A Televised Conversation, Part 2

Big thanks to David Thompson and his colleagues at Bolingbrook Community Television for the conversation embedded below. It was recorded by David on 25 July 2017 and is the second of a scheduled four parts.


Hello and thanks for checking out my posting… I’m a Single Retired 63-Year Old Healthy Man… Looking to Join/live-in with U on your Farm/Ranch/Country place as in sharing and helping with the chores, building/fixing/handy man work & cooking (I love to cook) around your homestead place.

My name is Rockos I am presently living in MN and I’m now wanting and ready to move back to the country. I rally would like to move some where, Eastern side of Washington or Idaho, MT, OR, NM or Northern CA.

My background is: I’m a long standing Midwest Farm Boy (I sold my place about 17-years ago)… I’ve sense found or I should say it found me… “Art”… I’m now a Stone Sculptor by Passion (my creator chose to put this skill in my hands late in life ie: it found me in 2006)… You can check out my work (if art interest you) and read my bio online..: If you just type in on google my full name: Rockos Behr artist. my work will come up…

I am very handy with my hands (as I mentioned I came from farming) and I feel I would be bringing lot’s of skills (to the party per say mechanical, carpentry & cooking.. just to name a few).

I’ve been traveling a lot the last many years. And now I find myself missing the country (they say we all want to go back to our roots… ‘however I’m not quite sure who they are’) so much that I now would like to get back to the earth simply because farming is just in my blood… But I’m not so interested in owning my own place any more. So if you have a place in country and have been think, wanting or considering having someone join you, I welcome your reach out to me and we can talk and can see where things go… I promise I’ll do my share and much more!

Let me be clear so there is no confusion… I am not looking to get paid.. Only room and board for my fair trade physical work. I am very very respectable and I look for the good in others and as well in myself. And I will only be tried-ed with the up most respect.

I am looking forward to hearing about you and your place.

Thank you for your time and consideration.!

email: HeyRockos@gmail.com


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