The Endless Task of Dismantling Ignorance and Stupidity

Jeff Masters, the climate guru at Weather Underground, has come up with “The Top Ten Reasons to be Hopeful on Climate Change.” Actually, Masters is merely quoting from his favorite presentation at the annual meeting of the American Geophysical Union on 16 December 2015, as delivered by Susan Hassol of As implied by the title of this essay, I disagree with Hassol and Masters, and I’ll take this opportunity to point out why.

At the meeting, Hassol presented her top ten list of reasons to be hopeful about climate change. Her list is presented below in italics, and my response follows in plain font.

10) President Obama has put climate change at the top of his agenda.

I’ve no doubt President Obama has put climate change near the top of his agenda, not far below maintaining this set of living arrangements. The latter, of course, involves promoting omnicide by converting the living planet into “resources,” killing many people throughout the world for “our” fossil fuels, and quashing every counter-cultural act in this country and beyond. The typical American has no idea these actions are occurring, because the typical American is willfully ignorant about them. Were the typical American informed of these actions, s/he would deny them. If the typical American were willing to be convinced by overwhelming evidence — an oxymoron so evident it’s tragic — s/he would find the actions not only necessary, but desirable. “American exceptionalism” has its price.

Considering climate change is merely one symptom among many resulting from this set of living arrangements, I believe President Obama will pay little heed to climate change. And I doubt he ever mentions the topic of abrupt climate change in public, a topic about which he is undoubtedly familiar.

9) The Pope has framed climate change as a moral issue.

Well, that’ll fix it. One of the world’s leading voices for patriarchal immorality has spoken. Please let me know when the Pope redistributes the Vatican’s enormous wealth to benefit the world’s poor. Let me know when the Church he heads recognizes equal rights for women and ethnic minorities. Let me know when he takes a moral stand on industrial civilization, which underlies the climate-change predicament in which we are embroiled.

8) China has become highly motivated and engaged, and naysayers can no longer claim that we shouldn’t do anything because China is not.

China’s motivation and engagement has led to no substantive positive outcomes. Plenty of fans were motivated and engaged by the Super Bowl, and their chosen team still didn’t win. Furthermore, whether “we” should or should not do anything is irrelevant and certainly is not influenced by China’s motivation and engagement. I’ll be interested when Chinese leaders tell the citizenry that collapse of industrial civilization is not only necessary, but desirable. And I’ll be especially interested when politicians in the United States follow China’s lead on this topic.

7) Emissions and the economy are decoupling: for the first time, we had a year where the economy grew, but emissions of greenhouse gases did not.

The economy grew only on computer screens housed deep in the vaults of the world’s central banks and governments. Emissions fell because the world has fallen into the Great Depression 2.0. Actual economic growth is closely tied to emissions of greenhouse gases. Still.

6) The cost of solar power is falling fast.

Civilization is a heat engine. Promoting the “new economy” maintains the heat engine as well as the omnicide attendant to civilization.

5) Solar energy capacity is growing rapidly.

Ditto. And electricity represents less than 20% of energy usage.

4) Wind energy capacity is growing rapidly.

Any port in a shitstorm, eh? See above.

3) Half of all new power resources coming on-line globally are in renewable energy, and that percentage is near 70% in the U.S.

As Vladimir Lenin allegedly said (or perhaps it was Joseph Goebbels), “A lie told often enough becomes the truth.”

“Renewable” energy is derived from fossil fuels. These derivatives require and promote planetary destruction. All this was old news when I wrote about it during early November 2013. Apparently well-paid, starry-eyed climate scientists are not expected to keep up with evidence.

2) Businesses are engaging in promoting climate change action.

Follow the money all the way to the “new economy,” mentioned above.

1) The Paris Accord! The nations of the world have now dedicated themselves to decarbonizing the world economy.

Climate science James Hansen called the Paris Accord a “fraud” and “bullshit.” Mr. Optimist himself, Bill McKibben, correctly concluded the agreement reached in Paris will leave us with a planet that is “uninhabitable.”

Apparently well-paid, starry-eyed climate scientists are not expected to keep up with evidence. But I repeat myself.

Dismantling ignorance and stupidity within a culture that promotes both is an unending task. And, obviously, there is nothing to be gained by using evidence along the path to truth. Some of us will never learn.


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  • “Guy McPherson should not be asked to front as meal time entertainment for people with blood on their lips.”

    Firstly, I love that you think of Guy as an entertainer. Perhaps that’s a perspective we could all adopt to get through this madness?

    Secondly, if Guy restricted himself to people WITHOUT blood on their lips, he would be playing to an empty room.

  • Scientists Discover a Boiling River of Amazonian Legend

    Deep in the heart of the Amazon, legends tell of a river so hot that it boils from below. As a geoscientist, Andrés Ruzo’s training told him the stories couldn’t be true. But that was before he saw the river with his own eyes.

    It’s incredible to think there are natural wonders on this planet not yet known to science, but such was the case for the river at Mayantuyacu, publicized for the first time in The Boiling River: Adventure and Discovery in the Amazon. The book is an engrossing, true story of discovery, adventure, science, and mysticism, told by a man who was driven to explain something impossible, and is now on a quest to preserve it. [more]

  • “When our coal, oil and gas has finally been used up, our comfortable environment will vanish with it.”

    It isn’t a shortage of fossil fuels that exclusively is the problem. There is plenty of coal, for instance. It seems to be the economic system’s effect on production that is shutting down production. I think it should be possible to produce fossil fuel energy without money, but the bruising, dangerous, energy inefficient way to do it would hardly seem worth it, except for strict “necessities.” Those necessities would have to be collectively agreed to. For example, there must be available fossil fuels, and much more, to avoid meltdown of the world’s nuclear plants.

    “The unpleasant reality of the world outside the comfort zone of our cars, warm or cool homes, healthcare on demand and reliable food and water supplies will reassert itself and our democratic niceties will vanish as we strive to survive…An energy depleted economy will mean a downsized state and a breakup of established law, because no government can exist outside the boundaries of its own energy range.”

    Part of what that “government” now means is a one-size-fits-all macro socioeconomic order that has got to be wasteful, since it cannot properly calibrate to the needs of very different places. Which makes radical decentralization desirable. What I would see as desirable too is to have a macro understanding of how to ration fossil fuels drastically so as to produce only the bare essentials that go to maintaining some kind of civilized civilization. What that resembles to me is the most radical downsizing and voluntary poverty as an acceptable cultural norm–it’s how little you can live on that becomes the mark of status, not the reverse–coupled with science and system. Something in the tradition (though possibly quite different from) Cuba.

    “In that situation you can have no control over your position within your future state or nation, and the way in which you will be governed.”

    This would be a product of irrationality, rather than strict necessity.

    ” The individual details might be open to question, but millennia of past history supplies a broad outline: weakened states submit to whichever despot can hold power.”

    The old rules don’t necessarily apply. The absolute clarity of looming extinction would demand, given rationality, an unprecedented level of global cooperation and coordination. Emphatically, however, not centralization. Most certainly, not exploitation. It should be clear to a rational decider that exploitation by any groups or individuals means nothing but collective peril. It can’t be sanctioned. So that brings up a paradox of decentralization partnered with global (or large scale) collectivity.

    “We will not only have a downsized economy, we will have autocratic rule by someone who has seized the opportunity of weakness and used it for his own ends.”

    In my view, not necessarily so.

  • John Muthukat Says:
    February 18th, 2016 at 6:20 pm
    We are composed of abiotic entities primarily, with biotic entities wrapped around the abiotic realm.

    Nature is composed of machines, with organic clothing.

    (The New Paradigm: The Physical Universe Is Mostly Machine, 2, 3).

    DNA is abiotic, not biotic.

    DNA is not alive (The Uncertain Gene – 8).

  • Has maximum sea ice extent already been reached this year?

    An earlier post wondered whether maximum extent for this year had already been reached, i.e. on February 9, 2016, when sea ice extent was 14.214 million km2.

    As illustrated by the image below, extent since has been lower, including on the two most recent days on the image, i.e. on February 16 and 17, 2016, when extent was respectively 14.208 and 14.203 million km2.

  • Guy,

    You are Dalton Trumbo too. Thank you for your perseverance.

  • doubling down on Rusty 1
    I saw/read 10 to 15 articles on that subject yesterday. the heat is hitting the fan fast and furious.

    also yesterday. i threw away my Che’s son’s t-shirt, without telling him (because I am mostly silent now). but after watching/listening to the video on Che’s life, even if it is half true (whatever thruth is) that is what I wanted to do. for this girl, the less heroes, the better.

    he will not notice. like most persons, he has so many t-shirts that he does not know what he has. all 100% cotton. an extremely energy intensive harvest that (among many sins) depleted huge rivers in Russia and starved the Arral sea.


  • Blood on your lips does not necessarily mean that you are a murderer.

    Yes, I said it some months ago at NBL already:

    Nature is a consuming Fire, the Universe is an everconsuming Fire. Look out of your window, you will see eating and being eaten every minute. Fish eat fish. That’s the way it goes since billions of years. BUT DOES THAT MEAN THAT ALL ANIMALS ARE MURDERERS? NO. Every single one of us at NBL wants to protect plants, animals, Mother Earth. We wouldn’t do that if we thought that all those animals are murderers just like some human beings are. Nobody of us would fight for murderers, at least, I wouldn’t fight for murderers. To EAT means KILLING, yes, but it does not mean murder. Look at your body:

    There is killing going on every single second, the immune system kills bacterias and virii every second, a constant killing. But that does in no way mean that you are a murderer. Killing to SURVIVE is no murderer, otherwise most of the species we want to protect on earth would be murderers. Is a lion a murderer?! No, a lion just hunts for food, a lion hunts ONLY to survive for itself and for it’s species. A lion does not kill just for fun or for funny money, for profit. Only some human beings do that. Those, who kill the planet just for funny money, for oppression, for constant exploitation, those are murderers. They don’t kill 1,2,3,4,5 fish per day to survive, no, they kill millions of fish and trees and plants and human beings for sheer profit. THIS I call murder.

    Those, who say, that we are all murderers, claim also that we are all equal, that we are all murderers and that we are all equally responsible for the exploitation and destruction of Mother Earth, just because everyone of us has to eat, needs clothes and lives in modern society. But that’s sick propaganda of Empire. If this were true, than Doctor Guy McPherson would just be exactly the same character like the oppressors and exploiters and murderers of Empire, there would be no difference between Doctor Guy McPherson and any other sheer murderer, rapist, exploiter ect, like the oil-industry for example. But if that were true, then Doctor Guy McPherson’s fight against lies, against exploitation, against the propaganda and doublespeak of Empire would make no sense anymore, because there would be no difference between him and Exxon Mobil for example. There are murderers and there are victims. Dead simple.

    The Empire tells me that we are all equal all my life. But I learned one thing for sure:

    I have NEVER been equal before Empire, I have never been equal before the Law, I have never been equal before Power and Money. Equality within Empire is a dirty lie, I learned that the hard way through real heavy pain and oppression during my whole life. But you know what? I learned another thing as well:

    We will all be REALLY equal soon, at least biologically, I learned that from my teacher, who is no murderer, but an integral part of Life itself:

  • 18th Feb: 14.185 millionkm2, a loss of 17,000km2 and back to where it was on 12th Feb.

    Approximately 1.1 millionkm2 below ‘normal’.

    Also 403.74ppm versus 399.78ppm, another large annual difference.

  • Hahaha, I do really love that:

  • Things are really ramping up climate-wise. I still like Tom’s prediction of 2019 as the year we have our collective “Oh Shit!” moment. At the same time, HRC will be wondering what the fuck she stepped in when she decided to be president. If she’s smart, she’ll acknowledge the obvious and make lethal drugs available for all so that we can check out in an efficient manner at a time of our choosing. Instead, I suspect we’ll get martial law and geo-engineering. Fun times ahead.

  • @mo flow

  • EtyerePetyere ~

    interesting clip. this is the second time you posted it recently, but this time more specifically aimed. thanks. I actually watched it this time.

    that is very well done. but I’ve got to say I don’t buy a word of it, personally.

    first of all, I’m not an ape deep down inside. I know what I am, and “ape” pretty much doesn’t come close, on any level. nothing against apes or gorillas. they are great.

    I don’t have a boss, and my wife is the most delightful thing in my life.

    “you’re just going to get washed away”

    uh… well, this sheep knows how to swim. really well.

  • It would appear as though DMB has a song for everyone facing NTHE. I never realized this until now…

    For those who choose to party it up, check out video number 1. For others, scroll below to the second video to look into the abyss.

    Note: Again, I think having to know Roman numerals for the “endangered list test” thing is a bit elitist. But whatever.

  • I’ve posted the latest links and embedded video atop the page. Catch the post here.



    Zhiwa Woodbury interviewed by Peter Melton. A singularly insightful conversation about the psychology of human “splitting”, and separation, as traced back to the Atomic bomb, and the resulting trauma to the human psyche, as well as to the treatment of the Native Americans after the Civil War.

    This is, IMHO, the most important interview I have ever heard about the roots of our predicament. It will also help Europeans and others the reaction of Americans to Climate Change and NTHE.

    First heard last Friday, February 12, 2016 on Extinction Radio, Episode 47. Please Feel Free To Share This Widely.

  • @LWA

    Hey Einstein, thanks for having an emotional panic in thinking Germany was on the verge of developing a nuclear weapon and imploring the US government to get on with developing their own. What a stupid, stupid man that Einstein was getting sucked in by his emotions like that.

    Yes, that was a big fault of Einstein. Einstein deeply regret that mistake. It was really stupid to think, USA could save the world from fashism, ouch. But Einstein was afraid, that Germany could build the atom-bomb first:

    Einstein’s greatest role in the invention of the atomic bomb was signing a letter to President Franklin Roosevelt urging that the bomb be built. The splitting of the uranium atom in Germany in December 1938 plus continued German aggression led some physicists to fear that Germany might be working on an atomic bomb. Among those concerned were physicists Leo Szilard and Eugene Wigner. But Szilard and Wigner had no influence with those in power. So in July 1939 they explained the problem to someone who did: Albert Einstein. According to Szilard, Einstein said the possibility of a chain reaction “never occurred to me”, altho Einstein was quick to understand the concept (Clark, pg. 669+; Spencer Weart & Gertrud Weiss Szilard, eds., “Leo Szilard: His Version of the Facts”, pg. 83). After consulting with Einstein, in August 1939 Szilard wrote a letter to President Roosevelt with Einstein’s signature on it. The letter was delivered to Roosevelt in October 1939 by Alexander Sachs, a friend of the President. Germany had invaded Poland the previous month; the time was ripe for action. That October the Briggs Committee was appointed to study uranium chain reactions…

    The atomic bomb related work that Einstein did was very limited and he completed it in two days during December 1941. Vannevar Bush, who was coordinating the scientific work on the a-bomb at that time, asked Einstein’s advice on a theoretical problem involved in separating fissionable material by gaseous diffusion. But Bush and other leaders in the atomic bomb project excluded Einstein from any other a-bomb related work. Bush didn’t trust Einstein to keep the project a secret: “I am not at all sure… [Einstein] would not discuss it in a way that it should not be discussed.” (Clark, pg. 684-685; G. Pascal Zachary, “Endless Frontier: Vannevar Bush, Engineer of the American Century”, pg. 204).

    As the realization of nuclear weapons grew near, Einstein looked beyond the current war to future problems that such weapons could bring. He wrote to physicist Niels Bohr in December 1944, “when the war is over, then there will be in all countries a pursuit of secret war preparations with technological means which will lead inevitably to preventative wars and to destruction even more terrible than the present destruction of life.” (Clark, pg. 698).

    In November 1954, five months before his death, Einstein summarized his feelings about his role in the creation of the atomic bomb: “I made one great mistake in my life… when I signed the letter to President Roosevelt recommending that atom bombs be made; but there was some justification – the danger that the Germans would make them.”

    But anyway, the bomb was built in USA and USA was the one, who dropped it on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, not Albert Einstein.


  • @LWA


    After all, it’s interesting that you talk about the atom-bomb, just because I quoted one little sentence of Einstein. What’s your intention?^^….

  • … you know, to me it’s very often more interesting, to try to understand peoples intentions, than the opinions they have. But anyway, I am proud that you called me Einstein, because Einstein was a very intelligent, creative and honorable man :-)

  • .


    After all, it’s interesting that you talk about the atom-bomb, just because I quoted one little sentence of Einstein. What’s your intention?^^….

    I can assure you Nemesis that my post to Bud Nye was not inspired by you. I never even knew you quoted Einstein somewhere.

    My intention was to simply write a comment to Bud Nye, which seems rather obvious.

    … you know, to me it’s very often more interesting, to try to understand peoples intentions, than the opinions they have. But anyway, I am proud that you called me Einstein, because Einstein was a very intelligent, creative and honorable man

    Ok, now that’s really creepy. What made you think I was calling YOU Albert Einstein?

    What the hell have you gone and smoked now?

    Let me help you again here, my intention was to write a comment addressed to Bud Nye.

    My intention shortly will be to come over there and flick you in the nose for being stupid, now get a head.

    And quit smoking plastic.

    (Sorry, I forgot to say ‘with all due respect’ before all of this. Oops, my bad.)

  • Yes, I quoted Einstein here:

    Interview for Press TV, “Clathrate Gun” Video

    And I thought, your comment about Einstein was a reply to my quote of Einstein, I just had overseen the “P.S.”, that makes it clear that you replied to Bud Nye. My fault, I shouldn’t have smoked plastic that day.

    Einstein was a very good guy, above I explained the reason for his very small involvement in building the atom-bomb, in fact, it was just that letter he wrote to Roosevelt, he was very afraid, that Hitler and the Nazis were planing to build it. He regret that letter:

    I made one great mistake in my life… when I signed the letter to President Roosevelt recommending that atom bombs be made; but there was some justification – the danger that the Germans would make them.

    So, he wasn’t involved in building it and did not drop it. You said:

    Hey Einstein, thanks for having an emotional panic in thinking Germany was on the verge of developing a nuclear weapon and imploring the US government to get on with developing their own. What a stupid, stupid man that Einstein was getting sucked in by his emotions like that. Thanks for that schmuck face. The most threatening thing to ever manifest on our planet, as China prepares to build 500 new nuke plants, and all thanks to the religion of materialism.

    But it wasn’t stupidity, it was the horror of Hitler and the Nazis that urged Einstein to write that letter to Roosevelt. He regret it and had the courage to say that it was a mistake. With all due respect, but in my opinion, his intervention was understandable. And Einstein is not responsible fur nuclear technology. He discovered relativity, but he could never imagine, what others would make of it decades later. When he discovered realativity, he didn’t even believe it would be possible to split the atom, he learned that later from others. And Einstein was no materialist, he had a deep sense of spirituality.

  • GREAT article, Guy, posted it at my Facebook page (linked, of course). I’m particularly tired of Bernie-heads who think we can fight climate change while they maintain their American lifestyles.

  • Some people here at NBL and elsewhere always try to stick their finger into other peoples brain (brainfuck). Hahaha, those people insist in crude, generalizing claims, for instance, they claim “everybody is greedy for money” or “everybody is just a meat robot” ect ect ect, all the time. I said that it’s about communication, they tell me their story and I tell them my story. But if those people insist that their personal, individual story is EVERYONES story, then those people are just megalomaniac and I QUIT communication while simply identifying their name and then simply scrolling over any comments they make, not reading them, just ignoring those people and their comments constantly and irrevocably. To me, psychic hygenie is of great importance. I can communicate if I like to- but I don’t have to 8-)

  • Some forums have the option to just opt out people I don’t want to read anymore. That’s a comfortable feature :-)

  • Maybe it spares some time to post the names of those people I simply ignore- that way we can spare us some precious time, them and me, while not speaking to eachother anymore :-) Here are the names I ignore so far:

    Robin Datta, Bud Nye, Jef.

    The world is big enough to avoid stumbling over each other and wasting each others precious time. And please don’t get angry, if your name is on my ignore list, just ignore my comments as well in the future and you will have great peace inside :-)

  • Sometimes people get into confrontation, because they have different oppinions. And then sometimes an endless fight starts, where both just try to convince/convert the other. And finally they get really angry, annoyed, frustrated and accuse each other and they go apart, both keeping still on their own way anyway. So nobody learned anything or had any communication at all, both could have just self-talk alone, they didn’t even recognize each other, hahaha. That’s a waste of time, isn’t it?

  • @mo flow

    That Jonathan Friedman and co-workers experiment you talked about is TRULY AMAZING. Most people of the modern, “western” world are STILL living in a strict Newtonian Universe, but that’s just out of date, it just does not fit to Reality anymore, those people talk about “Science” all the time, but they just don’t realize that their very own, strict materialistic opinions are themselves UNscientific completely, hahaha.

    Hey, I think that Friedman experiment get’s us a good way closer to indigenous sense of cosmic perception. I will keep that Friedman experiment in mind!

  • Bob S. ~

    “Are you suggesting our behavior is not predetermined algorithms acting out our various programmed subroutines.”

    I think our behavior is actually a mix of this (algorithms in many ways), plus a lot of other things. even looking at the meat (neurons and so forth) by itself, this stuff can program itself. this happens all the time with learning. does anyone understand what a machine, that acts like it has free will, is doing when it is making “choices” to reprogram itself? just on a purely physical level? (physical in the ordinary sense of accepted material reality and its statistical and physical behavior).

    no, I don’t think anyone understands this yet!

    but it goes further than that.

    the “stuff” that we are, that everything is, is more akin to mindstuff overall, IMO, than matterstuff.

    this “stuff” can act like electrons and neurons doing things, it can act like algorithms programmed in computers, behavioral algorithms in neurochemistry; it can act like humans making choices, it can act like beings saying “I exist,” and it can act like…. everything else.

  • … predetermined algorithms acting out our various programmed subroutines.

    That might be true for sheeps, but not for wolves, haha.

  • or nice kitties.


  • There is a german scientific blog I visit from time to time. 99% of those who comment there, are 100% hardcore Atheists and 100% hardcore materialists. But occasionally, some Theist strays to that blog and then a really wonderful, entertaining fight begins, where both sides just beats up the other side. And after a while, it gets really nasty and they accuse each other of stupidity and ignorance and call names and all that, really nasty. And you know what? Sometimes I support the Atheists and sometimes I support the Theists and that is so FUNNY and entertaining, it’s always such a great pleasure for me :-D

  • All mass is interaction.

    – Richard Feynman