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He who establishes his argument by noise and command shows that his reason is weak

~ Michel de Montaigne


The hits keep coming. Some character who goes by all combinations of the names David and Vincent has been stalking me for years. I occasionally block his email address, after which he switches names and accounts. I’ll refer to him as DV below, and I’ll refer to myself as GM.

DV: Guy,

I still think you’re nuts but you do scare me with your 3-5 year analysis. One thing I know and that is the weather IS changing. It’s unusually hot for this time of the year here.

Perhaps popping off a few nukes is the only way of cooking down the planet…but at what cost !

Perhaps you can explain why Lovelock has changed his mind ! …or has he.

GM: You can’t handle evidence. End of story. In your mind, your inability to accept evidence means I’m crazy.

Enough said.

DV: Well it seems scientists have different evidence and you can’t blame me for being skeptical old sport. Perhaps you are right….But I doubt it.

I’d be worried about a war or disease than being fried by the sun Guy.

End of story.

GM: No scientist questions the evidence I present. Not one. The attempt to assassinate my character because the evidence is unimpeachable.

You’re an annoyance, as always, living in fear and promulgating lies.

DV: I’ve never character assassinated you Guy I just think the evidence you present is debatable and
there’s very few who believe in your timeframe. I just don’t think you can handle this fact and as a result you resort to abusive emails.

The world is not against you Guy….

GM: I didn’t say you did. You don’t rationally question the evidence. You only vaguely refer to nonsense, as usual. Believing relies on faith, not facts.

Please piss off. You’re an evidence-free asshole. I have enough of those in my life already.

DV: You’re always so hostile Guy !

Remember I’m your number one fan although I just think you’re a little too ‘eccentric’ for your own good and that you currently have a mental health issue.

I think you’ll find that humans are incredibly resourceful when they need to be Guy.

GM: My fans don’t incorrectly accuse me of being mentally ill. They support me. Just a thought.

DV: I suggest you re-read what you wrote.
I can be a fan but I can also not agree with you.

Judging by the negative feedback comments you have received I’ve been very reasonable with you with my comments. Your constant verbal abuse is indicative of mental health issues.

I’m just saying you have forgotten the self correcting mechanism of the planet and human resourcefulness.

Can I respectfully you be objective about it.

GM: You’re the mayor of Dumbfuck City.

DV: You are nuts Guy and thousands would concur.

Atheists are never happy and always wrong.


David Vincent insists upon having the last, incorrect word. Perhaps he is a paid troll, rather than the garden-variety, conventional troll born into privilege with abundant time to waste promoting nonsense. As such, he’s reminiscent of the Michael Jon Sliwas who occupy a hateful, evidence-free world rooted in fear.

Feeding trolls only encourages them. I tire quickly of pointing out facts to disinterested, privileged people who shy away from evidence that doesn’t support their worldview. So, I stop after the few requisite attempts underlain by my inner teacher.