Seeking Teachable Moments

“The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself.”

~ Rudyard Kipling


Seeking Teachable Moments is the subtitle to my 2006 book, Letters to a Young Academic. The subtitle reflects my approach for more than 20 years in the classroom. It’s still my approach, a decade after publication of the book and several years after my departure from regular appearances in classrooms.

I tried the “teachable moment” approach in this space recently. Apparently it works better when we are able to see each other. Body language matters. Ditto for nuance. Readers cannot see the former, and many cannot detect the latter.

As I’ve mentioned repeatedly in this space, I predict humans will be extinct by 2030. Not some of them, but all of them. Extinction means all humans will be gone from Earth.

As I’ve mentioned repeatedly in this space, I made this prediction in 2002. As I’ve mentioned repeatedly in this space, I discovered the concept of global peak oil about a year after my initial prediction. As that time, I thought collapse of civilization induced by a global decline in petroleum and its distillates would lengthen our run as a species. As I’ve mentioned repeatedly in this space, I gave up on that notion in June 2009.

As I’ve mentioned repeatedly in this space, too many self-reinforcing feedback loops have been triggered to allow human actions to overcome lack of habitat induced by climate change. I predict, in language so simple and clear that even patriarchs will understand it, that Homo sapiens will be extinct by 2030. The civilization so beloved by privileged people will be gone before then. Habitat for humans will be gone before then. The last humans on Earth will be gone by 2030.

Not even bunkers, nuclear submarines, or Soylent Green will protect humans from loss of habitat on Earth. And don’t even get me started on space travel. Oh, wait: I dismissed that notion long ago.

I’ve been writing about abrupt climate change in this space since 2007. Apparently it came as a surprise to some people when my message went mainstream.

Words matter, as I’ve often stated. Therefore, when the opportunity arose recently, I sought to point out that not every statement is a prediction. For example, I did not make a prediction on the National Geographic episode: “I can’t imagine …” is not a prediction, as I pointed out. Repeatedly. In this space.

To no avail, obviously. Seeking one of those precious teachable moments, I kept pointing out the difference between prediction and other, similar words (e.g., speculation, statement, scenario). Many idiots, poor readers, and wishful “thinkers” incorrectly believed I was backtracking. I wasn’t. The teachable moment was lost in a shitstorm of idiocracy as people struggled to figure out the difference between words with different meanings.

I didn’t change my mind or my prediction. But Daniel Drumright, one of the “early adopters” of abrupt climate change in this space, did change his mind. One outcome of Daniel changing his mind was to launch a continuous volley of insults and lies my way. Thus, the recent kerfuffle.

Among the misguided foci of Daniel was an analysis conducted by Dr. Malcolm Light. Daniel could not — or at least, did not — point to a single fault with Light’s analysis. He also failed to investigate, when asked repeatedly, for evidence I’ve recently relied on Light’s analysis. Again, Daniel came up empty handed. Based on Daniel’s evidence-free, unsupported assertions, several people here incorrectly misread my own statements.

Reading comprehension is poor for most people. Critical thinking is even worse. Normalcy bias clouds both.

As it turns out, extinction will include privileged Caucasian men, along with everybody else. Most privileged Caucasian men, including me, want me to be incorrect. Wanting my prediction to be wrong does not, however, constitute evidence.

Opinions are not evidence. Opinions are not data.

But there I go again, pointing out that different words have different meanings. It didn’t work in the comments section, so I doubt it’ll work here. As has often occurred during my life as a educator, my idealism about people interferes with my goals.

And you don’t even want to know about the plethora of hate mail filling my inbox. Unless, of course, you’re writing the messages. Then you want to know, and apparently you seek a response. I simply don’t have time or interest in indulging overt displays of abject stupidity.

I’ve toned down my message within the last three years, even as the evidence has continued to accrue. In recent and forthcoming presentations, I focus on near-term human extinction, but I do not focus on a date. I still can’t imagine there will be a human on the planet in 2030, based simply upon only three factors: global dimming, ever-increasing atmospheric methane, and moistening of the upper troposphere. The dozens of other self-reinforcing feedback loops obviously will contribute to the rapidity of human extinction.

Among the reasons for my date-ignoring approach: When I use 2030, for example, then everybody in the audience assumes they’ll die on 31 December 2029. The audience focuses too intently on the date and not intently enough on the juicy parts of my message. For example, the parts about living in the moment, and being fully present with the people in your life, and so on are readily lost by the typical member of the audience. Thus, the date becomes a serious distraction instead of a conclusion rooted in my compilation of evidence.

I will continue to seek teachable moments, notwithstanding my recent failures. In return, the personal disparagement will continue. Unshackled by evidence, the critics will use the standard approaches rooted in patriarchy: bully and bluster.

Buyer beware: Most people have a vested interest in obscuring the evidence about civilization. I’m merely connecting a few dots. Shooting the messenger temporarily silences the message, but it rarely changes the message. Only the further accumulation of evidence will change the message.


I was interviewed by Gary Null on 12 April 2016 for the Progressive Commentary Hour. The interview is described and archived here, with my portion beginning at the 34:45 mark.

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  • Great reading, you won’t be getting any hate mail from me. I read everything I can about this ongoing collapse. The slow motion train wreck, just can’t turn away. Please keep posting and doing the radio show. Awareness of all is slow in coming and already to late! It’s probably best if most don’t see it coming anyway.

  • Okay, this is rather strange, but, I’ll tell you all… so, the response I am about to do, is what I was trying to post on the previous “Whack”. I had noticed that Guy had just put a new one out, but I was, for some reason, trying to add to the his last post. .am on my laptop and two time, I had the response, almost written and … bumped my hand on the keys, ( being lazy in my typing) and lost the site… after cussing a bit, I went to try a third time and well, realized that what the title of this new post by Guy was. “Finding Teachable Moments” mmmm So, here goes.

    I was trying to put this article out, to remind us all, what we are up against. If someone like this person, who wrote this editorial, can have this “opinion” at this late date, well,
    People can form their opinions based on relationships with people close to them. So, there is emotion involved. This is difficult to break. I think this may be the case with the people I am about to discuss.
    I went for a walk around my rural neighborhood the other day. I was walking up the hill, past one of the houses that just barely escaped the 2011 flood waters of the Susquahanna River. I heard someone say, “This is where I am putting my garden.” So, since I too grow a garden, I had to engage.” There were two young men, early twenties, two young women a few toddlers and a baby, I think. So, we talked a few minutes, with me having walked into their yard a few yards. Then, I did it, I asked “How much do you know about climate change?” The young women, hung their heads and said “OH No!” and the young man said ” It isn’t real” So, I asked “How would you know that? Have you read anything about it? He said, ” I went to war. I didn’t have time to read” So, I said, that there is a lot of information available, but he interrupted me and negated climate change again. I politely asked if he wasn’t curious and he said he didn’t want to talk politics, “This is a family day”, so, I turned to go, but added, I know politicians…” he asked me to go again,I said, “It isn’t politics, it’s science, two different things.”
    As I walked up the hill, I felt a fear, wisp over me. I realized that these young people, were angry. They did not have open minds at all, and I realized that, I WAS AFRAID OF THEM. With this young man, having gone “to war” … his militarization and the closed mind, seem menacing to me. They did nothing toward me, physically, did not yell or threaten me. But, the mind set, was so concrete. Since they live in my neighborhood, it was very off setting. I know that most of the people who live right around me, think like this. However, they are older. Something about these young people, was strange. The confidence and arrogance of their stance, was too threatening in itself.
    A small glimmer of hope in me, is that one of them, heard me ask, “Aren’t you curious?” …and maybe, just maybe, I started a new path for them.

  • The civilization so beloved by privileged people will be gone before then.” – Guy McPherson

    Our “civilization” is based on seaport trade (95% of US goods come thru or go thru seaports, 85% of global civilization’s goods do the same).

    Current NOAA indications (Hansen et al. too) are that by circa 2050 a 9ft sea level rise may have taken place.

    Port officials and others in various places calculate that only 3ft will begin to destroy seaports.

    This post points out that Margaret Davidson [NOAA] indicated, in accord with Hansen et al. (2015,2016) that ‘sea levels could rise by roughly 3 meters or 9 feet by 2050-2060’.

    Let’s read between the lines: 2016 – 2050 is 34 years.

    Remembering that the danger to seaports begins at about 3ft or 1m of SLR, which is her 9 divided by three, let’s extrapolate.

    In a linear formula the new numbers would mean dividing 34 years by three (11.3 years).

    Thus, the dangerous 3ft or 1m would hit world seaports in 11.3 years from now (2016 + 11.3).

    That would mean world seaports begin failing circa the year 2027.

    What are we going to do when the seaports can no longer offload big poison (Will This Float Your Boat – 12)?

    It appears that officialdom is moving closer to Dr. McPherson now, when in the past they moved away from him.

  • Well, haven’t read the top yet, but as I was trained back in 91 for working with the mentally challenged; every moment is a teachable moment when you work in that environment. And, as the psychologist continued (a very good one), teachable to the individuals you work with and teachable to your fellow co-workers. I have ruthlessly adopted it.

    What I wrote up this morning,

    Ah, the vagaries of predicting on the cusp or on the trough.,1454.500.html

    quote from #533 of 2015/16 el nino , the aftermath Arctic Sea Ice forums.

    Latest CPC/IRI probabilistic forecast suggests there is a 70% chance of La Niña by Autumn 2016:

    versus #535

    The attached plot shows the TAO Eq Pac Subsurface Temp Anom for April 15 2016; and while it indicates that the warm surface layer is relatively thin, it is still not clear to me that upwelling of the cooler deeper water will occur any time in the near-term:

    As I posted awhile back, maybe 1972, while 180 meters from my house at an illegal dump, my friend took the Playboy’s and I took the Scientific Americans. Oh, watching the possible end of possibly the last traditional El Nino OR the first radically altered El Nino, it is definitely a woody in some part of my brain. I am at best a rank amateur on the El Nino, I have not studied the SSI’s and TAO’s, or read up much of the explanatory literature, but imho, El Nino’s can idle down and restart (rare), idle down and transition to La Nina (most common) or idle down and skip La Nina. AbruptSLR at Arctic Ice seems to have finally ruled out a restart of this El Nino.

    As I have said, it you want to see how people can argue and disagree in a civil rational manner, Arctic Sea Ice Forum is good.

    And although many have had a bone to pick with scribbler (quite valid bones for some possibly), his explanation of ice extent, versus area versus volume was quite good and quite understandable.

    I slipped in my first post ever there as an experiment. I have proofed some of Rachel Carsons Edge of the Sea for Distributed Proofreaders Canada, and my post about Ms. Carsons work went through. Some living authors chafe at the idea that their literary output could be open sourced in Canada 50 years after they die. No “abreaction” to my post. It went through.

    For the scribblers of the planet who still have some hope – but, but – are grounded in the data and actively taking it in, one coping skill I use is to just step back and watch over the past few and next few months and see if and how their writing and viewpoints change. Some will go go silent. Some will come out with over the top “Hail Mary” schemes and some will figure it out and write about it. Scribbler just might.

    i ain’t complaining about the rain, we need it.

  • As ever, I keep hoping you’re wrong, but all the evidence keeps pointing to the opposite.

  • I plant my garden 2 months early no sign of frost and Greenland starts melting a month and a half early.. ya know “sooner than expected”

  • Cowgirl Apocalypse Haiku #135

    Crumpled envelope
    holds well-worn book of haiku-
    passed between hands, hearts.

  • It all makes me so sad because I love this place we humans call Earth. She has shared such abundance with us and all we have done is rape her until she has nothing left to give…I’m so sorry that I have participated in this rape because now I too have destroyed the very thing I love most…

  • does “melting ice sheets will raise sea levels, and it’s worse than many worst-case scenarios” qualify for sooner than expected.

    @Susan Mother nature looks like that meth addict at the corner only 25 years old looks 60 years old

  • Mother Nature, Maha Kali will soon kick asses and agents of Empire will get the real Blues.

  • Wanda Harding comment:

    Whoever wrote the IBD article has not spent any time studying climate change. Who in the world says it’s never been hotter than now? No one, of course.

  • @18000days

    Carry over from the last thread where 18000days humorously said, “One thing I still miss is squatting to have a shit. The defacating-throne is a recipe for chronic constipation in itself.”

    HAHAHA, not only true, but funny, this is for you! Watch it all, the best part is at the ‘END’ LOL!

  • @susan. How do we carry the day to day burden of belonging to the sickest,most psychopathic tribe the universe has ever unleashed? I find solace in ed abbey, “sentiment without action is the ruin of the soul”. Make those fucking patriarchs pay, and I mean dearly!!

  • @ Susan: April 16th, 2016 at 10:52 am

    Thank you for that link, not so much for its content (didn’t read it all) but for the comments, especially the one made by “changeamerica2012.” That, in turn, led to a perusal of his site and brief posts, especially the oh-so poignant and profound “^Friends.. how many of us have them?^”, which was from last July and the 2nd from the top. Therein lies a “good portion” of the “ills” facing us all at this time in history. Way too many “acquaintances” (many of whom are “trusted” too much) and way too few genuine, authentic “friends.” I could go on and on regarding this subject but it wouldn’t be “worth” my time and would probably be ignored by most everyone else, anyway. Nonetheless, thanks again for that link.

  • @Wanda, I know what you mean about SCARY. Last year, there was a guy doing work across the way, and he had brought his young son along (9 or 10 y.o.). I had the opportunity to chat with the kid about what was going on. The kid was really knowledgeable and chatty so, after a bit, I asked that usual grown-up thing.. “do you think you’d like to do this kind of work when you get older?”

    The kid said “NO! I’m going be a PILOT in the AIR FORCE so I can fight ISIS!!!” Then he started talking about “daisy-cutters”, at which point the vomit started to rise in my throat. Imagine this eight-year-old going to bed at night dreaming of what the daisy-cutters will do to his enemies.

    See how we are.

    Don’t you know, curiosity killed the cat?

  • Thanks again, Guy, i love the remark about people thinking that your statements about 2030 means certain death by 12/31/29. And i’m amazed you were allowed at all on Pacifica Radio, even if it’s Gary Null. The ruling faction at KPFA is dead set against “catasrtophism.” wanting to believe it has a future in helping to run the world, albeit with “alternatives” supplying the energy.

    And, not only are global average temps setting records, but the amounts by which these are beating the old records are themselves setting records.
    Hottest March on record, tracking El Niño, and a year to date comparison, Bob Henson, 4/16/16.

    Yes, it’s another hottest on record, this time in March 2016. According to GISS NASA, the average for March was 1.28 °C, which is 0.36 °C above the previous hottest March, in 2010. It’s the second highest anomaly for any month, the highest being last month, February, which was 1.34 °C.
    The average for the three months to the end of March is 1.25 °C, which is 0.39 °C higher than any previous Jan-March period. The previous highest was last year with an anomaly of 0.86 °C. This is the sixth month in a row of “hottest months”, all of which had an anomaly more than one degree Celsius above the 1951-1980 mean. Update: I did a quick check and that hasn’t happened before in the record since at least the 1950s. Earlier times probably aren’t sufficiently accurate on a month by month basis to say and, in any case, pre-1950s temperatures would probably have been hotter at some time in the last couple of millennia.
    Below is a chart of the month of March only:[Chart]
    You can see the global mean temperature trend by month in the chart below, for recent El Niño years:[Chart]
    The high latitudes in the northern hemisphere had the highest anomalies this month, as they did in February. This month the heat spread out and down a bit in parts, particularly down in Africa from the look of it. The record hot March in south eastern Australia can be seen too.[Map]
    Below is February for comparison:[Map]
    Like last month, it’s still too soon to be tracking the year to date, but if you’re interested, here it is to the end of March:[Chart]

  • I have to say that as an old physicist I have a problem with the date since it is something you have mentioned many times. It seems to be a very precise statement even if one puts error bars on it that are say -5 +20 years or something like that. On the plus side it is great since it is something we can tackle using the tools of science. Has anyone run the climate simulations and shown that wet bulb temps can reach critical levels in this time? I guess if it involves multiple systemic collapses or feedback loops which may be highly nonlinear it may be very hard to simulate, but this again raises the question as to whether a statement/date like this makes sense. One thing I am certain about is that we are running an experiment with the earth that has never been run before and one way or another we will observe the result. In short, are there computer simulations that support your thesis?

  • @RobertTYNFBAtack:
    I’d take one of yours over the one in Kirk’s link any day. I notice that you also have an informative pre-broadband web page to advertise it, which gets plus points from me. But I also suspect that you wouldn’t have many issues with my original reply to Kirk, which runs as follows:

    @Kirk hamilton:
    Is that for real? A classic illustration of bonkers technofixery- create a problem masquerading as a solution to a previous problem, with massive ecological impact, and then ‘solve’ that ‘problem’ with another problem masquerading as a solution, with further ecological impact, (and be sure to indoctrinate the kids into acceptance of the normalcy and sanity of such a procedure, while, conveniently, simultaneously teaching them to eat shit)..

    Culturally enforced constipation (and worse)…

    Breeding, with any other aim than vindictiveness, is much less problematic for those who can remain oblivious to such idiocy, which is, of course, just one example from a long list.

  • Eric, we will run out of food before wet-bulb temperatures reach uninhabitable limits. Crops will fail. We will die. Simple.

  • Some ignorant people blame all recent global temperature records on El Nino alone. Well, there is a saying:

    ” El Nino + climate change = El Diablo”

    Muhahaha 8-)

  • ” 16.4.2016 – Real Global Temperature Trend, p13 – First 3 months 2016 are top 3 hottest months on record, 2016 now certain new hottest year

    2014 was the hottest year on record. 2015 is the hottest year on record. January, February & March were the three hottest months on record (with December 2015 now number 4). 2016 will be the hottest year on record. Yes, climate change is progressing neatly…”

  • “The audience focuses too intently on the date and not intently enough on the juicy parts of my message. For example, the parts about living in the moment, and being fully present with the people in your life, and so on are readily lost by the typical member of the audience.”

    Well, when a person tours the world claiming he knows when the human species will end, isn’t it kind of unreasonable to expect people not to focus on that? Nevertheless, good luck in your new career as a live-in-the-moment-be-fully-present philosopher. But as a person who has spent years in the book business, I must caution you that that field is already crowded with a plethora of “Tuesdays with Morrie” type books. But hey, who knows, maybe there’s room for one more.

  • Thanks Dredd for the Hansen sea level breakdown.

    Hansen’s getting pooed on by his peers. Teachable moment?

    Thanks Guy for confusing me more than ever.

    I don’t get what the fuss is all about, but I like when you hate write.

    Teachable moments implies unteachable is the default state.

    The bank bail-in in Austria has begun, Italy’s on the brink.

    America sells hope, death and sex. What’s to learn?

  • Guy McPherson is evil.

    Guy McPherson is spreading doom to children.

    Buy McPherson is Satan.

    I hate Guy McPherson.

  • Good lord! I’m not promoting the Squatty Potty! I don’t see how they would sell, anyway, people are so full of shit and seem to like it. Why ruin a good thing?

  • Robert Callaghan Says:
    April 17th, 2016 at 5:12 am

    Thanks Dredd for the Hansen sea level breakdown.

    Like you, Guy, and others, I am just obeying the law of warnings:

    A duty to warn is a concept that arises in the law of torts in a number of circumstances, indicating that a party will be held liable for injuries caused to another, where the party had the opportunity to warn the other of a hazard and failed to do so.”

    (The 1.14% vs. The 100%).

    Keep up the good work.

  • @Kirk Hamilton:
    Just to clarify- No, I didn’t think you were promoting. I’m assuming that that is an bona fide American advert, despite the Prince’s accent, rather than a spoof? I don’t get much exposure to American advertising, (and consciously limit my exposure to any advertising,) but when I do get exposed to it, it is often so bizarre that I am genuinely at a loss as to whether I am being spoofed or not.

  • Before ind-civ collapse comes economic collapse – when not if.

    Deutsche bank turns on its bank partners (i.e. HSBC) in manipulating both silver and gold, which is why potus and vpotus meet with Yellen. Joseph Farrell explains that gold is a media code word for drug money that has taken over the shadow banking world.

  • “The last humans on Earth will be gone by 2030.”

    OK, but will the Earth continue to exist when nobody is around to look? Certainly not. Physicists now know that the moon is demonstrably not there when nobody looks.

    The prophecies of the Irish Saint Malachy, the 12th century bishop of Armagh, have thrilled and dismayed readers for centuries. He has stated there will be only one more pope after Benedict, and during his reign comes the end of the world. So Francis could be the last Pope.

    The end of the world is in fact to be excepted, because physicists have now found out that the world doesn’t really exist.

  • “Buyer beware: Most people have a vested interest in obscuring the evidence about civilization. I’m merely connecting a few dots. Shooting the messenger temporarily silences the message, but it rarely changes the message. Only the further accumulation of evidence will change the message.”

    So true. A great post, Guy. I’m sorry to hear about all the hate mail you receive. All I can say (as you know) is that those people are cowards.

    On another note; Have you noticed how more and more articles are comparing warming rates now to 1950-1981 averages?!!! What? Is this the (conservative) media’s way to “lessen” the alarm to the Sheeple? Current anomalies should be compared to the 1880-1920 period (thereby revealing a much greater variation from the historic norm). Wouldn’t you agree? Just wondering…

    Keep up the great work!

  • Humans don’t do “teachable moments.” Americans certainly don’t. History is littered with failed societies, civilizations, and empires. Some of them even had wise people who understood the decline. But it seems to be part of our pathology that the more we learn of our predicament, the more we will continue to make the same mistakes. I’ve always taken a perverse comfort in the fact that the physical, chemical, and biological processes of this planet do not care about our political and economic problems. We can’t bullshit nature. That should be a teachable moment. That should be our chance to make one last ditch effort to make things right as best we can. But eyes will continue to be averted, conversations changed or ignored, heads buried ever more deeply into the ground (or rectum). It’s the human way.

  • @18000 days. Thanks for responding. I just want to say that you are absolutely correct regarding the plastic abortion called the Squatty Potty. It’s an abomination sent straight from Hell! I also agree that Robert’s appliance, being of wood, is far superior. I’m a carpenter too, and recognize good work when I see it. As for teaching kids to eat shit…priceless. I can’t help but smile every time I visualize the ‘prince’ handing the little girl a piece of toilet tissue to wipe her mouth! I suppose that’s why many Americans like commercial ads so much, they can relate…eat shit…or however you would like to put it. Do you know that in the television advertising business the commercials are called ‘content’ and the actual program is called ‘fill’? God, I despise those worthless scum.

    Anyway, I like your posts. I usually ‘get’ what you’re trying to communicate and most of the time I heartily agree. You have an excellent writing style and almost never correct other posters. Unless they resoundingly deserve it, of course. You’ve been here longer than I, and by now I feel we’re all part of a big happy family. Sometimes it seems like were all together in the middle of the ocean, treading water, trying to help keep each other stay afloat for as long as possible.

  • Very interesting article, Dredd. It’s amazing that in Narsaq, Greenland, the population has been halved. All the critters are moving further north, including the humans. I remember Dr. Jason Box stating that he may have to move his family to Greenland as the planet heats up. I suppose property values in Narsaq are sliding downward. Now would be the time for Jason to make his move, before the masses jump on it and the prices skyrocket!

  • The Daily blog
    “when the shit inevitably hits the fan and we start seeing rapid and catastrophic climate change, we should be ruthless with those who have done so little to prepare our nation”. The facts are there for everyone to read, including the pregnant. The only way we can reduce future suffering of humans is for them not to be born. I dropped out at the end of the 4th form, yet I have worked it out, all you need is an open mind and a few weeks spare time to do some reading. But alas humans would rather believe the lies as they are more comfortable then the truth, which is – we are going extinct, and we are way past the point of changing this outcome. The general dumb public chose these useless people to be our ‘leaders’ and these so called ‘leaders’ are a product of the fucked system, as George Carlin says “garbage in garbage out, that was the best we could do folks” 300 – 409 ppm CO2 = extinction … but you are welcome to believe FJK if you don’t like the truth, as clearly everyone dose. Its our own stupid faults. But we got the greens and Kiwisaver yay

  • Dear Dr. McPherson, Thank you for all you do. I have read most everything you’ve published to date. My life is so much better since I had to confront so many issues, both personal & professional. I travel more, make time for family & friends, give more away & generally have a joie de vivre I haven’t had since I was 20. Thanks to you I live sweetly, modestly & joyfully. Thank you Dr. McPherson & Carolyn Baker. Sincerely, Dr. Dignity

  • Have you seen this? Mikey Weinstein at MRFF has turned his organization’s ample hate email into an entertainment. Maybe you and your sidekick should add a hate mail reading to your podcast. Have some fun with the idiots.

  • I think it is quite possible that you are right about humanity’s fate. But not 100% sure. If I take your perspective, I (and others) would give up on the things that could possibly save us, or at least buy us more time, on the small chance that you are wrong. Things like reducing emissions and geo-engineering. And I am not ready to give up on that. And who knows, maybe in 100 years there will be people living underground, breathing filtered air, drinking recycled water and growing food in vats.

  • Robert Callaghan Says: Before ind-civ collapse comes economic collapse

    Not necessarily. A nuclear weapons exchange would produce both simultaneously, and in about an hour. My Mud Hut would have come with a lead lined bomb shelter, just for kicks. Could come in handy especially if I decided to build it downwind from the three reactors at America’s largest nuclear power plant at Palo Verde AZ which will go permanent Fuku immediately upon the ind-civ collapse I’ve been wishing for all my life.

    Btw, precious moments worthy being fully present in are going to vanish relatively quickly after ind-civ collapse. Unless, of course, we consider watching our children, pets, and other loved ones die of radiation sickness to be precious moments.

  • From the link below:
    ‘We know what needs to be done: A rapid transition to renewable energy:
    An end to fossil fuel subsidies,….,and keeping coal in the ground.’

    I never cease to be amazed at how intelligent people live in a fairyland
    of their own creation. I wish I could live there with them. It reminds of the mass delusion that was the Paris conference.
    Just a brief sketch of how Imogen’s statement doesn’t align with the reality that we now have after almost three centuries of assiduously
    constructing an industrial civilisation that is dependent on fossil fuels to function,
    now with an obscene ‘Bubble’ human population of 7.3 billion,that can only be sustained by industrial agriculture,which itself can only be
    sustained by the use of fossil fuels.
    ( This comment is mainly for you,emily. Most others here understand,I think)
    ‘A rapid transition to renewables’. Now doesn’t that sound nice?
    The percentage of energy currently supplied by renewable energy is very
    small. Check the current figures yourself. The construction of the amount of solar panels and wind turbines required to replace fossil
    fuels used worldwide would require decades (which we don’t have,as the
    atmospheric CO2 levels are currently increasing by about 3ppm per year.)
    Surprise,surprise. They also require minerals to be mined for their construction,and for their manufacturing and installation. All that requires massive amounts of fossil fuels. How anyone can state that we
    have to change our whole energy infrastructure to renewables,followed by a statement that we have to leave coal (and presumably other fossil fuels,because they all increase atmospheric CO2 when burnt), in the ground,as if that
    was possible,should boggle any rational mind.
    I wish it was possible too,emily. If only wishes were fishes. (Then again,given the current and probable future rate of ocean ecosystem degradation,there won’t be many fishes,either.)
    Renewables supply electricity. The current energy infrastructure would have to be redesigned and rebuilt. That all requires more time,and
    yet more fossil fuels and minerals.
    Read ‘Earthmasters’ by Clive Hamilton if you want to understand more of the complexities of geoengineering. There is no feasible geoengineering
    solution to the enormous problem of ocean acidification.

  • Things Guy has taught me:

    !. I don’t need to care about retirement savings.

    2. Don’t be a dick (I am a white male).

  • FYI: I tried to track down that Nietzsche quotation and discovered that over the years it has been misattributed to him somehow. Turns out that statement belongs to Rudyard Kipling and appeared in an interview with Arthur Gordon published (of all places) in the Reader’s Digest in 1959. The Kipling Society reprinted it as “Six Hours With Rudyard Kipling” in ??? ??????? ???????, Vol. XXXIV. No. 162. June 1967. It’s online and you can read it here:

    Do you suppose I have too much free time on my hands?

  • Thanks for catching my misquote, Jim. I’ve revised the attribution at the top of the page.

  • Teachable moments, they all are. The trick is finding the apt pupil. The one that is in the moment to learn. Like Taj Mahal says, take a giant step outside your mind.

  • Addendum for Emily.
    Humans can’t live underground permanently,isolated
    from the energy of the sun. Honestly,I don’t know why I fucking bother.
    Most people are clueless about how the physical world works.

  • While taking an early morning stroll today(attempting to avoid being out in the unseasonable heat that has parked itself over the PNW), I saw an announcement billboard on the grounds of the local elementary school: “Welcome class of 2029!” it cheerily exclaimed. I’ve been sad all day thinking about it…

  • .

    Most people are clueless about how the physical world works.

    And with you talking like that to people, david the almighty, nobody is likely to stick around a learn anything either, are they?

    If only we were all as smart as david. If only we all looked at the world like david does. If only we knew the things that david did.

    You are an example of what went wrong with this world david. That’s my view of things. You are the problem david, not emily.

    I’m quite sure you could have explained all that without all the insulting bullying and bluster.

    david, I never cease to be amazed at how intelligent people live in a fairyland of their own narcissistic creation of self admiration and importance.

  • Guy, you are an excellent teacher. You belong in a classroom and not the Mud Hut awaiting the End.

  • A poem, from John Patrick O’Reilly:

    I am tired of planning and toiling
    In the crowded hives of men.
    Heart-weary of building and spoiling
    And spoiling and building again.

    And I long for the dear old river
    Where I dreamed the hours away
    For a dreamer lives forever
    And a toiler dies in a day.

  • @ Denise
    Love your ‘stuff’
    Pour vous!

    We straighten to view
    her constellation of stars
    some transform to words

  • Daniel, or anyone else
    My point is that quantitative predictions (e.g. 14 years till extinction) require more than qualitative arguments. Since this is an N=1 experiment that is not over, we cannot rely on experimental data. The next best thing is simulation. What simulations have been done that support the prediction?

  • @Kirk Hamilton:
    I’m not aware of having directly denigrated the product. Just indulged myself in a little rant about how it, and the way it is marketed, is symptomatic of a wider malaise. I do woodwork too, so I have some idea about the economics and other factors involved in providing a biodegradeable alternative to that product, for what that might be worth, with extinction around the corner.

    I didn’t know that about TV advertising, but I can well believe it. I’ve heard the same idea expressed as the commercials having higher production values than the ‘main feature’.

    Far be it from me to correct anybody. All I can do is sometimes say, as respectfully as I can: “There’s another way of looking at that…..”

    I think you have been commenting here for at least as long as I have? All I can say is that I’ve spent a bit of time in the archives, so I have a rough idea of the ‘evolution’ of this space that happened before I ever commented. Probably not enough of an idea to prevent me from putting my foot in it sometimes.

  • your daily grind,

    The Bernie Sanders & Barbara Boxer carbon tax dividend bill would allow the federal government to claim 40% of your carbon tax dividend money. This is wrong. James Hansen wants you to get 100% back with 0% for national governments.

    Now if we do this all over the world, we can make the dividend payments by phone in a borderless open currency free of government involvement. This would provide the financial incentive to realize the COP21 agenda. Since nation-state governments get 0%, both conservatives and liberals will unite. Technology will allow us to phase in this paradigm shift over 10 years. We can increase world government and cut back on national government to rationalize world economic asymmetries such as national currency values.

    The European currency is as failed as others because it is politics to big to fail.

    Now I know no one likes that, but this is the alternative:

    Today’s Headlines!

    Spanish banks get bailout.

    Italian banks look for big bailout.

    Austrian bank forces bail in.

    Deutsche bank caught manipulating bullion markets.

    HSBC caught manipulating again this time in bullion markets.

    Swiss Bank whistleblower says Panama papers CIA op.

    Neocons will force depression to boost war bubble rebound.

    The only way to unite people is with 100% private carbon dividends, not doing so is a clear and present danger.


  • I was always wondering about the similarities and the differences of human beings/animals and other animals/beings. Obviously, there are huge similarities we share with many other animals, like breathing, eating, drinking, sex, social behaviour, joy and pain ect. And there are also differences between us and other animals, science and religion for instance. No other animal does science or religion. No animal works with mathematics, numbers, formulas, does experiments in laboratories ect. And no other animal prays to any god or asks, how the Universe began or builds any temples.

    Why is it, that humans do science and religion, but other animals don’t? What’s the source, the origin of science and religion? Obviously, both are not necessary in the “darwinian struggle for survival” of any other animal. Without abstract questions, without asking, there would be no science, no religion. Animals don’t ask abstract questions about how the Universe began or how it might end- questions about the beginning of the past and the end of the future. Animals might have some sense of past and future, but they never ask, how it ALL began in the past or how it will ALL end in the future. The sense of animals isn’t finalistic, but relative. Animals are interested in food, but they are not interested in molecules and atoms and elementary particles of matter ect.

    I think, the best way to imagine the consciousness of animals (or plants) is, to remember our own childhood and our own dreaming states. When we were 1 or 2 years old, we didn’t ask abstract questions about science or religion, about the past or the future. We just lived in the present moment mostly. But then, when we were 3 or 4 years old, suddenly millions of questions arose and we started to learn abstract thinking together with abstract language. This is a curse and a blessing at the same time (yeah, exactly like in the fuckin Genesis, haha). A curse, because it started the process of endless babbling and arguing in our mind, that endless babbling voice inside of us, that always tells stories about this and that. And our thinking could be wrong and lead to catastrophic outcomes.

    But the blessing of the process of thinking is, that it allows us to discover and explore the Universe, other beings and ourselves. It get’s problematic only, when we get stuck in some neat little boxes of thinking, when we stop asking questions, when we think too early, that we are finished with asking questions, when we think, we know everything we need to know, then we might get into trouble, because the final answers we cling to, might be wrong.

    Asking questions, we engage in ourselves and in the world, the Universe around us. Asking questions can deepen and enlighten our undeniable inter-connection to the Universe, it can lead us to our very own home within. Asking questions can lead us to ourselves and others, if we don’t get stuck in prejudices and neat little boxes of thinking.

    Are there final answers to the most fundamental questions of mankind, like “who am I, where do I come from, where will I go to, when I die, what is this all about” ect ect? Yes, there are final answers to that questions, but these final answers are more like EXPERIENCES, than abstract answers. Imagine a cup of tea and imagine, how the tea might taste:

    I tell you about the substance of tea, I tell you about the substance of water, I tell you about molecules and atoms and about the taste of the tea, the color, the fragrance, the temperature and what have you. Then you will get a mental image, a mental speculation, a mental prejudice about “tea”. But then there will be still uncertainty about the real tea drinking. Now, when you actually DRINK and taste and smell the tea, then all questions about drinking a cup of tea cease, if you are lucky, hahaha. The same goes for questions about the beginning/ending of the Universe, life and death ect. The answer can be experienced, but the experience can not really be transmitted through language. Language is only a finger, pointing to the moon, but it’s not the moon itself. Language (and science as well!!) can give you an abstract description, an image of tea, but it can never give you the Experience of drinking tea. Abstract thinking, and therefore science, has it’s limitations and faults, just like religion has it’s limitations and faults.

    Science is one possible way to percieve the Universe, religion is another one, art is another one, drinking tea is another one. There are infinite ways, to percieve Nature and to re-connect to her, to percieve the Universe and to (re-)connect to it.

  • If you read my comment,LWA,I think there is a possibilty that emily or someone else might have a learnt a small amount. Does anyone learn anything from your comments calling Lidia a psycho and sick,and Tom a liar?
    Nothing else in those comments at all,except insults.

  • david, I only insult assholes to help them smell themselves. And, I don’t even hang out here anymore at all much on account of the arrogance of people like you, so don’t worry. But do keep it up david, the oligarchs won’t stop their repulsive behavior, so why should you?

    The behavior of people on this blog keeps the reach of this message very short indeed. Congratulations.

  • .
    I guess this does need some explaining, since the rulers of the roost here seem blind to their own behavior. I have only been here about six months, but in that six months, I know of at least six people who have been driven off from the place by certain people who seem more intent on ruling some imaginary roost here, rather than having any concern for whether or not Guy’s message spreads to a wider audience or not. In fact, these ‘roost rulers’, who I would liken to psychopaths, seem to be limiting the spread of Guy’s message more than inclusively trying to educate people about it. If that has been the case for people I personally have had contact with, I can only assume the numbers are even higher if it includes others who I have not been personally in touch with.

    I mean really, ‘I don’t know why I fucking bother’ is that what you say david? Well, maybe you shouldn’t, not when you are such a poor communicator that you only succeed in driving people away from here, instead of doing anything to widen the reach of Guy’s message and his work.

    There is a typical inability displayed by people like you, david, to recognize or admit to their own bad behavior, behaviors that often mirror the very oligarchs that people here so bitterly complain about. All I ever tried to do was mirror this behavior back to the worst of the social offenders here in the hopes that people would maybe change a little. I admit, it didn’t work, and so now I join the others fleeing this place in droves. And, if you don’t think that’s the case, that people are driven away from this message by your gang of haughty totties, then think again. I have spoken to a fair number of them either directly or indirectly, and away from this site, and I think it’s a shame that they have had to walk away from here in disgust. Not because of the message, but because of the behavior of the psycho’s who rule the roost here and who belittle and insult other people who were drawn to Guy’s message.

    Are you really helping david? Or is that just something you arrogantly convince yourself of in your own mind? If I were emily, I wouldn’t come back here again after you so rudely attacked her for what she did or didn’t know about all of this. As a matter of fact, I myself don’t even come back here much. I’ve joined the ranks of the people fleeing the place to get away from the obnoxious jerks. If you’re trying to get some sort of message out, you’re sure going about it in the wrong way, david. But if you’re trying to feel like a know it all jerk who rules over some arbitrary roost on the internet, then you’re doing a damn fine job of it, so then I guess keep it up.

    The point should be to spread Guy’s message to a wider audience. Not to drive people away from it. I admit, my attempts to try and help correct this social problem here were a dismal failure. Enjoy insulting your tiny audience david. Pat yourself on the back … again. Maybe get a mirror even, so you can admire yourself doing it at the same time. If the point was to limit the reach of Guy’s message, then congratulations, you and those other people you’ve mentioned have succeeded. Feel important enough yet?

  • @dr. blue

    Wow, “I’m sick of doubt
    Live in the light of certain
    Cruel bindings.
    The servants have the power
    Dog-men and their mean women
    Pulling poor blankets over
    Our sailors

    I’m sick of dour faces
    Staring at me from the TV
    Tower, I want roses in
    My garden bower; dig?
    Royal babies, rubies
    Must now replace aborted
    Strangers in the mud
    These mutants, blood-meal
    For the plant that’s plowed.

  • I’ve been a teacher my entire life. We have a saying about teachable moments – “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.”

    I’m more in the area of 2040-2050, but it’s a tough thing to predict. The system is complex and humans are extremely adaptive.

  • I won’t be engaging in a slanging match with you,LWA. If Guy thinks it would be preferable if I didn’t comment here, I would appreciate it if
    he stated that. I am happy to stop putting comments here if he or others
    think they would prefer that.

  • “I am happy to stop putting comments here if he or others
    think they would prefer that.”

    It would be enough for me if everyone here could just pretend that their comments are being directed at someone they love (child, parent, friend, etc). I don’t always practice what I preach, of course. But it’s a nice idea nonetheless. It’s much easier to call people names anonymously.

  • Robert Callaghan Says:
    April 18th, 2016 at 8:55 am

    “whoops, wrong link

    Read it. I HATE it when people write a pretty decent piece and then end it with a bad or sick joke, namely “Make Bernie do the right thing.” As if Bernie is about anything except more of the very industrial/capitalist civilization which is responsible for the ongoing killing of the planet. What does he want Bernie to do, shift over the renewables and move everyone to underground shelters, maybe? As if you can make Bernie do anything. By the way, the “social democracy” Bernie identifies with is responsible for 100 years of governments that once in power after being elected, acted on behalf of capital, infinite growth, the furthering of industrialism, repression of social unrest and war, starting with the first “social democratic” government in history, Germany in the days after WWI, a government whose troops summarily executed revolutionaries, including Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht. Shake head.

  • @kurt says
    “I’ve been a teacher my entire life. We have a saying about teachable moments – “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.”

    My personal favourite (though it’s more unflattering -at least to pigs ? )…” Don’t try and teach a pig to sing -it’s wastes your time and it irritates the pig “. ?

  • .

    Oh please david, first from bully and now to cry baby, what is your problem anyway?

    Nobody asked you to stop posting, just for you and your gang of hoodlums to quit talking down to people who pass through here like they were idiots who deserve your contempt. At least they’re here aren’t they? That’s at least something isn’t it? And if they aren’t right up on everything there is to know about all of Guy’s message the moment they walk in the door, or have some differing viewpoint about some aspect of life or another from you, then why do you feel entitled to treat them like less than dirt? You can explain points to people without being a jerk about it you know, it’s really not that hard.

    Imagine if Guy stood in front of a classroom and hurled abuse at people for not knowing about what they came into his class to learn about. That would be a little absurd, don’t you think? No, he likely would (hopefully would) treat his students with some respect, regardless of them knowing less about the subject than he does, otherwise he’d just be teaching an empty room, and what good would that do anybody?

    I’m sure we can work this out david without you running to the principal and crying that you’ve been called out for being a bully. What is it with you bullies who can’t take what you dish out without collapsing into the weak posers that you are and crying fake crocodile tears? That’s just more bully’s defense. Go buy a self help book about healthy behavior and get a grip on yourself, or else yes, then you’re nothing more than the same problem you complain about on this website everyday. Trump thinks he’s right too ya know, he really does, just like you. He’s certain of it, just like you. See the same behavior their? No humility.

    And don’t bother asking Guy to shield you either, I’m the one who’s departing from commenting and sharing here. I only just spoke up because I can’t stand to see someone being bullied. It reminds me of the treatment empire dishes out, so ya, I speak up against it. It seems the only way to avoid that is to stop reading here entirely, which I suppose is coming next for me real soon. It really is just too disturbing to watch. And I recounted and figured the count of people who I know who were bullied away from here was closer to about ten over the six months I was here. Out of the 25 or 30 people who regularly comment here, that’s quite a percentage over six months. Think about it, that’s no way to get the message out, to chase people away, people who could spread Guy’s message for him.

    And instead of whining … why can’t you just change? Or is that what this website is all about, recognizing that no matter what, people just dig their heels in and refuse to ever adjust their behavior at all? People just won’t change, will they, even the people here. I mean seriously, your appeal to Guy just now is like asking him for permission to keep on behaving the way you do, to keep on being a bully. So, no chance of change for you, hey? I figured as much. It was the same for the rest of your mean gang of emotional thugs too, not a scrap of change from any of them either. Yet all people complain about on this site is how the world won’t change … doesn’t that make you hypocrites?

    Running and hiding behind Guy now, please. What happened to the big tough guy who’s mean to girls david? Collapse into a pool of tears did he? Another bully exposed for the phony they are, just like with the leaders of empire. This sickness is everywhere. Even here. Pathetic. And people don’t even notice. They can’t even recognize it.

    I sure hope this is my last post here. I guess I do have to stop coming here to read even lest I feel compelled again to speak up about the utter bullshit and hypocrisy that goes on here nearly everyday.

  • Is there any way we can do something useful and constructive in the short time we all have left ? We are facing certain extinction of not only Humans but most likely all of the Biosphere if Earth goes Venus. All we (myself included) seem to be doing is nit pick one another and go off topic. I don’t understand. Someone please help me. I think I am now in the grieving stage and it really sucks. I feel like I have lost everything I love. When I try to reach out to people, they just look at me like I am an idiot conspiracy theorist. I truly want to help people, (especially my direct family)but I seem to lack people skills and good communication skills. I feel there is no hope. All I can do now is watch helplessly as everything goes to hell around me.
    I am very depressed.

  • On Guy’s message, here it is from ‘Picking Cherries Again’ Sat, Mar 19, 2016:

    “I work toward collapse. I work on behalf of non-human species. Industrial civilization is destroying every aspect of the living planet, and I know virtually nobody who wants to stop the runaway train. Yes, collapse will kill us. But our deaths are guaranteed regardless.”

    I would like to propose that a third part be added the message in addition to working for collapse of ind-civ and working on behalf of non-human species:

    I work to shut down all the nuclear plants and get the waste buried before collapse.

    Why? Because I can’t claim I care about other species unless I try to prevent plutonium from getting into the lungs of every one of them. So it’s really not a new category addition, just a vital part of the main goal. Now I know it takes longer than 14 years to complete, but we must try because if our prediction is off by a few decades and we spent that time in grieving sessions instead, then we’re going to feel even worse.

  • So the new formulation works like this:

    I work on behalf of non-human species, therefore, I work to shut down all the nuclear plants and get the waste buried before ind-civ collapse, which is our ultimate goal.

    We focus on keeping radiation out of other species, without concern for ourselves, or concern for predictions; and when final collapse or habit for humans ends, we all die with smiles on our faces knowing that the crows and other scavengers that are pecking at our flesh are freer of radiation than they would have been, thanks to our efforts.

    Hey, I know, not exactly your childhood dream come true. But it sure beats “extinction dialogs” and grieving sessions.

    So, cheer up–you got something to do now!

  • John Lynch,

    Spend far less time with nitpickers and howlers (don’t read most of the comments here, surely you have better uses for your time). Be gentle with those you love who don’t or can’t comprehend what we have done. Be gentle with youself. Fiercely appreciate what remains of the living planet, and support it as best you can.

  • Elroy, I’m in!! Just tell me how we go about this project.

    Time to roll
    The answer floats on down
    The farthest shore
    Of the mind

    Roll the dice
    That sail the ship
    And all the doors will open
    On down the line

    Turned to wrong
    A lesson learned
    And then forgotten over
    In our time

    In that moment
    I awoke among the
    Smoke and mirrors
    I was blind

    Believe, believe, believe, believe
    Nobody knows
    Believe, believe, believe, believe
    Nobody knows for sure

    It begins and on and on
    A baby’s born
    The elder’s down
    All in their time

    Start a door, the setting sun
    The day has come
    My mind is open
    My oh my

    Believe, believe, believe, believe
    Nobody knows
    Believe, believe, believe, believe
    Nobody knows for sure

    Believe, believe, believe, believe
    Nobody knows
    Believe, believe, believe, believe
    Nobody knows, nobody knows

    Time to go
    The answer floats on by
    The farthest shore
    Of the mind
    Roll the dice that sail the ship
    And all the world will open
    All this time

    Believe, believe, believe, believe
    Nobody knows
    Believe, believe, believe, believe
    Nobody knows, nobody knows

    Nobody knows
    Nobody knows

  • Talking with a friend last evening on the topic of astrological and shamanistic ‘readings’ we have had, she mentioned receiving timed predictions for occurrences in her life. After years, perhaps a life time, of yearning to know what’s around the corner and naturally becoming interested in anything that might be able to show me, I suggested to her that it is perhaps ‘bad form’ for someone in such a role to make such predictions. Even the ‘world’s greatest psychic’, arguably, Edgar Cayce, who coincidentally predicted earth changes and a pole shift, did not have the timing down, it would seem. Trouble is, without time frames, predictions lose their ‘punch’ as, if we should live forever, or over and over via reincarnation, conceivably every possible thing might come to occur in our lives. So, it is ‘natural’, perhaps, for prognosticators to feel compelled to make predictions to include time frames, despite it being ‘bad form’ to do so. While esoterica and science might seem worlds apart, in the long scheme of things they are not. They are both attempts to make sense of our, mostly mysterious, existence for those itching to understand for a wide array of reasons. As we watch the reality of the changes wrought by ‘climate change’ and dicker as to what is happening and why, timing rears its head, again and again, as the most burning aspect of my (and many others’) inquiry. I understand why Guy McPherson feels he has to address it, but, I believe, much like those who practice forms of ‘seeing’, you can’t hold them to it, if you know much of the history of such efforts. Like the bible cautions, we ‘know not the hour nor the date’. I think this obscurity is by design, because if you seek such hard data too exclusively, you fail to ‘live’, because living is really all about NOT knowing. There is a dance we must do in time, within these bodies, that would be impeded by ‘knowing’. It’s not for us to know and, hard as that is, I believe it’s ‘a good thing’, overall. It points us in the direction of living.

  • The world is what it is ,LWA. This is supposedly an adult site run by a
    conservation biologist. If Emily posts a comment that wouldn’t pass a primary school science test,there is a high probability that she would
    receive some exasperated feedback. She received one exasperated sentence
    from me.
    Perhaps Emily could post that comment on another science site and see what
    comments she receives. If Emily is a school student,I think it is
    reasonable that she state that in her comment.
    In return, I receive several comments from you filled with vitriol and abuse.
    We all have difficulty evaluating ourselves objectively,LWA. That is why
    I requested feedback from Guy or others as to whether my comments
    were disruptive to this site,as you stated. I think that there would have been comments stating that by now ,if that was indeed the case.
    It’s an imperfect world,LWA. I am 61 now,and here I am, imperfections
    aplenty.You will just have to learn to live with it.

  • @david higham

    Post away. I like your wildlife images.

    Smokey The Bear says: “Forest fire danger is high today”. That’s not good at all.

  • David Higham,

    I have a touch of dementia but i do seem to remember i have noticed in the past that u have a chip on ur shoulder.

  • Listening to audiobook of Walden, which has been an intermittent part of my life since high school years. I lived for two years a short drive from the Pond, and now I have my own. But in this time, the house is outsized to the pond.

    I know it is a cliché to cite Thoreau as a naturalist and critic of — of what? — Industrial Civilization did not yet exist in 1845, and yet, word for word, he nails it completely. Our predicament set down in flowing phrases of prophecy.

    Amazing! Truly amazing! The ability to have a prescription written, and the patient keeps it in his pocket for 170 years, while the cancer grows.

    Anyway, what Guy has done — walking away from Empire — echoes Thoreau’s excursion to the woods two centuries ago.

    If you, like I, have acquired the laziness of eye and eagerness of ear, to listen to our favorite works again (Slaughterhouse Five last month), then I recommend you revisit our other Henry. And marvel with me the meaning of the word “Modern”, as if time meant nothing, but attempts at intelligent observation meant all.

  • From my neighbor Joe Cofield.


    Sticks and stones will break my bones
    But words will never harm me.

    Thank u Joe.

  • @Dredd

    You are a giant and your blog is a monument!

    Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff and her team were among the most active negotiators at the COP 21 climate meetings in Paris… Aspiration and Reality:

    ” 18.4.2016 – Brazil’s Rousseff cancels U.S. trip to sign climate pact

    Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff canceled a scheduled trip to New York to participate in a climate event at the United Nations this week, two sources from the presidential palace said on Monday.

    Rousseff, whom Congress voted overwhelmingly on Sunday night to impeach, canceled her plans to take part in the signing of a climate pact hammered out by nations during a meeting in Paris in November on global warming.

    Rousseff and her team were among the most active negotiators at the COP 21 climate meetings in Paris.”

    With warm regards from Panama:

    ” 4.4.2016 – Panama Papers: Brazilians Embroiled In Petrobras Corruption Scandal Also Linked To Mossack Fonseca Documents Leak…

    The Brazilian bribery investigation, called Operation Car Wash, involved a multimillion-dollar kickback scheme at the state-run oil company Petrobras. The scandal has led to criminal charges against leading politicians and fueled nationwide opposition to President Dilma Rousseff, who is facing impeachment. It also sparked a separate investigation into former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, whom Brazilian prosecutors are seeking to arrest…”

    A corrupt political system leads to corrupted climate change mitigation. Yeah, I know, some boot lickers say, they did it all just to feed the world, not for funny PROFIT, hahaha. But anyway, just for the fun of it- Dedicated to the completely funny corrupt Petro-Empire:

  • I guess everybody knows the corollary to the horse saying,
    “You can send your kids to college but you can’t make them think.”

    The weather news reported the temperature here as 20 C yesterday ( at the airport which is surrounded by river and ocean ). Where I am, about 2 miles from the salt chuck, it was 33 C in a shady spot on the sunny side of the house. Average for late April would be about 14 C. Nearly everybody I talk to thinks it’s great! I suspect they all say that to avoid suspicion of thought crimes, such as conspiracy theories regarding abrupt climate disruption. Even most people who even think about “the climate issue” for more then 2.3 seconds are convinced that it’s not too late to do anything and renewables are the answer. This is a good antidote to hopium I find, whenever I start to think there could be a mass awakening.

    Regarding the recent seemingly anomalous increases in CO2 ( and temperature ), could it possibly be related to the breakdown and conversion of methane in the atmosphere?

    People have commented here and elsewhere that the CO2 spike seems odd due to supposedly decreasing emissions in the past year or so. I guess given the time lag effect it could be due to the increasing emissions from several years ago.

    Does anyone know if the oceans tend to release more CO2 when they are heated? Since the reaction rates speed up my guess is that they would. Sorry if this has been talked about previously.

    Anyone else missing kevin moore’s opinions here lately?

  • @Jimbot

    ” Does anyone know if the oceans tend to release more CO2 when they are heated?”

    Yes, the oceans release more CO2 when they are heated. Just think of a warm Coca-Cola bottle. Let’s have a look at global ocean temperature anomalies:

    Also look at the Pacific and the Atlantic, a lot of ocean heat everywhere.

    This could indeed be one reasonable explanation for the recent CO2 spike.

  • Thanks, Nemesis

    Yes, seems obvious with the example you use.

    I did a little more searching and came up with this:

    Variation in dissolved gases

    Some of the properties of seawater affect how much gas can be dissolved in it:

    Cold water holds more gas than warm water. You will have seen this with bottles of lemonade, which are basically carbon dioxide in water. Warm lemonade cannot hold its gas, so as soon as you open a bottle of it, the carbon dioxide leaves the water in a big spray of bubbles. It is less messy to open a cold bottle of lemonade.
    Seawater with low salinity holds more gas than high salinity water.
    Deep water, which has a high pressure, holds more gas than shallow water.

    The use and creation of dissolved gases by living things can over-ride the effect of these properties. For example, warm water with lots of plankton in it can hold more carbon dioxide than cold water with few living things in it.
    Carbon dioxide
    Carbon cycle.
    Interactive: Carbon cycle

    Carbon dioxide is one of the most important gases that dissolve in the ocean. Some of it stays as dissolved gas, but most reacts with the water to form carbonic acid or reacts with carbonates already in the water to form bicarbonates. This removes dissolved carbon dioxide from the water.

    Many plants and animals use the bicarbonate to form calcium carbonate shells. When these organisms die, some of the bicarbonate is returned to the water, but a lot of it settles down to the sea bed. This process locks up, for long periods of time, carbon that originated in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

    If the ocean and atmosphere stayed the same, there would be a balance between the concentrations of carbon dioxide in each, but carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere are rising, so more of the gas is dissolving in the ocean.

  • Sorry, third post…


    Yeah, see also:

    ” Warmer oceans release CO2 faster than thought

    As the world’s oceans warm, their massive stores of dissolved carbon dioxide may be quick to bubble back out into the atmosphere and amplify the greenhouse effect, according to a new study.

    The oceans capture around 30 per cent of human carbon dioxide emissions and hide it in their depths. This slows the march of global warming somewhat. But climate records from the end of the last ice age show that as temperatures climb, the trend reverses and the oceans emit CO2, which exacerbates warming…

    And while more precise than the others, the team’s study also comes with significant uncertainty: plus or minus 200 years, meaning there could actually be no lag time between rising temperatures and gases being released from the atmosphere.

    And refering to the current extreme heat in the Indian Ocean, see also this very interesting study:

    ” Indian Ocean may be key to global warming ‘hiatus’

    The Indian Ocean may be the dark horse in the quest to explain the puzzling pause in global warming, researchers report on 18 May in Nature Geoscience1. The study finds that the Indian Ocean may hold more than 70% of all heat absorbed by the upper ocean in the past decade… ”

  • .
    I think I’ll end things on a happy note, with a short little song.

    Smiles to the Denise’s.

    Frowns to those infected with the wetiko virus.

    Read the lyrics along with the song, or it probably won’t make much sense.


  • @Ugotstahwonder
    Edgar Cayce did some amazing things interspersed with nonsense about Atlantis. I do not know if he is a reliable source. His map of North America after his predicted earthquakes and flooding, however, is virtually identical to those showing the same areas after the melting of the ice caps. No prophet hits close to 100%, I know, so maybe if you ignore the Atlantis stuff . . .

    Best Wishes

  • Henry,
    You might be interested in another view of Thoreau.

  • Take a Giant Step (1969 Version) indeed!

    Nemesis needs some discipline. Attn: moderator.
    By exceeding his/her limits he/she only disrespects the host who is incidentally Guy McPherson.

    Thwack! That’s the sound of a LB dumping the QB. :-)

  • Nemesis,

    Mr. Hawkins is a good one to have on the ramparts.
    In case anyone out there in listening land needs gender equality…
    here’s another version.

    Not on the same topic, but it gives you an idea of who else is in her fan club.

  • Like baseball, there’s no crying on NBL radio.

  • @ Feed Jake – thanks for your thoughts. I don’t go heavily into Cayce, myself. Mostly, I am fascinated by the aspect of such person’s lives that does appear to bear the capacity to bring things back from somewhere deep within the collective psyche (which for me includes, not just the living, but the dead, and forms of existence we can barely conceive of, but reasonably have to know are out there). I had my usual bout of early morning wakefulness today. When I finally arose to look at the digital clock face, I laughed heartily to see that it read ‘4:20’ particularly as today is 4/20 here in the USA, so … I’ve little doubt that “there is more …, Horatio”. Just as with musical artists, I am interested most by the ‘early work’ of Cayce, the stuff that was organic to his being in its progression from birth. The story goes that after he read the entire bible 13 times, an angel of light appeared and asked what he was after. He said he wanted to heal people and was granted gifts a accordingly. Once the rest of the people got their hands on his gift, he was moved off this into astrology and from there to subjects of less and less coherent utility. It’s not that there is nothing of interest in his work after being ‘handled’, but it is less compelling to me (and most) for the lack of time as a significant factor and we here stuck in these bodies compelled by time are less inclined and able to go ‘there’, to such ‘places’ as Atlantis. We don’t actually learn from history, after all, so ‘fuck it’, basically.

  • I’ve posted a new introduction to an old essay, along with an old video interview made available recently. Catch all the action here.

  • @LWA

    Thanks for Genesis, epic!


    Thanks for Diamanda Galas, I didn’t know that beautiful girl! Hail that fuckin Tritone, hehehe 8-)


    Thanks for Taj Mahal! This man is a giant.

  • @steve

    ” In ed abbeys final novel “Hayduke lives” he realizes and writes into the story that all that is left is revenge. And I say that is a worthy pursuit considering these endtimes.”

    Are you about revenge? I am not, Mother Nature is not about any revenge, because we ALL are surely her sweet little children, Mother Nature is just about overcoming the false dichotomy of self and other, it’s just about REAL equality. We all love equality, don’t we? See, the slaves surely love equality just as the agents of Empire do :-) Asking my teacher, he doesn’t say anything about funny revenge at all, he just says:

  • ” Power is always dangerous. Power attracts the worst and corrupts the best.”

    – Edward Abbey

  • See, I just want to meet the “elite” on equal footing, down there, at the bottom of the world. They shall see and feel, what millions and billions of other people see and and feel every day for millennia. I want them to understand. And they will understand soon.