June Interview, Faster than Expected Podcast

I was interviewed 6 June 2017 by Wolfgang Werminghausen for the Faster than Expected podcast. The result is described and can be heard here.



If you are:
• aware of NTHE
• without land or means for living outside the system
• willing to relocate and learn from experienced homesteaders in order to leave the system and ease the coming collapse
we’d like to talk with you.

We were a couple with advanced degrees and professional jobs over a decade ago when we chucked it all and moved from the suburban Bay Area to 3 acres in coastal Oregon where we gradually learned how to live without the “necessities” of civilization. We have reintroduced some comforts back into our life after we learned how to do without them, so that we feel quite privileged (while outsiders think we’re a bit nuts).

Once a pretty rural country estate, our property now has solar PV & thermal, a wind turbine, water catchment & well, wood heat, a producing orchard, wood lot & forest, pasture, gardens, greenhouses, poultry and dairy animals, bees, barn with loft apartment, and the original large Tudor house on just under 3 acres.

It’s a very good place to face whatever comes next. If you’re looking for such a place to share, we’re looking for you.

Please contact us at teachnet@aol.com