I Am Che

“At the risk of seeming ridiculous let me say that the true revolutionary is guided by a great feeling of love.” ~ Che Guevara


I am Che.

Too pretentious? Please allow me an explanation.

I’ve been called Che. And also the Gandhi of climate science. And Jesus. And, by a two-year-old unable to pronounce my name, God. Calling me Che Guevara doesn’t seem so pretentious now, does it?

Like Che, I am a warrior. Those with less fortitude would have surrendered long ago to the cacophony of culture. As I wrote more than five years ago, “We need witnesses and warriors” on behalf the living planet. The longer version comes from an essay I wrote in November 2013: “We need witnesses to the carnage. We need to document the crimes against humanity as well as the crimes against nature. We need to illustrate alternatives, and then live them. We need warriors if the living planet is to survive industrial civilization.”

Like Che, I love being outdoors. From childhood to a career in field biology, from a college degree in forestry to my current life in full view of the world’s first designated wilderness area, I’m purposely immersed in the wild.

Like Che, I provide a voice for those who cannot speak. The oppressed are my brethren. In my case, these include non-human organisms.

Like Che, I seek social justice. Unlike Che — based on my limited understanding of his perspective — I’ve been connecting it to environmental protection for a long time.

Like Che, I am a prolific writer. He was radicalized much earlier in his life than I was in mine.

Like Che, I am profoundly anti-empire. Like Che, I target American Empire as the worse example in history.

Like Che and many who visit this space, I think deeply. On many topics, I question the dominant culture and its narrative, a practice with little reward beyond a largess of hate mail.

Unlike Che, I don’t brandish a rifle, nor do I ride a motorcycle. On both counts, I suspect I’d be more effective if I followed his rebellious lead.

Unlike Che, for better and worse, I’ve not been killed yet. I’ve already outlived him by more than 15 years.

Unlike Che, as nearly as I’m able to determine, I’ve not yet killed another human. Well, not directly. I’m certain I’ve killed many people indirectly, simply because I’m a citizen ensconced within history’s worst example of imperialism.

Like Che, I eat, drink, and otherwise participate in modern society. Ergo, I’m a hypocrite and murderer.

You are Che, too. With a single breath, you inhale a single molecule that emanates from Che’s last exhalation.

We are Che. Much as this culture promotes the opposite belief, we are connected in material ways.

I am Che.

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  • Ts, ts, all that brutal, bloody violence off buddhist monks and alike against poor, helpless, peaceful military, police ect. Military, police is always the helpless victim, isn’t it?! Ts, ts 8-)

    sorry, mo, nuff for today, nuff, nuff, nuff ;-)

  • Oz Man,

    I’m way too confused to say anything much about American democracy. I’m feeling my way, coming up often with contradictions in what I say. Like today thinking that totalitarianism is the inevitable form of governance. Either your version of totalitarianism or someone else’s. We are part of nature? And if what they say is true, there is no room in nature for a vacuum…of any sort. Something must fill up the space. And so I try to think of as wide a swath of reality as seems doable or practical, and don’t depend on anybody else to think it through for me. I’m strictly original.

    When I talk about US elections, it’s partly because there is so much attention and energy to it, and I would like if possible to exploit this attention and energy for my own ends. FWIW, I’ve been talking here, but mostly on the forum, about breaking up this large global clusterfuck of misgovernance into small bands that mirror aborigine organization. A hunter gatherer version of civilization, if you like. And networking these as appropriate for rationally facing global needs (whatever those might be).


    There are ALWAYS silver linings. For every force, there is a counter force.

    The death of Scalia applies.

    This is a must see, for nothing I’m aware of compares with this moment in American jurisprudence for opportunity of one sort or another.


    My kneejerk reaction is that there is a good argument for nominating another woman to the court. There is no rational reason or counter argument for why there shouldn’t be as many women as men on the court. But Linda Hershman (sp) has a different slant to mine.

  • When looking at the Jan 02 data of how the new year was going – oh my, what an outlier – not probable for it to continue, but, watch and wait.

    Oh My NSIDC via Arctic forum post # 30

    and IJIS
    especially Neven’s.

    It is to me a bit similar to the CO2 levels lately at Hawaii, watch and see if the jagged little jump continues and for how long.

    Note NSIDC and IJIS always vary, area versus extent I believe.

    And of course, the more relevant data set, ice volume is much more difficult to come by.

    But, “Look up while you still can.”

    http://www.slate.com/blogs/bad_astronomy/2016/01/16/optical_phenomenon_draws_a_map_of_a_city_in_the_sky.html also plucked from Arctic Sea ice fourm.

    And more down to ground, as in leveling houses, from one of the most level-headed pacifists I have ever met,


  • NASA: 4 Billion People at Risk as ‘Water Table Dropping All Over the World’

    A new analysis reveals that global water scarcity is a far greater problem than previously thought, affecting 4 billion people—two-thirds of the world’s population—and will be “one of the most difficult and important challenges of this century.”

    Previous analyses looked at water scarcity at an annual scale and had found that water scarcity affected between 1.7 and 3.1 billion people. The new study, published Friday in the journal Science Advances, assessed water scarcity on a monthly basis, more fully capturing the specific times of year when it could be an issue. [more]

  • According the NSIDC, the current melt has seen 36,000km2 of Arctic ice lost, with 11,000 of that recorded in the latest update of 12th to 13th Feb.


    As we all know, the situation can reverse quite quickly, as seen in late March 2015.

    Nevertheless, the current ice cover and trend are unprecedented, and are entirely consistent with the severe planetary overheating so often discussed.

    The revelation that January 2016 was the hottest ever, and by a huge margin (thanks Nemesis), is entirely consistent with Abrupt Climate Change…..which should be referred to as Abrupt Planetary Overheating or Severe Planetary Overheating because ABC also applies in the case of rapid global glaciation. However, habits die slowly, and 5 syllables roll off the tongues easier than 10.

    (By the way, no response to the written truth from Nicole Foss. No surprise there. She can’t stand the heat and really shouldn’t be in the kitchen.)

  • Wester ~

    thank you.

    your latest comment here is extremely on the mark.

    “The social order, painstakingly constructed over centuries with nary a thought about the externalities coming back to bite our ass and end the party – was built on violence & coercion, and the psychology of submission to violence. So if you make a move to change any whit of it, and especially at the scale that rational analysis dictates, you are going to experience some pretty extreme violence.”

    as soon as we realize this, we have to ask ourselves, honestly, about the true energy dynamics of violence and coercion, and submission, in the human psyche. what does this all mean? how does it work?

    the soul of humanity, our deepest collective psyche on this Earth, has been raped, brutalized, tortured… endlessly, for many centuries now.

    I am personally, and deeply, familiar with how generational, heinous family abuse can be covered up with the most perfect looking facade.

    the “appearance of normality” is built up, generation after generation, while the horror and dark secrets that lie underneath grow, and grow, and grow… ever more terrible.

    generation after generation, the victimization becomes ever more intense. the cycle deepens. and the desperation for keeping up appearances becomes more overriding.

    if one chooses to look, to see, the mutilated soul of humanity is now laid bare.

    the way we brutalize, torture and exploit animals, on an ever more massive scale: this is only the behavior of a victim, a victim truly in unbearable, unseeable, psychic pain, acting out their own horrific abuse on another, who is yet weaker than they, and utterly defenseless.

    the scale of the wounds we inflict on all of Nature, with the tar sands, mountaintop removal, strip mining, clear cuts of hundreds of square miles, year after year. it grows and grows…

    our manipulations of Her Body, Her innermost Self, as if they were the mere playthings of a bored and quite psychotic sadist…

    it is laid bare in the level of white pasty normality that is clung to, everywhere. going through the busy routines of our days, because, oh yes, we’ve all got “busy lives to lead, and better things to do” than think clearly for even a moment about what is really going on here. oh no, not even for a moment.

    it is laid bare in the reflexive violence that will instantly shut down any real exposure of this dynamic of horror and control. just like with the smaller family dynamic, all the victims themselves will generally go right along with the fascist reactions and oppression, whatever it need be. no one wants the secrets exposed.

    no one.

    except for maybe a few.

    and as always, those very few are made into the “black sheep.” the ones who are just acting out, making a scene, not being reasonable.

    going toe to toe with the Pentagon and all of its weapons would actually be the easy choice in this situation.

    the energy dynamic of what is really going on here is much more lethal. far more secret. much, much more dangerous, if challenged.

    I will put it as plainly as possible: we are truly dealing with the Blackest Heart of Evil that exists in the deep shadow of humanity’s psyche.

    it is the pain-body writ on a scale so large that we dare just even begin to approach it, in our imaginations, with all our zombie and vampire cultural obsessions, and our fascination with the dark powers of various fictional evils.

    what is the Matrix? indeed, it is the question that drives us. it is our greater collective psyche looking for the way out of this ultimate, horrific trap.

    yes, we are going to be at total war here, very soon. the guerrilla battles have been underway for a few thousand years already, ever since the Enemy decided to get really serious.

    the scouts have been laying the groundwork. building the tunnels, looking for the weaknesses.

    we’ve been gearing up for the final battle for quite some time now.

    it better be understood what is really at stake, and who the real Opponent is.

    humans cannot win. we never could. that is hopeless. the limited scope of the material world is the Opponent’s territory, entirely. that is why the secret cycles of Evil find such fertile ground here. this is the natural playground for that power.

    the awareness of what we really are here, truly beyond our wildest reckoning on every level, is where the tide is turning to, now.

    don’t bother with the Pentagon. don’t bother with the richest and most powerful of the power elites. that is not where the truth of the Opponent lives.

    it never has been. that is why the revolutions that have overthrown those material powers from time to time have never lasted, and have never expanded their reach.

    the truth lives in the unnamed energy that powers these dark forces. the energy we have all experienced in our personal lives, in various ways, big and small.

    nameless, faceless, formless…

    look there. however you can. fight your battles there. however you can. I swear it beyond anything else I can attest to, what we are can overthrow this energy, because what we really are is infinitely good.

    just reach for it, however you can.

    something else, entirely surprising, always reaches back to grab your hand.

    that something will guide further action. some of that action may be violent. something that looks like traditional revolution on the outside. it is impossible to know exactly what is required, in advance.

    without a doubt, though, if guided from the the motive of love, as Che described, it will have lasting impact.

    let me tell you why you are here.

    yes, my fellow sheep, I am afraid our rebellion is going to have to go all the way down the rabbit hole this time, if we really want to win.

    once and for all.

  • It’s been said of individuals that if coming to terms with karma is not at least attempted, it will go on to bury you. What happens when an entire social order fails to do so is what we now have.

  • Icarus Has Fallen
    For Stephen Constantine

    Imagine him in those last throes
    Gaining altitude and independence,
    Breaking free of the cycle of ordinary
    Human life and death, the scent of liberty
    So strong in his nostrils that he failed to
    Notice singeing hairs, wax mingling sweat.
    For Stevens and Brueghel it occurred without
    Ceremony; a drop into the sea as a ship set sail.
    Nothing to build on there; art occurs in fields
    Where farmers sow crops in dust,
    Where a horse scratched Auden’s rump.
    But as we come to terms with near-term
    Extinction, the fall is more precipitous.
    The ship setting sail navigates an ice-free arctic;
    The fisherman dropping his line into the sea
    Snags weeds in an acidified ocean devoid
    Of plankton, of scoured and decomposed shells
    Like grain above once grail of sea life.
    Those bubbles that you see trailing Icarus’s
    Descent to the scarred coral reefs are
    Methane slowly released. Icarus has fallen
    And in his wake, industry threatens all.

  • Brian ~ woah. gorgeous poem.

    For Stevens and Brueghel it occurred without
    Ceremony; a drop into the sea as a ship set sail.
    Nothing to build on there; art occurs in fields
    Where farmers sow crops in dust,
    Where a horse scratched Auden’s rump.


  • (comment deleted by mod.)

    mod edit: hey steve. my apologies. I know this can all be taken all in fun, but both EmileZ’s original comment, which should have been deleted earlier, and yours here, are not really appropriate. thanks.

    ~ mo

  • “It’s been said of individuals that if coming to terms with karma is not at least attempted, it will go on to bury you.”

    Identification with the “I” maintains obligatory ownership of its associated karma. When the “I” is recognised to be a mirage, there ceases to be any entity to associate with those karmas; they also cease with the end of the “i”: all except the batch that are already fructifying, which maintain the embodiment until they are exhausded.

  • Wester, Mo, Brian Edwards – wow, hats off!

    Nemesis, thanks for the Mick Taylor magic.

    A very, very cogent discussion of the psychological aspects of our time by Zhiwa Woodbury on ExtinctionRadio (got the link from Wit’sEnd last night). Too bad there isn’t a transcript (about an hour of air time).

    Zhiwa starts at the 1:52:49 mark and goes very deeply into what seems to be a valid analysis of the evident and seemingly deliberate avoidance of facing “the problem” as demonstrated by most of the people we meet in a given day.

    The panoply of distraction (Beyonce, Trump, et al), he maintains, is symptomatic of a traumatized culture – a mass disassociation, if you will, to avoid facing “the truth”.

    Certainly one of the best analyses I have heard outside of this web site.


    Episode 47, Feb 12, 2016

    112:49 (1:52:49) Zhiwa Woodbury – Origins of Our Denier Mentality

    Rained all day on the west coast, and the cherry blossoms have sprung forth.

    I feel blessed to be experiencing rain.

  • Based on recent posts…

    It almost seems like there’s an emphasis on an inside-out paradigm, whereas everything has been outside-in up till now. Zhiwa Woodbury might have been saying something similar, although I was not entirely convinced by him, especially his assessment of WWII and the bomb as the rubicon for NTE. I’m not sure there is a rubicon.

  • I’ve penned and posted a new essay, along with other juicy bits. It’s all posted here.

  • coddled he was.

  • @mo flow

    overpopulation is a nightmare.

    Well, if so, then that problem will be solved very soon, Mother Nature will solve it, “our days are numbered” (Dr. McPherson) anyway.

  • Just take a look at the conversation I had at Fractalplanet recently and you know what I mean:


    The end is near.

  • At least, some GOOD news I really enjoy:

    17.2.2016 – Australian fossil fuel interests took a hammering today.

    The country’s largest oil and gas producer Woodside Petroleum announced its full-year net profit had tumbled by 99% to just $US26 million. It is a massive reversal of fortune from last year’s $US2.4 billion result and the record $US3 billion profit reported just three years ago.


    That gives me the comforting feeling, that the small people around the world will not be alone in their demise 8-)

  • @kevin moore


    I donl’t like picking arguments with commenters on NBL but what you have been writing has been completely wrong….

    Population growth has been the number one problem for millennia, and if there were still only 7 million or so humans, the pre-civilisation level, we would not be in the mess we are in now, even if there were cars and planes and stuff.

    Ok, I am always willing to be proven wrong, especially in the times of NTE. Question:

    Could population reduction solve climate change and NTE?

  • Btw:

    As I said quite often, I did not procreate and I am really happy to know that none of my children will ever see the horrors that’s are our doorstep. Anyone who thinks that (over-) population is a big problem should not procreate for sure. Nobody should procreate at all these days, there is no need to put babies into the cooking pot of climate change.

  • Update on the arctic sea ice situation:

    Jim Hunt (one of the contributers on forum.arctic-sea-ice.net) is always prepared to kick deniers asses (WUWT and Monckton’s ass this time), hahaha, I love this guy:


  • Correction:

    Global sea ice, not just arctic sea ice situation.

  • Some additional context:



  • Have been wanting to find this tune, finally deciding to Google it.

  • This is so beautiful, Artleads. People really got style these days, back in 1937.

    There is so much beauty, so much Music within people :-)

  • Sorry, wrong video, this is live, better…

  • These guys from Buena Vista Social Club (Compay Segundo, Ibrahim Ferrer et al) never had much money, in fact, they have been very poor their whole life. But they are worldfamous, because they are very rich within. Culture, Creativity, Spirit.

  • Absolutely perfect< Nemisis! Magical, really. They are the perfect age–seasoned. Their clothes are perfect–those subtle tans. Their skin tone is perfect–the universal human skin tone. The hats. That performance is probably what Anais Nin would refer to as the dream…

  • A Message From The Man In The Moon

    A bench in the park for two
    Love will be around…
    “If we don’t need him he might never be around again”

    I tried reading Sherwood Anderson long ago. And got that America with lonely, waiting benches in the park. It was still there in the 50s. I saw that America.

  • “ This universe an old enchantment guards; Its objects are carved cups of World-Delight Whose charmed wine is some deep soul’s rapture- drink: The All-Wonderful has packed heaven with his dreams, He has made blank ancient Space his marvel-house; He spilled his spirit into Matter’s signs: His fires of grandeur burn in the great sun, He glides through heaven shimmering in the moon; He is beauty carolling in the fields of sound; He chants the stanzas of the odes of Wind; He is silence watching in the stars at night; He wakes at dawn and calls from every bough, Lies stunned in the stone and dreams in flower and tree.”

    ― Sri Aurobindo, Inspiration from Savitri: Beauty

  • Yes, Dreams, Nostalgia, Sodade….

  • The godess…