How Hot, How Fast?

“I don’t want to earn my living; I want to live.”

~ Oscar Wilde


The species Homo sapiens — clearly our most-loved species, at the expense of nearly all others — has occupied Earth at a temperature somewhere between 2.2 and 3.2 C above baseline (i.e., relative to ~1750). We’ve also survived ice ages, which are characterized by a global-average temperature a few degrees below baseline.

Our species has occupied this planet for about 200,000 years. Our human predecessors were here about 6 million years ago. As with every other species, ours requires habitat to persist. As is the case with non-human species, habitat for Homo sapiens has persisted at a global-average temperature within a narrow range, from about 12 C to about 17 C.

The following calculations include only global dimming and the two self-reinforcing feedback loops for which estimates of heating are available. This analysis assumes moistening of the upper troposphere produces heating at a pace similar to methane. In fact, equilibrium is achieved between moistening of the upper troposphere and global-average temperature within days or weeks. As a result, this analysis is conservative.

The remaining feedback loops remain a mystery in terms of their potential for warming the planet. But I can assure you we will continue to hear the phrase, “faster than expected.”

Civilization pillow talk

I’ll start with global dimming because industrial civilization cannot be maintained. Therefore, it will not be maintained. Even a child is able to understand this point … unless the child happens to exhibit behavior consistent with that of a privileged, Caucasian man.

Global dimming results from industrial activity, as indicated here. Earth will warm by 1 to 3 C degrees above today’s temperature within days or weeks after completion of the ongoing collapse of industrial civilization.

Moistening of the upper troposphere adds 1 to 3 additional degrees. I describe this phenomenon as item 39 on this list.

The monster, though, is atmospheric methane. A potent greenhouse gas, methane leaking emanating from the Arctic Ocean alone is likely to add between 5 and 11 degrees of warming within one or two decades. So said Paul Beckwith in November 2014 as he prepared to attend COP-20 in Lima, Peru. The paleo-climatic evidence supports this view. Please note that human extinction is likely to be triggered even if the exponential rise in atmospheric methane doesn’t matter, as explained here, but methane is a misbehaving bull in a fully stocked China shop. And I’m ignoring methane emanating from terrestrial permafrost.

Currently, Earth is more than 1 C above its baseline temperature. The 1 C mark was the absolute upper Rubicon beyond which we could not cross, as pointed out by the United Nations Advisory Group on Greenhouse Gases in October 1990. According to David Spratt, 0.5 C was the significant threshold. Unfortunately, I doubt anybody suspected the rate of climate change was outstripping the adaptive response by 10,000 times back in October 1990, as we now know from research focused on vertebrates.

Madly, as if poisoned by our own culture, we negotiate. The 1.5 C “target” produced by COP-21 in Paris was eclipsed a month after the ink dried on the vaunted agreement. Unlike us, nature does not negotiate. Rather, nature bats last.

On, then, to the simple addition, rounding down in every case (i.e., taking a conservative approach):

1. The most-rapid scenario starts with the current 1 C above baseline and adds about 3 C from loss of global dimming plus 1 degree from moistening of the upper troposphere (to avoid counting the feedbacks twice), plus 11 C from Arctic methane, for a total of 16 C above the 1750 baseline by November 2024. That’ll be inconvenient, as it is much warmer than Earth’s global-average temperature at any time during at least the last 2 billion years (i.e., 2,000,000,000 years). The loss of global dimming is guaranteed by the temperature rise resulting from moistening of the upper troposphere or the rise in atmospheric methane. Civilization will not persist beyond 2 C above baseline, which translates to at least twice that temperature rise within the interior of large continents where grains are grown (thus sustaining civilization)

2. At the slower end of the abrupt-climate-change spectrum is 1 C currently, plus 1 C from loss of global dimming, plus 1 degree from moistening of the upper troposphere, plus 5 C from Arctic methane, for a total of 8 C above the 1750 baseline by November 2034. As above, the loss of global dimming is guaranteed by the temperature rise resulting from moistening of the upper troposphere or the rise in atmospheric methane.

The latter scenario — the “slow” one — takes Earth to a planetary temperature well-suited for dinosaurs, were the transition to take hundreds of thousands of years. It is well beyond the temperature at which Earth has harbored anything resembling Homo sapiens, and it’s quite near the highest planetary temperature during the last 2 billion years. The transition from here to 8 C above baseline will occur more rapidly than any previous known rise in global-average temperature.


Even excluding a few dozen self-reinforcing feedback loops, is there any doubt either version of abrupt climate change will remove all habitat for our species in the very near future? If so, please share the attendant evidence.

Oh, and I still don’t know your expiration date. Or mine. But I’m certain each of us will die, even those of us who are middle-aged, Caucasian men in the global north.

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    Here’s a selection from that Sviatoslav Richter documentary.

    I liked his self deprecating musician humor before this clip …

    He says it, ‘wasn’t bad’, while referring to himself doing some serious shredding.

    Yes, richards, wow. This guy had some serious chops.

    Thanks again bills. I’d never heard of this chap before, the boy who refused to learn by scales and methods. Instead, he went straight to the tunes and just started learning them. I’m glad his mom let him choose that for himself as a child. Good for her.

  • The ice in glass experiment

  • the doctor is in the house!

    or is that a mouse? ‘-)

  • LWA – I am very glad that you posted that video documentary. I didn’t know it was available on the internet.I bought the video light years ago (vhs?) before the arrival of dvd’s. Never got around to updating. There used to be a Richter blog which I followed assiduously for several years – Don’t know if it exists anymore, but I learned a lot. I was sort of banned for a bit around 9/11. Everyone was expressing their indignation about terrorist, and I listed Chomsky’s take which caused a minor furor. His father was a classical musician, but other than showing his son where the piano was and a few basics – Sviatoslav was on his own and taught himself. If I remember right he had a bout 70 or 80 concert programs in his head that he could play on short notice. At about the age of 22 he applied to join the piano class at the top university by the renowned teacher, Neuhaus. Neuhaus was stunned when he was told that a student, 22 or 23 years old wanted to join the class and that he had never been to university, had never had a music teacher and wanted to join the most elite piano class in Russia , – he was stunned and pretty much said “I gotta see this. Part way into the music richter was playing , he leaned over to a colleague and said that this was the student he had waited for all of his life, and this guy is a genius. He also told richter, that there was nothing he could teach to him. But richter disagreed and always said that Neuhause had taught him a lot. Stalin had to wait for about an hour for richter to show up at a concert he was giving. Nobody in the USSR could even imagine anyone else doing something like that. A british pianist said – somewhat jokingly – that you can categorize pianists into 3 categories : Jews, gays, and bad. Richter was gay.He married a singer as a cover and their marriage lasted throughout his life. She died latter than him. Even Artur Rubenstein said that everyone knows that Richter is the greatest. thoughts of who is better than who, I doubt ever entered his mind. For him, the 3 greatest composers that he loved the most were Wagner, chopin, and Debussey. Live Classics is a CD publisher (German) devoted to Richter and a great violinist, who died tragically at an early age Oleg Kagan. they collaborated in many concerts.
    PS – I like your posts very much on NBL. My university studies were english literature. Now I just try to keep with climate and geo-political issues. I’ve also given up entirely in western media. Cheers and my very best to you. Oh, someone, asked about my background – born in Canada and still Canadian, but one branc of my family tree goes back to the American Revolution. My forebears were on the wrong side so these “Empire Loyalists” fled for their lives to Nova Scotia. Don’t want to go back, that’s for sure.

  • Robin Datta Says:
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    Dredd Says:
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  • Moflow go fuck yourself little hitler.

    Mark Kennedy: 15 other undercover police infiltrated green movement
    An undercover policeman who spent seven years living as an environmental activist has claimed that at least 15 other agents had infiltrated the movement and disclosed that sexual entanglements with them were commonplace.

    “The Independent Police Complaints Commission is now investigating whether Nottinghamshire Police withheld secret recordings made by Mr Kennedy showing that those accused were innocent of conspiracy from the prosecution.”


  • The hopium is strong in this one…
    warning: this might cause some of you to blow a vessel. Try and think of this as entertainment & don’t get too worked up. Ha!

    Paul: Yes. Trump. There are any number of interesting angles where he is the ‘collapse candidate’. Fear. Racism. War. Amplified American exceptionalism!

    Thank you to bills. Been enjoying Richter all morning (except for the 25 minutes I wasted watching the Al Gore TED talk to which I just provided the link).

    Faster & faster…

  • “If the goal is to dismantle Global Techno-Industrial Civilization, the best monkeywrench we have at our disposal right now is a Donald Trump presidency.”

    How, though?

    I guess that’s like saying he WILL be president. I think TPTB will be quite capable (see Mark Austin’s recent post) of manipulating the “vote” to install who they think can save them. But how? Trump’s supporters are beyond any perceived legal system. The other half the country still believes there is a legal system. How could those two perceptions reconcile?

  • The latest round of argument in Auckland is focused on whether to accommodate the anticipated 700,000 increase in population by covering yet more agricultural land with concrete or whether it is better to cram humans into boxes piled vertically.

    No aspect of our predicament is in any way improved by having more people. -Albert Bartlett

    However, those who argue are impervious to factual analysis.

    I found this V interview quite interesting. It reinforces the perception that current economic-financial arrangements will not last much beyond the end of 2016.

  • Apneaman ~

    if you have no clue, you have no clue. feel free to try and get one, or not.

    your logic and evidence right now is:

    there have been infiltrators.

    I say Mark is an infiltrator.

    therefore he is an infiltrator.

    please excuse me for not being impressed.

    also please excuse me if I don’t want you smearing a good friend with all of your doggy slobber. ew.

    when you’ve had your run around the block and messed with enough rosebushes, then maybe you can have a nice nap.

  • Apneaman ~

    just to help you out a bit in the clue department…

    either Mark is the dumbest infiltrator on the planet, or truly the most diabolical.

    or truly he just is who he says he is.

    I have tons of evidence that he is indeed exactly who he says he is. which is the most anti-infiltrating type imaginable. tons. photographic, emails and contacts going back decades, and enough background info to stun an ox.

    now, maybe infiltrating NBL is so important to the government that they’ve assigned their top guy to get into us. like we are talking deep Cold War era uber-genius, infinitely clever, psychologically engineered by a thirty man expert FBI team, and all meticulously crafted and perfectly executed better than Robert Ludlum spy stuff here…


    or maybe the bloody obvious really is the case.

    seems to be that overlooking the screamingly obvious is kind of a thing these days.

  • As an undergraduate, I majored in History, and have retained an interest in historical developments over the years. Unlike historians, however, I have become convinced that the trajectory of world history has been downhill; this is one of several essays in which I have argued this point: It seems to me that when one takes the “long view” of history, one finds it easy to conclude that an evil puppeteer has been controlling our history, with the intent of ridding Earth of that cancer, humankind. Given this perspective, I find talk of possible solutions to our problems (global warming included) naïve and foolish.

  • mod note:

    Apneaman, just to speak in my clear moderator voice on this matter, libelous comments are banned on this website. you have probably already skated over that line by accusing Mark of being an infiltrator.

    I’ve given you some clear hints. my strong suggestion would be to drop it, unless you want to start coming up with real evidence to back up your claims.

  • On the road to extinction, these are just possibilities. No different than the invention of cars, radio & the internet. Each seemed as impossible as man flying that first craft at Kitty Hawk…but now days all sorts of high tech developments take off quickly.

    Austin, does not matter. Call me anyone. Luckily MO knowns my real life friends with plenty of verification from Vancouver to Amsterdam.

    Bob S. and others already exposed the whole CIA – Hollywood connection in great detail. So let’s get to the good stuff like how many of your Senators make huge amounts working the edges of DEA deals. Billions in laundering on the Swiss bank scale. Fight drugs for great gun trade and smuggling laser tech parts tax free. Gee wiz, how do you think Arizona Senators afford to do build up massive off shore ops?

    Our Max Planck DARPA funded brain altering project (video above) was approved by all world leaders at DAVOS. Everyone at DAVOS, Dubai & beyond is now signed on to the next big global signal. This will be as obvious as drones by next year…if we can avoid limited nuclear war this summer. 2c rise and biowar.

    This is called human “RE-SOURCE” for those who do take a moment to watch exactly what was presented by us to most world leaders. Caring economics of Global Cooperation for those who will survive the required first stages of reduction.

    Disney Epcot will show the expanded Audio Spotlight and 7G holographics in May. A test on Freemont Street Las Vegas this April. Inducing larger groups of people to the direct mind frequency. Just imagine what Guy Mc Pherson would say if he had one minute to get his message directly into people’s minds???

    For Obama, Spielberg, Merkel and all the others we just want to get to Nuclear Zero before the world burns up. Trust us. Even the supposedly scary CIA has good reasons to care about Earth evolution going on a bit longer than the human race. Other species and future reasons not to go totally radioactive. We promised Nuclear Zero in 2008 and we are developing a way to get minds over matter this time. Re-development in the Great Dying as long as Earth can re-generate. NEUROGENISIS is fun!!!

  • After all this time Canadians for 911 truth Ottawa transit buses displaying questions about 911 collapses

  • .


    After finishing that whole documentary about Sviatoslav Richter, I can’t thank you enough for turning me onto him bills. Thank you again, a lot.

    That documentary was like watching a nifty little bit of Russian rock ‘n roll history, and was very worth watching. Richter came across as the cool ‘virtuoso’ pop star of his time, along side being a mind blowing talent at the piano in his own right. Mr. chops master alright! I loved it. Maybe the fastest piano player I’ve ever seen, which also really displayed that form of composition properly, how it’s supposed to be played. Wow, amazing.

    Very interesting fellow too, one who wasn’t even formally educated as a child. The enigma. I really am glad you brought this to our attention, bills. The Keith Richards bad boy of Russiian pop music history, I had no idea. Excellent !

    I’ll re-link the video again here. This next tune reminds me of John Coltrane’s sound, this dude was hip ! (I noticed Richter actually played a lot of ‘flatted fifths’ and all sorts of other ‘jazz’ devices in some of the selections we saw him play in this doc. I definitely liked where his ear went in music.)

    Anyway, sorry for the third post in 24hrs mo. I just couldn’t get over this documentary and had to thank bills again for this unusual insight into Russian rock ‘n roll history. Epic. This dude was like Russia’s Mick Jagger ! Thanks for your kind words to me as well bills, and my very best to you too.

    … ‘off the Richter scale’ with a Coltrane groove…



    …and, a little crumb of mice and men for mo and mark and me:


    “There I was with my back to the wall,
    Then comes this monster mouse, he’s ten feet tall,
    With teeth and claws to match.
    It only took one blow…”

    All in a mouses night with animistic lyrics.

  • KEVIN MOORE – Important key point in your video posted above at 14:14 to 16:55. Listen to that exact part again. Very true about inside conflicts in the Pentagon. Even if you dislike me, I confirm that many are leaking info to Russia & China about Syria to oppose the NeoCons.

    Thank You for posting carbon levels & all the data facts you share.

  • Nostalgic Fool Says:
    February 26th, 2016 at 10:04 pm
    “Glad a poster mentioned Steven Stills.
    Superb – seems like he can play any style.
    Also his Mannassas work is brilliant..for any who haven’t heard.”

    Yes indeed!

  • Goodness me! What went wrong? The truth is starting to leak out via MSM (okay, a diluted version that doesn’t scare the sheep too much):

    ‘Recently, The Guardian reported on a significant new study published in Nature Climate Change, finding that even if we meet our carbon reduction targets and stay below the 2°C global warming threshold, sea level rise will eventually inundate many major coastal cities around the world.

    20% of the world’s population will eventually have to migrate away from coasts swamped by rising oceans. Cities including New York, London, Rio de Janeiro, Cairo, Calcutta, Jakarta and Shanghai would all be submerged.

    The authors looked at past climate change events and model simulations of the future. They found a clear, strong relationship between the total amount of carbon pollution humans emit, and how far global sea levels will rise. The issue is that ice sheets melt quite slowly, but because carbon dioxide stays in the atmosphere for a long time, the eventual melting and associated sea level rise are effectively locked in.

    As a result, the study authors found that due to the carbon pollution humans have emitted so far, we’ve committed the planet to an eventual sea level rise of 1.7 meters (5.5 feet). If we manage to stay within the 1 trillion ton carbon budget, which we hope will keep the planet below 2°C warming above pre-industrial levels, sea levels will nevertheless rise a total of about 9 meters (30 feet). If we continue on a fossil fuel-heavy path, we could trigger a staggering eventual 50 meters (165 feet) of sea level rise.

    Predicting how quickly sea levels will rise is a challenge. However, two other studies just published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that the Antarctic ice sheet could melt more quickly than previously thought, and thus contribute to relatively rapid sea level rise. Over the past century, global sea level has risen faster than at any time in the past two millennia, and most of the recent sea level rise is due to human-caused global warming. Several feet of sea level rise this century is likely, with a possibility of 5 feet or more.

    Sea level change during each of the twenty centuries of the Common Era. Illustration: Climate Central, based on Kopp et al. (2016), published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
    The Nature Climate Change study didn’t just look at sea level rise; it also looked at global temperature changes. Earth’s sharpest climate changes over the past half million years have occurred when the planet transitions from a ‘glacial’ to ‘interglacial’ period, and vice-versa.

    Right now we’re in a warm interglacial period, having come out of the last ice age (when New York City and Chicago were under an ice sheet) about 12,000 years ago. During that transition, the Earth’s average surface temperature warmed about 4°C, but that temperature rise occurred over a period of about 10,000 years.

    In contrast, humans have caused nearly 1°C warming over the past 150 years, and we could trigger anywhere from another 1 to 4°C warming over the next 85 years, depending on how much more carbon we pump into the atmosphere.

    What humans are in the process of doing to the climate makes the transition out of the last ice age look like a casual stroll through the park. We’re already warming the Earth about 20 times faster than during the ice age transition, and over the next century that rate could increase to 50 times faster or more. We’re in the process of destabilizing the global climate far more quickly than happens even in some of the most severe natural climate change events.

    That rapid climate destabilization is what has climate scientists worried. It’s faster than many species can adapt to, and could therefore cause widespread extinctions, among other dangerous climate change consequences. Coastal flooding in places like Florida has already become much more common than it was just 50 years ago, and sea level rise is expected to keep accelerating.

    As Aaron Goldner, one of the Nature Climate Change study authors told me, the next 10–20 years are critical in determining which path we follow. There’s a big difference between an eventual sea level rise of 1.7 meters and one of 9 meters.

    The sooner we transition away from fossil fuels and cut our carbon pollution, the better we’ll be able to limit the climate destabilization and associated damages. It’s a sobering thought: our children, grandchildren, and future generations for hundreds, even thousands of years will feel the impacts of the choices we make over the next decade.’

  • I’ve posted a new introduction to an old essay, along with other information. It’s all here.

  • Tom Says:
    February 27th, 2016 at 8:49 am

    “Dredd: in the comments section (that i’ve been permanently banned from)

    robindatta / February 26, 2016

    Those who have been peddling abrupt climate chahge for a couple of years now and their sycophants think that ol’ Wile E. Coyote is already off the cliff, and has been feeling around with his toes for some solid ground, before looking down.

    And there are others determined to rectify the situation.

    Sent from my iPad ??

    [i wonder who he’s talking a about in such an unflattering manner?]”
    I don’t know.

    I do not frequent the place. Once a year or less is my pass-thru …

  • @mo

    Sorry :-)


    In the documentary “Gobeklitepe: The worlds first temple”, there is some turkish spoken language in it. You need to select “CC” on the vimeo player, to get some englisch subtitle translation. You can also download the video and search for english subtitels in VLC player.

    It stands to the everlasting credit of science that by acting on the human mind it has overcome man’s insecurity before himself and before nature.

    – Albert Einstein

  • thanks, Nem.

    that’s all tons of great info you have gotten across there. super appreciated.

    ~ mo

  • hey Nem, I copied your hint over to your original post, to make sure it is seen.

    if I had been thinking straight, I would have done that to begin with, instead of just deleting you. :) not enough food and coffee in my system at that point. sorry about that.

    thanks again,
    ~ mo

  • … not enough food and coffee in my system at that point.

    Haha, sounds familiar. But anyway, I have to say sorry and I have to thank you :-)

  • About the flood myth in the Epic of Gilgamesh (and later in the bible):

    There can be found flood myths all around the world and chances are very high, that (most of) these myths date back to the warming climate, the late glacial maximum, when several floodings happened:

    But there is a depth psychological component of flood myths too:

    Water, the (fertile) waters of Chaos, are a mythical image of the subconsciousness as well.

  • Mo flow talked about multiple layers of meaning in the various scriptures and myths ect. That goes for all tales, myths ect. Multiple layers of history, of interpretation, of meaning, of consciousness, multiple layers of ourselves, multiple layers of the Cosmos. Multiple layers, running in a spiral movement through history, through space and time.

  • Oh, and there are a lot of “rational” people, who think, that these myths, tales, archetypes ect are “just old stories with no meaning to modern man at all”, hahaha. But those are people, who never investigated into these things, who never explored these things scientifically. They just have to realize, that Homo Sapiens lives through these myths through and through. EVERY culture (modern culture as well) is based on myths. Myths are the roots of astronomy/astrology for instance. There would be no agriculture without the observation of, and the knowledge about the movement of moon, sun, stars. There would be no 7-day week, no months, no comming and going of years, no history, no hierarchy of society, no meaningfull GLUE, that holds it all together. Look at the clock, the calender, look at Hollywood, look at literature, art ect ect ect and you will find myths, tales, archetypes ect everywhere.

    Myths connect man to the cycles of Nature and to the Cosmos. Man can not live without a connection to Nature, without a connection to the Cosmos, that’s absolutely for sure. Through myths, the Cosmos talks to itself through us.

  • So, after all, when some “rational”, modern, materialistic man says:

    Homo Sapiens and his myths, Homo Sapiens and his culture, his civilization, his life, his appearance on earth, his blabla is all shit, is all a mistake of evolution, is all just fuckin cancer, that deserves nothing but to fuckin die as soon as possible…

    Then shis man actually says, that the Cosmos itself is just a mistake of evolution, is just fuckin shit and deserves nothing, but to die.


    (Not only) through us, the Cosmos talks to itself.

  • And btw, Gilgamesh emself found his way to modern culture, to modern myth, to modern cinema, to Hollywood:

  • Hahaha, Gilgamesh, Enkidu, the Gods, the Archetypes, the Myths are everywhere. Captain Picard and the taming of the barbaric, indigenous Aliens (Enkidu) is a modern version of the epic of Gilgamesh. In this case, the USA (Captain Picard), western civilization as the bringer of the true God, the bringer of freedom, the bringer of enlightenment, the bringer of modern civilization to the barbaric, indigenous, alien rest of the world and all Aliens throughout the Universe :-)

  • ‘If the goal is to dismantle Global Techno-Industrial Civilization, the best monkeywrench we have at our disposal right now is a Donald Trump presidency.’

    lol! for the first time in ages, presidential debates are entertaining a little, thanks to ‘the donald”s untrammeled arrogance/ignorance.

    i think the republicans could and have done worse (bush cheney, or was it cheney/bush and a whole passel of neocon nitwits?). trump may be a buffoon, at least he isn’t a fudamentalist religious wacko, afaik. dems the worst kind of misleaders!

    a good documentary film expose of how the murican government crushes radical dissent, subverting subversion and justice in the process:

    another one, going back a few decades:

  • Addendum to my post about CO spike over California (watch out for the screenshots):

    “… there was a very significant event that occurred on 2/25 starting at 17:30 UTC and continuing for about a day, with local CO2 concentrations approaching 1000PPM!”,729.msg70905.html#msg70905

  • Israel – A Zionist “Ghetto” Against “Wild Beasts”

    Our armed forces, however, are not the thirtieth strongest in the world, but rather the second or third. We hOur armed forces, however, are not the thirtieth strongest in the world, but rather the second or third. We have the capability to take the world down with us. And I can assure you that that will happen before Israel goes under.”ave the capability to take the world down with us. And I can assure you that that will happen before Israel goes under.”


    So Benny tells the goyum shut up or we’ll kill you all.

    How quaint.

  • note to mod –

    If I happen to post in the basement, important facts about Israel slaughter of Palestinians, could you please cut paste them into my main screen comments so they are not missed.


  • Psychopath Netanyahu Cannot Mask His Utter Depravity Forever

    Netanyahu and other Israeli leaders are pretty much aware that what is going on in Gaza is a war crime, pure and simple. And they know exactly why without even listening to Amnesty director’s latest comment in this respect.

    Deliberately attacking a civilian home is a war crime, and the overwhelming scale of destruction of civilian homes, in some cases with entire families inside them, points to a distressing pattern of repeated violations of the laws of war.

  • Don’t worry, not even Israel will be excluded from NTE, we are with em in the same boat, lol.

  • How Israel Targeted the Children of Gaza

    This is the Israeli war machine that has no regard for children or humanity.

    Gaza – Who in the world would believe that Israeli warplanes would pursue a child who had survived their initial bombing only to kill him 10 days later? This is the reality of the war on Gaza and the story of nine-year-old Ibrahim al-Dawawsa, who lived with his family in the Sheikh Radwan neighborhood north of Gaza City. Last Friday around noon, a drone dropped a missile that blew his head off, killing him immediately.

  • Another apartheid feather in Israel’s racist cap

    Not since the demise of apartheid South Africa has any country succeeded in introducing racial segregation into virtually every aspect of life, big or small.

    Israel is an apartheid state and many Israeli Jews love apartheid.

    In Israel, racial segregation not only seeps into education, air travel, hotel accommodation and nursing care, but also kindergartens, concert going, dating and hitchhiking. There are apartheid pavements, there is apartheid in hanging out and even an apartheid alternative to Facebook.


    Seems hypocrisy is like a second religion in Israel.

  • So, why tf is USA supporting Israel for all those years?!

  • Uphill Task for Israel’s Apologists

    After every bloody episode of violence perpetrated by Israel, media spin doctors are deployed with one grand mission: Absolve Israel of any responsibility in its acts of carnage.

  • Military aid to Israel is breaking all records

    The Obama administration is offering Israel “the largest single pledge of military assistance to any country in US history,” an American official has confirmed.


    Slaughtering innocents the American way..

  • mod note to Bob S. ~

    “If I happen to post in the basement, important facts about Israel slaughter of Palestinians, could you please cut paste them into my main screen comments so they are not missed.”

    if you want to repost your comments in the main thread, two per day max, please feel free! you can always combine them into longer posts of course.

    ~ mo

  • After all, Bob S. surely got good intentions to enlighten us about Israel politics. But anyway, once again, Bob S.:

    WHY is the US of America supporting Israel all those years?!

  • I know, Nem, these days I really feel like Bob is a lovely warm huggy bear right in the center of my heart! I’ve really grown quite fond of the big sweetie.

    as to your question about America’s policies supporting Israel, it has long been made a BIG time huge politically incorrect third rail in this country for any politician (who wants real power) to strongly criticize any of the Israeli gov’t’s policies and actions.

    seriously, even the brutally hideous policies and actions relating to the “settlements” that constantly intrude onto Palestinian land are never criticized in any faintly serious way by American politicians (and most Americans just go right along…)

    as to the exact why, where and who of how this all came about, you can dig around into fairly recent history a bit, and find out more about the players and their actions. like so many other things, the truth is there to be found if one wants to look.

    the Google search: noam chomsky israel apartheid

    is one great place to start. but go further. these is tons out there. a great deal of criticism within Israel itself is MUCH louder than anything you will hear from the USA.

  • I know, Nem, these days I really feel like Bob is a lovely warm huggy bear right in the center of my heart!

    Yes, me too :-) I love his postings, always straight to the point and very inspiring, mostly. About the US support of Israel:

    I don’t think, that the US is interested in apartheid that much, but more in geopolitics. Could it be, that the US just want to have a strong base (Israel) in the middle east, because of oil? I mean, they also supported Egypt massively for that purpose… btw, the US votes for an autonomous Palestine, right? They want to have peace in Israel, palestinian terror attacks just don’t fit into their geopolitical interests, IMO… It’s all about Oil in that region, isn’t it?

  • Nem ~

    yes, geopolitics and oil are all very key! absolutely.

    also very real ideas about Zionism which have been backed historically by certain people/movements, and all kinds of messed up religious BS that so much of modern western culture in awash in.

    all of these things matter.

    the outcomes is (worse than) apartheid ~ death, suffering, despair and destruction on a massive scale. yes, some American policymakers have spoken out and taken certain actions in favor of an autonomous Palestine. NO, I do not believe these actions are truly sincere. they are self-serving window dressing, designed to mollify certain constituencies. if they were sincere, there would be much more force and energy behind them, just the way there was against apartheid in South Africa. nothing on that scale even remotely exists here, very sadly.

  • Mh, ok. Anyway, it was a bad mistake to steal that region and build a state right from the drawing board back in 1948. That could never be a good idea. About “Zionism”:

    I never could make any sense of it, sorry.

  • Thanks for all the great music, for me you are wonderful DJs here.

    For Jim Bronke at the top, yes, “all we have to do” is what you said, plus 5-year old children in kindergarten classes need to lie down in roadways to block carbon-burning vehicle traffic, and blockade supply trains to the remaining coal-burning power plants, and someone needs to kill all the cattle. Oh, and re-plant the forests that were cut down for the cattle to graze. Oh, and get started on that — today.

    Anyone remember Aesop’s “The Mice in Council”.

    “It is one thing to propose, another to execute.”

    Me wonders, perhaps these mice were meeting in Paris?

  • Nem ~ I have really mixed feelings about Israel. yes, it was built on stolen land. so was every country in the Americas, North, Central and South.

    but I’m not moving back to Europe (yet).

    what does it mean to try and be humane and loving in the face of historical injustice? (more or less recent, it is all totally recent, truly)

    many things about Israel could be vastly more humane. same with where I live. we can each do our parts.

  • … the orthodox hardcore settlers of Israel are just NUTS, that’s for sure.

  • Yes, I have mixed feelings about Isreal’s politics as well. Not just that. The Israel government is CRIMINAL. But it’s a minority, most of the Israel population is quite sane. I know that there are many israel groups, who support the palestinians and vote for a free, autonomous Palestine.

  • “the orthodox hardcore settlers of Israel are just NUTS, that’s for sure.”

    yes, Nem, very sickeningly so, it appears to me.

    the thing to keep in mind, though, is that they have their reasons!

    they see the injustices done to “their people” over who knows how many years and lands, including the stealing of “ancient Israel” and they feel quite certain that they are in the right to fight for what they think is justified.

    and if that means killing, harming or inconveniencing their fellow humans, well, they will do that. with gusto.

    what if there was some massive movement to violently reclaim the lands that were stolen from the indigenous Americans, by the remaining indigenous and whoever wanted to join them in their cause, in the Americas?

    how far would they be justified in going in killing, harming or inconveniencing their fellow humans who stole their lands?

    how can the knots be fairly untangled? who dies? who lives? who moves? who stays?

  • what if there was some massive movement to violently reclaim the lands that were stolen from the indigenous Americans, by the remaining indigenous and whoever wanted to join them in their cause, in the Americas?

    YEAH, let’s go!^^… but seriously:

    The orthodox settlers live somewhere in the middle ages. When a woman walks on the same side of the street an orthodox settler is walking on, she has to be prepared to be stoned to death, no joke! Most of my sympathies belong to the palestinians, no doubt.

    But you are right again:

    Violence will always just produce more violence. The killing will go on forever, as long as there is no autonomous Palestine. Damned.

  • … and the victims will always be ordinary people, no matter, if Israel people or Palestinians. The real bad appel is the Government, as usual, all around the world.

  • Btw:

    I have seen a documentary about extreme water conflicts in that region some months ago. Israel willingly dries out the West Bank completely. They cut off access to the Jordan river. That’s murder.

  • Nem ~

    well you are getting into seriously involved cultural issues. again, I have many mixed feelings here. things like Sharia Law and the practices of some Orthodox Jews (if what you are saying is accurate) make my stomach turn.

    but it is not my culture.

    my own culture has all kinds of its own completely barbaric practices, IMO, that are just as hideous, such as factory farming, to me.

    to many others, these are just things like food. and life.

    many see cannibalism in “primitive” societies and automatically think the same things: “how hideous. how barbaric. they must be either devils, or starving.” when the truth is there are ritual and spiritual practices, sacred cultural practices, going on there that they have no idea about.

    The Sun Dance is yet another example. primitive? middle ages? barbaric? or sacred, honorable, deeply important and profound?

    YMMV! by about a millionfold.

    what I am clear about:

    ~ this world is insanely complex. meaning and importance everywhere that I am mostly missing.

    ~ I get to do my thing.

    ~ if unconditional love is not being learned here, sooner or later, one is failing.

  • if unconditional love is not being learned here, sooner or later, one is failing.

    That’s it.

  • About that recent CO spike over California:

    I don’t think, it’s an error of some kind, I think, the data is correct. The earth crust is changing down there in the southwest of the US. Depletion of the groundwater table is growing rapidly.

  • thanks, dear Nemesis! and thank you for the super inspiring conversation.

    I’ve got a great love charge going now that I can use for furthering my slave work within the confines and structure of empire.

    paradox everywhere, I tell ya. :p

    ~ mo

  • _
    Thank you! Cheers!

  • and some music and colorfun to entertain and distract while we are

    love this next one. tis an insane HQ version of Ape to Angel, with enough eye candy to jumpstart any primate’s mind straight through the obelisk into the trippy happy dimension beyond.

    my god! it’s full of stars…!

  • an absolutely delightful trippy journey to another corner of the world…

  • TVT,

    Glad you weighed in on Trump. It pulled me back from drifting toward the soft and mushy side.

    It seems that Trump maneuvers ever closer to a kind of raw fascism. But yet seems soft and pampered. Very strange. He’s clearly a master showman and actor. Then there’s the “charm” and “sincerity.” And he reads character like nothing I’ve ever seen. He does whatever it takes to “get over,” which has nothing to do with logic or legality. So then he must be reading the public very well also. Genius.

    Thanks for reminding us that the dems are much, much worse. Hilary could be an unwilling/unwitting catalyst for a woman’s movement…or at least we could wish…

  • Guy, i love your writing style and very much appreciate the humour, gallows-related or otherwise, from you and Mike. It seems that you’re spot-on in all that you maintain… except that i would take issue with the assertion that northern-variety white males are the source of all evil (poetic licence there; I know you haven’t used that phraseology). Unless Sarah Palin, Madeleine Albright, P.M. Modi, Robert Mugabe, the Chinese billionaire’s club members, et alia, are all cleverly disguised northern white males, it doesn’t hold water. And don’t forget the Maoris’ wholesale massacre of the Maoriori. As an XX-chromosomal specimen, i maintain that women are perfectly capable of fucking the world up all on our own, thanks very much :) Who ‘loves a man in uniform’, after all? Okay, some 10% of men, too…

    That said, i do believe the indigenous North Americans had a better paradigm. Here’s a song to lament their loss.

    Re: yon comment from Jim Bronke: Do you really want to live on a dimmer planet? I’ll take extinction, thanks, before living without blue skies and sunshine – at least intermittently.

  • Penny,

    As a very young child–some of my experiences before I could remember were later told to me–I was brutalized by a female guardian. So I know quite well the kinds of viciousness women can enact. But what does that say about the system of patriarchy? Is it women who are stripping away abortion rights? Do women commit most violent crime? The list of such questions could be extensive.

  • I guess, I learned something today:

    The “measurement” about that massive CO spike over California was wrong:

  • Nobody knows the exact day, nor the exact hour. Dying is no matter of digits, it is a constant process from birthday on. One thing for sure:

    Empire is dying too. Everything is dying every second.

  • You may think whatever you like about James Hansen. Nevertheless, he is one of the real climate science veterans, no matter what. To me, one of the most striking facts is, that he sticks his finger right into the real bloody wound of global climate change/socio-economic INJUSTICE and RESPONSIBILITY.

    Fresh news from James Hansen:

    ” 2.3.2016 – Regional climate change and national responsibilities


    Global warming over the past several decades is now large enough that regional climate change is emerging above the noise of natural variability, especially in the summer at middle latitudes and year-round at low latitudes. Despite the small magnitude of warming relative to weather fluctuations, effects of the warming already have notable social and economic impacts. Global warming of 2 °C relative to preindustrial would shift the ‘bell curve’ defining temperature anomalies a factor of three larger than observed changes since the middle of the 20th century, with highly deleterious consequences. There is striking incongruity between the global distribution of nations principally responsible for fossil fuel CO2 emissions, known to be the main cause of climate change, and the regions suffering the greatest consequences from the warming, a fact with substantial implications for global energy and climate policies…

    Watch the video on the linked webpage, if you like- a harsh message of a climate science veteran.

  • @18000days

    Furthermore, the sun may shine on the just and unjust alike, but for earthbound mortals, love, whether eros or agape or whatever, remains a zero sum game.

    Hahaha, so what? Life-Death, the whole Universe is a ZERO game! And I like that :-)

  • Yes, it’s a free lunch- you don’t bring anything in at your birthday and you don’t bring anything out, when you die. And in the middle of it you own Nothing. That’s just fair, isn’t it?

  • Man, THAT is Balance.

  • This is just uplifting, yes, Reggae got Soul: