Let’s Try This Again

What is your motivation? When you drill down and ask, “What if there was zero ROI (of any form)?,” you’ll discover your highest and best use of time.

~ Richie Norton


Being mostly done didn’t work. I was hauled back into service by horrible scoundrels lying and trying to assassinate my character (and ultimately, trying to get me killed). They failed, and ongoing efforts at character assassination will continue to fail because I promulgate evidence whereas the scoundrels are afflicted with a severe case of the dominant paradigm. Defending myself is necessary: Were I to remain silent, my guilt would be concluded by the majority of people, most of whom are willfully ignorant and skillfully dumbed-down.

I’ve no doubt the attempted character assassination will persist until my death, or longer. I am a target only because the evidence I present is unimpeachable.

Again, all I seek from from these blatant, obvious liars are retractions and apologies for lies so obvious even attorneys can detect them. Apparently living without principles allows scoundrels to sleep well even as they double down on disgusting behavior they know is unethical. They are predecessors to Leeanne Tweeden.

Occasionally I think about fucking people over as they’ve done to me. My character simply won’t allow it.

I’ve no doubt my work will continue to be disrupted by the Deep State, an entity many fools claim doesn’t exist. Notwithstanding the invocation of “conspiracy theorist,” there is plenty of evidence from reliable sources dating back years to support the concept of shadowy forces operating (barely) behind the scenes (and also see this article, and this one, and this one; note that the United States is hardly a democracy).

I’m routinely accused of presenting evidence about abrupt climate change leading to near-term human extinction because I’m motivated by ego. Never mind the ludicrous nature of this statement: There is no ego expansive enough to explain the hits I’ve taken relative to the absence of benefits. And again, I don’t relish my own death, much less the demise of Homo sapiens.

These lying scoundrels are so attached to the false narrative they’ve created that they are incapable of understanding my (open) secret. I’m not attached to any outcome. This makes me capable of finding and accepting evidence, even dire evidence pointing to my own death and the extinction of the final species of human on Earth. In contrast, fear of death and love of power provide compelling motivation to deny evidence.

Good news: Near-term human extinction includes lying scoundrels (for example, Serena Marie Raphael McPherson, Carolyn Baker, Derrick Jensen, Michael Jon Sliwa and his wife Karen, Cory Morningstar, Forrest Palmer, Lierre Keith, Nicole Foss, Keith Harmon Snow, Mike Ferrigan, Alex Smith, Scott Johnson, Kevin Michael O’Connor, Alex Smith, Sam Mitchell, Deep Climate State, and doubtless many others). Bad news: As with other “technological species,” our actions will almost certainly bring death to the entire planetary biosphere. Too many warnings passed without relevant actions.

I’ll try this again. The second verse will sound a lot like the first. Inadequate at motivating positive changes in a significant number of people, more than a decade into writing and speaking about the most important threats humans will ever face, more than a thousand posts in this space, I am taking my retirement seriously. No, really. This time I mean it.

Clarity is needed, obviously. Trolls aside, I’m not giving up, whatever that means in the midst of various predicaments and the Sixth Mass Extinction on Earth. Indeed, I’ve chosen radical, expensive actions essentially nobody else has been willing to take. These exemplary actions have been criticized by people unwilling to recycle in defense of their own home. Rather than surrendering, I’m choosing to live what I love while passionately pursuing a life of excellence. I’d rather not be thinking of David Cassidy’s last words as I slip into an unconscious state for the final time: “So much wasted time.”

I offer additional clarity for those wasting time under the influence of the scoundrels subjecting me to libel, slander, and character defamation while creating disinformation and division among the masses. Most people on Earth will be dead within the coming months. No people will celebrate the New Year in 2026. If I’m mistaken about these predictions, then please feel free to contact me from your bunker using smoke signals in November of 2021 and January of 2026, respectively.

My point: If you’ve not found the meaning(s) of your life, you’d better hurry. If your purpose doesn’t allow you to face the mirror every day, perhaps you’re headed down the wrong path.

I have discovered my purpose. I know why I’m here, unlike most people I’ve met. I’m a teacher. I will continue to present evidence to individuals and groups as long as I’m capable of breathing and demand persists.

As part of my teaching efforts, I’ll tour upon demand. All future tours will be fully funded by the host(s). My all-volunteer booking team will continue to help. If you would like to host me in your area, please send an email message to the booking team at guy.r.mcpherson@gmail.com. I do not receive messages sent to this email address.

Considering my expertise as a speaker and the importance of my message, full funding for tours seems reasonable. Indeed, most speakers with my expertise charge thousands of dollars beyond expenses for an hour-long presentation on issues far more mundane than how we respond to the discontinued existence of Homo sapiens on Earth.

Along with the workshop’s co-creator and -facilitator, I will continue to offer the Only Love Remains workshop in western Belize where I live. It has proven hugely powerful for the relatively few participants who have taken advantage of the opportunity.

I’ll release video clips now and then, especially during and after speaking tours. This work will continue to rely upon the latest available evidence from reliable sources. It will also depend upon additional volunteers. For example, video results from my recent Ontario, Canada tour are in the editing process and will be released when they are available. If I do not tour, video releases will be brief and infrequent.

I will make myself available for interviews, despite the inconvenience. Results will continue to be posted in this space.

I’ll write rarely, but I doubt I’ll stop before my death. Writing is difficult. Writing well, and creatively, is nearly impossible. For the majority of writers, the pay is terrible. In my case, there is no pay, in part because publishers of all my recent books are bankrupt. Most of my future writing will be in response to requests, such as from Weekly Hubris.

Consistent with my role as a teacher, I will continue to set an example by pursuing justice in the ongoing defamation case. At the edge of extinction, justice remains a worthy pursuit.

Consistent with my repeated calls for right action, I’d like to pay my debts before my own expiration date arrives. Thus my attempt to sell the mud hut at a bargain price.

I’ll modify the settings on my Facebook account. I’ll stop or greatly reduce the time I spend online, especially on social media. The palpable hatefulness on social media, especially on Facebook, is a major mismatch with my messages of love and excellence.

I’ll continue to respond to thoughtful email messages. For a modest fee of fiat currency from the student or a dose of sarcasm from me, I’ll continue to answer stupid questions.