Picking Cherries, Again

“To truth only a brief celebration of victory is allowed between the two long periods during which it is condemned as paradoxical, or disparaged as trivial.”

~ Arthur Schopenhauer


I’ve pasted below, verbatim, an essay originally posted in this space on 30 January 2014. It was and is titled, “Picking Cherries.” I begin with a few introductory words and an embedded song.

I cherry-picked the clathrate gun, which was fired several years ago. I still do. Ditto for moistening of the upper troposphere and its effects on global warming. And let’s not forget global dimming and the consequences when it is removed.

David Suzuki identifies me as a cherry picker in the video embedded immediately below. It’s from a recent interview, and he fails to mention my name.

My work quotes actual science, supported by actual evidence. The evidence has grown considerably since I posted the essay below more than two years ago. I’m not making up this stuff. I’m not, to quote one of the more impolite, misinformed readers here, “advocating highly unscientific specific dates for NTE.” No evidence is presented, as usual, to support the insult, which included the charge of charlatan. Considering I don’t earn money from my work, calling me a charlatan seems nearly as absurd as making accusations without supporting evidence. Indeed, one could argue that I once was “a person who falsely pretends to know or be something in order to deceive people.” But I left my high-pay, low-work position at a major university to pursue honest country living nearly seven years ago.

In contrast to the baseless charges to which I’ve become accustomed, I provide evidence in my attempts to educate the clueless masses. I realize this approach is contrary to the dominant thinking (sic) in this culture. And I realize the difficulty in this culture of distinguishing charlatans from purveyors of evidence. A culture based on lies and patriarchy is appreciated, even though the lies and patriarchy are not recognized, by lying patriarchs.

Consider, as a minor and recent example of evidence in support of my conclusions, the video embedded immediately below, which includes an assessment from the uber-conservative Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Note particularly the quote at the 3:30 mark: “The bottom line is that we are basing our collective future safety on this planet on pure science fiction.” Note, too, that IPCC assessments ignore relevant self-reinforcing feedback loops. The situation is far direr than can be expressed by focusing only on atmospheric carbon dioxide.

The scientific evidence beyond YouTube is much worse than I’ve stated. It’s probably worse than I’m capable of stating, notwithstanding my ongoing efforts to synthesize relevant information. The limitations on my use of the English language and the lack of evidence about abrupt climate change pose serious constraints on our ability to peer into the future.

Peering into the future is one of the goals of science. Imagine medical science or astronomy without prediction. Imagine, in other words, no diagnoses and no notification of the next eclipse, respectively. The typically ignorant American simultaneously depends upon such predictions while also believing science ought to be devoid of predictions.

As always, I welcome any corrections of my errors, although they are rarely offered. I’d love to be wrong about near-term human extinction, not to mention habitat loss for the many non-human species this culture gleefully drives to extinction. I’d love to believe the Sixth Mass Extinction is a myth. But I know better.

Comprehension is rare, understanding rarer still. Knowledge often brings isolation in a culture characterized by denial. It also brings liberation. Most prefer the self-induced shackles that ignore or pacify these feelings.

Few things are more painful than describing the reality unseen by the willfully ignorant masses. Few appreciate a truth-teller in his own time. Evidence is deemed irrelevant in a culture constructed from lies. Ad hominem comments prevail, and those who launch insults suffer no consequences. Such is the online, “civilized” life.


I’m routinely accused of cherry picking information about climate change. I plead guilty, with the following 1,000-word disclaimer and recognition that everybody else picks cherries, too. One of the differences between me and the others: I admit my bias, and they claim to have none.

I’ll start with a line from recently deceased professor emeritus and long-time teacher Albert Bartlett: “The greatest shortcoming of the human race is our inability to understand the exponential function.” When I speak and write about climate change, most members of the audience are stuck in fifth grade, unaware that nature often exhibits non-linearity.

I pick cherries because I see nobody else connecting the dots on climate change. I see nobody else making an honest effort to describe our predicament. So, by default, I’m The Connector. I collate, summarize, and synthesize information about climate change. And in the process of serving as host for the finest reality show on the Internet, I connect people, too.

In return, I’m the dark-horse candidate for Golden Horseshoe liar award. This planet has become so Orwellian that those who collate the facts and pass them along are hated as liars.

I see plenty of support for denying the obvious. Almost everybody reading these words has a vested interest in not wanting to think about climate change, which helps explain why the climate-change deniers have won. According to a December 2013 paper in Climatic Change, the climate change counter-movement is funded to the tune of nearly a billion dollars each year. That’s just in the United States, where we continue to brag about our prowess in destroying the living planet long after a few of us recognized the irony in the following advertisement from Life magazine in 1962. The story is similar in other countries.


How obvious is ongoing climate change induced by anthropogenic global warming? If you’re unwilling to look outside, consider the following graph from Climate Central.

10 warmest years on record

And even as abnormal is the new normal, we’re just getting started. A paper in the 3 December 2014 issue of Environmental Research Letters indicates that maximum warming from carbon dioxide emissions occurs about one decade after a carbon dioxide emission. Rising emissions during each of the last many decades points to a truly catastrophic future, and not long from now. There is nothing to be done today to undo what we did during the last decade. And, as pointed out with numerous scientific articles at my comprehensive summary dating back to February 2003 from the folks at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, abrupt and dramatic changes in climate aren’t out of the question.

This knowledge brings with it horror and relief. I’m horrified by what’s to come, which includes the near-certainty of human extinction by 2030 as we surpass 4 C above baseline. I’m relieved to know that today’s consequences result from emissions dating to the 1970s, when I was excitedly learning to drive an automobile. I experience no teenage guilt from youthful, ignorant actions.

I recognize that collapse of industrial civilization leads to a world 2 C warmer than baseline within a few days post-collapse. Where I live, in the southwestern interior of a large continent in the northern hemisphere, that means we’re headed for ~5 C locally shortly after collapse is complete. And that means no habitat for humans: Welcome to the dust bowl that never ends within a matter of months post-collapse.

Yet, seemingly contrary to these simple, easy-to-reach conclusions, I work toward collapse. Largely unafflicted by the arrogance of humanism, I work on behalf of non-human species. Industrial civilization is destroying every aspect of the living planet, and I know virtually nobody who wants to stop the runaway train. Yes, collapse will kill us. But our deaths are guaranteed regardless, unless I missed a memo.

I’ve given up on civilized humans making any effort to take relevant action. Never mind our stunning myopia: The money to be made is clearly more important than the extinctions we cause, including our own.

As pointed out in March 2012 in Nature Climate Change, several psychological reasons explain why people have a hard time dealing with the stark reality of climate change (David Roberts comments at length in his article at Grist:

1. To the extent that climate change is an abstract concept, it is non intuitive and cognitively difficult to grasp.

2. Our moral judgement system is finely tuned to react to intentional transgressions — not unintentional ones.

3. Things that make us feel guilty provoke self-defensive mechanisms.

4. Uncertainty breeds wishful thinking, so the lack of definitive prognoses results in unreasonable optimism.

5. Our division into moral and political tribes generates ideological polarization; climate change becomes politicized.

6. Events do not seem urgent when they seem to be far away in time and space; out-group victims fall by the wayside.

At considerable risk of pummeling the dead equine, I’ll reiterate a couple paragraphs I pointed out before:

Leading mainstream outlets routinely lie to the public. According to a report published 11 January 2014, “the BBC has spent tens of thousands of pounds over six years trying to keep secret an extraordinary ‘eco’ conference which has shaped its coverage of global warming.” At the 2006 event, green activists and scientists — one of whom believes climate change is a bigger danger than global nuclear war — lectured 28 of the BBC’s most senior executives.

Mainstream scientists minimize the message at every turn. As we’ve known for years, scientists almost invariably underplay climate impacts. I’m not implying conspiracy among scientists. Science selects for conservatism. Academia selects for extreme conservatism. These folks are loathe to risk drawing undue attention to themselves by pointing out there might be a threat to civilization. Never mind the near-term threat to our entire species (they couldn’t care less about other species). If the truth is dire, they can find another, not-so-dire version. The concept is supported by an article in the February 2013 issue of Global Environmental Change pointing out that climate-change scientists routinely underestimate impacts “by erring on the side of least drama.”

In other words, science selects for conservatism (aka picking cherries long after they are ripe). Science, after all, is merely the process of elucidating the obvious. Climate-change scientists routinely underestimate impacts “by erring on the side of least drama” (aka looking for the cherries long after they’ve fallen off the tree, onto the ground, and been consumed by rodents).

The feedbacks are too numerous, the inertia too strong. We fired the clathrate gun by 2007 or earlier, coincident with crossing the point of no return for climate change. The corporate media and corporate governments of the world keep lying, and too few hold them accountable.


McPherson is quoted, albeit without attribution, in this essay from the UK Progressive. It was posted 16 March 2016.

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  • Suzuki is a CBC media pimp now more interested in looking to set his daughter up in the biz than doing any actual work.

    CBC is a seriously corrupt Canadian institution.

    He was a great communicator once, but now rests on his laurels.

    And you are right, you can’t even describe how bad the climate science news is without lots and lots of work. It’s like approaching the base of a data avalanche. Keep at it. You’re being heard. I suspect you may even notice that you’re being excoriated slightly less than last year.

    My comments are now accepted at Naked Capitalism. This is a recent development which has doubled my page views – with page views being what I call Robbie Crack. Who knew? I thought writing was a pure and innocent pursuit.

    All the best today dude.


  • Thanks for cherry picking that Nick Breeze video.

    It’s one of his best efforts.

  • We have based life on this planet and the right to live on extracting and destroying the finite resources of a finite planet.

    If you do not participate in this program at least to some degree you and your loved ones will die.

    We can’t talk about changing the rules of the game without talking about how people can still live without participating in the above mentioned system.

    I might be naive but I for one firmly believe that most of humanity would dearly love to stop the destruction, to live under a different system, one that allows them to live and love with dignity and freedom.

    Instead we tell people “stop what you are doing, its bad for the planet and just accept that that means you can’t make a living”.

    Its not greed that drives this impossible situation its more about the fact that we simply can’t imagine another way, and when those of us propose one it is dismissed by saying nobody gets to be lazy and receive free stuff.

  • I say “flense” that dead equine – pummeling is not enough. Do I sense an equine bent in this tome – “dark-horse candidate for Golden Horseshoe” Gallop on.

    A recent .png from a forum elsewhere went ping in my consciousness as I woke up 2 days ago. So vivid, it reminded me of a scimitar sticking up NNE form Svalvard Island. It seemed to resonate for hours in my thoughts for hours.

    From the recent podcast Dr. James Fetzer mentioned the death of Sen.Paul Wellstone. If anyone can point me to any semi-recent sources about that anomalous aviation “accident” I would appreciate. I would be looking for something written near the level of James W. Douglass’ book “JFK and the Unspeakable.” I still remember seeing the newly elected Paul in late 1990 in Moorhead, Minnesota.

    Any time I think of Paul Wellstone, there is not a catch in my throat, but my adams apple seems to weigh more. Funny, the .png I mentioned above did the same thing.

    Peace out.

  • I like to pick cherries but my hopium is not that strong.Oh and no bees.It used to be hard to hear near a blooming cherry tree humming bees.Gonna try pollinating them myself with duster.

  • Dr. Suzuki said “many of my colleges say it is too late” .. not mentioning any one of the many.

    No one should “cherry pick.”

    Honesty is better, because “cherry picking” is downstream from dogmatism, which is the result of a trance.

    Ergo Donald Dump.

    Cherry picking, suppressing evidence, or the fallacy of incomplete evidence is the act of pointing to individual cases or data that seem to confirm a particular position, while ignoring a significant portion of related cases or data that may contradict that position.” Wikipedia

    Cherry picking is Oil-Qaeda’s way of promoting depraved heart murder.

  • typo: “colleagues” not “colleges”

  • “destroying the finite resources of a finite planet” – what planet?

    Physicists now very strongly believe that the Earth doesn’t really exist, and neuroscientists have found out that the neural mechanisms behind what we call “the reality” are the same as those underlying dreams and hallucinations.

  • Jesus said that when He returns, He will “Destroy those who destroy the Earth”. I have been telling my Christian friends about NTHE and your work and they “Just don’t want to hear it!”. Like you I have been ostracized from my community for speaking the truth to power. I have been labled “Liberal” among other names that I don’t care to mention here. We are taking the entire Earth and destroying it. Our wonderful created planet, and just for a few lousy dollars. I think when Jesus finally does return, the first job he will be doing will be to hold those accountable who are destroying our beautiful planet.

  • Cowgirl. Apocalypse Haiku #125

    Sun-baked bike path makes
    reptile-magnet microclime,
    interspecies jam.

  • I have cherry picked this from Arctic Sea Ice forum bottom of page http://forum.arctic-sea-ice.net/index.php/topic,1384.50.html

    Aerosols. AbruptSLR over at the Arctic Sea Ice forum has another interesting source.

    wierdest cyrrilic gotcha but just type and you get the full pdf


    Disentangling greenhouse warming and aerosol
    cooling to reveal Earth’s climate sensitivity

    T. Storelvmo 1, T. Leirvik 2, U. Lohmann 3, P. C. B. Phillips and M. Wild

    abstract at http://www.nature.com/ngeo/journal/vaop/ncurrent/full/ngeo2670.html

    We find that surface radiation trends, which have been largely explained by changes in atmospheric aerosol loading, caused a cooling that masked approximately one-third of the continental warming due to increasing greenhouse gas concentrations over the past half-century. In consequence, the method yields a higher transient climate sensitivity (2.0 +/- 0.8 K) than other observational studies.

    The following below appended to AbruptSLR’s post adds a little context. As I see it, it is to show an increase over the 2014 paper below or else a baseline to buttress the value. 2.0 minus 0.8 is 1.2 and the 2014 paper via a different analysis states a minima of 1.3. (BTW degrees Kelvin are the same basis as Celsius, just ratcheted down to absolute zero)

    However, I note that Shindell (2014) indicates that it is very unlikely that TCR (transient climate response) is less than 1.3C

  • CO2 reading hit a record yesterday 407.12, over 3 points higher than the previous day and over 0.5 points higher than the previous high, set 16 days ago …

    We live in interesting times

  • Don’t know if you caught it Guy, but last nite on the WeatherUnderground show, a graph was shown and emphasized as to its importance. A “Hockey Stick” graph showing the abrupt rises in record-breaking temperatures this Jan/Feb, now into March. Although smiling throughout, as they of course must do (well at least in front of the camera…), I give them kudos for saying this much.

  • Henry ~

    you know all about this, but this may be of interest:

    Destiny of Souls: An Interview with Michael Newton

  • 20th March, equinox, the time of year at which day starts to exceed night in the Northern Hemisphere.


  • ” Few things are more painful than describing the reality unseen by the willfully ignorant masses. Few appreciate a truth-teller in his own time. Evidence is deemed irrelevant in a culture constructed from lies. Ad hominem comments prevail, and those who launch insults suffer no consequences. Such is the online, “civilized” life. ”


  • Take heart, Guy. Noam Chomsky says we’re in for it if a Republican is elected and E.O. Wilson has written a book stating we need to leave much of the Earth for wildlife. Even if your specific prediction of NTHE were to be wrong, you started a trend.

  • one experience of death, and the surprising discovery of both the relevance of pain, and the completely illusory nature of fear when outside of the human condition:

    “All pain was gone. Interestingly, I missed it. I had been used to feeling an undercurrent of constant pain from weight lifting and a neck injury. I had no skin to itch or burn. No joints to ache. No cuts or bruises to groan when touched. These sensations all seemed to last far too long when experienced on Earth. But there, in the Light, the pain of a lifetime was but a moment’s poignant remembrance. Now that pain was gone, the true impact of the magnificence of being “in the body” hit me full force. My body’s pain was an eloquent expression of life—human life! It reminded me that I enjoyed the ultimate privilege of having a material body that could interact with matter and feel things a spirit cannot.

    Though pain had vanished, I still had emotions, all of which had been heightened to a degree impossible in human form. The intense love I first thought was coming from the Light now radiated through and from me. Immense love, joy, and bliss filled me. My emotions were projecting into the Light and being returned to me, magnified tenfold, in echoes or ripples. It was the most incredible, wonderful feeling of being high on happiness.

    Overlying the bliss, like a canopy, was wonder, and curiosity of a magnitude I had never experienced in human life, though learning had been one of my greatest pleasures.

    I could feel surprise, for much of what happened to me was breathtakingly surprising. Like the fact that I missed the feeling of being alive in a way only a human body can feel. No more could I snuggle into another person’s loving embrace, or feel soft breezes on my face, rain pelting my head, or sunshine roasting my skin. These and many other sensations humans take for granted were now lost to me. I no longer felt the comfort of heat or crispness of cold, the swish of clothing, the rise and fall of my chest as I breathed in and out, my own heartbeat, hunger, thirst, or physical desire. There was nothing to taste in the Light. And I missed the taste of chocolate. I felt these losses as a wistful release, like a sigh.

    Suddenly it hit me. I understood. How foolish I had been for taking these human gifts for granted. How arrogant and spoiled rotten! So many precious moments of physical pleasure ignored as though my body and soul were deadened to them. So much attention to what might happen, or had happened, and so little to the glory of the now. So much focus on working instead of living. The body had been a wonderful treasure trove of sensory input, but I chose most often to block it out in pursuit of the allegedly higher purpose of becoming a success.

    Though my inventory of sensations disclosed that all my other emotions continued, one all too familiar one was gone—fear. I felt no fear whatsoever, even from clearly being in unfamiliar territory. While in the body I would have found the inability to control my surroundings uncomfortable. More than that, I would have been extremely anxious over not knowing what would happen next. I never realized before how much fear had controlled my human life. Many, many of what I had considered normal, logical viewpoints were revealed to me as mere masks of fear. Fear of disapproval. Fear I would be judged unworthy of love and respect. Most of all, fear of being wrong. I did whatever it took to avoid situations where I might be proven wrong. Those fears all seemed so silly to me once I discovered fear is strictly a human condition. I was so grateful those fears were all gone, replaced by an unbelievable flood of love and sense of well being.”

    ~ Nanci Danison, Backwards: Returning to Our Source for Answers

  • Guy simply has the same problem that all people have when they take an unpopular stance in their field. Rabbi Michael Lerner said once that he eventually got sick of other rabbis saying to him, “I agree with you on Israel and I support you, but I can’t say it publicly.” Finally, he just said, “I don’t want to hear that anymore. If you’re not going to say it publicly, I don’t want to hear it at all.” I shouldn’t have put that in quotes because I’m really paraphrasing, but whatever.

    I imagine that most scientists do agree with Guy’s assessment in general (if not the specific time frames). But there’s too much at stake for them professionally. Remember how much crap that dude got when he said something like, “If even a small percentage of methane gets released into the atmosphere, we’re fucked.” That’s a pretty mild statement but people freaked out.

    There is no solution to this. If Guy continues to be public about his findings, he will continue to be vilified. Such is the price one pays, unfortunately. I don’t know how often Guy gets approached by other scientists who agree with him, but instead of being appreciative, perhaps he should take Rabbi Lerner’s approach and just tell them to go fuck themselves. Then again, maybe he already does that.

    Now here’s a song apropos of nothing. I just like it.

  • I think Kevin Anderson should get an exclusion or special mention or sumthin. I think he has said about as much as any working scientist can and still keep his job. He may not talk NTE, but he is speaking up about “self censoring” which is essentially challenging the entire climate change scientific community to get real.

    Top Climate Expert: Crisis is Worse Than We Think & Scientists Are Self-Censoring to Downplay Risk

    “Brief Abstract:
    The commentary demonstrates the endemic bias prevalent amongst many of those developing emission scenarios to severely underplay the scale of the 2°C mitigation challenge. In several important respects the modelling community is self-censoring its research to conform to the dominant political and economic paradigm. Moreover, there is a widespread reluctance of many within the climate change community to speak out against unsupported assertions that an evolution of ‘business as usual’ is compatible with the IPCC’s 2°C carbon budgets. With specific reference to energy, this analysis concludes that even a slim chance of “keeping below” a 2°C rise, now demands a revolution in how we both consume and produce energy. Such a rapid and deep transition will have profound implications for the framing of contemporary society and is far removed from the rhetoric of green growth that increasingly dominates the climate change agenda.”


  • Forests reveal lingering effects of native cultures


  • “I’ve given up on civilized humans making any effort to take relevant action.”

    What relevant action? You’ve said nothing can stop extinction from arriving within the next fourteen years.

  • Good morning everyone (and hey tom!).

    The on-going “faster than expected” (and various versions of same) on display yet again:

    Global water shortages are even more severe than previously realized



    A new study shows that around 4 billion people on Earth are experiencing water shortages. This paints a far more grave picture of the world’s water supply than previously thought, with a new analysis estimating that over two-thirds of the world’s population is facing severe water shortages for at least one month out of the year. Conservationists are hopeful this news will prompt corporations to make major reductions in water consumption, recognizing that the world water crisis can’t be solved by individuals making changes in their homes. [Bwah-haaa-haaaaaa, yeah that’ll happen . . . especially when there’s money to be made doing business as usual.]

  • Elroy Hubbard, if you’ve been reading my writing for more than a few minute, you surely know how I feel about humanism. Relevant action need not be about your favorite species.

  • L. Roy Hubbard. Stop. Think. Are you in a logic rut, stuck in a car, gunning the engine while your wheels get lower and lower in the mud and the mire builds up under the hubs?

    1. Stop killing people. Especially in wars. The vast bulk of people are not strongly opposing that. The U.S can dismantle foreign bases, return and dismantle nuclear reactors. Shut down the F-35. Etc. Etc. The U.S. and other militaries are some of the most significant polluters on the planet that could drastically drop their footprint

    2. Start shuttering automotive production. The production capacity is higher than demand. (I am biased – that makes for more jobs with New Flyer in Winnipeg and Crookston, Mn.)

    3. Remove the silly laws and scrap the animus to having a garden in front of the house.

    Numerous other suggestions have graced this space over the years.

    Your comment seemed to be pointed at one individual on this planet. Has that person stopped attempting to influence other peoples behaviour, NO. Please allow and forgive him for a possible mild literary exaggeration, civilization in the largest sense is doomed, but smaller subsets of Homo sapiens can (and will) do better.

    I propose that relevant action is anything that will lead to greater species diversity 50 years from now. I strongly doubt that there will be more that 1000 people alive then, most probably none. We owe it to the larger ecology on this our mother, the earth to take our foot off the accelerator, get out of the car, and change.

    If you do not like Socratic methods of teaching, go elsewhere.

  • Here is the first song I learned to sing at age 5 years.

    Here is the first thing I thought about this morning feeling dry as a bone. The second song I learned was, The foot bone’s connected to the ankle bone, the ankle bone is connected to the leg bone, etc.


  • Before I forget, thanks Ape for the Long Reads article on Congolese slavery, being a Canuck, I knew very little about the Jim Crow laws, which seem not too different than the war on drugs.

  • An excellent presentation (in french but concise) no punches pulled.

    “Jean-Marc Jancovici, a French engineer schools politicians with a sobering lecture on the physics of energy and the incidence on economics and climate change.”

  • Babajingo @ Apneaman

    You to have summed it up
    But as for Babajingo`s “Guy simply has the same problem” he doesn`t have a problem he is just going all the way and shows the logical outcome ” All be dead ” That`s being a completely unfathomable and unacceptable outcome “The end of everything ” That poses an incredible un-resolvable existential conflict for the the Cartesian mindset what is,,,,, ! Well; unacceptable . Therefore it will be a constant source of conflict . That also validate`s it . Since it can`t be laid to rest it only can be argued from every imaginable direction when it all fails just plain denial never submitting . That`s fine That`s how people can only live otherwise people would nervously break down en masse society would cease to exist and the “The End” would come sooner than this way . It is some sort of a subconscious Extend thru pretend mode . Well thats ok . This other guy Kevin Anderson stays on the purely scientific base . Speaks only scientific facts numbers trends facts but never hypotheses of outcomes or consequences for the human race I.E “And all this will lead to everybody dead. “Everybody Dead” is the impossible message since even if only a few people will survive would be the message everybody thinks that they will be the one the survivor . Its like everybody is thinking when they buy a lottery ticket that in spite the odds they will win . So they buy the ticket .. Just stupid human psychology . So whatever is going on with the climate environment etc it is all ok until there will be a few survivors .That message is acceptable and palatable . No problem . This Guy message is not and it never will . The last person on earth before he dies will still not believe in it that`s how it is

  • “Relevant action need not be about your favorite species.”

    I see, now please tell the relevant action that will save any of our favorite critters from being cooked by 250,000 years of radiation from our 400 abandoned nuke plants beginning no later than 14 years from now.

  • “Industrial civilization is destroying every aspect of the living planet, and I know virtually nobody who wants to stop the runaway train.” Yes, but how can the living planet exist in space-time that doesn’t really exist.

    “We very strongly believe that space-time doesn’t really exist”, at 15:20. He’s not young Steven Seagal but Nima Arkani-Hamed, one of the world’s leading and most exciting theoretical physicists.

  • First I am Atheist, but the Christ still makes a great example
    We’re All Left ! Our use of money has brought on a global secularization of Man. Without religion, how can the Christ throwing the moneychangers out of the Temple mean anything any more?
    I mean if there’s any such thing as a moneychanger it’s a rich man.
    “Through the eye of a needle.” But who knows?
    Like there’s no room in God’s house for evil, let alone the root of all evil.
    But hell. The Temple is just this beautiful God given Earth and we are the God-dammed moneychangers ! Capitalists all. Republicans all. In money we trust.
    The Christ was Right. Who stood with the Poor.
    And Love will remain after all the rest burns up

  • “Yes, but how can the living planet exist in space-time that doesn’t really exist.”

    In much the same way these posts do.

  • “Listen to the wise man.” – Brian May

    How Hot, How Fast?

  • .

    Batman. You’re certainly onto something here. However, I think you confuse people a little as to what this all implies. The point isn’t to ignore reality as if it doesn’t exist, which it most certainly does after the probability distributions collapse into solid manifestations (which happens based on our personal expectations, which are formed from our deeply rooted personal beliefs, which are most often formed from our emotionally charged fears.)

    The point would be to get people to dream up a different collective situation for us all, not to just ignore reality as if it had no form at all, which is what I think people are confusing your message to mean. I can see how you are laying an important groundwork here, but what are you proposing we do with this information? How would you use this knowledge in some sort of solution?


    … please tell the relevant action that will save any of our favorite critters from being cooked by 250,000 years of radiation from our 400 abandoned nuke plants beginning no later than 14 years from now.

    Why, little hats of course.

  • EtyerePetyere, I know “people would nervously break down en masse society would cease to exist and the “The End” would come sooner than this way.” It’s what keeps me going ;) I don’t really think they would cease to exist. Doomers are always claiming everything would fall apart if the truth was known. I call bullshit! I know, and I’m still here and so is everyone else who knows and more people are coming to the same conclusion everyday even if it’s not exactly in 2030. The empire dropped a couple of bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki – Horrible – yet the survivors still went on living the best they could. Am I supposed to believe that people “knowing” we trashed our only home and that were going bye bye because of it is worse than being nuked?

    Record annual increase of carbon dioxide observed at Mauna Loa for 2015

    “The annual growth rate of atmospheric carbon dioxide measured at NOAA’s Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii jumped by 3.05 parts per million during 2015, the largest year-to-year increase in 56 years of research.
    In another first, 2015 was the fourth consecutive year that CO2 grew more than 2 ppm, said Pieter Tans, lead scientist of NOAA’s Global Greenhouse Gas Reference Network.
    “Carbon dioxide levels are increasing faster than they have in hundreds of thousands of years,” Tans said. “It’s explosive compared to natural processes.”


  • The awareness will grow as the environment dies..

    Zone AL, Quadrant SW, Sub-quadrant SW

  • 44 south ~

    been meaning to respond to this from 03/08:

    Mo,I’m not sure about the “not lumpy” aspect, tho I get what you and Robin mean. I’m sure there are places of “power”,there are “sacred” mountains in I ndia,maybe everywhere, perhaps I live beside one…?
    I have ritually invited the Divine to manifest here on many occasions, is that Shamanic practice or temporary insanity?

    all the divine lumpiness that exists from our perspective on this side of the One is our creation. by “our” I mean the set of all beings who influence Earth reality, in every dimension, seen and unseen.

    that’s a pretty big set. a lot of energies ~ all of the geo-bio-electromagnetic-elemental details of this place, on every fractal level. all of the ley lines, power points and so on. all of these lumps have their own deity, deva, nature spirit, etc that is directly connected to the energy. note: from my experience, and that of others these beings precede the physical manifestation. they are not emergent properties.

    “Reality as energy – energy as form – form as nature”

    so yes, shamanic practices in connection with all of this are totally relevant.

    from our perspective, we experience, and create, lumpiness. from the perspective of the One, IT is equally present everywhere.

    happy spring!

  • @Apneaman

    “I call bullshit! ” .,,,,. You Do ?!

    Think about it .. All these religions are staying in business catering to the masses so they can cope with their mortality and being able to carry on somehow thru a miserable existence in the hope of some afterlife .. And this business model works for thousands of years . Why ? ! People would fall apart already without some sort of a spiritual consolation and hope . Tell them they will all die into oblivion and you telling me the world would not fall apart ? …. BULLSHIT !

  • Haha, there are people out there, who are long dead before NTE has ever happened. Those “rational”, sheer materialistic people, those people, who keep telling, that we are all the same, that life is just some stinking fart between being dead and going dead. Those people are just telling their very own poor story of their very own poor, spiritless lives, haha. And I tell you:

    I give a shit about those people and their stories.

    They tried to kill my SPIRIT at home, at school, at work, everywhere at any time they tried to kill my SPIRIT, exactly like they always did with the indigenous FREE SPIRIT:

    ” Eat, drink, fuck, bring up a family, build a house, buy a car, make money… and then just croak.”

    Yeah, exactly, that’s their whole short story- a blink of a blind eye within Infinity. Have a nice ride, all you one-dimensional, materialistic bourgeois, your time has come, you wasted you life.


  • .


    Actually, yes, facing death a first time and living through it DID produce a nervous breakdown of sorts, after which I found myself fully awake, not dead, and with the false programming of empire almost completely erased after the experience as well.

    Hope of an afterlife? Hope? The idea that this is all based on faith sure is something people like you keep sticking your head in the sand about, isn’t it. People don’t need to hope about someplace they’ve already been and returned from. But you keep telling yourself whatever keeps you in denial. Yours is the ‘belief’ based on an unfounded conviction, not those who have experienced differently. And people who’ve had this sort of experience come back with MORE respect for life here, not less, so you’ve mislead yourself about that too it would seem.

    You and Richard Dawkins … always dragging this topic down by ‘cherry picking’ the most ridiculous examples from empires false and controlling religions in order to keep up your materialist illusion alive, like ostriches. That’s the only bullshit I see going on here. What generally happens when people hit the wall and run out of consolation and hope is that they WAKE UP TO REALITY, not that they die. That may be what this is even all about.

    What would happen, Etyere, if you allowed yourself to let go of this illusion of control that you generate out of your fears?

    I wonder, hey? Would you die? And how do you even know about what you speak, not having had the experiences you deride with your passionate conviction based on nothing but your own faith?

    You’ve just convinced yourself of something, that’s all I can see in your fearful words. There is a solution for this crisis, though not many seem to be cluing into it. Batman may be getting close though, once he gets a handle on controlling what he dreams up for himself here. I’ve been operating this way here for decades Etyere, dreaming up my own reality as best as I can against the very powerful collective dream of the sleepers, so what’s your excuse for not getting with the program? Do you enjoy being part of the problem or something? You’re not one of those silly Trump voters are you … the one’s who want to take us all down with them in their limited little dream?

    I’m telling you, the solution is little hats. So simple. Don’t make it so complicated, unless you like to suffer.

  • “ My religion consists of a humble admiration of the illimitable superior spirit who reveals himself in the slight details we are able to perceive with our frail and feeble mind.”

    ― Albert Einstein

    “ As I grow older, much older, I will experience many things, and I will hit rock bottom again and again. Again and again I will suffer; again and again I will get back on my feet. I will not be defeated. I won’t let my spirit be destroyed.”

    ― Banana Yoshimoto, Kitchen

    “ The first peace, which is the most important, is that which comes within the souls of people when they realize their relationship, their oneness with the universe and all its powers, and when they realize at the center of the universe dwells the Great Spirit, and that its center is really everywhere, it is within each of us.”

    ― Black Elk

  • Found this today. A song about the prairie before it met the plow.

  • Batman: you don’t get it. All they’re saying is that THEIR MODELS aren’t lining up with their preconceived notions, again. Like when Newton discovered his Laws of Motion – we MIS-perceived that REALITY was a clockwork mechanism – but it’s NOT. Now we’ve worked our way to the conclusion that science leads to the same reality as the shamanic practices and the mystical, where their models don’t work, because they didn’t understand. Science STILL doesn’t understand – it’s not a clock, it’s more like an interactive living being that responds to our thought and deed – TOTALLY different than what was thought before.

    So when someone says “space time doesn’t exist” it doesn’t mean that nothing is real and that we’re all hallucinating the same dream. It means their models (the standard physical models – to the most recent m-theory statements) of space time need more tweaking, that’s all. Try not to go off the deep end on me, buddy, all right? We’re definitely experiencing ‘SOMETHING,’ and we are embedded in ‘it’ and so have an effect on ‘it’ (at all levels, it seems).

  • Guy, don’t feel to bad. At least it’s not THIS bad:

    Guatemala: Another environmental activist assassinated – Murder of activist in the Maya Biosphere Reserve raises alarm


    [Looks like it’s open season on environmental and indigenous rights defenders in Central America. – Des]

    19 March 2016 (teleSUR) – Rights organizations in Guatemala condemned the killing of Walter Mendez Barrios, a prominent activist fighting against deforestation and hydroelectric projects in the Central American country.

    Mendez, leader of the Association of Forest Communities of Peten, was found dead Wednesday on his property “with several shots” in the body, said the NGO in a statement released Friday. [more]

  • 3 minutes of video: chemtrails vs contrails: we won’t know what we’re being sprayed with until .01% arrests. Had enough of being treated sub-human, or need more pain?

    I see chemtrails every few days where I live in the NorCal Bay Area. All one has to do is look up; they are obvious. I see two already early this morning. Many of us fly often; I have never ever ever ever ever seen any persisting and expanding “cloud” from any aircraft I’ve been on over hundreds of flights over 50 years.

    A high-bypass turbofan jet engine can rapidly condense air-moisture, but this must dissipate quickly because the same air conditions of diffused moisture the jet entered will act upon the contrail to disperse and disappear the water vapor.

    Want to Know’s excellent summary of chemtrails, a history of human experimentation, and current medical research directly implicating chemtrails with human illness raises an obvious citizen response:

    Demand arrests to lawfully stop this spraying, with full criminal investigation for factual discovery of what we’re being sprayed with and why. [more]

  • Etyere, Plenty of people out there made of sterner stuff than you realize. Sure some folks will fall apart when they figure it out, but most will just go right on living as best they can. It not like many people are living meaningful lives under corporate consumer capitalism. Have you noticed the ever increasing rates of addiction, all mental health disorders and suicides? That’s as good of an indicator as anything that peoples lives are already meaningless. Church is more of a social/tribal deal than anything else. Like climate denying you have to pretend to believe in it or you get kicked off team Conservative/Republican. Most have more faith in science, technology and modernity than anything else. Mammon is god.

    ‘I’m 16. Five months ago, I was diagnosed with terminal cancer’
    Now I measure time in distinct chunks, focusing on events – a holiday or a party. Although it has been an intense few months, I’ve tried not to dwell on it


  • We as a society have failed to call bullshit on all of the destructive behavior, more importantly on the cause of that behavior primarily because it is deemed impolite.

    Not trolling Guy but how can you consider yourself a social critic and yet proclaim one element, I would argue THE most important element, as something not to be discussed, impolite to discuss.

    It is exactly this that empowers destruction/corruption. It is all about money and we as a civilized society should talk about it all the time.

    Ones ability and inclination to be destructive increases proportional to ones wealth.

    There is a direct correlation between money and destruction of the planet. If destroying the planet were not the best, fastest, and most long term way to prosper it wouldn’t happen.

    Why do you think we don’t call BS on this touchy, personal issue?

  • A good book review of Edward Abbey’s “Desert Solitaire” from 1968.


  • Guy McPherson Says: Elroy, this one’s for you: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=F9YqCP_B7EU

    Thanks Guy, but a simple “no, there is no relevant action that will save a single species from the irradiation that is certain to come within a few years” would have sufficed.

    The small world vid reminded me of the fact that the forest leaf litter at Chernobyl will not decompose because all the microbial life is dead. Was that why you posted the link?

  • Elroy, small organisms likely will survive. Think microbes, bacteria, and fungi. Sorry I wasn’t literal enough for you.

  • I think Scott Johnson plans to confront you on your April 20 webinar. Thought you might want to know that.

  • Thanks, Han K. I can’t imagine Johnson will bother. He already knows everything, so there’s no reason for him to tune in. Here’s hoping he attempts to talk about evidence.

  • “Elroy, small organisms likely will survive. Think microbes, bacteria, and fungi.”

    Sorry Guy, I couldn’t find the proper music video form of communication that you now seem to prefer, so we’ll just have go with this:


    “The gist of our results was that the radiation inhibited microbial decomposition of the leaf litter on the top layer of the soil”

    And Since the radiation levels post-collapse will exponential dwarf those presently at Chernobyl, I still don’t any relevant action of yours that’s going to save them. Anyway, has relevant action now been reduced to: Save the Microbes!

  • Elroy, there is a species of microbe seven miles beneath the surface of Earth. And a new species of fungus was discovered in the sarcophagus of Chernobyl. I doubt civilization can kill all life. But it’s certainly one of the goals of civilization.

  • Hi Guys! :-) Time for some light relief! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TmfcJP_0eMc

  • Yeah, it is on his FP site. He did no say what he plans to do but it is an idea to prepare for him. He sounds knowledgable.

  • “And a new species of fungus was discovered in the sarcophagus of Chernobyl.”

    Evolution taking relevant action without our help. I feel better now. Thanks.

  • ignore the haters.

  • Some more picked cherries, this time Australia:

    ‘Environmental experts have warned Australia will continue to experience record-breaking heat and extreme weather in the wake of a damning report that reveals a notable climb in average temperatures across the country at the start of March……..


    * Max temps at least 4C above average, from March 1 to 4

    * Temps 8 to 12C above average for most of southeast

    * Record 39 straight days over 26C in Sydney

    * Perth had more 40C days this summer than ever before

    * Melbourne had hottest March night on record, at peak of 38.6C

    * Canberra had 10 straight days of 30C or more

    * Echuca, VIC, and Tocumwal, NSW, sweltered through eight straight days of 38C or more in March, breaking records for any month of the year’


  • Kevin Anderson comes close.. but not close enough
    Naomi Klein says reluctantly in aljazeera interview 2016 is our last chance..
    De Caprio slams corporate greed??…The heat has been turned up in the mainstream in the last few weeks due to the spikes..but all are way off the mark

    Gladly we are here contemplating the stages of grief, and getting on with our lives… giant steps ahead of the mainstream
    Thank-you Guy for your reality check,for your evidence based predictions of climate change and NTE. No bargaining here, And thanks for this wonderful forum to rub shoulders with others of like mind

  • Psycho Trolls Doom Beach


    by the author of, how to co-opt friends and sleaze people.


  • @Johnson
    Figure 1 the first graph. Declining sea level->


    Use your favorite data-set on SO2 and check out Laptev Sea region; coincidence? I was betting on the Indian ocean, Toba or NZ, then again that Ice is a biggy compared to the Pacific SSHA & AMSL. Linear climate system? Geo engineering science fiction can remove 120ppm+>VEI 7 CO2 surplus after reset? (1 ton=your car) We can live without food now? How about them liquids? 10% of world energy required if put on the Eastern Antarctic ice shelf, never mind tectonic stress, thermohalines, polar vortex, wind systems & low pressure fluctuations that could perhaps give us some new feedback mechanism Problems in the unknownosphere. You didn’t fall for the doc that told that little is warming because he took 50km as column height for average, never mind orbital decay and calibrations to mercury from actual weather stations, he’s our space weather man living somewhere we can’t even breath. Teach me o wise geophysics teacher Johnson.

  • @ Guy and Elroy
    This is silly. Lynn Margulis said over 30 years ago that even if people wipe themselves out, it’s okay, because bacteria will survive. James Watson made a pretty good argument for panspermia, and I’m not at all surprised to see radiation-resistant prokaryotes and even eukaryotes. Life at our temperatures and radiation level is probably a rarity in the cosmos.

    All sentient species, however, show intraspecific bias (the idea that their own species is more special than any other), if they didn’t they couldn’t interact and reproduce. Humans, however, have taken this bias to a whole new level, with many humans thinking we are not even animals, but something “above” them.

    Yeah, I’m kinda partial to babies, and bunnies, and butterflies, and tigers too, but all things must end.

    @ Batman and Tom
    The universe behaves as if it’s a quantum computer where life has (temporarily?) hijacked the program. Just something to think about.

    Best Wishes

  • you are here.

  • the universe behaves as if it were infinite.

  • FeedJake: No it doesn’t. It’s beyond words, models, and is indescribable. Life and consciousness are temporary, all the while it’s been going on, without regard to human sentience to appreciate it. Despite Batman’s nonsense (and that of the physicists and other scientists and scholars he quotes) – no one understands this in terms of “learning” or reading about peoples’ perceptions of it all. You can see this in the scientific community. It’s all unraveling.
    We think we’ve discovered the workings of the cosmos, but they’re just our human-centric, limiting, incomplete imaginings. Any “solutions” of “our” problems throughout our history disregards any effects they would have on the biosphere and other immediate species.

    So in short, Descartes was full of shit. [“I think, therefore . .” – yeah, who-cays-pal ged-outta-da-way.] The universe isn’t a clock and it’s not a machine, it’s BEYOND “alive” and works like our models until it doesn’t. We have no idea what’s going on (because all of our senses are so limited) and all our efforts have been to bring about the loss of not only our own species but countless others.

    We should have been looking for our answers within all along.
    The tribe might have lasted longer.

  • US Department of Defense is the Worst Polluter on the Planet
    October 2, 2010
    The US military is responsible for the most egregious and widespread pollution of the planet, yet this information and accompanying documentation goes almost entirely unreported. In spite of the evidence, the environmental impact of the US military goes largely unaddressed by environmental organizations and was not the focus of any discussions or proposed restrictions at the recent UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen. This impact includes uninhibited use of fossil fuels, massive creation of greenhouse gases, and extensive release of radioactive and chemical contaminants into the air, water, and soil.


  • @Tom
    I’m really not presenting this to support an argument, because I don’t think Seth Loyd has “the explanation of everything.” I do know from experience however, that space doesn’t really exist, so all phenomena are inherently non-local.

    Best Wishes

  • Sorry, wrong link

  • you know from “experience” that space doesn’t exist?…thats funny.

  • Yes, space doesn’t really exist, and time doesn’t really exist. What really exists is the quantum world, and it is in eternal superposition state, in which everything exists in synchronicity, i.e. is living and dead at the same time, including you and me, in the non-reduced state of the Schrödinger wave function. All things in our subjective reality always exist in this objective state that we cannot see.

  • Sometimes I get so fuckin tired, like never having any home here on Mother Earth…

    ” SONNET 66

    Tir’d with all these, for restful death I cry,
    As, to behold desert a beggar born,
    And needy nothing trimm’d in jollity,
    And purest faith unhappily forsworn,
    And guilded honour shamefully misplaced,
    And maiden virtue rudely strumpeted,
    And right perfection wrongfully disgraced,
    And strength by limping sway disabled,
    And art made tongue-tied by authority,
    And folly (doctor-like) controlling skill,
    And simple truth miscall’d simplicity,
    And captive good attending captain ill:
    Tired with all these, from these would I be gone,
    Save that, to die, I leave my love alone.”


    LXVI. The tone of melancholy, which has been previously heard, especially since lix., now attains a greater intensity, and we have a pessimism which has been compared to that of Hamlet. The poet sees in the world and the arrangements of society so many things abnormal and awry, that, in his weariness and loathing, he cries out for death, though unwilling to leave his friend.

    1. Tir’d with all these, i.e., such things as those which follow.

    2. As. As, for example. Desert a beggar born. Real merit and worth suffering the disqualification of an abjectly mean origin, and restrained by penury.

    3. This line probably refers to what is commonly described as “keeping up an appearance.”

    4. Unhappily forsworn. Through the pressure of circumstances (as seems likely) in an evil world.

    5. Gilded honour shamefully misplaced. Cf. Ecclesiastes x. 5, 6, “There is an evil which I have seen under the sun, as an error which proceedeth from the ruler. Folly is set in great dignity.” &c.

    6. Rudely. Either of physical force, or of the recklessness of slander; but the latter sense would seem to agree with the next line.

    8. Strength by limping sway disabled. Describes the injury inflicted by an incompetent and feeble government.

    9, 10. In these lines there seem to be allusions to universities and their technical phraseology. This view accords with the use of doctor-like, and line 9 (where art will denote “learning”) may be taken to refer to opinions obnoxious to those in authority being forbidden to be expressed and published.

    12. This is a climax. Evil is a victorious captain, with Good as a captive attending to grace his triumph.”


  • Is there anything left to say at all? Tell me…

  • Nemesis,

    “Is there anything left to say at all? Tell me…”… Well, I don’t know if I am in any position to ‘tell’ anyone anything, especially since no one can truly tell anything to anyone anyway with any degree of certainty, but within the great labyrinth that is the nature of all things, I would venture to predict that humans haven’t yet been thrown to the wolves. If you remember the mission of Apollo 13, these guys were in real trouble in deep space 9, and yet found their way home. There’s an old saying in baseball, and part of the analogy used in ‘Nature BATS last’, whereas it ain’t over till it’s over. I’m on that team, and until the ‘Fat Lady Sings’ her final refrain, we may still find a way home, hopium issues notwithstanding.

  • “Is there anything left to say at all? Tell me…”

    Nemesis; my only hope is that you will think of something. So far you haven’t let me down. 8-)

  • Nemesis: I have it on good authority that all Life On Earth will reach perfect consciousness in the very moment of total annihilation. It will be the ultimate Zen experience. And it’ll look something like this:


  • A poem I wrote about humans destroying themselves in 1990.
    The birth all a blur,
    As is the case with most,
    She grew up in a mist
    Amidst troubled times.
    What troubled her most
    Were the desperate hearts hardened
    By wounds which could rot
    A soul bound for sainthood.
    They had their rules of course-
    And rules about rules-
    Though much was made of little sense.
    She did her best
    to swim through the spin
    of mixed consensus.
    Perhaps she belonged to another place,
    A warmer time, a gentler space,
    Some tender-hearted race…
    Perhaps, perhaps…
    Though many years would pass
    Before she wondered that.
    For far too long she suspected
    Great incurable flaws,
    Like cracks across her very fabric.
    And human illusion-
    She didn’t mean to look clear through
    Even tried to look away,
    Accept, fit in, or win, at times,
    Their tireless rounds of games.
    As years piled up
    Like stone walls around her,
    She studied their motives
    And moved about life
    In futile attempts to avoid strife
    While she dreamed of a better…
    A better…
    An arrogant youth,
    Who, after years long quest
    Into hunger and thirst,
    Had hardened to the fact
    That most were lost
    In fear of lack.
    And life felt like a free-for-all fest,
    In fact free-for-all
    Had been romanticized to heights
    Of religious magnitude-
    A maze of incidental choice,
    A haze of mistaken priority,
    A daze of survival instincts
    Improperly applied,
    Great swarms of lies
    Self-servingly placed-
    Too many wars,
    So little saving grace-
    Until, with scant room left
    To fully deviate
    From a long and rutted course-
    The many could still sympathize
    While others lived comfortably
    On no recognizable remorse.
    Freedom was the word-
    Freedom the noun,
    The adjective,
    The verb.
    Progress was another.
    Definitions of progress
    Made her heart ache-
    Oh the cruelty
    Of this vast mistake.
    A sacred time-bomb
    On everybody’s lips-
    The multitudes had been convinced.
    Freedom! Progress! Growth!
    Extensive words
    Which easily confused the most.
    Expensive words gone mad
    With lives of their own.
    She was not alone-
    Not the only one to see
    The world sink deeper
    Into despair and pain-
    Trapped in an untenable
    unjustified disdain.
    Those scant few who knew
    Ancient laws of intent,
    Watched the spider weave its web
    And wondered who would save them-
    Yet, held fast the golden thread of hope.
    Her spirit called out,
    “We are children, all-
    If sadly ungovernable-
    Cats left to tend
    The ravaged mouse-
    Teenagers managing the house!”
    Great teachers had come
    And left
    Lofty thoughts scattered about,
    Though even these were used
    As weapons by the power wielding-
    An excuse for madness
    In the struggle over territory
    And toys.
    They were boys
    In a game of backyard ball.
    And winning was all
    As the ammunition grew in force
    Until it could destroy
    An entire world in the blink of an eye.
    They were proud
    Of the damage they could do.
    In a mere century or two
    They had found the key to self annihilation
    And passed it round
    From hand to willing hand.
    Would it be the final God
    Of man?
    Industrial revolution
    Military might
    Had left a long historic wake-
    A bitter ruthless blight.
    And any hole found
    In this grand dam of greed
    Was quickly patched or plugged
    Before it could succeed
    And change the river’s raging course.
    Everywhere, they fed
    On dreams of force.
    Then there came her lonely hour
    Of predawn doubt and fear.
    She battled into silence
    The separating voice to hear
    A saving song of choice-
    Then stood alone beside herself to wait
    As all the signs did whisper,
    Anticipation’s fate.

  • mrogness Says: I propose that relevant action is anything that will lead to greater species diversity 50 years from now.

    Mrogness, that certainly qualifies as relevant action, but any intelligent person should realize that there is zero chance for any human to affect that outcome. The relevant action in that regard will be conducted by hundreds of out of control nuclear reactors melting, and thousands of radioactive spent fuel pools exploding and igniting over the years after 2030 when habitat for humans vanishes (or when “any day now” industrial collapse begins).

    Happily, Guy has informed us that new species of fungi will likely grow in these reactors while the fires and radiation they spew burns the world’s forests to ash and reduces current species diversity towards the vanishing point over the next quarter of a million years. So at least there’s some hope for future species lovers.

    Now as self proclaimed advocate of the Socratic method (asking and answering questions to stimulate critical thinking) please state the relevant action you or anyone else can take that will change this inevitable process which will begin (as Guy has repeatedly stated) sometime within the next 14 years.

  • Nemesis – ‘is there anything left to say at all?’

    Well, yes, and no. But some people do and in some small way it helps … sometimes.

    The “primary consciousness,” the basic mind which knows reality rather than ideas about it, does not know the future. It lives completely in the present, and perceives nothing more than what is at this moment. The ingenious brain, however, looks at that part of present experience called memory, and by studying it is able to make predictions. These predictions are, relatively, so accurate and reliable (e.g., “everyone will die”) that the future assumes a high degree of reality — so high that the present loses its value.

    But the future is still not here, and cannot become a part of experienced reality until it is present. Since what we know of the future is made up of purely abstract and logical elements — inferences, guesses, deductions — it cannot be eaten, felt, smelled, seen, heard, or otherwise enjoyed. To pursue it is to pursue a constantly retreating phantom, and the faster you chase it, the faster it runs ahead. This is why all the affairs of civilization are rushed, why hardly anyone enjoys what he has, and is forever seeking more and more. Happiness, then, will consist, not of solid and substantial realities, but of such abstract and superficial things as promises, hopes, and assurances.


    A good eve to all.

  • The plot is certainly being lost here in…you guessed it…Afraidia….

    ‘A $4 million dollar insult to the scientific community’


    As it is pointed out in this link..

    “The Australian Government today announced they would contribute $4m for Danish climate contrarian Bjorn Lomborg to establish a new “consensus centre” at the University of Western Australia.

    In the face of deep cuts to the CSIRO and other scientific research organisations, it’s an insult to Australia’s scientific community.

    As the Climate Commission, we were abolished by the Abbott Government in 2013 on the basis that our $1.5 million annual operating costs were too expensive. We relaunched as the Climate Council after thousands of Australians chipped in to the nation’s biggest crowd-funding campaign?”

    When a tragic fate is avoidable one should do everything to change the likely outcome…

    I think the ‘blame’ really lies with the elites, they had the best advice for the longest time,and they chose to build space bases to get away when the SHTF…well the fan is now starting to shudder somewhat.

    I can’t help feeling I should have done more…

    On another track…

    I don’t think Max and Stacy are actually calling it, but they are saying a lot about the immanent collapse of currency… they do say this a lot, and often,however.

    ‘Keiser Report: Beware the Ides of March’


    I got a bad feeling about this…

  • Batman:

    If the quantum world exists, and is always in superposition, but nothing else is real, who discovered it? How do we know this (or anything by your statement)? You (and all the scientists and “intelligence” you refer to) don’t get it and you’re talking philosophical nonsense. Who are you speaking to if nothing is real? What information are you conveying if there is no information or other intellects to perceive it? You’re tying yourself up in knots that you can’t escape from by further explanation in your muddled scientific world-view. Every time humanity has made some scientific discovery throughout history, we’ve claimed to finally have the “prize” and the world changed to accept it, only to realize further along that it was incomplete. All this quest for ultimate knowledge has brought us is a dying biosphere due to our hubris and stupidity. This time is no different because the foundation of the scientific paradigm is as flawed as all the others (like the various religions).

  • Meanwhile, back here in the real, observable world

    Fiji cyclone update: ‘An ordeal of the most grievous kind’ – Fiji extends state of disaster for another month


    Fiji’s government said on Monday it would extend for another month a state of natural disaster in areas of the country still reeling from the impact of a super cyclone, which hit the country last month.

    Cyclone Winston, which was the worst storm ever recorded in the southern hemisphere, hit the South Pacific archipelago particularly hard, killing 43 people and leaving tens of thousands homeless.

    More than 25,000 Fijians remained in evacuation centers, according to the latest report from Fiji’s National Emergency Operation Centre.


    “This is a disaster of such a magnitude that it would be a while before everything is back to normal – if ever.”

    [These people aren’t just imagining this, they’re experiencing it. When it happens here, and to ourselves, our bullshit philosophy/haughty world-view will be unable to wave it away as “unreal” or “doesn’t really exist” and reality will prevail over any wishful thinking or intellectual grasping at straws.]

  • Maybe just every thing and every being is somewhat in a superposition all the time (like Music), otherwise life and death and things and beings could not evolve and dissolve, could not change, could not flow.

    I take rest in some superposition-
    as long, as I can 8-)

  • Blackouts are the new normal in Tasmania, as is very low dam levels and water shortage…

    ‘Hydro Tasmania staff preparing their homes for 24-hour blackouts, union says’


    A quote:

    “Technicians and engineers are investing in generators and batteries to prepare for blackouts of up to 24 hours, the union representing Hydro Tasmania staff says.

    Key points:

    Hydro Tasmania staff say Government downplaying the crisis, union says
    Staff are buying generators in readiness for 24-hour blackouts, union says
    Energy Minister Matthew Groom dismisses the claims as scaremongering
    As Basslink remains out of action and Hydro Tasmania dam levels drop to a new record of 14.6 per cent, Professionals Australia spokesman Luke Crowley said his members are frustrated that the Government appears to be downplaying the situation.

    “We’re hearing a very different story from technical specialists on the ground in these companies than the ones being put out by the Government,” Mr Crowley said.

    “The message coming from technical specialists in these companies is [that] some fairly aggressive advice, and strategies around getting everyone to sensibly reduce power now should have been started when Basslink broke.”


    ‘Basslink is a high-voltage direct current cable link crossing Bass Strait, connecting the Loy Yang Power Station, Victoria on the Australian mainland to the George Town substation in northern Tasmania.’

    This electricity service has been interrupted for some reason…?

    Well the electricity is failing due to lower rainfall that reduces the hydro power.

    Humans in decline…duh !


    The situation in Fiji is dire !

    The 45 years of ‘development’ that has occurred in the island nation was wiped out in a few hours.

    Will the world help ?


  • @ogardener

    “Scientists Warn of Perilous Climate Shift Within Decades, Not Centuries”

    do you remember when they have been warning us “In a few hundred years it is going to be problematic later dangerous after that catastrophic .. After that the same thing except in a hundred years .. Now they are down to decades . I am wondering when are we going to see the “Few years” timeframe cant wait to see than i am going to laugh to myself .
    Else @ Apneaman , LWA
    I am not really getting your long convoluted somewhat philosophically sounding but rather self pitying explanations comments ravings and accusations .. I really don`t . I am not getting them . You should go and get a life instead trying to explain to me how i should think act and see things . Especially when whatever you are trying to represent and convey makes zero sense .. Absolutely none .

  • Batman–you got it. You said exactly what eastern mystics have been telling us for thousands of years. Now, only if you choose to, prove it to yourself. Sit in a comfortable position, let go, and “meditate without meditating.”

    Best Wishes

  • I got a new computer and it knows what songs to paly

  • 2.13 Gt C ppm = 76 units for 162GT = 404.74-76.06=328.68 = 1975.— as IPCC published in GtC…
    GtCO2 =x 3.664 = 7.80432 ppm = 20.76 units for 162GT = 404.74-20.76=383.98 = 2007.
    Last available UN data was >53GtCO2/Y (after 2010) = little over 3 years = 2012.
    So oxygen drops 38.53/Y = 117Gt for 3 years.

    So 162GT is the entire weight of Mount Everest from the summit but not including ice & snow but including different mineral layers.

    So oceanic acidification and deforestation doesn’t seem to be important by the UN on carbon dioxide, has no effect, linear, ha 5 years lol, and what about other greenhouse trace-gases and has become an unreliable source for scientific understanding for self reinforcing feedback mechanisms, great stuff that economic bias oversight.

    Coming soon to a university near you: crappy publications.

  • There have been a lot of names bantered back and forth of scholars, writers, scientists on this blog speaking in terms of human consciousness, origins and the general problem/predicament of WTF is going on here on planet earth.

    Here is someone who I now consider one of the most important researchers that has ever lived. If you don’t know the work of Michael Tsarion you most certainly will be challenged with the information he brings forth.

    His series titled, Origins & Oracles is simply stunning information presented with copious amount of substantiation.

    He has hundreds of posts and many reposts from others on You Tube, but I suggest that you start with the original productions which I have posted the 1st below. They have the best fidelity, whereas some of the reposts are fuzzy and cut together less professionally which can detract from the presentation.

    These are many, many hours of information which have resonated with me having been criminally indoctrinated with Christianity from my youth. I am coming up to 64 years in June. I am so grateful to have learned about the lies we have been told our whole lives. Talk about malpractice.

    Until the false is seen as false, truth is not / j krishnamurti

    Take the time to watch the first of the series and I am confident you will compelled to continue on with the series and so much more of his other work.