Edge of Extinction: Facts Don’t Matter?


Hello to all like-minded, …
My posting is a reach-out, invite to anyone that lives in the country. May you be on a Farm, Ranch or just rural living. I am looking for a live-in room & board relationship in trade for my labor (with good old farm boy skills). If you are in need of someone (like myself) to help you with your ongoing chores and all those other fix-it and repairs that seem to always prevail. I would like to throw my hat in the ring for you to consider me… I’m in my early 60’s and keep myself in good shape. I am very good with my hands (a handyman type as they say) when I was younger I lived on a farm in the Mid-West. I’ve been living in the City for the last several years, I’m now finding myself with this insatiable erg to move back to the country…
Here are some bullet points for you to consider:
*I am a great worker with an I can-do-attitude.!
*I’m Healthy with a positive & pleasant disposition
*I like being outdoors the most
*I was raised on a vegetable farm, gardening is in my blood.
*I don’t watch TV or listen to the radio
*I am a good cook and enjoy making meals
*I’m very clean and keep my space clean as well.
*I like building and repair things. I take pride in my work.
*No criminal record, not even a speeding ticket.
*I’m a single man and no family to speak of.
*I don’t do drugs, don’t smoke & drink socially very little.
*I love animals and I enjoy working in the barn and in the fields.
*I’m an artist with much passion for my craft. I sculpting in stone and I do some bronze as well. So I would ask and like for a small area/place to sculpt in.
So if you find yourself liking what you’ve read and felt it resonates with you… Then please give me a call: 706-313-4346 or email: HeyRockos@gmail.com
I’d enjoy sharing stories.:)
Best always!

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