I’m re-posting below an essay, verbatim, from 9 September 2009. Consistent with my usual recent pattern, I’m adding a few introductory words and an embedded song.

“That one American farmer can now feed himself and fifty-six other people may be, within the narrow view of the specialist, a triumph of technology; by no stretch of reason can it be considered a triumph of agriculture or of culture. It has been made possible by the substitution of energy for knowledge, of methodology for care, of technology for morality.”

~ Wendell Berry


My optimism was great. It’s been lost in the years since I wrote this essay. Against overwhelming odds, civilization has managed to grind much of the planet into a lifeless pile of dirt. The conversion of living planet to bricks, mortar, pavement, plastic, and fiat currency is nearly complete.

The world’s Sixth Mass Extinction, triggered by civilization, is under way. Industrial civilization will cease to exist. And so will humans on Earth. In each case, the end will come faster than expected.


I’m driving from Tucson to the mud hut, taking a circuitous route that currently finds me staying in my wife’s childhood home in western Nebraska. Along with my spouse and dog, I’m covering 4,300 miles while crisscrossing 11 states and all 4 time zones in the continental U.S. We’ll circumambulate Kansas, and at one point we drove close enough to spit on the state. But it didn’t seem worth the time or the saliva.

We’re driving slowly and stopping often, primarily because the Obama administration’s Keynesian approach to saving the industrial economy necessitates throwing money at the highway departments of every state in the country. The attendant “shovel-ready projects” are clear examples of the lengths to which industrial humans will go to sustain the unsustainable, maintain the immaterial, and generally restore the irredeemable for a few more months.

The many miles and frequent pauses reveal to any sentient animal the sheer lunacy of the living arrangements we’ve built for ourselves. Within the span of a couple generations, we abandoned a durable, finely textured, life-affirming set of living arrangements characterized by self-sufficient family farms intermixed with small towns that provided commerce, services, and culture. Worse yet, we traded that model for a coarse-scaled arrangement wholly dependent on ready access to cheap fossil fuels. Then we ratcheted up the madness to rely on businesses that use, almost exclusively, a warehouse-on-wheels approach to just-in-time delivery of unnecessary devices designed for rapid obsolescence and disposal.

Simply ingenious, wouldn’t you say?

The entire region, formerly abundant with a multitude of edible crops, currently is brimming with a single commodity: #2 corn. It’s Roundup-ready, at that, just to throw a bucket of insulting acid into the face of reason. Roundup-resistant weeds are popping up throughout the region as we bring Farmageddon to the heartland and eventually to the world. Most of the corn, which is essentially inedible until it is processed (i.e., pummeled with inordinate quantities of fossil fuels), is watered with the last remaining drops of the Ogallala aquifer, brought to the surface with the same finite fluid used to power our trucks and cars. Verdant fields of ethanol dreams are interrupted occasionally by a field of soybeans; without rotations of legumes, the soil would be so depleted of nitrogen by king corn, it wouldn’t support even the great corn desert. The corn fills our bellies with death-inducing faux sugar. But we willingly trade some of that “food” for fuel because the associated dependence on automobiles allows us to burn off the final inches of life-giving topsoil to promote our culture of death in rapid-transit, individualized death-traps. Who could pass up a deal like that?

Obnoxiously ubiquitous cell-phone towers line the edges of the cornfields adjacent to the Eisenhower Interstate Highway System (“Celebrating 50 Years, 1956-2006”). Each of these completely unnecessary towers of mortality — which serve only to duplicate extant infrastructure — kills 5,000 to 15,000 birds each year. Yet every imperialist has a cell phone, regardless of the death to songbirds. Don’t even get me started on the col-tan in the cell-phone batteries mined from the Congo, because I’d rather not think about the brutal lives and tortuous deaths of the Congolese women and children we treat as collateral damage along our imperial path.

Seemingly every tenth cell-phone tower marks a casino, yet another ubiquitous structure we’d be far better off without. These businesses extract money from the poor as they pursue the something-for-nothing goal upon which our culture has become based during the last few decades.

If it’s not a casino, it’s a distribution center for this country’s rapidly waning commercial sector. We no longer make much of anything in this country, but we move around ton after ton of cheap plastic crap to the Targets and Wal-Marts that have displaced family owned businesses in every town and city in the country while exporting disaster capitalism throughout the world.

Finally, then, we come to the most ludicrous part of the entire endeavor: suburbia, filled with McMansions. This not-quite-country, not-quite-city living arrangement requires people to buy one of everything for every house — except cars, of which we need at least two — to live far from work, far from play, and far from the things we “need” to buy. Hundreds of acres of shoddily constructed, castle-like symbols of self-indulgence are separated from equally coarse-scaled places we use to grow “food,” conduct “commerce” in our “service” economy, and otherwise live civilized lives. As has often been the case, today’s symbols of gluttony are tomorrow’s death traps.

As usual, I’m quick to point out the silver lining in this otherwise disastrous narrative: Better days lie ahead. How could they not?

In the near future, we’ll return to a durable set of living arrangements. Since we need about 50 million additional gardeners to support the 300 million people in this nation, and because nearly everybody in the industrialized world would rather push electrons in a cube farm than push a shovel in a garden, I don’t foresee us voluntarily returning to the agrarian age. Not only are a majority of people unaware of the predicament we face — thanks to the media, every level of government, and our own self-absorbed preference for the bliss of ignorance — but there’s simply no leadership in the industrialized world as we face an inevitable but unprecedented economic contraction. As a result, I suspect we’ll bypass agricultural pursuits and plunge right back to the post-industrial stone age. Once again, daily life will be characterized by a finely textured, life-affirming, durable set of arrangements characterized by respect for each other and reverence for the land, and accompanied by a solid dose of self-sufficiency.

The point of my circuitous route to the mud hut: a wedding on the in-law side of the family. The newlyweds are twenty-something Army officers, and the event fittingly provided the perfect example of the malevolence needed to maintain civilization. Held in a venue designed and constructed to celebrate American military prowess, the reception allowed the guests to enjoy flight simulators between bouts of gorging on meat, fat, sugar, and alcohol. Each of us was allowed to “fly” a fighter jet and blast the enemy. I was a tad disappointed, though: I didn’t get to bomb a children’s hospital in the name of bringing democracy to a poverty-stricken, oil-rich country.

For those readers who would like to impress upon me that I’m an imperialist, too, or that “freedom isn’t free,” don’t bother. In a heartbeat, I’d give up every aspect of the industrial economy, even if it cost me my life, to know western civilization was dead and gone. And for those who believe we’re really free, take a look around. See the security cameras. Notice the listening devices. Pay attention to the monitoring devices that record and report every transaction you complete. These tyrannies are among the thousands of minor costs we pay for “freedom” from terrorists. The larger costs are borne by non-human species and people in non-industrial cultures every minute of every day.

I took a break from the festivities to spend a little time outdoors as darkness was falling. In a few minutes, I was able to observe far more beauty than marked the cultural ceremony or the route along the way (so far): the cry of a red-tailed hawk drew my eye to two hawks flying low over the treetops. Shortly afterward, a brilliant harvest moon scaled the eastern horizon.

Hope springs eternal in, and from, the natural world: There’s still something worth saving from the ravages of civilization. But is there world enough, and time? And, despite mounting evidence to the contrary, are there enough of us who actually care about saving the living planet?

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  • how sad…a world full of sociopaths,right angles and poison. what a crying shame

  • Hey Doc:
    When are you going to start talking in depth about Geo-engineering?
    We know its happening. We know its not good. We don’t know much about it. Why ?

  • John –

    Google — nature bats last geoengineering —

    to get:

    Geoengineering, Real and Imagined

  • Very excellent essay.

    Reality is no longer in the hands of economists, scientists, politicians, or journalists … assuming it ever was (The Criminally Insane Epoch Arises – 5).

  • Good post Guy….but now I’m off to work to spend all day burning fuel so people can admire their yards in the suburbs….but there is hope,not all customers fertilize their yards-allowing for wild flowers to enjoy the sun, but then I have to swerve to miss the bee’s feasting….well worth it! P.S. I’ll be listening to 4/19 podcast on my “dumb” phone while blades are spinning….not sure how much longer I can do this unnecessary service.

  • Today I wake up groggy, still angry over viewing a recent police roadside stop and search on video of an innocent sales man in a rented car from the night before. Reading this latest from the good Doctor, I remember, again.

  • Hello Guy,

    First time comment. Daily follower of your work for over a year now. I have “SEEN THE LIGHT” as they say, thanks to you in large part! And it looks like its going to burn us a new ass in the end…Ha!

    Fantastic pod cast yesterday! That Kevin Hester is one cool cat! And a believer too. All I can say is that I would trust my life with you three in a foxhole in the end times! Even though all four of us aren’t going to make it out of that foxhole it seems. Holy smokes!

    Keep the updates, and chronicling of the End Times, a coming. Some of us dummies need an ABRUPT CLIMATE CHANGE FOR DUMMIES reference manual to keep us informed and focused. Ha! And I think you have made it about as simple as one could ask, if they will only read the damn information.

    Hope you have a good day my friend.

  • And I thought that I possessed the most accurate, objective view in the history of the universe. Perfect !!!! Move over derrick jensen, you have been eclipsed.

  • This really takes me back to my own processes around 2001 when I bought one of the ‘houses in the field’ I’d listened to John Gorka sing about them growing in the vicinity of Bethlehem, PA and working as a corporate attorney when 9/11 hit. Phew! Quite the stroll down the psycho-emotional memory lane! It is so very alienating to oppose ‘Empire’! And, virtually impossible to live with or without it, so, the story of this life time would seem to be one of being engulfed by it and eventually drowned.

  • When the aliens land, Guy, they only need to read your words.

  • amazing…we’ve just about lost the entire Australian barrier reef in a couple of years…divers, it’s time to either go, or scratch it off the bucket list…oh, forget it, one more jet around the world, would probably finish it.

  • India drought: ‘330 million people affected’. That is more than the population of USA.
    5-7C above normal. Talk about scale!!

    Water availability in India’s 91 reservoirs is at its lowest in a decade, with stocks at a paltry 29% of their total storage capacity, according to the Central Water Commission.

  • Looking for a possible way out of all this mess?
    Live Fast and Die Young!

    So say the scientists who may have figured out why Lystrosaurus species managed to thrive through the Permo-Triassic extinction 252 million years ago. That abrupt climate change extinction pushed these Lystros to live fast and die young in order to survive. (p.s. – our currently engaged ACC will put those in the past to shame.)

    So, it’s Party Time!

  • Guy:
    If the people were informed about all the crackpot geoengineering schemes that “The Powers That Be” are experimenting with just to keep Industrial Civilization going a little while, I think it would cause them to become much more involved in this issue.
    1)Hydrogen Bombs in the desert.
    2) Sulfuric acid and nano Aluminum particles that we breathe when they fall out of the sky.
    3) Iron filings in the oceans.
    4) Chemicals to make ice melt at higher temperatures.
    I am sure the list goes on and on. I am not a Dane Wiggington fan or a Paul Beckwith fan , but I do know that the public would be outraged if they were informed about all this crap they are making us breathe.

  • Yes. Just one point.
    ‘without rotations of legumes,the soil would be so depleted of nitrogen
    by king corn,it couldn’t support even the great king corn desert’

    The great majority of corn and other grains grown worldwide now doesn’t rely
    on a legume rotation to supply nitrogen to the grain crop. Instead,the nitrogen is supplied by the Haber-Bosch process,which uses ‘natural gas’
    (methane) as the feedstock,and the use of huge quantities of fossil fuels
    to supply the energy for a very energy-intensive process.
    It is worth remembering that industrial agriculture is essentially a process for converting fossil fuels into food. I have mentioned here previously that the energy analysis done by David Pimental (see
    ‘Food,Energy and Society) has shown that when the energy requirements
    for production,processing and transportation are included,ten calories
    of energy (supplied by fossil fuels) are required for each calorie
    of food consumed by humans relying on industrial agriculture for their

  • **the public would be outraged if they were informed about all this crap they are making us breathe.**

    Will you give up your lifestyle of convenience so we can all breath easier?

  • gonna put Ms Tubman on the 20.

    this ought to wipe out any remaining discrimination for women & tanned people.

  • The early part of the video inspired me to wonder if x-Speaker Boehner got his “cow-fart methane global warming” ideas from industrial-grade cow farming….

  • And to think, the first women president will get to grapple with the rapid destruction of empire.

  • I wish that stopping the use of coal would save the Great Barrier Reef.
    As I pointed out on the last thread,it is a terrible tragedy that we are now beyond the point of no return. The reef is dying now,at 400 ppm
    atmospheric CO2. That level is increasing by around 3ppm each year.
    over 7.3 billion people,most relying on the use of fossil fuels to stay
    alive. Any hope of turning this ship around ended decades ago.

  • John Lynch Says: “Hey Doc: When are you going to start talking in depth about Geo-engineering? We know its happening. We know its not good. We don’t know much about it. Why”

    Geo engineering will happen as folks loose their shit and demand the government “do something dammit!” We’ll still go extinct in the very near term. But GE could possibly prolong the process a bit, adding to the agony. Not that we don’t deserve it.

  • Enlightening stuff on oil and green energy

  • You thought, the fossil fuel industries knew about climate change in 80s, 70s, 60s? Go back a little more and read the “Braidwood Dispatch and Mining Journal”, date 17.7.1912:

    ” Coal consumption affecting climate

    The furnaces of the world are now burning about tons of coal a year. When this is burned, uniting with oxygen, it adds about of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere yearly. This tends to make the air a more effective blanket for the earth and to raise it’s temperature. The effect may be considereable in a few centuries.

    100 years. What does that mean? That means, THEY knew about fuckin climate change, before ANYONE of us was even born 8-) Hahaha, and they funded climate change denial for 100 years until today. Now go and check out for yourself, if they did it to feed the world or if they did it for funny PROFIT. Study the socalled “industrial revolution” and see for yourself, what they brought to Europe, Africa, the Middle East, India, South- and North America, Australia ect ect. Use your brain, none but ourselves can free our mind and therefore:

    Fuck the fossil Empire.

  • Why does the splinter of brainwash sit so deeply whithin the mind? Because it was planted there by the “elite” for centuries, for millenia 8-)

  • In order to escape this sick cultural mindset that we all belong no matter how clever we think we are at seeing it for what it is we must start with the core of its sickness. It begins with the false dichotomy of self and other. This is how you end up with slavery,the subjugation of women,factory farms,clearcuts,deadrivers deadsalmon deadbats deadamphibians dead everything that is not white male. If we truly felt deeply we are all the same living organism known as gaia none of these horrors could transpire…….. I am the tree and the rock is me!

  • @steve

    “Wetiko disease is an expression of the convincing illusion of the separate self gone wild. Bewitched by the intrinsic projective tendencies of their own mind, full-blown wetikos are unconsciously doing the very thing they are reacting to and accusing other people of doing. Projecting the shadow onto others, they will accuse others of projecting the shadow onto them. To use an extreme, but prototypical example, it is like someone screaming that you’re killing them as they kill you. If their insanity is reflected back to them, they think it is the mirror that is insane. Suffering from a form of psychic blindness that believes itself to be sightedness, full-blown wetikos project out their own unconscious blindness and imagine that others, instead of themselves, are the ones who are not seeing. Governed by the insane, self-perpetuating logic of fear and paranoia, those taken over by the disease fear that if they don’t attack and rule over others, they are in danger of being attacked and ruled over themselves. In their convoluted, upside-down, flawless illogic, wetikos re-act to their own projections in the world as if they objectively exist and are other than themselves, thinking that they themselves have nothing to do with creating that to which they are reacting (please see Aparticipatory Delusional Syndrome (ADS)). Someone fully taken over by the wetiko bug is like a kitten endlessly reacting to her reflection in a mirror as if it is another kitten separate from and other than herself. The evil we see in the full-blown wetikos is a reflection of our own evil; if we don’t recognize this, we will just be projecting our shadow onto them. We are then guilty of the very same thing (shadow projecting) we are essentially reacting to and of which we are accusing them.”

    more … lot’s more …

  • @steve … and further to what you were getting at …

    (from the same link as above)

    “Seeing the field, and stepping out of the perspective that we are separate from each other converges into being the same experience. Seeing ‘through’ the illusion of the separate self, rather than seeing ‘through the separate self’ as a lens through which we view the world, entails recognizing that even the full-blown wetikos, the master predators themselves, are not separate from us. The Big Wetikos are fully em-body-ing, in person-ified form, a pathological tendency that exists in potential within ourselves. It is as if they are the externalized materialization of this potential within ourselves that we’ve projected outside of ourselves and literally collectively dreamed up into manifestation. Recognizing this generates compassion for this part of ourselves. It is only through compassion that we immunize ourselves from the virus.”

  • This is hell interview with Ashley Dawson author of Extinction: A Radical History
    On domination, extinction, and capitalism’s long history of slaughter.

    recommended by Lorenzo Komboa Ervin

  • To Anyone in the forum,

    Kevin Moore use to post the Ice charts from Charctic Interactive which went whacko and has not posted new info since March 30th. I did see someone else had posted an alternate source and neglected to bookmark it thinking the other chart would be active again soon.

    By the way, I think someone is screwing with with the data, but that’s just me being a CONTHEOR.

    Also here is the way short version from Mark Passio about all this New Age who, what, where, exists or doesn’t BS. He has another 7 plus hour version of the same subject. Personally, I think he has got it pretty darn RIGHT regarding what he calls Natural Law, Objective Truth, vs man’s fantasy concepts and laws falsely thinking we are the center of the Universe,… which has collectively created this HORROR of a slavery driven industrial civilization and which is why we are most likely going extinct.

  • Nemesis Says:
    April 20th, 2016 at 7:56 pm

    You thought, the fossil fuel industries knew about climate change in 80s, 70s, 60s? Go back a little more and read the “Braidwood Dispatch and Mining Journal”, date 17.7.1912:

    Excellent observation.

    The scientist Tyndall knew and discussed the science in some degree as early as 1850 (The Exceptional American Denial).

    The Industrial Revolution which began a hundred years prior to that, circa 1750, was at its base founded on fossil fuel (coal) accelerated use, matched with the emerging empbryo of the machine age.

    The fingerprints of ice sheet melt quickly appeared in the late 1700’s, only a quarter of a century into that revolution, as shown by tide gauge records (Weekend Rebel Science Excursion – 54).

    But, also important was fossil fuel adoption by the war machine which embraced oil over coal circa the date you mentioned, because the warmongering ideologies quickly seized the moment and went on to formalize foreign policy based on the dogma of seeking control of fossil fuel sources (Universal Smedley – 2, Viva Egypt – 2).

    That incidently also caused a spark of imperialism to be injected into the toxic brew, as western nations took control of mideast oil, not knowing back then that they also had oil and gas under their lands and oceans (ibid).

    The final coup ‘d gras was the adoption of propaganda as the means of controlling the populace (“the public mind”) with deceit (The Deceit Business).

    We were born into this civilization at a time when civilization’s habitual use and production of war and toxins were at full rage (world wars, nuking innocent people in cities, fire bombing whole populaions, the military-industrial complex).

    Yes, at a time when people were in full-blown trances that rendered them utterly unaware (You Are Here).

    It became, at some point, a criminal matter, not a scientific matter (The Criminally Insane Epoch Arises – 5).

    One question is: did anyone notice?

  • “man’s fantasy concepts and laws falsely thinking we are the center of the Universe” – No… we really are at the center of the Universe because the Universe isn’t real. It is a brain construct. As Einstein put it, “Space and time are modes by which we think, not conditions under which we live.”

    The universe is a mirage, something like a lake of water that appears in the distance for exhausted travelers in the desert.

  • .
    @Woody Woodworth

    Thanks for posting your video, I enjoyed watching it. A few comments I have about it are that the presenter seems to have forgotten that consciousness raising is a path, one that involves a process with many iterations. That means initial concepts are introduced to the consciousness, where they are initially misunderstood, and are later reorganized into better understanding (similar to the process undertaken in physical science revelation.) However, one has to begin somewhere, and his accusations of ‘bullshit’ are sort of misleading in that regard. I have found that, with enough time spent along the path of consciousness and awareness raising, people eventually DO get to where Mark Passio is at with these ‘corrected’ concepts all on their own. That’s about the only thing I sort of disliked about his presentation, is that he assumes people can immediately jump to his level of awareness without first going through this process of adopting these concepts through the way they are initially grasped by the slave mind, and then refining the ideas later on. It’s an iterative process, just like he has done here for himself; a matter of the refinement of ideas, a process that must happen within the consciousness of the individual.

    Mark seems to have overlooked that in his criticism of these earlier iterations; concepts people grasp for out of (and because of) an initially subdued mind. That’s where this all must start, from the confused fog of the ’empire mind.’ In a way, he is almost still operating from the ‘center of his own universe’ if he doesn’t appreciate that to get where he is at, sometimes people have to go somewhere else first, somewhere that serves the purpose of kicking them out of what I call ’empire mind’ and onto ‘the path.’ It’s only after a few iterations of these earlier misinterpreted concepts, ones later refined such as Mark has done for himself here, that people get to the goal. It’s a path that must be walked, not something that happens at the click of a switch, and maybe because they happened to simply hear Mark’s lecture. It’s a process based in refinement, one that happens within the individual. It’s a refinement of initial (but key) misconceptions, ones that are made as the mind moves out of the ’empire mind.’ The misconceptions actually serve a purpose in the overall scheme of things. In fact, to a neophyte, all of Mark’s talk and concepts would immediately be heard (to said neophyte) as just more of ‘that new age bullshit.’ It is a progression, and the stages of misconception do actually serve a purpose. I just found it curious that he didn’t seem aware of that, as was demonstrated by the ‘tone’ of his discourse in the video. He wasn’t remembering where he himself had come from, it seems, and what got him to his refined understanding of what started out as basic misunderstood concepts. The process is like a slow awakening through iterations and stages of understanding.

    Secondly, (and then I’ll stop there) is that he didn’t really show a path out through actions as much as I think he maybe believes he did, which is why I like the indigenous concept of the ‘wetiko virus’ as some additional information adding a perspective to all of the refined ‘new age’ concepts of consciousness raising that Mark presented in his talk. In particular, wetiko can help one to understand the shit-kicking you are going to get from your slave neighbors as you manage to raise your consciousness and begin to achieve various states of mental freedom along the way. It truly is a mental disease we suffer from, and one that is vehemently self policed by it’s sufferers. We see that a lot here on this very site, the violent resistance to the presentation of any tools for inoculation against this ‘mental disease’ that we all suffer from, and we even see here the resistance to any acceptance of us as even having any such ‘psychic disease’ in the first place. And the people who have it the worst, are the people who think they are the healthiest, which is an important observation made by the wetiko concept. It’s how the disease perpetuates itself, through denial and projection. That’s important stuff to know.

    Again, restated, my observations of others walking this path is that with enough time, experience, and iterations of the concepts, most everyone winds up at the same conclusions Mark has himself come to given enough time to find their way. He seems to have forgotten this process of iteration and refinement of ideas, a process that happens as one spends time with the initial concepts and their inherent misinterpretations. Everybody has to start somewhere, and that’s usually at the beginning. I see a value in some of the ‘fuzzy’ knowledge that’s out there for people to chew into, it speaks to where they are at with the concepts at certain points along their path of self discovery, and serves to nudge them along the way to higher understanding later as they iterate over the ideas more and refine them. I don’t see it so much as a scam, or bullshit, as I do a part of the overall process that must take place as one moves out of the slave mind or empire mind and into mental health. It’s almost like it’s own pedagogy unto itself in a way. That’s been my observation of the bullshit stages along the path to awareness.

    But yes, thanks … that was an excellent video. How many of the symptoms that he discusses do we see on this very site everyday, on all levels?


    Thanks for giving us that Woody. ;)

  • @LWA Thanks for the jack forbes wetico analysis. A lot to think about. I am still astounded by the fact that even a full blown wetico or all the rest of us minor enabling weticos cannot feel the personal emotional carnage of clearcuts tarsands etcetera,etceter like a raped and mauled significant other. I don’t think most people that post here can truly feel that the dead salmon are themselves wrything in emotional pain and dying. I see a lot of clever self indulgence in their own brilliance., Its frightening and acutely depressing that such intelligent well informed people can be so emotionally numb to all the suffering. It is easier to understand the ignorant blue call worker with chainsaw in hand. We have understanding and we should all be appalled by the slaughter and commit to physically mitigating it in one way or another no matter how much time is left. I submit to you that that sacrifice of seriously resisting empire,wetico how ever way you want to name it is the only way to regain any humanity we may have ever had!!

  • ” It begins with the false dichotomy of self and other. This is how you end up with slavery”

    Exactly. The funny, funny “elite”, who thinks, that funny money makes them immune against suffering, age, desease, Death, that funny money, bags full of worthlessness distinguish them from the slaves, from the bottom of the world, will soon learn:

    ” It begins with the false dichotomy of self and other. This is how you end up with slavery” and Extinction :-)

    Well, when I ask my teacher about the funny, funny “elite”, who distinguishes themselves from the slaves, he is just grinning as usual :-)

  • Yes, my dear “elite”, assuming to be any better than any fuckin slave, to hold on to the false dichotomy of self and other is just a funny, funny illusion :-)

    After all, we’ll soon, we’ll quickly meet at the bottom of the world…. aaaaaaah, I like that, I celebrate that, I love to know that at the final party, we’ll surely, surely be all the same, down there in Mother Earth’s Womb we’ll meet again as equal :-)

    ” Grodek

    At evening the autumn woodlands ring
    With deadly weapons. Over the golden plains
    And lakes of blue, the sun
    More darkly rolls. The night surrounds
    Warriors dying and the wild lament
    Of their fragmented mouths.
    Yet silently there gather in the willow combe
    Red clouds inhabited by an angry god,
    Shed blood, and the chill of the moon.
    All roads lead to black decay.
    Under golden branching of the night and stars
    A sister’s shadow sways through the still grove
    To greet the heroes’ spirits, the bloodied heads.
    And softly in the reeds Autumn’s dark flutes resound.
    O prouder mourning! – You brazen altars,
    The spirit’s hot flame is fed now by a tremendous pain:
    The grandsons, unborn.”

    – Georg Trakl

  • .
    For the writhing salmon, the suffocating trees, and all my relations.

  • @nemesis, In ed abbeys final novel “Hayduke lives” he realizes and writes into the story that all that is left is revenge. And I say that is a worthy pursuit considering these endtimes.

  • @ LWA, “Good morning to all my relations” was a lokota greeting that speaks volumes about them and about us. Not being sure how to muddle through this patriarchal damaged psyche I turn to the culture that is so obviously diametrically opposed to this horror I belong to.

  • @steve,

    Another worthy pursuit in these endtimes is graceful, grateful, openhearted surrender.

    Not many people buy that approach, though.

  • Brilliant writing and insight. Re the Ogallala Aquifer: Here in New Zealand the same destructive momentum of profit at all costs applies: ” For sale: 40 billion litres of Canterbury’s purest water ” “A council in the drought-prone Canterbury plains is selling the right to extract 40 billion litres of pure, artesian water to a bottled water supplier.

    The Ashburton District Council is selling a section in its business estate, known as Lot 9, for an undisclosed sum. It comes with a valuable resource consent that allows abstraction of water from aquifers beneath the town.

    The council has refused to publicise information about the deal, which is understood to be with an overseas company.
    Are we wasting NZ’s water?
    Share your stories, photos and videos.

    It has outraged some residents, who say water is desperately needed locally.

    READ MORE: Hawke’s Bay company’s first shipment of drinking water

    The area’s artesian water is increasingly popular in overseas markets such as China, with its New Zealand origin often featuring in branding and marketing.

    The consent allows the holder to take 45 litres of water a second from local aquifers, totalling more than 1.4 billion litres a year.

    It expires in 2046, meaning the buyer will gain access to more than 40 billion litres of Ashburton’s pure water.

    It was approved in 2011 by Environment Canterbury and includes a recharge consent, meaning all water taken must be replaced from other sources.

    In a statement, the council confirmed it was in the process of selling the site.” Pure madness!

    meaning, “Hello, my relatives…The operant words here are “relationship,” and, by minor extension, I have come to understand that when Lakota people use the word they are not simply referring to their mothers and fathers, grandparents, and uncles, ancestors, nieces and nephews, children, grandchildren, cousins, future
    generations, and all the rest of humankind. Oh, these relatives are certainly included, but don’t stop there. Also involved is reference to the ground we stand on, the sky above us, the light from the sun and water in the oceans, lakes, rivers, and streams. The plants who populate our environment are included, as are the four-legged creatures around us, those who hop and crawl, the birds who fly, the fish who swim, the insects, worms. Everything. These are all understood in the Lakota way as being relatives.
    What is conveyed in this Lakota concept is the notion of the universe as a relational a single interactive organism in which all things, all beings, are active and essential the whole can never be understood without a knowledge of the function and of each of the parts, while the parts cannot be understood other than in the
    context of the whole.

    Brethren, I pray you sing a new song. Sing praise in the assembly of the righteous. Let the saints be joyful in glory. Let the high praise of god be on the mouths of the saints, and a two edged sword in their hands to execute vengeance on the demonic nations. And punishments on those peoples. To bind their kings with chains. This honor have all his saints. Praise the lord. Praise the lord. Sing to him a new song.

  • Further to above post: Government corruption is present too: “Embarassingly for the Government it has been disclosed that Oravida ( The company getting free artesian water in effect ) has a contractual right to export hundreds of millions of dollars of fresh water at the annual price to the local authority of $500( That’s 250 U$ yearly!!! ). John Key (The sell out Prime Minister) is relaxed about it but the optics are not good. Stone Shi and Julia Xu, directors of Oravida are members of Key’s current delegation to China. Judith Collins husband is also a director and the company regularly donates to the National Party. Of course there is nothing to see here and nothing to worry about.”

  • here.., here…, wester ew should all keep ward churchill as our bible!

  • I’m covering 4,300 miles while crisscrossing 11 states and all 4 time zones in the continental U.S. We’ll circumambulate Kansas, and at one point we drove close enough to spit on the state. But it didn’t seem worth the time or the saliva.” – Guy McPherson

    I enjoyed the Guy et al. trip along “Highway 61”

    Their academic, scientific, and humane contemplation during Highway 61 travels tended toward freeing them, and now us via reading the post, from the cultural proclivity to be mentally addicted to fossil fuels (Oilfluenza, Affluenza, and Disgorgement).

    The McPherson family is a ood example.

  • typo: “The McPherson family is a GOOD example.”

  • A brief introduction to nuclear fuel pools heat management and overheating scenarios.

    Maybe there are other sources elsewhere that go deeper into best and worse case scenarios. I do wish UCS (Union of Concerned Scientists) Dave Lochbaum had delved more into the specific case of the nuclear fule pools suspended in air fuel pools (a la Fukushima). Lightning strikes and terrorist attack threats also seem germane to me.

    Re-racking, the squeezing in of older racks together tighter, neutron embrittlement of cement, and the “life expectancy” of concrete would also up the ante. And for a true worst case, possible single step extinction event, the fuel pools in Sellafield in the U.K. with the naval nuclear reactor fuel included I believe. Naval is hotter than land based reactors temperature and radiation wise and with an even more toxic blend of fission products.

    The NDP is out after 15 years in Manitoba. Let’s see how long it will take for Conservatives to sell Crown corporation Manitoba Hydro to some bloody yank or chinese corporation. It was nice having the cheapest electricity in North America. Note: provincial or crown corporations can be evil also – example of the Site C dam in BC is sufficient.

  • If anyone knows where Ward Churchill lives, that is, has an email… anything. let me know at shepherd2121 at teleclipse dot net.

    I was set to go to a conference with him about a year ago and it got cancelled. Would really love to contact the man. a real hero of mine

  • Prof. Richard Alley at Penn State says he is “Confidant” there will not be a Methane Bomb leading to extinction of humanity. He says there are “Safety Valves” that will prevent it.

  • LWA, thanks for the awesome version of Purple Rain. Really featured Prince’s excellent guitar skills (unheralded?). So does this one.

  • Further to this indigenous American/wetiko thing:

    As far as I’ve read about it, I’m struck by what you might call the ‘radical humility’ of the ‘indigenous American worldview’, in as much as the thing described by those three words can be understood as a monolithic entity.

    From what I know, (which may not be much) I believe that that worldview, expressed as a reaction to incursions by European settlers, could be paraphrased as something like: “What you are doing seems on the face of it crazy and suicidal, but what do we know? There may be some method to your madness that we have not understood. We will watch you and learn, confident that you, as much as we, are manifestations of the Great Spirit.”

    I accept that I might be ‘projecting’ that attitude. It certainly makes for a stark contrast to the worldview of the colonisers, as much as that can be understood as a monolithic entity.

    I’d be interested to know if it can be found anywhere amongst the indigenous American traditions the idea that the manifest world is not a good place? That whatever ‘created’ it has little or no concern for the welfare of it’s denizens? I’d argue that that idea is, consciously or not, somewhat foundational to the colonisers’ worldview, and their actions can, with hindsight, be understood as a concerted methodical attempt (necessarily an unconscious and unconfessed attempt) to terminate the biosphere.

    So, does this idea, that the whole of ‘creation’ is nothing but a sort of Frankenstein’s monster, have any cognate in the indigenous American traditions? Would saying “this world is a shithole” get you labelled as infected/contagious Wetiko?

    I take it as axiomatic that the indigenous American worldview was as sophisticated and nuanced as any other, but I draw a blank when searching for evidence of this particular attitude. That is not surprising, of course, given the genocide inflicted on a culture with orally transmitted traditions, and the fact that us ‘outsiders’ are usually only exposed to what remains of those traditions within a context of resistance to further encroachments by ’empire’.

  • “As we learn more, we’re finding that the changes could be greater and more rapid than we previously thought,” said Penn State atmospheric science professor Michael Mann.

  • I have met Mark Passio personally after he spoke at a mainline mufon meeting. He is certainly passionate (hereditary, perhaps? Passio is so close to passion), and his intentions are certainly good, but he is also a bit militant and that part is off-putting, as I doubt his agenda will find any real or purposeful traction.

  • Why I Left the City to Live in a Mud Hut

    From the brutal dismantling of multigenerational communities in government housing, to people renting out sheds for £500 [$700] a month, London is a terrifying place to live at the moment. And it’s only going to get worse.

    So when they turn up at the door demanding £650 [$930]-a-week for your shared floor, what are you going to do? Where are you going to go then? It turns out you could literally build a mud hut in some woods and the cold reach of the capital’s callous housing climate would eventually track you down.

    In 2012, after suffering a nervous breakdown and being made homeless, Daniel Pike arrived in the lap of Merry Hill forest, near Watford. Carving into a riverbank, he began shaping a home with his own two hands. Over the next four years he transformed it into a sustainable, solar-powered paradise—all buzz words that would have London’s rental market drooling.

    So surprise, surprise, the 28-year-old is now being threatened with forced eviction. Usually this is the part of the story where I start describing the notice he’s been served by WankerCorp so they can go ahead and build their Pret a Manger Plaza, but isn’t a normal London-person-evicted-from-their-home narrative. The organization that finds itself in the unlikely role of cutthroat bastard here is The Woodland Trust.

    The trust argues that it has to look at the possible impact Daniel could have on the site, and the other 1,000-plus sites across the UK. They say that allowing Daniel to remain living in the woods could set a “precedent for this type of occupation to occur across all of our sites.” Fair point—but it doesn’t matter how you rationalize it; you’re still smashing down somebody’s place and leaving them homeless. So it’s complicated.

    One thing that’s indisputable, however, is the house. This is a thing of beauty; an accomplishment, a home. His first for a long time, in fact, which is why Daniel’s friends have set up a fundraising page to try to protect it.

  • It is instructive that Dr. (No Way) Alley doesn’t mentioned what the ‘safety valves are! What a doofus! The man is trying to be a savior when in the near end he will be just another one of the paid so-called scientists on hopium.

  • All this coming NTE Event is not an uncommon Event in the Universe.
    It cannot be, as life on our very own planet felt victim to it 5 times in the past.
    Imagine how many planets, stars, even Galaxies must have been victim to black wholes, supernovas, meteorites, Gamma ray Bursts and all the natural powers or even unnatural powers that are out there.
    The only reason we feel uncomfortable about it is because we, at least the majority of People posting here, are viewing humanity and their role in space and time as much important.
    We aren’t.
    We weren’t.
    We will not be.
    All the best Mr. McPherson

  • An aerial survey of the northern Great Barrier Reef has shown that 95 per cent of the northern reefs are now severely bleached — far worse than previously thought.

    According to Arctic News, April 16th: By 2026, temperatures will be 3.9°C on the low side or 10.4°C on the high side warmer “on land” since the start of the industrial revolution. Which adds up to a disaster on the low end. On the high end, a gigantic worse disaster, or total ecosystem collapse hits hard, as tribes of fearful humans huddle around the North and South Poles, scaling coconut trees to obtain sustenance.

  • This is a brilliant production by PBS. The first two minutes says it all for me. (Leave It To Beavers)

  • This is a much quicker link: Leave it to Beavers

  • As a reformed political junkie (long before this year’s follies, but I still can dabble), the small shred of the “debates” I saw in online clips featured Hillary boasting that she had helped “save the auto industry”. Wow! There’s a resume from Hell, indeed. Little Himmlers, all.

    If you could apply an immediate tourniquet to the climate bleed-out we are now experiencing, it would be to END the new (gasoline-powered) automobile industry. Now. Today. Worldwide.

    Each new car purchased is a guarantee of an additional — how many? — megatons of carbon. Let the old, already-purchased, cars die off, if necessary, but stop the bleeding. Stop the new ones, OK?

    Those new car transports on the highways and rails — trains to Sobibor.

    But they won’t. Economy first. Paris or no Paris.

    Most of our lives we deal with our car troubles — oil changes, leaky tires, registration, insurance, bad drivers cutting you off, etc. etc. — and are happy when our personal transport is functioning correctly. Such an accomplishment!

    But, like guns and cigarettes, cars are possessions that KILL when they function correctly.

    And most of the world’s rising middle classes are just getting into wanting and buying them. How to stop the rising tide? Children lying down across highways? Slashing tires? Who can say. But, ’twill be too little too late, for certain.

    Anyway, happy Earth Day. End of rant. So it goes. Off to the gym — after all the stomping obese herds I saw getting onto recent flights, maintaining personal health is one thing I can have a small amount of say in.

  • god damn…look what you made me do…i might have to smoke a bowl…right now.

  • earth day…my mothers birthday…she’s doing flips in her grave by now…god rest her soul.

  • .
    @Apneaman … ya, seen lotsa dissing of Prince as people express their subconscious outrage against empire at him. In their accusations and mockery they forget how well the boy could actually shred guitar. And he hired girls in his band too, a girl drummer even, who kicked ass. Thanks for your vid, I hadn’t seen that one. RIP Prince, you were a rebel with an awakened heart.

    @steve and @Wester … yes, by ‘all my relations’ I meant every thing … even the rocks and the water and the air molecules.

    @Paul C. … I’ve kind of approached it like you suggested there. Taoism taught me well that in a symbolic universe containing far more mysteries than science has yet uncovered, passivity doesn’t necessarily amount to non opposition or inaction. In fact, a vacuum can produce profound oppositional results if applied in the right manner. Force, after all, often just begets more force. Water goes around the rock, and the tower is brought down with gravity if left to experience it’s own flow. I’ve undermined empire in many ways over my time here without taking up violence, although I don’t begrudge anyone who does decide to take up the stick. Hats off to them, if that’s their calling. I use other active methods though, and have seen great success here and there on occasion. Cheers to the path of the heart with only the occasional clubbing where it was felt to be needed, like here sometimes, lol.

    @Ugotstahwonder … I’m more interested in the concepts of wetiko, which didn’t originate from Mark Passio. I just liked what he had to say about it as a reference for people to read. I’m into the psychological concepts, not any specific person who refers to them. I don’t do authorities myself, and don’t even know who this Mark Passio really even is. I just like what he documented about the wetiko phenomenon, that’s all. The messenger is irrelevant and secondary to me, just like with Casey.

    @1800days … I’m not sure if anyone from indigenous cultures of the past went on bummers or not. Maybe if they did they were sent out on a vision quest so the fabric of reality would crack for them when a bear spoke to them and an eagle dropped them a fish to eat at the edge of starvation. In modern America, they just give that person a gun and send him or her out killing empires fabricated enemies, lol. I suspect in a relationship culture, a bummer trip might have been handled differently than in today’s world of desperate isolation and capitalized fear.

    Having been outside of the confines of ordinary physical reality myself quite a few times this lifetime, I wonder if the experience of living was so completely different while living within symbolic perception, that we honestly can’t even relate to how different things have ‘seemed’ at various points in history for various creatures of the earth. It’s more than just a matter of a change in attitude I think … our entire perception of existence and how reality functions has been warped by empire in these modern times. Who can even know what it was like to function in other eras. Some might think it felt just like now, except with different clothes to wear. I think it was actually quite different, on multiple levels of reality, having experienced a bit of that myself here a few times (no, no drugs either, just shifts in consciousness and the attendant perceptions.)

    Viva la resistance people, in whatever form that takes for you. Just don’t get confused and shoot me in the melee please. :)

  • Hey LWA I knew that you were using my relations in the lokota I just used as a vehicle to suggest that the only known sane cultures like lakota should be examined closely. I want to know how to live in this moment with all the beautiful beings. Anything more is not truly relevant, interesting maybe in the boredom of empire but certainly not relevant. I know rivers speak for I have experienced it. Taoism is the only metaphysical view worth study. Just read Li Po. And yes militants to be there are a lot of very effective ways to seriously hurt empire without loss of life or serious threat to yourself. Empire is very fragile. The first lesson of all religions is to vanquish fear you future militants. Except cherfukla.

  • LWA, speaking of artists that have been dissed for their anti empire views, how about The Guess Who? Arguably one of the best rock groups of all time with tons of great songs, yet not even in the rock n roll hall of fame. Burton Cummings didn’t make Rolling Stones top 100 singers list either, but Iggy Pop, who I love, did, but he ain’t in the same league. Obviously that’s because of a certain anti imperial, anti Vietnam war song they did. Also, I think Randy Bachman is another under appreciate guitarist. They probably got it worse because they are foreigners. They got back together in 2000 and did a cross Canada tour. Great live version of the song.

    I been listening to music a lot lately. It helps distract me from the insanity. I even got a cheap electric key board the other day. Gonna learn me some tunes. Just cause I’m 49 doesn’t mean I won’t make it big someday.

  • .
    @steve … yes, I can sense you are coming from a good place, I caught your vibe clearly, no worries. :)

    One large vacuum that I created from within my power to act, was to stop working any job for empire many years ago. Much like guy did, which is one of his coolest aspects to me, because I understand and can relate to what he did with that action, and to what he sacrificed by doing it. It was a fearless move. I literally layed my life on the line with that choice, and never once feared about the ‘what if’s’ or had any concern at all over some far flung and imagined future retirement sack of blood money. I lived, and life carried on. It always struck me that if everyone had just fearlessly walked off of their empire jobs collectively, it all would have come to a halt quite quickly. But, most people are too afraid of dying to do that. Like I say, that’s the thing I admire the most about guy. I gave up a pretty posh position my own self too when I bailed on the unethical work force I was a part of. Now I don’t even have a bank account. Yet I live on … ???

    Cheers steve. Thanks for cracking open the door to this conversation. :)

    @apneaman … being a Canadian boy myself, I love Burton, Randy, and all of the whole Guess Who thang. I even like Randy’s son, Tal Bachman, who wrote that pop hit ‘High Above Me.’ A lot of people don’t know that was Randy’s son. Cheers. No, 49 isn’t too old to rock it out. I’m almost 50 this year, and I do a little Floyd show now and again on a few local stages. Music is ageless, and just being with it in any capacity IS making it big, IMO.



  • iggy is gonna be the last man standing! the moon! the dead oak tree! nights like this appeal to me…i’ve got some loving arms around me…trying to find… a moments pleasantry in …this…zambie birdhouse

  • @Paul Chefurka:
    Thanks for that, Paul. Just to put that in perspective for statesiders, the location of that mud hut would be no more than around twenty miles from central London. Given that the entire southeast of the country has long been on the way to becoming one continuous suburb, chances are it is no more than say, half a mile from the nearest officially sanctioned (and unaffordable) ‘boxes’. I would expect it to have been ‘discovered’ by an adventurous dog-walker within a week. Or maybe I am crediting dog-walkers with more curiosity than they usually possess. I would guess that every city in the UK has it’s quota of homeless self-built structures hiding among the trees, although I’ve never seen one as elaborate as that.

  • Never too young to learn …

  • Yesterday I saw the ‘opening’ of our Vietnamese summer school. I teach in a wealthy private language school in Vietnam. I saw 4 – 8 year olds giggling and playing with balloons and generally being children. It occurred to me that in many middle class communities in western countries (and here in Vietnam) children are shown many toys, and simple joys of life. Then at 3 or 4 years old they are put into the mouse wheel of the education exams system and are slaves to this uncivilisation from then on.

    It seems cruel to represent life as all fun and games and then lock human beings in a cage. It isn’t surprising that children in middle class communities often grow up confused about their role in life and the meaning of life and a significant number end up with addiction issues in their early twenties or late teens. Those that don’t, take on the dominant cultural ideology and move into positions of relative power within society (doctors, bankers, politicians, business people etc) because the middle classes are the social strata from which the people with power usually come.

    So as I walked around I felt a warm joy for the children’s obvious excitement, but a deep sadness for the life context in which they were born to live. Climate issues will exacerbate their growing pains all the more.

  • Jens Says: “All this coming NTE Event is not an uncommon Event in the Universe.
    It cannot be, as life on our very own planet felt victim to it 5 times in the past.
    Imagine how many planets, stars, even Galaxies must have been victim to black wholes, supernovas, meteorites, Gamma ray Bursts and all the natural powers or even unnatural powers that are out there.
    The only reason we feel uncomfortable about it is because we, at least the majority of People posting here, are viewing humanity and their role in space and time as much important.
    We aren’t.
    We weren’t.
    We will not be.
    All the best Mr. McPherson

    While I’d agree humans’ role in the *entire* cosmic scheme of things isn’t particularly significant, it’s extremely significant to sixth great extinction that’s commenced. This one is entirely on us… to our eternal shame.

  • LWA, I agree wetiko is rampant and a worthy subject for exploration. I disagree though that the messenger is ‘irrelevant’, unless perhaps paid solely to deliver someone else’s message. It certainly matters to me who a person is, if I am listening to THEIR message, and I think it likely does for you, too, if you give it a bit more thought. I just shared my thoughts on him, because I happen to have met Mark Passio, personally. I did not think you were especially interested in HIM.

  • Hey everybody, good news. It’s gonna be alright! Seems over 100 leader-types met in Paris and signed something.

  • My beloved ghost-army of doomerz, fasten seat belts and LOOK AT THAT GRAPHS:

    Phew, let’s see, what my teacher says…

    I love that tune:

  • face plant death spiral cometh.

  • “Prof. Richard Alley at Penn State says he is “Confidant” there will not be a Methane Bomb leading to extinction of humanity. He says there are “Safety Valves” that will prevent it.”

    That was from 2014.

    This is from 5 months ago.

    Dissecting Paleoclimate Change
    Using a core sample from the Santa Barbara Basin, UCSB researchers decipher the history of paleoclimate change with surprising results
    By Julie Cohen
    Wednesday, December 2, 2015 – 11:00
    Santa Barbara, CA

    “One of the most astonishing things about our results is the abruptness of the warming in sea surface temperatures,” explained co-author Kennett, a professor emeritus in UCSB’s Department of Earth Science. “Of the 13 degree Fahrenheit total change, a shift of 7 to 9 degrees occurred almost immediately right at the beginning.”

    “Kennett noted that this remarkable record of paleoclimate changes also raises an important question: What process can possibly push the Earth’s climate so fast from a glacial to an interglacial state? The researchers may have discovered the answer based on the core’s geochemical record: The warming associated with the major climatic shift was accompanied by simultaneous releases of methane — a potent greenhouse gas.

    “This particular episode of climate change is closely associated with instability that caused the release of methane from gas hydrates at the ocean floor,” Kennett said. “These frozen forms of methane melt when temperatures rise or pressure decreases. Changes in sea level affect the stability of gas hydrates and water temperature even more so.

    “The clear synchronism of this rapid warming and the onset of the destabilization of gas hydrates is important,” Kennett concluded. “It suggests that methane hydrate instability and the warming are somehow linked, which is an interesting and potentially important observation. The beauty of these paleoclimate records from the Santa Barbara Basin is that you can actually determine these relationships at high fidelity.”

    – See more at:

    Maybe not a 100% identical situation to the east Siberian shelf/today and not a bomb, but close enough – 50 years is not a long time. It proves that rapid warming has happened before from seabed methane release. There seems to be a number of things climate scientists were sure would not even start to happen until 2075 – 2100 and now they are happening. I’m not convinced that a bomb is under way (bombs blow not leak) although I’m aware methane readings are climbing, but I do believe it’s possible. I want to see more research and measurements. I thought that the swerve research vessel was supposed to have been on that and finished the results by now. Anyone?

    If were are in a similar situation to what the article describes, then the question is, when did our 50 year period start?

  • that’s some serious graph deviation nemesis. I have some big projects planned for our leader dudes to contemplate but i am afraid time is quickly running out.

  • The leader dudes. These are the dudes with all the funny Panama money and shit, right? These dudes should contemplate some natural laws. Life is like a garden, you always reap, what you sow. It is never too late, to change direction. But it’s not just about changing the rational mind, changing technology, changing profit- and power- strategies or changing cheating- strategies. It is about changing the Heart, changing WITHIN. These leader dudes have to learn, that everything is interconnected, therefore everything they do, will come back to themselves. That’s tough. No money, no power will ever protect them from their own Karma.

    The leader dudes must work for the poeple, for Mother Earth, yes, even for the Kosmos, then they truly work for themselves as well. Compassion, Love, that has always been the answer, that rang throughout human history. What’s more to say? We will all die one way or another anyway, hahaha. But how do we live now?

    ” Take care of things, and they will take care of you.”

    – Shunruyu Suzuki

    ” In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, in the expert’s mind there are few.”

    – Shunryu Suzuki

    Now it’s time for another dude, again:

  • Nemesis,

    Your words written at 11:47 above could not be more accurate, most especially, “Take care of things, and they will take care of you”, although going one step further would bring that thought to its best possible outcome, as in “Take care of each other, and the Earth will take care of us”. Such a human condition would of course require an assumption that our ship of fools has not yet struck a ‘global warming iceberg’, as significant a dichotomy of words as I can imagine.

  • hey nem…at least your teacher said…smile! a very good teacher indeed.

  • …..and don’t forget to say thank you..

  • hey lwa…with a few adjustments, people can change…even gerald and i.

  • @ Nemesis
    Your two graphs say much more than Richard Alley’s diatribe. Looks like he lost his genitals in this bet.

    Best Wishes

  • @ Woody Wordsworth
    Mark Passio shows the same ego problem as most everyone else. I am usually dispassionate, which makes some people uncomfortable. Since everything is all part of the same thing, anger serves no purpose–I would be getting angry at a part of myself. Rather, indifference to evil is the path which generates no attachment. This is not to say that evil should be ignored, tolerated, or not confronted, just that in combatting evil, one should not generate negative karma. By evil, I mean inflicting unnecessary suffering on a sentient being. You guys can correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought the goal of Taoism is to become centered. If so, you can call me Taoist, but this state is not my ultimate goal, which is nirvana. At least if one is centered, one can sense this goal more clearly.

    Best Wishes

  • .
    @Ugotstahwonder … I misunderstood and boo-boo’d badly. I thought Mark Passio was the person who wrote the wetiko article. Now I realize he was the person who did Woody’s video. See how much more I pay attention to the play and not the players who play the play? I often don’t even know or care about the names of the people who produce information that I find myself attracted to, lol. With that said, here is a discussion you sparked off for me regarding my feelings on paying more attention to the message than to the messenger who delivers the message. Maybe you will find it interesting, maybe not. Now that I know who Mark Passio is (lol), I still maintain that I appreciated him sharing his information, even if I found him to be a little off-putting in his demeanor and attitude in that video. And again, sorry for confusing Mark with the person who wrote the wetiko information, which was Paul Levy (I have no idea who he is either, just someone expounding on wetiko, that’s all I know about him. I just liked his wetiko information, but not necessarily him.)

    You brought up an interesting point to me though, and I would like to expand on it, if I may. You said …

    It certainly matters to me who a person is, if I am listening to THEIR message, and I think it likely does for you, too …

    Text is not the greatest communication venue for feelings, and I didn’t mean to offend you with my remark if that is what happened there. I just meant that I know nothing about Mark Passio on an personal level, that’s all, and I actually thought you were referring to the person who wrote the wetiko article. Maybe we won’t be on the wrong foot over this if I explain to you that, no, I actually honestly do try to separate the message from the personality of the person speaking the message. Otherwise, I think that’s how prejudices and stereotypes evolve, which are artificial barriers to communication, and ones often promoted by empire too.

    For example, can a street person have an incredible insight on some topic that surpasses the insights on the same subject as a ‘successful’ and educated professional with a fancy house? Our social confusion has taught us that, no, the successful person’s word and opinion on a matter is to be taken over the perceived ‘unsuccessful’ person’s word on the same matter. ‘Look and judge the person’, says that form of thinking, ”they are homeless, what can they know?’ ‘If they were smart, they wouldn’t be homeless.’ I don’t buy into any such assessments of the individual messenger. I assess the information separately from the individual, at least as much as I am able to. Otherwise, Trump knows a hell of a lot, which he obviously doesn’t, based on his apparent success by what are actually just arbitrarily formed and highly prejudicial social standards. The standards of empire, in fact, in Trumps case. We should all be suspicious of behavior that accepts or rejects information from a person based on stereotypes. (Not that I think you were doing that there, I just wanted to explain how I approach this sort of thing myself, that’s all, this idea of the person vs. the person’s information. They are quite separate things to me. I learn a lot from people who I might otherwise avoid having a close personal relationship with, just as much, or sometimes even more so, as I can learn from people to whom I feel a strong affinity with.)

    Do you know that in our culture, one very much formed around thinking in stereotypes, that handsome people are routinely promoted over ugly people regardless of skill level, and that this flawed process even begins in grade school, executed by the teachers subconsciously as a manifestation of our societies mental patterns? Same goes for foreigners, people of minority races, people of minority gender, people wearing ‘weird’ attire from other cultures, etc, etc … the list is very very long. This is wrong thinking. Mark Passio could beat his wife, for example, and while I wouldn’t like that about him at all, and would use that information to avoid him on a personal level, it wouldn’t change his accuracy and his effort at defining his concepts about consciousness to me. How could it change that information? The messenger is not the message, and information is simply information. It isn’t connected to his personal life at all, or to his character, or to his personal achievements, or to his shortcomings. It’s just raw information. It either has validity to me, or it doesn’t, all on it’s own merit. And I determine that merit all by myself, not by looking for cues of how well he did or didn’t do with the information he possessed and shared to me.

    A better example is when an animal brings me information after I determine that animals message to be accurate and reliable. I will give the example of a certain bird I associate with quite often, a red flicker, who has been acting as a warning to me for years now regarding someone living on my block. I don’t know the bird on a personal level whatsoever. It may be a bad bird to it’s fellow bird types, maybe a really cranky and mean bird even. How would I even determine that? Yet, this flicker has been the most accurate harbinger of immediate ill intentions directed toward me from this nasty neighbor of mine. This bird tips me off to his intentions, and has proven to be one of the more reliable animal messengers I’ve ever encountered, actually. The information, in that case, is quite independent of the birds individual personality. Mean bird, nice bird, blackbird, redbird, poor bird, rich bird, pedigreed bird … it all doesn’t matter to me. I just assess the information on it’s own merits, independent of the personality of the messenger. I think to do otherwise is a slippery slope into arbitrary discrimination. I do discern (I don’t have tea with bad birds), but I don’t discriminate (reject information based on the characteristics or personality of the information bearer. I also don’t automatically accept information from individuals based on personality or character either. I don’t discriminate, I merely discern. And each case differently too, even with occurrences of the seemingly same phenomenon, which is an important thing to note as well. After all, things are never static, not everything repeats in a symbolic universe.)

    Some people think getting reliable information from a bird is ridiculous in the first place. That’s judging the messenger. That bird has saved my ass, on more than one occasion now, from my psycho neighbor, lol.

    Having said all that, please feel free to share anything that you want to about Mark Passio. I will read it and take from it whatever resonates with me, and I will be thankful that you shared what you knew. And please don’t take offense to my remark. I meant it in a neutral way. I like you Ugotstahwonder. And I like Edgar Casey’s demonstrations too, in case that was misunderstood as well. I just don’t know anything much about his personality either. He may have been mean or nice, it matters not to me, at least not in the context of evaluating the value of what I think he brought to the world by demonstrating his various abilities. That’s all very different to me from considering what it would have been like to have had coffee with the man. Maybe I wouldn’t have wanted to have coffee with Casey, but that wouldn’t change my opinions about the demonstrations he brought to the world through his work. I’m not even so bound up in Casey’s actual message as I am about the awareness he brought to the world regarding matters of consciousness beyond just those opinions that are acknowledged by modern science. With Casey, I am discerning about his individual messages, but I’m not discriminatory about the manner in which he gets his information. See how there’s a difference there?

    I will add that I find these sorts of discussions to be very important in tandem to what else gets discussed here at NBL. These discussions speak to how empire has warped our behavior and thinking. And, with awareness can come change. That’s why I try and engage these sorts of discussions here at NBL, like the one I just had here with you. After all, people under the spell of empire’s delusions aren’t going to engage in any of these ideas. They don’t even see there is a problem yet, so why would they be open to changing anything? However, the folks here at NBL do see that there is a problem, and with that there is hope for change in even small degrees. I think it does matter, these discussions, and just may make some sort of difference in how things play out (see my response to Jean below.) Nobody can be certain that it won’t make some sort of difference, this idea of adopting a healthier and ‘more rational’ thinking paradigm, even if that means kicking out some of what we erroneously considered to be rational in the past. The ‘left mind’ is quite the trickster ya know, lol.

    Hugs Ugotstahwonder. I meant no disrespect with my comment to you, none at all. In fact, I quite love your open minded approach to ideas.

    @Jean Turcot … I too liked Nemesis’ remark from 11:47. For myself, I won’t be weighing whether or not my actions will turn any ships around. I’ll just be attempting to behave as Nemesis suggests simply because it’s the right thing to do, without any attachment to a result or to an outcome. I don’t do the , ‘oh well, screw it, because it doesn’t matter now’ thinking. That’s attachment to outcome, which is another folly of our empire trained minds; to abandon right action if there is no apparent direct benefit to us, at least not one we can immediately determine. No, we do it anyway, because it’s the right thing to do, and regardless of if it makes any profound difference to the earths final outcome or not. And hey, who knows, maybe it will. We don’t know it won’t. Stranger things have happened when important people weren’t noticing.

    I myself will be doing it anyway, even if others don’t, and especially when the going gets tough. With even just a tiny bit of experience on this barely traveled path, the benefits become obvious. Even if it doesn’t make a lot of rational sense and can’t easily be explained to ‘rational’ people who are grounded in a ‘left brained’ paradigm. You really have to just experience it to understand it. However, you do have to take that first step, even when no apparent advantage beckons. This is a step forward into what seems like counter-intuitive behavior to a mind steeped in empires paradigm. It’s actually not even really so much counter-intuitive, it’s rather more just counter-rational. It’s actually very intuitive once you get the hang of it, like when we were children, back before empire got it’s brainwashing going full force in our minds. It’s the more correct way to be and to exist. And we can’t say shifting our paradigm won’t help in some small way, maybe even in a large way. Maybe it would at the very least save a few trees and chipmunks. Maybe even more.

    @digixplor … I never wanted Gerald to go away you know. I just implored him to behave better. Hurling insults with the intention to mock is not engaging in the debate of an idea. Not at all. If a person wants to engage in the debate of an idea, in an impassioned and neutral way, then I’m all for that, but bring your facts and not your straw men. However, sitting there and hurling mockery at the character of the individual discussing something, with the intention of having other people make disconnected discrimination’s toward that persons comments, is a smear tactic and not a debate. Gerald is welcome to rejoin NBL any time he chooses, and, hopefully he would behave with more respect to some of the ideas that are somewhat divergent from his own personal convictions and worldviews. I would like to see him back, actually. And if he starts playing head games, I’ll whack him with my stick again, just like before. If people refrain from obstructing the sharing of neutral information, which people are free to take from or leave according to their own liking, then I have no problem with that. It’s when people use intimidation tactics and straw men arguments to suppress the sharing of information, that’s when my stick comes out. Oh, and I guess I wack mean people too sometimes, but just in the interest of mirroring their behavior back to them. I find that works, actually, quite well. A reflection of their behavior back at them. By all means Gerald, please do come back. Just don’t suppress information and the sharing of ideas. That’s all I was ever asking for from him (and from several others.)

    I know, I know … a long winded gasbag is what some here have called me. I won’t apologize for that though. What the hell can really even be said in a 128 character tweet? Nothing much, IMO. I’ll leave the inane tweets to Trumpalufagus. Communicating ideas requires more than just a few words. No wonder they want us keeping things short and sweet in our current culture. So deal with it, please, or skip my comments. And yes, come on back Gerald, please, anytime you want. Like I explained to Ugotsahwonder above, I don’t hold grudges against individuals, all I do is assess information and then act, or don’t act, on that information all by itself. I’m not even really interested in personalities at all, just in ideas mostly. So yes Gerald, do please join us again. I’m certain there is much you could contribute. Just be nice, that’s all I ever wanted to see from you. Suppressing alternative points of view is never nice, and actually just a behavior learned from empire. There is no harm in somebody’s personal perceptions, but there is harm in bullying people into silence … that actually just does harm to everyone. We can look at empire for a clear example of that harm happening, of the firm control over and often suppression of ideas by them.

    Good day everyone. Time for me to shut up around here for a bit maybe, lest people start sending me hate mail for talking too much.

    :) … <3

  • what will you do if the world fails to fall apart? start a blog?

  • gerald and i have both been lobotomized.

  • i think their working on calahan too.

  • I have always had trouble with karma and this idea of non-attachment. An emotional attachment to your children is what will encourage you to protect them with your life in a violent way if necessary. I stand by the use of force against the nazis to free the jews. I stand by the use of force to protect the birds,salmon,et al. In Sun Tzu art of war he states that the sword is a force for good if it frees the people. I do not know how it would be possible to stop the behaviour of a sociopath who enjoys making other living beings suffer. Having happy thoughts has never and will not ever stop a sociopath. And before you say it I am not projecting here because I truly love to indulge in love!!! I like joy and beauty infinitely better than most And the proof is that I will suffer in order to relieve suffering. It is not love without a personal sacrifice only lipservice. Please somebody show me where love ever stopped the atrocities of sociopaths please fucking PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

  • gerald is still here. he posted something 4-5 days ago. very respectful. nothing but the facts. meek as a mouse. i think most people here were missing geralds point…he wasnt really a proponent of the nazis as much as saying that the victors write the history. gerald is disspasionately looking at the WRITTEN history. the winners write the history. actually you were outright dismissing his thorough research. can history be objective? sorry last post for today.

  • @LWA

    Regarding Mark Passio, This man has it quite right from my point of view.

    The second video he spends a whole pod cast to WHY he is the way he is and I think it would be well for Guy and Mike and well, everyone here at NBL to just let Mark roll over your mind.

    The man is brutally honest and does not make apologies for his presentation style. He gives tremendous credit to whom he considers his mentors, Jordan Maxwell, Michael Tsarion, David Icke, Terrance McKenna, and others.

    All of these people mentioned quote and give credit to hundreds of oft quoted people here on NBL.

    We need to draw from wide and eclectic sources. NO ONE has all the answers.

    To disregard the unseen, or spiritual realm of Natural Law is plainly incorrect. Our disregard for Natural Law in the Spiritual realm manifests in the Material realm and we can clearly see our fatal errors.

    Our reality is both the Physical and the Spiritual, they are in fact the same, they exist together.

    This is Mark Passio’s presentation “Cosmic Abandonment – An Explanatory Synthesis Regarding Human Origins, Psychopathy, Slavery And The Current Psychological And Social Conditions Of Humanity”

    Mark sounds much like Guy throughout this talk.

  • .

    actually you were outright dismissing his thorough research.

    Actually, I never engaged Gerald in any debates on what went on during Nazi times. I merely reflected back to him his mockery of other people’s ideas on topics such as consciousness by mocking his pet subject, hoping to show him how destructive to other people’s conversations he was being. Regarding his views on his favorite subject, I think he would be surprised at some of my more private thoughts about Germany’s vision back then for how a society ought to be formed. Hell, what do we all think of total global corporate domination and the fiat money system now? I don’t blame them at all for wanting to lance the Rothchild boil back before it completely took over the world with it’s lust for money that served no benefit to the world at large other than a few individuals. However, such conversations are illegal in my country, so I won’t be engaging in them. Yes, where I live, dissension from the popular view of those events is suppressed by threat of imprisonment. So … not my circus, not my monkeys. No, my issue with Gerald was entirely to do with his mockery of other people’s conversations that he didn’t personally approve of, which caused people to go quiet regarding those conversations and to disengage from them. So, I merely mocked him back where he would feel it the most, with his pet subject. See, the mirror. I never gave an opinion on his views one way or the other. As I say, what I would have to say about it is considered illegal in my country, believe it or not, so I’m not going to voice my views about it in permanence on some internet blog, that’s for sure.


    You do bring up a tough conundrum. In terms of non-attachment, I also use that thing called discernment, rather that all or nothing – black or white thinking. Of course a person stops a child from walking out on thin ice. However, that too needs to be balanced with letting someone be free to make mistakes in order to learn from them. Many parents struggle with where that line is, and it isn’t all black or white or easy. If you’ll notice, my non-attachment was in regard to taking an action even when it appeared to be anything more than foolish self-sacrifice, as in taking up better behavior even when all the science says it’s probably far, far to late to make any difference now anyway. Like I say, I’ve seen some pretty strange phenomenon in my time here on earth. Very strange indeed, impossible things according to common belief. So, all I meant was in regards to not focusing on the futility of positive action as a barrier to taking any positive action. For me, I’m not throwing any towel in, not while there are still chipmunks and flickers and trees to possibly save.

    Regarding you question of blocking sociopaths with love. Well, you wouldn’t believe me anyway if I told you, would you? The I Ching (which is in depth Taoism) says that when evil is branded, it just thinks of weapons, and when we fight it blow for blow, we lose (much like how wetiko is described as spreading.) There is also the saying, ‘Resist not evil’ connected to this concept as well.

    In that story I mentioned about my evil neighbor, the one who antagonizes and harasses me to the point of life or death outcomes, serious shit he pulls in his efforts to drive me into moving away from here. Wee, I at first approached it the way anyone would. I resisted him, I battled him, I called him out on things, I ENGAGED him (important word there.) All that did was exacerbate the situation. He literally fed off that, it was everything he hoped for, to draw my energy toward himself into an all out battle. Finally, and only as an absolutely last resort, I listened to what the Tao was telling me. I stopped watching, engaging, resisting, I stopped everything. I just shut the curtains and calmly fixed the damage he did to my property when it happened, I ignored the slander he spread and stopped trying to refute it to the other neighbors, and I just washed the eggs off of my car and took the red flickers advice to stay inside when he was out on one of his rampage prowls looking for a fight.

    Well, the energetic understanding displayed in the Tao succeeded. Without my engagement, the guy self destructed. He got no energy to keep going from me, and all his ugliness, somehow in a way that I don’t even fully understand, got redirected back to himself, and it took out about five creeps on the block who had joined him in his perversion. Energy flows where attention goes. Ignoring him, and thereby making him no longer a part of my reality, really did work. And this had been going on for years and years too, many years. Those were pretty bad years when I resisted him and paid attention to him. (Ha, I sure did PAY with my attention to him, lol.) Now he’s just some worm who lives on my block. He sort of burned himself out with nobody to fight with anymore. I think he’s moved onto other people lately, actually. I do still heed the warnings from my flicker friend though to be scarce whenever that advice is given by him, by the flicker bird that is.

    I don’t know. Like I say, it’s not the first thought that comes to peoples mind when someone is attacking them, to shut the curtains and send them love. Most people grab their sword and head out to protect their land with force, and then the wetiko just spreads. I wouldn’t have ever taken the Tao’s advice had it not been as a literal last resort after years and years and years of ulcers and stress, damaged reputation and property, and near physical blows, which is exactly what the guy thrived on. He simply collapsed when I stopped reacting to him. People’s mileage may vary. However, the guy was certainly a psychopath, and I was his target. Yet he kind of deflated once I stopped fighting him. I don’t know. It’s tricky stuff though. Pretty counter-intuitive, or is that actually just counter-rational?

    Oh, and digi … if the world doesn’t end, I think I’ll dance naked under the stars since there obviously won’t be many people around to get upset about that sort of thing. I may ride a few flying pigs too, who knows. I would like to see all nuclear shit cleaned up though. That would be the most important thing we could do to avert the extinction of all life on earth. Then we can dance after, if anyone still has the use of their legs. :)

    I really am doing things based on Taoistic flows of energy these days, even when that doesn’t seem to make sense. And I’m not above resistance when I feel it’s my time to do so either. Follow your instincts steve. There may well be times when violent resistance is necessary. If that neighbor ever busts into my home with a baseball bat, it’s all over for him. I’m not going to offer him a sandwich at that point, that’s for sure.

    Peace bros and sis’s. Nobody said this was all going to be easy, or even fun.

  • Sorry for third post … just wanted to remind Woody that I mentioned quite agreeing with Mark’s presentation. He had good information there. Maybe I wasn’t clear enough. Thanks again for posting his stuff. It was good.

  • LWA – no offense taken. But, the messenger matters, particularly in the case of Edgar Cayce. You go to *someone* who is going to give you strange medical advise from out a trance state and you don’t want to know who that person is or how he claims to be able to advise you at all? No! He was as much the phenomenon as the good advice he gave without medical training. You want to know who he is/was, just like we want to know who Nostradamus was, or Einstein, or Leonardo da Vinci. Now, wetiko is a topic that relates the messenger to us more directly, speaking to us of our experience among others, so I see how you might skip spending a lot of time on who the author is, more personally, that is writing on that subject, so long ago as you can relate to what they are relating, such that it becomes like ‘everyman’ to you. This may seem in some sense like much todo about nothing, but as we here all stand to become some sort of messenger in the times ahead, maybe it’s worth pondering a bit. How do ‘we’ consider the messenger, or not and why and what that portends. Maybe, anyway.