Jesters do oft prove prophets

~ William Shakespeare


A few weeks ago, Mike expressed his frustration at our lack of impact with the radio show. “Let’s push the audience,” he said. He indicated the typical listener, like the typical American, is heavy on criticizing the dominant cultural narrative and light on actions consistent with the criticism.

Remembering we have ample excuses to forgo action — so usually we do — I quoted one of my favorite lines from lying author and primary member of the defamation campaign against me, Derrick Jensen: “Would you rather have the best excuse in the world, or would you rather have a world?”

Mike brought up the Black Panthers and their willingness to act, despite the consequences. A little research reveals the Black Panthers, commonly painted as terrorists, conducted many kind, helpful acts even as perceived and reported by the mainstream media. They were renowned for adherence to principle and they are now viewed as horrible people. Coincidence?

Who among us is willing to make serious sacrifices based on principle?

The answer is obvious. Collectively, we forsake a living planet because we prefer good excuses in the pursuit of avoiding difficult work. After all, we have all those excellent excuses to not act. The momentum of civilization is powerful, and resisting those in power will almost certainly lead to imprisonment, torture, perhaps even early death. On the surface, these reasons all support inaction.

Whatever became of people willing to die for a cause? Oh, right: They were killed. The American Cultural Revolution withered in the 1960s and died in the early 1970s. The revolution took with it a few of the Black Panthers, the Kennedy brothers, Martin Luther King, Jr., and a lot of other people whose pursuit of principle interfered with the motives of those who benefit from American Empire.

Excuses aside, let’s not push the envelope. I’m tired of barely pushing the envelope. Rather than pushing it, let’s fill the damned thing with shards of glass, launch it via cannon, and blow up the envelope and every nearby cultural meme.

What have you got to lose? And, beyond that, what have we got to lose.

Life? We’re all going to die. I doubt adherence to principle is related to length of life, although it might be related to the quality of one’s life.

Liberty? Surely you jest. As ought to be clear to the few paying the slightest attention, our individual freedoms are allowed only as long as we continue to serve the masters.

Yes, it could be worse. We could spend our last days incarcerated, with even fewer freedoms than we currently possess. The jail cell could be more obvious, even to those deeply attached to the current, insane cultural narrative.

Or perhaps that wouldn’t be worse than spending our days trapped in the prison of civilization. When I taught poetry in various incarceration facilities, I longed to have the ability to think and write, unattached to my paid work. “Three hots and a cot” seemed ideal. I now have the freedom to do what I like, but I seem constitutionally unable to throw off the yoke of the messenger.

Upon moving to rural New Mexico, I wanted merely to live simply. Alas, my inner teacher intruded. The pursuit of scholarship interfered. So here we are, my voice the world’s strongest on the topic of abrupt climate change despite my desires and intentions to the contrary.

The topic I pursued — and continue to pursue — along with the takers who dominated my post-university life, made the path challenging and occasionally miserable. My own decisions made it worse. It turns out that living simply is neither simple nor easy. I don’t recommend it.

But I keep pushing, in my own way. Mike, too. You’re welcome to join the party.

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  • So strange how we look back at our lives & the moments of struggle(requiring endurance) are the memories that bring a smile(& some self-satisfaction).

    Do the bullying, greedy(neo-con types) have this same capacity?

  • .
    You just might have to break out.
    You just might have to lose control.
    Embracing something.
    Turn around.
    Hand on my shoulder sayin’ …
    … it’s so peaceful inside.
    I believe I’ll transcend myself child.



  • Everyone gets flack when they make sacrifices based on principle.


    and not creationists

    I love what you stand for Guy McPherson! Justice will be served and people have already been changing their behavior toward power in a peaceful way.

  • I have made it a point to listen to your weekly shows for over a year now. I have a great deal of respect for your work and the way you are getting the important ideas associated with abrupt climate change out to a larger audience.
    I am wondering,however,if you agree with the beliefs expressed by your guest on the 3/15/16 show. Of course, Prof.Fetzer has the right to be Holocaust denier, and has the right to claim that nobody died at Sandy Hook,etc. Letting him express his views unchallenged is a different matter. So I must ask whether or not you share his beliefs.
    I certainly do not accept the official explanations for the assassinations of the Kennedys or of Dr. King. Nor do I believe in the the official report concerning 9/11,but it seems to me that people such as Prof. Fetzer do a disservice to those of us who want the broader public to demand the truth behind these and other events. Fetzer’s writings serve to discredit those of us searching for accurate information. He makes it all too easy for the MSM to label us as ill informed cranks,or worse.
    I would appreciate it if you might address these concerns and also, perhaps, to your larger audience on a future show.

  • Thanks Prof. Mcpherson, glad you said it, because you are the worlds strongest voice on the topic of abrupt climate change (ACC) and also how to handle the coming consequences from (ACC)! Your only Love remains is the true Zen to the mess we’re in! Cuz we ain’t gonna fix it, Pardon my hillbilly, and thx for this place that saved my sanity

  • Thank you, Dr. Guy. And thanks to Jody Milner in the “Cherries” post (wow!)

    We are proud individuals living for the city
    But the flames couldn’t go much higher
    We find gods and religions to
    To paint us with salvation
    But no one
    No nobody
    Can give you the power

    To rise over love
    And over hate
    Through this iron sky
    That’s fast becoming our minds
    Over fear and into freedom

  • It turns out that living simply is neither simple nor easy. I don’t recommend it.

    Therein is the rub. When people ask me, after enduring one of my fact filled rants on how bad it is and getting worse all the time, “so what can we do?” I always reply LESS!

    But nobody is going to do less, live simply, especially when they have enough money that they don’t have to.

  • If you really want to make those scumbag cowboy Bundys and their sick friends pay for their destruction of the natural world Buy a gun go out on the vast empty public lands and shoot their invasive species. It is easy because their are no people to see you!! I never miss a chance to feed coyotes!!

  • Cowgirl Apocalypse Haiku #126

    Spring morning birdsong-
    welcome, after five hushed years,

  • Buy shooting cowboy invasive species you will immediately improve the lives of coyote, raven, et al. And insure they get to live lives of excellence!!!!!!!

  • .
    About 360 million people in India live below the poverty line, which is more than the entire population of the US, and it has been estimated that more than 60% of their people (700+ million) do NOT have access to toilets, so they have to defecate in the open, on streets, and in fields.

    /> And with over 1.3 BILLION people as of 2016, India is projected to have over 1.6 BILLION by 2050, this means sooner or later they’re going to be eating each other.
    Just sittin’ on this runaway train, staring out the window with a cat on my lap.

  • In the 1950s Dad was one of the first organic growers in Connecticut. We lived “simply” as it is termed in this time. I learned the skills, how to do physical work, and deal with the loss of animals we cared for. It is only those who view this life style from a distance who term it “living simply”. It is more complicated than suburban/urban life where one need only specialize in a single narrow area, and stores supply all the rest. Often there is no chance for “do overs” when dealing with life, death and getting the hay in.

    It is a great life if you know what you are doing, and have the required mental toughness.

    During the last six years my wife and I have built a permaculture homestead on an island in SE Alaska that is only accessible by boat. It is heaven if you like that sort of thing. A nice place to visit for a brief time if you don’t.

  • @Pat

    India can`t be bothered with toilets they are building thorium reactors instead shit and piss on the streets can wait

  • I wonder if that’s an invite to a party, or to a wake for each other and our dear departed planet. I’m kind of more in the mood for a wake. Apparently so is Mother Nature. If the punishment she’s dishing out is supposed to fit the crime, the crime must run very deep. The privileged white guys; sure. But the kids, and all the other creatures? Wow.

    Then again, nothing much has changed, has it.

  • Whatever you do, don’t blame the victims.

    That is the ultimate unawareness (Choose Your Trances Carefully – 2, The Psychology of the Notion of Collective Guilt).

    Even though it takes a lot of work, blame the guilty.

    Until you know who is guilty, don’t blame.


  • Must be something in the air, the same general theme in the essay from Dmitry Orlov this week.

    How about this comment over at cluborlov:

    Reading this splendid piece a stirring happens. A question from the back of the room, “Sir, have the ‘garchs sucked out our imaginative abilities as well? They have all the money in the world, and what do we have?”

    It’s quite fitting that one-foot-in-the-grave Bernie Sanders is championed by mostly young people who know they are in a rut that will keep getting deeper until it covers them (hence the simpatico). Seeing no way out, like Stockholm syndrome suffers, they superimpose a Kris Kringle archetype overlay on ‘ol Bernie when he promotes a “Swedish” kind of socialism where everything is clean, organized and free…and other utopian spins on the joys of efficient bureaucracies.

    If “yoots” could get their imaginations (which requires a sense of humor, albeit gallows) back, an entire industry of anti-establishment ploys could be enacted. Like ISIS, they could ride around in (probably have to be Priuses and such), with an attached non-lethal guillotine lashed to their ski rack. No placards, no proselytizing, just the symbol.

    I miss Madame Defarge

  • @ Peter Adler-
    Mr. Fetzer mostly discredits himself , as you already have figured out. Seems like he confused emphatic ‘assertions’ with ‘scientific arguments’ a long time ago. He fastens , like a hungry tick, on the worst possible evidence that he can find underpinning any controversy or event he trains his cracked lense on.

    And yeah… like a broken clock being right two times /day , his self-imposed handicap doesn’t mean he can’t get a couple things half-assedly right once in a while… but he’s certainly firmly in one contemporary mainstream at least… the one that counts loud statements , ( aka opinions ) as ‘incontrovertible proof’.

    That’s a form of cognitive dissonance , alright !! ( Fetzer’s worldview is based mostly on his opinions… and sometimes facts can be threatening. )

    If you’ve never heard the guy … he’s weirdly fascinating 1st time around. So, hey… sounds like a ‘guest’ to me.

    If it’s any consolation, Guy & Mike never swear an oath that they agree w/ everything every guest comes up with.

    And they probably figure the audience can sort things out at least a little bit !! There’s chores enough to do just getting the show out , and just living besides that.

    -Fetzer skeptical in the Midwest , JJoslin ( Detroit )

  • Professor McPherson I really would like your opinion on that new Hansen et al.


    Here are some of the thoughts that popped into my head about it, really am amazed that this is the doc everybody listened to as his work is sloppy and very personalized and it seems clever yet don’t see how..

    First read NOTES: “dF/ dt is the annual increment of the net forcing”
    Including stratospheric changes explaining where the moisture came down in either the Arctic or Antarctic when geophysical changes balance the sea levels? Where are the other sea level balancing parameters? Where is the connection to the Arctic oceanic halocline, etc, as if 100% melts south of Greenland. That is not what we observe. Where is the Pacific in this? http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/0198014981901151

    Ice melt Runoff injects rich nutrients: bloom phytoplankton water temperature increase due to color and biochemistry. http://phys.org/news/2016-02-greenland-ice-sheet-mississippi-river.html

    Eddie flow and vorticity increased by storms and tidal forcing + negative SSHA & gravity anomalies. Pacific storms will increasingly enter Arctic ocean disrupting sea ice and circulations. With less sea-ice storms will also begin forming as wind patterns have changed due to the equatorial heat redistribution & jet stream meandering & stratospheric heating, etc.

    Lithospheric interaction, friction, heat as Greenland has a shallow crust. Jet stream interaction, vertical wind energy forcing; interactions with dust & moistening of the troposphere.

    Greenland shallow waters heating faster, see winter shore SST temperatures, geothermal feedback.

    Clouds colder waters increase: what kind of clouds? Atmospheric dry regions, concluding increased moistening of the Arctic region? Worked out the feedback W/m2 from that? Natural aerosols from? How does the cloud formation obtain it’s minerals if indeed moistening occurs? (salt is low..)

    Coastal erosion and thermal stored heat when raising sea level also shallow water amplification and circulation.

    How about the effects on CO2 uptake & not seeding down as circulation decreases? 1/3 sinks by AMDO or is it less? On a 150Gt budget for yearly oceanic intake that seems to be important? CH4 based on increased earthquake frequency due to gravity anomalies (simply because Mount Everest gets taken away from the ice sheet each year and according to the GRACE data even 2 times that weight) can cause faster releases of deep magma methane hydrates & shallow water disruptions could also increase release rates. (That besides what’s happening on land @ the permafrost regions) There are some publications on it’s interaction with sea ice and it’s oscillations between ice and the halocline.

    As high pressure field is expected to form over the AMOC should the Blob then be incorporated into the models to match the temperatures in w/m2.

    Wind is depending on the strength of the jet streams, SST, SSH-> land but when Greenland deflates does that also add to wind patterns & blue ocean new environment & Pacific interaction with increased energy compensating storms. How is the distribution for the Atlantic ocean of the SSH(+A); if you integrate the PDO into the AMDO with the Antarctic & Arctic GRACE values?

    Boulders by winds, sounds really strange. Why not landslide or tectonic releases or retreating glaciers or a practical joke from the eastern island settlers….

    Where is the lunar orbital influence? Tidal terra thermal heating?

    I think Volcanology is the Climate Control Knob not co2, it merely is a mechanism to stimulate plant/plankton growth as a result of mineral deposits and polar cooling by the seasonal orbital stratospheric cooling injection of sulfates to buffer for the temperature increase by the injected co2, oscillating throughout history: mass rather than gas.

    When was that volcano active in that Antarctic (west) valley? Perhaps discharge from Antarctica has a different impact on the PDO & AMDO and could it explain how the AMOC behaved in the past when dealing with such great increases within a century?

    Doesn’t fit in my understanding of the climate system.

    That’s about the projections and further about his Eemian baby I really don’t even want to speculate.

    Totally agree with the mentioned priorities.

  • Add a very strong “live caption” of the running figures of world population births and the importance of either keeping the penis to yourself and jerk off more in nature–add to healthy soil, not healthy, helpless babies. Too harsh, show the million people that died in the Sahara because of global dimming effects to their water supply. Shock with “real” photos.

    I love electricity ($40 mon) and my car and my computer. Of all the controls, population might be the biggest threat, but we know the tipping points–the ice is melting fast.

  • You’d almost have to believe that Fetzer-dude is planted by the PTB, to discredit any/all forms of skepticism, directed towards the higher-ups. They can just point to him, & shut down all alternative assumptions & contentions.

    So one gets to the point that if you don’t believe the ‘official narrative’ you’re automatically wondering if you’ve become a dreaded “conspiracy-theorist” yourself?

    Seems a society that can no longer produce anything of value(tangible, or philosophical), is condemned to mass-producing doubt itself.

  • Professor Fetzer is a national treasure. His sharp mind and long, diverse scientific and educational background is outstanding. His bravery is legendary. (Almost as brave as the author of this blog.) His science is spot on. He has an open mind and goes by the latest data. He is not afraid to change his opinion when new data arises.

    He is aware of the the many grave (fatal) threats to our continued existence, including rapidly accelerating climate change and the concomitant danger of 400,000 tons of nuke waste, mostly at NPP cooling pools needing grid power to keep it from unquenchable radioactive fire.

    He is using his last years tirelessly working for Justice and educating the masses to the many shams pulled over their eyes. Planes piercing Steel Skyscrapers is not physically possible, nor is the Boeing 767-200 capable of stated speeds below 10,000 feet. NOT CAPABLE AT ALL!

    Kudos to Guy for allowing him almost the whole hour of his program. It is not surprising since Guy is so passionate about the truth against all odds and opposition.

  • With thanks to Guy, I’ll enter the lists again:

    Broad brushes (brooms?) sweep clean.
    Being an artist with a messy studio, I use both. So, a comment or so: Culture and Civilization are, to be sure, factors responsible for much that is bad, even lethal, hence the dirty tone of the bathwater from which tubs we are encouraged to throw all out, water & babies alike. Further, much that is “cultural” and/or civil has been in support of the empires of privilege that are screwing up the works. However, a small choir conducted and populated by artists of all sorts, writers, scientists, and other thinkers like Carolyn Baker and Johanna Macy who are capable of seeing something positive on the brighter (and often underpaid) side of the coin…and including just plain, honest, even caring people are, we all thought, part of a culture, even sort of civil. I humbly (?) suggest that, in pursuit of excellence, we exercise a bit of discrimination. Don Quixote was not noted for finely defined and balanced judgements of his “knightly adventures,” attacking many innocents, along with a few threatening windmills, dangerously armored herds of sheep, etc. – before, becalmed, he took his last breaths.
    Comment(s) two and three, sort of combined and directly relevant to our broad issue: Bill McKibben has, as Guy might put it, belatedly joined (sort of) the ‘methane matters’ club with an article in The Nation magazine, just out. His focus is on fracking and U.S. energy policy. Usefully, he provides a good recent history and links to the current political choices before the nation…the players of note, etc., yet fails to even mention global warming-arctic tundra, permafrost, clathrate factors (so they just don’t exist.) He does his bit for renewable energy, tilting, like Quixote, at the windmills that will provide all the giant energy needed at no environmental cost. Useful, but a comprehensive article it is not.

  • Industrial civilisation and a population of 7.4 billion is causing atmospheric CO2 levels to increase by 3ppm each year. The highest recorded
    rate of change of atmospheric CO2 before the industrial revolution is less than 0.15 ppm per year.http://theconversation.com/mass-extinctions-and-climate-change-why-the-speed-of-rising-greenhouse-gases-matters-56675

  • My above post re McKibben’s Nation article 4got sent too soon; this was intended as the conclusion:

    No consideration is made as to what energy is meant but ‘all’ implies-well, all. The renewables generate electricity, about 18-20% of world energy use/demand. No consideration is made of the manufacture, mineral extraction and refining, transport, servicing, replacement of the solar panels and wind mills themselves require–never mind everything else we use, need or want.
    Useful, but a comprehensive article it is not.

    Related, and far broader is E.O. Wilson’s new book, Half Earth. Briefly, Wilson says we humans depend upon a viable biosphere, an intact and comprehensive natural world. (A pretty radical notion for we who have divorced ourselves from “nature”, that, to us, is a source to oversee, exploit and – well you know.) After detailed and fascinating discussion of what we do and don’t know of such a necessary world, including considerations of our vastly enhanced technology and its theoretic potentials, he concludes with: “Shall we be existential conservatives, keeping our genetically based human nature hills tapering off the activities inimitable to ourselves and the rest of the biosphere? Or shall we use our new technology to accommodate the changes important solely to our own species, while letting the rest of life slip away? We have only a short time to decide.”

  • I am praying for everyone here on NBL (and elsewhere). Thank you Guy for pointing out that “Only Love remains”.

    Love is patient,love is kind.
    It does not envy, it does not boast,
    it is not proud, it is not rude.
    It is not self-seeking,
    it is not easily angered.
    It keeps no record of wrongs.
    Love does not delight in evil,
    but rejoices with the truth.
    It always protects, always trusts,
    always hopes, always perseveres.

    And now these three remain:
    Faith, Hope and Love.
    But the greatest of these is Love !
    1 Corinthians 13, vs. 4-13

    Apostle Paul
    60ish A.D.

  • I was scratching my head as I listened to Guy host that Fetzer fellow. Have been aware of Fetzer’s folly for some time.
    Yes, governments lie, but not everything is a lie.

  • Efforts to curtail world temps will almost surely fail

    “Just considering wind power, we found that it would take an annual installation of 485,000 5-megawatt wind turbines by 2028. The equivalent of about 13,000 were installed in 2015. That’s a 37-fold increase in the annual installation rate in only 13 years to achieve just the wind power goal,” adds Jones.”


  • Right on, Dredd! A cheer goes up in the boardrooms of energy corporations everywhere whenever certain environmentalists take time out from wallowing in their persecution complex to spread the theme of collective guilt. They can put their feet up on the desk and watch these clowns do their demonic work for them. These highly emotional shallow thinking environmentalists have been the gift that keeps on giving for 50 years now. There’s a perverse beauty to it.

  • Thanks Guy, for another though provoking post
    Edward Goldsmith sees the indigenous people’s lives as “not simple” like the mentality of people trapped in the commercial lie of empires, he exclaims… The indigenous life is more complex than our mundane simplistic commercial city lives; Indigenous people’s lives are full of diversity, of family, responsibility, many languages, all manner of traditions and artistic pursuits being handed down.this is the gift economy guy speaks of. This has all been long lost.
    “Curiosity” did not eat the cat. Consumerism did .Stay curious, and step outside the boundaries constantly. Never sell out or lose the magic.
    My mother is an artist and she paints so she can see better, see spontaneity, see the reality, see between the shapes and see the spaces. See clearer who she is. see further
    My mother is a wonderful artist (painter), she is a gifted and studied draftswoman, and now in mature age (81) is a great abstract artist in the lineage of the Greats…(She was written as one unsung heroes of the Sydney women’s art world in the Sydney Morning Herald).
    But… my Mother has never exhibited to sell only exhibited to show
    My Step father was hip, he introduced me to Louis Armstrong and Lester Young he was a Marine Biologist and was the first person to dive under the ice in Antarctica the fifties, to study phytoplankton, and he is 92 now. He knew of scientific evidence of global warming in Nixon era. He wrote books on his trips to Antarctica in the fifties, and papers, never made a dime for his work outside the mainstream
    Never sell out ,just keep doing it to see the truth clearer (or the abstract), if we sell out that is what empire wants. Empire wants us to be a commodity .FuCK IT!
    I love the story of the “Blue Note” recordings. If I didn’t have that special groove, they did not record it or release it.They were bent on quality control, not sales. Some of the greatest recordings of afro American jazz are there.
    Now, today for me It’s the kids that are important…they are our lineage… However, deep down I am in serious in Grief for my kids, in the face of modern Empire and Global warming and N.T.E etc. etc.
    All I can do is steer my kids and keep them clear of the mainstream bullshit, keep filling their live full of engaging things like music, pottery , painting and running in the parks, walks in the national parks looking under rocks, swimming in the ocean, growing things in the garden, weekends at my block of land with the kangaroos.. Keep them looking for adventure…Not glued to google, it is the kids that matter! I need to be mentor and grief councillor for my kids. This is a big ask, I have to be up to this challenge. Shit
    Thanks Mel Strawn for your comments, yes life is a full rich and diverse place if our minds are directed that way. Like minds are here…Thanks again Guy and all who share here much appreciated for your posts

  • Elroy Hubbard Says:
    March 23rd, 2016 at 10:49 pm

    Right on, Dredd!


    Evolution for all (Evolution From Left To Right – 7).

  • Hey Henry (from Sydney)

    Afraidia is getting more and more like north Amerika.

    Though you show the sensitivity to the world you have brought your kids into, they will do ok. I say this because you r steering them not to buy or swallow the crap-tat’s your job buddy, and it is he best you can do along with loving them-IMHO.

    Where is your block? I got roos near me-and I don’t shoot them, just to be sure.

    I live West of Sydney, but visit Newtown often.

    I do art too.

    Stay mellow bro, there is a lot of shit coming, and keeping yourself strong, stable and flexibly focused is the game when you have youngens to care for.

    ‘Appalachian Music Part A’

    ‘Women of These Hills – 3 Cultures of Appalachia – 2000’

    (just liking the Appelation music right now)


  • Oh yeah, this too !

    ‘Yothu Yindi – Timeless Land’


  • @Guy


  • I’ve heard it said that what really brought it on top for the Panthers was their initiative to make sure every kid in the ghetto got an adequate breakfast. I mean, seeking social justice ‘by any means necessary’ is one thing, but feeding children? That is going too far…

    That is sarcasm… btw.

  • WHO runs this world? Remember the warning of Dwight D. Eisenhower about the military-industrial complex:

    ” The military–industrial complex (MIC) is an informal alliance between a nation’s military and the defense industry which supplies it, seen together as a vested interest which influences public policy. The term is most often used in reference to the system behind the military of the United States, where it gained popularity after its use in the farewell address of President Dwight D. Eisenhower on January 17, 1961, though the term is applicable to any country with a similarly developed infrastructure. In 2011, the United States spent more on its military than the next 13 nations combined.

    In a U.S. context, the trope is sometimes extended to military–industrial–congressional complex (MICC), adding the U.S. Congress to form a three-sided relationship termed an iron triangle. These relationships include political contributions, political approval for military spending, lobbying to support bureaucracies, and oversight of the industry; or more broadly to include the entire network of contracts and flows of money and resources among individuals as well as corporations and institutions of the defense contractors, The Pentagon, the Congress and executive branch…”


    It’s not just the USA, it’s the GLOBAL military-industrial complex. Military (incl. secret services), oil business/multinational corporations and the “defense” industry- that’s the real global POWER. These guys are no tree huggers for sure. Just study the history of the oil busines and you know, what I am talking about.

    HOW do you wanna fight this global complex?!

  • I see only ONE force, who is able to fight that complex:

    Mother Nature herself.

  • thanks ap for the wind turbine link

    thanks mel

    McKibbey flares up on natural gas

    at the same time the

    Rockefeller charitable slush fund

    promises to actually divest again soon eventually

    all this 2 degree talk means nothing

    if you are 30 you will see hell when you are 50

    no McKibble quibble treats got nudin-todo-widit.

    we ain’t gonna worry about no NTE in 30 years

    we will be dying for water and killing for food

    the seas won’t start rising a meter/decade until 2050

    Killary-Stump are predatory white people

    if a stationary high pressure block parks its ass over the Midwest this summer, we f u c k e d ! ! !

    april fool’s day comes early this year.


  • How do I proceed in blowing it all up? What steps should we take? Cash out? Move off-grid? I’m already child-free (because I learned in college this extinction was coming), vegan (vegetarian and/or vegan since 1976), earn $$$ of the books (don’t pay taxes), etc… drive as little as possible, keep the lights off in the house….what comes next?

  • Lennon and the Panthers organized anti-war rallies together, those were the days. I always imagined that Joplin, Hendrix, Morrison, or many others’ deaths were not really accidents or suicides, just a wild assumption at the time. Others were just blacklisted from mainstream.

    One difference then was that the media was not embedded in the military to the same degree.

    Most of those “troublesome types” from the current generation are probably dead or incarcerated.

    The best hope for change seems to be from those nations who are still resisting assimilation and are outside the empire, and biding their time as they watch the decline, the barbarians at the gates.

    In his speech to the UN last year I think it was, Vladimir Putin mentioned the need to develop nature-like technologies. An intriguing sounding term, which engendered some speculation as to what he was referring to.

  • Let’s just proclaim Trump President by acclimation, and get on with it. I am getting bored with all these useless delays like debates and elections. He can give positions to all of the other 17 former candidates. The nation deserves them all. United Clusterfuck States of America! Let the real fun begin!!!


  • EtyerePetyere, still bitter about your micro penis? Bad deal on the genetics, but no ones fault really.

  • Bob Dylan was persuaded to “change his tune” sometime around his first tour of England.

    This other Bob took a little more convincing.


  • @Apneaman …You wouldn`t understand it anyway http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k_e3PVBx0N0

  • .


    That misogyny video is so obviously Trump propaganda. Hils a femme, Trumps a thug. Like Duh. Get it?

    This is what’s in store for your female friends should Trump win. And collapse won’t be affected one way or the other whatsoever.

    How fucking stupid can some people be. Open your eyes for a change. Oh, all you see is intestine. Forgot about that, sorry.

  • EtyerePetyere, your comment is stunningly misogynistic. It has no place in this space and I have deleted it. Post any more like it, and you’ll be banned from commenting here.

  • “Yes, it could be worse.”, says Guy, but according to Spinoza’s total determinism, nothing could be other than what it is.

  • I’ve just expired my subscription over at Peakprosperity, due to income limitations, but I’d say those folks are pretty smart yet the global warming thread is mostly about “is CO2” the cause and show me the charts blah, blah, blah debates. I’m visualizing chimps driving down the LA Freeway fighting over the rearview mirror.

    Do you have a recipe for a Methanegargleblaster? and where is my towel!?

  • JIMBOT – Putin “NatureLike Technology” Described in the journal Nature Communications, nanoscale shapes are made out of boron subphthalocyanine chloride, a material often used in organic solar cells. They are round crystals with no facets, which in itself doesn’t sound like much but is actually a breakthrough in the engineering world. (see SABINE Neurotechnology on youtube)

    The design mimics the shells of echinoderm sea creatures such as brittle stars, which have rounded structures on their bodies that work as lenses to gather light into their eyes. In a lab, creating crystals of the same minerals, however, either results in a faceted shape with flat faces or a rounded shape lacking molecular order.

    “In my years of working with these kinds of materials, I’ve never seen shapes that looked like these. They’re reminiscent of what you get from biological processes,” explained associate professor Max Shtein. “Nature can sometimes produce crystals that are smooth, but engineers haven’t been able to do it reliably.”

    Researchers stumbled upon the new nanolobe design by accident, and have since then perfected the process. (This is connected to Methane eating microbes. Along the lines of Haliburton COREXIT oil absorbing chemical used in Gulf of Mexico. Warning: side effect includes attacking natural oils in fish & sea life.)

    The key to their success was the thickness of the material. At 800 nanometers thick, the repeating nanolobe pattern emerged every time, according to researchers. BIOMIMICRY & Applied Molecular Evolution.

    Both the nanolobes’ shape and the way they’re made have promising applications, the authors add. The geometry could potentially be useful to guide light in advanced LEDs, solar cells and nonreflective surfaces. Also a possible application to spray on sea ice.

    NEMESIS – excellent report on GLOBAL Military-Industrial complex. PLEASE look-up DARPA Blue Brain tissue & V2K Neuronal transduction signals. Extinction is being PERDICTIVE programed, might as well look behind the scenes at the very worst things Empire is preparing.

  • There’s been all kind of trash promoted in these threads, some of the most obscene posted under the banner of “love”.

    So what is it that Etyere Petyere actually said?

    And Guy, how come you are censoring now, at this late date?

    Personally, I don’t need you to paternally protect my ladyfeels, TYVM.

    Personally, I don’t need you to paternally protect my ladyfeels.

    On a related note, here’s something hilarious I came across yesterday. Was reading about some anti-LGBT laws in GA and encountered a related story:


    A very sad story. What’s hilarious is the lone comment:
    Cheryl • 5 days ago

    Georgia of course….how many of you dickless wonders in Georgia will be voting for the monumental ass Trump? I am sure he is very proud of this cowardly attack – it’s what he’s famous for.
    (bold emphasis mine)

    Even in service “against patriarchy”, The Power of the Dick is invoked! I found that super-amusing.

    I wonder to what extent revulsion for those who clearly don’t procreate mightn’t be hard-wired into human biology. (I’m not saying this is a given, just throwing it out there as a hypothesis.)

    We can be Politically Correct all we like in our current context, but (paradoxical as it may seem to the ‘bien-pensant’) I believe what is going to be increasingly expressed in the human realm is a Desire for Potency. Trump = potency, with his batches of kids from a series of hot wives.. vs. menopausal Hillary and Grandpa Sanders. A fruit tree under stress will produce far more seeds than under normal conditions, it is said.

    The personality cult of Putin is a cult of potency. In Italy, where I lived for 10 years, hardly anyone spoke of Berlusconi, even on the left, without a wisp of envy-cum-‘respect’ for his easy womanizing. This is an area, like others in Europe, where ancient processions were (and in some pockets still are) made with model falli/phalluses as signs of good fortune.

    The Muslim invasion of Europe is summed up in an editorial picture I can’t find right now, showing multitudes of graphic sperm flowing up and into the north-western part of the continent.

    1/3 of Vancouver is being purchased by the Chinese:

    Close to my rural home (where there is still water), Utah Mormons are coming back East, buying up thousands of acres near the birthplace of the high priest of potency, the sexual criminal and con man Joseph Smith, in order to create “megalopolises”:

    The founder of NewVista says the Vermont economy is “unsustainable”. Somehow the Mormon practice of as many children as possible is exempt from that assessment.

    “The power of creation, or may we say procreation, is not just an incidental part of the plan—it is essential to it. Without it the plan could not proceed.”

    Tectonic, biologically-driven, shifts in human population, psychology, and social organization at the cusp of catastrophic resource degradation SO FAR OUTWEIGH anything happening in the arcane and artificially-civilized hothouse of liberal Western political-correctness that it isn’t even funny. Anticipating objection, allow me to point out that *observation* of a phenomenon does not equal *support for* that verysame phenomenon.

    Let go or be dragged, you say.

    Verily, I repeat back unto you…
    Let go or be dragged.

    It seems like Guy wants to be an objective scientist and biologist, but at the same time a social “bien-pensant”. These two things are not compatible.

    These two things are not compatible.

  • Lidia, I remove hate speech. I did it frequently with anti-Semitic comments, and you didn’t complain. I don’t appreciate somebody libeling an entire race or sex based on those attributes. If you’re into that sort of thing, there are plenty of places to find them.

  • Illogically, you expect me to either appreciate or complain of something which has been invisible to me.

    I don’t come here for anti-Semitism or chauvinism, to be sure.

    I come here for truth. There aren’t “plenty of places” to find that.

  • (Dawning)
    There are none.

  • @jimbot

    please elaborate on dylan, if you will….

  • @mt: Dylan had 2, 3, or 4 wives, depending on who you talk to. And at least 5 acknowledged natural children. Potent. :-)

    Bob Marley apparently had at least 11 children, likely more.

  • Oh yeah..

  • Lidia,if you missed the video EP posted, search “black pigeon speaks”.

    Guy,your blog your rules; but I viewed the video without any outrage. Maybe it was ” pushing ” it?
    The world is full of theories, some of them may even have a bit of truth in amongst the BS.
    If you considered that to be “stunningly misogynistic”, not sure how you’re going to describe the behavior of men behaving badly, coming to a place near you sometime soon.

  • mt

    It’s well known that Dylan became quite strictly apolitical. I found his link to a book review about it.


    However my comment was based on the impression I got from watching the movie made of his English tour. On that tour he was hounded by some American “reporters” who seemed to me to be something other than what they professed to be. They were leaning on him pretty hard in their interviews and so, as I imagined it, he took the hint.

  • Birthing babies is in no way “apolitical”.

  • OOps! Engendering babies (rather than birthing)..

  • Predictive programming is a subtle form of psychological conditioning provided by the media to acquaint the public with planned societal changes to be implemented. If and when these changes are put through, the public will already be familiarized with them and will accept them as ‘natural progressions’, as Alan Watt calls it; thus lessening any possible public resistance and commotion.

    LIDIA – The 5 month old baby in development inside my pregnant step daughter died the other week. Removing the fetus was a messy medical procedure. She has a husband and good job but I sure didn’t want her to get pregnant to begin with. I really hope they don’t try again but her husbands side of the family is typical about pushing for grandchildren. I never predicted my college educated step-kid would fall for breeder programing. So much pressure from mass society. Hope this finds you doing well. All my best.

  • Giday Ozman,
    Yeah, really good to connect, we are definitely neighbours
    I live in the Inner West, Five Dock; run a small business restoring traditional sash windows from my garage. Its good work restoring all those beautifully made windows from 1890-1930.We rent a big run down old house with a backyard we have no debts. Pay as you go
    We bought a block 10acres early last year. ½ bush and half cleared with a good dam, up high, 160 above, between Bulahdelah and Stroud 2.5 from Syd. The kangaroos graze and the sea eagles and kites soar above us, stunning country. We have a caravan and a few fitted out containers up there, just got a D.A. passed for our proposed dwelling. So legally we are allowed the caravan and container for five years. It will be a while before we build??So the caravan is great for us and the kids once a month

    Anyway back to more relevant things
    We should pull together and find some people to contribute with us and get Guy out here! Guy Macpherson in Sydney??Would be great “if he wants to come”
    We need 10 people to throw in $500 each (or more if possible) and we are close to have him on the plane we could billet him here and with the contributors.
    I know of five contributors I could ask straight away…i would knock on the doors of a few of those broadminded actors in Balmain to spread the word and get a good venue

  • Henry(from Sydney)

    Sounds like a good idea.

    Guy is coming later in the year it says below…


    Can you elaborate on where and what event is scheduled for Australia?

    I will plan round it if possible.

    But after just checking I see it only says NZ and Australia is off the register…was it something I said?

    Or didn’t say…(ha ha)

    Look coal mines are closing down in Australia, regardless of activism… but one could guess they can start up again…

    ‘Regional Australia shedding jobs as mining downturn, drought take hold’


    ‘Is Australian coal finally having its “oh sh*t” moment?’


    Finally reading Jarred Diamond’s COLLAPSE after I was given a copy by a permaculture neighbour who is moving to the city…(W.T. hey?)
    He lays it out pretty clear-tree cutting and mining always seemed to have fubared it.
    Vastly more to our situation than that, but it was a start.


  • To me, it gets harder and harder to understand people. Therefore I become a Steppenwolf more and more. I hide from people, I try to stay away from most people, I get more and more AFRAID of people. A few days ago the daughter of my ex-girlfriend (20 years old now) and a friend of her tried to break into my little appartement. Bad luck for them, because I was at home at that time, lying in my darkened little living room, trying to find some sleep in the early evening. You know, I never did any harm to her. In fact, I was always there for her, I always cared for her since she was 9 months old. There are scumbags and there are stupid scumbags. The daughter of my ex appears to be a stupid scumbag. Sometimes I lose words completely, I get so fuckin SAD SAD SAD and tired, I get really tired of this world. I feel like I am a thousand years old.

    No, when Death comes, I will not miss this world, NO, I WILL NOT MISS THIS STRANGE, STRANGE AND SAD WORLD.

  • Henry from Sydney,
    I’ll contribute to that if you get it organized.
    Guy is pretty finicky, though. He’ll probably insist that you spell
    his name correctly before coming.

  • Thanks David,
    Sounds good will keep you posted

    Sorry Guy,,,McPherson..yes. Just a typo..no offence please

  • Money comes, money goes, man comes, man goes, but he remains:


  • My thanks to Guy for inviting “conspiracy theories” into the conversation. I think Jim Fetzer was a reasonable choice because he can be counted on to bring up a wide variety of these critters. Without getting bogged down with which, if any, are more likely true, I think it is worth considering that a good number are true. (My guess is the more a person gets their news from the mainstream media, the more likely they are to think none are true.) This means the powers that be, with the help of the media, are manipulating events and/or creating false narratives to achieve some hidden agenda.

    My question, how might this make a difference as the “last days” become more challenging to the public at large?

  • Mark A.

    From the outset “COREXIT” was a misnomer used by Halliburton, it’s proper name was “LETSHIDEIT”…


    On the subject of “Procreation” among the various “tribes” of Religion there are two points which are or should be self-evident. One is they want to “be fruitful and multiply”, however they certainly don’t want the Tribe down the street that worships a different god to do so…
    The second point is related to the first in that the bottom line for Religionists is that “Gay” people don’t have kids, so that kind of wrecks that “be fruitful and multiply” bit… they’re so fond of.

  • The Energy Cock Block *

    Texas A&M researchers modelled all the projected growth in global population and per capita energy consumption, as well as the size of known reserves of oil, coal and natural gas, and greenhouse gas emissions to determine just how difficult it will be to achieve the less-than-2 degree Celsius warming goal.

    It would require rates of change in our energy infrastructure and energy mix that have never happened in world history and that are extremely unlikely to be achieved.

    Just considering wind power, we found that it would take an annual installation of 485,000 5-megawatt wind turbines by 2028. The equivalent of about 13,000 were installed in 2015. That’s a 37-fold increase in the annual installation rate in only 13 years to achieve just the wind power goal,” adds Jones.

    Similar expansion rates are needed for other renewable energy sources.

    Every hour of every day:

    • 3.7 million barrels of oil are extracted from the Earth

    • 932,000 tons of coal are removed from Earth

    • 395 million cubic meters of natural gas are removed from Earth

    • 4.1 million tons of carbon dioxide are put into the Earth’s atmosphere

    • 9,300 more people inhabit the Earth

    Link Ref:

    * If you can afford the $20 to download the pdf, please send me a copy by letting me know at this link.


  • Lidia,
    I really enjoy reading all your comments, they’re brilliant.

    There was a Tibetan monk who came to N America and developed quite a following. Eventually it came out that he was an alcoholic and womanizer. People were wondering how it was possible that he could write so profoundly and with apparent insight and wisdom. Of this, another teacher remarked, something like “even from weeds we can get beautiful flowers”.

    Potency is of the tongue, which creates an attraction perhaps?

    Apparently Putin not a cult in Russia, most Russians feel he represents them and acts out their will reliably. I think Pussy Riot financed by Washington.

  • @Lidia It would appear that lidia is so enamored with her narcissistic love of her own intellect that she has become emotionally numb to the ugliness that is this culture. That is what is wrong with science.They are programmed to be devoid of emotion. To not be outraged by such destructive behaviour as misogyny is why it persists.

  • What do any of the well healed losers that post here do to seriously resist empire ??????

  • Would it hurt your ladyfeels if I posted a video of child snuff pornography!!!!!!

  • Steve, someone gallantly prevented from seeing this particular instance of misogyny so how on earth do you expect me to be outraged by it? (I’ll let you be outraged for me.. that seems to be working for you, so you just keep that up, thanks!)

    When you say “this culture”, what do you mean.. the modern Western culture? My personal experience of it is that it hasn’t been all that misogynistic. I got to screw around and avoid the consequences. I got to have a career and pay my own way and come and go as I please. It’s hard to get outraged about misogyny in the US when in a growing expanse of the world they like to hack away at little girls’ genitals. I guess that’s pretty egalitarian, though, since they hack away at little boys’ genitals, too. Some women think that burkas are feminist, go figure. Anyway, the US being based on money rather than any other organizing principle, I see misogyny here as being on the low end of the spectrum, because it doesn’t really “pay”.

    Steve, as far as I am concerned you can go to town… post the most extreme thing you like.. how is that going to hurt *my* feelings? It only reflects upon you.


    … As a rule, white people strongly prefer to get offended on behalf of other people.

    …Once they have finished lecturing another white person about how it’s wrong to use the term “black” instead of “African-American,” they can sit back and relax in the knowledge that they have made a difference.

    White people also get excited at the opportunity to be offended at things that are sexist and/or homophobic. Both cases offering ample opportunities for lectures, complaints, graduate classes, lengthy discussions and workshops. All of which do an excellent job of raising awareness among white people who hope to change their status from “not racist” to “super not racist.”

    Another thing worth noting is that the threshold for being offended is a very important tool for judging and ranking white people. Missing an opportunity to be outraged is like missing a reference to Derrida-it’s social death.

    I wish I were well healed.

    Good evening to you!

  • “…most Russians feel [Putin] represents them and acts out their will reliably.”

    It’s a sad sign of the state of the political world when this phenomenon stands out as being highly unusual.

  • @Lidia
    I found a website you may get a kick from.
    Ex-Mormons in Utah who vent by parody of the LDS Church
    Quite funny.

  • Lidia


  • To Robt Callaghan – I think I asked this on your blog -– am I correct that renewables, that generate electricity, cannot address the 80% or so other part of total world energy demand/use…and that no one has proposed (or can propose) any way to safely deal with all of those other requirements of “our current living arrangements”, ala Guy? Guy?

    And thanks for the stream of data, Robert.

  • Thanks Guy, nice job. The thing I find odd is how people define “prison cell”. A cell phone tracks where you are 24/7 to within 3 feet at all times. Someone with an ankle monitor at home is doing the same thing only the cell is padded. I have never felt more trapped than living in a city. They are horrible cells. I live in a cell now in downtown Phoenix but going to prison isn’t an option for me, I make enough noise to all the wrong people that a flight to a dark-site has my name listed most likely. If you live with principles and have standards within then you must be willing to pay the price. I’d rather go that way than to know I failed in doing my best to correct the wrongs I see. I think of it as a compassionate life, it’s not a feel good thingy, it’s opening a door to let the light in. If my compassion leads to a midnight flight, so be it. I’ll be outta my cell.
    Thanks again Guy, Thanks for Being.

  • @Stevie

    ” What do any of the well healed losers that post here do to seriously resist empire ??????”

    Wow, cool rant! Well, I did not procreate (lucky, lucky me), I quit school when I was 15 years old, I stay away from any work, I stay away from much money, I don’t watch TV, I don’t drive a car, I don’t fly, I don’t vote (and never did), I stay free from consumer shit, I stay free from “ordinary” life in general, I do only what I want to do and, last but not least, I do always give a shit about what others tell me about how to live my life. So, I am not far away from being classified as a terrorist, I guess.

    One thing:

    You forgot to tell us, what YOU do to fight Empire^^… please, tell us!

  • My list of resistances to empire is pretty much an exact match for Nemesis’s, but I do consider myself well-heeled at the moment, ’cause I just got the heels repaired on my hand-made shoes. One shoe was made wider than the other, just like my feet. They fit like a glove, (or a sock). Thing is, I picked those shoes up in a charity (secondhand) shop. They were once bespoke-made for somebody, but that somebody wasn’t me. I assume they are dead man’s shoes, i.e their owner died and the shoes ended up in a charity shop.

    Dead men’s shoes that fit like a glove… there’s a lesson for me in there somewhere.

    I also have a bespoke-tailored suit that I’ve owned for over thirty years. Same story. I’ve had just one or two opportunities to wear that suit in thirty years- what a waste! Anyway, I guess the suit still fits, since so little of the fat of empire has come to my plate in the intervening years, that I am even scrawnier now than I was when I first acquired it.

    But then again, I guess those shoes and that suit are in a very real sense, the ‘fat of empire’?

  • Erm, I gotta a question here:

    If nobody can escape the fat of Empire, because Empire made us all dependent on it’s fat, then what sense does it make to fight or resist Empire at all?! If we are “all in it, all the same suckerz (except, some nice individuals just earn “a little bit” more money” :-) ), then what sense does this NBL blog make at all?! None.

  • Mel Strawn – if you got money, which I don’t, read anything by Vaclav Smil, or if you don’t mind mangled accents, you can watch him on YouTube.


  • dead mans shoes that fit like a glove…dead feet talking…much poetry in that. thanks 18000.

  • cutting the fat off the bone.

  • hey nem…if you don’t have anything, why would your exs-daughter try to break into your man-cave? you obviously caught her…what did she have to say for herself?

  • sometimes, old dogs can learn new tricks. maybe by accident. thanks dave.

  • @Dave Thompson

    The video of S. Brian Willson is the best I have ever seen. I wish I could find the transcript to it?

    If you know where to find it let me know at: shepherd2121 at teleclipse.net

  • Sorry mo, third post today:


    Please come to the basement thread…

  • @ Dave Thompson

    WOW Thanks for sharing that video of Brian Willson whom I had not known of until this moment.

    I would implore ALL, let me repeat ALL, in this space to share this video with as many people as possible.

    With the TAX date approaching I would suggest that anyone who gets what is being said here should know where to put that lawful (order following immoral) document and NEVER comply with this Criminal and Immoral Empire’s edicts. This man Brian Willson has it RIGHT.

    Blessed is he who suffers for RIGHTeousness sake, unlike the Jehovah’s Witness tenant which, states;

    Contributions to the community:

    Jehovah’s Witnesses are useful members of society and pose no threat to the security of the countries where they live. We respect governmental authority, in harmony with these Bible commands:

    “Be in subjection to the superior authorities.” — Romans 13:1.

    “Pay back, therefore, Caesar’s things to Caesar, but God’s things to God.” — Matthew 22:21.

    Thus, we obey the law, pay our taxes, and cooperate with the government’s efforts to provide for the public welfare.

    Evangelical Christian Right Wing,.. Fox News watching, War Mongering Trash also adhere to these scriptures:

    “Be in subjection to the superior authorities.” — Romans 13:1.

    “Pay back, therefore, Caesar’s things to Caesar, but God’s things to God.” — Matthew 22:21. (taxes)

    Thus, we obey the law, pay our taxes, and cooperate with the government’s efforts to provide for the public welfare.

    Most all if not ALL established Churches operating within the US, Christian, Muslin, what have you, are 501c3 Tax Exempt corporations preach obedience and praise of Empire to their Mind Controlled Flocks of Sheeple. They are not permitted to speak out against government policies for fear of losing their 501c3 tax exempt status.

    At this point I will introduce the work of Mark Passio, whom I have not seen mentioned in the time I have been following this blog. Because the concept of Order Followers was mentioned several times by Brian Willson you can start with Mark’s assessment of Order Followers, however Mark insists that people new to his work start with his Natural Law Seminar which touches on Order Followers. I would also recommend Cosmic Abandonment.

    I am invoking the Aristotle maxim: “It is the mark of an educated mind to entertain an thought without accepting it.”


  • “then what sense does this NBL blog make at all?! None.”

    And what is the sound of one jaw flapping?

  • @John Lynch

    Don’t quite know where to start in your recent attempt to get me to come to Jesus for salvation.

    Christians are in what Mark Passio and Michael Tsarion call right brain imbalance, it is slave think. We were submerged in this,.. The Greatest Lie ever told from before our births.

    You are not capable of passing the responsibility for your actions onto any other. No one is coming to save or forgive you or humanity from not following the Unchanging (Physical & Spiritual) Natural Laws of the Universe.

    The whole Christian edifice was/is an bastardization of ancient spiritual knowledge and principles by the governmental powers. Throughout the last 2000 years Mind Control was needed to control the populations which could never be controlled through physical force alone. Mind Control techniques were brought into being to keep the slaves in order. The Human Being is a Programable Species and WOW have we been loaded up with a shit load of malware.

    Most in this space rely way to heavily on purely scientific thought and evidence of Physical Law and rule out any existence that a unseen or spiritual reality coexists and is governed by similarly immutable Natural Spiritual Laws (see Mark Passio Videos)

    Here are a few interesting quotes from some familiar persons.

    I have examined all the known superstitions of the world, and I do not find in our particular superstition of Christianity one redeeming feature. They are all alike founded on fables and mythology. Millions of innocent men, women and children, since the introduction of Christianity, have been burnt, tortured, fined and imprisoned. What has been the effect of this coercion?
    To make one half of the world fools and the other half hypocrites; to support roguery and error all over the earth. Thomas Jefferson

    The Clergy converted the simple teachings of Jesus into an engine for enslaving the world and adulterated by artificial constructions into a contrivance to filch wealth and power to themselves… these clergy, in fact, constitute the real Anti Christ. Thomas Jefferson

    The United States is not a Christian Nation any more than it is a Jewish or Mohammedan Nation. President John Adams

    The doctrine of the divinity of Jesus is made a convenient cover for absurdity. John Adams

    The government of the United States is not in any sense founded on the Christian religion. John Adams

    Again, I am invoking the Aristotle maxim: “It is the mark of an educated mind to entertain an thought without accepting it.”

    Michael Tsarion has in his Origins & Oracles series titled: Astro-Theology & Sidereal Mythology blown the lid off the deception.
    Below is the first part.

  • @dave thompson, thanks for the links to SBW. Here’s statement from his web page that stuck out for me: “Dr. Jonathan Kneelant of Syracuse, NY, a physician to the Onondaga tribe: “I have recommended that they be detribalized and made citizens.”’


    Here’s the issue with that:
    One can’t argue for RE-tribalization at the same time one might want to maintain a democratic, secular, theoretically-non-discriminatory society.

    Industrial society -whatever its other myriad faults- is The Only Society I am aware of which has attempted and managed (however imperfectly) to assimilate virtually all religions, sexes/genders, races/’races’, and so forth. Whether one considers this a liberation or an expression of the Borg is entirely ancillary to the point I’m going to make:

    To declare oneself part of a tribe, one necessarily creates the “others”: those *not* of one’s tribe.

    An established Native American group kicked out *all* Blacks from their tribe a few years back:
    I don’t remember a big political backlash against them; in fact, I never even heard about it until recently.

    Those who look forward to “re-tribalization” should be prepared for everything that might entail.

    Oh, and Steve, your comments continue to piss me off (you may be pleased to read). I think it’s hilarious that you’d think any woman might need to be schooled by you in feminism. I think it’s even more hilarious that you would expect me to be cowed or somehow put in my place by your mansplaining. What “better” (more perverse) way to silence women’s voices than by determining them to be insufficiently feminist? Oh, and “too intellectual”.. that’s another demerit for a woman.

    On Satish’s site, Going Kuku, Artleads (I think it was) said something I’ll never forget. He thought it remarkable that Lidia comments on NBL “AS THOUGH SHE BELONGS THERE”.

    God love him.

    Who would ever raise the question of whether a man “belongs” commenting somewhere? (unless in some tiny fringe Mary-Daly-inspired ultra-radical-feminist enclave…)

    @44 south, indeed.
    Steve and Guy really have No Idea of how bad it’s going to get if “this” [whatever “this” is (bats eyelashes)] is what they’re primarily concerned about.

    Women will eventually bear the brunt of real societal decline on a number of fronts. Instead of being peeved at me, how about coming down on some of these Muslim fuckers? Except that’s racist.. (except Muslims aren’t a race): http://www.ijreview.com/2014/11/196421-2-insiders-look-sickening-way-isis-tags-price-womans-life-sex-slave-market/

    If you don’t like that mess of porridge, you can always go to India, or Thailand, or Africa, or Eastern Europe for more of the same or worse.

    When faced with the alternatives, how many Western women are really going to run screaming away from Western “Empire”?

  • So this is the place for religious-enlightenment?

    End-times must be nigh?

  • @John Lynch, thanks for the link. I’ve visited other Ex-Mormon sites and they always have some entertainment value. I do feel sorry for any and all religionists sold some wacky story out of a book.

    @Woody Woodworth, I appreciate your comments about the skepticism of the founding fathers. However, Mr. Tsarion (real name, Brian Heatley.. why can’t he use his real name?) is just as much of a con man as any Christianist. We’re supposed to reject the gods of the middle east in favor of space aliens and Atlanteans?

    Deep sigh.

    What is it about humans that makes them so Fucking Credulous?