Plenty of Hatred Remains

“I imagine one of the reasons people cling to their hates so stubbornly is because they sense, once hate is gone, they will be forced to deal with pain.”

~ James Baldwin, The Fire Next Time


So much for “only loves remains.” Abundant evidence indicates some people prefer hatred all the way to their own personal deaths. This space would largely lack comments if not for the ones characterized as abusiveness and disrespectful. Personal attacks are common. Empathy is profoundly lacking. A trip to the shopping mall would be pleasant by comparison. Not surprisingly, I contemplate terminating comments, the reading of which used to brighten my day. Now I dread reading them. Only principle and masochism keep them coming.

Herein I present, from this space and beyond, a few pitiful examples of mean-spirited responses to the evidence underlying my overall message. As with a trip to the shopping mall accompanied by a few minutes of observation, the following examples indicate why near-term human extinction is locked in.

But first, a brief written overview of my message, the long version of which can be found in a recent presentation. Several self-absorbed members of the commentariat can’t be bothered with the long version. Ergo, the two paragraphs below nearly brief enough to tweet. Note that I rely upon very conservative sources for this analysis.

The Great Dying wiped out at least 90% of the species on Earth due to an abrupt rise in global-average temperature about 252 million years ago. The vast majority of complex life became extinct. Earth is headed for a similar global-average temperature in the very near future. The recent and near-future rises in temperature are occurring and will occur at least an order of magnitude faster than the worst of all prior Mass Extinctions. Habitat for human animals is disappearing throughout the world, and abrupt climate change has barely begun. In the near future, habitat for Homo sapiens will be gone. Shortly thereafter, all humans will die.

I’m not quitting, despite frequent comments to the contrary (and by comments, I mean lies from cowards). Rather, unafflicted by the arrogance of humanism, I’m a fan of life on Earth. As a result, I’m not a fan of civilization. Few have taken action as substantive as mine. Talk is cheap, and cheap speakers abound.

Only a fool would believe we will survive. A few examples of foolishness follow, from among thousands in plain view.

I subscribe to Jay Hanson’s America 2.0 email list. It succeeds his popular website, Die-off. On 22 May 2016 Nathan John (“Nate”) Hagens launched one of his customary hit pieces to the list.

After making a fortune on Wall Street, Hagens now teaches a class titled Reality 101 at the University of Minnesota. He disparages my work regularly, citing his colleagues who believe climate change will become a problem we’ll need to address in a century or two. Citing authority over evidence is a classic example of patriarchy, exemplified by religious organizations throughout world history. Unimpaired by evidence and unaware that abrupt climate change is under way, Hagens regularly writes nonsense such as the following:

“… a great many people in the blogosphere (including but not limited to Guy McPherson) go off on their own non-science based fantasys -both benign and doomy. This is expected of our deluded-ape-brains but does not mean the underlying science of human impact is faulty”
“No one on this list (correct me if Im wrong) is a trained climate scientist. The way humans work is we look at our in-group (and list serv etc) on what people think and believe strongly – science is secondary to what our tribe believes. If we are a group of born again christians we are unlikely to believe god could allow climate change be due to humans, If we watch Fox news, we will have a built in skepticism to Portlands decision. If our group of closest internet ‘experts’ says that climate change is a hoax, ditto, if we frequent Nature Bats Last, we’ll have a different opinion entirely. All of us, including me, perceive a virtual reality that is distinct from the physical truth. If we imagine switching in-groups for a day, and reading/hearing what those others hear, we might empathize with how the Guy McPherson and Alexander Carpenters can both be utterly confident, diametrically opposed, and completely wrong.”

I have no idea who Alexander Carpenter is. Apparently he’s about as famous as I am.

Hagens is obviously unfamiliar with the concept of abrupt climate change, even though we’re in the midst of such an event right now. Consistent with the culture of make believe, I’ve no doubt he’ll deny his own death, and the extinction of Homo sapiens, until he draws his final breath.

It’s no surprise Hagens is paid by taxpayers to teach impressionable people that I’m an extremist. Promoting the dominant culture is the only approach tolerated by the dominant culture, including its educational exemplars. I observed numerous examples, and provided a few, when I spent every day on the campus of the University of Arizona. Hagens has used video from one of my presentations in his Reality 101 course, and I suspect he uses the subsequent discussion to paint me with the same brush of crazy my former colleagues use. Like them, I doubt he’s seen much of my work. I doubt he knows that I quote the work of others as the entire basis for my connect-the-dots approach.

This is what passes for contemporary higher hire education in the land of the me and the home of the crave. Meanwhile, one of the papers published under my name more than 15 years ago continues to receive favorable attention. My positive influence at the nexus of scholarship and teaching persists more than seven years after I willingly left active service at the university.

I’m routinely attacked for what I don’t say, too. I promote the notion of saving life on Earth by contributing to the collapse of the death cult known as civilization. For its initial few years, this blog focused on that topic. Apparently the new-comers in this space can’t be bothered to check the archives. Attacking the messenger is considerably more fun than checking the facts.

Also in the category of disparagement for what I don’t say: human overpopulation. As if any sentient adult on the planet isn’t aware of this ongoing predicament. I taught college courses for more than twenty years and I talked about human overpopulation in each course I taught. I served as a selfless, childless example. I wrote books and articles. Meanwhile, the overshoot became worse every day, a process that continues. As it turns out, in a stunning surprise to those ignorant of biology, overcoming behaviors selected by evolution through natural selection is no simple task. The draconian strategies employed by China during its one-child “revolution” weren’t up to the task. But, as with abrupt climate change, I’m said to be responsible for human population overshoot.

Also in the category of attacking me for what I don’t say: virtually every recent comment from Bud Nye. After viciously attacking others with abusive, disrespectful, unnecessary language — while carefully avoiding mentioning the names of those he attacks — Nye states, “I would just like to understand Guy’s motives for allowing and thus encouraging the frequent abusive, bullying, disrespectful, unnecessary, and easily eliminated personal attacking that so often occurs here.” Although Nye doesn’t include names of those he disparages, except mine, his targets are nonetheless obvious. Painting with his insanely broad brush, Nye absurdly implicates anarchism within some of his hostile comments. After Nye’s abusive language, he asks me to censor abusive language. By others. Toward him. Pots, kettles, and the “color” black come to mind. If I were prone to censorship, I could do worse than starting with Bud Nye’s inflammatory comments.

Even Gerald Spezio, who often comments in this space, has gone on the offensive again. After briefly coming to grips with near-term human extinction, Spezio now gets worked up in a lather about my small ecological footprint. Apparently my footprint is too big for a privileged white man living at the apex of civilization, one of the largest cities in the world: Phoenix, Arizona. Rather than making a statement with actions, Spezio prefers the standard approach of denigrating others.

My footprint when I travel to deliver presentations is extremely small. I stay in the homes of my hosts, eat at their tables, and rely upon local transportation between venues. I use these tactics for several reasons, including attention to personal consumption.

Many who comment on this space, and perhaps most, prefer hate over love. They want to blame others, notably including those who transmit messages with which they disagree. To many, evidence is irrelevant relative to ill-founded notions rooted in emotion.

I’ll readily admit that if you’re on an ocean liner and you see an iceberg a mile away, a one-degree change in direction will allow the vessel to miss the iceberg by a wide margin. If you wait until you’re 30 feet away and change direction by one degree, the ocean liner hits the iceberg. We hit the iceberg. It’s not my fault, at least not entirely. It’s not your fault, either. We were born into captivity, as my friend Tim Bennett likes to say. There is no escape.

And don’t even get me started on klondike444 and RE (and the willfully ignorant acolytes of the latter, notably at the Doomstead Diner). Whoops, too late. These cowardly, anonymous trolls occasionally check my long essay, watch my presentations online, and spend much of their time launching insults in the comments section. They lie about my intentions and my actions, which is standard practice for clueless minions blinded by patriarchy. These are the kind of unthinking people who continue to accuse me of causing the suicide of my friend Michael C. Ruppert. These nonsensical idiots believe I have the ability to kill people with my writing, and also that I use this power to kill my friends. Unlike these trolls, Ruppert was capable of thinking for himself. If these people are not being paid to deny abrupt climate change leading to human extinction, then they’re missing a fine opportunity.

You’d think I’d be accustomed to the shit storm raging around me, considering the frequency with which I’m exposed to it. You’d be mistaken. As it turns out, I’m as fragile as a typical human.

Those who prefer comfortable lies over inconvenient truths may want to look beyond this blog. Perhaps signing up for Reality 101 at the University of Minnesota would be a good place to start.


I was interviewed by Brandon Holmes for A Straight Line on 29 April 2016. The interview was posted 9 June 2016. It’s described and posted here.

I was favorably (mis)quoted by Trinidad and Tobago’s Minister of Planning and Development in an address commemorating World Environment Day. The transcript was posted 8 June 2016.

Peter Wadhams is interviewed by Thom Hartmann on 9 June 2016 for RT. I’m mentioned, along with loss of habitat for humans. Wadhams incorrectly says I despair, although I suspect that’s his projection. Then he proposes fantasy technology — the kind that doesn’t exist — to prevent human extinction.

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  • Guy, I’ve been a follower for quite a while, and came to you while following Mike Ruppert. I admire your continued willingness to speak of things most people would prefer remain unspoken. It’s a topic I’m seldom willing to broach in my own circle of friends and family, as ultimately, it’s a fruitless endeavor to try enlightening those who fervently cling to their ignorance. Truth be told, there’s a part of me that envy those folks – unfortunately, I lack the ability to un-learn the inconvenient truth you speak of. I wish you continued good health and good work. I’d tell you to ignore the “noise”, but you know that already.

  • I’ve forgotten the source, and I’m mostly likely mangling the delivery but it goes something like this:

    “They say that given an infinite number of monkeys and an infinite number of typewriters, they would eventually produce the complete works of Shakespeare. The internet has proven this wrong.”

    As the light of reason is snuffed out and as human speech devolves into misspelled online attacks, knowing it is all coming crashing down is a comfort. We didn’t choose extinction, we earned it through hard work.

    Peace to all.

  • Guy…never commented here before, but wanted to throw my two cents in: I would be devastated if the discussion/comments had to be eliminated, although I’d understand.

    Your work, and what I learn from the (non-hostile/well-read) commenters, is so important. Thank you for your courage in, thus far, allowing discussion to go on unmolested.

    With love…

  • I am your humble student, bad/good weather friend, & fellow traveler into the black timeless night caused by our own greed & stupidity.

    I have always respected you for your forthright truthful science.

    Your agonizing & frustrated attempts to give us fair warning of our upcoming extinction has caused you much grief even though you humorously disguise it.

    Your message is too ugly & too painful for most pilgrims.

    I contacted you when Igor Semelitov observed the first one kilometer methane plumes in the fall of 2011.

    You graciously responded to my e-mail.

    I never “lived” in Phoenix.

    Knowing that the jig was up in 2011; I took your advice, & promptly visited the last of my family, who lived in Phoenix.

    As constructive crit, I threw you several few left hooks for your carbon debt from international flying.

    I still maintain that criticism.

    You are being proven right every day, even though I wish that you were wrong.

    You have always done the very best science & thereby given us a chance to make the most of our short time left.

    Mea culpa, in working class Cathlick.

    I often wonder why you aren’t even more disgusted with the glaring idiocy of our fellow pilgrims.

    Yes Sir, along with the love, there is plenty of hate.

    Hilary & Trump shows how far we have sunk.

  • “But, as with abrupt climate change, I’m said to be responsible for human population overshoot.” Really? Man, you’re a busy guy!, or Guy, you’re a busy man!

    Steven Pinker argues (sorry, bad word choice) contends:

    “Many moral advances have taken the form of a shift in sensibilities that made an action seem more ridiculous than sinful, such as dueling, bullfighting, and jingoistic war. And many effective social critics, such as Swift, Johnson, Voltaire, Twain, Oscar Wilde, Bertrand Russell, Tom Lehrer, and George Carlin have been smart-ass comedians rather than thundering prophets. What in our psychology allows the joke to be mightier than the sword?

    Humor works by confronting an audience with an incongruity, which may be resolved by switching to another frame of reference. And in that alternative frame of reference, the butt of the joke occupies a lowly or undignified status. …

    Humor with a political or moral agenda can stealthily challenge a relational model that is second nature to an audience by forcing them to see that it leads to consequences that the rest of their minds recognize as absurd. …

    “But making fun hurts.” Damn right it hurts. It’s supposed to hurt. It’s supposed to expose the fool for what they are. I wouldn’t presume to speak for the online community here, but for myself there’s not an ounce of hate in me. Cynicism, sarcasm, OK, mea culpa–but hate no. I can see how others can easily project hate into my comments (someone just used the word “vicious” relating to a medical article I didn’t even write!) but no hate. I don’t hold grudges against the commentators here who have attacked me, but I do have a memory. Maybe the comments are not all Kumbaya and kisses for all, but a lot of (sometimes overly) serious discussion goes on as well.

    But you know, there’s no one so blind as he who won’t listen. People will hear what they want to hear. Guy, teaching high school is different than teaching college, so I’ll give you the advice I give all first year teachers: most student misbehavior is not directed toward you–the students would simply rather be doing what they’re doing than what you want them to do; don’t take it personally. The vast majority of the commenters here have tremendous respect and admiration for you. And I am grateful that you put up with us.

    Best Wishes

  • mod note:

    CindyMC, not presuming to speak for Guy of course (“on behalf of”?) as a moderator; thanks for your two cents, and Welcome!

  • Oh yeah, it took me a while. Old Jake (note the third person) isn’t as spry as he used to be.

    Best Wishes again

  • Guy, while I hope you keep the comments section open, I’d totally understand if you were to shutter it. Unfortunately, a few folks are determined to abuse freedom of speech and ruin this space for everyone else.

    The hostility being directed your way by the Nate Hagens, Dave Cohens, REs etc. is due to their emotional inability to deal with NTHE. It’s simply too much for their immature psyches to handle. Therefore they deny it and lash out at you instead. If they thought you were genuinely crazy they would’t bother acknowledging your work. It wouldn’t threaten their world view. But because they know there’s merit to what your saying, It makes them uncomfortable.

    You should wear their derision like a badge of honor. It’s better to be right than to be liked.

  • 1. fk the haters.
    2. they are in denial and super scared.
    3. close the comments if you don’t want to deal with them.
    4. life is too short to deal with bullshit.

  • I just wanted to pad the numbers of nonhate mail you get. Thank you, Guy.

  • The cruelty and heartlessness displayed by so many people in the world has always been the Big Question for me. It shows in my choice of education in psychology, and my lifelong study of religion, philosophy, and related subjects.

    The knee-jerk destructiveness displayed routinely in the culture, and I believe there is a tremendous cultural component to it, is why I could never, never do what you do, Guy. I could not take it for a week, maybe not a day. But then, I post here sometimes, and sometimes I do it a lot, so maybe I underestimate myself.

    I have long had a need-hate relationship with the comments section at NBL. After years of participating, far more in recently than early on, I am more comfortable with the comments than previously. And I’m glad I’ve continued to read and participate, even though I’ve been a thorough fool to do so maybe all the time.

    I haven’t heard many people say very much in life that I thought was original or profound. My friend Alfred Chu once made the delightful comment, “Money makes life easier, if you know how to make life easier.” That one stood out.

    In my entire working life I heard one man make what I thought was a profound comment. He was a huge mucky-muck at Ford Motor Co., and he was talking about the company going broke in the 80s, and how it came about. He discussed all the many options available on their vehicles at the time, and the out-of-control complexity and lack of consistency that existed worldwide. He looked at his audience and said, “The problem is, people are creative!!”

    Amen, Brother, and yea, verily. And a lot, if not most, at least these days, of their creativity is destructive. The idea that smart humans might limit themselves to creativity that is less damaging to the world, including other humans, isn’t something that crosses their minds or that they want to hear. They are entitled to experience themselves, and to objectify others if they want to.

    I love Guy’s mind. Just love it. The world would be much poorer without you, Guy. Much. My world would. A good mind is hard to find.


  • Guy, Just wanted to let you know what a HUGE DIFFERENCE you have made in my life. I read “Going Dark” and found it to be the perfect ending to the study of the totality of oil in our world. You helped me bring my research to a natural close… prior to reading it I was constantly looking for more books about oil, and the peak of oil, I knew there was more to learn but I didn’t know what. “Going Dark” took my study of oil through the car and out the tailpipe so to speak.
    I know you have a lot of “haters” (to utilize the youthspeak of today), but I want you to hear from a fan.
    You and Derrick Jenson have written some of the most important books of our age, you may not have money in the bank to prove it, but anyone who has read them with an open mind has not been left unchanged.
    One reason you have “haters” is because of how humans disfunction. Have you ever seen the TV show “Hoarders”? It is a show about people who live in houses filled to the brim with garbage… they can’t eat, cook, use the toilet… but they will NOT let go of that stack of newspaper, or the can of dog food, or piles of rat infested clothes… they would rather die then give up one little piece of trash. I can’t help but think that it works the same way on a larger scale with mass populace. People feel threatened over having their stuff taken away, no matter how harmful that stuff… there is some part of us that is hard wired for destruction through denial.
    I don’t visit this site as often as I used to… because I get it, and I don’t want to spend my time in hospice thinking about dying… I want to spend it living. If you chose to shut down the comments (or the entire site) I would NEVER blame you for doing so…. I think what you have done is important, and it SURE HELPED ME… but no one wants to be a Cassandra forever. You SHOULD shut off the comments Guy, you DESERVE peace of mind, and not being subject to cyberbullies and abuse. You have earned it. People don’t need to comment on everything, it tends to distract from the conservation. I have been practicing not commenting… but made an exception for you.

    Take care of yourself, and your own mental health… and do whatever you need to do to acheieve that goal.

  • The last two puppies, out of a litter of eight, sit miserably in the pet store window when one turns to the other and says, “You’re the reason that I don’t get adopted! You’re stupid and I hate you.”

    If the comments close down, where will I spew my venomous stew?

    At Current Rate, We Will Reach 100% Renewable Energy In 200 Years from collapse

  • The author of this piece starts off saying we are being served a shit sandwich that we have to eat. I doubt any of you high brows ever watched The Trailer Park Boys. But the trailer park manager always had the most viscerally vivid shit talk.

    He would call things a “shit storm of epic proportions” or complain that some problem is “just another shit stick I gotta lick”.

    The only thing funnier than shit metaphors is all the pie in the sky bullshit I read here. I would miss it dearly.

    It’s like the morbid fascination of watching a slow motion car wreck.

  • Well, we all gotta do what we gotta do, whatever it is. My own personal caveat at this stage is Do No Harm, which is almost impossible to live up to but still provides a useful rule-of-thumb.

    If one’s calling is to be a messenger of bad tidings in the public domain, ad hominens and misrepresentations are, unfortunately, baked into the cake. And the evidence supports that claim. Anarchy may be an interesting idea on paper, but a lot of what goes on here is rather unapetizing. If I was you, which I’m not, I would periodically update the Climate Summary, ignore or shut off the comments, and retire to the Mud Hut. Which, from what I’ve seen online, looks like a good place to be as the whole enterprise goes south. But I don’t really expect that. Maybe it’s a little more lively in the thick of it, lumps and all.

  • I tried to listen to the Straight Line interview, but it stopped before the first song was over at the 2:00 minute mark. I was instructed to press the Play button again and the same thing happened. I posted a message of explanation and also sent a Report. Ironically, the title of the song was “Death is Near.” lol

  • Oh, and Guy — We Love You!

  • As you know, Guy, the ones closest to the truth are the one’s most dismissed and ridiculed by society.
    Thanks for all your great work.
    Take care.

  • Well, certainly I could never do what Guy does for a number of reasons, including some really important ones like my complete lack of qualifications, but I meant be a public figure of any kind. Of course, that’s what I meant.

  • Sometimes it sucks to be right.How do you know your right . This Bill Burr video might help.

  • Grant:

    Excellent comment! I will remember it.

  • There’s an old tale about the cowboy who shows up at a revival tent somewhere in the south to hear the preacher’s message. The preacher walks on stage to do his thing, and in the entire tent, there is just the one lone cowboy. The preacher apologizes to the cowboy, saying that he had expected a full house, and doesn’t know what to tell him.
    The cowboy says, well I’m not a preacher, I’m just a cowboy, but if I went out to feed my animals, and only one showed up, I’d still feed it.
    The ones who show up here at NBL and don’t make disparaging comments probably do so, because they appreciate and like to get fed the truth.
    The ones who spend time disparaging the message or the messenger, are like the cowboy’s animals who didn’t show up for feeding time.

    Or how about this:
    “After a summary of the case he had written, in a ball point scrawl so hard the page was lacerated, one word: HOPELESS.
    But mere truth would not suffice. It never does. The one thing nobody wants to hear is truth. Honesty is always a dangerous policy.”

    Ed Abbey: The Fool’s Progress

    I for one, appreciate the truth that Guy writes about here, and I most certainly agree with Guy and Ed that the situation is HOPELESS.

  • Guy,

    You’ve done such an immeasurable service to those that would listen, it would be a shame to let that crap get to you (which, I can understand, may in fact be exponentially more difficult to bare than the acceptance of our current predicament). I’ve experienced it on a far smaller scale amongst those I love and trust that refuse to believe that this wonderful set of living arrangements could ever grind to a halt.

    Continued discussion of this topic as the physical evidence continues to prove you right mounts will inevitably lead to stronger and stronger attacks from those that deny the very obvious changes taking place… The system is largely designed to fend off the discussion as soon as the theory becomes a reality.

    This from John Michael Greer, of the Archdruid report;

    “As long as they [climate catastrophes] were threats located off somewhere in the indefinite future, they were eagerly used as verbal ammunition, but each of them vanished from the rhetoric as soon as it stopped being a threat and turned into a reality. I noted in an essay some years back the way that methane boiling out of the Arctic Ocean, which was described in ghoulish detail over and over again as the climate change über-threat, suddenly got dropped like a anthropogenically heated rock by climate change activists the moment it began to happen.”

    There are enough of us that understand what’s going on.

    We know who the problem children are.

    Please don’t let them convince you that it isn’t worth keeping this comment section open.


  • Guy

    For a long time I have noted you end most vids with, “Only love remains.”
    I’d often think, there seems to be a lot of hate left. Wonder if he notices?
    Obviously you do.
    I do enjoy some of the music posted here, but if you choose to close the comments, I understand.

  • Guy, it would be a pity if you closed the comments section because, amongst all the ‘noise’, some contributors post useful information and links we might not otherwise encounter.

    For instance, when the sensor that provided data for NSIDC malfunctioned, someone (I can’t remember who) linked the Japanese site. Then there was a link to the yet-to-be-released NOOA report pointing out that multi-metre sea level rise by 2050 is locked in. Such links are useful in pointing out the utter lunacy of mainstream narratives that dominate almost everywhere.

    As you know, I have been on a similar journey to yours for a similar time (having been exposed to ‘Limits to Growth’ in the early 1970s and having met my first economic-ecological-anthropological mentor, Keith Lockett, in 1978), a major difference between us being that I attempted something similar to you more-or-less alone, and ran out of financial resources and good health a while ago. Of course, since I was highly active (1997-2012) the international corporate (fascist) police state has managed to close down many of the previously-operating avenues for promulgation of truth.

    As for the matter of criticism of your carbon footprint, I was invited to a bridge evening recently, and after the play one of the participants announced the details of her NEXT overseas holiday, which included flying from NZ to America, cruising around Alaska, helicopter flight to view glaciers etcetera, etcetera, etcetera………I didn’t say a word. What was the point? Confronting her planet-fucking would not have changed a thing.

    However, there is still a tiny sense of satisfaction in presenting reality on websites which supposedly devoted to discussion of crucial issues of the times, especially to those who are still trapped in the Matrix and still believe in infinite growth on a finite planet and still believe they have the right to consume energy and resources at a rate 100 times or 1,000 times the rate their great-grandparents did.

    I now know that the vast majority of people living in industrial societies are financially and scientifically illiterate and have been conditioned from a young age to firmly believe in utter nonsense. That conditioning continues on a daily basis. But there are a few who can think for themselves and can be persuaded that present economic arrangements make everything that matters worse faster.

    However, since the entire framework of governance is corrupt to the core and is geared to perpetuation (or expansion) of dysfunctional systems, there certainly cannot be any hope long term. Indeed, we now know that even attempts to reduce the level of misery to be experienced in the future go against the mantra of the dominant culture and will be stamped on by the global police state wherever possible.

    On that matter, the thought occurs that instead of focusing on the fact that present arrangements are unsustainable and are leading us at an ever-faster pace towards extinction you might be more accepted if you spent more time pointing out that we are living in an international police state and that practically everything ‘the authorities’ say is either an outright lie or is founded on a lie.

    By the way, I have recently seen the film ‘Seediq Bale’, which depicts how the Japanese used guns to enslave the indigenous mountain people of Taiwan in the late 19th century century and used them to extract timber; when the indigenous people revolted in 1930 they were slaughtered by machine guns, mortars, and aircraft etc., and those who survived were re-enslaved.

    Major improvements over the past 500 years: systems for killing humans and systems for keeping them enslaved. Welcome to the global 21st century slave system.

    It is still shaping up to be an ‘interesting’ northern summer.

  • My heart breaks every day, for you, Guy, for myself, for my loved ones, for my fellow human beings, for non-human beings who had nothing to do with the imminent collapse of our culture and the extinction of (potentially) all life on Earth.

    I love Derrick Jensen’s work because he still fights for whatever matters ‘just in case’ it will make even a small difference. For my part, in my own small way, I fight back by doing everything I can to affirm life. For me, that is all I can do. And I’ve determined that it is enough.

    As a 2-time survivor of breast cancer in a family of 5 women diagnosed with this disease (it’s not genetic, either) and who has now lost 2 of those women, I am intimately familiar with how fragile life is and how incredibly precious our moments while we’re here. I’m working up the courage to share what I believe my family can handle about our future, but I don’t know if they’ll ever accept it until it’s staring them in the face.

    Funny, humans are. In order to change, most of us must get to the point of excruciating pain – emotional, physical or otherwise – to finally be open to seeing the truth. I, for one, sometimes wish I hadn’t.

    Much love, Guy.

  • Hatred is easier than admitting everything you have even worked for, everything you have ever stood for, everything you have ever wanted and everything you have ever believed is utterly wrong.

    Denial is not limited to the climate, our society is in denial about pretty much everything. Because it is all going wrong and we just refuse to see it. More of the same is seen as the solution to every problem.

    Denial is everywhere, sure much worse in some places. But even in the science community there is no end of people; who refuse to connect the final dots, ignore the logical conclusion, cling to reports that were outdated when written, let alone published.(I was dismissed as a doomer ten years ago, told I was as bad as the deniers and yet now it getting much worse, much faster, than I ever expected. I was told I was wrong, but never how I was wrong.)

    Hatred and denial is all they have left.

  • I forgot to mention that the Key government recently cut Department of Conservation annual funding by $41 million, and announced an extra $20 billion in military spending over the next 14 years.

    Daily CO2

    June 11, 2016: 407.40 ppm

    June 11, 2015: 403.22 ppm

    Up 4.18 ppm

  • So glad to have stumbled upon your wisdom.

    So many aspects of society, I’d found unbearable to tolerate, suddenly became tolerable.

    Your message is too heavy. If ever there was a messenger destined to be shot..Dr McPherson, you’d be just that.

    The nostalgia for the world you loved in your youth, exceeds the measure of pain you’ll have to endure for delivering truth.

    I trust you must feel that, so you’d never have been able to abstain from delivering the message we all needed.

    An ingrained honour within some, that is always such an admirable trait to observe. Wonderful that we have this internet tech-stuff, so many like-minded may rally around you.

    But this truth is so heavy.

  • Ugotstahwonder- thanks for the video. I don’t know if you were posting it tongue in cheek (since everyone here is so cynical), but I’ve always thought that was a beautiful song. And so many soulful versions. Jeff Buckley’s is probably my favorite, even over Leonard Cohen maybe, but RW is awesome, too. So thanks!

    I find the title of Guy’s latest essay to be particularly poignant today. Believe me, nothing reminds me of my own sociocentrism as a day like today. I can know the horror in Orlando is the kind of thing that happens every day all over the world (such as in Baghdad, mostly thanks to my own government), but I am still not immune to the selfishness that makes me feel more emotionally distraught the closer it happens to home. There is indeed plenty of hate. It will only get worse when all the stresses multiply, which is why I find it more than interesting that this little “tribe” here is at each other’s throats all the time. Not surprising, mind you, since we’re dealing with human beings, just interesting.

    I’ve seen a lot of Guy’s presentations online and only once in person. But in the face of hostility from the audience, I’ve seen nothing but patience, humor* and respect in his dealings with them. For someone who has done nothing but attempt to be reasonable, present the data as he sees it* and try to help people adapt to that knowledge (he even developed a whole course on dealing with it), he sure gets a lot of shit. By his own admission the man has an ego and I see that, but it takes an egotist to know an egotist, and he deals with people’s b.s. in an almost saint-like fashion, better than I ever would or could.

    So basically, it would be great if those of us who support him and his work could each take a step back and examine ourselves and how we participate here. Let’s not add to the stress. Let’s not be assholes who drive others away. I know I can stand to be more generous, less snarky, more mature, less defensive, more patient, less judgmental. For starters : )

    Peace, everyone!!

    *I don’t use the Oxford comma. That pissed someone off here once, so my deepest apologies there…

  • Whenever you see an absurd comment that is dismissing scientific evidence and only sending mindless hate your way, just let your eyes glaze over and move ontogeny next comment. You are basicslly that guy standing at the entrance to a burning building telling anyone coming in that it’s on fire, and instead of heeding your words, they get mad at you and call you alarmist and push past you into the building where they get injured and then they come out angry at you for letting them go in. All you can do is face palm and have your favorite beer.

  • Guy, it would be a shame if a few haters and self-absorbed assholes who have turned every discussion to be about themselves cause the comments section to be shut down. I’ve gleamed a lot of useful info via visits here. But i also find myself commenting less often, the idiotic posts which take up screenfuls are just too much of an effort to get past, so i can understand your growing disgust. This is an example of how the status quo over time tears apart those who wish to do challenge it, even the most determined.

  • Dear Guy,

    I don’t know where you find the strength deal with comments. It is nice, on the one hand, to have a forum to make the rare (in my case) posting about something you have written, but my own personal rule is to never read comments. My luxury since it isn’t my blog, but I’m kind of old fashioned and I uphold the idea that if you don’t have something nice to say, shut the fuck up & take a hike. After all, I come here to read what you think, not what others think about what you think. As for what they say on other websites, etc., it just comes with the territory.

    Deniers (and haters) remind me of the possibly apocryphal Germans that they say crawled out of the increasingly deep rubble of destroyed German cities near the end of WWII, insisting that at any moment the Führer would reveal some secret weapon that would win it all for the Fatherland. They were as delusional as many -if not all- of your critics. The stronger their denial and vilification, the stronger the evidence of their utter defeat by the facts.

    So here’s one more little vote of support for your chosen mission in life. Would to whatever, none of humanity’s godawful “successes” had made any of this necessary and we could all just marvel at our place in this vast universe in peace. Oh well…

  • Found this blog in 2009 and have read, listened and watched religiously for the past 7 years. (By ‘religiously’, I mean I catch up once a week. Though, not necessarliy on Sunday.) You have taught me a great deal. Mostly Guy, of course, but all of you. What I learned here has given my lifelong unease over the behavior of my species a more definite shape. Not a pretty shape, but ugly truth is at least truth.

    Never commented before. Usually saw my thoughts already expressed in the comments of others and felt no need to read my own words adding nothing to the conversation. As for thoughts I had that were not already typed by other fingers than these, I always eventually decided that they were unique to me. Which is to say they were ‘idiotic’, in its original sense, and best left untyped. I imagine this contribution will confirm the wisdom of that instinct.

    But since the comments might be shut down, I didn’t want to let that happen before I had the chance to say thank you, Guy. Thank you all of the rest of you, including the departed.

  • Well, Guy, I just think of the “hate” messages as the result of fear that has nothing to do with you. Yes, that’s so easy for me to say sitting on the sidelines. But perhaps they are really screaming for help, as having the sickle-guy come around and look you in the eye may trigger sudden unthinking reactions of the form the-best-defense-is-a-good-offence, especially when you live your life like death doesn’t apply to you. I’d be happy to have you carve off these comments, along with other avenues of your “hate” messages, into a separate bucket cleverly called, “My Hate Mail,” where we can share your (and their) pain and perhaps individually feel compassion for them. But, Guy, please do what you must to keep the comments going from those of us who, thanks to you and other brave educators, understand those pesky data that indicate food is about to become a scarce commodity even for the few hunter-gatherers left.

  • Paul Craig Roberts has almost exactly the same problem, Guy.

    ‘….they are all full of blind hate.’

    Paul Craig Roberts On The “Frustrations Of Telling The Truth”

    Some examples of the ‘abuse’ one gets when telling the truth:

    If I criticize the Israeli government for abusing Palestinians and stealing their country, the Israel Lobby accuses me of being an anti-semite who wants to repeat the holocaust. In the same batch of emails, anti-semites denounce me for being too easy on Israel and covering up for the Jewish conspiracy against mankind.

    When I write about the One Percent using the government to loot the economy, I receive emails blaming me because I worked for Reagan “who started it all by cutting tax rates for the rich.” These people have no conception of supply-side economics, its purpose, success, and the way it prepared the way for Reagan to negotiate the end of the Cold War. At one point in their lives they read a left-wing screed against Reagan, and that is the extent of their understanding. But they are full of blind hate.

    When I write about Washington’s crimes against other countries, I receive emails asking me where I was during Iran-Contra and Grenada. Apparently, they think that a Treasury official can run the State Department and Pentagon. Some of the readers are so confused that they think Reagan overthrew Allende in Chile. Alllende was overthrown in 1973. Reagan was inaugurated in 1981. It is dispiriting that there actually are people this ignorant and so proud of it that they will accuse me of helping Reagan to overthrow Allende.

    When I point out the dangers of the reckless folly of Washington’s aggressions against Russia, China, and the independent Muslim world, superpatriots denounce me for being anti-American. There is a stratum of the US population that thinks that it is a criminal act to disbelieve the government or to question its judgment and motives. “You are with us or against us.”

    When I document the death of the US Constitution and the rise of the American Police State, “law and order” conservatives admonish me that the police state only appies to terrorists and criminals and does not apply to law abiding citizens. They are convinced that Snowden and Assange are traitors, and no amount of evidence or reason can convince them otherwise. Neither can they be convinced that in the 21st century, law has become a weapon in the hands of government and no longer is a shield of the people. The Rule of Law in America is dead.

    All of my life I have confronted the vast bulk of humanity living in a false reality created by self-serving powerful interest groups and the government that they control. People believe the lies that define their reality, because they lack the education and the emotional and intellectual strength to confront the obvious lies.

    Every truth-teller confronts this barrier every day of his or her life. Every truth-teller wishes he/she could force red pills down the throat of the population.

    In American today there is nothing true that you can say that does not result in a heaving of abuse. The safe course is to repeat all the lies that come out of Washington and the presstitute media.

    To go against the Matrix, you need all of the superpowers of The One.

  • mod note ~ rules change

    please note Guy’s new comment in the post above:

    “This site is focused on evidence and response relating to near-term human extinction. No personal attacks directed at other commenters are allowed, direct or implied. All such attacks will be deleted at the discretion of the moderators. If commenters want to engage in private discussions, they can request a moderator forward their email address to another person here.”

    The house rules:

    0. Two comments max, per day, in the current thread. unlimited posts allowed in the basement (previous) threads. all posts, wherever they are, shall follow the remaining three rules.

    1. No libel. learn the law if you need to.

    2. No attacks on classes of people, e.g. racism, antisemitism, misogyny.

    3. This site is focused on evidence and response relating to near-term human extinction. No personal attacks directed at other commenters are allowed, direct or implied. All such attacks will be deleted at the discretion of the moderators.

    Interpretation and enforcement of the rules is at the discretion of the moderators.

    note: in order to make rule 3 workable, it will be enforced strongly. very likely, nothing even remotely crossing the line will be allowed. if a comment violates rule 3 in any way, the entire comment will be deleted, regardless of remaining content.

    thanks for your consideration. these changes have been discussed and agreed by all mods.

    ~ mo

  • “We have little time left. Climate change, even if we halt all carbon emissions today, will still bring rising temperatures, havoc, instability and systems collapse to much of the planet.”

  • Babajingo – since you asked, no, not tongue in cheek, I heard the song earlier today and thought of Rufus Wainwright, an openly gay man, giving a perfect sort of homage to the victims of the largest mass shooting in the U.S. on this day, presumably because they were part of the LGBT community and thought it a great comment to the article entitled ‘plenty of hate remains’. I’m glad you enjoyed it. It is a beautiful song and I love his rendition the most!

  • Guy,
    Thank you for speaking about what’s to come.
    I washed my son’s hair today. I shielded his eyes with my hand to prevent the soapy water from stinging his eyes. I felt a small fugitive joy as I cradled his head in one hand and poured water on his hair to rinse it. There will be no- “The Road” for us. He can’t walk very far. I can walk all day, but I won’t- as long as he needs me.
    General Semantics was well nigh incomprehensible to me, although Ida Rose Barbers book, “A Challenge to Confusion” was most helpful. While the map may not be the territory, I am satisfied with the conclusions I’ve reached. In a way, I feel as if you have told me the day of my death. In Patanjali’s book this would be considered a siddhi. To know the time of one’s death is a gift and for this I thank you. I have not responded to the more necrotic personalities here or written before because it generally seemed irrelevant to me. I simply don’t care. I returned again and again as a starting point in my day to gauge the speed of the unraveling and maintain the awareness and focus necessary to be of “value” and to be deserving of the love and trust that’s been entrusted to me. Your were kind to my son at King’s Books in Tacoma and answered his questions with still more provocative questions- this is a trait you have in common with the best of teachers. For this, I thank you.
    Knowledge of the devil’s bargain in which we are entangled creates a terrible loneliness. Nothing expressed by Derrick Jensen or Guy or Tom Lewis or Dave Cohen or ulvfugl or several others is particularly hidden. PPM Co2, anoxic zones, pthalates, mass die-offs, lost coriums and the aquifers that bath them and wash their poisons into the sea are a small part of the flock of black swans whose wing beats buffet us. You have alleviated some of that loneliness.
    Thank you, Guy.

  • I wish I had time now to read through all of the above comments, but a skim seems to reveal them being entirely supportive.

    When I first encountered you 4 years ago, I wrote copious notes of my own from your references, from other presenters, and from the oncoming psychology (5 stages) of what we would be going through.

    I thought that even I could go on the lecture circuit, with whatever small response, and make my contribution to the teaching that you are doing.

    But I never had a teaching career, more a compulsion to write, and the Internet forums I’ve joined have been ideal for that mode of sharing.

    Plus I realized that humanity was not going to retrace its addictive path into Industrial Civilization in time to change the outcome.

    And, I saw the persecution that came to the messenger who delivers the bad news.

    Between Fight, or Flight, my own animal instincts have mostly chosen the latter. But just as the Dog Soldiers were called on to protect the retreat of their people, one never knows what honor will demand.

    Oh, and reading Paul Craig Roberts’ comments this week, about the likelihood of the next Pres pushing too hard on the Russians, well…

    We could get it in any of several ways, couldn’t we?

    So all honors to Guy, reminding us to live with excellence, and today I’m receiving photos back from two teen girls I’ve sent on a class eco=tour to the Amazon region. (The REAL one, not the online retailer.) Very satisfying.

    I’m also meditating/napping to audios of Eckhardt Tolle’s books, and that feeling of being more aware in the moment is making some of my previous evasions painfully obvious to me now. Living with and recognizing the emotions passing through us is a big part of getting to that excellence.

  • My sympathies Guy.
    I came to NTE (i.e. sometime this century), by way of James Lovelock before I found NBL,but you gave me this community of like minded souls.
    Whatever you decide to do, please threaten to close the comments from time to time as it brings out the lurkers, and I for one enjoy that.
    I think Mr Milk was murdered in 1975.Was there ever a more disappointed generation than those of us who were 18 in 1968?
    Kind regards to you all.

  • “In Patanjali’s book this would be considered a siddhi.”

    Tradition has it that for the realised one there is no difference between living and dying; indeed to such a one death itself is voluntary, with the time, place and circumstance entirely of their own choosing (iccha maran).

  • Dear Professor, Dear Guy,
    Once I was a teacher myself, a passionate one too. But I think I had one major flaw. If 95% of my audience was truly satisfied and complemented me, I would still go home breaking my head over the 5% that I wasn’t able to reach or teach. I always regretted that but was unable to change it. Maybe that is what a perfectionist does… het wants to be 100% succesful. Maybe I had to, and you can learn to, focus only on the thankful, and accept that there always will be scorpions that will sting you. (the story of the Bouddhist who was asked: “Why do you always help the scorpion crossing the river as it always stings you? He answered: Its in his nature to sting as it is my nature to help/assist”) Acceptance is a great/huge power…
    With love.

  • @Guy

    This sort of thing happens on all public forums. It’s a pain in the arse to moderate as some people are always trying to defeat the system. Be that as it may. At least some moderation is in effect and I think the moderators are getting better at what they do. Thanks mods for volunteering your time and effort. Keep on keepin’ on Guy.

    A gale (New England expression) or the Siberian Express has whipped up the winds in my neck of the woods so much so that some of the secondary leaves of bush bean plants have blown off. A chipmunk whilst trying to navigate a patch of meadow looked like it was swimming in a storm tossed sea. Another seven days of drying conditions in store. Plants are stressed to say the least particularly in the abnormally dry areas indicated by the drought monitor in New England. Some of the old Fraxinus (sp.) stand tall and dead in the forest. Sad. I’ve never seen anything quite like this in my twenty eight years on site.

  • No pain, no gain. All is as it should be. The universe has meaning that we can’t realize. Orlando Gibbons The woods so wilde: Martha Cook, harpsichord

  • No no, Orlando = beautiful music. Materialism doesn’t explain phenomena like maths and music, which are difficult to explain as biological phenomena developed by natural selection by evolution, says Nobel laureate Josephson.

    Glenn Gould plays his favorite composer Orlando Gibbons.

  • Tony Bennett a true legend. I enjoy the duets with Mariah Carey and Norah Jones, one of his best song for me is Body And Soul from Duets II album

  • @Andaréapié, your words about washing your son’s hair – the protective and loving image you conveyed – touched me deeply. I felt the depth and strength and ever-lastingness of your love, its unquestioning & unconditional nature. Tears came in response, so thank you for speaking up.

    I don’t often get ‘caught’ by a song to the extent that I want to listen to it over and over, then find myself humming and singing it at od times throughout the day (like as soon as I open my eyes in the morning), but now one tune ‘just won’t let go’ (which happens to be a line from the song. Trouble is I don’t know how to post a youtube vid of it in this space.

    Something in the song’s lyrics seem so germane to the themes of NBL, and to my own thoughts and feelings around present and near-term realities. Some of the words are:

    “I really got to use my imagination to think of good reasons to keep on keeping on; got to make the best of a bad situation, ever since that day I woke up and found that you were gone…” And in my mind the ‘you’ is this wondrous and beautiful and diverse Earth planet.

    Later on she sings: ‘Starin’ down (or,denying)reality don’t do me no good, cuz our misunderstanding is too well understood…’ And I hear: Denying or soft-pedalling the reality of abrupt climate change and the near-term demise of so much of life on Earth doesn’t help or serve in the least (au contraire). Also, it’s easy enough to see or understand the nature of all the made-up, self-serving and delusional attempts to paint a different and rosier picture .

    There’s another line that goes: ‘Emptiness has found me and just won’t let me go; I go right on living but WHY I just don’t know…’ to which the backup singers answer; ‘You’re too strong not to keep on keeping on…’ And the lead singer emphatically replies, ‘Yes I AM!

    Which I’ve lately adopted as my mantra: You’re too strong not to keep on keeping on – yes, I bloody well AM!

    You, too, Guy.

    Now if someone would post that song or tell me how to do it, I’d be grateful. Gladys Knight and the Pips, I’ve got to Use My Imagination.

    Warning: Infectious beat.

  • mod note

    Bob S ~

    it is easy to discuss different theories and thoughts without making the discussion into any kind of personal attack. plenty of sites and online venues have very strict policies about this. this site is now one of them, and the new policy is not up for debate.

    courtesy, consideration, thoughtfulness and manners are all helpful. as is just ignoring an idea, opinion, or point, if you feel like you can’t find a way of addressing it without a personal attack.

    I’ve been plenty guilty of launching personal attacks here in various ways. you won’t hear another one from me coming out of my keyboard here.

    Robert Callaghan ~

    I would not address a pure scientific materialist here, whether directly or with any implication, that calls them “foolish” for wanting to understand the universe via scientific materialism. the same policy applies to the spiritual/meditation/religious folks amongst us. comment deleted.

    note a different example from Batman above:

    “Materialism doesn’t explain phenomena like maths and music, which are difficult to explain as biological phenomena developed by natural selection by evolution, says Nobel laureate Josephson.”

    there are no pejoratives here. no “abusive, disrespectful or unnecessary language.” it is an observation or opinion stated without any kind of personal attack aimed at other commenters here.

    anyone would be free to refute Batman’s idea with other thoughts/ideas/opinions on how materialism can explain anything like math or music, again without using “abusive, disrespectful or unnecessary language.” there could be many ways of countering that idea without any kind of personal attack.

    again, thanks for your consideration!

    ~ mo

    P.S: thanks ogardener! your support is appreciated.

  • One more line from the song that ‘won’t let me go’: ‘Such a sad sad season when a good love – planet – dies; and not a day goes by that I don’t realize.’

    I’ve live in the same rural place for 40+ years. In the not-too-distant past, late spring and early summer days would be raucous – almost deafeningly loud – with birdsongs: meadowlarks, bobolinks, thrashers, catbirds, robins (of course), goldfinches, various sparrows and warblers, bluejays, bluebirds, flickers – some of the birds whose songs I recognize + a cacophony, a symphony of other tweets and trills and caws and whistles. Now, in comparison, the morning and evening air has gone very quiet, a spares and muted shadow of not so very long ago.

    It’s a sad, sad season…

  • .
    I’m not sure if posting music violates rule #3 or not, but maybe music can be an exception?

    lark … just copy the link from your browser toolbar … and paste it into your comment.

    I’m very impressed with the new moderation so far. Maybe this rule will actually work. It means more work for the mods though, so thanks for your effort moderators.

    Guy, of course we respect you and would miss the comments. Come on man, smile.

    (((((({{{{{{[[[[Group hug for guy.]]]]}}}}}}))))))

    See lark … like this … (thanks infanttyrone, a country band I was in opened for JJW once … he, er, rocks.)


  • Nate Hagens is a clever guy but he has no background in natural sciences. People who don’t have a background in the natural sciences think they can discuss the issue as if it were ‘political science’, psychology or economics. They don’t distinguish a fact from an opinion, or an axiom from a law. It is always pointless to argue with them and although they tend to gather a numerous audience around them, natural scientists do not pay them too much attention (something they instinctively know). Ironically and of course unknowingly to him, his words are a good example of someone expressing precisely what science is not, i.e. a conflict of opinions.

  • mod note

    comments debating or questioning the value of the new rule 3, either directly, through implication, sarcastically, or otherwise, will be deleted. the rule is not up for debate on this forum. if you have thoughts on the rule, or questions about it, it would probably be best to ask a moderator or Guy via email.

    LWA ~ a musical choice would have to be a personal attack of some kind, on a commenter or group of commenters here, to be deleted. as would any other “non-standard” way of making such an attack.

    these kinds of attacks just won’t be allowed. as mentioned, anything remotely crossing the line will be deleted. it’s just not going to be worth it to debate fine points here. it is easy for anyone to know when they are making such an attack, or attempting to, and it will be just as easy for us to delete.

    thanks! your support is appreciated.

    ~ mo

  • mod note

    “People who don’t have a background in the natural sciences think they can discuss the issue as if it were ‘political science’, psychology or economics. They don’t distinguish a fact from an opinion, or an axiom from a law.”

    there is a HUGE amount of overlap between the natural sciences, and political science, psychology, and economics – as all of these disciplines are put into actual practice by fallible, biased and opinionated human beings.

    there could be all kind of ways of discussing these matters as they overlap (and they almost always do). again, very easy to have this discussion without personal attacks.

    facts are facts, interpretations of facts are interpretations of facts. opinions, axioms and laws all have their various places within the debate. in general, debating science points with the methods and ideas of science is the way to go IMO, but certainly there are many ways that psychology and philosophy also come into play within that debate.

    there is tons that falls under this: “This site is focused on evidence and response relating to near-term human extinction.”

    it can all be discussed without any kind of personal attacks on other commenters here.

    ~ mo

  • lark, I have noticed the same thing re the birds. I remember morning bird song that was literally deafening. We couldn’t have a conversation without raising our voices when we walked outside. I loved it so much. Now, it is very quiet, and I don’t see anywhere near the number of birds.

    I have been an avid bird watcher over the years, and have had plenty of wild birds in my area with no introduced species in the region. One year I counted at least eleven species that nested on or adjacent to my property. I used to love to watch them bring their babies to the feeder. Babies of all kinds that are so stinkin’ cute. I remember in the 90s there were three species of swallows that nested on my property, but I have not seen swallows for a very long time. Not to watch the spring life come back as it has for most of my long life is a sorrow without end.

    Thanks to the mods for the time they volunteer to do the job.

  • “What The Bleep Do We Know?” had this recommended to me a couple of years ago, by a colleague who lost her two sons in different car accidents a year apart. I finally found it.

    Best Wishes

  • @ OGF

    Yes, here in MS. The birds are going, and so are the frogs.

    Best Wishes

  • Hi lark –
    To post a Youtube video, just copy and paste the link and *presto* it will appear.
    Truly a great song and infectiously funky!

    This site is a rare place to get truth and super current information. Please don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater. Haters will hate. Has anyone seen some of the other blogs out there? Even I had to stop reading them. It’s like everything is coming up GWB. Insolent, nasty, and illiterate are the characteristics of the whirlwind we have reaped with our history of militarism and selfish pursuit of infinite growth of profit at the expense of the living planet. Yet, here, there is a majority that are interested in the information, add many useful links and comments, and see the great (while not perfect) example of the most valid response to our human caused predicament – the story and wisdom of a man afflicted with the truth who doesn’t let that affliction get in the way of living excellently and spreading the message of our current, imminent reality. Thanks Guy!
    Blessings to all the afflicted,

  • Spot on Dr. McPherson.

  • Humans live on the 3rd rock from the Sun, in a universe of trillions of galaxies, stars, and goldilocks planets, among trillions of advanced species and intelligent civilizations.
    Science is the key —>

  • “there is a HUGE amount of overlap between the natural sciences, and political science, psychology, and economics – as all of these disciplines are put into actual practice by fallible, biased and opinionated human beings.”

    Thank you, mo.

    Shallel, I watched the movie about the Sphinx. It was a lot of fun to watch, and very interesting. What an interesting difference in the way the Egyptologists weighed evidence, and how Schoch weighed evidence as a geologist. I loved the look on Schoch’s face when the American Egyptologist said that he saw no evidence to support Schoch’s findings (much less his conclusions). In other words, geological evidence of water erosion didn’t indicate water erosion. I could feel his pain, I write while laughing.

    Feed Jake, this one is for you. Lidia, I think you might enjoy the song, too. Hope so.

    Best regards. Yes.

  • Hey kids! Thanks for behaving since the Teach laid down the law. I sincerely hope the will be no further disruptions, for I am enjoying the lecture, and of course the discussion.
    Glad you enjoyed The Mystery of the Sphinx, OGF, I just love the way Shoch pronounces “scrutiny”!

    Just living here in Joytown…

    ’nuff said?
    TY Kevin Gilbert, we miss you!

  • “to take arms against a sea of troubles”. Guy,you have gone shakespearean!

    And to think, time just makes you stronger as our date with destiny approaches.


  • Another very high result:

    Daily CO2

    June 12, 2016: 407.26 ppm

    June 12, 2015: 402.46 ppm

    Up 4.80 ppm

    (And still no update from Scripps)

    According to the information presented in ‘China on Four Wheels’, about 1 million new cars were sold in China in 2012 every month; less than 1 in 1,000 was electric (no that they are the answer). “The future of the Chinese car market could be one of the most important issues facing the world.” (12.30 into video)

    I’m sure more recent figures will be available somewhere but what is the point of searching when we know the predicament is being made worse by the day as a matter of policy, not just in China but practically everywhere else on the planet.

  • 30 minutes after making that comment, without doing any searching, I came cross this:

    ‘May car sales in China. These were up strongly, rising +11.3% year-on-year, although only 1 in 16 was an electric vehicle.’

  • Since everyone is posting songs, this one perfectly encapsulates my mood at the present:

  • mod note

    Apneaman ~

    we all need to try a bit harder. your point about evidence is very key. but taking this too far into the personal is just not working, I feel.

    ogf was commenting on the different ways the Egyptologist and geologist were interpreting evidence. you don’t need to assume she is doing this for “personal reasons.” that is unnecessary language.

    I also don’t see her “hanging labels” on people. if it is an Egyptologist and a geologist, that is all that is being observed.

    please feel free to contact any of us for more clarification.

    ~ mo

  • I reread William Catton’s Overshoot recently. This was written way back in 1980 but was remarkably prescient. Put simply, any species passing into overshoot will, if physically able, exhibit increasingly destructive behavior as it nears a die-off. Historically speaking, I believe it’s safe to say our species has demonstrated its capacity for horrific destructive behavior. Why should we think that anything will improve, as two hundred thousand more of us are added to the roster every day?

    Compounding that is, in Catton’s words, the problem that we suffer from “fundamental ignorance lubricated by superficial knowledge.” Again, why do we even question why anymore?

  • .
    kevin moore was talking the other day about recent attempts at carbon sequestration in (I believe it was) Iceland. He noted how some were touting it as an awesome thing that would help save us. It’s interesting to see how information doesn’t really move around or get circulated very well, because Alberta has been doing this already for decades … pumping captured CO2 underground. It was touted to us here as the awesome thing they were going to do that would make the oilsands eco-friendly. I’ve linked an article to show how after decades of doing it, even the oil industry recognizes it’s been a great disappointment. So, I was surprised to see people getting all excited over it now as if it was some new thing, which it isn’t. (I know you weren’t fooled by it kevin, but you mentioned that others were.)


    On a similar topic, I thought I’d include a snapshot and article critical of the tiny reclamation project that also gets praised as proof that oilsands mining can be done responsibly. The above article had a comment below it saying how vegetation is the best carbon sink … go look at the awesome award winning reclamation site at syncrude. Ha … 52 acres of trees and some grass. Ya, how much carbon does that sequester compared to what came out of the area when they mined it. Not to mention all the other disappointments that arise when you look closer at the false optics of this “rehabilitated ecosystem.”

    Remember to notice the picture. Wow, look at that tiny little chunk of land they almost reclaimed. A whole fingernail chunk of land. The article is informative about the sensitivity of the boreal peat fens, and is very critical of the whole farce. Of course reclamation was just talk to make people feel good, just like carbon capture was feel good talk to facilitate access to the resource. Anyway, enjoy the stupidity.

  • Just want to say thanks for the new commitment to being nicer to each other here. MO- hopefully moderation won’t become a full-time job.

    I’m somewhat at my wits’ end with all the climate stuff ramping up like it is, and the craziness of the world in general. It sort of feels like that scene in Titanic when they have to hold their breath as the ship goes under if they want a chance to survive. Yeah, I know it’s a Hollywood movie, but it just feels like that. I don’t know what to do. I don’t know where to go. Is there anything we can really do? Anywhere to really go? I keep thinking I need to find some land, that somehow miraculously I can live on with no money, and I need to learn how to harvest rain. And grow food. All on land I can’t afford to purchase. But what for? To survive just a little bit longer? Instead I continue to scrape by, working stupid jobs so I can have a bed to sleep in and food on the table for the time being. Seems pointless. And then I see articles like the recent one at written by Noam Chomsky, about nuclear war and how devastating that would be (and how close we are always to it). And all I can think is, “If only…” At this point, it seems like the easy way out. What kind of thinking is that??? Oh well. Have a nice evening, everyone.

  • Babajingo – just remember what a gift it is to be here now to have such revelations. I have no idea what I’d rather being doing than this Apocalypse!

  • mod note

    John Lynch ~

    comment deleted. equating “non-belief” with wickedness is most definitely a personal attack on many commenters here. I don’t care if Jesus said it (he didn’t, from your quote, you had to add that part) or anyone else said it, that kind of comment falls squarely in the realm of “abusive, disrespectful and unnecessary language.”

    nor would I allow a quote (and especially a doctored quote!) from anyone stating that “Christians are fools” or anything of that nature.

    the overall idea is very clear: respect is foremost. when your comments, in any way, are meant to disrespect other commenters here, either as a group or individually, they will be deleted.

    thanks for your consideration.

    ~ mo

  • Sounds like “Reality 101” should be renamed “Normalcy Bias 101.”

    You go to the supermarket, the shelves are lined with food. We have a greater selection than any king or emperor of old.

    How can anything be wrong?

    A quick visit to any number of climate websites quickly dissipates the illusion.

    The laws of thermodynamics are also handy reminders. What’s economic growth, after all? Convert low entropy terrestrial stock into product and high-entropy heat and waste, at ever faster rates (more is better, after all!), with the product eventually becoming high-entropy heat and waste as well.

    All that high-entropy heat and waste doesn’t just spontaneously disappear. That’s part of thermodynamics too.

    The only part that’s really difficult to understand is why so many people find it difficult to understand.

  • mod note

    Bud Nye ~

    a quote from the rest of your just now deleted comment:

    “I have supposedly disparaged some commenters here? Please provide specific examples of my allegedly having done this. I have not used names precisely for that reason: to AVOID personally attacking anyone; I have argued against certain IDEAS based on evidence, NOT against the people who think in those ways. If I supposedly so egregiously treated other people here in the bullying, abusive ways, that you suggest—so badly, in fact, that you point only to me in your essay while ignoring the many outrageous behaviors of the alleged victims of my alleged abuse—why didn’t you or one of your moderators tell me to eliminate my supposedly abusive and bullying language before posting my comments?”

    other commenters already provided specific, quoted examples of such behavior from you, such as labeling people that deliver ideas that you disagree with as “narcissistic” and “obsessive.”

    it certainly does not matter whether your target is named, or not. if you disagree with an idea or concept presented here, you can simply say “I disagree.” and leave it at that.

    or: “I disagree. There is no scientific evidence for such a thing as a soul.” and leave it at that.

    those are respectful ways of disagreeing. pejoratively labeling people who have different ideas than you do, in various ways, is not respectful.

    I have left the entirety of your comment available for admin viewing, if Guy wants to comment on any of it further, or wishes to undelete it.

    ~ mo

  • Oh Bud. And everyone else getting zapped by the thought police: it’s kind of simple. Just don’t be a dick. It’s difficult for all of us narcissists who post all the time (that’s a personal attack on myself, so I don’t know if that counts) but it’s actually quite simple.

    Don’t be a dick.

    Be kind, be respectful, and Mo will have an easier time here. As much as we all want to be assholes who rant and rave (including myself), just be nice.

    And that’s my second and final comment of the day. : )

  • Guy….you are telling people the truth, and the news is not exactly what they want to hear. Part of denial is attacking the messenger. It’s more surprising that so many can really hear your fact-based information, and in a world where people are vehement in their hatred of pop stars they don’t like or sports teams from other cities, let alone religions, nations, etc., you’re going to get haters. Cassandra never wins popularity contests, but thank you for being so honest and continuing to tell it like it is!

  • @Thomas-N
    Yes,… Tony Bennett is truly great, I also love Billie Holidays version of “Solitude” and especially “autumn in New York”.Those composers, Ellington. Carmichael, Gershwin, Jerome Kern, Nat Cole etc. They were the great songsmiths, fully crafted musicians and composers.creating great pallets for the Great singers and musicians to cover

    I am always listening, learning the tunes of that era, immersing myself on the piano and horn, bury myself into the chords, harmonies the sentiment of the lyrics…
    Music is the medicine …it is “alive”… it should be experienced ,in the moment, moving us, breathing with us, touching us, enlightening us, inspiring us, bringing us together, music loves us in ways I will never understand. Let it carry us away, blow out the cobwebs of industrial civilization and N.T.E…”

  • Don’t worry Mr. McPherson. From my comments on youtube, you may always derive a semblance of genuine understanding and compassion. But only a semblance. I combated klondike444 and defended you.

    Below is my latest comment on youtube. It’s on the video with the Peter Wadhams interview which you link to on this post.

    Yeah sure we’ll die though I ain’t yet so sure extinction will occur so soon as McPherson would have it. But personally I w i s h he’s right. Better it happens sooner than later. In any case, I wish to make a set of observations: ”Capitalism” was not ”designed”. It simply evolved out of complex and intricate historical processes. It was, in other words, an unintended consequence of historical evolution similarly to how we humans are unintended products of biological history. The question is this: is our society or are our societies able to weather the storms ahead of us? Uh… nope. Modern mass societies are broken up into individuals that serve each as a consumerist unit. Once these societies then break down, the individual units that remain turn from extremely mobile consumers to agile zombie predators. A single individual today has a capacity for mobility (due to vehicles and modern road networks) and a capacity for killing (due to modern automatic weapons and extreme proliferation thereof) that is several orders of magnitude greater than any individual inhabitant of any past society. The apex predator that is man, who treads the earth today numbering in the billions, will turn against the members of its own species to survive and once apex predators turn against themselves the final result is the extinction of the race. Brace yourselves for impact fellow earthlings. No right and no left wisdom can save.
    It is commonly said that people are terrified of the meaninglessness of death (and by extension life) viz. the lack of an afterlife to aspire towards. Yet I feel glad and relieved in my absolute and resolute certainty that no afterlife exists. Can you imagine dying (and miserably at that) only to have the obligation to answer to an asshole for your track record which after all you don’t really remember? Can you imagine having to die only so you may be sentenced to live and endure the monotony of an eternity? Yes, it’s so terrifying. Life verily, is hard enough. To bear a distinct consciousness is a burden that we have to suffer, it is furthermore a burden that our natural instincts of self-preservation make it so hard to remove by our own hand which is why so many contemplate suicide yet so few attempt it and of those fewer still are successful. Can you imagine then how scary and desperate it would be, if not only we got to live beyond death but that in addition we could never hope to die again? Death is in no wise a bad thing! Forget the ”yolo” bullshit. In truth, it’s ”yodo”: you only die once! So do my friend rejoice! Understand: death rids us, it harbingers the freedom and carelessness that are never to be found in life. Death doesn’t only have a sickle, it also has a hammer. For you see, it’s only death that truly makes us all equal. Life is a quest for self-assurance and power; it is a personal revolution against what hinders, a search for a stable and fixed i d e n t i t y which we as animals don’t have. The achieving of death is the establishment of the craved Utopia!

  • mod note:

    MrWeirdo66, Welcome to NBL.

  • mod note:

    Arno Klein, Welcome.

  • Scribbler’s June 13th piece on May’s record temp includes several glaring jewels of self deception.

    Without ANY mention of abrupt Arctic methane release, Siberian pingos, or massive wildfires; here is just one of his glaring predictions & self-deceptions.

    Robert’s heading; “Looks Like 2016 is Settling into a Range near 1.2 C Above 1880s”

    “On the whole, the first six months of the climate year starting in December have averaged 1.36 C above 1880s readings. A strong departure that the second half of the year will almost certainly not repeat. Given current guidance along with a developing transition to La Nina, temperatures should fall into a range between 0.95 and 1.15 C above 1880s for the second half of the climate year.”



  • .
    … and I’m hovering like a fly,

    waiting for the windshield on the freeway …


  • Guy,

    I noticed the new June 12th, 2016 at 7:50 pm moderator rules. Great! Finally! Thanks so much! If you prefer for whatever reason(s) not to have and effectively enforce the rules needed for respectful commenting behavior at a site like this—especially important given the death-related nature of the topic, per my earlier long comment regarding the book, The Worm At The Core, On The Role of Death In Life—in my opinion you would best end the commenting that occurs here.

  • Siberian methane eruptions.

    More empirical confirmation of the methane clathrate hypothesis.

    “They all died from planetary flatulence, Shirley.”

    It got so freakin hot that the even the air conditioner didn’t work in Phoenix.

  • LWA, you have the best taste in music, my friend. Enjoy this one:

    BTW, my new band is called Arctic Methane — look for our latest release coming soon!

  • Merle Ronald Haggard (April 6, 1937 – April 6, 2016): the songwriter

    Roy Buchanan (September 23, 1939 – August 14, 1988)

    . . . According to his agent and others, Buchanan was doing well, having gained control of his drinking habit and playing again, when he was arrested for public intoxication after a domestic dispute.[2][5] He was found hanged from his own shirt in a jail cell on August 14, 1988 in the Fairfax County, Virginia, Jail. According to Jerry Hentman, who was in a cell nearby Buchanan’s, the Deputy Sheriff opened the door early in the morning and found Buchanan with the shirt around his neck.[6][12] Buchanan’s last show was on August 7, 1988 in Guilford, CT. His cause of death was officially recorded as suicide, a finding disputed by Buchanan’s friends and family. One of his friends, Marc Fisher, reported seeing Roy’s body with bruises on the head.

    Ingram Cecil Connor III (November 5, 1946 – September 19, 1973), known professionally as Gram Parsons

    . . . Parsons was 26 years old at the time of his death and the official cause of death was an overdose of morphine and alcohol.[38] Parsons’ body disappeared from the Los Angeles International Airport where it was being readied to be shipped to Louisiana for burial. Before his death, Parsons stated that he wanted his body cremated at Joshua Tree and his ashes spread over Cap Rock, a prominent natural feature there; however, Parsons’ stepfather organized a private ceremony back in New Orleans and neglected to invite any of his friends from the music industry.[39] Two accounts state that Bob Parsons stood to inherit Gram’s share of his grandfather’s estate if he could prove that Gram was a resident of Louisiana, explaining his eagerness to have him buried there.
    To fulfill Parsons’ funeral wishes, Kaufman and a friend stole his body from the airport and in a borrowed hearse drove it to Joshua Tree. Upon reaching the Cap Rock section of the park, they attempted to cremate Parsons’ corpse by pouring five gallons of gasoline into the open coffin and throwing a lit match inside. What resulted was an enormous fireball. The police gave chase but, as one account puts it, “were encumbered by sobriety,” and the men escaped.[39] The two were arrested several days later. Since there was no law against stealing a dead body, they were only fined $750 for stealing the coffin and were not prosecuted for leaving 35 pounds (16 kg) of his charred remains in the desert. Parsons’s body, what remained of it, was eventually buried in Garden of Memories Cemetery in Metairie, Louisiana.

    “Only Music Remains” Can you solve the puzzle?

    Best Wishes

  • Arctic Ice Extent now looks to be falling below the 2012 record low extent.

    Until now 2016 has been setting the record low this year.

    (Arctic Ice news)

  • mod note

    ogf, babajingo ~ thanks! your support is appreciated.

    thanks to everyone who is being respectful, and best wishes to all.

    ~ mo

  • I’ve been watching the Arctic ice tracking for the past few years. I’m pleased to have the ADS graph available with daily data. I’ve noticed that Arctic patterns pretty much track my area here in the sub-arctic in south-central Alaska. If it is very warm here, it is very warm there. If it is cool and rainy here, it is cooler in the Arctic and the melt slows.

    Recently we have had some much needed rain, because we had no snow this past winter. That says something, because even though winter is about a month or more shorter than it used to be, it’s still pretty long for no snow. Snowboard and sports shops are going bankrupt in Anchorage because of it. One well known sports shop is turning into a cannabis business.

    July and August are warmer than June, just like everywhere else, so at less than midway through June we still have a lot of summer to go.

    I have a puppy at home that is just over six months old. She is a huge puppy, who weighed sixty-eight pounds on her six-month birthday. The recent heavy rains we’ve had were the first she had ever seen, and she loved being in the rain. She would look up and let the rain fall in her mouth, and she would stand under the eaves of the roof and let the water splash in her face. Of course, she had to splash all puddles repeatedly.

    I very much support you, mo, and Guy, especially. He couldn’t do it without you, and I’m glad you’re here. I very much appreciate Guy’s work. His work is important to a lot of people, which is why they keep talking to him and inviting him to talk to them.

    Respect is a great word for the standards you expect.

  • Echoing the already echoed that this commenting space is much appreciated despite the ugly turn it has taken in the last several months. I appreciate the hard work of the moderators, it is a thankless job and you will get criticized no matter how you do it, so kudos. I look forward to more decent conversations on here, it was getting tiresome scrolling past long posts from the usual suspects posting the usual things addressed by the blog entry above.

  • Does anyone know why the Scripps graph at

    hasn’t been updated since 30th May?

    Another very high daily result has been reported:

    Daily CO2

    June 13, 2016: 407.36 ppm

    June 13, 2015: 402.58 ppm

    Up 4.78 ppm (versus 2005-2014 average of 2.11 ppm).


    I see the FTSE is back to below where it was in the year 2000:

    supposedly because of talk of Brexit.

    And I see Brent oil is back below $50 a barrel, making it a little cheaper to raise the atmospheric CO2 level.

  • “Only Music Remains” Second Clue.

    Best Wishes

  • Off-topic, as the following relates to the American southwest.

    The trend being that it’s getting hotter (everywhere, but for the purpose of this comment particularly in the southwest) and that the water level of Lake Meade is descending. Barring the unforeseen the trend suggests further that there will be less water in the future and not more. Now there is talk of an NFL franchise moving to Las Vegas and also an NHL expansion franchise being awarded to the city. As I understand it the city is stretched to the limit as it is. How are one or two professional sports franchises going to work if there is not enough water to support them, let alone enough water to support the rest of the “permanent” local and tourist populations?

    Some people or organizations don’t seem to be living or operating in the real world to be entertaining such thoughts as a long term viability.

    I live in the central valley of California near Sacramento and I am concerned about our water availability here as well. In one of the strongest El Nino years on record we’ve received barely normal precipitation. One cannot help but be wary of what the future is going to bring.

    With that in mind, short of mass migration away from these regions, or the occasional short-lived deluge, and as ridiculous as it sounds: I can only envision an as yet theoretical massive desalination and fresh water transportation infrastructure could ever possibly sustain any populations of the size that currently exist out here. One powered by an equally massive solar power infrastructure. Even someone with limited vision as I can see that something of the like will be necessary, even if only to support a population that is vastly reduced from what exists in these regions today.