to joke about depopulating the masses. At least take cuts of the 5.6 billion NIH research grants and be dead serious. U of Texas working on more engineered virus with longevity & spread duration’s this month.

  • Tom.

    I was thinking this morning,’Where’s Tom?’ and was going to note your absence. Even thought of posting something ‘on behalf of Tom’. Then I thought better of it and decided, ‘He’s probably having a holiday from it all; leave him alone’.

    Anyway, good to see you haven’t keeled over.

    15 years ago I went to print with a conjecture there could easily be a major economic crisis by 2015, but never thought the environmental predicament would worsen quite so quickly and had the end of the 21st century in mind for catastrophic overheating. As we all know, the environment was sacrificed to save the economic system, and though there were ructions, the economic system got through 2015.

    In 2011 I indicated ‘most things people currently take for granted will be gone by 2020’. Few of the people who read my sign or my book took much notice.

    I have suggested many times on this site that there will be a major economic jolt by the end of 2016. That was largely based on ASPO, Gail Tverberg, Jeffery Brown and David Murphy etc. oil supply projections. 359 days to go! Oil at $36 a barrel suggests there WILL be something big before the end of the year. High-cost oil ‘producers’ just cannot stand another 11 months of the current squeeze if the reports coming from Alberta are anything to go by.

    ‘A while back pat and i “made a bet” as to when the whole house of cards would collapse and i put a date of 2019 out there.’

    Dmitri Orlov has got round the problem by saying what many of us have been saying: the longer the system doesn’t crash, the bigger the eventual crash.

    Orlov still does not seem to be onboard with respect to Global Dimming masking the effect of CO2-induced warming.

  • @ Shep “(sexism) is so universal in this country, so wide-spread and so deep-seated, that it is almost invisible because it is so normal”. And, aren’t you are a prince for saying so. I give away my gender here and I don’t wish to suggest a contest, but I would suggest even moreso. In my lifetime, we have gone from actively observing the struggle of women trying to get out from under such a dauntingly pervasive predicament to embracing and even celebrating it, men and women alike, most likely from exhaustion with the impossible struggle. I believe it starts with the objectification of women as universal, deep-seated, wide-spread and “normal”. Certainly, I’m not the first to note this! Women, like the earth, which is referred to as the same gender, are viewed a free fonts of goodies to be exploited, plundered, thrown away when used up, and all of this excused with denial, defensiveness, entitlement, etc., etc. The first black male president preceding the first white female president, the outing of Cosby via a black comedian who was trying to take him to task for his own inter-racial rascism, who now shrugs at the fact that he has instead become a feminist mouthpiece – the signs are abundant today, I believe, that sexism trumps racism, even, but again, it’s not a contest.

  • Global dimming aerosol:

    Problem with all empirical climate models is clouds. We know next to nothing about clouds as the resolution for the cloud eddies are 250m x 25m and that is so tiny to run good simulations on. They have some good equations for it but remains an expensive investment for CPU time.

    Observation suggests; sulfates dropping down -> less or no clouds.
    Nonetheless they have worked out how much W/m2 sulfates amounts to.

  • If you find yourself trapped in the Iron Cage, or the Mud Hut or whatever…

    Don’t be a Kapo.

    The head-shitters are not your friends.

  • Time is short, it’s been said – pick yer’poison
    Tickin’ cash, books unread – lost the season
    So I jot down, a few lines
    Makes no sense, just thought-crime
    Scenic path, kinda’ felt, was worth mention

  • Ugotstahwonder,

    Yes, the problem IS WHITE MALES, not humanity. Although many follow the model, as in Cosby et,al.

    I further believe that Indigenous peoples are the only “wise’ humans.

    Parallels are so abundant with white and male. Look at the length of the process for both AND the fact that resolution is never really there. Facades of the greatest proportions!

  • @Ray Batman

    Nothing is real because what we call reality is a virtual reality, a simulation, a construct of the brain. The brain separates this virtual reality from the Platonic world which is the real world.

    How can I take your comment for real, if you say “nothing is real”?

    Is your comment (that I recieve through my eyes and brain) real or is it not real?

    If it is real, than it includes a selfcontradiction (“Nothing is real”).
    If it is not real, then there is no real need to spend any time on it.

    So, is your comment real or is it not real?


    I am glad that you reflect my thoughts with such a highly concentrated mind while adding so much more to it. Your comments are some great inspiration for me.

    Musicians (and artists in general) got a very good balance of right and left brain, right and left hand, emotion and thought/mind, right brain/left brain, concentration and letting go, even good balance of laughing/joy and crying/sadness (no musical expression without joy and sadness), my goodness. The next scouts of mankind should be musicians, haha, artists of all different professions, writers, painters, musicians, carvers ect and also some well selected scientists. The best scientists got great artistic intuition too, IMO.

    Balance – YES, and I know for shure that I have to practice balance anew every single day. I proved that to be true quite often on NBL too, when I just can’t shut up :-)

    “Remaining fluid” – YES, reminds me of Bruce Lee too (“Be like Water, my friend”). Sometimes, in deep contemplation/meditation, I can easily become One with the whole Cosmos. Oneness is a Hell of a ride. But becoming One is just half of fluidness. To achieve full fluidness, one has to achieve the ability, to become many again also. At that moment I can go beyond all concepts, but I can still use concepts, while not clinging to any specific concept anymore, concepts become just what they really are after all:

    Concept, tools. So, one thing is to pick up anything and the other thing is, to let it go again. Picking up, letting go, picking up, letting go, like some kids ballgame… Or breathing in, breathing out, breathing in, breathing out… No need, not even a chance, to breathe in while never breathing out again or vice versa. This is the Law of Nature IMO:

    Impermanence. Breathing in is Impermanence, breathing out is Impermancence. Life is Impermanence, Death is Impermanence. All concepts, all emotions, all thoughts come and go. It would be Hell and completely against our very own Nature, if any concept, any emotion, any thought would stay forever, right? That would be like breathing in and never breathing out again. For one situation, we might need science and for another situation we might need religion/spirituality. For some situation, a piano might be the best choice, while for another situation, a guitar or trumpet might be a better choice.

    solivagant touched on the concept at the end of the last thread as well, when pointing out that it’s not about the materialist paradigm being wrong or not useful; it’s that it can become harmful when viewed as an exclusive point of reference to the exclusion of all other points of view. All or nothing thinking. The other side of the coin can be seen in religious fundamentalists who may reject science completely, claiming (for example) that observation about climate change isn’t valid, because ‘they don’t believe in science at all.’ All or nothing thinking.

    solivagents hit the nail perfectly. The fight of science and religion is stupid, makes no sense to me. The task of science is to descripe the outer physical realities, but the task of religion is to describe the inner, psychological realities. Both are useful, meaningful, there isn’t any need to fight against eachother. The fight started with enlightenment. Science fought against institutionalized religion, against the church, against the politics of the church ect. I can see a lot of sense in that fight, but I can’t see any sense in fighting against religion as a whole. Science and religion can go together easily. I learned a lot from looking at religion from a scientific point of view.

    Staunch materialists like Dawkins see no room for spirituality whatsoever; all or nothing.
    Staunch fundamentalists see no room for science, and may take metaphors from their bible literally or to the extreme; all or nothing.


    Nemesis, I can see why you are so relaxed about our collective future. It sure would be nice if it was better, but if this is the way it’s going to all go down, then whatever then, where’s my guitar

    Hahaha, you caught me right in the act :-) Let me say that I am quite relaxed for myself so far, because “Exticntion” is quite some ABSTRACT term, because nobody will ever experience extinction. We will experience the death of millions and billions of human beings maybe (if we don’t die before it happens), but nobody will be around when extinction happened, so it’s quite abstract after all. But I feel much sadnes for the victims, especially the children, the animals ect.

    You play the piano, that’s just great. Music always connects people, music is communion. Thank you for playing that piano piece for me, I highly appreciate that! Thank you very much for your thoughts and all! Peace to you, bro!


    If the truthers were correct that “they” planted thermite and brought two buildings down and killed thousands for the purpose of global domination why would they hesitate to kill one former MSM discredited/disgruntled (their spin) reporter who has many other powerful enemies?

    Well, so mabe the even more intriguing question is:

    Why do so many people don’t trust the government?

    There just isn’t any short answer to that question, is there? 8-)

    @Mark Austin

    I used the term “coincidence” the other day (“Now that is a paradox”), but now I found out, that’s not the term I was thinking of- uhm, another fault of my bad english skills. After checking the dictionary, I found the term that expresses my thought the right way:

    Synchronicity (very much in the sense of C. G. Jung)

    Maybe “coincidence” is also suitable, not quite shure. I am just talking about some experiences like:

    I hink of something and you write it out (like “Now that is a paradox”). Or I daydream of the Mount Everest and turn on the radio, to listen to some music while daydreaming and when I turn the radio on, a voice is talking about a trip to the Himalaya and suddenly speaks out the word “Mount Everest”, just a second after I thought exactly the word “Mount Everest”. I had that quite often. Though I don’t think, it’s some kind of superpower or siddhi, haha. The real superpower is being who we are, IMO.

    @Robin Datta

    Thanks alot for the wonderful text, I will comment it a little later. Btw: What does “EFFEM ” mean? I don’t know that term…

  • IndCiv, at its finest. (Having to TUNNEL, under an already-shakily-built CITY, so that MORE CARS may pass through it faster…)

    Oh, and having to spend TWO years repairing the machine to do the tunneling…

    More and more, the word for that city, as for many others, is “Hubris”, and rather than the refreshing feeling I first noticed there, has been replaced by smugness. Progressive people replaced by arrogant people. The entrenched arrogance of the motorists who must beat each other to the next .1 milepost.

    Heading for a fall, and when it happens, they will bleat “No one could have seen this coming.” That is the time to be far, far away from these, the sheeple.

  • What did you homo saps do?

    Did you shit on the polar bears?

    Did you create 300,000 tons of nuclear waste?

    Did you soil your nest?

    Did you forget that Laws of Motion do no take a vacation? (Even on 9/11/01)

    Did you forget the poor cartoon special effects planes composited on news channel
    feeds into the footage of exploding towers?

    Did you have your Psychological Operation yet? >>>>

    Did you tell people you love them?

  • @Robin Datta

    The text you sent is wonderful, but I can’t find any news in it, everything that is in it has been said in the Upanishads eg already. There is a lot about knowledge (Jnana) in that text. Didn’t you say quite often here on NBL, that knowledge is futile?

    Anyway, I think that Siddharta Gautama Buddha stood in the tradition of the Upanishads for shure, he wasn’t an opponent of the vedanta traditions. He held on to terms like “Karma, Dharma, Nirvana, Samsara, Skandhas, Detachment” and what have you. But he was an opponent of the Brahmanic caste mostly, because it became stiff and lifeless over time, like most of the institutionalized religions.

    “Neti, neti” is a highly effective method, but that’s just one side of the coin, isn’t it? The other side of the coin is “Tat Tvam Asi”.

  • Today’s Anchorage Daily News, the largest newspaper in the state, has this as a headline: “Massive murre die-off lines Whittier beaches with carcasses”

    This mass die-off is occurring on large areas of the coast. The difference in Alaska is that it is only noticed and primarily reported where people live, which is not that many places. People live in Whittier, sort of . . .

    “A recently retired federal biologist doing beach surveys in Whittier over the weekend estimated there were more than 7,800 dead murres along a little over a mile of beach.”

  • “Be prepared.” – Boy Scouts

    Officials of sea ports are not listening (Proximetry).

  • @ Nemesis

    My comment is not real. Nothing is real inside space-time because space-time is not real. Since time is not real, it doesn’t make sense to say “If the comment is not real, then there is no real need to spend any time on it.”

    Neuroscience has proved that space and time are constructs of the brain. They are not really “out there”. For example, colors are not real properties of real things “out there” but illusory constructs of the brain, i.e. mental experiences. Like a color, climate change is certainly not something that is really “out there”. It is only a construct of the brain, an event in a virtual reality.

    The eminent Cornell physics professor David Mermin has written in Physics Today: “Space and time and spacetime are not properties of the world we live in but concepts we have invented to help us organize classical events.”

    Therefore climate change is not a real property of the world we live in. And the moon is not a real moon but a simulated moon. Prof Mermin has written: “We now know that the moon is not out there when nobody looks”.'s%20bad%20about%20this%20habit%20-%20David%20Mermin.pdf

  • Ray Batman ~

    I find your way of putting all of this fascinating (haven’t checked out the pdf link yet).

    “It is only a construct of the brain, an event in a virtual reality.”

    this is where it hits home for me. in every sense that you are talking about, the brain itself is a construct, a virtual reality. it has to be, because we experience “brains” in exactly the same unreal way we experience everything else you are describing.

    so. what we have now is a construct of a construct. reality is a construct of the brain, and the brain itself is a construct.

    what is left, then? only the construct itself, it seems. only mind.

  • In warming ocean, record number of seals and sea lions sicken and starve – ‘Their liver, their pancreas, their intestines are basically shut down, and they are eating themselves from the inside.’

    Ray Bat(shit crazy)man says this isn’t real either (talk about denial), so you can skip this and all other comments – in fact you can skip the entirety of NBL and your own death, too since none of it is “real” .. .

    Hey Ray, when you stub your toe or have a headache do you just proclaim that they aren’t real and go on with your life as if the pain isn’t real too?

  • “Hey Ray, when you stub your toe or have a headache do you just proclaim that they aren’t real and go on with your life as if the pain isn’t real too?”

    from a quick scan through Ray’s linked article:

    “So I’d say that Dr. Johnson had it right when he insisted that what impinges directly upon us is real. The reality of a sore toe is impossible to deny. But the other side of “I refute it thus” is to be suspicious of the reality of those abstractions that help us impose coherence on our immediate perceptions. I doubt that Johnson’s valid affirmation of the reality of direct perceptions constituted a refutation of Bishop Berkeley’s skepticism about the constructions we find to help us organize those perceptions.”

  • “…reality is a construct of the brain, and the brain itself is a construct.

    what is left, then? only the construct itself, it seems. only mind.”

    And they call materialists “reductionist”.. lol.

  • Meanwhile, back in the real world (that doesn’t exist according to some), the big squeeze continues: WTI $33.96, Brent $34.26.

    And locally:

    ‘Of more concern though was the -4.4% fall in the wholemilk powder price, even though there were good rises for cheese, butter and casein.

    Fundamentally, there is little evidence here of the industry-expected upturn and this auction has somewhat undermined the basis for the current payout forecast.’

    While in the US: ‘an overnight blizzard has killed some 35,000 dairy cows in Texas.’

    Oh well, there’s always real estate. Or not.

    ‘Residential real estate asking prices in December 2015 showed continuing signs the market may have peaked. It’s been four months since a national record has been set.’

    I suppose we can take comfort form the fact that, as everything slowly implodes or overheats, the graph of the Arctic ice cover is not real either. Nor is the data used to generate the graph real.

    I suppose the constant pain I feel is not real either, and that my mind generates it to torment itself. But not really.

  • I started down the rabbit hole of discarding my beliefs one by one about a decade ago. I had a bit of a head start because I was born (and raised) an atheist. But there was still a lot more work to do than I realized…

    First I stopped believing what governments, history books and authority figures of all kinds say about what happened, and why, and who the heroes and villains were.

    Next to go were all those cultural and social beliefs about myself and others that I had learned since I was about 3 years old.

    Next went the belief that my sensory perceptions and mental reasoning were telling me some semblance of “the truth”.

    Then out the door went the belief in opposing values – good/bad, right/wrong, better/worse etc.

    At this point I discovered Pyrrhonian skepticism, and realized that ALL beliefs were unsupportable.

    Then Advaita showed me that even my sense of self was a constructed illusion, and the belief that there is something called “me” a universe “out there” that is somehow independent from me vanished like a soap bubble.

    All that was left to believe in was an abstract universal Consciousness.

    Now I’ve realized that even the existence of an abstract Consciousness is just another story the illusory self tells whoever will listen.

    Whatever Reality actually is, is not knowable, let alone believable.

    So, down here at the bottom of the rabbit hole of belief there is … absolutely nothing.

    And yet life goes on. Or so I believe…


    My original goal at the beginning was to find out the deep truth about what was really going on in the world, and why. What I discovered was so existentially disturbing (as in, everything I believed turned out on closer examination to be a lie) that I changed my goal to that of somehow finding ongoing peace of mind no matter what the circumstances (i.e. to end my own suffering.)

    The only way I could find the complete peace of mind I was looking for was through radical acceptance – acceptance that any belief I examined closely turned out to be erroneous, so by inference there is no reason to hold any belief. So I’ve worked on discarding them all.

    This process of deconstructing and seeing through one’s entire belief system is similar or identical to what a lot of modern non-dualist teachers describe as the path towards enlightenment. I don’t use that word, it makes people think funny things.

    When I began this whole process I was a very strict scientific materialist, a position I’d held for 55 years. This was one of the first belief systems I questioned when I began my search. I still operate by it when it’s appropriate, because the world appears to be a physical place, and I don’t fancy getting smacked by a bus.

    I now think of my worldview as a superposition, in which dualistic materialism and monistic idealism coexist, and each operate at different times under different conditions. This is much like quantum superposition which allows an electron to behave as a wave or a particle depending on the conditions.

    I try to hold all beliefs very lightly, and to exercise compassionate forgiveness when I encounter them in myself. Whoever that is…

  • @Henry(the original
    This one is a more original one than digging some hole Seattle also planning to build the tallest building on the west coast

  • “Whatever Reality actually is, is not knowable, let alone believable.”
    Exactly. The veiled reality is not knowable but it exists. If you are in pain, that is your empirical reality, but that is not the real essence of your pain.

    The Moon is not out there when you don’t look, but the idea of the Moon is there – in the Platonic realm. It must be there, otherwise the Moon would cease to exist when you sleep, and quantum mechanics wouldn’t work, which is a scientific fact. And the idea of each of us must exist in the Platonic realm, which stays a total mystery. No information comes from there.

    “so. what we have now is a construct of a construct. reality is a construct of the brain, and the brain itself is a construct. what is left, then?”

    The Platonic idea of you.

  • Lurking . . still drawn to this site hoping to find a bit here and there to make this shitty predicament humans have created feel less shitty. Sometimes words/expressions/songs do just that.
    Sometimes the opposite. Especially when people argue as we collapse. Then again, I never believed we would go down—as we starve—- holding hands and singing Kumbaya.

    I appreciate staying updated on the latest species we are bringing down with us but find it so hard to read about the seals, sea lions, murres and on and on and on. I do want to turn away from all that . . . like when I turn my head and use my hand as a blinder each time I pass a CAFO in an area near my home. But there is no escaping the iron cage of I.C. that Guy describes above. So true . . . brutally true.

    Then it’s time for Billy Bragg:
    “Deep down in the underground, atoms spinning round and round
    Scientists monitor readings
    Searching for the Holy Grail, the particle or at least the tale
    Of the one who gives the universe its meaning.
    But what if there’s nothing, no big answer to find?
    What if we’re just passing through time?

  • .

    Have you no compassion for their poor guts?

    (Little joke there from Pride and Prejudice, lol.)


  • Ugotstahwonder

    “(sexism) is so universal in this country, so wide-spread and so deep-seated, that it is almost invisible because it is so normal”

    Well said. The fact that Donald Trump can score points by shaming women for their bodies should tell us all something. And I agree that sexism trumps racism, and by an unfathomably large margin.

  • And one from me, because the lyrics just fit like a self-caught, home-tanned, hand-sewn rabbit-skin glove.

  • @ Dave T.,
    Hedges also avoid speaking on the population bomb since his second wife and kids arrived. The population bomb was created by big oil and now it seems everyone wants kids and a SUV to run them around in. Trouble is, we all are on the back side of prosperity now, but humanity just want let go. The champagne flowing like water in the rich countries this new year is a symptom of the disease to keep civilization steaming ahead for another year.

  • this is real, 25 years ago I finally read about Darwin, and when I found out they took turtles alive from the islands and kept them below decks in barrels alive, to be eaten later I knew then we were screwed as a species, eat or be eaten, its now the planets turn at the table…

  • @Tom, good to see you post again.

    There was a well-worded doomerish post by a “Tom” that appeared on Robert Scribbler site a few days back. Was that yours? If so, well done! It even managed to avoid being deleted.

    Even Scribbler must know the game’s up. Even if he believes it’s still possible to salvage a biosphere hospitable to complex life if we do X,Y & Z within a certain time-frame, he must know it simply won’t happen. There are 7.3 billion people on the planet due the input of fossil fuels. How do you transition away from fossil fuels on that scale quick enough to avoid catastrophe? By what mechanism that’s humane?

    When I still held out hope I was advocating feverishly in favor of an ever increasing tax on CO2 emitting energy sources in order to facilitate the transition to renewables. I was also doing my best to raise the population issue. Nobody wanted to know. Now we get to live (and die) by our stupidity. We deserve it. It’s a pity though so many other life forms are going down with us.

  • Trump is the poster boy “ugly America” on steroids. If he doesn’t get the Republican nomination I will be stunned, as he is all that party has wanted for decades running now. I keep waiting for some sense of shame and self recrimination within the Republican party, but instead I am convinced that they are all the very basest things I’ve thought of them for decades now, and far, far worse! Even though our political system has become a sham, I still shudder to think of what Trump being elected might bring about, not just in the U.S., but throughout the world.