I Am Che

“At the risk of seeming ridiculous let me say that the true revolutionary is guided by a great feeling of love.” ~ Che Guevara


I am Che.

Too pretentious? Please allow me an explanation.

I’ve been called Che. And also the Gandhi of climate science. And Jesus. And, by a two-year-old unable to pronounce my name, God. Calling me Che Guevara doesn’t seem so pretentious now, does it?

Like Che, I am a warrior. Those with less fortitude would have surrendered long ago to the cacophony of culture. As I wrote more than five years ago, “We need witnesses and warriors” on behalf the living planet. The longer version comes from an essay I wrote in November 2013: “We need witnesses to the carnage. We need to document the crimes against humanity as well as the crimes against nature. We need to illustrate alternatives, and then live them. We need warriors if the living planet is to survive industrial civilization.”

Like Che, I love being outdoors. From childhood to a career in field biology, from a college degree in forestry to my current life in full view of the world’s first designated wilderness area, I’m purposely immersed in the wild.

Like Che, I provide a voice for those who cannot speak. The oppressed are my brethren. In my case, these include non-human organisms.

Like Che, I seek social justice. Unlike Che — based on my limited understanding of his perspective — I’ve been connecting it to environmental protection for a long time.

Like Che, I am a prolific writer. He was radicalized much earlier in his life than I was in mine.

Like Che, I am profoundly anti-empire. Like Che, I target American Empire as the worse example in history.

Like Che and many who visit this space, I think deeply. On many topics, I question the dominant culture and its narrative, a practice with little reward beyond a largess of hate mail.

Unlike Che, I don’t brandish a rifle, nor do I ride a motorcycle. On both counts, I suspect I’d be more effective if I followed his rebellious lead.

Unlike Che, for better and worse, I’ve not been killed yet. I’ve already outlived him by more than 15 years.

Unlike Che, as nearly as I’m able to determine, I’ve not yet killed another human. Well, not directly. I’m certain I’ve killed many people indirectly, simply because I’m a citizen ensconced within history’s worst example of imperialism.

Like Che, I eat, drink, and otherwise participate in modern society. Ergo, I’m a hypocrite and murderer.

You are Che, too. With a single breath, you inhale a single molecule that emanates from Che’s last exhalation.

We are Che. Much as this culture promotes the opposite belief, we are connected in material ways.

I am Che.

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  • From last post….

    Carbon Shock: Seeking Equilibrium in the Climate-Disrupted Economy with Mark Schapiro

  • ‘Prestige infamy relived’

    I had a 3 year old then and was slightly distracted…err…yep. that’s the way it goes I guess.

    The vomit-worthy positivist product placement video for balance…

    ‘Inside Oil Tankers – Documentary Films’

    Yes, some very big challenges ahead.

  • Nihilism is just an excuse to continue on with BAU.

    Re: I Am Che

    Loved it. Absolutely loved it!

  • Great moving and deeply inspiring essay, Doctor Guy McPherson!

    “At the risk of seeming ridiculous let me say that the true revolutionary is guided by a great feeling of love.

    ~ Che Guevara

    Like Che, I provide a voice for those who cannot speak. The oppressed are my brethren. In my case, these include non-human organisms.

    Like Che, I am profoundly anti-empire. Like Che, I target American Empire as the worse example in history. Like Che, I seek social justice.

    Yes, me too! Please don’t forget Europe, it is part, it is the root of (roman Mafia) Empire, it will fall as well, hahaha. There have been many revolutions in history. But this time we got Mother Earth on our side and WE are LEGION, BILLIONS, haha, get prepared, agents of Empire, this will be a rough ride!

    You are Che, too. With a single breath, you inhale a single molecule that emanates from Che’s last exhalation.

    We are Che. Much as this culture promotes the opposite belief, we are connected in material ways.

    Yes, I can feel it! We are not just connected in material ways, but also in invisible, spiritual, musical ways.

    I am Che.

    Aye, aye, you are Che, we are Che! Viva la revolućion!

  • Tears, this is so moving.
    Thank you Guy.
    @Wester, Loved the Che song video!!!
    If you’ve not yet seen Motorcycle Diaries, the prequel to Che’s revolution, you must.
    One of the most wonderful films.

    And yes, we should all aspire to not only be Che with every breath, but act as Che did, as warriors for truth, peace, justice, human and other species’ rights.

    P.S. The captcha doesn’t work/exist on the mobile version.

  • Great post Dr. McPherson.

    May I add Chi to the Che?

    Both are 100 proof (Proof of Concept – 7).

  • You are definitely Che.
    To quote Chris Hedges ” I don’t fight fascism because I think I will win, I fight fascism because it is fascism”.
    Keep fighting Che / Guy, from someone who has had a taste of war you’re an inspirational leader.

  • Amazing words of encouragement – thanks Guy!

    Great picture of empire:


    An Air Force major general has been taken to the hospital after he fainted at the podium during a Pentagon budget briefing, on Tuesday.

    [hat-tip ulvfugl]

  • Thank you Guy.

  • Many thanks to all, and to Dr. Guy:

    Like Che, I am a warrior.
    Like Che, I love being outdoors.
    Like Che, I provide a voice for those who cannot speak.
    Like Che, I seek social justice.
    Like Che, I am a prolific writer.
    Like Che, I am profoundly anti-empire.
    Like Che and many who visit this space, I think deeply.

    Dr. Guy McPherson

    Like a lion,
    I do not fear.
    Like an elephant,
    I have no anxiety.
    Like a madman,
    I have no pretension and no hope.
    – I tell you the honest truth.

    Milarepa (sorcerer, poet and yogi of Tibet: 1052-1135)

    While a person dies every day during the eight or more hours in which he or she functions as a commodity, individuals come to life afterward in their spiritual creations. But this remedy bears the germs of the same sickness: that of a solitary being seeking harmony with the world. (Che)

    The myth of the self-made man, has to be profoundly hypocritical: it is the self-serving demonstration that a lie is the truth. (Che)

    The individual will reach total consciousness as a social being, which is equivalent to the full realization as a human creature, once the chains of alienation are broken. This will be translated concretely into the reconquering of one’s true nature through liberated labor, and the expression of one’s own human condition through culture and art. (Che)

    When your time comes to die, be not like those whose hearts are filled with fear of death, so that when their time comes they weep and pray for a little more time to live their lives over again in a different way.
    Sing your death song, and die like a hero going home.

    (Tecumseh, leader of the Shawnee tribal confederacy)


    I go to search for the yellow moon
    and the fathers of our sons
    where the red sun sinks in the hills of gold
    and the healing waters run. (Bernie Taupin)

  • .
    Just sittin’ on this runaway train, staring out the window with a cat on my lap.

  • david ~

    ok, to get back the heart of the question: “which was whether love is relevant to the overpopulation issue.”

    you mention this as supporting argument:

    “Overpopulation,whether in humans or other animals,has as its basic reasons,emotions which we would regard as ‘good’ or ‘positive’.
    Sexual pleasure,and maternal (and paternal in some species)love for the
    offspring,with the associated protective behaviours.
    Overpopulation has been a feature of the natural world(and human world) long before the power structures you mention existed. Solved by predation or famine or disease (and war in our case)”

    what I see is a great deal more conscious awareness and control over reproduction matters in humans than with other animals. I’ve seen this argument here again and again: humans are just the same as rabbits, deer, etc. we will blindly overpopulate given any chance to do so.

    this argument ignores several obvious facts.

    1. humans have for a long, long time researched and used various forms of natural birth control and abortifacients, as I mentioned previously. unless I am mistaken, I have never heard of rabbits and deer doing these things.

    2. humans had relatively fixed and stable population centers for thousands of years, in various places throughout the world. in my particular corner of the world, the Pacific Northwest of North America, there had been stable tribal settlements for many thousands of years before the arrival of Europeans. these tribes maintained informal borders and regions of control, with stable populations. this is just plain fact. there was no need for constant migration to new areas, or anything more than occasional low grade conflict, to maintain these populations at relatively fixed, stable levels.

    there was a long, established pattern of inter-regional trade, cross tribal marriages, and so forth, to maintain cooperation and peaceful relations within various neighboring tribes in these regions. again, these forms of living existed relatively unchanged for thousands of years.

    3. since the arising of the “great western civilizations” and, most importantly, the religious foundations and power structures behind these civilizations, the marketing of “breed, breed, breed!” has been absolutely paramount.

    the need for this breeding is exactly as I mentioned previously. the power elites of these cultures needed slave populations of various kinds. one important group of slave populations that I left out from my general list previously was soldier slaves. this group could be gathered from worker slaves sometimes, but again, with greater competition and specialization, having dedicated swarms of soldier slaves became extremely important to the power elites.

    whether in synagogue, mosque, or church, the overriding cultural message for centuries has been “breed, breed, breed!” of course, the leaders say “God wants you to breed!” but they mean “your rulers need you to breed! so hop to it, bunnies!”

    the most completely obvious and overlooked thing with the “humans are just like other animals” argument for overpopulation is that if it was actually true that humans were naturally like this, this relentless exhortation would be totally unnecessary!

    but it is extremely necessary. just because it is not natural. and it has taken a very deep hold. the horror that so many white western males have at the idea that women have any control over their reproductive choices is the direct result of these centuries of conditioning. that horror has nothing to do with genes, biology, or whatever. it is entirely culturally generated, by power elites, for a very specific purpose.

    the whole fetishization of children “oh aren’t they so cute!” is also a long term product of this cultural conditioning. the huge difference again, is that the indigenous fetishize mothers, with the whole mother goddess idea. not children. recognizing and respecting the natural basis for fertility ~ mothers ~ was the natural way. debasing and controlling this source of fertility was the patriarchal western way.

    and what I was trying to show with my link after your quote:

    “It is not a difficult task to encourage most people to have children. It is more difficult to try to have them limit themselves to one or two.”

    again, the truth is very much the opposite of this, the idea that “humans are just like rabbits.”

    once humans escape the cultural conditioning of the power elites, it is extremely hard to get them to breed in numbers.

    again, Googling this search: policies encouraging childbirth

    shows to what great lengths governments have to go to these days just to get the supposed rabbits to do their “thing.”

    the fear and terror of God (the power elites in disguise) sure ain’t doing it anymore. at least not in the populations that have largely escaped that terror. many Islamic, sub-Saharan African, and central Asian cultures are still in its grips. and there you indeed get: breed, breed, breed. and of course this “breed for God” conditioning still greatly exists in many populations and families that are controlled by it.

    so to summarize my point: I think love, along with connection and intelligence in regards to our natural place on Earth, is not a relevant factor for overpopulation, aside from how love can be consciously used in marketing.

    agenda driven marketing, for centuries, is the driving factor behind overpopulation. the power elites need as many possible human slaves to maintain their status. this awareness amongst the power elites goes back fairly far. the Pharaohs and their enablers kept very careful track of how many slaves it took to build a pyramid, or worker populations to produce certain outputs of grains. or how many could be used for warfare, while still maintaining production. these matters have been worked out by the elites for a long time, and were simply taken as granted by the time of the rise of the western religious civilizations/empires, and their particular ruling elites.


    Guy ~ wonderful. you are Che. oh yes.

    WoodWose ~ fantastic quotes. I almost mentioned Milarepa earlier as classic example of the bad guy turned very good guy.

  • Guy has temporarily brought Che to the fore – such a gift.

    Thanks Guy.

    @mo flow. Good one, Mo – back at ya:

    Those who know the truth of our being.

    Makes me think of those last tribes in the forests of South America and the Congo, and in the Arctic – the last true women and men – who right this moment are living in fear of the ‘outsiders’ who want nothing more than rape and destruction.

    Those who know the truth of our being.

    Che or Kurtz? They both went into the hinterland of human “endeavour” (Che in life, Kurtz in literature) and both spoke to us of what they saw there.

    “While a person dies every day during the eight or more hours in which he or she functions as a commodity, individuals come to life afterward in their spiritual creations. But this remedy bears the germs of the same sickness: that of a solitary being seeking harmony with the world.” (Che)

    “The Horror. The Horror.” (Kurtz – Heart of Darkness)

    Whether you believe in Jesus or not (and do any of us really “believe” in each other?) his recorded/reputed/rumoured words about the Pharisees are profound and provocative:
    “Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You are like whitewashed tombs, which look beautiful on the outside but on the inside are full of the bones of the dead and everything unclean. 28 In the same way, on the outside you appear to people as righteous but on the inside you are full of hypocrisy and wickedness.” (Matthew 27: NIV)

    Seems it was obvious to him that there were two kinds of human being down here.

    Those who know the truth of our being.

    And if “our goal” as a species is to come together and build (sic) something special in harmony with nature on the surface of this dazzlingly beautiful, ceaselessly complex and ceaselessly evanescent planet, then we are so far from that that words fail. The intellect is beggared equally both by beauty and desolation.

    Seems to me we get a glimpse of ‘truth’ by putting our faces up close to the screen and watching this link below. Play it in the highest resolution you can, and as you watch, ask yourself: “What is happening there?”

    Turn the sound off and play a favt track of your choosing.

    And when we do so we know beyond any wordemotionthoughtimpulsedesire that we are SO SMALL.

  • I can hardly think of anything less graceful than gorilla warfare. Nevertheless we must soldier on as witnesses, as warriors, or sheep.

  • ‘Unlike Che, for better and worse, I’ve not been killed yet. I’ve already outlived him by more than 15 years.’

    Not trying hard enough?

    Just kidding, Guy.

    In the ocean of lies a few pools of truth are no threat and can easily be ignored.

    Just when I was thinking things may not be so bad and we might not be in for super-fast meltdown because CO2 difference values have been lower recently I saw the Arctic sea ice cover graph and spotted the first indication of renewal of that ‘concern’. I looked again this morning and oh dear….is that a DOWNWARD trend I see?

    Either someone has made a mistake or there has been a reduction of ice cover….in February, when it would normally be still increasing!


    Meanwhile, around here things go from bad to worse to ‘awful’ for the empire of exploitation, fraud and chaos:

    ‘By Keith Woodford*

    In recent weeks the short term dairy outlook has turned from bad to awful. Fonterra’s recently revised milksolids price estimate of $4.15 for the current 1015/16 season has already been overtaken by events, and is once again looking decidedly optimistic.

    I now see a figure of about $3.90 as being more likely, but still with plus or minus 40c around that. Even more important, no longer can we ignore the likelihood that dairy prices are going to stay low for at least the first half of the 2016/17 dairy season, and possibly for all of that season.

    Most but not all of the farmers I have contact with are going to come through relatively unscathed. But that is not the case for those who have both high costs of production and high debt. We are now facing a situation which New Zealand farmers have not faced since the 1980s.

    The key issue is now survival.’

    Now that people are being personally hit financially they are starting to wake up to the reality of economic collapse.

    Little understanding of environmental collapse yet, though.

    P.S. Paul. Gorillas slowly are being exterminated by humans. It is not at all graceful.

  • “When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men living together in society, they create for themselves, in the course of time, a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it.”
    -Frederic Bastiat

    We have created a world where the destruction of the biosphere that supports life is seen as progress. Like others here, I naively thought I could do something to stop it. I now know that I cannot. Now what?

  • Guy,

    Thank you for being Che, King, Crazy Horse, Victor Jarra and thousands of others.

  • “DITTO”, GUY.

    When being informed that my only child and mate died in a car accident, without thinking I immediately burst out singing “For What Its Worth”…

  • mo,
    It is true that there are differences between the human and other animal
    situations re. reproduction. The other animals have far less social and cultural influences. I could have made my point without mentioning the
    similarities between us and other animals,because there certainly similarities as well as differences.
    This seems to be a major issue for you. The original point I made was a fairly limited one, that there is a connection between feelings of love,whether love of your partner,love of sex,or love of children,and reproduction. It is clear that there are many examples where there has been too much reproduction,leading to overpopulation. Were the power elites on Easter Island insisting that the inhabitants overpopulate the island? No. Biology and low childhood mortality were all that was needed. If you think that there is no connection,I guess we will have to agree to disagree.
    I wasn’t claiming that it was the only factor leading to overpopulation,as you seem to think.

  • david ~

    actually, the Polynesian culture that settled Easter Island was extremely hierarchically structured. it was exactly the power elites of this culture that directed the massive building projects, (and everything else about the local culture) and subsequent deforestation, from 1250CE – 1500CE.

    Easter Island is an extremely peculiar example. very isolated from trade and outside contact, and very fertile when first settled. humans had lots of free time to be directed by the power elites to exploit the land base and follow their particular religious obsessions.

    human population rose (to about 15,000 max perhaps), flourished and collapsed there over a period of just a couple hundred years. Easter Island cannot be reasonably used as a kind of “comparative example” with wide scale settled human populations that existed on Earth for tens of thousands of years before western civilization.

    what we have with Easter Island is a Polynesian culture that succeeded over the long term on the more interwoven islands further in the West Pacific, but completely did not succeed on a single isolated island in the East Pacific. there was no special “urge” to population growth there, different than previous more settled Polynesian areas, other than what the island could support for a (very) short time once first settled.


    Political Organization
    The Rapa Nui chiefdom was organized in the same basic manner as all other Polynesian chiefdoms. The paramount chief (ariki mau) was drawn from the Honga lineage of the ruling Miru clan, and was descended directly from Hotu Matu’a, the legendary founding ancestor of the entire Rapa Nui family. Associated with the site of Anakena, he was considered to be the repository of divine power called mana. Subordinate chiefs (ariki paka) in the same direct line were arrayed below, and non-direct line chiefs (honui) followed. Each had power (mana) and sanctity (tapu) corresponding to their hereditary rank and status. All non-chiefs and other members of society also held ranked positions, but status could be acquired through demonstrated excellence or leadership.

    Division of Labor
    Culturally dictated gender specialization made many work tasks (such as fishing) forbidden, or tapu to women. Tools were often sanctified. Human bone, for example, was sometimes used for fishhooks, and may have been believed to incorporate the mana of deceased expert (maori) fisherman. Expert carvers of statues used stone tools (toki). All professions were organized, and those who belonged to esteemed societies or guilds were treated as privileged. Skills were passed down from one generation to the next in an organized manner.

    Access to Resources
    Resource management, including access to prestige goods and restricted resources, was guided by the hierarchical power structure. Some resources were controlled through the traditional Polynesian system of tapu restrictions. The paramount chief and expert fishermen, for example, controlled access to deep-water fish resources. Stone of at least three types was restricted to specific uses. Rano Raraku, the volcanic quarry from which 95% of the statues was hewn, is surrounded at its base by a ring of elliptical house foundations (hare paenga) widely interpreted as the remains of high-status dwellings. This suggests control of the stone by a ritual or technological elite.


    “The original point I made was a fairly limited one”

    maybe, maybe not. you seemed to dive right into the various “biological imperative” population growth memes that are used here pretty quickly to support your point. are these memes real, or are they distractive nonsense used to divert attention from what is really real?

    “This seems to be a major issue for you.”

    my concern with this subject and NTHE is in understanding the key underlying differentiating factors that made a global cancer culture out of a few very specific human cultures, that grew and spread over just a period of a few hundred years to effectively wipe out this planet. I think an accurate assessment of biological and cultural population dynamics is central.

    what I’m pointing out is that certain power elites came to a clear realization that maximally encouraging childbirth, well beyond the previous norms, for exploitable human resources, was actually very essential to furthering their particular power structures, and the maximal growth of these structures.

    once this group of elites discovered fossil fuel slaves as a substitute for human slaves, the non-cooperating humans were either pushed aside, killed off, and/or more breeders were pressed into service as worker slaves, as necessary.

    these power elites aren’t choosy. if machines can do the required slave work better than humans, the humans go. if humans are needed to build and work the machines in mindless hordes, humans stay. this dynamic is hiding in plain sight, and has been for a long time. the very real need for maximum population growth that these elites promulgate has been plainly visible for quite a longer time.

  • You are totally Che dude!!!

    Steven Jesse Bernstein – The Sport (Part 1)

    Steven Jesse Bernstein – The Sport (Part 2)

  • We are all standing and applauding!

    “And daddy won’t you take me back to Muhlenberg County
    Down by the Green River where Paradise lay
    Well, I’m sorry my son, but you’re too late in asking
    Mister Peabody’s coal train has hauled it away”

  • Well, I know I can only make two comments, so this next one better be gratifying…

    In honor of Bowie’s passing in advance of the rest of us mere mortals and such I have elected to present…

    “Ween – Don’t Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)”

  • OK, that last one didn’t work but “Ween – The Stallion Pt. 3” is even better..

  • Guy – This one really got me….you’re a poet.

    On another site, a commenter wrote a whole paragraph pleading for a shred of HOPE (she capitalized it). I couldn’t help hitting Reply, the gist of which was….

    “McPherson got me to let go of Hopium and face Reality. It changed my life, and I have been a happy man since.”

    I know that I’ve learned the process, because I apply it to other dismal issues (such as the stock market crash), and it works!

    “Know the Truth and the Truth shall set you free.” Counter-intuitive but true.

  • By the way, regarding Arctic sea ice cover of 2016

    1st Jan 12.798 million km2
    2nd Jan 12.797
    3rd Jan 12.796
    4th Jan 12.801
    5th Jan 12.818

    8th Feb 14.182
    9th Feb 14.214
    10th Feb 14.211
    11th Feb 14.188

    These figures do not imply we need to hit the panic button. Similar partial melts (followed by refreezes) occurred in 2007, 2011, 2012, 2014 and 2015; it’s just that we have not previously witnessed ice cover below the 2 standard deviation band and declining so early in the year. 2011 is the nearest comparison.

    All will be revealed for 2016 soon.


  • I pay average attention to elections. When it’s time for major elections, I even vote. But it’s not as though I expect the people I vote for to do most of the things I want done. I believe that individuals and groups within society need to exert constant effort, 24/7, toward the change they want.

    It just started to get clear today that elections are less about the winners than about the numbers. The winners won’t make a dent against the MIC or power in secret places. (If you can’t see them you can’t fight them.). But winners have symbolic value, and I would not say they are all the same. However, if I’m correct, it’s really more about the numbers.

    If you watch the election results and discussions on TV, you see that an extraordinary diversity and volume of numbers are generated. What demographics voted for what bewildering plethora of issues, etc. The analysis by numbers, groups and issues is stunning. And while the voting public rolls its eyes at all this breakdown by numbers, I don’t believe that TPTB do the same. I think they look at these numbers and analyze them with exquisite care, thereby ascertaining what their plan of action will be. Who to market to, what obstacles to oppose, what openings to close.

    And meanwhile, I’m fairly confident that so called progressives pay these numbers little heed and make few strategic plans around them. This is why progressives are useless.

    If I’m correct, it means that the statistics on how people vote have potential value for those who choose to use them. It also means that voting for who you believe can win is relatively unimportant. The stack of numbers IS the message, and what happens in the future matters less on who wins than the configuration of that stack. Seen this way, a sort of freedom arises. Whomever or whatever you vote for will be counted and will matter in some way, whoever/whatever wins or loses.

  • When I heard about Che Guevara, he was a described as a communist (and before there was the terrorist meme, painted as a terroriss), and by implication, an enemy of all English-speaking peoples. Since both my parents were commissioned officers in the Royal Indian Army in the Second World War, and their native languages were different with their language icommon being English, my primary native language also happens to be English.

    In addition, I found myself a Hindu in a land chock full of Muslims, so my first priority was to skedaddle out of there most quick, preferably to an English-speaking country. So as far as I was concerned, any miscreant so labelled by the English-speaking world was a miscreant as far as I was concerned.

    I never had mech occasion to think or hear about such folks; after coming to the US of A, and serving in the Army, I was more familiar with “kill a commie for mommy” . I may have an intellectual acceptance of “Che” but there remains a deep-seated revulsion in values and emotions to that name.

  • Communism is dead, Capitalism has “won”, muhahaha, the winner takes it all:


  • mo,
    from ‘Human Natures’ by Paul Ehrlich.(my emphasis)
    ‘Easter Islands story would seem to be just one more tale of ecological over-exploitation and collapse–like those of the early civilisation in the Tigris and Euphrates valleys,the classic Maya,the Anasazi,and the ancient Greeks. Easter Island is different,though in that it is one of that set of replicates that includes Hawaii,Tonga,and New Zealand–Pacific areas colonized by people of the same general culture from the same basic source
    at the same basic time. Some other areas,such as the Marquesas Islands,northwest of Easter Island,followed similar patterns. They had
    rapid population growth,faced an array of environmental problems,and resorted to warfare,cannibalism,and construction of large monuments.(see’Chiefdoms:Power,Economy and Ideology’ by P.V.Kirch)
    They NEVER established the levels of stratification or rigid hierarchies of the incipient states found in Hawaii or Tonga–circumscription on Easter Island and similar islands did not lead to the development of states.’

  • I am finding the mo flo/ david hingham debate to be very interesting. It does seem that humanity is dying of cancer.

  • Apologies for the additional post today but this clearly demonstrates why there is absolutely no hope:

    ‘Tomorrow, Sunday 13 February (12 February UST) – 1 pm NZT’

    ‘1 pm Saturday 14-Feb-2015’


  • Ed, humanity is the cancer.

    Nembutal is very hard to get, but fentanyl is easy, especially for a former alcoholic & junkie who lives in Vancouver. I have already acquired all I will need. I’m just waiting on my mother to go and I am out of this shithole.

  • Humanity is not the cancer. Never was never will be. It’s the ideology and practice of supremacy and hierarchy that is the cancer. I could say that 1 million times and it would never register if your scratch depends on the ideology and practice.

    I posted the link to the Register UK article in the FB Tired of Climate Change Deniers Group

    And it was like i conjured the devil and started throwing old women and children into the pyre. Instantly there was a hue and cry for our saviour Mark Jacobs of the much vaunted and respected Leland Stanford university which is built on the bones of dead Chinese railroad workers. Verily He hath shown the way.

    And so I was equated exactly with promoting the line coming out of the Exxon and BP corporate board rooms.

    Further proof that there is no hope. None. Less than Zero. Nada.
    The world will be burned and hard core fascism imposed so these nice well meaning liberal minded (and so very unmelanated) anti coal and anti oil people can live in their eco utopia, complete with carbon neutral concrete, coffee grounds that suck carbon and methane out of the air, Elon Musk 200 MPG super cars, Chinese non-friction engines and i-phone covers made of atmospheric carbon. Hallelujah.

    I mean, this, accompanied by Beyonce’s grand revolutionary feminist empowerment BLM triumph of the will at the superbowl, and Nate Hagens’ assurance that we will meet the methane and carbon monster half way is enough to send me to the whiskey bar for the rest of the next decade.

    My best friend from high school, who i used to play in a punk rock band with back in the 1990s, grew up and married Mr. Peabody’s granddaughter. This is a true story.

    Please buy me another drink.
    And I don’t care about your consideration or cheers anymore.
    Only hoping that your days are better than mine.

  • I used to care about ideas like communism and capitalism. now… meh. Che Guevara? Really? You’re Che now? Just be you.

    Someone mentioned “The Motorcycle Diaries.” If there ever was a romanticized, joke caricature version of a real life human being, that was it. The only thing missing from that movie was a halo around Che’s head.

    You people are delusional. Just like everybody else (including myself. Don’t worry, I get it).

  • Great video on previous post, please check it out. made in North Queensland(i think)no dialogue, no soundtrack,just the songbirds and sounds of the rain forest.Reminds me of when i was 18 and fit and idealistic. and doing a similar thing up there, running from capitalism in the late 70s.

  • OK, Guy – you can be Che if you want. I’ll play the Dalai Lama. But only until mom calls us for dinner, m’kay?

  • “You are Che, too. With a single breath, you inhale a single molecule that emanates from Che’s last exhalation.”

    I’ve no idea as to whether that is a scientific ‘truth’ or a poetic one? If it’s scientific, based on estimating the number of molecules in Che’s last breath and extrapolating where they went, one cannot escape the corollary that one is also getting a molecule that passed through Batista’s pulmonary apparatus, or god knows who’s?

    No wonder there’s so much coughing and hawking and spitting going on…

    …like when you are walking along and you catch a whiff of some nausea-inducing vapour emanating from a launderette or a paint-sprayers or somewhere and you decide to see if you can make it through the ‘contamination zone’ without inhaling. Civilisation offers such a surfeit of these opportunities for auto-asphyxiation that you start to wonder if the whole point of civilisation was to dissuade you from breathing?

    So.. maybe at the subconscious level we do a complete analysis of our next potential breath intake, and ‘choose’ the lung-full that is least compromised by previous association with utter bastards… except those who actually want a homeopathic dose of Torquemada, or whoever.. they choose the lung-full we rejected.


    Btw, Thanks Daniel for your thoughts on my ‘question’ a few months back. I got laid horizontal for a week with some weird virus during the sensible ‘window’ for replying, not that I had much to add- I reckon you are pretty close to the last word on such matters, for better or worse!

    It’s sometimes difficult to know if somebody is expecting a reply. I guess if they ask a question…. I don’t technically ignore questions I’m asked- just reluctant to get embroiled in a tail-chasing exercise, or, of course, reveal (more of) my ignorance! I still owe LWA some evidence of how it’s possible to mess your health up via yoga/meditation etc., and from years back I still owe Godofredo Aravena an account of why the biosphere does not/can not accomplish suicide on a less-than-geological time scale.

  • Mom:

    “Sweeties, time for Dinna!”


    I am sure, that Doctor Guy McPherson doesn’t need any tutoring about pessimism, muhahaha 8-) When I ask my venerable teacher, he always stays cool and says just this:


  • A place to stay untouched by death
    Does not exist.
    It does not exist in space, it does not exist in the ocean,
    Nor if you stay in the middle of a mountain.

    Let me give you a small example. Recently, when I was in Bodh Gaya, I fell ill from a chronic intestinal infection. On the way to the hospital, the pain in my abdomen was severe, and I was sweating a great deal. The car was passing through the area of Vulture Peak (Buddha taught here) where the villagers are extremely poor. In general, Bihar State is poor, but that particular area is even more so. I did not even see children going to or coming from school. Just poverty. And sickness. I have a very clear memory of a small boy with polio, who had rusty metal braces on his legs and metal crutches up to his armpits. It was obvious that he had no one to look after him. I was very moved. A little later on, there was an old man at a tea stop, wearing only a dirty piece of cloth, fallen to the ground, left to lie there with no one to take care of him.

    Later, at the hospital, my thoughts kept circling on what I had seen, reflecting on how sad it was that here I had people to take care of me but those poor people had no one. That is where my thoughts went, rather than to my own suffering. Though sweat was pouring out of my body, my concern was elsewhere.

    In this way, though my body underwent a lot of pain (a hole had opened in my intestinal wall) that prevented sleep, my mind did not suffer any fear or discomfort. It would only have made the situation worse if I had concentrated on my own problems. This is an example from my small experience of how an attitude of compassion helps even oneself, suppressing some degree of physical pain and keeping away mental distress, despite the fact that others might not be directly helped.

    Compassion strengthens your outlook, and with that courage you are more relaxed. When your perspective includes the suffering of limitless beings, your own suffering looks comparatively small.

    – Dalai Lama

    Greatings from my teacher (no, my teacher is not the Dalai Lama). While we are still waiting for Hell, millions of other fellow human beings are already in it…

  • Methane’s Role in Arctic Warming



    The question was, why is warming hitting to Arctic Ocean so strongly at this time of year? Greenhouse gas levels are higher over the Arctic than elsewhere on Earth. Greenhouse gases trap heat that would otherwise be radiated out to space, and this greenhouse effect is occurring all year long.

  • david ~

    “They NEVER established the levels of stratification or rigid hierarchies of the incipient states found in Hawaii or Tonga–circumscription on Easter Island and similar islands did not lead to the development of states.’”

    it seems to me he is just saying that the limits (circumscription) and resulting collapse on Easter Island (or similar) did not lead to the ultimate levels of stratification possible with incipient states. they just didn’t have the time to get there. but Easter Island had the same highly stratified society seen in all similar Polynesian cultures.

    a very interesting, well researched paper on pre-1778 Hawaiian population trends:


    conclusion: (bold added)

    “In contrast to explanations based on environmental constraints are those in which population and its dynamics are products of social relations. These explanations can take a variety of forms, but one possibility formulated for Hawai’i is that population growth was controlled by the rising power of chiefs. In this view, the chiefs’ increasing control over commoners’ access to land made it difficult for commoners to add to their holdings. In response, commoners limited the size of their families, thereby slowing population growth. This type of social control over population can function even when population size does not strain the technological capacity to produce food. In this view,

    “”population pressure” is generated at a very low level, at the level of the household or the small local group of related households, by the intrusion of political authorities in the disposition of land and labor. Thus there can be a “shortage” of land, which is to say of desirable tenures, even as great areas are lying waste.”

    One advantage of explanations framed in social terms, as opposed to those in which the history of society is explained by the negative effects of environmental constraints, is that there is no need to suggest that Hawaiians were not a prosperous, healthy people. Development of social controls for population growth might be stimulated by perceived resource shortages, before resource depletion jeopardized the health of the population. The suggestion that archaeologists can only support a period of no population growth with evidence for “severe malnutrition” or restrictions on “strenuous leisure activities” to avoid “unnecessary caloric expenditures” need not be entertained. Viewed from the perspective of today’s rapidly growing and overcrowded world, the ability of Hawaiians to maintain a population size at which individuals could lead healthy, prosperous lives appears a signal success.”

    stratified, highly unequal complex societies that apparently did not do anything sufficient to change agricultural practices, or respond to environmental changes and population pressures, combined with drought or mega-drought, across the board:

    Tigris and Euphrates valleys


    the classic Maya

    mega-drought: http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2003/03/0313_030313_mayadrought.html

    the Anasazi

    http://www.abc.net.au/science/articles/2003/07/17/2858655.htm (a short article by Jared Diamond)

    and the ancient Greeks.

    mega-drought again!

  • Maybe if we all mirrored che and guy’s commitment to truth and justice we could force a change in this horror that we witness daily and maybe discover true love is directly connected to how great a sacrifice we are willing to make for our love. Or is it just another superficial immediate gratification (pornography,lifeless aesthetically empty objects of commerce and the pathetically narcissistic ad nauseum worship of all that is human [exponential anthropocentric indulgence]) we have been conned into believing is true love by the psychotic white males who control every aspect of our emotional and intellectual being.

  • John Prine’s Revenge:

    Peabody Energy reported a $2 billion loss for 2015 on Thursday, as bankruptcy rumors surrounding the country’s largest coal miner continued to mount.


  • the more I think about this, the more I see it as totally awe inspiring just how well this particular mega-cancer model, formulated and spread by a specific group of the power elites, has worked.

    1. perfect a way to thoroughly convince your slave populations that they are not slaves. the ultimate way to do this is to convince them of the complete opposite. they can even have their own brand sparkling new country where they get to enjoy the practice of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

    2. drive home the idea, everywhere, that the expansion of this manifestly lovely and perfect model is the prime goal. all who get in the way, one way or another, are “primitives.” uneducated primitives, more than anything else.

    3. co-opt everything below you, even a small step below you, into unconsciously buying the model, completely: the merchants, the educated classes, the innovators and inventors, the scientists, the creative classes. spread the singular idea: “this is all for your benefit! all for your freedom of expression, prosperity and happiness.”

    4. when it finally all goes totally wrong, and the “unhealthy situation” is beginning to at least be felt a little bit for what it is, rest assured that the slaves everywhere will blame only themselves: “humanity is the cancer.” get your “thought leaders” onboard with this idea. by this time they are so thoroughly and unconsciously conditioned to go along that they will do it themselves without you even asking! “oh you know, this was the destiny of humanity: expand, exploit, collapse. it was just the way it happened. it has happened everywhere, every time.”

    5. as Mark Austin was getting at here recently, but which I am now sure more than ever must be on their minds: if there is any way to wipe out the slaves and their activities, which are now an existential threat to our ultimate privilege, while still maintaining our safety and security, and our lineages, find a way!

    everything else has been expendable, all along. no reason all the slaves themselves aren’t just as expendable. we just have to find the way. probably an inspiring mantra in many key places these days.

  • Hey Che,
    I know you say a lot about anarchism, but with Antonin Scalia no longer around, maybe we can reverse Citizen’s United and give the people a wee bit more power.
    Best Wishes

  • loved this little essay, doc. ‘Too pretentious?’ as long as talent overshadows ego, i don’t think so. in you i think both are pretty big!

    now catching up on reading the comments. great, as usual.

  • Guy doesn’t possess a big ego he possesses a big heart. All you people that do not pursue truth for truth sake are completely clueless about what motivates guy. And the dalai lama comment came from the same old tired moronic white male mentality that we even find inescapable in this far corner of cyberspace known as NBL. FUCK!!!!! white male morons prevail into infinitude like a creepy fucking nightmare.

  • mod note:

    steve, yes, Guy does have a big heart. do you know what motivates Guy? I wonder. Guy has used his big heart occasionally, and somewhat fruitlessly perhaps, to encourage a reasonable discussion on this website.

    he has made it clear that he strongly prefers the discussion to be focused on our ideas here, not on attacking and verbally abusing each other, and especially not with the kind of aggressive name calling and hostility you are expressing here.

    if you can find some way of expressing your disagreement with Nemesis’ use of the Dalai Lama quote where you can criticize the content of the comment, or the ideas expressed in the comment, great.

    if you just want to act like some kind of abusive asshole towards people here, that’s not so great, and this behavior actually does directly conflict with Guy’s goals for this website.

    EDIT: and if you were going after Paul Chefurka and his Dalai Lama reference, which is also possible, again, the same idea applies. please come up with some thought about why Paul’s comment itself is an issue for you, and not just an attack on the speaker.

    thank you very much for your careful consideration.

    ~ mo

  • mo, I believe steve was referring to this obnoxious comment from Paul Chefurka: “OK, Guy – you can be Che if you want. I’ll play the Dalai Lama. But only until mom calls us for dinner, m’kay?”

    I agree with steve about the insulting tone of this comment. I wasn’t going to bring it up, but I’m glad steve noticed.

  • yes, I kind of expected that actually was steve’s intended target.

    it is of course sometimes a (very) fine line around here. was Paul being truly insulting to you directly, or was he making a really pointed jab at the idea you could reasonably claim Che’s mantle?

    the first approach is going after you, the second is pointedly going after the claim of your own commentary.

    sorting it out, though harsh, on balance it seemed more like the latter to me.

  • Frankl considered the pursuit of meaning to be the primary driver in life.

    Freud considered it to be the pleasure principle.

    Nietzsche thought it was the will to power.

    H.P. Lovecraft thought it was the ego that mostly drove us onward.

    After reading this essay, I think Lovecraft was on to something.

  • I guess that few will have the time or inclination to ‘wade through hours’ (a frequent response), but nevertheless I believe it is appropriate to link this excellent narration, which epitomises the pursuit of knowledge and truth for no reward other than finding the correct answer; in many cases the truth-seeker/truth-teller was ridiculed and persecuted for seeking truth and speaking it.

  • Did you hear that Justice Scalia went hunting with Dick Cheney out in West Texas?

  • All this Che Thing wont help much .. There are forces trend-lines instincts and learned behaviors that make the work of the true revolutionary at best a temporal relief being again and again washed away by the mentioned forcings to bad http://hipcrime.blogspot.ca/2016/01/the-fates-of-nations-biological-theory.html
    after all this is what we can do and have https://youtu.be/4jDNTWFKv1E?t=67

  • Guy, language matters. When you arrogate the name and reputation of one of the twentieth century’s greatest revolutionaries, you have to expect some disagreement with your self-assessment. What’s wrong with just being Guy McPherson?

  • Language certainly does matter. I’d expect somebody using that phrase to be familiar with the use of analogy as a literary device.

  • Ever since viewing the video in Artleads comment from Feb. 11, 2016 @ 21:29 ( http://www.youtube.com/embed/44vzMNG2fZc )about “The forced collective suicide of European nations”, by Politically Incorrect Productions I’ve had an old perennial issue on my mind that I lack clarity on, so would like to toss out here to see if anyone has further thoughts on it.

    The subject is probably about as enticing to the readers here (including me) as serious discussions of climate change are among the tea party and the oil companies but a subject I don’t think should be shied away from just because it, like the above mentioned video is icky. The subject, or question is, “precisely what and when is the point at which violence becomes necessary and appropriate”?

    We can’t escape it. Our body’s immune system is constantly committing violent acts against invading bacteria. I spend a lot of time mowing the lawn and chopping weeds. I keep mouse traps in the house and the basement. I’ve never been so ravished by the beauty of birds as when I was a teenager shooting at them with my pellet gun. (I was into taxidermy.) I’ve killed a long string of innocent creatures that for one reason or another I found to be inconvenient. I kind of surprised myself last summer by shooting one of my neighbour’s two dogs with my .22. The neighbour is (was?) an old friend from “way back” who has the admirable habit of rescuing dogs from the local shelter and the (what I find) less admirable habit of unconditionally sharing them with the rest of the neighbourhood until they disappear or get run over (obviously my side of the story here) but, no problem, there’s plenty more where those came from. He came over for a friendly visit one day bringing his two latest dogs with him to see about putting some bees on my property since I have fruit trees. The dogs instantly went roaring off after my free-ranging chickens, through the blackberry thickets and (oblivious to all the human shouting) finally one pinned down an old hen about 10 feet from where we were standing. I went over and kicked at the dog and picked up the hen which by then was totally immobilized and stuck her in the chicken coop. She died a couple days later. The neighbor’s response was “don’t worry, that’s probably the first time they’ve seen chickens. They’ll do better next time.” So the dogs started making a habit of coming over to chase chickens, so one day there was a shootout at the OK chicken coop and both of the dogs went running home, one of them bleeding and yelping. Intense discussions & phone calls followed. Thank God, the dog made a full recovery. I promised never again to use lethal force on his dogs. He got a flock of chickens, I guess to teach his dogs how to behave around chickens. His chickens kept coming over to my and my other neighbour’s place because he didn’t have a rooster and we did. After about a week of herding his chickens back over to his place (ever tried to “herd” chickens?) somebody’s dogs, I think his, killed all his chickens. We haven’t talked since then.

    T. Ripton in her essay ( https://guymcpherson.com/2015/11/long-live-those-who-will/ ‎ ) has a sentence in the first line of the last paragraph of the essay: “Long live the peaceful until necessary.” So when is “necessary”?

    Che, I guess, had pretty clear ideas about when violence is justified. So when I catch a starving zombie stealing my unripe tomatoes, what do I do? What about when he pulls out a knife and threatens me?

  • Of course I’m aware of of the literary device, Guy. I’ve done the same thing – right after Sandy Hook I published a piece entitled “I Am Adam Lanza”.

    My objection is not to the device, but to the personality you chose to present yourself as. Claiming to “be” Che begs comparison with other claims that have been made to being Napoleon, or Joanne of Arc or Jesus of Nazareth. While it may not be as psychotic as those other claims, being Che carries with it more than a whiff of narcissism.

    You are already larger than life Guy, you don’t need to be any bigger than that.

    This is my last comment on this issue.

  • I suspect anybody with a functioning brain cell recognized the literary device. I’m clearly distinguishing between Che and myself. Why not go another step and incorrectly accuse me of calling myself Gandhi, Jesus, and God?

  • Here’s a song dedicated to Che: “El Aparecido” by Victor Jara. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2eo9coAursQ

    The cameraman gets in on the act at the very last, perhaps impressing his mom with his ability to make the whole thing look drunk.

  • @ Richards
    There is an innate hypocrisy to life. If you eat meat, you must cause suffering to creatures. If you are vegetarian, you are depriving other creatures of sustenance. I think the best you can do is to not cause unnecessary suffering. I hope you’ve given up taxidermy.
    Best wishes

  • Guy,

    One of the worst torments for me on earth is suffering fools?

    David Goza,

    Much appreciated!!! Wow!!! Would love to hear a version in, hate to say 1t, the whitey barbarian language of total destruction.

    “El aparecido” (The Ghost), which was written about Che Guevara’s death months before the Argentinian revolutionary was actually killed. The song says: “The crows with golden claws have put a price on his head / how the fury of the rich has crucified him.”

  • Guy,

    The worst trait in humans is jealousy.

  • If I don’t write this here, even before I’ve thought it through, it might slip away entirely. So this is a rough, scattershot and preliminary outline only.

    Thesis = Hillary (Democratic ways that have now settled and stabilized)
    Antithesis = Bernie (Alternative that challenges those now familiar values)
    Synthesis = ……..Donald Trump?

    Trump has some of the populist vision of Bernie, while concentrating some of the evil in Hilary.


    Trump is far and away, head and shoulders, above the other five standing GOP candidates. He is a true, if rather deformed, human being. The others are cartoons, probably not worthy to be bombed through some massive areal assault. (Sorry. I need considerable violence counseling, it seems.)


    STRATEGY at this time (if dialectic is the term we need) requires voting for Bernie primarily, and Trump secondarily. Hillary has lots of slack to draw from. Not only must that slack be reduced by voting Bernie, it must be so tight that she’s dragging in the dusty field and dust is flying all around her, with animals gazing in consternation. She must be beaten and battered. That is the condition under which she might be elected or voted for as president. (If, miraculously, Trump were to be elected, a similar treatment should be meted out to him.) This is best done by voting for Bernie. THEN, when she is at the point of total collapse, it might just be possible to lead her. Although voting Bernie isn’t necessarily the end game, voting Bernie provides the symbol, the stand-in, for people power.

    The problem with Bernie is that he isn’t a woman with Hillary’s iconic appeal to women. The problem with Hillary is too obvious to mention.

    So Bernie and Hillary must be like two black holes that were recently said to collide, rippling space and time. It is the synthesis of the two that matters. It is their collective product in society, and not them personally, that matters. But, of course, people continue to insist in not seeing the forest for the trees…


    What we have is two thirds too much of everything human. But you can’t just say, end civilization so that nature can have a chance. Or that 7 billion people should abandoned the city and return to nature. In the latter case, it would only take the first cold spell for all the trees on earthy to be burned for heat and fuel.


    There has to be some sort of civilization, or everything natural goes up in flames. For me, to be civilized is nothing remotely like BAU. To be civilized requires preserving all the understanding and knowledge gained so far, and using it to springboard the first sign of a civilized civilization. Civilization should be like a boa constrictor swallowing an elephant. The most unimaginable volume of culture and understanding needs to be preserved and very slowly digested. To be civilized is not about quantitative growth.

    How about a hunter gatherer version of civilization, where even your keyboard is sacred?

  • “I’m clearly distinguishing between Che and myself.” That’s the problem!

    You ARE Che. So am I. Consciousness is One. We are all Che.

  • “precisely what and when is the point at which violence becomes necessary and appropriate”

    First, defining violence, it entails damage/disruption of structure sufficient to result in an interference with function of sufficient intenstiy and duration to tilt the outcome of a competition in favour of the party inflicting the violence. It becomes necessary and appropriate when in its absence the prebability of prevailing goes to the adversary.

    It applies at every level, from the primordial biochemical molecules (before they became the machinery of cellular bichemistry), to empires.

  • In the meantime—-while you gents (for the most part?) are bickering about Guy/ Che, use of human language, use of literary devices (in essence ego stuff) . . .

    “Chris Turney, a climate change professor with the Australasian Antarctic Expedition, has been tracking the penguin decline.
    “It’s eerily silent now,” Turney told the Sydney Morning Herald. “The ones that we saw at Cape Denison were incredibly docile, lethargic, almost unaware of your existence. The ones that are surviving are clearly struggling. They can barely survive themselves, let alone hatch the next generation. We saw lots of dead birds on the ground … it’s just heartbreaking to see.”
    With 93 percent of their population already dead, researchers estimate that in 20 years, the rest of the colony will be completely wiped out. 
    “They don’t migrate,” Turney told the publication. “They’re stuck there. They’re dying.”


  • music as the blessed catharsis in the midst of this ???
    saw Rachael Kilgour a few weeks ago, she is amazing

  • @ Feed Jake & Robin Datta

    Thanks. Yes, I have long absolved myself of taxidermy. Maybe I’m looking for clarification where there is none. Robin, I agree with what you said but it basically sounds to me like “feel free to shoot whenever you think the other guy might end up winning”. I was hoping I could come up with something loftier.

  • @steve

    And the dalai lama comment came from the same old tired moronic white male mentality that we even find inescapable in this far corner of cyberspace known as NBL. FUCK!!!!! white male morons prevail into infinitude like a creepy fucking nightmare.

    I see, are you not white? Are you black or red or what? What’s skin color got to do with it at all? Is there any scientific evidence that human character is linked to skin color? I don’t think so. About the Dalai Lama quote of mine:

    If you know better, than do. You know, when I think of changing the world, I look at myself and I start with myself. That’s all I ever needed and it gives me great comfort, in fact, it gives me Enlightenment, peace and freedom. So, start with yourself, if you want Enlightenment, peace and freedom. I asked you once and I ask you again:

    What do you do to make this world a better place?


  • Okay, maybe I have a working hypothesis for my “violence” question.

    Answer: “Namaste”. Before committing any act of violence offer up a genuine “Namaste” (“The Spirit within me salutes the Spirit in you”) and I’m prepared to accept whatever I give.


  • @ Guy

    As a literally device, saying “I am Che” is a symbolic act, it’s used as a means of saying that not only do you support that person, but identify with the values or experience of either a person or event.

    But that’s not what you wrote. You took it upon yourself to give a point for point comparison between the two of you that clearly goes beyond any use of “I am Che” as a “literary device”.

    All one has to say is “I am Che”, enough said. Continuing to detail your incomparable differences as if they are somehow relative comes across as rather vain.

    I can’t say as to what your motivation is, but one thing is rather obvious at this point, it surely isn’t humility.

  • @richards

    Okay, maybe I have a working hypothesis for my “violence” question.

    Answer: “Namaste”. Before committing any act of violence offer up a genuine “Namaste” (“The Spirit within me salutes the Spirit in you”) and I’m prepared to accept whatever I give.


    Hahaha, that’s exactly what CHE did :-)

    My life experience tells me, that violence creates just more violence. Yes, everybody got the right to defend oneself and ones own tomatoes, just like CHE did. But in a globalized world the most important strategy will be teamwork, global teamwork. No teamwork, no peace, but war and more war. Global chaos, global war, where everyone fights against each other to protect ones own tomatoes will lead to even more global eco desaster. War always creates the worst eco desaster imaginable. Global war will lead to global eco desaster. That simple. Look at the US:

    Everyone in the US got guns to fight for own tomatoes. And therefore the killings, the war, the CIVIL war extends just further and further. In a global civil war no tomatoes will be left, not yours, not mine, not anyone elses tomatoes. We got two choices:

    Global teamwork and peace or global civil war and endless desaster for the planet and all tomatoes and all beings.

  • richards ~

    I think it all gets down to motive. what is your true motive? only you can know. and ONLY you will ever have to answer for it.

    “I was hoping I could come up with something loftier.”

    that was good. :) if your motives are ultimately something to do with love, rather than dominance, hate, anger, greed, etc, then you probably don’t need to worry about finding a lofty idea to back up your actions.

    that is exactly what the Che quote at the beginning of Guy’s essay is all about. what is the true motive behind one’s actions?

  • Dr. Grant: With the best intentions? Some of the worst things imaginable have been done with the best intentions.

  • My earliest political memory was at 9 years old, hearing on the morning radio news the success of the Cuban Revolution, and the following executions of the Batista officers and those who had exploited the Cuban people so mercilessly.

    Every morning, they were lined up on the beach, tied to posts, and shot. The count was in the high 900s. Don’t know if they ever got to 1000.

    The American news outlets carried the news with a tone of shock at this seeming brutality on the part of the revolutionaries.

    Today, having seen this colonization by American Mafia, CIA, and agribiz companies again and again, I understand the determination of the Cuban people to eliminate those sons of bitches once and for all.

    (Unfortunately, many of them got away, to Miami, and formed the nucleus of some other operations that impacted all of our lives.)

    Che’s picture is legend now, on t-shirts all over the world, a hot seller.

    Guy, don’t ever lose that moustache. Or cut your hair back. I think there might be a style revolution — with you in the picture.

  • When the act of looking at ‘you’ – at your actual nature has taken place – and the fear of life and its residual effects begin to depart – the morphing of these personas and their various identifications loses it’s seriousness . in fact they become fun -part of the play , the parade of phenomena -‘lila’ if you will.

    With regard to Paul Chefurkas comment re Che/Dalai Lama – I thought it came across as wonderfully witty with no sense of malice or insult in its intention.

  • I am technologically challenged and proud of it. So i try to keep things short and to the point(I type with one finger). Their is too much verbiage around here. I romantically recall the days of grant schrieber and oldfolgy et al.I believe some of the people who contribute here(the newbies)are still stuck in the cruel cultural cage of anthropocentricism.Just trying to rattle that cage. And most sincerely Forgive my seemingly apparent rudeness and most especially i would like the forgiveness of robin datta ( I rudely assumed was a white female wanta be poser [or colonist] of eastern religion/philosophy) What and impressive grasp of those traditions robin possesses. Li Po Han Shan Ryokan and the tibetan buddhism tantra teachings or my leanings. Ahhh…., but I will take a short conversation with a tree over any human perception of the nature of existence.

  • Yes, I am a creepy white male. A penised being. One could not have more strikes against them. Fuck…….. white males are barely even alive. I am a radical militant in the most traditional understanding.

  • (comment deleted by mod.)

    mod edit: sorry, steve. this one should have been deleted earlier.

    ~ mo

  • Evolution: (Another in the genre)


  • I see these kids having die-ins and such and it sets my mind a wonderin’.

  • Actually, answering my question may put you on a watch list of sorts, so…

  • Character assassination, it’s one of the favourite tools of those in power, a technique so familiar it’s almost a guaranteed reaction throughout society;

    Here’s another individual who has been intentionally misrepresented over a courageous stance and action he took, and his message to the world disregarded:


    As it turns out, I knew Grant. We were kids together, at a young age he showed me how to snare rabbits. Some of my other friends knew him in high school years.

    It was a surprise to read about him in the New Yorker magazine Book Review, a title called the Golden Spruce. The movie, Hadwin’s Judgement was made from the book. At the time, it reminded me of the Tom Wolfe title, Radical Chic and the Mau-Mau, about how they were allegedly fundraising for the Mau-Mau at the trendiest New York cocktail parties back in the late 60s.

  • My little battle with Nicole Foss on Interest,co.nz

    by Nicole Foss | Mon, 15/02/2016 – 19:39


    McPherson makes use of many references which are not at all worthy of the name, and those which do constitute real references are often misquoted or selectively quoted in order to produce an unsupported picture. Data is cherry picked to create a misleading picture. I do suggest you read/listen to the links I provided. They have not been ‘shredded by proper analysis’ at all.

    Guy McPherson and proper analysis do not belong in the same sentence. His position is religious/cultic rather than scientific. One cannot have a debate with the man. He immediately defaults to ad hominems and encourages his followers to attack the questioner/dissenter. He also deliberately misrepresents the work of many others in order to discredit them. When he was here in NZ last year, an unfortunate climate scientist set up to debate him at one of his events was ambushed and derided by McPherson’s followers. I spoke to him afterwards. His response was, “I was rather disturbed by how things went along Wednesday night, highly unscientific, more like a religious gathering.”

    My own original background is in biology and environmental science, and I find McPherson’s work to be a travesty of science.


    Report Comment

    by Afewknowthetruth | Mon, 15/02/2016 – 22:20


    Nicole, Firstly who is Scott K Johnson and what credentials does he have? None. He has no credibility. Just a journalist blogger.

    When we examine what he has written it is clear that the Fractal Planet analysis is fraudulent and does not stand up to analysis.

    Quote from Fractal Planet:

    ‘Numero uno. While the concept of a positive feedback (a little change triggers an addition that makes the change bigger, triggering another addition that…) sounds like snowballing without end, that’s not actually the case here. These positive climate feedbacks (and there are negative feedbacks, by the way) amplify warming, but only to a certain extent. After all, these same processes were in play when the Earth warmed out of the last glaciation (over the last ~18,000 years), which obviously didn’t scorch the planet. Without any of these feedbacks, the glacial/interglacial differences would be much smaller, but they do not cause runaway warming.’

    The same processes were NOT in play when the warmed out of the last glaciation: far from it! Johnson completely ignores the fact that humans have desquestered hundreds of billions of tonnes of carbon and put it into the atmosphere and oceans in the form of CO2, and completely ignores the fact that CO2 averaged 230ppm during that period. Release of CO2 was driven over the 800,000-year period by warming and the warming was driven by [Earth] orbital factors.

    The CO2 record for the past 800,000 years makes this very clear.


    We now have 175ppm CO2 above normal, which traps a stupendous amount of additional heat. Not only that but CO2 is rising at an unprecedented rate, currently over 3ppm per annum. Which is not at all surprising when we consider the amount of fossil fuel being burned, cement produced, steel manufactured, widespread deforestation (forests actually burning) and decline in phytoplankton.

    Additionally, methane is at 3 times the recent historic (preindustrial) norm and arguably 5 times the 800,000-year norm.

    Now when it comes to methane there is a huge problem because the UNIPCC has failed to assign the appropriate multiplier. Initially UNIPCC assigned CH4 the value 23 times CO2 over 100 years, which they then upgraded to 34 times CO2. Over 20 years the initial value was 72, which was upgraded to 86.

    Now if we are facing abrupt climate change, the 100-year time frame is totally inappropriate. Indeed, since methane is building up in the atmosphere and not decaying as assumed by UNIPCC, we should be using the instantaneous multiplier, which has a value of the order of 300 times CO2 (as I discussed with Paul Beckwith some time ago), for a portion of the methane.

    Again from Scott Johnson:

    ‘Nummer zwei. The latest IPCC report projects roughly 0.3 to 0.7C of warming by 2035. (The exact numbers are a little complicated, but I explained it here.) Farther into the future, the different emissions scenarios diverge. The “business-as-usual” scenario results in about 2.6 to 4.8C warming by 2100’

    Not that IS cherry-picking and is just plain wrong. Even the outdated UNIPPC figures indicate up to 6.4oC increase in temperature. Indeed, the UNIPCC has acknowledge that the Earth will become uninhabitable without geo-engineering. The only problem there is that there is no geo-engineering process that we can have any confidence in. There certainly is no way to ‘pull CO2 out of the atmosphere’. Vague plans to cut down insolation via creating clouds or putting reflecting particles into the atmosphere are just pipe dreams.


    In 2015 already at about 1.2oc warmer than the ;long-term average, and 2016 is generally expected to be warmer than 2015. UNIPCC has published a range of scenarios for 2100, up to 6.8oC. That may well be an underestimate. Particularly since every UNIPCC assessment has been way behind the real game, resulting in a constant ‘faster than expected’ narrative.

    The assertions of many well-known supposed climate scientists are simply completely wrong, i.e. Michael Mann.

    The key to all of this is CHEMISTRY, which sadly is understood by fewer than one person in 10,000.

    As David Wasdell has pointed out, there are numerous positive feedbacks which are self-reinforcing and mutually reinforcing, and almost no negative feedbacks (other than radiation of heat into space, which is not really a negative feedback in the true chemical-physical sense of the term.

    There are huge vested interests -financial, political and psychological- in denying Abrupt Climate Change, which is why nothing will be done to prevent it and it will become a certainty if it is not already.

    As mentioned previously, we have a lot better idea by August.

    In the meantime, the catastrophic meltdown of the Arctic continues. Another day of melting when ice should be forming.


    This thread commenced with my comment that ‘Nicole Foss understands finance very well but is in denial of Abrupt Climate Change’.

    I think that statement is true.


  • Doing some background research on the recently signed TPP I came across this little winner… Via Wiki.

    ‘Trans-Pacific Partnership’



    “On 5 October 2015 economists Joseph Stiglitz and Adam S. Hersh questioned the ISDS provisions of the TPP. “To be sure”, they wrote, “investors — wherever they call home — deserve protection from expropriation or discriminatory regulations. But ISDS goes much further: The obligation to compensate investors for losses of expected profits can and has been applied even where rules are nondiscriminatory and profits are made from causing public harm. … Imagine what would have happened if these provisions had been in place when the lethal effects of asbestos were discovered. Rather than shutting down manufacturers and forcing them to compensate those who had been harmed, under ISDS, governments would have had to pay the manufacturers not to kill their citizens. Taxpayers would have been hit twice — first to pay for the health damage caused by asbestos, and then to compensate manufacturers for their lost profits when the government stepped in to regulate a dangerous product.”[54]

    Stiglitz also claimed that the TPP would give oil companies the right to sue governments for loss of profits due to efforts to reduce carbon emissions and global warming.[55]”

    Wow…I never thought of that one. Here I was thinking it had to do with making the world of trade and commerce ‘more fair’…silly me. He He.

    Of course, Australia(Afraidia) was on board that agreement pretty quick.

    Also, I caught the webanar with Guy and Paul Beckwith, and it was pretty good.

    I think you guys are breaking new ground in getting specialist comment out to the world that circumvents the muzzle of the moderator.

    Artleads, the first cartoon is cutting, very cutting, especially as my sun sign is the fishes…. ! Also, it really sounds like you still believe in Democracy, USA style…? No?

    No doubt we got some big changes coming very soon.


    here is another absurd eventuality when a federal govt really decides to put its head up its own butt, no longer just in the sand…

    ‘CSIRO hailed contribution to gravitation waves find – for work done by axed unit’


    A Quote:

    “CSIRO executives are being accused of claiming credit for achievements of a science unit it has recently axed, amid on-going job cuts at the agency.
    Separately, an email leaked to Fairfax Media, indicates a key climate monitoring site has had its CSIRO funding slashed by 80 per cent in the past year even as officials pledge to maintain its operations….

    Separately, an email leaked to Fairfax Media shows the climate monitoring site at Cape Grim on Tasmania’s north-west – one of three key locations globally talking carbon dioxide readings – had had its CSIRO funding cut by more than 80 per cent this financial year….

    “Cape Grim is an important project through which CSIRO delivers international impact by the ongoing monitoring of greenhouse gases,” a spokesman said on Sunday. “Funding is negotiated annually with the BoM depending on research activity, priorities and needs….

    “If they keep the funding they are talking about now, the gas lab will be gone,” a senior scientist said.
    The other two functions – the maintenance carried out by CSIRO and the collection of the gases by the bureau – “will be a complete waste” without the lab, the scientist said.
    “From sitting through a week of Senate Estimates it is plain to me that the CSIRO leadership haven’t the barest clue about what these cuts will mean to all their partner agencies right across the climate and Antarctic sector,” Greens senator Peter Whish-Wilson said.
    “The data from Cape Grim is of global importance and having the staff based out of there contributes to a critical mass of scientists that keeps Tasmania competitive as the world leader in Antarctic and climate science,” the Tasmanian senator said.”


    ‘Marvin Gaye – What’s Going On’

    Che lives. :)

  • Another of Marvin’s best…

    ‘Marvin Gaye – Sexual Healing’

    I can’t forget Barry…

    ‘Barry White – Can’t Get Enough Of Your Love Baby’

    Aaahhhh!! That’s much better. It was getting hot down here…

    I heard a couple arguing on a bus today…

    Him: “But they just had a big blizzard in America! So what global warming was that arsehole talking about last night? I’m sick of that shit, all day long at work I have to put up with ‘climate change, climate change’ drivel”

    Her: “But honey,its true, something screwy is going on…”

    Him: “Nuh, I don’t want to hear about it, I’m sick of it. I gotta work with this shit all day, fucking news room crap, doing support for those dicks, I hear em talk off air, they think its real too.”

    Her: ” Maybe they hear stuff we don’t, journos get around..”

    Him: “Oh they hear stuff alright, just not the truth. I mean I heard this one jerk saying he heard this Americn professor talking about how humans were probably going extinct in a decade or two..”

    Her: ‘Really, that’s amazing, Lisa, from Melbourne remember, she said something like that..”

    Him: ” yeah, well it’s all shit !”


    Her: ” You want to get a coffee, or a drink , it’s still early..?”

    Him: ” Nah, just go home and bang yer hard, hey?”

    Her smiled and at him but him didn’t turn his head, just kept looking at the light as the bus sped across the bridge.

    Her: ” You always were romantic”

    Him: “Got to make that baby, besides its free”

    Him finally tuned to Her, and after a glance, a smile, they kissed, and then Her noticed I had overheard their conversation. Luckily I had some headphones in my ears, as it works better if I look like everyone else on the public transport network. So I just glanced through her, and I think she bought it.

    I wondered if it was the good Dr Guy McPherson the guy who apparently worked in media , or news or something was referring to?

    Getting traction, maybe.

  • Good news! Lab-grown burgers, robot cars and we’ll live like MILLIONAIRES by 2050 according to think tank’s ‘futurology’ report.

    Adam Smith Institute predicts routine space travel and free electricity. Academics even suggest scientists will bring back DINOSAURS and dodos! We’ll all live longer, be healthier, happier and spend less time working.


  • Thank you, Kevin Moore, for posting David Wasdell’s June, 2008 video from Sweden. 2008 (as we all know) is ancient history in terms of Climate Change and ensuing research. But the words that really rang true with me was when he stated at minute 38:28 “we are now in the early stages of runaway climate change.” How truly terrifying.. and this was almost recorded eight years ago! And so Rome continues to burn, and Nero fiddles…..

  • kevin moore, I stopped dealing with Nicole Foss long ago. She’s attached to her long-held belief, and refuses to let go. Her personal attacks on me continue, of course, independent of evidence.

    Nobody has more invested in the complete collapse of industrial civilization than I do, but I gave up on that phenomenon being helpful to ours and other species long ago. Foss clings to it, failing to acknowledge we’re in the midst of abrupt climate change. Note that even the IEA forecasts up to 6 C by 2050, excluding methane and other greenhouse gases beyond carbon dioxide.

    And if we want to pick nits, let’s start with her 2009 prediction that we’d see Dow 1000 in 2010. She’s adhered to the “rapid deflation” scenario seemingly forever. If you’re depending upon her predictions, you’re bound to lose a lot of money.

    Foss is the classic example of a former rationalist unwilling to be swayed by new information. That makes her irrational.

  • “ 15.2.2016 – Employees on Trial

    Deutsche Bank’s Emissions Fraud”


    Time Waits For No One

    Yes, star crossed in pleasure the stream flows on by
    Yes, as we’re sated in leisure, we watch it fly
    And time waits for no one, and it won’t wait for me
    And time waits for no one, and it won’t wait for me

    Time can tear down a building or destroy a woman’s face
    Hours are like diamonds, don’t let them waste
    Time waits for no one, no favours has he
    Time waits for no one, and he won’t wait for me

    Men, they build towers to their passing yes, to their fame everlasting
    Here he comes chopping and reaping, hear him laugh at their cheating
    And time waits for no man, and it won’t wait for me
    Yes, time waits for no one, and it won’t wait for me

    Drink in your summer, gather your corn
    The dreams of the night time will vanish by dawn
    And time waits for no one, and it won’t wait for me
    And time waits for no one, and it won’t wait for me
    No no no, not for me…

    – Jagger/Richards

  • Not just the global January record has been broken, BUT WE WON THE HIGHEST RECORD ANOMALY EVER:


    Muhahaha, greeee(d)tings to all Managers of Multinational Corporations and their Children/Descendants, fasten seat belts, stop smoking, have a nice trip 8-)

  • This was from my indigenous Australian acquaintance, friend of my IWW friend in Australia.

    I’m an Aboriginal and an Anarchist!
    I thought I would put that out there.
    I do not believe in Hierarchy and I despise Capitalism. I am new at the Anarchist philosophy though it comes easy because it is very close to the philosophy of Aboriginal people.
    Capitalism is what keeps us blackfullas down and until it is overthrown we are going to be oppressed.
    Something else I want to put out there is blackfullas don’t believe in hierarchy. We have different roles when it comes to gender and age though that doesn’t equal hierarchy in the Western form.
    Fuck Capitalism and hierarchy!!
    This is the first time I have admitted to now believing and living the Anarchist philosophical. I don’t know why it took so long.

    I also think Mr. flow is on to some pretty profound things here recently.


    As well, if anyone accuses of “cherrypicking”, by definition, you’ll need to provide the full scope of data in order to refute the claims of pickings. Or, go cherrypick the rest of the data that disproves what the other pickins prove. You can’t just use “cherrypicking” as a magic word to make the oncoming train go away. In other words, where would the good news be? On which planet?

    I mean? Did Hagens and Foss even look at the UN data? Did they look at the Hadley or Tyndall data? Or the Nasa data? Or the US Navy data? Or the Mauna Loa data? Or the methane measurements? The deep time record co-relations? That’s not exactly controversial. Did they listen to Kevin Anderson or any of the other obvious people who might actually know? I mean…who, besides Foss and Hagens and their acolytes are refuting any of this? How can you argue with those peopel? Who on the planet has the other end of the so called cherry picked data? Anywhere? I’m just wondering. Just curious.

    And I’ll say this: that people cling to that Scott Johnson pablum like a reed in one of Mark Linus’ 6 degrees hyper-caines.

    I am assuming no, because they have got busy lives to lead, and better things to do than what the situation calls for. Which at this point would be a social revolution on a scale never witnessed or imagined in human history.

    Fat chance that’ll happen at this point. The Pentagon is not going to let anyone do it. The Elon Musk and Mark Jacobs (give us all your money) disciples are not going to let anyone do it. The social order, painstakingly constructed over centuries with nary a thought about the externalities coming back to bite our ass and end the party – was built on violence & coercion, and the psychology of submission to violence. So if you make a move to change any whit of it, and especially at the scale that rational analysis dictates, you are going to experience some pretty extreme violence.

    And I’m sure nice pasty faced god fearing 1st worlders with ibooks and android phones would much much rather call names and hurl insults than start a revolution. I mean it’s much easier to pick on poor people than go toe to toe with the Pentagon.

    What were Che’s last words? “Shoot coward”

    I am Mark Essex. I am Jean Paul Marat. I am Bobby Newmark.

    And in today’s news, we read of a Buddhist monks front running the military and one putting a soldier in a headlock: http://www.nationmultimedia.com/breakingnews/Dhammakaya-monks-break-through-military-barricade-30279343.html

    There’s some woo for ya.