A Response to Defamation

In response to my latest essay in this space, Colby Smith says it well (we’ve never met). Her reaction to the essay exhibits relevant anger and confusion at the pitiful characters defaming me.

“I am blown away that these slanderers and vilifiers are still at it with such venom. It’s mad. I don’t follow this bizarre saga on the edge of my seat, but I pick up bits and bobs when I drop in intending to read articles … occasionally I follow a link or look up some schmuck’s name, and occasionally read something written by one of the Prof’s defamers … what blows my mind is that Guy has been forced to hang out his intimate washing (clearly Pauline to a degree as well) for public scrutiny and no one seems to think that this is unacceptable. Some of the things that have come out are a person’s most private treasures — those things someone does or fantasizes about doing with consenting adults in PRIVACY, and now they are neatly laid out for us to pick through … so we are invited to wonder about, to argue the ethics of, laugh at, scoff, be amused by, and ponder things that Guy (and Pauline) never would have invited us to know about their lives in the first place. That is certainly a place where consent ended dead in its tracks, but the people who are aggressively forcing this non-consensual exposure of the most intimate aspects of their lives are not being handled as aggressors, but instead are being allowed to hide behind the masks of victims or noble defenders. To me this is a massive breech of trust and ethics. You shouldn’t be forced to defend yourself against unfounded/unproven allegations by having to publicly strip down to your socks and bend over for everyone. 😕”


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