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Marc Haneburght created a video to highlight my work. It’s embedded below.

I’m now accepting booking requests for 2016. If you would like to host a presentation or workshop, or you would like to suggest a scheduled class or event where you feel my presence would be appropriate, please send an email message to … thanks!

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McPherson is scheduled to deliver a webinar at 1:00 p.m. Eastern on Wednesday, 27 January 2016: The Twin Sides of the Fossil-Fuel Coin: How Net Energy Decline Interacts with Abrupt Climate Change


Looking for San Francisco Bay Area folks to raise $$$$ to bring Guy to San Francisco. Please contact if you are willing to donate towards Guy’s travel here.

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  • Geez, Guy – your work is completely counter to industrial civilization, so to me it’s appropriate everywhere! What we’re doing (“how we’re living”) is INSANE! The best part of your presentations (to me) is your advice at the end – do what you love, try to live a life of (self-defined) excellence, & prepare for impact. You’re the most truthful person i’ve encountered in my lifetime, bar none, and also one of the bravest for speaking out in this fascist political environment.

    So many are in denial (especially our supposed “leaders”), others tie themselves up in escapism and/or philosophical koans (Ray, Paul, others) though they see where this is headed. i’ve found that when i Stop Making Sense (David Byrne, Talking Heads) and sit quietly, it’s all very clear, though it can’t be put into words, isn’t arguable and goes beyond logic and reason (thanks lidia for pulling the rug right out from under them).

    i don’t have any answers for anybody (because there aren’t any that don’t lead to even more problems) and am biding my time witnessing the tragic end of the “show.”

    Thanks to all for your on-going commiseration.

  • Geez Tom, I needed your words because I was thoroughly bummed by the escapist blather.

    Grazi to Lidia too.

    Some of the “typing to obscure” is surely orchestrated by undercover operatives.

    When I try to learn something by reading the foo foo, I continually ask; “How did they buy into such outright drivel?”

    Many could benefit by understanding the painful & sordid history of the so-called human sciences, aka “geisteswissenshaften.”

    Many of the same cheerful mystics on these pages wouldn’t think of endorsing Senator Snowball, but routinely digress into pure blathering anti-scientific gibberish.

    More than a nit/disagreement though; I think that it can be put into words & does not go beyond logic & reason.

    Indeed that is why I come here, & get bummed by the ridiculous digressions.

  • @Ray Batman

    On one hand we got extreme materialism and on the other hand we got extreme idealism (Solipsism), both lead to an impasse.

    You said that when nobody looks at the Moon, then the Moon doesn’t exist. Imagine, that all humans and animals on Earth close their eyes, so nobody on Earth sees the Moon. Buth the sea tide on Earth goes on, because of gravity, otherwise, if the Moon suddenly disappears, the seas would be standing still mostly. Imagine all people and animals open their eyes after 2 hours again and the Moon appears again. Would the Earth be the same anymore? No, you would see unimaginable catastrophes, because the Moon was gone for two hours, for real?!…

    Tell me:

    Do you disappear, when nobody looks at you? No, you are still there. Do I disappear if nobody looks at me? No, I am still there. So, how could the moon or anything else disappear, just because nobody looks at it?!

    Little childs sometimes close their eyes, if they fear something, they hope that the object of fear might disappear, when they just close their eyes, like “If I don’t see you, you can’t see me” That’s solipsism of kids.

    You said (if I remember right) that when the brain dies, then the Universe dies with it. But many, many brains die every single day and the Universe is still there.

    You say that there comes no information from the real Platonic world, but you talk about it. How can you know anything and talk about the platonic World, if there comes no information from it? When there comes no information from it, than you can never say, if the platonic world is real or not. The same with your brain:

    If anything your brain knows, thinks ect is unreal, then how can you know that your statement of some platonic world isn’t real as well? When everything your brain thinks is unreal, then your comments are unreal also (you said that) and then the platonic world you talk about is also unreal. A Brain, that only produces unreal things, cannot talk about real things like some real platonic world or something, so you will end up in an infinite regression, in a black hole of thought.

    To lose the ground of reality is the most stable iron cage. Yes, modern society ended up in that iron cage, because it just lost the ground of reality.

    Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away.

    ― Philip K. Dick

  • remember!…die laughing!

  • NEMESIS – unlimited posting & relaxed conversation on Satish’s web site

    I will keep serious info for NBL. More on the China re-set plan coming from the 2016 Rand report for those who have security access. Many presidential administrations continue with the ALBRERT PIKE “Order from Chaos” plan. Create chaos then move in and control the disorder. Statue of Albert Pike in D.C.

    Northrop & Rayethon getting 200 million each this week from the 2016 portion of the $ 5.6 billion Biodefense budget. It is for developing ways to defend the land and resources. Not the people. Some of the military industrial complex is very sophisticated and concise. Kevin, they could pull off a piss-up in a brewery. Seeming inept is part of the propaganda. The Japanese labs working on parts of the contract are very efficient. A swift plan is brewing if populations get too hot for further profit.

    DR. GUY McPherson, continues to be a great teacher. I’m learning how be be less afraid of the angry people now that even more are sharing the info on Social media sites & YOUTUBE

  • @digixplor

    remember!…die laughing!

    That’s some real good advice, if you can manage to laugh in the face of Death. Can you? I am not shure, if I can laugh when Death comes. For now I just have much to laugh in the face of Life 🙂

  • i need some new sneakers…so i can run away from mother nature!

  • that mark fellow looks like a kennedy…same gene pool?

  • Nature Bats Last. those who cannot summon an active, heartfelt and fundamental respect for all Her creations, until the game is over, probably do not appreciate the purpose of this website.

  • i had a bad week.

  • digixplor ~ I’m sorry to hear that. I certainly wasn’t referring to you with my comment.

    please do however respect the two posts daily limit rule in the main thread. unlimited posts allowed in previous (basement) threads.

    thank you.

    ~ mo

  • ‘Nemesis Says:
    January 7th, 2016 at 12:24 pm

    Btw: A figure in “1984” said:

    “ Reality exists in the human mind, and nowhere else.”

    It was Brian, the torturer, who said that :-)’

    Presumably you were referring to the character O’Brien, the inner-party member, whose prime concern was continuance of the mind control and social control systems the party had established.

  • Fabulous lead in on the video … titanic indeed.

    Proxymetry3 – 2

  • Scientists say humans have now brought on an entirely new geologic epoch

    “After all, humans started deforesting vast landscapes, and causing species extinctions, thousands of years ago. The industrial revolution, meanwhile, began around 200 years ago and represented a major step in how we influence the environment and consume Earth’s materials — as well as the kickstart to global warming.

    However, the new study homes in on the middle of the last century as the likely marker for when the geologic “Anthropocene” truly began. The authors suggest that around this time, a confluence of major trends — population explosion, new technological advances, and booming rates of consumption — triggered changes that will be unmistakable in geologic records.

    We began the 1900s with 1.65 billion people on Earth and ended them with 6 billion, according to the United Nations. But the majority of the growth was in the second half of the century — the world population did not reach 2 billion until 1927 and 3 billion until 1960.

    Over the same period we managed to split the atom and to dramatically warm the climate. And along with technological leaps and the population boom has come dramatically more uses of resources and transformations of natural environments — which, in turn, has affected the sediment layers that have been formed recently, or are being formed right now. These are likely to feature unprecedented levels of aluminum, concrete, plastics, and black carbon, the study asserts.

    Humans have also dramatically changed the sedimentary processes of river systems — look what we’ve done to the Mississippi River and its wetlands, for instance. Soil levels of nitrogen and phosphorous have also exploded, the study asserts, from use of fertilizers. Perhaps the most distinctive change of all, however, may be the unmistakable signature of thermonuclear weapons testing, which began in 1952, and leaves a clear geological record of plutonium 239 that, the paper said, “will be identifiable in sediments and ice for the next 100,000 years.”

    And then, well, there’s the record of human caused climate change. Atmospheric carbon dioxide levels have grown at an extraordinarily rapid rate, roughly 2 parts per million per year of late, and this will be distinctly recorded in the air bubbles contained in polar ice cores, one key geological record. “Modern rates of atmospheric C emission….are probably the highest of the Cenozoic era,” or the last 65 million years, the study says.”

  • Guy a very heart felt thanks’ for your work to
    teach the populous of this crazy nutty world
    we live in. I was wondering if you herd of these
    two gentleman, Professor Emeritus Al Bartlett (1923-2013),
    Professor Garrett Hardin (1915 – 2003), I think they were
    ringing the alarm bell before you were ?

  • Tom Says:
    January 7th, 2016 at 9:01 am
    Geez, Guy – your work is completely counter to industrial civilization, so to me it’s appropriate everywhere! What we’re doing (“how we’re living”) is INSANE……this fascist political environment’

    Yes, and the culture is becoming more insane and more fascistic as time goes by, almost everywhere. NZ is increasing controlled by ‘little Hitlers’, backed up by a multitude of ‘little Goebbels’ who churn out streams of propaganda to ensure the masses remain misinformed and compliant on the path that leads to annihilation.

    You did not mention that the dominant culture is unsustainable and is in the process of collapsing, as Carlin pointed out many years ago, ‘circling the drain’.

    What is fascinating is that all the systems that have been foisted on the general populace are extraordinarily wasteful and destructive, and are undermining the very factors that make industrial civilization possible. Industrial civilization is in the process of destroying itself. I raised that aspect very publicly here in 2007 (local television, which was shut down shortly after): hardly anyone got it then. Hardly anyone gets it now. Maybe they will when the financial-economic system has collapsed a little more.

    The following link -‘our system works against us’- was sent to me yesterday. The number of views suggests TPTB won’t have to do anything to counter the partial truth discussed by Saylor.

    I obtained further evidence that the masses remain oblivious of the truth this week, when, in two separate visits to the local Environment Centre, I discovered that neither of the assistants there had any idea we are in the midst of a planetary emergency with respect to CO2, Arctic meltdown or anything else.

    Thus, it will only be collapse of extant economic arrangements and the ensuing mayhem that will awaken the masses from their stupor.

    It being Friday morning here, we wonder whether the Chinese government will today ‘set the printing presses running’ to prop up the semi-collapsed Chinese markets. Or open the markets briefly ‘to let a little more air out of the overinflated balloons’.

    Meanwhile, oil fluctuates between $33 and $34 a barrel.

    By the way, it’s cool and wet at the moment (although close to midsummer) which is arguably better than hot and dry.

  • kevin: man, you are an inspiration. i know you aren’t well physically, but you’re a ferocious lion in spirit with your never-ending attempts to wake up those in charge. i’ve been following your comments since i came aboard here and you always fight for the Earth. Yeah, i left out a lot in my morning comment, because it’s all been said and i’m about out of words to describe the on-going catastrophe that most aren’t even aware of (as you point out). i’m struggling with it like most of us here. Sometimes i have to go out and be in what nature i can still find and just sit and listen. i want to share a moment i experienced at a friend’s house late one afternoon in late December.

    My friend went in his back door to retrieve something (tickets i think) and i waited on his back porch looking into the sunset. It was relatively quiet, the wind was soft and it was warmer than normal (by about 20 degrees). While looking at a large pine by a utility pole, i began to faintly hear what sounded like trumpets. Next thing you know, loud as can be a large flock of geese or ducks flew over head in the typical V formation – but i mean hundreds of them. i was taken by surprise as they went by, and just marveled at them making their way to a reservoir about a mile away. Before i could sit down again, yet another large flock, this time in three separate V’s honked over the house and i got tears in my eyes it was so amazing. They trailed away, and i was about to go see what was keeping my buddy, and yet a third flock flew overhead! This one lower to where i was standing, and it was incredible and i cheered them on loudly.

    After they were in the distance my friend came out. i couldn’t even relate the experience to him – and just pointed at the sky. On the way to where we were going (a college basketball game) i finally gained enough composure to begin to speak about it. He says: oh, the ducks, yeah, they fly over all the time during the winter season. Here i am, stunned out of my shoes at witnessing this, and it’s freaking NORMAL. Go figure, eh?

    Thanks for all you do kevin – you’re what humans are supposed to be: AWARE and ACTIVE in the service of the planet.

    Gerald: maybe i should have stated that i couldn’t put it into words and that the whole thing is beyond my logic and reason. See, to me the entire universe, including our thoughts and dreams, from the boundless expanse of space to the atomic level and beyond – it’s all happening all at once. There is no duality, no inner and outer, no real and unreal, even mind, body, and spirit, it’s all the same event continually changing and all i can do is marvel at it all, like the geese above. i read everything you write, and you’ve hit some out of the park here on NBL, so keep on keepin’ on sir. We’ll see this thing out til we drop.

  • @Tim

    Recently, a friend was flying at 30,000 ft. over the Rockies and registered a cool 3.2 microsieverts (uSv) on his Geiger counter.

    1 uSv = 100 counts per minute.

    The listed $32 -$34/barrel of oil is the manipulated price.

    The OPEC Basket Oil price dropped to under $30/b today.

  • @ Gerald Spezio Says:
    January 7th, 2016 at 10:31 am

    … Many of the same cheerful mystics on these pages wouldn’t think of endorsing Senator Snowball, but routinely digress into pure blathering anti-scientific gibberish…

    Yes, it is amazing the number of people, not just here on NBL but EVERYWHERE, who appear at one moment to possess some level of understanding then, just mere moments later, discredit themselves by eschewing one abject belief or another. What is a sane person (perhaps none exist and I, myself, am fairly certain that I’m no less insane than some others) to do? A veritable enigma wrapped in an utterly obfuscated conundrum? Or, as Guy has put it, “damned if we do, damned if we don’t,” regardless of what is or is not done.

    @ Tom Says:
    January 7th, 2016 at 6:18 pm

    I think you know I share your angst and, dare I say, confusion. As I’ve indicated above, it’s simply astonishing how many [self-proclaimed] smart/aware people are actually utterly oblivious to the true wonders that surround us all on a daily basis. For example, if anyone can watch this clip and NOT realize that the preponderance of the world’s population is not only stupid but also bat-shit insane then that person is, ipso facto, a member of that particular sub-species. Perhaps this interlude is appropriate at this juncture.

  • Equivalent to over 600 ppm CO2 Methane causing levels to head to 700 ppm faster than flies to fresh shit And now HOPE lol

  • HOPE, n. Desire and expectation rolled into one.

    Delicious Hope! when naught to man is left —
    Of fortune destitute, of friends bereft;
    When even his dog deserts him, and his goat
    With tranquil disaffection chews his coat
    While yet it hangs upon his back; then thou,
    The star far-flaming on thine angel brow,
    Descendest, radiant, from the skies to hint
    The promise of a clerkship in the Mint.
    —Fogarty Weffing

    Ambrose Bierce – The Devil’s Dictionary

  • Nemesis,

    For your info, in case you were not aware of this one…

    Philip K Dick in 1977.

    The Mass Extinction Event considered as a downhill bicycle race?

  • “this will be distinctly recorded in the air bubbles contained in polar ice cores”

    They conveniently forget that there will be no polar ice and no polar ice cores.

    “I was wondering if you herd of these
    two gentleman, Professor Emeritus Al Bartlett (1923-2013),
    Professor Garrett Hardin”

    They have been mentioned with links in the comments NUMEROUS times, the former more so.

    “Meanwhile, oil fluctuates”

    Would be better when it flocculates.

  • Mark, what message is this except one we already know? That psychopaths will marshall near-infinite amounts of energy in the service of titillating themselves and their offspring? Here we’ve got dolphin holograms, but indoor desert ski-slopes are hardly different..

    These images aren’t thrilling to me; they are horrific and heinous, just a much-more-expensive extrapolation of the more-banal (and far cheaper) Animal Planet. If people can click a button and see “wildlife” on the screen, things can’t be that bad, can they?

    The moon-landing-astronaut figure is hilarious as it is just as fictitious as the dinosaurs.

  • should have said “even more fictitious”!

  • Lidia,

    Mark may be alluding to “Project Blue Beam”.
    I doubt the title on the YT clip is his, so maybe not.

    PBB is easily Google-able and you can take your pick from sites
    where people seem to think they know something (or all) about it.

    I just know the general idea and am fully agnostic about it.
    But it sure would be a hell of a show if it’s real and comes to pass.

    Of course, Mark might not have been alluding to *that* Project Blue Beam.
    Maybe there’s another one.

    Best to ask him to confirm what he had in mind.

    So, Mark ?

  • The rest of the clips from the documentary on the Kogi –

    Clip 4: 49:35 to 54:00
    Clip 5: 1:06:55 to 1:07:29
    Clip 6: 1:14:05 to 1:16:10
    Clip 7: 1:20:35 to 1:24:00

    Aluna is the sequel documentary to The Heart of The World: Elder Brother’s Warning it was made by an indigenous film crew and the Kogi Mamos in collaboration with Ereira. This is to be the final warning to the world by the Kogi Mamos as it is apparent to them that the world did not heed their original warning in the first documentary. The indigenous film crew was necessary as a modern film crew couldn’t see “so that what the modern film crew cannot see may appear to the camera”.

  • A carbon sink that can’t be filled

    Forests can store as much as 45 percent of the world’s terrestrial carbon, making them a critical part of the process of regulating climate change. As global temperatures rise, though, the organic matter in forests appears to break down more quickly, accelerating the release of carbon into the atmosphere. This surprising conclusion comes out of a long-term study that was intended to find means to mitigate global warming, not exacerbate it.

    Siberian Arctic leads the way in ‘revolutionary’ Northern Hemisphere warming

    Average temperatures in the north of the Kara and Barents seas were 4C to 5C higher than previous years. […] This startling increase comes as meteorologists say the negative consequences of this warning can be measured directly, with a rapid rise in deadly and destructive wild fires, for example. […] The Russian Hydrometeorological Centre say the the year 2015 in the Northern Hemisphere was the warmest since 1891 when the records began. Such a change in the average annual temperature in comparison with the previous year occurred for the first time in history. The largest anomaly in average temperatures was registered in the north of the Kara Sea – on the roof of Siberia – stretching westward to the Barents Sea. The director of the Russian Hydrometeorological Centre, Roman Vilfand, said: “For many billions of years of existence of our planet, of course, there were higher temperatures, and lower, but there has never happened such a rapid rise in temperature.”

  • @infanttyrone

    Yeah, but the Matrix isn’t any real news, is it? The Matrix is as old as the Universe (Ma- ya = Ma- trix = Ma- ter = Ma- ma) :

    Anyway, Grateful is just great, love it! Love the Matrix too!

  • Correction:

    Grateful Dead is just great.

    So, these were my two cents today, see you tomorrow 😀

  • Officialdom has said fuc* it to SLC and refuse to put plastic and duct tape over their seaports (Weekend Rebel Science Excursion – 55).

    Evidently a virus is responsible (Weekend Rebel Science Excursion – 21).

  • @ Nemesis

    Of course the Moon disappears when I don’t look at it. It is a hallucination. It disappears every night when I sleep.

    A hallucination occurs when one sees, hears, smells, tastes or feels something that is not there, with a compelling feeling or thought that it is real. Every scientist knows that colors do not exist “out there” but are hallucinations. But this equally true for everything else that appears to be “out there”. Therefore the physical world, or nature, is a hallucination. So are our physical bodies and our conscious minds.

    Reality is that which appears when you stop seeing hallucinations.

  • Colin: as usual, MASTERFUL comment – good ol’ materialism (in your first clip of the sneaker don) sinking the Titanic that Guy alludes to in his video at the top AND there’s a ship in that Depeche Mode clip (that looks like a glorified Titanic) that they finally get off of (possibly the ship of civilization – into a “heavenly” domain). Great job, brother.

    Satish: wow, that’s some fantastic work there – pointing out the gems you want us to focus on (excellent choices) in each of those lengthy (but wonderful to see through) clips.

  • tyrone, thanks for the tip about “Project Blue Beam”. Pretty hilarious!

  • Satish, cheers for the link to Aluna, I’d been trying to find that. However, I keep getting “this video isn’t available in your country”, has anyone had success in watching it? If so, I’d appreciate letting me know which country youtube deems it reasonable to view it in, so that I can find an appropriate VPN.

  • Large and increasing methane emissions from lakes at high northern latitudes


    Climate-sensitive regions in the north are home to most of the world’s lakes. New research from universities in Sweden and the US, shows that these northern freshwaters are critical emitters of methane, a more effective greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide.

    Methane is increasing in the atmosphere, but many sources are poorly understood. Lakes at high northern latitudes are such a source. However, this may change with a new study published in Nature Geoscience. By compiling previously reported measurements made at a total of 733 northern water bodies – from small ponds formed by beavers to large lakes formed by permafrost thaw or ice-sheets – researchers are able to more accurately estimate emissions over large scales.

    “The release of methane from northern lakes and ponds needs to be taken seriously. These waters are significant, contemporary sources because they cover large parts of the landscape. They are also likely to emit even more methane in the future”, says Martin Wik, PhD student at the Department of Geological Sciences and Bolin Centre for Climate Research, Stockholm University, who led the study.

    [so much for Dave Cohen’s attitude and opinion]

  • Thx Wester aka graffiti man for (rich mans war) by John Trudell
    and to all who expose empires narrative because the only fight now is to know the truth before dying, and knowing love the only freedom

  • Tom, specially modified aircraft for precision monitoring the Also Canyon “methane burp” accurately place the DAILY spewing of methane NOW at 800 TONS.

    The daily amount was as high as 1000 tons per day in November 2015 before pressure was reduced in the underground cavity.

    Multiplying by a “low” conversion factor of 89 gives a total of 71,200 tons CO2 equivalent PER DAY.

    Accepting the most recent admission/prediction from Sempra Energy that the leak will not (cannot) be capped until around April first (157 days), we can calculate that approximately 11,178,000 TONS of CO2e will go into the atmospheric commons.

    The biggest methane leak ever can be categorized as the result of gigantism in pipeline & gas storage; as in Twin Towers, Titanic, Airbus 380, & 185,000 ton Superships.

  • Host of New Abolitionist Radio, Max Parthas said this today:
    “When Fukashima occurred I said to myself, self… what will happen first. Will (wormwood) this radioactive volcano poison all the seas and rivers turning them into blood or will you see slavery abolished 1st if either? I decided it doesn’t matter. I’ll stay in my lane and fight till the end.”

    US is still a slave country. Read 13th Amendment:

    “Section 1. Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, EXCEPT as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.”

    And you wonder why the US has the highest prison population on the planet. Why 95% of all prosecutors are of a certain melanin disposition? Why there is an army of well armed pre-crime slave catchers, what my auntie calls: America’s Finest, out there to “protect” and “serve”.

    Good Luck out there. Power Fist. Fight til the end.

  • Tom.

    Thanks for the kind comment. My greatest efforts to ‘save the planet’ and ‘save society’ occurred between 1999 and 2012. The combination of the ignorance and apathy of the masses, the deceit and viciousness of those in power, the realization nothing is going to make much difference at this late stage, and personal illness have resulted in me going into semi-retirement from activism. I usually just casually mention reality to those I encounter these days, though I am still in the process of compiling two major ‘official’ items and hope to complete them over coming months -just for the record, of course, because we now know that the entire ‘public consultation/complaints’ system is ineffective or corrupt and is designed to ensure that the trajectory towards annihilation of most life on this planet is maintained.

    The main reason I take an interest in commodity prices and markets is that they -along with fractional reserve banking, interest and GDP etc.- are major immediate drivers of destruction of the biosphere.

    The latest round of ‘the oil-price war’ is bringing some desirable results. WTI and Brent are currently trading at around $33, while other sources/grades are trading at below $30 a barrel. Whilst such pricing does promote consumption it also promotes bankruptcy of extractors/producers.

    It has been repeatedly reported that US fracked oil requires $65-70 a barrel to cover all costs. We know that initial costs are high and that marginal costs are low but in the case of fracked wells depletion is rapid, and continuous drilling is necessary to maintain high levels of extraction. Much the same applies to Canadian tar sands, and the latest news on that front is extraordinary. $20 a barrel for Canadian heavy oil is about a quarter of the ‘let’s carry on expanding production’ price.

    Anyone looking for amusement might like to view the latest Max Keiser [859], in which he suggests the best financial move would be liquidation of oil majors like BP and Shell. He also interviewed Chris Martenson, of Peak Prosperity….now there’s someone who talked a lot of sense in the past but has gone into denial with respect to environmental collapse, and Abrupt Climate Change in particular. That said, he does talk about non-tangible assets such as mental preparedness, a plus considering what we are facing.

    Meanwhile, the Chinese government or bargain-hunters staved off immediate collapse of Shanghai index for the moment. Nevertheless, the overall picture still looks ugly if you are an investor looking for capital gain and dividends. Dow at 16,346.45, is down 1% on the day and down 2000 points from the 2015 peak: someone is going to have to do something about that before confidence evaporates.

    May the farce be with you.

    The Ponzi scheme will come to an end, though whether it will be via the immediate round of instability is yet to be seen. Presumably we will have to go through a 2007-2009 style of crash, after which there will obviously be no recovery.

    Ice is forming in the Arctic, as expected, so once again we can speculate whether the coming autumn will be ice-free.

  • kevin, Chris Martenson sells future planning/hope for a living, albeit for a much different future. He’s one of the new generation of collapse professional optimists. I don’t believe he is totally disingenuous. Same with the Namoi Kliens and Bill Mckibbens. I think they know they are bullshitting to a large degree, but can they really help themselves? Given our psychology, our evolution it’s a wonder there are any doomers at all. No matter how much evidence or real world consequences keep increasing most people are incapable of accepting that techno industrial civilization is going to end soon let alone that we are going bye bye. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that the guilt should be distributed equally and I am still having periods of rage when I hear holy bubble heads like Katharine Hayhoe (thanks Guy & Mike) spew their bullshit, but I also laugh hysterically too now. Humans are the ultimate self bullshitters. Apparently nature made us that way.

    How unrealistic optimism is maintained in the face of reality

    Your brain won’t allow you to believe the apocalypse could actually happen

  • Robert Scribbler ranted at people on Fa(r)cebook trying to “make him a doomer” like Guy:

    . . .And to add to the ridiculous nonsense, I’ve got a passel of Guy Mcpherson cronies over on facebook trying to turn me into a doomer. I am so sick and tired of people who can’t just stand up and fight for what must be done. These guys, I swear, do the oil companies more good than the climate change deniers. They make environmentalists doubt themselves.

    i had to comment there [sorry for the third post mo]:

    Hey Robert, great essay again – informative and timely. I think your research is exceptional with regard to the “new normal” (chaotic) weather. Thanks also to your great crew of commenters and regulars. i read them daily for updates, banter, discussion and music appreciation.

    To be fair though, you’re giving McPherson an unfairly bad review. He’s been at this a long time and sounded the alarm for years. Nothing changes because our leadership is tied to the fossil fuel industry, capitalism and business as usual. He encourages people to keep up the fight, not throw in the towel. Where you disagree is that he sees where this is going and knows (from being a conservation biologist) that the other species in our environment, from phytoplankton at the base of the marine food web to plants cannot possibly adapt to the rate of change of the climate – in short, we’re losing our habitat. His work is based on peer-reviewed science and he’s being honest.

    We cannot give up because our lives and those of our children depend on it. Even though we won’t be able to undo the centuries of misuse, pollution and non-stewardship that have wrecked the global climate, we’re still bound to fight to correct our ways as best we can in order to mitigate what’s already “baked in.”

    Thank you for your work and encouragement in this regard.

    [Let’s see how long it stays up before being deleted.]

  • no prob, Tom. my style is to (strongly!) encourage people to support the spirit of the two post rule. occasional violations with good reason and some acknowledgement will always be tolerated. 🙂

    your post to Scribbler is a masterpiece of grace. such an excellent way of making your point.

    I really like what he has done, as well. I love his site. but his heavy handed censorship is irksome. if he deleted your fine post, he would truly be acting like a jackass.

  • mo – the *missing* post on the other thread – I got mixed up.

  • InfantTyrone & Lidia & all who are interested. A million disclaimers up front. I only know a little, and I just want to share that bit.

    Possibly The HHS sound & Signal Transduction in development, in portions, contracted to labs in 5 countries (including component design & system coding in Norway & Sweden) Is a part of the Blue Beam satellite display network. It was better that I show on YouTube rather than tell. I was in Dubai doing gvt grant management for an ILM Holographic expert team who also have a contract with NASA.

    No alarm. Just stuff in process that could manipulate the public if it gets used in more invasive way. I have the NYC test ready to post here next.

    Very smart people here on NBL, but new forms of technology could mislead “Rapture Ready” type people. Just something to think about, because I do want to show you some more of what DARPA & MAX PLANCK and many other labs are formulating. They know there is already a decade of extreme speculation and distorted stories out in the fringe media (not here of course) digging into projects that have grown too large to keep secret. Especially since it is connected to the 5.6 Billion bio budget. It is a ten minute international planned EVENT “Show case” involving International Space Station & INTERNATIONAL Satellite applications.

    I am only a messenger of actual technology in process. Disturbing? Amazing? Population Controlling? Shock & Awe before the plug is pulled on purpose in the future? Possibly all of the above? The only thing I will dare say is that HONESTLY, corporations and Bio-tech do make all sorts of plans and REAL things are in development. Strange truth in where much of “scientific” humanity is directed. My very last USA port of call – Admin job – is very specifically to share & show, things that could happen as soon as $ billions invested are ready for testing.

    Personal Note: I think humans were just as crazy before the past World Wars. Only difference now is much higher levels of technology involved. Like the on-going progress drilling all the way through the crust of the Earth. (Google it)

    Drilling into the Methane in search of Methane consuming microbes. This is already happening with full scale equipment. Huge Ocean rigs. Many things they hope to extract from the mantel layer that might help reduce atmospheric Methane once the microbes are genetically enhanced. Yet, wouldn’t it make more sense to reduce fracking & agriculture methane sources first? Sort of like insisting on a cure for cancer but refusing to stop smoking 3 packs a day. Then again some say the hardest thing to change is public habits. It takes less effort to build the first atomic bomb than have General Mc Arthur invade Japan. Believe it or not the military-industrial complex is a global power. It is moving forward. BLUE BEAM has many aspects for those who want to see what is in progress. Please take a tour of the Pentagon or Kremlin. Both sides and especially Beijing are planning for ways to manage climate change mass panic & civil disruptions. In some ways it is the same as prepping and trying to secure your own house. Unless we get hit by an actual asteroid, factories and labs are now in full gear to create all sorts of solutions. Maybe none will work. Okay…I’m just saying and will provide best bits of video evidence, while still minding my spelling and the 2 post per day limit for End of the world, earth altering, tax paid plans & potential “events.”

    Digixplor – Your fun. Heck, I think we are all in the same gene pool back to that last near extinction bottle neck. My last name is a cover but raising uncle McCain…could get this problem child strapped to Dr. Strangelove’s bomb. In all relativity I would not be here if it was not for relatives. Yachts and what not…I will be up to my knees in mud tomorrow digging a Manatee mangrove swamp pool at a nuke plant. Florida allocaters in the never glades. Python programs & Terra-byte tigers. Follow the gold brick road to OZ…man. LOL

    ARTLEADS – FPL Ft Pierce Nuclear visitor center “Energy Encounter” is going to feature water reclamition. Exactly as you inspired. It will catch and contain rainwater for our little radioactive resistant plant garden. Hemp plant not yet approved.

    PAULINE P Schneider – from my heart. So many thanks to you. I admire GUY, but you are the assistant who possibly does not get enough credit. You edit documentaries, provide CC and do so many helpful things. I see you with all my heart. I love you, because today I do realize love will remain even longer than radiation. PAULINE, PAULINE, I pray some day you will know how much silent effect your NBL support gives us all.

  • Tom, glad to hear you liked the Kogi clips. It’s interesting to hear them speak. If they feel a need to emphasize a word, they repeat it multiple times. Clever linguistic trick.

    solivagant, Aluna is on YouTube for rental for $2.99 in the U.S. It’s for sale here. Also, looks like it’s on Amazon Prime Instant Video ( Hope you get to watch it.

  • Tom- I actually never go to Scribbler’s FB page, just his blog. So I don’t see comments, but your response was fantastic. If he deletes it, he’s a jackass. In a way, it would be fitting for him to delete it. That way, he can maintain whatever delusion he has come to accept as reality. I mean Guy even allows Holocaust deniers to post here. Talk about non-censorship.

    I posted this before, but it’s still relevant to this space…

    Daylight come
    Daylight go
    How far will it reach
    Ain’t nobody know
    When the dawn breaks
    The cradle will fall
    And down will come baby
    Cradle and all
    Now I know you need the dark
    Just as much as the sun
    But you’re signin’ on forever
    When you ink it in blood

    A. E. I. O. U. E. I. O. U. A. E. I. O. U. I.

    I use my state of the art
    Supposed to make for better living
    Are we better human beings?
    We’ve got our wires all crossed
    Our tubes are all tied
    And I’m straining to remember
    Just what it means to be alive

    A life worth livin’
    Now you can feel it in your chest
    Buildin’ like little birds
    Just building up the nest
    And you build it up strong
    And you fill it up with love
    And you pray for good rain
    All from the lord above

    A. E. I. O. U. E. I. O. U. A. E. I.

    I use my state of the art
    Now don’t you forget it
    It ain’t using me
    Cause when the power goes out
    I got other means
    Cause the power’s goin’ out

    …I mean the power’s goin’ out

    I mean it, the power’s goin’ out

    I really mean it the power’s goin’ out

  • Gerald,

    “The biggest methane leak ever can be categorized as the result of gigantism in pipeline & gas storage; as in Twin Towers, Titanic, Airbus 380, & 185,000 ton Superships.”

    Gigantism in today’s modern world fascinates me!

    Some interesting links:

    Aircraft –

    Container Ships –,

    Earthmovers –

    Trucks/transporters –,,

    The pace at which we’re terraforming the Earth is amazing!

  • If I could have the means I would have “booked” you so we could discuss without a laptop. Would also book a bunch of other professors of old so we could sail for a couple of weeks all together on a mighty sailing ship. Would there be mutiny as I would plot a course or would everybody stick with his/her task. I think it’s the only way to create a good sea map so we might be able to sail the oceans or do we keep focus on navigating lakes with eventually just bathing in pools.

  • Pluto the Dog Has Appeared on Pluto the Planet, which proves that reality is a hallucination.

  • Robert’s response to Tom.


    / January 9, 2016

    Where I disagree is that his message is that the worst case is inevitable. This generates hopelessness and the exact opposite of a call to action. It is vastly irresponsible — regardless how bad the situation becomes. The equivalent to a petulant 2 year crying — I can’t.

    In addition, the active attacks on positive action, because they are not perfect, are dramatically counterproductive. No effective policy — not the Montreal protocol, not the DDT reductions — started out in their current form. They progressed. But they were successful enough to save lives, to reduce damage, to create space for response. Yes, they are still not perfect. Yes, we should still work to improve them. But this view that policy and action have been ineffective and that government and the entire system is evil is the equivalent to accepting failure before you even start.

    I could think of no better means, intended or not, to disable effective response among environmentalists — coordination, action, whatever. That’s why I’m so critical of what I rightly believe to be a rotten way to think.


    Robert’s last statement is most instructive.

    Two & one half years ago Robert Fanney & I discussed; “what conditions behavior & how do we change behavior &/or society.”

    I had difficulty communicating that we were BOTH idealists because we both wanted to change the world for the better.

    Our disagreement was with “philosophical idealism or ideation.”

    Robert is an incorrigible “ideationist.”

    Philosophical idealism posits that thought & ideas condition/cause behavior, & Robert clearly proceeds from this critical premise, as do most philosophical ideationists.

    Conversely a scientific materialist begins from the Skinnerian behaviorist premise that behavior conditions thought & ideas in a reciprocal relationship.

    Sadly, admitting that I am a committed behaviorist routinely poisons the wells for subsequent discussion.

    Does it ever!

    Cognitive idealism is the new(est) fashion for philosophical idealism, & it permeates almost all intellectual discussion.

    I failed miserably with Robert.

    Shamefully, I was a toiling crypto ideationist until I was 46 years old.

    For those who may be interested, here is my brief discussion from Robert’s August 2013 blog about Robert’s book that does a good job of laying out our pervasive growth madness, GROWTH SHOCK.

    Robert’s solutions are pure ideation – change the foolish thoughts & offensive ideas & you will change the mad destructive behavior.

    Again; “What conditions our behavior & our thoughts?”

  • Ray: your self-contradictory nonsense is becoming tiresome. Despite your (or anyone else’s) categorization of what we experience as being “unreal” or a “hallucination” it’s experienced nonetheless and is as real as anything else. How, for example, can you provide proof of something that is a hallucination? It too would be a hallucination.
    And what or who is doing the deciding? You’re chasing your tail with this stuff. Human minds can’t determine what reality is or isn’t, since we’re immersed in it.
    Are you trolling here?

    Warming Icy Methane Adds to Greenhouse Effect
    Channel Core Studies Link Methane and Ancient Glacial and Warming Events


    …this chunk of sea bottom showed that an ocean as vast as the Pacific could warm by 4-5°C in fewer than 50 years. Climate scientists have assumed such a phenomenon could only be accomplished over thousands of years. Instead, the core sample showed that temperature jumps occurred several times, and rapidly, over less than 700 years.

    Toxic chemical discovered in San Francisco’s fog


    Scientists who studied the fog along the coast of California found that it deposits a neurotoxin called monomethyl mercury — at a concentration about 20 times that of rain — as it sweeps across the city.

    The scientists determined that mesoscale eddies — large, circular currents of water from the California current — are depositing dimethyl mercury into the fog, where acidic marine aerosols — particles left over from evaporated droplets of ocean spray — convert it into its monomethyl mercury form. That compound is then blown ashore in the fog, where it is deposited on the coastal landscape.

    For example, the scientists found that wolf spiders along the coast that they examined during foggy periods had levels of the mercury compound in their systems that exceeded the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s 3 parts per million safety threshold. People won’t eat spiders, but the arachnids are part of a food chain that eventually lands on dinner plates. [bioaccumulation at work]

    babajingo: i don’t do Facebook either, RS exclaims the source in his comment (which i left out).

    By the way, Scribbler not only left my comment, but responded (below). It would be better if Guy went over and countered his imagined cause and effect leap that is the basis of his dislike:

    Where I disagree is that his message is that the worst case is inevitable. This generates hopelessness and the exact opposite of a call to action. It is vastly irresponsible — regardless how bad the situation becomes. The equivalent to a petulant 2 year crying — I can’t.

    In addition, the active attacks on positive action, because they are not perfect, are dramatically counterproductive. No effective policy — not the Montreal protocol, not the DDT reductions — started out in their current form. They progressed. But they were successful enough to save lives, to reduce damage, to create space for response. Yes, they are still not perfect. Yes, we should still work to improve them. But this view that policy and action have been ineffective and that government and the entire system is evil is the equivalent to accepting failure before you even start.

    I could think of no better means, intended or not, to disable effective response among environmentalists — coordination, action, whatever. That’s why I’m so critical of what I rightly believe to be a rotten way to think.

    [Though maybe it’s a waste of time, since he doesn’t see the inevitability of our demise. He’ll have to come around sooner or later. Many commenters on his site say they see that we’ve crossed (a) tipping point and that it’s going to end badly, from different perspectives. He hates that and thinks they’re “giving up.” Reminds me of RE’s nonsense.]

  • Bob S ~

    I is confused. “missing” post? I am lacking in sufficient clues.

  • @Tom

    Human minds can’t determine what reality is or isn’t, since we’re immersed in it.

    How can you determine then, if Rays comments make sense or not?

    If modern man cannot distinguish reality from hallucination, real from unreal, then modern man might be in some BIG trouble I am afraid 🙂 Yes, modern man is in some REAL big trouble for shure.

  • Btw: There is a solution for people who cannot determine real from unreal anymore:

    The psychiatric hospital^^

    … just my 2 cents for today, have phun.

  • Sorry, correction:

    “… determine real from unreal…” should be:

    “… determine real and unreal…”

  • ”It’s easy to spot a hallucination only when it’s bizarre. For all we know, we hallucinate all the time.” – (Quote from Incognito, a book by David Eagleman, a leading neuroscientist)

    Ok, I’m becoming tiresome. But I’m just a collection of atoms obeying the laws of physics and there is no mental causation, and my mind hasn’t any causal power.

  • A good method to destroy an intelligent discussion about real important issues is to deliberately resort to absurd commentary – muddying the waters with woo.

    I have no difficulty “spotting” a sick vomiting child.

    “It’s real easy to spot” a superficial twit with a propeller on his beanie.

    Counterfeit exists because there is real gold.

  • mo flow – yesterday I made my vibration post – it was marked for moderation

    Today I looked for vibration post on wrong thread and believed it didn’t go through.

    So… all is okay – all my posts seem to be showing.

    Whats up with posts marked for moderation?

  • Most people have neither time nor the means to really think. When you say that’s evil what they trust; can you blame them for being somewhat careful? Indeed evil has hijacked reality for the wickedness of a few determines the fate of us all without them fully comprehending, what is totally understandable.

    Carbon tax and green stock exchanges will just make things far worse and in the end they will buy death itself what some belief is already the case, from their computer screens driving their electric cars. And there will be nobody with the power or cash to buy death away and none would anyhow want it, not interested even until it befalls them too and marvel at how that could happen.

    In that way I believed that giving meaning to status would in fact make the rich, politics and business reason into committing to accountability rather than ever wanting more, growth, harnessing nature as a renewable resource what it not is but yet understood to be by the poor souls that have spirits of error because the past determined their perception on what they act accordingly. The saying dogs return to their own vomit is indeed the case but was wondering what if we put some food there instead and perhaps they will heal. Nobility, earth saviors, redeemed from evil, wise fathers of earth; would make me consider if I were rich.

    Fighting against that “evil” you see as evil with fire would just add oil on the flames and oil is running out so you must hunt for whales to do likewise? That climate change has become mainstream politically accepted is a miracle in itself even they just act; and if anybody in the scientific community will be able to cause doubt; science will be too late too and would need to start praying and we know the answer to that one is 97% surely No. That ideological way is so narrow I wonder if we will actually make it without needing to explain the very air people breath and how it comes into being from the oxygen of ice-sheets and 1000’s of other sources besides what they learned in school. The curse of knowledge, wanting to know it all as said consumed the last 90 years; doubt is what stalls.

    The problem is that many people view science as a belief and we’ve set up mostly around the world a democratic system with laws that relies on people to decide but has been the problem of the last 40 years of climate change debate while activism has just polarized everything into an ineffective concept for debate others just look around and say the weather is always unpredictable; those left radicals. First Global cooling now global warming, violence against ideals and business: raising lots of cash from “believers” that in the end is seen to be just used for the luxury of a few, is too true in organizations like Greenpeace. Hmm need to find some new activity so the media coverage can get us more donors. How can you expect that to work then?

    Who studies by actually reading all the scientific findings? Only higher educated with time and interest? People are not stupid but it’s hard to ask a human to understand the entire planet as a system while they can’t even understand the things they think they know. Trust is everything.

    Anyhow that’s what I see.

  • it really would suck if it all ended TOMORROW!

  • but i do hope jamie dimon dies before me.

  • @Gerald & Tom,
    “the Montreal protocol, not the DDT reductions”

    Robert here disingenuously cites two issues with single identifiable inputs, known ‘bad guys’, each of which could be substituted for without much sacrifice at all. No one was asked to go without refrigeration, and AFAIK people are still producing and happily using prodigious amounts of intentionally-toxic substances.

    I can’t find it, but someone should show Robert the graph of CO2 with the various COP conferences pinpointed along the way. In fact, each COP conference is bigger and glitzier than the one before; now it’s just one more big orgy of waste in and of itself. You might as well put up a big globe effigy and burn it in the square, like Burning Man, for all the good these conferences do.

  • Bob S ~

    OK, thanks for clearing that up. you’d need to check in with our higher power to find further answers to your questions.

    good vibes to you!

    ~ mo

  • “you’d need to check in with our higher power”

    and no, I don’t mean Gerald.

  • @Gerald

    A good method to destroy an intelligent discussion about real important issues is to …

    … assume you are the only intelligent person in the discussion and the only one to determine what the real important issues are.

    What about the volumes of bigoted Jew hatred you’ve posted here Gerald?

    You and your arrogance demonstrate one of the causal factors to our very predicament.

    It would seem you’re just another megalomaniacal self important hypocrite.

  • From DARPA & Max Planck The next gadget for sending messages will be an electronic device embedded in your brain. A new flexible circuit has brought us one step closer to this mind expanding future. Implanted via injection, a grid of wires only a few millimeter’s across can insinuate itself with living neurons and eavesdrop on their chatter, offering a way for electronics to interface with your brain activity.

    “We’re trying to blur the distinction between electronic circuits and neural circuits,” says Dr. Charles Lieber, a nanotechnologist at Harvard
    University and co-author of a study describing the device this week in
    Nature Nanotechnology. Pics in new issue of Popular Science.

    Or you can drink your cell phone by ingesting blood-brain penetrating particles that will form a mesh around the cerebral cortex.

    Dr. Lieber’s first backer was Fidelity Biosciences, a venture capital firm interested in new ways to alter human connectivity. The
    military has also taken an interest, providing support through the U.S. Air Force’s Cyborgcell program, which focuses on small-scale
    electronics for the “performance enhancement” of cells. The cerebral cortex is the most important part of our brain (at least in the field of psychology) because it is what makes us human. The cerebral cortex (sometimes referred to as called “gray matter”), is tissue containing densely packed neurons.

    We actually are born with more neurons in our cerebral cortex than we have now, but they are young and inexperienced. As you get older the neurons learn to work together forming what we call neural networks.

    The non-surgical “Mind Matter” technique involves sending magnetic nanoparticles to the surface of the blood-brain barrier at the desired location in the brain. The researchers say this could be done in the near future at any hospital or clinic using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technology, although a different method was used for their initial study.

    Once directed to the desired location, the nanoparticles were exposed to a radio-frequency field that caused them to dissipate heat. The resulting small elevation in temperature places mechanical stress on the barrier that causes a localized opening, which allows therapeutic molecules to pass through. The opening is only temporary, remaining open for around two hours.

    Blue ray, Blue tooth, Blue beam…before bio-remediation.

    Big gulp brain reboot. A brave new hive mind or a Titanic disaster reformatting humans with neuronal transduction signals?

  • Although Ray’s idiotic posts have become tiresome, they do, nevertheless, serve the important function of reminding those who can think rationally that there are billions of people who cannot think rationally.

    It seems to me that the key to understanding people like Ray Batman is to understand that they have such a massive investment in absurd beliefs that the absurd beliefs become the default setting for brain activity and block the capacity to think anything through, just as is the case with those who doggedly adhere to absurd religious beliefs, such as that the Earth is only a few thousand years old and that the Grand Canyon was formed by ‘The Flood’. No amount of evidence will convince the believer because rational thought is always immediately by-passed.

    According to Ray Batman, when I look at the Moon my mind creates a hallucination of a moon that does not actually exist. According to Ray, my hallucination is identical to the hallucinations of every other observer of the Moon or photograph of the Moon taken over a century-and-a-half, though those in the Southern Hemisphere need to invert the image and see the Moon crossing the sky in the opposite direction. It could be that he just does not understand the difference between the words image and hallucination. (Or, as Tom suggests, maybe Batman is just an attention-seeking troll with too much time on his hands.)

    Robert Scribbler suffers from a similar mental block. It must be three or four years ago that Scribbler got into a rage with me on CoIC (before Mike Lee revealed HIS mental blocks with respect to 9/11 and Moon landings, and I quit CoIC): Scribbler insisted that it was possible to maintain a technologically advanced society AND become carbon neutral; he quoted a company that had installed solar panels and was ‘self-sufficient’ in energy. He did not like it at all when I pointed out that the vast majority of employees of that company drove to work in fossil-fuel-powered vehicles and that the bulk of their food supply was entirely dependent on the use of fossil fuels.

    He is clearly well-meaning but as far as I can tell, Robert Scribbler has made little progress in recent years in his understanding of how society works, and despite writing:

    ‘The scientists were absolutely right. The Holocene is over. We’re living on a different planet.’

    still seems to think in terms of action to ameliorate the predicament of fossil fuel addiction, apparently failing to notice that the globalized economic system is geared to expanded use of fossil fuels.

    In his response he wrote:

    ‘I could think of no better means, intended or not, to disable effective response among environmentalists — coordination, action, whatever. That’s why I’m so critical of what I rightly believe to be a rotten way to think.’

    Unfortunately, Scribbler does not specify what he regards as an ‘effective response’.

    Those of us who have tried everything within our means now know no action will alter the course chosen for us by bankers, corporations and their bought-and-paid-for political lackeys. And nothing will change within the mindset of the manipulated masses until substantial economic-social collapse occurs. Since the corporate media are primarily concerned with preventing the flow of important information and keeping up confidence via feel-good narratives, it will be when substantial numbers of people lose employment and the lose ability to spend that we will see much awakening.

    Yesterday I shared to following with one of the few truly awake people around here who has no Internet):

    Dow 16346, down 1% for the day and down 2000 points from the 2015 peak.

    All Ordinaries, down 0.4% for the day and down 900 points from the 2015 peak.

    Shanghai up 2% for the day and down 2000 points from the 2015 peak.

    WTI $32.88, Brent $33.33, Canadian heavy $20

    Most markets have a long way to fall, and most of us [in the developed world] do too.

    Next week will again be ‘interesting’.

    Thanks for that link Apneaman:

    ‘Mice will survive, elephants will not. Rats will survive, orangutans will not. All great apes will be driven to extinction except one, Homo sapiens. Some small monkeys will survive. The larger monkeys and lesser apes will not. Most of them will be killed for food. The rest will die because of loss of habitat.’

    Human exceptionalism, again.

  • Thanks, kevin moore. Apneaman’s link is interesting in its optimism that mice will survive. A gentleman with a degree of Native ancestry pointed out how many mice and voles there were on my property, and what a human food resource that could be. 🙂

  • Did you know that the definition of a hallucination is to see things and not knowing, that’s it’s a hallucination?
    The moment you know, that it’s a hallucination, it’s per definitionem no hallucination anymore.

  • I’m waiting for someone to claim that we will evolve into smaller versions of ourselves to survive, like homo floresiensis, since only smaller creatures, 99lbs or less, seem to survive mass extinctions. It’s more plausible than a Mars colony although just as hilarious. We should fast track the development of mini ipads and smartphones so we don’t have to talk face to face when we’re tiny.

    Homo Floresiensis: Facts About the ‘Hobbit’

    “Based on LB1, experts estimate H. floresiensis weighed between 35 and 79 lbs. (16 and 36 kg), according to a 2004 Nature article describing the specimen.”

  • I came across the following by accident a few minutes ago.

    It’s just more evidence how industrial civilization is sitting on a knife edge and how climate change is severely impacting on people’s lives. We could also say it is evidence that so-called development was a monstrous mistake:

    World’s Biggest Dam Has ‘Extremely Dangerous’ Low Water Levels

    Water levels at Kariba dam, the world’s largest, are at “extremely dangerous” lows that could force a shutdown of its hydro power plants, said Zambian Energy Minister Dora Siliya.

    Poor rainfall and overuse of water by Zambia and Zimbabwe, the southern African countries that share the reservoir, have caused its levels to drop, with electricity generation already reduced by more than half. As of Dec. 28, Kariba was 14 percent full, compared with 51 percent a year earlier, according to the dam’s regulator.

    “The situation is dire,” Siliya told reporters Thursday in Lusaka, Zambia’s capital. “I’m praying. We sit here and gaze at the sky and say, ‘please, the levels of Kariba are at extremely dangerous levels.’” A continued absence of rains could force the power plants to shut down altogether, she said.

    è Map: Kariba dam straddles the Zambian, Zimbabwe border
    square before the information Map: Kariba dam straddles the Zambian, Zimbabwe border

    Mining companies in Africa’s second-biggest copper producer have had to reduce their electricity use and buy expensive imports at a time when plunging metal prices have triggered the mothballing of some mines and more than 10,000 job cuts. Households and businesses endure power cuts as long as 14 hours a day. The cost of importing power and emergency generation could threaten the government’s 3.8 percent budget deficit target for 2016.

    ‘Most Vulnerable’

    Zambia is the most vulnerable country in sub-Saharan Africa to the El Nino weather system, partly because of its dependence on hydro power for more than 95 percent of generation, Bank of America Merrill Lynch analysts including Oyinkansola Anubi said in a November note. Six of Zambia’s 10 provinces have received below-normal rainfall this wet season, Meteorological Department director Jacob Nkomoki said in comments broadcast on Lusaka-based Radio Phoenix Dec. 4.

    Water flows in the Zambezi river that feeds Kariba on Dec. 28 were 27 percent lower than a year earlier when measured at the Victoria Falls, about 125 kilometers (78 miles) upstream from the dam, according to data from the Zambezi River Authority. At Chavuma, about 600 kilometers north-west and near the river’s source, flows had started to improve and were 23 percent higher on Dec. 28 than a year earlier.

    On a happy note: The Manatees are going from the endangered list up to only being a threatened species..well gee wiz aren’t we all. Dug mud trenches for the new manatee swim hole all day. Warm water from the nuke plant out flow.

    KIRK HAMILTON – thinking of your little bird rescue months ago:

    a mangrove bird..I think it was a grey heron…had fishing net tangled around it’s head. Sadly we were not successful in catching the frightened bird to help untangle the mess. I made the same mistake trying to rescue a monkey with a broken leg once in Costa Rica. Poor thing on a river rock freaked out and went into the rapids…. I sat for an hour in horror – then sure enough “Be still and know I am God” sort of feeling moved through everything around me. Total peace & acceptance. Catch & release.

    Back into the mud tomorrow. I will take some pics of the ‘Energy Encounter’ water reclamation for ARTleads. Play guitar and dance the babajingo

  • “I’m waiting for someone to claim that we will evolve into smaller versions of ourselves to survive, like homo floresiensis, since only smaller creatures, 99lbs or less, seem to survive mass extinctions.”

    Hubbout those pygmy populations whose average adults are around 70 lbs (37.75Kg)…

  • Just want to suggest that anyone interested in webbots ought to buy the latest (January 2016) predictive report. It reads like something straight off these pages. Hair singeing. $15 at

  • I swear, I thought I posted my last comment in the basement-thread because of the two-post-rule, it was meant for those who say that everything they perceive is a hallucination:

    Did you know that the definition of a hallucination is to see things and not knowing, that’s it’s a hallucination?
    The moment you know, that it’s a hallucination, it’s per definitionem no hallucination anymore.

    But that comment appeared here in the main-thread now. mo flow, did you move it or am I just getting old?

    Anyway, I will just post one comment today then. Yes, the weather is really strange here in Germany. Or should I say funny? It is spring outside, in the midst of winter. Blue sky, no clouds, the sun is shining like hell and it’s about 10° Celsius too warm for this time of year. Am I dreaming or what? Is this a hallucination ?!

    Anyway, I realized that Gerald Spezio didn’t post any anti-jew propaganda for quite a long time now. I highly appreciate that. Everybody has some cosmic spark within, isn’t it so?

    Yeah, now back to my geeee- tar, I am learning some new songs, like “Slave driver” by Bob Marley and “Who woulda thunk it” by Greg Brown.

  • All the best, Dredd! You’re doing a great job on your SLC information project.

    Experts Claim Passion for Eating Healthy Has Become a Mental Disorder


    When you finally realize that mainstream food companies are basically selling us food full of chemicals and devout of nutrients, you may, like many others, start to become a little fanatic about reading ingredients lists, seeking out GMO-free products, supplementing with superfoods, and actually paying attention to what goes into your body.

    Well, guess what? Now, you suddenly may have a mental disorder, at least according to scientists at the University of Northern Colorado who conducted a case study about the obsession of eating healthy. This new eating disorder is called orthorexia nervosa (ON) and is said to be driven by a fear of being unhealthy and disgust for low-quality food.

    The psychologists conducting the study argue that healthy eating can become dangerous if one becomes fixated on the types of ingredients in food, how the food is cooked, and what materials are used to prepare it. Those “suffering” from orthorexia may take extra time to prepare their food and carefully consider what they are willing to eat.

    In this day and age, 90% of grocery store shelves, at least in the United States, are filled with processed foods, most of which are scientifically engineered to create physical and psychological dependency. Mega-portion processed meals have lead to spiking rates of diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and obesity. Shouldn’t conscientious effort to prepare and eat healthy foods be called sensible and smart instead of potentially dangerous?

    [ends with]

    If psychologists are so eager to create new mental illness, why not create a fancy label for the people participating in hot-dog eating contests, contributing to the daily consumption of 1.9 billion servings of Coca-cola products, or opting for the quad-stacked Big Mac and supersize fries.

  • “We now know that the moon is demonstrably not there when nobody looks.”
    – D. Mermin, Professor of Physics, Cornell University, in his 1990 book, published by Cambridge University Press

    “A hallucination occurs when one sees, hears, smells, tastes or feels something that is not there, with a compelling feeling or thought that it is real.”
    – Wikipedia

    Thus the moon, and everything else, is a hallucination. It’s not there.

  • I went to take a look at the Scribbler blog to see what all the noise was about and why he would talk such shirts about other people. Just a cursory run through the front page produces this result:

    *Monster El Nino Most Intense Ever, Hotter Than All of the Previous 1617 Months, Last Days Below 400 PPM CO2, Megacities Fall Under Existential Threat, Paris Climate Conference ‘At the Limits of Suicide,’ Devistation, Previous Records Shattered, Hottest Summer Ever, Record Hot Arctic, Failing CLimates, Most Devistating on Record, Floods Everywhere, Neverending Gas Leak, Storms and Fires in Winter.*

    And yet, Mr. Scrib is fetishistcally obsessed with not being an icky sticky “Doomer”. Beg my pardon, but where exactly is the good news here? The ray of light, etc?

    And, what the hell is, in fact, the “worst case”? Is it 4 degrees with juiced feedback loops? Or 6 degrees with spontaneously generated hypersonic methane fireballs rocketing out of the sky? Or is it 11 degrees which is the historic precedent for leveling out, oh and incidentally practically all life on earth wiped out, most certainly including humans? Or is it 2 degrees which we are practically on the threshold of with absolutely NO reduction in any of the contributing factors? None. Zero. And nothing on the horizon?

    So we gotta do what’s gotta be done? I don’t see any quotations from Emma Goldman or Luigi Galleani, or The Black Panthers, or Fannie Lou Hamer, or the American Indian Movement, or The Earth Liberation Front, or Franz Fanon, or Kwame Nkrumah, or Emeline Prankhurst, or Amilcar Cabral, or Baghat Singh, or Crazy Horse, or anybody or anyone of historical consequence who actually did what had to be done. So that begs the question, what is it that Mr. Scrib thinks has to be done? What are the limits? What are the constraints?

    The only problem I think Mr. Scrib, among other hangers on and wannabes, has is some form of ‘envy’, as well as some form of psychological reaction formation and projection towards anyone who has the guts and temerity to stand up in public with whatever integrity can be mustered and and call balls and strikes like they see them.

    So, if The Scrib has ~any~ constructive program, other than blog writing, I’d sure as H like to know what it is.

    As far as I know, Dr. McPherson’s interview on Barry Vogel’s Radio Curious spelled out explicitly and exactly what needs to be done in plain and simple English.

    Problem is no caucazoid boys living on stolen indigenous land and consumed with euro colonial invader culture wants to go anywhere near what needs to be done.

    So Karma will take care of it by lopping off all their heads by fire, wind, rain, radioactivity, etc. And ~that~ will be what needs to be done. That will be your revolution. Because you sure as hell were not interested in making any other kind.

    Thank you for your consideration and have a nice day.

  • @Tom, that’s a great link! Thanks for all you do in coming up with so many articles.

  • Jungle Jim, I wish we could save them all, the beautiful creatures made to suffer. I’ll never understand people who can’t care. Be grateful for your feelings, be conscious of them, for they give your life meaning.

  • Tom, when I followed your direction to “Waking Times” for the piece about the new mental illness of orthorexia, I came upon this all time perverse bummer piece with grisly photos.

    In 1989 while bicycling alone along the West Coast of Costa Rica, I was befriended by three delightful Costa Rican academics studying bee colonies.

    They took me to a secret hideaway known only to locals where we all ate some delicious turtle eggs.

    Although I felt terribly guilty, I didn’t dare utter a negative word.

    In 1989 it was an isolated sleepy place with few people, but today it’s a giant expensive resort.

    Geez, what a bummer;

  • hey Nem ~

    no I didn’t move your post. but I did telepathically know you really meant to post in the basement your real hallucinatory comment about the idea that hallucinatory reality cannot actually be a real hallucination, at least not until a tree falls in the forest and kills a hallucinating squirrel who has eaten some really bad nuts.

    it was all a big mistake! that’s what the tree tried to tell the squirrel, just before the squirrel got bonked. sadly, the squirrel didn’t know if what he heard was a real apology, or just a hallucination. by definition, it must have been real. the squirrel heard it, so the tree actually did make an apologetic sound.

    wow, we have gotten several eternal conundrums all wrapped up before the end of the world. who woulda thunk it.

  • Ok, I said that I will post only one comment today, but this is important to me:

    The definition of hallucination I put in my comment above is from a psychology book. I had drug induced hallucinations several years ago. And I can tell you, Ray Batman, it was Hell. They put me in a psychiatric hospital for three weeks against my will. I didn’t harm anyone, so they had no right to put me in the hospital, but they did it forcefully and shot me down with psychotropic drugs and fixated me on a bed for three days. I don’t know, what was more wicked, the hallucinations or the fixation.

    During my trip I heard the voice of a good friend in my head. He was telling a load of bullshit, but I took it for real during my trip. Later when I had awaken from my hallucinations, I told it my friend and he was very astonished, he had no idea what I was talking about.

    I know other people, who had extreme hallucinations because of drugs or because of mental illness too. To have hallucinations is a real great suffering and I wish nobody any hallucinations. When those people had awaken, they knew exactly what has been unreal and what is real, otherwise none of them would have been able to leave the hospital for good. They hardly depend on the ability to distinguish between real and unreal for their healing, their mental health.

    To have hallucinations is a real great suffering, a real great illness.

  • Sorry, correction:

    ” They hardly depend on the ability to distinguish between real and unreal for their healing, their mental health.” should be:

    ” They heavily depend on the ability to distinguish between real and unreal for their healing, their mental health.”

  • “Big gulp brain reboot. A brave new hive mind or a Titanic disaster reformatting humans with neuronal transduction signals?”


    Very interesting. It’s amazing that there are so many factions of humans, thinking so many different things. Is there a way to agree on SOMETHING? The way I see to try that is to start where we are (here on NBL), and not try to answer all the questions at once. I can see some union of the free will/determinist sides.

    Determinist Side:

    I recently saw a proposal on NBL to just leave things the way they are. What would that mean? Just sitting in one place till we starve? No. We seem to choose to do whatever is needed to stay alive and feel good, at least for the moment. Does that mean we make a free-will choice to stay alive rather than starve? Can we just say that the answer is not one that needs sorting out immediately?

    OTOH, there are the “brave new hive mind” people. Were they determined to think and act as they do? Determinists might say yes. At the same time, they don’t immediately threaten the determinist’s life, so it can be maintained for the near future, and the need for certainty can be delayed.

    The Free Will Side:

    This side might see this brave new age stuff as being the reason we are on the beach of doom in the first place. They and the determinists would have no argument there. One side would SAY that it had to be that way, and the other would SAY that it didn’t. I submit that it’s hard to take sides on the matter, and that it is of no immediate urgency to do so.


    I propose that we take no sides in the issue of free will vs determinism. We act as if both are true. The new world folks are there, for that is what the universe turned up. They are talking about building a hive mind, but the universe (however it’s defined) is already a hive mind. As opposed to the engineered version, this universal hive mind is awesome in its grandeur. We’re “damned” if we do, and likewise if we don’t. So do what you love–whatever innately drives you on. We can develop a worldly (perhaps world-saving) hive mind through going inward and deepening understanding. Conceivably, an engineered hive mind will do the same thing. Maybe both can work together. Most here would not take the engineered route. So, what would most here prefer? Shouldn’t we do what we believe in? If we do what we believe in, wouldn’t that compete with what the engineers conceive? Can’t we trust the world to make the best choice between them?