Three Chinese Curses

I’m copying below an essay, verbatim, originally posted in this space on 28 May 2010. But first I include a (very) few words of introduction and an embedded song.

People of privilege will always risk their complete destruction rather than surrender any material part of their advantage.

~ John Kenneth Galbraith


I’m there. I found what I was looking for. Sure enough, it’s a curse.


May you live in interesting times.

Mission accomplished. I’m there, as we all are. As we always have been, during two million years of the human experience.

May you attract the attention of the government.

I’m there, as I have been for years. To remove all doubt, about five years ago I placed a call to then-Governor Napolitano’s lead advisers on two topics, Energy and Agriculture & Natural Resources. I begged and pleaded with them, but they kept coming back with their singular response: “There is nothing we can do about global peak oil.”

It took a couple years for me to figure out what they meant because, of course, there are many things the government can and should do to mitigate for declining energy supplies. Government officials could start by letting citizens in on the truth about energy.

So, what did members of the governor’s staff really mean? There are no politically viable solutions. In this case, telling the truth is political suicide. The impending death of millions of people — and perhaps billions — pales in comparison to political careerism.

May you find what you’re looking for.

I’m talking to a naturalist I barely know. His one-year-old son is resting on his shoulders and treating a cattail as his personal magic wand. The seeds of the cattail are falling into the hair and beard of the 40-year-old naturalist as the boy succumbs to his own personal energy crisis and, fighting all the way down, succumbs to slumber.

I’m writing a book about the dire nature of our predicaments and I mention the high likelihood of a global economic collapse within a decade or so. The naturalist doesn’t bat an eye before responding: “I hope I’m around to see it. I don’t want my son to have all the fun.”

Fast forward six years, and I’m sharing a property with the naturalist and his young son. Collapse of the industrial economy is well underway, and has entered the acceleration phase of its death spiral. Obviously, we will live to see the final stages of the ongoing collapse of the industrial economy. As a result, we might see the living planet take the first tentative steps to a comeback.

Or perhaps not. Maybe in the coming few years we will die, collateral damage of the demise of the industrial economy. Just like entire ecosystems in the Gulf of Mexico and the millions of species organisms within them, consumed by the fire as Rome goes up in flames.

Maybe lifting the curse of industry will reveal a worse fate, at least at the level of individuals. But it’s difficult to imagine a situation in which termination of the industrial age will not improve the lots of every non-industrial culture and every non-human species on this planet.

May we find what we’re looking for, regardless of the personal cost.

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  • That sums up a lot of global developments. In advance.

  • Cowgirl Apocalypse Haiku #126

    Red flash- hawk takes flight,
    while great blue heron glides low,
    over the river.

  • I’ll play. How about:

    “May your ideas become widely influential” ?

  • Guy, thanks again for a good chunk of stuff to think about. It occurs to me that if the three curses were inscriptions on three elven rings, the one with “may you find what you’re looking for” would probably be the master ring. “Seek and ye shall find.” Your naturalist friend’s response is to me a bit mystifying; shockingly oblivious? Ridiculously brave? Just plain ridiculous? Bottomless denial? Yet I think we could borrow a grain of attitude from him as we approach whatever. There is that amazing tendency to find what you’re looking for.

  • Let’s say there was a way to save all non-human species.

    There still wouldn’t be any politically-viable solutions. Because, a planet without humans wouldn’t be considered an acceptable outcome.

  • So much of the living earth was sacrificed for my consumer lifestyle that the only moral response is to commit my life to helping non humans in what little time remains! When scout asked her father [Atticus Finch] why he was defending a “niggar” Atticus responded That he could not hold his head up if he didn’t.

  • Writing pretty words about nature is not enough. It is time to militantly defend the wild. Edward Abbey

  • @Steve- word, brother

  • 10 Years ago while receiving a USDA grant I had the opportunity to talk to the Under Secretary for Rural Development.

    I basically said that the best thing the USDA could do to mitigate the coming confluence of collapse would be to encourage and support local food production around the Country.

    His response was “there is no economic means for that to happen, it is a proven path to poverty”.

    I attempted to argue the case for the fact that 80% of employment comes from small business but he had already concluded is attention to me.

    By the way my grant was to study the economics of localization through the Food innovation center OSU extension.

  • Been watching #climatechange on twitter and so far nuclear,not eating meat,not burning fuel will save us and it’s not me it’s these other people causing it. That click click sound as rollercoaster nears drop, hold your arms in air cause abrupt #climatechange is launched.

  • if fuzzy wuzzy wasn’t fuzzy was he

    if fools rule the world,

    how come I don’t feel it?

    Welcome to my nightmare,

    it’s the scary door to…

  • With the sudden loss of 39,000 km2 of ice, the wandering ‘worm’ has turned south.

    Whereas in February it looked as though we would witness a dramatic meltdown in 2016, now the prognosis is unclear. At this seasonal point there was substantially less ice cover in 2015 than in 2012, yet in September 2015 there was substantially more ice cover than in September 2012.

    Atmospheric CO2 is a lot more predictable and we can safely say that records will be repeatedly broken over the next two months.

  • thanx denise. My posts are usually not appreciated here. I am known to wander aimlessly among the ancient trees of the quinault rainforest in complete awe when not working on other ecological matters.

  • .
    My posts are usually not appreciated here.

    Shit Steve. I loved your remarks to Lydia the other day. Truer words were never spoke.

    Denise, your haiku today meant the world to me. More than you can know. Thanks. Took me back to the spot of land I used to protect, with Momma hawk and Big Bird as permanent residents. That heron used to fly up the creek in the morning, and back down the creek just before sundown. I called it his commute. You literally brought a tear to my eye.

  • Blessings to you Guy for picking the right song for our times. I have requested that the song be put on my grave-stone should I have one. The song has been stuck in my head since I first heard it back in 67/68/69?, well, whenever it first came out when I was but a wee lad in high school. Oh those were the days my friend. So shine on you crazy diamond.

    All fun. Gilbert

  • ‘ Shit Steve. I loved your remarks to Lydia( it’s Lidia,LWA. Maybe learn to fucking read) Truer words were never spoke.’
    I didn’t say anything when Steve made his remark to Lidia ,as Lidia is quite capable of defending herself, but now we have you joining the head-
    kicking as well.
    Lidia says what she she thinks,and for that she is accused of being a narcissist ? Fucking unbelievable.

  • I have been thinking. I know we are not supposed to think. But I have been. The following should have occurred to me long ago. I was obviously not thinking enough in the past. Or thinking about the wrong things.

    I believe I have the following details correct, but if I have not perhaps someone can correct them.

    When Keeling began measuring atmospheric CO2 in California in the late 1950s he went to a remote rural location to collect samples, on the basis that industrial activity would generate unrepresentative results. Subsequently the CO2 monitoring program was relocated to a mountain in Hawaii, almost as far from industrial activity as it is possible to get.

    As described on the CO2earth site: ‘Measurements are made by two independent CO2 monitoring programs (NOAA and Scripps) at the Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii, about 3400 metres above sea level.’

    Several interesting points arise.

    1. CO2 is substantially heavier than air -molecular mass 44 versus 32 for oxygen and 28 for nitrogen, giving a proportionate average for air of about 29. So CO2 tends to reside in the very lowest portion of the atmosphere c.f. classic science demonstration of pouring CO2 onto a candle in a jar and extinguishing it. Scientific logic suggests that the concentration of CO2 is highest near ground level, and somewhat lower ‘about 3400 metres above sea level’.

    My attempts to acquire data on the vertical distribution of CO2 in the lower troposphere via the Internet have failed, though there has been plenty of discussion and conjecture:

    ‘Since CO2 is about 50% more dense than the vast majority of the molecules of the atmosphere, in principle, it should slowly sink towards the earth. It seems reasonable to conjecture that there is a CO2 density profile with the greatest concentration at the surface of the earth. Has anyone published mearsuremnts that might confirm this trend? blackcloak (talk) 04:53, 27 February 2008 (UTC)

    You may have noticed the weather. The stirring of winds and large scale convection totally overwhelm density driven seperation. And yes, CO2 profiles have been measured versus altitude. Dragons flight (talk) 18:45, 27 February 2008 (UTC)

    Look at the graph. If what you say is true you would not see anything so consistent from year to year, in both yearly fluctuations and yearly upward trend. If volcanoes in fact biased the measurements on Mauna Loa, as you suggest, then you’d see lots of yearly fluctuations. Furthermore, if CO2 had a vertical concentration gradient, which it doesn’t to any significant degree, then if anything the measurements on Mauna Loa would underestimate its concentration because it is on a mountain.–Kram-bc (talk) 06:51, 12 March 2008 (UTC)’

    2. Most industrial activity is in the Northern Hemisphere and it would be reasonable to assume that the concentration of CO2 in and around industrial centres and population centre (especially those burning coal) is much higher than in Hawaii.

    3. Industrial activity and population are much lower in the Southern Hemisphere, yet there is comparatively a lot more ocean to absorb CO2, so atmospheric CO2 levels would be expected to be lower in the SH than in Hawaii.

    All of which suggests that although Mona Loa observations are the best we have and provide a guide to what is happening, actual CO2 values could be somewhat higher than generally believed.

    The cost of setting up better global monitoring and reporting of greenhouse gas concentrations would not be great (one thousandth of the annual US military budget?).

  • Dear Guy,

    Life presents us with many moments over the course of our lives where we’re able to look back and reflect on the errors we’ve made; most of the time these are private affairs in which few can truly relate. However, sometimes a once in a generational moment presents itself, where a great number of people all make the same mistake at around the same time, providing us with a far greater perspective as to the nature of humanity as a whole. We are currently amidst such an opportunity, in which at least you and I, as well as any number of people here, discover we’ve a great number of errors in common, again, providing “us” with the chance to take a serious look at ourselves and each other.

    Here are just some of those collective errors: We were simply dead wrong about not only the timing of peak oil but the collapse of industrial civilization. We all failed to accurately take into account the knock down effect of grid collapse and nuclear containment pools. We were all wrong about the timing of abrupt climate change. And a great number of us were wrong about human agency and its capacity to effectively change our self-destructive course.

    In other words, tens of thousands of people were more or less wrong about collapse preparedness, and tens of millions of people have been wrong about the effectiveness of environmentalism for decades.

    Those are no small errors. In fact, that is a massive failure of judgement across the whole spectrum of “informed opinion”.

    So, what are we to make of the awareness that our critical thinking skills have seriously failed us?

    Do we just keep at it, pretending that we’ll somehow get it right the next time? Do we just keep making predictions that haven’t any greater chance of being correct than all our past failed predictions? Do we keep pointing to all the evidence that “proves” beyond a shadow of doubt that time itself is predictable? Do we basically just stay the course and continue to lie to ourselves in believing “we” somehow possess knowledge we simply don’t?

    Or, do we realize that is spite of all our best intentions, in spite of all the time we’ve invested in accessing the situation to the best of our ability, none of us truly knows what we’re doing?

    You can take my criticism of you as personal as you want, though I am being no less critical of myself as well as the rest of humanity. I can’t honestly point a finger at you without pointing at myself as well; I may be one of only a few people here who have invested more time and energy regarding “collapse” than you.

    However a big difference between us is that I seem to be more self-deprecating. But then again, I haven’t strove to create a public persona of authority, so it’s much easier for me to live with my failure. Nor am I currently campaigning for donations in supporting speaking engagements that’s very much meritocraticly based on presumed authority. And authority is very reluctant to admit being wrong, and when it is forced to finally admit it has erred, it usually reads something like “mistakes were made”.

    Throughout our lives the only thing that is revealed to us, at least as far as I can tell, is the extent in which we’ve both been lied to and the extent in which we lie to ourselves.

    My advice to you for what little it’s worth: spend less time promoting yourself as an authority, and more time looking in the mirror to identify the extent those past patterns of failure are still repeating.

  • headkicking human headkicking is what we all need to participate in more zealously. My white male privileged ass is no exception. It is difficult to watch someone as brilliant as lydia display her intellect in such an obviously self enamored manor.

  • Steve,
    That may be your interpretation of Lidia’s comments. I don’t agree.
    Who cares what you think of Lidia’s manner of speaking or writing ?
    If you have an argument to make about some of Lidia’s points ,do so.
    It is beyond absurd that you can’t be bothered arguing with her, yet then post a personal,insulting comment about her.

  • @ kevin moore Says:
    March 27th, 2016 at 3:59 pm

    Aye, laddie, and kudos to your astute reasoning!! Now, for extra credit, what might be the concentration of CO2 below, say, 1000 m (where most living things breathe) vs the concentration at Mauna Loa’s “peak” (i.e., 3400 m ASL)? Perhaps more importantly, how much O2 and/or N2 might be displaced by the increased concentration of CO2 below 1000 m (other “trace” gases being mostly irrelevant)? Do you find it as abhorrent as I that information on this subject is nearly nonexistent?

  • .
    david, go pick up a copy of the DSM and read it.

    Oh, and her swipe at Artleads, who doesn’t even post here anymore, was personal and also deplorable.

    Don’t be a hypocrite.

  • LWA,
    Lidia’s comment about Artleads was about a comment about he made about her not belonging here,and seemed reasonable to me,not deplorable.

  • Should be’ about a comment he made ‘

  • ,
    Good for you david. Yawn.

  • LWA,
    I checked out your DSM reference. I am not certain what you mean by that reference. Could you please explain ?

  • Colin: I’ve tried repeatedly to communicate but my replies keep coming back “undeliverable” due to some 550 code problem. Can you use another address (or is it MY address that’s the problem)? I don’t understand how the original contact went through but the others don’t.

    Ever since Guy started this blog, life has gotten worse throughout all of its areas (economic, social, political, environmental, health and security-wise, etc). I don’t know how Daniel and others can claim “he’s been wrong” when all he’s doing is quoting the science of others and connecting the dots. Now, some of us here have put dates on things like “collapse” of the biosphere or economy, but they’re actually on-going events and will continue until finally (almost?) everyone experiences it.

    The methane and CO2 (not to mention H2S) concentrations keep increasing, drought and flooding continue making crop-growing difficult to impossible throughout the world, erratic weather keeps occurring on a regular basis, and the pace of these changes continues to be “faster than expected” as we proceed through the years.

    Guy has admitted that “mistakes have been made.” So if you’re one of those “perfect” humans walking around casting aspersions at him and others, you’re only making yourself look petulant and petty, especially since we’re clearly on the road to ruin with no way out. NTHE may not be happening according to our personal time-lines, but the signs are here that it is definitely happening and will get worse going forward.

    Besides, if you don’t like what’s being offered here kindly fuck-off.
    Why not join Scott Johnson or others who feel the same way?

    Graph of the Day: Global biocapacity per capita, 1961-2012

    Over the period from 1961 to 2012, humanity’s ecological footprint has nearly tripled.

    [another article from the same site, just scroll down]

    Study: World unlikely to hold global temperature below 2°C goal – ‘The numbers you start dealing with become so large that they are difficult to comprehend’

    Last December, officials representing more than 190 countries met in Paris to participate in the United Nations Climate Change Conference. The historic outcome from that conference was the “Paris Agreement” in which each country agreed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in order to limit global warming to less than 2 degrees Celsius (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit) above temperatures seen near the start of the Industrial Revolution in the 1850s. Such a level was considered acceptable, or “safe,” by all participating countries, but the goal is unrealistic and almost impossible to achieve, according to a new study by two Texas A&M University at Galveston researchers.

    Glenn Jones (professor of marine sciences) and Kevin Warner (Ph.D. candidate in marine biology), have had their paper published in the international journal Energy Policy.

    The Texas A&M researchers modelled the projected growth in global population and per capita energy consumption, as well as the size of known reserves of oil, coal and natural gas, and greenhouse gas emissions to determine just how difficult it will be to achieve the less-than-2 degree Celsius warming goal.

    “It would require rates of change in our energy infrastructure and energy mix that have never happened in world history and that are extremely unlikely to be achieved,” explains Jones.

    [as many of us have said here after the Paris meeting]

    kevin moore: fascinating analysis. How do methane and hydrogen sulfide stack up in atomic weight to “normal air” and CO2? Don’t they all mix (dissipate) in the atmosphere through wind (and other factors)?

  • From all the news that fits:

    “Foreign officials and others come here to pick up tips on how to handle their own mushrooming piles of garbage back home. As the world’s population grows, people are consuming more, creating more trash, and countries are looking for ways to deal with it that put less stress on the environment.”

    How about a moratorium on child birth?

  • .

    (The road of life is rocky and you may stumble too,
    So while you point your fingers someone else is judging you)
    Love your brotherman!
    (Could you be – could you be – could you be love?)

    david, I’m not about to educate you here about psychology and psychiatry. Do your own research and collect your own evidence. Narcissistic Personality Disorder. There, how hard is that to piece together from the few words that were said, the one’s you’ve reacted to. And you tried to imply I was the dumb one here. Sheesh. At least I know I’m dumb.

    I grew up with a mother who had this disorder severely. It was hell. I can smell that shit stinking anywhere.

    She creates an us and them condition here. She chases people off from posting based on her personal bigotry. I’ve only ever done that here in RESPONSE to someone’s personal bigotry. She does admire herself in the mirror more than actually communicate with her high language, and I’m sure eye rolling perfect elocution should one ever meet her in person. It’s nauseating. Narcissists are always highly intelligent … and vicious when they target you. And they perform their dark art nearly undetected, exactly because they are so smart. But they are always dismal failures, which they hide behind their particular glamour (which is an illusion term, not a super model term.)

    They don’t ever heal because they won’t ever admit they have a problem. Therapists won’t treat them because they react at the therapist for suggesting they have issues. Unless THEY get to control what issues are addressed, and then that just steers things away from what they don’t want people to see. They always have a hidden agenda, punishing people they hold grudges against, looking super smart. Impressing someone. They are phonies. It’s not about the argument with them, it’s about what they gain from having the argument that counts. The only motivator is positioning and status. The narcissistic supply.

    Hell, she told me once I was only TRYING still to gain status here, while she already HAD IT.

    OMG. I smell that shit, who just farted?

    They MUST present these highly intelligent diatribes, because that keeps themselves convinced of their delusions of self importance and brilliance, and others are often convinced too. And when you cross them, as Artleads has, and yes, there is a history there, then you are toast. That’s why I found her lurking around on kuku and coming back here to sink the dagger into his back ‘deplorable.’ Especially people who consider themselves so bloody above everyone else (though she will deny this, and bat her eyelashes.) How does two wrongs make a right? I thought she was smart? Or is it about winning?

    The internet is loaded with them. Loaded. They are the people who, like budy, or boby, or Geyrald, or Lydia with a big old fucking Y there, it’s they who kick people’s heads non stop all day long. It just goes over everybody else’s head is all, because they are so slick about. But it’s the motivation behind who and why she refutes, it’s the intention that betrays her. Did she chew you out for protecting her ladyfeels there? No, she obliviously likes you. That’s why I used the word hypocrite there. As long as it’s ‘your team’ long winded gasbagging and headkicking, then it’s all good in your world I guess, hey david?

    She blames religion’ists’ … well I blame narcissists. They are your political leaders and business moguls and religious frauds.

    Now, I don’t post here myself much at all anymore. Too many mean rude narcissists stalking their prey and loading up on their narcissistic supply around. As I said, blogs are their playground. Despite our common vision. this place is no better than a microcosm of society at large. And yes, I headkick headkickers. But only when they start it first. Or come at people in their veiled little way. Who the fuck cares if people want to discuss some spiritual beliefs as they contemplate their doom? Who the fuck cares? Who the fuck cares? Walk past Lydia with a little y.

    Lydia with a big old Y cares. But she hasn’t fooled me.

    Someone on your peoples self defined ‘smart people’ team told me to fuck off my second week here months ago when I first came. And I hadn’t even had a chance to suss the place out yet. For a bunch of people who throw around obfuscating fancy words like they were Italian sports cars and furs, you all sure don’t know fuck from fuck about your own psychology.

    Now on Lydia’s behalf, don’t you just wish you’d left this worm untouched? Now I’ll get probably get a dose of narcissistic rage because I just squeezed the hose on her narcissistic supply. You should have just left it at my very polite fuck of. Educate yourself as to what the biggest source of our demise was on our planet, it was our psychology.

    She didn’t even watch the video she defended the other day, and admitted that. She just likes to fight and smash. With big words, but it’s phony.

    One day I may get a grip on my own lowly compulsions to keep reading and posting here. Hell knows I’m as mentally ill is as anyone else. But at least I’m aware of it, and TRYING to get a grip on it. I really hardly post at all, and say nothing mostly now when I do.

    But ya, I headkick headkickers. Especially the ones that rage around pompously like my mother. She was a cow. A sneaky one. And cruel. All narcissists do is negate. Which is fine in a lab, but severely dysfunctional in a social context, unless your a sociopath.

    Could you be love?

    Y Not.

    This place blows chunks. Too many goofs, and not the ones you think I mean dayvid. Who does post here, but the in crowd. Lydia refutes just to be mean. It’s all personal with her. Don’t try and rock and roll the rock and rollers. She needs to get over her bigotry of people who think differently from her and learn to let go and just love. The reason why love is all that remains, is because that’s all there ever really was in the first place. Bravo to those who got it. And love doesn’t go around negating everyone else. She’s toxic, and needs healing.

    (The road of life is rocky and you may stumble too,
    So while you point your fingers someone else is judging you)
    Love your brotherman!

    (Could you be – could you be – could you be love?)

    [quoted from some fucking body, who cares who]

  • .
    The soil of a man’s soul is stony. A man plants what he can, and tends it.
    Just sittin’ on this runaway train, staring out the window with a cat on my lap.
    Meat is Murder
    Worshipers attending Easter Mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral got the scare of their lives when a band of unruly protesters disrupted the event.
    A group of six animal rights protesters abruptly leaped up from a pew in the middle of the service and shouted, “Easter is a time for love! No more shedding animal blood!” while holding up signs of animals pleading for their lives.
    About 20 minutes into the Rev. Damian O’Connell’s noon Mass, protester Jacob Martin, 23, rose out of his seat in the center of the church and started to walk down the aisle while shouting into a bullhorn that “only the devil” could create “animals capable of love and joy just so humans can make them suffer and die.”
    Martin, who is a former University of North Carolina student and identifies as a Christian, also had a camera strapped to his chest, which worshippers believed was an explosive.
    Martin was arrested and charged with interrupting a religious service, according to police.
    Police and security promptly rushed over and hauled Martin out the door while the remaining protesters followed with signs of pigs, chickens and cows that read, “Will You Let Me Live?”
    “Ham is a big thing on Easter, so that’s why we decided to bring those voices to the public,” explained protester Raffaella Ciavatta, 31, who also organized a protest outside Chick-fil-A’s grand opening in New York City last fall.
    Meanwhile, O’Connell recited a prayer for the protesters, saying how “Pope Francis calls us to interact peacefully with those who oppose us.”
    The disturbance came about two hours after Cardinal Timothy Dolan celebrated the 10:15 a.m. Mass there.

  • @Kevin Moore.

    If you really want CO2 data from the Surface then you can look at the flask samples from all over the world for the surface and also have tower & surface measurements called Insitu. (Flask=basically vacuum flask filled with air and CO2 counts are done in parts per million, old school method)

    Then if you want to visualize data for example:
    Carbon Cycle Gases on Halley Station, Antarctica

    NOTE: ORANGE are preliminary and is because they either have not much resources to validate and calibrate constantly their equipment, a.k.a cash-flow.

    Validated data has been lagging for some years depending on the site, example:

    If you want satellite data they have a “new” one called OCO-2 but has total column only and does not return @hpa pressure values. As the volume is so enormous they use that spot in Hawaii as it mixes with air to a “proven” global average used by most scientists as base, that’s why it’s so famous… so values are much higher in some places yet lower on others like the above sample.

    All available datasets for different trace-gases @earth surface:

    That also holds the CH4 data but have to understand that satellite data might be better to use as it has pressure level counts parts per billion and gives a better understanding how it increases. You’ll also see that checking your source is important.

    Here’s CO2 for NZ (first link will allow easy switch between global stations):

    Have Fun :)

  • We belong to a culture that grows narcissistic people. There is no such thing as being well adjusted to a profoundly sick society. We are all pretty screwed up in this white male christian culture of me me fucking me me.Lidia’s obnoxious mocking manner towards Guy really crossed the line for me. There are a lot of self important morons who post here that sickly imagine they are as accomplished as Guy. Guy made great sacrifices to pursue the truth and inform all us lazy people. Jesus fucking christ, tenured professor emeritus at age 40!!!!! We should all contemplate personal sacrifice more seriously.

  • folks…try not to get bent… and have a nice day. take a walk. love is in the air…along with other stuff.

  • could you be my neighbor?

  • Yes,digixplor and go out on blm and forest service land and shoot cows to feed coyotes ruin a cowboy’s day and make a conservation biologist smile.

  • I have a winchester mag. I can drop an invasive species at 300 yards.But there are cheaper weapons that are easy to learn to shoot like a 30.06. Oh yeah, FUCK YOU NSA

  • LWA, what the hell are you talking about? “she told me once I was only TRYING still to gain status here, while she already HAD IT.”

    I never said such a thing in all my life. If I said you were trying to gain status, it was a global remark about human nature. Why are you trying to gin it up into a petty blog thread turf war between me and you? As though I care about who has status here (hint: nobody.. it’s a fucking COMMENT THREAD on a BLOG on the INTERNET). We’re all in pajamas here, as far as I am concerned. Jesus Christ.

    Go back and read my relation of Artleads’ comment. It is in no way derogatory of him. He informed me in a PM that he has written you a missive stating as much over on the Kuku site.

    You completely erred and mis-read my statement, yet have the gall to continue attacking me. Your rant about “love” is extremely ironic, since your whole post reeks of hatred. And you say I’M the one getting personal?? I believe I’ve been discussing ideas while you and Steve and Wester are intent on making gratuitous personal attacks.

    I never defended any video. I have no link to such a video!
    Good god! How many times do I have to say this!?!?
    The link is erased, and then I am blamed for not viewing it???
    What kind of freakish gaslighting is this?

    There are a ton of videos at the “Black Pigeon” site.. I’m not about to watch them all, or any of them, if they are not relevant to the matter at hand.

    This place is becoming an Orwellian hell-hole.

    BTW, I accept your apology about the Artleads thing.

    @Wanda re. NTHE: “since most of us here do believe that (most), why so much tension and argument?”

    I don’t know, but I was at a friend’s house and we were watching with dismay as a couple of her chickens bullied the others. She said you couldn’t get them to stop.

    Welcome, anyway, to NBL. There used to be an interesting cohort of folks commenting here. You might want to go back through comments over the years if you have time to waste. A number of valuable commenters have drifted away (you can see why), a couple have probably been banned. I don’t know what it’s like at the FB pages (Guy’s and NTHE support group) since I don’t do FB.

    If you want indications to some other interesting sites that are a little less ‘fraught’, ask Guy for my e-mail. Best wishes.

  • Nice bully’s defense Lydia. You just made my case in spades.

  • A new post by Neven on his blog.

    For the lead defining quote

    I think this winter is going to get studied like crazy, for quite a while. It’s a very interesting time. (Dr. added by me) Jennifer Francis, Washington Post

    And for the final comment (as of my viewing) is

    North Atlantic freshening from land ice melt, cold blob, stronger storms Jason Box (he of Dark Ice

    So, there you have it, Drs. (RRResilintRidge) Francis, (Greenland Dark Snow Albedo) Box and McPherson imply (at the very least) that it will be an interesting summer and …

    And in the all things old are new again, supposedly the Brussels isis blokes were looking and studying more at the ageing nuclear reactors, but changed their time line and targets to avoid arrest. However, I was at the Winnebago (Ind) dump a long time ago. T and I found magazines, he took the playboys and I took the Scientific Americans. And way back then in what was the final paragraphs of an article about the safety of nuclear reactors way prior to TMI was the stating that the biggest and most probable danger was due to terrorist acts.

    To finish with a favourite quote from the Dr. of Gonzo, H. S. Thompson – “When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.”

  • I like boneyards, because they are peaceful. No hatred, no complaining, no fighting against eachother. I like to contemplate dying people (I have seen some), because these people don’t fight against others anymore, they don’t complain against others anymore, they are reduced to the bare essentials- every little bit of expandability will be stripped off sooner or later, sooner than later. Please don’t think that I am speaking to anyone in particular. Are we really contemplating Near Term Extinction? Are we really contemplating Near Term Death here at NBL? Are we really living like we will be dead tomorrow, within seconds?


    Man, I loved you short hint the other day:


    I wish us all good success in the art of livingdying.

  • your obnoxious treatmant of guy for trying to hold the line on all the rampant disgusting aspects of this culture;misogyny,racism ,human supremacy, ad nauseum ad infintum was and is a little too cute. Like the too clever “womanfeels”. Even if guy’s standards seem a little hardline. That Guy has true convictions should please us all. And to belittle them with cutesie oh so clever verbiage was and is obnoxious. Now buy a rifle ango out on our vast public lands and shoot invasive species and in the process redeem your character.

  • I forgot, who posted the Brian Wilson vid the other day. But man, I love that guy. He has seen Death for sure. More than that:

    He has REALIZED Death with all his remained (after Vietnam) flesh and bone, and FUCK, HE LEARNED TO LIVE by REALLY realizing Death with all his flesh and bone. Any expandability seems to be completely stripped off from that guy.

    Respect for Brian Wilson.

    Thank you for posting that vid of Brian Wilson.

  • Dave over at DOTE just posted an interesting article about “the primordial protection racket”:

  • Really appreciate the Brian Willson vid, and of course the great King Crimson Epic.

    Guess I can reciprocate with some killer Ken O’Keefe Truth.

    Love One Another! Let’s die FREE!

  • .

    Thanks Nemesis. Van sings like a saxophone, literally phrases that way, even if not so much in that song.

    I loved the Ng! the last time you posted it. Like, my favorite from you. I think if we jammed we really would wind up being the best of friends.

    Oh, and geyrold and gang didn’t have to stop commenting. Dish it out but can’t take it? Figures.

    Sorry for the third post. Bye.

  • Lidia,I thought the black pigeon title would jump out at you,given the misogynistic tag, something like “why women are responsible for collapse of civilisations”.God knows if you can even be bothered now.
    I’m just really over people, so I can’t be any more.

  • @44 south, thanks.. I didn’t happen to see that one.. just numerous titles about Muslims and such. I’m just going to drop it, since the whole thread has jumped the shark and lost any coherency. I’d be up for discussing it if we were in an adult venue.

    “really over people”.. yep.

  • I’m just going to drop it, since the whole thread has jumped the shark and lost any coherency. I’d be up for discussing it if we were in an adult venue.

    Chicken shit. Like all bullies.

  • Would if I wanted to, but now I don’t.

    What a joke. Psycho actually.

  • Hey lidia no comment on defending mother earth where your well healed lifestyle comes from. All the fracking, tar sands, clearcuts,dead salmon dead rivers,murdered prairies etcetera etcetera ad infinitum all in support of your western civilization lifestyle and you are not enraged toward anything or anybody but me!! The earth needs us to be enraged and then maybe we will learn to protect it by force if necessary.

  • And notice, it’s everyone else’s fault. She’s right. And so above everyone else.

    Psycho. Can’t even see it. Sick.

  • Since it seems 2 post rule has been discarded – I declare NBL comments have reached their LCD.

    No it didn’t.

    Oh, yes it did.

    Psycho. Takes one to know one.

    Hater- only haters are worse than bullies (I think)

    Fuckin sick narcissistic witch.

    Love bruther.

    Wheres mo flow? It’s not quite bizzare enough yet.

  • Bob S ~

    thanks for jumping in and trying to get some handle on this nuttiness. I walk away for just a bit to make myself a tea and sandwich, and come back to find all the monkeys got into the liquor cabinet…

    the rules

    0. the two post rule. you all know how it works. for anyone who didn’t hear about this rule, or who forgot: two comments max, per day, in the current thread. unlimited posts allowed in the basement (previous) threads. all posts, wherever they are, shall follow the remaining three rules.

    1. no libel. learn the law if you need to.

    2. no attacks on classes of people, e.g. racism, antisemitism, misogyny.

    3. keep focused on ideas as much as possible, not the people who hold the ideas.

    thank you. any more wonky monkeys today will be deleted. any pattern of this in the future will land the offenders in moderation.

    ~ mo

  • LWA, Steve, anyone else who wants to be silly and abusing the rules more today, just don’t go there.

    thanks a bunch.

    ~ mo

  • I wasn’t trying to get a handle on anything – I wanted to stir shit up — you know get a little color instead of the constant dull grey blah of the superficial luv gang.

  • Mart K

    Thanks for the links.

    I’m still looking for a simple graph that demonstrates the vertical distribution of CO2 in the lower atmosphere.

    None of will make any difference, of course, because ‘nobody’ has any intention of doing anything significant about burgeoning atmospheric CO2. Nothing significant can be done at this late stage.

    The Arctic ‘worm’ continues to head ‘south’ and has crossed the 2015 ‘worm’ but is yet to cross the 2007 ‘worm’.


    23rd 14.516 millionkm2
    24th 14.523
    25th 14.521
    26th 14.482
    27th 14.446

    It’s interesting to keep track of such things as the world rapidly overheats, globalised economic arrangements slowly collapse and the culture of ignorance, apathy and denial apparently remains as intact as ever.

    That said, Ugo Bardi has recently updated him commentary with respect to apathy towards global warming: his previous post indicated there had been no change in the level of concern in 25 years;

    ‘In a previous post, I examined more than 25 years of Gallup polls in the US and I came to the conclusion the climate debate is stuck in a trench warfare condition. Apparently, the percentage of Americans who say they are “worried” about climate change is today nearly the same as it was in 1989.’

    His latest suggests considerable movement in recent years:'s+legacy)

    Far too late, of course, but nevertheless interesting.

  • Posting this here rather than previous Article. Having a FRESH read of the rules and objectives here I submit the following.

    Lidia you wrote: Last Article Comments

    @Woody Woodworth, I appreciate your comments about the skepticism of the founding fathers. However, Mr. Tsarion (real name, Brian Heatley.. why can’t he use his real name?) is just as much of a con man as any Christianist. We’re supposed to reject the gods of the middle east in favor of space aliens and Atlanteans?

    Deep sigh.

    What is it about humans that makes them so Fucking Credulous?


    Sorry, I am standing by Tsarion, regardless of him using another name. Having come from Ireland perhaps we could speculate that he did this (if true) to disassociate with family and friends in a country embroiled in extremely violent religious civil war.

    Credulous, Credulous, My oh My. The science side sites a couple hundred billion suns in our galaxy alone and postulates several planets per solar system. Galaxies are thought to be in the hundreds of billions putting planets with similar life conditions at more than more than billions and might I remind you that perhaps you don’t understand infinity.

    Tsarion goes to great lengths in substantiating his theories and I do find that it goes a long way to unraveling the WHY behind human history and what we see today.

    McPherson, (name) I would assume has some Irish Origins. Tsarion’s Irish Origins of Civilizations presentations do indeed fly in the face of what we have been told about our history along with dissecting the weirdness of patriarchy for which we all know you (Guy) have great disgust.

    One would not know unless you invest the time to see and hear the long, long lists of information that supports his alternative theories to history.

    Mark Passio does a shortened, hard driving version of the information in Cosmic Abandonment and provides a disclaimer right up front. I think that Tsarion, Passio and Jordan Maxwell’s takes (there are of course many others) FIT the despotic insanity that controls the world we see today and throughout history.

    Jordan Maxwell said regarding all this strange talk of aliens, secret societies among us comments,

    “It’s the Symbolism Chump!”, along with absolutely fascinating etymologies of words which again, I THINK, go a long way to unraveling this, “Cluster Fuck”. (Sorry just had to use that one)

    I challenge those in this space to evaluate the works of Tsarion (Heatley, it does not matter), Mark Passio and Jordan Maxwell for yourselves.

    You will be in for some amazing Ah Ha moments of revelation. In the grand Jig Saw puzzle of Truth don’t throw out suggestions for a puzzle piece that FITS on the basis of it not coming from academia, or haven’t we been taking to heart what Guy has been saying repeatedly about the mouthpieces of Empire.

    Finally Lidia, you declare Tsarion as much a con man as the Christianists, however, I don’t see the result of his teachings being hundreds of millions of horrific deaths, perverse cruelty and systematic slavery throughout history.

    Your use of that ad hominem attack was a disservice to those at NBL who I think would like to evaluate information on their own and might now be dismissive of actually allowing a few of his presentations a chance.

    There was a video deleted recently that you were upset about, questioning that action, based upon your preference to see it yourself.

    Here, we are trying to put our heads together looking at a subject from a completely new perspective,… WHY, because greed and physical science alone does not seem to solve the mystery.

  • first day of work tomorrow

    To have 50/50 chance of <2° C,
    by 2028 we would need the equivalent of:
    • 3.7 million, 5 MW wind turbines
    • 180,000 km² of solar panels – size of Sudan
    • 564,000 km² of algae facilities.

    As of 2014 there are the equivalent of:
    • 141,800, 5 MW wind turbines
    • 4,300 km² of solar panels
    • 37,500 km² of algae facilities

    To achieve that goal, by 2028 we need the equivalent of:
    • 40X as many 5 MW wind turbines in just 12 years.
    • 26X as many km² in solar panels in just 12years.
    • 15X as many km² algae facilities in just 12 years.

    This is very unlikely, extremely improbable and nearly impossible.

  • I read NBL pretty much everyday but don’t comment very often. I find the diversity of opinion interesting and I tend to just ignore petty arguing.

    I never scroll over Lydia’s comments and find them generally thought provoking. I find it ironic that one of the only remaining women willing to comment regularly on NBL is getting so much flack over misogyny. Why, it almost seems misogynistic.

    I want to defend Lydia but she seems quite capable of defending herself.

    I do miss the women’s voices and I would be please to hear more from them.

    I was originally attracted to Nature Bats Last because of the word Nature.
    It was good to hear how people were coping with the demise of the natural world and to know that there were people who cared at all about what we are doing to the living world. Lately it feels a bit more like Human-Nature Bats Incessantly. Anyone care to share whats happening outside in their neck of the woods?

  • When dealing with numbers that size you don’t need accuracy as much as you need the fear they tell you.

    Such numbers don’t exist in the real world, which can be far worse or better, that’s how you survive surviving.

    Like Franz Werfel said, you just count one step at a time.

    I don’t think it really matters which way.

  • To Mo –
    I have a moderator question for you. A housemate of mine posted for the first time on this site last week and her comment showed up as “awaiting moderation” and then disappeared. The next day she commented asking if she was going to be allowed to comment and that also disappeared. What are the rules for who you let comment.

  • hi thestormcrow ~

    every first comment from someone has to go through moderation approval once, for obvious reasons. the only rules are it can’t be spam, and it has to be reasonably on topic.

    there isn’t any reason your housemate’s comment would have been deleted even once, unless it was a mistake of some kind. having it deleted a second time certainly makes it seem like a mistake.

    I didn’t see either comment, I believe, and definitely not one asking if the she would be allowed to comment here.

    please let her know it was a mistake, and to try again. if it goes AWOL again, please have her email me: moflow at outlook dot com

    thanks for asking about this.

    ~ mo

  • thestormcrow- this is for you! Since I am a woman and you want to see more of us, I’ll answer your question… I live in southern California, where the El Nino rains never quite found us. Temps are about normal for this time of year, I would say. Although we did have a heat wave in February. I don’t have a firm grasp on what’s happening to wildlife, though, since there’s too much concrete around me to notice. The price one pays for being an urban dweller. At least until the drought really kicks in, then the price really goes up. They say we didn’t get any rain because there’s some kind of “heat wall” that’s pushing it up the coast. I’m no meteorologist, though, so I have to take their word for it. By “they” I mean the interwebs.

  • babajingo it’s also known as the Ridiculously Resilient Ridge.

  • Now …. for something TOTALLY DIFFERENT yet quite on-topic … Ahhh..YES! This site IS still about NTHE? err … right?

    Here goes …

    I have 2 autistic grandchildren ages 8 and 14 .. a girl and a boy. I have often wondered, especially as of late, if they are indeed somehow greatly blessed.

    It would appear that the increase in % of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder has been increasing since the 1980’s in direct proportion to atmospheric CO2 concentration as represented by the the Keeling Curve.

    These kids are always happy! They are always joyful! There are more and more of them every day.

    Forget (for just a moment please) about this one and that one and the DSM yada, yada, yada ….

    I would be intrigued to hear everyone’s thoughts regarding this issue, and particularly the thought of those who have been likewise touched by this issue.

    Namaste to ALL…. (let’s treat each other kindly here)


  • There are some positive backslaps following the negative feedback. How does one get admitted? Are the meds mandatory? Big, hearty TY for this emotional roller-coaster. Vitality in the moment.

    Gettin’ that vibe when all the mixed nuts start squabbling in ‘One Flew Over…’. Will posters begin aligning themselves with the roles of Murph, Harding, Billy B & Nurse Ratchet? Imagine if Ken Kesey could have posted here.

    We could all use a boating excursion…

  • Anybody know how the March temperature anomaly is developing ?

    with respect to 2014, 2015 and JF 2016 ?

    Thank you

  • I wrote a long comment,then lost it. Never mind. This cartoon is better.

  • @ Lidia and Stormcrow

    All good things eventually come to an end, and with the passing of so many great voices—a majority of them women—whatever zeitgeist this space once had, it has sadly been replaced by a cult of personality. Oh well.

  • @Kevin Moore

    Simple map for the troposphere you can find here:
    Carbon Dioxide, Mole Fraction in Free Troposphere, IR-Only (AIRS3C2M v005) AIRS

    “In the retrieval algorithm measurements from the three bands are combined to yield column-averaged dry-air mole fractions of carbon dioxide. Because these are dry-air mole fractions, these measurements do not change with water content or surface pressure. Because the molecular oxygen content of the atmosphere ( i.e. excluding the oxygen in water vapour ) is well known to be 20.95%, oxygen is used as a measure of the total dry air column.”

    Unfortunately it doesn’t therefore handle the emissions of airplanes & volcanoes, breakup of CH4 into CO2 or what is kept by the stratospheric high winds.

  • thestormcrow,
    We live 60 kms west of Innisfail-Tully,in North Qld,Australia.
    That region is the wettest part of Australia. This area is regarded as a reliable rainfall area. This year has been the driest ‘Wet’ season since we came here 39 years ago. The mean rainfall for the first three months of the year here is around 750 mm. This year we have received 206 mm.
    The Great Barrier Reef north of Cairns,1000 kms of it,is the most pristine
    section,as to date there has been little ‘development’ of Cape York,so little sediment,excess nitrogen and phosphorus from agriculture ,cities,etc
    have altered and killed reef sections,as has occurred in the Southern section of the reef. That Northern section has had 100% coral bleaching in the last month. Corals don’t die immediately after bleaching,so at this stage we don’t know what % will die, it is unlikely that the mortality will be less than 50%,as the high sea temperatures are continuing. A really terrible event. David Attenborough did his last documentary on the reef here just before the endgame happens for it,It seems. Most of that documentary was filmed in the Northern section
    last year.
    If you are interested in some nature photos taken here or in the surrounding areas,Jo posts some at the link below. I hope you find some
    that are of interest.

  • Hi David,

    Just an update on Guy McPherson Australia Oct 2016
    Guy and Kevin (from New Zealand) have been in touch and have invited me to meet them on Skype to discuss the details, and I await for this to be scheduled
    I have currently got 4 serious contributors(including yourself and Ozman)
    I am out there recruiting more people daily and the message i am getting is “yes i am in what can i do to help”
    So i encourage anyone else out there that wants to contribute.please let us know so you can be part of this
    We believe Guys message is without parallel,and should be heard by all
    P.S. i spent many years on the family group islands in the shadow of E.J Banfield(the beachcomber)

  • Love the photos David!

  • In an attempt to get back to the subject at hand… NASA has indicated that Maximum Arctic Ice Extent is now 5,000 sq. miles lower than last years record.

    OK, now back to the comments (which lately seem to diverge into unknown realms faster than a supercritical mass of uranium at the point of detonation…

    By the way Guy, good choice of King Crimson’s “Epitaph”.

  • Tsarion, etc.

    Aside from a deep intuition about it, the subject of possible extraterrestrial life seems to be supported by the fact of our own existence on this planet, and the statistical (re: science) likelihood that we are not alone in a so-far infinite universe of uncountable planetary systems. That we are the only ones would be the ultimate expression of “exceptionalism”. And the obvious solution to Fermi’s Paradox is the recognition they’ve been here all along.

  • Does anybody else swear to themselves on a daily basis that they’re not going to pay attention to climate disasters anymore, only to betray that decision within moments? I think I have an addiction to it, as I’m constantly seeking out the latest catastrophic news. Today it was the coral bleaching in the Great Barrier Reef. I can’t seem to help myself. But why do I do that? All it does is fill me with strife and paralysis. If I’m already in the fuck-it stage, why not just do what everyone around me does, and embrace obliviousness?? If there’s nothing I can do about it, why spend my time staring at it and feeling like shit? Does anyone out there have any answers?

  • @babajingo, maybe it’s because we’re trying to reinforce what ours brains tell us is happening, contrary to what our entire social context tells us ISN’T happening (keep going on with BAU, etc.)??

  • @babajingo
    Regarding feeling like shit.
    Like you, I want to keep up to date on the latest news, which is why I’m here at NBL. What helps me, is to keep in mind that the odds of being born were so slim, that I am grateful for even being here. I would have never thought about this fact, until I heard Guy mention it. We all have “feeling like shit” moments but I accept them along with the good moments. Not sure if that helps.

  • @babajingo

    ” I think I have an addiction to it, as I’m constantly seeking out the latest catastrophic news… But why do I do that?… If there’s nothing I can do about it, why spend my time staring at it and feeling like shit? Does anyone out there have any answers?”

    Good question, very good question indeed. Let me try to answer it. Sure, I can only speak for myself, but I do have the same “obsession” to find desaster news. I think, it is because I suffered a lot living in the system called “Empire”. I suffered a lot because of the extreme ignorance, the cheating, the lies, the bullying, the sick ignorant hierarchy, the obvious exploitation and I always felt, that there is something very wrong about that system. I am somewhat “hyper sensitive” as well. So, when I was around 19, 20 years old, I started to investigate “Empire”, I wanted to find PROOFS, that the fuckin system is wrong, not me. And so I began to find proofs. I found proofs in the economic system, I found proofs in the psychological structures, I found proofs in politics, in ecology, in anthropogenic climate change ect ect ect. So, to me, the root of searching for desaster news was the intention to proof, that this system, in wich I suffered so much all my life, can’t last, can’t survive, will die soon. To me, the root is not human nature in general, but the established system of a clever, elitist minority, that understands brilliantly, how to brainfuck the majority of the socalled “western”, modern world.

    And I also found out, the more ordinary people ignore the truth, the more I am hunting for desaster news, to proof them wrong again and again. I hate the system and I want to see it go down. And it will go down, because it is built on lies and extreme, sick ignorance.

    ” If there’s nothing I can do about it, why spend my time staring at it and feeling like shit?”

    The answer lies within your own question already. You, we can’t change the world by changing others in the first place, we can only take care of our very own life. I find peace through my own lifestyle, by changing my own life. I would just go insane, if I would try to change others in the first place. You are completely right:

    To pile up doomsday news like crazy does not help anybody at all. To me, it is much better, to light up a light, than to complain about the darkness. And I need some balance, some compensation for all the bad news I find every day. Therefore I stay away from all these doomer news from time to time. I do always go back to my own inner being, through contemplation/meditation (just sitting there, doing nothing, letting go, finding my own middle again), I escape into solitude very often. And I have some few friends whom I meet from time to time. And I play guitar and sing, that’s my alltime medicine. But everybody has to find his/her own way, to cope with the horror. I repeat your own (indirect) claim, because it is very true:

    You don’t help anybody, if you are just sad, sad, sad and feel like shit. In fact, the opposite is true: Only, when you are free and happy and joyfull and have some strength, you can help others. Sure, that does in no way mean, that you should put on fuckin rose-colored glasses.

    Well, so far from my perspective. Thanks for you very important question.

  • “Before our white brothers arrived to make us civilized men,
    we didn’t have any kind of prison. Because of this, we had no delinquents.
    Without a prison, there can be no delinquents.
    We had no locks nor keys and therefore among us there were no thieves.
    When someone was so poor that he couldn’t afford a horse, a tent or a blanket,
    he would, in that case, receive it all as a gift.
    We were too uncivilized to give great importance to private property.
    We didn’t know any kind of money and consequently, the value of a human being
    was not determined by his wealth.
    We had no written laws laid down, no lawyers, no politicians,
    therefore we were not able to cheat and swindle one another.
    We were really in bad shape before the white men arrived and I don’t know
    how to explain how we were able to manage without these fundamental things
    that (so they tell us) are so necessary for a civilized society.”

    – John (Fire) Lame Deer, Sioux Lakota – 1903-19

  • @ Babajingo

    I use to consider the phrase “misery loves company” as a pejorative, but not anymore. There’s a truthful continuity in misery that’s far older than any of us that simply can’t be denied.

    Misery, despair, grief, suffering, sadness, depression are all very real, and they’re all very honest; a minority of people are just wired for hard hitting truth, compared to the vast majority of our friends and family who are wired for blind faith/hope as humanity has always been.

    I believe that we tend to seek out “bad news” as a way of confirming our minority perspective because it’s not exemplified in society; it may make us feel despondent, but at least we know we’re being honest with ourselves and that matters. And in a similar vein the opposite is true as well, for I don’t know about you, but the only thing that I find more discouraging than the state of the world is being around others who are living in abject denial of that state.

    I think all humans are naturally prone to confirmation bias, but in this case, it’s not because we’re holding a believe system that isn’t based in corporeal reality, it’s just the culture we’re living in is utterly disconnected from physical reality, so while we might question ourselves as to why we can’t look away, a part of us knows there honestly isn’t anything left to see.

    And if you’re within that minority perspective, you’ve probably come to realize that objective reality transcends our subjective relative perspective of it regardless of how it makes us feel; if it makes us sad then so be it. For some, living in obliviousness never was an option.

  • 28th 14.412 millionkm2, down 34,000 km2 from 27th.

    It’s getting VERY interesting again.


    PCI has worthy goals and no mechanisms to achieve them.

    •devastated ecosystems
    •runaway CO2 levels
    •broken, corrupt, and divisive political culture
    •a consumer economy
    •an “all of the above” energy policy
    •growing inequality
    •disconnection from nature and one another
    •unhealthiness and unhappiness

    •repaired ecosystems
    •CO2 levels decreasing
    •communities and nations working together
    •a conserver economy
    •a sustainable, equitable energy transition
    •wealth and opportunity equitably shared
    •resilience building and healing abound
    •human population stabilized and declining
    •happiness restored!



    ‘All it does is fill me with strife and paralysis. If I’m already in the fuck-it stage, why not just do what everyone around me does, and embrace obliviousness??’

    You cannot be at the ‘fuck-it’ stage yet if you feel strife and paralysis.

    One way of looking at ‘climate disasters’ is to think of the Earth as ridding itself of ‘the plague of greedy apes’. ‘Climate disasters’ are a bit like gravity. Gravity just is. Planetary meltdown just is.

    The bleaching of the coral comes as no surprise; indeed was predicted, very notably here:

    The pace of destruction is somewhat faster than many thought possible a few years ago. However, other than seasonal declines, CO2 just goes up and up and up (now around 406ppm), so it’s not really surprising predicted consequences manifest.

    It became obvious to me a few years ago that nothing anyone says or does will stop the destructive monster that comprises the corrupt political-economic-financial system. The ridiculous circus that is taking place in America under the pretence of democracy and the constant blather about GDP growth, celebrity gossip and buying stuff that fill the mainstream media clearly demonstrate there is no hope. Looking at it all as an absurd puppet show which will soon destroy itself may help.

  • Btw:

    I realized, that many “ordinary” people are playing to be “joyful” and free, exactly like those sheeps you see in these clean, clinical, antiseptic, totally LIFELESS comercials, hahaha. But under their thin surface there is much, much pain and even hatred. They might have their big, fat car, their big, fat bank account, their big fat house and blabla. But their subconsciousness knows the truth instinctively, no matter what. The animal within us knows the truth instinctively. These people have everything in a material/materialistic sense, but something is missing. So they buy and buy and consume and consume and play to be happy, play to be free, play to be successful in life. But to hoard material things is no real success in life. And therefore, they often hate other people, who don’t own much material shit, but are happy and free nevertheless, like:

    ” How can that shithead be happy?! He is not working as hard as I do, he is not functioning as I do, he doesn’t have all the shit I have- but he claims to be happy and free?! He is just a fuckin troublemaker, who MUST begrudge me!!”

    Hahaha, yeah, I met a lot of those kinda people.

    I think, to get really free, one has to confront oneself honestly with all the bad things, all the suffering, that belongs to life. It’s like when you were a child:

    You were afraid of ghosts spookin in the cellar. You will be afraid of the ghosts as long as you didn’t go into the cellar and confronted yourself with all these frightenening ghosts. If you don’t do that, then at some point, these ghosts will get you, from behind, suddenly, unexpected and then real trouble will get you.

    Most people whom I consider really happy and free, have seen a fuckin lot of suffering. Like Laotse said:

    ” High stands on low/deep.”

  • “If I’m already in the fuck-it stage,”

    Yes.. That could be the problem. Substituting your mental model of a Kubler-Ross (one way- up!) ladder with that of a Kubler-Ross Hamster wheel, or treadmill, will prove ultimately beneficial, despite initial misgivings. Ladders are much more dangerous than treadmills. Much the more so if you get your feet on the top rung. I don’t think you’d get an argument from Ms. Kubler-Ross, either, although I’m willing to be corrected on that score… :)

  • tom: I only have data for my own state (PA, USA) which just went through its warmest March since records have been kept. If you’re looking for the global average and all, it will be forthcoming by NASA and others in the next few weeks.

  • A fourth Chinese curse: “may you see ghost-water” (The Ghost-Water Constant – 5).

  • David Higham – Thanks for the beautiful pictures. The birds and flowers are so different than what we see here in New England,US.

    Babajingo asked -” why not just do what everyone around me does, and embrace obliviousness??”
    For me the answer to this question is clear. When I see the people around me practicing intentional obliviousness I have no respect for the behavior. I see the pains that people have to go to to “not see” what is right in front of them. So to embrace oblivion would be to lose self-respect.
    I also don’t find people are necessarily any more pleased with their existence when they ignore what is happening to the planet.

    As for the feeling like shit all of the time – that part sucks. I have gone through stretches of time where that was my daily bread and I still choke on it from time to time. More often now I feel something that I might describe as painful empathy for living things. I see the birds in the woods and I wonder how many generations they will be able to pull off before it is too hot for them here(or anywhere). I see the Maple trees and know they will be gone soon. I count the species of butterflies that have not returned these past few summers.

    To be oblivious would mean to not see the bird,the tree,the insect, the coral reef. For me,the results of what we have been doing to this planet,deserves our attention. Not seeing would be too painful.

    Besides,if you know all of the latest doom facts you will be loads of fun at partys!

  • I sure am glad everyone can worry about how they are distressed at observing the destruction of the earth. Yet no one shows empathy for the daily horror all non humans face, much less what concrete things one could to do to relieve their suffering not matter how long we all have left.

  • **Yet no one shows empathy for the daily horror all non humans face**

    Yes – we’re a pathetic bunch – aren’t we?

    Head on over to care2 – lots of caring folk there – start a petition, change the world! (and meet cute chicks)

  • Henry from Sydney,
    Thanks. Yes.Banfield and ‘Confessions of a Beachcomber’
    There surely have been some changes since his time. Have you read ‘The
    Bush’ by Don Watson? Poignant,excellent book. The devastation wrought
    in 238 years,by a rapacious,ecologically ignorant civilisation,and continuing still.

    Thanks. I hesitated before including that link,it seemed so
    trivial compared to the catastrophe unfolding offshore from
    here,and then I thought that at least you or someone else would perhaps
    derive some pleasure from it. Some pleasure in a sad time.

  • David and theStormcrow
    The Bleaching of the outer reef in N.Q. is concurrent with what happened 120 years ago to the inner reef around the family group islands, to Hinchinbrook and beyond, all the way down the coast.
    All the pristine inner reefs around the islands and mainland were choked and destroyed with and with silt from land clearing for cattle and sugar cane from early 1900s, miles of red clay silt flowing down the rivers destroying the pristine reefs and rivers, and then from the fifties, fertilisers and poisons, poured into the rivers further poisoning the inner reefs to become muddy silt baths to this day.
    The Aboriginal’s lived from the oceans pre 1850s for 20-30-40 thousand years, wonderlands of colourful corals, fish and diversity. The aboriginals called Coonanglebah translated “Islands of Peace and Plenty”
    Nothing like Colonialism, Ignorance and Greed to FUCK it all up in 150 years. It was a Colonial Psychopaths picnic, as they shipped all the Aboriginals from their homes of thousands of years to a Mission on Palm Island.
    I get angry thinking about it,thanks for the link for the book David will have a look

  • Henry from Sydney,
    Thanks for your comment. Just to make the distinction clear for our American readers,I would like to add the following points.
    The events you describe in your comments are the result of Agriculture and
    cities,which I briefly mentioned in my original comment.
    The reef south of Cairns has certainly been affected in this way,some areas
    more than others.
    The reef north of Cairns has had much less devastation,as I mentioned.
    The main point here,though,is that the current coral bleaching is
    caused by sea temperatures staying too high for too long,and everyone here knows why that is occurring. Coral can be killed by sediment smothering,excess nutrients etc,but coral bleaching is a separate phenomenon,where high sea temperatures cause the coral to expel a mutualistic algae which lives with the coral polyp. (The algae photosynthesises and supplies sugars and other compounds to the coral,
    and corals will die without them)
    Recent studies have shown that NO coral bleaching occurred in the last 400 years,and only started late last century.

    Dead right,Henry. What has been done to this country and the Aborigines just makes me want to weep every day. It is not a very easy thing to
    understand,but some here,Guy,some anthropologists like Wade Davis,etc,
    know that this phenomenon we call industrial civilisation has inherent,
    unavoidable flaws that mean that it would collapse. The terrible tragedy
    is all the destruction of natural wonderlands and indigenous people it has caused and is causing as its trajectory unfolds.

  • Henry(from Sydney) Says:
    March 29th, 2016 at 3:28 am

    Hey Henry,

    just want to settle what you said above.

    I am interested in getting Guy out here, to Sydney if possible, but I have no cash to put up. If I had some I would have pledged it by now.
    I can offer staying a few nights at my digs, Guy only, as I have commitments.

    But just so you know I don’t like the phrase you used …” I have currently got 4 serious contributors(including yourself and Ozman)”

    I don’t mean to be offensive, as we are all accepting goodwill, but until we eyeball each other and hang out I am not comfortable to be included in what sounds like I’m being herded.
    Sorry if that catches your goodwill off guard.
    This is a tricky wicket, and we are all vulnerable to be scammed.

    I like your energy and active process to get Guy to Australia, just saying I don’t walk behind anyone.

    If you check the archives here, I was planning a form of activism and it was successfully, efficiently neutralised such that I keep my active efforts to save the planet by walking alone now.

    I trust nothing on the internet, its just stuff said by someone.

    The days are getting warmer however, and smart creatures notice, and …
    what to do?

    I don’t mean to offend Henry, hope that’s clear.

    Living in the forest,(several bushcamps) and using public libraries, hotel wifis etc to do comms, and eating smaller portions of food has been sort of fun the last 18 months, but I have no desire to bust THAT and have to run! So I care for the people I know and trust, as village life, or hunter/gatherer lives used to be like. Everyone else I respect, and show goodwill, but few know where I actually live now.

    Go Guy, come to Sydney, and depending on what conference you may go to, I will be interested to see if the media covers his presentation, (national papers etc) Very interesting..