I’m re-posting below an essay, verbatim, from 9 September 2009. Consistent with my usual recent pattern, I’m adding a few introductory words and an embedded song.

The interview embedded below was conducted 31 October 2014. Thanks to Paul Judge for the conversation, and also for making it available.

“That one American farmer can now feed himself and fifty-six other people may be, within the narrow view of the specialist, a triumph of technology; by no stretch of reason can it be considered a triumph of agriculture or of culture. It has been made possible by the substitution of energy for knowledge, of methodology for care, of technology for morality.”

~ Wendell Berry


My optimism was great. It’s been lost in the years since I wrote this essay. Against overwhelming odds, civilization has managed to grind much of the planet into a lifeless pile of dirt. The conversion of living planet to bricks, mortar, pavement, plastic, and fiat currency is nearly complete.

The world’s Sixth Mass Extinction, triggered by civilization, is under way. Industrial civilization will cease to exist. And so will humans on Earth. In each case, the end will come faster than expected.


I’m driving from Tucson to the mud hut, taking a circuitous route that currently finds me staying in my wife’s childhood home in western Nebraska. Along with my spouse and dog, I’m covering 4,300 miles while crisscrossing 11 states and all 4 time zones in the continental U.S. We’ll circumambulate Kansas, and at one point we drove close enough to spit on the state. But it didn’t seem worth the time or the saliva.

We’re driving slowly and stopping often, primarily because the Obama administration’s Keynesian approach to saving the industrial economy necessitates throwing money at the highway departments of every state in the country. The attendant “shovel-ready projects” are clear examples of the lengths to which industrial humans will go to sustain the unsustainable, maintain the immaterial, and generally restore the irredeemable for a few more months.

The many miles and frequent pauses reveal to any sentient animal the sheer lunacy of the living arrangements we’ve built for ourselves. Within the span of a couple generations, we abandoned a durable, finely textured, life-affirming set of living arrangements characterized by self-sufficient family farms intermixed with small towns that provided commerce, services, and culture. Worse yet, we traded that model for a coarse-scaled arrangement wholly dependent on ready access to cheap fossil fuels. Then we ratcheted up the madness to rely on businesses that use, almost exclusively, a warehouse-on-wheels approach to just-in-time delivery of unnecessary devices designed for rapid obsolescence and disposal.

Simply ingenious, wouldn’t you say?

The entire region, formerly abundant with a multitude of edible crops, currently is brimming with a single commodity: #2 corn. It’s Roundup-ready, at that, just to throw a bucket of insulting acid into the face of reason. Roundup-resistant weeds are popping up throughout the region as we bring Farmageddon to the heartland and eventually to the world. Most of the corn, which is essentially inedible until it is processed (i.e., pummeled with inordinate quantities of fossil fuels), is watered with the last remaining drops of the Ogallala aquifer, brought to the surface with the same finite fluid used to power our trucks and cars. Verdant fields of ethanol dreams are interrupted occasionally by a field of soybeans; without rotations of legumes, the soil would be so depleted of nitrogen by king corn, it wouldn’t support even the great corn desert. The corn fills our bellies with death-inducing faux sugar. But we willingly trade some of that “food” for fuel because the associated dependence on automobiles allows us to burn off the final inches of life-giving topsoil to promote our culture of death in rapid-transit, individualized death-traps. Who could pass up a deal like that?

Obnoxiously ubiquitous cell-phone towers line the edges of the cornfields adjacent to the Eisenhower Interstate Highway System (“Celebrating 50 Years, 1956-2006”). Each of these completely unnecessary towers of mortality — which serve only to duplicate extant infrastructure — kills 5,000 to 15,000 birds each year. Yet every imperialist has a cell phone, regardless of the death to songbirds. Don’t even get me started on the col-tan in the cell-phone batteries mined from the Congo, because I’d rather not think about the brutal lives and tortuous deaths of the Congolese women and children we treat as collateral damage along our imperial path.

Seemingly every tenth cell-phone tower marks a casino, yet another ubiquitous structure we’d be far better off without. These businesses extract money from the poor as they pursue the something-for-nothing goal upon which our culture has become based during the last few decades.

If it’s not a casino, it’s a distribution center for this country’s rapidly waning commercial sector. We no longer make much of anything in this country, but we move around ton after ton of cheap plastic crap to the Targets and Wal-Marts that have displaced family owned businesses in every town and city in the country while exporting disaster capitalism throughout the world.

Finally, then, we come to the most ludicrous part of the entire endeavor: suburbia, filled with McMansions. This not-quite-country, not-quite-city living arrangement requires people to buy one of everything for every house — except cars, of which we need at least two — to live far from work, far from play, and far from the things we “need” to buy. Hundreds of acres of shoddily constructed, castle-like symbols of self-indulgence are separated from equally coarse-scaled places we use to grow “food,” conduct “commerce” in our “service” economy, and otherwise live civilized lives. As has often been the case, today’s symbols of gluttony are tomorrow’s death traps.

As usual, I’m quick to point out the silver lining in this otherwise disastrous narrative: Better days lie ahead. How could they not?

In the near future, we’ll return to a durable set of living arrangements. Since we need about 50 million additional gardeners to support the 300 million people in this nation, and because nearly everybody in the industrialized world would rather push electrons in a cube farm than push a shovel in a garden, I don’t foresee us voluntarily returning to the agrarian age. Not only are a majority of people unaware of the predicament we face — thanks to the media, every level of government, and our own self-absorbed preference for the bliss of ignorance — but there’s simply no leadership in the industrialized world as we face an inevitable but unprecedented economic contraction. As a result, I suspect we’ll bypass agricultural pursuits and plunge right back to the post-industrial stone age. Once again, daily life will be characterized by a finely textured, life-affirming, durable set of arrangements characterized by respect for each other and reverence for the land, and accompanied by a solid dose of self-sufficiency.

The point of my circuitous route to the mud hut: a wedding on the in-law side of the family. The newlyweds are twenty-something Army officers, and the event fittingly provided the perfect example of the malevolence needed to maintain civilization. Held in a venue designed and constructed to celebrate American military prowess, the reception allowed the guests to enjoy flight simulators between bouts of gorging on meat, fat, sugar, and alcohol. Each of us was allowed to “fly” a fighter jet and blast the enemy. I was a tad disappointed, though: I didn’t get to bomb a children’s hospital in the name of bringing democracy to a poverty-stricken, oil-rich country.

For those readers who would like to impress upon me that I’m an imperialist, too, or that “freedom isn’t free,” don’t bother. In a heartbeat, I’d give up every aspect of the industrial economy, even if it cost me my life, to know western civilization was dead and gone. And for those who believe we’re really free, take a look around. See the security cameras. Notice the listening devices. Pay attention to the monitoring devices that record and report every transaction you complete. These tyrannies are among the thousands of minor costs we pay for “freedom” from terrorists. The larger costs are borne by non-human species and people in non-industrial cultures every minute of every day.

I took a break from the festivities to spend a little time outdoors as darkness was falling. In a few minutes, I was able to observe far more beauty than marked the cultural ceremony or the route along the way (so far): the cry of a red-tailed hawk drew my eye to two hawks flying low over the treetops. Shortly afterward, a brilliant harvest moon scaled the eastern horizon.

Hope springs eternal in, and from, the natural world: There’s still something worth saving from the ravages of civilization. But is there world enough, and time? And, despite mounting evidence to the contrary, are there enough of us who actually care about saving the living planet?

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  • Some Reality numbers:

    We have seen such an early melting episode on Greenland (see above: )only once since records began, in 2012. Now, in 2016 again. The conditions went back to normal over the last week- but now that nasty melting peak is back again. Jason Box tweed an hour ago:

    ” return of Greenland ice sheet surface melting conditions: +3.2 °C on 23 April at TAS_A at 900 m in SE”:

    And the forecast is DIRE (click on “Parameter” and select “Air Temperature Anomaly”, then see the forecast over the coming week!):

    Here you can see both melting events this year in context:

  • About a new record low this summer in the Arctic sea ice, just compare these two Arctic Ocean Daily 925hPa Temp graphs from 2012 and 2016:

  • There will be a new record low in the artcic sea ice for sure:

    According to Gavin Schmidt, the chances to get another nr. 1 annual record in 2016 are <99%. So we have 3 record years in a row, the last 9 (11?) months were all record months in a row plus record minimum arctic sea ice this year. An ice free arctic summer is right around the corner. Pray, dance, cry, laugh or whatever you prefer, Mother Nature is now the Boss, as usual.

  • I’ve penned and posted a new essay. It’s here.

  • .

    I wish we could converse over tea, then I wouldn’t offend people by trying to have an actual conversation here. I think we are more on the same page about this analyzing the messenger thing than we both maybe realize. That’s what I mean by discernment of the message. With the raising of one’s consciousness, it becomes pretty easy to discern who is full of crap and who has some valuable information for you, without generalizing this or that group as charlatans because of a few inevitable bad apples. In fact, eventually, with a bit of flow built up on your side and a bit of wind in your sails, the bad apples don’t even come into your realm and neither are you blown by the wind into theirs.

    With just different words, I think we’re actually on the same page about this. I just call it discernment, that’s all. Discernment, in a way, is just narrower and more accurate than broad generalized discrimination. Science makes the mistake of generalized discrimination when it observes something specific, and then tries to apply that intellectually onto everything else. That is folly. That is projecting. That is intellectual discrimination, which curiously, our civilization is full of.

  • cool…huge, healthy reefs found at the mouth of the amazon basin! hey woody …enjoying the passio. good to watch cleaning house and sorting crap. lwa…sorry, didn’t mean ‘you’ in particular. try not to take “us” too personally…we’re just 0’s and 1’s around here. i thought mr.Gs german history obsession was odd here at nbl…though some of it was quite fascinating. hey, if you’re listening gerald. i believe when he got rude it was from frustration out of not being heard…everyone here must feel that way from time to time. hey lwa, heard any john mclaughlin from mahavishnu orchestra? with shakti? solo? you nemesis? amazing.

  • oh by the way, for me discernment equals critical thinking.

  • .
    Ya digi … I’ve dug the john mclaughlin thing before, mostly back when I was a bigger jazz head. Al Di Meola and Pat Metheny were always my favs, but my bass player buddy was a big mahavishnu orchestra fan, so he twisted on their albums for me quite often.

    Here’s my favorite album with Al.

    Here’s my fav Pat song. Check out side one as well. It, er, rocks?

    And no, my rudeness isn’t a reaction. It’s a calculated energy maneuver intended to achieve an anticipated result, lol. ;) There is actually a method to my madness here at NBL you know. I’m far from just here to shoot the shit, or to watch the climate stock ticker go up and down. It’s obvious which direction it’s going, which is why I sort of avoid commenting on the nuanced details around here. I find them redundant, and to be only of mild interest to me. I’m more interested in solutions for mitigating the damage that will arise out of the culling through consciousness raising and kundalini awakening. And no, I don’t expect to survive what’s coming either, not with this body anyway.

    There is actually a conscious intention behind my choice to participate here at NBL. Now there’s some arrogance for you, lol. Oh no, now I’ve gone and spoiled everything. :(

    But yes Gerald, do come on back, if you feel so inclined.

    Enjoy the tunes digi. I have no quarrel with you, or with anyone, actually. Not even with Mr. Dickness, who’ll be getting some stick from me here next I think (or not.) If he comes at me, we’ll roll, that’s how that works. Think of it as more like a sport for me, a sport with a goal post in mind, and someone’s head used as the ball.

    Hey Nem, what the fuck, are you a scientist now or something?

    Just kidding Nem, carry on. Thanks for all the Tom Waits. :)

    Look at that. Another long post for Mr. Ugh to cry over. Someone should show him what that slider bar on the side of his browser is for.

    You know what I hate? Ass kissers. It demonstrates zero independence of mind.

    You’re no ass kisser digi, and I like that about you. You’re ok in my book. And I was given a book you know.

    That was a joke, by the way. People just have no sense of humor at all anymore, do they.

    I would agree that discernment employs critical thinking, and also critical perceiving too. Not that that’s a thing to anybody.

    I’m listening to john as I type this (Extrapolation.) Thanks for the blast from my past digi.

    Oh yes, the jazz days! I discovered medicinal marijuana through jazz use you know. But then I got over that, mostly. :)

    Cheers digi. Thanks for bein’ real.

  • Kundalini works to a certain extent, though enthusiasts claim (for $500) that it’s the only path to liberation. Just remember that the only constant is change, so use what works at the time and then try something different. I sincerely hope you find what your looking for in your pursuit.

    By the way, is everybody that posts here a musician? It wouldn’t surprise me. A guitarist I worked with said he’d never met a stupid musician, and L agree. I’ve met a lot of assholes, but they weren’t stupid. I think the effort required to learn to play weeds out all the stupid people,

    Just some thoughts, and best wishes

  • .
    Cheers Feed Jake.

    After spending most of my life as a pro musician to varying degrees, I like what you said about them. I would adjust that to say they are ALL assholes, and I think that’s just a reflection of their fierce independence from empire. I would agree some of them are smart, not all of them though. But yes, most of them are assholes, or hiding it well. Hahaha.

    I think it’s refuting the advice of empire and their families and their friends to grow up and take a day job that makes musicians the people they are. That’s why their lyrics are always about either love or anti establishment themes. They also grow back a right brain by playing music, and experience the flow as well eventually, which is an experience born out of and accessed through a raised consciousness (to varying degrees.) All together, it busts a person out of the empire mind quite nicely. It’s an intuitive calling though, and certainly not a rational or reasoned one.

    Wow, $500 is cheap. My spontaneous kundalini awakening happened all on it’s own back in ’91, along with a surprising number of other people, which was quite the phenomenon that year. However, mine cost me my life, which was worth way more than $500 to me. Although, I wouldn’t go back and change any of that though. Ever since then it’s been about following instructions from the mother ship to try and give others the same experience, lol. So far, the results are mixed.

    I’m still meeting people who had the very same experience back in ’91, some from this site even. It’s quite the fascinating phenomenon that this also happened to so many others. So ya, now it’s all about pushing others off of the cliff. Nature sure is rebelling against empire. I found something I wasn’t even looking for, or didn’t know I was looking for. Damn jazz music, sheesh.

    Cheers Jake.

  • @LWA
    I never got the full kundalini, but I’ve been able to feel my third-eye chakra since I was a kid. I thought everyone could. I got exposed to the void rather before I was ready (I don’t know how one would get ready, despite the Beatles telling me “It is not dying . . .”). The best I’ve been able to do is to become “wisely indifferent.” I don’t miss the emotional roller-coaster, and I am happier this way. More and more I am in contact with the silent part of me that is always content. It’s all very passive though, and you seem to be more a person of action. In meditation, self-importance for me has by itself gotten much less. Far be it from me to give you advice, but I will anyway. Watch out for self-importance and ego. The only thing we Buddhists take on faith is that we will eventually realize that we don’t exist. I see this in flashes now.
    So maybe I’m getting somewhere.

    Best Wishes in all your endeavors.

  • .
    Thanks for your good advice Jake. That beatles song is one of my favs, I actually like Phil Collin’s version too, maybe even better. I’ve covered that song before even, that’s how much I liked it. A great message for sure.

    Well, don’t be fooled Jake. I do a pretty good job of faking it. I didn’t start out this mean here at NBL, it’s just sort of a shirt I’ve put on for here mostly. I’m actually a pretty humble guy in real life, even nice and kind and encouraging, if you can believe it. One of my biggest fascinations about NBL is the incredible number of lightworkers that this place has attracted, like a beacon almost. It’s surprising, considering Guy’s position on that sort of thing. Part of me being here is to try and figure out what that’s all about.

    Interestingly I was born with my sixth arcline engaged … which means my third eye was already open, and my heart too. I also thought everyone was like that. Oops. It makes me somewhat of a chameleon, that’s how I interact and move among many different social circles, almost like social emulation. That might help explain why the longer I hang out here, the more of an asshole I seem to become. Just trying to fit in and join the flow I guess. Hahahaha. Don’t worry though, it’s just a glamour.

    Point taken though. I’ll watch the growth of my inner asshole utility function. I constantly feel myself on the way out of here anyway, actually. Maybe that’s why. The place draws a pretty toxic crowd sometimes, or so it seems.

    Best Wishes in all your endeavors as well Jake.


  • @ LWA

    Okay, here’s something interesting. It has seemed to work for me if something is really important. i’d like to know what you think.

    It says the link is not private, if that matters.

    Best Wishes

  • Sorry Feed Jake, I get a 404 error, page not found.

    Maybe check your link again?

  • LWA,

    Try just going to

    Scroll down toward bottom and click on the link at “Read the original essay:”

    Careful of the Hogs & Bison down at the Planck Level.

  • .
    Thanks infanttyrone for getting me to that link. Also, thanks for the possibly subconscious advice with your bison statement, because, yes, after finding the article an exercise in simplification of the idea, it suddenly turned a corner into what seemed like a bit of unnecessary complexity toward the end and at the subatomic level, which possibly just adds a barrier of complexity back into what was starting out to be such a nicely simplified idea. Although, that isn’t an issue, I only say that as a nod to your synchronistic statement about watching out for the Hogs and Bison. The connection you seemed to make there made me grin, whether you meant to say that exactly as you did or not.

    Anyway …

    Feed Jake.

    Congrats on your intuition here. This ‘angle’ of metaphysics has been my premier specialty this lifetime. Ok, before that even, but we won’t go there at the moment, or maybe ever. (lol) Particularly, trying to bring what I was experiencing back around ’91 back around into a scientific explanation that would stop these sorts of phenomenon from being discriminated against as being woo or ‘super’ natural. That’s been a key piece of intellectual work for me, to reverse engineer all this back into a scientific explanation. Or, to at least find a parallel somewhere to bring this out of the land of woo and into the land of acceptance for more than just a few people. After all, if I could do it, then how could it not have a rational explanation as to why and how?

    If I can do it, then how can it not be natural? If I’m an atheist, then how could it possibly come from a god or a demon? These are the sorts of questions I was forced to ask myself. Don Juan’s practical applications are excellent tools for lifting that ‘psychic censor’ (thanks for that, never had a term for that before this article, yet I have observed it in action, it’s an important aspect in all of this … Don Juan called it ‘Ixtlan’, a symbolic place to never return to.) Imagine my glee when I found the information regarding the double slit experiment, and even better the delayed choice quantum erasure experiment. Suddenly I wasn’t a freak, I was just a scientist, hahaha. The I Ching as an in depth study of Taoism is actually possibly the best resource for learning to manipulate reality and flows of events in a seemingly supernatural way, the best that I have come across yet, although you need to know how to do it first a bit, and then what the I Ching is really pointing to will jump out at you like a big ‘eureka.’

    Anyway, I digress. I liked the article a lot. An essay on my particular specialty, in fact. My life’s work you could say.

    I may even know why it only works for you with important things, or have theories about that anyway, I find a similar thing myself. But, I wouldn’t want to block your success by introducing a bum concept into your mind if things are working for you at the moment. I will say, however, that nothing removes the psychic censor better than performing a few miracles for yourself. Although, it tends to terrify others in very unexpected ways, so do be careful of that. Don’t get yourself locked up now, hahaha. ;)

    So, have I shared enough? What are your thoughts about all of this? For me, it was like I could have written that article, if that’s any indicator of how good I found the info to be. And yet …

    “anti-dogmatic, result-oriented, and free-form.”

    Is also a key.

    That’s important. Funny how magic is exactly like music. I still have trouble getting a few of my musician buddies to warp their heads around how that all works … anti-dogmatic, result-oriented, and free-form.

    Cheers Feed Jake. Thanks for that. A lot. Now the choo choo trains going woo woo. :D

    Do you need a link to a good demo of the delayed choice quantum erasure experiment? Or do you have that already? it’s good for helping to lift the old psychic censor a little too. It’s by Tom Campbell. Again, not the end all of everything, but a he is a good psychic censor lifter.

    What more do you have to say about your link?

  • Oh, and this the article was iffy about, and yet it, to me, was another truth stated. Other sources have delved into this aspect, and yes, I think it plays a role.

    “Those who espouse the holographic paradigm have suggested that the contact between particles so observed is not due to a signal sent between them, but is due to the fact that it is only our inaccurate perception which interprets the particles as separate, discrete entities. In this theoretical system, such particles are considered to be manifestations of the same underlying fundamental phenomenon. Extracted to its conclusion, the theory suggests that all objects in the universe are infinitely interconnected.”


  • LWA,

    Hogs & Bison is my attempt at dyslexic humor…
    it is a little word-play on the Higgs Boson.

    Scene: SNL set of old with Gilda Radner as Emily Litella

    Emily Litella:
    What’s all this I hear about the Nobel Prize in Physics being awarded to a couple of Europeans who studied hogs and bison ?

    Shouldn’t something like that be covered by a Nobel Prize in Zoology ?

    I mean…pigs are pretty much everywhere, but bison ?

    Couldn’t they at least find an Indian scientist to honor for studying bison ?

    Oh, well…what do you expect from a prize committee based in a country
    that dips perfectly good whitefish in lye ?

    Anyway, I’m Emily Litella and that’s…

    Offscreen voice of Don Pardo:

    Miss Litella, the prize in Physics was for work on the Higgs boson, not hogs and bison.

    The Higgs boson allows some fundamental particles to have mass and form atoms.

    Without it, everything would move at the speed of light and have no mass.

    Emily Litella:

    Oh, that’s very different….nevermind !

    Extracted to its conclusion, the theory suggests that all objects in the universe are infinitely interconnected.”

    from Wiki page on One-Electron Universe

    The one-electron universe postulate, proposed by John Wheeler in a telephone call to Richard Feynman in the spring of 1940, states that all electrons and positrons are actually manifestations of a single entity moving backwards and forwards in time. According to Feynman:

    I received a telephone call one day at the graduate college at Princeton from Professor Wheeler, in which he said, “Feynman, I know why all electrons have the same charge and the same mass” “Why?” “Because, they are all the same electron!”[1]

    The idea is based on the world lines traced out across spacetime by every electron. Rather than have myriad such lines, Wheeler suggested that they could all be parts of one single line like a huge tangled knot, traced out by the one electron. Any given moment in time is represented by a slice across spacetime, and would meet the knotted line a great many times. Each such meeting point represents a real electron at that moment.

    At those points, half the lines will be directed forward in time and half will have looped round and be directed backwards. Wheeler suggested that these backwards sections appeared as the antiparticle to the electron, the positron.

    Many more electrons have been observed than positrons, and electrons are thought to comfortably outnumber them. According to Feynman he raised this issue with Wheeler, who speculated that the missing positrons might be hidden within protons.[1]

    Feynman was struck by Wheeler’s insight that antiparticles could be represented by reversed world lines, and credits this to Wheeler, saying in his Nobel speech:

    I did not take the idea that all the electrons were the same one from [Wheeler] as seriously as I took the observation that positrons could simply be represented as electrons going from the future to the past in a back section of their world lines. That, I stole![1]

    Feynman later proposed this interpretation of the positron as an electron moving backward in time in his 1949 paper “The Theory of Positrons”.[2] Yoichiro Nambu later applied it to all production and annihilation of particle-antiparticle pairs, stating that “the eventual creation and annihilation of pairs that may occur now and then is no creation or annihilation, but only a change of direction of moving particles, from past to future, or from future to past.”[3]

  • .
    Thanks for the interesting info about Feynman’s theory. I’d never come across that before. Interesting to hear him postulate that something isn’t discrete ‘things,’ but may instead be the same thing perceived in different instances. Feynman’s ideas also sort of reminded me a little of the concept of shamanic time, which is how shamans travel back and forth in time and bring back information from an altered consciousness experience. The idea is that instead of time being stretched out linearly and horizontally, with the future ahead of us and the past behind us, that time is instead assembled vertically, where the past and future are stacked up vertically and actually happening simultaneously in the present moment. It brings about ideas of the akashic record, and interestingly ties in vaguely to why I think Feed Jake and I are only able to get certain results out of reality bending, and not other results willy nilly.

    I’m still going to wait for Feed Jake to hear if he has comments about his article. And yes infanttyrone, I got your funny about the bison and pigs. Thanks for the Gilda, I was a big roseanne roseannadanna fan in the 70’s.

  • @Mike D.

    ” Opps, almost forgot. A quick view of, will show that the El Nino has now reversed into a La Nina condition.

    Ok, back to to the quibbling, sorry to interrupt…”

    Man, you see a la Nina from one day to the next day?^^ Wow, com on, it’s much too early to speak of La Nina yet:

    See also for instance:

    There is only a *chance* of 50% for La Nina in september.

    Btw: Why do you keep repeating, that you “interrupt quibbling”? Funny that is…

  • @Mike D.

    ” …and now in another break in the “quibbling” Greenland Melt Data is now back for the 2016 Melt Season.

    Have you seen the forecast (click on “Parameter” and select “Air Temperature Anomaly”, then see the forecast over the coming week!)?:

    Dire. On the link you posted, you can see for yourself, that melting is already on the rise again:

  • Gnaw 8-)

  • Damned, I have to work on my english- correction:

    “gnaw” should be “yawn”.

  • @Doctor Guy McPherson

    I think, Empire wouldn’t like your radical message, because PEOPLE would give a SHIT about obidience and shit, if they’d know, what’s comin, you know…, muhahaha 3:-)

  • Nem, I actually liked Gnaw.

    It was like you were eating quibbles. Or is that kibbles.

    Anyway, cat’s eat kibbles, when they aren’t cleaning their woo woo’s.


  • Yoh, bad english I do, I am no english cat… is it cats or is it cat’s? Is it Batman? No, it’s Catman 8-)

    ” The Cat and the Moon

    The cat went here and there
    and the moon spun round like a top,
    and the nearest kin of the moon,
    the creeping cat, looked up.
    Black Minnaloushe stared at the moon,
    for, wander and wail as he would,
    the pure cold light in the sky
    troubled his animal blood.

    Minnaloushe runs in the grass
    lifting his delicate feet.
    Do you dance, Minnaloushe, do you dance?
    When two close kindred meet,
    what better than call a dance?
    Maybe the moon may learn,
    tired of that courtly fashion,
    a new dance turn.

    Minnaloushe creeps through the grass
    from moonlit place to place,
    the sacred moon overhead
    has taken a new phase.
    Does Minnaloushe know that his pupils
    will pass from change to change,
    and that from round to crescent,
    from crescent to round they range?

    Minnaloushe creeps through the grass
    alone, important and wise,
    and lifts to the changing moon
    his changing eyes.”

    – William Butler Yeats

    Your last comment on the upper thread is epic, once again!

  • .
    Nem, thanks for the great poem about the cat. I love cats.

    Yes, it’s cats for the plural, and cat’s for the possessive.

    Sorry about that. I need an editor, or to type less. No, an editor.

    Yet it’s ‘its’ for its possessive … it’s means ‘it is.’ English is wanked.

    When two close kindred meet,
    what better than call a dance?
    Maybe the moon may learn,
    tired of that courtly fashion,
    a new dance turn.

    Catman do !

    And of course, thanks for the Brian too, here’s some Bon in trade.


  • 2 LWA
    Okay, here it is. Anybody who studies real shamanism, sorcery etc, knows that we create or partially create reality. The question is “How much control do we have over what we are creating?” The whole idea behind chaos magic is to be able to change your beliefs as easily as you change your shirt. This is based on the idea that thoughts and belief have power over what kind of reality you are creating. Adepts at chaos magic have bypassed the psychic censor so well that they can truly believe whatever they need to, in order to achieve their immediate goals.
    Usually practitioners of magic use ceremony, or spirits etc. as a way of focusing their attention and making what they are doing “real” enough for the psychic censor to believe that what they are doing has a basis in “reality.” The cool thing about the article is that the writer inadvertently stumbles on the correct answer–It’s all accomplished by will alone. However, he underestimates the potential of his method by the “butterfly effect” stuff, because he still believes that the world is real and has an independent existence outside of this continuous instant. However, I struggled over the use of the term “things that are really important to me” because they really aren’t that, their just choices made by “controlled folly.” It’s really the same to me whether they occur or not, which is another thing the author stumbled upon–you must have no personal involvement besides choosing a result. Whether it happens or not doesn’t matter (remember I’m a Buddhist).

    You know, starting before High School I bought and devoured all of Casteneda’s works, and even though he’s almost certainly a fake he’s a lot better to study than other fakes (like the Bible). I think personal power plays a role.

    But also, and you can take this or leave it, there are other entities around that take an interest in human affairs. I used Casyeneda’s method of looking at your hands to do lucid dreaming, but when I finally succeeded, it turned into an OBE. I barely had the energy to make it back, and when I awoke I was exhausted and the ceiling was moving like on LSD or mushrooms, I asked myself “So what should I do now?” and a very strong voice inside my head said “be a teacher,” which I have, and it’s worked for 26 years. I don’t know who or what the voice was. And no, I didn’t hear it with my ears–I’m so sane it’s scary.

    Anyway, my experiences are laid out honestly for you (and anyone else interested) to do what you want with. I hope you find these comments enough.

    With sincere best wishes.

  • Hmmmm, not really what I was expecting, actually.

    Thanks Jake for sharing your experiences with me. I guess the biggest thing I saw in your sharing here was that you are quite attached to your Buddhism, and you seem to place other censor lifting tools and paths quite beneath you and your Buddhism. Have you never heard the expression that some people suddenly ‘get it’ one day from merely observing a pot hanging from a hook on a wall? Interestingly, I have found, just for me personally, Buddhism to be the path that was the least effective for me. However, I wouldn’t go so far as to proclaim to your subconscious censor that it was ‘a fake’, even though to me I found it to be quite pointless and impotent for my personal work. But that’s just me. It just didn’t work for me, that’s all, sorry to say. But if it works for you, then great, I wouldn’t seek to denigrate it too badly, because that wouldn’t help anyone’s psychic censor, would it? But you certainly didn’t pull any punches yourself there, did you.

    Yet I have already dissolved reality completely for myself, experienced my non-existence, and come back with another soul’s karma to clear even after that experience. I can quite reliably shift reality ever since too. It’s not really something I seek to learn for myself anymore at all, I try to teach others how to do it now, that’s what I’m about, not about seeking for myself. And, I do this for a reason that was made quite clear to me too back in ’91. Whatever gets someone there is one of my main philosophies.

    I have never really been one for specific dogmatic terms, teachers, or technologies Jake, although I do use a few technologies to focus my ‘personal power’, as you call it. I would be remiss to say I sensed a tiny bit of spiritual one up-manship coming from your post, as you placed your Buddhism above a few of the paths for awakening that I had mentioned, just more in passing I mentioned them more than anything else, and I only even mentioned a few at that. I realize the Tibetans have always held a belief that one should never follow more than one spiritual path, and not several, and that was actually part of why I found it to be a little suspect, like the old ‘study with us and nobody else’ line used by other religions.

    Most of my awakening happened as a study of no path at all though, so I admit I am somewhat of an unusual freak.

    Honestly, I sensed hierarchy from you all throughout your post Jake. With you sending out all that psychic censorship of so many of the concepts I put out, so I’m sorry to say that I feel I would probably find little value in exchanging ideas with you. It would be all you, you, you, as I shrunk, shrunk, shrunk … and what good would that do me and my psychic censor … I’m interested in results, not Buddhism, sorry. Your ideas seem sort of limiting to me too, like looking up from below still, maybe that’s why you find your results to be mixed and are still on a seeking path. Yes, I am on action path, as you sensed from me, and for the benefit of others actually, not myself anymore. I can assure you, my personal results are not mixed, not for several lifetimes now.

    But hey Jake, we tried, right? Good luck in your endeavors. Remember, the Dali Lama knows more than he shares and teaches to people, for reason’s that I personally disagree with, and have for several lifetimes. Maybe that’s why, to me, Buddhism is the ‘fake’, although of course it’s not entirely fake, just more of like a religion to me, and I avoid those like the plague … too limiting, partially used for social control and not emancipation at all. Interesting what other perspectives can bring, hey? I have, however, picked up a few tips from the Buddhists, but they certainly never seemed to want to give me the full meal deal. That I got from a pot on the wall, which I think is possibly even the biggest truth to me as far as any religions go. I really don’t do dogma, I find it to be limiting and sort of a trap. Whose dogma do you suppose the Dali Lama follows? I wonder, hey? A pot on the wall perhaps while he gives you the dogma?

    Good luck with the reality warping. You seem to have it figured out for yourself. And as you told me, watch that ego, hey?

    One more thing, you said “Adepts at chaos magic have bypassed the psychic censor so well that they can truly believe whatever they need to, in order to achieve their immediate goals.” Well … yup. Didn’t I already allude to wearing a specific shirt for a specific purpose here in a post I made just a few back before this one, to achieve a specific result, after you mistook that for a display of ego? So why do you cling so hard to your singular study of Buddhism, and then wonder why your results are mixed? I don’t strongly associate with any particular path. I’ll use any and all of them, or even none. Mostly none, actually. There is wisdom in that you know.

    Again Jake, thanks for the article. It helps put words to the things I’ve learned to do from that pot on the wall, and that is something I’m always on the lookout for, additional word descriptions to add to my bag.

    As far as why your results are intermittent, I’ll leave you to sort out that answer for yourself. You’ll have to look inside for that one probably. I don’t think the Dali lama will tell you. He could, I just don’t think he will is all.

    I had actually hoped for a better exchange than this from you Jake. Oh well. Things are what they are. Yes, I think it was enough. It was sort of more like a lecture from my dad, so I’ve given you one back as well. Do with it what you wish. :)

  • Hey, now why the moderation? What now?

  • Maybe it was … too long! (lol)

    Thanks mod. :)

  • One of my favorite bunch of rock’n rollers once again, yeah, thanks, LWA. Brian is cool, but Bon is even dirtier.


    About the flatlanders song you posted- there’s a really cool verse in it:

    ” I wake up in the mornin’
    And I go to sleep at night
    Somewhere in between the two
    I swear I’ll get it right”

    – Flatlanders – My Wildest Dreams Grow Wilder Every Day


  • … there’s a whole Universe in that one verse, haha.

  • .
    Hey Nem, heard this mushup yet? It actually kind of works.

    Time will tell on their power minds
    Making war just for fun
    Treating people just like pawns in chess
    Wait `till their judgement day comes, yeah!

    (Thought that sounded like you, actually.)

    I’ve covered War Pigs before, people totally lose it ! Enjoy Nem …

    (I do listen to pretty music too though ya know … I listen to everything.)


  • @ LWA
    It’s okay. I sent you the link because your seemed smart enough and experienced enough to appreciate it. I’m glad you liked it. But you caught me at a loss when you wanted me to comment on it, so I wrote something. I think much of it was misinterpreted, but again. it’s okay. I think it’s cool what you’re doing, and have done, and I’ve learned some stuff (reminiscent of John C. Lilly “Center of the Cyclone”).

    One more thing, if you haven’t heard it yet:

    No hard feelings please, and best wishes

  • .
    No problem at all Jake. You do appear to know a tremendous amount about all of this your own self. I think the frustration I expressed was in what felt to me like a reticence to speak more openly about your knowledge. I am an advocate for opening right up and letting it all hang out, to share whatever it is that people know about this topic, wonky perceptions or awkward interpretations be damned. I think that’s what caught me off guard. I realize it’s an uncomfortable topic to share about openly, and some even come from disciplines where belief’s were created advocating not sharing this information, mostly I think to just protect seekers from ridicule or persecution though.

    Enough about that though, and no, no hard feelings. Thanks for the binaural wave generator. I am big into that sort of thing, so thanks. I have tuned chakra bowls from Nepal that create some great binaural beats, as well as several sets of tuned ‘tuning’ forks that can be used in many different combinations. Although, I prefer the tuned metal bowls from Nepal, they hold a constant tone over a long period of time, for as long as you play them. I even hold public sound healing nights on occasion, and no, not the rock ‘n roll kind that happen from the club stages I occasionally play on, lol. In fact, I opened an intuitive healing practice after ’91. That’s what I’m about, more so than being a musician anymore. It was part of my ‘instructions.’


    Could I share something else with you Jake, if I may, without sounding like the endless arrogant jerk? It’s that after being quite the seeker once myself, and after looking for that void, sort of like trying to get to heaven, or trying to ascend, or trying to get to that point of disappearance where reality dissolves and I finally melt away into non existence. Well, I got there alright, and it actually wasn’t what I had expected at all. I was only just rewarded with yet another soul to clear, since my body was quite young and undamaged when I unlocked the door and walked out of here. Well, I don’t even like this new ‘person’ I got stuck with, not as much as the other person I was before that all happened. I wish I hadn’t spent my life just trying to get somewhere else other than exactly where I was already at.

    Nobody seems to understand that though. Everybody’s always trying to leave here or get somewhere else. As unreal and imagined as this all actually is at this vibration, it still is a place you know. A special place even, a unique paradise all unto itself along the long spectrum of vibrations. Even the atheists and materialists subconsciously always want to leave here, they just manifest that in a different way from the seekers, they either blow the place up, or imagine it getting blown up, that’s their plan for escape from ‘it all.’ I wish it weren’t that way though. After I left, I was very thankful to have a chance to come back here again. What’s happening to our dreamed up cool place is that literally everyone wants to leave, most do anyway, in some way or another. I wish I could change all that somehow. It’s a pretty cool place you know. But, I had to get out before I even realized that. I wish I could convince everybody else to want to stay, rather than collectively dreaming up our own annihilation. It’s certainly one way to leave, that’s for sure. I just wish more people wanted to stay, that’s all.

    Thanks Jake. Namaste. And no, no hard feelings. Thanks again for the binaural software. I like frequencies. :)

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  • Uh oh, This made my day:

    Fuck the Empire and senseless, multi-hours-long moderation.

  • @LWA

    That Whole lotta Sabbath mashup was one of the best things I have seen/heard so far- FANTASTICO!

  • @Moderation

    WHY does moderation of two comments of mine in the upper thread take 3 hours and counting?

  • Forget it, I give a shit- scientific facts is all that counts, I love science.

  • With Love from China:

    ” 28.4.2016 – China passes law imposing security controls on foreign NGOs

    Campaigners say law deals severe blow to non-profit groups in latest phase of Xi Jinping’s clampdown on civil society…”

  • “My optimism was great. It’s been lost in the years since I wrote this essay”. I’m a little torn on this hope business. We humans are a resourceful bunch. The cockroaches will go before we do and then only because someone ate the last one. I just hope we don’t make it that far.