Plenty of Hatred Remains

“I imagine one of the reasons people cling to their hates so stubbornly is because they sense, once hate is gone, they will be forced to deal with pain.”

~ James Baldwin, The Fire Next Time


So much for “only loves remains.” Abundant evidence indicates some people prefer hatred all the way to their own personal deaths. This space would largely lack comments if not for the ones characterized as abusiveness and disrespectful. Personal attacks are common. Empathy is profoundly lacking. A trip to the shopping mall would be pleasant by comparison. Not surprisingly, I contemplate terminating comments, the reading of which used to brighten my day. Now I dread reading them. Only principle and masochism keep them coming.

Herein I present, from this space and beyond, a few pitiful examples of mean-spirited responses to the evidence underlying my overall message. As with a trip to the shopping mall accompanied by a few minutes of observation, the following examples indicate why near-term human extinction is locked in.

But first, a brief written overview of my message, the long version of which can be found in a recent presentation. Several self-absorbed members of the commentariat can’t be bothered with the long version. Ergo, the two paragraphs below nearly brief enough to tweet. Note that I rely upon very conservative sources for this analysis.

The Great Dying wiped out at least 90% of the species on Earth due to an abrupt rise in global-average temperature about 252 million years ago. The vast majority of complex life became extinct. Earth is headed for a similar global-average temperature in the very near future. The recent and near-future rises in temperature are occurring and will occur at least an order of magnitude faster than the worst of all prior Mass Extinctions. Habitat for human animals is disappearing throughout the world, and abrupt climate change has barely begun. In the near future, habitat for Homo sapiens will be gone. Shortly thereafter, all humans will die.

I’m not quitting, despite frequent comments to the contrary (and by comments, I mean lies from cowards). Rather, unafflicted by the arrogance of humanism, I’m a fan of life on Earth. As a result, I’m not a fan of civilization. Few have taken action as substantive as mine. Talk is cheap, and cheap speakers abound.

Only a fool would believe we will survive. A few examples of foolishness follow, from among thousands in plain view.

I subscribe to Jay Hanson’s America 2.0 email list. It succeeds his popular website, Die-off. On 22 May 2016 Nathan John (“Nate”) Hagens launched one of his customary hit pieces to the list.

After making a fortune on Wall Street, Hagens now teaches a class titled Reality 101 at the University of Minnesota. He disparages my work regularly, citing his colleagues who believe climate change will become a problem we’ll need to address in a century or two. Citing authority over evidence is a classic example of patriarchy, exemplified by religious organizations throughout world history. Unimpaired by evidence and unaware that abrupt climate change is under way, Hagens regularly writes nonsense such as the following:

“… a great many people in the blogosphere (including but not limited to Guy McPherson) go off on their own non-science based fantasys -both benign and doomy. This is expected of our deluded-ape-brains but does not mean the underlying science of human impact is faulty”
“No one on this list (correct me if Im wrong) is a trained climate scientist. The way humans work is we look at our in-group (and list serv etc) on what people think and believe strongly – science is secondary to what our tribe believes. If we are a group of born again christians we are unlikely to believe god could allow climate change be due to humans, If we watch Fox news, we will have a built in skepticism to Portlands decision. If our group of closest internet ‘experts’ says that climate change is a hoax, ditto, if we frequent Nature Bats Last, we’ll have a different opinion entirely. All of us, including me, perceive a virtual reality that is distinct from the physical truth. If we imagine switching in-groups for a day, and reading/hearing what those others hear, we might empathize with how the Guy McPherson and Alexander Carpenters can both be utterly confident, diametrically opposed, and completely wrong.”

I have no idea who Alexander Carpenter is. Apparently he’s about as famous as I am.

Hagens is obviously unfamiliar with the concept of abrupt climate change, even though we’re in the midst of such an event right now. Consistent with the culture of make believe, I’ve no doubt he’ll deny his own death, and the extinction of Homo sapiens, until he draws his final breath.

It’s no surprise Hagens is paid by taxpayers to teach impressionable people that I’m an extremist. Promoting the dominant culture is the only approach tolerated by the dominant culture, including its educational exemplars. I observed numerous examples, and provided a few, when I spent every day on the campus of the University of Arizona. Hagens has used video from one of my presentations in his Reality 101 course, and I suspect he uses the subsequent discussion to paint me with the same brush of crazy my former colleagues use. Like them, I doubt he’s seen much of my work. I doubt he knows that I quote the work of others as the entire basis for my connect-the-dots approach.

This is what passes for contemporary higher hire education in the land of the me and the home of the crave. Meanwhile, one of the papers published under my name more than 15 years ago continues to receive favorable attention. My positive influence at the nexus of scholarship and teaching persists more than seven years after I willingly left active service at the university.

I’m routinely attacked for what I don’t say, too. I promote the notion of saving life on Earth by contributing to the collapse of the death cult known as civilization. For its initial few years, this blog focused on that topic. Apparently the new-comers in this space can’t be bothered to check the archives. Attacking the messenger is considerably more fun than checking the facts.

Also in the category of disparagement for what I don’t say: human overpopulation. As if any sentient adult on the planet isn’t aware of this ongoing predicament. I taught college courses for more than twenty years and I talked about human overpopulation in each course I taught. I served as a selfless, childless example. I wrote books and articles. Meanwhile, the overshoot became worse every day, a process that continues. As it turns out, in a stunning surprise to those ignorant of biology, overcoming behaviors selected by evolution through natural selection is no simple task. The draconian strategies employed by China during its one-child “revolution” weren’t up to the task. But, as with abrupt climate change, I’m said to be responsible for human population overshoot.

Also in the category of attacking me for what I don’t say: virtually every recent comment from Bud Nye. After viciously attacking others with abusive, disrespectful, unnecessary language — while carefully avoiding mentioning the names of those he attacks — Nye states, “I would just like to understand Guy’s motives for allowing and thus encouraging the frequent abusive, bullying, disrespectful, unnecessary, and easily eliminated personal attacking that so often occurs here.” Although Nye doesn’t include names of those he disparages, except mine, his targets are nonetheless obvious. Painting with his insanely broad brush, Nye absurdly implicates anarchism within some of his hostile comments. After Nye’s abusive language, he asks me to censor abusive language. By others. Toward him. Pots, kettles, and the “color” black come to mind. If I were prone to censorship, I could do worse than starting with Bud Nye’s inflammatory comments.

Even Gerald Spezio, who often comments in this space, has gone on the offensive again. After briefly coming to grips with near-term human extinction, Spezio now gets worked up in a lather about my small ecological footprint. Apparently my footprint is too big for a privileged white man living at the apex of civilization, one of the largest cities in the world: Phoenix, Arizona. Rather than making a statement with actions, Spezio prefers the standard approach of denigrating others.

My footprint when I travel to deliver presentations is extremely small. I stay in the homes of my hosts, eat at their tables, and rely upon local transportation between venues. I use these tactics for several reasons, including attention to personal consumption.

Many who comment on this space, and perhaps most, prefer hate over love. They want to blame others, notably including those who transmit messages with which they disagree. To many, evidence is irrelevant relative to ill-founded notions rooted in emotion.

I’ll readily admit that if you’re on an ocean liner and you see an iceberg a mile away, a one-degree change in direction will allow the vessel to miss the iceberg by a wide margin. If you wait until you’re 30 feet away and change direction by one degree, the ocean liner hits the iceberg. We hit the iceberg. It’s not my fault, at least not entirely. It’s not your fault, either. We were born into captivity, as my friend Tim Bennett likes to say. There is no escape.

And don’t even get me started on klondike444 and RE (and the willfully ignorant acolytes of the latter, notably at the Doomstead Diner). Whoops, too late. These cowardly, anonymous trolls occasionally check my long essay, watch my presentations online, and spend much of their time launching insults in the comments section. They lie about my intentions and my actions, which is standard practice for clueless minions blinded by patriarchy. These are the kind of unthinking people who continue to accuse me of causing the suicide of my friend Michael C. Ruppert. These nonsensical idiots believe I have the ability to kill people with my writing, and also that I use this power to kill my friends. Unlike these trolls, Ruppert was capable of thinking for himself. If these people are not being paid to deny abrupt climate change leading to human extinction, then they’re missing a fine opportunity.

You’d think I’d be accustomed to the shit storm raging around me, considering the frequency with which I’m exposed to it. You’d be mistaken. As it turns out, I’m as fragile as a typical human.

Those who prefer comfortable lies over inconvenient truths may want to look beyond this blog. Perhaps signing up for Reality 101 at the University of Minnesota would be a good place to start.


I was interviewed by Brandon Holmes for A Straight Line on 29 April 2016. The interview was posted 9 June 2016. It’s described and posted here.

I was favorably (mis)quoted by Trinidad and Tobago’s Minister of Planning and Development in an address commemorating World Environment Day. The transcript was posted 8 June 2016.

Peter Wadhams is interviewed by Thom Hartmann on 9 June 2016 for RT. I’m mentioned, along with loss of habitat for humans. Wadhams incorrectly says I despair, although I suspect that’s his projection. Then he proposes fantasy technology — the kind that doesn’t exist — to prevent human extinction.

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  • @Jacob I can only envision an as yet theoretical massive desalination and fresh water transportation infrastructure could ever possibly sustain any populations of the size that currently exist out here.

    Yep, to accompany the flying cars, nuclear fusion and the massive machines that will suck the CO2 out of the atmosphere and safely sequester it in the ground. And if that doesn’t work… well there’s always a new planets out there to be colonized.

    There’s no end to what human ingenuity can accomplish. Homo Callidus über alles!

  • I believe that people are mean online because they are afraid of getting the shit beat out of them in a face to face confrontation. But I did notice a Brit being an asshole at one of Guy’s presentations in the U.K. At least he isn’t a coward, just an asshole. How did you get here, he asked, meaning that Guy burned fossil fuels to fly there and that made him a hypocrite. I admire Guy for saying he was a hypocrite, but I disagree. We are locked into a system where we must fly and use fossil fueled cars and planes. How else is anybody going to get from here to there? Anyway, here’s a link to a discussion about rudeness online.

    Guy, as the Brits say, keep a stiff upper lip. Keep on keeping on. We need you. We needed Michael Ruppert, and he bailed on us. He gave plenty of warning that he was going to kill himself. Maybe somebody close to him should have taken his gun and thrown it in the lake. Then he’d still be here to continue his work.

  • Hate and the ‘Resisters’

    Yeah, people love to hate. I think it’s that Foucault thing, where to categorise the ‘other’ also defines the self. So to hate, in psychoanalytic terms, is to remain feeling good and honourable in oneself, and projecting the bad self adaptations, which have been disowned and repressed, onto the other. What the category of hated other is, is an individual thing. Some hate Japanese, because at the time of the second world war they saw them as so barbaric in their treatment of prisoners, they loaded the ‘hate component’ onto them- not realising, or perhaps more correctly, not willing to properly consider the proposition, that allied forces committed extreme atrocities too. Perhaps the distinction is that the Japanese did stuff to disarmed prisoners, and there is a distinction there.

    It could be a hatred of ‘dirty hippies’ because they are challenging the idea of middling empire lovers that you have to be alienated from nature and codified in your gender role competencies, and religious orientation. These dudes do not seem to realise that the whole purpose of their religion is to help the believer love more, and here the dirty hippies were sayin we ant to do it up from, not by going through them temple doors and feelin it all after you die.
    As for the McPherson’s of this world, well they are hated because they are telling the truth about the collective story of how humans have organised to destroy their own habitat, by hook or by crook.
    I suspect it has a lot to do with spoiling the business model of Humanists from the secular and the churchy variety, because when you have to PAY TROLLS A LOT to get them to hate you, then it has to be getting to their profit stream.
    There are a lot of ‘nature haters’ too, and maybe they like their nature tame, and on a digital storage device, so they can put it up on a screen and ‘see’ it and ‘hear’ and ‘contain’ it, in order to seem bigger than nature, exceptional to nature and thus omnipotent in their own playlunch. The significant thing about nature is to feel small but a part of ‘it’- the BIG it, and thus get the flow of the universe, the feeling of joy back, like a child does when they laugh. Once the flow is kick-started, your happiness, your sense of self is free, and not limited to a small identity which has to have the categories of other, and hate some of those others intensely, in order to feel good.

    when I talk to small groups of kids, I tell em the world at present is made up of two tribes of people. One tribe has to walk all over someone to feel good. The other tribe don’t need to. Which tribe you are in is a choice, even though some people are brought up in cultures, communities and families which all seem to teach each other how to do it even unconsciously.
    The industrial culture has intelligently so systematised commodity consumption that for most people they don’t see this has codified ecocide, and labour exploitation of non-Anex one economies.
    Occasionally the conscience is stirred, like when a building in Bangladesh collapses and kills many, many hundreds of PEOPLE die and are badly injured:

    ‘Factory Collapse in Bangladesh’

    When the details emerge on their screens this tribe are shocked to realise their cheepish garments are made by these exploited people in a STRUCTURE LABOUR SYSTEM which delivers easy living to the Anex-one economies and the leaders of this tribe too. The shock is soon ameliorated with promises it will be FIXED, and the screens change so the great mass of the tribe, who are murmuring somewhat and doubting a little bit, are soothed by any number of distractions, cheep holidays in Kosamui, some Kardishan booty flooding their infotainment slot. Most of the tribe have their ‘Trueman Show moment’-( defined loosely here for pop movie dummies: and after the orgasmic moment where the game is up, and the director cuts the feed because Trueman has found his way out of the maze, the two security guards shrug, and one says, ‘what else is on?’)
    A few in the tribe are sufficiently ‘woken’ from their sleepwalking to the cliff by the event(or something else as serious) to look deeper at the way their culture…errr..(I use this term advisedly because my recent new definition of ‘culture’ includes now a clause which goes something like this – Culture, to be real, must have a capacity to assist individuals to god-realise, and not have that pathway foreclosed by institutions, or the shadow games of elites) operates.
    This leads to a few exiting the tribe, and becoming others, hated if they somehow sign for not belonging to the tribe anymore. Dreadlocks and rainbow colours were one such a sign, and tribal tattoos, cool beards and muted earthy coloured apparel and Asia pacific art-eco forum attendance maybe is now too. Bet some who went that way also are worried this is just the uniform of trying to REALLY exit the tribe. Most of these strugglers find it more difficult to TRUELY exit the tribe, because they still find their food and bare necessities come from the tribe, or their transportation is facilitated by all the infrastructure supplied by the tribe. Or their mind is still returning to all the money, food and sex obsessed adaptations the tribe has so carefully and strategically helped them be conditioned to. They begin to realise that leaving the tribe, or signing that you are not one of the tribe anymore is more difficult than first thought.
    This is sufficient enough of a challenge for most of these few to give up, or join a mystery cult where you have to sign up to the long process of happiness discovery before you join.
    In this context the term ‘give up’ signifies re-joining the tribe by getting into the debt cycle, and maybe even blaming the system ‘because it is just unavoidable’ or the fact that they have children to look after, educate and …errr. LOVE…?
    I also think there is one group of those trying to exit the tribe who think resistance is a good compromise. Resistance is , they tell themselves, a pragmatic strategy to essentialise the complexities of rejecting a system of gross life-exploitation (biosphere-which include humans and all life forms), which they cannot LIVE with out.
    This sounds fine, still involve the quotidian struggle with all the tendrils of the industrial matrix, one’s own involvement and rejection of compliance or non-compliance(eg shall I walk, or shall I use a fossil fuel transport device?).
    Some even drink a warm beverage in a eco-friendly sourced coffee café, while reflecting that we all need garments, and unless I grow the cotton, weave the clothes, they will be supporting the system. So they conclude it is impossible to live outside ‘some’ of the system.

    ‘Aborigines(Aboriginals)-The First Australians’

    Well the small group of resisters are not looking hard enough. The cultural processes that were devised long ago to decondition the human from dependence on the bodymind do still exist. But they are not a denial or rejection of the bodymind, simply an outgrowing, or maturing. Fasting, self discipline of quieting the mind in meditation,
    making ethical choices about social conduct, speech, how one engages in intimact, engagement with the biosphere, all these are aspects of the early stage of self-realisation.
    What the resisters generally don’t get in all of these options around how to respond to waking up to the dilemma of living in a world that appears to be set up to destroy and exploit EVERY ASPECT OF THIS DOMAIN, is this: this place is a domain of being eaten, and as is echoed here a bit, you don’t get out alive.
    This is not quite true, and listen up here because this is the small secret not many actually know.

    You don’t get out alive EMBODIED.

    God-realisation is the small keyhole activity that allows the true going-for-it dudes to get out, and not come back. But the resisters, the ones ‘trying’ to either leave, reform the system, preach how to get by with minimal damage, are mostly waiting to die, but are still defining themselves by the fiction that their essence, their LIFE, their CONSCIOUSNESS is dependent on this domain of eat-n-be-eaten. It is in their present state of adaptation, that’s all.
    After the bodymind has matured, (21 perhaps), the rest is psycho-physical readaptations.
    There are very few who want or can take this kind of HEAT, undoing all the knots. Some resistors like to blame the industrial empire, or the elites, or whoever looks like they are benefiting from the whole system. In fact some of these resisters actually hate those people in small micro moments. That is because they have put the ultimate responsibility for their own happiness onto the system-the culture.
    The culture you were born into, or even now the super-connected world culture is not enough. IT doesn’t have the wisdom to get you through.

    I’ll wrote that again for emphasis:

    IT doesn’t have the wisdom to get you through.

    So, to conclude, ethical resistance to all the toxic goings on is fine. It is better than giving up, or having no answer. But it is essentially an obfuscation of your own need to grow beyond your culture. You are actually allowed to leave the tribe, it has been a legitimate pathway for as long as we have been here. It has just been a secret.

    Many of the esoteric traditions, the shamanic paths were DESIGNED for this stage of the journey. However, in this time, these options have been presented as foreclosed as a means to SOLVE the mortality trap.

    I have located my path to that end, but I do not base my conduct and life activity on resistance, which still defines itself as a philosophy bound to the system it attempts t resist.

    Isn’t this Foucault, or Bhuddism 101?

    A few will be saying: But what about the planet, what about all the other life forms? Who is going to stick up for them?

    Well, most of them also know the score. Fight to get out- ALIVE.

    Chain of being… bros, chain of being.

    Only Love remains?
    Practice that and see how ‘hard’ your day is.
    Or joyous, as the case may be.

    Just Sayin


  • Ooops, one bit should have read:

    “…and here the ‘dirty hippies’ were sayin ‘we want to do the love now, not by going through them temple doors and feelin it all after we die’.”

    And just cause it one of my faves:

    ‘Icehouse – Great Southern Land’

    ‘Move over Mungo Man, DNA evidence now shows Aboriginal people were first here’

    Who was here first?

    We are here now, and that’s what matters NOW.

    Just sayin


  • I haven’t read all of the essays in the ‘Lexicon ‘ link above. There is a factual error in the ‘Photosynthesis’ essay. Photosynthesis is not alchemy.
    Alchemy is the changing of a chemical element into another,which can only be done by reactions involving the nucleus of an atom. The recombining
    of chemical elements ,which occurs during photosynthesis,does not involve
    nuclear reactions.

  • Governments don’t exist.
    It’s a mirage.
    People exist, and they project into the world the representation of their brain-state. Leaders, governments, influential people, rich, famous, are all outward expressions of the inner state of man (humanity). It is impossible to change the outward world, and yet, so very easy to transform the much more powerful … inner world. Everything on the outer, is a direct, 1 to 1 , expression of our collective inner consciousness. Until we transform the inner, then we can’t blame the outer for conforming to our mal-functioning inner brain state.
    We don’t live on the 3rd rock from the Sun. We live in a universe of trillions of galaxies, stars, and goldilocks planets, among trillions of advanced species and intelligent civilizations.
    We are not the first to go through this. To think that, would be incredibly naive.
    We can change everything.

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    david higham ~ reminder on the two post rule. thanks.

    ~ mo

  • Tommy B ~

    “We are not the first to go through this. To think that, would be incredibly naive.”

    there are some sound arguments out there that the various factors that allowed intelligent life to evolve on Earth (things like Jupiter size planet in just the right place, existence of just the right kind of moon, right amount of oceans, etc) make our existence potentially very rare if not possibly unique. or much more rare than might be assumed based on the number of rocky planets in the habitable zones as there appears (statistically) to be.

    so I think saying “To think that, would be incredibly naive” is not actually as solidly justifiable as you are holding. certainly not as “incredibly naive,” potentially, as disbelief in such a thing as gravity.

    that said, I do personally believe we are not the first to go through this. and I lean towards agreement with your other statements and ideas, in many ways, rather strongly.

  • mo:
    Question: Does posting a link without any comment from me count as a cooment? I post those links for information purposes only. People can
    read them or not, whatever they prefer. I would appreciate it if you clarify this with Guy. I am not concerned either way. I did post a comment above about the previous article link,just to correct a factual error in that link,after I read the first section of the ‘Photosynthesis’ essay. If posting an informational link only counts as a comment,I won’t post many,in case I feel like commenting about something. If posting a link counts as
    a comment,many people here would be over the limit,because they include
    several links in each comment.

  • Mod-
    That was unintentional. I was simply trying to paraphrase. I know religion is a touchy subject. So is dying. Ever wonder why hospitals have chapels ? I feel the post was appropriate only because of our unusual subject matter. All Jesus was trying to say is that most of the people on earth will not realize that our time is up. Like TODAY !
    I thought it was interesting that a guy could see it coming and be able to describe it perfectly over 2000 tears ago. 99.99% of the people alive today are clueless that our time is nearly up and that includes most “Christians”

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    John ~ understood about the unintentional nature of the personal attack in your comment. thanks for clarifying that. many touchy subjects can be handled with grace and respect for one’s audience. thanks again for your consideration and your participation. both are appreciated.

    ~ mo

  • You do not get out of here embodied or disembodied. Only that which never got in and remains unconstrained, has no need to get out. For the realised one, there is no life after death.

    In this regard, if one has even the slightest impression that one has achieved something, then one has not achieved anything at all. And indeed, nothing whatsoever is attained through realisation, just as nothing is attained if water realises it is wet.

    There is no tribe to leave when there is no “other”; the space inside a clay pot inside a room does not need to exit the pot and the room to merge with the space outside; yet it is prudent to avoid a hornet’s nest for a body that is subjoct to be stung by them.

    Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.” – Jalaluddin Rumi

  • this blog slows down my computer. it might be firefox, or maybe some three letter agency has something to do with it.

  • “this blog slows down my computer” you need a Bat-computer.

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    if that criteria does not apply to what one is writing, it is advisable not to post the comment.

  • OzMan, I really enjoyed your comment.

    I’d be interested to hear more about the path you’ve chosen. I’ve spent a lot of time and effort these past few years really immersing myself in the “science” of what is discussed on this site, setting aside my development in other areas.

    But now that I’ve learned what there is to learn (and reached the logical conclusions), I realize that-at least for me- that knowledge isn’t enough! I now know WHAT is happening, but I’m no closer to understanding HOW to deal with it.

    I’ve begun testing the waters of re-entering my own path. Reading about things I haven’t read about in a long time, meditating, etc. I’m very interested in hearing about what others are doing.


  • .
    @Shallel … thanks for the song. Are those some prog friends of yours? I liked it, thanks. I liked the dance in the video too. I know someone who wrote a paper for a uni class twenty years ago about the rain weathering on the Sphinx complex. It didn’t go over well with the prof … who called it blasphemy and failed the paper.

    @Feed Jake … is the answer, … that only music remains ?

    Thanks for what the bleep, I saw that one awhile ago. It’s just like sports guys and dart players and pool shooters learn … use the force young Luke ! What you think about and focus on … does appear to matter to matter and events. It bends the flow slightly. You can’t just ponder it though … you have to actually apply it ! (experience v. intellectualization … proof vs. theory)

    Cheers to all … OzMan and Tommy B. too. Gotta get in to get out for sure … only to find, as Robin said, that you were always exactly right there anyway. Jum jum jum. De-evolution indeed.

    @Froggman … YES … I personally got my fill of staring at the data back in the 90’s. I don’t begrudge anyone for doing that at all, but there is also life after coming to the NTE conclusion too, which shouldn’t be begrudged either. Yes Froggman … what to do after the realization of NTE is an excellent question to ask yourself. Thanks for your comment, it was a good one.

    Here comes the supernatural anaesthetist.
    If he wants you to snuff it,
    All he has to do is … puff it

    … he’s such a fine dancer.



  • Another piece to the puzzle.

    Lowell Thomas George (April 13, 1945 – June 29, 1979)

    On June 15, 1979, George began a tour in support of his solo album. On June 29, 1979, the morning after an appearance at Washington, D.C.’s Lisner Auditorium, where the bulk of Waiting for Columbus had been recorded, George collapsed and died of a heroin overdose in his Arlington, Virginia, hotel room at the Twin Bridges Marriott. George’s body was cremated in Washington, D.C., on August 2. His ashes were flown back to Los Angeles, where they were scattered from his fishing boat into the Pacific Ocean.

    Best Wishes

  • More links in the chain . . .

    And LWA, I’ll see your Old Man and raise you an After the Gold Rush (by the way, the whole Little Feat album is excellent)

    Best Wishes

  • Guy,

    I’m not a fan. That is : i really, really don’t like what you’ve come up with. So for me it is the message that i don’t like, that i check and keep checking because i just don’t want it to be true. But it appears to be true, although i keep on hoping it won’t be.

    You made a choice to tell what you know&found out, in a way that misunderstanding is nearly impossible. I didn’t want to hear it but i did, and when i think of the true meaning of the processes and changes you describe i get sick instantly. It is a very difficult dataset to swallow so to speak. It’s easy to shift focus on you personally instead of trying to get a true sense of what’s going on and how to cope with that. But that does not make it right.

    With this short message i would like to offer my sincere apologies for all insults and personal attacks from our fellow man. Thank you for informing us, and please keep on doing that in a way you feel comfortable with. Because living in a dreamworld is only possible when you sleep, and although it terrifies me i do prefer to be awake.

    Kind regards

  • Fwd: Biowar MITRE Corp. McLean VA, The Jason Society Stanford University: Epimedix Intel: Dr. Jeffrey Taubenberger and Terrence Tumpey re-created the 1918 influenza virus (1). Our Target date (6-16-16) progress report of Dr. Benner’s DNA synthesis with CRISPR technology should allow for the recombinant pathogens to be ready for drone aerosol canister loading & other applications by 7-27.

    According to biological warfare expert Dr. Steven Block we should delay because genetically engineered pathogens “could be made safer to handle, easier to distribute, capable of ethnic specificity, or be made to cause higher mortality rates if we continue R&D rather than proceed with current high risk test C.A.P. release dates” (2).

    However if we delay the C.A.P. program we are still at risk of other groups moving forward. The growing accessibility of DNA synthesis capabilities, computational power, and information means that a growing number of labs will have the capacity to produce bioweapons. Scientists have been able to transform the four letters of DNA—A (adenine), C (cytosine), G (guanine), and T (thymine)—into the ones and zeroes of binary code. This transformation makes genetic engineering a matter of electronic manipulation, which decreases the cost of the technique (4). According to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, “the emerging gene synthesis industry is making genetic material more widely available […] A crude but effective terrorist weapon can be made using a small sample of any number of widely available pathogens, inexpensive equipment, and college-level chemistry and biology.” (5)

    Figure 2: Virus responsible for poliomyelitus (picornavirus). Courtesy of Sanofy Pasteur.

    Techniques to Enhance Efficacy of Bioweapons

    Scientists and genetic engineers are considering several techniques to increase the efficacy of pathogens in warfare.

    1. Binary Biological Weapons

    This technique involves inserting plasmids, small bacterial DNA fragments, into the DNA of other bacteria in order to increase virulence or other pathogenic properties within the host bacteria (2).

    MJ-12 is the name of the secret control group inside the Jason Society. The top 12 members of the 32 members of the Jason Society were designated as MJ-12. MJ-12 associates are designated by the code J-1, J-2, J-3, etc. all the way through the members of the Jason Society. The director of Central Intelligence was appointed J-1 and is the Director of the MJ-12 group.

    The MJ-12 compounds and other facilities for the elite MJ-12 group and the Jason Society are code named. Example: “The Country Club” is St. John’s island. The Country Club was donated by the Rockerfeller family. Only those with biometric – MAJI clearances are allowed to go there.

    MAJI – Majority Agency for Joint Intelligence. All information, disinformation, and intelligence is gathered and evaluated by this agency. This agency is responsible for all disinformation and operates in conjunction with the CIA, NSA, DIA, and the Office of Naval Intelligence. This is a very powerful organization. Bioshield projects form an extensive world wide network. MAJI is responsible only to MJ-12. MAJIC is the security classification and clearance of all DARPA connected material, projects, and ultra sonic wave information.

    MAJIC – means MAJI controlled (MAJI plus controlled = MAJIC)

    NOTE: MJ-1 is the classification for the director of MAJI, John B who is the director of the CIA and reports only to the President. Other members of MAJI are designnated MJ-2, MJ-3, etc. This is why there is some confusion about references of MJ-12, the person. Therefore we will re-code prior to our next International meeting.

    JASON GROUP Designation for MJ-12, the group are MAJI or MAJIC Designation in official documents about MJ-12. Global reset for resource re-allocation. Positions in place for target dates. Shall we proceed or wait since carbon dioxide concentrations measured at the Mauna Loa Laboratory in Hawaii rose by 3.05 parts per million (ppm) during 2015, and most likely permanently passed the symbolic milestone of 400 ppm.

    For perspective, the amount of carbon dioxide in the air at the start of the industrial revolution was about 280 ppm.

    “Carbon dioxide levels are increasing faster than they have in hundreds of thousands of years,” said Pieter Tans, a NOAA scientist specializing in greenhouse gases, in a statement. “It’s explosive compared to natural processes.”

    According to NOAA, the last time the Earth experienced such a sustained carbon dioxide increase was between 17,000 and 11,000 years ago, when carbon dioxide levels increased by 80 ppm. Today’s rate of increase is 200 times faster, Tans said. BABAJINGO I’d really “Hate” to loose you in L.A. if C.A.P. events proceed. I will write you private instructions. Please consider leaving a major target zone. I’m really glad Guy will be in N.Z. this fall.

    Now maybe LIDIA can see why some comments last year sounded very strange. More than one group knows how to use active comment areas on many web sites to hide portions of relay instructions to field ops who follow these links to decryption points. THE JASON GROUP MJ-12 with all our very best to Dr. McPherson.

    Nothing lasts forever, however you can have “Infinite (continued) growth on a finite planet” with specific reset plans. Regeneration from a very small subset, as long as we do not allow Earth to become a radioactive wasteland. Only LOVE will remain in our minds for your great service. GUY, all the biologist in the JASON GROUP silently know your same data points. Planetary adjustments & reductions will most likely be implemented on time. In a vast series of test communications we have learned that average humans will not resist or believe “events” are planned. Therefore we “hope” our “change” as elected will take place prior to 11-1-16

  • Gonna be 123 degrees in Phoenix on Sunday …

    burn baby burn

  • To : mo flow
    Yes, I know all the scenarios, and have consiedred them all in-dpeth for decades. And yes, there is some small chance that life is very precarious throughout the whole universe, mostly because of super-massive gamma-beams that sweep around the universe , and over our solar system, every 100 million years or so like giant cleaners, mopping out life, before it really gets a chance to get off the ground.
    So we may just be bugs on the 3rd rock from the sun, but I doubt it. I still think the statistics are highly in favor of billions of intelligent species made it off world and travel space, and many are humanoid, but I can’t prove it. :-)

    This galaxy is a bit like our own. It is 2.5 million light years away. So this image is of the galaxy 2.5 million years ago. I think that place is highly populated by intelligent species, just like our galaxy is. It seems impossible to think it is more or less lifeless dead infinity.
    (I don’t care if it is, because I have the TM-Sidhis which goes beyond space and time).

  • PS. Each little tiny point is a Sun.

  • Maybe all species evolve enough to see that image, then die out.
    Seeing that image was worth it all.

  • Those are some impressive military acronyms and plans you are tossing about there, “JASON group”. I find it incredulous that held within secret groups and MIC insiders that there would be such a noble intention as regeneration of the biosphere. I volunteer to be a good, passive citizen and take whatever airborne weapon is coming to me. So long, and thanks for all the hot showers and cool air conditioning (and the fish).
    Good luck in keeping the Earth from becoming a radioactive wasteland..
    I thought that horse had left the barn long ago.

    LWA Keep the good music coming! Afterglow, from a few pages back, is one of the most Spiritual songs ever. Big Big Train are very delicious ear candy – truly Prog like only those who roam the Moors can come up with. Listen in high res if you can!

    Their singer, David Longdon was considered for singer in Genesis after Phil left, but they thought he sounded too much like Peter! He has collaborated with Steve Hackett, and wrote and sang lyrics to Spectral Mornings. It’s on youtube. With his addition to BBT along with Nick D’Virgilio (who drummed on “Calling all Stations”), the band has put together a troop of musician that can perform their dense, lush studio sound live.
    I hope they will “cross the pond” soon. The only Prog musician I can truly call a friend is the Godfather of prog, Jon Anderson. He is a wonderful human and an inspiration to me as a musician. His wife is very dear, too.

    It has been a blessed life.

  • Tommy ~ that is an absolutely stunning image, and very well done with that video. thanks for posting!

    that image kind of says it all, doesn’t it?

  • I don’t know why people are the way they are, and I don’t know why they treat you like they do, Guy. I suspect there are a few or more reasons, depending on the individual. It is frustrating to enraging when others dismiss facts and shred the messenger, while frequently substituting lies for the evidence they denied. Hell really is other people, and our culture isn’t concerned with reality.

    When I first encountered Guy’s work, it was like one weight was lifted, and another was laid down on my heart. I think I spent over two years grieving for the loss of the world. I would just go outside and hug a tree and cry.

    Guy’s work, for me, gave me something I had been looking for forever – it made sense of so much. It answered the fears of the 60s and the 70s regarding pollution and toxic waste and radioactivity that is unMANageable. It confirmed the insanity of the culture, something I had always seen, but I didn’t see the insanity the way other people did. I had always questioned the insane destruction of the Earth, an pretty much no one I ever heard of except Paul Watson of Sea Shepherd saw things the way I did. I didn’t have his courage, however.

    I was twenty years old during the 1973-1974 oil crunch, and I was living in Tucson. On the third day of the gasoline being turned off, the shelves at every grocery store in town were bare. Tucson was an awesome city in those days, just beautiful, and I never wanted to leave. The Sonoran was the most magical place I’ve ever been. But I knew then that Mad Max was coming to my hometown, wherever it might be. I just didn’t know when.

    I went to college for the first time when I was seventeen, after graduating early. I thought college was going to be fun, and philosophy classes were. I had a great professor. A lot of everything else was confusing. It always only made some sense. College and university in those days was a place where professors felt they needed to “weed out” the students who couldn’t progress all the way in their chosen fields. College seemed crazy. I wanted to learn, I believed. They were doing other things, humanistic things that I didn’t understand and I didn’t like. I lasted 18 months. It would take three attempts and almost thirty years before I could make myself go to college for the piece of paper, and not worry about reality or truth.

    Guy’s work is both truth and reality. Ever since learning about Guy, I have felt vindicated in my values and in my lifelong rebellion against the culture, values and rebellion for which I have paid a great personal price. When you don’t want to do harm, it simplifies things. No one has ever wanted to join me in my refusal to play. That’s okay. I’ve learned to like it that way.

    Because I felt that I must get out of heavily populated areas, I moved to Alaska in early 1990 and built my own Alaska shack on a couple of acres. It’s kept me warm for a really long time now. I grew subsistence gardens and I subsistence fished for some of the very best salmon in the world every year. I would freeze some for grilling, especially the Copper River reds, and the Kenai reds I would smoke. It was heaven. Fishing at Copper River is an exercise in extreme outdoors adventure. The river is so fast and so full of glacial silt that anyone falling in will not be able to get out, and the river is banked by steep hillsides that are near vertical in some places. There are ropes tied in trees along paths leading to the river, and they are necessary. Then, when we got to the river, in most places it was necessary to tie a rope around our waists and then to a nearby tree, to ensure we didn’t fall in.

    I quit eating seafood one year after Fukushima. I had allowed myself fish for the past 15 years, but now I don’t eat meat at all, and I haven’t for a long time. Damn, I miss the salmon.

    Guy, you are a real human being, and that is the highest praise possible where I’m from. And you have one of the most unusual job descriptions possible. Life is a trip, is it not?

    I’m don’t link to many songs, but I’ll post one now.

    Love to you, Mark!

  • .
    @oldgrowthforest … sounds like Alaska and Alberta are in the same weather zone. No snow all winter, sudden foreboding blistering heat in April … and now some extended cool and damp weather, which I’m quite thankful for. Lotsa summer left though, like you say. Good way to put it oldgrowth … Guy was like a vindication for me too, he validated what I saw around me.

    @Mark, If that’s really what they do, then I’d rather get the flu than to survive with only the psychopathic genes left surviving into the future. Those people are making their own fate, and I’d say they never did learn a thing then … and now they’ll even ‘Columbus’ themselves methinks. They can have themselves and their clinging. “capable of ethnic specificity,” … yup, that about says it all. Fearful, low vibration, mentally ill people with a lot of money. Why would a scientists help them to do all that? Never mind, rhetorical question there. I know why.

    @mo … thanks for fixing my html … again. DOH! I’ll try and keep it together over here, lol. :)

    @Feed Jake. Hmmm, musicians being eliminated for agitating against empire ? I don’t know, a puzzling puzzle indeed.

    A guitar player I work with sometimes is a huge Little Feet fan, hat tip to them. I’ll see you’re Gold Rush, and raise you my favorite Neil song … ‘Come’s A Time.’ I love a good half time country feel, it’s almost like reggae (at least if you jump on the drums for a spin it’ like reggae.)

    You and I we were captured
    We took our souls
    and we flew away
    We were right
    we were giving
    That’s how we kept
    what we gave away.



    Here’s two for you Shallel. Yes … and Genesis … and the King Crimson boys, those were my all time three favorite bands. Mostly Genesis though. Gabriel has always been a huge inspiration for me … both musically and spiritually. His lyrics are unmatched IMO. But here’s a shout out to Jon A, who is awesome huge too.

    Don’t surround yourself with yourself
    Move on back two squares
    Send an instant karma to me
    Initial it with loving care


    Set your heart sail on the river
    Look around you as you drift downstream
    Pouring souls into the ocean
    Take account of all you’ve seen


  • Well, they say a picture is worth a thousand words, and that Andromeda clip kind of puts it all in perspective. And that’s just a single galaxy.

    The idea we’re the only ones just drips with the hubris and exceptionalism that got us in this mess.

  • Damn it! So, I’m not the crazy man on the corner, afterall!!! I’ve long noticed tree decline in my neighborhood as well as EVERYWHERE I travel. This is a real problem and an additional positive feedback loop. We are losing trees everywhere! And I’m going to have to remove three trees next week from my tiny property in West St. Paul, Minnesota USA as they have declined in the last two years… very slowly. I am SICK to my stomach! I think these trees just can’t keep up with the CO2 we are vomiting into the atmosphere on a year by year basis. We are SO digging our own graves….

  • @ Moderator:
    Thanks for policing this part of NBL . It has been a real downer reading all the whining and off-topic BS that sometimes gets posted here. I really like Guy and his work that has been done to educate the masses. I am currently on disability and in debt up to my ears and have no money to donate at this time. If I did, I would be happy to share with him because NBL has been a life changer for me. I was suicidal and feeling hopeless. I have now reconnected with my faith and am trying to live a life of excellence and service to others. I will always wish you and Guy a happy and prosperous future despite the horrors that lie ahead. I am not out to convert you guys to my way of thinking. Rather , I am simply trying to share a faith that has lifted me from my despair and given me a positive direction for the short time we have left.
    I LOVE YOU !

    Best wishes always

  • Just in case.

    Here is the Trueman show final scene for those interested in what an authentic LIFE might be.

    ‘ “The Truman Show” Ending ‘

    And here is the 1888 equivalent the:

    ‘The Flammarion engraving’

    From Wiki:

    ‘The Flammarion engraving is a wood engraving by an unknown artist that first appeared in Camille Flammarion’s L’atmosphère: météorologie populaire (1888). The image depicts a man crawling under the edge of the sky, depicted as if it were a solid hemisphere, to look at the mysterious Empyrean beyond. The caption underneath the engraving (not shown here) translates to “A medieval missionary tells that he has found the point where heaven and Earth meet…” ‘


    That’s cool man, maybe hop into this:

    ‘ “For those who would embrace a life based on heart-breaking Freedom —
    I am here.”

    – Avatar Adi Da” ‘

    Gotta leave the capsule sometime…

    There is a lot of work to do outside the capsule, but the difference is that most of it is fun.

    (of course people should realise that their path is their own choice, and so is others. Arguing too much about other people’s choices on how to play it from here is like being in the playground with all the kids coping with all the chaotic prejudices their family, their community, (not always a homogeneous bunch )or their culture have loaded on them.
    Longer-timer readers of this space may recall me posting stuff way back about Adi Da. Not over-pushing Him here anymore. I only did that because so many here were getting so down about the scientific reductionist proof of the planet’s changes, but it appeared to me there was something missing. The subjective world of feelings and intuition, excluded from scientific reductionist episemologies. Truth is, that scientific reductionist view of obtaining objectivity is a fabrication of perspective , and a seriously flawed presumption about what REALITY actually is.
    There is only your subjective consciousness, but the silly bit, that is born and dies is just the illusion of separateness.
    Adi Da Samraj confirms that the ego, which he characterises as ‘an unrealisable gesture towards separateness’, (not an exact quote). In other words, there is never any realisation of separateness. That illusion is what needs to die.
    Some die with it, the body-mind, but only the leaves on the tree, ready to grow another one comes again next ‘season’ or ‘lifetime’.

    (Where is Robin when you need him?)

    So Adi Da has accounted for the West, East and also the Tribal peoples ways of interacting with the Devine. Go look for yourself if you feel like it. But your path will change, (just sayin). )

    Yes the planet is changing, and it doesn’t look good.
    I use the metaphor of the changes taking place in the child to the adolescent body-mind. A lot of re-arranging takes place, a lot of violent reconstruction in the brain too, but something emerges after that phase gets done.
    It would not surprise me one bit if there are larger temperate zones that have warmer climes, and food can be grown in some higher latitudes. Not sayin I’m an expert, but my present view is we need to stop denying the usefulness of strategic use of technologies to feed, shelter(mobile) and clothe as many as can be.
    The West is good at material manifestation, (materialism). The east is good at essentialisation, (seeing what is useful for a spiritual transition). The Tribal peoples are good at understanding local knowledge and how to be in a place, how to share, being ok where we are, feeling the places and needs of ‘country’)

    Not saying there isn’t a lot of mixing now, after the Global Renaissance, 1600’s and now, nor am I tagging anyone’s identity as that.

    I don’t buy the technology guff any more than most who frequent this space, but humans, if anyone is going to survive have got to adapt to doing everything for themselves, using all kinds of small scale techniques and tools to do shit to make it work.

    Getting together and having realistic exchanges is what you do to start that. That is why perhaps it is not cool to have free conferences discussing how real power operates in the world.

    Just depressurising the capsule pod bay now HAL.



  • And the “progressive” media keeps feeding illusions to the believers. Today’s Rising Up With Sonali on Pacifica stations KPFA and KPFK (Guy was on the show last month) featured a segment with Leah Parks, author of a relatively new book (came out in January), All-Electirc America, a country powered entirely by alternative energy by … 2050, solving the climate crisis. Whatever Sonali Kolhatkar heard Guy say went in one ear and out the other.

  • Andromeda Galaxy

    When my son was 10 or 11 he asked one day what i thought “God” was. I replied that i thought that perhaps every star in the universe was a brain cell in “God’s” mind.

    If there is such a thing as the higher or immortal self then it exists in every one’s near or distant future (everyone, no matter how heinous).

    And if there isn’t ….

    Perhaps every star is a marker of that future self – a guidepost if you will.

    Perhaps every star is a perfected soul (Patanjali speaks of galaxy wide consciousnesses).

    And when contemplating the centre of any galaxy (full of stars indeed) – to exist there in the centre of a galaxy is to exist in a sky full of suns. Yet, it is incumbent upon one to believe “something” exists there, in the center of any galaxy, under a sky full of endlessly circling suns.

    What kind of creature exists in that overwhelming realm of solar fire?

    Let’s incarnate there sometime. :-)

    just sayin’

  • Broken Hill a city in inland N.SW Australia looks like running out of water buy April next year…..But the Good news is..!! The pipeline to be built for 50 million, that will deplete the Murray River system will create 240 jobs…so the mantra goes on and on…Jobs and growth. We also have an election going on here in the land of OZ

    Thankyou @ MrWeirdo66 for your post, Most enlightening! I had a many images of human predators today as I went about my Business, my imagination was running wild. . As I watched this guy flex his muscles and polish his black shiny SUV so proud! I wondered how he will fare without his car as a weapon
    I feel like @ Alex at the moment “I didn’t want to hear it but i did, and when i think of the true meaning of the processes and changes you describe i get sick instantly. It is a very difficult dataset to swallow so to speak”. Thanks for your post alex and your honesty

    Beware of electric cars! I almost got run over by fancy sports Telsla yesterday…you can’t hear them coming

    A big thanks to all the new that have posted here this week,really enjoyed the new input

    “Take it to the Bridge” James yeOoW..HEeah …Awwwh…

    mod note:
    Edited as requested. richards

  • Sorry Mod
    i Copied that post Twice, it was a mistake if you can edit please do

  • “If there is such a thing as the higher or immortal self then it exists in every one’s near or distant future (everyone, no matter how heinous).”

    Not just the distant future. Also near future, present, and all past. And also, ’tain’t higher, ‘cos ’tis the Self of all selves. And ’tain’t immortal, ‘cos ’tis unconstrained by time & space.

    “Perhaps every star is a marker of that future self – a guidepost if you will.”

    ‘Tain’t got any markers: The Void (Sunyata: Buddhism); Boundless Void (Ain Sof: Kabbalah).

    “I almost got run over by fancy sports Telsla yesterday…you can’t hear them coming”

    They should have mandatory continuous whistles or buzzers on each of those vehicles. Just like the dog-pitch whistles on vehicles to warn away deer, but in this case human-pitch to warn away humans.

  • WoodWose-
    You also describe my understanding of God (although perhaps I misunderstood you- but I don’t think I did). That the Universe is a conscious being and we’re all just a miniscule part of it. Like, a super duper tiny part, smaller even than an electron compared to our entire solar system. Funny, when you think about how truly insignificant we are, that we can continue to have so much arrogance is fairly astounding.

    I know I’ve posted this before, but this song is just that awesome! Get up and dance, y’all!

  • Hate is small-minded, narrow and impotent, while real Love is free, wide and creative. I just stay away from hate and hateful people. Simple solution. I love simple solutions.

    Music got a whole lotta Love. As someone said “Music is a universal language without frontiers” (like Love). No matter, how bad things get, Music will remain and save my day, my life. As Feed Jake uses to say:

    Best (musical) wishes to all!

  • I’ve posted well-edited video from last month’s speaking tour. There’s more, too. It’s all here.

  • Dear Guy
    I’m a big fan and first time writer on this weblog. I’ve enjoyed NBL podcasts and the amount of thought and experience that have taken to reach this level of enlightenment. Bravo! You have been practicing a life of excellence, and I am envious. Wish I could find my tribe as you and mike have, but no luck so far. I spent 5 college years in Arizona (sorry at A.S.U) in the 70’s, although I regretted many years later why I did not to U of A in Tuscon. I read somewhere that if one gets 99 complements and accolades during a day, we only remember the one “bad/critical/nasty” comment we heard during the day. This negative bias appears to have been hard wired in our Paleolithic and must have natural selection reasons for survival. Just a few humble comments:
    . As you may be aware New York Times (aka American Pravda) deleted their environmental comments a year a two ago due to the amount of “doomer” and so called anti-industry “negative” comments it received from the “left” and environmentalist. It laid off nearly 10 full time gatekeeping over 1000 comments a day. Alas, now we see “haters” leaving nasty and imbecilic notes on this fine forum. If this forum is also closed, how are we to communicate with each other by offering insight on the impending abrupt climate change that is coming our way rapidly? I volunteer to purge some of these haters and morons that waste your time and bring on grief and sadness.

    . Among the saddest things I’ve observed since I immigrated to USA for college, along with whole environmental degradation and outright destruction, is the rapid devolution of American media (i.e. NYT, and other so called liberal papers that are now worse than Wall street Journal in their lies and contempt for middle class and down trodden). Don’t even get me started on TV news…aaaargh!

    . I also share the sadness and grief with you and mike and others on your fine NBL podcasts regarding witnessing daily damage to our natural world (animals being the worst victims) and forests and habitats being destroyed for the benefit of a few corporations/shareholders and mad CEOs.

    . If a “time machine” could be built to go back and change the course of history, on top of my list would be to humanely lobotomize the inventor of the internal combustion engine , imprison British oil explores of early 20th century that “discovered” oil in middle east, and generally get rid all the Anglo-American tycoons that created this hell on earth from mid 19th century to today. But deep down we all know there is no justice on this planet or we would have seen some evidence of it by now, except for the eternal truth that Nature Bats Last. Thank the GODS for that…
    Many many thanks and bows to you and your companions.

  • mod note:

    Welcome, Ron.

  • Ron thank you for this post. So nice to hear from those who haven’t been around in a while.

    When you say:
    “If this forum is also closed, how are we to communicate with each other by offering insight on the impending abrupt climate change that is coming our way rapidly? I volunteer to purge some of these haters and morons that waste your time and bring on grief and sadness.”

    So true . .

    I’d like to add that while the comments here can be frustrating for me at times, it remains one of the few places to come to read comments from people who realize that we are in the sixth extinction caused by humans and we can’t turn it around.

    This is a place where it is acceptable to feel that it is indeed too late for life (as we know it) to continue. I believe that when you try to appear as if you are feeling something other than what you are truly feeling it is a disservice to the spirit and to whatever semblance of mental health you have.

    To be shunned for feeling that NTE may be in our not so distant future is not kind—— it is a denial of one’s feelings and a disservice to the spirit and psyche.

    This is one of the few places where my feelings, my perceptions of the state of the planet are not shunned. My beliefs and feelings about other things may be shunned—— but not my feelings about NTE!

    Oh well. No such thing as a perfect human or blog for that matter. Thanks to Guy and the moderators.

    p.s. I too really appreciate reports about the natural world from posters here and how people are coping with the loss of flora and fauna . . or not (in my case).

  • .
    Back in the nineties, music required me to travel occasionally from Alberta, through BC Canada, and out to the west coast. On these trips, it was horrifying to round a corner on the highway and suddenly come across panoramic vistas of dead standing trees stretching out as far as the eye could see. Entire expansive valleys would be dead, utterly dead. People from the plains often aren’t aware of just how much terrain can be seen from high up on a mountain pass when looking down a long valley for dozens and dozens of miles. To see every living tree dead and glowing with the reddish purple hue of dead coniferous, clear out to the horizon, where there once stood lush green expansive forest … is heartbreaking and frightening (at least to me it was.)

    It’s hard to imagine how people could drive through something like that, multiple times on one trip, and not connect it to dire consequences for all of life on earth. Luckily, I no longer make such trips, but I never forgot what I saw, or the message it left me with (together with other things I was observing about human civilization at the time) … doom for all life on earth. This was way back in the nineties remember. I guess if you didn’t see it for yourself, it wasn’t being broadly advertising to people, not the extent of it anyway.

    The forests have been dying on a massive scale for a very long time now.

    Pine beetles used to die back in the cold of winter. Not anymore, it’s not cold enough now to kill them off during the winter. It was a delicate balance that we upset in these forests. Forget about 5C change, under 1C change was enough to upset the balance in these boreal forests and usher in their total death 35 years ago. I recall back then thinking ‘intuitively,’ “wow, when the entire forest dies, I think we all die, don’t we?” It was seeing the sheer scale of it that set off alarm bells in my gut. For me, it wasn’t so much just a sadness for the tress and creatures that lived among them, it was about the much larger foreboding message I took away from it. The message was, wow, sure have fucked up a delicate balance on this planet, this is not good … massive scale ‘not good.’

    And for years people still argued about whether or not anything was actually happening. Now, 35 years later … and still arguing. I guess you had to be there and see it for yourself. Hug a tree while you still can, because they’re definitely checking out. I imagine them saying … see ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya.

    Sorry for the big link. A picture says it all, and I saw scenes like this 35 years ago.

  • LWA, thanks for the link to the images. I didn’t know this was going on for so long. Those pictures with the red trees (which seem to number more than the green ones in those areas) say quite a lot. The drought here in California has also made the conifers more vulnerable to pine beetle attacks. Last year’s Valley Fire burned 120 sq miles in Northern California and that was just the largest of them, there were many more. It remains to be seen what this year holds.

  • Thirty-five years is about right. I remember the forests of the Sierra Nevadas in the 50s and 60s. They were turning brown by the late 70s and early 80s. It was small at first, but very noticeable. By the mid-80s I could see a real difference in California. In ’83 I visited my family there and we went to their cabin at Arrowhead, and it was dramatically different from the healthy forests that previously existed.

  • Nemesis ~

    so glad you are back. hope you had a good time with your guitar by the sea.

    your spin is spot on. that is the most delicious paradox of all: forever vanishing around the Möbius strip we go, always the One ITself. infinitely nothing. intimately everything.

  • Dear Guy,

    I think you are brave. You are attempting to share facts about how we humans are destroying that which sustains us- Earth’s ecosystems. You want people to experience the value of all life- not just the value of the lives of rich westerners.

    Unfortunately, almost all humans are connected at the addictive-type level to the ideas, values, and perceptions of the paradigm to which they prescribe. Most people are unwittingly caught on a runaway train of thoughts heading nowhere.

    I used to dream of doing what you are now doing- explaining to people why they should develop a realistic, mutually nurturing method of interaction with our earth home.

    I hope you keep doing what you know is right. Like a friend once told me: Don’t be frustrated when you cannot move people from kindergarten directly to college.

  • .
    Yes Nem, I hope your trip was trippy.

    When you weren’t back after a week, I imagined you running off with some seaside band … drunk and rocking the socks off of beach going scallywags.

    And I was jealous.

    Alas, twas just a dream … but a good one though !

  • WoodWose

    Your descriptions bump into poetry…wonderful way you described to your child what might be a confusing thing, given the confusing messages about the GIG dude in the heavens.

    Thanks for that.

    ‘The Doors – Riders On the Storm’

    I agree with Henry Holt, great posts.


  • ooops…



  • Wow. Thanks to all, for great tunes & interesting thoughts. This site is amazing.

    LWA, my last time(2004) in my home province BC, drove from Van to Penticton. It was astonishing to see mtn ranges filled only with that dead, brown colour.

    Return to Osaka, Japan, where the high nail gets hammered. No one here ever seems to question ANY type of authority. It’s very difficult for me to explain almost anything I read/hear on a site like one has time.

    & I feel like this place has lost colour/vibrancy like my home province, which I’d once figured was paradise.

    Maybe western civilization is best represented as an invasive pine beetle?

  • Mo,
    In case the comments I made regarding LWA, as well as those regarding you as a moderator/censor got lost… here’s a repro….

    Seems we are pretty much the same age, and so your experiences with noticing the death of trees way back when is somewhat different than my own since my younger years were spent in the Laurentian Mountains of Quebec. There were a few inklings of maples having a tough go for a while, and still do although climate change was not on the horizon yet as a possible determining factor of maple tree death. I now live in BC and I’ve seen pine beetle devastation for the last 10 years turn pine forests from green to red everywhere you look. My trip to Cathedral Lakes provincial park about three years ago really threw me for a loop. As we hiked the park trails at alpine heights the forests below the alpine meadows were absolutely black. Every spruce with a diameter greater than a few inches, some three feet across, was as dead as dead can be. Not a single living tree was really a weird feeling to observe. In fact even tent camping in the park was prohibited because of the danger from the possibility of dead trees falling on sleeping campers during the night.

    Whether or not these forests recover and regenerate if NTE is not in the cards is unknown as the beetle infestations seem to have slowed, but then their pine meals have also shrunk. It’s literally become a field day for insects, which it seems may replace us as we seem doomed to disappear in the not-too-distant future.


    One of the finest compliments I can think of towards Guy McPherson was his ability to include much of the criticism directed towards him on this blog and not be too restrictive with his censorship. You would do well to imitate that quality.

  • From Frank Herbert, in his book, Dune:

    “Fear is the mind killer.”

  • mod note

    Jean ~ you apparently missed reading the first paragraph of Guy’s post that you are commenting on here. you would do well to read it. and take it seriously.

    richards and I are following Guy’s lead and request, and doing what is necessary to actually keep these blog comments alive. if you have any specific criticisms, you are more than welcome to speak them here or via email.

    ~ mo

  • @mo & LWA

    Hiho and thanks for the warm welcome! Yoh, the trip to the sea were like jumping off the machine and just enjoying my friends and my guitar, oh well, and the sea. I love the sea, I see her and her tides as Mother in some sense, a cradling Mother. I always wanted to the sea from early childhood on and cried, when I had to leave her. I walked alone along the beach for hours and hours and hours, when I was a little child and I still do that, when I visit her.

    Yes, LWA, that dream doesn’t sound bad. But I don’t have enough working ethics, I guess. You need to plan for a band, you need to think about tomorrow and next week and next year to keep the ball rollin. That’s not one of my preeminent talents, harr harr. I live from day today mostly, I always lived that way, I didn’t learn to plan ahead into the future. But that’s ok, I don’t miss anything related to Music, I just do it, when I feel like I have to, I do it just for the sheer fun of it :-P … but anyway, yeah, I spend way too much time for NTE and shit… I say that, to stay on topic bravely ;-)

  • Btw, mo, you said:

    ” forever vanishing around the Möbius strip we go, always the One ITself. infinitely nothing. intimately everything.”

    You stress “IT”, but from my perspective, it is also a she and and a he, because there are hes and shes in the world too, no just its. For instance, modern man handles Mother Earth like an it, because it’s therefore easier to argue for exploitation of that it- “Ah, it’s just a lifeless, conciousnessless it, it feels no pain, therefore we are alowed to exploit and rape it”. That’s a problem, isn’t it?

  • At first there was animism, inspiration, Duende, intuition, instinct, empathy mystique, oneness. And then came the gods, the mesopotamian, egypt and greek gods. These were personae, human beings in some sense, they live a real life within us. And then came monoteism. One god. A He, no she. This god, a person at first, transformed during european history into an abstract IT more and more, HE transformed into a masculine, abstract formula, far, far away, up there, out there in abstract, airy, detahed, isolated heaven. Welcome to modern man. A man, who does not “believe” in animism, in inspiration, intuition, Duende anymore, he doesn’t require such childish superstition anymore, because he got facts, scientific and hard facts. Period and Amen.

    … and the Gods are alive more than ever, harr harr 8-)

  • It’s only Rock’n Roll, but I feel it…

  • Nemesis,

    Waiting for this group to cover Bowie’s “Panic in Detroit”.

    If steel guitar isn’t your thing, then don’t bother listening from about 2:15 to about 3:15.

  • mod note

    Nemesis ~ your comment on “Christianity,” and therefore all Christians, specifically with regards to how you attempted to claim all Christians have historically acted towards African Americans, or how the Christian faith apparently always regards African Americans, paints with far too broad a brush, and verges into outright bigotry. deleted on Rule 2.

    2. No attacks on classes of people, including racism, antisemitism, and misogyny.

    ~ mo

  • @mo

    Yap, no problem. Btw, I didn’t say anything about “christians”, I was just talking about christian- ity, so I did not bash persons, but I talked about the history of christian- ity. But anyway, I don’t cling to any of my comments, just like I don’t cling to any melody line in music. Notes come, notes go, that’s the wonderful nature of music :-)

    Thanks for your comment, have a rockin day anyway!

  • mod note

    Nemesis ~

    Christianity only exists, now and historically, as practiced by a diverse, ever changing, range of people, with a range of interpretations and behaviors.

    try this: “Islam is a religion of intolerance.” does that set off your bigotry alarms? it is truly no different than saying “Moslems are intolerant.”

    or how about “science is all about exploiting nature.” which is the same as saying “scientists are all about exploiting nature.”

    none of these kinds of statements are anything but attacks on classes of people. it doesn’t matter which form it takes.

    if you wish to categorize specific behaviors, such as the behavior of using the Bible to justify slavery, that is certainly allowed here. this behavior of course is historical fact, and many people acted on their “expressed beliefs” accordingly, by owning slaves, and feeling that this was morally acceptable and in accordance with Christianity.

    but it is also historical fact that the Bible was used by others as a moral justification for freeing the slaves. these beliefs were also acted on accordingly, and became an underlying motivation for the Civil War.

    from the “Battle Hymn of the Republic” ~ a Northern states anthem during the war:

    In the beauty of the lilies Christ was born across the sea,
    With a glory in His bosom that transfigures you and me:
    As He died to make men holy, let us die to make men free,
    While God is marching on.


    point being: rule 2 is not just about bigotry, but also about lazy thinking. it takes more time and effort to think about the actual details of reality, and discuss matters on those terms, rather than making easy and sweeping (and incorrect) generalizations.

    ~ mo

  • “point being: rule 2 is not just about bigotry, but also about lazy thinking. it takes more time and effort to think about the actual details of reality, and discuss matters on those terms, rather than making easy and sweeping (and incorrect) generalizations.”

    Thank you, mo. That is a great statement. One of the best.

    I object to statements that establish that religion or science or politics or any other human construct or system or process is greater or less than the humans who give it power. To give that kind of power to human made agreements, rather than to the humans who make the agreements, fails to understand what is occurring, I believe. It is part of the humanism within the culture to place human constructs on a level with gravity and the seasons.

    It always, without exception, takes a human to make a human creation do anything. However, the consequences of human actions are not always under human control. Consequences can be, and often are, unforeseeable.

    Any time that we maintain that religion or capitalism or scientism or anything else that is a human construct is responsible for our suffering, we are only saying that humans are being rotten with something again. It’s not possible to eradicate bad human behavior by eradicating something humans have made.

    Any time we believe that a human system or process or belief or formal education or training, etc., is going to fix the animal that we are, we might be very confused about where power is. Maybe.

  • @mo

    Yes, yes, yes, I do understand and apreciate what you say :-) I know, that NO christian is Christianity, like no buddhist is a real buddhist. They are all people after all, all with different behaviour and different worldviews anyway. I know christians, who inspired me very much. But I just have my own view on christian- ity because of it’s historical roman roots and it’s history in general.

    Maybe somewhere, out there is a place, where there is no -ism anymore.

    … btw, I have my own view on buddh- ism ect as well 8-)

    Hey thanks for your reasonable comment, mo!


    Thank you for Yat Kha! The singers voice is amazing and the tune is exactly the kinda crazy stuff I like, there some very interesting fun going on in the global multi-culti music scene going on. Yoh, and I listened to the complete song of Michael Nesmith, despite the steel guitar. It’s just that I like steel guitar more dirty, like the old Blues slide-guitar players. Pedal steel guitar sounds so clean and prettily to my ears. But anyway, I like the song and the lyrics of Michael Nesmith. Willie Nelson always sounds clean and prettily too, but he is one of my alltime, timeless heros…

  • Dedicated to this beach of doom (there are many, right around the corner):

  • Nemesis,

    Waiting patiently for Tanya to announce a collaboration with Diamanda Galas.

    This is about as ‘commercial’ as I’ve seen her…check Youtube for performances a bit more exotic.

  • mod note

    Nem, you are very welcome. thanks for your understanding, consideration and participation. all are welcome and appreciated!

    ~ mo

  • Hey mo, I very much appreciate your style and your Spirit, you know that :-) And thanks again for your kind welcome, bro!


    I am in a hurry, so I will listen to the songs a little later. Cheers!

  • I came across a passenger on the “titanic” not too long ago. He calmly explained to me that we needed to “build lifeboats”. I immediately said, “show me how”. He gave me a good start and he gave my your name.

    Thanks for the information that you have provided. It has convinced me to stop rowing and has allowed my to sit back and enjoy the ride. I see a lot of people floating face down in the water. They are holding their breath, refusing to make an effort to swim, and the hate in pulling them under. It won’t be much longer till the situation will become very clear to everyone.

    With appreciation, mike billings