Why I’m Voting for Donald Trump: McPherson’s 6th Stage of Grief (Gallows Humor)

by Joe Dellatore, a lifelong tree-hugger who also wanted to earn a lot of money (ergo, his employment as a business adviser, currently with IBM). Joe learned the foolishness of the monetary path about seven years ago and has been changing his route since then, and is now a practicing Buddhist. He is a grateful father of 3 young children, ages 7, 4, and 4.

As we move through another endless presidential campaign cycle in the United States, it occurred to me that I’ve broken through the Kubler-Ross Five Stages of Grief and now find myself on the other side. Much to my surprise, gallows humor seems a perfectly fitting moniker for this state — kind of a snarky form of acceptance. ;-)

It’s funny how I’ve been unaware of my progress through the stages. Although I suspect any observant outsider could have identified each step along the way. To me, looking out from behind my own eyes, it appeared as though only other people could be categorized so easily. I am more enlightened than that. I am fully aware of the stages and therefore couldn’t fall prey to them unwittingly. And yet, as I reflect from my perch this morning, I clearly see my willingness to have children several years ago as denial. I see my covert interest in subversive acts as anger. I see my embrace of renewables as bargaining. I see my walking away from it all as depression. And I see my renewed interest in living life fully as acceptance.

But now I’ve come to another step. The forest is still rotten. A cleansing fire is still needed to raze it to the ground and allow for a new cycle of life. This is not the fire of angry protest. The fire is neither destructive nor evil. Rather this is the fire of renewal; the fire of rebirth. This is Shiva as destroyer and guarantor of life. It is the compassion of Buddha without attachment to means.

And so, as I sip my cup of coffee and enjoy the sounds of the birds coming to life with a VERY early spring, I see that Donald Trump is another manifestation of the cleansing fire. He seems to represent everything that is wrong with modern American culture and as such, he has secured my vote to quicken the demise — sparking the flame.

If you are one of those folks going through an earlier stage of grief and still finding it hard to accept our fate, let me remind you that atmospheric methane peaked well above 3000 ppb a few days ago for the first time in recorded history — blowing through the previous all-time high. Even if things pull back for a few years between 2017 and 2020 as we shift back to La Nina, it’s becoming more and more obvious that the jig is up and time is short.

In context, my goals for today include being kind to someone, smiling at a stranger, and calling a few friends to convince them to vote for The Donald.



McPherson was interviewed by Wolfgang Werminghausen for the premiere episode of his podcast. You can hear it on Soundcloud here.

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  • Cindy Lane,

    This will be my last post on NBL for a while, so I will not be following up on your future comments.

    If you were a real man you would acknowledge your error and apologize for sharing a bogus link with the group, rather than write the disgusting and fake drivel you just did. ”

    A real man? What is that? (Rhetorical question. Don’t bother to explain.)

    As to explaining my “mistake”…what can you expect from someone who only talks drivel? I can hardly even turn on my fucking computer. My life is shaped around what I don’t know or comprehend. I don’t know from shit about links. Being infinitely too disorganized to track down (reconstitute) such things, I’ll take Mo’s explanation of what conspired, assuming that if I committed some error I need to apologize for, he would tell me.

    Have a nice life.

  • Cindy Lane

    ‘@kevin moore
    I’m guessing the people who can think for themselves typically skipped over Mark Austin’s drivel and ignored it. The link from Artleads (whose drivel I normally skip past as well) must have stuck out because of the ridiculous title.’

    I used to read everything on NBL carefully and challenge drivel as I encountered it. Nowadays certain names trigger the quickly-skim-through or ignore-altogether responses. Drivel is like stupidity: there is an endless supply.

    The other important aspect from my perspective is that I do not live in the USA, so certain threads have little or no relevance for me. And I like to leave things to those who are best able to deal with them.


    More evidence that Global Dimming is hugely important:

    ‘Tackling air pollution in Europe since its peak in the 1970s could have magnified Arctic warming by half a degree celsius, a new study suggests’



    The mainstays of TDB seem to have woken up to the Abrupt Climate Change/Planetary Meltdown predicament we are in, and how the populace are manipulated.

    ‘The simple, brutal truth is that man made pollution has passed a tipping point where the feedback loops built into the biosphere are now beyond our ability to control. We are facing catastrophic climate change now – which makes the Green Parties and NGOs celebrations at Paris so galling… February breaks global temperature records by ‘shocking’ amount…..’


  • Does Methane Threaten Life?

    *See embedded video in the above referenced article.

  • I’ve posted a new essay. As usual, there’s more, too. It’s all here.

  • mod note 3

    I do actually read here when I moderate, and I do have a memory, Cindy.

    If you did find yourself visiting this fake website after the “dupe” Artleads posted it you could well have been infected with MALICIOUS MALWARE. To be safe, securely wipe your hard disk and re-install the operating system from the installation media.

    I live in a tiny town surrounded by forests. last year during fire season, there were fires happening all over the place in our region. sometimes huge and dangerous ones.

    you are like a very unhinged little kid, running through my town in the middle of the night, screaming “The town is ON FIRE! Everybody EVACUATE NOW!! The forest is BURNING!! RUN!! EVACUATE!! FLEE FOR YOUR LIVES!!”

    when the entire town is awake and panicked from your screaming and fussing, and everyone actually checks to see what’s happening, they find out absolutely nothing is happening. no fire. no evacuation necessary.

    just Sandy Lime, running around like a nut, pointlessly scaring the wits out of people.

    when questioned, Sandy says “well, the town could have been on fire. the forest might have been burning. it is possible.”

    when someone checks the local services, and finds out about a possible report of smoke 17 miles away, Sandy says “see what I mean? I deserve a medal. I’m a hero!”

    If you need conformation this site is a hoax, type the domain name in google and see what you get as a result, which is not typical.

    or you can copy the link into VirusTotal, which is owned by Google, a site aggregating dozens of scanners, and see if there is anything to fuss about.

    good grief.

    1. First of all you claim I’m fear mongering about malware and to “prove” it you show the results from a free URL tester which actually DOES indicate it’s a phishing scam

    you only mentioned possible malware on Artlead’s link. reread what you wrote. malware can be an active, very dangerous threat, sometime requiring no user interaction besides just clicking a link.

    phishing scams are passive threats. they require user interaction, usually entering information. hence the name “phishing”

    “Artleads posted it you could well have been infected with MALICIOUS MALWARE.”

    that is called fear mongering. plain as day.

    “you could well have been infected…” “FIRE!! FIRE!! wipe your hard drive, evacuate the town!!”

    yeah right.

    now, if you weren’t just fear mongering you would have gone to the trouble of getting some real evidence first.

    but no, you posted what you did without any evidence whatsoever. (wow, this is becoming a neat theme).

    even the article you linked to talked about these things as fake marketing sites. not a single mention of phishing scams or malware dangers.

    if you were so keen on making an honest and helpful point, as you want to pretend, you could have at least gone to the trouble I did to find something that, you know, looks like possible evidence. the only thing that came close to evidence was the link that I provided, which said, effectively “hey, there could be something phishy about this place.” (no mention of malware, though)

    2. Further, from one of the links YOU PROVIDED it shows the website is not Blacklisted even though it’s clearly an illegal hoax website

    yes, exactly. one scanner I mentioned, then, came up with a single possible result for phishing. and sorry, Cindy, an “illegal hoax website” does not necessarily mean *either* phishing or malware. they could just be trying really hard to make money off a fake product, and that’s it.

    this is what I said:

    “1 out of 67 aggregated scanners marked this link as phishing site. the rest are clean. certainly a “fake news” site could be considered phishing of some kind.

    however, there are no reports of malware, the site being blacklisted by malware/virus scanners, or anything along those lines for this link.”

    no “Whoopsie” here. the site was blacklisted, once at that time, for possible phishing.

    3. Those sites do not scan on demand when you submit the URL. They will have perhaps scanned several days before, potentially therefore not being up to date with what files are actually CURRENTLY on the site when the link’s clicked on. You can see there is a window of opportunity there.

    the sites I mention both do live analysis, if requested. just like virus scanners, spam scanners, etc, they refer to databases for what they can find for the very latest information on threats, and if there is any connection to what they are scanning. if they find possible phishing, it is reported. possible malware, same thing. etc. there can of course be false positives as well.

    VirusTotal, the second link, is owned by Google. Chrome does a decent job with this kind of thing, but it is hardly foolproof. (they all have disclaimers, as does any virus scanner software, etc)

    “VirusTotal is a website, created by the Spanish security company Hispasec, that aggregates 55 antivirus products and 61 online scan engines to check for viruses that the user’s own antivirus may have missed, or to verify against any false positives.”

    4. No proof against Zero day attacks. In other words those freeware sites only check against KNOWN MALWARE, not something created newly, or as yet undiscovered i.e. it leads to a FALSE SENSE OF SECURITY. This is similar to a criminal records check for someone who is a criminal but simply just hasn’t been caught.

    yes, new attacks are coming all the time. any virus scanner and blacklist database has to be updated, constantly, for this reason.

    5. The fact is close to no-one will use your solution, checking URLs as they come across them. It’s too slow.

    “checking URLs as they come across them” is exactly what you yourself suggested: If you need conformation this site is a hoax, type the domain name in google and see what you get as a result, which is not typical.

    zillions of people use these solutions, all the time. they are automated. VirusTotal wouldn’t be owned by Google if that wasn’t the case. it wouldn’t be a gigantic industry (scanners, protection software, malware alerts, etc) if no one used these *imperfect* solutions.

    I mentioned my solution with the link checkers specifically for anyone to use, on the spot, to check the link, or any similar suspect link, without having to do anything else (check browser settings, buy software, etc).

    Manage phishing & malware alerts

    anyone else is free to use the automated systems. Chrome has it built in and on by default.

    6. There is a better solution, which I use: A linux Live CD. By using this solution you can browse whatever you want and then just reboot the PC and you have a clean machine every time, regardless if your last session picked up malware or not.

    rebooting your computer after every 5 minutes of casual browsing is easier than checking an occasional link?

    do you know what percentage of people out there are technical enough to even have the slightest clue what you are talking about with a Linux Live CD? I do. I’ve been in the biz for a long time. almost all non-techie people hate those kinds of solutions, and will never use them. many will hate you for even saying the word “Linux” in their presence.

    I do actually know my audience.

    the non-techie people, however, sometimes do know how to properly use antivirus software, and link checkers, or use a browser with a link checker built in. and of course commercial browsing-protection products may also have that kind of thing built in.

    if you wanted to be truly helpful, instead of just pointlessly cantankerous and fear mongering, for anyone who was curious about Linux Live CDs, how about posting your favorite link to something useful about them? that could be most informative.

    I’m not currently having much luck in finding a link that wouldn’t flip out a non-techie type (yes, these are the vast majority of people in the world, even browsing NBL).

    here is a start, perhaps.


    ~ mo

  • beware Austin powers!

  • drivel! take a walk kevin…thats nor drivel…that’s good advice…provided you can…if not pardon my ignorance.

  • WoodWose ~

    thank you for the absolutely beautiful words of “quiet wisdom” yesterday evening. lovely and very powerful.

  • @ Mark Austin
    Oh Gee ! Thanks CINDY LANE must be happy to know also sure
    That`s how i will live my life from here onward

  • .

    Can I play too?


    Cindy Loo Who?

    “Yet more bizareness I have to waste my time demolishing”

    Um, ‘bizarre’ has two r’s in it, so your claims of being superior to everyone else here at NBL sort of just went out the window with that comment, lol. And no, you didn’t ‘have’ to do anything, unless of course you’re compulsive and have a silly list of things you simply ‘must do’ when you find your compulsions being triggered and you just can’t restrain yourself.

    I went to that journalistic advertising link, the one that Artleads posted that day (I went there that very day.) I didn’t receive any malware on my computer from doing so. I also didn’t find myself ‘phished’ because I didn’t proceed to enter any sensitive data on that page, nor was their even any request or opportunity to enter any sensitive data on that page. Usually, something is considered to be a phishing scheme when someone pretends to be your email provider, or your bank, or something of the sort, and asks you to enter your password or account numbers under some false excuse … and they appear to be your bank or legitimate provider but aren’t. They do it by ‘pretending’ to be your bank or something similar, and then they ‘trick you’ into entering sensitive data as if you were logging into (or logged into) who you thought they were. That’s ‘phishing.’ So you don’t appear to even know what you’re talking about here.

    Advertising a sketchy product would not be considered a computer crime any more than an ad from Ford Motors would be considered a computer crime. It’s just another ad for a product sold from the great old U. S. of A. That’s how the capitalist culture there gets ahead; by selling crap people don’t need, and crap that doesn’t live up to it’s promises (preferably something you make for a nickel, sell for a buck, and is addictive.) The product advertised on that site is no worse than advertising a car or a boat or a vacation or a financial product. Yawn.

    Even further to your false claims about that site, I spent some time reading the comments section there, and it was almost exclusively comments reporting on people’s disappointment in the product, and how they were charged for and sent more of the product than they had actually ordered. So, I don’t know how effective that site even was as a promotional aid for the product, making your comments about it seem a little over the top for sure. Nothing really to see there but just another company trying to sell you some more crap. Buyer beware.

    What was entertaining about your comments was to see you acting all superior to everyone else here at NBL, and how you outed several other people here who seem to feel the same way about themselves too. Now that was some good phishing, lol. Oh, and insisting Guy drop everything in his life and get right on resolving this non-issue for you, THAT was funny as well. Super funny, actually. Luckily Guy IS actually sort of smart and wasn’t spurred into action by your boorish attempt at denigrating Mark’s character (and Artleads character too.)

    It’s an opinion site Cindy, a comments section on an internet blog site. The characters and backgrounds of the people who post comments here are irrelevant and don’t make a shitting bit of difference to anything. I’m reading opinions here from random strangers, not hiring someone to do my bank deposits for me. It seems to me that in your effort to come off sounding all superior and super smart, you instead came off sounding like an excitable loon looking to trash someone’s reputation. Let me guess, you’re probably voting for Trump, aren’t you? It figures, since you seem fond of his tactics for smearing other people, as if your credibility somehow gets raised by simply eliminating your competition. Honey buns, it only works that way in America. Just ask anyone who doesn’t live there.

    Please continue to amuse us though with your inflated self image. We all need a little gallows humor around here every now and then.

    Cindy Loo Who?

    Meh. Noise.

  • i love you all, but you people clearly all have to much time on your hands. hey lwa…check out ”big star” …three interesting albums….thanks oz…what about “midnight oil”! may a fragrant mint breeze waft by .

  • digi ~

    too much time? not really! oh how I wish. that would be so much fun. :)

    snow in the morning, on new green grass.

  • sensitive music link.

    (for those with subs enough to hack it, yeah)

  • speaking of trump, a little vulgar humor goes a long way:

  • Just think about the recent global temperature rant, add the delay of cause and effect (CO2 -> temperature) of about 40 years and some 40 feedbackloops and I give shit, how anyone gets his money or how much money anyone hoards. I just see my always silent teacher smiling, waiting, welcoming.

    Doctor Guy McPherson is no money hunter, he is too clever to run after money. Sure, everybody needs to make a living. But that does in no way mean, that one is corrupted by Empire already. It is the fucking propaganda of Empire:

    ” We are all the same, we all depend on fuckin money and fuckin oil and fucking brainswash! And now shut up!!!”

    Hahaha, yeah, some just make some bloody million or billion bucks more. Karma. Intention. Responsibility. No matter what, Empire is dead already. Mother Earth, her armies are after Empire and they will get it soon.

  • When you realize, that you and everyone else will be dead tomorrow, within the blink of an eye, then you don’t feel the slightest greed for big money anymore.

  • Btw:

    If Trump really gets elected, then people like Doctor Guy McPherson and climate scientists in general are in danger, to be classified as terrorists 8-)

    That Trump is no good.