Between Two Dreams

“Any good poet, in our age at least, must begin with the scientific view of the world; and any scientist worth listening to must be something of a poet, must possess the ability to communicate to the rest of us his sense of love and wonder at what his work discovers.” ~ Edward Abbey


A well-placed pause transforms a poem,
a presentation,
a life.

A misplaced pause, or one too long, instead can create strife.


Passion and intellect are unrewarded
in this culture of lies
as unhealthy.

The exceptions generate money, hence power, for the wealthy.


Passion and intellect offer rewards
that can be appreciated
only from within.

But most within the dominant culture peer out, not in.


A verdant planet requires evolutionary history
to create balance,
albeit delicate.

Tipping the delicate balance destroys life on Earth.


The balance was tipped before we showed up
millennia ago, pushing us toward
the pursuit of “same.”

Born into captivity, we’re not to blame.


Cultural errors come with a price
typically unforeseen
even by prophets.

Paying the price based on one’s date of birth is monstrous.


Assuming a counter-cultural path is not for the weak.
The faint of heart
will wither.

Radicalism comes with the sweet, and also with the bitter.


The horrors of imperialism are unrecognized
by the masses, who choose
to remain ignorant.

The privileges of Empire are difficult to admit, even when malignant.


Walking away from imperialism is a ruinous path
filled with disparagement
from the many.

The cost of freedom from cultural shackles is great, and worth every penny.


We few know there is another way to live
free from the shackles
in our last years.

Breaking free is a choice taken by few as wishes overwhelm fears.


The “monkey trap” of civilization is a cage.
There is an escape route,
a way over the wall.

Are you willing to break free, to answer the clarion call?


You know another way is possible
and you know the way.
Do the math.

Instead of dreaming of your escape, take a step along the path.


Trapped between two dreams, few swim upstream
against the current
of mediocrity.

Unwilling to join the revolution, they deserve our pity.


Cultural shackles are as new as the culture, and are
similarly restrictive for those unwilling
to open the latch.

The cost of escape is everything, with remuneration to match.



A three-minute video introduction to me and my work is offered by Bill Nye and National Geographic. It’s here.

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  • @Feed Jake

    Hey, thanks for positive resonance! BEST WISHES to you and everyone else on NBL!

    Alan Watts once again, highly topical and highly recommended:

    Man and Nature

  • 44 south ~

    “When a new man here usurps an old hands name, has it pointed out, does nothing about it,and apparently wins others approval for it…that’s not Anarchy, that’s just chaos and bad manners!”

    what exactly are you talking about here? are you saying I am a usurper, or are you talking about someone else? if referencing me, what did I usurp? how? from whom?

    this all seems totally opaque bordering on meaningless.

    this is why I sometimes can’t stand it when people are not direct. I far prefer someone like Apneaman saying “Moflow go fuck yourself you little Hitler” if he thinks I’m overstepping some boundary.

    *if* Apneaman was libeling someone here, and I want to send him a clue on taking more responsibility for his words, and he doesn’t like that clue, fine. he can say so. and I can take another step or two to make things more clear. if things cross certain lines in that process, sometimes, then I may have to delete a comment, or make things even *more* clear. if I overstep, libel, or otherwise fundamentally disrespect a being, I will always sincerely apologize and try to make amends.

    with what you are saying above, it is so opaque to border on meaningless, and worse, subject to misinterpretation.

    moderating this place is an (almost!) completely thankless job, dealing with a bunch of really headstrong egos, and very sensitive beings (and both together!) with a huge amount of divergent views.

    I want there to be a genuine discussion of views, within the guidelines that Guy has specifically spelled out to me: no libelous comments, stay away from things like attacks on classes of people such as racism, antisemitism, misogyny, etc, and try to stay with discussing or attacking the views and ideas themselves, and not the people who hold them.

    after I gave up on my first go at moderating here, after a few more months, things went downhill and out of control so far that when I wrote Guy again volunteering to come back to help, permanently, he instantly welcomed me back.

    do you see this as usurping, 44 south? something? someone? I find that extremely odd. I really don’t have a clue what you are talking about, frankly. feel free to help me out!

    but all the unspeakable evil in the world?

    what do you think this is, the work of the Devil? all Creation, all beings, however “unspeakably evil” in our eyes, is still the Creation of the One, and the children of the One.

    that is just what I see. the One does not exile any of its Creation from its heart, ever.

    the only energy that “exiles” is the energy of a being itself, which for a million possible reasons, cannot stand being close to the light. that is the choice of a soul, to stay away. if the self-exiled being chooses sincere repentance (a word that has been warped. probably a better phrase is “absolute contrition”) it is instantly able to reenter the Light.

    the One holds absolutely no gate or bar against any being coming fully back into the Light. ever.

    what that absolute contrition is, though, is something quite profound. beyond any ability to describe in words.

    and at the same time, the One allows all beings free will.

    there are rules about what goes on in this place called Earth. yes, unspeakable evil occurs on Earth. and yes, if there weren’t clear boundaries in place preventing certain beings from incarnating here, it would be unimaginably worse.

    the One itself does not enforce these rules. that is left to other beings who are free to act as they do.

    “And I want better behavior from those who claim some intimate relationship with the divine. Less temper,ego,whatever”

    yes, whatever. I am not at all inclined to be anything less than totally directly who and what I am. I am happy to see others do the same. the main rule I personally try to follow is fundamental respect for the God, or Goddess, within all beings. that’s it.

    and encouraging the participants here to stick with Guy’s guidelines as much as possible.

    “I confess that despite the reading, the listening and the psychedelics,the fact that EVERYTHING may be the divine at play is not a reality for me.”

    “play” is really the wrong idea (and how “Lila” is meant as play), from my experience.

    yes, there is great joy, humor, life and love in all of this.

    there is also an overriding energy of deadly seriousness, in my experience.

    Feed Jake ~

    “Mo quotes Casteneda sometimes.”

    that’s interesting. I’ve never quoted Castaneda here. not a single time that I can remember. (feel free to refresh my memory if I’ve forgotten). I didn’t even have any of his books on hand, or links to his stuff, until Robin sent me a PDF very recently.

    the closest reference between me and Castaneda here that I remember is Wren’s reference to my experience that I talked about here, and how she thought it felt like something Castaneda said.

    this idea that I quote Casteneda is an another interesting example of how things get misinterpreted, misremembered, or misunderstood.


    so, yes, better to be direct, to avoid misunderstandings, and always with a fundamental respect for the being behind the comment.

    and keep to the few guidelines about posting that we have here. that’s my philosophy about approaching communication with what I do here.

    many people cannot stand the atmosphere of attacks and heartless, thoughtless, abusive, comments, that sometimes exists here. as Guy mentioned recently, a very heartfelt and personal article that was posted here one time was withdrawn by the author almost immediately because of this kind of atmosphere.

    it’s actually not hard to figure this out, IMO. it has something to do with not believing one’s personal ideas about things are the last word on everything. openness, and listening, and thinking, as opposed to being closed and thoughtless.

    ~ mo

  • mo flow,

    Pretty sure 44 south is/was referring to the two posters named “Henry”.
    One I have met a couple times here in Costa Rica…the other is in New zealand if my memory is right.

    I think 44 south was just intending to get Henry the Younger (well, more recent start date) to add something to the handle of “Henry” to differentiate him from Henry the Elder (who has modified his handle to “Henry (the Original)”.

    Hey, Henry the original…why not change it to “O. Henry” if the Kiwi won’t budge.

    A tale of two Henrys? Nope, just one.

  • infanttyrone ~

    thank you.

    you could totally be right! I have no idea. it’s certainly possible to read it that way. but then 44 south seems to be (again indirectly) referring to me.

    why is it so hard to say “hey new Henry, you unintentionally took the original Henry’s name!”

    or “hey Mo, your manners there were totally sucky!” (with some choice quotes)

    that is *super* easy to do and say. then everyone can peacefully figure it out. or they can ignore it and just go on with things.

    but there isn’t any chance the idea of the communication is going to get lost (for example, if the new Henry happens to be reading at the time).

    by saying “has it pointed out, does nothing about it,and apparently wins others approval for it…that’s not Anarchy, that’s just chaos and bad manners!” 44 south is making assumptions, judgements and insinuations. with the real possibility for misunderstandings, everywhere.

    one approach may work better than others. YMMV. :)

    (oh and isn’t New Henry clearly an Aussie and not a Kiwi?? another misunderstanding?!)

  • mo,

    Aussie vs Kiwi…maybe…my memory isn’t perfect any longer.

    Pretty sure 44 south used a bit more direct language in a previous post soon after H(2) started posting here. Maybe s/he switched modes in an attempt to make more headway…if I had an easy way of searching through old threads as a group rather than one at a time, I’d probably be able to locate the original “Hey, new Henry” post. It might be as old as a few months.

  • infanttyrone ~

    maybe he did make a stronger comment on that earlier. I don’t remember, and I might not have been reading here when that happened.

    I am making a third post at this time for a very good reason.

    it is AMAZING to me how much misunderstanding, bad memory, misinterpretation, and all kinds of other things happen here. I try to read as carefully as possible, pretty much everything, when I am here, so as to not get things wrong.

    and I still screw up sometimes.

    if anything, if 44 south thought his comment didn’t get through the first time, why not be much more direct the second time?? wouldn’t that make far more sense?

    maybe he’d have to say it several times. is New Henry even reading right now? who knows! I can’t tell if he is, at the moment.

    and how much does it matter? is it just another petty disagreement?

    I was very surprised to see Feed Jake saying I quote Castaneda sometimes. I have never done that. where did that idea come from? out of somewhere.

    better to be clear about what is and isn’t going on here, from my POV, as best I can. anyone else if free to do that same, or not, whenever they wish.

    cheers, and thanks again.
    ~ mo

  • “There is infinite power in letting go, fearlessly sitting back and letting extinction happen, as it becomes the only sure way to rid our beautiful planet of the embedded corrupt. I can live, briefly, with that.”

    I’m unclear that this is an option. The poor will strike fear into you, and the privileged will engineer you out of your humanity.

  • What happens to a culture, what happens to man, if his natural, spiritual needs and forces are first occupied by organized religion (Europe had been christianized mostly through propaganda and brutal force) and then gets exploited and is led to a total disaster by insane, priest-like leaders, who know very well, how to use the Occult, Magick (Magick of myths, language, symbols, propaganda ect)? We can learn from history, from the Nazis, who declared Hitler as the Messiah, as the Savior of Germany and whole mankind.

    The spiritual forces are always at work. If these forces are ignored, denied and then occupied, exploited, Hell will surely get a home on Earth. Btw, we can learn the very same from (atheist!!) communist history in Russia or China (Stalin, Mao). The mythical, spiritual forces are always there, always at work, these forces give a shit, wether you “believe” in them or not. We have to make them conscious, transcend and integrate them carefully into our being, otherwise, desaster and great suffering is unavoidable.

  • hi david ~

    the Henry confusion vortex is getting stronger by the minute. :)

    no worries! this is a job for moderation. I wasn’t around when the whole Henry/Henry thing got going. there clearly should not be the possibility that someone new can usurp an established name on the NBL board. I believe the system itself should have prevented that. but it didn’t and it was probably human error somewhere that allowed this to happen.

    mod note: I’m going to try and sort out the Henry issue behind the scenes, later on when I have some time. please let’s not waste anymore energy on it.

    ~ mo

  • Lol this is such a rubbish means of communicating at times!

    Mo,the bad manners were Henry the latter. But he’s an Oz,what can you expect:)

    Henry the first seems a top bloke to me,a good hearted man. His first comment here,a major rant on methane was memorable.
    Sorry for any confusion.

  • @ Mo Flow

    The last thing I meant to do was to get you mad, or put words in your mouth. I must have had you confused with someone else! Who is it that posts quotes by Don Juan Matus? Please forgive if I had a brain fart.

    Wishes to apologize

  • .

    @Feed Jake

    I’ve referenced Castaneda and Don Juan a few times here, maybe quite a few times, but I don’t think I’ve ever directly quoted him though, so maybe it’s someone else you’re thinking of. I tend to try and put things I’ve encountered into my own words, which I know some people cringe at. But it could have been me you were thinking of, or not.

    Thanks for your comment to me though. Ya, damn words hey? They’re only as good as the subjective meanings we each attach to them, quite an individual thing indeed, with no guarantee both parties will ascribe the same meanings to the same word symbols. Still, I try for some reason.


    Thanks for that Allan Watts, I especially enjoyed the first ten minutes of the first one you posted.

    So that’s what the hell that was all about then. Such a good explanation.



    @digixplor … your Mingus was posted in the basement thread for you.

    @18000days … thanks for the Jazz Robots. Oh the memories. Loved it!

    @richards … thanks for your comment. You don’t sound cowardly at all.

  • DIGIXPLOR – Hi, I continue to sail south in May. I’m in Jupiter Fla now which already feels a world away from over a decade in D.C. From China to Switzerland the new Blue Brain, Blue Beam, Blueray has been in development for many years, however it is now being presented to thousands of people at Cape Canaveral, EPCOT, Auckland, Singapore,,,all over the world. As is well known, I worked for Spielberg AMBLIN several times. DreamWorks is writing some of the software for a special message inside the BLUE BEAM presentation. I will be in Vegas and Phoenix for BLUE BEAM holographic audio public presentations this April.

    LOVINGingly what would be the kindest message you could say to willing audiences about preparing for a massive global change. (Yes we here on NBL know it involves collapse leading to extinction) However there is still huge crowds of people who need to make a shift, rather than die in total angst, war & horror. Possibly the energy that composes humans will transcend better if they do not die in riots & terror.

    MO’s submitted a message that probably would not be very nice at EPCOT. I’m hoping for something a bit nicer like the very best of Dr. Guy McPherson “only love will remain” Certainly I’m going to get one line into the program about following Germany with total nuclear decommissioning. Guy often talks about why OTHER SPECIES do matter. A less radioactive future on Earth for other species would be kind even if humans go extinct leaving most of the Nuclear plants to melt down.

    Anything nice for a final big message which will be delivered by HSS, rather than Mayans or Aliens or whatever the rest hope will happen. Might have gotten a memo from some odd gods to take their direction and complete the BLUE BEAM program. WW3, Arctic meltdown and other catastrophes not with standing…the cell network and quantum computing is truly about to take another leap. You can see plenty of examples of AudioSpotlight, 7 G holograms & Blue Beam on youtube.

    TOM – I personally will continue toward a small island of the Nicoya Costa Rica. Doing “Nothing” Pura Vida off the grid. Yes all the “doing” for hundreds of years is the problem. And if we are completely honest they will still be some doing by massive corporations until the doing is undone.

    FRED – yikes, now that is a Mobius band if you understand the above. A bit of total back to nature as very sophisticated technology will continue to grow before we all go. Gotta Thank CERN a bit for being able to use this World Wide Web. Anyone who occasionally posts here is probably using electricity. We are all plugged into adding our voices to the Extinction Matrix. EVERYONE include your final messages before the blackouts. The Internet will be one of the first to go when this 7 billion party really gets hot. Good messages before the end??

  • How about this poem Guy. I corresponded with you briefly for permission to use your slides in my applied positive psychology courses in Shenzen University, Guangdon, China. Thanks for your positive reply.

    Flow of Life and Love
    Mark Williams, Denmark, 22/2/16

    My overarching divinity,
    this Flow of Life and Love,
    is imminent and everywhere
    our mind and emotions rove.

    I think we all do make our gods,
    though some say we do not,
    but our universe is vastly cold,
    or thermonuclear hot.

    And nature’s red in tooth and claw,
    with parasites galore.
    Yes life’s out there but hardly
    the love we adore.

    This noble love that we construct
    as we make out all things,
    for which we have our words
    our consciousness does bring.

    Forthcoming of being over time
    surely must be there,
    but we make out our world
    from what our senses bare.

    Some say a god gave us the word
    but it’s us who make out this world.

    Watch the insects, watch the bees
    Listen to the songbirds in the trees.
    See them dart and flit in the breeze
    Fly with the gulls across the seas.

    Notice then how you become
    One with all, all with one
    Being’s revelation has begun
    Then we live and die as the sun.

  • 1800days

    Yes this is true,when i came up on the scene NBL i was unaware of Henry(the originals) appearances,until i saw him..
    So Henry(the original) apologies for any confusion, i have changed my name to avoid confusion.

    I love the jazz robots and so do my Kids they were caking like hens with laughter from this post…thanks 1800days

    thanks Great post.The video was fascinating

    Mo flo.
    Ben and Oscar music to my ears..thank-you too

    One of my favorite Coltrane moments on this piece
    thank-you and keep your fluid pen flowing

    Dixplor this is for you
    Mingus is a giant..he screams revolution,his music steps outside and makes the most mainstream sit up and listen and Go fuck it

  • I’ve penned and posted a new essay, along with abundant additional information. It’s all here.

  • mo flow said: “this is why I sometimes can’t stand it when people are not direct.”
    ‘why is it so hard to say “hey new Henry, you unintentionally took the original Henry’s name!”’

    In this case, I gave it my best shot, mo. Sensing a bit of ‘atmosphere’ and misunderstanding around this unresolved issue, I took the liberty of ‘translating’ 44 South’s insinuations.

    Even then I couldn’t resist resorting to an analogy, but at least I signposted it clearly as such (I think!)

    No disrespect to 44 South. I’m a habitual insinuator, so I should probably have resisted the urge to stick my oar in… :)
    @LWA: :)

  • edit: just saw your post after posting mine, Henry (from Sydney).. :)

  • Welcome, Henry (from Sydney).

  • No reception here yesterday, so just catching up.
    Quite right Mo, I made a foolish assumption in thinking others read/relate to this blog in the same way I do.
    My thanks to those who tried to clear things up.

    Mo,I’m not sure about the “not lumpy” aspect, tho I get what you and Robin mean. I’m sure there are places of “power”,there are “sacred” mountains in I ndia,maybe everywhere, perhaps I live beside one…?
    I have ritually invited the Divine to manifest here on many occasions, is that Shamanic practice or temporary insanity? Time may tell.
    Doing a wet day tidy up yesterday, I picked up a copy of Paul Johnson’s Enemies of Society, (which he would consider us to be), and read bits and pieces, mostly other writers insightful (or otherwise), quotes.
    What stuck me was how long we have been trying to figure this shit out and how p poor we are at it.
    From Tertullian’s De Anima, written around AD 200
    “Everywhere roads have been built,the countryside explored and every part of it opened up to commerce. Smiling fields have abolished the forest;flocks and herds have routed the wild beasts;etc, etc.
    Johnson has a bit to say about opinionated idiots, and while his opinion may be harsh and faulty, if nothing else he reminds me I have a distinctly average brain and my opinions count for little in the grand scheme of things.
    I think I’m going to silent for a time.
    Kind regards to all.

  • Quite some musical machine.

  • @Doctor Guy McPherson

    Com on, I am not into “doing spirits”. A was talking about Inspiration. You write poems. You can’t write poems without Inspiration, Creativity. You can’t write poems like doing physics or mathematics. There needs to be some connection to the sub- or unconscious, Ideas, Phantasy. When I play music and I am not inspired, then the audience feels no vibration, no connection, no relation, no inspiration. They know, when I am not inspired. The same goes for poems. If you are not inspired, then the audience feels it. An uninspired poem is a bad poem, a boring poem. In the term “Inspiration”, the is the term “Spirit”, isn’t it so? Art needs inspiration, spirit.

  • Don’t confuse Spirit, Inspiration with ghosts or spiritism or something. In- spiration just means, that you are inspired by the spirit. If you are a materialist, no problem. Then it’s a material Spirit. But you can’t have artistic In- spiration without Spirit.

  • When you are by the ocean and feel the wind, smell the sea, taste the sea, doves cry, clouds wandering through the sky, you feel the sand under your feet and hear the rythm of the waves… don’t you feel inspired and hightened then? Don’t you feel the beauty and the miracle of the ocean? Don’t you feel connected to it? You don’t just think “H2O mixed with salt” and cauge the coastline, do you? You don’t just look at Nature scientifically all the time, do you? You feel connected to Nature with your heart and mind and “soul” (call it “Psyche”, if you prefere to), with your whole mind and body. The same, when you listen to music for instance. How do you want to call that connectedness, that inspiration, that Spirit? Tell me:

    Is “Spirit” a bad word, a bad term in any sense?

  • Sorry, correction:

    ” and cauge the coastline”

    should be:

    ” and gauge the coastline“

  • There is something bigger, beyond our smal ego-horizon. This I call the Spirit, the cosmic Spirit. And I call it Breath, the Breath of the Universe. Right, when you search for that Spirit, for that Breath of the Universe with microscope or telescope, you will not find it.

    I thought, that you appreciate indigenous culture. There is not a single indigenous culture, that doesn’t appreciate the cosmic Spirit I am talking about. The Great Spirit that holds it all together.

  • Hahaha, “rational” people. I appreciate rationalism. But it’s just half of the coin :-) The other half is your back, your dark, irrational side. Every night, when you go to sleep, you go back to the other side of yours, to the realm of your childhood, your INNER side. And you can’t do nothing about it, hahaha. In that realm, you can fly, you can go wherever you want to go. You can die, but nevertheless live on infinitely. This is where you came from and this is, where you will go to, when you die. Imagine, you would be awaken 24h/day, 24h/day rational, 100% reasonable, rational. You would go INSANE. Life and Death is more than just 100% rationalism and materialism.

    See you in my dreams.

  • There are two lights within ourselves. The sun and the moon. To be awaken is like the sun, that shines on all things sharp and clearly. To be asleep and dreaming is like the moon, that shines on our inner experience in a foggy and vague way. The sun is rationalism, the moon is inspiration, intuition. Modern man mostly lost contact to that diffuse light of the moon. The old cultures, the ancient cultures were more connected to the moon, the sun is, in some sense, even seen as a tyrant. In ancient times man were called “nine moons man”.

    To get into contact with this inner side of the Universe is essential, to get reconnected to Nature, to the Universe. We can’t get reconnected to Nature, to the Universe just by physical formulas, pure rationalism and materialism, mathematics, microscopes and telescopes and yardsticks. We need a spiritual dimension, to connect our inner being to the Universe. Modern man lost that connection to the light of the moon and so he destroys Nature and himself. Modern man does only see numbers in Nature. But there is not a single number in Nature. Modern man wants to gauge everything and Nature just LAUGHS at him.

    Religion can be a straighjacket like hell and science can be a straightjacket like hell too. Fuck modern school brainwash. One one hand they try to fuck your brain scientifically with rude rationalism and materialism and on the other hand they try to fuck your brain with rude religious moralism and superstition. Fuck modern school.

  • Maybe Guy is telling us he’s a teetotaler.

  • @richards

    Might be, I don’t know. But anyway, he and everyone else drinks from the Spiritus every night at least, when he goes to sleep. Every Artist (every poet as well) drinks from the Spiritus. It is Duende, the source of Inspiration and ecstasis. The source, where dreams and visions come from. No matter, how rationalistic someone might be, he can’t escape that Spiritus.


    The quote of Black Elk is from a book I have. The german title is “Ich rufe mein Volk”, the englisch title is “Black Elk speaks:

    In his vision, Black Elk is taken to the center of the earth, and to the central mountain of the world. What mythologist Joseph Campbell explained as “the axis mundi, the central point, the pole around which all revolves … the point where stillness and movement are together … .” Black Elk was residing at the axis of the six sacred directions. Campbell viewed Black Elk’s statement as key to understanding myth and symbols.

    As Black Elk related:

    ‘ And while I stood there I saw more than I can tell and understood more than I saw; for I was seeing in a sacred manner the shapes of all things in the spirit, and the shape of all shapes as they must live together like one being. And I saw that the sacred hoop of my people was one of many hoops that made one circle, wide as daylight and as starlight, and in the center grew one mighty flowering tree to shelter all the children of one mother and one father. And I saw that it was holy.’

    Black Elk had many visions throughout his life which reinforced what he had experienced as a boy, and he worked among his people as a healer and medicine man.

    These are typical visions of a Shaman.

  • Listen closely to the Hopi elder. He says exactly the same I say:

    We were told that we will see America come and go… it is dying from within… if you don’t have a spiritual connection to Mother Earth, it is likely you will not make it…

  • Sure, most modern, rationalistic men will deny the wisdom of the elder Shamans and indigineous chiefs, like they always did, hahaha. They will say, that these Shamans and their visions are just some psychological sickness and nothing else, hahaha. But they are telling modern man for centuries, that modern man will not make it, that modern society will die from within. And now, finally we gather here at NBL, hahaha. Modern man should have listened to the indigenous elders. These elder indigineous Shamans were right, long before any climate science ect, they knew, what modern society is awaiting:


  • Now WHO is more sick, the indigineous elders and Shamans or modern, rationalistic man ?! Hahaha, modern rationalistic man and his science of control and brainwash will go the Hell soon 8-) WOE !

  • I am connected to the Spirit my whole life since early childhood. He visits me in my dreams, sometimes as a black silhouette, a black shadow, I call him Death, my teacher, but you can call him Grandfather or Grandmother or Spirit or whatever. Deny the Spirit, laugh at the Spirit, slander the Spirit and see what happens 3:-)

  • The English word spirit, from Latin spiritus “breath”, has many different meanings and connotations, most of them relating to a non-corporeal substance contrasted with the material body. It can also refer to a “subtle” as opposed to “gross” material substance, as in the famous last paragraph of Sir Isaac Newton’s Principia Mathematica…

    The English word spirit comes from the Latin spiritus, meaning “breath”, but also “spirit, soul, courage, vigor”, ultimately from a Proto-Indo-European *(s)peis. It is distinguished from Latin anima, “soul” (which nonetheless also derives from an Indo-European root meaning “to breathe”, earliest form *h2enh1- ). In Greek, this distinction exists between pneuma (πνεῦμα), “breath, motile air, spirit,” and psykhē (ψυχή), “soul” (even though the latter term, ψῡχή = psykhē/psūkhē, is also from an Indo-European root meaning “to breathe”: *bhes-, zero grade *bhs- devoicing in proto-Greek to *phs-, resulting in historical-period Greek ps- in psūkhein, “to breathe”, whence psūkhē, “spirit”, “soul”).

    The word “spirit” came into Middle English via Old French. The distinction between soul and spirit also developed in the Abrahamic religions: Arabic nafs (نفس) opposite rúħ (روح); Hebrew neshama (נְשָׁמָה nəšâmâh) or nephesh (in Hebrew neshama comes from the root NŠM or “breath”) opposite ruach (רוּחַ rûaħ). (Note, however, that in Semitic just as in Indo-European, this dichotomy has not always been as neat historically as it has come to be taken over a long period of development: Both נֶ֫פֶשׁ (root נפשׁ) and רוּחַ (root רוח), as well as cognate words in various Semitic languages, including Arabic, also preserve meanings involving misc. air phenomena: “breath”, “wind”, and even “odour”).

    In a lecture delivered to the literary Society of Augsburg, October 20, 1926, on the theme of “Nature and Spirit,” C. G. Jung, expressed: “The connection between spirit and life is one of those problems involving factors of such complexity that we have to be on our guard lest we ourselves get caught in the net of words in which we seek to ensnare these great enigmas. For how can we bring into the orbit of our thought those limitless complexities of life which we call “Spirit” or “Life” unless we clothe them in verbal concepts, themselves mere counters of the intellect? The mistrust of verbal concepts, inconvenient as it is, nevertheless seems to me to be very much in place in speaking of fundamentals. “Spirit” and “Life” are familiar enough words to us, very old acquaintances in fact, pawns that for thousands of years have been pushed back and forth on the thinker’s chessboard. The problem must have begun in the grey dawn of time, when someone made the bewildering discovery that the living breath which left the body of the dying man in the last death-rattle meant more than just air in motion. It can scarcely be an accident onomatopoeic words like ruach, ruch, roho (Hebrew, Arabic, Swahili ) mean ‘spirit’ no less clearly than the Greek πνεύμα and the Latin spiritus.”

  • @david higham

    Artleads and Jean Turcott,
    Paul and Anne Ehrlich are probably the most well informed ecologists on the
    planet. They have spent their lives trying to raise the level of ecological awareness of the general populace. I am not going to remain silent while
    scientific nincompoops like you two make nonchalantly condescending
    remarks about them. The same goes for you,Nemesis.

    Hm? Sorry, I never heard about “Paul and Anna Ehrlich”^^… can you show me one single comment of mine, where I said anything about those two people, “Paul and Anna Ehrlich”? You will not find any.