Presentation in Encinitas, California

The video embedded below was shot, edited, and uploaded by Dwain Deets, with my thanks. It is based on the first 42 minutes of a presentation and subsequent discussion in Encinitas, California on 17 May 2016. Additional video has been embedded in the next post in this space.

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  • I am preparing for a summer of love. A summer of action. A summer of resistance to all who would callously disregard the suffering of non human species. Your empire induced concept of love only includes humans and more specifically humans by genetic relation. I Submit to you that you have barely loved until you can honestly love a tree. In what time is left break free of empire’s sick human narcissism and discover a soul in all life. Sentiment for all life is the realization of soul. Best definition of abbey’s quote sentiment with out action is the ruin of the soul. Or more brutally said by abbey ” I would rather kill a man than a snake”

  • All plots on graphs to do with climate change have moved away from the norm and don’t appear to ever be edging back.We finally after all this hard work have pushed the snow ball up and over top of hill.Even if we sprint after it we can’t catch it.We can only stand here and watch it go. Watch Out down below!In reality we are all at bottom of hill.There are no save hiding places.We could blow it up with nuclear bombs but them “huge”snowballs just keep appearing at the top of hill.It will be unhelpful but interesting to see when money”say a 20 dollar bill” has as much meaning as some strangers kid’s picture taped to a fridge.

  • @ Steve
    Okay, Steve. Cool.

    Best Wishes

  • .

    I loved a few trees today. After weeks of 27C temps last month (80F), now it’s going to snow today. Wet, heavy snow all over the newly leafed out trees. While most people seem to just stare out their window at them like it was a TV show, I was out knocking the snow off of some of them this morning so they didn’t lose all their branches (like happened recently in a similar abnormal weather event a year or so back, that freak storm was devastating to the tree-people around here.)

    I especially got the snow off of my newly planted baby lilacs, which were bent nearly down to the ground by time I got to rescue them.

    They thanked me for helping them. I love my trees, and I know they love me too. Trees know who’s bad or good. Like Santa … except real. I’ve learned a lot from trees, especially three aspen sisters I once knew quite well.

    Dude … I’m not going to judge. But I hope you get 100% clean kill shots with no suffering. Cows are incredibly wise and intelligent animals, who set up a babysitting service for each other so other moms get a break for some grazing. The Parsee religion even thought cows were the host to higher consciousness before man, as it evolved first from mineral to plant to animal to vegetable … (err, I mean human, oops, not vegetable.).

    A few of my best friends in this life were cows once upon a time. Please be kind. They didn’t do or intend this. No suffering please, not even once. Me? I’d just leave em be and not interfere with what is at this point. But that’s just me I guess. Who are you to decide for them? They’re a sentient being too you know. I’d let nature decide this. Just my opinion.

  • One of my poems begins:

    I don’t like it
    when they call me consumer
    It makes me feel greedy
    and needy
    of an ungrateful harvest…

    I also like the Pink Floyd line:

    This species has amused itself to death….

    I look at it like this: If I am around to witness the point where large numbers of humans acknowledge responsibility for the global consequences of our actions and non-actions, it will be an interesting moment to observe.

  • @ LWA you peace and love guys are a real pain in the ass,probably because it is impossible to not like you guys. So here’s the real deal. I am involved with a whole matriarchal sect of tantras. I am well aware of eastern philosophy. Han Shan And Li Po are my favorite poets world wide. Tantra truth: the feminine essence is the most powerful force in the universe. Al these damn tantras possess an IQ well above 145. I am the slow one in debate. Damn belittling to have a room full of young women constantly hand you your ass in debate!!! Good exercise in ego destruction. I would have to travel a long way, Spiritually, in order to annihilate an invasive species. But I am an advocate for all the wild beings that too many cattle across the western united states are destroying by there presence in the ecosystem. I wish some wise conservation biologist would elaborate on This western ecosystem destruction. I wish we new of one. Now excuse me while I practice yoga and meditation before I pick up my weapon.

  • I just watched Guy’s abrupt climate change presentation on YouTube and feel compelled to compliment Guy on how much better he is as a presenter.
    Also, I’m glad you keep your reference work up to date.

    Dear Reader,

    Are your little bunny eyes frozen in the glare of oncoming headlights?

    By not voting for Bernie Sanders, you can help move things along quicker.

    The Collapse Volatility Index from collapse

  • .

    I chuckled through your post. Thanks for that, seriously, I grinned.

    I’ve been to a few aquarian sadhana’s where I was the only guy in a room full of many women chanting mantra too. Dude, at first I thought, ‘wow, look at me go’ … and then they started kicking my ass thoroughly. But it was all love, so it was all good. Funny though … me that was.

    I’ll leave you to what’s yours to do. Good quick kill shots though please.

    Seriously, thanks for that … I’m still chuckling at your humor.

    Good to see you following your guru dev. Peace and Love brother.

  • I’d like to quote Satish Musunuru, but in a different context:

    ” In fact, almost everything is made up. “

    Exactly. You guys at NBL claim, that “everybody” is responsible for the funny shit we, the planet is in? Well, think again, use your INTELLIGENCE. Use your intelligence and your ability to read:

    “We considered climate change in a number of operational and planning issues,” said Brian Flannery, who was Exxon’s in-house climate science advisor from 1980 to 2011. In a recent interview, he described the company’s internal effort to study the effects of global warming as a competitive necessity: “If you don’t do it, and your competitors do, you’re at a loss.”

    The Arctic holds about one-third of the world’s untapped natural gas and roughly 13% of the planet’s undiscovered oil, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. More than three-quarters of Arctic deposits are offshore…

    But with mounting evidence the planet was warming, company scientists, including Croasdale, wondered whether climate change might alter the economic equation. Could it make Arctic oil exploration and production easier and cheaper?

    “The issue of CO2 emissions was certainly well-known at that time in the late 1980s,” Croasdale said in an interview.

    Since the late 1970s and into the 1980s, Exxon had been at the forefront of climate change research, funding its own internal science as well as research from outside experts at Columbia University and MIT.

    With company support, Croasdale spearheaded the company’s efforts to understand climate change’s effects on its Arctic operations. A company such as Exxon, he said, “should be a little bit ahead of the game trying to figure out what it was all about.”…

    That reasoning was backed by models built by Exxon scientists, including Flannery, as well as Marty Hoffert, a New York University physicist. Their work, published in 1984, showed that global warming would be most pronounced near the poles.

    Between 1986, when Croasdale took the reins of Imperial’s frontier research team, until 1992, when he left the company, his team of engineers and scientists used the global circulation models developed by the Canadian Climate Centre and NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies to anticipate how climate change could affect a variety of operations in the Arctic.

    These were the same models that — for the next two decades — Exxon’s executives publicly dismissed as unreliable and based on uncertain science. As Chief Executive Lee Raymond explained at an annual meeting in 1999, future climate “projections are based on completely unproven climate models, or, more often, on sheer speculation.”

    One of the first areas the company looked at was how the Beaufort Sea could respond to a doubling of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which the models predicted would happen by 2050.

    Greenhouse gases are rising “due to the burning of fossil fuels,” Croasdale told an audience of engineers at a conference in 1991. “Nobody disputes this fact,” he said, nor did anyone doubt those levels would double by the middle of the 21st century.

    Using the models and data from a climate change report issued by Environment Canada, Canada’s environmental agency, the team concluded that the Beaufort Sea’s open water season — when drilling and exploration occurred — would lengthen from two months to three and possibly five months.

    They were spot on.”

    They, the industrial-military complex, knew for more than 100 years, what was going on with the global climate. And they tried to FORCE the climate to their very own benefit. They WILLINGLY tried to melt the Arctic through globally emitting as much CO2 into the atmosphere as possible. They had dozens of plans to manipulate the global climate and weather:

    They had plans to build underground tunnels in the Arctic to melt arctic sea ice. They had plans to melt the ice with artificial oil spills. They had plans to form the arctic to their benefit through nuclear bombs ect. They investigated in any climate weather manipulation one could imagine. They literally tried to form the whole planet to their benefit, especially, when it comes to ressources and military goals:

    The planet as a huge BUILDING SITE and they: The Masters of Terraforming.

    Here just three examples of many, many more:

    ” A Recommended National Program in Weather Modification (1966)”

    ” Weather And Climate Modification (1965)”

    ” Owning the Weather in 2025 (1996)”

    And here a Walt Disney AD from 1959:

    ” Disney 1959 AD weather modification documentary Eyes in Outer Space (in collaboration with United States Departement Of Defense, Army, Navy, Air Force, Army Signal Research and Developement Laboratory)”

  • ” Venus

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    Burning like a silver flame
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    And Venus was her name

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    Her weapons were her crystal eyes
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    She’s got it
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    I’m your Venus, I’m your fire
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    Well, I’m your Venus, I’m your fire
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    Goddess on the mountain top
    Burning like a silver flame
    The summit of beauty and love
    And Venus was her name

    She’s got it
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    I’m your Venus, I’m your fire
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    Well, I’m your Venus, I’m your fire
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    Venus was her name

    Yeah baby she’s got it
    Yeah baby she’s got it
    Yeah baby she’s got it
    Yeah baby she’s got it”

    Shocking Blue, Venus

  • Your patience with the few moronic folks in the audience at the Encinitas presentation is humbling to me, Guy. Insoluble indeed has two meanings and you are 100% correct in your usage, but I know you knew that and restrained yourself from admonishing that idiot. In any event, it was a superb presentation.

  • This Encinitas, CA video is my fav so far.

    Some excerpts:

    02:00 “a corporate culture that dominates the way we live”

    15:10 I don’t give a date when human extinction will happen, but it is way sooner than commonly expected (paraphrased)

    25:30 the cause of the recent sudden increase in global temperature is unuexplained and worse than previously thought (paraphrased)

    39:00 civilization treats the effect (symptom) rather than the cause, which cause is civilization itself (paraphrased)

  • Watching someone doing a superb job, working that hard…is a privilege.

    (… years of unseen experience & preparation culminating at the right time in service to us, the broken community , is a gift. )

    wow !- Joslin ( Detroit, just south of Canadian border ) )

  • The second and final portion of this interrupted video is now posted here

  • I stumbled over that recently:

    ” I tend to agree with atheist Bill Gates that the only thing we need to do now is to pray for a miracle.”

    Tell me:

    Is it true, that Bill Gates “prays for a miracle” now ?! That would be one of the best jokes I EVER heard of:

    An Atheist, praying for a fuckin miracle, harr harr 8-)

  • .
    Bill Gates? … the guy who made an arrangement with IBM to PRETEND that computer chips were slowly getting faster and faster, so instead of buying just one good computer to get the job done, you had to buy a new one every year, paying him over and over and over for a product he could have just provided you with from day one like Macintosh tried to do (but a Mac was, understandably, just a little bit more expensive out of the gate?)

    Bill Gates? … who then inflicted his money sucking duplicitous business model of planned obsolescence onto every school board across the nation, who then closed down many other facets of enriching young minds just to pay him over and over again for this duplicitous rouse of having to replace computers every year? They even fired teachers and increased class sizes eventually to find the money to pay this billionaire pig for something they still just only use to show elementary school kids how to do a cheap and silly animation project using powerpoint. To this day that’s pretty much all they do with them in elementary schools (with exceptions) … and for billions and billions of wasted education dollars yearly nation wide (and beyond now.)

    It all flowed to Bill. What a joke. But people were sure ‘believers.’

    Bill Gates needs to pray for mercy, not for a miracle. No miracle will be forthcoming for someone like him, I can assure you. That man wrote the book on how to dream up with a lucrative self enriching capitalist scam. Miracle indeed. Ya, keep hoping there Bill. You can run, but you can’t hide. It’s coming for you.

    How does Nemesis put it? Oh, right ..


    Good one Bill, since your mindset is what caused this mess. Too funny. Three funny, actually.

  • Ft. McMurray fire is zero per cent contained, & has DOUBLED in size to twice the size of Rhode Island.

    Off-the-chart wet bulb temps in India are causing mass suffering & mass deaths.

    Temps in India have broken all records.

    go to; robert scribbler for more hard evidence for upcoming NTE.

    Hugs, love & kisses to all.


    James Hansen & Guy McPherson are both playing on the same gasping team.

    Guy’s bro said that Guy played quarterback in hs.

    I am sure that Guy never kicked his center or right guard in the balls.

  • .

    Thanks for those Gates links. Ya, not a big fan of the man myself at all.

    You know, back to that discussion that was going on about writing and the printed word … I was fascinated to find out about how the American ‘settlers’ went about taking away the Hawaiian’s land from them. They announced to them one day that they should all go down to some building in town and sign their names on papers in order to lay claim to any land they considered to be their own. Of course, this went against the Hawaiian’s belief that no one person ‘owned’ any of the land at all. They believed, and had for as long as they could remember, that everyone owned and shared all of the land, that it was there for everybody to use, and it provided for everyone and always had.

    On the one had, they thought it was a ridiculous notion in the first place, and on the the other, that it mattered not what some piece of paper in some far off building somewhere said. The land was the land, regardless of what some words on a piece of paper said. You can’t ‘own the land’ by just writing down that you do on a silly piece of paper somewhere. So they didn’t go sign up for any land. That seemed silly to them, so why would they do it?

    Well, eventually they came to learn what a force that name on that piece of paper can be to some people, as no Hawaiians owned any land anymore, or very little. They couldn’t even cross peoples land anymore to reach their traditional fishing grounds sometimes, because it was now ‘owned’ by someone else who didn’t want them crossing it. And all because of a name and a few words written on a piece of paper and locked away in some building somewhere. Totally legally binding too under the new fancy talk of legalese; just more written words someone else had written down one day and now referred to as the law.

    It seems ridiculous to me too. Things written on paper in the abstract taking precedence over what’s real and what really matters. Maybe before doing anything today, I should check Oxford and find out what things I can’t do because maybe they aren’t accepted as being real in somebody else’s version of reality. Or maybe I’ll just be bad and do them anyway, lol.

    Yes, the Hawaiians, another rip off of indigenous people who’d originally understood the world correctly.

  • Yeah, now they begin to “pray for a miracle”, hahaha :-D What miracle?! Techno-miracle?! Science miracle?! What kind of miracle?! I don’t know. Sick shit that is. Many say, Bill Gates is Satan^^ What a fuckin insult against Satan that is 8-)

    ” Bill Gates needs to pray for mercy, not for a miracle”

    Yoh!, once again you nail it down perfectly, Sir LWA. I am sure, he will learn that fast, quickly, harr harr. I got some friends who say:

    ” When anarchy finally wins, then we will EAT people like Gates? Why?! Because these suckers like Gates got the most MEAT on their fuckin bones”, muhahaha 8-)

  • Correction:

    ” When anarchy finally wins, then we will EAT people like Gates?” should be with an exclamation mark, not with a question mark, so:

    When anarchy finally wins, then we will EAT people like Gates, because these suckers like Gates got the most MEAT on their bones!!

    Jum, jum :-)

  • @Elroy Hubbord

    ” Nemesis, Yes! I was just going to suggest that we need to organize actions encouraging those two specific things, rather than sit around here posting Grateful Dead youtubes. We all want to help the the dear doctor achieve his end-civ goals, do we not? Otherwise why are we here?”

    I am here to learn ever more shit about Empire and it’s funny sheeples, so I am here for amusement mostly. But one thing we might have in common:

    I want to see the shit, that is going on in the third world HERE, in the sick, ridiculous, stupid WESTERN EMPIRE, I want to see starving SUV drivers and shit. And:

    I can’t await jum jum, uggha uggha 8-)

  • @izzy

    ” You could still lose access to a keyboard. And then you would have a lot of time on your hands.”

    Yoh, you are right. I should really throw my fuckin keyboard out of the fuckin window like I did with fuckin TV 10 years ago. Btw:

    Why do you still have a keyboard? To tell others that they should throw away their keyboard? Or is it just, that you don’t like what I write? I mean, that would be some reason for me, to keep on writing^^

  • Fuck, maybe I should really praise Empire, ExxonMobil and shit more often, or otherwise I might lose my keyboard, right? 8-)

  • .
    You forgot to say that we type on our keyboards because everything else to do is too expensive now that American capitalism has enveloped the entire globe like a CO2 blanket. CO2 = Capitalist Oppression (for you) 2.

    I chucked my TV years ago as well Nem, good for you. The brainwash box. This site is all the entertainment I need now. Funny how your comments are perceived as advocating for the devil. I see many of your comments as spot on, not as oppositional disorder. I guess people just want to stay in denial about whose fault this really all was.

    “Everyone would have evolved into Americans, giving enough time, I swear! The bugs on cat’s bums did it! American developed capitalist thinking is not responsible! (you’re telling me it isn’t, lol) … la la la la la la la la la la la la la … please throw out your keyboard Nem … la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la”

  • Yoh, I am no advocat of the Devil, I am a close, close relative to Lucy and they just don’t like that. They are afraid of the Devil, because he always tells it just like it is, harr harr, just like you do, brother, muhahaha. No, they don’t like that, it’s too much, too heavy, too corrosive, too disintegrating, too much truth, too much reality, too much trouble, too much lethal intelligence. So, I really don’t like that bitch, but it’s good enough for now, lalalalala lalala lalala:

  • .
    It’s funny how some of the arguments here mimic exactly where the deniers of climate change have now come to as well.

    It’s natural, we didn’t do this. Don’t tell us we did this, it was just natural. Nature did this. There was no ‘choice.’


  • Lalalala lalala lalalalala lalala

  • ” It’s funny how some of the arguments here mimic exactly where the deniers of climate change have now come to as well.

    It’s natural, we didn’t do this. Don’t tell us we did this, it was just natural. Nature did this. There was no ‘choice.”

    You hit the nail again and again^^ You know, that’s what they have in common with fractalplanet as well 8-)

  • .

  • .
    I think it’s hard for people to go from thinking they were the greatest country on the planet to realizing they were actually the worst.

    Still some resistance there I think.

    sniff sniff

  • Yoh, lolololololol! I never hear Doctor Guy McPherson saying anything about ExxonMobil et al or anything about the military-industrial complex or that shit:

    Or that shit:

    Ect ect ect. He never ever mentions that shit at any of his lectures. And he never talks to me, harr harr :-)

    Laaalalalalalaaaaa lalalalala laaaaaah

  • I don’t mind, I am just from the fuckin Ghetto, you know, I am no respectable Professor, scientist and all, just a fuckin nobody, lucky me :-)

  • … I had some different teacher.

  • Well said, LWA –

    “It’s funny how some of the arguments here mimic exactly where the deniers of climate change have now come to as well.

    It’s natural, we didn’t do this. Don’t tell us we did this, it was just natural. Nature did this. There was no ‘choice.’