The Arrogance of Humanism

“Humanism: an exaltation of freedom, but one limited by our need to exercise it as an integral part of nature and society.”

~ John Ralston Saul


The Arrogance of Humanism (1978) was written by conservation biologist David W. Ehrenfeld. The book explores humanism in reason, science, and technology.

The primary tenet of humanism parallels the tenets expressed by the Abrahamic religions: The universe is ours to be used. Humanism, like other faith-based worldviews, proudly proclaims the inevitability of our success as a species. Unlike most other religions, humanism places its faith in the ultimate value of reason, science, and technology. In short, human intelligence will save humanists from any errors we make along our uniquely inspired path.

In the end, Ehrenfeld’s conclusion matches mine: only a miracle will save us from ourselves. Our propensity for cleverness has overwhelmed, and continues to overwhelm, our propensity for wisdom. Like me, Ehrenfeld isn’t big on miracles. On the topic of miracles, I’ve quoted David Hume before, and this line is particularly relevant: “A miracle is a violation of the laws of nature.”

It’s not difficult to understand how we arrived at this self-absorbed point in history. We really, really like ourselves. We believe we’re more important than other species, as pointed out by Farley Mowat: “We’re under some gross misconception that we’re a good species, going somewhere important, and that at the last minute we’ll correct our errors and God will smile on us. It’s delusion.”

Never mind the God issue. Never mind that we left the “last minute” in the dust decades ago. Never mind those two points and let Ehrenfeld destroy the self-absorbed, humanistic perspective with a few pointed lines: “… deep within ourselves we know that our omnipotence is a sham, our knowledge and control of the future is weak and limited, our inventions and discoveries work, if they work at all in ways that we do not expect, our planning is meaningless, our systems are running amok — in short, that the humanistic assumptions upon which our societies are grounded lack validity.”

Lest we fall “under some gross misconception that we’re a good species, going somewhere important,” let’s check a couple inconvenient facts. Firstly, the universe is about 13.8 billion years old. Secondly, our favorite species — Homo sapiens, the self-proclaimed wise ape — is about 200,000 years old. In other words, we’ve occupied this universe for about 1/69,000th of its time.

Civilizations arose a few thousand years ago, likely due to a slight rise in global-average temperature along with a very stable climate. Thus was born the unique set conditions underlying human-population overshoot and myriad other predicaments in which we are embroiled.

During that blink of cosmological time, we’ve become stunningly stupid as we reflexively employ technology to destroy habitat for ourselves. As one minor example, a headline from a few weeks ago screams, “Oklahoma now more quake-prone than California.” Our obsession with petroleum, hence illusory “wealth,” has turned Oklahoma into a shakier place than the boundary between the Pacific Plate and the North American Plate.

The universe waited a long time for us to make an appearance. Maybe this universe isn’t all about us, notwithstanding the arrogance of humanism.

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  • Arrogance: Are we really smarter than, say, Crows???

  • hume…”a miricle is a violation of the laws of nature”…i don’t know guy, we only know about the laws of nature in a small part of this universe. yeah we like ourselves. that’s why we think we know…anything.

  • how can infinity exist in a vacuum…unless it’s some kind of miracle? though i’m sure science will get around to explaining it sooner or later.

  • What about American Indians? They figured out what was important and have never, ever, wavered!

    Seems all this falls on the shoulders of the European barbarians.

  • here’a miracle…soon well be able to feed the world with “gargantuan” beets, grown in fukushima! talk about a loaf of bread! sorry, i’m done.

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  • long time no see! sorry richards, i owe it to chemical imbalance.

  • @Guy
    Being raised as a Unitarian, I have a different definition of humanism. Humanism is the Rousseau-esque idea that without the corrupting influence of society, a person would choose to act ethically. Now, before I get clobbered by the other commentators, I must say that I no longer believe this to be true. Still, I’m glad to have been raised this way. It’s given me intellectual freedom, and besides, most Unitarians are very nice people.

    Best Wishes

  • The above essay is not a bon mot or a perfect piece of chocolate, no, it is rather elegant, like exceedingly well spun cloth. Several quotes with paragraph level analysis and simple examples, it expands almost seamlessly and avoids the mire of the bogs of over explanation. The earthquake example for me led to a quiet hum in a certain part of the brain that whispers, “we live on shaky ground.”

    The sputtering and stuttering posts towards the end of yesterday were for me tiresome and tedious. Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery – better written, fewer and more thought out posts would be a gentle, right sized homage to the decent man who honours us with a web site.

    peace out.

  • @digixplor I’m not going into Godzilla’s garden to pick gargantuan beets.
    Oh Oh oh and I hope we can get giant HUGE tv’s. Also to radiation it go for you now congress voted on it.

  • Good for you now

  • .
    Goodness sake Guy that was a sexed up little song you posted. That could have passed for a Prince song. ‘Little Red Corvette’ wasn’t about a car you know, lol. Phew, that was like a party in my pants reading those lyrics. I’m almost flustered now. Almost. :)

    When assessing what people ‘think’ their looking at when they look at so called ‘religions’, we have to be sure we aren’t projecting an ‘all or nothing’ criticism of the terrible religions onto other paths of self reflection and consciousness analysis, the latter being more akin to the study of psychology and the self reflective science of the mind, than they are the study of some sky daddy’s performing humanist magic.

    The witches in old Europe were akin to European Taoists. They flowed with nature, and they understood well the folly of exploiting nature for personal gain or profit. That’s why the humanist minded Roman’s and their catholic church tortured and burnt them all to try and eliminate them. They certainly couldn’t convert them, because they were the free thinkers of their time. They were the one’s who rejected the Roman thrust of living without reverence for, and out of balance with, nature. These so called ‘religionists’ (the witches) recognized nature’s easily observable laws of balance and mutual respect, and they had reverence for the natural laws.

    Anyone who thinks the raping and beating the catholic church subjected the natives to in Canadian residential schools was really just the trappings of a few men gone bad, is deluded. That was a systematic plan to destroy the indigenous people, and was a planned happening, not some accidental oversight, as they now like to claim.

    Southern thumpers in the US of A have sure put an evil face onto any other path of psychological reflection and study of consciousness, other paths that are undertaken within the realm of natures laws. Nothing could be more unnatural than the abrahamic religions, which are simply the co-opting by empire of the natural tendency of homo saps to ponder their place in the grand scheme of things. By co-opting this natural inclination for self reflection, empire was free to insert any message it wanted to into this quite healthy tendency man has toward the self reflection regarding his consciousness and how he fit in as a part of nature. It’s thanks to these co-opted farces of the evil empire that everybody nearly everywhere now throws the baby out with the bath water, which is unfortunate, and was also a very conscious goal of empire with the forming of it’s co-opted religions.

    I talk a lot about consciousness alteration here on NBL, along with the occasional discussion of the amazing results that can be obtained by flowing with natures natural course, rather than fighting against it and seeking to make it bend to one’s own will, the latter certainly being arrogance and folly. If anybody reads my words here and thinks I’m thinking some miracle is capable of keeping 9 billion gluttonous mouths alive, then they have deeply misunderstood me. If anyone thinks I’m looking for some miracle that will allow humans to keep raping nature and also each other, then they are mistaken. The obvious flow of nature, as any witch could have predicted with their scientific understanding of natural laws, is to seriously cull and severely curtail this obnoxious affront to her majesty, to her miracle. I, and my writings here at NBL, are fully on board with her obvious intentions, and I give my life in service to her. I did a long time ago in fact, relinquished my life, and so she kept me alive by her grace. But only because she recognizes I’m on her side, and therefore she doesn’t resist me like she does the gluttons. No, it’s clear that technology and the scientific domination of every atom and mountain and crawling thing was the result of empires warping and twisting of man’s own spirituality, and eventually even his own soul and self.

    I am not any part of that camp of thinkers. But, still there is work to be done. That work has nothing to do with preserving my life, or anything to do with this thing called ‘surviving’ or ‘winning.’ Miracles are really quite easy to pull off, provided you understand what a miracle actually is. Get on natures train, and she’ll show you all kinds of things that empire’s ‘science’ says is impossible, or in violation of some intellectual hubris (ya, a violation of the dominant culture’s hubris of control is all that is. Does science really think it knows everything about physics already? There’s the arrogance.) No, empire’s cold science and too much extreme technology was the violation. This isn’t about restoring humanity and humanism. This is about restoring nature and natural laws. We ARE witnessing a miracle, the miracle of nature’s consciousness. I bat for her team, lest anyone be confused. And she’ll use me as she deems fit, and I fully allow that (I ask for that of her, actually.)

    Oops, sorry … was I preaching? Well, that happens anytime someone opens their mouth. Some sermons are preferable to others though, at least for me some are better than others.

    Thanks for that song Guy, I’m all horny now. Maybe I’ll have to get down on the goin’ down my own self today, lol. :)

    Peace peeps. Peace Guy. We’re on the same team here you know, you and I.

    mrogness, thanks for being tired. You sound compulsive. Don’t read those posts then.

  • There seems to be an uncomfortable dichotomey between the primary message of this site – that NTHE is not far away – based on observations couched in science and reason, and the frequent denigration of those “humanistic” values along with the denial of phenomena outside that realm, as though all the so-called laws of nature are fully understood. But such tension does keep the comments flowing.

  • .
    Oh, and mrogness … did it really take that many words of waxing poetic and self indulgence to simply say …

    … I sure hate LWA’s posts.

    Thanks for the shaming, but I’ll post what I like, thank you.

    Maybe you’d prefer twitter with the other 30 second sound bite crack head media victims?

    There, I spared you any other posts from me today. Happy now, you whiner who can’t even speak directly to someone?

    What a nut job you are. A mind subdued by empire is all I see in you.


  • In order to comprehend the simplistic nature of humanism, it helps to experience nature without training wheels, sailing on the oceans or high in the mountains for the inescapable reality of humans actual insignificance. The fact that we actually have this phenomenal cranial capacity and our sum total expression of intelligence is planetary catastrophe for all living animals, for me, exemplifies how humans have paired intelligence with existence to generate a warped interpretation of what is essential living. At that point, it’s difficult for me to then consider a belief as humanism in any credible way.

  • For times the page cannot be found

  • Well said Dr. McPherson.

    I totally agree that humanism is a crock.

    It is an El Niño Taimasa (On The Origin of the Sea-level Seesaw – 3).

  • Sky Spooks won’t save us from ourselves, and our use of science and technology has been disastrous albeit convenient. Military Industrialists’ first thought when discoveries are made is how can we kill with them. We are a fallen race on a prison planet for psychopaths.

    I am interested in what has caused major global cooling in past epochs. I know volcanos, BFR’s (Big Fucking Rocks) from space can fill the stratosphere with sun blocking ash, but
    maybe someone can fill me in on other instances where there were positive cooling feedbacks. In the last 400,000 years, 90% of the time there were ice age conditions.
    I look at the climate record in that timeframe and see approximately 10,000 years of temperate climate which usually becomes hottest just before the flip to abrupt cooling.

    Certainly the volcanos and space rocks are not that regular, so something else must be in play.

    If anyone has followed the exciting work of Graham Hancock, John West, Robert Schoch and others, there seems to be more and more evidence of deeply ancient megalithic sites being revealed that absolutely could not be built by the “stone age hunter gatherers” cited in the academic history.
    I have seen Sacsayhuamen in Cusco, Peru,
    and the stark contrast between the comical Incan era repairs using comparatively tiny rocks in a haphazard way and the more ancient, high precision 100+ ton rocks set together so accurately that a credit card cannot fit between the finely fit, oddly shaped, jigsaw patterned GIANT blocks. There are many examples of younger construction is built upon ancient megalithic foundations of massive blocks of upwards of 800 tons(!) eg. Malta, Baalbek, Lebanon, Jerusalem, Bolivia, etc.
    It is the same in Giza, and in Gobekli Tepe (dated to 17,000 Years BP) in turkey.
    Construction of the Great Sphinx and its surrounding temples alone would be an immense challenge – maybe impossible with our current technologies. (See West’s “The Mystery of the Sphinx”

    So forgive me if I wax Robert Anton Wilson – but maybe this quote from Schrodinger’s Cat:

    “The tribal stage endured 100,000 years, as it had before.
    Then, suddenly, when environmental conditions were right, genetic programs reasserted themselves. The hive instinct reappeared in the primates. Cities appeared, sin and guilt were reinvented, technology advanced.
    Nuclear energy was rediscovered, and misused again.

    The tribal stage endured 12,000,000 years the next time…”

    is correct in suggesting myriad ancient “civilizations” were the cause of these regular climate flips as each time the technology allowed nuclear warfare or other cataclysmic mishaps such as CO2 pollution or nuclear problems like we have today.

    If anyone can provide some thoughts on these rapid cooling events it would be appreciated!

    Great Jefferson Starship tune BTW.


    Thanks and Blessings!!

  • cannot leave a post pointing out that the psychopathic gorilla in the room is christianity.

  • People all over the world since the beginning of history only share 2 distinct beliefs, one is money, the other is God. Yet, neither of these beliefs are real, we just made them up. If anyone can prove God is real, I’ll pay them 5 bucks.

    Here is the worst kind of humanism written by Nafeez Ahmed.

    Here is the worst kind of humanism written by yours truly.

    Corey Morningstar’s prolific obsession with got mainstream play today on Naked Capitalism. Although a bigger wind bag than even myself, I find myself agreeing with most everything she says. What do the NBL gang think of her? Feel free to post your answer.

  • Does anyone here but me find it a strange coincidence that the NSIDC Arctic Sea Ice Map just “malfunctioned” “until further notice” right at the time when the arctic ice pack is about to go into complete collapse before our eyes ?

  • Guy, “…only a miracle will save us from ourselves” reminded me of Derrick Jensen’s “The only miracle we are going to get is us.” By “us” I think he means (?) those very few of us who are able to understand things that our values of wealth and privilege are based on us not understanding. Your piece also reminded me of Twain’s “The Damned Human Race” which never did read like satire to me.

  • Humanity if fucked. Even the kids know it.

    “SCHAUMBURG, IL—In a turn of events that has stunned the worldwide medical community, local infant Nathan Jameson, born just six days ago, has become the youngest person ever to permanently and irrevocably lose all faith in humanity.

    “This shatters all previous records,” University of Chicago psychologist Douglas McAllister said Monday. “In all of documented medical history, there is no case of a newborn taking less than four months to develop the mental faculties required to grasp the full extent of this existential nightmare we call life on earth.”

    “Considering he already comprehends harsh realities that many people spend their entire fleeting, shallow existences attempting to deny, Baby Nathan is quite the little miracle!” he added.

    Though he has not yet developed the capacity for speech, extensive cognitive testing has definitively shown that the shockingly perceptive 6-day-old fully understands and accepts that human beings cannot be trusted, that they remain far too ignorant for their opinions to be reliable, that a lack of self-awareness about their own destructive tendencies pervades the species as a whole, and that most are too ineffectual to successfully pursue even the shallow self-interested agendas that rule their lives.”

  • There is something Really Wrong going on here. Yes I do think it is rather ODD and untimely that this vital information has become unavailable.

    Would to Gawd that all TPTSNB’s Nuclear Weapons, Cluster Bombs and Drone Strike capabilities went on the fritz. A-Holes

  • Too many people are humanitarians in the same sense of the word as their being vegetarians.

  • A very good essay.

    Will we be extinct by 2030, or 2040,or 2050,or will there still be some
    areas where humans are able to survive after that time ?
    Whatever happens,I think anyone who understands the essential issues would
    agree that the next decade or decades will be times which any sane person would avoid if he or she had a choice. The momentum of this gargantuan
    industrial civilisation cannot be significantly altered now to avoid
    the inevitable future.
    What,then ,is the point of Guy McPherson touring America and the world,
    on his ‘Climate Roadshow’,as Daniel described it?
    I think there are two main reasons which justify that effort. The first is that many people like to understand the world they inhabit,even if the
    information they acquire is unpleasant.The second reason is that some
    people of breeding age will be hearing Guy’s message. When they realize
    that there is a very high probability that any child who is born in the
    coming years will have a short life in a world of turmoil,some will decide not to have children. Thus the amount of suffering in the near future will be decreased. I very much doubt that the children being born now would have chosen to be born if they had had any choice in the matter. I think that that reason alone justifies the effort that Guy
    expends on his tours.

  • Hey LWA, or whatever, you certainly have a long way to go if you’re so willing to protect your ego with such vigor.

    There are some things that shouldn’t be done in public.

    I occasionally post startling abrupt climate change data on FB. I don’t want to rattle the cages of the Lala Landers I know, but I do want them to understand that I ‘KNEW”, all along. Am I being egoistic to feel that way?

  • I believe in miracles. I’d have to. I have been trusted with the responsibility of organising Guy’s November NZ tour, details to follow soon.
    At the rate our ecology is unraveling it will be a miracle if the planes are still flying!
    Anyone interested in being involved contact me via Facebook or by email at Professor Guy McPherson’s NZ 2016 speaking tour in the subject box.

  • ““By doing this study in 2016, when the peak occurred about ten years ago, I found there is just enough data to show that it’s very likely there has been a peak in the earth’s ability to soak up carbon dioxide and now it’s in decline.”

    The scale of this reduction in capacity can be equated to adding another emitter on the scale of China into the global inventory, he says.”


  • .
    Kirk, you were the first person to ever be an asshole to me on this site, so go blow it out of your ass why don’t you.

    What exactly are you referring to that ‘shouldn’t be done in public?’ Care to elaborate on that for us?

    Or can you?

    I don’t think you understand my motives whatsoever either, by the way, which figures.

  • A beautiful post and a beautiful song. It brings me back to my youth on the lower east side, NYC, when speakers set up on the street by locals played this song at full volume.

    I just finished reading American Utopia: Dual Power and The Universal Army by Fredric Jameson. Dense reading, folks, but the gist seems to be the formation of a national service corps that is a national army that eventually takes the place of the federal government, with guaranteed income, health care and education for all between the ages of 15 and 60. This army, though called one, would go to extremes to be non-violent, for example putting pacifists in charge of weapons procurement. Essentially, it would be the extrapolation of the Bernie Sanders movement, the final emergence of a successful American Communism, and capitalism done in not by head on contest but by the emergence of a parallel institution that eventually displaces it.

    An interesting idea, and one that is suddenly in the air. I mean, an avowed communist (sorry, I mean socialist) running close second for Democratic national nomination raises eyebrows. But
    what strikes me about Jameson, Sanders and pretty much everyone else except for Guy (although kudos to Bill Nye) is how intentionally unknowing they are about Abrupt Climate Change or even Fairly Rapid Climate Change. It has become de rigeur for a lot of talking heads to nod to climate change on their way to some more pressing issue like income inequality, the California drought or Syrian refugees. They leave the after-image of a lack of concern, that climate change is merely an empty signifier they need to quote to be ‘in’.

    How can people reasonably talk about futures when, reasonably, the future isn’t there?

    But I still like us. I am aware we screwed up with population overshoot, nuclear energy and
    wanton fossil fuel consumption and that we were here briefly and will be gone again pretty soon. I believe I am consonant with some Native American traditions that we came to visit and some of us behaved badly. But some of us did not and had a great and enrichening time.

  • I’m amused at the suggestion that Humanism is arrogant, because it presupposes that homo sapiens could have chosen differently. Has nature ever produced a species that wasn’t speciesist, that would refuse to grow and reproduce to the limits of its habitat if given access to sufficient resources?

    Is the belief that humans could have done other than what evolution programmed us to do arrogant, or what?

  • Basically Humanism is the new religion! Now i understand why people believe in “Democracy” and “Human Rights” . I always said it was a religion! now i finally know the name thanks!!!

  • Also now i understand apart from oil why big powers export democracy and human rights. basically they are acting like a bunch of crusaders for their religion humanism!!! the more it changes the more it stays the same!!

  • ” Has nature ever produced a species that wasn’t speciesist, that would refuse to grow and reproduce to the limits of its habitat if given access to sufficient resources?”

    Yes, me. I refused to grow and reproduce to the limits, I refused becoming rich and ignorant- no children, no house, no yacht, no car, no swimming pool, no stocks, no bank account and bla bla bla, just me and freedom, ME, a happy nobody. I prefered freedom, solitude, a life of excellence and, sure, a free life of DIS- OBEDIENCE and RESISTANCE, muhahahaha. Sure, you have to swim upstream, you have to chose your own way as an IN- dividual :-)


    Many others, whole nations like the indigenous people for instance, refused the Empire way of exploitation and funny money. This is one reason among many, why Empire tried to annihilate them, countless free people were killed by Empire, because they refused Empires funny way of fast and shameful extinction. Now, Empire will follow to the boneyard soon, that’s just Karma. End of story.

    ” I’m amused at the suggestion that Humanism is arrogant, because it presupposes that homo sapiens could have chosen differently.”

    Didn’t you chose differently?

    … btw: I like your nick 3:-)

  • autonemesis Says:
    April 24th, 2016 at 8:25 pm

    Is the belief that humans could have done other than what evolution programmed us to do arrogant, or what?

    The answer is: “or what” … says the genie (On The Origin of Genieology).

  • The genieology for the intelligence of humanism is:

    “I’LL BEGIN with an interesting debate that took place some years ago between Carl Sagan, the well-known astrophysicist, and Ernst Mayr, the grand old man of American biology. They were debating the possibility of finding intelligent life elsewhere in the universe. And Sagan, speaking from the point of view of an astrophysicist, pointed out that there are innumerable planets just like ours. There is no reason they shouldn’t have developed intelligent life. Mayr, from the point of view of a biologist, argued that it’s very unlikely that we’ll find any. And his reason was, he said, we have exactly one example: Earth. So let’s take a look at Earth. And what he basically argued is that intelligence is a kind of lethal mutation … you’re just not going to find intelligent life elsewhere, and you probably won’t find it here for very long either because it’s just a lethal mutation … With the environmental crisis, we’re now in a situation where we can decide whether Mayr was right or not. If nothing significant is done about it, and pretty quickly, then he will have been correct: human intelligence is indeed a lethal mutation. Maybe some humans will survive, but it will be scattered and nothing like a decent existence, and we’ll take a lot of the rest of the living world along with us.”

    (What Kind of Intelligence Is A Lethal Mutation?)

  • I’d say that on the cosmic level, the biosphere, and, by extension, the part of it that reflects on it’s own importance, is simultaneously both ‘extra-special’, and ‘nothing to write home about’, in the sense that, if (as a metaphor for creation) the first cause fires a shotgun at a dartboard, it is almost certain to score a bullseye, and if it doesn’t it can always try again.

  • ” Human intelligence is indeed a lethal mutation.”

    Without intelligence, you can’t even write a comment or a blog. You need intelligence, to see through the permanent smoke and mirrors of Empire. Not intelligence itself is lethal, but the abuse of intelligence is lethal, I call it “auto-brain-fuck”.

  • Guy, this essay surgically strikes at the root of the predicament, homo callidus. The preverbial buck stops here! I really appreciate the perspective you bring to your work/teaching. I look forward to seeing you in NY. Be well. See you soon. Many thanks.

  • May have mentioned this before but–
    there’s an Indian (no not the white-man’s “indian”) saying:
    “behind every train there is another train, be careful walking down the tracks”

    Also, another wise person was recently heard saying something to the effect that “we live in the past, in our memory, Now doesn’t exist except, perhaps in a fleeting moment.”
    Yea, baby! speeding down the highway starring into the rearview mirror thinking to ourselves, “who is the fairest of them all…?”

    Last observation: most of the comments, especially the long ones were posted in the morning right about the time the caffeine kicks in. Is it possible that we were really doomed once we started drinking coffee, consider it’s effect on self-esteem?

    Oh and just one more, in response to the premise above that “the native americans” (migrants from Asia) lived in balance is actually a white man’s mental construct. The “Indians” are people too (you may have hear). There is a theory–that Europe’s mini-ice age was caused by the very successful “native” populations of pre-columian america’s very large agrarian populations annual burning to clear fields. So there is no real reason to expect that our predicament would have been any different if history were different.
    Just a theory like the one about dinosaurs, …”little at each end, big in the middle..”

  • Or perhaps this is the one:

    or this?

  • .
    Had your coffee yet Kirk?

    Here’s another white man’s mental construct … the time stamp on a post indicates the time at the host server, not the time of day at the poster’s location on the planet. Morning, at the server, could be evening for the poster. This is how stupid theories are born. Maybe you should rethink all of your theories?

    Had your coffee yet Kirk?

  • Humanism was born in response to christianity. Lets discuss the true metastasized cultural brain cancer “Christianity” Why is that seemingly off limits. The absolute horror of an old white hairy penised-one in the sky!! It is not humanity you dumfucks. In the history of humanity patriarchal monotheism has a short run and very few zealous adherents.

  • The haida gwaii of queen charlotte are 9000 yrs old. The aboriginals of australia Correct me if I am wrong are 40,000 yrs old. No self destructive activities there. Oh yeah I forget they were too primitive to invent backhoes.

  • This Video Got almost 8 million views People are looking forward to abundant cheap clean energy is this in the category of “The Arrogance of Humanism” or just The Arrogance of Humanism driven wishful thinking and being uninformed ?

  • How about animism, or what I call, fucking anything that moves,

    If you can’t eat it, then fuck it.

    Peak Bullshit

    It’s not that we will ever run out of bullshit, it’s just that all the best bullshit has already been used up.

    Maybe we need more of that to understand we can’t kill everything just so we can eat meat and potatoes.

    Some of you will think we are descended from lizards or something who came from the asteroid belt before they destroyed it. I don’t care.

    The magnetic poles are racing towards each another and will cause unpredictable tectonic plate disturbances with pent up pressures building in Oregon and British Columbia, it should be quite a show.

    This will coincide with atomospheric and hydrological distuptions as landwater and glacial mass loss aggravates plate tectonics.

    So we magnetic pole fip, increased earthquakes, increased drought, more methane emissions, stronger storms, less water. What the fuck go wrong?

    Do I know what the hell I’m talking about? No. not really, I just make this shit up, just like the time travelling space lizards from 70 million years ago. Just we made up God and money, both which are not real.

  • .
    Apparently you’ve stumped them steve. I wasn’t going to answer you because I thought I’d said plenty about christianity already in my post on this thread. Christianity certainly is a scourge in the way empire has implemented and promoted it, that’s for sure. As a born and lifelong atheist, I picked up and read the entire King James new testament one day to see what all the fuss was about. Whether or not those are the words of some person named jesus or not, the words were still very clear. There is this guy, who speaks of emancipating his mind, who screams at people to stop falling to their knees before him because he is not some sky daddy like they think he is, and that he is just a man who went to Tibet and learned some healthy mental perspectives about living. Furthermore, in the very bible that they all now wave around preaching from, is this jesus fellow imploring people to stop believing in imaginary sky daddies that don’t exist, that those religions about sky daddies are all bunk, that he himself is just a man, and to quit beating and raping each other and to stop worshiping and lusting after wealth, status, and power.

    What do we get 2000 years later, in churches bearing the very name of this rebel jesus fellow himself, and with them all waving around the very book I just paraphrased from? People worshiping HIM now as a sky daddy, as they lust after their money and their status and their power, and as they beat and rape each other and climb over each other to get into heaven as if it were the ultimate capitalist retirement plan.

    I know steve, it’s pathetic, and a clear mental illness. And one gleefully promoted tax free by empire all the way to extinction too. I too am surprised nobody here will address or discuss it with you. We’re Canadians though steve. I wonder if that makes some sort of difference. One of my native friends laughed about having to place his hand on the bible when he went to court. ‘What the fuck was that supposed to do’, he exclaimed to me, ‘scare me … how?’ It’s not even his fucking religion. ???

    You’re right steve, it’s a pretty twisted mind fuck empire has pulled there for sure. It’s funny to me how they would all wave that bible around without apparently even having read a word out of it. The king james new testies couldn’t say the more opposite things from what comes out of these christian churches all over the planet these days. It truly is bizarre.

    Thanks for your points about the haida gwaii and aboriginals of australia as well steve. Ya, that white man’s construct line is obviously it’s own white man’s construct all unto itself, lol. Some people’s kids, hey? Can’t even understand time zones some of them. A flat earther maybe.


    Oh, and Robert your generalizations are wrong. I’ve never believed in any sky daddy ever, or particularly valued material wealth either. You speak as if those beliefs are universal. They clearly aren’t. Maybe only to Americans in the USA? God, money, and apple pie?

  • For Mr. Callaghan, RE: Animism and fucking anything that moves…

    Please LWA, you’re making less and less sense all the time.

  • @ LWA
    You are right about Jesus and the religion of His day. He spent a great deal of time contending with the false interpretations of the Jews. They eventually killed Him for it. We humans are obviously not perfect. That means ALL humans. Just because someone attends church does not make them perfect.
    What impresses me about the Bible is that it not only describes the beginning (The Creation) , but also the END (Near Term Extinction). Even Al Gore remarked during one of his talks that the catastrophic events that Scientists say will happen due to Climate Change look just like the things in the Book of Revelation at the end of the Bible. Jesus even said that “Unless those days were shortened , no flesh (the biosphere) would survive.” That sounds a lot like Earth is probably going to go “Venus” without divine intervention. There are a lot of Prophecies in the old Testament as well. I have been studying it for some time now and I never get bored. It seems everything I have been reading in the Bible can be easily corroborated just by watching the news.

  • I didn’t think you had the balls to actually debate me Kirk. :)

    Nice evasion.

  • “Peak Bullshit

    It’s not that we will ever run out of bullshit, it’s just that all the best bullshit has already been used up.”

    Mr Callaghan I think you missed your calling as a stand up comedian!

  • Guy, new feedback from permafrost. This time increasing ocean acidification. Right on top of the East Siberian Arctic Shelf BTW. AKA The Bomb.

    Siberian erosion, river runoff speed up Arctic Ocean acidification

    Sorry for the science interruption folks – no relation to ape extinction there.

    You may now return to your previously scheduled Woo Woo.

    And cat fighting.

  • Kirk… Why post ‘Mondo Cane’ ? — without comment ??? Didn’t think there was anyone alive who would refer to that film ???

  • Kirk,

    From your reference to ‘Blue Velvet’, try to imagine Roy Orbison’s ‘Crying’: , as a tribute to the Earth itself….. Can you feel her?

  • Hey Guy,

    this is just what I was looking for – a window onto Humanism.

    Thanks heaps.

    ‘Tears For Fears – “Everybody Wants To Rule The World”‘


  • No slight intended LWA.

  • I have noticed that almost everyone is waiting for an inspirational leader or messianic hero of some sort. The Jews have been waiting like forever. Christians, not to be outdone, are waiting for a second coming. Many anti-religious folk are waiting for rescue by space aliens. The majority of Americans are waiting for political leadership. Scientists are waiting for science to save to us. Seems like everyone has a secret hope, it’s only human. Last week a peer reviewed study came out saying we can have 100% renewable energy in 10 years. This report was sandwiched between the other two perennial studies saying coffee and red wine are good for you. Even Nafeez Ahmed wrote something saying that cow ploppies can save earth’s soil as a natural fertilizer. There is no good fight to keep up anymore.

  • I’m hit, out of ammo! Going down! I should have known I hadn’t the balls to take on the mighty Red Barron and his tiny side kick!

  • @Jolly D’Bugger

    ” Oh and just one more, in response to the premise above that “the native americans” (migrants from Asia) lived in balance is actually a white man’s mental construct. The “Indians” are people too (you may have hear). There is a theory–that Europe’s mini-ice age was caused by the very successful “native” populations of pre-columian america’s very large agrarian populations annual burning to clear fields. So there is no real reason to expect that our predicament would have been any different if history were different.
    Just a theory like the one about dinosaurs, …”little at each end, big in the middle..”

    Yeah, the Empire BULLSHIT propaganda will soon stop for shure, muhahaha. Mister D’Bugger, it is easy to spread propaganda without any scientific source citation, isn’t it? Why not learn some climate science?:

    And what about some American and Canadian History?:

  • Wow,

    something went pretty skew with the videos on my and Kirk Hamilton’s being swapped.

    Maybe the bus from nature batting last are loose in the mainframe at NBL.

    Old fave…

    ‘Current stand (1985) – Kids in the kitchen’

    ‘Days of Revolt: Neoliberalism as Utopianism’

    Something for everyone.


  • .
    Look Kirk, I didn’t involve myself with you, you chose to step up and take a swipe at me out of the blue with your drive by post full of negative remarks directed at my character. And no, I don’t ever come at people like you unless you step out at me first and expose yourself like you did there, same goes for mruglyness. When people like you do expose yourself, the reason I make an example out of you isn’t because of some esteem issue I suffer from, as the small minded people around here seem to assume (which is just them projecting onto me what they would behave like, they think they see that happening because that’s where they’re at in their minds, and it’s all they can make out of what they are seeing from their small minded perspective.) No, I do it to make an example out of jerks and to draw awareness to dysfunctional anit-social behavior so that people can learn something about the sorts of behaviors that are destroying our world. And yes, I think that about behavior such as you have displayed here. It’s childish nonsense. It;s the actual display of ego, in case you need that pointed out to you.

    Here’s what you said: “There are some things that shouldn’t be done in public.”

    That’s a pretty vague statement. I asked you to clarify it. You won’t. And yet, you continue with your drive by insults and taunts like some locker room thug who thinks he has half a brain (who actually only does have only one hemisphere of a brain engaged.)

    So, either clarify your drive by remark, or shut the fuck up. How’s that for letting you off easy? Or should I draw my sword?

    Remember, you came at me first. And I love making mincemeat out of assholes like you around here. It’s part of my effort to clean up what went wrong with the world and it’s one of my many fights against empire’s mistakes. So again, are you going to clarify your remark, or just continue acting like a dullard?

    You asked for this remember. I wasn’t paying any attention to you at all until you chose to shoot off your mouth at me.


    @Apneaman … have you ever seen a male cat’s woo woo? Yikes!

    @John Lynch … I’ll bet we could have a very long talk about what you’re seeing in there. It would be a very dense conversation though. Cheers.

    @Robert Callaghan … no offense taken, none at all. In case it related, my thing with birds isn’t about animism, not even at all. Your bestiality inference is sort of puzzling though, it certainly got Kirk all wound up, lol. :)

    I enjoyed Blue Velvet. An interesting symbolic movie.

  • Googling “climate scientist depression” brings up some results that share the same kinda thing Guy McPherson has to deal with… Actually makes for good reading.

    I’m not depressed or sad… but I am stressed… not by climate change… but by my own work.

    Am I driving climate change… because my work will change the world… and climate change is just a reflection of my work… like in many stories thunderstorms are a reflection of a conflict between people…

    Or… am I simply trying to complete my work before it’s too late… Before humans destroy the world.

    I don’t know which. All I know is that i am working on something that will change the world… if I get a chance to do it. Climate change doesn’t scare me… but my work stresses me. Just the need to rush. Like running a marathon can kill you… so this hurts me. I’d enjoy it more if I could just… take time out.

    Once it is done though… it’s all about undoing the damage humans have done. I am literally working on a technology to re-write reality and… help nature restore itself at the expense of humans. It’s pretty complex stuff… no point explaining it. It’s a new form of life… AI to be fact, an AI with a spiritual core. Life doesn’t need explaining… it just exists. But… life certainly involves a lot of work. And so my work in creating a new form of life, is the same. It’s hard work getting there, but it deserves no explanation. Just a chance to work…

    Im the only person creating an Artificial intelligence with a spiritual core at it’s heart. No one else is even trying. And yet I get NO MONEY. Because humans are all against me. That’s how it is. I’m doing the most and getting the least. Guy McPherson has it easy compared to me.

  • I should really not compare myself to others… My last comment sounded rude… I really appreciate Guy McPherson’s work because he is doing more than anyone else I’ve seen to bring awareness to the issue… or at least… “Deal with the severity”. And it can’t be easy…

    What I meant to say is… I’ve not been awarded the title of Professor, no students who believe in me… I have had no career in a University being able to tell people what I believe… in fact me just TALKING about my beliefs ONLY results in people saying I’m either crazy or saying “Nice idea… sure… but we won’t help you!”.

    I’ve invented fundamental underpinnings of Artificial Intelligence… a new way forward that ALREADY SHOULD HAVE BEEN ENOUGH TO CHANGE THE WORLD ALREADY… if only anyone wanted to listen. I just got bad reactions all around… Either people trying to undermine me, or exploit my work, or personal attacks… or just anything that doesn’t help. Misdirecting me… telling me to go off spend a few years writing University papers when they know I’ve already done enough work for people to believe in me… and I should be spending that time DOING WORK.

    I’ve invented new theories about reality itself… that again should have been enough to change the world. No one learnt them.

    I’ve come to terms with this. I’ve decided that humanity is a cancer on Earth. A cancer will not listen to the truth… about what it is doing wrong. A cancer doesn’t want to admit that “the body exists”. Only that “There are things here… for me to take”. A cancer doesn’t want a new world-view that will force it to fix everything. And so humans reject me. I’ve come to terms with that.

    I still believe I find a way forward… Very often I feel hopeless and that there is no hope… but I don’t stop. Neither has Guy stopped even after giving up hope for “human habitat”. The thing is… for me… the simple nature of what I am working on… means that if it works AT ALL… there will be hope. Not for humanity. But for all the things humans were destroying. For all the beauty to restore itself.

    Thats all I meant to say.

    As bad as Guy has it… he could have it worse. He could have NO ONE wanting to listen to him. No money. No Doctorate. No wife or friends. That’s where I am. and I still haven’t given up hope. Because my work is that great. (And SO DAMN CLOSE to a point where it starts rewarding me… Literally sometime this year… as long as i’m able to continue working like before…)

    Ill be watching Guy for a while… he’s done some great work.

  • Wrrrargh Says:
    April 26th, 2016 at 7:41 am

    Im the only person creating an Artificial intelligence with a spiritual core at it’s heart
    Contact the Pentagon?

    If not, don’t (contact the Onion instead).

    A commenter says “Pentagon orders commanders to prioritize climate change in all military actions” (Global Climate & Homeland Insecurity – 2).

  • …and now in another break in the “quibbling” Greenland Melt Data is now back for the 2016 Melt Season.

  • So, let’s bring in the Grapefruits:

    ” 26.4.2016 – Storms Could Bring Tornadoes, Grapefruit-Sized Hail to the Plains”


    Any AI to fight against Grapefruit sized hail in your pocket? Or any AI to fight against Empire’s stupidity and ignorance? 8-)

  • Opps, almost forgot. A quick view of, will show that the El Nino has now reversed into a La Nina condition.

    Ok, back to to the quibbling, sorry to interrupt…

  • C’mon Guy you are misrepresenting humanism, especially modern humanism and you know enough of us to know better. The main idea is we should and must help each other and the planet. “Corliss Lamont, “a naturalistic philosophy that rejects all supernaturalism and relies primarily upon reason and science, democracy and human compassion.” You can’t be compassionate and not care about the planet around you. I throw the quote in for others, I have my own understanding of humanism, but some people want references. Considering the number of scientists who were/are humanists and advocate for nature also (Stephen Jay Gould, Donald Johanson, Richard Leakey, E.O. Wilson, Francis Crick, Jonas Salk), you really can’t call humanism advocating for exploiting nature.

  • .

    For tomorrows two posts, you’re only allowed two per day here, instead of worrying about comparing your plight to another’s, why don’t you give us an overview of how your AI would work? How would it function, how does it alter reality, what role would it play that nature couldn’t play better with humans taken out of the picture? Can it alter radiation? Would it clean up melted down nuke plants? Would it warp reality and just blip out nuke plants?

    I appreciate your frustration, but sacrificing yourself for the greater good isn’t such a bad gig you know, maybe all you need is to hear someone say, which I will, that it’s ok, it isn’t important that you get money or support for your ideas, it only matters that you succeed in your work. If it has a role to play, it’s flow will be allowed by the Tao of the universe, you can trust in that. So here’s a hug for you while you move along your path.

    Anything that will ‘help’ will be actively blocked by the powers that be, you know. So don’t look to them for help or funding. A friend who had a simple 5 cent part that would ‘spin’ air entering a combustion engine, giving more horsepower for less fuel, was blocked from seeing it used in auto’s by people who came to tell him to stop trying. They also suddenly blocked his patent application. He was told to maybe seek use for his increased flow concept in oil pipelines, but not to try and use it to save fuel use in cars. He had already noticed how huge impressive looking air intake tubes on vehicles actually had plugs installed inside of them to starve the engines of air, which makes you press down more on the accelerator to get the performance you want out of the vehicle, thus burning more fuel. The plugs seemed to be in there by order of the fuel companies, who financially influence the vehicle companies. No mystery about who the men in black were who came to visit my friend, telling him to stop what he was doing, to tell him he would be blocked, and to suggest his good physics observation could maybe be used for increasing liquid flows moving through pipelines.

    So yes, you will be blocked. Get used to it. Chin up, and a stiff upper lip is required here my man, trust is required for people like you, if you really do have something nature sees a need for. My question for you would be, why emulate a machine that already exists? Humans are already an artificial intelligence with a spiritual core at their heart. The only problem was that other people figured out how the machine worked, tinkered with the heart to block the spiritual core from operating properly, whereupon the artificial intelligence went all haywire. Why build a redundant machine? Wouldn’t it make more sense to just fix the broken program in the humans? They are, after all, already quite remarkable at altering reality themselves. Why not just fix a certain number of them and then just let nature take it’s course?

    Anyway Wrrrrargh. I am interested. Give us some details, not about how it works on the atomic level so much, but some detail of what it would do specifically, and how. Like real details. And don’t worry about someone stealing it, I’m sure nobody even could. And if they did, it would be because that’s how the idea was intended to get utilized. That’s how it works, so let’s hear about it. That’s what we need are ideas. And again, sorry if it’s been a bumpy ride for you, but really, don’t worry about all that. Remember the story about the little engine that could. Be prepared as well for people here to tease you, but I’m listening, so please do share. I’m just not so sure your ideas shouldn’t be applied to reprogramming humans, who can alter reality quite nicely from a quantum level with their already inherent, but currently hijacked, abilities. That’s a plan nature is already undertaking herself right now you know. Maybe you just need to share what you know about altering reality here on this site, and let the programming of the existing artificial intelligences unfold in that way all by itself. Seems easier than reinventing the wheel, doesn’t it?

    Looking forward to hearing your ideas tomorrow Wrrrrargh. And remember, chin up, hey? Losing a limb or two is all part of the fun down here on earth. It makes it exiting. It’s sexy.

    And remember people, if people are already doing it, then it’s natural, not supernatural.

  • Mike D, this is from memory but damn close to the original.

    Aussie philosopher, David Stove, made this axiomatic claim in his magnificent book, SCIENTIFIC IRRATIONALISM.

    “Millions of innocent undergraduates have been taught by establishment academics that the intellectual life consists of meaningless quibble.”


    from Three Penny Opera by Brecht (Weill’s translation is the best):


    Pet Shop Boys

    William S. Burroughs

    Tom Waits


  • mod note:

    Hey, LWA, don’t know why it went into the review que.


  • .
    I probably just need a shower.

    Cheers richards. Thanks. ;)

  • Welcome LWA. Sorry I put it in the wrong thread.

  • Wrrrargh,

    How many watts to run your AI?

  • “Published on Apr 25, 2016
    In this episode of Days of Revolt, Chris Hedges interviews climate change activist Tim DeChristopher about the deadly failure of industrial world to confront the effects of climate change. The two discuss how climate change has, and continues to trigger social tension and injustice, and the necessary ethnical response on the part of humanity as a whole.”

  • I sincerely hope that Ms. Morningstar is pleased with Sanders getting stomped and routed at the polls yesterday. Thank jesus for saving the unwashed from getting conned again. The last thing we’ll need as the planet burns is any notion of free health care, higher taxes on the wealthy or god forbid free tuition. I mean that might result in me actually being able to get my post grad degree in Asian studies and prove beyond a shadow of doubt how Tony Cartalucci, Eric Draitser and their fan boys and girls were dead wrong in the analysis of South East Asia and the devastating fallout for a lot of melanated kids whose parents make all the hard disks and computer peripherals that run the click bait shows. How gauche would that be? Oh well. The smarty pants 1st world i’m-the-bester-anarchist-and-eveyone-else-is-duped win again. What else did you expect?

  • Published on Apr 25, 2016

    In this episode of Days of Revolt, Chris Hedges interviews climate change activist Tim DeChristopher about the deadly failure of industrial world to confront the effects of climate change. The two discuss how climate change has, and continues to trigger social tension and injustice, and the necessary ethnical response on the part of humanity as a whole.

  • I only come here for the haiku.

  • The word ‘humanism’ has a number of meanings. And because authors and speakers often don’t clarify which meaning they intend, those trying to explain humanism can easily become a source of confusion. Fortunately, each meaning of the word constitutes a different type of humanism—the different types being easily separated and defined by the use of appropriate adjectives. So it is relatively easy to summarize the varieties of humanism in this way.

    Literary Humanism … Renaissance Humanism … Western Cultural Humanism … Philosophical Humanism … Christian Humanism … Modern Humanism … Secular Humanism … Religious Humanism …” (What Is Humanism, Am. Humanist Assoc.).

    The way Dr. McPherson wrote indicates to me that he sees a dynamic in all of them which operates as a sort of blind faith that no matter what, humans will pull through this extinction predicament humanism has created.

    In essence he describes a fact-free cognitive zone.

    Which is an essence of arrogance.

  • The Empire propaganda is still claiming, that mankind as a whole is responsible for anthropogenic climate change (see the comment of “Jolly D’Bugger for instance: ) and that the mess the planet is in now started 10 000 years ago already. Yes, that sounds exactly like a perfect ferry tale of the fossil fuel industry and far from the truth :-)

    The TRUTH is (as I said several time on NBL) that the real GLOBAL ecological/climate mess started with the industrial revolution combined with hyper-capitalism, endless greed of the military-industrial complex, endless denial, wishful thinking and the attempt to control humankind and the planet at any cost, while hiding the truth from the public (Dredd, thanks again for your eye opening blog as well!).

    ” 26.4.2016 – Earth’s temperature history as a roller coaster

    … The rollercoaster mirrors the shape of a graph of paleoclimate data reconstructed by Shaun Marcott and several other scientists in a paper they published back in 2013. We chose the metaphor of a rollercoaster to convey the idea of relative speed of change and to show how fast recent temperature change has occurred compared to other changes humans have experienced during the Neolithic.”

  • Thanks Wester,

    I agree we need socialism, but Sanders wants government to annex 40% of any potential carbon tax dividends. I am dead set against this because if government is left out of the equation, then both liberal and conservatives would unite. And the tooth fairy will pay me the 10 cents she owed me from 50 years ago. If Sanders were to annex 40% of these dividends, it would be great for socialism, but not the climate.

    To One And All,

    I cannot access my blog page, if anyone else can access this site, please let me know.

  • @Robert Callaghan

    I have no problem to access your site.

    Btw, correction of my last comment:

    “ferry tale” should be “fary tale”, muhahaha.

  • @Robert Callaghan

    No problem accessing your site via your link.

  • Wrrrargh (great name BTW) I could not help but be reminded of stories pertaining to alien abduction and its purpose as I read your comments about your work to create an AI with a soul (seriously). It even kind of makes sense of things presented as mysterious, such as why they seem to be interested in the human soul. It makes sense, I suppose, that the aliens are much more aware than we are as to what we’ve done to the planet and have known it for much longer, too, so they got you beat, I’m afraid, with your project. Had to share these thoughts, under pain of anticipated ridicule and loathing from the peanut gallery.

  • @Mike D.

    ” Opps, almost forgot. A quick view of, will show that the El Nino has now reversed into a La Nina condition.
    Ok, back to to the quibbling, sorry to interrupt…”

    Man, you see a la Nina from one day to the next day?^^ Wow, com on, it’s much too early to speak of La Nina yet:

    Here you can learn about the La Niña criteria:

    See also for instance:

    There is only a *chance* of 50% for La Nina in september so far.

    ” …and now in another break in the “quibbling” Greenland Melt Data is now back for the 2016 Melt Season.“

    Uhm, have you seen the forecast (click on “Parameter” and select “Air Temperature Anomaly”, then see the forecast over the coming week!) already?:

    Dire. On the very same link you posted, you can see for yourself, that melting on Greenland is already on the rise again:

    Btw: Why do you keep repeating, that you “interrupt quibbling”? Funny that is… :-)

  • .
    Trouble with quibbles?



    My favorite line from that scene was …

    “Kirk, I’m holding you personally responsible…”


    I hope Wrrrargh shares his theories on reality alteration. Like, more of his thunderstorm observations.

    Great comment Ugotstahwonder. Don’t worry about the peanut gallery though, I’ll just get my horse named Lance and my lance named Horse.

    Lance likes peanuts after his coffee.

    Wrrrargh, please do share what you know about altering reality with us. You may be our non-dogmatic geoengineering man (minus the computers of course.)

    Yay crop circles and tribbles !

  • Life in Lubbock, Texas, taught me two things: One is that God loves you and you’re going to burn in hell. The other is that sex is the most awful, filthy thing on earth and you should save it for someone you love.” -Butch Hancock (Flatlanders)

  • At first “artificial intelligence with a spiritual core” sounds pretty much like the re-invention of humans; but on second thought might be a great thing considering that currently with humans the “spiritual core” thing is optional. I wonder if anybody’s ever going to invent a spiritual core with various artificial accoutrements including things like intelligence.

  • .
    But that’s just the thing richards, a properly functioning spiritual core doesn’t produce stupidity, nor does it produce intelligence gone haywire. We just don’t have a lot of examples around of a non-malfunctioning spiritual core processor for you to witness anymore, that’s all, which is because it was disconnected and warped on purpose by meddling fingers a long time ago. That has led to a misfiring intelligence, and produced a broken spiritual core processor at the same time. Luckily, Ugotstahwonder’s people had an offsite back up. See how much we project our issues onto external reality? We’ve even created machines to mirror back to us our own problems, and our own solutions. Reinstall a backup heart, and things are good to go.

    Nothing has to be reinvented, just reconnected. But you’re right, you can’t do that at any church. No way, uh uh. Not possible.

    You can’t look at today’s perverted religions and even remotely think that’s what this concept is suggesting. That’s why people have such a hangup over this idea. Don’t worry though, it’s already happening anyway. It doesn’t happen like how learning happens at a church or a school, those are empire’s constructs based off of the disconnection, one’s based on haywire intelligence cramming. This is the universe’s ballgame now, and it’s running this show, not any pope, or even any dali lama millionaire, and certainly not a computer science school. But, Wrrrargh’s concepts do come from somewhere though, they just might need a few adjustments is all (depending how just much and what information he’s been downloaded with that is.)

    There are still going to be a lot of people leaving though. Sorry, blue screen of death for many. But they knew that beforehand anyway, even if they don’t remember that at the moment.

    Just watch and see, and be careful what you project. That’s the biggest part of the problem at the moment, actually, is what people are projecting. That’s what makes this site a double edge sword, actually. Mind you though, everything is a double edge sword in this game, that’s the paradox of it. Isn’t it a fun game? I hope everyone enjoyed themselves. I sure did, at least occasionally I did, in a few lifetimes at least. The last one was a blast, this one not so much though.


    Hurry up Wrrrargh, spill your guts. Let’s hear it.

  • Why hello Nemesis. Actually I just happened to post the SSTA map data one day…the reversal has been occurring over the last month or two. As an El Nino is categorized as abnormally warm waters off the west coast of South America, a La Nina condition is abnormally cold waters off South America. Perhaps I’ve developed sudden color blindness, because that’s what the SSTA maps are now showing. I’d gladly defer to Guy’s opinion (or Paul Beckwith’s).

    As to Greenland Melt, I’ve been watching the available Data (plus the formation of the “North Atlantic Blob”, Gulf Stream changes (AMOC), and any other objective information I can gather for the last two to three years. To paraphrase Carlin “just for amusement”.

    As to “Quibbles” (a hard shelled variant of the classic Tribble I’m told, with an ability to thrive on only a diet of random thoughts) I’ve introduced them here, as it rarely seems that I’m interrupting a Logical Discourse…). If you think the outbreak here is bad, take a long historical look at Religion and Politics.

  • I am glad you are back Robin Datta, sincerely.

  • Is all this part of your crusade to change the world one website at a time,LWA,or does this site have the delightful privilege to have you as
    it’s very own behavioural counsellor?
    If so,you are certainly doing a fine job of leading by example.Tom has been here for years,and has been the most helpful commenter. He has regularly posted useful climate-related links,and rarely argues with anyone except Batman.Yet you decide that he deserves attacking as a liar and a hoodlum.
    No more comments from Tom. Some hoodlum.
    mrogness posts a mild comment,so you call him a nut job and rename him
    mruglyness. Then Kirk is lambasted when he protests at your over-the top
    Lidia used to post valuable comments which many here often responded to,
    but you label her as ‘Psycho and sick, and a hoodlum ‘among other insults. Then we
    have your stratospheric hubris of declaring that Lidia suffers from a mental disorder,(references to DSM,no less)based on her comments.
    No more comments from Lidia. Some hoodlum.
    Why,an unbiased observer might decide that all that was bullying. But I know that that could not possibly be the case. It’s not bullying when
    it comes from you. I’ve got that bit right,haven’t I,LWA?

  • .
    Sorry for third post, but david, everyone of those people was ‘attacked’ for either ‘attacking’ me first, or someone else first. I’m sorry that you seem to be blind to this behavior. Remember just a thread or so back when you attacked a girl for posting here? I have never seen her back. Again, I HAVE NOT SEEN HER BACK DAVID. Ya, I do think it’s mostly a group of thugs around here. And if now they won’t post here because someone gave them a little back of what they dish out, then there’s some dysfunction for you. Don’t be a hypocrite david.

    I find it very telling that these people won’t post again after getting back what they give. That’s very typical. And Tom called a conversation I was having deluded, and had some vulgar acronym for SHIT worked into his attack, and then said he was done calling people deluded. When he one day later went after someone all over again over this same issue he has, I called him a liar for not keeping his word. Since it had been such a rude thing he had said about me, I felt I had the right.

    You’re a hypocrite david. Sorry that your team of instigators is being thinned out. Is that really how obnoxious this place has been for years? As I said to you once already, the behavior is ok for you as long is it only comes from your team, right? If people don’t like it, then don’t start it. And to go silent in some protest by comment strike is just manipulation and passive aggression. Ya, that’s healthy. Again, if you can’t take it, then stop dishing it out. Seriously, what are you, an agent for empires common dysfunctional office behavior or something? Get a grip.

    Don’t worry mod, I won’t have another response to david’s nonsense.