Conversation Earth Podcast

I was interviewed by Dave Gardner for the Conversation Earth podcast on 9 May 2017. The resulting audio is described and embedded here.


Wanted: Farm/Ranch/Country place to live on and help in sharing the chores…

Hello my name is Rockos I live in MN and I have been thinking about moving out to Eastern Washington, Upper Idaho (panhandle area) or MT area.

My background is: *I’m a long standing old (I’m 63) Midwest Farm boy (I sold my place about 15-years ago)… *I sense found or I should say it found me… “Art”… I’m now a Stone Sculptor by Passion (God chose to put this skill in my hands in 2006)… You can check out my work and read my bio online..: Saatchi Art website or if you just type in my name: Rockos Behr artist on google I will come up…

I am very handy with my hands (as I mentioned I came from farming) and I feel I would be bringing lot of Skills (mechanical, Carpentry and I really like Cooking.. just to name a few) to the party per say..:)

I sold my farm back about 15- years ago and have been doing a lot of traveling… I now find myself miss the country and would like to get back to the earth… But I’m not so interested in owning my own place any more. So if you have an in the country place and would consider having someone join you, and I promise I’ll do my share and more.!
Then please feel free to reach out and we can see where things go…

I am looking forward to hearing about you and your place.



P.S. I was thinking if you do have a place to sell in the said above area’s I interested in living, then maybe we can talk about that as well.