In the Name of Love

“Any moment might be our last. Everything is more beautiful because we are doomed. You will never be lovelier than you are now. We will never be here again.”

~ Homer, The Iliad


Recently a friend and neighbor mentioned my courage. In a discussion about the homestead I created, he said, “you were brave to do that with other people.”

I was taken aback by his comment. Here at the mud hut, I simply did what I’ve always done: I threw myself into a project. I assumed I’d get back what I put into the project, if not more, as has generally been the case during my privileged life.

In retrospect, I understand my neighbor is correct. An act that made perfect sense when I was idealistic about people seems utterly ridiculous in the rear-view mirror. Absent my contemporary cynicism, my love for humanity nearly nine years ago was a hallmark of my naive, inspired life.

We will do almost anything for love. We will leave our jobs. We will forsake power, money, and relationships in its name.

And so I have.

Idealism is expensive. It costs money and time. Perhaps most importantly, at least to me, it costs health. I don’t mean merely physical health, either, although I’m clearly not the vibrant, young man I was only a few years ago: Mental, psychological, and emotional health are placed at great risk when one depends upon others in a culture gone mad.

As a symptom of cultural madness, nearly everybody within the mainstream culture treats greed as a god. It’s the only god of significance to most people, platitudes to the contrary notwithstanding. Christianity’s golden calf is manifest daily in the form of myriad examples diametrically opposed to religious ideals.

Theft has become normal. Murder, too. We ignore them, paid off with the crumbs of this oligarchic empire.

“At least I’m not being robbed.” Perhaps not yet. Not today. Not obviously, at least to you.

“Only brown children terrorists are dying from NATO’s bombs.”

“We live in a democratic society.” Whoops, wrong again.

“I didn’t vote for this.” Except by thousands of actions, that is.

Any existential port in a shitstorm. We’re living out the words American science fiction writer Robert Heinlein penned years ago: “Man is not a rational animal; he is a rationalizing animal.”

Afraid to push back — after all, we’re “safe” — most of us abandon every principle for a few dollars and a little security. Is it any wonder we’ve given up virtually every aspect of personal freedom in exchange for virtual lives? Sowing and reaping are separated only by time. And time is always short.

I’ve often been told to follow my heart. I’m not sure the full meaning of this common expression, although I suspect it means surrendering intellect for emotion, behavior commonly expressed by some who comment in this space. Dominated by the left hemisphere of my brain, I’m reluctant to pursue such a path. On the rare occasion I’ve shifted the reins from the left hemisphere of my brain to my right, the outcome has been unpleasant. Perhaps I need more practice.

There is a single, singular exception to the generally undesirable outcomes resulting from my emotive decisions: my partner of 35 years, my spouse since 6 August 1983. She has supported me throughout my mistake-ridden path, absorbing the frequent shocks along a road riddled with potholes. I’m not worthy of her, and she certainly deserves better than me. The universe is unjust, along with most of its participants.

The courage identified by my friend and neighbor is authentic. It is part of who I am, or at least who I was. And it pales in comparison to the valor demonstrated by my long-time partner.


Today’s essay concentrates on a topic of central interest in this space during the last few years. It will undoubtedly elicit the disparaging bile to which I’ve become accustomed from the usual members of the commentariat. This is not surprising from a populace so dumbed down it cannot understand its primary language. If you are among the offenders, then you can expect your comments to be moderated and perhaps removed. I am not obligated to print hateful, personal attacks in this space. There are many other evidence-free, online venues to disparage me and my work. I suspect much of the commentariat here is very welcome — indeed, encouraged — to insult me elsewhere.

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  • Cowgirl Apocalypse Haiku #130

    Two black butterflies’
    mesmorized mid-air courtship…
    Watch out! The bike path!

  • Well said Dr. McPherson.

  • Well damn Sam, that’s the story of my life, almost to the step. Followed my heart into many idealistic cul-de-sacs, complete with land partners and everything else. Didn’t generate a lot of money, although the experience has been very rich. And like you, I got the grand prize in a wonderful wife. Except for the ever-present financial concerns, I really have no complaints. I always knew this trip wouldn’t last forever.

  • Dave Cohen’s latest:

    …consider these quotes from the Yale researcher Ivy Tan, who was the lead author on this latest study.

    “‘We found that the climate sensitivity increased from 4 degrees C in the default model to 5-5.3 degrees C in versions that were modified to bring liquid and ice amounts [in actual clouds] into closer agreement with observations,’ said Yale researcher Ivy Tan, lead author of the paper.

    “Climate sensitivity refers to the change in global mean surface temperature due to a doubling of carbon dioxide. Climate models predict between 2.1 and 4.7 degrees C (3.75 to 8.5 degrees F) of warming in response to a doubling of carbon dioxide.

    ‘We saw a systematic weakening of the cloud phase feedback and increase in climate sensitivity as we transitioned from model versions that readily convert liquid to ice below freezing to model versions that can maintain liquid down to colder temperatures, as observed in nature,’ Tan explained.”

    As observed in nature? As in, what we can observe in the real world. I was left wondering how long this discrepancy between what the models say and what we can observe in nature has existed. It turns out that there is seven years of data.

    In my life, when people told me I was brave, it was just me responding to a situation where (as I saw it) “There Is No Alternative”. It’s complicated, because if you are doing what you want/need to do, then it doesn’t seem like a sacrifice.

  • Well-said, Guy! And kudos to your partner, she has really given full meaning to “stand by your man.”

  • I see a major distinction in my life between the things I do from a “courage of the head” and those I do from a “courage of the heart.”

    The courage of the head springs largely from the ego, and the actions it fosters reflect that. This is the courage that lets me take unpopular, provocative positions; the courage that drives me to live outside of social norms because a neurotic part of me can’t tolerate being just like everyone else. Of course it helps that I’m relatively intelligent, so I can justify this contrariness and dress it up with trenchant insights. When I sit back and reflect on it honestly however, most of this behavior is part of a deeply neurotic, self-defensive attention-seeking complex.

    A classic recent example of this kind of courage is my invention – right here on NBL – of the branch of cross-disciplinary “science” that I now call “Thermodynamic Evolutionary Sociology.” The insights I gleaned from that endeavour may or may not be utter bullshit. But the deterministic absolutism I distilled and trumpeted from it had two unconscious aims. The first was to give me a defense against my overwhelming grief and anger by rationalizing that no one is to blame for any of this. Its second neurotic purpose was to make me stand out from the crowd. It was the same pair of goals that drove me to be an early, vocal adopter of Jay Hanson’s dieoff concept, with all of its thermogenetic inevitability.

    This is not to say that nothing of value came from that exercise. Quite the opposite, in fact – I harvested a remarkable amount of equanimity and clarity from it. But a huge part of personal growth involves acknowledging the role that our unconscious Shadow plays in shaping our thoughts, feelings and actions. Bringing these baser motivations into awareness is an excellent (and perhaps our only realistic) defense against the hubris and arrogance that lurks within us all.

    The courage of the heart is a different matter altogether. For me this form of courage represents the ability to commit fully to a course of action that we feel to be good, right, or truthful – even in the face of clearly negative consequences. The canonical example is the soldier throwing himself on a live grenade to save his mates.

    The example in my life involves my journey to Los Angeles six years ago to bring home a woman I had realized as my eternal soulmate. She and I had been best friends in the 70s, but had been lost to each other for almost 30 years. During that interval she had gone from youth to riches to penury. She was in a loveless marriage of necessity, and when we re-connected was at imminent risk of dying from a toxic combination of poverty, disability, eviction and abandonment. A rescue attempt was obviously called for, but to pull it off would cost me every penny I had and a fair bit more. It would also require me to discard permanently any notions I might have had of retirement, comfortable or otherwise.

    Like the soldier in the trench, when I saw the situation there was no time to weigh pros and cons, and frankly none was needed. The action was reflexive and immediate, and two months later she was living here with me. Six years on I still see it as the finest, most honorable thing I have ever done. It lets me hold my head up in any company, and has dispelled much of my previous sour denigration of the human heart.

    Courage of the head and the heart both have their places in life. But it pays to keep a close eye on the outcome. Only one of them is the courage of love. By their fruits shall ye know them.

  • Mr. McPherson,
    your neighbor is corect as blood is thicker than water.
    Call me a fascist, call me a bigot, call me all names in the book but i would do more for my closest relatives than i would do to my more distant relatives also known as the rest of the human race.
    I’m not surprised that you were so alianeted by your neighbors sentence, as you repeatedly stated you are a child of the white mens empire.
    Carried and looked after from cradle to grave.
    All the best

  • .
    Right brain much too rich.
    Some build a wall against it.
    Left brain feels safer.

    Right brain way too rich.
    Must turn our back against it.
    Left brain is certain.

    Ya, get really mad, do some reacting.

    And Tom, you said you were done reacting and lecturing.

    You lied.


  • Love…..? do we really know what that is in this overwhelming culture we belong to? Here is the test. Your mother (earth) has terminal cancer and is living out her last days in a hospital. every day men come by to rape and brutalize her (exxon-mobile ,weyeraeuser, us military, etcetera. ad infinitum. How you respond goes directly to character or the complete sociopathic lack there of.

  • Robert A. Heinlein was a wise man indeed. There is also four very wise words used frequently by one his character Beowulf Schaeffer, that you should find very satisfying when (sooner than later), when “Humanity” (a wise relative of mine once said that “there are “People” and then there are Human Beings”…the ratio of one to the other does not favor us). Gets hit hard enough by our “predicament” to do what they do so well…PANIC.

    These four powerful words are known (and repeated several times by Beowulf Schaeffer, are…”I TOLD YOU SO”

    After enjoying this well deserved moment however, I think that Heinlein would have advised you to heavily arm yourself and keep a very low profile…

  • Great post, I am sure of things as they are, what to be sure of, as things are, is another question after the fact. Change is the only consistent day to day unknown.

  • .
    And may I point out that your wife remained with you, when that”s obviously not been very practical or even rational choice. That was a very right brained choice she made there, regardless how she may rationalize it.

    And it’s your most cherished, stabilizing thing.

    Quit the paradox isn’t it.

    Women are much better than this than men are. Maybe you could learn something from her.

    You certainly keep pointing to it subconsciously. Over and over.


  • Beware of the left hemisphere… renowned psychiatrist and writer Iain McGilchrist explains how our ‘divided brain’ has profoundly altered human behaviour, culture and society.

  • Today I a jumping off the treadmill of capitalism to go out and control invasive species in my beat up truck with no insurance. A couple of years ago I was in the bootheel of Arizona (puttin the hurt on some invasive species of course) and ran into a teenage migrant; hungry, thirsty with blisters on his feet. I drove him to his brothers in Tuscon. That day was a twofer. A lot of good honest work to do in this world.

  • I am embarrassed to have to say this. No, I didn’t charge the young man anything.

  • It looks to me that the greatest President in
    the history of America will be Jimmy Carter.
    He put solar Panels on the White House and at
    the time we had no national debt relative to the
    monstrous bubble hanging over our (“We the People’s”)
    head. He also warned about the dangers of fossil fuels
    and warned us that unless something was done about it we
    would be in serious trouble in about 30 years.
    Fossil fuels ran him out of office and in comes
    Reagan and down come the solar panels and everything
    else Jimmy stood for. Now its 36 years later and we
    are facing Global extinction. Mere “Human Extinction”
    is now probably too conservative. Looks like we are
    going “Venus” as soon as the Methane Monster reaches
    maximum output.

  • Yet another trip to New Zealand, ho hum.
    What is the bloody point?
    Most of the audience are pro breeding, and most of them will leave the meeting thinking they can keep having children caus they give us ‘hope’
    As we saw at the last wast of time talk you gave in Wellington, most of the audience were fuckwits, they supported the New Zealand Green Party for one thing, the party that promotes growth based pension plans and tourism, money printing and manufacturing. They were adamant that having children was the smartest thing to do.
    Guy traveling around giving these pointless talks is a form of disaster tourism, there are plenty of will informed people here in NZ that could do the pissing up against the wall that is giving one of these talks is.
    As you seam to like giving talks over the partly consumed cadavers of animals I could look into booking the local BBQ and Grill for ya.

  • Most scientists tell us “humans are just animals after all!”. And what do animals? They procreate and give a shit about any population control. And so do most human animals :-)

    Well, what about altruism? Is there something like altruism in human animals, in animals or not?

  • John Lynch Says:
    April 8th, 2016 at 1:12 pm

    “It looks to me that the greatest President in
    the history of America will be Jimmy Carter.”

    Ever hear about the CARTER Doctrine, which made it US policy to use all the military force needed to maintain US domination of Middle East oil fields. And the name it bears didn’t come from comedian Jack Carter, or from Hurricane Ruben Carter the boxer, or singer Mel Carter. Ever hear of the Trilateral Commission? Carter, a member when he was elected, filled his cabinet with Commission members, right up to VP Mondale and National Security Adviser Zbig Brzezinski, the architect of the US intervention in Afghanistan and of The Grand Chessboard, the US strategy for global domination which has been pursed by Dubya and Obama (whose college mentor at Columbia was Zbig), potentiated by 9/1, as Zbig predicted in his 1996 book bearing the strategy’s name which outlined it.

    Draft registration? Reinstated by Carter in 1980. Massive boost in military spending? Blame by the likes of you on Reagan, in fact initiated by Carter,….. No national debt? WHAT a SICK JOKE! Debt had skyrocketed during the ’70s, whether the president was Nixon, Ford or Carter. Inflation hit double digits under Carter, and it was HE who appointed Paul Volcker Fed chair, and he raised interest rates way into double digits, creating a very steep downturn which didn’t fully hit till Carter left office.

    What you write is just one more piece of revisionist BS “history” designed to cleanse Carter;s image. Sorry, but some of us lived through the Carter years and remember them well. The “civilization” heat engine kept on chugging, meaning that there was not the slightest detour in our path towards extinction.

  • Right and wrong robert atack Most people can never be reached. THat is why democracy doesn’t work. A lot of us love guy. He brings a quiet competent sanity to our problem and might inspire a few of us to love our mother. And do corresponding things to assist her in her demise. We all eat plants and animals. “Who knows what fine affinities grass have” ed abbey

  • Well, I am in no way surprised that people, who learned at home, in school, at work, in politics, in science and almost anywhere, that there is no meaning in live (except the hunt for material shit), that we are all just animals, that everything is just matter finally give a damned shit about altruism, population control, meaning in live, loving Mother Earth ect ect. After all, they just follow what they learned to follow, what they are conditioned to follow :-)

    Yoh, here we are now, facing NTE. Go on…

  • @ Guy:
    “As a symptom of cultural madness, nearly everybody within the mainstream culture treats greed as a god. It’s the only god of significance to most people, platitudes to the contrary notwithstanding. Christianity’s golden calf is manifest daily in the form of myriad examples diametrically opposed to religious ideals.”

    Jesus is not being represented by the “Church”. People in the Churches are simply ordinary people who are imperfect. Jesus Himself had lots of issues with His own people in Judiasm . They were just as corrupt as the people in many churches are today. If you want to know your Maker. simply pick up a Bible and read the words of Jesus yourself. He said ” Heaven and Earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away. As for me , I too am just an imperfect human as are you. We all make mistakes and errors in judgment as you well know.
    Don’t knock Jesus because of the many idiots who claim faith in Him.


  • Hey, you’re RIGHT – thanks for pointin’ that out LWA!

    Tom’s a lying sack, everybody!!

  • @Nemesis
    For altruism, look up Hamilton (I forget the first name). Basically the equation says that the more genes you share, the more altruistic you’ll be toward that individual. It’s standard study in Natural Selection.

    Best Wishes

  • Climate Wars. There are two books of that title,both worth reading.
    Then there will be increasing hysteria from the religious lunatics,rejoicing at the horror of it all,and claiming it is god’s will.

  • @Paul C., I think it’s great that you were able to save your friend from suffering, so please don’t take this as a criticism.. there’s just something in the way you described it that I found intriguing. I think there are some insights here as to how altruism works.

    You said, “…I still see it as the finest, most honorable thing I have ever done. It lets me hold my head up in any company, and has dispelled much of my previous sour denigration of the human heart,” describing the ways this altruism has helped *you*. It sounds like what you are saying is that you needed to perform this exercise in salvation *in order* to convince your own self of something positive about Paul C. in particular, and by extension humans generally.

    Your thought construction of how this gesture “lets you hold your head up in any company” is interesting, because it implies that previously you did not feel that was possible. Now you are a person worthy of “any company”, whereas before you were not? (..not expecting a personal answer.. it’s just a rhetorical question.)

  • @Lidia: No harm, no foul, I love unpacking stuff I’ve written. That’s a very interesting aspect you pointed to. I’ve gone through some major roundabouts and swings over the years regarding my self-image and self-esteem. It started with a fairly pure ego-driven arrogance when I was younger. As I over-reached myself and failed at a number of important things in life, I began to really judge and punish myself.

    By the time I re-connected with my beloved I was telling myself some very harsh stories about who I really was, even though I knew I had a lot of positive qualities. Then I did that amazing, courageous, altruistic thing, without even thinking about it. Now I can hear my beloved say she thinks I’m a good person without telling myself those stories any more, because both my head and my heart have the evidence they need to agree with her.

  • “Any moment might be our last. Everything is more beautiful because we are doomed. You will never be lovelier than you are now. We will never be here again.”

    ~ Homer, The Iliad

    The way the planet is being destroyed and the new hot regime we’re heading for, it’s a good job we’ll never be here again! :-( The only beauty i find in this World are its natural inhabitants otherwise we are doomed doubly so: personally and as a species.

  • Atom Bomb- A Time-Lapse Map of Every Nuclear Explosion Since 1945. By Isao Hashimoto …wait for it….

  • True Story: After all the talk about predictions, NTHE by 2030, etc., I decided to go straight to the Absolute Source of All Information for answers: my Magic 8 Ball (blessings be upon it). I asked, straight up: “Will human beings be totally fucked by 2030?” Answer: “REPLY HAZY TRY AGAIN”

    There you go people. Very wise. Very wise…

  • For me, personally, there are no judgements of good or bad in what I experience, there is only the experience. Whether I choose to repeat it is up to me. In this way I am able to learn that the only real thing in life is to give and to not expect anything in return. To give to those who have nothing to give back. I am then free of those things that keep me tethered. When I speak truths or truly give of myself people seem not to be able to understand it and I rarely see or hear of them again because they are programed for greed, not self-less-ness.

    I’m glad you’re here Guy, you are Master Teacher, Thank you for opening my eyes once again to things I’d misplaced.

  • Guy is not the only scientist whose ideas are rejected because of a cultural trance or bias (Weekend Rebel Science Excursion – 56).

    A well published Harvand Professor at time suffers the same bias from even well educated folks.

  • @Lidia

    ” Equally, *with* emphatic realization of interconnectedness, there is only one way left.”

    Hahaha, right, Death comes with or without emphatic interconnectedness, holy shit. But it FEELS better with emphatic interconnectedness, at least for me :-)

    What about emphatic interconnectedness for MOTHER EARTH? Modern people of the fuckin rich western countries don’t feel emphatic interconnectedness for Mother Earth, they only feel it for fuckin funny money, materialist shit. THAT is the reason, why they rape and exploit Mother Earth and other human beings and animals, hahaha. Yeah, they are full of selfhatred. Hell yeah, people of fuckin rich countries actually HATE emphatic interconnectedness, because with it they would FEEL their RESPONSIBILITY, hahaha. They just don’t like that, it’s bad for capitalist business :-)

    Some people out there hate all human beings/mankind and they want to see humankind croak as soon as possible. They actually hate THEMSELVES and others. Hahaha, yeah, they actually hate THEMSELVES and don’t have the fuckin courage to end their very own lives, so they want extended suicide all over the planet instead. Hell yeah, most people of fuckin rich industrialized countries are just full of funny, materialist SHIT. That’s the reason, why Mother Earth and the victims of Empire are suffering and being exploited by these sick shitheads.

    What about “Only LOVE remains” and “living a life of excellence”? Do you like that? Do YOU feel emphatic interconnectedness (some call it “Love/Compassion”) for Mother Earth and other beings, like I do? :-) Can you see me smiling, grinning?

  • @Lidia

    Did you know? I LOVE YOU and I LOVE MYSELF AND LIFE AND DEATH. I AM FREE TO LOVE, haaaahahahaha :-D

  • gilbert…did you lose your car keys too? misanthropic recluses unite!

  • I did much as Guy has only it is 5 acres in OR. My biggest regret is that I am alone most of the time. My partners all opted to return to commuting and plugging into the system to pull in the money required to “live a fuller life”. They love coming home to what, for the most part I have created which is some consolation.

    I do sometimes love being alone… with the ducks, sheep, chickens, and all my plantings… but boy how I wish there were others around to make the labor feel less like drudgery.

    About the POTUS BS. People think that the president sits at the wheel and steers the Country, even the greater developed world, in some direction. There has not been a Prez that makes and implements any plan for the direction of anything. Their just up there so the people have someone to blame for all the shit that those who do make the plans creates.

  • the fact that all the noise and derision bothers you, is not a good sign Dr. Mcpherson

  • has not been updated in awhile. Normally if he (Tom Feely) gets the flu or other bug someone from his family will put it at the top.

    If anyone has any info, I would appreciate. Speculation with no facts is a waste. Maybe there are some advanced searching options others would know.

    I have never seen the Red River this low in early April, especially before the Assiniboine enters two blocks north. But, of course, the next few years should be “interesting”. Lots and lots of older elms being cut down, they are planting some of the new hybrids that are more resistant. Winnipeg still has streets lined with elms, but the dutch elm and also some years the tent caterpillars wear them down. Not all the old trees are hollow in the middle, but at least 35% are. So far we do not have the emerald ash borer, and not a huge density of ash.

  • About the new study on cloud feedback mech being “greater than predicted”;

    I’ve looked at clouds from both sides now.


    Saturday, 9 April 2016
    CO2 levels at 407 ppm
    From 404.67 ppm to 407.02 ppm of CO2 within a month!

    Record high levels of CO2 at Mt. Loa

    Highest-ever daily average CO2 at MLO: 407.74 ppm on April 7, 2016 (NOAA)

    2nd highest daily average CO2 at MLO: 407.30 ppm on April 6, 2016 (Scripps)

    [also see the following article directly below this one at the site]

    Record annual increase of carbon dioxide observed at Mauna Loa for 2015

    [we’re well on our way up the exponential heat curve]

  • It seems CO2 concentrations are increasing faster than expected… odd, that.

    From NASA:
    Record annual increase of carbon dioxide observed at Mauna Loa for 2015

    “The annual growth rate of atmospheric carbon dioxide measured at NOAA’s Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii jumped by 3.05 parts per million during 2015, the largest year-to-year increase in 56 years of research.

    In another first, 2015 was the fourth consecutive year that CO2 grew more than 2 ppm, said Pieter Tans, lead scientist of NOAA’s Global Greenhouse Gas Reference Network.

    “Carbon dioxide levels are increasing faster than they have in hundreds of thousands of years,” Tans said. “It’s explosive compared to natural processes.”

    In other news, it seems we are back in daily record territory as well:

    Highest-ever daily average CO2 at MLO: 407.74 ppm on April 7, 2016 (NOAA)
    2nd highest daily average CO2 at MLO: 407.30 ppm on April 6, 2016 (Scripps)

    Meanwhile we are told that everything is awesome because CO2 emissions are declining. Well if CO2 emissions are declining & we are getting record increases in CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere that would suggest that positive feedbacks (the Doc has mentioned a few) are kicking in that are overwhelming our ability to control CO2 even if we wanted to (or could). Uncharted territory awaits! Faster & faster…

  • Waking today I feel groggy, too much refined sugar the day before.

  • Cheer up Prof ;)

  • @ Guy
    We’re all in the same boat. Living impossible lives, in a place that can’t possibly exist, doing things that have never been done before, nor will they ever be repeated. Courage? That’s for immortal children who are deluded into thinking that they have control, or have the ability to hold on to impermanence. People always say “if I could just . . . I’d be happy.” Happiness is here and now, in this infinite moment, or it just isn’t. Regrets are for fools, who are also still immortal. It’s only when you become mortal that you can attempt to find meaning, even if there is none.

    Best Wishes

  • Am watching through my Amazon video account “The Russian German War vol 2”. The reversal from German victories to the Russian advance on Berlin, and the fanatical resistance that German armies and civilians made for another two years after defeat was guaranteed. Way to spend a beautiful Spring morning?

    No, I refresh my understanding of human madness by watching these — not just reminding myself of the theoretical obliteration by nuclear war in my lifetime, but the ACTUAL insanity that took place just a few years before I was born.

    They impress me every time with the feebleness of my normalcy bias. Things continue as they are — until they aren’t any longer — such as when an invading army sweeps through your town.

    Do you think Industrial Civilization is going to go down with any less fanaticism, paranoia, total destruction, and random slaughter than our parents and grandparents witnessed 70 years ago? Have human beings changed one iota? No. The Beast lies in wait.

    Enjoy the Springtimes while you can.

  • I have been through so many let-downs from new age mumbo-jumbo, but I feel something today, stirring like a crack in my hardened heart.. So I figured I’d share this, fwiw.
    The words are good.


    Simple Steps to Healing: Ho’oponopono
    I Love You, I’m Sorry, Please Forgive Me, Thank You
    by Dr. Joe Vitale

    With Appreciation,


  • @mrogness

    Tom Feely of Information Clearinghouse has suffered a stroke.

    This according to Paul Craig Roberts:

  • Shallel — Thank you. I do not categorize such words as “new age”, or other presumed pejoratives. They are obviously (to me) true on some level.

    To me, the only two scenarios able to “rescue” us from the outcomes which this NBL site projects are a mass viral plague removing 90% of humanity and collapsing Industrial Civilization — returning humans to valid members of the Animal Kingdom — while avoiding the complete poisoning of habitat for animal life (if, and only if, the methane somehow cooperates, and stays put.)

    Or, #2, some “external” intervention, something not just the product of our “magical thinking” but in actual existence. And I don’t even know that, if true, it is purposed to “rescue” us from this physical fate, but only to inform us spiritually of what is happening. Just to let the physical dimension go, in the form of eventual extinction, but to share with us a vision of something other than life on Earth. A sad thought, yes, but we just don’t know. Probably can’t know. Just let the thought reside for now.

    The scientific mind remains open to all possibilities not conclusively disproven, and avoids mistaking the prejudices and preferences of its practitioners for data not yet collected.

    The alternative to the virus would be a combination of the two above, namely, somehow, humanity getting the “virus” of understanding, of sympathy, forgiveness, atonement to all Life for our destructive ways.

    Something we have never seen in human history. A collective awakening.

    To stop the cars, stop the machines, stop burning the forests, end the wars, replant the great forests we have slaughtered, stop the massacres in the seas, and live on the minimum electric power we can safely generate and grow the minimum foods we need in ways suggested by permaculture. And reproduce one child per woman, age gracefully and die off to under a billion. Really a very short menu. And only a 100% reversal of present ingrained behavior, ha ha. But that would be the prescription any observing celestial physician would have to write, and the “patient” would have to follow.

    But then, NBL has always carried for me the reminder: Not Bloody Likely!

    Such messages carry the idea that a small number of thinkers — obviously not among the other 99% of humanity but hardly even a microdot on the human spectrum — can carry an influence beyond their numbers. Depends upon what type of “power” they imagine is needed or that they might have. But they do tend to think in terms of result.

    That is human nature. Pray in the desert, and God deposits manna there in the morning for you to eat.

    Beyond such hopes, idle or not, you hold those thoughts because that is who you are. How you got to be that person, you hardly remember.

    But after so many ups and downs, as you cite, you do end up with more forgiveness, less judgmentality (you’ve seen yourself do all the stupid stuff you might judge the others for!), and more compassion.

    Where that ends up going, well, we’ll just have to see.

    So, thanks for pointing to all that good stuff. Gotta get out and enjoy that sunshine today!

  • @ Shallel

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    even the Pope has started easing of on Marriage divorce and Gay and lesbian stuff but this BS of yours

    “I’m Sorry, Forgive Me, Thank You

    Is such a crap it can only come out of a gigantic (hono)….POPO

    even the churches doctrine of “original sin” is a lenient condemnation compared to this BS

  • islandraider: looks like we were of a similar mind there, eh?

    97% of Endangered Species Threatened by 3 Common Pesticides

    The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has released its first-ever analysis on the effects of three common pesticides—chlorpyrifos, diazinon and malathion—on endangered and threatened species and designated critical habitat nationwide. The resounding conclusion? Pesticides are terrible for them. [more]

    So much for chemical (and bio-gen)companies heeding Rachel Carson when there’s MONEY to be made killing other species. Now we’re getting the Silent Spring treatment on the entire biosphere thanks to them.

  • Robert Heinlein penned years ago: “[wo/]man is not a rational animal; [s/]he is a rationalizing animal.”

    A brilliant summation of homo callidus!

  • Robert Scribbler has a new post that indicates that he is approaching direct confrontation with our inevitable doom.
    Hansen’s recent paper has really pressed Robert’s alarm button.
    If Robert finally gets it,” the human flock may not be too far behind.

  • I noticed the rise in CO2 levels recently too. For someone like me, I focus on it in a cold abstract way, knowing that in the end of the day, the numbers don’t matter.

    The wave will swallow us all, while I meticulously consider it’s height. Maybe it’s a Left/Right brain imbalance, maybe it’s a human failing. Maybe we’re just not good enough.

  • Gerald, even the recalcitrant Dave Cohen is starting to get the picture:

    Really, how can anyone with an iota of intelligence not see where this is going?

  • Tom Says: So much for chemical (and bio-gen)companies heeding Rachel Carson when there’s MONEY to be made killing other species. Now we’re getting the Silent Spring treatment on the entire biosphere thanks to them.

    Along those lines:

    The rich are consumed by the desire to protect and expand their wealth. The for-profit corporation is a tool they invented that is dedicated solely to short-term profit and the expansion of wealth by whatever legal means are necessary. If legal structures against the exploitation of people and ecosystems are weak, then those things will be exploited, and in the case of ecosystems, destroyed. The climate will be destroyed because it is unprotected, and therefore, exploitable. In the US, the rich can buy the government and make sure this exploitation continues. This, my friends, is the basic reason why we will end up with a climate fit only for reptiles.

    If we don’t even try to stop the rich, and their destructive tool–the for-profit corporation, we guarantee destruction. Continuing lack of action against this obvious root of the problem indicates that we would rather indulge in a childish avoidance of reality. To put it bluntly, if you’re not working to end the power and legal right of the for-profit corporation to exploit, them you’re not doing a damn thing to save ecosystems, other species, or the climate.

  • Ya know, I was reading some criticisms of Guy, and they were mostly saying things like “McPherson is citing sources that are not peer-reviewed.” Well, I saw my azaleas blooming in January–does that have to be reviewed by the oak trees? Or even worse: “McPherson relies too heavily on single researchers such as Shakova. We don’t know how long the methane has been seeping, or the past quantities of seepage . . . (and then the clincher) more research is needed before conclusions can be drawn.” These “scientists” always demand more research and never draw any conclusions. I think we need to research how they got the positions that they’re in that lets them spout nonsense. Contrary to what many people believe, it doesn’t take much real intelligence to get a PhD.(No offense Guy–I’m sure you’ve met a lot of them that have amazed you with their stupidity). Anyway:

    Best Wishes Everyone

  • The big ‘What if’?

    What if 10 of the most knowledgeable scientists today, could time-travel back to the mid-19th C, to inform the most powerful & influential(of that period), of today’s predicament? Present it in Dr McPherson’s inimitable way.

    Magically(to illustrate this point) those 19th C people believe them(who they are, & said info).

    What would they do? Likely tie those 10 down, & torture(then kill) to extract every grain of knowledge regarding rapid societal development. Simply to get a head-start on any competition. Just to ‘game the system’.

    Even with fore-knowledge, our collective-greed would likely never be overcome.It goes macro descending to the micro when the subject is global-sacrifice. We can ponder vast regions altering/reaaranging lifestyle’s production & consumption first, & finally the shift will wind it’s way to ourselves, who of course, sacrifice last.

    Yet if there’s economic opportunity, we hope for opposite progression. Ourselves & our families first, then communities, city, region, & expanding outward(but not too quickly!)

    & I wonder now where today’s internet(info, biz, spying, etc…) fits between these two paradigms?

    It was SO much easier for the PTB to control these matters, 3 or 4 decades back.

  • If we’re not working to end the power and legal right of the for-profit corporation to exploit, then we’re not getting to the root of the current destruction and we’re not doing a damn thing to save ecosystems, other species, or the climate. Our efforts are just mindless flailing, and reacting to one corporate sponsored atrocity after another. This has been the failed strategy of the environmental movement up to this point. Do we learn from our failures, or not? If we don’t, then a human friendly climate and habitat will certainly cease to exist. The for-profit corporation dedicated solely to short-term profit is a dangerous destructive tool that is at the root of the present destruction–it must be eliminated.

  • The wind blows,or is it my breath?

  • @ Feed Jake:

    “Contrary to what many people believe, it doesn’t take much real intelligence to get a PhD.(No offense Guy–I’m sure you’ve met a lot of them that have amazed you with their stupidity).”

    Paul Beckwith wants to start setting off Hydrogen Bombs out in the “Desert” as a way of Geo engineering. I wonder whose desert he would like to blow up and whose bombs he thinks would be detonated. Beckwith lives in Canada.

  • mod. note

    LWA, sorry, your 2016/04/09 at 6:36 pm comment was deleted for being too much of a personal attack.

  • Humans evolved to seek rewards, it makes us feel good. Dopamine gets us moving towards our next opioid hit. Since we need energy for our metabolism our brains must be structured to go after the rewards. Generally, we don’t stop when we get enough, with hierarchical species it’s a competitive sport, we can never get enough. By evolving the capacity to store information and evolve tools we have essentially set a cancer loose upon the ecosystem and that cancer is civilization. Some can pursue religious rewards but on the side they are usually pursuing material rewards at the same time or praying for more wealth. Organized religions are some of the most expansionary. We can’t stop seeking rewards, it’s innate, it feels good. It even feels good to the burglar breaking into a house or the mafia thug demanding protection money. This repetitive need to seek reward will guarantee that we consume everything on the planet that can be processed into human reward and concurrently we will steal from each other to satisfy our needs. Politicians promising more growth and jobs have little understanding of the nature of our predicament.

  • @cuntagious, don’t mention the war! (at Dave’s)

    He hates, hates, hates, hates, hates “doomers”.
    Chews the scenery up and down and makes as if to ban them (us).
    Go figure.

    People are fascinating, in a tedious sort of way.

    @Elroy H., much of this stuff about “wealth” is, in some regards, a red herring. The ultra-rich spend a lot, but they spend way less as a percentage of income/net-worth than anyone else. Most of their “wealth” is virtual. Wealth isn’t digital claims on future resources you don’t actually control.

    It would be far more disastrous for the biosphere if the current “wealth” were distributed, and 5 billion proles got a Prius each (were that even possible on a material level, which it isn’t).

    As I see it, the bubble in fiat ‘wealth’ is occurring exactly *because* we have hit the wall on real wealth (real resource extraction per capita). The “wealth” (fiat) concentration is not a cause, but a symptom, of the overall self-catabolizing process. A lot of people (me included) will be left holding bags of worthlessness.

  • I think Beckwith has reached the edge of hopium:

  • Lidia Says: @Elroy H., much of this stuff about “wealth” is, in some regards, a red herring.

    Lidia, it’s not about “wealth” per se. It’s about the reality of what is the dominant institution in a system which our host describes as omnicidal, and why we can’t ignore the dominant institution, because the goal of the dominant agent in a social system which determines the general behavior of that system. Ignoring that the for-profit corporations is dominant is the very definition of a red herring state of mind.

    The driver of our omnicidal system is its dominant agent –the private for-profit corporation which respects no limits, and exists solely to create short-term profit for anonymous investors with no limit to personal accumulation, and no concern for destructive practices which produce that accumulation.

    A culture that chose to be non-omnicidal would have dominant institutions that put the priorities of communities and ecosystems first, and obviously, they would inherently have to respect limits. The wealth of the society, true wealth, would be measured by the health of the community and its supporting ecosystems. Now I realize this way of thinking is a cold slap in the face for those whose brains are encased in the cultural blinders of omnicidal culture. But it’s really not that complicated once you discard from your mind the garbage of omnicidal cultural jargon and tropes.

  • **The driver of our omnicidal system is its dominant agent –the private for-profit corporation which respects no limits**

    Perhaps the *driver* is greed and hubris — and rearranging the particulars is a fools game?

  • People in England and France are revolting.
    [Rodney Dangerfield, straightening his tie: “You’re tellin’ me!?”]

    Thousands Protest In France Calling For Revolution

    Crowds march in London to demand Cameron resignation following Panama Papers leak

    Sunday, 10 April 2016
    The melting Arctic ice
    Open water in early April – this is the news of the day

    The melting of the ice is coming a month early.

  • mod. note

    Robert Callaghan, your last two comments are being withheld because they don’t contribute anything to the discussion and contain a personal attack.

  • A guy wants to blow up nuclear bombs, and I am not allowed to opine on his sanity?

  • I told a couple of Rodney Dangerfield jokes in support of Tom and you decide I’m contribute nothing? So, Tom’s Dangerfield jokes are acceptable and mine are not. I don’t know who or what you think you are, but YOU are definitely NOT contributing anything. You are just taking away.

  • Tom Says:
    April 10th, 2016 at 3:50 am

    People in England and France are revolting.
    [Rodney Dangerfield, straightening his tie: “You’re tellin’ me!?”]

    Thousands Protest In France Calling For Revolution

    Crowds march in London to demand Cameron resignation following Panama Papers leak

    Sunday, 10 April 2016
    The melting Arctic ice
    Open water in early April – this is the news of the day

    The melting of the ice is coming a month early.
    Yesterday there seemed to be another glitch in the software, because it showed a 90 degree turn toward more ice. It was an “L” shaped thingy.

    Ice does not do that.

    They have since smoothed it out, but it is still a very sharp turn.

    Strange (NSIDC).

  • I don’t dismiss Paul Beckwith’s atomic idea out of hand. If you listen carefully to what he is saying, he is talking about a choice between human (and many other species) extinction, or a drastic measure that might buy us some time. There would certainly be unforeseen consequences, as well as the well-known consequences of such a strategy, but he’s talking about the choice between extinction and possible survival of the human species.
    I (that word again) think that one’s goal in life should be to reduce the amount of suffering in the world. With that said, I don’t know exactly what to think of Beckwith’s idea. Would such a dystopian existence be better than none? I’m sure many people would think so. I guess I’ll withhold judgement and, as usual, let the oligarchs decide. Today I’m probably talking just to hear myself talk, so I’m sorry if I’m rambling.

    Best Wishes

  • mod. note

    @Robert Callaghan

    Robert, if you think my decision is wrong, you can always appeal to Guy. I’ll be happy to be corrected.

  • Although Beckwith’s idea to use Hydrogen bombs to mitigate global warming can’t be dismissed outright, the concept of regularly adding radioactive dust particles in the air isn’t exactly a wise invitation to go dancing in the rain, and a measure that seems really over-the-top. If we can’t find alternate ways to slow global sizzling without using devices that will make us shine in the dark I would think that the writing on the wall is final. While Beckwith’s knowledge of nuclear devices seems extensive enough to roughly describe the techniques involved with hydrogen to increase nuclear explosive yields, the casual way with which Beckwith promotes the idea of using these infernal devices seems dangerous at best, and apocalyptic at worst.

  • i wrote an assignment in college about the comparative destructiveness of syphilis vs human beings. My conclusion then and now:

    Humans should not live.

    One example, out of hundreds, to gaze upon: “What humans do in the name of religion!”

    Just this morning and every other second of every day preachers exhort: “Christians go to war for a purpose.”

    I’m sick of them. We need justice for ONCE.

  • Beckwith’s idea is interesting. I note, though, that he says it’s not *his* idea, and that he’s not actually promoting it – “just saying…”. In my view, it would probably work – to bring the temperature down at least. However, to deploy a nuclear pollutant to offset the effects of the other pollutants would be an act of desperation. The potential side effects are all horrendous – did anyone notice the effect just one of these explosions would have on the ozone layer? (It was in the corner of one of the graphics he showed.) I suspect Beckwith’s casual manner is actually the manner of someone who thinks the battle has already been lost and that Nature is now batting in the final innings. I’ve a nasty feeling he may be right.

  • ” Humans should not live.”

    Said a man, who is still living.

    The most funny part of Empire are it’s contradictions.

  • On the subject of “Nuclear Winter”, unless Mark Austin is correct that TPTB might actually allow a “limited Exchange” scenario in an effort to maintain BAU at most any cost. If this is not the case and any of major nuclear powers do decide that it’s their citizenry they want to survive (albeit not for long…), then a considerable number of Fusion Devices will be delivered, but ground zero will not be over unpopulated desert.

    The point being that as been quoted by various notables (from Patton to Carlin) throughout history is that we do seem to really like war, innately we love things that go BOOM, whether Fireworks or “Shock and Awe”. How many can pass by an horrific highway crash without slowing down to look? It’s only in the gory aftermath that we wonder why we did it all in the first place.

  • Endless egotism and therefore selfhatred, countless contradictions and ignoring the contradictions at any cost are some of the main reasons of Empire’s ignorant exploitation strategies, it’s longing for extended suicide and it’s final desaster:

  • Society is a hierarchy with hierarchical vertical transactions enforced through coercive violence and the threat thereof. Community coheres through voluntary (non-coercive) interactions, very few of which are transactions. Society monitors, prescribes d and proscribes the interactions and transactions of community. Society advances by dismantling community; the health of community lethal to society.

    Corporations are oligarchic agents of the state: annul corporate charters and corporations cease to exist; the oligarchies would then be on their own.

    Thiis has been restated several times on NBL in the past, but there is always a fresh supply of ignorance showing up.

  • Why not just give Beckwith some nukes and see what he comes up with.

  • A few words on the Paul Beckwith duke nukem thingy which Feed Jake, Brad Phillips, and John Lynch mentioned upthread (Rissing).

    When people get desperate because they have vision, like Beckwith does, it is evidence that NTHE is real.

    What may take us out “earlier than previously thought” is “solutions” envisioned by desperate geniuses.

  • Sorry, I left out the Rissing link (Rissing).

  • And in a sense corporations are the artificial life forms we have long been warned about. These cybernetic entities, soulless and immortal, with allegiance to nothing but their own bottom line and heedless of the downstream consequences resulting from their actions and programs, are now shaping the world we have to live in, for however long that might last. No wonder the earlier monarchy was wary of their power and severely restricted the original charters. First structured by human beings, they seem to have overpowered their creators and now have an agenda of their own.

  • mod. note

    Dredd; removed your extra Rissing link.

  • Hey Nemesis,
    That Richard Wolff video should be required watching for everyone in the U.S.A! Great pick. Too bad it’s about 200 years too late. I know everyone in Europe has been waiting and hoping that Americans would grow up and realize how they’ve been screwed by capitalism, and now that some are waking up, it’s too late. Well, maybe in some alternative reality!
    Until then . . .

    Best Wishes

  • The point of my short comment before the link wasn’t meant to indict Prof. Beckwith. He states within the video that this is not an endorsement by him. I think this is an example of the extremes TPTB might go to in order to maintain control of the populace until the last possible moment. I think Mr. Austin’s comments support this as well. Provoking a limited nuclear conflict in the third world or far east or letting loose a pandemic would both serve multiple goals of those in power. Temple Grandin’s got nothin’ on our glorious leaders.

  • Elroy Hubbard Says: “Ignoring that the for-profit corporations is dominant is the very definition of a red herring state of mind.”

    I don’t ignore them. I happen to see them as a result rather than a cause.

    “the private for-profit corporation which respects no limits, …exists solely to” break down energy gradients.

    “The driver of our omnicidal system is its dominant agent”.
    Nooo… the “driver of our system” is life itself, including ourselves as expressions of a certain set of physical, biological, and thermodynamical conditions.

    “A culture that chose to be non-omnicidal…”
    Cultures cannot “choose”… they never “choose” to do anything other than perpetuate themselves until they are physically impeded from doing so by whatever means.

    “…institutions that put the priorities of communities and ecosystems first … would inherently have to respect limits.” The only such ‘viable’ Institution would be Infanticide, as traditionally practiced by the communities Wester reveres: the Inuit and the !Kung. As modern westerners, we’ve just chosen to kill people later rather than sooner. Message to Wester: any of the millions (billions?) of infants who died from exposure endured just as much suffering as someone dying later as a result of “imperialism” or “capitalism”. Now, the removal of this important responsibility from women (upon whose personal ruling the life/death of any progeny generally rested), however, did serve to increase human biomass, which is why I regard patriarchy as a kind of advanced technology.

    The priority of any organism or community is to perpetuate itself. We’ve succeeded at that beyond our wildest dreams. All organisms succeed until they fail. So many people argue here against dualism, *except* when it suits their blame narrative. Humans either are, or are not, part of “Nature”. If they are, then you have to accept all subsequent developments (including the development of technologies like language and religion, patriarchy and capitalism, which have served extremely well in increasing human bio-mass).

    Bringing emotional, non-contextual, idealism into the picture is unhelpful. It’s not the way the world actually works, nor will it ever be.

    Corporations only exist because current energy surpluses allow for the legal structure which defends them to exist. When the excess energy is gone, corporations and other sorts of complex super-structures (other examples: churches & monarchies) will be gone, too. It’s a situation of self-organization to capture energy flows: less energy = less organization. If you can’t support a legal system, or a group of courtiers, you won’t. It’s as simple as that.

    It’s not politically-based at all; it’s thermodynamically-based. Corporate capitalism is more complex than feudalism, and feudalism is more complex than tribalism. The imminent Muslim takeover of Europe is a perfect laboratory example of a less-complex society supplanting the one that is more complex, with the more-complex society unable to marshall the energy resources necessary to maintain its institutions.

    “…discard from your mind the garbage of … cultural jargon and tropes.” yeah, I’m *trying* to do that, but certain people including our host keep dragging us back to them. All I read about here is “dominant culture” this and “white men of the global north” that.. The current situation is so far beyond identity politics, it isn’t funny. But I understand that people need something to rail against.

    @Robin Datta, thank you. Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe your statements reflect a similar understanding. I like your distinction between “community” and “society”. I’m not sure whether that semantic distinction could be usefully maintained, but we certainly do need to re-visit many of our definitions and assumptions.

    Or -you know- *not*.


  • @Lidia

    That was a very meaty comment. When I look out over the vast cancerous growth with its many millions of cells and many hundreds of millions of RNA humans participating in this pathological metabolism, I have to wonder why just a handful of the same characters seem to show up here to comment. The most important phenomenon in the history of the planet and very few seem to be aware or care. I suppose Dr. McPherson has also pondered the absence of response.

  • Lidia, humans host more bacterial cells than human cells. There are also other parasites, viral and fungal, that control their host’s behavior. (Don’t even get me started on politicians and bankers..) We are acting just the same as the bacteria in the petri dish. So who’s been calling the shots?

    James, I think the people who show up here know Guy’s science is sound, and might be looked upon as some innate immune response to the disease of civilization.

    Cultures may not be able to choose, but individuals are the sum of their choices – and the choices they give away to their culture, religions, beliefs, families, bosses, and the many parasites from the microscopic to Denny Hastert.

    Hope you enjoyed the sunshine, Henry, and thanks for the interesting thoughts; I do think it takes only a small percentage of the populace to shift paradigms.

    Paul Beckwith’s nuclear solution might buy us some time, but radiation is cumulative, and we are already at dangerous levels from bomb testing and the truly reckless nuclear industry and military(s) contamination of the environment with radio-toxins.

    I am curious about what we know (Guy?) about the many runaway cooling events in pre-history and their causes.. Mostly large volcanic eruptions and BFR impacts? Deviations in Earth’s orbit or solar fluctuations? I heard someone suggest we move Earth to an orbit more distant from the sun. Maybe we can throw Paul Beckwith into the volcano?

    I am grasping at straws, I know, and it seems the 400,000 tons of nuke waste seals the deal for millions of years. The waiting is the hardest part, since I have known our fate since I was 8 years old in 1970.

    I cannot adequately state my respect for Guy, and hope he continues to spread his most honest science and thoughtful response to NTLE.

    Tell people you love them and fight like a leukocyte!

  • I had a problem with this computer. I typed a fairly long comment, then
    lost it. I don’t feel like doing it again.
    The climate crisis is caused by industrial civilisation,not capitalism.
    I raised this with Clive Hamilton,who agreed. You can read his response in the comments section of the link below, if anyone is interested.
    Clive Hamilton is well aware of the insanity of mainstream economics,and has written a few books about that,including ‘Growth Fetish’and’Affluenza’

    We know that many first society bands and tribes did practice population
    control by various means,including infanticide in some cases. Australian aborigines are known to have practised infanticide when the infant was
    deformed or when seasonal conditions meant that the band was having difficulty sustaining themselves. My understanding is that they were
    killed quickly with minimal suffering. Would it be preferable for them to die slowly from starvation?

  • Here is the state of the “advanced” liberal environmentalists, as displayed on Hartmann. Trying to get Republicans in Congress to stop being denialists, and join a small caucus for climate change acknowledgment. Wow. How impressed I am!

    I can remember a dozen similar efforts to get Congress to rein in the military-industrial complex. What is our war budget now? About a trillion, 800-something bases in 140-something other countries?

    If you can’t get “leaders” to end an imperial syndrome that is net lose/lose negative, in which the very few profit at the expense of all, how would they ever think of signing on to rein in Industrial Civilization, in which ALL of their constituents have a vested interest?

    Plus, the methane already in the feedback loop pipeline more than overlaps any efforts that could have been taken as far back as 20 years ago.

    But Hartmann is all about political analysis, and coming in to work every day for a radio/TV show, and must have content. And optimism! God forgive us — at least we gave them content till the very end!

    (You don’t have to watch; it’s not very interesting, just illustrative of how fixed is the course to the final outcome when you observe how little effect the most aware among us are likely to have on it.)

    They are closing the freight car doors on the first trains to Maidenek. You left behind your precious possessions at the station; they’ll take your gold teeth later.

  • I feel profoundly the analogy between Beckwith’s proposal to “buy time” with hydrogen bombs and the many cancer patients doing the same with chemo and radiation. In Stephen Jenkinson’s latest interview available on YouTube ‘making meaning at the end of our lives, part 1’, he states, that in his experience with the dying, seldom do such efforts buy the dying the sort of time they bargained for. I saw this with my brother who was diagnosed with stage 3b long cancer. The radiation shrank his tumor so much the doctors were amazed and he had a brief period in which he thought he had realized his presumed invincibility. But, then, he needed chemo and it’s effects were ghastly and later still a lung had to be removed until finally they simply told him he would die in a few months time, which he then did. After bearing witness to all of that, I only hope I will have the strength to forego it, at the outset, if and when I’m given a truly bad prognosis.

  • Thank you richards for fixing my link mess.

  • “There Is No Alternative”

    Spoken like a true Thatcherite! ;-)