The Endless Task of Dismantling Ignorance and Stupidity

Jeff Masters, the climate guru at Weather Underground, has come up with “The Top Ten Reasons to be Hopeful on Climate Change.” Actually, Masters is merely quoting from his favorite presentation at the annual meeting of the American Geophysical Union on 16 December 2015, as delivered by Susan Hassol of As implied by the title of this essay, I disagree with Hassol and Masters, and I’ll take this opportunity to point out why.

At the meeting, Hassol presented her top ten list of reasons to be hopeful about climate change. Her list is presented below in italics, and my response follows in plain font.

10) President Obama has put climate change at the top of his agenda.

I’ve no doubt President Obama has put climate change near the top of his agenda, not far below maintaining this set of living arrangements. The latter, of course, involves promoting omnicide by converting the living planet into “resources,” killing many people throughout the world for “our” fossil fuels, and quashing every counter-cultural act in this country and beyond. The typical American has no idea these actions are occurring, because the typical American is willfully ignorant about them. Were the typical American informed of these actions, s/he would deny them. If the typical American were willing to be convinced by overwhelming evidence — an oxymoron so evident it’s tragic — s/he would find the actions not only necessary, but desirable. “American exceptionalism” has its price.

Considering climate change is merely one symptom among many resulting from this set of living arrangements, I believe President Obama will pay little heed to climate change. And I doubt he ever mentions the topic of abrupt climate change in public, a topic about which he is undoubtedly familiar.

9) The Pope has framed climate change as a moral issue.

Well, that’ll fix it. One of the world’s leading voices for patriarchal immorality has spoken. Please let me know when the Pope redistributes the Vatican’s enormous wealth to benefit the world’s poor. Let me know when the Church he heads recognizes equal rights for women and ethnic minorities. Let me know when he takes a moral stand on industrial civilization, which underlies the climate-change predicament in which we are embroiled.

8) China has become highly motivated and engaged, and naysayers can no longer claim that we shouldn’t do anything because China is not.

China’s motivation and engagement has led to no substantive positive outcomes. Plenty of fans were motivated and engaged by the Super Bowl, and their chosen team still didn’t win. Furthermore, whether “we” should or should not do anything is irrelevant and certainly is not influenced by China’s motivation and engagement. I’ll be interested when Chinese leaders tell the citizenry that collapse of industrial civilization is not only necessary, but desirable. And I’ll be especially interested when politicians in the United States follow China’s lead on this topic.

7) Emissions and the economy are decoupling: for the first time, we had a year where the economy grew, but emissions of greenhouse gases did not.

The economy grew only on computer screens housed deep in the vaults of the world’s central banks and governments. Emissions fell because the world has fallen into the Great Depression 2.0. Actual economic growth is closely tied to emissions of greenhouse gases. Still.

6) The cost of solar power is falling fast.

Civilization is a heat engine. Promoting the “new economy” maintains the heat engine as well as the omnicide attendant to civilization.

5) Solar energy capacity is growing rapidly.

Ditto. And electricity represents less than 20% of energy usage.

4) Wind energy capacity is growing rapidly.

Any port in a shitstorm, eh? See above.

3) Half of all new power resources coming on-line globally are in renewable energy, and that percentage is near 70% in the U.S.

As Vladimir Lenin allegedly said (or perhaps it was Joseph Goebbels), “A lie told often enough becomes the truth.”

“Renewable” energy is derived from fossil fuels. These derivatives require and promote planetary destruction. All this was old news when I wrote about it during early November 2013. Apparently well-paid, starry-eyed climate scientists are not expected to keep up with evidence.

2) Businesses are engaging in promoting climate change action.

Follow the money all the way to the “new economy,” mentioned above.

1) The Paris Accord! The nations of the world have now dedicated themselves to decarbonizing the world economy.

Climate science James Hansen called the Paris Accord a “fraud” and “bullshit.” Mr. Optimist himself, Bill McKibben, correctly concluded the agreement reached in Paris will leave us with a planet that is “uninhabitable.”

Apparently well-paid, starry-eyed climate scientists are not expected to keep up with evidence. But I repeat myself.

Dismantling ignorance and stupidity within a culture that promotes both is an unending task. And, obviously, there is nothing to be gained by using evidence along the path to truth. Some of us will never learn.


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  • I do not think it is possible to dismantle ignorance and stupidity.

    It seems that the best we can do is confront ignorance and stupidity…. challenge idiotic statements, and irrational thinking whenever it crosses our paths. But ignorance and stupidity are like the worse kind of Hydra; chop of one and another immediately grows in its place. Einstein worked it out decades ago when he pointed out there were two things that are infinite: the universe and human stupidity (and he wasn’t sure about the former).

    After spending many decades attempting to wake people up to reality I have come to understand that people living in western societies not only suffer from innate stupidity but have had additional stupidity foisted on them by corporations, governments and ‘education’ systems, and have been carefully trained to be particularly ignorant and stupid: the brainwashing that has been carried out is so effective it seems to be irreversible in most cases.


  • Great essay, Guy. Here’s another fact you mentioned quite a while ago FINALLY making it into the news:

    Effects of human carbon emissions could last 10,000 years – ‘Our greenhouse gas emissions today produce climate-change commitments for many centuries to millennia’


    At the rate humans are emitting carbon into the atmosphere, the Earth may suffer irreparable damage that could last tens of thousands of years, according to a new analysis published this week.

    Too much of the climate change policy debate has focused on observations of the past 150 years and their impact on global warming and sea level rise by the end of this century, the authors say. Instead, policy-makers and the public should also be considering the longer-term impacts of climate change.

    “Much of the carbon we are putting in the air from burning fossil fuels will stay there for thousands of years – and some of it will be there for more than 100,000 years,” said Peter Clark, an Oregon State University paleoclimatologist and lead author on the article. “People need to understand that the effects of climate change on the planet won’t go away, at least not for thousands of generations.”

    The researchers’ analysis is being published this week in the journal Nature Climate Change. [more]

  • I cannot tell you how pleased I am with your post.

    This link will explain to readers why renewable energy and CCS will not work because we will run out of soil & water before we get to 100% renewable energy all while extreme weather goes exponential.

    Here’s what Business As Usual looks like.
    If you are young, pay attention.

    50% of soil gone in 30 years.
    50% of water gone in 30 years.
    50% of food gone in 30 years.

    In 30 years, mass extinction will reach a tipping point at which it becomes UNSTOPPALBE and IRREVERSIBLE. If you are 20 years old, you will get a front row seat at watching a whole planet die, but life will become a living hell long before that.

    Many astute readers no doubt heard of the McDonald-Clack claim of renewable energy without storage that combines weather models and high-powered DC grid transmission across the whole nation. They claim they can close all coal and nuclear stations across the U.S. and the electricity will cost the same. No mention of construction costs makes any such claim complete fucking nonsense.

    While this model only provides 80% of the power, it will also be also highly vulnerable to disruption due to its widely distributed and inter-dependent setup in the face of weather extremes. You can learn about it here:

    The U.S. sold off its grain reserves in 08. The large corporate farms in the U.S. are more susceptible to collapse due to homogeniety than the small farms of the world.

    In a lighter note, I am looking forward to drinking and driving again when driverless cars start roaming the streets, as I’m sure are many bar owners.

  • English is only my first language.
    I’m not smart enough to know if Americans are dumber than Canadians but listen to me America.

    You are being asked to make a massive increase to 80% of your energy use to fix 20% of your emissions problems all in the hopes of increasing economic growth. It takes 10X as much intermittent power to shut down all fossil fuel plants just to stop 20% of emissions. Then you told that you will switch all transportation over to electricity, which merely compounds the intermittent costs. No wonder bankers love it, it’s like compound usury. A surreal Idiocratic fantasy. I’ve had bad dreams that make more sense.

  • When the kids being born today realize how badly they got screwed just so Grandpa can have an easy life , they will declare “Open Season” on all the jerks who put them in the mess that they will be living in. I wont blame them a bit. They/we will have a ruined , overheated planet and massive Government debt (assuming the governments will still be functioning). Everyone around them will be starving an good ol’ grandpa over there will be blaming someone else and still be a draw on the limited resources that are left. I even read a place in the Bible where it says that the young will rise up against the old in anger in the “Last Days”, NOW I UNDERSTAND WHY !

  • Great post Dr. McPherson, and spot on.

    Sometimes I hesitate to call “it” ignorance and stupidity, opting for mental illness terms instead (“I would not say that such an attempt to apply psychoanalysis to civilized society would be fanciful or doomed to fruitlessness. … Men have brought their powers of subduing the forces of nature to such a pitch that by using them they could now very easily exterminate one another to the last man. They know this — hence arises a great part of their current unrest, their dejection, their mood of apprehension.” – Sigmund Freud)

    Nevertheless, I repeat myself and write “Great post Dr. McPherson, and spot on” IMO.

    (The AnthropoScenic Garbage-Gyre Level Rises)

  • America should
    give 100% of legalized drug taxes to government
    give 100% of carbon tax dividends to citizen
    give 0% of carbon tax dividends to government

    defund MIC
    refund social security

    outlaw bullets
    buy back guns

    fund public water and local farms

    and this is why I know we will fail,
    money, the very thing that can save us

    humans believe in 2 things god and money, both are not real, we just think they are in order to survive our intellectual condition

    the god belief gave us racial sexual abuse

    the money belief gave us criminal disparity and resource abuse

    the Godfather’s gangsta kids are now the banksta kids

    a new world carbon currency can fix one of our abusive beliefs

    I leave the other to you

  • Many of us may wonder as to why we are surrounded by idiots? A leading US scientist at Stanford University thinks he has the answer. Dr. Gerald Crabtree, a geneticist at Stanford, has published a study that he conducted to try and identify the progression of modern man’s intelligence. As it turns out, Dr. Crabtree’s research led him to believe that the collective mind of mankind has been on more or less a downhill trajectory for quite some time.

    According to his research paper, ‘Our fragile intellect Part I,’ published in 2011, Dr. Crabtree thinks unavoidable changes in the genetic make-up coupled with modern technological advances has left humans, well, kind of stupid. He has recently published his follow-up analysis, and in it explains that of the roughly 5,000 genes he considered the basis for human intelligence, a number of mutations over the years has forced modern man to be only a portion as bright as his ancestors.
    “New developments in genetics, anthropology and neurobiology predict that a very large number of genes underlie our intellectual and emotional abilities, making these abilities genetically surprisingly fragile,” he writes in part one of his research. From there, the doctor goes on to explain that general mutations over the last few thousand years have left mankind increasingly unable to cope with certain situations that perhaps our ancestors would be more adapted to. He further notes down:
    “I would wager that if an average citizen from Athens of 1000 BC were to appear suddenly among us, he or she would be among the brightest and most intellectually alive of our colleagues and companions, with a good memory, a broad range of ideas, and a clear-sighted view of important issues.

    Furthermore, I would guess that he or she would be among the most emotionally stable of our friends and colleagues. I would also make this wager for the ancient inhabitants of Africa, Asia, India or the Americas, of perhaps 2000–6000 years ago. The basis for my wager comes from new developments in genetics, anthropology, and neurobiology that make a clear prediction that our intellectual and emotional abilities are genetically surprisingly fragile.”

    Long living under a strong spell of this modern collective stupidity, modern world has rendered most of the affected humans and their systems becoming psychopathic. No wonder many recent studies have come to the conclusion that today we live in a psychopathic world. The primary trait of a psychopath is his/her soullessness or mindlessness. And the industrial/machine age that we live in today has no soul or mind. Most conventional scientists believe human beings are mere “biological robots” with no mind, no soul, no free will and no consciousness.

    In his prophetic novel 1984, George Orwell has portrayed a society that has lost all trace of individuality, love, and critical thought and visualized humanity turning into soulless machines devoid of thought. Orwell further warned that if people cannot change the way things are going, our society will lose their human qualities. They will become soulless machines and not have a clue as to their new world they created. In Brave New World of Aldous Huxley, people were mindless and soulless. They had no minds of their own.

    Throughout their childhood, they were essentially brainwashed. Everything they knew was copied into their brains from somewhere else, almost like robots. Each social class thought that they were the best, but this was all due to the brainwashing. Such societies actually treated themselves unethically and unfairly, so these highly mechanized societies were only hurting themselves.

    Surprisingly since the last couple of centuries, the later-day human species, more exactly, the modern human, has made a sharp exception to this general feature of the long human intellectual evolution: along with its innate intelligence, modern mankind began to mechanically develop a parallel intelligence outside the knower to augment its organic intelligence, in the forms of devices which we call machines. This arrested intelligence/knowledge, which is stored outside the knower in devices and systems, may be called the second-hand intelligence or second-hand knowledge which subsequently got categorized as modern science and modern arts, and which got all sorts of promotion and development with the beginning of industrial revolution in the forms of schools, colleges, universities, ‘think tanks’ etc.

    The ancients spoke of poets, artisans, geometers and philosophers, all of whom were men. The modern man speaks of art, philosophy, mathematics and science, which are not men but abstractions. The student in ancient Athens traveled to Plato’s Academy to become a philosopher. The modern student goes to school/college to study philosophy, which is not quite the same thing as becoming a philosopher. Here abstract reality is pitted against the steadily obscuring natural reality resulting in the failure of natural reality. We moderns see no necessary relationship between philosophy and the philosopher, math and the mathematician, science and the scientist. In general, for modern man there is a gap between knowledge and the knower, and into this gap man (the knower) has disappeared.

    Today, when universities and other second-hand knowledge-producing research institutions having degenerated as mere degree-producing “factories”, and their CEOs, in the guise of vice-chancellors and other heads, as mere appointees of political and other vested interested lobbies, we can only imagine the wretched condition of the ‘products’, namely, the fast-food (food-for-thought) type second-hand and highly degenerated ‘knowledge’ coming out of these ‘factories’. Here the raw materials are again the highly degenerated British colonial legacy of the second-hand knowledge with which the colonial powers enslaved us and obscured our pristine knowledge. Our continuing legacy of enslaved mentality is obviously demonstrated and celebrated even in our own convocation dress code that we ‘religiously’ follow when these highly poisonous and destructive second-third-fourth-fifth-hand ‘knowledge’, in the forms of degrees, are conferred on us.

    In short, the structure of human species is undergoing a sudden paradigm shift—both physically and mentally. Having a direct impact on the question of its existence on planet Earth, this sudden, silent development is not only causing steady loss of most of the earlier qualities of this species, like the organic and inherent intelligence, but also its own inability to recognize the loss due to the overload of its newly acquired mechanical knowledge—knowledge developed outside the knower—which is much simpler, single-dimensional and flat.

    To put it vaguely, through an example, this is like the paradigm shift in features that suddenly alter a native/country chicken into a broiler one for which the change is simply incomprehensible and ungraspable for this pathetic species, largely due to its mechanically acquired physical and mental construct.

    Advancing the same hypothesis in the case the mechanically developed post-modern humans, in his new book Life On Meltdown, author M. J. John concludes: “From many visible indications, the human society is near to its own self-inflicted extinction, largely due to the fast atrophy of human intellect that once suffered the colonization of its mind.

    To know how deep is the wound we have inflicted on ourselves, please read: How Societies, by Promoting Collective Stupidity, Choose to Self-Destruct:

  • A parallel to the idea that man can fix the climate with geo-engineering is modern medicine. Just take a pill made by big pharma
    to cure your ills and buy our carbon sucking machine to fix the planet.
    The predicament is often better than any action of remedy dependant on civilization.

  • A terrific essay, Guy. First class, uncompromisingly honest.

  • The Endless Task of Dismantling Ignorance and Stupidity

  • When I listen to people like these – Masters, Hassol, Musk, Macdonald, Clack – talk about this “distributed grid” idea and driverless cars and, and, and… it conjures images of a future that looks like this:

    …endlessly and everywhere.

  • John Muthukat,

    From ur post:

  • belated valentine’s

    humans believe

    in guns, gawd & money

    or what we used to call

    ass cash or grass

    nobody rides free

  • Dear America,

    you are so close, there is one magical thinking unicorn chimera left

    so close so cold

    tnanx for the Bart cookie jar trap

    tho mental i’m still not insane much

  • Is this the soup we’re in?

    “We are going to have to triple – at least – energy production by the end of this century to meet expected demand. To meet that demand, we will need to build, roughly speaking, something like: 1,800 of the world’s largest dams, or 23,000 nuclear power stations, 14m wind turbines, 36bn solar panels, or just keep going with predominantly oil, coal and gas – and build the 36,000 new power stations that means we will need.”

  • “The primary trait of a psychopath is his/her soullessness or mindlessness. And the industrial/machine age that we live in today has no soul or mind. Most conventional scientists believe human beings are mere “biological robots” with no mind, no soul, no free will and no consciousness.”

    Sounds like confirmation of the Data Hypothesis.

  • Please let me know when the Pope redistributes the Vatican’s enormous wealth to benefit the world’s poor

    The trouble with ‘redistribution’ is that it just turns the poor into consumers.
    Having all the wealth tied up in a small group of people is a good thing?
    Spending $200,000 on one car is better than spending $200,000 on 20 cars.
    If you give ‘the poor’ money they will just make more children.

  • great post, Guy! fantastic, really.

    number 9 active again in the media, when the Pope was in Mexico just a few days ago, lecturing the evil rich. hello, man in the mirror!

    Callaghan ~ six today already? a belated Valentine’s to you, too, but nobody rides free after two.

  • The human brain shrank by about the volume of a tennis ball (for an average adult male) over the last 20,000 years as has been mentioned with references on NBL many moons ago. As also noted, this shrinkage was also seen in animals that underwent domestication as compared to the wild members of those species.

    The most marked changes from domestication were in dogs; also notable are cattle, chickens and turkeys, both in structure and function. The behavioural hallmarks of domestication seem to be docility, submission to authority and a tolerance for humans; (in the case of humans, a tolerance for humans beyond Dunbar’s number).

    If brain size has any correlation with ignorance and stupidity, then the problem is hard-wired. For the benefit of society at the cost of community.

  • Guy McMedecine– ‘DeathWalker’


  • It is a kind of hobby to confront ignorance and stupidity, and since there is not much new to say here I do in places where ignorance and stupidity are at high levels. The Daily Blog was interesting for a while but seems to have ‘seized up’ lately and gone into repetition mode: all those ‘left-leaning’ merchants of hope who avoid the big issues and focus on justice when there isn’t any.

    I’ve been pushing to see if they would delete commentary that challenges mainstream thinking, and to their credit they have taken a lot of hits on the nose without resorting to deletion of unfavourable comments. Dare I think I might actually reach a handful of people with brains that still function properly?

    ‘Firstly, I’d like to say that this is a very good Internet site.

    However, Michael Parker’s analysis is extremely poor and flawed in many ways.

    ‘Parker points out the oil price fall from US$110 per barrel in 2013’

    Well, actually the big fall commenced in the second half of 2014:

    Secondly, he ignores global EROEI, which has been falling for a century and continues to fall.

    Thirdly, all oil is not the same; much of what comes out of Canada is not oil but is closer to bitumen, and requires dilution with refined products to make it pumpable. And the cost of extraction, both financial and environmental is horrendous.

    Fourthly, the proportion of a nation’s economy that is energy-related (and therefore hammered by low prices) is extremely important. Hence, Norway and Canada are ‘falling off the cliff’ because both have economies predicated on high prices.

    Fifthly, global conventional oil extraction has been flat since 2005, and it has been the frantic drilling and fracking (mostly in the US) that occurred between 2010 and 2015 that increased global extraction; that kind of extraction is inherently unsustainable, and is in collapse as a consequence of low prices. In Taranaki over the past year, ‘things have come to a standstill’ in the oil sector, and it is primarily gas (captive market) that is still holding up. With oil majors like BP and Shell recording collapsed profits or actual losses, capex is very much reduced, leading to a massive decline in extraction further down the track.

    Collapse of global oil extraction is not a bad thing when we look at the big picture because ‘Oil Apocalypse’ is actually here and now for a rather different reason: the use of oil and the combustion products from oil are the major reason for the Sixth Great Extinction Event and collapse of the global environment.

    The atmospheric carbon dioxide level has never been higher in human history (404ppm) and has never been rising at a faster rate (about 3ppm per annum).

    The effect of this is already utterly disastrous, and getting worse by the day.

    Whereas ice in the Artic normally increases in area in the northern winter, in recent years we have witnessed some melting, and this year that melting is at a horrifying high level: not only is Arctic ice at the lowest level ever but the ice that is there is melting at an unprecedented rate.

    47,000 km2 of ice has been lost in recent days, with the most recent update showing 11,000 km2 of ice loss [in one day].

    Should the present trend continue (and it is difficult to see any reason why it will not) we will be entering the 2016 melt season with the lowest ever ice cover (both in terms of area and thickness) and the highest ever atmospheric forcing.

    Bearing in mind how close conditions were to ice-free in 2012, logical thinking indicates we could well witness an ice-free Arctic by September this year, and that would completely alter all long-established weather and ocean current patterns, and accelerate the rapid planetary overheating we are already witnessing.

    And if it does not occur this year, then an ice-free Arctic is a certainty in the very near future because we can be certain that this issue, which is crucial to survival of the human species (along with most others species) will be completely ignored by politicians, economists, commentators and the mainstream media.

    Needless to say, meltdown of the planet will have ‘a serious effect on the global economy’, i.e. annihilate it. However, ignoring the issue is easier in the short term.

    In a few months we will have a better idea how bad the Arctic Sea predicament is.’

  • Wolves Beat Dogs on Logic Test

    new tricks for sheep, step 1:

    find your inner wolf.

  • There are some on this here internet that don’t know a thing about Popes. Francis is almost a complete reversal from the past history of the church. The man can’t change thousands of years in a paragraph. He acts as if he’s a christian atheist. Yep, I’m sure he is. Just like me.

    We all need to look in a mirror. Seems it’s always somebody else that is the ignorant one.

    Thank you, Guy ‘Crazy Horse’ ‘Socrates’ McPherson for the best you have written yet! Damn you are good. The first on the planet to figure it out AND to do his best to pass on the knowledge

  • Global Warming
    Ice pelts from trees
    Like rain on winter mornings.
    Sun sears furiously.

  • Sheldon Solomon – the Jeff Spicoli of experimental psychology.

  • ” Folly, thou conquerest, and I must yield!
    Against stupidity the very gods
    Themselves contend in vain. Exalted reason,
    Resplendent daughter of the head divine,
    Wise foundress of the system of the world,
    Guide of the stars, who art thou then if thou,
    Bound to the tail of folly’s uncurbed steed,
    Must, vainly shrieking with the drunken crowd,
    Eyes open, plunge down headlong in the abyss.
    Accursed, who striveth after noble ends,
    And with deliberate wisdom forms his plans!
    To the fool-king belongs the world. ”

    Friedrich Schiller

    ” Accursed, who striveth after noble ends,
    And with deliberate wisdom forms his plans!
    To the fool-king belongs the world. “

  • In the End, Love and Truth/Reality will prevail. That’s all I ever needed. Evil seed will gain evil fruit, good seed will gain good fruit. Just ask Nature, all the time it says exactly what I say:

    Nobody bullies or oppresses the Truth without paying the price.

    I like that :-)

    Until recently, we could afford to fight against each other to “gain profit”, but now there is a new, global challenge, that binds us all together for good or for bad:

    Mother Nature :-)

    It is the ultimate challenge that we can’t no longer escape.

    As long as we are strong, we seem to can afford egotism in Life. But as soon as we get old, as soon as we we get weak, we will heavily depend on others, strong ones who take care of us. If we/others don’t take care of others globally/locally, nobody will be taken care of at all and then everybody will be in deep misery.

    There is no long term survival as a species without global/local cooperation, peace, love, wisdom. We all know that- if not, finally we will learn it soon, very soon. Evolution, Life, History does not forgive ignorance without punishment. You need to have Balance in human, global/local society, if you want to have a global/local balanced climate. The climate of human society and physical, global climate are deeply interconnected, as we can see unmistakable.

    There are Natural Laws that can never tried to be broken without heavy punishment, no matter how much human or technological power, no matter how much money, those global Natural Laws will get us all- That’s the unconvenient(?) lesson of science, the lesson of Darwin, the lesson of Climate Change, directed to us, directed to Homo Sapiens. Time waits for no one.


  • About socalled “overpopulation”:

    Population isn’t the real cause of the global mess and therefore reducing population will not solve the mess. Malthus is outdated for quite a long time:

    You can track all population reduction plans back to right wing Eugenics, those “elite” people, who vote for population reduction (or growth), while procreating like hell, hahaha. The real problem isn’t population, but extremely un-equal distribution of material commodities:

    This research, based on year 2000 data, found that the richest 1 percent of world adults, individuals worth at least $514,512, owned 39.9 percent of the world’s household wealth, a total greater than the wealth of the world’s poorest 95 percent, those adults worth under $150,145. ..

    The same goes for CO2- emissions per capita for instance:

    It is about a sick system of greed, lies, brainwashing, injustice and inequality, a system of auto-brain-fuck, that’s the cause for the planetary mess.

    So, if you want to be effective with population reduction, you will have to start with those, who consume the most, the 1%, hahaha. And you will have to reduce population extremely carefully, because you will have to take the global dimming effect into account:

    The more you reduce CO2, the warmer it will get at first. If you can handle and balance all those feedbacks, then you are the next canditate to be God emself. But you better take the red pill.

  • Correction:

    ” The more you reduce CO2, the warmer it will get at first.”

    Should be:

    ” The more you reduce fossil fuel aerosols, the warmer it will get at first.”

  • The highway to Hell (call it whatever you like) goes like this:

    Cheat, Lie to yourself (auto-brain-fuck) and then cheat others.

    Exploit yourself, fuck yourself through lies and then start exploiting others, exploiting and destroying Mother Earth, making big money.

    Deny any consequences of your lies and then just go on with more lies.

    Claim, that everybody is a lier just like you are. Claim, that we are all the same, all equal, no matter, what we do or not do. Claim, that everybody is cancer, just like you are.

    Claim, that everybody can make it, just like you made it.

    Call yourself “elite” and others “human capital” or “cancer” and finance lies and cheats and auto-brain-fuck and denial worldwide. And finally:

    Welcome to the “elite” club, welcome to Hell.

    Sorry for 3 posts, nuff said.

  • I’m not Catholic, but the Pope did say in Mexico the other day that “Wealth, power, and fame” were “of the Devil.” Maybe he’s playing his Trump card.

  • The church, the pope, just like the banks and corporations, soon will be no more 3:-)

  • A very good essay, Guy. The next task for you is to start teaching these

  • Synchronize

    “Dismantling ignorance and stupidity within a culture that promotes both is an unending task. And, obviously, there is nothing to be gained by using evidence along the path to truth. Some of us will never learn.”

    Tough love could be helpful. Why is this happening? We’ve never seen any storm like this before! No fucking shit. Well can you hear me now?

  • Yes, I can hear you. Morphic Resonance, Syncronizing, Syncronicity, Vibration, MUSIC- the Universe is Music, YOU, WE are Music in it’s deepest meaning and consequence, physically and spiritually.

    ” If someone thinks that Love and Peace is a cliché that must have been left behind in the Sixties, that’s the problem. LOVE AND PEACE ARE ETERNAL.”

    – John Lennon

    “ Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.”

    – Albert Einstein

    “ If I were not a physicist, I would probably be a musician. I often think in music. I live my daydreams in music. I see my life in terms of music.”

    ― Albert Einstein

    … can you imagine 7 billion people syncronizing musically and singing “Fuck the Empire”?^^

  • Feed Jake ~

    “the Pope did say in Mexico the other day that “Wealth, power, and fame” were “of the Devil.”

    they’re definitely going to have to invent the quantum computer to calculate this one. there is no irony meter in the known universe that can currently process this.

    Nem ~ this sheep is watching… and practicing his “GGGRRRRrrrrrrrrrr”

  • “America should
    give 100% of legalized drug taxes to government
    give 100% of carbon tax dividends to citizen
    give 0% of carbon tax dividends to government

    defund MIC
    refund social security

    outlaw bullets
    buy back guns…”

    Robert Callaghan for president with Guy as minister of information.

  • And speaking of the presidential election, Dmitry Orlov offers some amusing commentary:

  • For anyone interested, I find this to corroborate well with the “thin veils” I feel I experience on shrooms. There is proof that consciousness survives death if you are willing to consider it.

  • @ugotstahwonder

  • I posted a comment here about 18 months ago explaining(or trying to explain) why the WWF analysis of livestock GHG emissions was incorrect.

    Overpopulation is a huge problem. Would anything I write convince you? No. Too late to change our trajectory now.

  • People have trouble distinguishing the number of human animals versus the *footprint* of said animals. The roads they build, the golf courses, the airports, the cities, the military bases, the nuclear plants, the industrial farms. In India 40 years ago there were many millions of people who had almost no footprint. In many parts of the third world, there are many millions of people still living like this. Why is it therefore so hard to distinguish between footprint of animals as opposed to *number* of animals? It should be a simple thing to understand.

  • Note: This comment is off-topic and is for those who are interested in wildlife.

    We have a few Swamp Wallabies here,but they generally are shy and don’t come close to the house. They have very attractive markings. Joanna took a good photo of one this morning. I will post a link if anyone wants to see
    it. There are also some other wildlife photos that she took on the same link.

  • Charlie Parker did it,BB King did it,Guy Mchperson does it…Hits the sweet spot.A blues note that rings with truth.Not many will hear,but those who do are hip.Good one Guy! you are a legend.go hard, we need more people like you.Gives us clarity. in the fog

  • I think it’s time to bench the chronic violators of the two post rule. Give em a month to think about it. Maybe they’ll learn something watching the team players. Sorry for this, sorry for that. Blah, blah, blah.

    @david higham

    Interesting critter and camera cooperative. :-)

  • @david higham, a lovely creature and a fine photo.. Thank you for posting it.

  • Just on the afterlife dysfunction…

    This should be renamed the After-bodymind- dysfunction, because clearly life still goes on, and is more accurately described as consciousness itself…No?

    Calling it After life is such s silly convention it as a term is reinforcing the type of conceptual framework it is trying to debunk, it seems.



    I like it.

    “…imagining what reality really is…”

    That sounds very … well … non separate, non dual, and sublime.

    I’ve heard this somewhere before…

    But for the regulars sake I wont go there, but just to tease…copy and paste this into your search engine and there is some significant delight ahead of you..

    “We are consciousness itself”

    Che…errr…I mean Guy,

    I like the list thingy, esp:

    “1) The Paris Accord! The nations of the world have now dedicated themselves to decarbonizing the world economy.”

    I suppose decorbonizing could be either in an irradiated, or non irradiated configuration, but either way an awful lot of carbon will need to be used to decorbonize AND make a profit. So lets get started. (spoken in the voice of Homer Simpson in his moral high-grounded indignant form)

    My guess is the irradiated form will only take a few days to achieve, but as uncle Albert mooted back when, sticks and stones will still be there for anyone who still has the need or will to fight.

    I’m looking around for conferences to host you here in Sydney.

    Might not be much time though…

    ‘Beijing places missile launchers on disputed South China Sea island’

    Now that TPP has been signed…its all bets are off.

    david higham

    Those photos are really beautiful, thanks for putting them here.


    ‘Current stand (1985) – Kids in the kitchen’

    Where the hell is Superman, the Thunderbirds, Batfink or even Prince Planet?

    We could use their help…

    ‘Prince Planet: A Boy From Outer Space’

    Now at about 2 min you can see the type of place the prince comes from, a planet called of all things, Radion! ( I am not making this up folks)

    Now this looks kinda familiar like the type of city envisioned for Kuwait before the Gulf war.

    And here from Quatar..

    ‘75% of completed Pearl-Qatar units sitting empty, UDC figures show'(2014)

    Something smells here, a lot like oil.


  • The two post rule violators can be identically compared to politicians. They bring us waaaaay down and themselves waaaaay up. They think! Shaming though never helps.

    I notice too that some of them seem to get away with it more often than others and when they note this, they take advantage with audacity & quantity like they are Pinochet. They strike when the iron is hot because they backed by the ‘authorities’.

  • According to science, we are nothing but collections of elementary particles obeying the laws of physics in a pointless world. The two post rule violators just obey the laws of physics.

    “The more the universe seems comprehensible, the more it also seems pointless”
    ― Steven Weinberg, Nobel laureate in physics

  • People here, (me included) been talkin collapse for a while…

    ‘Venezuela Is Out Of Food: Here’s What An Economic Collapse Really Looks Like’


    “Many people expect an economic collapse to be shocking, instant, and dramatic but, really, it’s far more gradual than that. It looks like empty shelves, long lines, desperate government officials trying to cover their tushes, and hungry people.

    For the past two years, I’ve been following the situation in Venezuela as each shocking event has unfolded. Americans who feel that our country would be better served by a socialist government would be wise to take note of this timeline of the collapse….
    In 2013, many began to suspect that the outlook for Venezuela was grim when prepping became illegal. The Attorney General of Venezuela, Luisa Ortega Díaz, called on prosecutors to target people who are “hoarding” basic staples with serious sanctions.

    Shortly thereafter, grocery stores instituted a fingerprint registry to purchase food and supplies. Families had to register and were allotted a certain amount of supplies to prevent “hoarding.” ”

    Yup…welcome to a world wide recession/depression, collapse.

    That mud hut may just be a lifesaver….then your dead a bit later, but meantime…

    ‘Captain and Tennille – Love Will Keep Us Together’

    and who knows who will be left…

    ‘Samantha Sang – Emotion – with Bee Gees’

    and then how it really is… (to a romantic)

    ‘Jennifer Rush – Power Of Love’


  • Refreezing in the Arctic implies we have a bit more time before it gets really bad, perhaps.

  • Curiosity Killed The Cat

    Science needs to disappear into a dust bin.

    Why study anything just to gain knowledge? It only leads to destructive behavior. Just sit down and shut up, UNLESS, u have a warning to shout. Help people!

    Get in a hammock, relax, and dream well. Enjoy yourself.

  • Just finished listening to audiobook of Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse Five. As much about the futility of trying to end or prevent the absurd outrages of war, as about anything learned on Tralfamidor about the nature of Time and Fate.

    Dismantling anything as cherished among humans as ignorance and stupidity? NBL = Nature Bats Last, or Not Bloody Likely.

    The most likely (while still less than likely) thing to dismantle the human intrusion is Nature itself, via one of the millions of varieties of tiny microbes skulking about in our environment awaiting a mutation lethal to the majority of homo saps.

    While kind and diligent medical personnel would fight valiantly to block its spread, this would be the re-purposed meaning of the phrase “To Hope against Hope.” Or, the “hope” that dare not speak at all, let alone name itself.

    So it goes.

  • Overpopulation is a huge problem.

    Let me say, that I did not procreate for good reasons. If anyone would do that, the population soon would be Zero.

    But anyway, the population growth is connected to income. From a GLOBAL perspective, the more income, the less children and the less income, the more children. The most children are born in the poor countries, while less and less children are born in the rich countries (the rich countries are getting old). Look at the birthrates:

    India, China are the countries with the highest birthrates, while having extreme poverty, imbalance in socio-economy. To have a balanced population, you need to have a balanced socio-economy.

    Globally, the ecological/CO2 footprint is in extreme imbalance. The rich countries with the lowest birthrates consume the most, their CO2 footprint is the biggest per capita, while the birthrates of the poor countries are the highest and their foontprint is the lowest per capita.

    So, the most effective way to reduce population would be socio-economic Balance. You need to distribute the goods HORIZONTALLY, not vertically. We need horizontal SHARING, not vertical exploitation ! But for now, profit goes vertically from bottom to top and damage/debt goes vertically from top to bottom. WHO is at the bottom of the Pyramid? The weak, Mother Earth is at the bottom.

    But anyway. I said, that the church and the pope shurely will be gone soon together with the banksters and the multinational corporations- but not just that, I got a dark message, it goes like this:

    The complete Empire, the complete Pyramid, the complete Shrine will be gone very soon, one way or another.

    It is written in it’s DNA: No matter what the Empire does, it will lead just one step further towards it’s final end, Mother Nature always bats last:

    That which shrinks
    Must first expand.

    That which fails
    Must first be strong.

    That which is cast down
    Must first be raised.

    Before receiving
    There must be giving.

    This is called perception of the nature of things.
    Soft and weak overcome hard and strong.

    – Tao Te King

  • Taking look at Arctic Ice Extent shows another significant dip below two standard deviations now, similar to the Jan. 1st event. This indicates a decreased rate of refreeze and an increased chance that an ice-free condition is ever closer come this years ice minimums.

  • david ~ surely nothing about wildlife is off-topic here! :) that is a great photo and thanks a bunch for posting it.

    Artleads ~

    “In India 40 years ago there were many millions of people who had almost no footprint. In many parts of the third world, there are many millions of people still living like this. Why is it therefore so hard to distinguish between footprint of animals as opposed to *number* of animals? It should be a simple thing to understand.”


    Western Imperialism in Asia

    new tricks for sheep, step 2:

    learn history. like, for real.


    the populations of the Asian and third world areas are exactly the way they are now, and have been for centuries now, because of extremely heavy entanglement with the needs of the capitalist slavers and their (eventually) globe crushing footprint. these populations simply would not be able to exist now, and would not have gotten anywhere near the levels they are now, and have been for a while, unless they were created and maintained by these capitalists, their enablers and the entire dynamic that drives this system.

    Nemesis ~ overpopulation is a nightmare. it is the fruit of the greatest exploitative evil that has ever been seen on this Earth, in regards to one group of humans exploiting another. this exploitation has been heavily backed by the Catholic Church for many centuries now. the website you mention “overpopulation is a myth” is yet another vile creation of these forces. aside from that website being based on sheer rubbish, through and through, it is yet more of this:

    “The Population Research Institute was founded in 1989 by Paul Marx, a family sociologist, Catholic priest and Benedictine monk.[4] PRI became an independent institute in 1996.”

    “PRI advocates legislation banning abortion after a prenatal heartbeat can be detected. An embryo’s heart would start beating about 23/24 days after conception.[10] PRI describes abortion as infanticide and compares it to euthanasia of the elderly.”

    ~~~ from the first link above

    Western imperialism in Asia as presented in this article pertains to Western European entry into what was first called the East Indies. This was sparked early in the 15th century by the search for trade routes to China that led directly to the Age of Discovery, and the introduction of early modern warfare into what was then called the Far East. By the early 16th century the Age of Sail greatly expanded Western European influence and development of the Spice Trade under colonialism. There has been a presence of Western European colonial empires and imperialism in Asia throughout six centuries of colonialism, formally ending with the independence of the Portuguese Empire’s last colony East Timor in 2002. The empires introduced Western concepts of nation and the multinational state. This article attempts to outline the consequent development of the Western concept of the nation state.

    The thrust of European political power, commerce, and culture in Asia gave rise to growing trade in commodities—a key development in the rise of today’s modern world free market economy. In the 16th century, the Portuguese broke the (overland) monopoly of the Arabs and Italians of trade between Asia and Europe by the discovery of the sea route to India around the Cape of Good Hope.[1] With the ensuing rise of the rival Dutch East India Company, Portuguese influence in Asia was gradually eclipsed.[nb 1] Dutch forces first established independent bases in the East (most significantly Batavia, the heavily fortified headquarters of the Dutch East India Company) and then between 1640 and 1660 wrestled Malacca, Ceylon, some southern Indian ports, and the lucrative Japan trade from the Portuguese. Later, the English and the French established settlements in India and established a trade with China and their own acquisitions would gradually surpass those of the Dutch. Following the end of the Seven Years’ War in 1763, the British eliminated French influence in India and established the British East India Company as the most important political force on the Indian Subcontinent.

    Before the Industrial Revolution in the mid-to-late 19th century, demand for oriental goods such as (porcelain, silk, spices and tea) remained the driving force behind European imperialism, and (with the important exception of British East India Company rule in India) the European stake in Asia remained confined largely to trading stations and strategic outposts necessary to protect trade. Industrialisation, however, dramatically increased European demand for Asian raw materials; and the severe Long Depression of the 1870s provoked a scramble for new markets for European industrial products and financial services in Africa, the Americas, Eastern Europe, and especially in Asia. This scramble coincided with a new era in global colonial expansion known as “the New Imperialism,” which saw a shift in focus from trade and indirect rule to formal colonial control of vast overseas territories ruled as political extensions of their mother countries.

  • **They bring us waaaaay down and themselves waaaaay up.**

    Yup – LCD – chased Gerald away – one of the few posters who is for *real* and added a little spark. Now we all hang out and love one another like the proverbial circle jerk, and never is heard a discouraging word.

    Two post rule used to take care of business — now it’s been watered down and what remains is being selectively enforced.

    That internet forums always seem to devolve to the LCD must be some kinda internet law or something.

  • Kevin,

    SPEAKING OF LEARNING HISTORY, a quick question: When they say that PPM were at 280 prior to the IR, what date do they give for the start of the IR?

    Thanks in advance.

  • “Following the end of the Seven Years’ War in 1763, the British eliminated French influence in India and established the British East India Company as the most important political force on the Indian Subcontinent.”

    Good thing it was the British. That’s why I speak English as my first language. Herr Schicklgruber upset the apple cart; otherwise the subcontinent would still be ruled by the British, which to me would have been a whole lot better than being born in Pakistan.

  • Now we all hang out and love one another like the proverbial circle jerk…

    Anyone who is not able to Love or is not willing to Love, should hate, if he prefers to. Both, love and hate are part of Man, both fullfill a reason in the nature of things, both got their own seed and their own fruit. Enjoy.

  • Hey Bob S., cry me a fuckin’ river would ya?

    You know, when the young generation hopes for the day the old farts are dead so that maybe things could change a little, they’re talking about you ya know, lol. That’s the murmur from the teens nowadays. Bye Bob.

    Thanks for the jass Henry, seeing those cats improvising on heroin really took me back to a better place for a few moments.

    The trumpet player blew a few tones just like Miles did in this first link I’m posting you Henry. The second link is of another live improvisational performance you may enjoy … Senor Mouse, by two dudes. Chick even plays a few comps similar to Mr. Silver from your video, and it reminded me of, again, better days and of jammin’ jazz with the brothers and sisters.

    Cheers. Oh, and blow me Bob S., grow up would ya, finally, and quit your entitled whining.

  • Aye carumba, I swing by and it’s the same old, same old.

    Guy, it’s all very, very simple: 98% of the population is too stupid and/or ignorant to understand the most elementary principles. If one were to patiently explain to them your (most excellent) encapsulation of “civilization is a heat engine”, as you say, they would first deny, then rationalize.

    The remaining 2% who do understand perfectly well what is occurring can be separated into two groups:
    – the 1% who complain, bitch & moan about the stupidity & ignorance of the 98%
    – the (other) 1% who thank the gods about the stupidity & ignorance of the 98%

    So, the issue isn’t really about enlightening the 98%. Rather, it’s about counter-acting the purposeful actions of the other 1% who aren’t about to relinquish their power, wealth & prestige (position in society) for some nebulous concept of “earth”, when after all, it means nothing to them after they’re gone.

    Kevin gets it; I gather you get it as well, but for some reason continue to complain. But isn’t your ability to criticize a function of the very system you decry? That is, absent fossil fuels & IC, the first 1% would be out in the fields – along with everyone else – working & dying (well before your present age) with no time whatsoever for self-analysis?

    And isn’t another result of fossil fuels & IC the very concept of egalitarian ideals? For instance, you are presently able to freely express your opinions without an armed escort straight to the gallows? As an aside, isn’t that how the 98% were cultivated in the first place? Through a purposeful domestication process that weeded out & eliminated “troublemakers”?

    I keep trying to counsel people on this core concept: you have to understand people. Once you reconcile yourself to the immutable laws of nature, then you can finally begin to relax as you realize we’re all on a trajectory that was put in place millions (billions?) of years ago. In essence, when the first single celled organism “ate” (absorbed) its neighbor, and discovered the ‘joy’ of energy surplus, that driver was hard-wired for all subsequent generations.

    So here we are.

  • Here’s some more REAL happenings via JJFH (though Batboy Ray hasn’t been consulted yet):

    Unknown gas kills flowers, poisons people, in town in the Irkutsk Region (Russia)

    Quote: “Dmitry Bogdanov, 26, Oksana’s son, said: ‘I went out to the street, and almost lost consciousness. I called the ambulance, and they brought me to hospital.’ The diagnosis was – acute toxic poisoning.”

    Quote: “Another resident nearby Olga Voitishenko, 37, a mother of one, said: ‘We are afraid that one day we will go to bed and never wake up. I fear for my child.’ She invited inspectors from Rospotrebnadzor, in charge of protecting consumer rights in Russia. They could would not identify the gas but said it was 60 times over allowable levels.”

    ‘Chemical smell’ and lack of oxygen hit Krasnoyarsk (Russia)

    Quote: “Krasnoyarsk’s skies have been black since the start of the New Year, with locals complaining of ‘chemical smell’, lack of oxygen.”

    Mysterious explosion rattles people across broad swath of northern Georgia

    Man films the Condamine River burning as methane bubbles up, in Chinchilla (Australia)

    [that’s right kiddies – a river on fire]

    “An Australian man captured photos of flames on the surface of the Condamine River, which has experienced mysterious methane bubbling for nearly four years. Jon Jenkyn posted photos to Facebook showing the Condamine River’s surface on fire near Chinchilla, where methane first started bubbling to the surface in 2012.”

    [check them out at

  • I no longer struggle too much with ignorance and stupidity, willful or simply naïve. Those are waterfalls that never run dry, and spending my time screaming at them just makes me hoarse.

    The Top Ten Reasons are more like Top Ten Distractions that keep credulous thinkers safe and secure in the belief that someone is addressing climate change on everyone’s behalf. Big-picture thinking, if one has the guts to be honest, should remove the illusion that every problem has a solution if only we apply good ole human ingenuity to it. So climate change is an agenda item, a moral issue, a source of motivation and engagement, a business promotion, and a cause to which international groups are dedicated. So what? Those are merely attitudes. And while necessary to effect real change, they don’t yet add up to anything significant. So trends point to decreased emissions (arguable, I think), decreased costs and increased availability of alternatives to fossil fuels, and more people and institutions jumping on the green bandwagon. So what? Those distractions simply don’t scale to a level sufficient to keep industrial civilization humming along, much less produce sustained growth and profit that are the foundation of our economic systems.

    According to the sweet-lemon narrative, we should take heart that things are aligning in such a way as to forestall the worst and enable further cornucopian delights, like those enjoyed in the 2nd half the 20th century in particular (childhood, for most of us). I don’t need to be sour grapes, which is yet another narrative that distorts reality. Rather, a more sober, unflinching assessment demonstrates that we’re boxed in, with too much invested in our current way of life and too much to lose should it slip away, except that by grasping and holding it as tightly as we do (most of us, anyway), we end up crushing the very thing that keeps us alive. Here, I mean simply the biosphere, which has been cravenly tormented for a couple centuries at least and is now no longer able to heal itself on anything approaching a human timescale. None of the Top Ten Reasons undo what’s been done in the least.

  • “And isn’t another result of fossil fuels & IC the very concept of egalitarian ideals?”

    why yes, of course. everyone knows that the uneducated primitive societies had no such ideals. these advanced egalitarian ideals are strictly the creation of modern western culture. always remember that!

    (the awake of course know that “the gallows” are now successfully programmed in. there is no need for anyone to be marched off, once this is the case. the sheep themselves will execute the necessary actions, within our own minds. also, actually executing people is generally a waste of very valuable resources.)

    “you have to understand people.”

    why yes, indeed. you have to understand how people are successfully programmed to parrot nonsense like this:

    “Once you reconcile yourself to the immutable laws of nature, then you can finally begin to relax as you realize we’re all on a trajectory that was put in place millions (billions?) of years ago. In essence, when the first single celled organism “ate” (absorbed) its neighbor, and discovered the ‘joy’ of energy surplus, that driver was hard-wired for all subsequent generations.”

    B9K9, my not so benign wolf logic tells me you are acting like any of the other so called 98% of “the ignorant and stupid” sheepdogs with your comments here. just performing your proper programmed actions.

    hint: us awakened sheep are very busily reprogramming ourselves. the process is by no means complete. but we’re aware enough now to know when we are still being lied to, anywhere, by the energy that chooses to try and keep us in our proper place.

    we self programming sheep do indeed have the ability to choose otherwise.

    and we are not reconciling ourselves to any fake immutable laws.

  • Artleads.

    There is no date for the Industrial Revolution because it occurred over a period, generally accepted as the latter portion of the 18th century. Wiki gets round it with:

    ‘The Industrial Revolution was the transition to new manufacturing processes in the period from about 1760 to sometime between 1820 and 1840. This transition included going from hand production methods to machines, new chemical manufacturing and iron production processes, improved efficiency of water power, the increasing use of steam power, the development of machine tools and the rise of the factory system.’

    The Scripps 1700-to-present graph shows significant rises in atmospheric CO2 from 1780, around the time when the first iron bridge was constructed at Coalbrookdale, Shropshire, in 1778.

    In practice the Industrial Revolution had its makings in the 1600s, but mass production did not commence until the late 1700s.

    It can be argued that the Industrial Revolution actually had its roots in the discovery that copper can be made from copper ores, which was some time 8,000 to 12,000 years ago.

    Whether human activity influenced atmospheric CO2 between 12,000 years ago and the industrial Revolution is debateable. The 800,000-year record shows an average of 230ppm and a steep rise to 280ppm corresponding with the end of the last ice age. We do know that 280ppm is unusually high and that such spikes WERE short-lived.

    Mike D. Says:
    February 17th, 2016 at 10:52 am
    Taking look at Arctic Ice Extent shows another significant dip below two standard deviations now, similar to the Jan. 1st event. This indicates a decreased rate of refreeze and an increased chance that an ice-free condition is ever closer come this years ice minimums.’

    I don’t think we should use the word dip when the graph is trending upwards and ice cover increasing. I had to reread your comment to get its meaning.

    14th Feb 14.164
    15th feb 14.181
    16th Feb 14.208

    Yes, the rate of ice formation is below normal but it least ice is forming. That suggests the chance of a super-fast meltdown has diminished slightly.

    On the other hand, it can be argued that a super-fast meltdown is exactly what we need to silence the Abrupt Climate Change (Rapid Planetary Overheating) deniers. It all depends on your perspective, doesn’t it.


    I donl’t like picking arguments with commenters on NBL but what you have been writing has been completely wrong.

    You said:

    ‘India, China are the countries with the highest birthrates, while having extreme poverty, imbalance in socio-economy. …..

    Globally, the ecological/CO2 footprint is in extreme imbalance. The rich countries with the lowest birthrates consume the most, their CO2 footprint is the biggest per capita, while the birthrates of the poor countries are the highest and their foontprint is the lowest per capita’

    I suggest you do some research.

    South Sudan, Malawi, Burundi….

    And Saudi Arabia has gone from just over 3 million in 1950 to 32 million, a more than 10-fold increase (and rising fast); contrast China’s one-child policy.

    Also, Middle East countries with extremely high birthrates are towards the top of the carbon footprint per capita league, with United Arab Emirates in the number one spot.

    Population growth has been the number one problem for millennia, and if there were still only 7 million or so humans, the pre-civilisation level, we would not be in the mess we are in now, even if there were cars and planes and stuff.

  • **You know, when the young generation hopes for the day the old farts are dead so that maybe things could change a little, they’re talking about you ya know, lol. That’s the murmur from the teens nowadays. Bye Bob.**

    Yup – my old wrinkled hairy ass will be rottin in the ground and ya’ll be stuck here with your *little changes*.


  • That our species is in extreme overshoot should be obvious to everyone. The fact it isn’t only proves Guy’s point regarding the stupidity and ignorance permeating our culture.

  • Thanks for addressing that blog post by Dr Masters directly Guy, I have been a member on his site since 2007 and frequent his blog, I certainly appreciate that he at least often brings up AGW but as is evidenced by that entry he is locked into the pervasive beliefs of the dominant culture. I had formulated my own lengthy response to Jeff I was going to submit to that blog entry in the comments similar to your point by point, including referencing with links to the refereed journal literature but decided against it given the general tenor that pervades that space (I have 20+ commenters there on permanent ignore status given that they are very likely either paid shills for the corporate fossil fuel industry or simply general deniers of the highest order) I was surprised that some of the responses did address points you’ve made about the “too late” nature of the “solutions” , not to mention the “renewable” solutions themselves not being viable nor solutions. To my knowledge Jeff never directly addressed those counters to his hopium, which should not be shocking I suppose. There are a few posters there who fight back against the deniers but even some of the most vocal among those are in line with Jeff and believe such nonsense as “we can continue to grow the economy and move to 100% renewables and solve the climate issue” despite all of the overwhelming evidence to the contrary here and elsewhere.

  • Thanks, Kevin. So I take it that matching the 280 ppm number to around 1750 is fairly accurate?

    And God knows what Geoff Lawton is talking about from 45:00 on. I at least try to keep an open mind.

  • ‘Thanks, Kevin. So I take it that matching the 280 ppm number to around 1750 is fairly accurate?’


    In practice + or – 50 years and + or – 5ppm at that time makes almost no difference to the overall picture. It’s everything that has happened over the past 100 years or so (and especially over the past 40 years) that has really doomed the human species and many other species.

  • @david higham


  • I was interviewed about fisheries exploitation GM

    I wonder if the Seafood Bar and Grill (owned by a fucking want to be politician), is at all responsible for the ‘fisheries exploitation?
    ho hum

    Public meeting with Jennifer Hynes, guy McPherson and others
    ****The Arctic Methane Emergency public meeting***
    KA Seafood Bar and Grill,
    3 Mt Eden Road, Mt Eden,
    New Zealand 1023
    Tomorrow, Sunday 13 February (12 February UST) – 1 pm NZT – 4 pm PST, 7 pm EST, and midnight GMT London.

  • Robert Thankyoufornotbreeding Atack, are you seriously blaming me for fisheries exploitation because I called into an event via Skype a few days ago? If so, that’s even a bigger stretch than the customary example of blaming me for abrupt climate change. One of us is not playing with a full deck.

  • No way am I blaming you Guy, it is the people who arranged the venue I have a problem with. And the want to be politician who is an out and out liar and promoter of continued growth, and the slaughter of animals, Guy McPherson should not be asked to front as meal time entertainment for people with blood on their lips.

    Kiwi Saver all good, fucking the oceans to make a buck all good … telling lies to the younger generations all good. Vote for me bla bla … bullshit

  • Make a post about how enlightened you are:

  • Hey LCD,

    Yeah, the only hot emissions i really want to omit is a long blue flatted Fifth from my Selmer tenor horn.Echoing through the skyscrapers,(Which reminds me)years ago i spent 6 years on the street blowing through the changes,learning all the tunes.I was poverty stricken and fucked up.i think i was screaming and crying through my horn all at the same time.I could see what Guy Knew then and this was my best response at the time.Luckily i feel in love with the piano and can hide in my home and escape with the chords and harmonies
    I am a fanatic for the early afro american music (and it participators),these guys were not commercial.The Blues is stand up, music whether it be from any people or any race.. swing man…get to the root..hit the spot..this music it made sense and no one was in it for the dollars,that sort of music gives you clarity.Like Guy.. hes no bullshit. These guys were no bullshit,and if you spewed a heap of bulshit, and you were a serious student,they would encourage you and tell you to practice harder as they knew if you had potential that you would soon be part of the lineage…the lineage is being BRoken.
    Yeah that Cannonball album has been with me for decades,will never tire of those cats.
    Loved the Gary Burton and Chuck post,sat back and listened to them step outside
    Anyway, back to bigger issues like human extinction.

  • Social Media, Revolt, and Civilization: An Interview with Kevin Tucker

    Clifford Brown – Hymn Of The Orient

  • For the Andre Vltchek (Russian Born) followers:

    Intro and Outro: David Vest Freight Train Rollin’

    Enjoy. This man is Che’…et,al, too.

  • I happened on a story today about restrictive voter registration laws and discovered one of the most outrageous.

    The Sauk, Wisc. voter registration office is open: “5th Wednesday of the month 8:15am to 4:00pm”.

    and a rhyme to sum-up:

    “March, June, August, November
    have 5 Wednesdays this year
    But Remember
    If you come on days not those
    fuck yourself
    we’re fucking closed.”

  • 2 Days of freezing and now the ice is melting again, albeit only 5,000km2.

    Only 20 days until the ice cover normally peaks. And only 30 days until the equinox.

  • well, if you insist.

    new tricks for sheep, step 3:

    if you know, speak.


    do not identify with your truth, just speak it. it won’t be “yours” but it will just be. identifying with any of it, in any form, creates attachment. the liberated sheep is detached from being either a slave sheep or a free wolf. being transcends both.

    The Knower is not the known. The known is entirely sourced from the Knower, as a dream from a dreamer. When becoming aware of other existences, identifying with them, as with the current one, is a way to go astray. Anything known, including past present existences, is not the Knower, but from the Knower. And any sense of identification with any part of the known continues the delusion of finitude through phenomenalisation.

    ~ R. Datta


    Wester, fantastic link for the Kevin Tucker interview. thanks. a must read.

  • I read somewhere on an official ice monitoring site, forget now, that the Sea Ice Extent reading indicates areas where there is more than 15% surface area covered by ice. Combining this with Paul Beckwith’s only somewhat facetious comment ( as I understood it ) from last year that “There’s no more ice in the Arctic, it’s all slush”, gives a picture of the possibility for things to change very fast with respect to the day to day readings of Sea Ice Extent.

    Viddaloo’s thread on the Forum here showing Average Annual Volume is maybe a better indicator of what’s really going on. But he mentions that there are certain problems measuring volume accurately also.

  • Thanks for your link mo flow, I missed that comment back when you posted it. That puts mucho context around your words. Now my inner rhesus thinks he understands you better, except it made him jealous. Little does he know.

  • I have just investigated the link ‘Who discovered climate change’: it is quite good insofar as it traces understanding of the atmosphere and its role in warming back to the 1820s, and includes:

    ‘In the 1820s in France, Jean Fourier was investigating the behaviour of heat when his calculations revealed that the earth should not be as warm as it is. That is, the earth is too small and too far from the sun for it to be as warm and livable as it is…..

    John Tyndall, brought a fresh perspective to Fourier’s question and suggestion. As an avid mountain climber, Tyndall observed evidence of climate-induced changes in ice caps, and he conducted experiments to measure the heat trapping propertities. This led to his discovery that water vapour and carbon dioxied are good at trapping heat……

    Arrhenius calculated that doubling the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere would raise the global average temperature by 5 to 6°C. His conclusion was challenged and not accepted. Confirmation would take decades……

    In 1931, an American physicist, E.O. Hulburt, took a fresh approach to calculate the global average temperature increase that would result from a doubling of the atmospheric CO2 level. Hulbert refuted objections by x Angstrom that heat convection needed to be accounted for. His calculation focussed on the escape of infra-red radiation to space, and it included the known increase in water vapour (7% per 1°C). The result was a prediction of 4°C….

    Organised denial (commencing in the early 1990s)

    Enhanced greenhouse effect observed (2000-2001)’

    Hopefully the spelling mistakes will be cleaned up and the commentary completed, including reference to runaway greenhouse.


    Yes, total ice volume is just as important as area, and so is the ice density. There is very little ‘old’ ice left.

  • my pleasure, Paul.

    my inner rhesus just got an important email message that Sexy Christian Singles are waiting for me. I must attend to this now!

    As I stop, and take the time
    To inventory, the inside of my mind
    I realize, it’s not as full as it used to be.
    With images of justice, or designs of liberty

    The world has changed, or is it me that’s new?
    A different set of morals from a different set of clues
    So still I wonder, is this all there is to life?
    The ever changing cycles in a world that’s damp and rife

    There must be more, yeah in my heart I hold to this
    I’ve known the joy of love and I’ve seen the peace and bliss
    But as you know, all things must end, except the need for faith
    And the spirit that’s within to keep you strong

    Move forward with power, program yourself to feel
    With depth enough to know what’s up and heart to sense the real

    Where you at?

    And now a picture for the frame we set aside
    Below the bassline a secret place awaits for us to hide
    To pass the time as the war goes on-and-on
    Post-apocalyptic sunset, Post-apocalyptic dawn
    But just the thought of the world we once possessed
    A place that wasn’t ours is just a house with an address
    A false existence, wrought with fear and mistrust, a life inside a box
    No life inside of us.

    Find your soul, and use your inner voice,
    The road less traveled, is now the path of choice.
    Realize, with time comes change
    New attitudes, new values, priorities rearranged.

    Move forward, move now, program yourself to feel
    With depth enough to know what’s up and heart to sense the real

    Where you at?

  • @Henry & Wester

    Thanks a lot for the giant flatened fifth music!

    I am a fanatic for the early afro american music (and it participators),these guys were not commercial.The Blues is stand up, music whether it be from any people or any race.. swing man…get to the root..hit the spot..this music it made sense and no one was in it for the dollars,that sort of music gives you clarity.

    Oh yeah, Music saved my life and it saves my life every single day anew. The Blues is the medicine!

    Yes, the Task of Dismantling Ignorance and Stupidity is endless indeed. And not just that. It gets real boring over time, the ignorant sheeples just don’t want to know the Truth/Reality, they HATE the Truth/Reality. I had endless discussions with my family during my whole lifetime for instance. They went through three stages:

    1. “There is no climate change”

    2. “There is climate change, but it’s not manmade”

    And finally they reached the third stage of denial:

    3. “There is climate change, it is MAYBE manmade, but we can’t do anything about it anyway anymore (we are just sheeples after all).”

    Well, then have fun on your ignorant suicide trail, I saw it comin some decades ago 8-)

    18.2.2016 – Scientists are floored by what’s happening in the Arctic right now

    Welcome to the Hot House!

  • @Robin Datta

    What else is new?

    Lowest NSIDC global sea ice extent and CT global sea ice area ever:;topic=1377.0;attach=25280;image


    An unpopular take on this: Too much emphasis on modern conveniences for people. Cuba was fortunate to be isolated by the boycott, and having to get off material comforts entirely. They found another way. Intellectual strength, science, system, innovation, community solidarity…yet remaining very close to the earth.

    The “good life” requires more natural resources than are available. I think the Vltchek prescription needs to look at extinction. It needs to set its material sights much lower.

  • I think the problem started with modern science replacing the innate human knowledge with second-hand mechanical knowledge, thereby rendering us victims of our training/education.

    Over 95 percent of our time and 99 percent of our thinking arises from indoor relationships that are separated from the grace, balance and restorative powers of nature. This estrangement from nature removes the wise sensory signals of most natural systems from our consciousness and reasoning. This results in the loss of natural intelligence, The profound disconnection of our mind from nature prevents us from thinking and relating through the intelligence and wisdom of nature’s eons. We lose their guidance and organic food for thought.

    Modern humans who began to lose their innate capacity for the live, native ORGANIC REASONING, which the human species inherently used to exhibit since millions of years, suddenly started to embrace the dead MECHANICAL REASONING with the onslaught of the reductionist modern science and philosophy, since largely the last couple of centuries.

    The only option now is: Thinking On A Clean Slate: Preface To The Human Story: