The Message in Cartoons

I’ve embedded below a series of cartoons. I do not hold copyright for any of the images, which arrived via Facebook and email. I did, however, write the WordPress caption directly beneath each image. The cartoons graphically demonstrate my general message, albeit incompletely and in simplified form.

To enlarge an image, click on it. Then click on it again.

Squeezing the Last Scraps of Profit from a Devastated Earth
What Civilization Pushes Us To Do
Homo Ignoramus Chips Earth into Dollar Bills
Homo Callidus Gleefully Chips Earth into Dollar Bills
Civilized man threatens to describe civilization
Civilized Man Threatens to Describe Civilization
Kids Will Adapt
The Dominant Mentality That Led Us Here
Solar Panels Make Us Feel Good About Ourselves
Another One of Civilization’s Tricks. I Fell for This One.
Pillow Talk: Civilizations Fail
The Path of Civilizations
Kid Blows Up the Laboratory
Ours is an Immature, Destructive Civilization
Pooh and Piglet Echo My Sentiments About Civilization
Pooh and Piglet Echo My Sentiments About Civilization
Pollyanna Tidies Up Earth
One Goal of Civilization
I Used the Expectations of Others to Build My Own Cage
As Individuals, We Generally Capitulate to the Dominant Culture, Thereby Enslaving Ourselves
History of Humans
The Overall Story So Far
Crystal Ball Indicates No Humans in Future
It’s Later Than You Think
Aliens Arrive to Save Life on Earth
Will Aliens Save Life on Earth?
Dinosaurs Make a Wish
Wishful Thinking, Then and Now
Hope-Filled Dinosaurs
Hopium Abounds
Stand-Up Dinosaur Reveals Comet as Least-Favorite Reindeer
Stand-Up Tragedy
Dinosaurs Missed the Ark
We Missed the Ark
Realists: Glass Half Full
My Take
Finding Happiness by Creating It
Happiness is Within Us
Why Your Dog is Happier than You
Dogs Revel in Reality. Most Humans within Civilization are Stuck in Their Heads.
Death is Patient. And Final.
Death is Patient. And Final.
Charlie Brown and Snoopy Some Day We Will Die
We Get to Live
I Don't Want to Save the World
Wise Words


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