Jesters do oft prove prophets

~ William Shakespeare


A few weeks ago, Mike expressed his frustration at our lack of impact with the radio show. “Let’s push the audience,” he said. He indicated the typical listener, like the typical American, is heavy on criticizing the dominant cultural narrative and light on actions consistent with the criticism.

Remembering we have ample excuses to forgo action — so usually we do — I quoted one of my favorite lines from lying author and primary member of the defamation campaign against me, Derrick Jensen: “Would you rather have the best excuse in the world, or would you rather have a world?”

Mike brought up the Black Panthers and their willingness to act, despite the consequences. A little research reveals the Black Panthers, commonly painted as terrorists, conducted many kind, helpful acts even as perceived and reported by the mainstream media. They were renowned for adherence to principle and they are now viewed as horrible people. Coincidence?

Who among us is willing to make serious sacrifices based on principle?

The answer is obvious. Collectively, we forsake a living planet because we prefer good excuses in the pursuit of avoiding difficult work. After all, we have all those excellent excuses to not act. The momentum of civilization is powerful, and resisting those in power will almost certainly lead to imprisonment, torture, perhaps even early death. On the surface, these reasons all support inaction.

Whatever became of people willing to die for a cause? Oh, right: They were killed. The American Cultural Revolution withered in the 1960s and died in the early 1970s. The revolution took with it a few of the Black Panthers, the Kennedy brothers, Martin Luther King, Jr., and a lot of other people whose pursuit of principle interfered with the motives of those who benefit from American Empire.

Excuses aside, let’s not push the envelope. I’m tired of barely pushing the envelope. Rather than pushing it, let’s fill the damned thing with shards of glass, launch it via cannon, and blow up the envelope and every nearby cultural meme.

What have you got to lose? And, beyond that, what have we got to lose.

Life? We’re all going to die. I doubt adherence to principle is related to length of life, although it might be related to the quality of one’s life.

Liberty? Surely you jest. As ought to be clear to the few paying the slightest attention, our individual freedoms are allowed only as long as we continue to serve the masters.

Yes, it could be worse. We could spend our last days incarcerated, with even fewer freedoms than we currently possess. The jail cell could be more obvious, even to those deeply attached to the current, insane cultural narrative.

Or perhaps that wouldn’t be worse than spending our days trapped in the prison of civilization. When I taught poetry in various incarceration facilities, I longed to have the ability to think and write, unattached to my paid work. “Three hots and a cot” seemed ideal. I now have the freedom to do what I like, but I seem constitutionally unable to throw off the yoke of the messenger.

Upon moving to rural New Mexico, I wanted merely to live simply. Alas, my inner teacher intruded. The pursuit of scholarship interfered. So here we are, my voice the world’s strongest on the topic of abrupt climate change despite my desires and intentions to the contrary.

The topic I pursued — and continue to pursue — along with the takers who dominated my post-university life, made the path challenging and occasionally miserable. My own decisions made it worse. It turns out that living simply is neither simple nor easy. I don’t recommend it.

But I keep pushing, in my own way. Mike, too. You’re welcome to join the party.

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  • When it comes to deciphering the bullshit…. what kevin moore said.

    Spring Wind · Greg Brown

  • Well, Lydia, I can relate to some of what you write, but… I will have to say, what is it about SOME humans, that make them so arrogant as to think that there could not be SOME POSSIBLITLY or PROBABILITY that there are life forms other than humans? I mean, the Universe is billions and billions of years old, so it would just seem that there COULD have been or are… some type of being that would be roaming around, looking for some company. Now, don’t get me wrong. I do not like to buy into the theory that those “Aliens” are out there just waiting to help us… save us from ourselves… that is really no different than Jesus coming to save us. But, see, I do not like to be such an absolutist as to think we are so…. completely alone.

  • @ Lidia
    “Wacky story out of a book?”
    You are about to experience the Book of Revelations in real time right before your eyes. Its never too late to turn to Jesus and He will forgive you and be your friend. You don’t need any Priest or preacher. Just you and Him in the privacy of your own heart. One on One.

  • Has this site turned into a branch of’ Evangelists R Us’?
    Nice to know we will be forgiven (certain prerequisites apply,of course)
    I wonder if the innumerable fellow species exterminated in our never-ending quest to be fruitful and multiply,and subdue the Earth ,would forgive us,if they could.

  • The whole fucking history of monotheism in a nutshell:
    A deluded Lynch mob.

  • @Lidia:
    “What is it about humans that makes them so Fucking Credulous?”

    I’m confident that your question is a rhetorical device, rather than it being evidence of an intellectual or experiential blind spot, but, attempting to answer it anyway, I would reply:

    Some species of ‘desperation’, consciously acknowledged or not.

    I always remember the economy of your formulation: “Morality is situational.”

    In this case, (credulity as a symptom of desperation) perhaps one could say: “Immunity is situational” ?

  • Gad. Spare me this seemingly endless business about “tribes” coming out of the impossible to stop until we’re all extinct settler colonial invader rationalizations. These are countries and peoples.

    As someone, I think W.E.B. DuBois or maybe John Henrik Clarke pointed out: How can Iceland, with 300,000 people be a “country”, while 6 million Kanuri human beings in Nigeria are “a tribe” ??? Y’all better ask somebody.

    I know, I know. All you all want is their land, their labor and/or all their money with full implausible deniability. But Please…Please. Come off it.

  • I’ve posted an old essay with a new introduction. It’s here.

  • @Wanda, thanks for your considered comments. I don’t think I’ve ever said there are categorically no life-forms elsewhere in the universe. But I don’t believe that, if there were, they would be likely to be able to arrive here, nor do I believe that, if there were, they would in any way resemble anything in the stories people tell and have told themselves about them. Why wouldn’t they be more likely to be molds or jellyfish or some other sort of inscrutable composition we can’t imagine, instead of being made so close to our own image, bipedal and within a tempting and excruciating hair’s-breadth of being able to communicate (maybe with a “universal translator”!)…? The aliens are generally assumed to be ‘scientists’ who are going to use powers unbeknownst to us to colonize planets in spaceships (because that’s what *”we”* want to do?)

    I’m more persuaded by evidence than by other people’s wishful thinking, however creative or elaborate. When there is evidence other than people’s drug dreams, epilepsy, or psychosis I’ll take that into consideration. But since there is never any physical evidence, we are asked, as with conventional religions, to take it all on “faith”. I don’t have faith… I have certainty or uncertainty. Some people apparently regard this an arid philosophy unworthy and unbecoming of such marvellous and iridescent beings as ourselves (while calling *me* a narcissist), but I find it to be rich in substance. I think the existing world is plenty interesting enough without having to invent nonsense about it.

    At the dawn of history, “visitations” were routinely made by gods and animal spirits. Once God and Jesus were firmly ensconced in the heavens, “visitations” began to be made by demons, witches and succubi. Latterly, “visitations” have tended to made by aliens, with their sexual probes. Leda/Zeus, God/Mary, Aliens/Whitley Strieber. Same shit, different day. Each phase would appear to me to reflect the cultural pre-occupations of the period. The newest phase is the transhumanist one, where we’ll be “visited” to the point of being “inhabited” by our own technological creations, nanobots and the like, to the point where we biologically disappear. These stories are compelling only to the extent of what you worship/fear. I worship nothing, and (for the moment) fear nothing either.

    @John Lynch, outside of some extra-lurid scenography, the “book of revelations” reveals nothing that every civilization hasn’t experienced before at its collapse: War, Famine, Pestilence, and Death. That this needs to be predicted by a divine voice for us to consider it (duh!) strikes me as superfluous.

    The Jesus character (there’s no proof such an individual actually existed) is not my friend. Interesting how -if I don’t turn to him- he won’t be my friend! That’s not very nice. If a friend abandoned me, I wouldn’t want to see them rot in hell forever. Seems terribly thin-skinned and peevish.

    The Jesus character and the god-of-Abraham character are cruel sadists and narcissistic egomaniacs, condemning all the souls who don’t kneel before them to eternal torment. (But they love us.) Please don’t expect me to have any desire to reach any putative heaven where they might reign, because all accounts of it are repellent (which is why hell is always described in far greater detail than heaven.. the stick clearly being more persuasive than the carrot in this situation).

    If people can barely stand to go and sit and sing hymns and praise the psycho god for an hour once a week.. what makes you think anyone would want to do that 24/7 for infinity?

    I’m looking forward to a death where all the elements of my body slowly return to the earth. I think I would like a sky burial, up in a tree. If I find someone co-operative, I might be able to wangle that on my property somewhere, before anybody notices.

    @18000days, hmm.. situational, as in “there are no atheists in foxholes”? I think that’s a canard. Religionists are always keen to impute and falsify deathbed conversions.

    I think group rituals are always going to draw in a majority, though, for whatever the reasons are that religion has any traction whatsoever. But the range of “beliefs” is so far BEYOND belief that it calls me to question the sanity of the species (by no means guaranteed, and probably so far from being able to be assessed as to be irrelevant: clearly, we are collectively in-sane).

    Pertinent to the question of feminism, I happened to come across a charming and “diverse” current West African practice of “ironing” young girls’ breasts with hot stones and other scalding implements, intending to “melt” and reduce the breast tissue, terrorizing and disfiguring the young women and rendering them, in some cases, unable to breastfeed. Amazingly, no “white men from the Global North” had anything to do with it!!

    Under duress, what do you think you might be led to believe? I’m not sure myself, because religionists and other authoritarians are keen to use some very dirty psychological tactics of alienation and disorientation (because they work). The more closed-off from the outside world leaders can keep followers, the more likely it will be that followers will stay in the cult.

    This is not to say that all cults have to be traditionally supernatural in nature. Plenty of “cargo cults” operating on a grand scale world-wide, with their mantras to infinite growth, increasing terrestrial prosperity, and STEM degrees for all and sundry.

    @Wester, Iceland has pretty hard non-political geographical boundaries that don’t exist for the Kanuri, so there’s that. You can hardly blame the Icelandics for that twist of fate.

    Otherwise, who can say? Do you have a preference for “country” over “nation”? Do you prefer the term “people” rather than “tribe”? Can any of these words (all English words, of course, so it’s interesting that you employ them exclusively) have clear definitions other than by acclamation? If you feel there are important distinctions, please share those.

    I don’t want someone else’s land. Rather, the whole concept of the nation-state is that each all find ourselves in one or another (somewhat free-range) paddock, so that we ourselves might be farmed by “farmers” (bankers and corporations) who now and again turn their attention from this “field” to that.

  • Lydia
    Interesting and thorough response. Except, yeah, I didn’t really mention what the “Aliens” would or might be like…. I have just “entertained” that they may or probably exist… in what state, is up for grabs. One idea or theory is that they exist on another dimension.
    Now, to get down to our own reality. So, I would imagine that you do agree on NTHE. So, since most of us here do believe that (most), why so much tension and argument?
    The fact that the 500 nuclear power plants around the earth even exists, means that we “f” up our home long ago. They also did it when we were young. So, when we talk about how WE are destroying our planet for our young, well, I think we only continued the process. The generation before us started that whole thing the minute they choose to perpetuate anything nuclear.

  • Always an excuse. Always a rationalization. Oh pity we poor mortals who fail to -see- how awful and terrible pre-world-annihilating Euro culture was.

    If you are not interested in stealing people’s land, then get the hell off it.

    Ooooh…..a bridge too far….no political viability.
    Enjoy extinction. It’s clearly the rational choice.

  • .
    I am trying to decide between joining the left-wing hippies and their commune-inspired intentional communities or the right-wing anti-government militants and their secret bullet-hoarding bunker complexes. Also, I’ve considered joining the soon-to-be hillbilly cannibals in West Virginia – but I’m not sure I can stomach such a radical culinary departure.
    I need to decide because I’m either buying one or two kevlar pieces or a bunch of tie-dye hemp t-shirts…
    If anyone responds to this I will know “The End is Nigh.”

  • @Lidia:

    Yeah.. the foxholes… I was going to say that they can be figurative rather than literal, but then (afaik) the default definition ‘foxhole’ has already become figurative, being an excavation by human cannon fodder intended to protect them from explosive ordnance, rather than the site where Vulpes vulpes licks it’s wounds and performs it’s domestic duties.

    You say you think it’s a canard, I’d be willing and happy to concede, but that’s the point isn’t it? I presume neither of us have sufficient first-hand experience, and neither of us are (consciously!) crazy enough to voluntarily seek it out?

    “Under duress, what do you think you might be led to believe?”

    Upwards of 90% of the readership here are probably familiar with this old material, but I’ll link it for anyone who is not:

    It does offer a clue as to how little in the way of ‘duress’ is necessary to make someone exhibit a degree of apparent credulity laughable to any outside spectator. And, as with advertising, the surest sign of susceptibility is believing oneself to be immune.

    Yeah, the cargo cults. Am I being the more credulous by buying that cell phone, or by believing that I can continue to function in this milieu without it?

  • I’ve never owned a cell phone.

    It’s not a belief when you can actually perform the trick.

  • Me neither, LWA, but I sure can think of a few occasions when I might’ve been dependent on someone else’s. And obviously that can reach the point of being considered hypocritical, immoral and anti-social. Likewise I’m vegetarian, but i’m willing to bet that the truck-driver who delivers my lentils, or whatever, is not?

  • Good point and point taken. I guess I’m an intention guy. As useless as that may or may not be, it’s all I got Peace, and will it really be 18000 days still? Will you change your name eventually? Someday to tomorrow? (Just a funny there, thanks for your comment.) :)

  • Do you know, why I love trees? They are not “arabic”, not “jewish”, not “palestinian”, not “white” nor “black” nor any of that, they are just trees, hahaha.


    Death gives a shit too about our religion or none-religion, race, color and all that funny things to wich some cling to like Hell, hahaha. That’s why I love Death (among many other lessons), that’s why Death is my beloved teacher.

  • @Shallel

    ” Love One Another!”

    Yes, let’s love one another!… I am still trying!

  • @LWA

    Yeah, Van phrases like a saxophone, he phrases like hell. I am still trying to figure out his phrasing when I cover his songs- but I never catch him, he is free from the beat, his timing is still a mystery to me, hahaha, I have to find my own phrasing…

    I am sure, you know that album, but anyway, it’s on of my alltime favorites:


    Peace & Respect, brother in Music!

  • @18000, ““Immunity is situational”?

    There may be something to that… but there is also something physically different in about non-believers’ brains.

    subjects who perceive a supernatural agent at work in their daily lives tend to use brain pathways associated with the regulation of fear when asked to contemplate their religious beliefs.

    And subjects with religious beliefs based on doctrine, such as knowledge of religious scripture, tend to use pathways associated with language when they contemplate religion.

    However, non-religious subjects tend to use pathways associated with visual imagery when they contemplate religion, according to the study.

    Deshpande said those finding suggest subjects with a greater capacity to imagine visual images are less likely to be religious.


  • Death does not care about religion, Death does not care about science. Trees do not care about religion, trees do not care about science, hahaha. One man’s science is another man’s religion and one man’s religion is another man’s science, hahaha. The sun shines over theists and it shines over atheists exactly with the same Light, hahahahaha.

    Ich nehm sie alle gleich, theisten, atheisten, dadaisten 8-)


  • @Shallel

    Yes, let’s die FREE!… today, tomorrow, again and again and again and again and again and again and again…. at least, let’s TRY to love one another and let’s TRY to die free, let’s try it again and again and again… until…

    ” The result of my life is no more than three words: I was raw, I became cooked, I was burnt.”

    – Rumi

  • ” I’d be up for discussing it if we were in an adult venue.”

    Ho ! Or should I say:


    … btw, I mostly always hated “adults” from earliest childhood on, because it just sounds so fuckin finished, hahaha!

  • Yes, burn me with oblivion, adult oblivion, shoot me with adult intelligence and reason and rational precision, so I can get rid of all my tendencies more than ever :-)

    Flowers they are all, colored cosmic flowers.

  • No no, I will not go “there”, mo :-)


    In the early days, the Goddess of Love were also the Goddess of War.


  • @LWA:
    Not quite sure what you mean by ‘intention guy’? If it’s about ‘being the change you wish to see’, or, more accurately, ‘resisting the change you don’t wish to see’, then I’m one too, having done what I could, which wasn’t enough. I’ve hardly bought a new ‘consumer durable’ since the ’80s. It’s more or less an accident that I’m on the internet at all! That was not my ‘intention’…

    It’s like this cell phone thing. At first they were a luxury. Then they became a tool to give an ‘early adopter’ an edge over the competition in business. Next thing, every fucker had to have one, just to stay non-competitive. Then came the news stories and TV plotlines about fuckwits who got themselves stranded in stupid situations but luckily they had a cellphone with them. Next thing you know, it is plain irresponsible to go anywhere without a cellphone, especially since none of the public phone boxes function any more, if they are still there at all. So now we approach the situation where it is borderline illegal/suicidal to be without a cellphone.

    And that’s just the superficial ‘social’ side, without going into the radiation, the infrastructure, the ecological impact, the eavesdropping and GPS monitoring and all that…

    So.. I could see.. or sort of intuit.. that development, way back when, and my ‘intention’ was to have nothing to do with it. You too, maybe?

    No plans to change my name. I been called 1800, 180000, so, you know, I do get some variety… :)

    At the risk of being labelled a ‘cherry picker’, I reckon that first paragraph you quoted from the link supports my assertion. I guess to be scientifically rigorous I should do some more work on disproving my assertion..

    This could easily lead back to the dispute between ‘brains influence behaviour’ and ‘behaviour influences brains’ … or is it both? and if so, how much of each? We’ll have to ditch human agency, (I think) neither of us will mind, but someone will, ’cause someone (not me) is sure as shit responsible for this planetary mess and they’ve got to pay…. deep(ish) sigh… :)

  • http://www.mygodpictures.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/Inanna-Goddess-Of-Love-And-War-yt607.jpg

    Yes, brethren and sistren, as long as there is fighting, there is still Love. Only when there is total Oblivion, adult, cold, rational, machinelike precision, then all Love is congealed:


  • Most people never realize, how deeply the christian view of a creationist god, who created, constructed the world out of nothing and the rational, machinelike, purely scientific worldview are deeply interconnected. So I always have fun 8-)

  • @18000, on your last part.. LOL!

    And it’s not just brains and behavior.. it’s other ‘brains’ and other behavior.. for example our gut bacteria, or the weird cat parasite that makes people love cats. Far from having free will over our “selves”, I don’t think we can even define what a “self” is.

    And that’s… ok.

    Following Michael Pollan, we almost do more to promote the genome of corn than we do our own genome.

    As for fear, what engenders fear? Are certain people born fearful? I think so. Others have bad upbringings and/or PTSD for good reasons. But plenty of well-off people with no apparent troubles are highly fearful, spending the extra for insurance (for example) when they have money in the bank. My born-again sister is like this. Her DH is a lawyer; she could have bought their house for cash. But no, she wanted to “establish a credit rating”, so she’s going to pay for the house 3x over out of Fear of being non-compliant with some warped commercial-banking message (it’s good to have debt so that you can get more credit.. people who pay cash are “deadbeats”). Fear of being unlike everybody else.

    And so we’re back around to the religion thing: something about a common thought (even if it’s a clearly delusional thought) is seen as worthwhile and satisfying in its own right, independent of what the thought portends.

    @Nemesis.. riiight. Because virgin births, walking on water, and burning bushes are so “scientific”. Oy veh.

  • @Lidia

    ” @Nemesis.. riiight. Because virgin births, walking on water, and burning bushes are so “scientific”. Oy veh.”

    Hahaha!, that’s a good one! Got me! :-)


    ” This site IS still about NTHE? err … right?”

    Yes it is!, even after all these years, venerable doomer-brother. NTE/Death is a just so very slim topic, if you take is serious and really finalistic. I can hear the sound of NTE/Death at it’s best, when I just listen to the Music of the boneyard. It’s a very sparse Music with no numbers and no more dates and no statistics- yes, it is a peaceful Music in some sense, a somewhat silent Music 8-)

  • … ha!, I discovered a tiny, tiny tree in the Dürer picture!… is it a tree? A real tree?!

    What is a tree? Fuckin priest, can you tell me, what a tree is? Fuckin scientist, can you tell me, what a tree is?

    … no, wait, thanks, I will ask the children or the trees, I think.

  • @Lidia:
    “And it’s not just brains and behavior..”

    Ah yes, I remember reading about that stuff here, some time back. I get the gist of it- the ‘nuts and bolts’ are beyond me. Depending on how much personal ego one can still be bothered to indulge, it’s either humbling, or humiliating, I guess…

    You start to feel exactly like some kind of weird biodegradeable shopping trolley, no doubt ultimately* piloted by a devious cartel of refined carbohydrates lurking in some product that someone chucked in your basket while you weren’t looking…

    *Word just lost any meaning it might’ve once held.. :)

    I’m on the fence about whether it might be possible to be born (more) fearful.. I’d say It certainly is in the breeders’ interest to initiate the process of inculcating a culturally specific set of anxieties in new arrivals, which process might begin, at some level, before the actual ‘birth’?

  • @Apneaman


    So what? All animals are out of meat as well. And please don’t forget the very important BONES. And WATER. Most of us isn’t meat and bones, but sheer WATER.


    What are these incredible, superintelligent, extraordinary exciting Aliens are made of? LEGO bricks?…

  • If these Aliens would be really superintelligent (maybe even wise?), then they would realize, that humans are much more than just “meat”. Did you know, for instance, that the human body fits perfectly to the golden cut?


    If these Aliens do only see some “meat”, then they can’t be very intelligent or even wise, hahaha. To claim, that humans are just “meat” is exactly as stupid as to claim, that trees are just “wood”, ahahahahaha!

  • … but hell, yeah, it’s exactly the way, Empire “thinks”.

  • Fuck the Empire. What is the Empire made of? Isn’t it pretty much made out of brainfuck-memes? 8-)

    F.U.C.K. T.H.E. E.M.P.I.R.E.

    Hell, I like that meme.

  • “some kind of weird biodegradeable shopping trolley, no doubt ultimately* piloted by a devious cartel of refined carbohydrates lurking in some product that someone chucked in your basket while you weren’t looking…”

    @18000, exactly!

    I have a more inchoate idea.. not only are we not individual selves per se, rather processes and ecosystems.. I think we and all living creatures are, to a great degree, products of the matter and energy around us, the thermodynamical systems, almost in the way that a crystal forms given a pre-determined set of constraints. I tried to start up a discussion on this long ago in the NBL Forum.. something about “crystalline life”. I haven’t had the energy to investigate it seriously, but it feels correct to me.

  • @Lidia:

    Yeah I think we’re on the same page. I remember referring to myself as an ‘infinitessimal speck of biosphere’ here one time. I can’t remember the exact context, but it would’ve been around this issue of the fantasy of individuality/agency.

    You might’ve noticed I’m not so much of a science-oriented shopping trolley(!), so on NBL I automatically assume that if I link to anything scientific, just about everyone knows about it already, especially if it’s five years old. In case you missed this, you might find it interesting:
    not much of a link- I guess there is more out there if you are inclined..

    Then there’s the cymatics- but I’m stone-cold certain that is in the archives here somewhere, from before I started posting.

  • It’s always a bad decision, to call out a concrete date for extinction, because you will always be proven wrong, you CAN NEVER be proven right. You know why? Because when extinction really happenend, there will be nobody alive anymore to prove you right 8-)

  • I have seen a very serious (Arte-) documentation today:

    The lobby of the big monopoly energy companies is killing the renewable energy in Europe WILLINGLY. There is a huge and extremely ugly filth/corruption between politics and monopoly energy companies going on. Recently, 400 000 spanish middle-class citizens, who invested in solar energy, went bancrupt, because the spanish politics, who is always deeply involved in the big monopoly energy companies, simply cheated them. And the list of corruption goes on and on in Europe. And not just that:

    The costs for electricity for small people go up and up and up. I have to pay 60€/month for electricity now, as a single. More and more people in Germany, Great Britain, Spain, France ect just can not pay the electricity bill anymore, the costs get higher and higher. Some years ago I lived without electricity for ~ 1 year, because I just could not pay the bill. I had to use a kerosene lamp and a one-flame gas cooker- can you imagine in my little appartement ?! In the 21. century !! In Europe !!!

    You believe(d) in HONESTY in the economic system? You believe(d) in reasonable energy politics and renewable, DECENTRALIZED energy ?! Bwahahahaha, dream on. DREAM ON.

    THIS CENTRALIZED, CORRUPT EMPIRE SYSTEM is not about honesty, is not about reason, is not about responsibility for the future generations, is not about responsibility for the planet, it is only about:

    Greed and ignorance.

  • I swear:

    Nobody will escape Karma, Justice.

  • @Tom

    ” The noose tightens slowly, my friend. At first you don’t feel it, and for a while you think, it’s okay. . . But then ..

    Starving is painful and takes a while; thirst is brutal but quicker, and many go mad in the process.

    [The following are from Desdemona Despair]

    Vietnam’s southern Mekong Delta faces worst drought in history – ‘Those who have rice in hands will make fat profits’

    Is India facing its worst-ever water crisis? ‘The unthinkable is happening’



    ” Energy Tycoon Spends $1 Billion On Son’s Wedding; Locals Dub It “Feast In A Time Of Plague” ”


  • It is ALL about interconnectedness, it is all about sharing. Those poor souls, who exploit others and destroy the planet for profit, will be re- born with tiny, tiny mouths and gigantic spoons, in Hell.

  • Yes, hahaha, walking on water, bringing dead people to life again, burning bushes, tiny, tiny mouths and gigantic spoons… what is that? A fantasy? A tale? A dream? A Night- mare? Yes, it is.

  • … so, after all, don’t worry, fantasies, tales, dreams, nightmares don’t exist, at least not in… “reality”?…

    Salve, wanderer.