A Conversation in Santa Cruz

The video embedded below was shot on 11 May 2016 by Annie Newman. Thanks, Annie, for editing out the F-bombs sent my way during this conversation. I’m sorry about the forthcoming idiocy from the usual suspects on your YouTube channel. Big thanks to Gail Williamson for hosting in her home the conversation embedded below and to Crawford’s Attractions for thousands of details regarding logistical support.

The group involved in this conversation was described to me as comprised of radical activists. Ergo, they required no data about abrupt climate change. I might describe the group differently, at least in retrospect.


I was interviewed for the Safe and Sound podcast on 26 May 2016. The audio interview was posted 13 June 2016. It can be heard here and downloaded here.

I will be featured on the Carol Rosin Show at www.americanfreedomradio.com on Friday, 17 June 2016. It will air live between 6:00 and 8:00 p.m. Eastern time. It will be archived and will be posted on YouTube.

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  • Funny reaction from the audience, eventually they “came around.”

    That lady was a had some interesting “ideas” to fix the problems…

    Hey Doc – emergency declared in NM from the fires – are you impacted ?

    Try and stay cool the next few days.

  • O Captain! My Captain!
    By Walt Whitman

    O Captain! my Captain! our fearful trip is done,
    The ship has weather’d every rack, the prize we sought is won,
    The port is near, the bells I hear, the people all exulting,
    While follow eyes the steady keel, the vessel grim and daring;
    But O heart! heart! heart!
    O the bleeding drops of red,
    Where on the deck my Captain lies,
    Fallen cold and dead.

    O Captain! my Captain! rise up and hear the bells;
    Rise up—for you the flag is flung—for you the bugle trills,
    For you bouquets and ribbon’d wreaths—for you the shores a-crowding,
    For you they call, the swaying mass, their eager faces turning;
    Here Captain! dear father!
    This arm beneath your head!
    It is some dream that on the deck,
    You’ve fallen cold and dead.

    My Captain does not answer, his lips are pale and still,
    My father does not feel my arm, he has no pulse nor will,
    The ship is anchor’d safe and sound, its voyage closed and done,
    From fearful trip the victor ship comes in with object won;
    Exult O shores, and ring O bells!
    But I with mournful tread,
    Walk the deck my Captain lies,
    Fallen cold and dead.

    Source: Leaves of Grass (David McKay, 1891)

  • “An apocalyptic future is materializing that threatens human civilization and all life on the planet. The truth about climate change is more terrifying than our worst nightmares. We are teetering on the brink of a world that is the stuff of nightmares. This includes starvation, riots, disease, violence, and war.

    Climate change augurs a wide range of adverse impacts. These impacts range from the seemingly innocuous, like more potent poisonous plants, to cataclysmic extreme weather events, like continent-sized superstorms. Other serious threats include widespread coastal flooding, storm-surges, heatwaves, drought, wildfires, mass migration, famine, disease, conflict, anoxia, species extinction and ultimately human extinction.”


  • That video was hard to watch. Like many young people, I have been very liberated by Guy’s message. I could NOT conform to the dominant culture. I don’t think I ever had a choice. Guy’s work, because it’s not a message, has taken away the last sense of isolation and self questioning that remained. It gave me a peace that I treasure.

    California . . . what a place. I grew up there. I hiked Mineral King in ’69. We drank water straight from the stream at the top, and it was so cold and wonderful.

    I would like to say to the spiritually minded folks in the video that I have unshakable convictions regarding spirit. Even so, I never feel the need to bring my views to the NTE conversation. In fact, I don’t want to. They are my convictions. My convictions have something to do with NTE for me, but everyone has their own understanding of what they think is essential in the face of extinction, personal or not, near term or not, and they don’t need my understanding of what it means. They need their own. So I choose to focus on the things that are measurable, because that’s what I’m here for. And the occasional poetry and music.

  • Yay for milestones…

    “The last bastion of a sub-400 ppm world has officially fallen as carbon dioxide reached new heights in Antarctica.”


  • Mystery objects over Christchurch.
    Stuff.co nz

  • Dear Guy – thank you so very much for who you are and all you do/and have done to bring light to the world with regard to our spiraling out of control global climate change. It amazes me that the global leaders think they can go hide in the middle earth for a period of time and surface unharmed…

    Much appreciation,

    I think the anger in the audience is a normal reaction… resistance to the truth.

  • Favorable climate is an essential ingredient of habitat.

    The regional weather has been moving north according to Professor Mitrovica (e.g. Massachusetts regional weather is becoming that of states further souths).

    That does not happen with abrupt climate change.

    In that sense, ‘abrupt’ means “speed beyond the capicity to adapt to the climate change.”

    Next comes abrupter and abrupter.

    In its onwn time frame, which of course will be “worse than previously thought.”

  • This is not a matter of Chicken Little telling us the sky is falling,” Chafee said at the hearing. “The scientific evidence … is telling us we have a problem, a serious problem.” – Sen. John H. Chafee (R-RI), Washington, DC, 1986

    Sometimes it is slow to happen in terms of human time scale.

    So, in the case of Republican deniers, they slip flop into the arms of destruction.

    Like Democrats when it is not a political advantage.

    These are the main ingredients of omnicide.

    Civilization Is Now On Suicide Watch, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

  • izzy ~

    “And that’s just a single galaxy.”

    actually, that image, over 100,000,000 stars, according to NASA, is about 1/10,000th of a single galaxy.

    Andromeda has about 1,000,000,000,000 stars.

    Hubble’s High-Definition Panoramic View of the Andromeda Galaxy (thanks Robin)


    Andromeda is exceptionally large, though. easily over twice the star count as the largest estimates for the Milky Way.

    “The idea we’re the only ones just drips with the hubris and exceptionalism that got us in this mess.”

    we’ve got about 300,000,000,000 galaxies in the visible universe. roughly one third of those are spirals of some kind or another, which for various reasons provide probably the best, consistent conditions for developing, sustaining and evolving life (as we know it).

    taking an average size of 200,000,000,000 stars per spiral galaxy, we would have 60,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (6e+22) stars in spiral galaxies in the universe.

    extrapolating what Kepler has observed so far, there are probably around 1,000,000,000 Earth-like planets in our galaxy.


    taking the Milky Way as average in star count (it is probably on the larger side, but just doing a reasonable numbers estimate here) 5 out of every thousand stars in a typical spiral galaxy have an Earth-like planet ~ meaning about Earth size, and in the habitable zone.

    using our total star count above (6e+22), this gives us 3e+20 Earth-like planets in the universe.

    300,000,000,000,000,000,000 Earths in our Universe ~ using what are very reasonable numbers, and solid, scientific statistical estimates.

    that is just for the visible universe ~ what is accessible to us via light signals, given the light speed restriction.

    if the theory of cosmic inflation is an accurate idea about the true development, size and evolution of the actual universe:

    it is possible to fit as many visible universes into the actual universe as it is possible to fit one meter spheres into the visible universe.

  • Not finished listening to the Santa Cruz citizen comments, but suspect they already believe someone has a plan to stop “The Big One” (earthquake). They’ve already put themselves in their own heaven–they placed themselves on the privileged shelf.

  • oldgrowthforest,

    I am returning to Alaska.

    Update me on the haps there.

  • In the video, I hear a lot of talk about calling on ancestors and spirit helpers to solve the climate crisis. Here’s another take on non-corporeal entities. Hey the man must be crazy, right?

    John Cunningham Lilly January 06, 1915 – September 30, 2001.

    Excerpt from an interview with John Lilly 2/16/91


    “. . . RMN: Has your understanding or idea of God evolved over time as a result of your changing experiences?
    JOHN: Well, when I started going out on the universe with LSD in the tank, I’d come to a certain group of entities and I’d say, “Are you God?” And they’d say, “Well, we say that to some people but God is way up there somewhere with the angels.” And it turned out no matter how big they were, God is bigger. So finally I got to the Starmaker. But as Olaf Stapledon says in his book, it’s impossible to describe the Starmaker in human terms. He was well aware of the bullshit of language.
    I call God ECCO now. The Earth Coincidence Control Office. It’s much more satisfying to call it that. A lot of people accept this and they don’t know that they’re just talking about God. I finally found a God that was big enough, , ,
    . . . The universe prevents you from programming and when they take you out, they tear you wholly loose and you realize that these are massive intellects, far greater than any human. Then you really get humble. When you come back here you say, “Oh well, here I am, back in this damn body again, and I’m not as intelligent as when I was out there with them.”
    . . . They look me out and showed me the luminous colossus, and then the Big Bang that they created three times. And they said, “Man appears here and disappears there.” And I said, “That’s awful. What happens to them’!” And they said, “That’s us.” I went into a deep depression because I didn’t identify with that. Then, about a week later, I suddenly realized they’re also talking about me.. . . .
    . . . DJB: Have your experiences with ketamine and your near-death encounters influenced your perspective on what happens to human consciousness after biological death?
    JOHN: I refuse to equate my experiences with death. I think it’s too easy to do that. When I was out for five days and nights on PCP, the guides took me to planets that were being destroyed and so on. I think ECCO made me take that PCP so they could educate me. And they kept hauling me around and I tried to get back hut they said, “Nope, you haven’t seen all the planets yet.” One was being destroyed by atomic energy of war, one was being destroyed by a big asteroid that hit the planet, another one was being destroyed by biological warfare, and on and on and on. I realized that the universe is effectively benign; it may kill you but it will teach you something in the process. . . .
    . . . RMN: Do you think that ECCO is concentrating on humans?
    JOHN: Of course not! ECCO is the one that’s running everything on the whole planet.
    RMN: So they have no particular interest in our survival, we’re just a minute part of what’s going on?
    JOHN: They? You’re personalizing. I used to personalize. I saw angels, extraterrestrials, then I called them guides and finally I called them ECCO and it’s totally impersonal. It’s way beyond what people can understand except in a ketamine or LSD state. Then they tell you, well we’re at a low level, there are influences above us. It would be nice to meet these entities that experience these various states. They won’t take human form, though; it’s a waste of their time. And once I joined them and realized that that’s where I came from and that I had gotten bored and become human in order to have some different experiences with a smaller intelligence. It’s like becoming a cat or something, to find out what’s going on with the cat.”

    Best Wishes.

  • “The group involved in this conversation was described to me as comprised of radical activists. Ergo, they required no data about abrupt climate change. I might describe the group differently, at least in retrospect.” -Guy-

    I feel that!

    Kudos for another great delivery of those pesky data you feel it your responsibility to relate to your fellow humans, and thank you a million times for that. My interpretation from the video was that most of the audience listened to understand and were respectful, but, as you pointed out, the presentation was edited. As the slings and arrows were sent your way, I sensed a pattern of fear-pain that could be cut with a knife, that they had “listened” only to respond, ergo, that they came prepared with an agenda, and that they therefore only fed back and expressed feelings about a fanciful rendition of what you had actually just said. It certainly seemed to me that, in an ironic way, the slingers “required no data about abrupt climate change.” I felt MY heart rate increase just watching the video, so am amazed how externally composed you were. I suppose all that scar tissue helps.

  • Helene Love Says:
    June 16th, 2016 at 1:54 pm

    “Not finished listening to the Santa Cruz citizen comments, but suspect they already believe someone has a plan to stop “The Big One” (earthquake). They’ve already put themselves in their own heaven–they placed themselves on the privileged shelf.”

    No surprise, given that the “progressive” media keep feeding illusions to the believers. Today’s Rising Up With Sonali on Pacifica stations KPFA (which is broadcast in Santa Cruz via an affiliate) and KPFK (Guy was on the show last month) featured a segment with Leah Parks, author of a relatively new book (came out in January), All-Electirc America, a country powered entirely by alternative energy by … 2050, solving the climate crisis. Whatever Sonali Kolhatkar heard Guy say went in one ear and out the other.

  • Olaf Stapledon: Star-Maker


    It’s just some 1933 science fiction . . .

    Best Wishes

  • Wow! So fascinating. Would love to see more of this. Audience reaction reminds me of what I’ve heard of people’s reactions during the Plague in Europe.

  • It’s good to see Scripps CO2 reporting back in action.

    Bearing in mind that the effects of atmospheric CO2 are both instantaneous and cumulative, the numbers coming through from NOOA and Scripps are utterly disastrous.

    Daily CO2

    June 15, 2016: 407.31 ppm

    June 15, 2015: 402.21 ppm

    Up 5.10 ppm (versus 2005-2014 average of 2.11 ppm per annum).


    As for the video, for me, it offers further confirmation that people will continue to believe whatever they want to believe and will continue to disregard the facts, especially if they are scientifically illiterate (which most people are). Indeed, as discussed many times, the more the facts run contrary to their belief systems, the more tenaciously some people will hold onto their asinine belief systems…….terraforming Mars.

    Mars has been very prominent in the night sky over recent weeks, and with a pair of good binoculars it is just possible to distinguish it as a disc rather than a point of light.

    ‘On Monday, Mars will be 75.3 million kilometres from Earth. After June 3, as the planets move further apart in their orbits, Mars will slowly begin to fade.’

    If we can just hang on for another 270 years we’ll be able to take advantage of a reduced journey time.

    ‘The minimum distance between Earth and Mars is about 54.6 million kilometres. The last time Mars was almost that close was in 2003, when it was just 55,758,006 kilometres from Earth. It was the closest the planets had come in 60,000 years. The next time Earth and Mars will come that close together is in 2287.’


    Jules Verne, Percival Lowell, Orson Welles, Rod Serling, Gene Roddenbury, George Lucas etc. have a lot to answer for.

    Back to the real world:


  • Santa Cruz’n For A Bruise’n, Way To Go Guyo!

    Land grabs have increased 400% since 2008. Read it at TruthOut.

    Hillary’s neocon, faux liberal pals are going to win.

    It’s easy to see the true colors of faux-progressive sites that shill for Hillary.

    I present to you readers…

    My Bernie Burn Al Gore Rythm (about as positive as I can be)


  • Feed Jake ~

    omg, that is a glistening diadem of quotes from Lilly. yeah! totally off his cracker, and marvelously lucid.

    “It seemed that in the coming storm all the dearest things must be
    destroyed. All private happiness, all loving, all creative work in art,
    science, and philosophy, all intellectual scrutiny and speculative
    imagination, and all creative social building; all, indeed, that man
    should normally live for, seemed folly and mockery and mere
    self-indulgence in the presence of public calamity. But if we failed to
    preserve them, when would they live again?

    How to face such an age? How to muster courage, being capable only of
    homely virtues? How to do this, yet preserve the mind’s integrity, never
    to let the struggle destroy in one’s own heart what one tried to serve
    in the world, the spirit’s integrity?

    Two lights for guidance. The first, our little glowing atom of
    community, with all that it signifies. The second, the cold light of the
    stars, symbol of the hypercosmical reality, with its crystal ecstasy.
    Strange that in this light, in which even the dearest love is frostily
    assessed, and even the possible defeat of our half-waking world is
    contemplated without remission of praise, the human crisis does not lose
    but gains significance. Strange that it seems more, not less, urgent to
    play some part in this struggle, this brief effort of animalcules
    striving to win for their race some increase of lucidity before the
    ultimate darkness.”

    ~ from Star Maker

    a lifelong favorite of mine.

  • “Habitat, habitat, habitat”, it’s pretty much the crux of the issue and you would have to be blind to not see it disappearing.
    For all my New Zealand friends Guy will be coming to NZ in November and we will be touring together nationwide, exact details of the tour coming soon. This presentation is the kind of thing you can be a part of and get to hammer things out issues in the Q & A at the end. At our major presentations we will have Guy’s updated power point presentation and climate change update, one of which I will livestream to the net.
    One confirmed venue is Mangarara Eco Lodge near Napier.
    Learn more about ” Global Dimming” folks, it’s a shocker and remarkably it is keeping this planet habitable!
    One of my points of interest and contribution to the tour will be a discussion about the geo-political implications of the great unraveling and how it will affect NZ due to our position in the Southern Hemisphere and the fact that we will be one of the last habitable places on the planet making us a military target, especially now when John Key is welcoming back US military vessels.

  • Dear mo, let me pick up that quote again and spin it a little further:

    ” Two lights for guidance. The first, our little glowing atom of community, with all that it signifies. The second, the cold light of the stars, symbol of the hypercosmical reality, with its crystal ecstasy.
    Strange that in this light, in which even the dearest love is frostily assessed, and even the possible defeat of our half-waking world is contemplated without remission of praise, the human crisis does not lose but gains significance. Strange that it seems more, not less, urgent to play some part in this struggle, this brief effort of animalcules striving to win for their race some increase of lucidity before the ultimate darkness.”

    – Star Maker

    The light of the stars appear cold, because the stars are far, far away. But as one gets closer, one realizes, that the stars are extremely hot. The hypercosmical reality appears to be cold and far away, but it’s very close, within us and all around us every second. From that perspective, everything got significance, may it be a grain of dust or a galaxy. Every birth is some kind of cosmic crisis and ever death as well:

    The birth of a star is a crisis, the death of a star is a crisis too. Same goes for human beings, animals, trees, flowers, mountains, galaxies. There is no Being without crisis, there is no place and no time without crisis. This is my perspective on NTE as well.

    Doctor Guy McPherson says “The Universe is not about us.” But I’d say, that the Universe is about us too, it’s just not about us exclusively. The Universe is about every thing, every being at any time, everywhere. The Universe is all-inclusive and therefore a crisis of humankind is a crisis of the Universe as well. We are the playground of the Universe, the animals are the playground, the plants and rocks and clouds and galaxies are the playground of the Universe. The ONE, call it “Universe” or “God” or “Cosmic Self” or “Brahman” or “Matter” or “Energy” or whatever, embodies her-, him-, itself into all things and all beings all the time everywhere. This cosmic Essence never gets lost, when a particular form dies. This Essence within us never gets lost, no matter, if we live or if we die, if we go extinct or whatever.

    ” Strange that it seems more, not less, urgent to play some part in this struggle, this brief effort of animalcules striving to win for their race some increase of lucidity before the ultimate darkness.”

    The lucidity of the universal, cosmic Essence is always lucid and dark at the same time. It includes light and darkness, it transcends light and darkness, it goes beyond light and darkness. The One is Darkness from one point of view, but is Light from another point of view. It is “God” from one point of view and “Only matter, physics” from another point of view. Like One coin with Two sides:

    One side is black (dark), the other is white (light). When you look at one side of the coin, you can’t see the other side, you can only see one side at a time. But the other side is always there. As soon, as you see “something”, you see one side of the coin, but not the other side, wich is “no- thing”. Duality is everywhere in perception– no duality, no subject and object, no perception. Take away one side and the other side will disappear too:

    Take away light, then darkness will disappear as well;
    take away life, then death will disappear as well.

    “ The vast universal suffering feel as thine:
    Thou must bear the sorrow that thou claimst to heal;
    The day-bringer must walk in darkest night.
    He who would save the world must share its pain.
    If he knows not grief, how shall he find grief’s cure?
    If far he walks above mortality’s head,
    How shall the mortal reach that too high path?
    If one of theirs they see scale heaven’s peaks,
    Men then can hope to learn that titan climb.
    God must be born on earth and be as man
    That man being human may grow even as God.
    He who would save the world must be one with the world,
    All suffering things contain in his heart’s space
    And bear the grief and joy of all that lives.
    His soul must be wider than the universe
    And feel eternity as its very stuff,
    Rejecting the moment’s personality
    Know itself older than the birth of Time,
    Creation an incident in its consciousness,
    Arcturus and Belphegor grains of fire
    Circling in a corner of its boundless self,
    The world’s destruction a small transient storm
    In the calm infinity it has become.
    If thou wouldst a little loosen the vast chain,
    Draw back from the world that the Idea has made,
    Thy mind’s selection from the Infinite,
    Thy senses’ gloss on the Infinitesimal’s dance,
    Then shalt thou know how the great bondage came.
    Banish all thought from thee and be God’s void.”

    ― Sri Aurobindo

  • .

    “What better measure of our character than how we act in the light of no action helping.”

    “What better measurement of our character than how we treat other organisms that can do nothing for us.”

    Help me, I’ve been McPhersoned.


    What, no music today? There’s something that can be fixed.


  • Thanks for the wonderful Joni Mitchel, LWA.

  • mo flow –

    It’s been said “a picture is worth a thousand words”.
    Without actually counting, I have to say you came a lot closer than I did.

  • The ancestor God will give us the spirit or the God of technology will transform Mars into our new Garden of Eden. Interesting what circulates in some minds. The God of forces seen and unseen also creates cancer, all of the time, usually resulting from corrupted information. The cancer of human civilization is not a cancer of corrupted information but rather a species that has evolved into systematic status (DNA, RNA, Tools)to eliminate some delicious gradients (oil, coal, natural gas, forests, soils, fish and so on). The ingenuity with which we create tools to attack gradients is more than adequate at this point to exhaust all of them. No amount of engineering will replace the mother lode of concentrated and easily accessed energy or our severely damaged solar ecosystem.

    Competition in the evolution of technology means we can never stop or leave a chink in the armor even for a moment. Humans have this funny way of taking advantage of each other and the ecosystem when a weakness exists. Our tools and fossil energy have exposed other organisms to our depredations, as they’ve been sucked into a technological, evolutionary whirlwind that destroys all in its path. How many species will the next F-? fighter jet cost? Is it worth it? Of course not, but we’re a cancer, a malefactor, a malignancy writ large. Our little explosive evolutionary jaunt will soon be over and the Gods of technology will be stuffed back into Pandora’s box perhaps never to be seen on this planet again.

  • “Whoowhee, I got news, Talkin’ bout the night in Santa Cruz
    ..Hey JJ can ya play Cocaine..”

    Hopeless on computers, if some kind soul could post JJ Cale’s ‘Santa Cruz’, it seems mighty apropos.

    Mark Knopfler must’ve studied this tune religiously. So ahead of it’s time..just beautiful.

  • Here ya go, Nostalgic Fool…

  • Dredd, I sent you an email.

    There is a lot of interest in the Arctic ice this year, of course. We had a very hot day today. Hot for us, that is. It was 80F.

    Here is a link to weather for Alaska. http://forecast.io/#/f/61.218056,-149.900278

    By checking the forecast it’s possible to have a sense of the ice melt rate over short periods of time. I suspect a few weather readings would be helpful. It has been as warm in Siberia as it has been in south-central Alaska. Greenland temperatures are good to watch, also, and lots of people are watching those.

    This blog has notes on comparisons between 2016 and 2012. http://neven1.typepad.com/blog/

  • As long as there seems to be a real “I” or a real “not-“I”” one is still a wanderer. The extinguishment (=nirvana) of the “I” and consequently the “not-“I”” extirpates the delusions that keep one wandering.

    “Two lights for guidance.” If they help to recognise their non-reality (along with the rest of the “not-“I””), jolly good!

    “The hypercosmical reality appears to be cold and far away, but it’s very close, within us and all around us every second.”

    If it seems to be a real “I” or a real “not-“I””, it is of no significance.

    “This cosmic Essence…This Essence within us never gets lost”

    Yabut it is like the water in a wave. No individuality persists. The aversion to loss of individuality (abhinivesha) is the most subtle and most universal of all the defilements that prevent realisation.

    “He who would save the world must be one with the world,”

    No “I” and no “not-“I””.

    “His soul must be wider than the universe”

    Unconstrained by space.

    “Know itself older than the birth of Time,”

    Unconstrained by time.

    “Banish all thought from thee and be God’s void.”

    A void beyond being and non-being.

    Terraforming Mars is a superb idea. Sans fossil fuels, earth minerals/ores and earth oxygen.


    However, it may be prudent find out how to maintain an enclosed, self-contained biosphere including humans on earth for more than a year or two.

  • For Brad Heckman….
    “I felt MY heart rate increase just watching the video, so am amazed how externally composed you were. I suppose all that scar tissue helps.

    Yes, the same happened to me… and I thought the same… Guy, you held up nicely and …yes, good way to express his ability to do so, Brad…
    “Scar Tissue”….
    One thing I’d like to state… I think…. the man that was so upset and Guy, you said that phrase, something like, It’s good to do something, like, what feels right and yet not to be attached to the outcome.”
    I really do not think that man understood that phrase. When I first heard it, it took me a moment to process it. I take it to mean, go ahead and use renewables, fight for social justice, or grow your own food and homestead. Just do not expect it to stop climate change, it won’t at this point. Do it because it is the right thing to do. I really do not think that many of the people there, really understood the message, BUT … they may later… sitting at home, after they’ve had a chance to process.
    Thanks Guy, really. I would not be in as good a place if it wasn’t for this site. I do not post much, because there is actually a FLOOD of thoughts and ideas. Maybe I can put more to “paper” as time goes on. I’d love to do that. But, still workin’ in the system, makin’ a pay check. I need time to really be more “alone”, to get in the “zone” in order to write better. Lot’s to say and no time to say it.

  • Babjingo, Thanks, much appreciated.

  • .
    Robin, sending all the humans to terraform Mars sans atmosphere sounds like a perfectly reasonable idea to me.

    I’ll even volunteer to miss all the fun and stay behind in case someone needs to send along additional shovels and rakes.


  • Guy–I do have to echo the sentiments of the audience, but for a difference reason.
    Why do you do it?
    Your poise through this experience of facing dead on the bluster and flames of denial and anger in the face of reality is truly moving. I would never walk in your footsteps but I truly admire your courage. Peace and Love to you and yours.

  • Guy, wow, those folks were, uhhh, “remarkable”. I’m really looking forward to their invoking their alternate reality so that we can all go home and forget about all these troublesome issues.

    “We’re just fucking monkeys in shoes, and I eeeyaii will always love boobs.”

  • You all amaze me – and this blog is a veritable sanity lifeline some days.

    I remember seeing an imax presentation once about blue whales and how they hang upside down in the deep deep ocean and sing their hummingomsongs – using the massive trenches of the ocean as reverberation chambers and thereby sending their hour long songs across deep time and deep space to their brothers and sisters of the deep.

    Here are some other amazing people.

  • I have been looking out the window of the bus at a nearly full moon and three or four bright points of light, Mars and company.
    None of them are multi coloured, none are moving, and none are thus far speeding off, trailing orange sparks.
    Kevin M, if your Mars link was in response to my earlier comment,it was glib to say the least.
    While I have no fixed opinion re UFOs,I’m reluctant to dismiss the people who report odd goings on, knowing full well they risk ridicule.
    I have lived semi outdoors, under crystal clear skys for many years without seeing anything “odd”, but given our current situation, I think we should be open to any possibility. Be it ETs,electro magnetic portents, or the endeavours of. some of Mark’s associates.
    Meanwhile, back in the real world, the grass is still growing here, albeit slowly,when it should be frosted and dormant.

  • Guy would you please explain:

    You say:

    “I quote Natalia Shakhova at the 48:40 mark and beyond. Two years after her 2013 “quote,” she pointed out that she made no such statement about a 50-Gt burst of methane. I only recently encountered the correction and added it to my long, often-updated climate-change summary and update.”

    However, in Shakova, et al. 2008 abstract:

    “We consider release of up to 50 Gt of predicted amount of hydrate storage as highly possible for abrupt release at any time,”

    Is this a semantic issue with the term “burst” compared to “abrupt release”?

    When you say “…encountered the correction..”

    What has been corrected? You realizing that she has either changed her mind and/or is now denying what she said, or you realizing her research never implied a “50 Gt burst” at any time?

    I would suspect this to be a rather critical distinction given her significant impact on the concept of NTE.

  • 44 south

    My comment was not in response to anything you have or have not written but was in response to the absurd narrative of a person present at Guy’s presentation.

    Amongst other things, this blog is about habitat for humans, and spaceships for humans to travel in and human space travel are a pure fiction for numerous reasons: apart from the massive energy requirement to transport anything substantial out of the Earth’s gravitational field, ‘spaceships’ do not provide habitat for humans; transporting sufficient life-support across tens of millions of kilometres of space to keep humans alive for weeks or months is physically impossible. Indeed, there is abundant evidence that no human ever went to the Moon because, amongst many other factors, the Saturn V rockets were not up to the job. There is abundant evidence that the whole space exploration by humans narrative was yet another massive lie generate by ‘the empire’ to control the thoughts and actions of the ignorant masses. Like most other topics, we have already gone over half-a-dozen times.

    As discussed many, many times, people believe what they want to believe and disregard the evidence.

    I thought the Mars link was highly informative and very interesting.

  • The following statements is what I would say to those people attending the lecture in order to summarize what McPherson has been saying.

    If there’s nothing worse ”we” (whoever that ”we” represents) could do than be hope-less and hope-free about it, then McPherson appears before you as the world’s worst human being. He’s actually humorously said that in one of his lectures. McPherson is not the ”captain of the ship” but a ship’s captain is in a position to know better than everybody else that the ship is about to sink and that all on board are facing near-term death. McPherson just thinks people ought to know what hit them. In that case that which hit them is according to McPherson the set of living arrangements that we take for granted. We created them because we’re clever viz. ”homo callidus” not wise viz. ”homo sapiens”. McPherson proposes that perhaps you shouldn’t take that set of living arrangements for granted. Perhaps you can pursue a ”life of excellence”, think about what your life means, what’s it about, what it means for you, and ponder all of those questions in the face of inexorable near-term demise which in the view of all available evidence is a dead (pun intended) certainty. Is he saying do nothing? By all means if you think that the situation is salvageable, if you derive a sense of power from hope, then by all means do the best you can and save us. Everybody has the right to a delusion and you have too. McPherson feels obliged to tell you (for good or for bad it doesn’t matter) that problems rooted in civilization, at the core of what humans are, cannot be resolved by civilization owing to what civilization actually is. The current near-term extinction that we face is a ”symptom” of the long-term bankruptcy of civilization. Civilization is a disease that has been mutating over millennia and centuries and which under conditions of industrial civilization, managed to develop exceptional immunity, exceptional resistance against any kind of antibiotic or treatment. Hence the quasi pathological and virulent tendencies latent and immanent in civilization cannot be halted or treated. The virus of civilization is the most successful killing instrument that this earth has ever witnessed and the pathogen won’t die out before it leads to the destruction of the host that it’s taken control of: homo sapiens. There is no ”we”. Humanity is made of countless individual and collective subjects each with their own human ambitions. It is therefore not an organized subject that can act coherently over the long-term. In other words: humanity can barely wipe its ass much less ”save” ”us” or ”save” itself. You might as well say that indeed a little bit of action can help. Some Jews who tried their best to resist and to survive did survive. But the overwhelming majority, both of those who resisted and those who did not, alike perished. Even so, those of them who survived did so because others were willing to harbor them, because there were political forces that contested or counteracted the political force and political reach that their killers extended. I cannot see what force exists to save humanity from its own killer, i.e. itself. In the absence of God, itself a creation of man, we’re finished so you might as well indeed say that prayer is the best thing we’ve got right now. McPherson says that perhaps you could consider the fact that you’re very lucky (or unlucky) to be living at all because the odds against birth are striking. Yet birth is lethal. Now that we face collective and final die-off perhaps you could let go and enjoy living what remains of life with death in mind. That very thing that we humans have tried to deny all along in our cultures. McPherson reminds you of the failure of the left-wing community, the failure of his own personal efforts and the efforts of the entire environmental movement. He invites you to let go and experience the liberation that comes with the detachment from all that humanity represents and all that their civilization and culture represents. Do the most radical thing that human thought is able to do and give up on ”hope” IF you can. As a historian once put it: ”Fear and hope block access to the understanding of human affairs; yet hope is much harder to overcome than fear”. Are you in the position to do what so few did and finally overcome all hope?

  • Sorry try again

  • Daniel, this is not about semantics. Shakhova is now denying what she said in 2013 and also what she wrote in 2008. Apparently she has changed her mind, perhaps under pressure.

  • I just finished watching the discussion in Santa Cruz and I was left speechless. Between the nonsense about planting on Mars and the ungrounded pseudo spiritualism I was blown away by the utter denial that, at times, turned into outright hostility! I really felt bad for Guy as he sat there being the complete gentleman. Those people needed to jump into that “portal” that woman was talking about and disappear!

    Like, wow.

  • I also was somewhat dumbstruck by the comment section of the video.

    Two things in particular strike me.

    One is – Where did the idea come from that a person has no right to point out a bad problem if they don’t also have a solution for said problem?
    I see that criticism over and over again in regards to climate issues. It would be like telling someone who sees a fire not to yell “FIRE” unless they have a firehose in their hand.

    It is as if people are saying “I have a right to continue having all I have
    and if you don’t know how to help me keep having it all , then SHUT THE F*** UP!!”

    The second one – Many people have expressed the idea that there will be a great coming together of mind and collective desire over adversity. That when we all “really’ want it, what we want will manifest.

    I see truth in this but not in some unknown future. I see our current situation as a direct result of our collective desires. People,acting collectively to get what they want. Very powerful stuff and very destructive so far.

  • .

    Thanks for the Gangaji video WoodWose.

    Not related … just some Friday muzak.

    Well, you can take my potatoes up out that ground
    Can put ’em in my oven, turn your damper down
    Mama, now you know I’m long gone, honey, I’m long gone
    I’m long gone, baby, like a turkey through the corn



  • Had similar conversations 2 or 3 times, then quit. I don’t know how you do it, Guy.

  • We are back to the politically concocted dispute between armchair Archer’s slow Arctic methane release & field worker empiricists Shakhova & Semelitov’s rapid/abrupt/bursting/ release.

    Daniel (above) has already covered Shakhova’s clear statement in The Proc. of the Royal Society 2008.

    … from an interview in Skeptical Science 2011 just after the media release of the blockbuster empirical evidence of many one kilometer methane plumes observed coming out of the Arctic Ocean;

    SkS: A critical question at this point is whether the outgassing is a recent development as a consequence of the dramatic Arctic warming of the past thirty years, or an ongoing, long-term response to the Holocene inundation of the ESAS. What are your thoughts on this and, on a similar line of inquiry, would it be possible to determine the age of the organic matter the methane was originally derived from?

    NS: An entire second paragraph of our paper published in Science (Shakhova et al., 2010) is devoted to addressing this question! We were the ones who hypothesized – and devoted our entire study to testing this hypothesis – that methane release from the Arctic shelf is determined by the change in thermal regime of permafrost inundated thousands of years ago. I do not understand why this question should arise over and over again or, moreover, be considered critical. As we deal with the long-lasting permafrost warming caused by the warming effect of the overlying seawater, is there any logic in negating the contribution of the recent warming, which caused additional warming of that overlaying sea water? I believe that there is absolutely no point in trying to determine who is responsible, Mother Nature or human beings. Whoever is responsible, the consequences will be the same.


    and most importantly;

    SkS: With respect to future events, in your EGU 2008 abstract it is stated that “we consider release of up to 50Gt of predicted amount of hydrate storage as highly possible for abrupt release at any time”. This represents a colossal quantity of gas. How quickly could such a release occur and what would be the most likely mechanism?

    NS: I believe that the non-gradual (massive, abrupt) emission mode exists for a variety of reasons. First, wherever in the World Ocean such methane outgassing releases from decaying hydrates occur, they appear to be torch-like with emission rates that change by orders of magnitude within just a few minutes. Note that there was no additional seal such as permafrost to restrict emissions for hundreds of thousands of years anywhere in the World Ocean. Imagine what quantity of methane has been stored beneath sub-sea permafrost if even now, when the permeability of permafrost is still limited, the amount of methane annually escaping from the ESAS is equal to that escaping from the entire World Ocean. Another important factor is that conversion of hydrates to free gas leads to a significant increase in the gas pressure. This highly-pressurized gas exerts a geological power that creates its own gas migration pathways (so-called “chimneys” within sediments). It is even more important to understand that the nature of the permafrost transition from frozen to unfrozen is such that this physical process is not always gradual: the phase transition itself appears to be a relatively short, abrupt transformation, like opening a valve. Remember that the gas “pipeline” is highly pressurized. There could be several different triggers for massive releases: a seismic or tectonic event, endogenous seismicity caused by sediments subsiding pursuant to hydrate decay, or sediment sliding on the shelf break; the shelf slope is very steep, and the sedimentation rates are among the highest in the ESAS. As for the amount that could possibly be released, this estimate represents only a small fraction of the total amount of methane believed to be stored in the ESAS (3.5% of 1400 Gt). Because these emissions occur from extremely shallow water, methane could reach the atmosphere with almost no alteration; the time scale of such releases would largely depend on the spatial distribution and capacity of the gas migration pathways.

    Here is Natalia again on Nick Breeze’s video at 10:00 – 10:50 making specific & precise claims about the inescapable probability of an abrupt 50 Gt methane release;

    Dr Natalia Shakhova Part 2 – Methane Hydrates & The Stability Of The East Siberian Arctic Shelf

    I do not think that Guy has overstated Natalia Shakhova’s position in any way.

    I would like Guy to state where he found Natalia’s professed retraction.

    If Natalia & Igor are being muzzled from the top, I welcome death from this culture of deception & deceit by the “best & the brightest.”

  • oldgrowthforest Says:
    June 16th, 2016 at 7:57 pm

    Dredd, I sent you an email.


    I’ll get back to you.

    It looks like the Arctic Ice Extent has now tied 2012 after being a record year of record low ice extent up until now.

    (Arctic Sea Ice Extent).

  • Here is another classic demonstration from Mondweiss of the human capacity for self-centered self-deception.

    Culture against mankind, reality, & simple truth.

  • Looks like the Arctic melt extent as referenced earlier is now tied with 2012’s, the trend looks to be following the 81′-2010 average. If so I’m interested to see if a downturn occurs near the start of July.

  • thestormcrow Says:
    June 17th, 2016 at 8:02 am

    “I also was somewhat dumbstruck by the comment section of the video.

    Two things in particular strike me.

    One is – Where did the idea come from that a person has no right to point out a bad problem if they don’t also have a solution for said problem?
    I see that criticism over and over again in regards to climate issues. It would be like telling someone who sees a fire not to yell “FIRE” unless they have a firehose in their hand.

    It is as if people are saying “I have a right to continue having all I have
    and if you don’t know how to help me keep having it all , then SHUT THE F*** UP!!”

    The second one – Many people have expressed the idea that there will be a great coming together of mind and collective desire over adversity. That when we all “really’ want it, what we want will manifest.

    I see truth in this but not in some unknown future. I see our current situation as a direct result of our collective desires. People,acting collectively to get what they want. Very powerful stuff and very destructive so far.”

    Goes right back to the common refrain from the last century, perhaps Christian originated(?), “If you don’t have something good (or positive) to say, just don’t say anything at all.” I get hounded by positiveness addicts all the time, as if the very thought that things are falling apart unhinges them.

  • Stormcrow: My thoughts exactly!

    I really don’t get this BURNIBG DESIRE to come up with ‘solutions’ (it may be a ‘guy’ thing , not that Guy, but you know), any solution at all, no matter if it’s as far-fetched and ridiculous as a Martian garden, and beside all those smart guys at NASA are working on such solutions, so they must be at least potentially feasible, or why would they be wasting their precious and oh-so-powerful human brain-power on NOTHING!

    This is the essence of hubris: first, to fail to recognize that humanity at large has taken a serious wrong turn leading to an inevitable dead-end, and then to imagine that more of the same – literally, business-as-usual – will see us through to some bright and blissful future. Oops!

    There is a very strong current of New-Age-ism expressed in the Santa Cruz video, wherein the very WORST thing one can do – tantamount to a cardinal sin – is to relinquish hope or optimism or ‘positivity’ or faith in human ingenuity, or the sense that collectively we can imagine and therefore ‘create’ a lovely and harmonious reality… Silly me, that’s what I thought was already nicely in place before industrial civilization began to trash and dismantle it.

    In essence, what I hear from this quite insistent ‘happy talk’ is: We enjoy our comfortable and privileged lives at the apex of industrial civilization, so please don’t distress/depress us with too much truth, cuz then we might have to re-think the whole game.

    As you say, StormCrow, collective desire is powerful and it is abundantly evident where collective desires have landed (and will land) not only humanity but this lovely planet – on a burning & burnt-out trash heap.

    Something Guy said in passing some weeks ago has lodged in my tiny mind: ‘I am a hypocrite and a murderer.’ A brave and clear admission – me, too. The point is to recognize that truth honestly, to admit it dispassionately, calmly. Acceptance, they say, is the beginning of change.

    Here’s my present conundrum: Aside from the vastly diminished bird life – a quiet if not silent spring – the fields and forests around here are displaying a robust health and verdant vibrancy so far this spring, better than many years in the recent past. So, while I understand and accept the inevitability of near-term climate chaos, collapse, hyper-heating, habitat loss and extinctions, I have a hard-time ‘believing’ it these beauteous late-spring days, surrounded as I am at the moment by so much life and beauty and fresh air and growth and fecundity. That said, I recognize that I’m in a privileged place both geographically, on the shores of a clear Great Lake (albeit with a nuke plant not to far down the line), and culturally, being a white guy in a ‘rich’ country living on a fixed but secure gov’t pension, on a nice piece of fertile and productive land, etc… Ah well, I think I’m emotionally and intellectually flexible enough to embrace both realities. In the trenchant words of Derrick Jensen; ‘We’re fucked AND life is good.’

    Thanks all.

  • I’m not sure that the ice is quite tied with 2012, but it could be very soon. I like the ADS daily graph these days with its daily changes. I don’t know if it agrees with the other measurements collected by other satellites. http://ads.nipr.ac.jp/vishop/vishop-extent.html

    We have had record warmth throughout this year. Over the past three days it has been very warm, even hot for us. Prior to that we had several days of cooler weather with a lot of rain. The 2016 line in the ADS graph follows the weather and temperatures I see in the sub-Arctic.

    Today is again warm and sunny, but it is supposed to cloud up later and turn cooler over the next couple of weeks. Then we might see the ice match the 2012 low. Since the lowest ice extent is reached in the second half of September or early October, there is a lot of melting season left to go, at least three months.

    I also had the thought that if the folks in the video are such radical environmentalists, why don’t they have a better understanding of the current level of damage to the Earth? The rage of the one individual who was pounding on a table or something was disturbing to hear. And so was that terribly hostile man. The whole thing was disturbing. I still can’t shake the feelings after watching yesterday.

    My ancestors told me this was coming, and they said, Honey, it’s gonna be really, really bad.

  • @ Lark

    I have also noticed that the vegetation is especially lush this year, probably from the increased carbon dioxide in the air.

    Just music, nothing to do with the comment

    Best Wishes

  • @ Robin Datta

    How does one lose one’s fear of the void?

    (by the way Mo, I’m glad you found the Lilly quotes interesting. People call it synchronicity, but I think it’s ECCO. It even happened today with the J.J. Cale song–I was going to post a J.J. Cale song!)

    Best Wishes

  • Apologies Kevin for my assumption. I lacked the MBs to view more than a few seconds of the lights over Christchurch and was hoping for feedback from someone with a big screen and plenty of spare MBs.
    I will try to view the video in Guy’s current post today.
    I note James Lovelock recanted his dire predictions. It’s not easy being a Cassandra year after year.

  • correction: we might see the 2016 melt extent tie the 2012 data, not the “low.”

  • Daily CO2

    June 16, 2016: 407.65 ppm

    June 16, 2015: 401.96 ppm

    Up 5.69 ppm (versus 2005-2014 average of 2.11 ppm).

    CO2 absorption by the oceans varies according to many factors, so individual daily readings don’t imply much. But when we keep getting extraordinarily high values and exceedingly high difference values they start to look exceedingly ominous.

    It seems to me we are rapidly approaching the WTF moment (if we have not already reached it).

    However, how could it be otherwise when we live in a culture which is dedicated to converting sequestered carbon into atmospheric carbon dioxide?

  • I had 53MB left on my plan when I started to watch the video. That got me just thirteen minutes in.
    While I have purchased more MBs I am reluctant to use them up hearing stuff I know and peoples bad reaction to it.
    Besides I’ve got real time things to do; some of which I actually enjoy!

    Grey and mild here today. Best to all.

  • “How does one lose one’s fear of the void?”

    By realising the nature of one’s Self, the self of all selves – not intellectually, nor experientially, but existentially. And that is the sloughing of the “I” and the “not-“I”” and with it attachment to all the objects one might fear FOR. The objects formerly OF fear still remain, but no longer evoke fear.

    Aparokshanubhuti: Self-Realisation

  • JASON typically performs most of its work during an annual summer study, and has conducted studies under contract to the Department of Defense (frequently DARPA and the U.S. Navy), the Department of Energy, the U.S. Intelligence Community, and the FBI. (Please Google The JASON group for extensive info about us.)6

    Along with myself, Dr. Perlman, Dr. Ford, and FBI agent James T read and discuss every comment here. At times you are each brilliant writers. From electrons in a universal mind – to – tracking environmental “field” observations, the range of NTE understanding makes this site well worth studying.

    Our QUESTION to all: If & when the Earth does experience an impact event what measures do you think could be implemented to decommission nuclear reactors in advance?

    More than any other factor (that humans can control) human constructed radiation sources will have the longest term detrimental effects on the future recovery of Earth’s biosphere.

    As stated above, one of our major 2016 summer studies involves human’s in relation to Nuclear energy use.

    As it currently stands, the rapid reduction of population centers seems to be the most efficient way to move forward. FEMA and a variety of consequence management agencies are continually prepared to secure Nuclear facilities as a primary priority during any large scale event.

    If there was an induced pandemic, Industrial Civilization could be more safely shut down than after an EMP event (or other scenarios) that involve lesser death tools but larger human management problems during a sudden Energy grid shut down.

    In this next decade, the impending crisis does not necessarily have to leave Earth after humans highly radioactive.

    In order to preserve more species and natural habitats, avoiding WW3 and other higher conflict formats of near extinction for humans there is still a chance to implement reduction solutions – or – continue to wait for more evidence of biological shift, collective change of minds or other wave function technologies in development.

    Many thanks to anyone with ideas on how to get billions of consumers to peacefully agree to reduce Nuclear power use.

    Except for the effects of mass radiation on biological evolution, the Earth will recover from other damages if humans should expire for a number of reasons. BIOSHIELD is a 5.6 billion dollar project with labs in many countries. An entire network of contractors THANK YOU for each idea which will be considered toward future developments.

    Possibly whatever we all are together, on this pale blue dot, invisible in this galaxy, does matter like fleeting electrons of thought in some universal mind frame. ETERNAL LOVE, except for the radiation sources that are still being manufactured and will remain without your thoughts to SHUT IT DOWN which might help.

  • Just watched the video, and I must say since when do the Russians never change their minds when faced with pressure of any sort?

    more evidence Dr Mac….this from 3 hours ago differs in the sense of at least trying to connect with the text generation…the humble mussel …


  • Mark Austin

    Good to read your post – have you been away for awhile?

    I appreciate your focus on man-made NTE events – WW3, EMPs, nuclear plant meltdowns and bio-terror.

    What do you mean by “As it currently stands, the rapid reduction of population centers seems to be the most efficient way to move forward?”

  • Tom, what Mark means is they are planning to kill lots of people. (Not that I mind.. I volunteer to go FIRST!)

    “Fwd: Biowar MITRE Corp. McLean VA, The Jason Society Stanford University: Epimedix Intel: Dr. Jeffrey Taubenberger and Terrence Tumpey re-created the 1918 influenza virus (1). Our Target date (6-16-16) progress report of Dr. Benner’s DNA synthesis with CRISPR technology should allow for the recombinant pathogens to be ready for drone aerosol canister loading & other applications by 7-27.

    According to biological warfare expert Dr. Steven Block we should delay because genetically engineered pathogens “could be made safer to handle, easier to distribute, capable of ethnic specificity, or be made to cause higher mortality rates if we continue R&D rather than proceed with current high risk test C.A.P. release dates” (2).” – JASONgroup – https://guymcpherson.com/2016/06/plenty-of-hate-remains/comment-page-2/#comments (halfway down page)

    Mark, you should know that decommissioning one reactor takes about 40 years and billions of dollars. There is also nowhere to put the waste that will keep it out of the environment for 10’s of thousands of years. Then there is the nuke waste already dumped in the sea and many known and unknown landfills and pits for 70 years now.

    Having thought long and hard about this from an engineering perspective, my best idea would be a space elevator. Can your buddies do some R&D on that? Once in orbit just a nudge would send it into the Sun.

    We haven’t asked the Sun how it feels about being a nuclear incinerator, but, hey, the Sun is a big place — but that is what we said about the oceans…

  • Hey LWA – Thanks for the YES!

    Do you know if there is a private messaging option here? I would love to trade some of our original music!



  • Fascinating, the reactions of this group. They fall back on their scripts, their spirit saviors, their faith in human ingenuity. Hard to blame them, it’s a tough message to swallow. You have a lot of patience. Hope you get a chance to recharge. Your work is important.

    Whew! Why didn’t someone think of that before?

  • @LWA Love you brother.

  • Sorry.. please permit a correction. Concrete entombment has only been theorized as an official decommissioning option.

    This option involves encasing radioactive structures, systems and components in a long-lived substance, such as concrete. However, the entombment option has never been implemented in either detailed regulatory guidance or in practice.


  • Bill Evans (the pianist), his touch is exquisite, or as Herbie Hancock would put it Gorgeous. He seems to disappear into himself, beyond recognition and he becomes the music. Like… Miles and Billie Holiday they never tried to expose great chops, which Dizzy and Ella had in abundance, but Miles and Billie still managed to touch a wider humanity… they possessed the ‘crying” voice, the simplicity and fragility .They were sound innovators. That depth of humanity touches us
    It was Guys humility/humanity /writing, that drew me to him…, presenting his truth, and fragility of this .I knew there was something wrong here….but when Guy spoke to me… clearly, of the bigger picture, and the bigger lies I had pushed down, I could hear him .I came to the scary N.T.E “data facts”later, and the process continues today. Everyone is on their own page, each has their own level of consuming this reality.
    I really know nothing of science, religion, philosophy, literature; I sometimes think I know about music but I only know what music teaches me.When I play/improvise I go somewhere else, and I want to stay there, but when I land on earth again, I don’t really like what I see, other than my loved ones, so I just want to go back to that place and take off again. When my 7 year old son is playing the djembe drum (African drum) and we are trying a new idea, and he has difficulty keeping the time, I tell him to shut his eyes and listen… it is then he can hold a strong rhythm, eyes closed and in the groove, but as soon as his eyes open.. He loses the time, and looks to me for reasons why…I tell him “look to the music and dexterity it will give you freedom, and we need to do our best with the time in between the gigs, this is the hard bit… “The in between gigs” “The civilization stuff”
    Jazz improvisation is like writing, painting, sculpting, dancing, you are faced with a blank page, and with dexterity you can go anywhere, you become the form once immersed. Freedom from false conceptions of ourselves and the world… Without it I am faced with depression. I pursue improvisation not only because I love it, I do it to save my life. This (of course) is open to all of us don’t miss out, it is never too late.
    Anyway, to cut a long story short…this you tube documentary is about the biggest selling album of all time. (Fact) It has touched more humanity than any music ever. The question is why?

  • Finally, some political action everyone can get “behind”.

    World’s Largest ‘Fart-In’ Is Planned for Hillary Clinton’s Acceptance Speech in Philadelphia


  • wow guy.., you looked really uncomfortable among that group of humans you only marginally belong to. All their privilege induced insanity was offensive. I don’t know how you tolerate it. What you said about your talks to the younger people did not even resonate. I have an idea. You could ride with me to montana in a week and help liberate some “rats and weeds” from their bovine terrorists. I could use a good wheel man and your middle class looks would help keep the local “constitutional” cops at bay. I wear a NRA cap while out in the field. We could also stop at buffalo field campaign and meet some good people. And then go to doug peacock’s place in Livingston unannounced of course. The people you attempt to enlighten are utterly hopeless. I know some cool places in the bob marshal,,bitterroots, and beartooth. What do you say?

  • Guy,

    Gerald wrote:

    “I do not think that Guy has overstated Natalia Shakhova’s position in any way”.

    I would agree.

    He also wrote:

    “I would like Guy to state where he found Natalia’s professed retraction”.

    I would agree with this as well.

    Given the significance and magnitude of Shakova’s research, this is something worth exploring, yes?

  • .
    I don’t think there exists (or ever could exist) any feasible way to safely sequester enriched nuclear fuel for the 300,000 years it takes to decay back to the same radioactivity level it was at when it was much less radioactive natural ore. Not even underground will it be safe for 300,000 years. I think enriched nuclear fuel was the game changer for the survivability of the biosphere. Plans for managing it seem to be just future Star Trek theories and double speak. Even space doesn’t work … rockets blow up sometimes (which would spread fuel all over the globe in the event of an accident getting it out to space.) The link below seems to indicate that they realize this (try and read past the double speak and the so far unimplemented promises. Notice also the timelines they give before they’re even going to try any of these methods for disposal, it’s obviously just kicking the can down the road.)

    You could possibly buy time for a few generations (maybe) … but any containment method will certainly breach before 300,000 years is up, absolutely it will. So, I don’t think simple decommissioning necessarily saves the biosphere at all. They have no way of permanently containing the fuel. 10,000 years is nothing … you need 300,000 years. Nuclear energy always was a plain stupid idea. The biosphere is eventually going to be pooched by our nuclear fuel, it’s inevitable. When you think this through … there likely is no way to save the biosphere of earth anymore … only just maybe buy it some time at best. Eventually though, that fuel will be released into the environment. 300,000 years is a looooong time to need to keep something completely contained … even underground. That’s longer than humans have even walked the earth. I don’t think it’s possible.




    @tiney … love you too brother. Save a rat for me. Well, not FOR me, but you know what I mean, lol.

    @Shallel … no, no sharing here. Put your stuff on the you tuber and link it maybe (if you feel comfortable doing that.)

    @Everyone else … HA … Friday … love day ! ;)

  • This article is slightly dated but nevertheless highlights the phenomenal rate at which CO2 is being added to the atmosphere and oceans.


    ‘….It revealed that at the start of the PETM, no more than 1bn tonnes of carbon was being released into the atmosphere each year. In stark contrast, 10bn tonnes of carbon are released into the atmosphere every year by fossil fuel-burning and other human activity.

    “The consequences are likely to be much more severe,” said Zeebe. “If you kick a system very fast, it usually responds differently than if you nudge it slowly but steadily.”

    The article refers to carbon being released into the atmosphere when the principle current pollutant is carbon dioxide: to convert carbon figures to carbon dioxide figures multiply by 44/12 or 3.66.

    During the PETM it is thought most carbon was released into the atmosphere in the form of methane. To convert carbon figures to methane figures multiply by 16/12 or 1.33. 16 units of methane eventually generates 44 units of carbon dioxide.

    The important aspect is the current rate of increase, which is 10 times that of the PETM.


    Close examination of the red ‘worm’ indicates a slight divergence from the 2012 ‘worm’.


    Now only 3 months to go.

  • Gerald Spezio and Daniel, Shakhova’s quote/misquote and supporting links can be found in the long essay, as always

  • A classic piece yesterday about a “real” Ship of Filthy Rich Fools. –

    From a blogger at robertscribbler.

    So simple, so stupid, so selfish, & so bizarre – cut me deep …

    In a culture where EVERYTHING is FOR SALE.


    Cate / June 17, 2016

    Crystal Serenity cruise of the Northwest Passage scheduled for fall 2016:

    There is now some controversy in the UK about the fact that the RSS Shackleton, a research ship, should be doing what the UK public pays her to do, which is research, rather than playing ice-breaker to the holidaying one-percenters.

    What gets my knickers in a knot, though, is the prospect that our indigenous northern communities may effectively become human zoos for the horrified titillation of the bored, stupid, and obscenely rich passengers of this filthy industry.


    >>>>”There is a significant tension between the science and environmental mission of the Shackleton and its participation in an exercise in tourism that has an enormous per capita carbon footprint,” Prof Michael Byers from the University of British Columbia told BBC News.

    Prof Byers, who holds a chair in global politics and international law, was invited on the trip to give a series of lectures to passengers. He refused, as he believes this summer’s trip will only encourage others.

    “This voyage is a significant contribution, at least on a per capita basis, to climate change by people who are going to see an ecosystem before it is destroyed by climate change. I find that irony quite terrible,” he said.

    One of the features of this year’s voyage will be visits to small and remote communities in the Arctic during visits to port. Prof Michael Byers says this one of the most unappealing aspects of the journey.

    “They (local populations) have endemic tuberculosis, sky high rates of diabetes, with people who are living in poverty and desperation,” he said.

    “The people who are coming off the cruise ships are not in the 1%, but in the 0.1% of the world’s financial elite. It is another example of just how extreme this particular voyage is.”

  • A really interesting piece on quantum consciousness. Seems a little free on the definition of an Einstein-Bose condensate, but overall very thought-provoking.


    Best Wishes

  • .
    Thanks Robin for the video. I knew about Finland and their still under construction solution, but I still maintain my position that even geological storage won’t contain the waste for 300,000 years. (Maybe you weren’t suggesting it would, I’m not really sure what position you were suggesting by posting that video.) Also, Finland represents just a tiny fraction of the waste to be dealt with globally … and nobody else is even starting on such an ambitious project. In fact, most countries have passed laws saying the waste needs to be ‘retrievable’, in case some future version of our species (or another species possibly) decides this waste has a value for them and wants access to it.That, to me, is just double speak for, ‘we aren’t going to spend money and a hundred years even trying to build a permanent underground containment labyrinth.’ In other words … countries have actually passed laws against doing what Finland is trying to do for 2050 by using a silly excuse.

    I did find the video fascinating in another aspect though, and that was the many discussions of how to warn humans into the far future about the Finnish site. It ties into our discussions about indigenous people and their many warnings to modern man. Look at how that worked out … we rolled our eyes at them and cast them off as being unevolved stupid people, and promptly ignored their warnings in their entirety. I still think nuclear waste has permanently doomed the biosphere, it’s just a matter of when. Thanks for the interesting video. Namaste.

    Quiet here this morning. Has Marks scary message frightened everyone off?

    BOO ! (snarf de snarf snarf snarf) Jum jum jum.

    There are no mosquitoes in my area this year. Not a one. How odd and forebodesome.

    Saturnday is love day too !


  • Here are the last two paragraphs of conclusions from Shakhova & colleagues’ Sept. 7, 2011 definitive paper at Phil. Trans. Royal Society.

    I cannot detect any semblance or “nuance” of significant variation, never mind retraction, from Shakhova’s original, clearly stated, & continually restated position about an increasingly probable release of sub-sea Arctic Ocean methane clathrate deposits.

    under the sub heading, “Implications for future emissions.”

    The range of modern CH4 emissions from the seafloor in the ESAS serves as a baseline for monitoring future dynamics in CH4 fluxes from the ESAS. We suggest that within the entire range of observed fluxes, the lowest fluxes are associated with an initial degree of subsea permafrost thawing observed in the shallow shelf outside the areas affected by faults, rivers and pre-existing thermokarst. These fluxes are fuelled by modern methanogenesis occurring within sediment accumulations of the Holocene age, which have never been frozen, and/or within partially thawed older sediments beneath them. The highest rates observed over the outer shelf area are likely to represent the maximum emissions, which combine recently produced CH4 and long-accumulated pre-formed CH4 escaping from seabed deposits through gas migration pathways that are growing in capacity. Shallow hot spots, currently releasing CH4 at high rates, are representative of local subsea permafrost disintegration that takes place in areas subjected to development of deep/open taliks due to increased fault-related geothermal flux and/or river heat-induced flux and/or thermokarst progression after submergence.

    The observed range in CH4 emissions associated with different degrees of subsea permafrost disintegration implies substantial and potent emission enhancement in the ESAS as the process of subsea permafrost thawing progresses with time. While it is still unclear how quickly CH4 flux rates will change, the current process of Arctic warming and associated sea ice loss [35,36] will accelerate this process. The potential for the release of substantial amounts of CH4 from the ESAS region has important implications not only for atmospheric CH4 concentrations but also, given CH4’s potency as a greenhouse gas, for the global climate. Because the ESAS contains the largest and arguably most vulnerable stores of subsea CH4 [2,10,46,47], inclusion of the ESAS source in global climate models should be considered a high priority.

  • I seem to recall in a video with Shakhova and others, that she did indeed say a 50 Gigaton release at some time and looking towards Igor s., relayed a pretty definite “at any time”. If she and Igor S. seem to be backing away from that statement, I sense a “follow the money” theme. Who’s signing their paychecks, and who has the power to then “lean on the Boss”, and suggest that it would be a very good idea if neither Natalia nor Igor made further statements regarding the subject.

    As to the Santa Cruz video, was the audience representative of what you usually get? I’ve had personal experience of being in meetings concerning a variety of diverse non-mainstream subjects and heard nearly the same responses regardless of subject, which range from the very logical well thought out questions, to the “gods, spirits, angels, will save us from ourselves just any second now…

    For Mark A.

    I’d need a scenario for an Earth Impactor (which historically is not an “if” event but a WHEN event), with a 3-5 mile object considered the low end for an “ELE”. As to the nuclear power plants potential advance decommissioning, are you asking about taking them off-line and then removing A: the fuel rod assemblies now in cooling pools, and B: the fuel rods in the reactor core and removing them to a location not dependent upon active maintainance to prevent a Fukashima event?

  • Lets all go in a counterclockwise direction. Lets have fun together! Edward abbey.

  • LWA,I hadn’t heard “so lonely” for years, but it was played on RNZ Saturday night requests just before I went to sleep last night!
    Will the last one alive be singing it?

  • Daily CO2

    June 17, 2016: 406.68 ppm

    June 17, 2015: 401.63 ppm

    Up 5.05 ppm

    Growth Rate

    2005 – 2014 2.11 ppm per year

    1995 – 2004 1.87 ppm per year

    1985 – 1994 1.42 ppm per year

    1975 – 1984 1.44 ppm per year

    1965 – 1974 1.06 ppm per year

    1959 – 1964 0.73 ppm per year

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    Note: in order to make rule 3 workable, it will be enforced strongly. Very likely, nothing even remotely crossing the line will be allowed. If a comment violates rule 3 in any way, the entire comment will be deleted, regardless of remaining content.

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  • This could to what Guy is anticipating:


    To the big mouth man that said, I am paraphrasing, “when the going get tough, the tough get going”.

    Is this tough enough for you?

    To the new age wacko woman, how about some “cool” chants to cool the temps?

    As Lennon and McCartney sang,

    It won’t be long yeh, yeh, yeh
    It won’t be long yeh, yeh, yeh

  • Guy, you often use the term “malpractice” as ethical rationale for spreading such dire news.

    And yet, is not: do no harm, the prime objective?

    Do you find that, for some, your revelations do in fact much more harm than good?

    As reluctant captain of our sinking vessel, how do you deal with such cases?

    As an extreme example, would you have this conversation at the bedside of someone just minutes away from slipping into the void? Where do you draw the line?

  • Apex, I believe you’re asking when it is okay to lie. Everybody has to determine that for themselves. When does the outcome justify lying? When it’s Santa Claus and a seven-year-old? When it’s an invisible man in the sky and a teenager? When it’s your wife and you figure out you’re homosexual?

    I’m pretty sure, based on the evidence, that most self-proclaimed climate scientists believe lying to the public is justified. It’s clearly evident for the mainstream media, most national-level politicians, and heads of corporations.

  • @Curtis
    By the time I get to Phoenix–it’ll be 120!

    Actually, I really like Wichita Lineman and some of Glen’s other songs.

    Best Wishes

  • And so the hate begins again.

  • [quote]”Apex, I believe you’re asking when it is okay to lie. Everybody has to determine that for themselves. When does the outcome justify lying? When it’s Santa Claus and a seven-year-old? When it’s an invisible man in the sky and a teenager? When it’s your wife and you figure out you’re homosexual?
    I’m pretty sure, based on the evidence, that most self-proclaimed climate scientists believe lying to the public is justified. It’s clearly evident for the mainstream media, most national-level politicians, and heads of corporations.”[/quote]


    There are many shades of misrepresenting reality for sure.

    I’m curious as to how you personally make that determination (at least in regards to your professional work), and if/how that process has evolved. Are there any situations in which you would not wish to enlighten someone?

    I suppose there exists a fundamental contradiction at times between pursuing a life of excellence and pursuing a life of truth. Being happy versus being right can be mutually exclusive, no?

    For a life of truth seeking may not be very excellent. And a life of delusion may be idiotic bliss.

    As a guilty confession, I always enjoy watching the audience responses to your catapulting of reality right over the walls of social contract.

  • The hatred never left, LWA. It just switched to a different forum. Check out klondike444’s hate-inspired comments beneath the YouTube video from Encinitas.

  • mod note

    Jack Arnold ~ comment deleted on Rule 2. no attacks on classes of people. if you want to comment on beliefs of one kind or another, please discuss those specific beliefs. for example, a critique of insisting on “positive thinking in all cases” is certainly valid. labeling all New Agers as delusional is not.

    thanks for your consideration.

    ~ mo

  • .
    Guy, my comment was about a remark that has since been deleted. Haters on utube? Bizarre. I will avert my eyes.

  • This ‘Santa Cruz talk’ is a valuable contrast.

    Most of your lectures(watched on Utube) seem to have a pretty engaged, receptive audience. Probably most nod in agreement, & then we all visualize gettin’ our “3 squares a day”, until our last breath.

    Wonder how many of us can visualize society falling apart(like movie ‘The Road’), yet can’t visualize these effects upon ourselves, & loved ones?

    Many current & past commenters must have addressed this discrepancy, perhaps both in word & deed.

    The old Titanic metaphor will forever be apt. Can’t remember the name(was it Macy’s Pres?), but apparently word is he valiantly gave up his lifeboat-spot, sacrificed to someone younger. His wife remained with him, & they perished with the sinking.

    How many of us have such valour, at such a time? When it’s all boiled down, is this what it’s all about?

    BTW, Stormcrow, really liked your post.

  • Nostalgic Fool Says:
    June 18th, 2016 at 5:18 pm

    “The old Titanic metaphor will forever be apt. Can’t remember the name(was it Macy’s Pres?), but apparently word is he valiantly gave up his lifeboat-spot, sacrificed to someone younger. His wife remained with him, & they perished with the sinking.

    How many of us have such valour, at such a time? When it’s all boiled down, is this what it’s all about?”

    Not really applicable to today’s situation. There are no lifeboats, we’re all on the same ship till it either sinks or for some amazing reason doesn’t. Age will not increase your survival chances.

    And Guy, re the comments on the Encinitas You Tube video: Klondike in all over that channel, he’s just a typical Web troll., most likely more than a bit over the edge, or perhaps just an internet bully, thrives on providing comments which say nothing but seem clever, and often that wins more points than any content.

  • I have watched a video…multiple times… in which Shakova is being interviewed with, I think, Simleov…. and she is discussing the methane 50GT… “burst”… she does say, “Well, when you say, “anytime’ it sounds like tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow, but I think it could be in decades, not …not hundreds of years.”… Then, Simelov says something… and she says…. something like. “Well, it could happen… it could happen anytime… We do not like what we see, We do not like.”…
    This is a video and she is saying this… sorry for the quotes, but it is really close, since I have seen it like 15 times…

  • “The state of the climate so far this year gives us much cause for alarm,” said David Carlson, Director of the World Climate Research Programme. “Exceptionally high temperatures. Ice melt rates in March and May that we don’t normally see until July. Once-in-a-generation rainfall events. The super El Niño is only partly to blame. Abnormal is the new normal.”